The Peach Thief (1964) Movie Script

Why bury their clothes only?
Because they were killed at the front.
Didn't they bury them there?
Screenplay - VALO RADEV
Based on the novel.
Director of Photography
Directed by - VALO RADEV.
Yes, Sir!
What's that?
Bayonet drill! Stab forward!
Road clear!
Hurry up!
Good evening, Lisa!
Good evening.
Lefterova died last night.
- Typhus?
- Yes.
It's an epidemic.
Thank You!
The Stone!
Pass me the sea salt.
This leg is tormenting me.
It's your wound, it's sensitive
to weather changes.
Old age coming, my girl!
You've been drilling before
the recruits again.
How dare you enter?
For God's sake, madam, don't!
You should have asked.
I'd have picked you some.
You know there are patrols.
When one is hungry
one doesn't care for patrols.
Come along!
Sit down!
Thank you.
I have nothing else to offer.
Excuse me!
Why leave the peaches?
Take them!
Thank you, madam!
What's your name?
Ivo... Obrenovitch.
Good bye.
Sorry, you can't have from these.
Go see the captain, then.
No, wait.
You know stealing is forbidden...
You make me punish you.
Would you like to work?
No, I refuse! Are you rebeling?
I can't work for my enemy.
You're forgetting that
you are a P.O.W.
An officer, my captain.
All right.
Five days confinement!
Yes, Sir!
Take the peaches to the hospital.
Yes, Sir!
Hey, you!
Hold this!
How could I know it would happen?
Gandev, take this.
Thanks, lieutenant!
I'll come back tomorrow.
"There, far, far away from home
there is my village..."
You here, my captain?
Yes, my dear, I'm here again.
What happened?
I hit somebody. Whom?
I can't remember.
But my hand still hurts.
You had one too many?
On the contrary...
Do you bring me something?
My company for five days.
Not bad!
It's boring to play chess alone.
I don't feel like playing.
- Why?
- Just so...
Oh, I see...
It's a woman, isn't it?
- And she let you kiss her?
- No.
Or gave you a smile?
She must be beautiful!
I shouldn't say so.
Then I don't understand.
Kavarnaliev is back from Dobrudga.
Being transferred to the Southern front.
He's brought two boxes of sugar.
I am sure he's smuggled
kerosene from Romania.
Smearing the uniform! Villains!
Starting tomorrow you
sleep in the orchard.
And shoot anyone that shows up.
General Hubenov
has been relieved of his post.
We've retreated at Yarebitchna.
The idiots will let the front break down.
A new requisition decree again.
The government's gone crazy.
What about the prisoners?
What prisoners?
From the camp.
You haven't been to see them, have you?
You know I don't go out.
You needn't.
It's no sight for a decent woman.
They aren't humans, just...
Couldn't we be more human with them?
Don't talk like that.
Our boys are dying at the front,
while you care here about the slaves.
They're hungry and tormented.
They would mutiny if they weren't.
Good afternoon!
I'm here again.
What a moment.
These boots are for you.
I hope they fit you.
Oh, they're fine.
Are you always alone?
No, my husband works downtown.
I know him.
He's the town commandant.
- Who told you?
- The soldiers.
Why do you hide that?
He is very strict.
But you are so kind!
You aren't any safer for that.
I would have come the very next day!
Why didn't you?
I was... how do you say it?
Because you ran away?
Yes, for that.
Yes, but mainly because of the peaches.
You should've said they were a gift.
And tell them from whom?
Of course not!
Will you give me some food?
And some brandy if possible.
What are you looking at?
Veliko Tarnovo
I thought you loathed it.
I'm admiring it
despite the barbed wire.
War brings hatred
but the work of man
remains to incite love.
An absurd paradox.
A sad paradox.
Take this!
Thank you!
I don't even know your name.
I beg you not to come here anymore.
I beg you not to come here anymore.
I see!
The chimney doesn't smoke.
Auntie, Radi's painted some smoke.
What's this volcano?
This is the front, can't you see?
Come, let's try them on.
I can't buttoned it.
- Thank you.
- Come on!
I violated your order.
You take a big risk.
Tou think so.
The patrols might kill you!
A pity for the fine boots.
Must you talk like that?
You are an officer, aren't you?
Let me present myself.
A teacher, trained, in uniform.
Three years in trenches, two in camps.
What regrets could I have?
Still it's thoughtless of you.
What about you? Why did you come?
I was afraid something
might happen to you.
I didn't know you had children.
They're not mine.
Whose are they?
Perhaps it's better that way.
Forgive me! Children become men,
then are sent to be killed.
Or to rot behind barbed wire
which is the same.
You think it'll always be like this?
I wonder...
If it was up to me...
Sorry to bother you.
You're not.
But I'll be coming again...
Please, don't, I'll send you some food.
You know why.
I must see you.
I can stand everything when
thinking of you.
Even the camp is not so horrible.
You bring back my faith in life.
Oh, why do you talk like that?
I love you! And you know that.
I must go!
Stay a while, please!
No... I can't.
Are you really going?
Where have you been?
Lisa, what's wrong with you?
Nothing. I went to church.
Don't you remember me?
I didn't know that you went to the front
I was in father's division.
At war all are equal, sir.
Excuse me.
Good day madam!
Good day!
Thank you!
May I report, here?
Please, listen to me.
What is it?
Catastrophe is round the corner.
The soldiers are hungry.
They're in rags.
No officers, all killed.
They're angry.
If something's not done now
the soldiers will leave the trenches.
All will be in vain.
Bulgarian soldiers have seen
worse than that!
Our hopes are with them.
They're tired, sir.
They're dead tired.
Well Varenov, thank you
for your honesty.
Now go and rest.
Why do your torture yourself?
Why do your torture yourself?
You've done your bit.
Be silent. You don't understand.
Peace is the banner of the weak.
The strong raise it only
to justify an offensive.
- To justify absurdity!
- No...
War has been and still remains
the normal state
of our poor human race.
Not a very attractive philosophy.
I'm afraid for you, my friend.
Love makes you idealize things.
You could forget what you are.
It's what I want!
- Too selfish on her part.
- Why?
She doesn't suspect how hard it is
for a man in love to be imprisoned.
What if she is a prisoner too?
Even then...
Women seek only their own slavation.
Let's drop the subject.
- Is it so serious?
- Yes.
You're being a fool.
Have you never been in love?
- Never!
- Never?
Good luck! And watch out!
What are you doing here?
Are you crazy?
What's happened?
Why stare at me like that?
Am I to blame for something?
I'm rather the one to blame.
What's with you?
Don't Mr. Obrenovitch!
Please, go away.
There can be nothing between us.
No, you're not right!
You say this on purpose...
You suffer... I felt it the first time.
This is what brings me here.
It wasn't out of compassion then...
Forget it. Leave me alone.
And don't think of it anymore!
It's useless.
I won't leave. Even if you ask me to.
You aren't happy.
It's absurd to talk about happiness.
You have the right to be.
You have!
You don't love this man.
You have no right!
He's my husband.
Yes, indeed, he's your husband.
It's good you've realized it.
I thought you were different.
You've fooled yourself.
You've fooled me!
Rudeness doesn't fit you.
Now please, go!
I will but you take off that mask
of kindness and suffering.
Someone else might be fooled.
Come on, man it's your turn.
What's going on there?
Sergeant, here comes...
the colonel.
Now we have it coming!
Lieutenant Obrenovitch!
Why didn't you salute?
Regulations say:
"Wherever he may be
a Serb officer is always on service."
Too much drinking?
I was waiting for you, my friend.
- Did you attack?
- No.
So you think like me?
- She thinks like you.
- What?
That there's no use.
Forgive me, my friend.
She deserves...
You don't want to talk?
It's a pity.
Listen then,
I was five, when...
I know!
When you were 5 years old,
your father, Major de Greville,
took you to the cadets.
I know this!
No more of it, please!
No, Iv... No.
When I was five
my grandpa, General de Greville,
sent me to buy him...
It was raining like now.
Such a rain...
The streets were real torrents.
And do you know what I did?
I tore up the pack
and dropped the cigarettes
one by one in the water.
They floated far, far away...
Tired... when the whole nation lies
in the trenches.
One can't think of resting.
Perhaps it isn't so hopeless?
The papers say nothing.
Say what?
They just deceive the people
as usual.
You used to believe them.
I'm afraid we'll loose this war too.
Hope it doesn't happen like in Russia.
Do you remember how you said it?
"The mask of kindness and suffering."
I was not myself.
- They're ugly.
- No, lovely!
Rough and crooked.
It was your fingers I fell in love first.
The special way you spread them
when saying good-bye.
I'm not going yet.
- Why?
- I'm ill...
Your hands are hot.
Might by typhus.
I don't want to live without you.
My love! My treasure!
English, Serbian, Romanian...
And this eagle?
Why an Austrian too?
Buttons don't fight each other.
What's wrong?
My head will simply burst.
- Say again...
- What?
Do you love me? Don't you know?
Tell me!
I love you. For ever! To the end!
Want me to say it again?
- Does it hurt?
- No.
Lisa, we must decide.
We must get away from here.
You're a child, indeed.
Let's run away one night.
Will you? The war will soon be over.
I've waited so long now,
that I can't believe it will end.
He's obedient, isn't he?
Like you.
True, I'm tied too, hands and feet.
You protest?
Soldiers don't protest. Its forbidden.
I won't stand in your way.
No, you misunderstood me.
You are free indeed.
I meant something else.
I've often thought before protesting
one should grasp the truth.
Get rid of the lies
that mislead us constantly.
May be finally people will realize this?
Yes, that happens quickly
despite those that are against.
Of your husband, for example.
Why are you offended?
It's not that simple.
He suffers too.
Sometimes I feel sorry for him.
Courage, ideals, valor...
It felt good listening to him,
and I believed it.
Then came this chaos.
And you were disappointed?
I thought all was lost.
When you came I learned there
was something else in this world.
That's why I fell in love with you,
naughty Serb!
What're you thinking about?
Who, me? Nothing...
No, your mind was far away.
Why not tell me?
I was thinking of old age.
Of mine?
No... of my own.
Your old age is a long way off.
You've changed so much lately!
Even your gait...
What's bad about it?
No, but why now?
Where have you been?
I went for a stroll.
You're touchy, why?
Leave it.
Try to explain...
This change...
You've estranged yourself.
It's your imagination.
Yes... the way things are
it will soon be over.
Of course, we shan't starve.
We still have time to live happily.
You think I ever lived happily?
What do you mean?
Soldiers, go straight to the barracks.
And hand in your weapons.
Women seek shelter indoors!
Scaring whom? You bloodsucker's S.O.B!
How long will you go on
torturing the people?
Calm down!
The war's not over yet.
We'll end it ourselves.
Down with war!
Brother, don't go!
What are you doing?
Haven't we suffered enough
by so many foreigners?
Heroes, brothers, you've fulfilled y
our duty on the battlefields.
Heroes, brothers, you've fulfilled y
our duty on the battlefields.
Your exploits will go down in History.
These decorations which H.M. has...
Don't want your medals!
We want to know
who's running this country.
Far away, away from the sea there's
my village where my bonnie lives...
You're incorrigible!
A song, a couple of shots
and you triumph!
It's not the first time mankind
is trying to overthrow those
who shape its fate.
It still keeps trying.
And be disappointed once again.
What about the events in Russia?
I'm afraid
they've forgotten 1871.
The Paris Commune.
There can be no game
if each figure isn't in its place.
People might come up with a new
game, with new figures, new rules.
It's possible...
If everybody were in love.
Come to your senses!
Luckily it was the wooden leg.
Take him home!
The P.O.W.'s should not leave the camp!
Organize their evacuation to Shoumen.
This very night.
Gentlemen, events took place that -
might be misinterpreted.
The Bulgarian army had to retreat.
I hope you know that.
But keep in mind
that a nation which for 500 years
has been fighting for freedom,
a nation that amazed the world
with its heroism
cannot be defeated!
Farewell, gentlemen!
The Bulgarians have shown great courage.
Gentlemen, it's time!
Don't go, Ives, it's risky!
I'm going anyway.
- Good bye, captain!
- Good luck!