The Painter (2024) Movie Script

Hey, hon. How you feeling?
I'm good, love.
The little ninja,
is kicking
the absolute piss out of me.
Seventeen bathroom trips
and counting.
Well, maybe you two should
be home, and not, you know,
on active assignment in...
An undisclosed location.
I'm chained to the desk,
I swear.
One more week of surveillance
and we bag this asshole,
and then I'm back home,
in full mama mode.
I can't wait.
I'm glad you called.
I wanted to hear your voice
before I go dark.
Where to now?
"An undisclosed location."
Ha-ha. Touche.
Love you so much.
Forever and ever.
You too, El.
Forever and ever.
Hey, Pop.
Ah, shit.
Nice costume.
Mustache really suits you.
I'll get the drop on you
one of these days.
Don't hold your breath.
Hey. You like my Colgate smile?
No, thanks.
Suit yourself.
How's Elena?
As big as a house.
She says hi, by the way.
I bet she's ready
for this part to be over with.
You taking some time off?
Yeah. Just let me
ask my boss.
Well, you know me.
I'm a "mission first" guy.
The bigger question is,
are you ready to be a dad?
Were you?
Who could've been ready?
No one believed
you'd ever recover, Peter.
And when I saw you
lying in that bed,
I knew, somehow,
that you would.
But I loved your parents.
I felt a responsibility to you
when they were taken down
by the terrorist attack.
And I believed
you'd get your hearing back.
I insisted.
It's extremely rare.
The injury to his ears
has made them hypersensitive
to the point of pain.
So he can hear?
He can hear everything.
In time,
he'll learn to filter out
the different sounds
so he can function.
It would be a terrible weakness
if he can't control it.
Or a strength.
I refused
to believe the naysayers,
and look what happened.
You did get your hearing back,
and it became an asset.
It all hurts! Stop it!
Hey, it's me. It's okay.
You became
a kind of a wonder in our work.
It's okay. You're safe.
I can't take the place
of your father,
but if you give me a chance,
maybe we can make
a family of our own.
You know,
there's plenty of stuff
I'd do over again,
if I had half the chance,
but adopting you, helping you
become the man you've become...
You're the best thing
I ever did.
You're gonna be my legacy.
He's as bad as they come.
Government intel, weapons,
corporate espionage,
drugs, you name it.
The golden boy
of all our enemies.
He's very well-protected, Peter.
A biometric watch?
Contains a hard drive
with sole access
to his contacts, stolen intel,
and the account numbers
of the hundreds of millions
he's made
selling out our country.
We want it all back.
You need to download
the contents
while he's still breathing.
It's linked to a heart monitor
in the watch.
It stops,
the data dies with him.
That's why I have you, Peter.
My fail-safe.
My closer.
I'm sure you got
plenty of guys like me.
there's nobody like you.
He's meeting tonight
with a Russian FSB,
and that can't happen.
Right. Clock is ticking.
No matter the consequence.
No matter
the collateral damage...
We complete our mission.
Be careful, son.
Always, Pop.
I learned from the best.
It's okay. He's a friendly.
Peter, you have to let him go.
I have orders.
So do I.
We've been building a case
on this guy for eight months.
He needs to stand trial.
Peter! Peter...
That's my baby!
That's my...
No! Get off me!
My life is falling apart
because of you,
because of every fucking lie
you've ever told me.
Peter! Peter! Listen to me.
She wasn't supposed to be there.
I thought she was behind a desk,
running surveillance!
You sat across from me
at that diner
and you lied to me!
No, I did not.
Please, don't let this
pull us apart.
I'm done.
No, we can't.
I can't have another baby.
And every time
I look at you...
I just can't.
Elena, one sec!
Hey. I'm just going to go
and take this call.
I'll be right back, okay?
going to be okay.
I got the flash drive
you sent me.
The intel on this thing
is unbelievable.
There's 30 kids
part of this Internship.
You need to go dark.
I can't believe the agency
is capable of
anything like this.
You have no idea what
our agency is capable of.
Poor kids. How's the boy?
He's, uh... He's fine.
He knows I'll protect him.
But Marlene didn't make it.
I'm so sorry, Dennis.
Listen. I think
they might know where we are.
I need
those extraction coordinates.
I'm working on
the coordinates now.
Just get out of the city.
Okay. Hurry. Hurry!
Hey, buddy. You lock the door?
I need you to open the door.
We can't be here.
We gotta go.
Hey. Open the door.
Come on! Open the door!
We gotta go!
We gotta go!
Open the door! Now!
Open the door!
Did you find the drive?
I heard him
talking on the phone.
He sent it to somebody else.
I only heard a first name:
Check it.
The beat absolutely kills.
Mark. Guess what?
We sold
one of your paintings.
Uh-huh. I've got cash for you.
Come by tonight.
I'll make it
worth your while.
Oh, come on. Live a little.
I live.
Yeah, quietly.
Ah, you say that
like it's a bad thing.
There's nothing wrong
with quiet, Mark,
but sometimes, it is nice
to actually go out
into the rest of the world
instead of hiding at home.
what do you say?
Yeah, all right.
I'll see you later, then.
I almost forgot.
Happy birthday, Peter!
You gotta stop doing this.
You're paying twice as much
money for everything.
You're the one
that's always getting paint
all over all of your stuff.
I've been with you long enough
to appreciate the value of...
...critical redundancy.
One of the few things
I learned from my boss:
always have a back-up.
there is only one you.
Dear Peter:
The hardest thing to see
is what is in front
of your eyes.
Hey, Mark.
Junk Man.
Hey, Mark.
I've got your six, man.
I've got your six.
Hey! Back, back!
What brings you to town?
The usual!
Preparing for the apocalypse.
I got my pacemaker,
it's all tuned up. All tuned up.
Besides that, minding
my own business. How about you?
Same. Minding mine.
Ah. Smart.
I got your six, man!
To the end, soldier.
Okay. To the end! Okay!
Those fools.
Today I wake up
Watch the rain
And I...
Which one?
The three dogs.
It's a hundred bucks.
What's on the docket tonight?
Ah. Just one beer,
then I gotta get home.
God, your life
is so exciting, Mark.
I don't know
how you stand it.
Come on, hang out.
Have two beers.
They're on the house,
and guess what?
You might even enjoy yourself.
You're a hard person
to say no to, Lucy.
Stick around till closing...
see if that's really true.
Hey, Lucy!
Can I get a frickin' beer here?
Hold your horses, Al!
I'm coming.
Think about it.
One of these days,
I'm gonna buy a painting, Mark.
Just you wait and see.
Early night?
Yeah. The computers
aren't gonna fix themselves.
Night, my friend.
Good night, fellas.
You're like a midnight sun
Bustin' through
my winter's night
I'm thankful for those days
That you came my way
Makes everything
feel all right
I know I've got to stay
On my side of the line
It's so hard
when I can't touch you
These feelings in my way...
Peter Barrett?
Excuse me?
My name is Sophia...
and my mom
called you Peter.
Who's your mother?
Elena Maran.
I'm sorry. I don't know her.
Look, my mom said
if anything
ever happened to her,
to drop everything
and find you.
"Find Peter."
Well, then I suggest
you keep looking
till you find him.
I bought your painting.
She said
you were an artist.
Sophia, is it?
I'm sorry to hear
your mom left--
She didn't leave.
Something happened to her.
My mom would
never leave me.
Listen, I can't help you.
Maybe try the police.
She wanted me to find you.
No, she wanted you to find
someone named Peter.
My name's Mark.
I wish I could be more help.
Good luck.
Is everything okay?
Ah, yeah.
Just a little misunderstanding.
Thanks, Lucy.
What? You're leaving?
Yeah. Good night.
Good night, Mark.
You okay, hon?
I'm fine.
I guess
I should call a cab.
Are you fucking kidding me?
It's dead.
I'll call you a cab.
You stalking me?
Holy shit!
Sneak up on people much?
How'd you find me?
I saw your license plate
in the parking lot.
My mom's CIA. She taught me
how to impersonate a cop.
I just called the DMV
and asked for your info.
No, not really.
Lucy told me where you live.
But my mom did teach me,
if I ever needed to,
but I didn't even need to,
because, you know... Well, Lucy.
She's really pretty,
by the way. Are you guys...
Like I said, I can't help you,
so if you don't mind.
You were CIA
like my mom, right?
I am truly sorry
for what you're going through,
but I am not
the guy you're looking for.
There has to be a reason
that she sent me here.
Well, she made a mistake.
My name's Mark Nicholson,
so you need to call the cops,
or the CIA, whoever.
Someone who can actually help.
Oh. Yeah.
Can I at least
borrow a charger?
You painted all of these?
They're super cool.
Very... Van Gogh.
I have that charger
around here somewhere.
You're a really good painter.
Oh, hey, kid. Stop.
Those are private.
This is her.
This is my mom!
So you do know her.
Why would you lie?
This is my mother.
And you're my father.
You heard me.
Go upstairs.
Last door on the left's
the bathroom.
Lock the door
and get in the tub.
No. No. No fucking way.
What? What do you mean "now"?
What's happening?
Move, move!
Upstairs. Now.
What's happening?
Move, move!
Get back!
Move, move, move!
Cover, cover!
Hey, go, go!
Go, go!
Watch the stairs!
Go, go, go!
Move, move!
It's okay. It's okay.
No, no, no, no, no.
I... I...
No. You did the right thing.
They were here to kill me.
What if they were here for me?
There's probably more coming!
There's no one else out there!
Sophia! I promise.
There's no one else out there.
You are Peter Barrett.
It doesn't matter.
We need to get you safe.
I think I know someone
that might be able to help us.
Yeah. Totally not CIA.
Let's go.
Chief? You wanted to see me?
Come in.
What do you know
about Peter Barrett?
Peter Barrett?
The Painter?
The one and only.
He just went rogue.
There he goes, and...
I thought he went off-grid
years ago. Retired.
Well, the eight dead federal
agents would say otherwise.
Why now,
after all this time?
He's suspected
of being in possession
of classified materials,
making him
a national security threat.
Send in a containment perimeter
around Cascade.
The Painter
just became priority one.
Copy that, ma'am.
Oh, chief.
Does the old man know?
He's about to.
And we're gonna do the honors.
It's about time.
Well, it's always good
to spend time with you,
But we never got
the resources, did we?
Well, there's always
funds available.
Just depends
on where you find it.
Oh, yes. You and I
know a lot about that.
Yes, sir.
W-we'll have
to pick this up later.
Let's do that.
Good afternoon.
This is Agent Kim.
Come on in.
Good to see you.
It's an honor, sir.
This is Senator Reaves.
Go easy on him.
I need him alive.
Especially for next week's vote.
Okay, kid.
Good. Thanks for your support.
Yeah. Take care.
So, I take it
this isn't a social call?
I'm afraid not.
Hey. Here's some skim milk
for your skim-milk coffee.
I didn't check the label,
but I'm sure it's okay.
When's the last time you were
in touch with Peter Barrett?
Peter Barrett?
The Painter, sir.
Oh, I know who he is,
Agent Kim.
He's my kid, you see.
I want to know when the last
time you spoke with him was.
It's been years,
and you know it. What's up?
Your boy murdered eight
federal agents in cold blood.
Federal agents?
They were there
to question him.
You don't send a wet team in
to question someone like Peter,
and you know that.
And you didn't call me?
We have intel
he's in possession
of highly-sensitive material.
He's a national security threat.
How'd you find him?
The question we should be asking
is why would your son steal
classified documents
from the U.S. government?
What's his motive?
Is Peter being set up?
Is the company
covering its tracks,
and using you to do that?
Oh, no, sir.
We are just trying to get
to the bottom of this.
Do you know
where Peter would go,
or what he would want
with this intel?
I don't know anything,
Agent Kim.
But I'll get
to the bottom of it.
I'll get to the bottom of it.
And now it's time
for you both to leave.
He's hiding something.
Put a tap and tail on Byrne.
I want to know where he goes
and who he talks to.
We're hiding out
at a computer shop?
Let's go.
Mark, my friend.
I need your help.
Yeah, yeah. Of course.
Of course. What do you need?
You're good
with computers, right?
I mean, you can hack?
I don't-- I don't know
what you're talking about,
because that is, uh, illegal.
I run a legitimate business.
Whoa, whoa!
I'm short on patience, Niles.
A wet team
just tried to take us out,
and I need to figure out
what's going on,
so I need you to hack
the CIA network. Now.
W-what? Hack the CIA?
W-what makes you think
I can do that?
Call it a hunch.
Follow me.
Come on.
Ran it through their system.
there's some kind of chatter,
but nobody on
the international side
knows anything
about a kill-or-capture order.
What about my mom?
She comes up active,
on assignment, gone dark.
If something happened to her,
it's higher up on the food chain
than I can go.
Well, is there anything else?
The name "Peter Barrett"
you gave me...
comes up classified.
Though, however,
there is the name
of his superior here,
a Henry Byrne.
It's me.
A CIA wet team
just tried to kill me.
Where are you?
Can I trust you?
Listen to me
carefully, Peter.
Two agents showed up
at my doorstep today,
asking about you.
I'm the only one
who can protect you.
The industrial park,
five miles north of Cascade.
Come alone.
Text this number.
I'll come to you.
It's me.
You just, uh...
Why couldn't you
just tell me the truth?
It's complicated.
What have you got?
An unlicensed agency terminal
just went live in Cascade,
Oregon, and searched the network
for keywords "Peter Barrett,"
"Elena," and "Sophia Maran."
He's still there.
Good job, Agent Kim.
Get workups on everyone.
Lock down that intel.
We're airborne in 90.
Nobody finds out
who Peter is looking for.
Am I clear?
Look. Take this.
If we get separated,
I'll be able to find you.
What'd you find out?
Nothing yet.
He's coming here.
We need to find my mother.
Byrne is our best chance
to do that.
I never knew anything
about my father.
Not until a week ago,
when she told me
to come find you
if I was ever in trouble.
I can't be your father.
This is how I found you.
What are you drawing?
Something beautiful.
Do I really look like that?
That's what I see
every time I look at you.
Do you recognize
her handwriting?
I don't know why, but she
wanted me to be here with you.
No offense,
but what were you thinking?
Sending in a bunch of jarheads
to take out The Painter?
Oh. They left quite a mess.
Send in the cleaners.
Maybe they can find something.
I can't.
Did you know
he's an actual painter?
Like, with fancy paints
and everything? It's not bad.
Nice lines, good color.
Bit derivative.
Not my taste, but...
I always thought the name
was a metaphor, you know?
Like the artistry aspect?
That he's so good,
he makes works of art...
but with killing people.
Hello? Hello? Okay. Well...
fuck me, I guess.
Why is the agency
trying to kill me?
How about we start with,
"How you doing?"
I haven't seen you in 17 years.
Cut the shit.
I know you. You keep tabs
on everything and everyone,
including me.
You gonna tell me
Niles isn't your guy?
You got me. You were
in a bad place when you left.
Of course I was gonna
use our resources
to keep an eye on you.
What father wouldn't?
You got to know, Peter,
I never meant for it
to go down the way it did.
If I could--
Just tell me about the people
who came to kill me.
There's an agent
named Naomi Piasecki.
She's running things.
I never worked with her,
but she has a reputation
for being rather ruthless.
What does she want with me?
From what I gather,
she thinks
you're in possession
of something
that poses a major threat
to our national security.
Is that true? Are you?
Well, if Piasecki's throwing
this much firepower at you,
it must be something serious.
I have another question.
Fire away.
I'm just happy to be with you.
Who is Sophia,
and why is she saying
that she's Elena's daughter?
Elena's daughter?
Elena couldn't have children
after the incident.
Well, she looks
just like her...
and she thinks I'm her father.
You're being played, son.
You're being played.
What the fuck
are you doing in my bar?
Stand up!
Show me your fucking hands!
Do you want to do this
in the dark,
or are you gonna
turn some lights on?
I don't need lights
to blast you!
Sure. But, uh...
you do need ammunition,
and I have yours.
That sounds like it's broken.
What do you want?
I am looking for someone.
An artistic type.
No idea, buddy.
Oh, I think you do.
See, I was up at his house,
paying him a visit.
He was out,
so I thought I'd come check
his local watering hole,
see what turns up.
Fuck you, asshole!
You need to think about what
comes out of your mouth next.
I'm supposedly your grandfather.
Yeah. We can 23andMe
each other later.
Where's my mom?
Who are you really,
young lady?
And who are you working for?
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
I just want to find my mom.
Elena's your mom? Okay!
When's her birthday?
What color are her eyes?
What's her middle name?
Where did you live with her?
What's your angle, Sophia?
If that's even your real name.
And what do you want
with my son?
My name is Sophia Elle Maran,
born October 23rd, 2006.
My mom is Elena Tatiana Maran,
but everybody calls her El.
Her birthday
is September 30th, 1980,
and her eyes are brown.
We live in Seattle,
at 5470 Crescent Lane,
in a shitty
two-bedroom apartment.
She works for the CIA,
in surveillance,
and was gone
most of my childhood.
I stayed
at our neighbor's house,
with her best friend,
Janine Whittler,
and her son, Steven,
who was my first kiss.
She has a tattoo
on the inside of her wrist
that says "Miracle."
Bet you didn't know that.
So if you're done
asking your stupid questions,
can you shut up
and actually help?
What do you want me to do?
Make a call.
See what you find.
I'm the nearest thing
to retired, Peter.
I work out of the house,
reading case files
and offering advice
to politicians.
I'll see what I can do.
This is Operator G...
Access code "Typhoon."
I need a status check
on an active agent:
Elena Maran.
Special Activities.
That's right.
I see.
And next of kin?
What? What happened?
I'm sorry, dear. She's gone.
What do you mean, gone?
In service of her country.
That's all they'll say.
I'm so, so sorry.
No! Fuck you!
And fuck you, too!
There has to be a reason.
She called you...
didn't she?
She called you
and she told you
something that got her killed.
Stop lying!
She told you something!
She didn't. I swear.
Peter, she hasn't communicated
with you at all?
Can you look after Sophia?
I need to check on something.
I don't need a babysitter.
Maybe I do.
Keep an old man company.
I never even
got to say goodbye.
I'm gonna find out who took
your mother away from you.
And then?
And then...
he'll do what he does.
Dear Peter:
The hardest thing to see
is what is in front
of your eyes.
Let the team know we've
landed and are now en route.
I want mobile command set up
and a complete download
from Spec Ops
the minute I arrive.
How's it feel
to be back in the field, chief?
If I wasn't surrounded
by complete incompetence,
I wouldn't have to be.
Intel just received.
Byrne is not at his residence
and is nowhere to be found.
Peter must've made contact.
That makes Byrne an accomplice.
Byrne's a company man.
Maybe he's trying
to bring him in peacefully.
Byrne is involved.
Change of plans.
And the files are decrypted.
Metadata shows they're CIA,
from Hidden Hand's server.
Action reports, statistics,
medical records.
Black Operations?
Tied to a clandestine project
called The Internship.
Heard of it?
Open the file that says--
Uh, what's up?
The Painter.
Nice to meet you, too, pal!
Care for a true test
of superiority?
No weapons!
Hand-to-hand combat.
Did you set me up?
No! I swear, no!
All right!
Have it your way!
Where is The Painter going?
It's Niles.
I don't know.
Honestly, I don't know.
M-m-maybe Lucy's Tavern.
No, she's a dead end.
I assume he got away
with the stolen data?
What was on it?
Probably better
we don't know.
Especially if has to do
with The Internship.
I'm so sorry, Lucy.
if you're watching this...
well, you know what it means.
The evidence in these files
came to me
from two former agents
fostering an 8-year-old asset
as part of a training program
called The Internship.
These agents tried to get
the child out of the program.
They didn't make it.
The Internship steals children,
indoctrinates them,
turns them into assassins.
These people will do
anything and everything
to keep this from getting--
I'm so sorry, Peter,
for leaving the way I did,
and now it's too late for me
to do anything about it.
I've sent you two files,
in case this falls
into the wrong hands or...
something happens to it.
"Critical redundancy."
I found her, Peter.
She's alive! Our baby survived.
I don't know how,
but our daughter is alive.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
She's in grave danger.
You have to find her, Peter.
Protect her.
She's with--
You have to find her, Peter.
Protect her. She's with--
Come on, move!
Get in!
You okay?
Go after Sophia.
I'll disappear on my own. Go!
Hands up!
Show us your hands!
He's on the move!
Go! Go! Go!
Now, now!
Watch it! Easy!
No place to go!
Get out of the truck!
Hold your positions!
All units, eliminate the target.
Painter's gone, chief.
Repeat: Painter has vanished.
What the hell was that, chief?
Zeta team, move in!
And find him.
Move in, move in!
Go, go, go!
Do your fucking job, Agent Kim,
and bring me The Painter.
I got your six.
I got your six.
You come with me.
Come with me now.
You'll be safe with me.
You'll be safe with me.
On y est presque.
On y est presque.
Okay, my brother.
Ca y est. Wait.
No sign of him.
You heard her. Let's go.
The Painter
is nowhere to be found.
We've searched the entire area
in a one-mile radius.
You're telling me
he just vanished?
I don't have a rational
explanation yet, chief.
We have a K-9 unit en route.
We still have the girl.
I can work with that.
Pack it up and lock down
the next location.
Copy that, ma'am.
Okay! Let's go, people!
We are on the move!
You heard her!
Move out!
It's all good, man.
I'll have you patched up
in no time.
Tout ira bien. Don't worry.
Hey! Welcome back.
Welcome back.
Mm, tout va bien, oui?
You're a medic?
Oh, I'm...
I've been a lot of things...
I always knew
it was you.
I don't believe you.
My arrhythmia. That's what
gave me away all these years.
There's nothing like
an old pacemaker
to camouflage my heartbeat.
Here. Have a souvenir.
Are you ready?
Another souvenir!
How am I?
Good as new, thanks to me.
Nothing broke.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Take it easy. Take it easy.
There we go.
How long was I out?
About three hours,
give or take.
Here's some pain meds.
Here. Have a drink.
No leaks.
Thank you.
My pleasure, son.
While you were napping,
did you figure out
what they want?
You got a computer?
You want a soda?
Something to eat?
Who the fuck are you?
Watch your mouth, young lady.
I'm Section Chief Piasecki,
this is Special Agent Kim, CIA.
What's your name?
I know you're scared,
but we're the good guys here.
Now, what's your involvement
with Peter Barrett?
Did he kidnap you?
Hold you hostage?
Like you kidnapped me?
Leave them.
For her own safety.
You're here because the men you
were with are wanted fugitives,
and we're just wondering
how you fit into that equation.
We just need you to answer
a few questions about Peter,
that's all.
Did he hurt you?
My name is Sophia.
My mother
is Special Agent Elena Maran.
Elena Maran?
I didn't know
she had a daughter.
She worked under me for years,
never mentioned
a thing about you.
Yeah. Now she can't, can she?
You know.
I am so sorry
about what happened.
Is that why you killed her?
Why would you say that?
Maybe because you sent
a bunch of assholes
to kill me and my dad.
Your dad?
Your dad is Peter Barrett?
This gets more interesting
by the minute.
Did he tell you that?
Sophia, the CIA doesn't
want to kill you or Peter.
The goal was to bring him in
for questioning peacefully,
and he reacted with violence.
Funny, 'cause I was there.
And it was "shoot first,
ask questions later."
Did he say
or have anything on him,
like a flash drive?
I think there's more to this
than what you're telling us.
I don't know shit.
I just want to find out
what happened to my mom.
Let me remind you, withholding
a person's whereabouts
has some
very serious consequences.
You don't scare me.
Don't worry.
There's still time.
Everyone out!
Chief, that's against protocol.
I don't recall
asking your opinion, Agent Kim.
where were we?
This drive
is pretty banged up, Peter.
Bingo. We're in.
Peter, did you see this?
They're recruiting kids.
They're stealing them, raising
them with agency parents.
They're temporarily
blinding them
so they over-develop
their other senses.
She's turning them
into you.
Naomi Piasecki.
She must've gone rogue
years ago.
What's going on here?
What's happening?
This thing has some kind of
virus coded into it.
Pull the drive!
Oh, shit!
Goddamn it!
We lost everything!
Shit! We've lost
every fucking thing!
We lost it! They tried
to kill you over this,
and now it's... now it's...
now it's gone!
Peter, I'm so sorry.
What are you smiling about?
"Critical redundancy."
There's a copy.
Well, let's go get it!
Not yet.
I owe it to Elena
to get Sophia back first.
Mind if I borrow
a few things?
We need that unpacked now!
How we doing? Show me.
Show me this.
Okay, we need more than this.
I need more angles.
Come on!
Let's get these visuals up!
We needed them up yesterday.
What was that all about?
Out of my way.
She's a kid. She has rights.
You cannot question a minor
without another agent.
Everything she said
will be inadmissible.
Our responsibility
is to stop a dangerous fugitive
from killing anyone else.
I'm gonna have
to call this in.
I'm gonna call it in
and report it myself
after the threat is neutralized!
Did you even search the girl
before you put her in holding?
Of course.
Then what the fuck is this?
Attention, everyone!
The Painter is incoming.
I need eyes on him before he
steps foot into this facility.
Am I clear?
- Move!
- You heard her! Let's go!
Intercept teams, into position.
The Painter is coming in hot.
We are code red.
I repeat, code red.
I'm gonna go over here.
You heard her!
Let's go!
Southwest corner. I need
teams on the southwest corner!
We are empty over there!
North is good.
We need the west side, though.
West side, please.
All right. Let's go! Let's go!
Come on! Move it!
Southwest corner! We need teams
on the southwest corner!
Southwest corner! Move!
Perimeter around me. Now!
You two, with me!
Defensive formation.
Hold! Hold your position!
Heads up!
We have a man down!
Where is he?
More down! Where is he?
Anyone got eyes on him?
We need to move you to
a more secure location, Sophia.
Why are you helping me?
The situation
has gotten out of control.
It is too dangerous
for you here.
What about my dad?
Is he okay?
We need to go now.
Okay. Okay.
Come on! Let's go. Go!
Keep going! Eyes up!
There's a weapon down here.
Watch your corners.
Move, move!
This way! Move!
And where do you think
you're going?
Moving her to a safer location.
Come with me.
Both of you.
I'll take it from here.
I can't let you do that.
You're disregarding
a direct order from a superior.
Stand the fuck down, Agent Kim.
It's over, Piasecki!
This whole operation is over.
I am taking her in, and we can--
Come on, kid. Move.
Let her go.
Let's finish this.
Come on. You're gonna shoot me?
That's so boring.
Let's play a game.
Who is the better intern?
Patient Zero...
or the new-and-improved?
I'm not here
for your milestones.
Really? You're gonna deprive me
of the opportunity to prove
that I'm better than you?
That's... No, that's...
That's fair. That makes sense.
I don't want to do this, kid.
These people, they...
kidnapped you, tortured you,
brainwashed you,
all to make you something
you were never supposed to be.
What's your real name?
It's... It's Daniel.
Well, it doesn't have
to go down like this, Daniel.
You can go have a whole life.
Fall in love, have kids.
But you got to make
that choice for yourself.
That does sound nice.
But I like who I am.
So enough with the pity party.
And don't feel sorry for me.
Sure, the whole forced-blindness
thing kind of sucked,
but it made me special.
And for the record,
they didn't force me
to be like you.
They forced me to be better.
Come on!
You know, Elena had
more fight in her than you do.
She really
stuck her neck out there.
Peter, come find us.
Dad, please!
Dad, can you hear me?
What took you so long?
I've been waiting a long time
to meet you, Painter.
You must be Naomi Piasecki.
Hmm. Byrne told you about me?
He said you were ruthless.
I'm a little more than that.
God, Byrne would never
shut up about you.
All those years I worked
for him, he'd go on and on,
how you were the best
that ever was,
and the best he ever saw.
Jesus Christ,
it made me want to puke.
What, you think
you're the only one
that knows how
to dodge a bullet?
You're an Intern.
I'm the Head Intern, see?
They used to call me Mimic.
Now they call me the boss.
Toss the weapon, Peter.
Game's over.
You okay?
Now where's that flash drive?
Put it down! Put it down!
Put it down!
Told you I had your six, son.
What are you doing, Peter?
Piasecki isn't
running The Internship.
She works for you.
The Internship's yours.
It's always been yours.
It's the only thing
that makes sense.
That's absurd, Peter.
Don't lie to me!
You told me
you never worked with her,
but she sure seems
to know you.
She's an Intern.
She didn't start the program.
She couldn't have!
And you think it was me?
Who else could it be?
You must've been training her
around the time I started
to kill people for the CIA.
You saw what I'd become.
You figured
you could do it again.
Okay. You got me.
There's too much oversight here
for me to stay on any further.
I'm going to make you
section chief,
and I'm going to retire
and run things
from the outside.
What's going on?
Step away from him
and come to me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let her go!
I didn't want it
to come to this, Peter.
I wanted you out of this.
"Out of this"?
She's been trying to kill me
since this started.
That's pretty fuckin' far
from "out."
You would've been dead
if it was up to me.
Will you shut up?
My underling may have
been a little overzealous.
I apologize.
I need the location
of that backup, Peter.
Sophia and I will take
a nice little drive,
and once it's in my hands,
you'll get her back.
You're stealing
and torturing children.
I'm doing what's necessary!
You think our enemies
aren't doing the same and worse?
I am protecting
our nation, Peter,
so people can
sleep peacefully at night.
This is about your legacy.
Nothing more.
Oh, Peter.
You were supposed
to be my legacy.
Now she is.
You don't have
to listen to him, Sophia.
I am your father.
What is he talking about?
Oh, what better cover
than the truth?
Yes, he is your father,
but you belong to me, Sophia.
No. You don't.
Just give him the flash drive.
I can't do that.
You see, Peter?
You see? Internship works!
And you were the prototype,
the catalyst
for the entire program,
and you are magnificent, Peter.
You surpassed
every expectation.
But did you really think
that I was gonna
rely on just one man,
when I needed an army?
This is the future!
And you are the past,
but we are one family.
She's your own granddaughter.
I didn't want it
to come to this.
When I deleted those files,
I thought it was over,
but Elena had to send you
that stupid duplicate.
Don't you ever say her name.
I don't care if I die,
but you can't spend your life
loyal to a man
who took you from your family,
from your real parents...
from your mother.
No! Get off me!
Hi, sweetie. Hey.
Byrne stole you from us
when you were born.
Let us believe you were dead.
And when your mom
found out about you...
You fucking piece of shit,
how could you?
All these years,
and you had her the whole time!
You sick fuck!
Your own granddaughter!
Elena, there's much
you don't know.
We need to talk.
Fuck your talk.
Give me my daughter now!
You're not gonna shoot me.
Peter's gonna
know everything soon,
and when he does--
He killed her.
She died trying to protect you
from this monster.
Just come with me.
We'll put this all behind us.
She's an Intern, Peter.
She's trained in advanced
psychological warfare.
New and improved.
She has none of your weaknesses.
He's right.
You're stronger than me.
But what he calls my weakness
is the love that I had
for your mother,
that I have for you.
And her love for you
is what brought us together.
You still have a choice
in who you become.
Enough of this.
You won't give me the evidence?
It dies with you. Intern...
complete the mission.
Terminate the target.
The happiest day of my life
was when I found out
your mother
was pregnant with you.
You have her eyes
and her will...
her strength.
Her temper.
And her courage.
She's still...
her father's daughter.
He was ahead of his time.
But his time is over.
He was thinking way too small.
Thinking that
my brothers and sisters and I
are merely assassins,
when there is so much more
we are capable of.
I can't wait to meet them.
I'm gonna need
the flash drive...
and I will be coming for it.
The next time I see you,
I might not remember
you're my father.
I won't forget
you're my daughter...
but I'll be waiting for you.
That's what we named you.
After Elena's grandmother.
That's your real name, Lena.
I prefer The Pretender.
Help me.
Help yourself.
Fuck you, Peter.
Peter, if you're
watching this...
...she's with Byrne.
That son of a bitch
stole our daughter,
and I'm going
to confront him, but...
But if anything
happens to me,
you have to be the one
to finish this.
I don't think
there are enough words
for me to tell you
what I need to tell you,
but let me start by saying
this drive contains dossiers
on every Intern there is...
like our daughter.
You have to help her, Peter.
You have to help them all.