The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017) Movie Script

WOMAN: I'll tell you the story
of my journey.
Where I went, how I got there,
and what I saw along the way.
I thought I was going
to change the world.
But, of course,
it was the world that changed me.
We need a doctor! Please help!
- MAN: You can't be in here.
- Please!
- We need help.
- Here. This way. This way.
- They can't be in here!
- It's all right.
- What happened to him?
- Drill bit broke loose.
- Hang on, Sam.
- Hold on. You're gonna be all right.
- You'll be all right, Sam.
- Help me, please.
- They don't belong here.
- What are you doing?
- He's bleeding to death.
- He can't be in here!
Help me!
- What is going on?
- Doctor, he has a deep puncture.
This man is in the wrong hospital.
He doesn't have time for the right one.
- Get him out of here. Quickly!
- He's bleeding to death!
- He's bleeding!
- This isn't right!
Move it! Move it! Get him out!
- What is wrong with you?
- Take him down the back stairs.
This way.
MAN: It gives me great pleasure
to introduce our speaker and friend,
Dr Jude Gresham.
JUDE: Thank you.
Eastern Anatolia is a rugged country.
Its people are poor but hard-working.
For them, modern medicine
is a revolutionary concept.
You might have changed
out of that uniform.
- Sorry. I didn't have time.
- Shh!
That is why the work of
the American Mission Hospital in Van
is so vitally important.
For many people in the region,
our hospital offers
the only medical care available.
People come from
hundreds of miles around.
And the only reason
we are able to provide for them
is because of generous donations from
open-hearted Christians like yourselves.
There are impediments, of course.
Eastern Anatolia can be a place of
unspeakable violence and transgression.
But it is also a place of fierce spirit.
And the people
who have survived there...
When I first came to Van
as a newly graduated doctor,
my plan was to stay a year,
do my service,
and then come back to the States
and open a prosperous practice.
Well, that was eight years ago.
I didn't intend for it to happen,
but once I got to know these people
and live among them,
I knew I would never leave.
- Than k you.
- Sounds like a whirlwind.
- It has been a whirlwind.
I've been visiting hospitals
in various cities,
catching up on the latest advancements
in modern medicine.
It's true. Medical science
has been making amazing advances.
If only we could advance
the thinking of the doctors.
- Lillie...
- How do you mean, miss?
Yesterday, a man was turned away
from the hospital where I work
because his skin was the wrong colour.
Dr Gresham, I have to apologise
for our daughter.
I assure you, Miss Rowe, no one has ever
been turned away from our hospital
due to the colour of their skin
or their religious beliefs.
That would be against
everything we believe in.
Dr Gresham, I'd like
to show you something.
Isn't it beautiful?
- It's very handsome.
- It was my brother's.
He was training to be a doctor
when he died.
- I'm sorry, Miss Rowe.
- I want to donate it to your mission.
- Hm...
- You can use a truck, can't you?
Of course.
And I appreciate the offer.
But there's no way
to get this to our hospital.
Why not?
Well, for one thing, the railroad
only goes a third of the way
and the roads are just rough trails
cut through the mountains.
Goat paths, really.
I'll find a way to get it there.
I want it to serve a purpose.
JUDE: Are you sure it isn't you that
wants to serve a purpose, Miss Rowe?
I suppose I'm looking for something,
some way to contribute.
Well, whatever that is,
I'm sure you'll find it.
I hope we meet again one day.
I hope so too.
MR ROWE: Europe's on the verge of war.
There's no guarantee that the truck
or the medical supplies
would ever reach Dr Gresham's hospital.
What if I took them myself?
What do you mean?
Sail to Istanbul and make sure
they get the rest of the way.
- What, deliver them in person?
- Yes.
Lillie, your heart's in the right place,
but this journey,
it's far too dangerous.
Oh, it's unimaginable.
Out of the question.
A young woman on her own
in that part of the world.
I've already made the arrangements.
- You did what?
- I've already booked the passage
for myself and the supplies.
I used my inheritance from Grandmother.
- Lillie, it's not a matter of money.
- You're 23 years old.
All your friends are married
and raising families.
Now, up until now,
we've indulged your whims.
- Whims?
- Nursing school.
Your work with the poor.
Lillie, it's time to settle down, not
run away to the other side of the world.
I'm sorry, dear.
We cannot possibly allow this.
Absolutely not.
I love you both.
But this is something I have to do.
Lillie? Lillie?
- Miss Rowe?
- Hm-hm?
- Your goods will be unloaded shortly.
- Thank you, Thomas.
Sir? Excuse me?
Ignore him. Keep moving.
I'm sorry?
Special "welcome to Istanbul" greeting.
He drops the brush, you pick it up,
and suddenly you're getting the most
expensive shoeshine in the world.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm all right, thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Are you American?
- Yes. I...
I wanted to see the mosque.
Could you tell me how to get there?
Well, I could.
It might be easier if I just show you.
Come on. You don't want to miss the most
beautiful mosque in Istanbul, do you?
Come on!
Take off your shoes and cover your hair.
It's like being inside God's thoughts.
It appears our time inside
God's thoughts has come to an end.
Thank you, Mr...?
Lieutenant Ismail Veli
of the Ottoman Imperial Army.
When I'm not playing tour guide
to young American ladies.
Lillian Rowe.
Well... I hope your visit to my country
is a pleasant one, Miss Rowe.
Pleasant but brief.
There's a war coming.
MAN: I'm sorry, Miss Rowe,
but I can no longer guarantee delivery.
The Ottoman Empire may be entering
a state of war any day now.
Goods intended for the American missions
are being detained.
Your only choice is to return home.
I didn't come this far
just to turn around now.
There may be one way
in which you can obtain permission.
You would need to find
a military escort.
ISMAIL: Uncle, this is ridiculous.
UNCLE: The American girl requested you
by name. Think of it as an opportunity.
An opportunity? This hospital
is in the middle of nowhere.
Once this war begins, Russia will try
to expand its borders into Anatolia.
The question is whether the Armenians
in the region will stand with the empire
or join the Russians against us.
Ah. So you want me to be a spy?
Let us be honest with each other.
Your name and your charm
have carried you this far.
But now it's time for you
to prove yourself.
All right.
I just don't know when I'll be back.
We'll see.
Lieutenant Veli.
I can't thank you enough for your help.
Actually, Miss Rowe, it's I
who should be thanking you.
This is a great opportunity
to put aside my military career
and help you drag your boxes and your
ridiculous truck to the edge of nowhere.
Lieutenant Veli.
I am sorry if this trip interferes
with your grand plans for yourself,
but given that your countrymen
are in desperate need of medical help,
you might think about their needs
instead of your own.
ISMAIL: Erm...
You can't be here.
Miss Rowe!
Miss Rowe! There are customs here.
You need to observe them
if you're going to get along.
Thank you, Lieutenant,
for pointing that...
- You shouldn't wander off.
- I'm perfectly fine.
Is that MountArarat where Noah landed?
Yes. We call it Ar Da.
Ar Da.
Noah and the Great Flood. Adam and Eve.
You know, it's also
part of the Islamic culture.
- Really?
- Hm-hm.
- Adam and Eve?
- Hm-hm.
Only in the Islamic telling,
they weren't driven out of the garden.
They were placed
in different parts of the world,
so they had to search
to find each other.
Please stay close.
ISMAIL: Wake up. Wake up.
Whatever happens, don't show yourself.
We're bringing medical supplies
to the American Mission Hospital.
It's just medicine and bandages
and supplies for people in need.
Your boots. Your boots are army.
They're just boots.
Drop the rifle, Turk.
I know who you are, soldier.
The question is, am I going to kill you?
Or will my Christian conscience
prevent me?
Hey! Shall we kill this Turkish dog?
Get in!
Go, go, go!
Let's go! Let's go!
Yah! Yah!
Get him!
I can't control it!
Come on!
Miss Rowe, we are lucky.
- Lucky?
- Yes.
I lost the medical supplies.
I lost the truck. My brother's truck.
They would have taken
those things anyway.
- One more thing they would have taken.
- And what's that?
Our lives.
- You can use this as a pillow.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
- Apologies for the arrangement.
I hope you'll be able to get some sleep.
How do you say "hello" in Turkish?
LILLIE: Merhaba.
LILLIE: Is that the mission?
No. That's the garrison
where I've been posted.
Your mission hospital is over there.
Well, you made it.
Goodbye, Miss Rowe.
I hope we'll be able
to see each other...
JUDE: Miss Rowe?
What are you doing here?
- Really?
- Dr Gresham, it's a long story.
- Are you all right?
- I'm... I'm fine, actually.
And this is my escort, Lieutenant Veli.
- Lieutenant, this is Dr Gresham.
- Doctor.
(IN TURKISH) Lieutenant.
Thank you for bringing her safely to us.
Let's get you out of the sun, shall we?
Thank you, Lieutenant.
So what happened to you?
I was... I was bringing
your medical supplies
- in my brother's truck, as I promised.
- You brought the truck?
Unfortunately it was stolen
in the mountains by bandits
along with all the supplies.
I'm so sorry.
You're here. You're alive.
That's what counts. Come on.
Since I can't deliver
the supplies, I...
- I'd like to volunteer my services.
- You want to be a nurse here?
- Well, you need nurses, don't you?
- Badly.
- That's Dr Woodruff, our founder.
- Could I meet him?
JUDE: Of course.
- What is it? Who's this?
- JUDE: Her name is Lillian Rowe.
She's come from Philadelphia
to bring us valuable medical supplies.
I'm afraid there was a problem with
the supplies, but I'd like to stay...
Stay? You can't stay.
What is she talking about, Gresham?
She's a trained nurse, Garrett.
And she's volunteered her services.
We can't afford to...
Miss Rowe?
Go home.
Go home immediately.
Is everyone one around here
losing their mind but me?
This is no place for a woman.
I apologise.
Dr Woodruff can be a little blunt.
- Would you like to see the main ward?
- Yes.
As you can see,
we have 24 beds active.
- MAN: Doctor.
- Two in...
- Excuse me.
What's your name?
I'm Lillie.
And you are?
That's a lovely name.
What's that?
A... A bird?
Aghavni means "bird"?
Aghavni means "dove".
- Oh, oh, oh...
Is that malaria?
Pay attention to the symptoms.
The deep bronchial cough.
Body completely covered
in bright red rash. Hm?
It's typhus.
Not malaria.
You can't even recognise typhus.
Where did you get your training?
Dr Gresham! Doctor!
He does not breathe.
He does not breathe.
- Take care of him, Zoya.
- He does not breathe.
- No respiration. No heartbeat.
- His pupils aren't contracted.
He's still alive.
Pleural abscess upper right quadrant.
LILLIE: It's crushing
his heart and lungs.
JUDE: Scalpel.
- JUDE: Gauze.
I'm gonna catch you, you little doll!
Caught you!
- (YELLS) Caught you!
Zoya, can you keep an eye on her?
How did this happen?
Lillie. Lillie.
Let us deal with this.
Nurse Rowe, I believe you already
know our friend, Christapor.
He's come here to sell us this fine
equipment, which we need very badly.
You expect to be paid
for what you've already stolen?
I came across these things
in the mountains.
That's a lie.
He's a thief. He's a bandit.
Young woman! Control yourself.
We're trying to conduct business here.
Very fine equipment.
But it doesn't matter.
We can't meet your price.
- My price is very reasonable.
- Your price is too high.
- I won't be extorted.
- Garrett, let me work something out.
We need this equipment.
Take Miss Rowe inside.
Let me deal with it.
JUDE: Christapor.
Is there anything else
we could do for you?
JUDE: I hope that's not
a letter of resignation.
No, it's my parents.
I thought you'd be pleased.
Your brother's truck
has finally arrived.
I don't understand
making deals with thieves.
In the Armenian community, Christapor
and his men are considered heroes.
They're making a stand for Christianity
against the Turkish Muslims.
I thought we were
supposed to be neutral.
This war in Europe...
is going to split Anatolia
down the middle.
The Armenians on one side
and the Turks on the other.
It's going to be bloody.
A lot of people are going to die.
We're going to need your supplies
to help everyone.
Now do you understand
why I had to do it?
I'm beginning to.
Good night.
We are climbing Jacob's ladder
Soldiers of the cross
Every rung goes higher, higher
Soldiers of the cross
We are climbing higher, higher
We are climbing higher, higher
Soldiers of the cross
Sinners, do you love my Jesus?
Soldiers of the cross
My parents died when I was young.
I was attached to no one.
But you have a fam ily.
My brother Frank was the only one
who really understood me.
- You told me he passed away.
- Tuberculosis. (SIGHS)
I'm sorry, Lillie.
He was training to be a doctor.
So when he died,
I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
Frank would have loved this.
And you?
- Come on!
- What is it? I don't understand.
It's begun.
They're killing each other now.
LILLIE: Full-scale war
was raging in Europe.
It became known as the First World War.
"The war to end all wars."
We read news about
the horrors and atrocities.
Trench warfare. No man's land.
Poison gas.
Dogfights in the air.
And often the battles took place
weeks or even months
before the news reached us.
Though it all seemed so very far away,
we knew we wouldn't escape
its bloody reach for long.
At ease, Lieutenant.
I believe you are acquainted
with Miss Rowe.
- Lieutenant Veli.
- Miss Rowe.
Miss Rowe will be returning a patient
to a village nearby in two days' time.
And I'm assigning you
as her official escort.
It'd be a great honour
to accompany you.
I'm pleased to hear it.
That'll be all, Lieutenant.
I'll make the proper arrangements.
WOMAN: Aghavni!
- Yaya!
- (SOBS)
What happened here?
Men came. Many men.
With guns and swords.
- Were they dressed like him?
- No. They were not soldiers.
- Have you any wounded?
- Yes.
JUDE: Your friend, Lieutenant Veli,
isn't here to protect you.
He's here to gather information
on the outlying villages.
We can't leave Aghavni here.
We don't have a choice, Lillie.
The children are all they have now.
Is everything all right?
It's all right,
but we need to leave soon.
Of course. You need to report back
to your superiors.
You have your mission, Doctor,
and I have mine.
JUDE: My mission is saving lives.
And what? Mine is taking them?
Just because I wear a uniform
and carry a gun, that makes me a killer?
This wasn't done by my army.
These people are under your protection.
If you allow things like this to happen,
then you are supporting their cause.
ISMAIL: What cause?
Driving all of the Christians
out of Anatolia!
- I would never support that.
- You already are.
You're a soldier
and soldiers take orders,
no matter how many
innocent people are killed.
You don't know who I am.
I know it's men like you
that spill the blood
that men like me
are expected to clean up.
LILLIE: Please, both of you, stop!
We're leaving.
Now that you've seen it up close,
the way these people live and die,
no one would blame you
if you wanted to leave.
- You think I want to leave?
- No.
But now you understand
why the Armenians have to fight.
Is that why you're hiding guns for them?
In the chapel?
You think it's hypocrisy.
I can see you believe
it's the right thing to do.
ISMAIL: Don't you?
I'm not sure.
(SIGHS) In the short time
you've been here,
I have begun to wonder.
- Maybe this is a kind of...
I'm interrupting.
- Have you had your supper?
- No, I don't suppose I have.
Well, here, sit down.
I'll get it for you.
You should eat something, Garrett.
I'll take the evening rounds.
He's in love with you.
Would that be wrong?
I'd hate to see him disappointed.
I told you the first time I saw you.
This is no place for a woman.
I'm not afraid, Dr Woodruff.
You're not afraid.
Neither was she.
I don't know your approach...
(CLEARS THROAT) medicine, Miss Rowe.
Possibly you overflow with the nobility
of relieving human suffering.
You know my approach?
It's a game.
A bloody game.
In which we pit
our puny brains and skills
against the forces of destruction
and disease and lose.
We are drowning in death.
I don't expect you to understand.
But you will.
JUDE: The shard of glass is close.
He'll lose the eye if we're not precise.
Dr Gresham.
Garrett, let me finish this.
Perhaps, yes.
It's, erm... good training for you.
JUDE: Hold his head.
LILLIE: Dr Woodruff?
WOODRUFF: Don't touch that.
I couldn't save them.
- I understand.
You... You don't understand.
You want to believe in a God
that's good and just.
He's not just. He's cruel.
He's cruel beyond imagining.
Let's get you to sleep.
All right.
What was your wife's name?
And you started this hospital
with her?
I did, yes.
Would she want you
to punish yourself like this?
- Good.
- Good.
How did you find me?
- Erm... I saw you from the fortress.
- You were watching me?
I was admiring
the beauty of the landscape.
- LILLIE: Is that an island?
- Yes. It's called Ahtamar.
LILLIE: From here,
it looks like a mirage.
ISMAIL: There's an old church there.
It's beautiful.
As a Christian, you'd be welcome.
With an official escort, of course.
Of course. Let's go.
For a few coins,
he m ight let us borrow his boat.
Being on the water always makes
the rest of the world go away.
It's like being inside God's thoughts.
LILLIE: It's beautiful here.
ISMAIL: Thank you. It's my land.
Are you glad you came?
- To the island?
- No. To this.
- You're very brave.
- I was running away.
I couldn't be what other people
wanted me to be.
LILLIE: What about you?
Have you always wanted to be a soldier?
ISMAIL: Well, I had no choice.
It's the family business.
You go too.
Wouldn't you like to break free?
Freedom is an illusion.
We... we all take the role we're given.
I don't believe that.
Do you?
Less and less, every time I see you.
ISMAIL: So much for a homeward breeze.
I don't mind floating for a while.
I've wanted to touch you
almost from the moment we met.
But I'm a Muslim and you're a Christian.
We share so little.
Were Adam and Eve Muslim?
- Or were they Christian?
- They were neither.
But they shared the same God.
How do you say "kiss" in Turkish?
Buse, then.
Ha! It looks like we have wind.
- We were worried about you.
- I can assure you I was fine.
I'd like a word with Lieutenant Veli,
if I may.
Good afternoon, Miss Rowe.
Ah! Thank you.
You understand that the young lady
is under our care and protection.
Except when she leaves the city,
and then she's under mine.
Let's be clear. Your religion frowns
on socialising with Christian women.
Miss Rowe and I are friends. Or is that
something your religion frowns on?
- I don't want her misled.
- Misled?
You know what I'm talking about.
Don't worry, Dr Gresham.
Her honour is intact.
What does that mean?
This is unacceptable.
I won't have it.
I want this dressing changed
twice daily.
And watch him closely
for signs of fever.
You're angry.
Of course I'm angry.
But I can't tell you what to do.
That's up to you and your conscience.
You and I know each other.
We share the same dreams.
The same beliefs.
We could make a life together.
LILLIE: I'm sorry, Jude.
LILLIE: It was no surprise
when the Ottoman Empire joined the fight
on the side of Germany.
Or when Russia declared war
on the empire
and began a massive invasion
from the east.
Our village, Van, was directly
in the path of the Russian army.
For some of the local Armenians,
the Russians were their gateway
to liberation.
The Ottomans took measures
to stamp out the Armenian rebels.
And the rebels fought back.
Armenian rebels have taken over
the centre of the city
and they plan to hold it
until Russian troops
can cross the border and join them.
So, your orders are to penetrate their
defences and assess their strength.
And, Colonel Khalil,
how will we know the difference
between the rebels
and the ordinary citizens?
The rebels will be the ones
trying to kill you.
Come on. Go, go!
Go, go.
Come on!
And who is this?
This is a patient.
More specific. Turkish? Armenian?
A patient recovering
from blunt trauma to his left leg.
Dr Woodruff.
I insist the use of these beds
be turned over to the Ottoman army.
The flag over this mission
is American, not Ottoman.
By international protocol, we have
the right to administer as we see fit.
I built this hospital to help
those who most need our help.
So, when any of your boys
are carried here
with a leg missing
or their entrails cupped in their hands,
we will take care of them.
Search the entire hospital,
top to bottom. See what they're hiding.
- You have no authority to do this.
- It is wartime, Doctor.
I have every authority.
Let's go in here.
This is an outrage.
You cannot just walk in here.
Lieutenant, this is a sanctified chapel.
There's nothing to interest you in here.
Go and search the stables.
Thank you.
(WHISPERS) I have to see you.
WOODRUFF: My government
will hear about this.
The Russians are burning a path
from the east and they'll be here soon.
Let's see how you fare with them,
Dr Woodruff. They're savages.
You Americans and Europeans,
whether you come here to help
or to fight or to make a profit,
you'll never be anything
but insignificant.
We don't pretend to be anything else.
When your countries
were still swamp and forests,
culture had already lit up our lands
for thousands of years.
And when you're nothing but history,
collapsed into darkness
like Rome, like Greece,
we'll still be here. (CLICKS TONGUE)
- Hello.
- Hello.
Lillie, I don't how much time we have.
I have to go on a mission soon.
Are you sure?
You've been waiting for me?
You were with him.
Oh, Lillie?
I'm so sorry.
LILLIE: The Russian invasion
was upon us.
Some Armenian rebels joined the Russian
forces to fight the Ottoman army
and all hell was breaking loose.
Near us, Armenian men
were taken from their homes
and conscripted to serve
in the Ottoman army,
while the rounding-up of Armenian women,
children and the elderly had begun.
Ismail was sent on
what seemed like a suicide mission
to destroy weapons in an armoury
that the Russians had captured
and were heavily guarding.
I am your guide.
You? Where are all the others?
The others were cowards.
They fled when the Russians came.
- What's your name?
- My name is Ahmet, Lieutenant.
All right, Ahmet.
ISMAIL: When did the Russians
take the armoury?
Three days ago, Lieutenant.
I need to know
where the munitions are kept.
AHMET: That's the door
where they keep the guns.
- Go back.
- I want to help you.
You're too young.
Wait with the horses.
- Go!
- Where?
I have nowhere to go.
You go to the mission hospital
and tell the American nurse
Lieutenant Veli sent you.
You can take her in here
to the back, please. Thank you.
Lillie, the Turks have abandoned
the garrison and they left the city.
Russian soldiers are coming.
But you didn't see him?
You didn't see him die?
I have to find him.
- You can't go. You'll be killed.
- I have to find him.
Lillie, you're going out there
to find a dead man.
He's not dead.
Take this.
Thank you, Dr Woodruff.
I hope you won't need it.
God bless you.
LILLIE: I see it more every day.
Villages torn apart.
How this war is destroying lives.
Brothers fighting each other.
Villagers fleeing their homes,
not knowing where to go.
Everyone just running away from the war.
Bound only by a common pain.
Here. Have some water.
Mm... Thank you.
- I'm gonna take care of you.
- I'm all right. I'm all right.
- Stop!
- What is it?
ISMAIL: Stop the car!
- Oh, God.
- Get us down there.
Who's in charge here?
- Huh?
I am.
I'm your superior. Salute me!
- What are you doing?
- They're just Armenians.
I'm Lieutenant Ismail Veli,
and these people are coming with me.
Forwhat reason?
By order of Colonel Khalil,
for interrogation purposes.
- Children, too?
- Yes. All of them.
- I'll take full responsibility.
- No.
- What?
- No.
They're ours.
This is not a request.
I'm ordering you
to release these people.
Release them!
Come on. Go, go!
Lillie! Lillie!
- Lillie!
- Sh! Sh! Sh!
ISMAIL: Take her. Go!
- Get in the truck!
- Wait, Lieutenant!
When did Colonel Khalil
issue this order?
Early this morning.
Colonel Khalil was killed last night.
Don't try to stop us.
It's all right.
It's all right. It's all right.
There are two bullets. Internal damage.
You realise the position you put us in
by bringing him here?
- You won't deny him help.
- I told you.
This hospital turns no one away.
MAN: Russians! The Russians!
- Gauze.
This is a hospital!
This is a hospital!
If you have wounded, they are welcome!
We will care for your wounded.
But your men with their weapons
must leave.
- What are you doing, Ismail?
- No, no, don't come.
If the Russians find me,
they'll kill all of you.
My army is on the other side
of the lake.
If I just get there... (COUGHS)
All right. All right.
ISMAIL: Cossacks.
- Stop rowing.
- No.
Look, Ismail. Can't you see?
We're almost there
where you'll be safe.
Stop. Stop rowing.
But we're so close.
We're so close.
Please, just be with me.
I'm here. I'm here.
I'm here with you.
I'm here with you.
I'm here with you.
I'm with you.
Look, Ismail.
Inside God's thoughts.
I remember.
And I'll never forget.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
LILLIE: When I first came here,
I had a mission.
I wanted to make a difference.
It took so much from me.
I don't know if I will ever
stop thinking about him.
But now I understand more than ever
why I need to go on.
I am one of them now.
And, like them, I still believe
in a God that is good and just.
And I know
that peace will return one day.