The Pass (2023) Movie Script

so much fun
with your family pictures.
I mean, it really
brings character to the home.
And then we have the chandelier.
It is so captivating.
And then here we have it.
So what do you think.
I love it.
Oh, my.
you have such an eye for design.
Your mom taught you well.
Well, actually,
I do have a passion
and love what I do.
Let me get your check
and just know
that my team will be wrapping up
everything today.
So please, please
recommend us to everyone
you know, your family, friends,
I would appreciate it.
Take care.
Phone vibrating
Hey, Mom.
Yes, I'm on my way home now.
See you soon.
Love you too.
I don't know.
mmm hhmm.
It's going to be that.
Can I siee that one, please?
So this is our newest
bridal collection.
They're all 18 karat white gold
That bad boy right there.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
Look, that's the one
that's on her vision board
It's gonna work.
Beautiful choice.
Thank you.
Try it on.
Go ahead, ya | ll bout the same si
Make it happen captain.
Oh, I like this.
I can get used to this.
This is flashy.
Seven carats D flawless natural
diamonds. Wow.
so what are we talking?
200,000, even.
Maurice how are
you going to pay for this.
I know she's not paying
for her own ring
with the commission
from that mansion.
I got it.
well, in that case,
we need to size it a little more
because her fingers
are a little chubbier
than mine.
Phone vibrating
I'll be back for that.
I'm waiting. All right.
Yo, Kev what up man?
Yeah, I know.
We're getting ready to close it.
What the fuck are you talking
about? Why?
No, I can handle this shit by my
Why are you even talking to her
I will talk to Etta myself.
All right?
All right.
I was going on with Etta?
Etta is trying to put
another agent on a deal.
For no reason.
What the hell?
No. I mean,
without a commission,
there's no ring.
So now what am I gonna do?
hmm. You like?
I like. Thank you.
good job.
So where is the rich bum?
Is he on some sort of a business
Consulting. Okay.
Please don't start. Mom.
He is really great
at consulting.
You guys have been together
for, what,
seven years?
And do you even know
what kind of consulting he does?
Mom, is he out there
doing anything?
Yes. Yes.
he has been consulting Fortune
500 companies in Boston
since before we met.
So my man knows what he's doing
and he's fine.
Okay, just not fine enough
to take
care of you at this level.
We're good.
All right. Thanks.
Let | s see if this chili any good
Thank you.
So, work is amazing.
thanks for asking.
I just finished up a project,
and I am actually in the running
to design
a restaurant for a celebrity.
Mm hmm.
Tastes good, Ma.
Mm hmm. It | s getting there, hone
Not quite, but you're welcome.
Just, you know, hope
I don't get so busy
that I don't have time
to grow our family.
Are you pregnant?
No, I'm talking about
a baby in the future ma.
Okay, good. Cause I.
Yeah. Could that be good?
Because I was gonna say,
you know,
if you break up
with a baby, he's
going to ask you
for child support
and part of your trust fund.
That's the new scheme these men
are running nowadays.
It's not even like that.
Here comes the future
court case now.
Please don't.
Hello, Mr.
Here is my baby,
Hey baby.
Looking scrumptious.
I'm being cordial.
You don't just walk in without
This is still my house.
Ah, yeah.
No, no, you're right.
You're right.
This is still your house.
And I will never be able
to pay her back
because she wants to make sure
that I stay out of work.
You took me off the Pryor mansio
didn't you?
Ma, why?
Why would you do that?
Look, son in law,
when I referred you to Kevin,
I had no idea that he would give
you such a big client
right off the bat.
I mean, you
just got your license, right?
Which I paid for.
There we go.
All I'm saying
is, I know this business,
and you're in over your head
The client
was on the hook right?
He didn't
even verify funds, dear.
Now, that's real estate 101.
Come on.
Any good consultant
would know that.
Well, I checked his account,
and it's a cash transaction,
so cash is king.
you checked their account.
Because his wife,
his ex-wife, as of yesterday,
has frozen his accounts.
And if you were doing your job,
you'd know all that.
So I'm
just thinking it's best
to start off small.
Mom, he's more than capable.
Yeah, I was on it Etta.
Sell some small houses in
Stone Mountain first.
And then work your way
up to the million dollar
That's what you do with that.
Check out this chili
before I get out of here.
You hungry, hmm?
hmm. Okay,
now the chili is divine.
Oh, I got to get out
of here babe.
Let me grab my stuff.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Look, I know
Kevin can probably get you
a new listing just like that.
And if you start
smaller than...
Why do you let her control
I'm just saying.
I mean, maybe she's right.
I am sick of this shit.
I checked into it.
He has an offshore account
and his wife
doesn't know anything about.
Oh, baby, I didn't know.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Baby, I.
It is supposed to be me
and you against the world.
Not me.
You and your mama.
You know,
she doesn't have
anyone it | s just me.
And I am so sorry.
I love you.
And I support you 200%.
Oh, perfect.
Just in time.
Please have a seat over
here, Angela.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning, Nina.
I'm so glad you're here.
Are you ready for this?
Please take this down
for her to read that.
Just wait for it.
I need you to read this out
loud to everyone in the room,
Congratulations to the firm
at Cole World Interior Design.
We would like to invite you
to L.A..
That | s right!
Congratulations, everyone.
Now we are officially
the new interior
design team for Lyrica
Jade's new restaurant
All right.
But that doesn't mean we don't
have a lot of work to do.
So let's get back to it,
and let's be great.
All right. Congratulations every
Thank you.
Amazing, right?
You know,
I really can't take the credit.
You did your thing.
Oh, no.
We are a great team.
We couldn't do it
without everybody.
Well, I mean, I did groom you,
so I can take a little credit.
But, you
this is just the beginning.
It's going to be long days.
Grueling nights.
I assure you, Maurice can handle
It'll be fine.
We got this.
I know you do.
We are practically going
to be living in this
office, but.
Congrats, girl.
Oh my goodness.
Let | s get to work.
I see.
I see you.
And that is how it | s done.
Tiger Hoods.
Yo, what | s wrong bro?
Looking like Charlie Brown
Just lost a big fucking client.
Nina's moms is trippin | .
I can't make a move without her
breathing down my neck.
Oh, you know, that lady's
not a fan of yours,
right? I know.
her crazy
ass probably got people
watching you all over town
just ready to catch you slippin |
It | s too many big things
coming up.
We've got the anniversary party,
the mortgage, upgrading Nina's
You do better
not worrying about all of that.
She's already in.
and she | s a trust fund baby.
I think it's unnecessary,
if you ask me.
Happy wife, happy life, right?
That's what they say, isn't it?
All right, so I got to keep her
on the level
of where she used
to be in order for this to work.
Yeah but seven years in dog.
Come on.
How much more you got
to do for this shit to work?
Yeah, he's on that
Forever ever type of plan.
And we ain't got forever.
Right, exactly.
And you got to stop paying
for that expensive shit.
Borrowing money from your boys.
Cause I ain't got
no more to give you, Jack.
Look, the Maurice that I know
would have been nip this shit.
Wouldn't be playing
with Etta.
Look, she throwing you off
your game bro
with you and Nina.
She throwing you
off your game, man.
Got a point.
So you trying to say I'm caught
like a wedgy.
You know, it just seems like
you're going down a path
that it's not worth it now.
Look at him.
She got a buddy
wrapped around a little finger.
You know.
Oh, shit.
Okay, kind of smashed it.
That was a nice shot.
I don't
think I smashed, though.
Hey, don't scroll to the left.
Yeah. Yeah.
Damn nigga that | s you?
Give me my phone back.
Yo Shay is gonna kill you.
Shay is the one
who told me to do this.
My wife knows that
the path to a man's heart
is through new pussy.
This mother fu...
And look, it ain't cheating
if she knows about it.
Well, so you telling me
Shay gave your big head ass
a pass?
That's what you talking about,
A pass, right?
Get the fuck out of here.
She's gonna give me a pass
to do my thing
for a while now.
this the happiest
I've ever been in my marriage.
Okay, so
if you're doing your thing,
Who Shay doing?
What kind of question is that?
She's all mine.
It don't work like that.
It go both ways.
Listen. Listen. On the real.
I don't trust none
of these hoes.
Ayo, don't be calling
my ho, a ho.
His ho is not a ho.
So, so sorry.
But that's why I'm single.
Look, you be thinking that
Shay ain't doing her thing
all you want,
but right now,
I bet she's showing that
fuck tape to all her girls
as we speak.
That's what we're doing?
I'm just saying.
Ya'll buggin, man.
She ain't doing none of that.
I mean,
you know what, Maurice?
Why don't you use the pass
on, Nina?
Hey, yo,
you think the pass might work?
Ain't shit else working for you.
I'm just saying.
Here you go, my love.
Oh, thank you, babe.
Of course.
Oh, you want some corn?
Please. And thank you.
Mm hmm.
I'll try to hook it up.
See you, girl.
Oh, I have some
really good news.
Okay. Lay it on me.
Lyrica Jade admirers
you work.
Holy shit!
Oh, God.
Oh, you're incredible.
Nina Baptiste,
interior designer,
admired by the world's
biggest music star.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my God.
I couldn't
wait to tell you that.
It's, yeah.
I am so proud of you.
So proud.
Thanks, babe.
So this just means I'm
going to be a lot busier
and it's going to be
a lot more hectic around here.
So I just want to make sure
that you're okay with that.
Girl, I know Terra
works, you have to death.
She plays no games, right?
I know,
But I just feel bad, you know?
I never want to feel like I'm
neglecting you or us.
I just been so tired lately.
I just.
I just don't see it letting up
any time soon,
Do not worry about that at all.
Okay? Okay.
You going for yours?
You going for your dreams?
And I will never, ever, ever.
get in the way of that.
All right?
I'm here for you.
I got you.
Thank you, baby.
Of course.
Snack time.
I hope you like. Mm.
Oh, chicken bussin'.
Thank you.
It's my mom's recipe, you know?
I don't know about that.
seriously is so funny.
Okay. Okay.
All right.
So many boys out
golfing today, right?
And we started talking
about relationships.
And of course, ours
is the best relationship.
Mm hmm.
Relationship goals.
But I do love Shay
Deon | s love.
I really love their love.
Okay, Well, speaking of that,
brought up this thing about
him and Shay having a pass.
Do you know what a pass is?
You mean, like.
Like a hall pass?
Yes. Oh, yes.
Deon and Shay have done it
a couple of times.
And what do you think
about that?
You mean like having sex
with other people?
I don't.
But you do know
Shay and Deon are crazy.
I mean, so.
But you did just say that
you love their love.
And a pass doesn't mean
there's anything bad
in our marriage.
I just found it
Mm hmm.
Or do you mean you're
Oh, no, no, no.
Big no.
I mean,
unless you're interested.
Phone vibrating
Oh, This is my mom calling. Oh,
well, you know, I don't.
I have to.
No, no, no, no. I can just.
No, go ahead.
That's fine.
Look, answer the phone
before she pulls up
to the front door,
like she always does.
you know,
she will do that.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Mom.
Oh, here she is.
What | s up!
I wanted the first hug.
Oh, thank you.
Okay, So
just so you know,
Maurice and I want to invite
everyone to celebrate.
Oh, okay.
Very nice.
Well, you know,
Chris and I will be there.
But, since it's your night,
why don't we just all chip in?
What? I think?
Oh, just expense it.
We'll call it a company dinner
Love you guys.
You know, I don't know why
I ever doubted myself.
You are about to be
the most in-demand
interior designer
in the industry.
Thanks to my grooming.
Of course.
Of course.
Okay, now, listen,
this week, all we have to do
is bring the designs,
and then
we are good.
Yes, Alison...
Oh my god!
Do we have to Keep
talking about ya'll
boring ass job?
Where's the drinks at?
I like my drink
like I like my men's.
And sometimes my women
Can we have four bottomless
mimosas, please?
Sure thing!
Could you please
just bring the champagne
and leave the orange juice,
we don't need it.
Sure thing.
I see somebody is in a good mood
Could it be because of your
What pass?
Deon and I tried to pass.
Oh, so you
bringing on another partner?
Okay, girl.
Good for you.
I must be rubbing off on you.
I don't see how you do it.
How do you do that?
Oh, you know,
I guess to go out and play
and I get him out
of my face for a few hours.
To be honest with you,
I would rather know
if he's going to go
do something,
you know, like, I'd rather
know about it.
Okay. Shay.
So what exactly are you doing
while Deon is out playing?
Well, I might.
Let the neighbor.
Oh, girl,
Well let | s just say
he had a taste of Shay
on his lips?
But, that was it.
That was it.
Nothing else. It was just that.
You could tell me later.
How did you know about the pass,
Did Deon | s big head ass
tell you about it?
Yes. His big ass head
told my husband.
And last night at dinner,
all I kept hearing about was
the pass this the pass that.
And you know what?
I blame you.
Okay, well,
now that you know about it.
What do you think?
Are you ready
to come to the dark side?
Oh. Oh, no, no.
I am not like you guys.
Okay, Ya | ll are some swingers,
Nina listen,
boring ass missionary
is just fine.
I like that, actually.
I mean, Maurice
is just expressing to you
his fantasies.
is a good thing
in marriage, right?
That's true.
But it's all about
the vibrational energy.
Reading about it.
Come on, stop with that damn
vibrational energy bullshit.
All right, Tell truth
When is the last time
you gave him some?
it has been some weeks.
I mean, you know, it's
just been a lot between work
and my mom
and just all the drama,
I am drained.
You know what
It sounds like you were just
not in sync right now.
I mean,
you need to get in alignment.
You know, be aligned.
It | s probably that retrograde.
Isn't that what we're
in right now?
Okay, Come on, now.
I can't fault the poor
girl for working hard, okay?
We had a lot of work to do.
We did?
You just align them checks.
Thank you.
He's just horny.
That's all it is.
All of them are.
And that's why
he keeps bringing up the pass.
Listen Nina,
He's been very good to you.
Seven years.
I don't see
what the big deal is.
Just let him go ahead and dip
his stick in another pool real q
and then come back.
So what?
Oh, what?
I mean...
I hear what ya | ll saying?
I just, I don't know.
I guess I could
I don't know, think about it.
Oh, okay.
if you think about it, L.A.
might be
a different kind of trip.
What do you mean?
Audible weird sounds
Baby, is that you?
No, it | s me dear.
You just can't do that.
You just can't use your key.
Anytime you want.
Okay, Okay, calm down.
Scared Me.
I'm sorry.
I just.
I just came over to
actually apologize for
overstepping my boundaries.
Oh, by
overstepping another boundary.
Your right.
Here | s your key.
so it won't happen again.
I'm sorry.
Apology reluctantly accepted.
You know what?
I'm happy
to apologize to him as well.
So what time does he get home
from doing nothing.
See, there you go again.
You just can't help
yourself, can you?
You just can't not do it.
I've asked you over and over,
please stop putting Maurice down
Listen to me, sweetheart.
You have to understand that
I just want the best for you,
And he's not It.
He is not the best, not him,
not his friends.
And definitely not that
Terra woman.
Okay, see, Terra, that is
a very good friend of mine.
She's my best friend, actually.
And she's a damn good boss,
so please just leave her out of
No, I will not.
Because you are getting lost
in these people.
Don't you have your own friends,
your your own identity?
Your mom can just please stop,
I don't have time for this.
I have to pack.
I have a business trip, so
please, just.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Does that mean
you got the contract?
Yes. This is it.
Okay, You did this.
You. You, you. You.
Come here.
I | m so proud, that | s my girl.
Oh, yeah.
And I'm really excited.
And I am praying that
after this project,
Terra will make me partner.
I am praying.
Okay, well,
I'm praying
that you step out on your own
and you get all these
major contracts for yourself.
Honey, you can open your own
design studio.
Your father left
you enough money
to be able to do that.
Listen to me.
Hey, I didn't raise a partner,
I raised you to be on top,
so please
stop selling yourself short.
And honey, go for what you want.
This is what I want.
It's like you
don't understand.
God, just please leave.
Just. Please.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You don't see me.
You don't see me.
And what I want.
Now, can you hear me out
for just a moment?
When your father
and I built this house,
we did it
with a lot of sacrifices
and hard work
and a whole lot of love.
I just want to make sure
that the same,
the same love I was blessed with
is experienced in these walls.
Sorry I love you so much.
Congratulations, my love.
Oh, baby, you made it.
Of course I did.
I don't know why
you want to be here so early.
Anybody here yet.
I wanted to finish up
our conversation.
What conversation?
I got you.
Thank you.
Of course.
I feel like you deserve
a early anniversary
So, what did you get me?
I'm giving you the pass, dummy.
I've been trying to tell you
Wow. Wow.
I feel like you
deal with so much.
Between my mom and me
working a lot,
I just never want you
to feel unheard.
And I just.
I'm happy
you feel comfortable enough
to even talk to me about it.
So what about, you?
No. I don't have a desire
to be with another man.
So this is for you, baby.
Wow. Yeah.
I love you.
I love you too.
Can you make me a promise?
To not let this ruin
our marriage.
I will not.
I'm promise.
Okay. All right.
So what are the rules?
I mean, okay, so. Oh,
you can't have sex with friends
or neighbors?
No friends, No neighbors.
You get one
night with this person.
Okay, one and done
I get back from this business
trip. Okay.
And after that?
That's it.
No sex in the house?
No, of course not.
No. Yeah.
Oh, no gifts.
Oh, gifts.
Yes. Okay, I got one.
You have to say that
you're married
and that you plan to stay
Oh, that's a good one.
No, lying to the other partner.
Okay. and...
Yeah, no phones,
no social media,
no videos.
Just leave that.
And after it's done, it's done.
And no
questions when we get home.
Oh, that's a hard...
All right. Okay.
We're doing this?
I mean, No, no, no, no, no.
You just said.
It's all you.
Oh, and a major one.
No five star hotels.
You know, three stars or less?
Five stars are only
for wifey.
Five stars.
For wifey.
Thank you.
Yeah, Yeah.
No, man.
Here you go, bro.
Ya'll are crazy.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, hey, hey,
hey, yo, Trent.
Hey, Trent from Boston?
I knew that was you.
You fucking crook.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Ain't no relax man.
He did that slick shit with
my sister.
Took everything she had man.
You don't know me bruh.
Your boy is foul, man!
Ain't no come on, man.
Is he talking to you?
Get in the car.
Get in the fucking car!
I'm going to kill that nigga, ma
Oh, Hey.
Don't worry about it.
I hope I didn't
it ruined your big night.
It was crazy.
But, no you didn't
ruin my night baby.
You okay?
I'm fine.
I'm fine, this ain't about me.
It | s about you.
You handled yourself pretty
good out there tonight.
That shit is not funny.
I am sorry.
I was just trying
to make light of it.
I mean, come on.
I'm just trying to enjoy
the night and have a little fun.
You know,
I fly out tomorrow, so...
Phone vibrating
Just Deon.
I'm pretty tired.
I | m going to bed.
See you tomorrow.
Love you too.
Hey, baby.
Hey, babe.
What | s up?
I'm sorry.
I just wanted
to tell you, I love you.
And I appreciate you so much.
I know you do.
I'm just.
I don't know.
You do so much for me
in my life and
my career. All of this.
My friends and
just everything.
Just so grateful,
of course baby.
It | s because
I love you.
I love you too.
Take your ass to sleep.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.
Our flight time will be 5 hours
and 24 minutes.
Thank you,
So, here is your key.
And you can help yourself
to room service,
minibar, whatever you like.
Oh, I could get used to this.
I thought you grew up rich.
Well, it depends
what you define as rich.
I still had to work.
I really need you to keep
your head in the game, okay?
Because I really want this
for you, right?
And we can talk about everything
when we finalize the contract,
because you know what
that means, right?
You're going to
make me partner,
Mmm hmmm.
My head is in the game.
Let's do it.
We want booty over here.
There she is.
Get over here girl.
Hey, babe.
How you doing?
Well, you know, I missed you.
I missed you too.
How have you been?
I can't complain.
What time you
getting off tonight?
I get off at three.
Why are you asking?
Maybe I'll come pick you up.
You're been a good boy
all this time.
Very faithful.
Mm hmm.
What's your wife going to say
about all this?
Apparently, she said hello.
Thank you.
Oh. Oh, that's good.
Oh, my goodness.
I just can't believe
I spent all day at
Lyrica | s house.
You know, like, that's amazing.
She's so beautiful.
Oh, she's okay.
But she is loaded,
and she does have other
locations that she's helpful,
especially in France.
And that's
where I want us to be.
That's where I want to be.
That would be amazing!
Oh, my God. Wow.
Yeah. Oh!
What are you doing?
Oh, I mean, I'm
just texting Maurice.
You know, we.
No, he got his pass,
so I'm just checking on him.
And you have your pass.
So I need you to be here with me
now, and we are going to drink.
I'm missing my drinks
and we're refilling it.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, I just. I don't know.
I keep thinking about
that night at the restaurant.
That was pretty weird, right?
I mean, it was weird,
but you know what?
Weird shit happens every day.
I don't know, but,
Maurice came from Boston
before we met,
so I could be something
with that.
should I be looking into it?
I mean...
What you should be looking into
is being here right now
and being present.
Besides, niggas look alike.
And niggas do nigga shit.
I've never heard is like that be
You need to be looking
at that nigga over there.
He | s looking at you.
No girl,
I think he's looking at you.
Do you think so?
Let | s see.
What the hell are you doing?
I | m opening another
door for you, okay.
Oh, my God.
He | s coming.
Hello ladies.
Hey, Lexi.
Have you seen Entice?
Oh, I saw her earlier,
but I can check.
in the back
find her for you,
Please do.
Of course.
It's good to see.
Thank you.
Yo, yo!
Maurice, my man.
My guy.
you in here without your
crew tonight, huh?
It's just me, baby,
you know what I'm saying.
Every now and then
you got to fly solo.
I ain't mad at that.
So I heard
that you bout to sell this
mother fucker.
My wife wants, me to retire.
And can you believe that?
No, no, actually, I can't.
Like every other man
you got to move on.
Hey Big Jay.
Entice called she said
she can't make it tonight.
You know what?
I'm going to entice my foot
in her ass.
Well, she had some drama
with her daughter, I | m sorry.
Maurice babe.
Try back tomorrow okay.
Appreciate it.
Man that girl is a handful.
Yup. She sure is.
Both hands full.
No problem.
So you were saying?
I mean, I don't know. It's...
I guess since my dad died,
It's just been my Mom.
She's just.
She just guilts me
about everything.
Like everything, right?
It's like
she wants to control me.
To feel needed
I guess.
Na I...
I get it.
You know, my folks were
the same way, you know?
Always wanted me to know
where they came from.
Yeah, You know, the struggle.
Oh, you see, that's why
I'm making my own way,
you know, like my own way.
For me. So,
yeah, like I love my mom.
I love her.
I love her.
Don't get me wrong.
I love my mom, okay? But
I don't know, I just.
I just want her to be
not controlling,
if that's a word.
So what's up with you?
Oh, me? Oh.
Oh, yeah.
Well, I'm happy.
I'm happy.
Happily married.
I bet.
So we can just be friends,
Good friends?
You think?
Oh, wow.
All right,
you two.
I am leaving.
So early?
Yes, I am done.
No lying to the other partner.
Oh. Oh,
You can't have sex with friends.
Oh, oh,
oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh.
You get one
night with this person.
One and done.
Oh, yes, my.
Oh, oh, oh.
Do not
let this ruin our marraige.
How do you feel?
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
What do we do?
What do you mean, you had a pass
and you took it.
Oh God, no.
Don't worry about it.
You needed it.
And I know you liked it.
I felt the way your leg shook.
Admit it.
I made your pussy feel better
than he ever made it feel.
This can not continue, okay.
This is it.
This is it.
I have to go.
It can't continue?
We hope you | ve had
a wonderful flight.
And again, thank for flying with
It was amazing.
Just landed
like a half hour ago.
I know, Mom.
I know.
And know
It | s going to be really busy.
Of course
the anniversary parties to on.
Well, I just wanted to let
you know
I made it home.
No, I love you, too.
I'll see you soon. Okay. Bye.
Oh. Oh.
Welcome home, baby.
Tell me how the trip was.
Spill the beans.
How big was Lyrica's house?
The trip was, it was good.
That's it?
Girl you didn't even text
me back last night.
I know something was going on.
Oh, no.
I was... Had a drink at the bar,
yeah, I was sleep
by midnight, so.
But listen, I got to unpack
and get started on my restaurant
Well, there you go. Okay.
Yo Chris,
I want money in cash, boy.
Not no crypto currency
and no V bucks, right?
Hey, hey, Crypto.
Just as good as cash, bro.
Whatever. Look,
I got your money.
Let's go.
Yeah, you better
have all of it.
Let's go.
Man, what the hell is wrong
with you, man.
I still with my money, bro.
Yo, relax, man.
Hey, bro,
bro, what happened
at Entice man how it go?
Yeah, yeah.
That girl, the big booty girl.
Come on, y'all know.
No, nigga we don't know.
That's why we asking you.
Let's go, man,
Ain't nothing happened.
All right.
Why you ain't just
smash other one?
Lexi is fine as fuck.
You already got the pass
Why you ain't just use it.
Bigger moves at play.
get in the business from Big Jay
He's still in the club,
and I'll make a fat commission
helping him do it.
Wait. What club?
The booty club that I like
going to.
That | s right.
He | s always trying
to come up on something, man.
Got to.
It's too much a stake.
Can't lose focus now.
So you didn't use your pass.
What about Nina?
She use hers?
Na, said she wasn't going to.
Golf club crack
That's the same thing
Shay said to D.
Come on.
Spoke to Terra last night.
What, what did she say?
Said y | all had
quite a bit of fun.
Maybe a little too much fun.
Quite the power team you guys.
I'm proud of you, babe.
I um, I gotta get
to the office, so.
Well, the caterer
is all set for the
anniversary party.
They wanted to talk to you
about ummm.
Oh, yeah. great. Great.
If you could handle that for me,
I really need
to get some things off my plate.
Okay, So...
Don't forget.
It | s spades night.
I will be late.
That | s fine.
All right.
Love you.
Love you, too.
Have a good day.
(off sceen)
You too!
Hey, girl.
Hey. Hey.
You have been working so hard,
You | ve been here
since 7:30 this morning.
Go home.
I | m going.
It | s all good.
Let me help you.
Listen, you are doing amazing
I am so proud of you.
And I | m gonna talk to Terra
about giving you a raise
and a title.
And all that.
once, I become partner.
Your partner?
Shhh, It | not official yet.
Oh, yeah.
I'm so happy for you.
Thank you. But,
I need you to get some rest.
Yes, yeah, yeah.
Get well rested.
And you know what?
Come in late tomorrow.
You sure?
You deserve it.
You said it.
I'm not going to ask twice.
I did. I did.
So get home safe.
And see you tomorrow.
I appreciate you.
I appreciate you.
You're doing great.
(Terra off screen)
Come on.
Oh, hey, come on in.
Been busy all day?
I haven't even been able
to talk to you.
I guess
it has been a very busy day.
You know, I was thinking
Alison has been doing
a great job.
What do you think
maybe we should utilize her
skills more?
Yeah, Alison's great.
Under my grooming, of course.
No, that's a great idea.
I think so.
did you want something?
Well, I.
I was just going to say,
you know, and I said,
what happens in L.A.
doesn't leave L.A..
Oh, what happened in L.A.
Won't leave, L.A.
I want to get my thought out,
Sigh... Yeah.
I haven't been able
to stop thinking about it.
I said it. It's off my chest.
Sigh... But it
can't happen again
because, you know, you're.
You know, you're his friend,
and that just makes it
and overwhelming,
so don't worry,
Yeah, I got to worry about it.
That is, of course,
unless you want it
to happen again.
But we | re girls,
so it can't happen.
You know there's a spades
game tonight.
So if you want to come
to the house.
Oh, I'll be there.
With bells and whistles.
And, I'll bring the brown liquor
Brown liquor is good.
I'll see you there.
You don't get it.
It | s different
for men and women, all right?
It's just different
and thats facts.
That is ridiculous, Chris.
Would you just stop.
Hello? Hi.
What are you talking about?
I don't even want to know.
Oh, this is my favorite.
Thank you, guys.
Okay, fix your energy.
Please don't bring
the mood down.
What we got, what we got going.
What up Mo?
Aye yo Hass man, Hassan
You just reneged bro.
Give me my books, bro.
Stop playing.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You didn't play hearts before.
Now you playing hearts, man.
Just give me my book, man.
I did not renege.
Give me my three books, man.
Make you my play book, man.
Hey, hey.
Oh, no,
thanks, baby.
Yo, na show me.
Show me where I reneged.
show me where I reneged.
It was...
Stop playing with me, boy.
Talk to your man.
(Maurice off screen)
Eat your chips nigga!
Eat your chips!
No, no, no, no, no.
Hold up, hold up.
Because it's real talk time.
Because I had this little
conversation with my wife.
You know, you get a real
man's perspective.
She thinks it's okay
if a woman cheats on her husband
if the woman makes more money.
Oh, yeah.
Ya | ll trying to start
World War III up in here.
Oh no, we here.
listen, all I know
is that my woman would never
cheat on me.
Oh, really?
You can't even keep a woman.
every time we see you,
you got a different one.
So you tell me
how you handling that.
Shots fired.
First of all, listen, as a man,
I like options.
So quit hating.
See women.
They can't separate
their feelings.
Wait. Can't do what?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
My woman
would never have a problem
doing that.
Ain't that right, babe?
I | m going to get
the door.
Oh, okay.
Distant chatter
Can I come in?
Of course.
join the game.
I come bearing gifts.
She make a couple more dollars
than me.
But, you know,
I'm still the man of the house
Boy, I make way
more dollars than you,
so you better tell that bitch
to stop fucking calling me.
Which bitch.
Oh, my goodness
What the hell was that?
That was pretty intense.
You give a nigga a inch
he's gonna take a mile.
Can you believe
he let that bitch call me?
She said she didn't even know
he was married.
She was talking to me like I'm
the fucking side-bitch?
I bitch, what the fuck
you talking bout.
What's going on?
Cali, is this about the...
Yes, the pass.
I don't even know
what I'm going to do, y'all.
I cannot believe
he embarrassed me like this.
No, Shay.
Come on. Ain't no girl
worth all of this
You guys did set
the rules, right?
Because the rules are...
Rules don't even matter
when you got a new bitch
in your man face.
I mean, she's right.
That nigga did cross the line.
I can't even believe
I did that pass shit.
like that was so stupid.
Shay, I am sure that you and
Deon can work this out.
No girl is worth
you breaking up over.
Oh, hell no.
I'm not doing that.
I'm mad as hell!
So what are you going to do?
You got a gun?
People do not let
people borrow guns, Shay.
But you got one right?
You good?
I don't I'm going to close
that deal with Big J
before the anniversary party,
And I still don't
got no fucking ring.
Don't worry about it.
What you mean, don't worry.
I mean, don't worry
because I got you.
like I always do.
Take over my cards.
The boss is here.
you're trying to lose to,
I don't lose, baby.
can you please go get your man?
He's not going to weird
shit again.
My God, Chris,
what are you talking about now?
You good?
of course.
I mean, go finish
taking these motherfuckers money
Ya | ll have a good night.
Aye Nina,
that potato salad was slamming?
Aww, thank you, you know
I do a little something.
Don't forget. I need that gun.
You be good now.
Shay, I | m not playing with you.
All right, good night.
Man, Terra be trippin | .
Did you know she slept
with that record
Exec about two years ago.
She might have helped you
get that deal in
more ways than one
Did you use your pass?
No, I already told you.
No, hold on, hold on.
I thought we weren't supposed
to be asking any questions.
That's the rule.
No, you made that rule.
What is wrong with you?
All right.
First of all, you never here.
And when you are here,
you acting like hell on wheels.
ever since
you came back from L.A..
Why do you keep saying that?
What does L.A. have to do
with it. Why do keep saying L.A.
You know, I'm
stressing out about work.
You already know that.
Well, then why the hell are you
talking to me about the pass?
First of all, yes, I had one.
No, I didn't use it.
So what the fuck is the problem?
Do you use your pass?
Don't put this on me.
Do not flip this on me.
Okay? I already saw your phone.
And I saw a naked picture
of a bitch in your phone.
Yes. Yes, I did.
So that's what we're doing.
You having bitches
and you naked pictures.
Okay? Yes.
Some weird shit
coming through my phone.
Oh Wow.
But it's not somebody I know.
I thought it must have been spam
or wrong number or some shit.
I blocked the number
every time I see.
You know you don't believe me.
Watch this.
Oh, no, I already saw it.
So I already saw the picture.
What are you trying...
I'm texting a bitch.
Check the phone.
I know what I saw.
You deleted the fucking picture.
Yes, you did.
I saw it
Don't play with me.
So you're just going to lie?
You're going to lie my face.
I | m not fucking lying.
fuck you.
What the fuck?
Great color.
Stick with that color.
Well hi.
What are you doing?
Looking for some inspiration.
You can, I think.
You doing pretty good?
I like your earings.
Thank you.
What is wrong with you?
Thought you said you
will make that work.
It | s working.
Fellas, fellas, fellas.
What | s up.
Well, well, well.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
(Terra off screen)
Hello everyone!
Hi, darling.
I brought Alison.
(Deon off screen)
It's nice to meet you.
There you are.
You look like you could use a dr
Not right now, please.
What's wrong?
What does Alison want to drink?
Aww, you're jealous.
That | s so cute.
No please stop.
Can't do that.
Well, you tell me.
What do you want to do?
I know you saw what I saw,
He's out here
hugging some other woman
at your anniversary party.
I can't do this right now.
You will do this right now, and
didn't want to tell you this,
but he's also been going
in and out of strip clubs.
I know this because I've had
our driver follow him, see.
Mom, I have guests right now.
I have guests.
I cannot keep them waiting.
And I cannot be rude.
No, not right now, mom.
I can't do this.
I have to go.
Just the man I was looking for
What's up?
What | s up?
Oh, what's up is bam.
You got it.
I got it, because I got you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Now go do what you need to do.
You got it.
Everyone, may I please
have your attention.
May I please
have your attention?
would you please join me up
From the day that I met you,
I wanted to give you the world.
And this is just
a little piece of it.
Just me and you.
Against the world forever, baby,
I love you.
Come on, now.
Time to take off the old one.
Let | s swap it out.
Oh, oh, oh,
Oh my god,
let me see the ring.
Let me see.
Ooo it | s huge.
It is. It's really big.
Are we sure it | s real.
Okay. I'm sorry.
It's beautiful. It's lovely.
And I'm happy for both of you.
And I'm going
to make an appointment
to get it appraised tomorrow.
Your Mama is shady as
hell, but I love it.
She | s hilarious.
I did good?
All right, all right.
All right.
There he is.
The man of the hour.
The one, the only.
My best friend.
Hello, Best friend.
Where's my cigar?
Now that you mentioned it.
Thank you,
That was beautiful.
It almost made me tear up.
Oh, thank you.
You know,
I couldn't have done it
without you.
I know.
She looks really happy.
I know.
Oh, Lord.
I thought your mother.
I mean,
people would never leave.
I'm just playing.
I | m just kidding.
It | s amazing.
Sure was.
You did so good.
I appreciate it.
This ring is so beautiful.
Mmm hmm.
I mean, everybody loved it.
Mmm hmm.
Even my mom, she loved it.
She was like,
oh, my God, this is amazing.
And it is amazing.
it's my exact ring.
How did you know?
this was my exact ring.
Well, I happened to sneak a peek
at your vision board.
and I love you.
I love you, too.
I guess that means
I will be getting some tonight.
ooh shit.
Shall we?
Yes, we shall.
Oh, Oh,
oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh,
Good morning.
Good morning, baby.
Smells good up in here, girl.
Muah... I made you breakfast.
Oh, thank you.
Would you mind taking that coat
to the cleaners for me
when you get a chance?
Oh, of course.
All right.
Now, I got to go to a meeting
Cause I got to make some money
back after that ring.
The most beautiful ring ever.
You have an amazing day.
I will do my best.
It's going to be hard.
Without you.
I told you
I'd give you the world, right?
I'm doing my best.
Oh, I love you.
I love you.
Right back.
Oh, yeah.
Okay now,
don't start something, now.
You have a fantastic day,
You too.
Hey mommy!
(Etta on phone)
Morning, sweetheart.
(Etta on phone)
Is Maurice there?
Oh, you know what?
He just left for work.
What do you want to talk
to Maurice for?
(Etta on phone)
I was hoping I could
(Etta on phone)
apologize to him.
Apologize, for what?
(Etta on phone)
I spoke to Kevin today,
(Etta on phone)
and apparently Maurice was right
(Etta on phone)
Funds were in the account.
See, I told you, Mom,
he is a great guy.
(Etta on phone)
I don't know how great he is,
(Etta on phone)
but I did make sure
(Etta on phone)
he's still going to get
(Etta on phone)
his commission check.
Well, Maurice will be so...
(Etta on phone)
(Etta on phone)
Come on, we are drinking
I don't want to drink.
What do you mean,
you don't want to drink?
Nina, Nina.
You seem so upset,
what's wrong?
I think Maurice broke
The rule to our pass.
Oh, hell, no.
What do you need me to do?
What rules
are you talking about?
He had one night
to do whatever you wanted to
do, right?
he's fucking this girl.
And, I mean, she sent naked
pictures of herself
to his phone.
And then this morning,
I woke up and I found it empty
condom wrapper in his jacket.
I knew I shouldn't have
done this shit.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We can go get both those bitches
right now.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
let's help
her figure this out right.
Maurice loves you, okay?
Now, he sacrificed a lot
to get to this ring.
Whatever it is, it's nothing.
But are you sure that you saw
naked pictures in his phone?
Yes. Yes, I'm sure I saw it.
I saw a naked woman.
It was right
there on his phone.
And then I try to go back
and check it again.
But, he changed
his password.
I'm sure you saw something else.
You couldn't have actually
seen the pictures
if he didn't have his
password, right?
I mean,
I didn't technically see it, but
The condom.
If he used a condom, maybe it wa
for the night of the pass.
What do you mean?
If the condom was in his jacket,
at least he was being safe
the night of the pass.
All you need to do
is talk to him.
All he | s going to do
is lie.
No, fuck that.
What you need to do
is get some real evidence.
You need to go all detective
on his ass.
Hey, you know, me?
I'm always going to have Deon
on 24 hour surveillance.
I downloaded this app
on my phone,
and the app duplicates
everything on his phone
and puts it on my phone.
So if he gets any text
or anything like that,
he comes to my phone too.
So if he even thinks
about texting a ho.
It | s right here.
I don't like this.
It doesn't feel good.
And I don't I don't know this.
I need to know, Cali.
I need to know.
I also put cameras in my house.
So if he thinks about bringing
a bitch over to my house.
Oh, girl.
You know what time I | m on.
if he's doing this to me,
I need to know.
Are you sure?
Yes, I | m sure.
Show me how you
do this app.
Phone dings
That | s you babe?
Yeah babe.
I'm getting ready
to go to the store.
All right?
Phone dings
I just sent you a client,
so you might want to follow up.
Will do.
Love you.
Love you too.
Want more?
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Maurice is going
to be home soon.
Yeah, you don't
want to get caught.
I'll go.
We could do a
couple quick more.
Real quick.
I know, it's just so late.
these are cute.
I wish I could see you
model these.
Those aren't mine.
Those aren't fucking mine.
This means he's fucking
her in the house.
Are you serious?
You don't really know that yet.
What do you mean?
I mean.
I don't know.
You gonna be alright?
(Terra off screen)
Call me if you need me.
(Shay on phone)
(Shay on phone)
Hey girl, are you okay?
I need to get those cameras
in the house
(Shay on phone)
Okay, okay.
(Shay on phone)
Um, whatever you need.
(Shay on phone)
I'm right here.
(Shay on phone)
I got you.
(Shay on phone)
(Shay on phone)
When you put the cameras up,
(Shay on phone)
make sure you get the whole room
(Shay on phone)
And angle it right.
You know what talking about,
I need you to turn the camera
the way that I told you.
Yeah, I'm
putting off the cameras now.
Okay, good.
This is really good.
Yeah, Like the 52.
Yes, that works.
Great job.
Yeah. Yes.
(Terra off screen)
You need some alone time?
No, we don't,
because we're discussing
the Bentley Hotel.
Can you give us a moment,
Oh, okay.
Thank you.
And when you done, just
come back to my office.
Are you okay?
I sense a little hostility.
Stop fucking my assistant.
I pay the checks around here.
That means I am the boss.
And besides,
you can't do this, remember?
Because you don't want me.
Or do you want me?
Do you want me?
Maurice has to go out of town.
You should come over.
You ready?
Bring some wine.
We have work to do.
I | m leaving Maurice.
I can't do this anymore.
I mean, he lies so much. He...
He lies to my face.
I'm going to divorce him.
Are you sure?
Are you serious?
I mean...
You make me feel so good and
the way you make me feel.
I mean,
I can't stop thinking about you.
I want us to be together.
I will literally
give all this up for you.
That's sweet.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna umm..
I'm going to give Alison
the Bentley job.
What do you mean?
I mean,
I think she's qualified,
and I've decided to do that.
My assistant...
What the hell are you thinking?
What am I thinking?
You're fucking her.
That's what it is.
You're fucking her.
That's the only reason why you
would give her the hotel.
I am thinking
that she can handle it.
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
I | m about to go meet
Alison, to go over the specs
for the job.
This was sweet.
Thank you.
Lord, Lord, Lord I | m tired.
Hey baby.
Hey babe.
What | s wrong?
Hey babe.
Can we just go away?
Maybe, just.
I really need to get away.
Just you and me.
as much time as we can.
Just try to reconnect.
Maybe go to Fiji.
I don't know.
It's not a bad idea.
We're going to be okay, right?
I just want to remember
the way you look.
In this very moment.
Seem pretty tired,
why don't you go to sleep.
I | m going to make myself
something to eat.
Get out of here.
Listen, just.
Just calm down.
I know him, okay.
He's my best friend.
He knows nothing,
and he will never know anything
Nina Franklin Baptist?
Yeah, that's me.
You've been served.
This is.
This is nothing to worry about.
We'll figure it out.
listen, don't stress.
I can. I can make
it all disappear.
This is not okay!
Don't worry about it.
It's fine.
Nina, Nina.
The terms of
the prenuptial agreement
on the grounds of infidelity.
My client would like to present
exhibits proving
that her husband,
Mr. Baptiste, not only stepped
outside of their marriage,
but did so in the confines
of their home.
Would your client like
to respond to this evidence?
My client can prove
he has had no connection
with the cell phone
He's even had to purchase
a new cell phone
to remedy the insistent contact.
Further, any dealings he's
had with the staff
of a gentlemen's club
at the time in question
was strictly professional.
Mrs. Baptiste
Ms. Franklin.
He | s just covering his basis.
I can prove he cheated.
He had a pass.
A what?
It's umm...
He came to me with this idea
that we would each sleep
with someone else for one night.
And initially,
I told him I
did not want to do that,
but he insisted.
and I gave in.
But he went beyond
that one night and
he lied about it in my face
He brought that bitch
in our home.
Ma | am, I have no idea
what she's talking about,
nor do I know what a pass is.
You're lying!
But, I do have this.
If you'll just press play,
Sexual noises play
from the phone.
No, it's.
What is this?
I think that is destruction of
property, if I'm not mistaken.
Well, according
to the prenuptial agreement
any acts of infidelity
on the part of Ms..
Franklin constitutes
Mr. Baptiste to half
of all of the marital assets.
And alimony.
Which includes half of the
money you recently
received from the trust fund.
Why would you do that to me?
After everything
I ever did for you.
How could you
do this to me.
I loved you so much.
Yet you still couldn't
remain faithful.
Nina, calm down.
Ms. Franklin,
if you leave these proceedings,
you will be held in contempt.
Fuck you!
Fuck you! Son of a bitch.
Miss Franklin!
You ain't shit!
And you won't be shit!
I guess we're on our own.
You can get through this.
Congratulations, everyone!
Because you don't want me.
Or do you?
Well, welcome,
ladies and gentlemen.
We have arrived.
I know.
I got you.
You hear me?
Look at me.
Look at me.
You still a winner.
You hear me.
I love you.
I | m so proud of you.
I | m so proud of you.
We | ll get through this okay.
Good job, boss lady.
$9.5 million.
That's a nice haul.
It's pretty nice.
We could have done
a little better
Not bad, but a little
bit too long.
No more seven year swindles,
So, whats up boss lady
who's next?
Well, according to the docket,
Shay, you up next.
Oh, that should be interesting.
Oh, yes.
Oh, girl,
we have you a good one.
He's old and widowed.
Oh, just the way I like them.
It should be pretty easy
for you, right?
Oh, that's a piece of cake.
Yes, Yes.
And he is a frisky one.
Loves a woman with curves,
so you could just put it on him.
So you go.
You going to be
fucking a sugar daddy.
Sounds better
than being married to this one.
Hey, you no walk
in the park either.
(Deon off screen)
You ready though?
Oh, I'm more than ready.
And it won't take me seven years
to get it.
why don't you use the pass
on, Nina?
Ayo, Trent!
Ay, Trent from Boston.
I knew that was you.
You fucking crook!
I also put cameras in my house.
So if he thinks about
bringing a bitch
over to my house, girl.
You know what time I'm on.
and he's not it.
He is not the best, not him,
not his friends.
and definitely not that
Terra woman.