The Paper Boy (1994) Movie Script

well, everything's
going well here in Boston.
I hope Ohio's good.
It's not as cold as
it is here, I'm sure.
Anyway, I'm going to present
you with a little surprise,
so, um, hold on one second.
I would like to now introduce
to you Ms. Cammie Thorpe.
CAMMIE (ON TV): Hi, Grandma.
I thank you very much for
the dress you gave me.
And I really like it.
I also have something--
And I miss you very much.
I want you to come visit.
WOMAN (ON TV): Hi, Mom.
How are you?
I'm sorry I can't be there
in person, but I miss you
and I love you and--
Now she'll have to
come back for sure.
Thanks for the
cookie, Mrs. Thorpe.
MAN: Morning, Johnny.
Don't go.
-I've got to go.
-Come back.
See you tonight.
Bad breeding.
All right, who else
would like to share
their plans for the summer
with the rest of us?
-Please, please.
This summer, I
will behave and I
will teach my parents to speak
the English, like you help me,
Ms. Thorpes.
Thank you, Yuri.
Hold it.
Hold it, hold it.
Congratulations, you guys are
now officially eighth graders.
-Thank you very much.
-Now get out of here.
Summer's already started.
Have a good summer, OK?
Sweetheart, be careful.
Melissa, you really know
how to work the kids.
You know, I thought a lot of
the wouldn't make it through.
Oh, my kids are
going to make it.
I don't want to
go to summer camp.
Oh, honey, we've been
through all this already.
I know you're going to like it.
How do you know I'll like it?
Because I'm your mommy.
Oh, Cammie, sweetie,
will you get that for me?
Come on, Renee Marie.
Yeah, just wait a second.
Mom, it's Diana, long distance.
Thank you, sweetie.
Hi, Diana, it's great
to hear from you.
How's everything back home?
Oh, no.
Diana, I just spoke to her last
weekend and she sounded fine.
She was really
excited about coming
to see us in Boston next month.
Come on, Tiffany.
Honey, stay in the yard.
The doctor said she
had a weak heart.
Oh, Diana, I wish I'd been here.
I know, honey.
If only I'd known when
I was here last summer
that it would be the last, I--
Where should I put these?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm Johnny McFarley.
I live right next door to you.
Your mother told
me all about you.
I feel like I know you already.
Well, it was very
nice of you to bring
the luggage in, Johnny.
Ah, no problem.
Well, bye.
Why didn't your dad come?
Well, him and my
mom are divorced.
He lives in Italy.
Where's that?
On a map.
You guys having a party?
Oh, wow, hot chocolate.
I bet you made this especially
for me, didn't you, Cammie?
Mm, that's the best hot
chocolate I ever tasted.
Oh, marshmallows.
Well, the eagle
scout has landed.
MELISSA: He seems
like a nice boy.
I wonder where the pictures
from last summer are.
Mom said she made an
album, but I can't find it.
I'm sure it'll turn up.
Why do we need Granny's
clothes at the funeral home?
So that she'll look pretty
when we say goodbye, honey.
CAMMIE: Mommy, do
you think Renee
Marie flew back to Boston?
MELISSA: Oh, I don't know
where your doll is, honey.
The airline hasn't
called us back yet.
Have you seen my brush?
Maybe it's with Renee Marie.
CAMMIE: Look, there's Johnny.
Hi, Johnny.
See you guys at
the funeral home.
Oh, Johnny, you
don't have to come.
She was my friend.
If I had died, she'd
come to my funeral.
Well, it's a long
way away, you know.
Well, that's OK.
I know where it is.
I ride lots farther
for my route.
Can he come in the limo
with us, Mommy, please?
Are you sure your parents
know that you're here?
Oh, yeah, it's fine.
My father's out of town.
He's a sales rep
selling golf stuff.
I was in a car like
this last year.
It was for my mother's funeral.
I'm sorry.
And you're on your own.
Well, I can take
care of myself.
Oh, is your mother going
to be wearing her pearls?
She said they're her favorites
because you have them to her.
CAMMIE: Granny looks
like she's sleeping.
Come on, Cammie.
Come on.
Where are we going?
I have to show you something.
-Hi, Melissa.
I'm sorry about your mother.
She was a good lady.
I don't like this.
It's creepy.
When my mother died, I snuck
back in so I could see her one
last time.
That's when I
discovered this place.
See, these coffins are
made just for kids.
Johnny, I'm scared.
Well, why don't
you lie down one?
They're really soft.
The day of my mother's funeral,
I fell asleep in one of these.
I had a really weird dream.
I dreamed that I'd get a new
mother, one just like yours.
I'm going to find my mommy.
Hey, wait, Cammie.
Wait a minute, Cammie.
I didn't mean to
scare you like that.
I promise.
I want to go.
OK, but, you have to
keep this a secret, OK?
Grown ups don't understand
these sorts of things.
Come on.
Flesh to flesh.
Come on, say it.
Flesh to flesh.
Skin to skin.
Skin to skin.
Tell the secret.
Tell the secret.
Die for your sin.
Die for your sin.
Come on, let's go.
Thank you for
coming, Mrs. Rosemont.
It's a sin for a soul to
be taken before their time.
Just a sin.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you so
much for coming.
Bye-bye, thanks for coming.
Are you sure you don't want
me to help you clean up?
-Oh, no, I'm sure.
Thanks, you guys,
for everything.
Did you do all this?
Well, thank you.
I did it just for you.
Would you like hot dogs?
Yes, ma'am.
Do you know how
to run a barbecue?
Yes, ma'am.
Well, how would
you like to come
over tomorrow night for dinner?
Let's stay around 5:30.
Yeah, that-- that'd be good.
I'll be there.
Maybe your father
would like to come.
No, he wouldn't.
CAMMIE: Mommy?
Mommy, where are you?
Did you have a bad dream?
Kind of.
I miss my dolly.
Oh, we're going to
get you another one.
Mom, are secrets good or bad?
Well, that depends.
Secrets can be fun
if they're good.
Do you have a secret?
Are you sure?
You can tell me
anything, you know.
No, there's no secret.
Good night.
Am I interrupting anything?
Brian, hi.
Uh, listen, I know it's
kind of late notice,
but I was wondering if you'd
join me for dinner tonight.
I know this great place.
Well, the kids are going to
barbecue tonight, but, why not?
I mean, they probably won't
even notice I'm gone, right?
Pick you up at 6:30.
We'll eat at the marina.
All right, bye.
CAMMIE: OK, here's
a nice hot dog.
You're doing such a good job.
They're going to be tasty.
Mm, close up.
Mommy, Mommy.
And it's a cut.
You're going to
have put one more.
-There we go.
-There we go.
Are you done?
Come and get it.
Wow, that looks great.
CAMMIE: Johnny
helped me cook 'em.
You look beautiful.
Thank you, Johnny.
Well, look, it's
Johnny McFarley.
What's she doing here?
Brenda's babysitting.
Thanks so much for coming
on such short notice.
But you invited me to dinner?
Johnny, you and Cammie are
going to have dinner together.
But Brian invited me--
It was supposed to
be us, the family.
Not fair.
We were having a party
and now it's ruined.
I don't want to be a bad boy.
I don't want to be bad.
MELISSA: So is this yours?
No, it's a job I'm doing, but
I have one just like it though.
Oh, really?
Where is it?
It's in a bottle.
I was just wondering why
it was that we never dated.
Maybe it's because you were
a senior when I was a freshman
and you were on
the football team
and I was on the debate team
and you only dated cheerleaders
and I wasn't one.
Oh, and you were dating
Diana's sister at the time.
I knew there was a reason.
I always had a crush on
you though, you know.
No, you didn't.
JOHNNY: "Dear Ms. Thorpe,
I'm sorry for misbehaving
at the barbecue.
I promise to be a
good boy from now on."
The little shit.
-The window.
There's nothing
out here, Brenda.
I told you.
I saw his creepy face.
Little pervert's hiding.
Well, go look for him.
You look for him.
I want a beer.
McFarley, you're a fungus.
MELISSA: I haven't
had such a nice time
in I don't know how long.
I spend most of my days
talking to 12 year olds.
I had a real nice time, too.
Good night.
Good night.
So smooth sailing?
Sure, except for psycho
child from next door.
You mean Johnny?
He was playing peeping Tom
until I chased him away.
TALKIE): Really?
Shut up.
Are you sure?
Shut up.
You'll ruin everything.
Oh, yeah, I'm sure.
Good night.
Good night, Brenda, thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did you get your
rocks off spying on me?
Honey, just grab the hose
and help me move this, OK?
Hey, Johnny.
Johnny, you're all wet.
Yeah, that's because
I rode over a sprinkler
on the way over here.
It was fun.
Oh, hi, Ms. Thorpe.
Cammie, will you go
move the sprinkler
over by the flower bed?
Don't get wet.
You weren't snooping around
the house last night,
were you, Johnny?
Brenda's a liar.
I didn't say
anything about Brenda.
We're here.
Kiss me again.
Again tomorrow.
You got it.
WOMAN: My God, she's so young.
How old is he?
MAN: 18, 19.
I hope she's going to be OK.
Oh, thank you, sweetie.
Thank you.
OK, you guys, another load.
Maybe you should just
have a yard sale.
What do you think?
Oh, I want to
give it to charity.
I can't stand the
idea of a bunch
of strangers tromping
through the yard,
fingering Mom's stuff.
Did you hear about Brenda?
Johnny, don't sneak
up on people like that.
It's going to give
somebody a heart attack.
I'm sorry, but I
wasn't sneaking.
What about Brenda?
Oh, she broke her neck.
Well, she was trying
to get in the house
without her parents knowing.
She fell and broke her neck.
She's going to be a
paraplegic from now on.
Oh, my God.
What's wrong, Mommy?
Nothing, honey.
Am I doing a good job?
It's 6:00 in the morning?
Oh, that's OK.
I get up lots
earlier for my route.
Turn it off, Johnny.
Turn it off.
You're going to wake up
the whole neighborhood.
This is my house, not yours.
You just can't come and go
whenever you feel like it.
I'm sorry.
It's just that I like
do nice things for you.
Isn't that OK?
Just, from now on, ask before
you do things, all right?
Can I come back
and finish it later?
Well, sorry for waking you.
Dumb boy.
God hates stupid children.
Johnny, you home?
Johnny, you want to play?
JOHNNY: You're so beautiful.
Everything about you
is nice and pure.
You're so perfect.
What are you doing in here?
Cammie, I'm sorry.
You just scared me.
I didn't mean to yell
at you like that.
Are those pictures
of me and my mom?
Did she give 'em to you?
There aren't any
pictures of you.
Yes, there were.
Did you steal them?
It's not right to take
things, Johnny McFarley.
I didn't steal anything.
It's just I've been making a
surprise for you and your mom,
because you're my little sis.
You've got the best mother ever.
Better than your own?
Here, come on.
I've got to go do some
collection for my paper route.
Hey, you want to come with me?
So what do you
think of my route?
-It's cool.
What time do you wake up in
the morning to go on your route?
Oh, normally around
5:00, sometimes earlier.
I'm a real early bird.
Who lives here?
Looks spooky.
Crazy old Mrs. Rosemont.
A lot of people
think she's a witch.
A real witch?
I'm collecting, Mrs. Rosemont.
In the mailbox,
boy, like always.
Stay away from that boy.
He's not right in the head.
He has the mark,
the mark of Cain.
I heard you whispering,
Mrs. Rosemont.
It's not polite to whisper
behind someone's back.
She's a real witch.
Yeah, everybody is afraid of
her, everybody except for me.
Come on.
Well, go ahead, touch it.
CAMMIE: Ew, it's icky.
JOHNNY: Oh, just
hold it in your hand.
Yeah, hold it in your hand.
What are you doing?
Johnny bought 'em at the mall.
Johnny, you really
shouldn't be here.
It's Cammie's bed time.
I'm sorry.
It's just I like
coming over here.
You're like my family.
We're not your family, Johnny.
You have a family.
Your father, I'm sure
he loves you very much.
No, he doesn't.
I'd like to meet your father.
Well, I better
get going, OK, Cam?
See you guys later.
Bye, Melissa.
Mommy, are you mad at Johnny?
No, sweetheart, it's
just that it's bed time
and we need to have
some rules, OK?
All right, let's go.
You like it when
we're together.
I know you do.
Just not when I'm bad.
OK, new dolly for sis.
And for Mom, I'll
get her something
so that she'll love me forever.
OK, dolls.
Little Orphan Dolls, bingo.
Select payment method,
this is Mr. McFarley.
I'll be paying with my
credit card tonight.
A present?
It's not even my birthday.
I wrapped it myself.
Oh, and I made sure
the bow was really big.
There you go.
A Little Orphan Doll.
Johnny, you're the best.
I lost my other one.
Her name was Renee Marie.
Yeah, I know.
Thanks, Johnny.
You're the best.
Hey, you're my little sister.
I'd do anything for you.
-Let's check out her name.
Ah, here we go.
CAMMIE: Her name is
Miriam Elizabeth.
Look, Mommy, Johnny got
me a new Little Orphan.
Oh, Johnny.
That's a very expensive doll.
You know, you really
shouldn't have.
Oh, I've got
something for you too.
Here you go.
Oh, wow.
They're-- they're one of a kind.
Yeah, just like you.
They're not real diamonds,
but they sure do sparkle.
There's a couple of
earrings in there, too.
Oh, Johnny, you must have used
all your paper route money.
I really can't accept these, I--
Well, you've got to keep it.
You've just gotta.
I'd do anything
to make you happy.
What's all the excitement?
Well, I should get going, OK?
See you guys later.
Melissa, the boy
has a crush on you.
I can't say that I blame him.
Well, there's a reason
they call it a crush, Brian.
Rejection can be devastating
at that age, you know that.
I just don't want to
hurt the boy's feelings.
Oh, I understand that.
But, at the same time, you
don't want to lead him on.
I know.
I've been meaning to talk to his
father, but he's never there.
I just hope I get an opportunity
before I go back to Boston.
It's not up to Melissa
Thorpe to save every mixed
up kid in the world, is it?
I guess you're right.
Why don't we forget
lover boy for a few minutes?
Let me take you and
Cammie out for some pizza.
What do you say?
I want a chocolate
pizza with jelly beans.
That sounds terrible.
Jelly beans on chocolate pizza?
Ice cream belongs
on chocolate pizza.
Hey, guys.
You going out?
Got room for one more?
Can't he come, Mommy?
Not tonight, slugger.
Don't call me that.
My name is Johnny.
OK, Johnny.
Shouldn't you be out
with some buddies
your own age playing
ball or something?
I don't really
like playing ball.
Besides, Cammie's my friend.
Yeah, but she's
just a little girl.
But she wants me to come along.
No, not tonight.
Sorry, Johnny.
Yeah, let's go.
Bye, Johnny.
I'm sorry for you, Brian.
That was delicious.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
OK, let's see--
Is a rotten egg.
-Come on.
I had fun tonight.
You like Brian, don't you?
Well, good night, sweetie.
What's the mark of Cain, Mommy?
Where'd you hear that?
The old witch, Mrs. Rosemont.
She said Johnny wasn't
right in the head.
What'd she say about
the mark of Cain?
She said Johnny had it.
Now don't you pay any
attention to such nonsense.
All right.
When we were your age, we
used to think Mrs. Rosemont
was a witch too, but she's not.
She's just a sad old lady
who doesn't have any friends.
Go to sleep.
Maybe Brian and Mommy will get
married and we can be a family.
We already are a family, Cam.
We don't need him.
He's not part of our family.
I think he's mad at you though.
My mommy, too.
Hey, Cam.
What's your mommy's
favorite dessert?
Apple pie, right?
How do you know that?
Come on, honey, it's time to go.
Bye, Johnny.
Look, Mommy, the witch.
Cammie, why don't you just go
get us some good oranges, OK?
Good afternoon, Mrs. Rosemont.
My daughter tells me
that you had some pretty
harsh things to say to her.
No, not harsh, sensible.
I'm just telling her
to be on her guard.
That McFarley boy, he's bad.
I don't what you're
talking about.
Ha-ha, oh, yes, you do.
He's just a child,
Mrs. Rosemont.
He tortured his mother
even before he was born.
The pregnancy nearly killed her.
Oh, he's evil.
I will tell you what's
evil, Mrs. Rosemont,
frightening little children by
putting such ridiculous notions
in their head.
That is evil.
No, no, no, you're wrong.
You'll see.
I would appreciate it if you
didn't talk to my child again.
Are these good, Mommy?
Oh, honey, they're great.
Come on.
You be careful of him.
Honey, yeah.
There you go.
You can have some as soon
as we unpack, OK, sweet--
what are you doing here?
Apples, all peeled
for making apple pie.
I thought I'd help you make one.
How dare you come into my
house when I'm not here?
How'd you get in here?
Do you like apple pie, Cammie?
It's great a la mode.
That means you eat
it with ice cream.
Johnny, how did
you get in here?
I have a key.
How'd you get this?
Well, your mother gave it
me, so that, when it rained,
I could deliver
the paper inside.
You know, so it
wouldn't get wet.
Go home, Johnny.
Oh, come on.
Can't you just make
me an apple pie?
My mother always made me an
apple pie when I behaved.
I am not your mother.
Now leave.
Go home.
CAMMIE: You're silly,
Johnny McFarley.
Hot dogs aren't an animal.
They come from a store.
It's good, isn't it, Cam?
CAMMIE: Mustard,
ketchup's good for me.
What about you?
I almost forgot the ketchup.
What's a hot dog without
ketchup, huh, Cammie?
CAMMIE: Whatever you say.
You're the best, Johnny.
Nobody could ever have a
better brother than you.
MELISSA: Mr. McFarley?
I'm Melissa Thorpe,
from next door.
I'd like to talk to
you about your son.
What did he do?
I just got home, um--
Well, that's why I
need to speak with you.
You're never home.
Johnny is just 12 years old.
He needs supervision.
Yeah, you're right.
It's just that since
his mother died, um,
I haven't known what to do.
MELISSA: I understand.
Raising a child alone
is very, very difficult.
But, Mr. McFarley,
you need to take
responsibility for your son.
Johnny spends most of his time
over at my house, not here.
It's just not right.
I'm sorry I broke your dish.
Here's some money
from my paper route.
Please don't be mad at me.
I don't want your
money, Johnny.
But you can't come to my house
anymore, unless I invite you.
Is that clear?
Good night.
Johnny, I think we should have
a father son chat-- Johnny?
I don't need this right now.
I don't need this.
Here it comes.
Here's another one.
Get ready, here it comes.
Mommy, Mommy, I
found the shovel.
Pump your legs.
Here, sweetie.
-Thank you.
I don't want you to be mad at
me about Johnny, all right?
It's just that, well, I
think he needs some help.
But he doesn't have
any friends, Mommy.
Well, Johnny needs to spend
more time with his own family--
But we are his family, Mommy.
He even told me.
Finish your dessert, OK?
Let me in.
Son, I know how upset you are.
I know it's been difficult
since your mother--
I know how much you miss her.
I miss her, too.
She did everything
for you and me.
Look, Johnny, maybe she
was hard on you at times.
She was very strong-willed.
That was just her
nature, Johnny.
Leave me alone.
Johnny, I-- I know it's a
couple of weeks early, but,
um, would you like to get
your birthday present now?
Does that sound
like a good idea?
I'll get it.
Johnny, open the door.
I think you're really
going to like this.
Now, I know red is your
favorite color, but, you see,
the yellow bags were
marked down 20%.
Look, see, there's your name.
And, look, look.
Look at this putter.
Isn't that great?
We're going to have lots of
time to play, together, Johnny.
See, in California, you
can play all year long.
You bet.
This is the other
part of your surprise.
See, I've been
offered a position in
are Tustin division.
And Mrs. McBride says it's
real close to Disneyland.
Doesn't it sound like something?
You mean we're
going to leave here?
I gave Mrs. McBride the
word and we're on our way.
It's going to be grand, Johnny,
a new start for both of us,
a whole new life.
Here, let me show you.
I can't leave them.
See, now that's
Arizona and Nevada.
And that's California.
I already have a new life.
So Tustin-- what?
JOHNNY: Yeah, the doctor said
the pneumonia was really bad.
No, he won't be
able to come to work
for another couple of weeks.
Oh, he also asked me to
tell you that he doesn't
want that California job.
No, he likes things here.
Well, I'll get him to phone
when he's up and about.
Hm, like this, like
that, that, or like that.
Mm, I saw like this.
Hi, Cammie.
What are you doing here?
Mommy said for you not to
come over here anymore.
Yeah, well, grown
ups are like that.
They can be mad at you
for a very long time.
You're not mad at
me, are you, Cammie?
MELISSA: Cammie?
There you are.
Thought I heard you
talking to somebody.
I-- I was.
I was talking to,
uh, Miriam Elizabeth.
Oh, well, Ms. Miriam
Elizabeth, will you tell Ms.
Cammie that it's time to go to
her pajama party at Tiffany's?
Come on, let's go.
Bring the hat.
really appreciate you taking
the time to come and see me.
Well, that's
what friends are for, right?
Well, now that you're here,
I feel a little silly.
It's just that Cammie's at
Tiffany's, you know, and-- I
was sorting through Mom's
stuff and then I guess
I started feeling a little sad.
the mark of Cain, Mommy?
Except for psycho
child from next door.
He's evil.
But I just like to do
nice things for you.
You'll see.
What's the matter, Mom?
Are you all right?
I have to go to her.
Melissa, you had a nightmare.
I have to talk
to Mrs. Rosemont.
She knows something.
All right, tomorrow.
Oh, Diana, you're a lifesaver.
Thank you.
Diana says she'll
take Cammie today.
Oh, gosh, I got to be at Mrs.
Rosemont's in 15 minutes.
I know.
Your life is in Boston
and mine is here.
I have a rush order
down at the shop.
Guy wants his boat by tonight.
You want to get together later?
Yeah, I'd like that.
Yeah, OK.
I finished cleaning.
This time, I go
home early today.
Has Peaches had his weenies?
Not yet.
Well, get in there and
see to it, then you may go.
Yes, ma'am.
Go on, dear.
I wasn't a bit surprised
when you called.
You didn't believe
me the other day.
But, now, you do.
You know he's evil.
Mrs. Rosemont, you
told Cammie that Johnny
had the mark of Cain.
What did you mean by that?
You're afraid he might harm
you or your little girl, huh?
You should be.
His mother certainly was.
How well did you
know his mother?
to the same Bible study.
She lived by the word and
raised the boy with discipline.
But he was incorrigible.
He resisted her at every turn.
And that father of
his, he was no help.
There were times after a
particularly difficult night
with the boy, that
she wouldn't have
the strength to lift her arm.
Are you saying she beat him?
Well, the child was
defiant and willful.
His mother had to take measures.
But I think she went too far.
Did you ever tell
anyone about this?
She confided in me once that
her methods were failing,
that she couldn't control him.
I saw the fear in her eyes.
We didn't speak about it again,
but, two weeks later, she
was found at the bottom
of the cellar stairs
with a broken neck.
You think he murdered her?
Johnny may be disturbed,
but a murderer?
She was afraid, and
then she was dead.
That's when I knew
he had the mark.
Mrs. Rosemont, listen to me.
The only marks on that child are
those put there by his mother.
She abused him and his
father's now neglecting him.
Someone has to intervene here.
Will you help me?
I saw you at Mrs. Rosemont's.
She told you lies
about me, didn't she?
I know she did.
I thought I told you
never to come here.
Thou shalt not lie.
It's the Ninth
Commandment, remember?
Johnny, get the
hell out of here.
You've got to talk to me.
Look, I know what
your mother did to you.
I'm sorry she hurt you.
Mrs. Rosemont shouldn't
say bad about my mother.
She's in heaven
because she's good.
Jesus doesn't take bad people.
Well, thank you very much,
Ms. Laird.
I really appreciate your help.
I'll see you tonight.
Brian, hi.
I've made some progress.
Well, a friend of mine from
Boston in child welfare
hooked me up with a
social worker here.
Yeah, she had some really
enlightening things to say.
Well, basically, if we can
prove that Johnny's been either
neglected or abused, we can
remove him from his home
and have him placed
in foster care.
Mrs. Rosemont has agreed
to make a statement.
I'm going to meet
with the social worker
there, tonight, at 8:30.
Yeah, at Mrs. Rosemont's.
I think it's best for
everybody, especially Johnny.
Thank you, just for being there.
You can't do this to me.
I can't let you do this to me.
Leave my family alone.
Where are you going?
JOHNNY: Come on, Peaches.
Come on.
Come, Peaches.
Peaches, you naughty little
boy, you come to mother.
Who's there?
Good evening, Mrs. Rosemont.
Talking behind people's
backs again, aren't we?
Trying to break up my
family, aren't you?
Get out.
Aw, but I just got here.
You don't sound too
good, Mrs. Rosemont.
You can't breathe without
that doohickey, can you?
Here, take a load off.
-Oh, devil.
It's OK.
Don't want to get blood
stains all over the carpet.
Well, don't-- don't
hurt Peaches, please.
It all will happen so
quick, he won't feel a thing.
Oh, almost forgot my bat.
Come on, Peaches.
It's OK, Peaches.
Come on.
Yeah, don't worry.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Bow wow.
No, please--
Ding, dong, the witch is dead.
Hey, Peaches, want some ribs?
I want Miriam Elizabeth.
She's all alone and
I bet she's scared.
Cammie needs her doll.
Well, can't she play
with one of yours?
Mommy said she'd
bring Miriam Elizabeth.
I know, sweetie, but
your mommy's not going
to be here until very late.
Because she has something
very important she has to do.
I'll tell you what,
if it gets too late,
you can just stay here
tonight and you'll
see her in the morning.
She's not yours, she's mine.
What are you talking about?
JOHNNY: You slugger, shouldn't
you be out playing ball?
She'll forget about
you real quick.
You just wait and see.
Mrs. Rosemont?
Mrs. Rosemont, it's
Melissa Thorpe.
Mrs. Rosemont?
Anybody home?
It's Melissa Thorpe.
Mrs. Rosemont?
Mrs. Rosemont?
Mrs. Rosemont?
Mrs. Rosemont?
Oh, my God.
I guess you're
meeting's over, huh?
You wouldn't
listen to me before.
Now you have to.
At my house.
Johnny, what have you done?
Mommy, Mommy--
Diana, Cammie's there
with you, isn't she?
Yes, of course she is.
She and Tiff are playing.
I knew she was.
I was just losing it.
I could have sworn
that I-- could
I talk to her for a minute?
Yeah, hold on.
Tiff, where's Cammie?
Her Mommy wants to talk to her.
She's not here.
She wanted her dolly,
so she went home.
Mel, uh, she's not here.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Johnny, open this door.
Johnny, open up.
I knew you'd come.
Johnny, where is she?
What have you done with her?
Wait, please.
Mommy's here, honey.
Call to me, honey.
Oh, please.
What have you done with her?
I would never do
anything to hurt Cammie.
You know that.
Where is she?
Cammie, honey.
Why won't you listen to me?
I just want to talk to you.
CAMMIE: Mommy.
Can't I just talk to you?
CAMMIE: Mommy, Mommy.
Good stuff cooking.
JOHNNY (ON VIDEO): Well, you're
doing a really good at it.
many hot dogs do you want?
I'd never hurt Cammie.
She's my little sis.
I love her.
It's OK, Mom.
I am not your mother.
Oh, Johnny.
We are a family.
That's why I brought you back.
You didn't make us come here.
We came back because
my mother had--
Where's my daughter?
Where's your sister?
I don't know.
Hey, wait.
Where are you going?
CAMMIE: Mommy, where are you?
Get out of my way.
CAMMIE: Mommy, are you here.
JOHNNY: She's not down here.
She's not down here.
Cammie, honey, what's wrong?
Get off me.
It's Mommy, sweetie.
Answer me.
JOHNNY: Hey, wait.
CAMMIE: Mommy?
Mommy, are you here?
Mommy, are you home?
There's nothing to
keep us apart now.
I took care of everything.
Why are you doing this?
Because I love you.
Well, we don't love you.
You don't love me.
If you won't be my family, you
won't be anyone else's family.
You would have made
me apple pie and I
would have been your good boy.
No, you had to ruin everything.
Look what you made me do.
Oh, no.
No, please don't.
CAMMIE: Mommy.
CAMMIE: Mommy.
Cammie, go away.
CAMMIE: Mommy.
Mommy, come on.
Go, run.
Mommy, let's go.
Hurry up.
Go, Cammie, go, go.
Mommy, come on.
No, Johnny, let me-- let me--
No, Johnny.
Stop it, Johnny, stop.
MELISSA: Cammie, Cammie.
CAMMIE: Mommy.
-Cammie, Cammie.
Oh, honey.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Open the door, Mommy.
Hold on.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Why is Johnny
doing this, Mommy?
Johnny, stop.
Stop it.
MELISSA: Cammie.
Oh, my God, Cammie.
CAMMIE: Mommy.
Cammie, run.
CAMMIE: Don't hurt her, Johnny.
Hold it, ma'am.
She broke into my house
and tried to kill me.
That's not true.
She's crazy.
She thinks she's my mom.
She murdered my father.
She hurt me.
I didn't do anything.
BRIAN: It's over.
OFFICER: Come on, son.
Let's get in the car.
JOHNNY: Tell them, Melissa.
Tell them I'm good.
Tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them.
Hey, I have rights.
I have rights.
Let me out of here.
Hey, I want to talk to a lawyer.
Let me out.
I'm a kid.
You can't touch me.
Tell them, Melissa.
Tell them I'm a good boy.
Tell them.
Tell them.
Let me out.
Let me out.