The Other Side of Hope (2017) Movie Script

Oh mother, mother,
Turn up the lamplight
I'll soon be dead, leave this gang behind
Please buy me a fine white suit to wear
For I'll soon be sleeping
In the cold, dead ground
The station, downstairs
- Could you help me?
- If I can
Where is the nearest police station?
- Are you sure?
- Not really
I will show you.
You can decide later
You are here.
Then turn left
Good afternoon
I will apply for asylum in Finland
Searching is no problem.
You are not the first one
Welcome, Mr. Khaled Ali
Follow me
Turn around
Wait here
- Khaled, from Syria
- Mazdak, from Iraq
I got the cigarettes from him
- Thanks
- Welcome back
Unfortunately, I can't take more.
It's bad times
- Do you want coffee?
- Happily
I intend to trade industry.
You do not want to buy my goods?
You get them at half price,
3000 shirts
It's not possible
I'll finish for Christmas
and moves to Mexico City
I'm going to drink sake
and dance the hula-wrap
I need some life
after so much peace and quiet
What industry do you think of?
I have always liked restaurants.
Well theoretically, then
It is a profitable industry.
People drink when things go bad
And even more when it goes well
We will not meet again
when I go to Mexico
This is my fifth receipt
Issa, show these gentlemen their room
Ok madam
Follow me
You here and you there
Today at one o'clock is your
first interview at the immigration centre
It is very important
Are you ready, Khaled?
Here is the address
and a map to the center
This is your lD card
Wait there
I have four children.
Where are you from?
Sweida, Syria
- Khaled Ali?
- Yes
Follow me
I'm a mechanic
I worked at a garage
on the outskirts of Aleppo
April 6 last year -
- when I came from work -
- had something happened
When I came home -
- the house was level with the ground
I dont know who did it
Government forces, rebels, -
- USA, Russia,
Hezbollah or ISIS
My sister Miriam also came home
She had stood in line
in the store to buy bread
We started to dig right away
The neighbors helped
In the morning we had found
dad, mom, my little brother
my uncle, his wife and children
They had lunch with us
The next morning,
when we had buried them,
- I asked my employer
about 6000 dollars
My cousin drove us in one
truck to the Turkish border
We crossed the border on foot
We were lucky. That day
there were no border guards there
Two weeks later we found a smuggler.
We paid $ 3,000
He took us to Greece by boat
From there we continued on foot
to Serbia via Macedonia
We came to the Hungarian border
There was panic,
and Miriam disappeared from me
I saw that the border was closed
Miriam was left on the other side
I tried to get there
back across the border
Two policemen arrested me
and slammed me into the ground
They put handcuffs on me
and threw me in jail
Were you exposed to violence?
All the time
They tried to take my sister
three times
But good people helped us
Why did your boss give you
so much money?
He is the father of my fiance
Where is your fiance now?
She died in the beginning of the war
You ended up in prison
I was beaten,
but after four days I escaped
I was looking for my sister,
but did not find her
I asked at all the refugee camps,
but no one knew anything.
For two months, I went around Hungary,
Austria, Slovenia and Germany.
I also went back to Serbia -
I thought she might look for me there.
How did you get across borders?
That was easy
No one wants to see us.
We cause problems.
Did you not seek asylum in any country?
I needed to move freely
in order to look for my sister
I know she's alive.
I know this
Here's a photo of her
Write down the name
and her date of birth
And describe her as well as you can
We'll put out a search request for her
Would you like to take a break?
Give us a fag
Sorry, I do not understand
Then answer, you asshole
My fist your face, shithead?
See you again, camel driver!
Here is the key to the warehouse.
Let me know when it's emptied
Is there room for one more?
Minimum bid one hundred
No upper limit
Pair of queens
Two pair
Pair of nines
Pair of tens.
Two pair high
Two hundred
Two hundred
Five hundred
I call
Pair of tens
Pair of fivers
One hundred
That's enough for me
I call
Three tens
See you later
Shouldn't we finish this game?
How much do you have?
Sixty thousand and small change
New deck
Six of clubs, ace high
Three of clubs, aces high
Two of clubs
Pair of aces still high
Five of clubs,
possible straight flush
Three aces
Four aces.
Straight flush wins
Don't come here anymore
Don't worry. I won't
- Wikstrm
- Vaittinen
Here it is
Like I said, what we don't have,
It's not profitable
Debt-free restaurant business
Quite a good reputation
At one location only right now
Would you have seen
Just a short walk from here
"The Golden Pint Restaurant"
Excellent name
Makes you thirsty right away,
or what?
Quite affordable rental space,
1400 a month
Two employees,
evidently competent-
they come along as
long-standing employees
How much?
Asking price is 30,000
Quite reasonable for a business -
- with an established clientele
If you get clean papers from
the authorities -
- we'll go and have a look
I can do that within a minute
Good relations with the authorities
are the key to our business
For the Tax Office
I'm like a member of the family
Welcome, gentlemen
Please step in
Here again
- Do furnishings come with the deal?
- I think it can be arranged
It'll have to do
I'll pay 25,000
- I'll ask the owner if it's enough
- I believe it is
Congratulations. You got a fine place
practically for free
It is a goldmine.
I wouldn't sell it -
- had I not been forced
to go on disability pension. Trouble with the spine
A coat of paint, so
- Undoubtedly
Great location. A lot of
wealthy students live in the area
- What about pay you owe?
- Tomorrow. You know me
I must cash the cheque first
To the airport
The names?
- Calamnius
- Nyrhinen
Kolehmainen, Mirja
Who are the old employees
that come with the deal?
We are
What about you?
Trainee. Unpaid, it seems
- How much do you want?
- 13,000 per month. Plus the extras
Humour never hurts.
Union wages, whatever they are
- How can we trust you then?
- We need a name, at least
What about a first name?
Plenty of Wikstrms to go around
- Do your friends call you Wallu?
- I have no friends
Get to work
Today's lunch is meatballs with
boiled potatoes or pepper sardines
Sardines and a beer
- That was quick.
- We have a Fusion Kitchen
Enjoy your meal?
- Yes, I do
- Excellent
The rowanberries glow again
Red as spilled blood
Wedges of cranes have flown
Away o'er my head
They didn't bring me along
To far-off lands
Those without wings are bound
To stand on this grey cold ground
My sister is the night wind
She sings me her songs
And counting cold teardrops of the rain
Beat against dark windowpane
Many travellers I see
Hurry past my abode
Once I waited for someone
- The one that never came
Can I come in, boss?
Calamnius. I'm at the door
I still remember you.
Sit down on the couch
I'm not one for bad talk,
but as the shop steward I must say -
- that the previous owner
was rather casual about pay
Really. In what way?
He didn't pay
For the last three months
And some of us have a family
You too?
I am a bachelor. By choice
But Nyrhinen has a mother
So you want an advance?
Yes, if...
I'd be grateful if you didn't
mention this to the others
You can count on me
Can I use your phone again?
How many times have I told you?
Clearly you get it
Any time you wish
I have to ask for another favour. Can I give your number
to my cousin -
- so he can call
if they find my sister?
Of course. You don't need to ask
- Thanks
- You're welcome
Hello, Hassaan?
Hei, Hassaan
It's Khaled
Tell me, has Miriam called?
But how are you?
Where are you? Still in Aleppo?
God help you
- Thanks
- Any news?
Nothing new, just the same old shit
My cousin and his family
has fled to the Turkish border
But they cannot cross it.
They've closed the borders
And nobody knows anything about my sister
Shall we go to a bar?
I want a beer, or whatever these
godless people drink
That's a good shoemaker there
Fixes shoes well,
good with his hands
And up here -
not that one but over there -
- belongs to a friend
of my cousin
What would you like?
Two beers. Right away
First round is on the house
- Thank you
- You're welcome
You speak Finnish well.
What did you say?
I ordered two beers
You spoke like a local
God hears you
There was a field by the lake
A cabin there with a hearth
There was a field by the lake
And a man in the field
It was spring, it was in May
The trees all wore black
Nothing else on his mind
But to make the grain grow strong
This land is a hard stony land
And a land of long grey sky
Though the Lord shows mercy
on the ploughman
This land never will
This land is a hard stony land
And a land of long grey sky
Though the Lord shows mercy
on the ploughman
This land never will
Tall fearless crop grew high
And the man in his mind quietly blessed his fortune
Never knowing what was to come
There were many cold nights
It rained for weeks in August
All work was in vain
Wet grain gets frozen through
I think I'm going mad
I've been here for a year already,
and I don't go forward or backward
I need a job
What did you do in Iraq?
I was a nurse
But my papers are no good here
I cleaned a metro station
for two months
Two months, and that was it
I'd need three jobs anyway
to bring my family here
I can't help myself
so I could help others
You seem happy and satisfied
I just pretend
Those who are melancholy
are the first to be sent back
All melancholics are sent back
I'm too young to die
And I don't want to die yet
Even the Imam said I'm worldly
Even the imam!
That's what saved me
When they raided my home to get me,
I was in town
The next morning I packed my bags and ran
Should I pretend and smile, too?
Yes! It helps
Just don't smile in the street,
people might think you're crazy
You'll get into trouble
You confuse me.
Should I smile or cry?
You'll understand later
What is your religion?
Are you Sunni, Shia, Alawite
I buried the prophet and all gods
together with my family
I'll write down "an atheist."
As you wish.
But I'm not atheist either
I'll write down "no religion."
Why did you want to come to Finland?
I didn't
When I was at the port of Gdansk,
- I was attacked by neo-Nazis
I had to run away
I hid aboard a cargo ship
I was tired and fell asleep
When I woke up, we were out at sea
A sailor found me. A good
man who did not say anything to the captain
He brought me food and drink
Later he told me the ship
was bound for Finland
He said that Finland is a good country
with equality for all
That the Finns have had their own war
That you've had your own refugees
And that you will never forget it
And above all, this is a good
country with good people
What did you think?
I was very lucky
This is a country without war
I want to stay here
Learn the language, get myself a job
Find my sister and bring her here -
To make sure she has a future
And what about yourself?
I don't matter
- I'll let you know if I hear about her.
- God willings. Thanks
How are you doing, Khaled?
I'm always fine, thank you
They have made a decision
of their residence permit
We don't know.
You have to go to the police station -
-tomorrow morning
Based on the current
security situation in Aleppo -
- and the number of acts of violence
and deaths -
- in relation to Aleppo's
large number of inhabitants -
- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
considers that in the Aleppo region -
- does not have a conflict which involves -
- all the residents of the city -
- Risk of being exposed
for serious danger -
- according to
Immigration Act section 88, first paragraph
Based on the security situation
in your hometown Aleppo -
- and your personal
circumstances -
- you require no subsidiary protection
You will be flown to Ankara tomorrow
at the expense of the Republic of Finland
There will assist you to the Syrian border
You will now be escorted back
to the Reception Centre -
- You may not leave it until you're taken
to the airport -
-tomorrow morning
You have no right
to appeal against this decision
Next one
Seven tomorrow morning.
Be ready
He'll be repatriated tomorrow.
Make sure he stays inside
News from abroad. The UN considers
the situation in Syria alarming.
Increased fighting has claimed
several victims during the past 24 hours.
Yesterday Syrian troops
made a bloody strike
against a children's hospital in Aleppo.
This is what a very fragile
cease-fire looks like.
The fighting between
Syrian troops and the rebels
has already claimed 61 victims
during Wednesday and Thursday.
One of the most devastating strikes
was made against
a children's hospital in Aleppo.
The Syrian government air strike
claimed 27 victims.
The UN says that relief deliveries will become
more difficult should the fighting continue
The cease-fire came and went. The destruction
of Aleppo continues without pause
Supported by Russia,
the Syrian Army has hammered
- bombed East Aleppo for days to come
Everything is in short supply:
food, fuel, medicine.
History will condemn
the abominable demolition -
- which has been going on in Syria for five years
The random bombing of civilians -
- with fire bombs and bunker bombs -
is now considered a war crime.
Here's the number of my cousin,
In case you should be in the area
I'll call you as soon as I get a phone
God willing, Khaled
Could you play a little?
I'm feeling low
Excuse me
- Can I borrow the instrument?
- Can you play it?
You're welcome
Transfer to the airport
He's in the shower.
Do you want coffee while you wait?
Yes please
I play
Or I die
I play
Don't wonder why
If I'm lucky
This business works
But those who are afraid -
doesn't play
I can sail
Away from the city
To Gambia or Venezuela
But they never get the neighborhood out of me
Not even when I die
I play
Or I die
I play
Don't wonder why
If I'm lucky
The systems work
But those who are afraid -
doesn't play
I'll hang around here
As long as The Station Clock
In its tower ticks
I'll be swinging here
As long as the number seven tram
Rolls down its tracks
I play
Or I die...
I have a better idea
Hot dog
Go to hell
Next time, you'll die
What's up with you?
What's that?
It's the coffin
Get it away from here.
You have until tomorrow
Who might you be?
I live here.
This is my bedroom
No way,
this is my garbage field
- Says who?
- Says I
- Do you want a fight?
- But I'm bigger
So what?
It was a sad story
What do we do about him?
Won't last long in the street
with that frame
He surprised me.
But then he went to the ground
Wanna work, Kale?
Yes. Very much
We could've turned the freezer off
But he won't fit,
not even sideways
He can't live here either
I need my peace and quiet too
Or am I a nature's freak
that won't long for privacy?
Don't I die when I get poisoned?
Am I the least of the least?
What are you doing?
You are, after all, being the director
At least you know your place
Here is water
Food you get at work
Do you have cash?
Not really
This is tax
Work start at eight
Good night
Good night
I understand. Go
You can open now
Welcome, but we won't open until nine
There's coffee if you care to wait
Lunch will be served at eleven
Dish of the day is
fishballs la maison
We are from the Regional Control Center
There will be fire control inspection as well
lD papers from all,
refrigeration control report, -
- and I believe the fire chief
will want to see the emergency exits
Customers rarely want to leave
once they're in
Nice to meet you.
We haven't met before
I've just bought the place
And I haven't had the opportunity
to meet the authorities concerned
But my staff are on time.
Care to have something?
Identity papers
Finnish citizens don't need one
You look like a foreigner
Can I bring them later?
Acceptable. We just have to
renovate the dining hall and the kitchen
- It's soon nine o'clock. We should open
- What about Khaled?
- What about him?
- Can we let him out now?
Absolutely. I forgot the guy
Smart dog. I taught her a little
Arabic. She converted to Islam
What she thought it's much more
interesting than Buddhism
She's calling to surround Budapest and Belgrade tomorrow
We need to get papers for Kale.
Legal or illegal
Can't keep the doors locked,
business will suffer
Let's throw Kale out
and continue as before
- We're throwing you out
- That wouldn't solve the problem
My nephew is a genius
Seems to run in the family
With computers, ie
He'll slog out identity to Kale in 15 minutes
Ask him to come here
Is it possible to do that?
Like taking candy from a kid.
How much do I net?
Not much
A grand. It buys him a history
back to the Invasion of Normandy
He's not that old
The price is the same
if he's born tomorrow
What do you call yourself?
Winston will do
- When can you start?
- Immediately
Choose a name.
Not too different from your own
Khaled Hussein
- Date and place of birth
- Damascus, 6 of June, 1991
Male or Female?
I don't understand the humor
The Civil Registry security
isn't just pathetic
It's non-existent
This should work, but I wouldn't
try at the airport
That's the best I can do
Khaled Hussein was granted asylum,
work and residence permit -
- in October
Hit the money
We could make you younger, too.
At least on the paper
Get lost
ID, please
Routine check.
Have a nice day
Same to you
- How are you?
- Good. I can't stay for long
- Has anyone asked for me?
- Just the police
Has Hassan called?
Anything about my sister?
But I told everyone here
If anyone hears anything, they will tell
me. But where do you live now?
I work at The Golden Pint
- Super!
- Listen. I love Finland
But if you find a way out of here,
I'd be really grateful
God willing
How can I thank you?
- Take care of yourself
- You too
Business is not too good,
considering the processes
I think we're doing good
Mr Director, forgive me for asking
What about live dance music?
Excellent idea.
Would you bet on it?
Then we should consider it
I think it makes sense
Can't get any worse
if we go for it
Beer sells well,
other sales are negligible
We need to develop on the food side
What would be trendy?
Sushi. Absolutely
- My cousin runs a sushi restaurant
- And why did you end up here?
I asked him.
A favour for a friend
- So the place did'nt go well?
- Not at the time
What would you like?
Four Sushi Platters
- We're out of miso soup.
- Use cabbage. Food is food
Twenty Nigiri Sushi Platters
- Chief
- Yes?
We're out of salmon. Whitefish too
Everything now? How much did you buy?
Half a kilo each.
I had no idea
Give sake to everyone.
On the house
What do we have? Meatballs won't do
- I was saving this for the summer.
- Since when?
Wasabi will hide the taste of salt
Okay, get on it then
Go home, you. I clean up myself.
In the dusky evening shade together with the memories
Much did the day bring
yet it feels wasted
The quiet tune of a memory plays longingly in my soul
Reminding me of the past
And how you went away, my love
Wherever, whenever my little darling goes
I hear the whisper of the evening wind consoling, caressing me
Astray out there on the cold trail
My darling you will go
My soul is yearning,
hoping that my love will come...
I have to talk to Khaled.
Is he here?
Wait outside
Your friend
Well, master chef?
- How are you brother?
- Good, thanks
Great workplace!
You know what!
Hassaan called 15 minutes ago
Your sister has been found
I have to go right away
They've found my sister
and she's in a refugee center in Lithuania
I must run
- Too many borders. Let me think
- But I have to rush
You might be wiser, but I'm older
Let me make a call
It should go.
When can I go?
As soon as possible.
Situations keep changing
I need a cargo to Lithuania.
Otherwise it'll looks odd
How will the girl trust me?
Khaled, write a letter to your sister.
She has to trust this man
And give him a photo of her
An address wouldn't hurt either
And the address of the place
Nothing in the back.
Didn't get a return load
Open it anyway
Okay, you can go
Thank you for this.
What do I owe you?
I took a fine load there.
I won't take money for this
I've been worried about you
I might as well tell it like it is
I've been a nervous wreck
I became mad trying to think of
how to help you
I was lost,
but good people helped me
A family from Afghanistan
practically adopted me
Although I'm older than any of their seven children
We're the only ones left of our family
I hope you can handle it
Don't worry,
I'm my mother's daughter
Dying is easy, but I'd like to live
Did I tell you about the young man
who did my papers?
It's pure magic.
He can make you a new life
It's not necessary, Khaled.
I don't want to change my name
I want to keep my identity.
I'll go and report myself tomorrow
As you wish
We're going to Mirja, and tomorrow
we'll escort you to the police station
You're the best brother in the world
Remember how I teased you
when you were little?
When you were really thin?
Can you take her to the
police station tomorrow morning?
I can't come near,
but I will be there
- Which time?
- Ten o'clock
I warned you, Jewboy
A, is that you?
What would you like?
I'm about to lock up
Yes, it's just me
I haven't drank a drop since you left
I set up this kiosk
Do you want something?
I don't need anything
But I can drive you home
- How have you been?
- Fine
A bit lonely. And you?
I've opened a profitable restaurant.
I need a headwaiter
I've kept this
If you still want...
Wait a sec
Khaled will be here soon
Will you manage?
I have to open Mecca Gourmet
Go to the reception desk.
They'll tell you what to do
Tell them you're directly seeking asylum
- Will you wait for me?
- I have to go now
I'll see you tonight
Go now