The Overcoat (1959) Movie Script

THE OVERCOA Well, then. What name will he have?
What a choice you have.
Name him Moggiy if you want.
Name him Zossiy if you want.
What names!
Well then, turn another page.
What names! - I, to be honest,
have never heard of them.
If it were Varadat or Varukh,
but here... Triphiliy...
Let him be named after his father:
The father was Akakiy,
let the son be Akakiy.
Let it be: Akakiy Akakyevich.
Awakening, I thank you Holy Trinity,
for all your blessings...
Akakiy Akakyevich!
It's time for you to go to work.
What will I copy today?
That way...
one can be late.
The clerk came by twice yesterday.
He must go to work,
but you haven't gotten up yet!
Petrovich, what are you...
Excuse me...
I'm in my underwear.
I have to go to work...
It's time to pay the rent.
Please! I've already prepared the money.
Here you go.
Good morning, Avdotya Semyonovna.
I must go to work...
Petrovich! Petrovich,
I must go to work...
to be on time.
- Here you go, sir.
I could be late because of you.
I mended it.
These patches are not the same colour.
Everything was that colour.
You've come? You know,
Petrovich didn't bring me
my trousers on time
and now I could be late for work.
Good morning.
Akakiy Akakyevich,
how does your landlady
manage without this duster
while you're in the office?
You'd better hang it yourself
otherwise it'll fall to pieces
and you'll be blaming me for it.
I was almost too late.
Make a fair copy.
Make a fair copy.
Make a fair copy.
Make a fair copy.
Make a fair copy.
Make a fair copy.
Mister Bashmachkin!
Here's a job for you. Prepare
a submission to the Provincial Court
after this petition.
Very simple.
You have to change the title.
In the first three lines.
"He demands" must be written
instead of "I demand".
The rest stays the same, letter to
letter, as the paragraphs are written.
I demand... He demands?
He demands! He!
I demand, he demands...
Have you written it?
I can't.
I'm old, my head doesn't work.
Better give me something to
make a fair copy. I'm used to it.
Well, if your new job is
beyond your liking... let it be.
I offered it to you so you could renew
your overcoat sooner, it's cold out.
God forbid it should happen
that you fall ill...
How much is left until your
retirement? - A year and a half.
Keep on working.
Gentlemen! Gentlemen, here!
Mr Bashmachkin, it's snowing.
It's snowing, Mr Bashmachkin.
Let me be.
Why are you mistreating me?
Let me through.
Let me through...
Venerable sir...
- Venerable sir...
I have this...
Excuse me.
Here, just in one spot,
and there's on the shoulder
a little... hole.
The cloth is strong.
It's just so dusty it looks old,
but it's new. When you're...
- The garment's worn through.
It's been mended twice already.
It can't be done any more.
- Why can't it be done?
Petrovich, put a patch where it's needed.
You do have some patches...
But to go to the boss..
you can lose your job.
The threads have nothing to hold on to.
See how they're fraying.
Better make a duster out of it.
The overcoat must be sewn anew.
New? What are you saying,
Petrovich, God forgive you?
Petrovich, if I really order a new one,
how much will it cost?
About three times half a...
Half a hundred.
That much?
That much.
With a marten collar and silk-lined hood
it could amount to...
two hundred.
What are you babbling, one-eyed devil!
Aren't you sober yet?
Why are you bewildering the man?
Marten! Have you ever seen marten?
Two hundred roubles! Have you ever
held that much in your hands?
Keep quiet, don't interfere.
I've fought with you for
twenty years, you drunkard!
Petrovich, perhaps, if...
- Don't listen to him!
He's just babbling nonsense.
- Not nonsense!
Let's reckon the material.
How much cloth will it take?
Well... about nine arshin.
Nine arshin? On him?
Seven arshin is too much!
But the hood! - The hood's included.
And a cat-skin collar.
It can always be
taken for marten from afar.
There are good cats on sale,
I've seen them.
Cat-skin would be good...
or perhaps beaver...
Avdotya Semyonovna!
Avdotya Semyonovna!
Did you light the stove again
today, Avdotya Semyonovna?
Is that bad? - It's too expensive
for me to heat it every day.
It's winter.
I always heat it every day during winter.
- You should heat it every third day...
And soup can be made without meat.
How come, every third day?
The rent... the stove...
I'm just asking temporarily,
every third day.
I'm a widow, unprotected...
every third day...
I didn't mean that.
Just temporarily...
Avdotya Semyonovna...
- If my late husband were alive!
What am I doing!
Have you really come to order
a coffin for Avdotya Semyonovna?
No, no, not that.
I want to stick this
paper in your window...
so that it could be
seen from the street.
Skilled clerk undertakes fair copying.
Second door, fourth floor.
Ask for Bashmachkin.
Clerk Bashmachkin
undertakes fair copying...
That's for me!
Hot pies. Hot, hot pies!
I make copies.
I came by earlier for your laundry
but you weren't home.
If I take it now
it'll be ready for morning.
Thank you, but everything is clean...
excuse me.
Who's there!
It's for me! It's for me!
I'm coming!
My plan.
What can I do?
I came about your advertisement.
I have here
a project for
the reorganization of society.
It just needs a fair copy.
No, here.
Why are you looking at the walls?
I've never had cockroaches here.
No, I'm just looking...
The quill is somehow different.
Perhaps, my table is shaking.
You've written on that table for
24 years and it's never shaken yet.
During these 20 years the joints may have
dried, settled down... or, something else.
What joints?
You'd better go to sleep.
I will, I'm going to sleep now.
Sleep... a little bit... like this.
What was that?
Reorganization of society...
Careful, careful! Go on!
Whom should I ask?
- What?
I was asked to do a job. It's done now.
- Who d'you want?
A fair copy... to cover my work.
- Your work?
"Reorganization of society".
Twelve and a half roubles.
That guy's a complete nutcase.
You won't get
a single kopeck out of him.
Come on!
How come?
But my... work.
What are you doing there?
We'll burn to death!
Avdotya Semyonovna,
I wanted to tell you
not to make me Chinese tea anymore.
Make me this.
Nobody drinks that!
Enough of your economizing!
If you have no money,
go to a pawnbroker!
I'll get a bonus at Christmas, then
I'll come straight to you with interest.
Your reasoning is strange, dear sir.
- I can give you a receipt.
That way anyone can
come off the street, asking for money.
I'm telling you, pawn something.
I can kiss the sacred icon!
No loan?
I've nothing to pawn.
Every man has one last pawn.
- What is it?
- What?
The Academy buys them:
twenty five roubles a piece.
Exactly what I need!
- Sell it and you'll have the money.
Where can I get a skeleton?
Sell your own.
Your own.
How do you do, Akakiy
Akakyevich! How do you do!
Are you examining overcoats?
I've heard. Congratulations.
For what?
You've been awarded a bonus.
The amount is... fair.
No... for me... what...
What are you doing? Calm down!
...suddenly completely unexpected...
a bonus.
And the amount... exactly precise...
Two arshins. Nowadays
they're wearing them shorter.
With wear,
it'll become much longer!
That's the only thing you know
how to say. "With wear".
Excuse me.
I wanted to ask what the time is.
Ready? Thanks. You can go.
I've ordered it.
What have you ordered?
- The overcoat. As you told me.
And the tailor is very good.
Oh, here you are.
I wanted to humbly ask you...
A humble request.
I have to try it on today.
If I could... leave... earlier...
Go, go, if you have to try it on.
Try it on!
So it will be.
We'll take it here...
hood on the top
- It's nothing.
Walk a little.
Walk, Akakiy Akakyevich!
Go, see whether it's not
restricting your legs.
To meet you on the street now,
one wouldn't recognize you.
Exactly like a general!
See, your exact portrait.
Petrovich, maybe I...
part of the money now,
part on Sunday and you...
Pardon me, I'll finish it
with God's help and then we'll see.
Now I have new one.
Is Akakiy Akakyevich home?
Petrovich... - You showed up!
He's long since waiting for you...
We always deliver
an order on time.
Well, Akakiy Akakyevich,
receive your things...
It's finished, Akakiy Akakyevich.
Take it, sir.
The money, Petrovich, is on the table.
I didn't have enough time to change it.
Golden hands. No better ones in
Petersburg. If only he didn't drink...
OK. Here's the buttons.
I wish you prosperity!
Wear it with luck!
He tried so hard...
Thank you, Petrovich.
Good morning, Akakiy Akakyevich!
Quiet! It's me,
Akakiy Akakyevich.
Calm down! I have to go to work.
- What's happening?
Good morning!
The dog doesn't recognize me.
What's up? - Morning!
The dog doesn't recognize me.
What's going on out there?
What's going on!
Look, wet through... what...
it won't even last a day like this.
No way, thank you sincerely.
Oh, Mr. Bashmachkin!
I didn't recognize you.
Gentlemen, new overcoat!
Gentlemen! So be it: I'm throwing
a party in honour of Akakiy Akakyevich.
Everybody is invited
tonight to have some tea.
To the overcoat!
Where is it?
Here you are!
Have you eaten?
- Yes. Here you go...
Thank you.
- There's more.
What are you doing? Let's go.
I'll give you a hand!
- Thanks.
Here you go. Goodbye.
No, I...
- Goodbye.
Welcome, sir.
Sir? Me?
Welcome, sir.
Emperor! Your hat!
Please, save me.
Daddy! I was looking for you...
I beg you, come with me,
just to the crossing.
I was looking for you...
Let's go, the policeman is after me.
Understand? Let's go.
Before you...
- Daddy, you'll catch cold.
Thank you, it's just that I...
I can't listen to that.
Put your hat on!
Don't look back!
- I'm not looking back, I'm...
Let's go!
For you...
- Thank you.
Oh, it's him again!
But you...
- Faster!
Daddy! Thanks...
Daddy, go home! Bye.
No, here's... here's...
I have for you...
Where are you?
Oh, precisely...
Such circumstances...
Today, Akakiy Akakyevich...
Oh, such circumstances.
Oh, those Frenchmen,
if they only wanted...
She's come back!
What? Him?
- Just scream!...
It's my overcoat!
Stop, brothers, stop...
Police! Help! Police!
He must go to a constable.
It's done that way.
The cop will swindle him: promise
at first, then lead him by the nose.
- Keep quiet. - I say he must
go to a higher ranked officer.
Go to a constable first.
Quiet, I say!
...what concerns my rooms,
I want to know... - Quiet!
What are you here for?
I'm sorry. I came to you...
because last night...
Daddy? Daddy!
Daddy, remember. Be so kind.
Yesterday I led you from Nevsky Street,
you were a little drunk...
So I couldn't even be
in any rented rooms!
Here. I can't remember exactly,
but yesterday night an overcoat...
a new one... was stolen from me.
Who? Me?
Hold her!
Oh, you, bastard! I didn't take
any golden rings, or your overcoat...
...your kindness, yesterday night
while walking through the square...
What square?
I can't remember exactly, but...
- So, you can't.
Where did you come from
that you can't remember a thing?
From... there... was a party
on account of my new overcoat.
Drunk like a pig you went
you yourself don't know where.
That's right. Sorry.
And you didn't show up for work!
I... forgot. To explain myself.
A clerk wants to see you, Bashmachkin.
- Who is Bashmachkin?
I couldn't say.
- Where's he from? What's his business?
He doesn't say.
- Tell him to come in. - Very good.
His highness awaits. Please.
I... sorry... I wanted to explain myself.
I'm late for work.
My overcoat, completely new...
I ask that...
you order them to find it
or whoever has it...
What are you doing, dear sir?
You don't know the procedure.
- Where have you come from?
You don't know how things are arranged.
First of all you have to file
a request in the register.
It goes to the section head,
then to department head,
then it would have to be
handed over to the secretary
and the secretary
would have given it to me.
You... just order it.
I only took the liberty to see you
because secretaries...
they're unreliable folk...
Where did you get such nerve?
- Forgive me, your highness...
Where did you get such ideas?
What disrespect
towards bosses and superiors
has spread amongst the young people!
Do you know to whom
you are speaking?
Do you realize who is
standing before you?
Do you understand, I ask you?
Help! Help!
Akakiy Akakyevich, lie down.
- Petrovich, you've come!
Good... I... forgot to tell you...
when you begin to sew on the hood
make a noose there...
The thief will sneak up
and the noose...
Your highness, well then?
You don't know how things are arranged.
You thought I...
No. Give me mine!
With its collar of cat-skin.
Do you hear!
I'm talking to you!
Imbecile! Swine! Swindler!
It's too late to do anything now.
You should have called me earlier,
yesterday perhaps...
Have you heard, gentlemen? He snatches
overcoats and looks for ranks and titles.
What if the thief isn't a clerk?
The victim, a general, described
him exactly, just like I see you now.
Low stature, unpleasant...
- But from which department?
It's hard to say precisely.
It's just that...
people say it's our Bashmachkin...
It turns out that thief is...
Akakiy Akakyevich.
It's impossible to confirm it
for sure, but people say...
Who? Who?
Titular counsellor Bashmachkin.
God and Holy Mary!
Your highness, here!
He rented a room from her.
- That's him.
Did he go out last night?
No, he didn't go anywhere.
It's two days since he died.
You're not being asked about that.
I know myself he's dead.
You are asked:
did he go out last night?
And at what time?
He didn't go anywhere.
He lay so quietly.
Here he's deceased,
there he's running around the city,
tearing overcoats off superiors.
Faster! Faster!
What's there?
A casket, your highness.
Room for rent for a clerk.
In Philippoviy house.