The Outing (1987) Movie Script

Are you sure about all this, Harley?
Andy and I delivered her groceries
long enough to know.
Lots of money, huh?
Filthy with it.
So how we gonna get in?
Little Jimmy here.
Lots of cash, right?
Piles of it.
Let's go get it.
Might have a need for this.
No, no.
Here, here.
Open it.
I'll get it.
Here, come on.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Damn bird.
Come on.
Why does she keep all the lights on?
I told you, Faylene,
lots of money, piles of it.
Whoo-wee, look at these.
I bet she's got it stashed up there.
Come on.
We'll have us a look-see.
Someone is in there.
Help me up.
what you doing up there?
Quiet, quiet!
We're way too close.
You got the grace
of a damn walrus, Faylene.
You shouldn't be in this house.
It don't matter none, Harley.
We're gonna have to wake her up to
find out where the money is anyhow.
What do you want?
- You know we do.
You got a point there.
Yeah, she got a point there, Harley.
What do you want here?
She's got a point, there.
Where's the money?
You don't show me where it is,
I'm gonna take this ax
and trash this place!
Must get out!
Tell him.
You tell him.
Come on.
Tell him where it is!
Where you hid the money?
Where you hid the money?
I ain't got time to waste with you,
old hag!
- Better tell him, witch.
- Where is the money?!
Don't hurt me.
I'm gonna chop your place up,
tell me where the money is!
Tell him! Tell him!
Where do you think you're going?
I'm gonna take care of you, old witch!
You old witch!
I'll look for myself. Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Money gotta be here somewhere.
I'll ax this place till I find the money!
You gonna help me
or you just gonna stand there, asshole!
I knew it!
I knew it, you old witch!
Get it!
I found it!
I found it!
- Open it up, Harley!
I knew it, you old hag!
Can't get this freaking thing out of here.
Let me try.
- Why don't you rub it?
- Huh?
That's the way they always do it, Harley.
Rub it.
Maybe old Harley ain't got nothing
to rub, Faylene.
Why don't you just get
the shit out of here?
Go on and see
if you can find anything else.
I'll try and get this thing open.
And we'll get out of here.
Sure is old.
I wonder if it's any good.
It's not,
but we got enough here for a party.
Fuckin' Faylene.
Gimme that!
Gimme that!
It's mine.
Damn, come on out here.
There's a pool out here.
" Ooh!
Come in.
No, it's too cold.
No, it ain't.
Come on in.
Couldn't be because
you're horny, could it?
You like this, don't you?
Ooh, baby!
You're saying it wasn't until then?
He was right there in the pool
when I came to read the meter.
It was really a mess.
Be careful.
smells like he's been dead a week.
Okay, let's load him in.
Well, we got him all chalked off anyway.
Jeez, look at this stuff.
You think the old lady did it herself
or had somebody do it for her?
Place is a mess.
What do you think
happened here anyway?
Your guess is as good as mine.
The stink in here awful.
You got that right.
Funny looking thing.
We ain't never had nothing like this
happen in Seabrook before.
Place gives me the willies.
Ain't it time for lunch yet?
Oh, for heaven's sake.
You hungry again?
What did you do
with the sandwich I gave you?
You didn't give me anything.
You ate it.
All right, let's go.
Barbecue or chicken?
Doesn't matter to me.
we'll see you down at the station.
We're going out for chicken.
I don't like chicken.
Why don't we go out for pizza?
Wanna take my car or yours?
It doesn't matter.
- Thanks, doc.
- Thank you.
Let's see what we have.
Look at this, Theo.
This could be valuable.
Let's shoot it.
Okay, right there.
Okay, rotate it.
Once more.
And once more.
Ah, hi.
Hey, sweetheart.
What a day.
I gave you money for decent food.
- Why can't you get it?
- Oh, come on, daddy.
I mean it.
Thatjunk you keep pumping into
your stomach is ruining your body.
Well, it's my body,
and it doesn't exactly
look ruined to me.
- Me neither.
- See?
Yeah, well,
I'm responsible for it.
When, dad?
I mean, I can't go to school
and cook all the time
- and do all that other stuff--
- I've gotta to make a living.
You're old enough.
I can't be everywhere at the same time.
That's what it always comes down to
for you, doesn't it?
Money and this damn museum.
Now, now, you two --
It's this damn museum
that gets you those Guess jeans
you have to have all the time
and puts a roof over your head.
That's all it does.
I mean, it doesn't give me
a home life.
Or a father.
You know, since mom's been gone,
you're hardly ever home anymore.
And all I ever hear from you
are criticisms or directions.
Yeah, well, you need both.
You don't even really care.
I mean, it's like I might as well
not even have a dad.
It's like you were gone, too, or dead.
Sometimes, I even you wish you were.
I'm really sorry, dad.
I didn't mean what I said.
I'm sorry too, sweetheart.
You're right, I--
- No, daddy, you're the one that's right.
- No, you're right.
I haven't been much of a dad lately.
I let the work become too important.
Come on, let's throw this yuck away
and go out to dinner, okay?
Okay, great, dad.
Now that you two
have kissed and made up,
do you mind if I go back to work?
I'd like to chemical date this lamp sometime today.
That's new.
Just brought it in.
Kind of looks like something
out of "Arabian Nights."
Is it okay if I open it?
No, honey.
I wish you wouldn't.
At least until Theo can date it
and get a translation
of the engravings.
What about that, Theo,
can you do it?
I hope so.
The engravings are so old,
I really don't know.
Well, come on. Let's run the film
over to the dark room.
I'll be right back, kiddo,
and then we'll get out of here.
- Ready to go, honey?
- Uh-huh, yeah.
then let's head on out of here.
Good morning from the Q Morning Zoo
Rocking down with folks like you
Good morning from the Q Morning Zoo
Get up with the morning Q Zoo
Get up with the morning,
Get up with the morning
Get up with the morning Q Zoo
Cappuccino maker.
Did you forget to put the pitcher
underneath it again, dad?
and I forgot to put the coffee, too.
Where's the instant crap?
Oh, man, the Astros lost a game.
Something's burning.
Dad! Dad!
You know,
it is hard to imagine
that I'm looking at one
of the world's foremost archeologists.
Listen, I never said I was a wizard
at toast and coffee.
Oh, God, I'm late.
Get busy down there!
Polish those lamps!
W- who are you?
I am the slave of the lamp,
my master.
What do you wish?
...with Ron Stone
and the Channel 2 news team.
Good morning,
a large buildup...
Don't forget I'm taking your class
on a field trip
through the museum this afternoon.
I know, dad.
I remember.
I also remember you get to see
Ms. Ferrell this afternoon, too.
Eve is coming, right?
Well, she certainly wouldn't miss
a chance to be with you, pops.
Bye, dad.
...remote resident of Seabrook
several weeks ago.
Hey, come on!
We're gonna be late!
30m! -
How you doing, baby?
Yep. And they'll be playing
at the Seminole next weekend, too.
Yeah, I'd like to see them.
Are you free then?
Well, no.
I'm not free, Theodore.
What the shit?
Whoa! Yeah!
Come on, boy, hit them again!
It's Mike. Oh, my--
Come on now, hit them again.
Hit them again.
Hit them again, shit,
I'm gonna run them off the road.
Whoo! I'll fix the bitch.
She's gonna be sorry
she ever dumped me for the wimp.
I've had it with this guy.
Knock it off!
It's been six months
since you broke up with this jerk.
Stop the runner now.
Look out, Mike!
Boy, that was smart.
Get out of the car.
I said, get out of the car.
Don't say anything.
Don't talk.
You'll get hurt.
You, stand there.
Don't move.
Al, you're not going to believe this.
What's that?
I finished the chemical dating.
That hunk of metal
dates back 3,500 B.C.
Interpreting the inscriptions
have been a lot of problem, though.
Language is not easy, is it?
You said it.
You hit it.
I'm having to reprogram the computer.
Dr. Wallace, Mr. Coutrie's is here.
I'll be right out.
A real find.
I am going to recopy
some of those inscriptions
and give it another try.
I'll leave the lamp here when I go.
Okay, I'll have Bob watch the office
till we lock up.
Good work, old buddy.
The dumb shit.
It's not funny really, Alex.
I mean, he's always pulling crap
like that since you two broke up.
Yeah, actually,
it started before we broke up.
I mean, that's one of the reasons
why we did.
- The man is sick.
- Alex, I'm afraid of him.
Do you think you ought to talk
to your dad about that creep.
You know what, he thinks
his dad's money can buy anything.
- He's such a jerk.
- More like a jerk off.
Jerk off, huh?
- Hey!
- Mike!
We'll see who the jerk off is
when I'm done with you!
No! Ow!
- Yeah!
- Mike!
- You like that, huh? Huh?
- Mike! Ah!
Oh, my God, are you okay?
Mike, leave him alone!
I'm gonna cut you.
Ow! Shit!
Who do you think you are, huh?
Ah! Oh!
Daley, you're finished at this school,
I guarantee you that.
You ain't kicking me out, nigger.
I can buy and sell you all day.
Son, do you want to know the meaning
of the word "black power"?
Because if you do, I'll wipe the floor up with your
ugly white ass.
No, no.
No what, punk?
Naw, suh!
I'm gonna get you.
You bitches, you too, Pinson...
- you're all dead meat.
- Get him outta here!
Let me go, man!
Let me go, man!
Let me go!
Let me go!
You're always surprising me.
- Thanks, dad.
- Mm-hmm.
Man, Ms. Ferrell really got him,
didn't she?
Okay, everybody, it's time for class.
You okay, Ted?
Yes, ma'am.
I'm okay.
Sorry about this, Eve.
But it looks like
you took good care of yourself.
We'll be right there,
Ms. Ferrell, okay?
I love you.
Thank you.
Anyway, what he did
was to invite all the poor,
the beggars, and the majority
of the sick and handicapped people
to this large Christmas dinner
he was hosting.
And when they were all seated,
he had his guard set fire
to the entire chamber.
The result was over 1,000
of those people were killed.
This was his method of reducing poverty.
Terrible, huh?
What was his name?
Vlad the Impaler.
But you've heard of him before--
Count Dracula.
There really was a Dracula?
In a way.
Vlad was the real-life person
that Bram Stoker
based his character of Dracula on.
And that's really the main point
I'm trying to make today.
Every myth has an origin,
a beginning somewhere.
Ms. Ferrell, could there ever
have been like a real magic lamp?
Well, was there?
That's good, Alex.
Not a magic lamp,
but there was an evil spirit
called a jinn,
hence our word "genie."
Only instead of their genie orjinn granting
wonderful wishes,
it brought death and destruction.
Yeah, but where'd
the lamp idea come from?
Early mythology says that the oil lamp
was used to summon this spirit.
But the tales of Scheherazade
refer to the lamp
as being the holder of the jinn.
Ms. Ferrell,
what did this jinn look like?
Arabic and Chinese lore
aren't real specific.
it's described as a man and an animal,
but they claim it could take on any form.
Yeah, like Ross.
Wait, wait! Stop!
Don't forget the field trip
this afternoon.
Alex's dad has been kind enough
to set it up for us.
The bus leaves at 2:30 so don't be late. Laura?
Don't forget to bring your permission
slip this afternoon, okay?
Alex, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Um, yeah. Yeah.
I know it sounds crazy,
but I wish we were going.
We are.
No, we can't get on the bus--
We're gonna have a lot more fun
than them, believe me.
They're never gonna forget
this field trip.
I think you'll find a lot
of interesting things here.
My assistant Beverly will be taking you
through the first part of the tour,
and she will explain things
as you go along.
So if you'll just step over this way.
You will be where we house
many of our prehistoric relics.
It's here that you'll begin the tour. Beverly?
Here we've got the remains of one of
the better-known prehistoric flesh eaters
which roamed the earth during
the early period of our planet's history.
Known data on the Tyrannosaurus rex
are scarce...
For heaven sake,
no one's watching us.
I love you.
I miss you.
I've missed you so much.
Let's talk about doing something
that'll give us more time together.
Are you proposing to me?
Well, let's...
call it a request to make
an appointment to--
to make a proposal.
Are you free tonight?
Not anymore.
We better catch up with the kids.
I'm serious, it'd be great
to be in here overnight.
Yeah, you heard your dad.
This place is locked
electronically every night.
Nobody can get in.
Yeah, and we get caught,
and my dad is gonna throw a fit.
But besides,
this place really gets creepy at night.
We won't get caught,
and the guys can protect us.
Oh, please,
Ross will be swift protection?
- Oh come on, y'all, it'll be fine.
- Hey, what are you guys doing?
Trying to get Alex to fix it
so we can stay in here overnight.
It'll be great, huh? Huh?
- Hey, yeah.
- Tell 'em it'll be great.
Let's do it.
How do we do it
without getting found out?
We can't.
I mean, this entire place is monitored
by closed-circuit TV.
I'd like to have done it, you know?
You would?
Oh, come on.
We have to catch up with the group.
Here's some of our language displays.
Phonetic alphabet developed
around 3500.
That's my office, by the way.
Some of the early movable type,
first movable type.
And then over in this area,
we've got a lot of the prototypes
and some of the earliest models
of radiotelegraph...
Come on, Jason, we gotta go.
The grim little specimen in the next room we
affectionately call Tracy.
Tracy is getting a new air-tight case
so she'll last longer.
I told you that most of the Indians
we've discussed
have been buried in a sitting
position facing the East.
Tracy was found in Central America
and buried vertically upside down
in a burial urn, and there is some speculation that
she was buried alive.
Judging from the expression on her face,
that's very possible.
In the next room...
The Egyptians loved blessings
and cursings.
A blessing or a curse written in stone
seem to be invoked forever.
To that end, the upper class
Egyptians inscribed their tombs
with hieroglyphic incantations
to ensure that the afterlives
would be spent in the sky with their gods.
In just a moment, we'll get over here
to the Indian display room
and we'll give you another idea
of how they communicated.
Follow me.
Hey, where were you, Alex?
I had to stop by my father's office.
You know, this is kind of interesting.
Your dad's a pretty cool guy.
Listen, I've been thinking, you know,
about staying here the night?
I think I know a way.
- What's going on?
- Shh!
Alex thinks she's found a way
for us to spend the night here.
What about your dad?
He isn't gonna let us.
He won't care.
I'll talk t0 him.
We're just gonna stay
after everyone else leaves?
No, no.
Then too many other kids will find out.
They'd wanna stay, too.
My dad wouldn't go for that.
But your dad said this whole place
was sealed after closing.
Yeah, Alex.
You know, they got a lot of stuff in here.
- So how are we gonna get back in?
- Don't worry about it.
Just don't say anything
to anybody else.
There are only two guards that stay here,
and one spends the night
up in the control booth.
But you said you'd talk to your dad.
I said I'd take care of it, okay?
This is gonna be great y'all.
I can't wait till we're in here alone.
Me neither.
They already left, y'all, come on.
See this?
What did I tell you?
This is our chance.
They're gonna stay,
and so are we.
Well, how we gonna keep
from getting caught?
By hiding behind that
display case over there.
I've been watching the cameras.
They sweep by once every five minutes.
That that gives us plenty of time
to get in...
and out.
I'm gonna get the little bitch...
and her asshole boyfriend.
This is where we house many of our finds from the
tar pits and the quarries--
Excuse me, Al.
I need to see you.
It's really important.
Excuse me.
- Beverly, would you take over for me?
- Sure.
- I'll be right back.
- All right.
Now if we can recap
what we've seen so far that led us...
It looks like all we have
is an old artifact
from some magician
out of the Middle East.
That's too bad, Theo.
Museums are chock full of junk with curses from
wizards to witch doctors.
I knew you'd be disappointed.
But listen,
the lamp is old, real old.
So from an archeological standpoint,
still has a lot of value.
Yeah, that's true.
Guess I hoped
for some great message from the past.
You and Indiana Jones.
Anything on the history of the lamp yet?
It's definitely Middle East in origin.
One thing, though,
about the warning on the inscription.
What's that?
The former owner
should have read it.
Do you remember
the old lady killed in Seabrook?
Yeah, it was terrible.
I got a picture here
that's very interesting.
Picture's pretty old, too.
What about it?
That is the old woman
that was killed in Seabrook.
That's the girl's mother.
Look closely.
See anything?
No. What about it?
Does this help?
The lamp.
That's our lamp all right.
- Anything on her?
- Not much.
Except she immigrated here from Iraq
some 95 years ago with her daughter.
Mother bring the lamp over?
What happened to her?
She died on the way over.
According to an old clipping
from the Galveston paper,
the entire crew
of the sailing vessel died as well.
Or killed.
The ship's captain
was found decapitated on the wharf.
Come on, Theo.
You think I'm kidding?
You will be surprised
what a little research will come up with.
You've uncovered
another King Tut's curse, huh?
Mm, that is possible.
Well, you could be right.
I say let's do some more work on it.
That's exactly my idea.
What do you want me to do with this?
Oh, drop it by the office
on your way out if you would.
- You got the key?
- Yes.
Take care.
See you tomorrow, buddy.
Are you okay?
Yeah, fine.
As soon as we're locked up here,
I'll come by and pick you up, okay?
Well, give-- give me some time
to clean up and change, all right?
Change? Why?
Come on, Al, I wanna look nice tonight.
This is important.
Does that mean I gotta change, too?
Yeah, I think you should.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Nothing. Nothing.
Ah, beautiful.
I am really sorry about what happened.
It's not your fault.
Is it okay to pick me up
around 8:30 tonight?
Sure you still wanna go?
You think I'm gonna miss a proposal?
Well, it's not like it's your first one.
But it's gonna be my last one.
The bus is about loaded, Ms. Ferrell.
Now I'm embarrassed.
There won't be any students there tonight.
I'm on my way.
Okay, we'll be back here at 8:00.
Where do we go?
The front?
You'll see a big metal door there.
Knock on it exactly at 8:00,
and I'll let you in.
You sure this is okay with your dad?
Don't worry about it.
It's all been taken care of.
See you later, old buddy.
Oh, God.
Well, I'll see you later.
Okay, let's go.
Come on.
Oh, Ms. Ferrell?
My dad's gonna take me home
with him if that's okay.
Oh, well, sure.
Listen, have a good weekend.
I'll see you on Monday.
If not sooner.
The kids really enjoyed themselves today.
Hey, I thought you'd gone already.
No, um, Ted brought his car,
and he's gonna drive me home.
Is it okay if we go
get something to eat first?
Sure. It's okay.
You'll be home before me.
I've got a really important
engagement tonight.
With Ms. Ferrell?
Oh, well, yes, as a matter of fact.
That is important.
You don't wanna be late.
Uh, no. No, I don't.
Catch you later.
Gots to go.
Is everything okay?
Yes, daddy.
You all locked up, doc?
Till tomorrow morning, Bob.
Have a good evening.
- Good night.
- By the way, your singing sounds great.
Oh, thanks.
Man, it's so dark in here.
They're here.
Isn't it 8:00 yet?
Not yet.
Don't worry it's-- it's only ten till.
For God's sake, Alex.
- You scared me to death.
- Well, I'm sorry.
Um, I was working with my dad
in the basement,
and he wanted me to ask you
if you'd go down and help him for a while.
Well, he usually doesn't like me
to leave the booth.
Well, uh, he said I should watch it
for you while you help him
Well... I better go.
- Be right back.
- Okay.
Are you there?
- Yeah.
- We're here.
I'm throwing the switch.
Come on in.
- I don't think I like this.
- Quit worrying.
You will before the night's over.
What the heck was that guy singing?
I don't know.
It was weird.
Oh, shit.
Thought you said it was okay
for us to be in here.
- Well, I lied.
- You what?
How are we gonna get out of here?
We're not.
Well, not until morning.
It's all over.
I'm gonna get kicked out of school, too.
Don't worry.
We're gonna spend the night
in the basement.
- No one will find us.
- Great, what about the TV cameras?
There aren't any cameras down there.
And when the gate shuts us down in there,
there's no guard either.
When does the gate close?
It already has.
Then how are we supposed
to find out about--
I fixed it so it's reopened.
When the gate shut,
I was on the other side
where the switch is.
A fine mess you've got us into,
Ms. Wallace.
What's the matter?
- I'm not.
- Yeah, but--
you said you wanted to do this.
Quit worrying, Ted.
Let's just get going.
Don't worry about the cameras.
They're taken care of.
Go on.
I'm gonna shut the gate,
and I'll be downstairs in a minute.
Shit, she's closing the door.
Be quiet now.
Alex, are you okay?
I don't know.
What are we doing here?
What do you mean what?
You brought us here, remember?
Oh, yeah.
Hey, come on.
I found a place we can bunk down.
Dr. Wallace?
You in here, doc?
What is it?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just surprised
we're actually doing this.
Well, you're the one
who talked us into it.
we were ready to blow it off.
I know.
I'm just surprised, that's all.
Look, as long as we don't get caught, nothing else
matters, right?
Are you sure
no one ever comes down here?
Not after the gate closes.
That's all I need to know.
Hand me another beer, babe.
Oh, my God, what a mess!
It's not funny!
It's not funny, guys!
I've got to take a shower.
I can't go all night like this.
Is there any place, Alex,
where I can do it?
Um, no, there's--
there's not a shower,
but there is a bath
that the staff sometimes uses.
Great. Where?
Down the hall by the steps.
Oh, but listen, it's kind of gross.
I don't care.
What do you mean by "gross"?
Oh, well, it's in the back
of the specimen room.
I don't care.
Ross, you coming?
Not yet anyhow.
Oh, shut up.
Shut up, y'all.
Ought to be someplace
we can be alone, too.
There's an empty room
at the opposite end of the corridor,
right around the corner.
Want a beer?
Don't need one.
Come here, sweetie.
You know...
you're very funny sometimes.
I don't think I am.
I know.
That's why--
that's why I love you so much.
Oh, those are gross.
Well, you don't have
to take a bath with them.
I don't plan on it.
I think the tub's in here, come on.
Oh, yuck, look at it.
It'll clear up.
Come here.
She's taking a bath.
Wonder what he's doing.
One guess.
Why don't you go find us
a nice place to stay?
Get the sleeping bag ready?
Yeah, okay.
I'll be out in a few minutes.
Come on, let's see
where the other assholes are.
Hey, Ross.
- Not really as outgoing.
- Ted--
there's a lot of guys out there.
Ted, I really don't--
I don't care about a lot of other guys.
They're just talking.
We'll lock the fuckers in.
I don't-- they just don't mean
anything to me.
but you do.
What was that?
Let's go.
We'll take care of the others first.
You thirsty, honey?
Does that mean you want a drink?
Do you mind, baby?
I'll get it anyway.
Come on, Ross, be patient.
Ted, something's wrong.
He's really pegging her now.
She must be loving it.
Chicks love baths.
Let's do it.
Hey, YOU guys in there?
Hey, I need a couple of beers.
Where you guys at?
Come on, guys.
Let me out.
Ross, open the door.
Oh-- oh...
Time for chocolate.
Think she heard the screams?
Too far.
She's probably asleep anyways.
Terry? Is that you?
No, don't, please!
Please! Help!
No! No!
- I've got something for you.
- Stop! Please!
No! No!
Stop it! Stop! No!
No! Stop, please!
No! Oh!
Give your old man some.
Oh, no!
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Oh, my God.
Get this door open, Ted.
It's so beautiful, Al.
Do you think Alex
will be very surprised about all this?
I don't think so.
I'll tell her first thing in the morning.
Ted didn't get her home too late.
They see a lot of each other,
don't they?
Took off right after the trip today.
Not today.
Well, Alex went home with you,
honey, remember?
No, she didn't.
Yeah, she-- she--
Is that what she told you?
I better call home.
Be right back, sweetheart.
Oh, my God.
We gotta call the police!
Honey, is everything all right?
I don't know.
Alex isn't home.
Well, she left with Ted.
Why don't you call his place?
I did.
His mom said he was over at Ross's.
Well, did you try there?
Would they--
would they still be at the museum?
I'll give it a call.
Something is very wrong.
They always answer the night number
at the museum.
I'll get the tab.
I'll get the car.
Operator? Operator?
Come on.
Answer! Nothing!
Oh, the phones,
they're closed down here.
Come on!
Jeff! Jeff!
Bob, help us!
Jeff, Bob, help us, please!
Alex, Ted, can you hear me?
- Dad! Dad!
- Alex, can you hear me?
Damn it! It's no use.
They don't work.
Come on, we gotta go down.
Alex, Ted!
Are you in there?!
Jeff, can you hear me?
It never locks.
Daddy! Daddy!
it killed Ted and the others.
It killed Ted and the others.
Alex, wait, why are you here?
I don't know.
You wear that...
of the Keeper.
Now you...
belong to me.
You now care for the lamp.
This bracelet, I put it on Thursday!
It was in the office.
I can't get it off! I can't get it off!
I tried.
Oh, God!
Now, it will care for you.
This can't be happening!
Your wish is my command.
What wish?
I didn't make a wish.
All I ever hear from you
are either criticisms or directions.
Well, you need both.
You don't even really care.
I might as well not even have a dad.
- Dad!
- It's like you were gone, too, or dead.
Sometimes, I even you wish you were--
gone or dead.
I wish you were dead.
I wish you were dead...
Daddy! Daddy!
Dad, no! No!
I didn't mean it!
I didn't mean it!
Now, Keeper...
come to me.
Come on!
Dad, what can you do?
Try and call up Bressling's translations
on the lamp.
Got to be answer here.
He found it.
But what is it?
A genie!
A real one.
What can we do?
Can it be killed?
Can we--
can we get out of here?
I don't know.
One of Bressling's translations
isn't made yet.
I don't know if I can access
this damn thing to get the translation.
Come on!
Come on. Come on!
Damn it!
I sot it!
We've gotta destroy the lamp!
Go now!
Into the woods!
Ah n' ' Y le A" Q!
Keep running no matter what!
Don't stop running!
Quick, I found a way to escape.
Al, you bought us back!
I grant you your wish...
Kill it!
Alex, kill it!
The lamp, Alex, destroy it!
Die, mother fucker!
Eve. Eve!
It was-- it was more important...
for it to stop you
than to kill me.
Eve. Eve.
Excuse me, step aside.
Out of the way.
Come on, out of the way.
Step aside.