The Parking Lot Movie (2010) Movie Script

spot on
it was a bit with the sex scandal
our camera
may have been back a little bit
there is a weird what a legacy or other species of animal
you may use interact with him and obviously lately control the evening
but he is not a certain way of the house their own set of controls
when you're walking down the street
it's not like if you bump into somebody you start screaming at them and giving
them the finger quite right to their face but when you're in a car you seem
to feel that you have the superpower
people are whether they're called part of the american identity
have your party in your car will set you free cards
is resistance number but before submitting the exports of the west and
what not
you've got your car and i've been
personally world
the ideas people being trapped by the car the parking lot of the place where
people were finally
realizing that the carpet
was not just means that the liberation but actually something of an incumbent
and that you had to pay because you know place for your form you had a better
anthony there was some
component justice in that
we are the champions
you have the car
we need to park their cars
and sooner or later you come back and it department office
and then and i want to us
my first reaction to cedras to florence get-out-the-vote forty thousand dollars
that gets a miles to the gallon is i hate you
but i'm not going to do anything because at the time for you and with my hatred
biet khong grinding my teeth in the knobs
building at the site of the best resource saying you know parking lot you
know they hear that the middle of the blinders on the airport for the rest of
on the run eleven points
it's even eat accident
it's beneath bellhop
bellhop steve forbes
presented the parking lot of thailand is the
tollbooth operator on the expressway to the way station to the american dream
it's on the bermuda triangle
you know in a way it's actually kind of triangular
it helps preserve much like beautiful wild animals it was like a refuge from
the rest of charles though right in the middle of
like a wildlife refuge
parking lot is located directly opposite
a number of
horrible bars
service premature and he you produce and your classroom
many native week
it's a strange location
meter on the back of a restaurant i mean it's not the prettiest thing bc the back
of every building and on a bad day smelled the dumpster
the truth is rather informal working it looks like something that you might
discover now being at the border and some people would
put up a little that other people just saw the inherent
soared nearly of that building was such a horrible simple space really was
disagreed with their bonds
aloof four walls will step
that's the kind of
building that jesus would have collected parking fees from
one-dollar bills
things three dollars lives
like one-night whenever somebody else and what do you do
made my first inclination is the last no
every still do it twenty one years later life
well it's pretty absurd but um... parking lot and they're like really
press as a leader minutes is business he holds that in the game he's sixteen
aster the gatekeeper birth and that judge
well before so i could tell that there are two
first definitely
rosa business it is a key figure in this
in this world
pet uh...
the masterminds
the man behind the curtain
thicket abotobble it
got a lot of trouble
and i'd always admired guys and we'll stores item number this one guy in
toronto that happens orange juice tan
they didn't even have a doorbell spaghetti and so i just answer counsel
he hopped outside over-the-counter to set the customer coming pop back uh...
and make the arches and and what it is that it was discussed at maximum people
and i'd always admired
that kind of
businessmen chris's genius wasn't
spider finding relating to people and getting them to
really come as a person not a boss
not the owner
not a an authority figure but as a friend and someone that you going to be
loyalty because you had such of the strong stake in operations you know you
cared about the place
has been small was really to create
a decentralized network of attendants who were also de facto managers the
facto owners for all in one of the park there the guy and i think that there was
the owner
and it's almost like he assembled this ragtag group a fractured poets that were
somehow in a sense like himself
yet we're certainly cable grave exit but none of us would call you have received
this week as you know what
where to get a reacted and hard-headed i think that sought as more of just
otherwise unemployable misfits barua
he had a gift or a person of being able to recognize
k and give them a starbucks how is that the press had a real spiritual adviser
quality to him
it's not like i'm thinking the word businesses do and terms of
how you treat your customers
to may it's all about time treatment for aids
don't work wasn't that it is the car therefore youth
is more decided to return to raise
i'm actually was
of like
arthritis in my phone because of straightening out one dollar bills for
forty years and uh... so it's very direct it's in your pocket
someone in the ass i'm foster i don't consider myself a farce
people would bring
certain assumptions to flames in their interactions with attendance
that to them seem perfectly
rational and maybe our rational and reinforced
elsewhere in consumer culture
you know the notion that the customer is always right
the notion that
if you have money you have a right to get whatever that money can buy you
and those are things that are you know
if not taken for granted in our society or at least
pretty often the case
uh... but in the parking lot there is simply not
lesson as guys working on the other part and they don't have custody sit down
person here and air condition
things only for the for not moving amongst the people they're not doing
anything and they can't afford to live here
looks like the word of the day at the park allies like dislike hanging
can you hang
it's like a combination of being really relaxed and
not willing to like let somebody will talk you down here in the end
teamwork is the dreamworks
cfo tonight linda a hosting
detonated an apartment
ciphers undisclosed
style of that
the guy is easy just got off
discounted as money out
graag eventually you see the light
were not an average parking lot we're not oblivious of the sayings in their
realize this is uh...
i mean this is a rare saying it's not even easier job there's not liking you
just get a job the parking lot
the letters are ridiculously helicopter they could break up into the seventy s
hiring in society
never knew what to say this is a cutie
stuff plates of the things that you had the
different every one of my mind is great and i got a job that i had a hand
bringing my friend
i got a job because of our factory crazy to get it out because it means that all
goes you know down the line
frankly i got stuck here forever circle everyone else they haven't heard from
got my friend
career that uh... i got the job because her friend
report donor side of the job too
hi deputy obvious endangered missing through louise jews i covered up the
basically what chris is going to create a very desperately need has a place that
plus people to kind of
slowly become they are
group fastest fifty cents afterwards
justice wasn't just a job this is a holy mission we are going to park the car we
will park them on the beaches we will park them on the hillsides
we will parks and so there are no into the parked
the court parking lot was definitely in the people who work there was definitely
an outpost of the small army of a small army was great
against the larger army
the larger army is
everybody else
is just like this the larger army is just like boring people
the small army is do you know uh... streaks whatever
our friends
if we're definitely seriously considering the
texas tential implications of the job
what does it actually me and what is it for them which is of course one of the
problems of having an insanely over educate a group of people working in the
service sector job
has that been plenty of time to think about it
it certainly had an element of the sacred we're like the priests of the
money and tumble
gifts and six hundred times a day you're taking a ticket from somebody you have
six hundred opportunities to take a ticket from somebody with fearful
as really being president and
despite the
the perspective of a parking lot to job listings for the ultimate slack job
hunting there's a sort of lifestyle philosophical components the parking lot
if you think of the things that detachment
and understandable decision making friends partners for freedom training
need to know about the strong sense of self and you get to know
who you are fundamentally in the absence of any other external trappings are
anything that socially people recognize you know that typically frame identities
and make us that we already know i do this or i did and what we're apart what
he did nothing
you literally sit there and i guess i didn't know that regards and in that i
really became comfortable with
with myself beyond whatever society might want to buy was or what i was
supposed to be doing or where i was from me and i was the guidance and two
and usually get there
here pretty early like around seven
all blacked out the gate and the ranch dover put them on turn on the machine
what you're going to get everything up and running usually there's image a
period of relative calm where you don't have to really be hustling to much but
the administrative busy richard having a second item in the wind chill
so i got a job and he would hang out for a while and then you don't get one
should sit around and deal with the busiest part of the day and then serbian
people coming into the night you hang out for awhile probably after block out
draft with the naked eye
did and i got a nation of advised finished animal lol
there have been the weird soon where that's going to wear the evening and
turned good or bad of a lot of the time two o'clock in the bars are too close
that's when you really do need to be out just beyond being a presence stops so
many problems from happening from three o'clock it was like a busy bar night w
blimpie we finally and stagger out knowledge in their cars and want to
leave you don't like the big blue of money you delete that was the time to go
before anything else really went down
because of that we're sitting on the darkened parking lot with the giant lot
of money in your pocket
and no one really around
as we have started to get a limousine at the time to get out there
then and i would be a different depending on how many violent
interactions you had there you go home and
lightweight thinking about how much you hated those people and how stupid they
were eventually fall into
troubled sleep
i would say that's like
half a point
dislike fifty cents is good
foote cohn is that the long-standing came to the park on
i have booked on court set up everything
i would like to fulfill the movies
that only played
foote cohn because they work the parking lot but they were able to challenge the
kind of
upscale foote cohn teams
word games like that out there aggression by playing footnote against
each other standard bowling beef
some of the same idea
signal losers for it
i don't think people that work at the corner parking lot these masters degrees
and professors the center as
i don't think they would work who want to work at how the parking lot there's
something different about the poor and working on
but for some reason the anthropology department was supplying parking lot
attendance for a long long time there might be sociology or the religion
department was funneling people here for a while he had some other guys or from
the foster the department so sometimes the word gets out that it's a sweet gig
camp people to get to ncr not good people that are too tight dare not goods
and that's why the anthropologists are great
because it's like fieldwork
alistair offense because client-server dot that matter
wearing another planet river apologist at least our they might be in africa but
at least their on this planet you know we would get these grad students and it
was perfect for them because it is of course the job is still
long periods of to you
punctuated by
wide brief moments of stocks you buddy
words falsely graduate for three students need
no one's parents loved and prevailed in the record
son or daughter wrote
parking lot intended
i came back to charles for for graduate school
and needed a job that is on a whim was like uh... you hiring there are things
that have parking lot experience
so i knew it meant to work in a parking lot it meant you do nothing
indicated in nothing in disclose
also this is the parking lot lines on the somewhere it will happen
and collapses on in supporting the best sweater
sometimes you gotta move these carts
pietermaritzburg really always that
another local service at her by inside passive aggressively engage the
emergency brake
is a pine never use it may not actually drive home before discovering that it's
aside safety reasons but it's really just passive aggression c
carvers basically a temporary wall
without the car border which is the
the cardboard as the leasing and sparking lives version of a wall it was
funny 'cause you'd sit around reading it like a map burnout serve pain eventually
becomes like multilayered
skins of an onion
and it's a slayer upon layer layer your editor may have all these layers a
and instead of throwing it out yet to take into the office where you they're
gonna be captions stored away like in a museum every time i get a clean out they
would remove this
and then hang in one sitting at a newspaper there you could spend a whole
set aside a novel pictures
and pacing and together was a little funny comments but the one rule was the
comments always had to deal with parking
between justice the whittier somehow they had ever laid and some sense to
there's probably nothing worse than
poets working in parking lots since it's dangerous mix if anyone has any kind of
philosophical thoughts or questions
you're right and one tickets
and my my brother's parker
nothing at all but streets in rows velocity director or at all that stuff
is really right here
religious flyers were always sailors lever vents to the court parking lot
system and it was on this morning taxi driver
everyone identifies with the limited transmittal
for foreign doctors at this one for every shift
when you wished you had a little silver contraption here or that we're just
flipped out when you're in every month
if you have that feeling we're really doing their jobs
yes please could you print them with
hearing the case here
there's a lot of people
who work in the parking lot but feel like at some point
there somebody's beaches were
they were the details like their school revenge of the nerds but it's a
combination of like a punk rock kind of attitude and i can
not caring attitude
doesn't have any money
griffith eduardo on
you have to care or else you're not going to get it for the job because
expect a secure like it was a fascinating lawyer would care
but it's not like that
two dollars please
your you know there's something like that
adhere effect called highway robbery and treatment do our best to maintain any
yet we prefer a miracle
anywhere no but
heroes so or
uninterrupted jr broke and i loved it
but the better confirm for me that
most people are crazy and then i probably wasn't like most people
grateful that i had this really cool dog and i worked for a nice guy
i appreciated both of those days
so i wanted to excel as a parking lot of him
i was the records all day long at that job it allowed for personal
growth development in introspection
bugger london from high school
came through
argued with me about the forty cents and was really insulted that anyone would be
trying to charger forty cents
a service for which she had taken a ticket pulled into a parking lot with
the gate
and park your car
could then be asked to uh... pay for that they wouldn't let it go
i want to get paid
and finally she snapped it means that you know i know who you are
it's like i hope you're proud of yourself you know night great your
parking lot attended
the i'm proud
i was trapped and synthetic
i hope you're proud of yourself
driving your father's car edn
trying to beat out of forty cent
parking fee
who's come further
near you
than i was a that was
that was it that was a nice day
'cause she was she was a jerk
she was started
her father was a juror he was my sixth-grade math teacher
bill totaled chart
fuck that guy
i was twenty one when i start
working their had appointments will be in
permeated the time that i spent in the parking lot
that was when i grew up
who played an important part in my development as a human beings so
and that sense i was born to work there
just when i started cracking up parking lot more
event on
captain parking lot event i was giving me more free parking at one time my car
battery died and the parking lot which is an opportunity that every part about
it that way it's for
and identity
not only where u
you have a good parker actually able to prepare all the times
when the first except for a lot of hamas
for in a potential
but uh...
also your car was very small
honda civic
it wasn't so much about the parking and so much but the metaphysical perfect
this all parking right
blossoms guesses as to what could go on the gate
and that there was some sort of a ceremonial bag where they would get the
pain together they would give you before you know digital padding that was put it
all together get their stencils out
and make this thing but there would be these reserve these dates to be like
what to go out today units of new gate and then of course there's be these
people that followed the games you know they come by augment
name date mistake
you know it was like
the fresh food arriving to the south pole or something you know if french
walter couple of different styles of gave me
is unable to pull tourist
to minors is strictly letter or internet
i'm asleep the river in some way to what's going on at that moment the
parking lot they're not usually intended to relieve the understood by the parkers
sort of a temporary autonomous zone
seadrill people who are former celebrities where now mostly sort of
officially degrees passed on
television show and people illegally adds that
or in this case
bank analyst
there is a man and an area
an eye
planned uh...
that game didn't hand
and and and and and are needed
where one
mailman on mars
criticizing them
twelve forty
one please
far far far far left i left well
they don't understand
what does that sound
says say something i started to fall for his birthday stuff
at fifty five message-id
three hours and fifty five minutes
starting at the four years which i don't hide
lorena and alice
leave without saying a ticket for years
for this time
why'd you park it me if you came to me the money you owe me this is my jap
design a plan and not only did linda i mean you only nine dollars right now if
you want to leave
and i think you can drive web under a license plate number down and called
okay it doesn't bother me tonight's dusting off my back
is good for any other day cannot
what kind of person
have enough money to buy a big car
and put gas in it
and not one of
just pay
it's forty cents
what's wrong with you
dedicate depicting
send your mind spending
if uh...
if you're looking for uh...
that void
it's their to welcome you with open arms
i could be a real
are really extent of job in that way
once again here's our number comes in
people apparently enter this no-man's land a place for civic order rules cease
to apply
people tend to lose a sense of perspective himself
and i feel very entitled the park premier team and made me angry was was
generally that it was rich untitled people
coming in line to exploit
use because you were talking about socio-economic class
mistress might entitlement really might our commitment with little mid-life
crisis guys
they were the second worst behind this the frat boy sorority sister types
if you have some expensive carnegie buddhist aha shit
while they're going to all the
they're like this
pretty much going nowhere
we've got some money
not completely completely
annually cashing
close parking is like isn't illegal
inhaling a full range
and every
car thinks it is
and to pay for it
recourse calpers for criminals for charging
the ideal palm
force out now
that explained that entire system capital of the right now but
subhuman and there's a lot of cards theirself
it's sets its eyes and said
him that
going especially if you're guy working in a parking lot you're talking to
someone who's got fifty thousand dollar eddie bauer ford explorer vinegar
grilled up fifty cents even though that it seems completely basel
that fifties and should be
matter to you
view that the defense is worth fifty thousand dollars in eddie bauer ford
you just want to get out of them anyways
dot com present
you can't park there
god dammit michael
twice people may have mike i mean it's nice ice family example they'd admin at
first family
the mystic stream table table since it internally
and their the fundamental easiness their lack of engagement with environment you
know this is sort of ideas exxon fares for you to expect me to drive around the
first on the street
but it's also unfair here to expect me to pay for the spot
i don't think we have anything that inside the garage that either
that fact that
this latest blocked them about six dollars
steps toward the worst riddle at the store here that the absolute worst
ranges suv's
solar system it get rid of spaces so we can come in and i think it is
with so we have lost part
everybody's got something for that
all send carjacking bigger beginning to hear
in bigger industry thought they were gonna get bigger got bigger and i got
we had the ford explorer
there wasn't big enough so that the ford expedition which was the biggest vehicle
reading that wasn't enough ford extortion
monster of a car
for that on top of it the hummer started to appear
and a lot of us which is
categorically not parkinson
united in our country and rock
you don't need tires into medicare in them because if you take sure apple
rounds or mortars or grenades colliding with the fact that it is that
yet but it's too big to financing available for market
suddenly at three o'clock department was filled with servants
there with their car
cannot thinking about you
they're like
and so there is no room for them
i'm sorry there's room for you to park your car and the slot
maybe you can find room to park on the street
so if you can almost see the truncated so it is a man
i bought the car
how could there not be a place to park
shirley comes with a parking space
perfect everything
mean death mentality
people reflect
we'll probably catholic name of the front brakes
around eleven o'clock like that season in the first person the first thing to
run things
like college kid comes over this intrinsic psycho will being at something
and it's like
a floodgate evans and just like drunken
stupidity and just that
uh... alcohol
i think we're being very both
i mean they would crawl and would be crawling
and tickets were a lot of the mess in the parking lot there
the monetary thing else would
will hinder out
when there's a potential for grazing as i hear i started going to be on the
and uh... there in time
really busy nights it's going to best major presence known in the lot
is it tends to present things were happening people think they're being
feel a bit more civil liberty otherwise
because we had a make sure buddy released
by the by certain ground rules there's a lot going on
they are as
no double parking
no double parking
many stories police was things that happen rather to deal i rest with the
same vehicle people's cars were shot up team
actually went airborne or with the gate
and flipped the car for tourists
and we really have a polite
haven't sex right there on the back mexico ours truth never dawned on this
it's like it was like watching
the migration of jellyfish
like the list of the world
all trying to leave
someone else
million-dollar fifty
as you've heard about this
to work there you have to have
the certain disregard for the people
allies you could think stayed on the fact that
the me it's a really good school
you have to mention that meeting
mediate percent of those people
will gradually and all the people will graduate for the most part are going to
make more money any fear then i will i tire life
not only that
many of them are going to be sending my children to war other plants
and not
boldly that
but they're all just vomited on it
site you know why
maybe she had a bunch of kid that range rover
maybe you should have managers started that a little while
as we see why your kids a bastard
you know he's not nice they're not nice people
yet will make a lot of money
we never whatever
as alumni in los angeles
and that sort of like
good luck with your life dislike slight are you know why lives not just cc me on
my job doesn't mean you know my life
graduation day having like
a car
dad driving the car in the whole families in the car
a kid you not saying you know if you got a college degree would have to do a job
like this
you must be feeling pretty good about your son is graduating its really lost
starts with
any held and have social
made it through
second works for frat boys they think the world opposed and everything in
you know they've got incredible sense of entitlement
there's been a fraternity our store
mister dollars
estate traveler's checks
cash or a personal check sax
the museum
dualism your leukemic forrest
here in the case
for where the seniors were
that's always very often
spend a few years since i've seen it
she pretended like chief
didn't lie was but and initiatives there's sort of moment economics
when investing my formers
needs to be seen in this d exalted
from either stop galat hearing is not here
we're all human beings
deserving of a certain
this was a day
what i don't see them
people out here
on average friday or saturday night
gate might get broken one time
aren't that many of the get broken
on a terrible awful night we get broken
like so many home run or something so
the snap
around twelve thirty electoral physically outside the booth i'll be
waiting you can see the gate you could hear it
be waiting to hear the crack of the gate second really take off and finally broke
the gate
it would be given the option a commuter get arrested for vandalism
possibly go to jail or they could not pay the piper initially decided pay for
their restitution to the part what's going on the scene
the broker date thirty five dollars or call the cops
but break the dayton and pay for doing to keep it as i paid for it
now you know the key thing is it's a work of art
and belongs to us it's ours
placards lately
dot koller
waitlist lots of love
but this is just a section
getting twenty dollars that's on the strategy
and it's not just units up pace of events just
it's restraining order tricky and world
they come up to the uh... when looking grad guy
in the world with a knife it's little sixty-one melon balls
you know that's realize that the balance of powers in their favor
there was no exit think nothing prevented people from just simply blvd
and it becomes a thing about the social contract and very locking in
you know you're you're asking to please pay for this convenience we've offered
people would rather than and the switch with what then it was just a little but
most of the next thing you know i would end up
now the middle of the street hanging on the sunday is sure
so there is a beeping penalty
while the person had he was paying then you pay double
i didn't tell people about the beating penalty i would just look at their
ticket term of the price was and double that
i did not pocket the money i couldn't do it
i did not ever charged it would just so i could get more money on overcharge
people because they were
dixon they deserve it
vengeance is mine
so i'm trying to stasis head into his stereo
present correct elevates
i've been kind of twisted down like that
so my shoulders kind of like potentially being you pulled out of its socket
and some trying to slam his head into the steering wheel
that was the man when i realized that maybe i had to
adopt a different approach they were at the end of the la atop the ranch they
flew with a straight angle
it he'd in blue looting iraq almost like a pistol shot it hit it so no doubt this
car was freaking out and no doubt the car belonged among your daddy and
they're going to have some staining to be on the morning it was my first drug
and was contradicted by me at one point to hold onto a jeep
exit poll data and to in st
the guy who have to have inflicted mia here two dollars
waiting on that and i can i might
you know without a break every thought of my life that you know if they don't
like that
not for a lot of stuff the cars
but the difference was i was in my mid-thirties
nuthin that's one of those has really come in the area like you know
you're almost forty
payphone rocks callers and you're in the parking lot something is missing her
right here
is common area
that was a classic exchange because she called you in any it out loud
what that barrel which is a she's like dat i'll call and i said yes he did
house like this comment is you know it would look over
you park for tend to have his phone call me at a busy day hotmial
nice pics expect that raghava email called body called connoisseur
the party of brain is telling you for god's sakes mission style
secure like a silicon action junkie you know you can't stop yourself at this
time the guys left to do andy's kickin ass easy being green is a parking lot of
ten at a control
i think it's an obsession it becomes is it was a relief
so work in a parking lot like
it's more than a parking on their wit's end up with an understatement i think if
you also sort of like a real sense of
battle of humanity isn't
it's a power cheryl
casey religious party
if people want lane he didn't get the complain a lot
he was just pop
within this week the sort of like
for better or for a few minutes he said
decide he's getting his dad
sees a day so i'm just a parking ticket
and would help us ah...
over the next
i think people interact with parking lot attendants and people in the jobs like
and habits that bad i think that they
don't recognize you consulate he was just brought say one single word to me
that entire interaction and they're paying me for financing how are you have
a good day thanks a lot of stuff like that
the opportunity to work
to judge someone by their car before they got out of it became pretty easy
the about our free of centered humanity places on real ever telling him either
keys it's like
hello i'm typing the koreas license plate
my korea's it's the poor yes there were there to know how to drive a four-year
solutions like yeah i do know that i've never heard of him for his levi psyched
about the various people there often that parker's
for some reason lawsuits paid that partners adolescence that police talk
like weinberger's always stuff
this guy part for ari and a lot
and this is the one of the time thing
and it wasn't
automatic transmission in alice so
cell offended by that
outside this is what's wrong with the world a at sports car with automatic
transmission mimosa people who work there uh... got to know a lot about cars
and got to know makes and models and then had
very efficient memories when it came to recalling the exact
model their disguise worded fans that believed on disintegrating mazda
sixty six million i think it is a taurus is a list of all urban execution
geometric or a person black nissan suv's but i don't think it's a
suburban wasn't played thumari simply moved forward
it's not as hollywood's assam
still to be interviewed greens and all the people
klingon disagree legacy black needs time decentralized marooned mitsubishi's
movements of this program
status on the back
you they're paying attention to
the other
get to the lexus but it's in the makes and models of cars
development company sections of blue xterra but north carolina plates
fires later on a little bit like she does a twenty two forty three that i was
a standout descends there d
the list of people that drove out like we had all right your honor license
plates because we're frustrated angry and resentful but we got one day god
will shine is
his wife of justice stand here's the sword if i can tell them when they're
done at the parking here again
the great moment for my sandy was when
virginia change to a seventy license plate
has one virginia at the six digit license plate i had a photographic
memory for license plates i can remember the license plate of every person ever
driven out of me the money
when there were two seven digits i just couldn't remember anymore
what and how can the alley
looks what do you want collecting relax our progress
or something like that
here's the deal
it's been a debate when you get out there
when you think they have night like that five o'clock here say the prices include
possibilities status
as whole
i think that
still the carcass did set itself i think the people that like
don't want to all the cartoons landslide deals like the worst of the political at
the gate and i was at the press the button it looks like a machine edited in
israel for himself
village and i don't know there's a bailout he would say
was the son of the inside of the
they worked since no parking placard orchestra demonstrable unselected uh...
above them
i think at some point everyday spirits little burnout
that job
you would just
bargain people
posted last night i was dreaming
understated tickets
from within the people display according to
co display
sociology lions drug development alone i at work today
and so it's just gone
in the next day
you had a vision of where we think and
meeting and enjoyable and more news on the justice kennedy management in the
incision in the world
mariners in need
slapped the lost in a race in the past year olds everyone like that you know
that's what happens when a new album
heads it's really had just this very sensitive you know
going hands and feet from working here
michigan dwindling recycling
breezy them with you
their plenty of people that have taken it to find that usually means
it might be time for them to go seem to find a little less polluting vacation
you know so that they get a proper balance realizes just apartment you know
but it should be a little more enjoyable
we can get to the point of resistors here's officer they hold powerful
creator destroyer died a few who can control all the aspects of the cosmos
there because of what it was counterproductive and you're just kind
of getting the disputed watered down version of justice which is just
punishing people
when you know it's time for you to to move on
then you have to
volun at
don't put over the next thing as a nurse was to be doing
eventually kind of
come around hopefully and realize that it's all about you
we don't smedley the greatest thing again
get out of it
mess where you have to get away from the sort of
attending as creator destroyer god way of thinking it's not up to you to make
sure that person gets their just desserts
you start to have like a slightly more nuanced sense of cause-and-effect it's
best to go and what that person good on the road because you're not the one
responsible for meeting out the effect
that's the mechanism of the universe
out there
can what
there's always a billion seems like mental on work there
we reached the end of their time with you know it's time to move on
because you don't plan
coming in every relevant and some people come to replace
and you can start one of the neglect me long enough to get attention a little
watchers down
or to the parking lot for
eleven years
this was the watch that was presented to me
upon my return from the corner parking lot
incidence of sars six dollars
than six dollars was
the old days
rooting for tonya
a human being
i think you have to worry the parking lot yet to be some still remained figure
although a deviant one i think we all sort of tv romantics
whatever we do it doesn't seem to matter near this sort of potential that we seem
to have held in the parking lot
and the parking lot we were
yet we were rollers uh... we had completely all part of me
you know we
we had a heart of world they are
had nothing to offer us
disguised after school solicitors forever and really don't know what's
you know in the trying to figure out where nine were just run the whole on
before they have to know because it is just the bottom line is important to
remember that preventing them both those guys sometimes forget it
we get out of the fervor of twenty
for twenty five years
third there was a little bit different
it's stands for
permeate live
let them live try people who were there
it's not that much
drive yourself crazy
it's not just a part
that worked here
time for me that has passed
you know i'm the one person
stalder all the other guys this is just stop
some more significant and others in terms of their stuff going on
that we tried a lot
i guess that's a question that we played god at the parking lot
that one out of this could ever be died there
i guess we played job
because i was on the latest version
solicitors townhome occassionally should be careful about who you love your card
to you know people say that
the rest of your life is going to be business basically high school i think i
was what do you know if they don't
bill of ways the parking lot
was was more like what the rest of my life was going to be like
there's really no chance that types of content
what is happening at a few things to do that
jesus some of these stories
trustees st
clubhouse college drinking drinking it
got to be careful
for people to have cars a democrat should be cognizant of
yes there's there's that means
some people in this is with it the first night of the everyone strays
files cia course here not just realized everyone is completely up to
accused at some of the
so sedans over there
and uh... levels for different things
houses and choose it
successfully set up here
for this earthquake
probably four times
in the classroom you get this lake
you the instruction
out here in the parking lot
it's much much good
so you're saying there's a deacon textile artist neutral environment
would know we'll need no will structured no real organizational framework to give
you any sort of direction and at the end of the day was it was best way to
approach that was the time
transcendental as a specialist has really not looking to meet
for schools like
tell will collect the situation is working
on the light less activity
it was just kind of late
sticking it to them and there's something like we you we're still here
you didn't get rid of those stupid in our transition money
and that's
that's pretty much of it
ed yes i have been the most
greater level
uh... friendship
a lot of these people who came forward
wonderful people and pretty what peter experienced and also they
enjoy it and i hope
cargo they feel somewhat somewhere that they will back him
lasting asp
deals dankie
disputes teachers can plate
tonight status was host casting
mentioned that you and my
daisy pike
was just wanted
displaying it