The Other Zoey (2023) Movie Script

So in 270 A.D. in Rome, nobody
was joining the army, right?
Because no one wanted
to leave their wives.
And the emperor was like,
"That's not happening."
And he banned all marriages.
But St. Valentine was like,
"That's not fair,"
so he married couples in secret.
The emperor arrested Valentine
and sentenced him to death,
but he fell in love with the
prison guard's blind daughter.
One night,
St. Valentine reached out
and touched the eyes
of the blind girl,
and in the morning, she could
see for the very first time.
The date?
February 14th.
And the rest,
as they say, is history.
[Kellog] Thank you, Becca.
That was interesting.
Come on.
Zoey, do you have something
you'd like to add?
Just that story's
not really accurate.
- Excuse me?
- First of all,
there were several
St. Valentines who were martyred
in the third century
and... and second of all,
none of them
cured a girl's blindness.
That didn't happen.
Okay, well,
it could have happened.
Come on, it's Valentine's Day.
It felt on brand.
Yeah, exactly, 'cause...
'cause Valentine's Day,
it's kind of about bullshit.
Okay, Zoey, do you wanna
[Zoey] It's just the whole
concept of falling in love
and even romantic love,
it's just a product
of capitalism.
[Kellog] Whoa, hold up, Zoey.
So you don't believe
in romantic love at all?
If it's based on compatibility.
I just think
that's really hard to find,
which is actually why
I created my own app.
- That's gonna fail.
- Crash and burn.
It matches people
based on a data-driven
compatibility report
because people
are really fickle.
But algorithms are smart.
Over 50% of marriages
end in divorce,
and some people,
they see that as a problem.
But I...
I see that as potential,
like a future revenue stream.
[Kellog] Okay, time's up.
That's it, people.
Next Wednesday...
If you want to invest,
just go to GoFundMe.
Yes. Thank you.
Or you can just scan this
QR code to... to invest.
[upbeat music playing]
[singer] I'm coming at you
with a heart of gold
That precious gold is all me
I'm coming at you like a
desert rose
They both can roll with me
Hey, Elle.
I got you a rose-infused matcha latte.
- Aww. Thank you.
- Happy Valentine's Day.
Can we just cancel
Valentine's Day already?
Nope, not tonight.
We're doing a rom-com triple header.
No. No. Uh-uh. No. No way. Not again.
Relax, it's just an excuse to
get drunk
and gorge on snacks.
Well, okay, when you put it that way.
Are you writing another poem?
Do you want me to read it?
Last time you read my poetry,
you corrected me on my punctuation.
It's just the absence
of periods and commas
makes me very nervous.
That's kind of how poems work.
How was class?
Uh, I pitched my app.
In history class? Bold move.
How'd it go?
I don't know,
I think I just have to check GoFundMe.
Hey! Zoey Miller?
What the hell was that?
Oh, slow your roll there, Becca.
You shamed her just because
she likes Valentine's Day.
Are you sure that's the only
What you said made me feel bad.
Becca, I'm sorry,
it wasn't meant to be personal.
Just make sure you add cynic
next to tech geek on your rsum.
- Weirdo.
- Loser.
Ah! Shit.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Hey, hey. I'm sorry.
That was fully my fault. Are you
Uh, I guess, yeah.
You know that this school
has a soccer field, right?
Okay, that may leave a mark.
Do you want me to take you
to the health center or
Nope. Nope, I'm good.
Very sorry about that, so...
[player] Zach, come on!
- Sorry.
- [Zoey] Bye.
All right, guys. Let's go.
You just had Zach Maclaren's
ball in your face.
[Zach] Come on,
keep the balls in play this time.
Zach Maclaren, the soccer star?
Mm, what's his GPA?
And he was totally flirting with you.
I'm sure that he and I
would have, like,
a zero compatibility score.
Well, his abs should contribute
to that number.
And by the way, I donated to
your app.
So you're buying booze tonight.
Okay, deal.
Pay me back when you get your
first IPO.
Buy me an island.
I'll buy us two islands,
one for business
and one for pleasure.
So with this M-X-N grid filled
with non-negative numbers,
we can find the path
that minimizes the sum
of all numbers along its path.
[phone chiming]
- Crap.
- I think that works.
[Zoey] Crap. We're late.
Guys, the time.
What are you... come on.
- [student] Oh.
- The lecture.
[Maya] Remember, when you
pick a graduate school,
it's more than just about AI
and zero-knowledge proofs.
It's also about finding people
you like
and that you can laugh with
because one can only spend
so many hours in a library.
[moderator] Next question.
Um, what do you consider
your greatest accomplishment?
I have to say winning the Turing Award
and raising my two children
with my partner.
We have time for one more.
Yes, go ahead.
Uh... [clears throat]
Professor, since it's
Valentine's Day,
could you tell us as a scientist
what your perspective on
romantic love is?
[Maya] My belief that most
things can be described
by a mathematical equation does
not affect
my belief
in the power of love,
which keeps me in a state of awe.
And you disagree.
I like the approach of the philosopher
Alain de Botton.
And what's his philosophy?
That romantic love
is a modern-day invention.
And that most people wouldn't
fall in love
if they'd never heard of it.
[Maya] I take it, then,
you've never been in love?
I had a crush or two in grade school,
but I mean love, I...
it's just what big corporations pedal.
When you think about all the flowers
and the chocolates,
the movies, the love songs,
I mean, come on.
Romantic love is a product of capitalism.
Well, on that note,
happy Valentine's Day,
and thank you for coming.
[soft heartfelt music playing]
Hey, I really liked your question.
And don't forget...
- [mouthing along]
- I'm also just a girl...
Standing in front of a boy...
Asking him to love her.
Not even a tear?
I... I can't believe
you're making me watch this.
How do you not love this?
Everyone cries at the scene,
even guys.
Is this what happens when you
code 24/7?
You become the Tin Man?
The line's a classic,
but Hugh Grant says nothing
and then he looks at her
like he just farted.
- You are such a buzzkill.
- I'm sorry!
It's just these movies,
they're... they're so formulaic.
One person gets their heart broken,
and then the other person goes,
"Wait, let me fix it
by making a grand gesture
with a big speech in public."
- What is wrong with that?
- [phone buzzing]
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, sweetie.
Hey, Paula.
[Paula] Elle, my favorite poet.
Quick question.
Why does your daughter hate
It beats me.
I'm watching "Harry Met Sally"
right now as we speak.
Because they perpetuate
unrealistic romantic paradigms.
I swear if I wasn't there
when she was born,
I would do a DNA test.
What are you doing
over the long weekend, Elle?
Do you wanna
come hang out with us?
I'm babysitting
for my English professor.
People trust me with their kids.
That's crazy, right?
I still can't believe people
trusted me with mine.
Hey, Zoey, did you get the
flight info?
- I'm so excited to see you.
- Uh, yeah.
I'm gonna go back to watching
my unrealistic romantic paradigms.
- I love you both.
- [both] Love you.
I'm worried about her.
I just... I want her to find...
- Love?
- Compatibility, you know?
Their divorce was so messy.
Love is messy.
You just don't wanna get dirty.
I actually met someone at the...
you know, there was this guy
at the lecture,
and he was interesting.
Bury the lede. Spill it.
He quoted Alain de Botton.
Great. Am I supposed to know who
that is?
"If nobody had ever heard
of the concept of love..."
They wouldn't fall in it.
Oh, my God, he quoted your guy?
Alert the tech nerds: a match
for Zoey.
- Was he hot?
- He was just... interesting.
So a hot nerd.
He was just interesting.
- Say interesting one more time.
- Interesting. Shut up.
Look, I'm probably never
even gonna see him again.
Mm. Interesting.
Let's run away together
[upbeat music playing]
[bell jingles]
[Zoey] Hey.
Hit anyone in the head today?
[Zach] Hey, it's you.
How you doing?
- Fine.
- [Zach] Good.
What are you doing here?
It's a bookstore, so I came to
get a book.
What are you doing here?
I work here.
It's part of my work-study
Textbooks are in the front.
Fictions on the right,
and non-fiction's over there.
Thank you.
Do you have any books on
Is that medieval history or a
metal band?
It's a video game.
No, we don't carry books like that.
I could order it for you.
Yeah, that... that'd be cool. Great.
Okay, so two choices,
"The Idiot's Guide to
or "Battletoads for Dummies."
Jesus, they both sound bad,
don't they?
Well, a dummy is someone
of low intelligence,
but it can also mean, like,
a crash test dummy.
But an idiot's just an idiot.
Let's go with dummy.
Good choice.
Thank you.
Uh, it should be here by Wednesday.
Oh, credit card.
Mm. Here you go.
You know video games are now
the leading cause of divorce?
Who says that?
An actuary chart listing
the causes of divorce.
- An actual what?
- An actuary.
Someone who compiles statistics
to assess risk and uncertainty.
Could you... could you actually
order me a book on that as well?
Sarcasm's frequently an attempt
to deflect one's ignorance.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Yeah. So is being a know-it-all.
All right, thanks.
Have a good one.
Hey, hey.
[upbeat music playing]
Hey, Zach, you forgot your
credit card.
Hey, Zach.
Zach, wait.
Zach, wait.
- Oh!
- [Zoey] Oh!
- [driver] Oh, no!
- [people gasping]
Oh, my God.
Oh, oh, oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Zach.
Oh, my God. Zach?
I didn't... is he okay?
He came out of, like, nowhere.
Zach! He's not responding. Call 911.
Zach, wake up.
Oh, my God. Please don't die.
- They wanna know if he's
- I don't know.
- Check!
- I can't tell.
She can't tell.
They say give him
- What?
- [driver] Pinch the nose.
- Wha-
- [driver] You have to pinch the nose.
- [Zach gasping]
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
[Zach] Where am I?
Oh, my God. You're alive.
- He's alive.
- [driver] He's alive. He's
He's alive. Yeah.
Uh, what happened?
You got in an accident.
You're gonna be fine.
The ambulance is on its way.
Oh, here. They wanna talk to you.
- Me?
- [driver] Yeah, you.
Okay. Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, uh, he's alive.
He's breathing and talking,
so just keep him awake.
- Sorry.
- Ow.
- My name? Zoey.
- What'd you hit me for?
[soft ethereal music playing]
Oh, thank God it's you.
- Hey.
- Hey. Thank God it's you.
You're okay.
The ambulance is on its way.
Oh. Oh. All right. Oh.
All righty. Okay.
- You're... you're definitely
gonna live.
- Ow... yeah.
So don't worry about that.
[siren wailing]
Oh, I hear it.
- Ah.
- Finally. Thank God.
- [Zoey] Is he gonna be okay?
- [EMT] Probably.
We're gonna take you to the hospital,
get you checked out.
- You're coming with me, right?
- To the hospital?
I kind of need you to come, please.
It's probably best if you come
just to keep him relaxed.
Thank you.
- Ooh.
- [Zoey] Oh.
[soft suspenseful music playing]
Triage, please.
[elevator dings]
Oh, are you all right?
What happened?
I'm... I'm fine.
I wouldn't say fine.
- He's actually got a concussion.
- Oh, my God.
[doctor] He was riding a bike,
hit a car,
and went head-first over the hood.
He doesn't remember the accident
or anything immediately prior.
Things dating back a few weeks
are fuzzy.
- So he has amnesia.
- It's normal.
What's normal about amnesia?
But it's only temporary, right, doctor?
- Most likely, yes.
- Most likely.
Were you texting?
No, he wasn't texting,
but he did break his phone.
[Mr. Maclaren] Who are you?
Zoey? The Zoey?
[Connie] Oh, Zach has done nothing
but talk about you.
- He has?
- Mom.
Okay, well, he's mentioned you
once or twice.
We barely know each other.
You've been dating, what?
Two, three weeks now, right?
- Dating?
- Mom, could you not, please?
[scoffs] I'm sorry.
You were with Zach when it happened.
You called 911.
- Yes, but that's...
- Okay.
I'm gonna go ahead and release Zach.
No screens for 72 hours.
Blue lights can make the
symptoms worse.
Make sure he stays hydrated and rest.
He will get his memory back,
though, right?
Just stick to a stress-free
Keep it simple.
I'm sorry, but we have a family
ski trip
planned for this weekend.
As long as he stays off the slopes
and rests, it's not a problem.
- [Connie] Thank you, Doctor.
- [Matt] That's great. Thanks, Doctor.
Thanks, Doc.
[Connie] You're coming home with us
so that we can keep an eye on you.
And young lady,
you are coming over for dinner.
- No, no, no. That's really not...
- [both] We insist.
- I'm a fabulous cook.
- He is.
Of course, you are. Come on.
Let me just call my roommate.
Tell her, uh, where I will be.
Oh, sweetheart, she is just adorable.
I really like her.
I do too.
She's pretty cool.
[toy playing melody]
[imitating engine roaring]
Parker, stop bashing your brother
with that truck.
What's up?
- [whispering] I'm at the hospital.
- [Elle] Why? What happened?
I'm here with Zach Maclaren.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up.
How did that happen?
So long story short,
he came into the bookstore.
I made him hit a car,
which was an accident.
Now he has a concussion
and he thinks that I'm his girlfriend.
- He is dating a Zoey.
- Zoey who?
- The other Zoey.
- What other Zoey?
Wallace, captain of
the women's soccer team.
You guys do kind of look alike.
Wait, I just texted you her Insta.
I mean, maybe there's a tiny resemblance.
She's very into soccer.
Yeah, I'm sure they'd rate high
in your compatibility app.
Oh, hey, make sure Zach takes it easy.
Nothing that will upset him
or his symptoms could get worse.
- Good.
- [Zoey] Okay.
Wait, who was that?
That was the doctor. What do I
Well, you don't wanna be
the cause of him getting worse.
[Zoey] You know what?
Zach's parents, they invited me
to dinner, so I'm just gonna go
to their place.
I'm gonna get them alone,
and I'm gonna tell 'em the truth.
Let them break their son's
[Zoey] Perfect.
I have to call you back. Bye.
[twins giggling]
[Elle] Why would you do that?
[upbeat calypso music playing]
I have texted him like a billion times.
Zoey, we're in The Bahamas.
I.. I bet it's the reception.
I'm using Wi-Fi.
I'm sure Zach will respond soon, dear.
What if he's ghosting me?
I seriously don't... I don't
even know
what ghosting means, honey.
We were texting this morning and then...
Do you think he met someone?
Between breakfast and lunch?
He is going skiing, mom.
Do you even know how cute
all the snow bunnies are?
You should have never booked
this trip.
She has been in a funk
ever since Barcelona lost Messi.
Wallaces don't wallow,
and crying causes wrinkles.
Just know that.
Your parents' house is really nice.
Yeah, thanks.
Something feels different.
I don't know.
Do you remember, like,
hitting a girl in the head
with a soccer ball?
No, but I mean, I do... I do remember...
- Kissing you...
- Oh! [laughs]
Remember the doctor said
to take it slow and easy.
I just... I want to thank you
for saving my life today.
It was probably my fault.
- Boo!
- Holy shit.
Uh-oh, you said the S word.
You know what?
That's what happens when you
scare people.
This is my little sister, Avery.
My name's not Avery.
It's Amanda.
Amand... what are you talking
She's messing with you.
I think your parents might have
told her
- that you have memory issues.
- Oh.
- Wanna fire up the Xbox?
- Yes.
- No, he's not allowed screen time.
- No.
- Sucks to be you.
- So mean.
If you need me,
I'll just be playing
as much as I want!
Video games are
the leading cause of divorce,
and I have no idea how I know that.
- She's so mean.
- That just came back?
Is there anything else
that might be coming back?
Mostly how pretty you are.
I'm gonna help your parents with dinner.
Very nice of you.
- [Matt] Trade you for the olive oil.
- [Connie] Okey-dokey.
[Matt] Thank you.
Ah, Zach was telling me that you were
supposed to go to the Bahamas
this weekend with your family.
There's something that I need to
tell you.
- My family is not in the Bahamas.
- Why's that, dear?
Well, this is gonna sound
really weird, but...
Hey, guys.
Hey, I just heard about Zach. Is
he okay?
[Matt] He has a concussion.
He needs to take it easy.
Come on.
You know the statistics on that.
[Matt] He's right.
Zoey, this is Miles, Zach's
Ah, the... the soccer player?
Dude, you're lucky it's not worse.
That's because Zoey saved my life.
Not exactly.
Miles is in grad school at MIT.
Oh. [chuckles]
He's just visiting for the weekend.
I hear that that's a really
great school.
Yeah. Thanks.
Dude, I can't believe
you weren't wearing a helmet.
You gotta be more careful.
Is the bike destroyed?
So you were telling me
about your family trip.
Oh, we had to postpone it.
Something came up.
Well, just.. everybody just dig in.
Dig in.
[soft ethereal music playing]
So Zoey, Zach tells me
that your dad's a doctor.
Yeah, he is.
What kind?
The kind that sees patients,
uh, in his office.
[chuckles] Oh, oh, I remember.
He's a GP, right?
Yeah, he is.
He is a great physician.
[all chuckle]
I'm sure he is.
So are you training
during the off-season?
Just kicking all those balls.
What position do you play?
Uh, somewhere in the middle.
Sometimes... sometimes on the left...
sometimes on the right.
Yeah, but you know,
soccer can only go so far.
I was actually thinking about
grad school,
maybe MIT for computer science.
You're interested in coding?
Yeah, it's my major.
I don't... I don't remember that.
Wait, do I?
Oh, my gosh, it's your amnesia.
Oh, my gosh. This is so cool.
- Please forget something else.
- Be nice.
Well, Zoey, I, for one, am impressed
that you have so many interests.
You know, Miles is studying
computer science.
- Applied machine learning.
- That's amazing.
Thank you.
I didn't know that we had that
in common.
All right, hey, guys, uh, six letters.
Inventor of calculus.
- [Zoey] Newton.
- [Miles] Newton.
Oh, that fits.
Yeah, yeah.
I.. I.. I had that one too.
Gotta be quick on the buzzer, dude.
A strip of land, seven letters.
- [Avery] Mm...
- [Zach] Mm...
- Island.
- That has six letters.
- That has six letters?
- [Zoey and Miles] Isthmus.
[Matt] Oh, that fits too.
Well done, you two. I'm
I gotta hit it.
I present my master's thesis
next week.
Dude, you should get some rest.
You have a concussion.
[Zach] Yeah. Thank you, Doc.
- All right, man.
- Good night.
- [Connie] Good night.
- Good night, Miles.
- Bye.
- Night, man.
Hey, we're all gonna go skiing
in the mountains this weekend.
Do you wanna go with us?
- Oh, yeah, you should.
- It's a great idea.
Oh, uh...
you know, I don't know
if it's such a good idea.
I mean, you just got injured,
and I have plans
with my mom this weekend.
[phone buzzing]
Oh, and that's my mom,
so I should ask her.
Okay. Sorry.
[Elle] What'd they say?
Nothing, 'cause I haven't told
them yet.
What are you waiting for?
Remember the guy from the
The one you called interesting
23 times?
Uh, doesn't ring a bell.
Well, his name is Miles,
and he's actually Zach's cousin,
and he's here visiting from MIT,
and they invited me
to go skiing with them.
Okay, I don't wanna jump
to conclusions, but this is fate.
- I don't believe in fate.
- [Elle] You believe in
What is the probability of a guy
you find interesting
ending up in the house of a guy
you're pretending to be the
girlfriend of?
Statistically speaking?
Like, zero.
[Elle] Because it's
You gotta carpe diem this
all the way to the ski slope.
I caused the accident,
and now I'm gonna flirt
with an amnesia patient's
Plug it into your app.
One, Zach has a concussion.
Two, he has a girlfriend.
Three, the doctor told you
not to upset him.
Four, his cousin is a hot
computer nerd
who you have a ton
of things in common with.
What does that all add up to?
A perfect match.
Pretend to be the other Zoey.
That's not the way
that the app actually works.
Well, it should be.
And Miles is only here for the weekend.
[Elle] Exactly. Have some fun, Zoey.
[phone ringing]
I'm not coming home this weekend.
Are you okay?
I actually got invited
to go skiing with some friends.
Well, I was really looking forward
to seeing you
but that sounds fun.
I'm sorry, Mom.
It's okay, I'm glad you're
out there and making new friends.
Just make sure you go on the
bunny hill
because I went skiing once,
and I went through these trees
and I almost died.
What are you up to this weekend?
Don't worry about me.
I have plenty to do.
Okay. Bye. Love you.
The professor came home late,
but they paid me extra.
What is that?
Okay, so this one,
it's about computational analysis,
and it's really advanced,
so I think that Miles might be impressed,
but he also might think that, like,
I'm trying to intimidate him.
So then this one
is on computational theory,
and Maya Sayeed wrote it,
and we both love her,
and it kinda shows
how much we have in common,
but I don't want him to think
that I'm, like, overthinking,
so I don't know which one to bring.
What should I do?
Oh! Wha...
Less books, more bathing suits.
Okay, you're going skiing.
Do you know what that means?
No. Hot tub. You know what?
I can't believe I have to
explain this.
I got some for you. I got some
for you.
- Here.
- What is that?
I'm giving you my sexy, hot,
never fails bathing suit.
- Okay.
- [Elle] Yeah.
Okay, fine.
Geez, you're welcome.
What about Zoey Wallace?
I bet that she's super worried
about Zach,
- you know, not being able to
reach him.
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Zoey, please get out of your head.
The other Zoey is the other Zoey.
Let's focus on this Zoey.
You're going skiing
with a guy who has amnesia,
and you're pretending to be
someone else.
I mean, that's, like,
the perfect vacation.
- That's the perfect vacation?
- [Elle] Yeah.
[upbeat calypso music playing]
[Mrs. Wallace] Oh, my God.
I think that's a baby whale.
Zoey, Zoey, Zoey, sweetie.
- Zoey, wake up.
- Not now!
I'm in deep focus.
Aqua yoga is starting by the pool.
I've reserved three pods.
These are the girls I think
could be my competition,
girls that Zach follows on Instagram,
and he's liked some of their photos
like Amy.
Okay, she's a 7. You're a 12. Okay.
I should have never passed her
that ball.
- I should have taken that shot.
- Oh, my God, you're
Mom, he's either dead, or he's
dumped me.
Honestly, I'm not sure which is worse.
I think dead is worse for sure.
[Mr. Wallace]
Let's go. Aqua yoga starts in five.
Dad, read the room.
Call the airlines.
- Oh, my God, again.
- [Zoey] I need to get back
and find out where's Zach is...
and who he's with.
That's what I like about you
That's what I like
[Avery] Ugh. Let's play a game.
What about the license plate
Isn't that game, like,
known for being boring?
No, not the way I play it.
You add up the value of the numbers
on the plate until you get a
prime number.
That sounds like school, which
is boring.
I think it sounds fun.
Just ignore me.
Happy accident.
[Zach laughing]
Don't look at me. She got that
from you.
That's what I like about you
["What I Like About You"
Ah-ah-ah, hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
[Matt] Here we go. Oh.
[Connie] Ah!
Wow, this is better than the pictures.
- Nice job, honey.
- [Avery] Whoa.
Thank you.
[Zoey] Wow.
This is amazing.
Yeah, this is fantastic.
Hey, Zach, remember how much fun
we had here last time?
Um, yeah.
Have we been here before?
No, memory boy. I'm messing with you.
- Mm.
- It's a rental.
Oh, Zoey, you and Avery don't
bunking together, do you?
I don't mind. I understand.
Any more excitement for Zach,
and his brain will explode.
- [imitates explosion]
- Avery.
Hey, let's get up the mountain.
Get half a day in.
Oh, yeah, let's do it.
Zach, honey, remember, no screens.
Oh, I know. Yeah.
Fair warning, it's been a really
long time since I last snowboarded.
I feel like you said you went
every year.
- Twelve months is a really...
long time.
- [Miles] Don't worry.
- It's like riding a bike.
- Is that the best analogy?
Sorry. Sorry, dude.
She's a little insensitive. It's
- Yeah, it's all good.
- What are you gonna do?
I mean, the mountain's
Maybe just hang at the lodge,
grab a book, read something.
- Do you have a book?
- I do not.
I have one.
It's about female spies in World
War II.
It might not be your thing,
but just in case.
Oh, okay. Well... cool.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
All right. Should we, uh, hit
the slopes?
Hit we shall.
Sorry. It sounded cooler in my head.
[upbeat rock music playing]
[Avery] That's a lot of struggle
for a soccer player.
Have you ever snowboarded?
She'll be at it in no time,
don't worry.
Got it. Easy.
- [yelling]
- [Miles] Whoa!
I got it! I'm good. I'm good.
I'm good.
- I'm good.
- I got you.
Are you okay, honey?
You're holding on very tight.
It's so she doesn't fall.
Why don't you guys go ahead,
and we'll catch it up with you
Fine by me. I'm built for speed.
- You guys have fun.
- Yeah. I'll race you.
- [Connie] Let's do it.
- [Zoey] Thanks.
- [Miles] Okay.
- [Avery] See ya, suckers.
- Can I move my arm now?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. You're ready.
First off, wanna make sure that
your weight is on your front foot.
- That's what's...
- Okay.
- That's how you're gonna steer.
- So just weight.
- Yeah, like...
- Whoa. Whoa!
- There you go. There you go!
- Hey!
All right, slow down. Slow down.
I can't! Oh! Ah!
Oh! Oh!
You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, let's take it slow.
- As slow as you need.
- Okay.
- Sound good?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, this is much better.
- [Miles] Walk back.
[singer] I got green in my
pocket, gonna let it do the talking
Yeah, I'm feeling kinda lucky today
I got nothing to lose
I'm gonna take a shot
- All right. Heels. Heels!
- [Zoey] This way?
- No, no, no. Don't... ah.
- [Zoey] I'm fine.
- Use your...
- [Zoey] This way. Just watch your...
- Oh!
- [Zoey] I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
- Oh.
- Oh, my God!
Slow... slow down, slow down.
Use your heels.
[yelling] I'm sorry!
- That was amazing.
- Oh, my God.
- I did it.
- You did.
- I did it.
- [laughs] Yeah.
[Connie] Hey, you two.
- Hey.
- Hi.
How was it? Like riding a bike?
I thought I had a pretty solid run,
the last one.
She did.
- You did great.
- Thanks.
It was the only time
when her face didn't meet snow.
Avery, what is with you this
- How's your head?
- Feeling good, yeah.
Like my memory will be back in
no time.
And then I fell,
and then he helped me get up,
and he was really sweet.
And you made out?
No, no, we were on the mountain.
Well, it sounds romantic.
You gotta admit that.
Fine. Whatever. You're right. It was.
Yey, look at you.
So how's Zach doing?
How's his memory?
Who knows?
It could come back at any time, really.
Clock's ticking to get
that bathing suit on
and get in that hot tub and call
me back
when things get steamy, pun intended.
I don't know, Zach's family is
so nice,
and he's so nice.
It just feels... wrong.
[Elle] Every great love story
starts with a love triangle.
"Gone With the Wind,"
"The Great Gatsby," "Lolita."
Maybe I should just get it over with
and tell him the truth,
and then I can start out honest
with Miles.
- [doorbell rings]
- My food's here. I gotta go.
Zach will get his memory back,
and you can tell everyone
that you honestly did not
wanna be the cause
of any permanent memory loss.
Now go flirt with the only guy
who thinks calculus
is as interesting as you do.
Love you. Bye.
Okay. Love you. Bye.
Why, hello.
Green curry with rice,
garlic naan, and a Diet Coke.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I-I haven't seen you before.
You must be a new delivery guy.
Yeah, I'm from Chile.
I just moved here.
I'm just babysitting.
[both chuckle]
- Uh, so do you go to school?
- Yes.
First to learn English better,
and then to be a doctor.
Oh, very ambitious.
What kind of doctor?
Cardiology. And you?
Uh, I wanna work in publishing.
- You're a writer.
- I am indeed. [chuckles]
I'm a creative writing major,
but my concentration's poetry.
So we both like the heart.
Or... el corazon.
[chuckles] I guess so.
Well, I gotta go.
- Deliveries call.
- Yeah, me too.
Gotta get back to the kids.
They've been too quiet.
Means something's wrong.
Good luck.
See you next time.
Good night.
Why are these called hamburgers
when they're not made of ham?
That's a very good question, Avery.
Despite the hamburger being
quintessentially American,
it actually originated
in Hamburg, Germany.
However, pizza is most
definitely Italian.
This is just a ploy
to tell us how they met.
- Mm...
- [Avery] Oh, man.
We were both abroad backpacking.
The smell of chianti, pizza,
and Bolognese in the air.
[sighs] We know, Dad,
you've told us before.
Well, Zoey doesn't.
I'd love to hear.
We just got out of college.
[Connie] We were just taking our time
trying to figure out our future.
Two lost souls.
Well, I was literally lost,
and my Italian was failing me,
and nobody spoke English,
and I was trying
to find the train station.
And we bumped into each other,
both of us with our heads buried
in our "Let's Go Europe" books.
Yes, and that was our meet-cute.
I love it.
And you guys seem so compatible.
[Connie] I think we are.
[Avery] You both fell in love
over pizza.
Guess that's why I like it so much.
Oh, me too. I love pizza so much.
- [Avery] I know. It's so good.
- Too much, probably.
- Wait, don't I?
- Yes, honey.
- Pepperoni.
- Do you remember owing me $200?
No, no, I... see, I think what
it is,
is you owed me 200 bucks.
Don't even think about it.
Hi, yeah, my delivery guy just left,
and there's no rice with my order.
No, no, no,
I don't wanna take it off my bill.
You know, what's green curry
without rice, am I right?
Have him bring it.
And can you make sure it's the
same guy?
Thank you.
Hey, wanna watch a movie?
What about "Pretty Woman"?
Julia Roberts' only dream
in life is to bag a rich guy.
And not to mention
the unrealistic portrayal of sex work.
- Exactly.
- Yeah. It's weird.
I just thought... I thought it
was one of your favorites.
What about "Say Anything?"
Mm. Really?
- Oh, really what?
- [Zoey] No, just...
Come on, I don't think
there are any sex workers in
that one.
- No.
- Right?
- But it's boring, and it's...
- What?
Come on, the boombox at the end.
Mm, the grand gesture
where the protagonist
professes their love in public.
It just perpetuates
unrealistic romantic ideals.
Okay, well, I mean,
there's a new Marvel movie...
- Hey.
- That...
You can't watch a movie.
Remember it?
- The doctor said no screens.
- Oh. Yeah. Great.
But guess what we can do?
- [Avery and Connie] Movie.
- Yes.
- [both] One word.
- Mm-hmm.
- [both] Two syllables.
- Yes.
Uh, cold, shivering,
really cold, freezing.
- [Matt] Yes!
Oh, wow! Avery, good job.
Beat that, shit birds.
- Hey, hey. Hey, language.
- Whoa!
Zoey, you're up.
Come on. You got this.
TV show.
One word.
All right, two syllables.
Okay, um... oh.
- Soccer.
- [Miles] Electric shock.
Is she okay? Should we call 911?
[Zoey] Um...
- [Zach] Okay.
- [Zoey] Oh! Oh, oh.
- Uh, "Seinfeld."
- Yes!
- [Zach] How did you know that?
- She made a sine wave.
- [Zach] A what?
- It's oscillations of constant height.
- [Miles] Yeah, sine wave.
- It's a science thing.
- Wow. Wow.
- Of course.
Very impressive, you two.
I knew that too.
Oh, Zach, it's getting late.
You know, you're still recovering.
Better get some rest.
I'm pretty zonked.
- Good night, son.
- Good game. Good game.
You know, I was thinking
'cause of all the falling
that I did that the hot tub
might be nice.
Of course, sweetheart.
Just make yourself at home.
Okay. Does anyone else wanna
Ooh, ooh, I want to.
Hi, again.
Sorry there was no rice.
- I thought it was in the bag.
- [Elle] Oh, it was there.
Silly me.
Then why did you...
[romantic music playing]
What about the kids?
They're asleep.
I'm Diego, by the way.
I'm Elle.
I know. I saw the check.
So, tell me about you and Zach.
Like, how did you meet?
We met at a party.
Huh. That's strange.
'Cause Zach told me that you met
at a co-ed soccer practice.
We met at a party after the practice.
You know, my brother
is my very best friend.
That's really sweet.
And if you hurt him, I will make certain
that you will never, ever
be able to kick a ball again.
Anyone in the move for some
I got the fireplace going.
Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes.
- Hey, wanna go inside and grab
the stuff?
- Okay.
- I'm glad we had our little talk.
- Yeah.
Yeah, me too.
[Miles] I could use a soak.
I'm a bit sore from today.
[soft romantic music playing]
So how's MIT?
It's good.
It's hard because everyone there
is smart.
Like, really smart.
That kind of makes you
just want to try harder.
But you should definitely apply.
- You think?
- Mm-hmm.
For sure. You're, like, wicked smart.
- Thanks.
- Hmm. And funny.
I really like spending time with you.
Also, this is gonna sound kind
of random.
You and Zach, you know,
are you, uh, like, exclusive?
We haven't really talked about it.
- Right.
- The relationship's really,
really new.
Because like I said, I really
enjoy spending time with you.
I don't wanna sound mean here,
but do you really think
that you're a good match?
Like we are.
- Like... like us?
- Yeah.
I mean, we're so in sync.
Yeah, and compatible.
So much in common.
[Avery] Got everything.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
How many times did Dad
eat it on the slopes yesterday?
[Connie] Ah, he wasn't that bad.
- You're lying. You're lying.
- [Connie laughs]
- Good morning.
- Hey, baby.
[Connie] Zoey, did you sleep
- Yeah. Yeah, I did, actually.
- [Connie] Great.
- [Zoey] Thank you.
- Here's a cup of coffee.
Where's everybody else?
Zach's dad's getting his skis,
Avery's getting dressed,
and where is Miles?
Uh, I think he's talking to Emily.
Who's Emily?
Miles' girlfriend.
[tense music playing]
His girlfriend?
- [Connie] She's adorable.
- Yeah, she's nice.
She's really nice.
Oh, I should grab a jacket.
[Connie] Yeah, you should, hon.
It's gonna be really cold today.
Hey, you ready for day two?
You have a girlfriend?
So... so what about us?
What about last night?
Yeah, she doesn't care.
We're poly.
I care.
I mean, relax. It was just a kiss.
How are you so casual about
You said that we were in sync.
You said we had so much in common.
You said that we were a match.
Yeah, we are.
You thought that meant
that we should date?
I just thought we'd be a good hookup.
You thought... you thought that
of me?
[Miles] I don't know why
you're being so judgey for.
If you haven't noticed,
you're dating my cousin.
Actually, I'm not.
- And I can't.
- You can't what?
I... it's complicated, okay?
Just... never mind.
Hey, baby.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
[Connie] Carpe diem. Seize the day.
It is gorgeous out there.
Matt and Avery are in the car.
Are you two ready?
I think I'm just gonna hang out
at the house today, so.
Yeah, I'm kind of sore from yesterday.
Turns out I have a big bruise.
Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I think I'm just gonna hang with Zach.
Oh, you are?
Yeah, if that's okay.
Uh. Uh, yeah.
Let me, um... let me check my schedule.
Yes, it looks like
he's free the entire day.
- [Connie chuckles]
- Just wide open.
[Connie] I'm just glad you won't
be alone.
You're, uh... you're not gonna
- All right.
- Let's do it, Miles.
- [Miles] Let's.
- Hey, hon.
The arnica's in the bathroom
upstairs for her bruise.
- [Zach] Okay.
- [Zoey] Okay.
[Connie] Order pizza
if you need it.
- [Zach] Thanks, Mom.
- [Connie] All right. Have a
great day.
- [Zach] Have fun.
- See you later.
See, I got you all to myself.
Game day?
Game day.
[Zoey] Okay, so the object of
the game
is to capture the opponent's
The queen, however, is the most powerful,
and she can basically move
anywhere she wants.
[Zach] Okay.
Queen is the most valuable. I
like it.
And the knight moves
in an L-shape like that,
and the bishop moves diagonally
like that,
and the rook moves up and down.
Why do they call it a rook?
Comes from the Persian word rukh,
R-U-K-H, which means chariot.
You're so smart.
Chess is really like soccer, to
be honest.
The pawns are the defenders.
The bishops are the midfielders.
The rooks are the wingers,
and the queen is the striker.
Your offense, you got your defense.
I don't think I'm ever gonna
see chess the same way again.
Good, because I'm about to take
you down.
- Oh. Oh, you are?
- Oh, yeah, for sure.
Your move.
Whoo... checkmate.
That was aggressive.
[soft playful music playing]
What do you think the most
important thing
in a relationship is?
Strategizing here, so, uh, you first.
I always thought it was about
having things in common,
like compatibility, shared interests.
- You?
- I think...
You just gotta like each other.
I mean, it sounds simple,
but I mean, look at my...
look at my folks, right?
You're in check.
I can see that.
It's a stalemate.
What is... what is that?
It's a draw.
No one can checkmate the other.
- So it's a tie?
- Yeah, we tied.
All right!
I will take that as a win for
Zach, okay?
Uh, uh, uh.
It was a... it was a hard
battle, but, uh,
the Comeback Kid prevailed.
Now we play my game.
[upbeat music playing]
Got a good feeling
Doing okay, gonna make it through
I got a good feeling
Nothing's gonna stop me now
Got a good thing going
What'd you get?
Nothing's gonna slow me down
Can you feel it, can you feel it
Can you feel it, can you feel it
- [yelps]
- [yelling]
These are the good times
Everything's all right
These are the good times
Are you trying to hit me?
Do you need lessons or
I can... I can show you
the ropes a bit if you want.
Is there a tape measure?
For what?
What do you... what do you need
a tape measure for?
Is this coding?
Oh, calculations.
Do you think it's gonna help?
Constant and the distance
to the edge of the table's 36 inches.
Then the only variable
is the force of the push.
I was gonna say that too.
That's what I was thinking.
- [laughing]
- Oh, my God. Oh, my...
Goal! Math, baby. Don't
underestimate it.
Zoey, that brain of yours
is gonna take you far.
- Oh, my God.
- I don't know about that.
I do. I mean, grad school, coding.
You know, you've got
a whole career path ahead of you.
What are you talking about?
Hey, you have a whole
career path ahead of you.
[Zach] No.
Isn't soccer the angle?
I... you know... you know,
I've had soccer my whole life.
I mean, that's the only thing
I've ever really been good at.
But, uh...
Let's be honest, like,
I'm not gonna go pro.
So I have absolutely no idea
what I'm gonna do with my life
after I graduate...
And I'm... I'm pretty...
pretty scared about that.
Zach, you just learned chess in, like,
20 minutes
- and almost beat me.
- Almost, yeah.
You'd be great at anything.
You think so?
So other than being
a paper football professional...
[Zach] Right.
What else do you like to do?
[singer singing in Italian]
[up-tempo music playing]
[Zach] Whoo.
- [Zoey] Wow.
- [Zach] Breakfast pizza.
- Don't let the eggs scare you.
- I'm a little scared.
You're a little scared? Trust
Eggs and bacon.
- Yes, like that?
- Mm-hmm.
Cheers. Big old bite.
Mmm. Oh, my God.
[Zach] Mm-hmm.
- This is so good.
- [Zach] Yeah.
No, this is amazing.
No, you're just saying that.
Where did you learn to cook?
Was it your mom?
[Zach] No, I took cooking classes.
- Seriously?
- [Zach] Yeah.
Well, why are you so surprised?
I mean, I feel like
I would've told you that.
Well, I have to say
I'm very, very impressed.
It's the nicest thing
you said to me all weekend.
No, it's not.
- That's... is that true?
- No, it's... it's fine.
I'm really enjoying getting to
know you...
Over again.
So, um, besides...
so besides chess, like, what else
do you like to do for fun?
Remind me.
N... noth... nothing.
All right, well then that...
that's an obvious sign
- that you need more fun in your life.
- I'm...
Unless you... do you...
unless you hate fun.
- I don't...
- Do you hate fun?
No, I don't... I... I'm very fun.
- I love fun.
- You love fun.
I'm the queen of fun.
We will see about that.
[Zoey] Pew, pew, pew.
Pew, pew.
Jesus, this is addictive.
Oh, I know. Yeah.
I mean, it's a great way for
Avery and I
to stay connected when I'm at
school too.
That's really sweet.
You know, I think I remember
ordering her a book on
Oh, that was for Avery.
Yeah. Yeah.
Wait, you know about the book?
No, no, I was just saying
that's, uh...
that's really, like,
sweet to buy her a book.
Speaking of books, how's that
I mean...
It's amazing.
I mean, I had no idea women codebreakers
shortened the war in Germany
by, like, two years.
Yeah. Yeah, it's fascinating.
You know and the way the book,
like, weaves together
the lives of all these women,
captures their voices,
I mean, all under the threat of
It's like I'm actually there
with them.
I mean, it's... it's incredible.
I mean, I feel like you definitely
could have been one of these women.
That's really sweet.
[door opens]
- [Connie] Hi.
- [Avery] Hi.
Hey. How was the snow?
- [Matt] Great.
- [Avery] Yeah, it was really good.
Wait, wait.
Are you playing "Battletoads"?
Hey, what happened to no
I wasn't playing. Zoey was playing.
I was wearing your sunglasses.
- [Connie] Okay.
- Just in case.
So what did you do? Did you have
- What didn't we do?
- Excuse me?
- All PG-13.
- Okay.
Oh, shoot,
I forgot my gloves at the lodge.
Avery, don't worry about it.
Zach and I can take you.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
I think I left them inside on
the table.
- Mm-hmm.
- See you in just a sec.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All... all right, Avery, just
hurry up.
I'll be waiting down here, okay?
All right.
You got a pretty good arm
for a computer nerd.
Hey, nerds rule the world.
- They do?
- [Zoey] Yeah.
You're not gonna throw that
at my head, are you?
[Zach] Huh?
'Cause I can't throw it
at your head, Concussion Boy.
Nobody said
it had to be, like, a fair fight.
- [Zach] Oh, gosh!
- Is that all you got?
Oh, you wanna... you wanna see some,
like, actual competition?
- I didn't know if you were
warmed up.
- Bring it.
Hey, guys! I found them!
Shoot, shoot.
Hey, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm
- Oh, sh... you good?
- [Zoey] Yeah.
Hey, it's fully my fault. I'm
[soft ethereal music playing]
That may leave a mark.
May leave a mark.
May leave a mark.
Ah, I th... I don't know.
I... I feel like I'm having
dj vu or something.
There's something I have to tell you.
Hey, no smooching in front
of your little sister.
Thank you. Thank you, Avery.
- [whispering] Miles kissed me.
- [Elle] In the hot tub?
Oh, my God.
- That bathing suit really never fails.
- What have you done in that
bathing suit?
Don't you worry about that.
Then I found out he has a girlfriend.
- Um, what?
- They're poly.
You don't wanna be the third at
the party.
I understand that, and thank God
for Miles
for expanding Zoey's mind.
But now Zach...
Zach is really surprising me.
He hit me in the head with a snowball,
and then he kissed me.
And I can't believe
that I'm saying this, but it felt...
Do you have amnesia now?
How hard did that snowball hit
It's confusing, right?
Wow. Zach Maclaren.
That's not surprising.
That's revolutionary.
Elle, I need to tell him the truth.
Wait, hold on. Does he like you?
I don't know, I mean, how much
of it's me
and how much of it's the memory
of Zoey Wallace?
- But you two are vibing.
- [Zoey] Sure.
So the real you
is vibing with the real him,
minus the tiny amnesia detail.
It's not a tiny amnesia, it's a
big detail
and our vibing, whatever it is,
it's duplicitous.
You didn't know that Miles was poly
or that you were gonna end up
liking Zach.
I mean, give yourself a break.
Elle, I should come clean.
Zoey, wait until Zach has recovered
then tell him the truth.
That was the original plan, right?
I like plans that are straightforward
and follow a logical conclusion
like good code,
not ones that look like
a fried hard drive.
Yeah, but that could be Zach's
if you tell him too soon.
Okay. Thank you.
I have to go.
[warm heartfelt music playing]
- [chuckles]
- Mm.
- Yeah.
- Are you awake?
- Hey.
- Hey.
All right, I'm pretty tired,
so I'm gonna go up and crash.
[Zoey] Of course.
I just wanna thank you
for such a lovely day.
Like I had a wonderful time. Really.
You sound surprised again.
I think that it just
wasn't what I expected.
You're really full of surprises,
Zach Maclaren.
Well, yeah, I mean, you're...
You're full of surprises,
too, Zoey Wallace.
You okay?
What's wrong?
No, no, it's just...
I'm just hoping that when you...
when you get back to school
and your memory returns...
That you'll still...
You'll remember this day
and you'll still wanna hang out.
Yeah, of course, I do. Why
wouldn't I?
No, no reason.
I just wanted you to know.
Zach, can you come do a monster check
Uh, you got it, Avery.
Yeah, I'll be right up.
She won't fall asleep
unless I go up, so I...
- Good night.
- Good night.
[pensive music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
[singer] Don't quit dreaming
until every dream comes to life
Just close your eyes, you'll
get it right
All that's left to find
[Zach] Taking the middle.
- [laughs]
- Fire up the Xbox!
Let's play "Battletoads"!
- Hey, honey, let me get that.
- Hey, it's still early.
- You wanna stay for dinner?
- Uh, okay. Yeah.
Zoey Mill... Zoey...
Why does it say Zoey Miller?
You're Zoey Wallace.
Who's Zoey Wallace?
[car horn honks]
Zach Maclaren, you are so
- Who are you?
- I'm Zoey, Zach's girlfriend.
But that's Zoey, Zach's
No, she's not.
- [Connie] I don't understand.
- [Matt] What's going on?
[Zoey Wallace]
That's what I'd like to know.
You're my girlfriend.
Yeah, of course I am.
And... and I hit you with a
soccer ball.
- Yeah.
- I don't understand.
That's good 'cause I don't, either.
Yeah, let me explain.
So... I know you don't remember this,
but when you got hit by the car...
What? When was this?
No, no, no, no. Let her finish.
You left your credit card
in the store where I work,
and I ran out to give it to you,
and you didn't see this car
pulling out.
So then you kind of went flying
and you hit your head,
and when you woke up,
you thought that I was your girlfriend
because we have the same name
and I guess we kind of look alike.
You wish.
I knew something was up.
Then at the hospital,
everyone just thought
that I was the other Zoey.
And I was gonna tell you the truth,
but the doctor said that
you had a concussion
and you couldn't handle any stress,
so I didn't wanna say anything
'cause I didn't wanna make it worse.
And then I was gonna tell your parents
as soon as we got back to your house,
and I know that this is gonna
sound awful,
but then Miles came over.
- Wait, who is Miles?
- I am. I'm Zach's cousin.
And I just thought that Miles
and I had so much in common
that, uh... that... that when
you invited me skiing
and he's only here for a weekend,
that I would just...
I would be the other Zoey, Zoey Wallace,
Zach's girlfriend.
I am not the other Zoey. You are.
But then after Miles and I kissed...
What... hey, you kissed my
girlfriend, man?
We have just established
that she is not your girlfriend.
- What about Emily?
- Yeah, we're poly.
- What's poly?
- Math, honey.
They're... they're talking about math.
It's not Miles' fault. It's
Are you into Miles?
I thought that I was, but I'm
Not anymore. No offense.
I felt like we had
a connection this weekend.
We... yes, we did.
What kind of a connection?
You two share a room?
- They wanted to.
- Avery...
But it was a lie.
Wasn't a...
I don't... I don't know what I thought,
but it doesn't matter now.
Oh, my God,
you're the girl from the bookstore
that called me an idiot.
No, that was...
that was just the title of the book.
That w... you're not an idiot.
You're... you're so smart,
and you're sensitive,
and you're really... you're
I... I know that this whole situation
and what I did was wrong.
We all make mistakes, honey, but
This was awful. I know.
I'm really sorry.
So, uh...
So I'm just gonna leave now,
and you can be with, um...
yeah, you can be with the real Zoey.
[somber music playing]
[Avery] No, wait. But I like you better.
[Zoey Wallace] Oh, my God, babe.
You got hit by a car?
Are you okay?
- You hurt?
- No, no, I'm fine.
If his brain wasn't broken
before, geez.
[Zoey] So embarrassing.
I just feel so stupid.
Why did I think that
this would be a good idea?
- [Elle] I'm so sorry.
- [Zoey] I'm an idiot.
What... I mean, who am I to
create an app
about compatibility
and dating and relationships?
Okay, stop, stop, stop. You're
Well, yeah, of course, I'm
You followed your heart,
and sometimes that doesn't work out.
No, I followed your advice.
Wait, are you saying this is my
I never would've gone
if you hadn't pushed me.
Zoey, I was trying to help you.
- By encouraging me to lie.
- [Elle] No.
You have never once
been interested in anyone.
What is wrong with that?
You're so afraid of getting hurt
that you refuse to let anyone in.
I don't understand how that's a pro...
What made you the authority on
love, huh?
You have never been in love.
Neither have you.
And at least I'm willing
to embrace the concept.
[Zoey] How?
Obsessing over rom-coms
or romanticizing Prince Charming
in your stupid poems?
Really nice, Zoey.
You know what? I am seeing someone.
And I didn't tell you
because you were so caught up
in your Zach-Miles drama
that I didn't wanna hurt your feelings.
But now I don't give a shit.
And I have never once
called your app stupid.
[apprehensive music playing]
[student] Yo, there's Zoey Miller.
She stole Zoey Wallace's
- Oh, look who's here.
- Oh, my God.
She conned Zach's entire family.
Ought to be arrested.
She slept with both of them.
[student] Identity theft.
She ran over Zach with her car.
[all giggling]
[student] Hooked up with the cousin
on the ski slope.
She's pregnant with the cousin's
I'm not fucking pregnant.
Thank you for sharing, Ms. Miller.
Would anyone else care
to share their fertility status?
[singer] It's hard enough to
find my way
But it's harder when the
lights go out
The shadows of my darkest days
Keep me quiet when I'm trying
To make a sound
The old me
Would be running away, but
I'm not afraid To hold it close
[singer] Watch hours go by
To get through the night, oh
I was up till the break of dawn
Trying to pick myself off the ground
Wanna get back the time I lost
And turn this around
There's a bright side in the storm
But my head's in the clouds
Trying to find what I'm
looking for
Where's the upside of down?
[Zoey on video]
I'm not fucking pregnant!
I'm not fucking pregnant!
[singer] I was up till the
break of dawn
Trying to pick myself off the ground
Wanna get back the time I lost
And turn this around
There's a bright side in the storm
- But my head's in the clouds
- [door closes]
Trying to find what I'm
looking for
Where's the upside of down?
[door slams]
[melancholic music playing]
Oh, I'm scared
'Cause I'm still falling
It's right there
- [Paula] Wow.
- [Zoey] Mom.
You did all that because you
thought you were compatible with
[Zoey] Sadly, yes.
What... what happened
to the pottery stuff?
Oh, my kiln blew up.
Right. Really?
No worries.
I mean, my jewelry design
is really taking off.
I feel like you need more of these.
[Paula] Oh.
Relationships are about so much more
than having surface things in common.
Yeah, yeah, I know obviously,
or you and Dad would've stayed together.
You think that's why we split
You guys could not be more different.
That's not why we got a divorce.
Yeah, I mean, we met
when we were in high school.
We were so young, and I mean,
it was our differences
that kept it exciting.
Then what happened?
Why did you get a divorce?
We just...
our identities were intertwined,
and we wanted to see
what it was like to be individuals.
Being together was the only life
we had ever known.
But I can promise you it wasn't
about having things in common
or not having things in common.
[Paula] I mean, divorce is not easy.
I know ours wasn't.
But being vulnerable
and letting your guard down,
I mean, that is when
a real relationship starts.
That's what life is all about.
I want you to experience that.
It's is about more
than just checking a box
and someone checking a box,
because boxes are boring.
That's probably why
my app didn't take off.
Well, every app needs a good pivot.
You taught me that.
And you remembered that.
Of course, my daughter's
gonna be the next tech genius
to take over the world.
It's the least I could do.
That's a lot of bags.
How long are you planning on
staying here?
Yeah, um, a while, if that's
You like this guy Zach.
You have to tell him how you feel.
I lied to him.
I lied to his entire family.
Now he's with the real Zoey.
The real Zoey's lame, okay?
You are the best Zoey.
You have to go after
what you want and be brave.
Oh, my God.
You're just giving me rom-com
advice now.
I know. It's so fun.
[playful electronic music
[student] Well, I can
meet with you next Friday,
- but I don't know for sure.
- [student] Oh.
Really? I checked on that place.
I went home.
I figured when I saw
your luggage was gone,
so I didn't file a missing
persons report.
You working on your book?
I'm working on a short story.
The main character feels
she's been stabbed in the back
by selfishness and misdirected blame.
That sounds honest.
Well, they say write what you know.
Yes, they do.
So I...
Wrote you a poem.
You wrote me a poem?
[Zoey] Yeah.
But you hate poetry.
Just hear me out, please.
"I took the sun for granted...
"As it shone its light on me."
"Basking in its warmth full of jubilee.
"I took the sun for granted
as it lit the crowded way.
"Clearing the darkened path,
urging me on my way.
"I took the sun for granted.
"So many times, you see,
"That I went and I pushed it
far away from me.
"So I'm begging the sun to come back
"'Cause life without it
is as dark as can be.
"I'm a fool for letting you go.
"Dear Elle, please forgive me."
So will you?
Shut up. You had me at hello.
Does my poem suck?
- No.
- [Zoey] Really?
I love it.
How often do you get to hear
the word jubilee?
But it did fall off at the end.
We're gonna work on that.
Now tell me about this guy.
- Oh, my God, he's everything.
- [Zoey] Really?
- Yes.
- [Zoey] Like a... like an
everything bagel?
Like an everything bagel.
[Zoey] Okay.
[Becca] Zoey!
Oh, Becca, ah, I'm sorry.
If you're just gonna give me shit,
I'm really not in the mood.
In high school, I told everyone
my prom date was Ryan Reynolds.
- The actor?
- Sorta.
Uh, my cousin's name, uh,
is also Ryan Reynolds,
and I let everyone believe that
the real Ryan Reynolds was my date.
So when the truth came out,
I was not very popular,
to say the least.
- I can imagine.
- Look, we are organizing Jam Fest.
It's gonna be a big party.
- All the local hot DJs are playing.
- That sounds cool.
Which is why we need your help.
We want the event to have its
own website.
You could just do that yourself
if you use, like, Wix.
No, no, no, no, no.
That's not the kind of website
we want.
We want interactive,
simultaneous geotags.
People's own life feeds
projected on screen at the venue.
It'll be like IG Live, Eventzilla,
and Zoom on steroids.
Yeah. Yeah. That's kind of cool.
And you could preserve the feeds
in a digital time capsule.
- Yeah!
- Yes, we love that idea.
[Francesca] Can you build it?
But, uh... but I don't know.
Zoey, right now, you're persona
non grata.
This is an opportunity to change that.
Plus, it's a good pivot from
which is pretty much a bust.
And this way you're remembered
not for being a liar
like I kind of was,
but for building
Jam Fest's kick-ass website.
Okay, I'm in.
[both] Hell yes.
[singer] You're lost and found
You're at my door
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Awesome.
- Okay.
[computer chimes]
Okay, try it now.
- [computer beeps]
- [gasps] Ah, I can see it.
- It's on the site.
- Oh, my God. She said it's
Not so fast, I now have to make
it work
for a hundred feeds.
- Is that doable?
- [Zoey] Yeah.
I'm gonna need to rally the troops.
[phones and computers beeping]
[singer] The light, the
corner store
You're lost and found
You're at my door
I'd rather be close to you
Maybe that's something that
you knew
I'd rather be close to you
- [computer chirps]
- [Zoey] Done.
[singer] Maybe I'm easy to
see through
I don't mean it like I used to
But if I told you that I
still meant it
I'd be lying, hmm-mm
I'd rather be close to you
Maybe that's something that
you knew
I'd rather be close to you
Maybe I'm easy
[Elle] If you're gonna pull
an all-nighter, please open a window.
It smells like moldy towels in here.
I'm not going. I'm exhausted.
You put a lot of work into this.
Don't you wanna see the DJs
twist their knobby things
surrounded by your
It's basically a website.
I can watch it from my cushioned throne.
This is about Zach.
You don't wanna see him there
with Zoey Wallace.
No, it's not about Zach.
Look, you should go.
Go, have fun with Diego.
But I'm gonna text you
way too many times when I get there.
I love when you text me too many times.
One last chance. DJ and their knobs.
Knobs, knobs, knobs, knobs,
knobs, knobs,
knobs, knobs, knobs, knobs, knobs,
- knobs, knobs, knobs, knobs.
- You know, you've seen one
pantomiming DJ,
you've seen them all.
Go. I'm good.
Have fun.
You're missing out.
You're gonna have FOMO.
[pounding dance music playing]
This is so much fun! Whoo-hoo!
[phone ringing]
It's really fun.
- Hi, Diego.
- Hi, Zoey. You should come.
It's great.
Yeah, I've got a gallon of
salted caramel.
I'm good.
Go to the main feed. Do you see
Is she wearing a wedding dress?
[Elle] It's got lace and a veil.
Yeah, who is she with?
[Zoey] I think she was going
with Jesse,
the lacrosse player.
Oh, they make a cute couple.
Hey, my battery's dying.
Can I call you later?
- Bye.
- Bye, Zoey.
[narrator] Images of the hypothalamus
reveal the pain one feels after
a breakup
is the same pain addicts experience
- when they withdraw from drugs.
- [footsteps approaching]
- And MRI...
- Zoey, what are you doing?
I've been calling and texting you.
Sorry, my phone died.
I think it put itself out of its misery.
What are you doing here?
Um, yeah, that's Zoey Wallace
and she's...
She's kissing someone,
and that someone is not Zach.
- Whatever.
- What do you mean, "whatever"?
It means they broke up,
and you have to go to the party.
- I don't even know if he's at
the party.
- Um, he so is there.
I saw him and it ends in,
like, 20 minutes.
Elle, come on, Zach and me,
we're not right for each other.
Shut the hell up.
We aren't right for each other.
What are you talking about?
Zoey Miller, you and I
have nothing in common.
- No.
- You like numbers. I like words.
You're a science fiction nerd.
I'm a rom-com girl.
You schedule everything out.
I don't even know what day it is.
And you know what?
I can even embrace polyamory!
But have you noticed we are best friends
and we love each other?
We are the perfect example
that opposites attract.
So will you please stop with this
"we have to be compatible"
and go take a swing at life?
Elle, he doesn't want me.
How do you know unless you try?
And it's Saturday.
You said you never know what day
it is.
Thank you.
[Zoey] Uh...
I don't know.
- Maybe this is a bad idea.
- [Diego] No, it's not.
Just when the caterpillar
thought she would die,
she became a butterfly.
Aw, my Diego is a poet.
[Diego] Time to be a butterfly, Zoey.
Let's do this.
[Elle] Hurry up! People are
[pounding dance music playing]
[partygoer] Then why do you keep liking
his Instagram posts?
Oh, my God. He's my cousin.
- [feedback squeals]
- Sorry, I'll give it right back.
Hi. Hello?
Hi, can you cut it?
- Cut the music.
- [partygoer] Let her talk.
- [Zoey] Cut it. Cut it.
- [partygoer] Guys, shut up. Let
Zoey talk.
- [partygoers murmuring]
- Hi.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm Zoey.
- [feedback squeals]
- I built the website.
- Uh...
- Oh, no, don't choke. No.
Is... is Zach here?
My name is Zach.
Uh, nope. No, not you.
- [partygoer] You're killing the
- Zach Maclaren?
Zach, if you are here, I just...
Was just hoping we could talk.
[partygoer] Deal with your problems
in private like the rest of us.
[Zach] Zoey, I'm over here.
[partygoer] Go! Put the music
back on!
- Thank God.
- [feedback squeals]
- [music resumes]
- Sorry.
Look who it is. It's the other Zoey.
Do you want to pretend
to be my girlfriend, or...?
- Dude. Stop.
- [Stan] Hey.
- Friendly... friendly joke.
- Go.
Okay, I deserve that.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [Zach] Hi.
I... I love your outfit.
Great choice.
Oh, uh, yeah.
Yeah, I rushed.
I wanted to get here
before it was over and you left.
[Zach] Right, yeah.
Yeah, you took...
took Jam Fest pretty literally.
[Zoey] Hm-hum
You're wearing your pajamas.
So you're probably wondering why
I'm here.
It's a good assumption. Yes.
I always thought that relationships
should be based on, like, data.
Like there was a science to it.
But now I realize that...
it's not about some algorithm.
Sometimes it's just a feeling.
It's like what you said that day,
that liking someone is way more important.
I really like you, Zach.
I'm just sorry that I had
to lie to you to figure that out.
[sentimental music playing]
Uh, you know,
Zoey Wallace and I, uh, broke up.
Do you know why?
Because you're the Zoey I wanna
be with.
Isn't it, isn't it, isn't it,
isn't it
I'ma feel it from head to toe
And I get so emotional
'Cause there's nothing more...
[partygoers cheering]
You know going up there
was a grand gesture, right?
Sorry I didn't bring my boom box.
Whoo! Whoo!
Colors changing
Dreams awaking
Something in my heart is burning
Somehow I just can't stop smiling
Oh, what a time to be alive
Oh, I feel it from head to toe
- You need a hint?
- [exhales]
I think we should play again.
- Oh, you wanna play again?
- Mm-hmm.
Play me again 'cause I think, uh...
I think you're just jealous
that I beat you.
- I just don't...
- It's a checkmate.
- I don't think maybe...
- See that?
That move there, all right?
That's a checkmate.
If we... if we did the best of three.
All right, I'm done. I'm gonna
call it.
I'm pretty tired, so... have a
good one.
[upbeat music playing]