The Painter and the Thief (2020) Movie Script

Two paintings by Barbora Kysilkova
were stolen from the gallery Nobel yesterday.
The thieves entered through the back door
and cut the paintings out of their frames.
The man broke in in broad daylight, stealing
two paintings worth almost 20 000 Euros.
The Czech painter is known for
her large, naturalistic oil paintings.
Kysilkova recently moved to Norway
to live with her husband.
The paintings were stolen here in Oslo.
The missing paintings
were her two most important pieces.
Art thieves often remove paintings
from their frame with a knife,
but in this case 200 nails were
skillfully removed from the canvases.
It would take a professional
close to an hour.
It's probably inappropriate
that I talk to him now?
You could try, he is sitting there.
I know.
Excuse me. I don't know
if this is inappropriate or not.
Would you mind
if I chat with you a bit?
Of course.
I'm the painter of those two paintings.
Can I ask,
why did you pick up those two paintings?
Because they were beautiful.
I am very sorry.
We all are, that's for sure.
- What did you do with the paintings?
- I can't remember.
You just sold them to someone?
No, I didn't sell them. Everything is just
a big blur from that month.
I don't know where they are.
I have one very daring question.
Since I'm a painter, -
- maybe we could meet some time?
Of course all for the purpose that -
- I'd love to make a portrait of you.
- That's possible.
- I can do that.
- Okay.
A man in his 30s tried to escape the police,
and was seriously hurt.
When the police approached the car,
the driver sped up.
The driver was severely injured,
and was sent to hospital in a helicopter.
I have...
I have several red roses.
The red rose symbolizes lost childhood.
I have 7 red roses.
I have two screaming theatre masks.
I have two demons on my arm
controlling things.
We fight. But I let them out at times.
They sit there watching.
Because of my background, I have
become very skeptical of strangers.
The first time I met Barbora in her studio,
I thought this could be
someone trying to trick me.
Is she out to harm me?
Or to expose me?
But it turns out she isn't scary at all.
She sees me very well, but she
forgets that I can see her too.
I wonder where Barbora sees herself
in 10 years?
As a child, Barbora was always
fascinated by death.
At a graveyard,
she became fascinated by an unmarked grave.
A Jewish girl was buried there in 1939.
No one put flowers on her grave, so Barbora
started doing it out of pity for her.
Barbora's first encounter with death
was at the age of 10.
She saw a man collapsing
in the streets of Prague.
She was instantly fascinated.
She does not like plastic flowers
or shopping for clothes.
And she does not like Scandinavian feminism.
Barbora has a tattoo with many circles.
It's a fascinating tattoo
that makes her special.
Some of Barbora's paintings are very dark.
Maybe too dark for most
to hang on their wall.
It adds more substance to the paintings,
and gives deeper meaning to her work.
I truly respect that.
She made a painting
of her being struck by her ex-boyfriend.
Barbora was in a violent relationship
for many years before coming to Norway.
The wounds run deep,
but it has given her this drive
to win back her self-respect.
She has this underlying drive
making her art her entire focus.
Barbora often asks
what became of her paintings.
But the truth is
I can't recall anything of that.
At times it feels like
I don't deserve to be happy.
I have disappointed
so many close ones.
The food is ready, dad!
It's been a while
since I made you breakfast, dad.
Eggs and bacon.
Lately I have felt that nobody wants
anything to do with me.
That my close ones
just want to abandon me.
It makes me want to get high.
Then I go numb.
Karl-Bertil Nordland calling.
I had an appointment to call you today.
And arrive around six.
I just wanted to confirm...
that I'm on time,
and I was wondering if you are on time?
Then we'll see you at six.
Thank you. See you later.
Okay, bye.
It's done.
I'm going to rehab.
We will get you there safely.
I'm scared of not falling asleep.
Of getting spasms and such.
You don't have to look like a junkie
just because you are one.
Dress properly.
I love you.
- What's in your hand?
- It's full of snow.
Let me see what's in your hand.
"A 100 kroner note", you said.
I have to split it.
- Hello, Bertil.
- Hello.
- Do you have a quarter?
- Yeah. Great stuff.
Come here.
Hey, can you do one half?
How much do I have?
- I don't have halves.
- Do you have quarters?
- Two?
- I have two quarters.
- And they work?
- Yes. Two quarters and I zone out.
I wouldn't trick you.
What did he buy from you?
So, you're buying heroin!
How stupid do you think I am?
I don't think you are stupid.
Then why did you do it?
Give me one good answer.
Either you go through with this now,
or I'm out.
I have never left you before.
The only way to make me stay,
is if you leave me now.
- Let me have one of them.
- No.
So I can relax, please.
- Just one.
- No.
- Please, you can throw the other one away.
- No.
- But it's just a smidgen!
- No way.
- Please, just the one?
- No.
Just one.
No, Karl-Bertil.
You don't get anything.
Just one.
I'm leaving now.
Do whatever the hell you want.
I didn't want to go there.
I just have to find one damn sock.
That will do.
Right now I'm home.
She threw me out.
I'm just getting some things.
Time to go.
My hips ache like hell.
I have to get up.
I usually lie awake all night.
Just listening to my body
making crackling sounds.
I've been in a coma for a long time.
I barely made it.
They tell me I may become paralyzed.
Yes, that's better.
A few of these each day,
and I'll get well in no time.
Maybe I can run a 60-meter dash soon.
These are my first steps.
I walked!
Karl-Bertil Nordland is sentenced
to one year in prison.
Two infringements
of the Road Traffic Act, section 31-1.
One infringement
of The Penal Code, section 322.
One infringement of
The Medicinal Products Act, section 31-2...
Try Barbora Kysilkova first.
See if she picks up.
The line is busy.
- Barbora.
- What's her name?
- No.
- No answer?
There's a lot I should have
told Barbora about myself.
She doesn't know
I used to teach at the carpenter school.
Or that I am one of very few who still
practice the craft of traditional carpentry.
Or that I came in third
in the BMX European Cup in the 90s.
She doesn't know that
Buttered Popcorn Jelly Beans is my favorite.
She doesn't know that for a long time
I was sober, studied, and was OK.
Barbora keeps asking me about my dark sides.
I think she finds inspiration there.
Barbora has told me all about her life.
She even told me
about her abusive ex-boyfriend.
During her first TV interview
you could tell she wasn't doing well.
You could tell
that she lived with an abusive man.
He beat her a lot.
He told her
she would never make it as an artist.
Barbora lost all confidence in herself.
Luckily she met ystein,
and he saved her.
I think she would be dead
if it weren't for him.
She'd never met anyone like him,
and didn't know you could be this happy.
She quickly regained her confidence.
The first painting she made in Norway, was
The Swan Song. It was a fresh start for her.
Lately, I have thought a lot about what
it was like for Barbora when I was injured.
What she must have thought and felt.
Why did she help me so much?
- What is your problem?
- I'm a drug addict.
Any other issues?
I have ADHD.
I have trauma.
What I see, is a man who
never got what he wanted.
- Did you have a happy childhood?
- No.
- I think it was really bad.
- Yes, it was.
It's been a living hell all along.
And it just gets worse.
I've also been very restless,
and I didn't know myself.
But I'm doing better now.
I feel more in charge, and calmer.
I'm at a crossroads.
I disappointed so many people around me.
Because of that,
people want nothing to do with me.
I want to get my life back on track,
and I want to meet someone.
- That's good.
- Yes, it is.
- I think that is really good.
- I think so, too.
I'm scared.
I'm afraid to leave this place.
Of course you do.
This is the first time I hear you say it.
We haven't talked about this before.
Good! I would be concerned
if you weren't worried about leaving.
It's scary to leave this place.
It feels safe to be locked in.
You hate it, yet love it at the same time.
Exactly. The biggest challenge
you have when they let you out, -
- is that everyone thinks
it's all bliss now.
Well, it's not.
It doesn't feel like being set free.
I have served my sentence
and been released.
But now comes the hardest part.
- It's been all relaxation until now.
- Your true test starts now.
It feels like I'm going to war.
It's not easy.
But I can handle it.
- What do you mean by that?
- I am ready.
That's what's important.
"I am ready to try."
Trimming the beard?
Trimming the beard?
- Not much of it, though.
- No.
Are you the man you were
before wrecking yourself?
I feel better.
I really do.
You got no permanent damage
from the accident?
Nothing at all.
I feel strong.
What is your plan now?
Except studies?
I want to start a family.
I look forward
to maybe trying to meet someone.
I'm really excited to see how it looks.
- My hammer and my fishing rod!
- Hammer?
- Hammer and fishing rod.
- Your actual hammer?
The hammer, yes.
Cool, huh?
Is this how you imagined it?
It's way bigger than I-thought.
I made all of this.
This was the first thing we did.
- To make it balanced.
- Those panels?
No, these ones.
This is my custom-made door handle.