The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (2015) Movie Script

This is our Ouija board, okay.
Rule number one there's three of 'em.
Number one, never ask a spirit
how it died.
Rule number two,
don't ever ask a spirit
how you're gonna die.
Last rule, you never,
ever leave the board
without saying goodbye.
This is a bad idea.
Why don't you show yourself?
B D R M.
It's short for bedroom.
How did we possibly forget
to say goodbye?
It's the first rule.
LyNette, is that you?
Get the damn camera
out of my face!
I don't understand.
- It was the board.
I don't need no little,
weird spirit ghost
runnin' around my house.
Hey, who in here?
Shane, is that you?
Some believe
that certain spirits
remain on our plane
and contact the living
for the purpose of relaying
certain messages.
Those messages usually pertain
to unresolved conflicts or issues.
Oh, my God.
All right, all right.
Okay wait.
One, two, three, go.
Where is it?
It's right here.
Do I just throw it in?
- Yes!
- Okay!
Hey, good-lookin'.
How you doin' today?
Oh, Jesus.
Holy sh...
What the fuck is goin' on?
What's goin' on?
Well, my name is Ty,
I am the theater manager
and we have
a special surprise for you
here at the Ritz Theater.
We have some of
the cast members here with us.
Come up here, guys!
So, how is everybody doing?
Doing good?
Doing good?
All right, guys,
my name is Justin Armstrong
and I played Michael
in The Ouija Experiment.
Yo, what's up, everybody?
My name is Eric Wendell
and I played
C to the A, to the L,
to the V I N,
Enough of that.
Hi, everyone,
my name is Swisyzinna
and I played LyNette
in the movie.
Mm-hmm. Right.
And I think that I can
speak for all of us
when I say a big thank you
to the historical Ritz Theater
for bein' such gracious hosts
to us
for premiering The Ouija Experiment,
and to Ty, you are a great host as well,
and to all of you for being amazing fans.
Thank you so much. Give yourself a hand.
We love you all. Thank you.
Anyone have any questions
for any of the actors?
What's your question?
I was wondering, uh, if... Zina...
Zinna, it's Zinna, sweetie.
Sorry, um.
I was wondering if Zinna...
Can you please speak up? Thanks.
Sorry, I was wondering
if you were actually scared
when you were shooting your scenes?
You looked like you
were really scared.
Was that for real?
Yes, I was scared for real.
That was not acting, okay?
Zinna and LyNette
are the same exact person
when it comes to that...
Thank you, thank you.
Anyone else?
I was wondering if
all of the stories
about the theater
being haunted were true.
- What do you mean exactly?
- Did she say haunted?
This theater really isn't haunted.
the story about the family
who used to own the theater.
They had a baby
that was born a monster,
and it fed upon humans as food?
They say you can still hear
its ghost after midnight,
wandering around in chains,
growling and moaning,
looking to feed again upon
unsuspecting theater-goers
in these very aisles,
not having a clue of the horror
that could be
in store for them.
Boo! Oh!
Please welcome our monster
of the evening,
and your horror host
for tomorrow night,
Danny Gray!
Hi, everybody!
Welcome to Ouija Ouikend!
I'm Danny and this is
our lovely assistant, Elena.
Okay, so, the scares
do not just end tonight.
Tomorrow we'll be having
a haunted tour
of the Ritz Theater.
Now, you may wonder, hmm,
do we have anything else
in store?
Yes we do.
We placed a flyer-
a winning flyer
underneath one of your seats.
So check now and see
if you are a winner!
Huh? Anybody?
- I got it!
- Hey!
- What's your name?
I'm Michelle.
- Congratulations, Michelle.
Michelle, you have just won
two tickets extra
for the overnight fright tour!
You are going to be
spending that night...
...with the cast from
The Ouija Experiment!
That night will be filled
with chills,
creepy noises, thrills,
and, of course,
bragging rights
for you to tell everybody
that you are the winner
and they are not.
All right everybody,
there's tickets in the lobby
for the haunted tour.
I'll see everybody tomorrow.
...and you have a frightful
Ouija Ouikend, everyone!
Thank you so much for coming!
So, you know you're
going with me, right?
I'd be kind of pissed
if I wasn't,
but who else
are we gonna bring?
Uh, I'm not sure yet.
Um, who so you think?
Um, let's see,
we can maybe do Marcus.
What about Tyrone?
ooh, Israel.
Ignacio. Ignacio.
No, not another one of
your two-day relationships.
They're so cute, though.
Like, really cute.
Like, hella, totes, way cute.
Okay, I'm gonna be right back.
You're Margo, right?
Uh, yeah.
Um, I won the overnight thing
tomorrow night,
and I'm gonna go
with my friend, Drew,
and I was wondering if you
wanted to come with us.
Um, thanks, I'm-
I'm all right, though.
Thank you.
Oh, why not?
Uh, just 'cause.
I haven't lived here that long
and I could really use
a new friend.
People think that I'm... weird.
Well, who cares
what they think.
I don't think you're weird.
Not yet.
Sorry, what'd you say?
Uh, nothing, uh.
I can't go, but thank you.
Um, Margo,
you asked a really good
question inside.
Did you invite her?
What's with the attitude?
Yes, I invited her.
She's not coming.
You know, that might be
for the best.
Why do you say that?
Uh, because she's weird.
I dunno, she's like a total
stoner, or something.
She has these moments
where she, like,
completely zones out.
I dunno,
she's just kind of off.
Well, Mr. Only Male
in Home Ec class,
people think you're weird
and I still hang out with you.
You know,
that is totally different.
- Why?
- Because I'm totes fab.
Ah, okay, let's get a pizza.
Oh, yeah?
I'll go with you guys.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
See ya.
So, you and Justin can be here
tomorrow at seven?
Yeah, that sounds good.
So, we'll be acting
but not acting?
I mean, we'll be improvising,
but we're just gonna make it
seem like it's really haunted,
So, it the same outline and
story from the post online?
Yes, but hold on a second
on that,
because Danny's the one
who knows all the details,
and I think he's
added some stuff.
Let me check with him
very quickly, okay?
Okay, thanks.
Hell, Danny, you there?
There is a story line?
I did not get that email.
Did you get an email?
That's because it's not
an actual email,
it's on a group web page.
There's a web page?
Uh, yeah.
The one that we were
supposed to join
so they could send us
all the information?
You didn't join it?
Join it?
Uh, Z, I never found it.
I looked everywhere.
I was on MySpace,
I was on Facebook,
I Grammed and Tweeted it,
I InstaBooked it.
I looked everywhere for it,
Ouija Weekend
Wellington, Texas.
I searched for hours.
It doesn't exist.
Uh, did you spell both words
with O U I?
Ouija Ouikend?
You know, like those ghetto-ass
shirts you just bought
that say Ouija Ouikend?
They're not that ghetto.
- It's spray painted.
- And?
And leaking.
Look, the studio gave you $500
to make T-shirts
and that's what you did?
What'd you do with the money?
Okay, you know, what?
You're makin' this personal.
This is not about me.
I need you to just focus
and move forward.
Get it together.
What matters is
what do I do now?
Uh, smart would tell me
uh, that you should come in
first thing in the morning
and rehearse as much
as you can.
Look, you have a lot of lines
with Eric too.
Are you trying to get
the studio top fire you?
No, no, no.
Okay, okay, okay.
Do you think Eric would be open to
rehearsing with me in the morning, early?
I don't know.
It's Eric.
Speaking of which,
where is Eric?
Who knows?
Sorry, it's me.
Oh, my God, you scared me!
Um, sorry.
Ty told me that you guys
wanted to know
a little bit about tomorrow.
He does.
I'm headed home.
Oh, and I- I have these props
for you for tomorrow.
Oh, sweet!
Oh, thank you.
Oh, that's awesome.
And which way is out?
- Um, you know, just follow me.
- Okay.
Okay, so, the premise
of everything is exactly...
Wait a second.
Both of you are on the
home page? The group page?
- Yes.
- Of course.
Okay, so, what's going on is
we're changing things up.
I don't want the normal, you
know, where everybody is like,
"Okay, let's go into this room
and then...
You know, I don't want that.
I don't want that.
We're gonna change it up.
We're gonna make it even cooler.
So, instead of going
to the back room,
or, no, actually, instead of
going to the concession stand,
we're gonna go
to the back room.
- Okay.
- Got it.
No, wait, wait, wait.
I have to know this
before we go any further.
What's your favorite part?
Out of what I sent, you know,
what's your favorite part?
My- You want...
My- Of course...
- What's your...
- Mine?
- Justin, your favorite part.
- Um...
- From what he said.
- From the home page?
- So, I really liked that, uh-
The one part when the guy...
- Which part?
- I'm tellin'.
Um, when the guy,
he's with those- those girls,
and he scares them.
You know what
I'm talking' about.
You're kidding me.
That's my favorite part, too.
You're gonna love this, then.
- Awesome!
this is actually-
this is what you just gave me.
It's called a ghost box.
- Uh huh?
You are shitting me.
Excuse me.
Where have you been?
I was over here talkin'
to Selena.
Elena, right, yes, Elena.
Elena, meet Zinna,
Justin and Danny.
Hi, how ya doin'?
Nice to meet you, Elena.
Hey, listen I'm headed home,
I need you guys to know that we
have a really big night tomorrow...
...and I want both of you guys
to be there on time.
Okay, Zinna, we'll be here.
You got it.
Whatever you need.
If I remember right, this is
supposed to be the basement.
Hold on, it's a little...
Okay, yeah, watch your step.
It's a little funky
right there.
Watch your step over here, too.
All right.
Aw, man, this place is filthy!
Sorry, I thought you said
you wanted it like that.
No, leave it this way.
Actually, you know what?
What's gonna be great
is we'll bring people in here,
and this is where they
have to stay over night.
You know, they'll be
over there.
Heck, they can even sleep
on the bed.
we're just gonna scare
the living bejesus out of 'em.
Okay, so, I guess, you know,
I'm getting a little
hot and sticky in here,
so I'm gonna take this off,
and, uh...
You're not like the character
in the movie, are you?
How do you mean?
You know, like, a womanizer.
A player, and stuff.
Elena- see, I know your name.
Look, trust me,
it's just- it's just acting.
I promise, baby.
I'm nothing like that
in real life.
I'm a- I'm a big teddy bear.
You know, gentle
as a puppy dog.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
So what's in the bag?
Hmm, I dunno.
and some things Danny
wanted for tomorrow night.
Oh my God, is this the board
from the movie?
Yeah, I think so.
No, I don't believe
them things work at all.
They're so creepy.
Well, you know, uh,
I believe it do work.
Let me see this here.
Let me find it.
All right.
Come here.
So, you do know how this work,
Not really.
Okay, before we start,
you gotta know the rules,
Like in the movie?
- Exactly.
Okay, the first rule is that
you cannot ask the spirit
how you're going to die.
Okay, 'cause it
could subconsciously-
it could make it happen,
and it could be crazy.
And I don't want that
to happen to you.
Okay, rule number two,
you never ask the spirit
how it died.
Oh, oh, right, because it might
make them upset
because they relive it,
or something, right?
Yes, and then
the board'll freeze up
and it won't work anymore.
Now, you remember the last one,
It's the most important one.
Never stop playing
without saying goodbye.
Yeah, okay, so you were
paying attention, huh?
Okay, cool.
So, can we try it?
Why not?
Yeah, I mean,
you could sit next to me
and protect me from all
the mean spirits, right?
Well, since you
put it that way,
let's do it,
but hold on.
But, you know...
...I can thrill you more than
any ghost would ever dare try.
All right,
let's put our hands on it.
Okay, I'm gonna put
this one on it.
Now, we gotta touch hands
'cause that's the only way
it's gonna work.
I don't remember that part.
Well, that's 'cause you
wasn't in the movie.
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
Oh, my God.
Well, see?
What'd I tell you?
It works.
Let me ask the first question.
Spirit, do I really
like this lovely lady
sittin' on the side of me?
I mean, like, honestly.
I'd be nothing but
a perfect boyfriend, right?
See, I told you.
Now, why would the spirit lie?
You're such a bastard.
I know.
You're on theater hours.
I know.
Nothing was going on.
I've been trying to close up
for a few minutes now.
Let's go.
Okay, chill out.
I'm coming.
Hey, hey, hey.
Did I get you in trouble?
Oh, no, he likes me.
Like you?
What do you mean?
We went out to dinner one time
and I guess he's just kind of
bitter that it didn't work out.
Oh, that's it?
Wow, well, you know,
an insecure boyfriend,
or ex-boyfriend,
or friend-friend
in the picture with me
is not a good mix.
I mean, look at him,
and then look at me.
Shut up.
Come on, let's go.
He's already mad.
Oh... shit...
Oh, it's a bug.
Where am I, Lord?
What was that?
Oh, hell, no.
Oh, hell, no.
Did I just do that?
I did that.
I just dropped my keys
down the stairs.
Can someone get 'em for me?
Hello, no.
Dang it.
Okay, get it together.
You can do this.
Really, Zinna?
Do you have to be the black girl
that dies first in the movie?
Ain't nobody got time for this.
Hey, um, I'm sorry
about earlier.
I really wasn't doing anything.
Well, Elena, just because
we're exes...
We're not exes.
What are you talking about?
I mean, I took you out
to a nice restaurant,
I bought you decent food,
you know.
I was having a great time,
I mean,
weren't you?
No, I was just being nice.
...I think I love you.
Well, I don't.
Is anyone up there?
The theater is closed!
The tour begins tomorrow!
Are you here?
I'm ready to go.
You're not still mad, are you?
Is that you?
Somebody help me! Please!
I ain't dyin' tonight.
I die first in the movie.
I mean, can't a brother
survive somethin'?
Dang, man, you know
what I'm sayin'?
I want- I want that ghost-
I'm not joking,
covered in blood, just,
aah, rip me open.
No, no, you can have that.
What'd you do?
Y'all both workin' that horror
tour this evening, aren't you?
Yes, sir.
Well, uh...
...y'all better
watch yourselves.
...I don't know what
you're talking about.
I don't appreciate
any big city outsiders
trying to bring evil into
my peaceful little town here.
I told you, I don't know
what you're talkin' about.
I'm telling' you
about that movie,
this haunted tour thing
you've got here tonight.
Yeah, it's just that
this theater's haunted.
Yeah, it's haunted for real.
Now, I might not have believed it
when I was a little bit younger...
but bein' Sheriff in this town
for so many years,
I've seen some pretty
crazy things go down.
Inside that theater...
...there was a monster.
And that monster killed people.
He killed people,
he like... ate 'em up
and... he spit out
all the bones.
Look, now this here is just
for fun, man.
for the kids
and promotin' our movie.
Nothing else, Officer.
Well, I understand all that,
but when it comes
to Ouija boards,
and you don't know what they're
capable of really doin'.
I read about it.
All right?
I saw that movie
of y'all's last night,
and what was it,
it was you that said
that they could be used
as a passageway
between the ghost world
and ours.
Well, it was me, and with
all due respect, sir, I mean,
It's just a movie.
I know it's a movie.
I'm not stupid.
I know it's fake, and stuff,
but it's based
on something that's real.
Now these boards, they're not
to be toyed around with
like you're playin' a game
of checkers and all.
This is serious.
And the fact that you're gonna
have one in there
you're gonna be playin' it,
you're gonna be playin' it
overnight in that theater,
See, I don't- I don't think
that's smart.
You know, I just think
that's a bad mix.
You understand
what I'm gettin' at?
Look, we'll be... super careful,
all right, promise.
Scouts honor.
I'll be watchin' y'all
...and if anything gets outta
hand, and I mean anything,
especially after this meeting
we just had,
y'all gonna have
me to deal with.
Thanks, Sheriff.
Yes, sir, master.
Have a good day, sir.
That was- no, that was weird.
That's what that was.
He just wanted to win
a pissing contest.
I just say we just make him
think he won.
Whatever works, man.
What time is it?
It's 10:15.
It's locked.
We were supposed to meet, uh...
that manager from yesterday.
What was his name?
- I don't know, man.
Come on.
Playin' around, man.
Let us in.
You guys like this?
Hey, I made you one.
- Oh, yeah.
- You see the resemblance?
And, now here's the thing,
yours can be this or...
this one right here.
Look at...
Oh, smile for me, smile.
Ah, look, cheese!
- That one.
Yeah I like that one.
Better teeth.
You know, I'm sensitive
about my teeth.
Hey, oh, what was
all that about?
It was about some cop out there
askin' us about tonight.
He was being superstitious
about something.
That's not all he is.
Wait, wait, wait,
what do you mean?
Okay, rumor has it,
he, like,
he, like, dated, like, his
sister, dog, or like, cousin.
One of those things.
Sibling of some kind.
Oh, I feel safer already.
That's disgusting.
Welcome to small town America.
What's the population, anyway?
Everybody's related.
No, there's about two or three
of us that aren't related.
- That's cool.
- That is nice.
Have you seen Ty?
No, but, uh,
have you seen Susie?
Who the hell is Susie?
- The girl I was on yesterday.
- Elena.
Oh, no, Elena was supposed
to open the door for me today,
and luckily I had the key,
you know.
So, yeah.
- Let's go find her.
Dude, they'll show up later.
Yeah, she ain't tryin'
to find you.
You guys wanna-
you guys wanna set up?
Absolutely not.
Hey, where's craft services?
I'll find it.
It's probably down here, right?
Don't worry,
I'll help you tomorrow.
- But it's today.
- I'm just playin'.
Hey, where's the girls'
dressing room?
Oh, the little girls' room
is this way.
J, J.
- Yo!
- What's up?
- Just chillin'.
I got some ladies in the car,
about to go get
some drinks, man.
You wanna roll?
- Absolutely.
Where we goin'?
Some town about, what,
15 miles from here?
15 miles?
You wanna go or what?
Oh, that's Hollis Oklahoma.
Let me fix this.
Why you gonna go so far?
It's a dry county, man.
Like, they're in a drought?
- No alcohol.
- None?
I was thinking about getting
a bottle of everything.
Hey, I can come with.
Hey, I can stay behind.
That means he's not coming?
No, I'm gonna hang out.
Just text me when you get back.
Okay, yeah, it'll just be
one on one time.
Together. Okay.
- No.
Just go, man.
- I'm gonna be out in the car.
J, I'll get you.
See you.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah,
I made you this mask,
it's, oh, scary.
Ouija Ouikend.
It's not that ghetto.
Oh, sweet, video glasses.
These are really cool.
Are they, like 3D glasses,
Don't put 'em back on.
These are Danny's.
You got me.
It's not even gonna be scary.
Yeah, it's gonna be
totally lame.
Whatever, you're gonna
be screaming
and hanging onto my shirt
before we even get inside.
So, I won the thing last night.
I'm Michelle.
I think there might be tickets.
Yeah, sure, thanks.
We should have brought Ignacio.
Leave Margo alone.
Oh, awesome, thank you.
Don't forget the movie!
It's better
than Paranormal Activity!
Don't forget The Ouija
Experiment before you leave!
That works so well.
They're loving it.
That's cool, but,
how am I supposed to
sell the movie
if they're running' past me
at 100 miles per hour?
Oh, uh, okay,
here's what we'll do.
I'm not gonna scare 'em as bad
so, it'll be a slow ghost
so they walk by.
Oh, great,
because I do not wanna be stuck
with all these movies
at the end of the night.
Speaking of slow ghosts,
where's Justin?
I don't know, I thought he was
being a ghost already.
No, no I placed
everybody everywhere.
Uh, he hasn't shown up.
I'm so sorry, I mean,
that's not like him.
I'll text him.
- Okay.
And, um, have you seen Eric?
Yeah, he hasn't shown up either.
Big surprise.
Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it.
Okay, ready to go
for round two.
I played Calvin, remember?
Yeah, I was that guy.
You mean the player guy?
The one that makes girls
buy him things?
Look, come on, now,
see, I'm nothing like that.
It's just acting.
Eric, get over here!
Look, so if you just let me...
Eric, get over here!
Look, I'm gonna be right back,
ladies, all right?
- Where have you been?
I've been over there minglin'
with those sexy ladies.
- Mingling, huh?
- Yeah.
then why aren't you in there
vein' a ghost like
you're supposed to be?
Oh, I'm up already?
I didn't realize
they needed me yet.
You need to calm down, 'cause I'm
pretty sure Justin got it covered.
No, he is not in there...
Am I the only person here
concerned about the level
of professionalism
that is expected of us?
Look, I am professional.
No... you're not!
Okay, but what you are
is working at the lowest level
of the oldest profession.
Uh, she means
you're a prostitute.
Well, at least
I'm getting paid.
Get... in there.
Bye, ladies.
She thinks she's my mama.
It was the wiggle
when she walks.
The tour is now over.
The overnight tour
is about to begin
for only the winners
of last night's contest.
You don't have to go home
but you can't stay here.
Have a great night.
Is this the backstage
area place
you were telling me to go?
Let's see.
"Zinna Death Scene. "
"Zinna greets guests
then exits to backstage
for her death scene. "
Yeah, just read.
"Danny leads guests into
another haunted room. "
Let's see.
"Zinna grabs fake blood
and pours it on her.
Guests should arrive
in five minutes.
Zinna must hurry to make
the death look real. "
Fake blood, fake blood.
If I were fake blood...
...where would I be?
If I was Danny, crazy person,
placin' the fake blood,
where would I put it?
I don't know
where this blood is.
I'm gonna have to ask Danny.
I'm never bona find it
down here.
This place is creepy.
No, it's just me, Danny.
Oh, my God.
- Worked pretty good, huh?
- Yeah.
They're on their way, okay.
They're in the next room.
You take the blood, and okay,
after this scene,
we're gonna head up
to the balcony
and get your audio
on my recorder.
Okay, got it.
How do I put it on?
What do you mean?
Just put it all over your body.
Especially get some
in the mouth.
Ew, really?
Don't worry, it tastes-
it tastes really good.
It does?
Yeah, it's just a mixture
of Karo syrup,
food coloring
and some chocolate.
It looks kind of chunky.
That's just the strawberry
I put in it.
Mmm, it does taste pretty good.
You hurry up.
I got this.
All right.
This is my favorite room.
But, be careful
when walking into this one.
Because this...
Many have died walking
on this very floor.
Anyone know how?
Well, let me tell you.
Come on in, all the way in.
Get right around this area.
Did you know
that when
messing with a Ouija board
if you forget to say...
...then what happens
is the spirit is let loose.
Yes, loose just to
go all around.
And what that does
is it...
no smiling...
it allows a portal
to be opened up into our world.
And that... when the spirit,
they can grow stronger...
...and stronger... where they are no longer
a spirit...
...but something much more... an evil...
It's not moving little things.
It's moving much more.
Did you hear that?
It's getting angry.
Quickly, we must outrun it!
To the basement!
You're not moving!
To the basement! the only one
who's been scared.
Why do you keep
calling me that?
You guys, this is going
to be so lame.
Stop being a nob.
Maybe it gets better.
You know what?
At least it's free.
Okay, yeah, thanks.
Something's wrong.
Oh no!
The ghost has killed Zinna!
Quickly, let's run!
The ghost is here!
Yeah, that's kid of impressive.
Come! It was a ghost!
Oh, for God's sake.
Be afraid.
Yeah. Right this way.
All right, now this
is a special room.
Now, this was actually
the first time
anyone ever died of gonorrhea.
That was a good one.
It's just me.
You guys recognize him?
It's the C to the A,
to the L...
No, Danny. No.
This is Calvin
from The Ouija Experiment.
Come on, give him
a round of applause.
He did good.
Well, hello again,
Miss British Accent.
Hello, Eric. You gonna
behave yourself this time?
Danny, would you tell her
I'm a teddy bear?
Not just a teddy bear,
he's a grizzly bear!
Ah, that's cold, man.
That's cold.
I'm sorry,
I shouldn't be touching you.
No, you shouldn't.
All right, set down your stuff.
You know, we're actually
going to stay here tonight.
Here? Really?
This place?
- Yes.
- Gross.
- Yeah.
I thought it was pretty nice,
Hey, is that a Ouija board?
Oh, actually, it's not
supposed to be here.
Oh, yeah, no one here
set it up for you.
I have brought an EVP recorder.
Electronic Voice Phenomenon.
What it does, is it records
frequencies and sounds
that you do not hear
by the human ear.
This is a mini
cassette recorder.
Whats a cassette?
you're gonna do this?
I said it ironically.
Uh, normally it records sounds
that you're not supposed to hear,
but for some reason you can
hear it when you play it back.
I don't really get that.
Wait, so, is this
the Ouija board from the movie?
Yes, it is.
So, can we play it?
Guys, I don't think
we should play with this.
I have a really bad feeling.
I felt it yesterday too.
So you are scared.
No, it's not that.
It's something else.
I'm getting
a really weird vibe.
Especially from this room.
As you should,
because this room is
a paranormal hot spot.
If you really wanna know
what's going on,
let's go to the source.
So, you wanna summon a spirit,
and record its voice?
Okay, gather around everybody.
Okay, I'm sitting next to you.
You know, for protection.
Okay, so maybe I need protection
from a few things in this room.
It's full of thrills.
You know, I can thrill you more
than any ghost
would ever dare try.
Michael Jackson, "Thriller?"
That's all you got?
- Damn.
You're too smart
for your own good, girl.
But a large intellectual capacity
isn't greater than wisdom.
Say, what?
Alanis Morissette.
I can quote music too.
Ah ha.
That hurt. That hurt.
Smart and sexy.
I like that.
- You guys wanna begin?
- All right.
- Put your hands over here.
It's good if we overlap.
Hey, man.
I'm sorry, it's just...
Just thought I'd help
a little bit.
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
Is that where you are?
The balcony?
You're in the balcony.
You guys wanna go?
Yeah, let's check this out.
Come on, let's go.
You guys ready?
- Yeah?
I don't have a good feeling
about this.
It's just all the spirit energy
flying around in the air.
Don't worry.
Come on, let it go.
Just have fun.
Come on.
I didn't give this free ticket
to Debbie Downer.
I gave it to Margo.
I don't know.
You wanna fit in more, right?
Yeah, well, you gotta get out
of your comfort zone.
Come on. It's gonna be fun.
You gotta open up.
Come on. Let's go.
Come upon the spooky balcony.
I am going to do an
EVP session.
Don't mind the spooky lights.
But let us...
All right?
The spirit that haunts
this establishment...
...are you here?
Can you prove your existence?
Yeah, show yourself!
Stop, that's not funny.
Where are you?
Where's Eric?
I dunno.
I don't know where he is.
He was with us before.
This is just part of
the haunted house, right?
Let's go find him.
Come on.
Can't we turn the light on?
We can in the control room.
Uh, it's all set
to automatic right now.
But we can do it manually.
But, uh, yeah this is all
part of the show.
So this is just all a part
of the show?
Okay, um, stay close to me.
Eric, you okay?
That thing isn't even
doing anything.
It says danger and caution.
Don't worry, we're safe.
Eric, you okay?
We need to get out of here.
We gotta call the police.
It's downstairs in the basement
in my pack.
Shit, I'm not getting
any reception.
I've got a bar.
911? Hello?
We're at the Ritz theater.
We need some help.
Okay, we need to open the door.
We've gotta open the door.
If we open it for a second
maybe we'll get some reception.
No, we can't.
We can't be those girls in horror
movies that do stupid things.
We have to do
smart people things.
Would a smart person
stay in here?
Smart people would
call the poise.
Yeah, we need to open the door.
If you hold it
from the other side
then maybe it'll stop
that jangle thing.
It won't seeing open.
- Okay.
I've got two bars.
911, what is your emergency?
Hi, I'm at the Ritz Theater
in Wellington, TX,
and I'm on the horror tour...
No, actually, I heard gunshots.
That means you have to come, right?
Did you say you're
at the horror tour?
Shit. Yes, I did.
But there are actually
people dying.
There's a creature and
it's trying to attack us.
Is this some kind of joke?
No, this is not a joke.
We're really in danger.
Please, you have
to send someone.
There's something out there.
It's hunting us down.
It's trying to kill us.
Look, ma'am,
making prank calls isn't funny.
You costs taxpayers
lots of money
especially if they're based on
ghosts and creatures.
Please, I'm telling you.
There are dead bodies here.
You have to send someone.
Blame it all on me.
My name is Michelle Joy.
I'm at the Ritz Theater
in Wellington.
Please, you have
to send someone.
You have to help us.
Okay, I'll send someone.
This better be for real.
We have this call recorded.
Just send someone, you bitch.
This is fucking nuts!
Come on!
Where are you?!
I'm over here!
Oh, my God, it's light.
Where is it?
- How do we get out of here?!
Who gives a shit where it is?!
Oh, my God, are you okay?
Margo, what's the matter?
There's a woman...
She cap-
she captured the thing and...
...she has it chained up.
Margo, it doesn't matter,
we've gotta go!
Margo, come on!
I'm so glad you're here.
There's a thing inside
trying to kill us.
She's not a thing.
- Oh.
Get inside!
Y'all know where
the downstairs basement is?
You gotta take
the old hallway this way.
Let's move.
Well, move it!
Walk down these stairs
right here.
I told y'all not to be messin'
with those boards.
They're real and they can
bring back evil.
They can, and now you got your
proof down here, don't you?
You kids are so headstrong.
You just think you're so smart.
But none of you listened.
We didn't do it.
It was them.
We didn't even touch it.
Y'all had something
to do with it.
You both had something
to do with it.
You were all part of this
ghost and spirit weekend.
Now, y'all just gonna be rude?
Or are you gonna say hello
to my baby girl?
Let me ask y'all somethin'.
Do you know how hard it was
for me to let her go
the first time?
I tell ya... was hell.
See, I didn't even want her
in the first place.
She was a curse from God.
See, God cursed me and my wife
for lovin' each other.
He didn't take it well,
you know,
kindred folk procreatin'.
So He doomed my wife to die
giving birth to that girl
right there.
And if that wasn't bad enough...
...He cursed me again
in an unimaginable way.
He brought forth to me
a foul, vile creature-child.
And then he made me
feel for it.
And even though I tried... heart can't just seem to-
to hate or push away somethin'
that's a part of it.
After all those years...
...I finally-
I couldn't take it anymore.
I couldn't live with
the fact that I had
my daughter locked downstairs
in a basement.
It was sheltered from
the whole damn world.
I was ashamed of her.
She's a freak.
She was a creature.
She wasn't from this earth.
She did not belong here.
And one day...
...I walked in...
...and I put this very gun
to her forehead...
...but I couldn't
pull the trigger.
I tried but I couldn't do it.
I couldn't do it!
I didn't I didn't know
what else to do.
I didn't know what else to do
so I stopped feedin' her.
I stopped givin' her water.
It was like three weeks later...
...I walked in...
...and she was
just layin' there...
I reached down to feel
for a pulse...
That was when I knew
she was dead.
And the strange thing is,
I was relieved, right?
I was relieved because...
...I didn't feel
like a murderer anymore.
I felt this big weight
off my back.
You know, the curse
had finally been lifted.
That might sound...
awful and cruel.
But what would you have done?
What would you have done?
Don't judge me!
Yeah, I did unspeakable things.
I did.
But here you both are right now
lookin' at me like I'm crazy!
You're the ones
that brought her back...
...using that board.
I'll tell you right now...
...I can't do it
all over again, no.
...God has given me
a second chance.
This is my shot at redemption.
I'm gonna take good care of her
this time.
I'm gonna take good care of her
this time.
I know that look.
I know that look all too well.
I always hated that look.
I hate it!
Do either of you wanna tell me
what you think that look means?
It means only one thing.
It means that she's
ready to eat.
Please... please, no.
No, not you?
Either way...
...there's gonna be a lot of
bones for me to get rid of.
She likes the smell of blood.
It makes her hungry.
Let her go.
Margo, get the gun.
Margo, get the gun.
We're not just pretty girls
in horror movies...
...we make smart choices.
Kill it.
I don't know if I can.
- Do it!
Pull the trigger!
Let me have that.
I'm sorry, I couldn't-
I couldn't do it.
I felt her...
I felt it hurting.
The thing...
...I felt it's pain.
It doesn't matter what
that thing looked like,
that thing was human.
Human or not,
it didn't belong here.
There are some things
in this world that...