The Outlaws (2024) Movie Script

"Go west," they said.
Boy, you wanna break
your fingers pulling that
Come on, son.
Don't be stupid like your daddy.
Stories and legends made
the Old West what it was.
We all idolize the mythic
that tamed this country,
the lawmakers, the gunfighters.
But there are no heroes
in this story.
Thirty years later, the
year was 1882.
Jesse James was dead,
and Wyatt Earp was on
his vendetta ride
to avenge his brother, Morgan,
killed in Tombstone.
And Wild Bill Higgins...
...the other and lesser-known
Wild Bill...
...was about to rob a train.
Let's go.
The hell you doing over there,
you weaselly bastard?
-Nothing, just checking my
-We got work to do.
-Come on, move your ass!
-Alright, goddammit.
Come on, help me with this log.
Alright, let's get on it now,
my friend.
Lift with your good leg.
The train carrying gold coins
for the Northern Pacific Railway
left the town of Harmony
just after noon.
Goddamn pagan...
Now that there
has got to be a world record.
-Get your weapons.
-Yes, sir!
-Keep it together, Boone.
-This ain't my first rodeo,
-Ain't mine either.
-Silence your bickering.
Get in position now, eyes up.
Hear that purr, boys?
She sure is coming!
Fire at will!
Ladies and gentlemen,
there is absolutely
nothing to fear.
We'll take control of
this situation,
and we'll be moving
forward momentarily.
Nobody, and I mean nobody,
is going to get hurt on my
Y'all are safe.
Just keep low
and stay away from the windows.
We got some of the best marshals
in this state on this train.
Them boys out there?
Them boys, whoo-ee!
They got another thing coming.
They won't know what hit 'em.
And by the time they
figure that out...'ll be too late.
And you're lucky. Very lucky.
You got the fastest gun
in the west on this train.
I rode with the likes
of Wyatt Earp.
I chased down Jesse
James himself.
Oh yeah.
Y'all in good hands.
Especially you, darling.
Don't you worry now.
I'll protect you.
Right now,
I just need y'all not to panic.
I ain't your goddamn darling.
Raise your pretty little hands
in the sky, ladies and
Keep 'em up!
Get to the safe, you two.
Come on JT, let's go!
-It's gonna be alright.
-Move your damn ass, JT!
-Come on!
-Don't try anything funny.
My name is William Higgins,
but y'all know me
by the name of Wild Bill.
Our business is with the
Pacific Railway and the
who continue to pollute
this once great land of ours.
We're at war.
My wish is for you good folk
to not be victims of it.
Now just stay down.
Do not try to be a hero.
-What the hell you do that for?
-Only pansies take prisoners,
And now you will see
why they call me Mr.
Fast Fingers.
Just open the safe
and fill her up.
-Give me that saddlebag, JT.
-Here you go, boss.
With the loot in the saddlebag,
Bill and his outlaws
quickly scattered into the
Up until this point,
the heist went accordingly.
The only thing
that Bill neglected to mention
what was to come.
This is not possible.
You fucking...
Wake up you sons of bitches!
Okay, okay...
Just me...
Goddammit, Boone, you bastard.
Little jumpy now, aren't we?
Could've killed you.
-You see any more of the posse?
-Naw, naw.
We lost 'em for sure when we
back on 'em back at the river.
They ain't gonna be chasing
but their own dirty tails
between their own dirty legs
all the way back up north.
It's best we get on to that
rendezvous point, my friend.
-Rende-who? What?
-It's a French word, JT.
-Why are you speaking French?
Rendezvous point, the point in
we're going to meet the others.
Why not just say that then?
Easy there on that trigger
Next time you wear
that awful thing.
-Nah. He's got the hair for it.
-That I do.
It making me tingle a little bit
down this side here.
Let's go.
Telling me what to do...
I wish I was
in the land of cotton
Old times there
are not forgotten
Look away, look away
Look away, Dixie Land
In Dixie Land where I was born
early on a frosty mornin'...
Tell me again why we had to
ditch the damn horses.
No need to concern yourself
about that, Mr. Tulsa.
Better the posse finds
the horses than they find us.
Well, I sure hope
that don't attract no Indians.
Indians? This here is
Indian territory?
Ain't no Indians here, you fool.
How, Mr. Tulsa's right.
And further down that trail
we'll be on Shasta territory
and that way leads us to
Redwood Creek.
Best to avoid any towns
after our little venture today.
-Wouldn't y'all say?
-I do hear you,
but it best we stay clear of
any Indian territory, too,
cause I do like my
beautiful locks
exactly where they lay.
You still with us, Mr. Tulsa?
Yeah, I am.
Ole Missus married
Will the Wheeler
William was a gay deceiver...
We do not touch it, Ms. Parker.
Oh, what?
Can't I come and
count it with you?
Get some wood for the fire.
Darkness approaches fast, and
the weather will get cool around
Yes, sir.
A dangerous place to be.
Bill understood the risk
he was taking,
hiding out in the woods
with a gang of outlaws
and a saddlebag
filled with their loot.
A prize either of them
would kill for.
Mr. Tulsa?
That should be enough
to hold you all over.
The equal share you all so
is in this saddlebag.
We will all get what we want.
But until that time,
it stays in the bag.
And when will that be? Tomorrow?
The day after tomorrow?
I didn't come all this way
just for this one fucking coin.
And it may be tomorrow, Ms.
Tomorrow you'll get
your share...
once we meet up with Thomas.
Are you speaking Thomas,
as in the Bloody Tom himself,
He knows every way
through these mountains,
and he's bringing us
five fine horses to boot.
You just get me to him,
and you'll get your share.
That is not to your liking,
well, you are free to go back
the way you came
and deal with that posse.
As to what you all decide,
I do not care either way.
I'd rather have my
share right now.
Are you goddamn deaf?
He just clearly stated
we'd be getting our fair shares
tomorrow, darling.
Call me darling again,
I fucking dare you.
You shooting me?
You best mean it.
Otherwise, I'll be the one
to snatch your soul.
Give me my money!
Put the gun down, Henriette.
Okay, Oklahoma,
so you're on their side now,
I ain't on nobody's side,
just put the gun down.
Way past that point,
greenhorn peckerwood.
You call me greenhorn one more
I'll shoot you in the good leg.
You can't shoot the color out
the sky,
greenhorn peckerwood.
You will all relinquish
your firearms
right this second.
Go to hell, Bill.
Now, this would be an easy
and simple way to end the story.
But that ain't what happened.
You see, our story
is neither easy nor simple.
That should be enough
to hold you all over.
The equal share you all so
is in this saddlebag.
We will all get what we want.
Until that time, it
stays in the bag.
He sure do like that song,
don't he?
I figure Bill's fixing to
bullshit us out of our share.
-You think so?
-I know so.
Y'all is greedy sons of bitches,
especially them Higgins boys.
-So what?
We wait for him to go to sleep,
and we take that bag,
and we hightail it out of here.
And what about that jackass, JT?
No, fuck JT.
It's just you and me.
If that's what you wanna do.
Alright then, Belle.
You wanna paint my portrait?
Right now, you have two options:
You can help us, or
you can hang.
We know that you're planning on
robbing that train
with Wild Bill and his posse.
We don't care for the money.
We're after Bloody Tom.
We need him alive,
and you're going to bring him to
So, what's it going to be, John?
You gonna help us?
Or you gonna ride off in that
sunset with God by your side?
Night descended
upon this band of outlaws
as they waited for the arrival
of the man himself,
the infamous Bloody Tom.
Bloody Tom, aka Thomas Higgins,
the man that shaped Wild Bill,
William Higgins' father.
Oh, cripple, you sure do move
when you want to.
I hate them damn coyotes.
Sneaky little bastards.
He will not come to the fire,
Mr. Collins.
If he does, we shall
scare him off.
Thank you, sir.
-So, Bill, I got a question for
-What is it Mr. Collins?
Sir, Bloody Tom...
Is he as nasty, as mean
as they all say he is?
-Dumb question.
-Didn't ask you shit.
If you've heard all the stories,
Mr. Collins,
then you already know
the answer to that question.
Then it is irrelevant as to
what I have to add.
I guess so.
Well he sure sounds
like one of the meanest,
cruelest sons of bitches
there ever was.
He must not have a kind bone
in his whole body, huh?
If he ever did,
he broke them all a
long time ago.
At least you got a daddy.
Aww, sweetie pie,
did you come up
without no daddy?
My mother had many suitors,
and they all treated her
like a prized hog.
You remind me of one of them.
Was he the gentleman-type?
Hey, Oklahoma, you got
any more apples?
Gave the last ones
to the horses.
Greedy bastard.
Fuck your dumb apples.
Now, what I can go for... some of my
signature beans.
I, Mr. Specialty, over here
with them baked beans.
Oh, see, I thought
your specialty
was picking locks and safes
and being an asshole.
Honey, I'm a man
of many special talents,
and I bet you got
many special talents too.
Don't ya?
I bet you wanna look inside that
don't you, Oklahoma?
I wanna just run off with all of
How stupid do I look?
Pretty stupid.
And ya sound stupid, too.
And where in Oklahoma
did you say you was from,
It's in the name.
Who's stupid now?
Sure you are.
I have a hard time riding next
somebody I don't know two things
I don't know two things
about you either.
Why are you here?
Mr. Tulsa, if you will.
Son of a bitch...
-Mr. Collins.
-Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
What happens if I got to piss?
I am sure
you will manage.
To put y'all at ease.
looks like we're all gonna get
real comfy now, aren't we?
How many men did they say
he killed on Slaughter Mountain?
It was fifty. I'm certain.
Nah, more like eighty.
Shit, could've been twenty
for all I care.
Well, twenty ain't
even impressive.
Who cares how many?
It don't even matter.
What matters is,
that man there,
he do got some serious balls.
I mean, he held off against a
battalion of Yankee coming down
on him.
And all his men were dying,
dead all around him?
I mean...
I tell you what,
that there, he is the real deal.
Ain't y'all proud to be riding
with the likes of such a hero?
Not so funny now, are you,
Mr. Wild fucking Bill!
Mr. Fucking War Hero.
Fuck you.
It be so easy for men like you
to make your jokes,
snide remarks about the war.
You did not see
the battles we fought,
and you did not see the good,
strong men dying in the mud,
crying for their mothers.
We fought for their homes.
And what did you do Smith?
Get drunk and make
snide remarks like a fool.
And what did that get you?
Y'all lost.
You ain't nothing but
a low-life dirty piece of gutter
The south ain't
gonna rise again.
Goddamn, you're pathetic.
Same as Thomas.
And I can't wait to see you two
shit yourselves
at the end of a fucking rope.
It'll be a sight to see.
It'll be a fitting end.
Almost biblical.
What's that around your
neck there, huh?
It's nothing.
Hol' up.
It sure don't look like nothing.
Not with the way
you're twirling it and all.
Let it be, Boone.
Aww, look cripple,
he's shy.
I bet he's got a
picture up inside.
That ain't none of
your business.
Your lil' Tulsa girl there,
A lil' mud gal waiting
for you back home?
I bet she's purdy, ain't she JT?
I bet she looks like a real dog
if you don't wanna show us.
Them's just games is all,
you silly-willy.
You just scared I'm gonna sweep
clean off her feet, ain't you?
With them weakly
greenhorn arms you working with,
you could not expect to
keep a fair lady like that
in your stead.
You dumb peckerwood bastard,
you couldn't sweep the legs
off a deaf-blind mute.
All cripples need love too.
You don't think that I am purdy?
I think you look like...
...what I think
a shaved goat's ass looks like.
Do you know why I prefer
knives to guns?
Cause you got that chance
to get up nice, close,
and personal to your victims.
So one can almost see
that sparkle in their eye
right before you
snatch their life.
It's almost romantic.
Do you know why I like guns,
Cause I can shoot your head
clean off your fucking neck
before you even think
about that little knife.
I've killed men like you
my whole fucking life.
You ain't shit.
And I'm better than
all of y'all.
Even Bloody Tom.
I ain't your little fucking
or your darling,
so keep your hands off me
and your stinking fucking breath
out of my face.
Do you understand me?
This table's feeling a
little irregular.
-You're a little light.
-Light my ass, sheriff.
If this table didn't seesaw
and it was balanced,
then you would have
the amount that you agreed to.
You're a cheating hog.
You're forgetting who
you're talking to.
Listen, this here
is what we agreed to.
I'm not bringing you any more.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I gotta get back to my whores.
You know, Henriette,
I've looked past a lot of
your dealings.
You wouldn't have those whores
or that house without me.
I don't mind it
cause you bring me money.
But my table has got
to be sturdy.
This town has got to be sturdy.
Now, if that's too
tough for you...
Maybe we can find
another arrangement.
Fucking bastard!
Hush now.
You think you're so tough.
Let me see if I can
make you scream like a lady...
Them's just games is all, Belle.
-No harm meant to be made.
No, no, no, not that one.
The good stuff, top-shelf.
Leave it.
You look like you're hurting,
You really wanting to get
to the end of that bottle, huh?
I guess I am.
Care to help me finish it,
Nah, nah, I'm good.
Where you from, son?
You sure as hell don't sound
like you're from Oklahoma.
Why? Are you from there
or something?
Relax, son.
I'm just asking a question is
Don't call me son. I'm
not your son.
You know, them
clothes you got...
They don't fit you.
My clothes fit me just fine,
That's not what I meant, son.
You see...
you're wearing the
clothes of an outlaw.
But you, see, you don't like it.
What did I say about calling me
You ain't my damn father.
Does it bring you satisfaction,
What you do.
It's gonna bring me
a hell of a lot of satisfaction
blowing your head off, preacher.
Easy now, boy.
Do you really want a dead
man of the cloth on your
Don't you wanna meet your maker?
Oh boy, you sure is funny, man.
Where you headed, son?
If you must know,
Northwest territories.
About a two days' ride.
With a couple fellas
and a dame of all things.
For a job?
You could say that.
See, I've been
waiting on this job
my whole damn life.
You have no idea how long.
You know...
a prospector came into
a saloon once,
much like this one here.
And he told the bartender
about all this gold he had
So, three men heard him
talking about that,
and they went up to find it,
and they did.
And boy...
When I tell you it was a whole
lot of
gold and this prospector wasn't
he sure wasn't lying,
it was a whole lot of gold.
So, two of the men
stayed behind to guard it
while one man went back into
to get a wagon to transport it.
And when he came back,
he had food and drink with him.
But you know what
the two of the men did to their
They stabbed him to death.
Murdered him, right
then and there.
Ain't even have the
decency to bury him.
And then they took the
food and whiskey,
and they thought that they was
going to
have themselves a lil'
And in their moment of victory,
they soon did realize
that their dead lil' friend
had poisoned all of them.
By the time
the three of them were found,
they were nothing but bones.
What happened to the gold?
Who knows.
Gold is gold.
This isn't possible.
You fucking...
Wake up you sons of bitches!
Good morning.
What the hell is this, Bill?
You tell me.
Upon opening the safe,
a prize from the train was
in this here saddlebag.
Checked it all
myself last night.
But now...
Well, it's nothing but
damn stinking rocks!
Dunk your head in the river,
And untie us too, Bill.
It ain't us.
As you know, I'm reasonable,
...I have a limit.
Bill, you are a reasonable man.
So be reasonable.
Who here would think to do this?
We all would've felt it
if someone was trying to
hoodwink us.
I just sure hope that your heavy
don't make you do nothing
stupid, Bill,
because I didn't
fucking do this.
No one said you did,
And what about you?
What about me what?
All's I remember is how purdy
you look
under the moonlight.
What do you remember?
Nothing, Bill.
I swears to it.
I don't remember nothing.
-All I know is I did not do
-Where's your proof?
Where's your proof, Oklahoma?
Maybe we ought to start asking
where you're actually from
cause it sure as shit
ain't Oklahoma.
What do I have to
gain from this?
What do you have to gain?
The whole fucking loot, you
Did your mama drop you on
your head or something, for
Fuck you, Boone.
Nah, ain't no judge,
ain't no jury.
If I had to call it,
I'd say Mr. Tulsa stole it.
-What about you?
-What about me?
My leg is busted,
which makes me slower
than molasses in January.
I would've been up
all night long
looking for rocks
to pack that saddlebag.
It's hard for me to
take you all at your word.
Our word's all we got, Bill.
The Belle of Colorado.
Silverton was your town,
before they ran you out.
Now, you rob men blind.
Hold up stagecoaches
and even commit murder.
What is there to say
that you did not do this?
As I recall, you had your eye
on that bag all night.
I just wanted to make sure
you weren't gonna run off with
And nobody ran me out
of Silverton.
She said it right there, Bill.
I've seen her, too,
this bitch seen it all
and looking at it all night.
It's gotta be her,
it's gotta be.
Boone Collins.
Ace safe picker and
lock cracker.
A real cardplayer too, as well.
Money and attaining it
is your stock and trade.
And apparently beans.
Shut your fucking mouth.
If I made those beans,
you'd be begging me for some,
you dumb fuck, you.
What is there to say that you
did not saunter around
in the middle of the night
and are responsible
for our current predicament?
Despite your disability.
I do admit, sir,
I get along awful well
with my disability,
but I am not your man on this.
Now, you have
something of a reputation, Mr.
You may have certain skills
I needed to rob that train.
Even if I was second-guessing
bringing you along.
But perhaps you are a turncoat.
A turn what?
You think that I would cross
a man like you, Wild Bill?
A man who
single-handedly killed fifty men
at Slaughter's Mountain
during the war?
It was eighty men.
What do you have to say
happened to the Grady brothers?
The Grady brothers?
-That was you, Oklahoma?
-It weren't me.
I left them two after we
robbed the bank at Dodge City.
I don't know who shot them.
They were great friends of mine.
All good soldiers, too.
And once I found out
about the truth of their demise,
I have to say I've been keeping
a close eye on you.
Sure sounds like you got to keep
a close eye on this one here.
Hear, hear.
Your last partners
ended up dead.
Bad luck or...
something more malicious.
Just the way of the world,
I guess.
I agree with that, Mr. Tulsa.
However, you are either bad luck
or you are man who does not like
to split a share oh so many
And what about you, Bill?
What about myself, Mr. Tulsa?
Maybe we should be
pointing our fingers at you.
Maybe Bloody Tom rode here
in the middle of the night
while we were in a
drunken stupor,
and you helped him take out the
putting the rocks in there.
I think you've been
trying to hoodwink us.
Goddamn you!
It appears you've forgotten
who I am, Mr. Tulsa,
and what I have done.
And I will not have
my honor and actions questioned
by the likes of you,
goddamn you.
Where's the prize
from the train?
-I don't know.
-Where is it?
I don't know!
But if I did,
it would be wise not to kill me.
Bill! Untie us, Bill!
Bill, you untie us right now!
For God's sake, Bill!
Untie us!
We're gonna die Bill, come on!
It was uncertain
who had the jump on them.
Was it the posse? Or
another gang?
Bill was frozen.
It was up to JT and Boone
to lay down covering fire.
Henriette's temperament
proved handy for once.
And I'm sure they were
all pleased she was on their
Oh Lord, why have you
abandoned me?
I fought for freedom and liberty
Them cannonballs
burned men alive
How could you, Lord,
let me survive?
To harvest the fields
that they once tilled
To hold a woman close
knowing they never will
I denounce your name,
I curse your eyes
How could you, Lord,
let me survive?
Thinking back to Petersburg.
I was thinking about Oliver.
Oliver Boudreaux.
That pale boy from Baton Rouge.
I remember Oliver.
Good fiddle player.
He had a wonderful
singing voice.
He had a voice like an angel.
Lord knows why he wanted to be
a soldier, he could barely hold
a rifle.
Fool nearly shot
himself in the leg.
A good man.
A lot of heart, just...
lacked that soldier stuff.
My father would've
kept him home to wash the
Or shot him.
You know, today it is
his birthday.
I did not know that.
I found him there in
that muddy hole.
I pulled him out.
His lower half was gone.
But he weren't dead yet.
Her grabbed my shirt,
looked me right in my eye,
breathed his last breath
and words to me.
"They took my legs."
"They took my fucking legs!"
I can't handle the memories.
I want it all to go away, Bill!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Bill.
Do you know him?
I do not think I
recognize this man.
-Do you?
-I do not.
Do you?
Nothing but a dead asshole.
It's true, it's true.
You punch like a woman.
Come on now.
Look, look...
Now you and me, Buck,
we are thick as thieves.
We've been through it all,
you and me.
If you give me the chance,
I swear to God I'll get you
any fucking thing you want.
I swear that on my
sweet mama's grave.
You know, you know.
You know.
You said you hated your mother.
I did? I don't think I--
Now listen to me.
You're going to leave
Virginia City tonight.
Go wherever you need to go
and find my money.
I want every last
penny paid back.
I understand, Buck.
You know I do, I understand.
Imma give you thirty days.
Listen here.
Don't make me come
looking for you.
Cause if you ain't back
by day thirty,
I'll be tracking you down
on day thirty-one.
True to his word,
Buck McGrath went looking for
on day thirty-one.
He found Boone along with
all the rest of Wild Bill's
If Buck was going to kill one,
he was going to have to kill 'em
-Where's the prize from the
-I don't know.
-Where is it?
-I don't know!
I told you not to make me
come looking for you, Boone.
Oh shit--
Buck of course did not
expect to get hacked to death
by the Belle of Colorado.
Die, motherfu--
I guess one would say
Boone Collins was very, very
Mr. Collins, do you
know this man?
No, I...
I do not think
I have ever seen this man
No matter.
All he is, is food for
the buzzards.
Where's his rifle?
-Y'all better drop your weapons.
Now, we'll be doing things
a little bit different around
You do not want to be pointing
rifle at me, Ms. Parker.
Don't you put me to the test,
-Easy, girl, easy.
-Back off!
What is your plan, Ms. Parker?
My plan is that I'm going to be
the one calling the shots from
now on.
And we're gonna be doing
things my way.
Now, toss me your guns.
Nice try, Oklahoma.
And that will be about enough
of your girly little games.
Let go of that rifle
before you hurt yourself.
There you go.
Bring that face to me girl,
I wanna kiss you.
Yeah, just like that.
Oh, you do taste good.
Yeah, yeah.
We should probably move
on from here.
All that shooting will surely
draw some unwanted attention.
Yes, sir.
We're going down by the river?
Tie her up.
I don't want any more
surprises from her.
Yes, sir.
And I'm not quite
finished with you.
Hey, I gotta piss!
Mr. Collins, go with her.
Yes, sir!
Let's go.
Don't you fucking eyeball me.
Slow that ass down.
You know I'll shoot you,
silly bitch.
-How are you, Mr. Tulsa?
-Like you give a shit.
Come now.
You've not been ruled out.
That does not mean
I will not be considerate to
A good soldier treats
his prisoners with respect.
Hey now, slow down.
Come on.
Jesus Christ!
Well, come on now.
I don't wanna see no lady do
What's wrong?
You never seen a girl's ass
I gotta piss sometime.
You gonna ruin it all.
John Tulsa.
Such a peculiarity.
What mother or father
gave you such a name?
I ain't never met 'em.
Well, who taught you
how to shoot?
I taught myself.
Who taught you how to
survive out here?
I taught myself.
A self-made and
self-educated man.
I respect that!
Bill is ready to jump
off that cliff.
His head is gone.
Now what the hell
are we gonna do, Belle?
You can cut this here
rope off me.
How stupid you think I am?
Fuck you!
I knew you took it all along.
I find it hard to believe
you Mr. Tulsa,
or JT, if that is what
you prefer to be called.
Call me by your father's name if
makes you smile like a hog in
the mud.
Get your hands off me!
-We ain't done talking!
-Well, I'm done talking.
What is the mystery
that is John "JT" Tulsa?
Get your hands off--
Now, Bill...
You... You almost had me fooled.
-You son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch!
You've been cheating me out of
partners this whole damn time.
Funny, cause I was just thinking
the same thing about you.
Shit, no!
I was too goddamn drunk.
I passed out before I had
a chance to do a goddamn thing.
Now, what the fuck
are we gonna do?
-Tell me.
I figure that JT or
Bill took it,
and nothing's gonna oblige
them to tell us where it is.
So, maybe, why not
kill them both?
Now that is exactly what
we ought to do.
Now hear me out here.
The two of them jackasses
have got the high bounty on
their head.
Right? And ain't there another
one of him on the way here right
with an even higher bounty?
We don't even need that
fucking loot.
Now that is as long as
you and me
remain partners.
Boy, you ain't as
dumb as you look.
Shit yeah, Belle. Shit yeah.
What was that? Go girl, go!
You yankee-loving bastard,
I can see it in your eyes.
Be ready, you son of a bitch.
It'll rise again!
We ought to rise again!
Finney! You there, boys?
Soldiers don't betray
their brothers.
Company, eyes up!
Bill might've seen himself
as some kind of a hero,
but like I told you before,
there ain't no heroes
in this story.
Who shot Bill!?
And Thomas "Bloody Tom" Higgins
sure as hell was no hero.
If it were a crime to
hate your own kin,
I'd serving a life sentence.
-You should be thanking me, boy.
-You want me to thank you?
Well, it'd be a nice
thing to do.
Especially, cause I got
this here rifle in my hand.
Well, in that case, thank you.
You're welcome.
Now, I watched enough of
what's been going on there
to get a firm grasp of
this situation.
And, frankly, I'm disappointed.
Why did you shoot Bill?
Lady, if I let Bill kill
this boy here,
then that money'd be
lost forever.
Let me ask you a question.
You like dogs?
Well, dogs are part wolves.
They're wild at heart.
It's in their nature.
They get too wild,
you got to put them down.
Well, Bill should've been
put down a long time ago.
Boy was weak,
became nothing but a
fucking liability.
You ever see his hands shake,
like he was cold or something?
Yeah, well I fought
in the war too,
and I killed a whole
lot of yankees.
And as sure as hell still
breathes fire,
I enjoyed every goddamn one.
Now, he wanted to fight
just like me.
He thinks he's some kind of
but he was nothing.
He was nothing
but another disappointment.
I hate disappointments.
-He certainly was a
-Did I ask for your input?
No, sir, I was just
agreeing with you!
Well, agree with your
mouth closed.
If I want your input, I'll ask
for it,
so shut the fuck up.
Yes, sir Bloody Tom, sir!
Alright, you boys
want a ride out of here?
Then someone needs to tell me
where the money from the train
It was this bitch right here,
I seen her do it!
You son of a bitch.
He's lying!
I ain't lying,
I seen her clear as fucking day.
-She buried it in the woods.
-I could show you.
-He's lying! I ain't buried
I ain't lying. You lie!
You black-hearted bitch!
You put me to the test
and now you going to die!
Wait! Fuck you!
No, no!
Don't shoot!
You think you slick?
You're a piece of shit,
And this is all you'll ever be.
-The most beautiful belle.
-A fucking cripple...
You want to join her?
Then tell me where the money is.
Yes, sir! It's back at
that camp we came from.
I'll show you exactly where it
I know right where--
Show me. And help him up.
Yes, sir!
With Bill and Henriette
out of the picture,
there were only three
outlaws remaining.
Tom, JT, and Boone.
And Boone, well,
he was something else.
Boone Collins, a cripple lowlife
known for his world-famous beans
in three states.
Or should I say...
...Leland Walker.
A conman who ain't
afraid to get his hands dirty.
A killer whose specialty
was in poisons.
And he can walk just fine.
It has never been confirmed that
Boone Collins and Leland Walker
were one and the same.
No one knew what
Leland looked like.
Jeez, mister.
Are you okay there, friend?
How about I help you
into your hotel room now?
What the hell are you--
And Boone's reputation was a man
who pretended to be a cripple,
had a knack for cracking safes,
and cleaning poker tables
of other players' money.
Yeah, this'll do nicely.
You don't mind, do you?
No, not at all.
This here belonged to
my bastard of a daddy.
You killed your daddy?
I killed my daddy.
Then I took this off
his dead body.
So? Where is it?
It is close, Tom.
But I was wondering
if you may be starving as I am.
Excuse me?
I whip up some of the most
delicious beans you've ever
Beans aren't on my
fucking agenda.
Where's the goddamn loot?
It's close, sir, but it would be
my complete honor to
whip you up some of my
most delicious beans--
Fine. But then you tell me
where she buried the loot.
Surely will. Right away.
Okay... Let's get it on now.
Get these going for you, Tom.
I'll let you decide.
You can have the bigger portion.
Whichever you--
I hate them sneaky things.
They must like the smell.
It does look good.
Thank you, sir.
-But you better eat fast.
-Yes, sir.
Let me get that.
It's good.
It's good.
-What's so funny?
-Goddamn what a day.
What a goddamn day!
You can say that again.
Now tell me...
-How did she do it?
-Well, sir...
It was actually pretty easy.
She had it all planned out.
Answer my goddamn question!
-How did she steal the loot?
-Yes, sir.
One feels that Boone Collins,
aka Leland Walker,
was the one who
stole their loot.
The hell you doing over there
you weaselly bastard?
Nothing, just checking my stuff.
Well, we got work to do.
Come on, move your ass.
His plan seemed simple enough.
Incapacitate his companions
and steal the pot
while they slept.
And then bury it and collect it
when it was possible.
Of course, he would
maybe frame one,
just to throw off
the suspicion away from him.
Now, Boone could've ridden off
with the score,
but he couldn't risk
riding into either the posse
or Bloody Tom.
-That simple, huh?
-That simple.
As one could guess already,
Boone underestimated
his next would-be victim.
Bloody Tom had gone
and switched them jars on him.
A fool he was not.
Those beans were good.
Yes, sir.
Goddamn, what a day.
What a goddamn day!
You can say that again.
And thus, here finally falls
the master of tricksters.
He fell right into his own trap.
And you thought I was a fool!
-Now what?
-Well, we dig up the loot,
and we get the hell out of here.
We'll leave him for
the coyotes and the Indians.
If you don't die on me,
a good doctor can patch you--
Oh man, oh man.
What the hell are you doing,
Toss your weapon. Get
on your knees.
You want me to sing for you now?
I want you to die.
Lot of people wanted me to die.
Now, I've killed a
lot of people.
Now, you put down that rifle
before you hurt yourself.
You need a doctor.
You ain't thinking or talking
I'm thinking and
talking just fine.
-It took a long time to find
-Is that a fact?
Hell of a lot of killing
just to get to here.
Yeah, well, sorry about that.
Alamo Dave,
Bull Rawlings, Bob the Blade,
Toby Webb, Butch Sherman,
and the Grady brothers.
All them, huh?
Why, you killed all of them?
-Grady brothers led me to Bill
who led me straight to you.
Well, I am just mystified.
You kill all those men,
seven dear friends of mine,
just to get to lil' old me.
And I never ever
done you rotten.
See, my mother and father,
they were working the fields by
my home,
a small cabin my father built
with his own two hands.
Is this a long story?
A traveler came by,
looking for food and
a fresh horse.
A man who liked to play
the harmonica.
This man said
he'd been traveling for days,
that his horse had to be put
probably bullshit.
And my father was kind enough
to allow him to stay
despite what my mother said.
She could sense evil in him.
He stabbed my mother in the
with a bowie knife.
She tried to fend him off,
and she did manage to leave
a scar on his left cheek.
My father ran,
but he did not get far.
Then that man came back,
and he killed my sister
right in front of me.
He left me to die,
he left my cabin to burn with me
in it.
There is one thing I
will never forget,
and that's the scar
I'm looking at right now.
Don't be stupid like your daddy.
You remember this?
How did you make it
out of the fire?
I managed.
So now what happens?
You're a killer.
-You're a murderer just like me.
-Shut the hell up.
Just cause you've got a noble
against me don't make you a
All that you've done,
you made yourself nothing but a
-You shut up.
-No! I will not be silent.
In fact, if I'm going to die
with my boots on, I will stand.
I've lived a long life.
I've killed a lot of people,
and many people
tried to kill me.
Now, you wanna know
what mistake they all made?
They couldn't shut the fuck up!
So you gonna aim that
rifle at me,
you better shut your mouth
and pull the trigger.
It took two days for
the Harmony posse
to find any trace of
Wild Bill and his gang.
What they found was a
peculiar sight.
Henriette Parker and Wild Bill
were found dead by the river.
Boone Collins', aka Leland
body was found mangled by
There was much surprise
to find Bloody Tom dead amongst
The money stolen from the train
was never recovered.
All that remained was the dead.
John Tulsa, aka JT,
real name unknown,
was never seen again.
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, there's a
that has no name on the
It is believed to be
where JT is buried.
However, no one's
certain it's him
or just the final resting place
of the past.
And what happened to
all that gold?
Who knows?
Gold is gold.