The Passenger (2014) Movie Script

'Only man kills out of hate, the animal kills out of love'
Ken Wilber
Have you fallen in love with me?
You are lying!
I've found out, that my urge,
my lust to kill is connected to certain star constellations.
It's like a vampire. The fuller
the moon, the bigger the lust.
Also with certain aspects with the planet Pluto,
the lust gets bigger and bigger.
The planet has been discovered,
just before the rise of fascism.
In astrology, the planet stands for the
deep hidden unsocial in the human being,
which can take absolute might over a
person and is able to dominate it.
...need to dig deeper.
Maybe I can find out a certain pattern
to learn to control the lust.
Hi, this is Nick.
I've just seen your announcement,
that you are looking for a roommate.
Is the room still available?
OK.Then I'll come over.
I'm Nick!
Phillip! Come in!
I'm gonna show you the room. Here it is!
What do you do for living?
I'm studying.
What are you studying?
International Economics.
But you didn't come here to study, did you?
Haven't they started with the terms already?
I'm looking for a holiday at for my father.
Ah. I see.
And you?What do you do for living?
I'm a photographer.
Ah, cool.
Have you been seeing other rooms?
Yes, but I haven't decided yet.
You know what...
for my sake, you can have the room.
We've also got a roof terrace!
- Wow.
- Not bad, eh?
I just found a roommate.
I don't know, I've had a good feeling about him.
Why don't you come around for dinner
tonight and have a look at him!
Do you think he's coming?
I can't wait to see him!
Wait, someone's coming.
Tell me something about your play.
Well, it's about a couple.
She's a gallery owner and he's a police officer and...
Hello, good evening!
This is Nick.
This is Lilli, a friend of mine.
This looks delicious.
Do you wanna eat something?
No, I didn't mean it like this. I've already eaten.
But there's enough. Come on, let us invite you!
So, Phillip told me, you are looking
for a condominium here in Berlin?!
Well, not for me. I'm looking for one for my father.
He's looking for a at, which he can offer to sublet.
For a lot of money...
Yes, for a lot of money.
I don't think Berlin will remain as it is now.
The gentrification can come really quickly, I reckon.
It is here already.
You just need to go to Neuklln or Kreuzberg.
But the tourists are good for the city, tho.
You think so?
I think they bug.
Well, probably it's the first time that
berlin became an international city.
I mean, a few years ago, the
only dialects you heard,
were only German dialects.
For that matter, I prefer the "broken
English" you can hear everywhere now.
There is always advantages and disadvantages...
and what are you doing here in Berlin?
I'm an actress...
well, I'm learning how to be one.
That means I shouldn't believe, what you are saying...
so you are just pretending?
Or is this just a prejudice?
This is indeed a prejudice.
Good actors do not pretend.
What are they doing then?
They show how people really are,
behind all their facades and masks.
Yes, beautiful. Maybe the chin a bit down.. .
that's almost too much...that's it...
Thank you very much, that was great!
- Thank you, bye!
- Bye!
Hey, are you working?
Yes, hey!
May I have a look at some pictures?
Do you only take pictures of men?
Hmhm. Only men.
But I do have a girlfriend, if it calms you.
Is it Lilli?
No, it's not Lilli.
My girlfriend is in Nicaragua at the moment.
- Do you wanna see her?
- Sure.
Here, have a look.
Ok.That's enough.
May I take some pictures of you?
I don't know, I'm a bit shy when it comes to those things.
I don't have a problem with it.
But, maybe I do.
I do my work out in a gym, down the street.
Do you want to come with me?
Yeah sure.
Try hard!
This one I like the most.
That's a good choice!
Can you send the picture to this address?
Yes, of course.
Hey Phillip, it's Nick.
I'd like to surprise Lilli.
Can you tell me where her drama school is?
Oh come on, we have an appointment tonight anyway.
Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find Lilli?
She's dancing, upstairs.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to surprise you.
Why are you only taking pictures of men?
I know them better.
I know why they are looking the way they are looking.
And how to take a man's look.
When it comes to women, I only see what I want to see.
Do you think I'm attractive?
I can see that you are attractive,
but I don't feel it.
It's something more abstract.
I see it like a ower,
or a sunset.
Like, this way.
...beautiful as a ower...
Doesn't sound really straight to me, to be honest.
Def chest!
You think so?
Hmhm. I think so. It's nice.
You look good, too.
But too thin!
Yes, but...
Ok. He's leaving,
but why doesn't he say good bye to her?
Stefan, you tell her.
I don't know, either.
Ok, again:
These two have been separating themselves
from social standards and conventions,
they don't say "goodbye"
or "hello" or "thanks" to each other.
They just leave without saying anything.
These two are two human beings in delusion.
I don't understand why he's leaving now,
after they just fell in love with each other.
And I think you do understand pretty well why.
You just don't want to.
No, I really don't understand.
He can't stand his dependence.
It's almost killing him.
Therefore, he's killing his love.
That's atrociously. He is a total psycho.
Just an ordinary man.
Well, I don't know. I wouldn't say it's ordinary, though!
Stefan, can you come here for a second, please!
And what am I supposed to feel now?
Your turn.
(Spanish) Do you know the way to the Brandenburger
Sorry! Something important. I have to go!
It's important.
Call you tomorrow.
Nick, is it you?
What if I'm not?
Don't drink too much!
Urgh, that one was bitter!
Man, that's a good reason to get jealous,
when I see you two "turtledoves"
Girls, I will go swimming.
Hey mate, just wait.
I think you need a beating.
...but from the beginning, I had the feeling,
that there was something dangerous in this love.
A fire,
a poison.
But the most dangerous thing about
it was, that it was too strong.
The feeling of getting too dependence on
each other, became stronger and stronger.
And then, they realized, that this
love got more and more dangerous,
even for their lives...
What happened?
There was a branch or something.
Come on up!
Do you feel dizzy?
Come with me!
Hey Phillip!
I've got something for you.
What is it?
- A gift.
- A gift?
What for?
Well, it's quite embarrassing,
but you saved my life.
You did. Somehow.
I'll try it on.
Can you hold it?
Do you like it?
Yeah.Thank you.
What are you gonna do now?
Nothing's planned. And you?
Actually I don't like guys like you.
What kind of guy am I?
That kind of tourist, you don't like.
You are coming to Berlin, buy an apartment for your
and ruin the city.
If I don't buy this apartment,
someone else will. Money rules!
Tell me something about you.
What should I tell you?
Just get to know me.
Do you think, you are
going to know me better,
if I'm telling you something
about my childhood?
Yes, I do. Is it so stupid?
Shall I put the helmet back here?
Do you wanna go shopping?
Just groceries. I want to invite you two for dinner tonight.
- See ya!
- Bye.
Get up, herds someone who wants to get fucked
Do you know anything about the time of death, yet?
It's about two, two and half hours ago.
And the cause of death is?
Can't say anything about it, yet.
Do you know, what she did for living?
There is some information, but nothing concretely.
Did you inform the relatives?
Yes, of course.
The prime suspect is downstairs, in the park.
Ok, thank you.
What's your name?
Can. Can Arslan.
- Can?
- Yes, that's my first name.
Someone could hear your girlfriend screaming
out your name at the time the crime occurred.
A woman's dead body was found yesterday
afternoon in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
The motive is still nondistinctive.
Her 28-year-old boyfriend is strongly suspected
and was arrested and brought to detention
before trial in the afternoon.
The police investigates.
I'm starting to have gently feelings for Lilli,
and also for Phillip I feel a close affection.
I'm happy to be with them,
because they make me forget who I am and what I've
Both are very innocent with their affection.
The stronger my feelings are getting for
them, the closer comes their hour of death.
I will wait and enjoy it as long as I can,
before I will kill them in the most beautiful
and poetical way, one can ever think of.
What I wanna do is, when I catch his arm,
I'll snatch my foot behind his back.
Legs around his head -push together- turn your arm
And close it the same way you did it before.
And now: knees together.
The weather is bringing me down, somehow.
I like rain in summer.
Did you fall in love with Lilli?
Hmhm. I think so.
Are you jealous?
Jealous? On who?
Come on, let's go!
Hey, you're hurting me!
Do you love me?
What do you mean with hmhm?!
I'm tired.
- Why?
- Well, from doing sports, you know.
But I don't want you to be tired!
Wake me up then.
...and action!
Coward - Lilli, it's coward!
Why is she hooking up?
I beg your pardon?!
What are you hiding from?
I don't know. Maybe from you.
From me?
From what you want from me.
What do I want from you?
I don't know. Definitely something.
What about you?
Do you love me?
I like to sleep with you!
That's not love, that's sex!
I like to smell you!
That's no love, either!
I like your croaky voice...
My voice is not croaky!
So what - I don't care!
What's going on?
We examined in every direction,
but we couldn't find anything.
Not even on the x-ray photographs.
Probably, it was just a burst of a blood vessel.
Something like this can happen, and
often it looks worse than it is.
But the whole pillow was covered in blood!
As I mentioned before, we examined in every direction.
There was nothing to find.
I think you can go home now and try
to keep yourself from worrying.
Your skin is so beautifully soft.
Why do you sound so sad?
I don't know.
There is always one reason, why someones sad...
What reason?
That everything comes to an end...
this is why someone's sad...
I'd like to have Phillip lying here with us.
Then he could cuddle with us.
You don't know, if he would like to.
I think he'd like it.
Am I not enough for you?
Of course you are.
The summer is already over, isn't it?
Hmhm. I think so.
When are you leaving?
Next week. Or in two weeks, at the latest.
Come here!
Come on! I need to leave.
I'm going downstairs. I rent a DVD.
Are you coming?
I'll be with you in a moment.
Oh man, you scared me.
Sorry for my behavior. I didn't mean to start something!
...and thanks, that you took it so calmly.
It's alright.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Are you ready?
Yeah, let me just put on my jacket, then we can leave.
What's going on?
Nothing. I just got a headache.
Did you bleed again?
No, everything's fine.
We can stay, if you want to.
No, let's go. Everything's fine.
Where's Phillip? Is he here?
No, Phillip just left.
Nick, I've been thinking a lot lately...
This is not how good conversations start.
You were right, that day.
I was right, about what?
That I don't love you.
I thought we were just irting.
It wasn't a irt for me, though.
The whole time I was asking myself, if you love me.
And so I forgot to ask myself, if I love you.
And when you asked me, I realized, that I don't love you.
Are you totally nuts, or what?
Well, sweetie - you wanna have fun?
- Yea!
- Then come.
'Delete? Yes.'
'Sublease contract'
'Hello Lilli. I'll be gone for a few days.
Will contact you when I'm back. Phillip'
Stefan, it's your turn!
This is so horrible!
What are you doing here?
I was waiting for you!
Come inside!
Close your eyes.
Yes, hello. It's Tom Ripploh speaking.
I would like to know what time the
trains to Paris are departing today.
The colleagues just found a dead body at Schlachtensee.
Thank you.
This could be the lodger.
It is him.
How do you know it?
Female intuitive powers.
Also the woman.
This was the same killer.
At least, she was strangled, too.
We found a diary, too.
Are you going to the premium fair in Paris, as well?
No, I'm looking for a at in Paris.
I've got the feeling, we know each other. We
might have seen each other at another show?!
- My name's Tom!
- Peer, hi!
- Well, let's have a look at what time the train departs?
- Ok!