The PA and the Manhattan Prince (2023) Movie Script

: I've changed my mind.
I can't have red flowers tomorrow, Lucy.
No way. The arch has to be orange.
- Orange?
- Yes. You can fix that
for me, can't you?
By 8:00 in the morning?
Yes, Ryanna,
it's no problem at all.
I'll see you tomorrow at--
Just one more day.
One more day.
There's been a monumental mistake.
- Really?
- The orange flowers,
they gotta go.
Get me red flowers.
You can do that, right?
Of course, Ryanna. I had
red on standby, just in case.
Good call.
And I need a coffee,
double espresso, soy milk,
and a goji berry in a tall cup.
The usual? Of course.
- Who should I make it out to?
- Della.
Okay, Della.
Amazing. I'm almost out of breath,
even though I didn't really walk anywhere.
Woo! That was awesome.
I think I have carpal tunnel
from all the books I signed.
But wow, I moved product.
So. Much. Product.
Here, have a copy.
I signed that.
Um, I'm so glad it's gone well.
Thanks, Lucy. You were great.
I'm so glad you liked my idea
of the red flowers.
Your suggestion of the orange one,
that just wasn't gonna work.
Red was definitely the right choice.
So, tomorrow, I need you
to swing by Tiffany's and--
Oh, I'm so sorry, Ryanna,
I'm not gonna be here.
- Did I authorize a vacation?
- No, this is my last day.
- Remember?
- Oh! Oh, of course!
Oh. Oh, Lucy, look at you,
moving on in the world.
You. Have. Been. A-maz-ing.
Honestly, I don't know
what I would have done
without you. You've saved
my life so many t--
Hello? Patricia!
I'm so glad you called.
Look, look, I need you
to do something now for me.
I need you to get me
on the front row at Dior.
Well, if you're gonna be
my personal assistant,
you'll get it done! Uh-huh.
Then I need you to swing by Tiffany's
and pick up my diamonds. Yeah,
there weren't enough on the bracelet.
They're fixing it.
I'm so sorry, Gloria.
I had 101 things to do.
Think nothing of it, darling.
I knew Ryanna wasn't going
to let you finish on time.
That was delicious.
Thank you so much for dinner,
I should get going soon.
Gotta prepare for tomorrow.
Oh. Any idea who this
mysterious new client might be?
None. I've been trying
to get my agent to give me
some insight, but nothing.
All she'll tell me
is that this client is leagues
above my usual celebs.
Let's hope it's a better class of client.
Someone who doesn't call you
all hours of the night.
I'm hoping it's royalty.
I mean, that would mean a whole new level
of international experience.
Dealing with heads of state
and delicate diplomatic situations.
It all sounds wonderful.
I'm sensing a "but".
Well, maybe a little one.
Um, if you get this,
you'll still be working the same hours?
I guess so. Similar,
but less chaos, hopefully.
When was the last time you
went out and enjoyed yourself?
- Aw.
- Had an evening off
and saw friends?
Had time for a date?
Gloria, you don't understand.
If this client really
is super high profile,
the experience could help me
launch my own company.
Training top level PAs to work
for the real movers and shakers.
International CEOs, royalty, presidents.
That's quite a plan you've got there.
It is! And in the meantime,
this new job can't be as stressful
as working for Ryanna.
Oh! Ha, ha! Okay. Whew.
Excuse me? Uh...
Oh wait, if you could just--
Ugh, oh, my God.
- Do you need help there?
- Oh, no I'm...
Actually, yes.
Oh, messy.
I just um, I need to get these cakes
- back on the table.
- I see.
It's just that I've heard
that the prince is a real
stickler for neatness.
I've heard that, too.
He does sound frightful, doesn't he?
I'm so sorry.
Oh, uh, never mind that.
Uh, do you want me to clean?
I fear you'll only make it worse.
No, no, I have some...
I can...
I've got some wipes in here somewhere.
I'm... I'm sure that I,
just give me a second to... oh.
I assume you are the candidate
for the position of...
personal assistant, madam?
Yes, I am. Um, I'd offer
to shake your hand but--
Uh, thank you but... no.
Uh, you may restore yourself in there.
And meet me in the sitting room.
I'm not sure, but I think
he was talking to you.
Oh, my God.
The role is quite unlike
anything you've done before.
I know, but I'm adaptable and discreet.
No, I mean your role
is quite unlike anything
most people have done before.
You see, this is a different world, Lucy.
There are rules and rituals to observe.
Details to remember that you wouldn't need
for any other job.
I'm here to learn.
Uh, for instance, do you know
that you should never
leave the room before the prince does?
No, but I do now.
- Oh.
- And when he enters.
Is this right, Your Highness?
Right isn't quite the word
I'd use.
Don't mind me. I thought
I would just sit in
on the interview and offer some pointers.
Very well, sir. Hmm.
If successful, your role will be to answer
the prince's correspondence.
- It's very dull.
- Right.
Help him navigate New York's high society
and arrange the prince's schedule.
Oh, it's very busy.
I see, sir.
And assist with the preparations
for the first
Pomerasian Royal Masked Ball
to be held, at the Queen's insistence,
outside the kingdom.
We'll be hosting it here, in New York.
Well, that sounds exciting.
Uh, the organization
of the ball will serve
as your probation period.
If you can help us successfully
stage this important event,
we will confirm your position
here in the royal household
with all the privileges that entails.
Running after me, basically.
I should stress, this is no
ordinary ball or party.
- No?
- No.
The Masked Ball is a royal
Pomerasian ritual
in which the prince will be
presented with three
eligible debutantes,
shortlisted by their majesties,
the King and Queen of Pomerasia,
from the suitable nominations.
You see, it is the ball
at which the prince
will choose his bride.
The idea is that when
I've made my decision,
I will take the Pomerasian betrothal ring
and place it on the winner's finger.
The... the prince means the chosen bride.
Well, it does sound romantic, sir.
Anything but.
Duty and formality,
which my parents uphold above all else.
Oh, and your duty will also entail
helping the prince prepare
for the interview
with the three princesses
that are being considered.
- Interviewing princesses?
- Mm-hmm.
What kind of questions would you ask?
What's your favorite throne?
Where do you buy your crowns?
Actually, I... I do have a question.
What made you become a PA, Miss Woods?
Well, I...
I like helping people.
Making things right.
Making things run smoothly
for people who can't
do it for themselves
because they don't have
enough time, or whatever.
You see, when I was little,
my mom got sick,
and so, I had to organize everything.
I had to look after her, clean and iron,
get myself to high school,
and cook for us both
when I got back.
And I realized
that organizing my time and doing it well
made life easier.
And it made her happy.
Is that true?
Of course, it's all true.
I know the difference
a well-run life can make.
Well, Miss Woods, we'll let you know
if you've been successful.
Right. Thank you.
There's no need.
We can tell her right away.
I'm so sorry about the cakes,
and if I said the wrong thing,
and for my terrible curtsy.
I hope you find the person you need, sir.
We have.
Very well, sir.
When can you start?
Can you begin next--
Oh, yes, sir.
Remember, Miss Woods...
Oh, Lucy, please.
You might want to research
where princesses buy their crowns.
We might've found a more
suitable candidate, sir.
Have we seen anyone more suitable, James?
She's highly capable.
She'll be a breath of fresh air
in this place.
This is gonna be fun.
she'll only be here
for a while, won't she?
She might even last a few days
longer than the last one did.
Here's to you, kiddo.
Your new job and the start
of the rest of your life.
As long as I never see
another cake stand again,
I'm happy.
You made yourself memorable.
That's what matters.
Here's to fabulous royal events,
acute manners, and glittering tiaras.
I haven't seen any tiaras
but they do have...
Now that's what I call a showstopper.
How fabulous.
You've got to try that little beauty on.
Ha! It's for the prince's chosen one.
Ah, isn't it stunning, though?
Hmm, worth getting hitched
just for that, I'd say.
- Gloria!
- What? I'm a realist.
A realist? The ring
shouldn't come into it.
You marry for love and the ring
symbolizes that love.
Dear sweet Lucy, who has no time for love.
Let me tell you, as one who has lived,
you grab your chances where you can,
otherwise, you end up like me,
wondering where the love
of your life went.
- Oh, Gloria.
- Oh, it's fine. I'm over it.
You don't sound over it.
Hmm. So what if we planned
to run away together?
There's not been a day
in the last 30 years
that I haven't wondered
what might have been,
or what happened to Jimmy.
I'm sorry.
But that's the thing, darling.
You never know when
you'll meet your soulmate.
Don't let your chances pass you by.
Toto, I have a feeling
we're not in Kansas anymore.
Any good?
I have notes.
Your knee shouldn't touch the floor.
It should look as though
gravity is calling to it,
but it shouldn't touch the floor.
- Okay.
- And your eyes
should be straight ahead.
And a word of caution, if I may,
you may somehow gain the impression
that the prince has a certain,
how shall we say, warmth.
Some might even call him charming.
- Do not be fooled, Lucy.
- No?
Charm is his armor and shield,
his method of escape,
should demands be made on him.
Like a squid's ink cloud?
I wouldn't quite put it that way, but yes.
It does have a similar effect.
You may need to take
a, a firm hand with him, Lucy.
I'm afraid the other candidates
have been rather
dazzled by it all
and he's run rings around them.
Given them certain little tests.
My advice is be prepared.
That's my motto, too.
Oh, Your Highness,
we were just taking a break
from the correspondence.
Well, if Lucy needs a break,
maybe she should
accompany me on my daily schedule.
I don't actually need a break, sir,
but if you'd like me to do that,
I'm happy to help.
See, James? Highly capable.
With respect, sir,
the schedule is demanding today
and I'm not sure that Miss Woods--
- Lucy.
- Lucy.
Miss Woods.
Miss Lucy...
Lucy has time for that
and the royal correspondence today.
Well, let's see if she's up
for the job, then.
Miss Woods, or do you prefer Miss Lucy?
Lucy is fine, sir.
Do you accept the challenge, Lucy?
Be prepared.
I used to be world number three, you know?
Oh. Uh, so you played
in all the major tournaments, sir?
Not the official world rankings,
the unofficial tournaments
amongst royals around the world.
We're rather good.
I'm seeded third.
Or was, until I went off on a world tour
and discovered
they played on without me. Hmm.
- Do you play?
- Oh, a little, sir.
I um, know one end
of the racket from the other.
You can drop that sir stuff, you know.
Just takes so much longer
adding it to sentences.
You know.
Hello, sir. Goodbye, sir.
There's a phone call from
the palace for you, sir.
Precious oxygen just eaten up on nonsense.
Hours of your life wasted.
Oh, that's a nuisance.
What is it?
Duke Otto is delayed at the airport.
Looks like he won't be here in time.
I'm sorry to hear that, s...
Oh, what will be, will be.
Not so fast, Lucy.
You said you played.
I mean, not really.
I know the basics.
Well, that's probably enough.
You should see some of the other royals.
Hopeless, all of them.
How do you think I got
to number three? Let's play.
Oh, I really couldn't.
I mean, I'm in a suit
and I don't have a racket.
I won the playoffs with this one.
- It'll bring you luck.
- I really can't.
I thought you said you liked a challenge?
Be prepared.
You know you're not supposed
to let me win.
Believe me, I'm not.
Ha! 15-40! See?
And now the match gets interesting.
That was most enjoyable.
It was certainly a workout.
I think I might have a long, hot shower.
You have...
five minutes and 20 seconds
for a shower, hot or otherwise.
- What?
- Your next appointment.
The car will be picking us up.
- Can I cancel?
- Can you?
No, I suppose I can't.
Don't worry.
I produced a briefing pack.
We can go over it together
after you've changed.
No, actually,
I've got a couple of errands
- I'd like you to run.
- Of course.
I need a gift for my mother.
Something that says New York,
without it actually having
the words written on it.
You understand? Nothing vulgar.
And I need some white socks.
They must be Himalayan silk
for breathability.
And I don't seem to have my speech.
There was nothing
in the notes about a speech.
I wrote it by hand.
Go back to the apartment, fetch it,
and meet me at the event.
Another test, then.
Ah, you seem to have come
with quite a bit of baggage.
He had me playing tennis, in my suit.
Bravo. Many would have
walked out at that stage.
Hang on, he sets
the same tests for everyone?
You said there'd been other PAs
but I didn't realize--
Oh, it amuses him.
How can he focus on the masked ball
if he spends all his time
thinking up tests?
It's my concern exactly.
Uh, so why all the sports paraphernalia?
So I'm not caught out again.
Badminton, football, baseball.
There's even a table tennis
paddle and probably a falcon
in there somewhere. I'm...
: Prepared.
Haha, forward planning.
Right now, I'm looking for his speech.
- Speech?
- He says he has to give one.
Oh, let me help you in your search.
Maybe we should look through
the filing cabinet again.
Hello. Lucy Woods.
: Don't worry
about the speech, I found it.
It was in my pocket all along.
How annoying for you
that I didn't check it
before you left, eh?
Not at all.
I'm so glad you found it.
Oh, hello, sir.
Getting better.
We need to do more work
on dropping that sir, though.
Well, I've completed all of your errands.
Yes, I got your mother's
present, a singing fish.
- A singing--
- They're all the rage
among royalty, apparently.
I read that even the English
royals have one.
Sounds... unusual but fun.
And I have your Himalayan silk socks.
Jolly good.
Was there anything else?
We might need a tin of tartan
paint for the ballroom tomorrow.
Tartan paint?
You can't have her get something
that doesn't exist, sir.
I'm afraid the prince
is pulling your leg, Lucy.
With respect, sir,
my role in your office is not
to provide you with amusement.
I'm not a game. I'm not
here for your sport.
- What?
- I am an experienced
professional with a job to do.
But, really, don't be like that. I...
I had to see if you were
up for it, didn't I?
Not like this.
I take pride in my work,
in doing a great job,
in anticipating and solving problems
before they've even arisen.
Thinking one step ahead.
I'm not here
to just make the tea and entertain you.
Ah! Well, that's a shame.
Tomorrow, I was hoping
to take you on an actual
firing range. That would
get the blood pumping.
Or see if you can catalogue
my cufflink collection.
This was quite a lot
of fun, though, wasn't it?
No, sir, it was demeaning.
Enough with the sirs,
I mean it.
If I'm not the person
you're looking for, I can go.
- No, no, no.
- I'll find another client.
No, no, no, no. I'm sorry.
I... underestimated you.
Your trials have come to an end.
Well done.
Hasn't she done well, James?
I'd better brace myself for
a proper day of work tomorrow.
Then we can discuss
whose job it actually is
to make the tea then.
I'm sorry I spoke out,
Sir James.
I just didn't feel
I was being given
a fair chance to show what I can do.
If I'm not the person you're looking for--
No, but you are, Lucy.
Well done. He would've gotten
rid of five PAs by this stage.
No, I think you've demonstrated
to us both how much we need you.
Thank you.
This is what happens
when you move
to the next level, I suppose.
And he won't take anything seriously.
No, we're supposed to be
planning this masked ball
and he prefers to play pranks on me.
Well, maybe he's had
a lifetime of taking things
too seriously and he's just
letting off steam.
What's he like?
Annoying, evasive,
and infuriatingly charming.
Although, I'm told that's a trap.
He's a completely different breed to what
I've dealt with before.
But I can handle him.
He doesn't know it yet,
but he has met his match.
Just have to understand
why he behaves like this
and then I can find a solution.
Hmm. Perhaps he can then focus more
on being prince truly charming.
Hey, can you curtsy?
- Of course.
- How did you learn that?
Oh, darling, one doesn't perform
at countless royal galas without
being able to bob up and down.
Can you teach me?
Like this?
Oh, I'm too far down.
: Well, I'm not sure.
I've been calling all day
and I haven't gotten any response.
- Morning.
- Not sure what is going on.
Why isn't it here?
The courier promised it would be, sir.
Well, that's evidently a broken promise.
Do you know how terrible I will look?
Well, we could delay, sir.
That will have diplomatic
incident written all over it,
- wouldn't it? We can't delay.
- We can't continue.
Is this something
I could help with?
I heard the word courier
and I'm on first name terms
with most of the big firms in New York.
Oh, that's kind of you,
but I-I don't think
there's anything to be done.
contact Bensons and
find out where my black
Pomerasian roses got to.
Right. Black rose?
His Highness has a planting ceremony
in the memorial gardens, here in New York,
to twin the park and the Royal
Pomerasian Botanical Garden.
Encourage collaboration, mutual projects,
share expertise.
That sort of thing.
But it's not here,
so I've got nothing to plant.
On it.
Hi, Bensons?
Mike, it's Lucy Woods.
Chasing up a late delivery.
We're running out of time.
I will go to the park.
Bring it to me quickly as you can, James.
They need to bring it
to the park within the hour.
Within the hour. Got it.
Thanks, Mike.
Pomerasian Black...
Ugh, why are flowers
the bane of my existence?
Pleasure to meet you.
Lovely to meet you.
Pleasure, sir.
Pleasure to meet you.
Lovely to meet you, ma'am.
Yes, yes,
lovely day here.
Yes, very happy to be here.
Oh, excuse me, sir.
Yes. Where were we? Yes.
: Sir James, the rose is here.
Oh, well, get it here.
Yeah, there's a problem.
It's dead.
- Dead?
- Well, there are no leaves
or petals on it, so that means
it's dead, doesn't it?
Well, it certainly doesn't sound good.
Where can I get another one?
Well, you would have to go
to the upper hills of Pomerasia.
It is, of course, a very rare plant.
It only grows in one part of the world.
It's almost impossible to find,
even more impossible to grow.
It's our national flower.
Of course it is.
We'll have to uh,
postpone the ceremony and--
Oh, wait, I can fix this.
I've done this sort of thing before.
How? It's dead!
We only need a suitable plant
for the photograph, right?
Then we can have another one delivered
and planted in its place?
Well, finding any black rose
in 20 minutes is impossible.
Leave it to me.
All right.
- What's happening?
- Uh, it's all in hand, sir.
Is it?
Yes. Yeah, it's a splendid day here.
Beautiful setting and the rose
should be on its way.
I don't know how you did it.
I'll tell you later.
Perfect curtsy.
And your flower finding skills
are exemplary.
- No notes.
- Thank you.
- Your Highness?
- Ah yes, thank you.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Allow me to handle that.
What happened there?
The rose arrived, but it was dead.
Tried to find a black one,
but had to settle for a red one.
- And?
- And I got artsy.
Well, that was inventive.
If a little messy.
Duke and Duchess of Alberry?
Frightful bores.
So, should I see if they're attending?
Oh yes, they have to come.
Lady Merriweather de Farge?
You know, the most bounces
I've done is 382.
Perhaps we should take a break for lunch?
Best idea you've had all morning.
We do have to finish the guest list
- at some point, though.
- Oh, it can wait.
The masked ball is in a few short weeks.
Let me have some fun, Lucy.
Okay. What can I have brought in for you?
We could go out to eat.
What's a typical lunch in New York?
We could go to a caf.
That would be exciting.
- What's that?
- Which one?
All of it.
I usually just get brought dishes of food.
I didn't know you could
choose from pictures.
Well, here you get
to choose what you want.
One turkey club combo on rye, please.
Two of those, please.
I mean, one for me, not two.
Heh. That would be excessive.
Though, I probably could...
no, just one.
Coming up.
You've seriously never done this before?
You find that amusing, do you?
No more amusing than being
asked to fetch tartan paint.
Oh, I'm... I'm sorry
about that. I misjudged you.
Hmm. It's okay.
I've heard worse.
I heard of this one PA
who was forced to dive
into the Hudson River
to retrieve her boss' phone.
Oh, I'll have to try that one.
When I get back home, yeah.
With respect, if you did that to me,
I'd be leaving your phone
to the fish. I don't do water.
Don't do water?
You can't just decide that.
Yes, I can. I'm scared of it.
So, no scuba diving
vacations for you, then?
No. I can't swim.
Well, I can't order from a menu.
We all have our weaknesses.
I've always prided myself
on working in my client's
best interest. Making their
lives easy and stress-free.
Well, mission accomplished.
I'm feeling pretty
stress free right now.
That's because we're having lunch and not
working on the guest list.
Hope I'm not talking
out of turn, but you do seem
to be not entirely on board
with the masked ball.
It's the schedule.
Talking of which, I'd better get
my sandwich to go.
Is that the phrase?
I've seen it in the films.
I only wanted to know
if there was a problem
I could help... with.
Hello, you've reached Ryanna.
Peace be with you.
Hi, Ryanna, can you just call me when
you get this message?
I just need to make sure you're okay
and you've not just locked
your keys in the car. Oh.
No, no need for it.
That's really very good.
Well done.
Thank you.
I just wanted to...
I was a bit curt with you at the caf.
And you're right, it...
it was wrong of me
to give you those tests.
And I just wanted to,
- you know...
- That's all right.
I appreciate your honesty...
And sometimes honesty
is not always what we want to hear.
- What's that?
- Nothing.
And if I had to be honest with you,
I'd have to say I'm rather
dreading the masked ball.
Do you want to answer that?
No, it's fine.
You see, it's my duty and it's tradition.
Something that I have to go through.
But I don't know why
I have to be a part of it.
It makes me want to run away
and live in a cave
with no Wi-Fi, no phone, no Sir James.
Actually, I'd keep
Sir James. He can come.
Not a lot of caves in New York.
Oh, that's a shame.
When I have to do something
I don't like,
I try to find the least worst
thing about it.
Novel idea.
What would that be for you?
The music.
You could make a playlist for the quartet.
That might make it
all a little more bearable?
Yes, that's a great idea.
I'll have a think about
the playlist, the music.
You really ought to answer that.
Lucy, don't let me hold you up.
I can't actually leave until you leave.
Oh, of course. Yes.
How silly of me.
I'm going then.
Have a lovely evening.
Whatever you're doing.
Thank you.
I don't think it'll be lovely.
Gloria, I won't be able
to make movie night. I'm sorry.
- What's happened?
- I don't know.
Ryanna just keeps saying
she needs to see me
but she won't say what it is,
so, who knows.
You've stopped working for her.
I couldn't just leave her in the lurch.
I mean, she could be in real trouble.
What if it is an emergency?
How quickly can you get there?
I'll get a cab.
Nonsense. That would cost you a fortune.
Okay, how else am I supposed to get there?
Can't exactly conjure up a pair of wings.
I won't hear another word.
Get in. We need to get going.
Gloria, I can't thank you enough.
Lucy! What are you doing here?
You said to come.
You said it was urgent.
Oh, that! Oh.
I lost my password to my Pilates account.
I thought you'd be the one
to remember it. No drama.
But then, I found
I'd written it down.
Can you believe I actually
made a note for myself?
That's... great.
The thing is, couldn't you
have asked Patricia?
- The PA that replaced me?
- Oh, she was two PAs ago.
They come, they go.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
So sweet. Have a happy life!
We've got a late reply
from the Hausenhoffs.
We're still waiting for a reply
from Duke d'Or.
He probably won't reply
until the morning of the ball.
- Lucy?
- Hmm? Yes,
um, that sounds wonderful.
Will the prince be joining us
this morning, Sir James?
Hmm. No, he's chosen to go to his boat.
It's a little vexing, to be honest.
I say a little vexing, but what I mean,
it's a huge, badly timed,
very inconvenient problem.
Why do I always say
that the prince is delighted?
He's delighted to hear this,
delighted to hear that.
Always delighted.
It's because the prince
is always delighted.
Lucy, one of the secrets
to this world is consistency.
Consistency in everything,
even correspondence.
If all our letters say the same thing,
then no one can claim that they've had
a more favorable response, can they?
Hmm. Clever.
Hello, Lucy Woods speaking.
- Lucy.
- Your Highness?
- Yes, what do you want?
- You called me.
I know, I was...
I was just joking.
It's nice to hear you so relaxed.
There's nothing as good
for the soul as getting away.
And on that note, Lucy,
I wondered,
could you come to my boat, please?
Yes. I need my backgammon set.
Some of the fellows fancy a game.
Is this another test?
I'm just fetching and carrying for him.
Who knows? If so, he's playing us both.
Of course. I'm on my way.
Excuse me?
Excuse me? I'm looking
for Prince Rupert's yacht?
The royal yacht?
Thank you.
Well, this can't be right.
Thought he'd need a bigger boat.
- Hello, Lucy.
- Hello.
Come across.
Oh, uh, remember that thing
I said about
being scared of water?
Kinda still applies.
Come on, take my hand.
You can do it, Lucy.
Thank you.
Of course.
My friends will be back in a while.
They just went for a bite to eat.
Are you going on to a wedding?
Oh, this. No, I-I just,
I thought it would be...
- More formal?
- ... bigger. I mean,
more formal, yes.
Well it's...
surprisingly spacious.
Would you like a cup of tea?
I'll make it this time.
I should get going.
Stay for a cup of tea.
It'll fortify you
for the walk back down the dock.
I would've had a go, but I wasn't sure
of the procedure.
- Milk?
- Oh, yes, please.
Not too much,
otherwise it'll be a milky horror,
as Gloria calls it.
Sounds best avoided.
A milky horror, not Gloria.
What time will your friends be back?
I don't know.
Oh, uh, by the way, here.
- You've written a playlist?
- You were right.
It helped me feel better about the ball.
Helped me conquer my fear.
I'm glad.
That's why I wanted to return the favor.
I didn't need the backgammon set, Lucy.
I asked for it because I wanted
to get you on the water.
Help you cope with something, too.
You remembered what I said
about being scared of the water?
Sorry, if I was--
I know. It's okay.
I appreciate you helping me.
And I can't say I'm totally over it, but...
I feel a little better.
Same here.
Is that why you came out here?
I'm the master of my own destiny here.
No duty, no tradition.
I just wanted to enjoy
my last few days of freedom.
Is that such a bad thing?
Surely you don't have
to do this if you don't want to.
It's your choice.
Choice is something
you have in your world.
It's not how it works in mine.
Don't they at least ask you?
You must have some input, surely.
Who you're attracted to, who you love?
My family arranged suitable candidates
from suitable families who nominated
their suitable daughters.
Our parents decided.
I have to choose a bride
from a prearranged list.
They are prepared to enter
into an agreement which would
benefit their families.
Love isn't a factor.
Well, it should be.
I know.
: I can see why
you come out here to escape.
It'll do you good not think about the ball
for a little while, too.
Well, one of us should be
thinking about it.
It's a big deal. And you have
to participate in it,
whether you like it or not.
You can still shape it in some way.
I've got an idea.
Why don't you telephone
Sir James and tell him
that we're finalizing
the playlist and we'll be back later?
And what will we really be doing?
Are we moving?
Not just yet.
I'm not sure
I'm ready for this.
Do you trust me?
Did you enjoy it?
It was delightful.
So, you enjoyed it.
Yes, especially now that it's over.
Well, at least it wasn't just
another day at work, was it?
Well, I suppose
I'd better go.
I need to prep for the interview
with the princesses tomorrow.
- Gotta get everything in place.
- Okay.
Do you want me to order
you a car to take you back?
It's fine, Lucy.
I think I'll stay tonight.
Will you be back in time?
See you tomorrow then.
Thank you for the tea.
Good work, Lucy.
I'll see you tomorrow.
And I'll be there.
- So, you sailed?
- I sailed.
And you feel you understand
him a bit better now?
He's unhappy.
And the weird thing is,
that makes me unhappy.
That's not weird.
You like him.
You wanna be in his company.
There's no future in it, though.
Tomorrow I'll meet the woman
he's about to marry.
Are you sure you need me for this?
I want you to be here.
You can see what I'm getting into.
Here are the pre-agreed questions
for the princesses, sir.
Are we ready? Shall I present
the first candidate?
Isn't she going to stand?
Don't be so obtuse, Roo.
You know commoners
should get on their feet.
I'm extremely relaxed about Lucy sitting.
Please, Lucy, remain seated.
- Who is this?
- This is Lucy, my new PA.
Awfully small courtyard, Roo.
I hope your family hasn't
fallen on hard times.
Don't be like that, Carrie.
We've known each other since we were tots.
Our parents had this arranged
when we were in nappies.
Let's get the formality over with, Roo.
I don't really know why I'm here.
What do you need to hear?
My plans for our living arrangements?
Just as long as you don't
interfere with my riding. I am--
What's your favorite sandwich?
My what?
Ask me a proper question, Roo.
Well, I... I'd like to know.
No? Okay.
How have you found New York?
It's frightful.
I was in Central Park
just to let one of my ponies
have a run around.
Suddenly, there was
an almighty hullabaloo.
What happened?
Yes, Carrie, what happened?
Eh, it all got rather silly.
The police turned up, shouting at me
through their megaphones.
So boring.
I got two of them suspended,
so that was fun.
- That's awful.
- I know.
The pony wouldn't harm anyone.
No, I mean, getting two people suspended.
Sounds a testing time,
Are you going to let
your staff judge me like this?
I'm sure Lucy wasn't being judgmental,
she was just taken by your predicament.
You're wasting your time,
Just tell them you've chosen me
and let's get on with it.
The first thing I'll do
is find you a new PA.
She seems nice.
- When was your last medical?
- Uh, July.
- Any problems?
- I... I don't think so.
What is your annual household profit?
Personal household, not the entire royal--
- Well, I uh--
- The prince wouldn't have
access to that information,
I'm afraid, Your Highness.
Well, not without consulting.
What is your projected forecast
- for the next five years?
- Again, the prince would have
to consult on that.
I see.
Is there anything else you'd like to ask
before the prince asks his questions?
Those sandwiches,
could you pack them for me?
Have the ambassador coming.
He can have them if he hasn't overspent.
This should be
Princess Ariella.
Where is she?
Ooh! I like your earrings.
Can I have them?
- Well...
- Oh, don't worry.
You can present them to me at the end.
Oh, I do like presents.
Do you know,
Mommy gave me my own
singing room at home.
It was one of the palace cellars.
She had it soundproofed and everything.
- Really?
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, um, Mommy said,
"Super thick walls
create the best acoustics."
So, what did you think?
Well, sometimes your
positivity isn't enough, Lucy.
Ugh, what am I doing?
It's all awful.
Which is the least awful?
Ah, the illusion of choice.
The thing is, none of them
want to marry me either.
I know.
Sorry if I'm like a broken record,
it's just that sometimes
I wish I could just run away.
That's it, Lucy,
I could run off to sea!
Just need some time to think.
But you're running out of time.
Just one evening.
Just one evening away from all of this.
What are you doing now?
Oh, I'm so sorry,
I'd love to, but my friend,
Gloria, the one
I told you about,
the ex-ballerina, she's hosting
a charity event tonight
and I promised her
I'd be there for her.
Are you allowed a plus one?
Lucy, this is not
the way to the royal box.
- Royal box?
- Yes, it's upstairs.
- It's not down here.
- This theater
- doesn't have a royal box.
- All theaters have a royal box.
I've never seen one without.
Ah, yes, still, that makes me
probably the first royal
to come here, doesn't it?
Jolly good.
We could probably ask them
to put one in afterwards,
can't we?
Don't think I've ever had that before.
- What?
- People in front of me.
What happens if you get a tall
fellow with a hat or something?
Well, you just...
- Like this?
- You've got a little
snake-like thing going on there.
It's more like this.
- Got it.
- Might need a little work.
Oh, at the end,
there is a charity auction.
Top prize is dinner at Orsino's.
Two tickets, please.
But if we get more tickets, surely we have
- a better chance of winning.
- Yes, but--
- A whole book, please.
- Are you sure?
Ah, I don't actually carry any money.
If any other guy
said that to me, I'd think
it was the worst line ever.
Don't worry,
I'll get it this time.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I'm royalty.
I don't think she believed me. Hmm.
Ah, here she is!
You know, I think I saw
Gloria's Nutcracker
at the Royal Albert Hall when I was young.
Was she delightful?
No. She was brilliant.
- Great job.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Delightful to meet you,
That was quite the performance.
Oh, Your Highness is too kind.
It's my absolute pleasure.
And many congratulations on your prize.
Who would have thought,
with all the odds in my favor,
that I'd actually win.
The question is, who do I take
with me to Orsino's?
Well, I could see
if one of the princesses--
Oh, me?
Yes, it's one of those things.
- Yes, yes.
- Oh, okay.
Better question here.
What is the worst decision
you've ever made?
My worst decision?
Well, that's an interesting one.
I've not made a bad decision,
as far as I know.
- Really?
- Well, no.
Because most decisions are made for me.
Sir James has made some
shocking ones on my behalf.
Gonna have to make a decision
for myself soon, though.
Do you have a favorite?
Isabella is bossy.
Caroline is mean.
Ariella is... Ariella.
So, from them, no.
And I'm not sure
any of them would choose me
if they were free to do so.
Maybe we should finish up.
Thank you for walking me home.
Besides, you'd never find
a taxi in a city like this.
Thank you for your help.
Your company has made this
process so much more enjoyable.
I've enjoyed it, too.
It's been... great.
Is that what you said about your job
with the bookstore woman,
when that was coming to an end?
Honestly? No.
Do you stay in touch
with many of your old employers?
It can be hard to let go.
Can it?
You still wanna make sure they're okay.
Remember the other night
when I was getting
all those texts?
That was Ryanna, the book woman.
- Oh.
- I ended up travelling
most of the night for her
on a pointless errand.
Oh, so you're still working for her?
No, no. I just answered her cry for help.
Couldn't leave her in the lurch.
She can't really manage on her own.
Um, this is me.
Do you care so much about
all the people you work for?
this is a special job.
It must have been hard for you
when you were younger,
looking after your mother.
Maybe that's why you're so dedicated.
But it's fixed you on one track, too.
One track, what do you mean?
It's not just about
putting everyone else first,
- whatever the job.
- No, I--
You have the right to your own happiness.
The right to enjoy,
your freedom to choose.
- I--
- That's the true privilege,
isn't it?
The freedom to make your own choice.
You're very fortunate.
So, make the most of that freedom, Lucy.
For both of us.
I'm sorry.
Good night, Lucy.
- Good morning, Sir James.
- Good morning, Lucy.
The chefs say nearly everything's ready
- for the tasting.
- Oh, it can't have come
at a moment too soon, can it?
You there, this dessert fork
is too close to the placemat.
What measurements are you working from?
I just think if the guests
contribute to the cost
of the ceremony, you're less likely
to be out of pocket. Aren't you?
Upside down.
Right way up!
Upside down?
- Shall we?
- Let's.
Your Highnesses,
if I may have your attention,
I know you've met
Miss Woods yesterday,
the prince's trusted aide.
Hired help.
She will kindly oversee the menu tasting,
seek your opinion on the proposed dishes,
and ensure the smooth running
of the event.
I need to find the prince.
Have you seen him?
He's proving rather elusive.
- Not since last night.
- Last--
He... we had dinner.
He walked me home around 11:00,
I think.
Oh, I'll find him.
Your Highnesses, the first
dish will be ready shortly,
so if you'd graciously take your seats.
The ganache was too runny.
Ganache is a funny word.
We can lose the gold leaf
on top. An extravagance.
Oh, I like the gold,
though it didn't really taste
like anything, though.
I thought it would taste more goldy.
And what did you think
of the dessert, Your Highness?
It's cheap and tries far too hard.
The prince seems to like it.
What can I say?
Sadly, Rupert can often be distracted
by common little things.
Maybe there's an honesty
to it that he finds refreshing.
It's an eminently forgettable dessert.
- Hardly suitable for his station.
- Your Royal Highness, may I?
What are you doing, girl?
Did I tell you I'd finished?
Get away!
Honestly, I don't know where Rupert finds
these useless and inept people.
You're being unfair.
How dare you?
I'm sorry, Your Highness,
but you can't treat
people that way.
Maria was merely preparing
- for the next course.
- I'll do exactly as I want.
I don't like this party.
Get this ganache off me! Ah!
I just don't understand.
Orsino's was so great,
but I haven't heard from him since.
I don't know if I did something wrong?
Things were going so well.
He was really honest with me about things.
I don't think he talks
like that to anybody else.
Could he have gone to his boat?
I know how unhappy
he is about his situation.
I just don't think he can face it.
- Hmm.
- What's expected of him.
He's so different when we're alone,
away from the royal residence.
You miss him?
Well, he makes dealing with the princesses
a whole lot easier.
But not just because of that.
It's ridiculous.
I know I've gotta keep my mind
on the job,
but I just find it
hard not to think of him,
how much he's dreading this ball.
I find it very hard not to think of him.
You feel something for him, don't you?
I've seen the way you look at each other.
You think he's interested in me?
Isn't it obvious?
Uh, it could just be his charm, though.
God, I wish I knew where I stood.
Look, you're both trapped,
you by your job,
him by his position and sense of duty.
Oh, this is so frustrating!
I wish we had a chance
to just see where we both stood,
you know. See ourselves
as we really are for once.
Well, you could,
but you'd both have to take
a risk for that to happen.
Sir? Hello?
Are you escaping, too?
- Oh, it's good to see you.
- And you.
I was worried about you.
I just needed some time.
I understand.
Where have you been?
Oh, just a few places
I knew in New York.
I'm sorry I wasn't there
for the tasting. How did it go?
- Fine.
- Really?
It was like herding cats.
It will all happen.
Everything will go as planned
and my parents will get
the happy ending they desire.
Oh, how rude of me.
You've come all this way
and I haven't watched you
make yourself a cup of tea.
- Are the princesses ready?
- Nearly.
I really need them down for practice now.
Good heavens, James,
why are they taking so long?
Well, they're in their suites
getting ready, sir.
I'm sure they'll be down shortly.
Unfortunately, we had an additional delay
as we had to get a new hairdresser
for Princess Caroline.
- She sent the other one away.
- In tears.
Well, I've got that speech
to give at the science museum.
I really can't wait that much longer.
- Maybe I can hurry them along.
- No.
Perhaps you could fill in for them
at the rehearsal and Sir James
could stand in for me later
so they have a chance to practice.
That's most unusual, sir.
Three princesses to dance with.
You'll have a lovely time.
I really won't.
- Lucy.
- I have two left feet.
That's okay,
I have two right ones.
Ah. Your Highness,
may I present Princess Caroline,
first daughter of King Gustav
of the Oslo States.
Hmm. She curtsies.
He takes her hand.
Music starts.
He says...
May I have this dance?
- She says...
- You bet.
- Shall we?
- Why not?
- Be serious.
- Oh. I would be honored.
Now, I, I think that's enough.
We'll stop the music there.
Don't worry,
she'll take it more seriously.
Where's the fun in that?
Oh! Shh.
I'm saving my voice.
I'm using it on a low setting.
It's wonderful.
And this concludes the dance
with the second princess.
I think he wants us to stop dancing.
And what do you think?
I'm not gonna do what's expected.
Just this once.
Stop the music.
I'm here now, Roo.
Oh, we were just practicing.
You can send the staff away, too.
Give me that. And that.
Thank you so much, Lucy.
It was a pleasure.
I will leave you both to practice.
I don't know why you're wasting your time
on that little upstart.
Oh, can I help you?
I... I don't know how it...
It's stuck.
- It's not coming off!
- Let me try again.
It is most insulting
that you're checking up
on your staff instead of dancing with me.
I just wanna see
if she's okay and then I'll--
: It's stuck.
It's not coming off!
: Let me try again.
Oh, my word, she's trying
to steal the betrothal ring.
- No, I was just trying it on.
- Stealing it.
No, I'm...
I'm sure she wasn't.
I just walked by and it looked so amazing
and I, and I thought in the spur
of the moment that...
Oh, here.
- Oh.
- There we are.
No harm done.
I'd wager she was
the one who stole my brooch.
What are you talking about?
What brooch?
Check her handbag.
Oh. This is most irregular.
- This is crazy.
- If it's crazy,
you won't object to the search.
I hope you're ready
to apologize, Caroline.
I had no idea.
You have to believe me.
I didn't put it there.
I was right. She's a thief!
An upstart commoner and a thief.
- No!
- Obviously, there's been
a misunderstanding.
I'm sorry. I had no choice.
And under the circumstances,
I regret to say that we can't
give you a reference.
: My dear Lucy, I wanted
to write to you to thank you
for your service. I also wanted
to let you know that I am sure
there is a simple explanation
for what happened
and hope that there are
no hard feelings between us.
Thank you for making the past
few weeks such a delight.
I wish you a happy life.
Yours sincerely, Rupert.
It's been three days.
I just can't let it go.
I keep going over it.
I know, it's totally unfair
and you were treated poorly.
But you know he doesn't hold
you responsible.
He thinks it's all a big misunderstanding.
And forget her.
She just saw you as a threat
to her arrangement.
It's not her
I'm thinking about.
I'm sure he knows the truth.
His letter suggests as much, doesn't it?
Tonight's the night.
He'll pick one of the princesses
and start his new life.
someone should give him a proper choice.
What do you mean?
I mean, you. You should go.
I wish I could, but I can't.
You'll always wonder, if you don't.
- Wonder what?
- What might have been?
Whom he'd have chosen?
He'd never choose me.
Would you choose him?
- Yes, but...
- Well, then, give him a chance
to choose you.
He doesn't love these women,
they don't love him,
he's told you that repeatedly.
This is crazy.
I know what it's like, Lucy.
I felt the same that night
I ran to the station.
It's a risk, but I had to go.
It's the only way you'll know
and be able to put this to rest.
What does your heart say?
That I wanna see him again.
That's your answer.
Put yourself first for once.
Back yourself, Lucy.
Trust and love.
- I don't have an invite.
- That's your invite.
He'll be appalled
that I've broken protocol.
He seems quite happy
to break it when it suits him.
I don't have anything suitable to wear.
Shall we?
Royal gala.
The Hamptons.
Red carpet.
Met Ball.
It's okay?
It's more than okay.
You look wonderful.
It's a masked ball
and I don't have a mask.
Oh you don't need one.
But we'll be late
if we don't leave now.
I don't have any mice for the pumpkin,
but I do have my fairy
coach parked outside.
Thanks. Um, Gloria,
I'm doing the right thing, aren't I?
Honestly, it's a tough thing you're doing.
It would be easier to stay here.
But if you do that, you'll have
a life of never knowing.
Evenings spent thinking what if,
and days wanting to turn the clock back.
So, yes, it's a gamble,
but you're doing the right thing.
Oh, Gloria,
I've never done this before.
Putting myself first.
Putting love first. It's scary.
It is scary but it's so worth it.
Come on, I've spent too log talking
and not enough time driving like a demon.
Is there a back entrance
to the royal apartment?
- Yes.
- Good. We might be able
- to sneak you in that way.
- Okay.
Here's the side entrance.
You go on. I'm gonna
stay out here and keep watch
- and I'll meet you inside.
- Okay.
Uh... Lucy.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry, Sir James,
but I have to be here.
- I need to see the prince.
- Oh!
He believes that that incident
was a misunderstanding.
He doesn't blame you.
It's not about that.
Don't you think
he should be free to choose
what he wants to do with his life?
Oh, I'm sorry, but that's
entirely inappropriate.
- But--
- No, you must leave and-and...
- What?
- Jimmy?
Why weren't you at the station?
Why? Where on earth were you?
I was at the station.
You weren't there.
Where were you?
- I was waiting!
- So was I!
No, you weren't!
I waited all night
at Central West and you never showed.
I was at the Central East.
I waited on that platform
all night, until dawn.
I thought you never
wanted to see me again.
Oh, I thought the same!
Lucy, let this be a lesson to you
about the importance of communication.
Oh uh, what do we do now?
Right now, we need
to get these two together.
Then... then we'll see.
Oh, I missed you so much.
We've both been given a second chance.
Lucy needs hers.
Presenting Princess Caroline
of the Oslo States.
You're blocking my big entrance,
you wretched man.
Princess Isabella
of the Greater New Township.
How much did this all cost?
I never approved payment for decorations.
Princess Ariella of Augustine.
Sorry, I didn't know it was for me.
I thought there was four of us.
Really, Mother, you do pick them.
Stop that thief!
She's here to steal the ring!
She was sacked for theft
and now she's back here sneaking around
making a bee-line for the ring.
Stop her.
Have her removed!
Call the police!
No, she didn't, Caroline!
- What?
- That's not true!
Don't be silly.
She was caught with stolen goods
in her bag. I was there!
They were only stolen
because you put them there.
I was told to always be honest,
and that's what I saw.
I saw her put the brooch in her bag.
She's a servant, Ariella.
Why are you defending a servant?
You wanted me out of the way.
Is it talking to me?
I think you should go,
Sir James will inform your family
of this most regrettable incident.
But the engagement?
Read the room, sweetheart.
It's not happening.
Now she can hear me.
Shall we sing a song
to make everyone happy again?
: No!
Well, I mean, later.
Once everyone is gone.
I'm so sorry you were falsely accused.
I believed you.
My hands were tied.
The palace insisted
on taking Caroline's word.
It's okay. All worked out.
Is that why you came back here,
to clear your name?
You told me that I shouldn't
live my life for other people.
So, I put what
I wanted first.
And what do you want?
I want you to be able
to choose your future.
I understand, Lucy.
What are you...
Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have your attention?
Princess Isabella,
Princess Ariella...
I have made my decision.
Thank you both for coming to the ball.
You are both wonderful,
interesting, and beautiful women.
But you don't love me.
You're polite enough to protest.
But we have all been shown
the importance of honesty,
and to be honest,
I don't love you.
You should be free to find and marry
someone you do love.
you're picking me, or...
or not picking me?
- Sorry.
- Dear sweet, Ariella,
you are free to find someone
more suitable to do a duet with.
I've been lucky enough
to meet a very special person
who has taught me the importance
of choice.
And taught me the importance
of following my heart,
which is something
I have never done.
Until now.
So, finally,
I've made my choice
and I'd like her to
make her choice, freely.
This ring is only an offering,
a symbol of my love,
for her to accept or reject
as she chooses.
Do you accept this ring...
and my heart?
I do.
: Aw!