The Patriot (1998) Movie Script

How come you don't use antibiotics
like everybody else?
- Antibiotics ain't workin' no more.
- They're makin' good stuff for cows these days.
But what do I know.
I'm just a poor ol' workin' cowhand.
- Think that'll do her?
- Get on, girl. Come on.
I think we found her.
Looks like she's
not doin' too well.
She come quite a piece
for a little critter.
I think we better
put 'er down.
Frank, put that rifle away.
Yes sir, that is
one sick puppy.
I don't think your home-cooked
jungle juice can do her this time.
I don't know about that, Frank.
I mean, you wouldn't want
to bet your best roping saddle
and your carbine, would you?
Oh, if it was anybody but you.
Im gonna go tell Holly we found 'er.
No, no, no, hold off on that.
I want to wait until this
critter gets out of the woods.
Still time to take that bet?
- No, sir.
- Are you blowin' smoke at me, Wesley?
I don't gamble with
my little girl's heart.
As the siege in Ennis, Montana,
reaches its 52nd day...
with no end in sight, Federal authorities,
in an effort to distance themselves...
from the Waco and Ruby Ridge fiascos,
are still hoping for
a peaceful resolution to the standoff...
with a local militia group
led by Floyd Chisolm,
a neo-Nazi with a history of radical
confrontations with authorities,
who is currently wanted for multiple
federal weapons violations.
Officials indicate that the fate of the
standoff lies in the hands of Chisolm,
the self-described
"Patriot of a new America."
"The tree of liberty must be
refreshed from time to time...
with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson?
That's good, son.
That's real good.
All right, now who said this?
There's only room
for 100-percent Americanism.
Only Americans, and nothin' else.
James Madison.
No, sir. F.D.R.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
The dupe on the dime.
Here's a picture of him.
Its very unfortunate about Mr. Roosevelt.
He was fooled in World War II...
into sending our boys
to Japan and to Europe to fight.
But I tell you something, gentlemen.
He was a very brilliant man.
He said some very smart things.
- And, he was an American!
- Yes, sir!
What about these child-burnin',
government storm troopers...
who've sworn allegiance
to the United Nations?
- Are they Americans?
- No, sir!
Hell no, they're not Americans.
You know what Im talkin' about, men?
- Yes, sir!
- Im talkin' about the A.T.F.!
- Yes, sir!
- The C.I.A.!
- Yes, sir!
- The F.B.l.!
- Yes, sir!
I don't care what they call themselves.
I just know this.
By God, those son of a bitches...
they're the real tyrants.
Good day to die, Floyd?
Its hard to believe that men walk
this earth with hearts of ice.
- But, you men, you men are the real Americans.
- Yes, sir!
- You men are the real patriots!
- Yes, sir!
- You men are the real citizens!
- Yes, sir!
I want to thank each and every one of
you for stickin' with me through this.
- I know that you men are eager and you wanted to fight!
- Yes, sir!
But, my God,
I just can't let this happen.
So, Im going to put an end to it.
Im going to walk out
that door and surrender.
Im going to monkey-wrench their plans,
before they can get started.
Uh-huh. Doesn't
Hippopotamus have three P's in it?
Thanks, Frank.
You bet.
- Mississippi!
- M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.
You know, you're gettin' so good.
Do you know how
to spell Mississippi...
without using any Is?
- No.
- You cant?
Watch this!
- Hey, Frank, haven't you got anything better to do?
- Yes, Wesley.
- Bye, pardner.
- Bye, Frank.
This is radio KXRT,
70 point nine, Boseman.
Want some breakfast?
Uh, you're about two hours
too late, but thanks anyway.
We've had warmer than normal
temperatures for this time of year.
- You gettin' sick of my cookin?
- No.
- No?
- No.
Okay. Here's a half omelet,
as promised.
Thanks, Daddy.
Little Tabasco sauce for you?
So, uh, I hate to ask,
but what are you doin?
Weren't you supposed
to do this last night?
Yeah, but I walked up the hill.
You walked up the hill.
And what did Daddy tell you
about walkin' up the hill at night?
- Its too dangerous?
- That's right. So, why are you doin' it?
But how come it's too dangerous?
There's still a million police
on the other side.
Sweetheart, you don't know what kind
of yahoos are out there right now.
Now, eat your breakfast.
Where'd Frank go?
Oh, Frank, you know.
He eats these wild breakfasts.
He uses too much Tabasco sauce,
and he's got a lot of gas.
He's out in the outhouse right now.
Im just kiddin'.
He went into town to get me some parts.
Hell be back soon.
Oh. Why do horses want
to be alone when they die?
horses are braver than people.
People-- they need somebody that loves
them to stay with them when they die.
Horses-- they seem
to want to do it on their own.
Grandpa says it's because
they don't want anyone...
to see which way their souls run.
That may be,
but you can pour me some tea.
Oh, those a little more
of Grandpa's herbs. Is that right?
- Yep.
- What are these?
- Its wildflowers.
- Wildflowers? Where'd you get these?
I picked them last night, on the hill.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, that's good.
Give the men the antitoxin,
Pogue, and get rid of this shit.
God help us, Floyd.
God help us.
Im comin' out!
Comin' out!
You know what this means.
Its over, triggermen!
Im not armed!
Here I am!
Here's your grand prize!
Walk toward me! Keep your hands
where I can see 'em! Turn around!
Turn around! Turn around!
All the way around! On your knees!
On your knees!
Okay, on the ground.
On the ground!
Sorry, Daddy.
Looks like you're makin'
a lot of mistakes over there, girl.
Now, just keep one thing in mind:
When you get it wrong, that's the part
where you take after your mother.
When you get it right,
you get it from me.
- Some things never change.
- Oh, I guess not.
Road will be open soon, though.
Floyd give hisseIf up.
- What?
- Mm-hmm.
Walked out reachin'
for the sky, not an hour ago.
Well, if that's true,
somethin's funny, you know.
Well, don't get too giggly too quick.
The law only had the one warrant.
Rest of them sons o' bucks
ain't goin' no place.
There ain't no law
against playin' army.
Listen. I got nothin'
against playin' army.
I don't mind that at all.
I think the ideology
of some of these folks is good.
But, there's assholes everywhere,
and Floyd is an asshole.
Ain't he, now?
God, Wesley, if we can
just get 'em to move!
Come on, folks!
He doesn't want a lawyer.
Can you believe that?
Hey, hey, hey!
Why did you choose
to represent yourself, sir?
Hey, folks, please.
Mr. Chisolm, a few questions, please.
- Youll have your chance.
- Come on folks. Stay back, please.
What did you hope to achieve?
Why aren't you using a lawyer,
Mr. Chisolm?
Hey, how you doin', Doc?
- Bye, Daddy. See you later.
- Bye.
Hiya, Clem.
Sorry Im late. Roadblock.
I guess they finally caught
ol' Floyd Chisolm.
About time. He's been
a problem too damn long.
- How you feelin'?
- Well, Ive felt better.
How's that kidney doin'?
Well, better than it was.
About as good as it could be.
All rise.
Be seated.
- Howdy, Floyd.
- Howdy to you, Judge Tomkins.
Got your tape in the mail.
Good. Didn't blow up on you, did it?
Okay, Counselor.
Welcome, friends and neighbors.
Welcome to my land.
Over there is my house.
And this is my scatter gun.
The Constitution don't say...
that this barrel has got
to be longer than 18 inches.
Now, you all are landowners.
This is my land. I can do what
the hell I want to on it.
Same as you.
its a local matter, folks.
County matter at most.
So, somebody want
to tell me why in the hell...
a federal posse full of piss
an' vinegar's gonna come ridin' in here,
tryin' to enforce Federal law?
I can tell you one thing, my friends,
and I mean it from my heart:
When those A.T.F. gun-grabbers
come knockin' on my door,
Im gonna be ready for 'em.
- That's right.
- Thank you, Counselor.
Id say that's grounds
to hold you on federal weapons charges.
Don't know why you sent me that tape.
You knew what would happen when you did it?
Floyd, if you break
the law of the land,
someone's gonna lock you in jail.
The court doesn't care about
your personal agenda or politics.
You're gonna be processed
just like anyone else.
Got anything to say before we move on?
As a matter of fact, I do.
I want to tell you, and the rest
of these people in here...
that the law of your land
ain't the law of my land!
Id like to tell you
somethin' else, Judge Tomkins.
I don't recognize this court!
- Hi, Clem. Here's his file.
- Thank you.
- Oh, boy.
- Just tell me.
This right kidney's still shut down.
Hospital in Boseman says
I need dialysis.
I can't afford that.
I got no insurance.
I ain't got nothin'.
Listen, if I put you on a special diet
and vitamin regime, will you stay on it?
If I could quit drinkin',
I could do anything.
I want you to stick to it,
and well get that kidney right again.
How come they didn't tell me
this in Boseman?
Because in western medicine, they're
in the business of prolonging illness.
- Im in the business of curin' it.
- I can't afford no of your fancy vitamins.
Well, Ill tell you what.
You're still one of the best
woodworkers in the business.
And uh... How'd you like to fix
these cabinets for me?
Itd be a real pleasure, Doc.
Well, there you go. Well get
that kidney up and runnin'. How's that?
Doctor, you have a phone call.
- He says it's important.
- All right.
- Dr. Wesley McClaren?
- Yes, sir?
Howdy, Doc. Look,
Ive got myself a problem.
What's that?
You see, sir, Ive got this mare,
and she's about the sweetest
little Appaloosa mare a man could want.
Sir, she's so pretty, that--
well, sir, I wanna marry her.
- What's wrong with that?
- Not a thing. The problem is...
the Justice of the Peace says
Ive gotta get her a blood test.
Who is this?
Wes, Wes, chill out, buddy!
- Little Richard, how you doin'?
- Bingo.
So tell me.
How are things up in Ennis?
Its like heaven up here.
How's Atlanta?
Atlanta was hell, so I left.
Im on to bigger and better things now.
That's the reason Im callin' you.
There's a new game in town, Wes.
Contagion containment.
I think that's the stuff that
I was preachin' to you all years ago.
What is it? Now that Im gone,
you're gonna listen to me?
Oh, yeah. They're listening.
There was a...
Look, Im heading up a unit called
the Biological Response Team.
I could really use a good right-hand man,
somebody that knows his way around.
Hell, you are the king
of the bug busters, aren't you?
Thought you might
be interested.
Listen, who's your boss?
Who's payin' the bills?
- Well, you know.
- Little alphabet company, rhymes with C.I.A.?
Yeah, yeah, somethin' like that.
Hell, come on. Hop on board.
Shit, well have us a blast.
Im through with government work, and I don't want
to be doin' any more public health either.
You listen here, Wes.
You're the best damn immunologist
we have in this country.
You're gonna sit up there in Dogpatch...
and piss away your talent on what,
settin' bones and pimpin' aspirin?
- Is that what you're tellin' me?
- Now, now, now.
Once in a while I find
a real cute heifer and have an affair.
Yeah, sure. Get back
to your plastic beakers.
- Well?
- How the hell am I supposed to get his cooperation...
if I can't even tell him
what's going on, huh?
I haven't got a clue, Doctor. But for
once we're going to keep a secret.
Now, call the next man on the list.
There is no next man on the list.
Well, you're clear as a bell, girl.
- Lookin' good.
- Not sendin' me back?
No, ma'am. I think that hospital
did you some good.
- Well, I hated it. Too many sick folk there.
- Oh, yeah?
- Blackberry.
- Well, thank you!
They grow this big at my house.
Thatll last about
five minutes at my house.
Well no you heat it.
Its no good cold.
Keep it.
That's a Damascus knife.
Good workmanship, but I can't keep that.
That pie is enough, thank you, ma'am.
But you come to my house. Nobody ever
came to my house when Im sick.
It was my husband's.
Thought a man ought to have it.
Listen, you get well.
Ill see you around town, girl.
Thank you, Doctor.
- I think Darrin loves you!
- Oh, pssh...
- Who?
- Darrin.
How come I haven't heard about this?
Hi, Daddy!
- Hey, baby, how are you?
- Good.
- How was school?
- Good.
- Good.
- What's that?
This is a pie.
Molly baked it.
Its for dessert. Dessert means
after supper, you know what I mean?
- How come you got some crust on your face?
- I did not!
You faked me out!
Come down to Egenweiler's Farm Depot.
We've been servin' the farmers
of Montana for 57 years.
At Egenweiler's Farm Depot
we offer the finest quality...
Well, that's not good.
That's not good at all.
All right, Ill be there
in ten minutes.
Something like that.
Why couldn't they call
after we got home?
Because it seems like people with
emergencies never, ever have very good manners.
But I want to ride Starla
and look for the foal.
Well, Id like you to be able
to do that too, babe.
I really would, so Im gonna have
Frank come and get you, okay?
Thanks, Daddy.
- Okay.
- Over and out.
- Hey, Dr. McClaren. Hello.
- Hi, Holly.
Nurse Brady, please Dial the operator.
Okay, get your homework done.
If there's any guys
in here, no flirting.
- No dating until you're 40.
- Okay, Daddy.
- See you in a little bit.
- Bye.
- Doc! Holy shit, Ive never seen anything like this.
- What've we got?
The sheriff brought him in when
he collapsed in his chambers.
- What are his vitals?
- Blood pressure is 240 over 120,
respiration is 30 and shallow,
pulse is 105.
-And he's hot.
-Hundred and one when he brought him in.
Its up to 106. I.V. is established
with sodium chloride.
- The patient is crashing.
- Holy shit.
He's gone into shock. There's severe
edema around the abdomen and liver.
All four quadrants of the abdomen
are painful to palpations.
- Q.R.S. complex is--
- Widening.
Has he been around any strange people,
strange food, strange things?
Did he get bit by a dog or something?
- What's going on, Dr. McClaren?
- We're in a world of shit.
- What do you mean?
- Plastic beakers.
- I don't understand.
- You see, with Level 5 biohazards,
you don't use glass 'cause itll cut
your monkeys and youll be dead.
Judge Tomkins is going into a seizure!
- Richard Bach speaking.
- Plastic beakers.
I think we found your bug.
I need a response team here immediately.
Everybody in their moon suits, now.
Wes, we...
Yeah, it's Bach. I want
a BL-4 containment of Ennis, Montana.
Twenty-mile perimeter.
This is not a drill.
Seal it off.
This is Colonel Harvey.
Get me the chief of staff.
General, Checkpoint Alpha will be
secured in one-five.
No onell get in or out.
- What's happening?
- Sorry, sir.
We've had to quarantine the area.
Road's closed, so youll have to return to Ennis.
Well try to make you
as comfortable as possible.
Dr. Thomas to pediatrics.
Dr. Thomas, please report to pediatrics.
- Yeah.
- What is goin' on? The whole damn town's sick!
I don't know, but I got a bad, bad feelin'
something's about to get out of there.
I want Holly to stay here with me,
and I want you to stick around town.
You got it.
Attention, residents!
Please do not be alarmed.
A strain of bovine pneumonia
has been detected in your area.
Please report to the hospital
for vaccinations and further advice.
Please stay calm! Please!
Its important that you stay calm!
Please do not be alarmed! We have
detected a strain of bovine pneumonia.
Please proceed to the
hospital and your doctor.
- I told you this was gonna happen!
- I can't hear you!
Please remain calm!
The emergency medical team
has brought...
All the necessary antitoxins
to treat this virus.
Please form a single line and the
doctors will begin inoculation shortly.
You shoulda destroyed
the stuff, like I told you!
Wes, what do you want from me, huh?
I mean, I just came to help contain
the damn thing. How was I to know?
You gotta destroy this shit.
You cannot keep stockpiling this stuff!
Its what's gonna take out the human race.
Now, whether it's the Russians, the Chinese,
or the Americans, somebody's gonna steal
it, and somebody's gonna let it go.
- Now look at us!
- Okay. Okay, but here we are.
- How long before the people of Ennis start dyin'?
- One or two days.
You know, variables for pre-existing conditions...
cardiac health, AIDS... you know that shit.
Let me ask a silly question.
You have an antitoxin or an antidote?
- Yeah.
- Let's go get it. We got work to do.
- Well be using all the same treatments available.
- Okay.
You know, I suppose in plagues and war,
life don't mean much.
Around here, life still has some value.
This old judge was
a good friend of mine.
Who do you suppose let the monster
out of the cage, Dick?
Technician snuck out
with a culture and disappeared.
Security tracked him to Billings
and took him into custody,
one day after he sold it.
- We got here quick, but...
- You wouldn't happen to know who he sold it to, would you?
Killed himself before the interrogation team
could get to him.
You know, shoelaces.
You sure he killed himself?
Sounds a little convenient to me.
What's the count now, Doc?
Ninety-four infected, sir.
- Including five dead.
- How you holdin' up, Tom?
I don't know. I just am.
That's the judge's throat culture.
Look at that growth.
- Im gonna prepare some slides.
- Doctor.
- Do you have an incinerator?
- Yes, sir.
Take that shit and burn it.
smart bombs of the future
are going to be microscopic.
Germs are cheaper.
They don't kill buildings.
Doesn't matter what you think, it doesn't matter
what I think, that's the way it is.
- We've got to deal with that.
- We gonna do the best we can deal with that.
I just hope it don't take out
the whole world in the meantime.
- Daddy?
- Hmm?
Who are those people in white,
and what are the soldiers doing here?
Well, they're doctors
and they're just here to try...
to bring some medicine in that's special,
to try to make everybody feel better, okay?
Are they going to bring
something like vaccine?
- Yeah, something like that.
- Are you gonna give me a shot?
Well, Im gonna draw a little bit
of blood, but I promise it won't hurt.
- So are you afraid?
- No.
No? Because no cowgirls are afraid,
you know what I mean?
Also, if Im going
to be a doctor like you,
it wouldn't be fair if I was
afraid of getting shots...
- 'cause Id be giving people lots of them.
- That's right.
- Can you keep a secret?
- Cross my heart.
Im really afraid of needles.
Hate 'em!
Okay! Thanks!
'Scuse me. How're you doin'
this afternoon?
- Good, sir.
- Im, uh, here to see a prisoner?
Everyone has a right to counsel,
I guess, even Mr. Chisolm.
- Court recognizes me as such.
- All right, sir, fine. Please turn around.
- Im gonna have to frisk you.
- Now, that's a job, now, isn't it?
Real good, sir.
This way.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
You look like a safety cone.
You tryin' to be
fuckin' funny, Pogue?
My head is about to pound
off my shoulders.
My throat is on fire.
Im sick.
I know. Im sick too.
You're sick.
What's wrong with you?
We got a problem.
Yeah, we got a problem All right.
I need another shot.
Now just go get it.
Just go get me a shot!
Its not as simple as that.
Listen, if every lowlife
son of a bitch in the world...
can get dope in this damn cell,
you can get me a shot!
Floyd, even if I could get
it in here, it doesn't work!
The antitoxin doesn't work.
It slows it down, but it don't stop it.
- You tellin' me Im dying?
- I mean to tell you were both dyin'.
- I warned you about this.
- Warned me, my ass!
Look, they brought
in the boys in moon suits.
Okay, now they gotta have
the stuff we need.
Then go get it.
Go fuckin' get it, now!
I can't go get it.
They've taken over the hospital.
They've got a whole fuckin'
army protecting 'em.
Ive got an army too.
Ive got an army of loyal men,
down to the very last one
are martyrs...
who would sacrifice
their lives for me.
Now, Im not going to waste
my time and burn my clock...
in this fuckin' puke-hole.
You get me out of here!
Get me out of here, Pogue.
Get me out now!
Yes, sir.
This volatile agent is highly
contagious and can be spread...
not only through physical contact, but
we now believe the virus is also airborne.
You must be inoculated, return to
your homes immediately and stay inside.
Repeat. Stay inside.
Please do not attempt
to leave the area.
Authorities have closed
All roads in and out of Ennis.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
This virial agent is highly contagious.
Okay, Doctor.
Right over there.
Uh, nurse? Just a second. This is
for those folks right over there.
Thank you.
- How're you, Miss Molly?
- Frank, this is scarin' me to death!
- Why is everyone sick?
- Well, they say cattle pneumonia.
They say a mutant strain. Now, I ain't
never seen its like in my life.
- Goddamn cows. Excuse me, please.
- Oh.
I guess they're just gettin' back
at us for all them burgers.
Don't you worry none, this little shot
right here gonna keep you right on your feet.
Everything's gonna be all right.
If you get a little bit off your feed,
Ill buck your hay the whole winter through.
- Now, that's a promise.
- Thank you, Frank.
You bet.
Hey, Doc.
These folks gonna
be okay, ain't they?
Yes, we're trained
and equipped for this.
- Frank--
- That ain't what I asked you, slick.
- Hey, Frank.
- Yes, Wesley?
Don't you think
we got bigger problems?
- Yes, sir.
- Leave 'im alone.
Inhalation tech to E.R., stat.
Inhalation tech to E.R., stat.
Ow! Watch it, son.
I ain't no dartboard!
Its a bomb!
Let's do it!
- Get down! Get down!
- Oh, God!
Somebody help me!
You people want more? Or do you wanna
pull your head outta your asses?
I want nobody but government people
and medical people in here! Move, now!
Move it, now!
Get these bodies out of here!
Im Dr. Bach. Im in charge of this detail.
Don't hurt any more of our people, please!
- Take the knife.
- You don't know what you're doin' here! No!
Take a deep breath, Doctor.
Welcome to the real world!
This is the same batch we have.
Hey, Doc!
This shit doesn't work.
- How do you know?
- We've tried it.
We're on it right now.
You know, Im gettin' the distinct feeling
that you. All know somethin' I don't know.
You want to tell me what's goin' on?
There's been instances
where N.A.M.-37 has mutated.
And when it does,
the antitoxin doesn't work.
At least, not for very long.
Well, I guess we can all consider
ourselves walking dead men,
thanks to you, Floyd.
This is incredible.
Somebody's blood tested positive for
initial exposure, but negative for the actual bug.
What do you mean?
Their body is fighting it
and winning. Eliminating it.
Okay? We find out how, we isolate the
antibody, that's it! That's the key.
Well, we've got a couple of world-class
immunobiologists over there.
They're gonna need a lot of blood.
Let's see whose sample this is.
Eleven tack twenty-three.
Ill be damned.
- Bob.
- Yes, sir?
I want you to search this building.
- You're looking for a little girl with long, dark hair. Find her.
- Yes, sir.
Do you realize what you've done, Floyd?
You gotta be the dumbest man alive.
You've opened Pandora's box.
You're the one who came up
with that biochemical agent.
You're the one
who infected everybody.
You sold your own people out.
You sold your movement out.
Yeah, the words of our forefathers comin' out
of your mouth ain't nothin' but dogshit.
- Where's your little daughter?
- Why do you want to know?
Im askin' the questions!
Where is she?
That's a good question.
I want some answers.
Did you hear that, Pogue?
The good doctor's memory needs a jolt.
- Let's see if thisll help him out!
- Jesus, Floyd!
You son of a bitch!
Now, it's up to you, ace. We can
do this the easy way or the hard way.
Floyd, this ain't gonna
happen the way you think.
- Oh, yeah, it is.
- Guess it's gonna be the hard way.
Damn it! Don't shoot.
- I hope my daughter's still in there.
- Uh, yeah, uh--
Okay, come on, baby.
What took you so long? Hah!
Men, I want you to listen to me.
I got Pogue and that government fella
in there, workin' on a cure.
We gotta get this little girl.
If you gotta shoot her,
plug the hole. We need her blood.
What about Dr. McClaren?
We don't need 'im.
Knock his dick in the dirt.
All right, pack your things. Put your
boots on. We're all goin' to Grandpa's.
Im ready, Daddy!
I packed essentials. Want to check?
No. You just go get those horses
saddled right away.
Hey, and listen: Cinch 'em up tight,
we're gonna be poppin' some brush.
Daddy, I know how to saddle a horse.
- You know how to hurry?
- You bet.
Get with it, girl.
Let's go!
Welcome back, Missy!
- You didn't tell me you found her.
- Supposed to be a surprise.
Hey, we gotta get them horses saddled
up. We gotta get outta here, girl.
Oh, you did it.
That's good!
Let's go. Come on, baby.
Wait there!
Mr. Chisolm, sir,
they got ambushed. They're all dead,
and the trucks too.
They're scrapped.
- What about Sam and the other men?
- They got it too.
- Starla's scared.
- What's she scared of, baby?
- Floyd.
- Floyd?
Ain't nobody gotta be scared of Floyd.
He ain't around.
Mm, I think she's scared of Frank too.
Frank is our guardian angel.
He's up in heaven right now...
lookin' down and laughin' at us 'cause
he knows everything's gonna be all right.
Why are we taking him with us?
'Cause I wasn't about
to leave him there.
I wanted to take him up to Grandpa's
and give him a proper burial...
and a good ceremony--
that's the decent thing to do.
- Do you think he can see us?
- I do.
Ol' Frank could find somethin'
funny in anything. He's up there...
slappin' his leg,
laughin' and havin' a good time.
He's watchin' us.
But I don't want
to think about Frank...
'cause I remember he's dead
and it makes me sad.
And I think about Mom
and it makes me sadder.
Think about nice things,
somethin' you like.
I had a dream about Mom last night.
Did ya? Me too. Me too.
Do you think Anne
will be at Grandpa's?
I hope so.
I could sure use her help.
Floyd, I think we found it. I think
we found the antibody thatll stop N.A.M.-37.
But we still need
the specific blood to isolate it.
No shit, Doc.
Of course we need the little girl.
But you know, what we
don't need anymore is you.
Damn it!
Im sorry.
I couldn't resist.
All right.
Here's what we're gonna do.
I have it.
No, no, no. That's not what this is
about. I can't figure somethin' out.
You're downwind from Ennis,
you've been exposed,
but you're not gettin' it--
just like Holly.
Come and have a look.
Maybe it's genetic--
a Native American thing.
Well, it could be.
No, it's payback for smallpox.
Oh, Anne.
That's not nice, now.
- Sorry. Not funny?
- Not funny. But it's probably true.
Aren't you supposed to be in school?
I am. Im just...
takin' a semester off.
Getting pretty burned out.
- Well, don't blow your thesis.
- I won't. Im just learning from Grandpa right now.
He knows more about plants
than any university botanist.
- You're right about that.
- He's getting old. He needs taking care of.
Maybe spending a little too much time
in the spirit world, but...
- You know what I mean?
- I do.
- Im really sorry about Frank.
- Yeah, me too.
Anyway, I feel like I got kicked in the ass
by a mule. Im gonna hurry up and get out of here.
- Where are you going?
- There's a facility up here in these hills, got a good lab.
- Im gonna try and get up on this bug.
- What facility?
Ill tell you about it sometime.
Good horse.
Oh, he's a sorry old son of a buck,
but he gets me there.
You know, looks like somebody got us
into a real situation here,
and I don't know how we're
gonna get out of this one.
You're a hunter.
Don't chase knowledge.
Just like a deer,
itll run away from you.
You've gotta let knowledge come to you.
Learn to listen to nature.
You go. Well be safe here.
Why don't I go with you?
I guess I could use
a pair of extra hands.
I ride as well as anybody,
and I know the mountains.
- And I know my way around a lab too.
- You packed?
- There she is.
- There what is?
- The facility.
- I don't see anything.
Well that is you not suppose to.
The old-timers would boil these
and make paint for their horses.
Why would they paint their horses?
Because a horse can be vain,
like a pretty girl.
Makeup for horses.
Do you remember this?
- Itshishamay, red medicine.
- Yes, baby.
And this purple one?
- Its our secret.
- Shh.
I love you, Grandpa.
All right, it's gonna be
a little bit tricky to get in there.
Once we do, I want you
to just follow my lead.
Lived here all my life.
I didn't know this was here.
You know, it's funny... they made this
virus and they built this internet thing.
Now Im gonna put 'em to good use,
turn 'em both against 'em.
Well, I found some clean spectrum.
Just gotta hope
they don't jam our com link,
and then we should be all set.
- Pogue, give me another shot.
- Floyd, it's worthless.
I don't give a shit. I can't do this
from six feet under in a box.
Now, give me the shot.
I need to buy some time.
Good luck.
- We're gonna get shot.
- Nah, theyll warn us first.
You're trespassing on government property.
Please turn around and leave the area immediately.
Dr. Wesley McClaren, I have TS clearance. I'd like you
send someone topside to inspect my orders immediately.
You're not on the access list.
I can't let you in.
We have a major biochemical catastrophe topside.
My entrance in this facility is imperative now.
Any particular reason you disobeyed
a direct order, Private Benson?
No, sir.
Well, consider your ass Article 15'd.
Yes, sir.
This is a restricted area. That means
I can blow you away just for standin' there.
Now drop your I.D. and your orders
on the floor and step back.
- Dr. McClaren.
- Sir.
- Who's the female, Doctor?
- Dr. White Cloud. She's come to assist me in my work in the lab.
Now, I worked on Level C
for about a year.
I need to get over there.
Got a lot of trouble up topside and
I can see you have some down here too.
Well, unfortunately, Doctor,
I haven't been told anything about this.
Therefore, in lieu of further instructions,
Im prepared to fall back on general orders.
- Im placing both of you under arrest.
- You can see the orders here.
- You don't want to arrest me. Im here to help you.
- Cuff 'em.
You're makin' a big mistake.
Easy guys, take it.
Lower your weapons.
Lower your weapons.
I am not a terrorist, Im a doctor,
and Im here to help you.
Im going to my lab.
So, how many men are left here?
Six, plus one in the infirmary.
How'd you all get exposed?
We were doin' security drills topside.
What'd you get a mask leak?
No, sir.
We weren't wearing any masks.
I thought this whole
disease thing was bullshit.
Well, it's not.
Just like I never left.
See a little resemblance there?
Sergeant Gunner just died, sir.
Well, we got work to do
before there's more.
So the problem with lipid-envelope viruses
is you can't dissolve that protein coat.
So we're thinking that if we can
heat it up enough, we can dissolve it.
- Is there anything I could help you with?
- Yeah, you can.
- Here's your tea.
- Thanks.
You're gonna be fine.
How we doin' in here, guys?
Anybody feelin' any better?
How's he doin'?
How ya doin', son?
Goddamn it!
Just hold on. Itll be all right.
And now, further developments
in Ennis, Montana,
where militia leader Floyd Chisolm stormed
the town after releasing an airborne virus...
that created a lethal hot zone.
The virus has been identified as a Level Four
biological agent known as N.A.M.-37,
ten times the potency of anthrax.
Authorities have been unable to disprove
the allegations made by the militia website...
claiming that the virus was
released by the U.S. government.
Militia organizations across the country
have been flooded with inquiries and volunteers,
while military surplus stores and gun dealers
are reporting a run on gas masks and arms.
The question on everyone's mind:
How do you fight an invisible enemy?
Military forces,
still maintaining a 20-mile perimeter,
stand by helplessly, unable to move in,
since sources confirm that Chisolm,
the self-described Patriot of a new America,
does have the means of releasing more
of the lethal virus across the country.
Chisolm will return to his compound
as government negotiators continue...
to try and end this deadly standoff.
Mr. Chisolm, sir?
Is this what Thomas Jefferson
would have wanted, sir?
Your history's good, son, but that was
a long time ago. Things have changed.
You started all this, didn't you?
Well, it ain't over yet.
You remember that.
Yeah, he's barely hangin' in there.
- How ya doin'?
- Im scared of dying.
Everybody's scared of dyin'.
But I tell you what.
Don't die.
That's an order.
Yes, sir. I won't, sir.
- Wesley, there's somethin' goin' on.
- Tell me.
There's almost zero new cell growth
in the lieutenant's blood.
That can't be.
- Look.
- Man.
Why him?
What are these flowers on his face?
And what is this he's drinkin'?
Its wild flower tea.
Its Grandpa's recipe.
- He calls it red medicine.
- How long's he been drinkin' it?
Since yesterday.
Its the same stuff
you've been drinking.
Keep an eye on him and
let's hope somethin' happens.
Hey, Doc.
Goddamn it, that's great.
Thank you for being
my guinea pig. You stay well.
You be cool, sir.
I will.
- Dad!
- Saddle up, baby. We gotta move, now.
I want you to feed and water these horses right away.
They've been workin' real hard, okay baby?
- Daddy, when are Ann and Grandpa gonna get here?
- Tonight.
I miss Ann.
- You just saw her last night.
- I know.
- You should miss her too.
- Yeah.
Oh, the good doctor.
You gentlemen, excuse us, please?
Have a seat.
I wanna welcome you to my home.
Would you care
for some very fine Merlot?
I believe, Doctor, a good wine can lead
to conviviality and understanding.
All the way back.
Id say you have extraordinary taste
for a good ol' boy.
- Its pretty remarkable.
- Well, tell you the truth, I don't consider myself a good ol' boy.
I consider myself a gentleman farmer,
like our founding fathers.
You know, somehow when I hear that, it seems
to conjure up your face on the dollar bill.
Is that what you want?
Wait a minute, let me think a minute.
No, not a dollar bill. Id say
a hundred dollar bill. Isn't the right?
I want the system of truth
that our forefathers built on,
not the lies that
the usurpers have propagated.
I don't want some fed scannin' the bar code
on my forehead when I use the bathroom.
I think you want to sit
in the catbird seat,
but you don't want to pay the piper.
Who are you at war with, sir?
You know very well who
Im at war with. You worked for 'em.
Im at war with the bastards that
came up with M.K. Ultra-- mind control.
Narco-hypnosis-- you've heard of that,
haven't you, Doctor?
The government did 70...
Hell, I don't know.
100,000 experiments
on innocent American people.
They didn't know about it.
So they've done it before,
and theyll do it again.
- You know that they do these things.
- I do.
How 'bout this AIDS thing?
You help cook that one up?
What's your game plan, anyway?
Global 2000?
- Lebensraum, Herr Doktor?
- The fact of the matter is...
when I came into the agency
I was there for one thing:
that was to develop compounds that would
defend the United States of America...
against foreign biochemical agents.
Now I did create some things they
may have used in the wrong way.
They may have stockpiled them,
may not have destroyed them.
That may be the reason I quit...
and got in the biggest shit fight
in the world with these folks.
It is not sane to release
a biochemical agent...
to kill thousands
or millions of people.
Why don't you use your God-given
intelligence and join me?
- We can find a cure for this.
- Ive already got a cure.
You've got the cure doctor, huh?
Why don't you perform
your Hippocratic duty-- help me.
Let's have a toast.
To our health.
To liberation.
Hey, boss! What's goin' on?
- Im sorry.
- Drop the gun.
I can't.
Oh, can you see?
Im gonna drop mine.
I dropped the gun.
Nobody's gonna hurt ya.
I never wanted to...
hurt your daughter.
You gotta believe me.
You know, I believe you,
so Im not gonna kill you.
Colonel, I have a Dr. McClaren for you.
Doctor, what the hell is going on down there?
We thought the militia had ya.
You've got a cure?
- Yeah, the compounds are taken from wildflowers.
- Flowers?
You're gonna be just fine.
Hang in there, buddy. Hang in there.
I sure am happy to see you made it.
How you holdin' up?
Oh, pretty good.
Pretty good, Wes.
People of Ennis, the standoff has ended.
Your town is liberated.
These flowers will stop the virus...
and are being dropped to everyone
in the quarantined area.
- They will stop the virus--
- What are they?
These are just simple mountain remedies us
highfalutin immunologists never would have thought of.
Took an old Blackfoot Indian to figure it out.
Powerful, powerful antivirals.
Ill be damned.
These flowers will stop the virus...
and are being dropped to everyone
in the quarantined area.
They will stop the virus
if you act promptly.
Collect them, boil them, and wait for
medical teams that will be arriving shortly.
Grandpa! Ann!
Hi, Missy!
See why I don't come to town?
I understand, Grandpa.
I understand.
Come on! Hurry up!
Still got your fat little belly.
Hmm? From eating too much?
Look at her, Daddy.
Look at her.
Hey, hey. What have we got here?
What have we got here?