The Paradox Inside Motion Pictures (2016) Movie Script

Is this the place?
hmmm... It seems so.
From where does it looks like a place for trekking?
Do you see any path?
How will you climb up the hill?
We'll make our own path.
Then you guys decide, What to do?
I have decided.
Let's go!
Don't take it lightly. Do you think its a joke?
He's not willing to go.
You stay here only. We'll go.
Look bro, you wait here.
We'll be back soon.
How far do we have to go?
Let's go!
What happened?
There's something out there.
I can see someone's feet here.
Why are you making excuses?
Tell me straight away that you're tired.
No. No. I am not lying.
There's really something out there. Come down.
Wait. I am coming.
Where is it?
Look, its there.
Ya man. Something seems to be there.
Should we check?
- Let's go.
He looks like Yash.
Even I think its him.
Should I go and check?
Ya. Go ahead.
That's Yash.
Rahul. Rahul.
Now what to do man?
Let's take him down.
Enough Rahul. Listen to me.
You listen here.
We can't do anything now.
He is dead. And we can't take him down the hill.
- No. No.
We cant do anything now.
We will bring help from down the hill. Come on.
Come on.
Move fast.
Keep moving.
KADIL: Come on.
YASH: Kadil!
What happened to both of you?
Why are you guys looking so scared?
What the hell are you doing here?
Man I got scared down there, so I climbed the hill.
But why are you guys looking so scared?
We saw your dead body there.
What rubbish are you talking? Did you guys had drugs?
No man! Why would we lie to you?
Alright then show me.
No. No.
- No.
Let's go from here
- Let's go.
Oye! Where's the scooter?
It was here only.
Can you see it?
We made it stand right here only.
Look man, its not the time to play jokes.
We are already in trouble.
Please tell us where's the scooter
Why would I joke to you?
Let's go and check there?
It's nothing here.
Then what to do now?
I think there's something wrong with this place.
Let's walk this road and try to get some help.
- Okay
Brother we are in big trouble here.
Please help us. We need to get out of this area.
No problem. I'll take you.
We are three friends. You just take him with you. Please.
- Hey!
This guy was weird.
Why did he first agreed then ran away?
I don't know man.
What do we do now Yash?
Should we walk further?
How futher can you go by walking?
You won't be able to get out of here.
Yes, even I am tired now. Can't walk any further.
We should take some rest now.
Then we will continue walking.
We bought this scooter on EMIs.
My father will kill me.
Our life is in danger here
and all you are concerned is only about your scooter!
Just think what to do now.
What do you say Yash?
What were you guys talking about?
I wasn't paying attention.
We were asking what should we do now?
What we should do now!
- Yash! What happened?
Hey brother!
Help us. Our friend is in a problem.
Brother! Oye!
Where are you going man?
Oye! Oye!
Brother please help us.
Our friend is in a problem there.
Are you alright?
What happened bro?
What are you doing here?
I came running here when I heard the gunshot.
Where is Yash?
He is there only.
Wait a minute! Is there someone else with you?
Yes, he is our friend.
He is sitting back there. He is not in a good condition.
Back there?
Let's go there.
Where's Yash?
He was here only.
- Yash.
Where is Yash?
- I don't know man.
Let's go from here.
But what about our friend?
We'll not leave without him.
There is no need to look for him now.
You'll not find him.
-What do you mean by that?
I don't have time to explain you the meaning.
It's going to be dark soon now.
Similar things will happen to you if you guys stay here.
Who is this guy man?
And we are not leaving this place without Yash.
Even I don't want to leave without Yash.
But this guy has saved my life.
It's that guy's scooter.
Do you know him?
Yaa. We asked him for a lift.
First he agreed, then I don't know why he just ran away.
Hmmm. I got it.
It's quite dark now.
This place is a bit safe.
The forest gets denser beyond this place.
We'll head towards the city in the morning.
What are you thinking?
I am thinking, what was that thing that you shot?
I don't know what was that
But by living in jungle I've found what it does.
It just breaks the sense of hope in you.
And when you'll lose your hope,
it'll kill you.
But how do you come to know this much?
Because I've been through all this.
Really! But what happened with you?
A few years ago,
there was a town near this jungle.
I used to live there.
There was a rumour in the town that there's a ghost in the jungle.
But I never used to believe in such things.
And my younger brother used to be very scared of ghosts.
One day, to abolish his fear I took him to the jungle.
What happened bro?
Just get down for a minute, let me check.
Bro, did you got the fuel refilled?
No-No. Just saying.
You do your work.
Sorry brother. I'll get it.
(Rohit Screams)
(Rohit Screams)
(Rohit Screams)
(Breathing Heavily)
So what exactly happened to your brother?
I don't know what happened to him,
but I hope I'll find him one day.
But why do you think that your brother is still alive?
Because he saw me at the last moment.
That's why I feel that it couldn't have killed his hope.
It couldn't kill you guys because you too were each other's support.
But you're also alone in the jungle from so many days.
How are you still alive?
- Because my brother is my hope.
And untill my hope is alive, it can't hurt me.
And I don't fear that thing, I hate it.
Anyways, the fire is setting off.
There are still few hours left for the sun to rise.
You guys stay here, I'll get some wood.
We made a mistake by coming here.
We should have listened to Yash.
(Someone Screaming)
What was that?
- I don't know.
Should we look?
- We have to.
What have I done? He's dead.
What did you do?
Why did you kill him?
Why did you kill him?
Why did you kill him?
Why did you kill me?
Why did you kill me?
Don't be scared.
Don't you remember he told us that it can't harm us untill we are together.
Don't be scared.
But why did you kill him?
But why did you kill him?
Why did you kill him?
Bhaiji, it's a special mango.
It tastes like an apple.
okay, are there any wild creatures?
- Ya wild pigs.
Oh wild pigs remind me, you have two children, right?
Now it will taste like an orange.
- But, it tastes like grapes.
Bhaiji, you got that.
Now it must be tasting like a papaya to you.
That's Amit, he is making behind the scenes.
He's a wonderful human being.
Keep it up boy.
- Thank you. Thank you.
You're getting the lead role in my next.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Lead role in behind the scenes.
Army. March!
In the making, show that this guy took one and a half hour to say just a single word (chalo).
Are you alright?
Where's your papa kids?
Wake up you bloody ghost. Wake up.
You're the one, right?
Yes i am the one!
Yes i am the one!