The Parts You Lose (2019) Movie Script

Here comes the Retard Rocket!
I pledge allegiance
to the flag of
the United States of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands...
Can I offer you more, sweetie?
What about you, baby?
Still hungry?
Oh, I bet...
you two saved room...
for dessert.
Yeah, I figured as much.
So, will it be Ring Dings
or ice cream?
Baby, you can't have
crocodile for dessert.
You can't.
Oh, you'd better watch out.
I'm coming for ya.
You little stinker.
Best two out of three?
Yeah, okay. All right.
That is a cool name, Dragon.
Mr. El is in the way.
Bait him.
Just go into the house,
like sideways.
Like... Oh, no.
That's too scary.
Oh, no.
This is how I actually had it.
Oh, yeah?
Wesley, baby.
Then you can bring him
into the house.
Look who's home.
Hey, Tiger.
Why don't you come over here
and give your old man a squeeze?
Come on.
Get over here.
I missed you guys.
Come here.
You good?
U.S. spring wheat harvest
is just over a third complete.
That's ahead
of the five-year average.
Len said he could give me
Saturday mornings,
but that means
I'll have to open at 6:00
and meet with the inventory guys
and all that, so...
So should I tell him yeah?
I don't know.
Let me... let me get with Coop
and see what he's got me
lined up for on the next rig.
One shit job after another.
You still look good to me.
You look good to me.
Come on, Tiger. Up.
Mom and I
will be in Bismarck by lunch,
but the doctor's not until 4:00,
so Theresa can grab Amber.
Oh, no. I can... I can get her.
Fisher came in crazy today
about these galvanized nails
he got up in August.
Apparently, cedar kills zinc,
so now his shed wall's
got all these
awful streaks on it.
You know, I, um...
I ran into Kenny Dryer today.
He said there was
some kind of commotion
down at the Garson.
You know,
a shooting or something.
Said something like four dead.
Caused a whole bunch of ruckus.
Wesley told me he got
a 95 on his history test today.
Isn't that right, hon'?
What was the...
What was the one
that you got wrong again?
Right. That was it.
The Battle of Saratoga.
The only one.
Well... Saratoga...
That's a tough one.
Hey... You don't...
You don't always
got to be doing that.
The boy's not deaf.
Yeah, I know.
Well, then, maybe we shouldn't
always be treating him
like he is.
It's just that, sometimes,
it makes it
a little bit easier for him.
For sure, now,
but, you know, what about
in a couple of years?
Look, things are gonna be
tough enough for him
out there as it is
without us making it worse.
The boy can hear you just fine.
Your... your mom's
with Grandma today.
She spent the night in Bismarck.
I made you lunch.
Give it a go.
Start it up.
Come on. Come on!
Come on!
Son of a bitch!
I don't know what that means.
Can you write it down,
for Christ's sake?
I'll come back later.
Just... I'll be right back.
Could you pass me the salt?
You been here all morning?
Anyone else know you're here?
You don't talk much, do you?
What's that?
You can't hear anything?
Don't worry.
You're not missin' much.
All right, what's that one?
Uh, socket wrench?
Socket wrench. Very good.
How about this one?
Uh, is it a wrench?
Yeah, but what kind of wrench?
A strap wrench?
Strap wrench, that's right.
That's my boy.
You got anything else
to eat around here,
besides fruit snacks?
Hey, look at this.
Early morning patrons
were startled yesterday
when multiple shots were fired
in the Garson Hotel hallway.
JUST PAST 7:00 a.m.,
resulting in Richfield's
first homicide since 2004.
Even though
Russell County law enforcement
was on the scene within minutes,
three suspects
and one short-order cook
employed by the hotel
lay dead
by the time of their arrival.
They opened up
another check point on 17.
Backed up traffic
all the way to Deerpoint Square.
What are you doing?
Dolores says
they're going door to door
over in Plainsview.
All our hard-earned
tax dollars at work.
I'd better get going.
Yeah, I'm meeting Mitch
down at the King's Head.
He's trying to wrangle
Cooper out.
See if he can give us a break
on those drivelines
he's been hanging on to.
You know, finally get
that tractor up and running.
You going to be long?
You know, as long as it takes.
Take care of your mom for me.
Your mom make this?
She's a good cook.
I can't stay here no more.
I've got to meet a friend.
That friend
is going to get me...
to where I need to go.
But he can't get me there
if he can't find me.
Here's what you're going to do.
You're prettier by the step,
you know that?
You get prettier every step.
Every step.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Shut up.
Get in.
Come on.
So, you got something for me?
You know where he is?
You gonna tell me?
Maybe I don't want to know.
Did you ever think of that?
Look... you tell him
I'm going to take some time
to figure this all out.
A couple of days. A week.
I don't know.
As long as it takes.
Well, then...
looks like
I'll be stickin' around
a little longer than I thought.
Just put it there.
Don't you got school today?
What, is it Washington's
birthday or something?
All right.
Like that.
Life is interesting
because we meet
all kinds of people,
and learn about
their cool ideas
and experiences.
I respect and accept them
for who they are.
You should try it.
Hi, Mama.
Hey, babies, whatcha doin'?
You watching your shows?
You have a good day
at school today?
That Kennedy boy starting
trouble with you again?
Just don't play with him.
Look, I know things
have been a little...
but if there's ever anything
you want to talk about...
You know...
Hey, someone want
to give me a hand over here?
Go. Help your father.
Just take them over there.
Just take them...
Just stop... stop!
What have you got there?
You wanna play me at checkers?
You any good?
Just 'cause you're deaf,
you think
I'm going to let you win?
You win when you win.
Now pick that shit up.
Hey. Hey!
Did I say we were done?
Come on.
Hey. Look at that. Right there.
You just moved your piece
in front of my king.
And all I got to do is...
Oh, hey.
Don't go crying.
You still got your hand
on that piece.
All right?
Just think before you move.
How old are ya?
I got a daughter your age.
Well, turns 10 in October.
Lives with her Mama.
Now, don't tell anyone
I told you that.
You'd like her.
Maybe not now, but one day.
Can I ask you
a personal question?
How come you got
boogers in your hair?
I'm cold.
School's about to start.
Every day, huh?
This kid... he bigger than you?
You take a thermos to school?
You got a piggy bank?
Bring 'em both here.
Your thermos.
Give me your bag.
All right.
See? You try it.
What are you trying to do,
you trying to kill a fly?
You could have fooled me.
Come on, try again.
Aw, Jesus Christ. Look.
Just like that. Come on.
Again, come on!
What the hell's wrong with you?
Do you like
getting pushed around?
You like being made fun of?
You like coming home
with other kids' snot
in your hair?
No? Then stop acting
like such a goddamn pussy
and swing that thing
like you mean it!
You scared? About tomorrow?
You afraid
of what's going to happen
if you hurt that boy?
You afraid of what's going
to happen if you don't?
Just remember what I said.
Stay calm.
Stand your ground.
Look him straight in the eye...
and break his goddamn head open.
Wesley, this is Mr. Chambers.
Hello, Wesley.
Want to come have a seat?
Well, three weeks ago,
there was a robbery
in Auburn, South Dakota.
Now, five armed men
entered the...
Oh, you need to... Oh, yeah.
Of course. Sorry.
Four out of the five men
have been apprehended.
One man is left.
This Man.
We believe he may be hiding
somewhere in Richfield.
Two weeks ago,
the Russell County
Sheriff's Department
tracked him down
to the Hotel Garson on Route 23.
We believe he may be hurt.
Possibly incapacitated.
Now, if this man
is still in Richfield,
he's going to be doing
everything in his power
to try to escape,
and it's my job
to see that he's apprehended
before that can happen.
I was hoping that
you might be able to help me.
So, have you seen
this man, Wesley?
Can he...?
Wesley, Mr. Chambers
asked you a question.
Take a good look.
Would it be all right if I spoke
to your son in private?
Oh, I don't...
It'll only take a minute.
I'm just going to be
right in the other room, okay?
Thank you.
I imagine...
you must get a lot of animals
around here,
being this far away
from the interstate, huh?
Deer... foxes... moose?
You know, where I'm from...
we had mountain lions.
We had a neighbor...
Mrs. Stratton.
She was always feeding
all the neighborhood cats.
Strays, mostly.
They would just
come down to her house.
She would leave out
plates of food and milk.
Then one day,
she starting feeding
this baby mountain lion.
It went on for weeks.
She would feed it
and care for it.
She even named it.
And a few weeks later,
that same mountain lion
killed Mrs. Stratton.
Her, her family...
even all them cats.
But I guess
that's just what happens.
That's my ride.
Nice to meet you, Wesley.
It's okay.
You can look.
Want to know how I lost it?
You sure?
A tiger.
What, you don't believe me?
It's true.
If you look real close,
you can still see
the teeth marks.
Bit it clean off.
So you know what I did?
I learned how to hunt,
and I learned how to track,
and one day,
I found that mean ol' tiger.
And I when I did,
I reached down his throat,
and I ripped his heart out.
And I squeezed it so tight...
that I turned it into
a little red ruby.
And ever since then,
no tiger has ever taken
another bite out of me again.
Hey, you can't stay here.
They look for you, they find me.
Does it look like the
planets in this model
are traveling
at different speeds?
How many marbles...
Eat shit, retard.
Copy that. Over.
I don't see anything.
I'll check around back.
I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States
of America...
and to the Republic for which...
for which...
I'm saying fucking "for which."
Oh, my God, "For which..."
it stands... one nation...
under God.
Indivisible... "Indivisible"?
That a word
you deaf kids use a lot?
"With liberty...
and justice... for all."
All right.
Hey, do you know any cusses?
Come on.
Wait, wait, wait.
You think that's funny?
Perimeter one check.
Affirmative, 218.
We found an old black van
abandoned on the strip.
We got to be quieter.
Where are you sneaking off to?
Oh, what?
Did you come here
to watch TV with your old man?
Well, don't bother.
It's broken.
The TV's broken.
The tractor's broken.
I think
every goddamn thing is...
You know, when I was growing up,
we had this furnace
that was always on the fritz.
And the only person
who could ever get it working
was your grandpa.
And every time that furnace
started acting up...
he'd march his ass down there
into that basement,
and he wouldn't come back up
until those radiators were hot.
And no one...
no one could figure out
how he did it.
So one day,
I decided that I just had to go
down there and see for myself.
Well... It turns out...
it didn't take much.
It didn't take any magic.
It didn't take any skill either.
All it took...
was a good hard...
Now you tell me
where the hell were you going?
Hey... Hey.
Did the kid at school
do that to you?
It looks worse now
than it did this morning.
Yeah, well.
You know, you got to be
more careful there,
sneaking up on your old man
like that
when he's trying
to get that TV working.
You could have a lost an eye
catching an elbow like that.
You've got to be more patient.
With that damn TV.
If you keep hitting it,
it's just going to keep
getting more broken.
I said I was sorry.
I don't know what you two
were doing up anyway.
I couldn't sleep.
Since when did you become
a TV repair man anyway?
Can we just drop it!
I feel bad enough
as it is already, all right?
Hey, Tiger. Uh...
I was thinking about
getting the boat ready
for the spring,
you know?
Sand her down.
Throw a fresh coat of paint
on her.
You know?
Maybe take her down
to the lake come April.
Do a little fishing.
What do you say?
I... I can't...
Your father
wants to take you fishing.
Yeah. All righty, then.
He's hanging out there,
looking for a good ride.
Just six seconds,
and there he is, off.
What a great ride for him.
That's going to bring up
his average tonight,
and he is going to be happy
with that score, Rob.
We've been following him
all season,
on the move.
After that injury last year
that set him back,
we weren't sure
if we were going to see him
again this year.
He's got to be happy
about that tonight.
That's bumping him up.
Looking at third place overall
right now,
so he is standing strong...
Yeah, I'll get one more.
So where are you
working these days?
Can I get a lift?
Can I fucking help you?
Come on, son.
Let me get you a soda.
Wheelchair to admitting.
Wheelchair to admitting.
The concussion's
pretty bad, so...
They're going to sedate him
until the swelling goes down.
When he didn't come home
last night,
I just assumed
he was staying over
at Richie's place.
But then Edna called and said...
that his truck was still parked
at the King's Head this morning,
so I...
I already canceled
the credit card just to be sure.
Yeah. It's quiet here.
I don't know, Mom. I don't know.
Can I call you back?
Why don't you come sit
next to me for a change?
Come on.
Are you hungry?
What do you think about that
for a horse's name?
Do you like it?
I like it, too.
You know, when I was
about your age,
maybe a couple of years younger,
my daddy bought
a stable of coldbloods
from a horse rancher
down in Duncan.
It was my job to feed
'em, clean 'em,
file their hooves,
haul their shit.
About the only thing
my daddy wouldn't let me do
was name 'em.
It didn't make feeding time
any easier, I'll tell you that.
The night the fire started,
my daddy took my sister and me
out for ice cream.
That's the only time
my dad took me or my sister
The insurance
paid for the damage,
and then some,
and we hauled off the horses,
or what was left of them,
to the rambles
on the back of the flatbed.
I guess my daddy figured
it would be easier
to let them go
if I hadn't known their names.
You know, one day,
when things settle down,
I'm going to get
a horse farm of my own.
I'll have colts, mustangs,
coldbloods, warmbloods.
And I'm going to name
every damn last one of them.
You know...
You should come with me.
I'll teach you how to
ride, how to rope.
Maybe I can even get my daughter
to come up for a visit.
It would just the three of us.
You, me, and my baby girl.
We'll ride off into the sunset.
Just like in the movies.
I'm going on a trip.
I'm going on a trip.
I'm going on a trip.
I'm going on a trip.
I'm going on a trip.
Dr. Norbury to O.R. 2.
Dr. Norbury to O.R. 2.
Come here.
I want to show you something.
See that?
Right there.
It came by twice this morning.
Yesterday, same thing.
The day before that, only once.
Sometimes, it pulls
to the side of the road
and just sits there.
Why do you think that is?
The plow didn't come by
at all today.
Not once.
Did you tell anyone about me?
Not your mom?
Your dad?
Well, that is good,
because if I find out
that you are lying,
I swear to Christ, boy...
Hold on, Amber.
Let me check on your brother.
Where the fuck have you been?
I've been sitting here all day,
on my ass waiting for you.
I thought we had an arrangement,
you and me.
All right.
Tomorrow night, then.
And don't be late.
Well... That is what you get
when you put your life
in the hands of someone
who hauls chicken grease
around for a living.
Please tell me you've got
dinner in there for me
because I am starving.
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
Give it here.
Come on.
Give it here!
Well, I'll be damned.
There is hope for you yet.
You hear that?
No, no. Of course you can't.
Well, if you could hear,
you'd say,
"What is that crazy sound?"
And I would say,
"That is the sound...
of my spaceship landing."
And it's going to land
right here,
and it's going to land
real soon.
Tomorrow night, be ready.
The sky's the limit, son.
Hey, baby.
You still up?
Can't sleep?
Me neither.
Want to play a game of checkers?
That's too bad.
I was feeling lucky.
Hey, I was thinking about
driving down to Grafton
on Saturday.
Aunt Dotty said they opened
a new indoor flea market.
I was thinking we could drop
Amber off at Aunt Jackie's
and go down together.
Maybe stop
at that pizza place you like.
You know the one
where they make pizza
in the shape of rocket ships?
We can make a whole day of it.
Just you and me.
Would you like that?
I was reading
my horoscope today.
You know what it said?
It said
"Storm clouds may be brewing,
but sunny days lie ahead."
And I believe that. I really do.
I have to, you know,
because otherwise...
You sure you want to do that?
Are you really sure?
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Well, I'll be damned.
What do you know about that?
Why the hell not?
I can't believe I'm getting used
to these damn things.
Just keep the engine running.
I'll be out in a sec.
Well, I guess this is it.
I'm going to miss
your mom's mac and cheese.
Maybe some day,
you can send me the recipe.
All right.
I wouldn't want you
to lose that.
Uh... hey.
I know what I said, okay?
That was just... talk.
You know?
Besides, you wouldn't want
to come with me anyhow.
You've got everything
you need right here.
And anything you don't,
I sure as hell
couldn't give you.
No. No.
All right.
I've got... I've got to go.
Kid, I've got go to go.
All right?
All right! Hey!
Get the fuck out of here.
I got him.
Everybody in position?
On my say.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Hey there, Tiger.
Why don't you come over here
and give your old man a squeeze?
Hey. Come on.
Daddy's home!
That's right, baby.
Daddy's home.