The Padre (2018) Movie Script

Yes, that's me.
Lena Harmiento Jimenez.
Your passport application
is very incomplete.
For purpose of visit you have "sister,"
but there's no address.
Do you have it?
Where in the United States
are you going?
No employment, no credit card,
no tourist visa.
Can your sister sponsor you?
She's 12 years old.
You are a minor.
Can you get your parents to sign?
I can't do that.
They are dead.
I can't help you.
I really need this visa.
You need to find another way.
No? No problem.
Padre, I need help. I found this watch
in the square. You see?
I think it's gold. You see?
Padre, I know you're an honest man.
I can't take this to my home
because my uncle...
I don't know where this is going,
but I know where it ends.
With me out of pocket
and holding a plastic watch.
- Padre, such dark thoughts.
- Fuck dark thoughts.
You'd be more convincing
if you flashed a better timepiece.
And you'd be more convincing, Padre,
if you hid your bottle.
It's a hot day, seor.
A tourist, no?
You must see the bullfight tonight.
The matador, he is lethal.
It's fun to watch a man kill an animal?
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm just making small talk.
No small talk with him, friend.
Got a phone call.
Your padre just rode into a small town.
All right, call all your compadres.
Tell them that if they catch him,
we double the reward.
You practice strange economics.
Justice isn't commerce.
I looked at his warrant.
They're all for petty crime.
So why is a retired U.S. marshal
hunting this guy on his own dime?
Is this personal?
You think I'd be here paying
for your badge if it wasn't personal?
Okay, it's personal.
You know,
they say when you seek revenge... must dig two graves.
Hot day today.
So hot, it makes the bulls angry.
Say goodbye to your matador.
All right.
- Lots of change.
- Yeah.
Esteban won't even haggle
with me anymore.
Now he just makes the cross
and takes what I give him.
- The arepas?
- What?
The arepas?
I forgot.
I'll get them tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
My school group is going
to the waterfall this afternoon.
I work today.
You're watching my kids.
See, I've worked it out. Anna will come.
You pay her,
add it to my rent so I can go.
No, Lena.
This isn't why I took you in.
Lena, soon you'll have your own family.
Then you'll understand.
Lena, are you listening to me?
I have a family. But not here.
Oh, honey.
There's nothing here.
I'll get the arepas.
No. No. No.
I won't let you rob me twice in one day!
Six thousand for stale cheese bread.
With what you charge,
you accuse me of robbery?
A wolf can smell another wolf
clear across the forest.
What do you think?
If he's a padre, I'm the pope.
I was afraid of this. They see a tourist,
from out of town...
...doesn't speak the language,
and charge 10 times the price.
- Ask for a refund. You have a receipt?
- I have it.
- Let me get that for you.
- Yeah.
Padre. A word?
Just a tick.
- It's morning.
- Yes, it is.
You seem like men of some importance.
How can I help you?
- You are scaring off the tourists.
- I'm a tourist myself.
We are a quiet town.
Your type isn't wanted.
What are you doing?
You can't just chuck me out of town.
- I'll call the police.
- No police.
There is a bus in an hour.
Take it.
Another headache.
Let me do the talking.
Have you seen this man?
He was seen entering this town.
Does he look familiar?
He's here. It has that smell.
We have money.
Was he smelling me?
Never mind him.
His brain is deep-fried like a pork rind.
Have another look.
He masquerades as a priest,
sometimes a salesman. But he's not.
- What does he sell?
- He says he sells pots, pans, medicines...
And these things aren't real?
No, they're real.
Then why wouldn't I buy them?
Look, do they know him or not?
Did you get the arepas?
The arepas?
Call Anna. Sell everything.
Have you seen him?
It's hard to say.
Your picture is so dirty.
He said "money"?
Fuck's sake.
So if we saw this man?
Man, $5000, like it says.
Can we please get this dance over with?
For fuck's sake.
Federico! A gringo priest stole your car!
Okay, let's go. He's driving a Lincoln.
- Where are we going?
- Jesus Christ!
Remember me?
- Get out.
- Okay. Explain it to them.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, they are getting close.
For fuck's sake.
- You know you're not coming with me.
- Okay, then let me out here.
Let me tell the police how
a white padre kidnapped a poor orphan.
- Shit, they're in the valley.
- I can see that.
It's like a maze.
That's why I got you.
You're the local.
It's a big country.
You know your way around Cincinnati?
- To the right. Here!
- Where?
See? You need my help.
All right, next town,
get out, you can walk home.
I can't. It's so far away.
I don't have good shoes.
I'll buy you some shoes.
- And it's cold.
- And a sweater.
- And it's dark.
- And a fucking flashlight.
- How'd you know which car to hide in?
- It's Federico's car.
He never locks it.
No one steals from Federico.
- What? Why not?
- Because he's the mayor.
You need me. You will be lost
in this country without me.
I'll buy a map, it'll talk less.
There's your clothes,
our business is done.
- Don't drink when you drive me.
- I'm not driving you anywhere.
Well, I have an offer.
I'm not accepting
any propositions right now.
What if I pay you
if you drive me to the city?
I'm not driving you anywhere.
And then, in the city,
you help me with my plan.
It's a good plan.
And for you, you have money.
Like you never imagined.
What's your name?
- Lena.
- Well, Lena, fuck off home.
Your family's probably worried sick.
What do you need me for?
Take the bus.
Because you're white
and your skin is like a passport.
- Everything's easier for you.
- It hasn't felt that way so far.
What color is a Band-Aid
where you're from?
See? Same here,
same in Africa, same everywhere.
It's easy. White.
- So, what's the plan?
- First, drive, then the plan.
Holy shit.
Like I said, no one steals from Federico.
Thank you very much.
You know, we're not exactly
in a strong position to negotiate.
You get us nothing.
- This is something.
- Yeah, this is something.
Congratulations, Padre.
You made a miracle.
You turned the wine into water.
And, also, you owe me 700
for half the car.
You know, this isn't a joint venture.
I stole the car, it's my car.
You don't like it...
...find yourself another fucking gringo.
- I'm just saying, could've got more.
- Go and renegotiate, then!
You know, I can be very convincing.
Put that down.
- What? Okay, just drive.
- I know how to use that, you don't.
I got enough on my mind
without the blood of a fucking orphan.
- Oi.
- What?
Did you go through my bag?
Okay, yes.
Because, obviously, I don't trust you.
Police, ma'am.
We hear there's a girl named Lena
who is missing.
Do you know anything?
I'll make some coffee.
Delicious coffee.
Delicious coffee.
Say something nice, come on.
So, what are you?
His pet?
I have two kids in university.
The money has to come
from somewhere.
Where is the girl?
Ask her if she knows where she's going.
How much?
No, no, seor.
You people can't buy everything.
Take it.
Not everything is yours to take.
Now you threaten me? Go on.
Tell her she's aiding a known fugitive.
Can you tell us where she is?
If Lena doesn't want to be found,
then she's not going to be found.
- She's not gonna be found.
- Any friends nearby?
Does she have family or friends?
No, no one is more alone than Lena.
You have no idea who she is.
What can you tell us?
God called Lena's parents
when she was 8.
She had no other family.
It was just her and her baby sister.
When they were orphaned, they were sent
to a church orphanage in the city.
Her and her little sister were taken
to a church orphanage in the city.
First God takes her parents...
...and then a family in Minnesota
takes her sister.
Like they bought her on the Internet.
A family in Minnesota bought her sister
from a website.
So this girl, at 11 years old,
is completely alone.
Fucked over three ways,
like everyone Latino.
By the Church...
...white men...
...and money.
The girl was fucked over
by the Church, white men, money.
So now, you come here to my house...
...and you want me
to help you find her?
Why? To hurt her more?
No, sir!
I'd sooner cut up your other cheek!
What'd I say?
So sorry.
Get ready for work.
- Teach me how to pick pockets.
- Oi!
Knock it off, you.
Where we going? A bar?
You don't pay enough to cover drinks.
Bad way to talk to your boss. I can help.
Buy something small.
- Not there.
- Why not?
It's a little shop.
- Well, we only need a little.
- For them, a little is a lot.
All right. Fine.
Can I get a 60-minute phone card,
Here you go.
This is change for 5, I gave you a 50.
A 50. My bill has a name on it.
A name. Writing on it. "Colin."
Fifty. There, that's the one.
- Sorry. It's my mistake, Padre.
- Yeah, oldest trick in the book, mate.
You said, "Buy something small."
What can I get for you?
I'll have what he's having.
For you?
Bring me something red.
Tell me, why that guy
with the policia want you?
No idea.
Tell me.
I knew his daughter.
All right, my turn.
- Why are we going to the city?
- To rob a church.
- You wanna rob a church?
- I have my reasons.
- What are they?
- They stole from me.
They stole my land,
and they stole my sister.
I'm going to get her back.
All right.
- Something red.
- Cheers.
This is the church orphanage
I grew up in.
And they have this famous cup,
you see?
It's gold. Yes?
They say if you drink from it...
...your worst sin is forgiven.
Just the one?
The biggest one.
You got a big sin to confess, do you?
More big questions.
All right, just a little one.
- How comes your English is so good?
- I think English is important.
What, for robbing a church?
No more questions.
I think I might have made a mistake.
I think you must have made
a lot of mistakes to end up here.
You didn't buy pajamas,
so this is your shirt...
...and your underwear.
You should sleep in the bath.
- No, I puke in there.
- Should've done it in the toilet like a lady.
I was peeing at the time.
You don't like salsa,
you don't like cha-cha.
You don't wanna go
to my mom's house for dinner.
You don't like hockey.
What do you like?
I know you don't like talking to me.
You won't tell me who this padre is.
You won't tell me what he did to you.
This is the last chop shop in the valley.
You don't wanna talk to me,
don't talk to me, I'm good.
So you let me do the talking this time.
You have a way, 'mano.
A way to remind them
that you're just not any gringo...
...but every gringo.
- Car or a truck?
- Car.
He bought one yesterday.
I buy a lot of cars.
- It's a Lincoln.
- Lincoln?
Big, loud, American.
It's stolen.
Not necessarily.
Maybe it's just lost.
All I wanna do is look at it.
You know what he's driving now?
- Phone card.
- Yeah?
Half a bottle of Guaro.
Well, that ain't nothing.
You must never had the thirst.
Otherwise, you'd know
you keep track of every ounce.
Got half a bottle.
You know, he's distracted.
How many churches are in this city?
You know,
ones that take care of orphans.
You can't throw a rock in this country
without hitting a church window.
Well, we know what horse he rides.
Finally, you're awake.
I buy you gasolina.
Jolly good.
- What are you doing?
- Bring me that, would you?
For what?
Because, contrary to popular belief,
I am an honest salesman.
And, if we're gonna rob your church,
we're gonna need a lot more cash.
Or is that against your moral code?
They charge you too much for this room.
Pure Egyptian cotton.
Only been used once by a baby.
Smell it.
Signed by the Pope Francisco.
I give it to you for 10,000.
We heard about you.
Big reward for you.
- Time to go.
- Wait, wait.
Sir, please come here.
I saw him paint it with my own eyes.
It will be valuable after they hang him.
What was that about?
I say they pay more money for it
when they kill you.
Oh, well, fuck them, then.
You know what?
Maybe I should paint more.
No, he's a fucking hippy.
- No money?
- No money.
- Him.
- Him.
Sorry about your melon.
It's the most rare fruit in the whole world.
You know how expensive it is?
Oi. Go on.
Go on! Out of here.
Still got your wallet?
- Yeah. Thanks, Father. Yeah.
- Sure?
- I'm all right. Yeah.
- All right.
Same thing happened to me.
It's called a "melon drop."
There's more kids on the street
every day since the school shut.
We tried to open them,
through the church...
...but it's a poor town...
...and donations are pretty slim.
- How much you take?
- I didn't take, he gave.
- Elegant.
- Better than picking his pocket.
I also picked his pocket.
You need to teach me how to do that.
So now we leave, right?
You pay the bill?
Why? It's easy money here.
That's when you get caught.
I'm not afraid.
Do you know
what your Bible says about women?
My Bible?
They laugh with no fear of the future.
- What does it mean?
- It means don't get cocky.
All right?
How much we owe you?
Oh, fuck.
And give me that candy.
That one?
This one here? Or the marshmallows?
No, the one on the bottom.
To the left. Add it to the bill.
Hey! What are you doing?
Dipping from my till?!
Miss, your ID.
Little scum. I saw her.
She's with me.
Our church rehabilitates wayward youth.
As Jesus walked amongst the sinners,
so we try to walk his path.
- What are you talking about?
- Orphans. Show him your fingers.
Show him your fingers.
You see that? You see that?
That's authentic orphan dirt, that is.
Can't put a price on it.
Now, if you'll just let me pay the bill.
And for the candy.
And for any misunderstandings.
That was fucking amateur hour.
- You said we laugh without fear, Padre.
- Yeah, well....
Oi, you owe me
33 percent fucking-up tax.
A special orphan rate.
Now I can't do this.
- Do what?
- Send you to the police...
- ...when I'm done with you.
- Oh, fucking charming.
You should try one of these.
They are so good.
Barriletes, they probably don't make them
where you come from.
If they don't make them
where I come from, no one wants them.
He'll track south.
There's a highway here.
There. Right there.
We wait, we poach them.
- He could go east.
- He's burnt that tinder.
He won't go sifting
through his own ashes.
He could go southwest.
It's your money.
You see these stones?
Well, in spring,
these shadows line up to the east.
So that's how the ancient people
who build this...
...they knew when to plant crops.
And then the Spanish people came,
and they didn't understand anything.
I mean, this place is beautiful, right?
But they thought it was an evil place.
And they called it the "Infiernito,"
the little hell.
Sounds about right.
My grandmother was one
of those people.
And their hero,
he was kind and sober, not like you.
Should have taught them
to be less judgy.
You have any idea... advanced and noble
these people were?
They used to cut out their enemies' hearts
and sacrifice them to the sun.
Sometimes revenge is noble.
You see, that's...
That's your problem right there.
- What?
- People see themselves as...
...the one holding the heart,
not the one with a hole in their chest.
Fuck it, car's fixed.
Next town, then.
I love this song.
They start playing it too soon, you know?
It's weird. It's a Christmas song.
You like Christmas?
Not very. No.
Why? You should.
I mean, I love Christmas.
I would like to see it snow on Christmas.
Because here in this country,
it never snow.
Never in the hills, never in the desert,
never in the town.
- I was born near here, you know?
- Oh, yeah?
You see that?
That used to be beautiful.
So... you even believe in him?
- Who?
- God.
Not in the slightest, no.
- You're pretty troubled, right?
- Very troubled, yeah.
I'm not. I'm strong.
Yeah, well, it takes a strong man
to live with all my weaknesses.
That's why you became a padre.
To find a strength.
I know you're not a real padre...
...because I saw your wedding ring.
That's off-limits.
All right?
Hey, Gaspar.
Do you know
what happened to his face?
I don't want to know.
But another week with him,
I'll break his face.
When we get to the city,
I'm done with him.
You're going south?
Do me a favor.
Drop him off at the station
in Machet for me?
Parcero, if it were just me,
of course, but him....
It's only an hour out of your way.
For me, it's a whole day of work.
What the fuck are you doing?
We're not going there.
He is.
They're eager for him in Machet.
Look, he broke
a policeman's hand there.
So he'll do some years
if he even gets to jail.
He won't make it.
They'll break every bone in his body
before he sees a judge.
Oh, come on, Your Honor,
he broke the law.
The law, huh?
The law is clay. It can be bent.
That boy needs justice, not law.
Justice is rock.
Try bending rock.
Come on.
It's all right.
Yeah, come on back.
Yeah, take a break.
Put your hands here. Yeah?
Right. Bend over. All right.
Spread them. Okay. Spread them.
Don't buck. Don't move.
What...? What the...?
You let him go?
Justice is a rock.
We're not going to Machet.
This pool is something!
Yeah. It's shitty.
I can't believe
I have to stay in this dump.
Yeah. It's shit.
We should steal your reward.
That is a fucking crazy idea.
No, the crazy thing's
someone thinks you're worth $5000.
- Where are you going?
- The bar.
Get me something orange.
Hey, hey.
You were right. South.
Just keep driving.
You want me
to send up some Popsicles?
Paletas, that's what we say.
You only find them in this area.
They're really, really good.
Let me see
if they got your flavor. Hold on.
Let's see, coconut, lime, chocolate.
Oh, I'm so sorry, no plain.
Okay, there's movement
on the second floor.
Should we go in?
No. Wait.
He's armed.
The girl, the girl, the girl. Go, go.
It's okay, keep the change.
- They're here.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
Across the street.
- Second window to the left.
- Go. Go.
Throw me the keys.
- Is he armed?
- No. He's taking a shower.
Go, go, go!
This is the second time
I saved your ass.
Out the balcony!
Goddamn it.
Hey, hey! This isn't Texas!
- What are you doing?!
- You could have killed her!
You could have killed her
by grabbing the gun!
- What's wrong with you?!
- What's wrong with you?
- I'm going out.
- We can't leave. It's a shooting.
The police are on their way.
You think the law doesn't apply to you?
No. Okay? What are you doing, huh?
What are you doing,
you fucking asshole?
Just square it fast.
You don't know how much dancing
I had to do, and I love to dance.
- Let's go.
- No, no, no.
I'm driving you to the city. That's it.
Go talk to a friend of mine,
he's going to help you out.
If you're trying to get a higher rate,
that tap is shut.
The rate is fine. It's you.
Look, I don't know
why you wanna find this padre...
...or what you'll do when you find him.
But if you don't tell me
what's going on, I'm done.
Look, I'm a U.S. marshal.
Retired a few years.
My wife, she died a while back.
Now, my daughter...
...she was everything to me.
But as she grew up,
we grew very far apart.
That's on me.
I pushed her too far.
One day, I get a call.
She's getting married
to a man I never met.
So I run a background check
on the guy.
You can probably guess who that was.
Ex-military, discharged.
Addictions, fraud.
Needless to say, I do not approve.
We drifted further apart.
Then a year goes by...
...I get a visit from the police.
She's dead.
Because of him, she's dead.
And I don't handle it well.
Cops don't charge him.
They can't. But he still runs away.
When the funeral was over,
I started hunting him.
Gonna make him a special project.
I'm gonna learn everything
about him now, and when I do...
...if justice means anything...
...this man should know it.
Okay, okay. So you have
a legitimate grievance, okay?
But it's in your power
not to shoot a girl.
I have no power.
He needs to pay.
Then I die happy.
I'm bound to him.
I lashed my fate to a spear
and I aimed it at his heart.
I know it will soon end.
And I see
a terrible emptiness approaching.
But I don't wanna hurt the girl.
Here. Bus leaves in three hours,
that's what's left.
All right? You got a ticket
and a hundred pesos.
We had a deal.
You had a bankroll. Now, on you go.
- No.
- All right. Fuck it.
- No, please.
- Car's dead anyway.
No, please.
Please, you can't do this to me.
- You have to help me!
- Go home!
What home? They stole my sister.
They stole everything. Please, help me.
- No. No.
- Please stay.
Help me!
You have to help me!
Wake up!
Help me!
I found this gold watch.
Let's go steal my reward.
We're gonna need a lot more money
if this is gonna work.
This'll work.
- This one or this one?
- Whichever's cheapest.
- Are we paying for it?
- Just stick to the script.
- Hey, I was wrong.
- What?
We do have snow here.
Just make the call.
This is Lena. I have a deal for you.
So this is the plan:
Only deal with the Colombian cop.
Stay outside. Talk through the window.
If the old man tries to talk to you,
get out. He's dangerous.
- If anything goes wrong...
- It won't.
Yeah, but if it does,
we meet there. All right?
- It would be easier with a gun.
- No. Faster, maybe, but not easier.
No guns. Stick to the script.
- And don't get cocky.
- Okay.
But my way is easier
and faster and better.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
What the fuck is she doing?
Anything you want to tell us
before we get started?
He stole my uncle's rifle.
He says he has to kill you,
or you will never stop.
He's different now. I'm afraid of him.
I don't believe that.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Search her.
- Okay, let's go. Come on.
- No!
Fuck's sake.
We're okay.
Little girl, you listen to me.
I'm not here to fuck around.
I'm gonna ask you questions.
You better tell me the truth.
If you don't, people will get hurt.
Everything rides on what you say next.
Tell me, why are you doing this?
He stole my uncle's car.
You keep that up,
I'm gonna slap you silly, girl.
- Come on.
- I hate him.
Goddamn it, you tell me now.
You tell me!
I need the money.
So can I have it?
- He's right there.
- All right, then, my turn.
It's just one room and one way out.
Give me the money...
...I can make him forget that rifle
for a while.
Lock her in the car.
Take a position at the window.
- No! No!
- No one in, no one out.
I'll go up alone.
Cocky, little fucking....
Arrogant fuck.
Fuck it.
You see him?
Nope, nada.
- Search the building.
- On my way.
Fuck's sake.
What a total idiot.
Stick to the fucking script.
- I don't know. I thought we had him.
- I know.
I'll be....
This guy... This guy is pretty good,
your padre, you know?
Go look after the girl.
I know this.
When a politician goes on the TV...
...he says, "With all due respect,"
you know what that means?
Know what that means?
That means a total lack of respect.
That's what.
That's what you displayed to me.
Total fucking lack of respect!
I told you to stick to the script. Right?
I mean, have you learned nothing?
Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go!
Okay, this is it.
Try not to be a dick, okay?
Keep a low profile.
This is obviously the main hall.
You see that, up on the ceiling,
we have various....
Up there.
Where did you get this?
I like this one.
It's too heavy.
This one. Cheaper.
You never let me have nice things.
- You sure you wanna do this?
- Yes.
All right.
- Can you hear me?
- Kind of.
- See that?
- Kind of.
- Can you breathe?
- Kind of?
Not good answers.
There you go.
Man, I look like an ugly dead boy.
- You all right?
- Kind of.
How can I help you, Padre?
It's from the diocese of Saint Anna,
about a girl that passed.
- You weren't expecting me, were you?
- No, no, Father. No.
- Okay.
- Service was supposed to be tomorrow.
My Lord. So young.
Yeah. She barely lived at all, mate.
- It's tragic.
- Yeah.
...can't just leave her in the van, can we?
- No, no. Of course, no.
- What do you think?
Go to the basement.
Place for you in heaven, mate.
Got that?
You okay? You all right?
What if something goes wrong?
- Nothing's gonna go wrong, love.
- But if it does?
It won't.
Is he gone?
Has he been around?
No, I don't think so.
How you doing? You all right?
- Okay, I'm coming in to get you. All right?
- No.
I'll kill you if you do that, okay?
Just talk to me.
Tell me something.
Tell me about your wedding ring.
Okay, so...
...imagine a man...
...that used to be a bit of an asshole.
"Used to be"?
Yeah, probably
the most selfish asshole ever.
But then he meets a woman...
...and it's like...
...a "let there be light" type of thing.
You know?
She sees something in him,
which, naturally...
...makes him question her sanity,
but everyone has their flaws, right?
So they get married.
And then they move north... her home...
...a little piece of nothing
in the middle of nowhere.
And the asshole...
...starts to think
that he's becoming less of an asshole.
He gets a proper job.
And he even gets one of those dish sets.
You know, one of those ones where
all the cups and saucers match in it.
So there he is,
he's in the middle of nowhere...
...right, with a woman that he loves
who's every bit his better.
And he's happy.
...time passes
and she becomes pregnant.
And that's when he starts
to have his doubts.
Six weeks before she's due
to have the baby...
...he takes a drink.
There's no good reason for it,
he just does.
And he does it... He drinks a lot.
And she goes into labor.
She tries to wake him up, apparently.
But she's an hour
from the nearest hospital... the middle of fucking nowhere,
and she's in breech.
The baby's upside down, you know?
I lost them both.
And I've been running ever since.
I'm sorry.
All right, he's gone.
Hey, Padre, take this.
Oh, yeah.
All right, we'll put it in here. Go.
It's a bit tacky, isn't it?
What do we do?
Chuck a brick through it?
No. Wait here.
I used to live here.
You put the shit in the truck.
Meet you at the quarry.
We'll ditch the van there.
We did it, Padre.
Thank you so much.
I had to have a talk with my daughter.
She was seeing
this boy her mother didn't like.
I had to tell my daughter,
"Hey, if your mother doesn't like the boy... can't see the boy."
So my daughter says,
"How'd you meet Mom?"
I said, "That's easy.
I met your mom on the dance floor."
He must have left her.
Where are you?
Please answer me.
He's here.
He is here within range.
I can wait here all night.
- I'm not coming.
- Where are you?
- I'm not coming.
- You're already here.
Just to see you got away safe.
Don't be stupid. We need to go.
I'm done running.
You sell the cup.
Go find your sister.
I'm not leaving without you.
We take her now.
Oh, no. No. No.
Please, girl. Don't make this so hard.
- Out.
- No, no, no.
- Get out. Get out.
- No, no, no.
Give me that walkie.
Are you listening?
No. Are you watching?
Then you know I have her.
This girl, she means something to you.
You took something from me.
Maybe I should take something
from you.
- Maybe... Maybe she resisted.
- Are you crazy? What are you doing?
Maybe she goes for my gun.
What the fuck is wrong with you, dude?
But I'm un-holstered.
And I'm well-trained.
So if you are watching...'ll know what happens next.
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, get down.
Get down, get down!
Get down, girl!
Nemes, I told you not to do this!
You're on your own, idiot!
Padre, don't shoot!
No. No.
Nia, nia!
Wake up!
Wake up!
I hit you square, I know.
Do you taste it?
Like sour acid.
Cherries in the spring...
...but copper-like.
You're dying.
- Is she okay?
- She'll live.
Let her go.
Boy, you're a cocky one.
I don't think you got that hand.
You come out for that gun, I'll kill you.
Lena, wake up.
You know...
...I loved your daughter.
You're responsible.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
And there's nothing you can do
to make it right.
Let Lena go, and you can have me.
No, we're past all that.
No more games.
My fate is a spear aimed at your heart.
Please don't do this.
I'm getting my gun. It ends here.
I said I'd kill you.
We're already dead.
Put her in the car.
It's between you and him.
You got six hours.
Where's the nearest hospital?
She doesn't need a hospital,
and you don't got time. Six hours.
Get the girl out of the country.
After that, she's a fugitive.
There's a warrant for you.
Just rest, love. Just rest, love.
It's snowing.