The Outsider (2014) Movie Script

Get her out.
- No!
- God damn it!
Hold her down!
Hold her down! Relax! Relax.
Hold, relax, relax, relax, relax.
Morning, partner.
- Hey.
When did they call it in?
About three hours ago.
A couple ofjoggers found
her after the tide went out.
Watch your step here, it's a bit dicey.
Victim is Caucasian female, mid-20's
suffered severe trauma
from apparently falling off
this structure right over here.
I've also got a partiaI ID.
Found a British passport that
lists her as a Samantha Walker
and a driver's license that shows
a locaI address in Hollywood.
Why only partiaI?
She was out here for most of the night.
Seems like maybe the locaI
wildlife took a run at her.
See if you can find someone
to confirm the identity.
Track down the next of kin.
If she's got a visa,
State's got a record.
So, send a black and
white to the residence,
talk to the landlord, neighbors,
anybody who maybe knew her.
All right.
Sheriff report a car, abandoned
car, missing car somewhere?
No, not that I'm aware of.
Yep, she didn't get here on her own.
- A long way from Hollywood.
- Yep.
- Someone saw her.
- Copy that.
Walker, the
man needs to see you.
You wanted to see me, sir.
Give us a minute.
You are aware that all voice
and e-maiI communications
sent to and from this base are monitored
under standard security protocols?
Well, of course, yeah.
We received this yesterday
while you were on patroI.
I'm sorry, Walker, there
is no easy way to say this.
Your daughter was found dead
after an apparent drug overdose
earlier this week in Los Angeles.
This can't be right.
This can't be right.
It's a mistake, you're gonna
have to double-check this.
The body is actually still there.
They'll need you to sign off on it
before it can be shipped
back to London for buriaI.
I'm gonna have to get the
next chopper out of here.
Yeah, well, it's not as simple as that.
Look, I know this is hard
for you to understand,
but when you signed your contract
extension with Everest last March,
you gave up certain liberties
that government military
personneI are allowed.
You can't be serious.
We've been tasked with
a major staging operation
in coordination with the arrivaI
of a senator from the States.
We'll need you for
full tacticaI support.
We're talking about my daughter here.
And you are a team leader at Everest.
What the fuck has that
got to do with anything?
Risk versus reward.
When we brought you in
from the British military,
you were making less
than 30,000 a year.
At Everest, you're making
more than four times that.
Now you listen to me,
you walk away from this,
you'll be abandoning
your operationaI post.
No contractor in the
world would touch you.
Well, fuck you and yours.
Anyone there?
Hold on a minute, mate.
What the hell are you doing here?
I thought you were still abroad.
Yeah, well, things didn't
quite go as planned.
Fancy a drink? I think I
still got whiskey down here.
Yeah, I'll come down.
Listen, Nick, I
just want to say thanks.
I appreciate you
looking after the place.
Just wish it were
under better circumstances.
You know, it's funny...
We used to collect these
from restaurants all over the world
whenever we were on holiday.
Melissa thought we'd
settle in this place.
That we would build a life
together having these dinner parties
with plates from all over the world.
I think it made me laugh.
And it was a very good
conversation piece.
And then after Sam was born...
The only time we got to
traveI abroad was when...
Was when I got new orders.
Grounded on the base...
No way to raise a kid.
When was the last time
you heard from her?
Months ago.
I mean, after her mom died...
Things kind of drifted.
One month led to another month
and then before you know it,
we lost contact.
I forget...
I forget how hard it was for
her growing up in Los Angeles.
I should have been there for her.
I should have been a
better dad, made the effort.
Surprised you got back so early.
They give you any problems
when you asked for the time off?
Only for the fact because I
told them to go fuck themselves.
That's classy.
No matter where you seem to go,
there's more than likely a bridge
that's gonna get burned down.
I don't know how you made it in
the military for as long as you did.
Well, they kept me on the
front line for a reason.
But I'm done with it
now, I've had enough.
Twenty five years in service.
Time to try something new.
Any ideas?
No, not yet. But I'm working on it.
Look, Nick, I don't want to put
it on you, but I need your help.
I need you to sort some
stuff out for me. I need to...
I need to get rid of this house.
The only things that are left here now
are just memories I'd rather forget.
In this market, you're not gonna
get what it used to be worth.
That don't matter.
There's enough in this to at
least get me started again.
I'll make some calls when
you head over to the States.
I'm not with you, what do
you mean, back to the States?
When you fly back to the States.
I'm not going anywhere, mate.
You don't know, do you?
Don't know what?
Her body's still in Los Angeles.
Please tell me that you
are fucking kidding me.
They were supposed to
bring her home tomorrow.
After you contacted us, I
thought you would have heard.
No, because they cut all
communication when I left the base.
Fucking hell.
You got your phone on you?
Back at the house.
I'm gonna need you
to go and get it for me.
I'm gonna phone the airlines and
get a direct flight out of here.
That's been here the whole time?
Well, it ain't much, but it's
better than putting it in the bank.
Give me five minutes.
Listen, I apologize,
Mr. Walker, for the delay.
It's been a bit slow down here today.
Please don't worry, I understand.
Go ahead.
What is this, some sort of a joke?
That's not my daughter, that's not Sam.
I understand this can
be difficult, Mr. Walker.
Please, just take your time.
I'm telling you, you're
not listening to me.
This is not my daughter. It's not Sam.
Just give me a second, hold on,
let me check on this reaI quick.
This... This has got to be some mistake.
How was she originally identified?
We just brought her in
under standard procedures.
Mr. Walker?
Hi, this is Cathy,
I'm not around, but I will call you back.
to the offices of Most Industries.
Our office hours are between 10:00 a.
m. and 5:30 p. m., Monday through Friday.
to the offices of Most Industries.
Our office hours are
between 10:00 a. m...
Good morning, Most Industries.
How may I direct your call?
Samantha Walker, please.
I'm sorry, can you please
hold for one moment?
I thank you for holding,
how may I direct your call?
Yeah, I need to talk
to a Samantha Walker.
Can I have your name, please?
Is there a Samantha
Walker in your department?
Miss Walker no longer works for us.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
I need your address, please,
of your corporate offices.
We're at 11579, Fulton in Century City.
What's this in regards to?
God morning, how you doing?
Good morning.
I have an appointment scheduled
with Most Industries today.
Karl Schuuster?
Yeah, yeah, that's exactly who it is.
I haven't seen him come by yet.
Well, I like to be early
for these types of things.
You know what it's like.
You know what they say, early
bird gets the worm and all that.
Just sign in there for me, please.
You can take the elevator, 11th floor.
Appreciate it, thanks.
Most Industries.
One moment, please. Can I help you?
Hi, yeah, good morning.
Uh, I'm here to inquire about
my daughter, Samantha Walker.
Do you recognize her?
Sorry, Most Industries,
how may I direct your call?
You're the girI I spoke with earlier.
One moment, please.
I'm sorry, Mr. Schuuster isn't
meant to be in the office today,
but if you'd like to leave your number,
I'll be glad to let him now you stopped by.
Well, thanks very much.
Is that his office?
- No, sir, you can't go up there.
- Is that his office?
Sir... Excuse me, sir!
Sir, you can't go up there!
Sir! You can't just run upstairs!
So I need all those numbers in
place. You guys cross-check, okay?
You can't go up there!
- What the hell is this?
Sir, excuse me, sir!
Oh, my God. Excuse me.
I'm so sorry, sir.
That's okay, honey. Thanks,
Marissa, it'll be all right.
You're Karl Schuuster?
Uh, yeah, yes, I am.
Um, you got me at a
little disadvantage here.
My name's Lex Walker.
I don't know what's going on here, but let
me just start off with a little apology.
See, I got a terribly hectic
schedule today, I'm gonna be tied up.
In the interest of speeding things up,
what can I do for you?
What are you here for?
You knew my daughter, Samantha Walker?
Hmm... Is that right?
Yeah, she worked for you.
Well, for at least this company anyway.
Well, I understand why you'd think that,
but something you should know is
that I have hundreds of employees
and I guess a pretty large
portion of them I've never met,
and I'm afraid your
daughter is one of them.
Well, gentlemen, you
can leave now. Thank you.
Uh, do me a favor, Saphire should
be sitting right outside that office.
Would you ask him to come in
and show this gentleman down
to human resources, thanks.
And now, Mister, uh, Walker, um,
I've got a webinar presentation.
She was killed over a week ago.
And the body they were gonna
ship back to London wasn't hers.
Your corporate office was one
of the last numbers she called.
Uh, jeez, I'm... I'm...
I'm very sorry to hear about
that, accept my condolences.
I just need some help.
Tell me the last time she was here,
times, dates, anything,
please, I'm begging you.
I'd really love to help you,
but if you came here for
those answers from me,
I'm sorry, again, I really am.
I don't know, this city, it's...
I don't know, it just gets rougher...
It's rotten, especially if you're a pretty,
little blonde, you know? It's just...
I never mentioned the color of her hair.
I'm sorry, uh... Saphire.
Please, just look at her picture.
That's her. It's a
different girI, it's not Sam.
Can you show him
downstairs, please, guys?
All right.
Good luck to you.
Follow me.
sir, just one moment.
Transferring you now.
Most Industries.
One moment, please.
- There's one other thing.
- It's time to leave.
You want to watch that hand,
mate. You might just lose it.
From a proper gent like
you? I don't think so.
Most Industries.
And I'm not asking you again.
I need security to
suite 712 immediately!
Down! Get on the ground now!
On your knees! Down!
Get your hands behind your back.
I could swear I
just left here an hour ago.
been all over my ass.
Sheriff's Department pick
up a guy on assault charges
and immediately contacted us.
Last time I checked, we
were a major crimes unit.
You might want to remind
the Lieutenant that
next time he calls us in
for something like this.
I'll keep that in mind.
The assailant's a British National.
Military contractor, Iraq, Afghanistan.
Got picked up at the offices of
Most Industries down in Century City.
Apparently he got into a heated argument
and beat the living daylights
out of the security detaiI.
Here's the catch. He says
that his daughter was missing
and he was trying to track her down
through her last known employer.
Her name's Samantha Walker.
Our San Pedro victim?
Yeah, told the arresting officers
that they got the wrong girI.
Well, find out if
there's any truth to it.
Have Henderson pull the
file and bring it down here.
- Yeah.
- I'll see what I can get out of him.
Welcome to Los Angeles, Mr. Walker.
Long way across the pond, huh?
How long before I can get out of here?
Well, it's not that simple.
Sure it is.
I know all about the
American justice system.
- Oh, do you?
- Yeah, set the arraignment and let's go.
I've heard about your
daughter. I have a young son.
I can't imagine what
you're going through.
Is there anyone in this
town who'll listen to me?
I'm gonna say it again
for the last time.
My daughter's not dead.
The body they were gonna ship
back to London is not Samantha's.
Well, maybe you could tell me
why you busted up that place.
That guy, um, Schuuster...
He's not telling me everything.
He knows Sam.
You're right about that.
See, he gave us a full statement today
and luckily he's not
gonna press charges.
Well, isn't that big of him?
Well, he's got 12 months from
this date to change his mind,
so if I were you, Mr.
Walker, I'd leave it alone.
Look, I did not go in
there to cause trouble.
AII I want to do is find my girI, get
her safe, and bring her home, that's it.
Excuse me a minute.
Don't worry, mate. I'll be here.
All right, I pulled the
file. Here's what we're looking at.
There's not much on her.
Some parking tickets and
shit, untiI about a month ago,
when she got arrested at a DUl checkpoint
at a bar in the Valley called Cabos.
Look at this picture.
It was taken four weeks ago
the night she got arrested.
And this one was taken
at the crime scene
right after they pulled
the body from the water.
I don't know, it's hard to tell, but
the limey may be telling the truth.
Pull the box.
The police are cutting
him loose in an hour.
My contact at the department
said you refused to press charges.
Your contact?
That would actually imply that
you knew what you were doing.
With all due respect, with Walker
in jaiI, it buys us more time.
For what?
I mean, if the girI was alive,
the easiest way to track her
is through the one man that
wants her as badly as we do.
Now that would be a good
idea, don't you think?
Don't worry, I'm on it.
You're on it, you're on it.
See, here's the thing.
You were responsible for
all this in the first place.
Why in God's name would I let you
go fuck this up over again, why?
We trailed her, from her
apartment to the night club,
exactly where you said she'd be.
Did you get the right girI?
She fit the description you gave us.
You know, when I came to
this city, it was in disarray.
Manufacturing was messed up,
corporations were going bankrupt, because
of their problems with the union labor,
but I changed all that.
See I had a lot of cash to lend.
There were borrowers
all around the block.
So basically I...
I painted a new face on the
city, I made it look clean.
So I became Mr. WonderfuI,
with love and respect
from just about everyone.
You respect me, Saphire?
See, I don't think so, because now,
for the first time ever, I got
goddamn cops all around my house.
Because of you, you fucking moron!
1881, Castaic. That's
where he used to live.
I want you to go there,
gather up the family,
anybody with the name of
Saphire, make 'em go away.
I would love to hear
you beg for your life,
but you'd bore the shit out of me.
Go on, Baron. Do what I told you.
So these are all the effects
that were found on the body
of the woman in the photograph.
It's your daughter's passport, driver's
license and multiple credit cards.
You can see how it
would be an easy miss.
You can justify it all
you want, Detective.
You gotta admit, you
and your men were sloppy.
Oh, is that right?
Sure has a lot of plastic for
a 25-year-old, don't you think?
Yeah, well, what can I say?
Girls like to shop, don't they?
Or she got turned upside
down, over-extended.
What's this got to do with the
fact that my daughter's missing?
We're not sure of anything.
TotaI bollocks, the lot of it.
Let me ask you a question, Mr. Walker.
When was the last time you
actually spoke to your daughter?
Are we through here, Detective?
My partner will walk you out.
Do you know a bar called Los Cabos?
Here's 100. Keep it running, I
don't know how long I'm gonna be.
Fucking slag!
Excuse me.
I said, excuse me!
- Can I get a drink?
- What do you need?
How you doing? I want
a whiskey and a pint.
A whiskey and a pint.
$100, keep it.
Let me get a favor. You see that girI?
You ever seen her in here?
No, I've never seen her around here.
You need to take a closer
look at this, try it again.
Have you seen her in here?
Like I said, I've never seen her.
Well, she got nicked right outside at
a DUl checkpoint, about a month ago.
They said she was in here.
You a cop?
I'm a long way from home.
I'm just an interested party.
Now, have you seen her?
Haven't seen her.
Give me another one.
And here's another $100 for you.
Now let me jog your fucking memory.
Five foot eight, young blonde,
really easy on the eyes.
She got caught by the police about
a month ago leaving this place.
Now, have you seen her or not?
Now I've got your attention.
Her name is Samantha Walker.
Blonde hair, medium height, she's
missing and she's my daughter.
Now, please, please, if there's
anyone who might know anything.
I have $10,000 here in cash.
For any information that might
lead me to her whereabouts.
And the cash is yours, if I
find her where you tell me.
I know the girI you're looking for.
Is that right? So where is she?
I tell you that and what's
to guarantee I get paid?
Listen to me carefully, I'm
not playing any games here.
But if you are, I'm
gonna be back for this
and you ain't gonna
want that, do you get me?
The Roux. I saw her there a few times
and then heard she was hanging out with
one of the guys that runs the place.
So let's call this a finder's fee.
You take me to that
place, you get the rest.
That's bullshit, asshole! I
told you what you wanted to know.
If I found her, that was the
offer and that was the deaI.
I mean, for all I know, you could be
leading me on some wild fucking chase.
How would I know that?
You want the full 10 grand,
you show me where she is.
Let's go.
That's our guy. Call it in.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
You could be a seriaI
killer, for all I know.
Yeah, that's right.
Something tells me you'd
still drive me around all night
if you thought you were gonna
get your hands on my money.
You know my daughter?
That's what I said, I know her.
So where are you taking me?
To the club in Hollywood.
It's an old warehouse they
transitioned a while back.
- Did she work there?
- I don't know.
Well, you said you saw her
in there, make up your mind.
Yeah, I saw her there. I
don't know what she was doing.
I don't, like, keep track
of her, but I saw her.
Look, if this is gonna
be a waste of my time,
you can pull over now
and give me my money back.
Or you can answer my questions.
What was she involved in and
who was she involved with?
Ricky Cummins, he runs the club.
They came in to Cabos a few
times after hours to score.
And how would you know that?
Because I'm the one that hooked 'em up.
Just get us there.
All right, just be cooI in here. These
guys don't respond well to hooligans.
So what does this geezer look like?
Just let me take care
of it. They know me here.
Look, just tell me,
what does he look like?
Just wait here for
me, I'm cooI with them.
They're not gonna respond to you.
Be cooI, okay?
Excuse me, sorry, sorry, excuse me.
- Hi, sorry.
- No dudes.
Excuse me.
- You and your friends are fine.
Hey, Romeo, I need to talk to you.
I'm busy.
Yeah, I see that. She can take a break.
Hey, you're looking good.
So are you, what's up?
I got this guy with me.
No, no guys. Why are you here?
See the guy in the brown leatherjacket?
He's asking questions
about your girlfriend.
I don't know, look, I just told him
I'd bring him here to talk to you.
Just talk to the guy.
I don't know that guy,
and by the way, no, this
is not happening right now.
- So just...
- Why the fuck did you do that?
I told him I'd bring
him, what am I supposed to do?
- For what, though?
- I don't know.
I don't know what he wants.
Excuse me, hey, is this the guy?
- Listen, I need to talk to you. This him?
- Hey, I don't know you, buddy.
I need to talk to you
for one minute, come here.
What the...
Pick up! Come on, baby! Pick up!
Honey, pick up the fucking
phone! Pick up the fucking phone!
Just settle down.
- AII I want to do is talk to you.
- All right.
Now, listen to me. You see that?
That's my daughter, Sam.
Now she was found dead of
an apparent drug overdose.
But the body they was gonna ship
back to London was that girI.
But you wouldn't know
anything about that, would you?
No, I wouldn't.
Look, I had no idea about that.
I don't know why you're fu...
Okay, I might... I might know
a little something about that.
She came by the club
a couple of weeks ago.
Two guys like you came,
they picked her up,
that's the last I saw of her.
- I'm telling you the truth.
- Don't give me shit.
I told you the fucking
truth, buddy. Okay?
Jesus Christ.
Get over here!
Come here right now, Ricky Cummins!
Step away from the car!
What's your problem, mate?
We don't want any trouble.
You don't want any trouble?
Well, you got fucking trouble!
What the fuck?
What are you doing? What's going on?
You tell me, mate.
Go and get the car.
No, wait, we've gotta figure...
- Go and get the car now!
- Okay.
They... They're fucking dead!
You've got exactly 30 seconds
to tell me where she is.
Otherwise, you're gonna end up on the
fucking floor dead like the rest of them.
- You got me?
- Yeah.
- Where is she?
- She's...
She's on Wilshire, I can take you.
- You're coming with us.
- Okay.
Silver one, right there. Get in.
Just try and get us
there in one piece, yeah?
Are you kidding me? We're
fleeing the scene of a crime!
Well, then, try not
to make it so obvious!
Directions, where are
we going? Tell her.
Go over LaureI Canyon.
When you get down to Wilshire,
hit the 101 South, downtown.
And then, I'll show you from there.
So why they after you?
Most Industries is a front,
okay? It doesn't exist.
It's a shell Internet company.
They steaI people's identities.
Explain to me how.
Credit cards, payroll cards,
and they put, like, $5,000
to $10,000 on the cards.
They sell them to guys
like me for half price.
And then I sell them at
the club, that's what I do.
You expect me to believe that shit?
I swear to God, I'm
telling you the truth.
That's what we do.
So, tell me, how is
my daughter involved?
You'll have to ask her yourself.
Don't worry, mate, I plan on it.
All right, so, we got the
call about an hour ago.
Witnesses reported a fight broke out
outside the club, and spilling out here.
And no one can confirm
spotting any of the victims
before they were found
Iying right there.
Description on the assailant?
It all happened so fast,
what we got is spotty at best.
Spotty what? Spotty whites,
spotty blacks? Spotty Hispanic?
Uh, Caucasian
male, 40's, large build.
One of the bartenders said he
had some sort of crazy accent,
so he definitely wasn't from here.
He was seen chasing after
the guy who ran the club,
a guy by the name of Ricky Cummins.
You got any IDs on the victims?
No, no wallets, no cash,
they've just got their own prints on them.
Talk to security, find out if they
had cameras on top of the doors
or is there any kind of surveillance
on the exterior of the club.
Will do.
I want to find out where
these guys came from.
- Run down that Ricky.
Ricky Cummins.
Will do.
Double tap is within a few
centimeters of the first shot.
Accent, military precision,
leaves us with about one choice.
Call dispatch, get a couple black and whites
out to the residence of Karl Schuuster.
Tell them we'll be following.
You got it.
Are you sure about this?
Of course, I'm sure about this.
This is the safe house, buddy.
We set it up a month
ago when she got popped.
- So how do we get inside?
- We don't get inside.
Remember when I was running
through the parking lot?
I had the phone, I threw it?
That's the only connection we have.
You can't get inside right now.
- Stay here.
- Stay here, what?
You can't get inside, I'm telling you.
What do you want?
Go and tell Sam that daddy's
here to take her home.
Man, it's late, all right?
And I don't have
time for your bullshit.
Get the fuck out of here
before I call my boys down.
There's nobody here by that
name, you got the wrong address.
Sam! Sam!
Wait, wait... Where are you...
What are you doing here?
We're with him.
- Where is he?
- Back there.
All right.
- No, that would not be the case.
- I got it.
- Uh, Detective Michael Klein.
- How you doing?
This is my partner, Det...
Hey, uh, look, I was just
telling your man over here
that, uh, I have the utmost
confidence in my security system here
and, uh, as you can see, I really
have no need for officers here.
I don't think you understand
the severity of the situation.
We are tracking a suspect who's
involved in a shooting on the West side.
Left three people dead.
Now his description very
closely resembles the man
who was arrested in your
office earlier today.
Well, why would you
think he'd come here?
He believes his daughter, who
used to work for you, is missing.
Miss Walker was found dead of a
drug overdose about a week ago, no?
It's not public knowledge.
Well, I'm sure it's not.
I had this little conversation
with a lieutenant earlier today.
Chatted a bit.
Well, that case is
still pending a review.
Yeah, right.
Well, I mean, it could be, uh...
Of course, this is my view,
just one of the normaI cases where
these young kids come in here.
Want to be attractive, people who
look for their fame and fortune,
and, uh, things don't work out and they
leave about as fast as they got here,
except they look a
little worse, you know?
Yeah, that happens.
Mr. Schuuster, you may
still be able to help us.
Have you ever seen these men before?
Um, no, no, I can't say that I have.
Listen, I really appreciate you
looking out for my best interest,
but, uh, you'll have to excuse me.
There's, uh... I have some speciaI
guests I'd like to attend to.
I don't blame you, yeah.
Tell you what, we'd like to
keep a couple officers out front,
in case this suspect...
No, no, that's really not necessary.
Just the same.
Okay, then, well, you'll just have
to submit a request to the board, uh,
you know that oversees these estates.
Uh, that would be, I think, the
first Tuesday in every month.
Anyway, you guys have a
nice night, nice meeting you.
Hi, girls.
We're happy to have you back.
Did you miss me?
Well, I'm happy to be here.
- You believe one word of that bullshit?
- Not one.
Call Judge Booth, see if we can get
authorization for a surveillance team.
- At this hour?
- Let's wake his lazy ass up.
Excuse me for a minute, will you, honey?
The last contact was severaI hours ago.
It seems they've completely
fallen off the grid.
Listen, gather everybody we got.
I want him and her back here.
I don't care if they're
standing or laying down.
I want them back here now, come on.
Yes, sir.
Give me one of those, can you?
- That good?
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
Nobody heard nothing. We
should be good for now.
No, if he can find us, so can they.
We... We have to get packed
and moved out of here tonight.
I see you've got your
mother's taste in men.
Present company excluded.
Easy, there, Dad. It looks
like you've taken a few hits.
Yeah, I have, and you know why?
Because I've been looking for you.
I mean, Sam, what was you thinking,
disappearing like that
without even contacting me.
Don't start with me now.
Do you know something? If
your mother was alive...
God, if she was alive, she'd have
been worried sick and panic-stricken.
Hmm, but not you.
That's not what I said.
I haven't heard from you in months.
Do you know something?
I've been beaten up, nearly
stabbed, shot at, and electrocuted.
All things I'm sure
you've grown accustomed to.
Do you have any idea...
Any idea...
What it's been like
for me this past week?
Not knowing whether you was alive or
dead, who you was with, where you was.
I mean, for all I know, you could have
been Iying dead in a ditch somewhere!
You know, you never seemed
to care before, so why now?
I'll tell you exactly why.
Because you're the only
one I've got left now.
And like it or not,
you're still my daughter.
Look, listen to me, there...
There was only one
thing I was ever good at.
And being a young dad wasn't it.
But I'm here now for you.
Please, you've got to believe
me, I'm not here to judge you.
I don't care what trouble
you've got yourself into.
AII I care about is you.
That you're safe and
I can bring you home.
I needed everyone in my
life to believe I was dead.
Because if he knew I was
still alive, he'd be after me.
This is what he wants.
Schuuster created a series of Internet
banks and an online lending solution.
It was a phishing scam.
Every applicant that went to the website
submitted information that he
used to steaI their identity.
This is a database
that contains the names
of hundreds of thousands of
people that he's stolen from.
So how has he not been caught?
The websites were set up at hosting
facilities all over the country.
The sites would be up for
a week and then removed.
Nothing, not even an
imprint was left to chance.
So how did you get involved in this?
I was hired as a programmer to
manage the root access database.
Good morning, Most Industries.
How may I direct your call?
Several months ago, I
started finding discrepancies
in the risk scoring that was used to
approve and deny loan applications.
So I tracked it through to
the credit services department.
And that's when I met...
What, this fucking geezer?
Jesus, Dad.
I needed more time.
For what?
I broke the code.
I found a way to back up the database,
so I could get it in the hands of the FBl.
But I knew if they arrested him, he'd
still have the resources to come after me.
So I needed a way out.
Then I created a series
of accounts and identities.
And I funded it with 10 million dollars
that I got from the Most
Industries ledger account.
I simply had to merge the new database
into the mainframe host processor.
And once the cards were created,
I could activate the accounts
and transfer the funds.
Schuuster's people were never
prepared for an internal breach.
Are you sure these are clean?
Yeah, I bought the plane
tickets with them today.
So I need your passport.
Before I had a chance
to transfer the funds...
I knew I only had a few days before
Schuuster found out I was arrested.
I was able to get the
accounts activated,
but I didn't have enough
time to transfer the funds.
It's just a small piece of the pie,
nothing that he would even notice.
Then why did he want you dead?
Well, when I was busted,
they caught his cards on me.
And then he knew I was a risk to him.
And the other girI?
Let me know as soon as you cash them.
- Okay, I will.
- Thank you so much.
Cathy was my roommate.
After I ran from the office,
I had her met up with Ricky.
There wasn't enough time.
So Ricky was the only one that
could still get into the facility.
But it was too late.
So the money's in limbo
and everyone wants it back.
You know, there's still a
way for us to do this clean.
Yeah, well, I don't see that
unless we get inside that building.
Schuuster has a secondary server set
up in his panic room in his estate.
So we don't have to break into the
office, we just have to get into that room.
Yeah, well, how do
you propose we do that?
I have an idea.
There is one thing that
he likes better than money.
What? I'm missing
something, what is it?
What? No, no!
Come on, it's the only
way we can get inside.
No, look, our deaI was 10,000
if I helped you find her.
That's it, done.
You're a target now, just like us.
Bullshit, I am.
She's right.
I mean, how long do you think it's gonna
be before he finds out you was involved?
Yeah, well, I'll take my chances.
Here you go, 10 grand.
Nice doing business with you.
Fifty grand.
You're gonna have to
do better than that, mate.
All right, I'll
tell you what I'll do.
Let's make it an even hundred thousand.
And how is it we still can't tie the rental
car to either Most Industries or Karl Schuuster?
We've been over this.
Well, tell me again.
The credit card was
authorized three days ago.
Who made the reservation,
who signed for the car,
and why is it being declined now?
Credit card was stolen from a
Michael Hicks out of Detroit.
He was at home, alive and well today.
That's not our guy.
Son of a bitch.
This is Klein.
Are you looking
for me, Detective?
Where are you?
I'm very, very close by, funny enough.
I need a trace on 415, caller's on now.
I was actually gonna pop in and ask
if you fancied a cup of
tea, if you weren't too busy.
Yeah, no, not at all,
there's a good coffee shop on
the corner of Fairfax and Burdon.
Sounds really nice,
but something tells me
there might be a full SWAT team
just waiting for me to arrive.
Is that how you think
this is gonna go down?
Well, to be honest with you, I reckon
I'd get within say 50 feet of the place
before you had me cuffed
and pinned to the floor.
Well, at least that'll give us
time to talk about Ricky Cummins
and that night club
you tore up last night.
That was self-defense. I was attacked.
We was nowhere near the night club.
If you're innocent,
come in. I'll help you.
What and allow Schuuster to carry on
doing what he's doing? I don't think so.
There's nothing to suggest
he's doing anything illegaI.
And if there was?
If you could pinpoint
severaI murders and executions
back to a financiaI scheme
that he himself perpetrated,
now what would you do?
Are you in possession of this evidence?
No, but you are, Detective.
Not long enough.
Let's go!
So how much time
do you think we have?
Well, it won't take long
once you get inside, but listen to me.
If anything goes wrong in there
I want you to keep your head down
and get out as fast as you can,
- do you understand that?
- Dad...
Listen, Sam, I'm serious.
Look, I want you to take this.
This is a number for a really
good mate of mine back in London.
I didn't want to tell you,
but I've been saving up since
your mom died and all that.
But there's money there for you if
anything were to ever happen to me.
Thank you, for everything.
And you know I love you.
- All right, I'll see you guys in the car.
Listen, remember what I said to you.
Park on the turn around, because
you've got the best vantage point.
- Right.
- Remember, lights out, keep your eyes open.
When I give you that signaI,
when you hear anything going down,
I need you to be there.
- Understand?
- Yeah.
- If anything happens there.
- Yeah.
Listen, I want to say thanks.
I appreciate it.
Whoever sent you this knew
exactly what they were doing.
Look, it's all names
and numbers to me, kid.
Just show me what you're telling me.
Take Nicholas Fields here, all right?
Now when you click on
him, this window pops up.
Which is everything you're gonna
need if you want to create this.
Now meet Nick Fields.
He's got over $30,000
in a checking account
severaI credit cards and a
debt-income ratio of 42 percent.
So, he makes a variation on the
naming convention and then boom.
All of a sudden, our guy's
got a brand new identity.
Give me a name, just call something out.
Michael Hicks.
Michael Hicks, originated out of D-town,
he's got accounts over at Sierra National.
Pull him up.
- That's our guy.
- Yeah.
Is there any way you can
determine who created this system?
Yeah, better than that.
Now whoever developed this
database also added a map
to the IP where the server that
holds the master key is located.
So if you match this
address to that server
you're gonna find out who's
controlling everything.
Call Judge Booth and get
his fat, lazy ass out of bed.
I want warrants executed on Most
Industries and the estate of Karl Schuuster.
We'll take that fucker down tonight.
Where are you going?
Stop! Come on, slow down.
Oh, my God, thank you so much.
Thank you for stopping, my
car broke down right here.
You have no idea, I lost my cell
phone, I've been stuck here...
I need your car, get out.
Now pop the trunk, fooI.
Now give me
the cap and walk away.
Get out!
Sam, now remember when we
get inside, you stay with me.
And when I say stay
with me, you stay close.
- I'm gonna take this, guys.
- All right.
Black Escalade,
looks like Schuuster's in for the night.
You get those warrants signed?
Got the ADA in there right
now, we need more time.
Judge is balking at the prelim, says
the evidence is too circumstantiaI.
No, it's because he's chicken shit.
It's a Beverly Hills address.
You tell him to sign that or we're
gonna lose our window of opportunity.
- Do it.
- All right.
Now remember, when we get inside,
everybody do exactly as I say.
Welcome, drive up to
the side entrance, please.
Okay, here we go.
Everybody get ready.
I wasn't told
there'd be more than one,
my rate's double.
That's not gonna be a problem.
Okay, let's go.
Make yourself a drink. He'll
be with you in a moment.
You stay with me, stay close, all right?
That's right, my margin stays the same.
No, it doesn't change.
It's non-negotiable.
10:00 tomorrow morning,
yes or no? Okay, goodbye.
How we doing here tonight?
In the red.
Oh, is it a late arrivaI?
Says she's gonna charge you extra.
Really? Hang onto this. I'm
gonna try to get my money's worth.
Good evening.
You are a vision, Miss...
My friends call me Scarlett.
Scarlett, isn't that
from that picture, the...
- Gone With The Wind?
- Oh, yeah.
Scarlett, I like that.
I'm sure you will.
Buy me a drink?
Sure, what would you like?
Always been a big fan of rum.
Rum, you are one lucky, young lady.
Because me, I got a
world-class recipe for mojitos
which I got on my last
vacation, more or less.
And where was that?
That would be Havana.
Yeah, see, Germany
doesn't do it justice.
Oh, you know what the key is?
Tell me.
- You won't tell anyone else.
- Never.
You gotta use reaI sugar cane.
And you take some dark rum
and you float that, see?
The longer you wait,
if you have patience, it'll
put a smile on your face.
I bet it will.
- Let me go to work.
- Please.
Don't you leave.
What does it look like?
I don't know, it's gotta
be some sort of switch.
Come on!
Hang on to that, just leave it there.
I got it, Dad.
- Go ahead.
You follow me and you stay close.
Look at all this lot.
Focus, Dad.
- Here we go.
- Thank you.
- Cheers to Havana.
- Cheers.
If we need it, now we got it.
I'm gonna trust they've got online shit.
Let's hurry up.
We got a potentiaI breach
on the second floor.
Get me confirmation.
Mmm, you were right.
Does put a smile on my face.
No, I was talking about me.
You know, if I hang around a little bit.
Oh, you're good.
Master bedroom is clear.
Moving on to the office.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Excuse me for a moment.
Well, okay.
Yes, how are you?
Ninety seconds!
So, um, what's your story?
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
Oh, um, let me go get someone
to clean this up, okay?
Four and a half hours.
Well, I was feeling a
little tired on that day.
BeautifuI home you have.
- Well, thank you.
- You're welcome.
What a beautifuI dress you have.
Thank you, you like it?
I've become a fast worker.
- Are you?
Looks like I'm empty.
- Yes, yes, you are.
- Well, you could give me...
Would you excuse us for a moment?
Saved by the bell.
So how warm is your pooI?
How warm is, um... Warm enough.
Warm enough for us to get in later?
- Sounds like a good idea.
- Really?
Sam, hurry up! We've
got to get some company!
Come on with me! Come on!
What the fuck is going on?
We've been breached!
Take this! Stay here!
Come here, you bitch! Stop it!
Dispatch, this is Edward Lincoln 12,
I need immediate back-up at
15715, Coldwater. Shots fired!
Sam, we need to move now!
Got it!
Quit it.
I need that backup in here now!
Drop it!
You put that fucking thing down or I
swear to Christ I'll blow her head off.
Put it the fuck down.
You shoot her,
there's no way you can stop them
putting a needle in your arm.
You and half your fucking department
spent the whole day threatening me.
Telling me how this guy
was gonna come kill me.
There he is.
That's not how it's gonna
go down, you know that.
Well, I'll take the gamble.
How about you, asshole?
Put it the fuck down.
You put
that fucking thing down
or I swear to Christ
I'll blow her head off.
Put it the fuck down!
You shut up!
- Now kick it over.
- It's on the ground.
Kick it the fuck over, asshole!
- Dad!
- Get her out of here, go now!
Give me the gun.
I was first on the scene.
The way I see it, I'd
already called for back-up.
I was engaged by Schuuster's bodyguards
as soon as I got in the complex.
Schuuster tried to overpower me.
In one last burst, I
overcame him and his men.
That will be justifiable
in the eyes of the law.
It's gonna work.
You better get out of here.
Thank you, Detective.
You know, at that range,
you're lucky the bullet
didn't penetrate the vest.
Jesus Christ, partner.
You think we got enough
for a warrant now?
Judge Booth signed off on it
the second the call came in.
The Lieutenant's scrambling
to cover his ass on this one.
Well, he's always there
when you need him, isn't he?
Oh, yeah.
I'll leave you to it.
This is Klein.
Detective, listen, mate,
this is just a courtesy call.
I'm just checking to see if
you have everything you need.
Actually, no, it's gonna be a lot of months
before we can close the books on this one.
It'd kind of be nice if we
had someone that could help us
tie everything together.
You know what I mean?
Detective, look, after all
that we've been through...
Listen, mate, you'll sort
something out, I know you will.
Good luck.
Mike, I need you
to come take a look at this.
Listen, I almost forgot, here you go.
Ooh, a hundred grand?
Want to count it?
Well, I figured I owed you a little
bit more after our big adventure.
Um, think I could hitch a ride?
What, on that?
What else do I have to lose?
Well, where'd you want to go?
I don't know, where do you want to go?
Why... Why does everything
have to be so difficult?