The Party's Just Beginning (2018) Movie Script

One, two, testing.
Over it!
Argh, you gobshite.
Ah, you're fucking whiny...
All right, you fucking cunt.
This one goes out to Alistair.
Fuck you for leaving me.
That was a bit dark.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Hey, dolly, get up!
Have you got any mortadella?
No, we don't stock mortadella.
Two rotisserie chickens for
the price of one.
Today only. Two rotisserie
chickens for the price of one.
Aye, so, Ryan said to his mam that if we got
the tables and the chairs out the catalog,
then we'd have enough money
to get the floor done.
'Cause for me, we were needing the
floor done more than the table.
So, she was like,
"All right. Okay."
So, she looked at
the catalog
and picked out a table,
a nice table.
And she was gonna pay for it, but
then, I looked at the catalog,
and the price
was just for the table.
You had to pay for
the chairs separately.
After that, we were looking
at 300-400,
when we thought
it was just 150.
And the floor was 300.
It's nice, isn't it?
Truly modern.
Ryan didn't want it, but then,
Kelly across the road got it,
and then,
suddenly he wanted it.
So, I didn't really know
what to do,
but then his mam bought the
table and chairs for us anyway.
Donna, can I go
out with Nate?
You're not allowed in here.
Go and play or something.
You can't tell me
what to do.
Do you want me
to tell your dad?
Play! Now! BOY: Ugh!
You ever gonna have
any of your own?
No. Not really bothered.
Aurora borealis.
She's coming.
For a family man
who has a lot of kids,
this is the perfect vehicle
for you.
I can fit all my camping gear
in the back...
For a vehicle this size,
this baby...
I could take
a turn on this going...
Put down the phone. Why?
Just hang up.
...someone to talk to...
Pick up the phone! Yes, Mother.
Another helpline caller.
I really wish your father would
get his finger out of his arse
and change our number.
He takes so long
to do anything.
How long have I been asking him about
painting the back wall in the living room?
He takes a year
to turn around, that man.
Have you been
taking your tablets?
No. Really?
No, I haven't.
I can't swallow pills.
It's physically impossible for me
without gagging and throwing up.
My throat says, "No!"
The doctor said you'd see
a big improvement.
I don't want those weird
pill space cadet eyes.
I'd rather just
drink like you.
These people know
what they're talking about.
Dr. Smith was the one who...
At least I know
where I'm at with alcohol.
And he's right.
I mean...
You and Dr. Smith just want
to brush it all under the...
You're on a slow train
to nowhere.
He said that? I saw him at bingo.
He actually said that? He thinks
you don't have any hobbies
or real passion...
I know about cheese.
You look gray... Excuse me?
But worst of all,
you don't have a boyfriend.
"Worst of all"?
You should have
a boyfriend by now.
And what's wrong with cheese?
I just worry about you.
That's all.
And I'm really trying to make
that mean something to me.
At your age, I was already
pregnant with your...
Have you done it yet?
No, no, we have not.
Chinese for dinner.
It's getting cold!
Oh, fuck.
Is this the helpline?
No, you've got
the wrong number.
Oh... Hello... Hello? Okay.
Vodka and vodka, please!
Uh, yeah.
Got any music?
You want something to drink?
Yes, please.
Just help yourself to anything
you want in the minibar.
You guys can really
drink here.
Makes working in
a supermarket easier.
Can't really conjure up the energy
to resent it through a hangover.
This is a good song.
La, la, la, la, la...
Cheers. Oh, boy.
You're a mess.
Now you're a mess, too.
Let's go.
I'm sorry.
They're so aggressive.
What, the pigs? Yeah.
Aye, 'cause you know,
gangsters apparently have,
like, pig farms.
So when they kill someone
they can use the pigs
to eat the bodies.
Pigs eat humans?
Aye. And, you know,
for gangsters and that
so they don't get caught.
'Cause there's
no evidence left. That's dark!
That's dark as fuck.
That's what happens.
What time does the Sing for
Scotland repeat start?
Starts in half an hour.
Right. Then, we have
to take these now...
Yes. Yes, we do.
So we're coming up
for the first song.
I'm off if youse are
gonna be gurning all day.
No, D...
You know what? What?
You've got a bad attitude.
Ugh! So immature, honestly.
I'm not gonna stay and
watch youse mix drugs and...
It's just not good.
Eh, I...
I can't even taste it.
Here, have some tea.
Give me the tea.
Ugh, that's cold. Ugh.Ugh.
Oh, that's disgusting.
I can't believe you
don't have a CD player.
Seriously. Who doesn't
have a CD player?
It's so weird.
Just make your own music.
Mmm. Aye, Ben took it.
Look, he's not coming over,
is he?
No how.
You know what it's like.
We can't really, like,
talk properly when he's here.
Yeah, we can.
No, we can't. Your
responses are all like,
"Oh, Ben..."
Oh, this is offensive.
Shut up. Like you're different.
I don't know.
You're just, like, not you.
Uh, I'm more me.
I can be myself with Ben.
Mmm. I can be myself
around you.
I thought you were the same
with me.
Uh, aye.
But it's different.
I'm closer to him
than anyone.
What about your dad?
What about him?
Doesn't he have
a CD player,
or literally anything that we
can play some fucking music on?
Just has that
police scanner.
It started off as a precaution,
now he listens to it like music.
Oh, my God!
I'm sensitive to pigs.
I had a bad experience
in my childhood.
Don't do that! I don't even wanna know.
I just got these in.
They're called Ballet Slippers.
We'll make good money
from these.
Decent amount of MDMA.
Those make me horny.
I haven't had sex in ages.
Why "ugh"?
What's "ugh"?
I'm lucky me and Ben have
such a healthy sex life.
We've been doing it,
like, twice a day.
Doesn't it hurt?
What? Sex.
I mean, it must
be pretty shit
to know there's guaranteed pain
every time you have sex.
How would you know
if it's painful?
Plus, we don't even do anal.
Then, how do you have sex?
We rub...
Sex doesn't mean
purely penetration.
Sex is everything, all of it.
Just because I don't let him fuck
me up the arse, it doesn't mean...
You've never had sex?
You've never had sex.
Has he told the church
he's gay yet?
I think I'm starting
to come up.
I went to see her,
and she was just lying there.
You know, she wasn't
really conscious.
And I remember saying
to my mum,
"Mum, what do you see?"
And you know what? WOMAN: What?
I sang to her
and then...
As I was singing, she...
She passed away.
She's fucking amazing.
You could do this.
I want to be her.
You're better than her.
And better-looking.
Everything's going
back to normal.
Let's never go out there.
Hi, who's this?
Who's this?
Uh, are you a helper, Charlotte?
No, you've got
the wrong number.
The helpline is 49626.
I'll bet you're having a
right laugh about this.
No. It's one digit off.
It's an easy mistake to make.
You'll be laughing about this
with your friends, won't you?
No, I'm not laughing. We get
these calls all the time.
I was ringing the wrong bloody
number this whole time.
It took me a year just to pluck
up the courage to do this.
Well, I'm sorry you got me.
I've been building up to it for months.
How come?
Oh! I feel like an idiot.
Are you laughing at me, Charlotte?
I'm too embarrassed to
talk to anyone about this.
About what?
I want to go to sleep
for a very long time.
So do I.
Well, I wasn't expecting that!
So what's the big hoo-ha
with sleep?
No, we don't stock mortadella.
Good morning, miss.
How did you...
Uh, how did you
find me?
Uh, there's only a couple
of supermarkets in town.
What time do you get off?
I think I finish in, like,
five minutes.
I'll wait outside.
Rotisserie chickens
are still on special...
When are you leaving?
I don't know.
I didn't get
a return ticket.
The sun goes down early here.
Does it?
Hey, darling.
God, what a smart girl.
I'm so proud of you.
That's great.
Yeah, I'll be back soon.
I know, I know... ALISTAIR: Why can't you
hold my hand in public?
I don't know, look...
...for a couple of days.
Yeah, I know I've been gone a
while, but I'll be back soon.
You said you'd tell the church.
Please. We're having
a good night.
- You should
tell the church. - I will. I will.
Which center?
Aw! Thanks for calling.
Okay. I love you.
How old is your daughter?
Oh, she's eight.
She's climbing the walls
'cause it's almost Christmas.
It gets expensive
when they get older.
You don't wanna hear
about that.
No... I do.
She wants a mobile.
She's eight, and she
wants a mobile phone.
What about her mam?
Oh, she's set.
That's probably why
she left me.
Good luck getting down.
Come on. Alistair, please.
Why am I ruining...
Alistair, don't start
this tonight. Come on.
When are you
gonna tell the church?
When are you
gonna tell your dad?
Argh! My leg.
Argh, it's gone numb.
Been sitting here too long.
How long have you
been playing that thing?
Four days.
Help me.
Help me, son.
Help me.
I feel 13 again.
Oh! Oh, no!
Fuck me!
Fuck. Fuck, it's cold!
Fuck you, cold!
Stop it.
Hi, Charlotte.
How are you today?
I'm okay, thanks.
How are you?
All the better for hearing
a familiar voice.
Um, I went to
the clootie well today.
The one that's here?
Did you hang some clothes up?
Yeah, I took like
a bit of a T-shirt
and then put it in the water
and then tied it up.
So, we'll see if that
does what it's supposed to.
I used to take the kids up
there when they were little.
Oh, yeah?
How many kids
do you have?
Well, they're grown up now.
Kids of their own.
How many grandkids
do you have?
Oh, I don't want to talk
about that.
I don't like them
coming round,
seeing me like this.
They want to put me
in a home, Charlotte.
I'm a nuisance to them.
Look, I'm sure
you're not a nuisance.
They probably just want you
to be looked after properly.
I'm on my own now.
My wife is gone.
I'm a burden to my children
They want to get rid of me.
Well, you're not a burden
on me.
I like talking to you.
Do you? Aye. I do.
I don't really have
anyone to talk to either.
Like, I try to talk
to them, and...
But when I try to,
it's like they can't hear me.
I can't tell if they
can't hear me,
or they're ignoring me.
Either way, it's like
the world's gone deaf.
How old are you, Charlotte?
You must have friends
you can talk to.
Not really.
Everyone I get through to
tends to fuck off.
Why did you go to
the clootie well, Charlotte?
To heal.
Apparently it's supposed to,
like, do that.
Now, you aren't hurting
yourself, are you?
I'm letting other people
do that to me.
Sometimes it feels like I'm
asking people to do that to me.
You should take responsibility
for your own life.
Yeah, that's depressing.
Speaking of which,
any plans for Christmas?
Oh, just a quiet one
this year.
Why don't you invite
your family round for dinner?
Oh, no, no.
They won't want to see me.
It should be a happy day.
I wouldn't want
to take that away from them.
You know, I still set a place
for Edith on the table.
Who's Edith? My wife.
I'm not scaring you,
am I, Charlotte?
Fuck off!
What is this?
I'm back.
You're not getting rid of me
that easily.
Ha-ha! What?
What's going on?
Why? What the fuck's going on?
His dad's been taken
to hospital again.
All right.
Well, I'll go up
to the hospital with him then.
We're going up first
thing in the morning.
Don't you have church
in the morning?
I'll figure it out.
Will you? Yeah.
When are you gonna figure out
telling them that you're gay?
Excuse me?
You should probably tell them
about Alistair at some point.
Who the fuck
do you think you are?
I'm someone that
cares about Alistair,
and cares about
his well-being.
Yeah, so do I, and I think
you should go home.
I should be here
for Alistair.
Well, I'm spending
the night with him.
Then I'll spend the night
in his dad's bed.
In case he needs me.
No one needs you.
He wants to be with me.
Now, just go home.
At least I'm not
ashamed of him.
He just passed away.
I think you should go now.
Oh, it's you.
Are you leaving?
Yeah. Yeah.
It's time for me to go.
But first... What are you doing?
Oh, my God.
We're gonna order
some room service...
Ahhh! Oh, my God!
We're really early.
Just a little time
for a cup of tea?
Yeah, no, I...
I've got to get my tr...
My tickets, still.
Okay. Aye. Well, um...
See you, then.
What's your name?
My what? What's your name?
Say what?
I can't... I can't quite...
Do you even wanna
know my name?
Ah! There you are.
Right, Jim. We need to do
something with that garden.
It's a bomb site.
It's out the back.
No one can see it.
That's why I've
left it till now.
But I'm sick of having to pull
the back curtains
any time I have a guest.
Or we should get blinds.
Oh, for God's sake. We don't
have money for all this.
You were meant to be here
five minutes ago.
I do enough for everyone...
You got five minutes.
It's your dad's work party.
Come on, everybody
wants to see you there.
You getting your dress on?
I'm putting a dress on.
Whoo-hoo! That's my girl.
Hi, Marie,
how are you?
Not bad. Yourself?
Not bad.
I drove here with my
boyfriend in my car.
You got a car?
And a boyfriend.
But I'm drunk.
What? You can't drive home
now, can you?
I'm way too drunk.
Whoo! You drunken bitch!
That's enough, Marie.
Come on.
Let's get you
some scones.
What are you doing here?
I come here all the time.
What are you doing here?
I read about it
on the Internet.
What did it say?
It says if the fall does't
do it, the train will finish you off.
Let's move to California.
We'd have to wear
sunblock every day.
Get a massive fridge.
With loads of
bottled water in it.
And a garbage disposal.
And therapists.
Oh, my God.
I need to talk to my shrink.
If we could just...
Do it.
I don't have
a passport.
We could just go to
the post office and get one.
I can't afford it.
So what's with the, uh...
The stuff?
I'm about to start
taking some hormones
to become a girl.
The doctor says I have to
live as a woman for a year
before I can get
the full operation.
Wait a minute. You've, like,
actually been to the doctor?
What does Ben
think about it?
I haven't told him.
He's probably gonna
notice at some point.
We haven't really been
speaking a lot recently.
How come?
Because I think the
church knows about me.
He can't be in the church
if they know about you.
Is that why you're thinking
about a sex change?
No, of course not.
Wait a minute. You're literally
changing your gender
to be with this guy.
I'm not.
Then why are you
doing this?
Why the...
Can you help me, please?
Right. Well, first of all,
we are taking this off.
Okay, so...
Is that... Okay. Close your eyes.
Oh, my!
You've got good eyes.
Thank you.
This little piggy
went to market.
I was thinking
maybe Alice, or Ali.
I like that one.
Open a little bit.
Hey! Come back!
Come back, you fucking...
It's okay.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
It's all right.
Can I have a tissue?
My sleeves, come on.
Come on, wipe it on it.
My ex-wife has this
beautiful house.
She's putting our daughter
through private school.
I'm not even allowed
to pick her up,
'cause I don't have
a nice enough car.
I'm supposed to be a man.
And I know it's modern times
and blah, blah, blah.
That doesn't change my
primal instinct to provide.
I'm failing at it.
My life was...
Was supposed to
be different.
Can we...
Can we just go?
What? Come on.
No. Oh.Come on. Come on.
I can... I can only dance when I'm drunk.
You can't go.
I've really got
to get this train.
I mean, you can't...
You know...
You can't do that,
because it's not fair.
It's not fair.
Here, come on.
It's not fair on the
ones that you leave behind.
It's Liusaidh.
I'm Dale.
Well, she liked to walk.
She would come home
with the weekly shopping
and her hands would be red-raw.
She'd walk all the way home
through the tunnel,
and come in looking happy
in spite of being dog tired.
I didn't think much
of it at the time.
I used to watch her
rub hand cream.
She always had this cream next
to her chair in the living room.
She'd rub this cream and soothe
the dry bits on her palms
from the plastic bags.
Ah! I shouldn't have
let her walk like that.
Every time I think about it,
It breaks my heart.
Could you
have saved her?
She was taken from me.
Good. It's easier.
It's too crowded. I'm sick of the
clutter in this fucking house.
I want rid of it.
I'll sort that out.
Oh, aye, aye.
I've heard it all before.
I want rid of it.
She never plays it.
I did try to once.
We need the space.
Do you remember
what you did?
You don't even...
What do we
need the space for, eh?
Space to use.
That's too loud.
Turn that down, missy.
I can help you.
Hi.Hi. Eh...
Could you step this way?
I would love to, but
actually I've got to work.
No, just for two seconds. I need to
have a quick word with you, Liusaidh.
These are all
out of order.
Please don't sack me.
Come on, please...
Please don't sack me.
There's nothing I can do.
I mean,
you've got to understand
you were off work
for five days in a row.
I mean,
you didn't come in once.
I'm sor... Shut up!
I don't give a fuck!
I don't get paid
to give a fuck.
I mean, I can see...
I can understand
that you're angry.
But I'm gonna have to
let you go.
No, no, no, no.
No. No, no.
No, no, no, no.
I'm sorry.
I wish there was something I could do.
Why are you so happy
all the time?
Like, why is it that every time I look
over at you from the cheese counter,
you're smiling?
Uh... I don't know.
I have a good life. Stop smiling
because you don't have
a good life.
You work in a supermarket
with your mam.
Yeah, well, I'm...
I mean,
I'm lucky to have a job.
There's lots of people at the
moment that don't, so...
Can you suffer then?
What do you mean? Stop smiling.
Stop smiling. I'm not.
You are. I'm not smiling.
Stop it. I'm not smiling. I'm not.
This is shit.
This is shit.
No, it's not shit.
Fuck you,
and fuck the cheese!
Do you
have any mortadella?
We don't
fucking stock mortadella!
I'm starting to get these weird
bits of fat at the top of my legs.
At the back.
It's horrible.
It's like foreign bodies,
like, living under my arse.
Is it really
bothering you?
Yeah, it looks all
warped and deformed.
Does Ryan mind?
He hasn't mentioned it.
Then why do you mind?
It's not about him,
it's about me.
You want to look good
for him.
You dress up for him, you do
this shit to your nails for him.
You dress up, too.
Yeah, but not for a man.
No. For lots of men.
So less judgement on me.
Look, you're worrying
about your weight,
because you want
to have kids with Ryan
and keep him around
to help you raise them.
Where does this even come from?
Ryan doesn't want more kids.
We're past that now.
But are you?
Those kids aren't yours.
I take care of them
like they're mine.
Don't you want
something more?
It's coming up
for a year now.
Donna, can I have...
You're not allowed in here.
I hate you, Donna.
Should I try the shellac?
Earth to Liusaidh.
What the fuck is shellac?
It's a gel that stays on
for a few weeks.
But it's hard to get off.
You have to soak your nails
in acetone,
and then, cover your nails
with pads and tinfoil.
Do you fancy going uptown?
Doing a wee bit of shopping?
Ach, I don't know.
We need some quality time,
you and me.
It'll be good.
I like it.
What do you think?
I think it's sensational.
I think I'll go for it.
What, are you
getting it now? Yes.
Come here.
Come here.Okay.
So, I'm going to need you
to take it out in your name.
Um, why?
Because I got too much stuff
on credit under my name.
But I don't want
the debt for this thing.
Look, I'll pay for it. I just need
your name to get it on credit.
But you've already
got too much stuff,
so how are you gonna
pay for this?
My name is blacklisted.
All right?
I can't get anything on credit
from any shops anymore.
So I really need you
to put your name on this
and I will pay it off
Why'd you even need
a new couch?
Because I've got some of
the girls coming round,
and I wanted
the place nice.
You sound just like
your father.
But he wasn't complaining when I
got him his flat-screen telly.
Why'd you care so much
about what those ladies think?
You know what?
You're a social climber.
You never grew up
in a one-bed shithole
with seven other kids
and an outdoor toilet.
Because I made sure
of that.
Is that why you only
had one child?
I wish you didn't
do that to me.
Excuse me? I can't...
Talk to anyone.
You can talk to me. No,
I can't talk to you.
Look, let's just get this
back to the house
and we'll sit back down
and natter all night.
And your father is
on a need-to-know basis.
Come on. Of course.
How are you today?
Not bad. Yourself?
We're in the area
to discuss the Bible with you.
With all the terrible events
going on in the world,
a lot of people are questioning
whether God exists,
or cares about
the human race.
Would you agree with this?
Making me do
something that's...
That's wrong.
They're brainwashing you.
They'll make you fucking crazy.
I'm sorry.
Well, they've put you back
on the Prozac,
because I can see it
in your eyes.
Don't go back to
the church, please.
Please don't leave me.
Get off me.
I fucking need you.
Just get the fuck
off me.
Look at you.
I don't even know
what you are anymore.
You're a freak.
You're manipulating me into
committing a sin with you,
because you don't want
to be alone in it.
And you don't have
anyone to save you.
No, I'm loving you.
And I'm asking you
to love me back,
and maybe we can be happy.
Because I love you.
I forgive you.
In the afterlife, we
can offer you paradise on Earth.
That is for you to keep,
and inside the leaflet is all
the details of the church.
If you could give it a read,
we'd be very grateful,
and maybe we could come back round
next week and hear your thoughts.
Okay. Well,
thank you for your time.
That's not true.
You've got me.
Oh, is that what it is?
Holds the shape
of your boots.
Like a shoe tree,
but for boots.
Right enough.
Liusaidh, you're looking
a wee bit puffy at the moment.
The bags under your eyes
are starting to dominate.
I've got an amazing cream that
would help those tremendously.
The eye cream off
the shopping channel.
Aye. It's taken
years off me.
It could do the same
for you.
No, thanks.
My pleasure.
I'll send some over
with Susan.
You won't get a boyfriend
like that,
hiding behind those things.
Come on, come on.
She is fucking
wasted, man.
Fuck off.
What the fuck you doing?
Stay there. Stay there.
What are you doing?
Oh, my God.
Is that water?
Come on, get her up.
Get comfy. You got any music?
Who are you?
Your lover. Yeah?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Oh, oh. Oh, no!
Oh, she spits.
Lie down.
Party's just beginning.
Party's just beginning.
She came on to me
though, didn't she?
She wanted this.
You want it, don't you?
Yeah? Yeah. That's it.
Remember me?
Remember me from the club?
Remember me?
Come on, man.
Yeah, get on there.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I did what you said.
I invited the kids over.
Did you? Aye, I did.
Was it nice
to see the grandkids?
It was nice having a bit
of life running about the house.
The eldest is very musical.
I didn't know that.
I have an old piano, and
he was straight on it.
Playing all the songs he'd been learning.
Oh, aye. He had me singing along.
It takes something, I'm telling you.
granddad used to have an organ.
I used to play it
when I was a wee kid.
Well, I say playing, but I was
probably like bashing on the keys.
And then, my dad bought this
old out of tune piano.
And he always said that he was gonna
play it, and then, he never did.
So, I would, like, sneak up
there and start playing it.
And I loved it.
Me and my mate, we used to
do karaoke all the time.
And we always had this...
We always said that
we would move to California
and get really suntanned,
and I was gonna make all the money at
night playing the piano in nightclubs,
and then, he was gonna
come down and sing.
And then we'd have enough
money to live in the warm.
It would have been good.
It sounds great, actually.
Did you have a nice Christmas?
Well, I went to sleep
with three random guys
and then woke up covered
in bruises and love bites.
But my mum didn't
burn the turkey... What?
So you win some,
you lose some. What happened?
I don't know.
I blacked out.
Well, do you think you might
have been raped, Charlotte?
No, no.
I chose to go.
Why do you think you chose to go with them?
I don't know.
I don't fucking know.
Well, I mean,
I wasn't even there.
I mean, I was.
I was laying in the bed.
But, like, I wasn't.
Because I was in a different
drunken dimension
dreaming myself away.
Well, it's time to wake up now.
I wasn't always like this.
You're only at the beginning.
It's all to come.
Was it worth it?
Like... Like...
Was it worth it?
I still set a place for Edith at the table.
Well, if I didn't do that,
it would be like she
disappeared without a trace.
What? Are you there, Edith?
I'm tired.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Time to go to sleep now.
Oh, I...
It's so cold.
I know.
It's fucking freezing.
Fuck you.
Fuck you for doing that to me.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
How was the ceremony?
What? Alistair's ceremony.
Why are you asking that?
Because I never went.
It was nice.
Proper religious, though.
Do you wanna go out and
just get fucking smashed?
Will you do my nails?
Fucking finally.
Great. Well, see you.