The Pebble and the Boy (2021) Movie Script

[electricity crackles]
[traffic passing]
[upbeat music]
I can feel that taste
for life slipping away
And striking
the last chord I find
Nothing new to say
Someone told me
I'm all dressed up
With nowhere to go
I should have that
sinking feeling
My head hung low
But this is my world today
My world you're
living in every day
And you are my world today
And I couldn't have
it any other way
You're my world
Your world
My world, your world today
In my world
My world, your world
In my world
My world, your world today
In my world
[somber music]
[engines starts]
[scooter engines revving]
[mourners murmuring]
[cutlery tapping]
Would you please join
me in a toast to Phil?
Once a mod, always a mod.
- To Phil.
- [All] To Phil.
[engine revs]
[somber music continues]
- See you later, kid.
- Thanks, Steve.
No problem.
[somber music continues]
[gently uplifting music]
[knocking on door]
- I've got a scooter for ya.
- What?
From the police compound.
[emotional music]
This is number 45, yeah?
[emotional music]
[upbeat music]
Saturday's boys live
life with insults
Drink lots of beer and
wait for half time results
Afternoon tea in
the light-a-bite,
They dig it
Saturday's girls work in
Tesco's and Woolworths
Wear cheap perfume cause
it's all they can afford
Go to discos, they
drink Babycham
Talk to Jan,
in bingo accents
[Distant voices]
We are the mods!
We are the mods!
We are the mods!
We are, we are,
we are the mods!
Saturday's kids
play one-arm bandits
They never win but that's
not the point is it
Dip in silver paper
when their pints go flat
How about that
Far out
It tells you what
you have to do,
about buying a plot and
how long it all takes.
I was thinking we
scattered his ashes.
If that's what you want.
Where were you thinking?
It's the spiritual
home of the mods,
and I think dad would like that.
That's a long way.
Well, we could do a road
trip, just me and you.
He loved going to Brighton.
It's what he would have wanted.
I don't think so, love.
He wouldn't want us going
all the way down there.
[garage door whirring]
[pensive music]
Well, mate, the advert did
say it'd been in an accident.
Yeah but, it's only the mirrors,
and the windshield and that.
What've ye hit, a fuckin' bus?
It did. Yeah.
It was me dad's bike.
Passed away.
Oh, mate, I'm so sorry.
I weren't to know, you know.
It's all right.
Well, do you know what?
I do liked the look of it.
I'd like to take it,
I'd like to think your
dad'd be chuffed to bits
that it's going into good hands.
- Cheers.
- But I'll tell you what,
gonna have to lose this bling
though, if I buy it, that,
that's definitely going.
Do you know what,
yeah, I'm up for it.
Let's get the deal done.
Can I have a look
at the log book?
The what book?
Log book.
I'm gonna have to go and look
for it, is that all right?
Yeah, do mate, take your time,
go and find it, yeah.
[poignant music]
[engine revving]
[engine stops]
'Ere y'are, what's up?
I'm really sorry, it's
not for sale.
[poignant music continues]
[engine putters]
What the hell do you
think you're doing?
I'm going to Brighton.
Very funny, now get off before
you do yourself a mischief.
Mum, I'm serious.
That makes two of us, off.
Come on, John, your mum's right.
John, I mean it.
Get out of my way, Mum.
Steve, will you stop him?
Don't forget to feed the cat!
Stay on the middle road
Stay on until it lasts
Stay on the middle road
Come out the wilderness
Stay on the middle road
You know I know what's best
You know I know what's best
You know I know what's best
You'll feel the
toe of my boot
You'll feel the
back of my hand
You won't make any loot
[engine putters]
It was making a funny noise
and then all this smoke
started coming out the back.
Tell me where you are and
we'll come and get you
in Steve's van.
There was a sign.
For Stoke, I think.
You stay there. I'm gonna ring
one of your dad's mates.
[engine running]
All right, kid.
What's been happening?
Come on, jump off.
Let's have a look.
[engine revving]
Right, okay.
You're gonna have to follow
us, I'm just round the corner.
Just take it nice
and slow, okay?
[engine sputters and chokes]
Or you could push it.
Right okay, kid, it's all fixed.
Right, I'll be off then.
Thanks, Geoff.
What you doing?
Going Brighton.
Behave yourself.
But you said it was fixed.
Yeah it is, but,
you're not gonna get all the
way down there on it, are you?
Why not? My dad did.
Whoa, what you doing?
You're staying here tonight.
Come on.
Your mam's gonna pick
you up in the morning.
Come on.
Gonna sulk all
night then, or what?
I just feel like
I've let him down.
Listen, mate, you
haven't. Honestly.
I'll tell you what,
that bike will.
How'd you know him?
Your dad?
I met him on my way to
my first ever Jam gig.
It was Bingley Hall, 1981.
We ended up sitting next
to each other on the coach.
Your dad shared a bottle of
Strongbow with me. [chuckles]
- Was he a mod then?
- Oh yeah, yeah.
And a smart one at that.
I remember we all had
Harrington jackets on,
and parkas over the top
button down shirts and ties.
And your dad just
had a polo shirt on,
and halfway through the night,
we're all sweating
our bollocks off,
and some of us are
passing out with the heat
and I just turns and
I looked at your dad,
and he's just stood there
with his polo shirt on,
looking cool as fuck, honestly.
Had some top times
wi' your oul' fella.
Chances of him finding out
are pretty slim anyway.
Yeah, better to be
safe than sorry, eh.
Yeah, see in you the morning.
Okay. Bye.
[exasperated yell]
Marion is a complete bitch!
I have tried talking
to her, like you said,
and she wasn't having any of it.
She just kept banging
on about my attitude.
I swear to god, I came this
close to knocking her out,
let me tell ya.
John this delightful
creature's my daughter, Nicola.
It's Nicki.
Yeah, she's been having a
bit of trouble at work, mate.
Well, not anymore.
She's sacked me.
Oh, brilliant.
So's that your scooter outside?
It's, er,
John's my mate Phil's son, Nic.
The who got killed by the bus?
Listen, John, I'll go and
make the spare room up, yeah?
Be nice, eh.
[beer pops]
You staying over?
- Well it looks like it.
- Why?
Scooter broke down,
Geoff helped me fix it.
What's that?
It's my dad's ashes.
Fuck off.
Well I was gonna take him to
Brighton, to scatter them.
Stupid idea, I know.
Come on. We're going upstairs.
[vinyl crackles]
What Marion needs to realize
[ethereal music playing]
is that I'm the reason most
people come into that shop.
She doesn't have a
clue about fashion.
- Do you work, John?
- No, I'm at college.
Sports science.
- To do what?
- I don't know.
I honestly haven't
thought that far ahead.
By the way, my dad hates me
smoking weed in the house,
so if he comes in I'm
blaming you, okay?
So come on, tell me
more about Brighton.
Do you go there on the
bank holiday weekenders?
No, I've never been.
Call yourself a mod?
I'm not a mod.
Yeah. You're funny.
Do I look cool to or what?
Yeah. Yeah, you look great.
We are the mods,
we are the mods
We are, we are, we the mods
We are the mods,
we are the mods...
Paul Weller in Brighton?
You never mentioned this!
I didn't know they were there.
It's my dad's coat.
It's this Saturday.
I have always wanted to see
him and me dad keeps telling me
he'll get me tickets,
but he's full of shit.
Me and John are going watching
Paul Weller in Brighton.
Found the tickets
in the parka pocket,
Obviously, we're
gonna be, you know,
all mournful and that
when we scatter the ashes,
but Weller, Dad!
You know how much I've
wanted to see him.
Yeah well you're not
going, neither is he.
Why, it's not like I've
gotta be up for work, is it?
No, just get yourself
some breakfast.
I'm too excited to eat.
- You're not going.
- Dad!
John shouldn't be doing this
on his own, it's not fair.
It's not happening.
Dad, please!
Oh, you're such a
tosser sometimes.
Sorry, John.
Nice to meet you.
Do you want a cup of tea?
[Nicki] "Do you want a
cup of tea?" Dickhead!
[door slams]
So listen I've got some
spare mirrors in the garage,
if you want me to swap
'em for them broken ones?
[doorbell rings]
Right, that'll be your mam.
[knocking on window]
[upbeat music]
Let's go.
Your dad'll kill us.
Well I'll fucking kill you
if you don't move yourself,
come on!
The tickets!
Come on!
Who's that?
It's Steve, he's my stepdad.
Right, well we're just
gonna have to go for it.
- [engine revving]
- Come on, what you waiting for?
[engine roaring]
- [engine sputters]
- Fuck!
Woo-hoo! Brighton here we come!
You're cool and hard, and
if I sound like a lecher
It's probably true, but at
least there's no lecture
I really like it when
you speak like a child
The crazy sayings like
I'm so free and so wild
You have to make a
bargain with me now
A promise that you
won't change somehow
No way, now how
I'll have a coffee.
[both phones ring]
It's me dad again.
Mum again.
Probably worried
you'll get me pregnant.
Hurry up, I'm
spitting dust here.
So that guy Steve,
he's your stepdad?
Do you live with him?
No actually.
My dad left me his house, so.
Do you have a mum?
She's in France.
She ran off with
some artist bloke.
He has a mustache.
I mean, really.
Do you miss her?
[engines putter]
Wonder if my dad came this way.
You okay?
Let's crack on.
We've got a long
way to go, John.
[engine revving]
Aye, aye.
It's Speedy Gonzalez
and his sidekick.
Better than yours, that!
I think we should go.
Thought you needed a piss?
[engine splutters]
Hey, you wanna be
gentle with that.
- Fuck off.
- Ooh!
Where you going,
what's up wi' ya?
[Deano] You try and
be nice to people,
this is what happens.
So you're the ace face then?
Nicki's been telling
us all about your trip.
Massive respect.
I'm Dionne, by the way.
Scattered my father's ashes
into San Francisco bay.
Sun was coming up
just as I let him go.
It was beautiful.
What was his name?
Your dad?
Oh fuck, sorry, his name.
- Erm, Phil.
- Phil.
Ladies and gents, we'll all
raise our glasses please.
May the road to heaven
be a smooth one.
To Phil.
[All] To Phil.
[glasses clinking]
Zack and Dionne own this place.
- Said we can stay here tonight.
- Free!
This is the best road trip ever.
And you thought we
were rockers!
[all laughing]
Well actually I was reading
about mods and rocker fights
in Brighton, so, you
know, I just thought that-
That we were gonna kick your
head in 'cause you're a mod?
[they laugh]
Oh ha ha.
I'm not actually a mod.
Oh fuck off!
Listen all I ever get from him
is once a mod, always a mod.
- He never shuts up about it.
- Bless him!
[all laughing]
[John groans]
Oh right, where you off?
Bit too drunk to ride anywhere,
aren't you, my friend?
Well I don't care, friend.
- Aw, look.
- See ya!
[toilet flushing]
Maybe it's time we
got you into bed.
Come on.
Oh really?
Easy, tiger.
I've got him.
Hey, there's plenty
of me to go around.
I feel sick.
Jesus, I don't even
remember going to bed.
Do you remember groping Dionne?
Fuck off.
Jesus Christ.
Well, erm,
anyway, I meant what
I said about, er,
going home, going home today.
I respect your decision.
Right, erm,
Right, I'm gonna get some toast.
Have you seen Nicki?
Yeah. She went that
way, my friend.
- Shit.
- You've put too much oil on it.
What you waiting on, John?
Go and get her.
[engine revving]
Nice one, lads.
No worries, man.
[John] Sorry for
groping your wife!
Yeah, no worr...
What? What did he say?
"Sorry for groping
your wife!" [laughs]
No he didn't. You what?
Did he?
[engine purrs]
You are bang out of order.
- Give him back.
- Nope.
Nicki, I'm not messing
around giving back to me now.
Just because you're such a wimp
why should your
dad have to suffer?
Suffer? He's fucking dead.
Go and grab yourself a coffee.
Excuse me, what do you
think you're doing?
Oh, I'm just having a go.
Pack it in, you're
gonna flood the tank.
I wouldn't mind flooding
your tank, love.
Oh yeah, in your
dreams, dickhead.
Get off. I said get off!
Look out, it's fucking
Liam Gallagher.
Get off the scooter.
Or what, little man?
Knock him out, John.
Yeah, John.
Knock me out.
Come on, I know you want to.
Ey! Oi!
[glass smashing]
- [Lads] Whoa, whoa whoa!
- What the fuck?
Get back in your
shit car, and go.
Last chance, bumpkins!
Get in the car, get in the car.
Get in the car.
[engine starting]
Yeah, thought so.
Fuck off.
Suck my dick!
[engines puttering]
Why are we stopping?
Don't let those idiots
back there ruin your day.
Oh, as if!
Okay, I'm not.
I just don't think this
is a good idea anymore.
Oh, not this again,
for God sake.
Okay, well how much
money have you got?
About 40 quid? Why?
Because it's not enough.
We're gonna need food,
we're gonna need petrol,
we're gonna need
a place to stay.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
I'm turning back.
I bet your dad
never turned back.
[gentle poignant music]
Look. Is it just the money
that's stopping you?
Well, I can sort that out.
[engine starting]
We're near Woking.
You know who lives
in Woking, don't ya?
[horn toots]
Hello, Ronnie!
I fuckin' knew
you'd turn up here!
- [both laughing]
- Hello treacle! You all right?
Aw, we are the fuckin' mods!
All right, son?
Here, Sonia!
Sonia, come out and
have a look at this!
Oh Nicki!
Look at you, you look fantastic!
- Thanks.
- Long time no see.
And erm,
this must be John.
He's the image of
his father, isn't he?
So come on then,
what's gone wrong?
What d'you mean?
Well, your old man
rang me and told me
you was on the way to Brighton,
so you're either in trouble
or you've run out of
money, which one is it?
So come on then, where is he?
Here he is.
Listen, I'm sorry I
didn't make his funeral.
I've just been up to me
eyeballs in business stuff.
I've had the tax man shouting
'cause he wants his dough
and all that, y'know?
All right, Logan?
I don't think he remembers me.
I don't even think he
remembers his own name
- half the fucking time.
- [Nicki laughing]
[Sonia] Right, you
get these two a drink
and I'll put the food on.
Sweet, right, what you havin'?
Sonia's asked us if we
wanna stay for dinner.
I said we'd love to.
Thank you.
Thank you, darling.
[door slams]
Oi, what you think you're doing?
We got company.
First class prick.
Not you.
I remember you now, it's er,
it's Nicola, isn't it?
It's Nicki these days.
And what do we owe the pleasure?
We're just passing on
our way to Brighton.
What you going there for?
To scatter and my
dad's ashes in the sea.
You show some respect.
Warms my heart to
see the new breed.
He says he's not a mod, Ronnie.
Oh yeah? You could've fooled me.
What, so you're one
of these casual mods?
What they call them, modules?
Oh, stop teasing the boy.
It's all right,
I'm only playing.
These Mancs are
switched on, in't ya?
Not like this sap.
- You what?
- [music in headphones]
I said can you pass
me the salt, my love?
[Sonia] Logan!
How much d'you want?
Well now you mention it,
John was wondering if he
could lend us a hundred quid.
It's all right, take
no notice of this one.
I've known her since
she was a baby.
You sure a hundred
quid be enough?
Oh go on then, two hundred,
you twisted his arm.
Hey, guess what?
We're going watching Paul
Weller when we're in Brighton.
Apparently so.
Well, I won't lie and
say I'm not jealous.
You seen him before, John?
No, I'm not even into him.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Oh, you must've listened
to your old man's records.
There's gotta be something
in there you like.
Erm, yeah, there's
one that goes like -
[Sonia] Look what I've found!
Oh leave it out, Sonia,
they don't wanna be
bored with all that!
- Oh shut up, Ronnie!
- I do!
So there they are,
the three amigos.
That's Phil, Geoff in the
middle, and look, it's Ronnie.
Scowling as usual. [laughs]
[Nicki] Oh, look at my Dad.
He looks dead handsome.
Yeah, well they all were,
but that was a very,
very long time ago.
[both laughing]
Is that my dad, dancing?
Oh yeah, he was a an
ace mover, your old man.
When he took to the floor,
people used to stop and watch.
In't that right, Son?
Yeah, they certainly did.
[John] Wait, what's that?
That was when we drove
up and down outside
the Tory conference
beeping our horns.
Oh yeah, we were a proper
fucking nuisance that day,
it was quality.
Is that my dad at the front?
He organized it.
He organized it?
Mm-hm. It was an amazing
day, wasn't it darling?
Well, that's enough of the
ancient history lesson, I think.
Oh Ronnie!
I'm gonna go and
get myself a drink.
There you go, all right?
You'll stay in here tonight.
I don't get it.
Front page of the newspaper
and yet he never
mentions it to me.
Maybe he became a Tory voter.
Come on, get up.
Come with me, I
got a treat for ya.
Come on!
[energetic dance music]
I don't remember this!
I had it done for numb nuts,
when he said he wanted
to be a fucking DJ.
Oi, turn that fucking
boom-boom shit off
and put on the one I told ya!
Go on, put it on!
That's it, go on!
[lively guitar music]
[Ronnie and Nicki cheer]
Let's get this
fucking party started!
Here you are son, here you are.
- Grab one of these.
- No I'm all right.
- You sure?
- Yep.
- You sure?
- Yep.
All right, I'm having that!
A real sound
From the streets
From the towns
Sometimes I watch and wait
For signs and
voices and screams
Dreaming now it's
just a funny joke
Can we all be judged
I know I'm happy,
it's too obscene
That's when I see
you standing there
Imagination, a real sound
From the streets
From the towns
Silent footsteps
Whispers aloud
[slow dreamy music]
Thick as thieves, we were.
Until Ali fucked your dad.
Sh, Ronnie, no.
I mean that's why you're
really here, innit?
I dunno what you're
talking about.
Don't try and mug me off, son.
Ignore him, right,
he gets like this when
he's had a bit too much.
Don't you dare touch her!
- Stop it, you two!
- What you gonna fucking do?
- Stop it, Ronnie!
- Fucking waste of space!
Enough, enough.
You know what, it's
late, we're just...
we're gonna go to bed
'cause we've gotta be
up early in the morning.
Yeah, let's go to bed.
No, no, no, no one's
going anywhere.
We're all gonna stay here and
have a little fucking dance!
All right?
We're all gonna have
a little fucking dance.
Oh, Ronnie.
Oh, Ronnie, sh.
It's okay, let's go
to bed, come on, yeah?
We're gonna go to bed.
Up you get.
There we go.
What the fuck was that?
Told you, didn't I?
First class prick.
[John] What do you
think he meant?
You know, about that Ali woman?
Maybe he was having an affair,
and that's why they split up.
- What you doing?
- I'm ringing my mum.
It's two o'clock in the morning!
I know it is but it's
doing my fucking head in.
John, you can't.
Don't, because you
could really upset her.
Just put it down.
Where you going?
All the girls fancied
him, you know.
He was so handsome.
[gentle music playing]
I was just looking for him.
Come and sit down.
Come on.
There we are.
Now I,
I want to apologize
about earlier.
Ronnie, he gets a bit jealous.
Of your father!
He always was.
Who was he talking about?
He mentioned something
about Ali and my dad.
I wouldn't pay any
attention to him.
He takes too many pills
and then he says things
to get attention.
You are so like Phil.
I better...
Better what?
What John?
Get to bed.
Gotta be up early
in the morning.
Night night.
[garage door clattering]
Here you are, get out the
way, let me have a go.
Oh, dear.
- What's wrong with it?
- It's fucked.
I mean, that's the trouble
with these old classics.
You know what, I'm surprised
you got this far, to be honest.
Yeah, you're just gonna have
to knock this trip on the head.
Try it again.
[engine firing up]
How'd you do that?
Someone turned the fueler.
Not just a pretty face, is she?
You guys getting off?
Thanks for letting us stay.
Aw, it's been lovely seeing you,
you're welcome, my darling.
So, er,
any chance we could trouble
you for that loan, Ronnie?
Yeah, yeah.
Too right, I'll just
go and get my dough.
You will be careful on
these roads, won't you?
- Yeah. We'll drive really slow.
- Okay.
I'll go and see where Ronnie is.
He's probably forgotten the
combination to his wallet.
Can we go, these people
are fucking mental!
He's giving us money!
I'm gonna give you
three hundred,
which is an hundred
each, all right?
I think your maths is a
bit off there, Ronnie.
Because Logan is
gonna come with you.
Since when?
Since about two minutes ago.
And don't go spending it
all on drugs, all right?
And if there's any
scratches on this motor,
I'm gonna fucking knock you
sparko, d'you understand me?
Ronnie, Ronnie you'll have
it dark, they want to go.
Logan, my little
soldier, I love you.
You be careful.
Bye, Nikki.
And John,
good luck.
I'll be thinking of you.
[engines roaring]
See you later,
Ronnie. See ya, Sonia!
Oi, oi!
You remember what I said to you.
Yes, now fuck off, you freak.
Fucking wanker!
You really are a fucking
idiot, d'you know that?
[engines running]
I'm gonna tell him to turn back.
- Give him a chance!
- I don't want him here!
What is he doing?
Who knows?
Keep an eye on him 'cause
he's got the money.
[Logan] Guys?
Can we stop?
[John] No!
[Logan vomiting]
Are you okay?
[Logan groans]
Although I do feel like
I'm about to shit my pants.
- [both laughing]
- Ew!
You're fucking mental!
No, stop, 'cause I will
actually poo myself!
Is this all a big joke to you?
Both of you!
He started it!
- No, she started it!
- Shut up!
You shut up!
Oh fuck me, get a room.
- Don't be a dick, John.
- I'm not being a dick.
I just don't really think that
this is a laughing matter.
- Right, come on.
- Nah, I'm not going.
We're almost there.
I don't care.
I'm not gonna beg you.
I didn't ask you to.
- Ride safe.
- Yeah, you too.
[engine revving]
[poignant music]
[engine speeding off]
[phone rings]
What d'you want, Mum?
I just want to know
that you're okay.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- And also to tell you...
- What?
Look, hurry up, Mum, my
phone's about to die.
I just want you to know
how proud I am of you,
doing what you're doing.
Riding all the way to
Brighton for your dad.
It takes some guts.
- I really miss him.
- I know.
But you do know that
he's with you, don't you?
D'you think?
One million per cent.
He'll be watching
you riding along
on that bloody old scooter,
and he'll be laughing to
himself and he'll be going
"Go on, my son!"
Mum, can I ask you a question?
D'you know someone called Ali?
[upbeat music]
Who is she?
[phone beeps]
Dirty streets
like dirty dreams
A pint for your best friend
Plenty of shops with
nothing in stock
It never seems to end
A cinema, a bowling green
Little culture to preserve
Everyone's always
staring at each other
But no one speaks a word
Is it a dream
Or is it funny
'Cause it always rains
And never ever sunny
[music fades]
Nice scooter, mate.
What's happened here then?
Have you had a bit
of a spill, kid?
There you go.
[seagulls squawking]
How do I get down to the beach?
Just over there.
[gentle emotional music]
[gentle guitar music]
I've been around
from town to town
And I've found you,
that's what I've found
And I'm still lost
and I'm still unsure
I'm still paying the cost
and still fighting this war
Forever trying
and forever lying
And forever crying
to myself in pain
What do I do and
where do I go?
Who do I lose and
how do I cope?
Throw me a line
Give back what's mine
Give back my time
My time
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
Throw me a line
Give back what's mine
[seagulls cawing]
Give back my time
[waves lapping]
I'll put one hand back.
- Look at the camera then.
- I am.
I'll take a couple
more and then-
Make sure you get
the whole bike in.
I'm trying, but
we'll go after this.
Rough night was it, mate?
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, you're fine.
Would you mind
taking a photo of us?
- Would that be all right yeah?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Right, jump on.
Sick scooter, this, mate.
I love Lambrettas, me.
I've got a Vespa at
the minute though.
- Thank you!
- Cheers mate, spot on.
It is so sick.
[engine revving]
You look the bollocks, mate.
Proper mod, ain't he?
[engine conks out]
You wanna get yourself
a Vespa, mate!
[engine running]
[knocking on door]
Room service is here, darling.
I have no idea,
I haven't spoken to him.
If you must know,
he's just walked in.
Is that all right? Bye.
- Change your mind then?
- Obviously.
I'm really glad.
I tried to ring you.
Yeah well,
my phone died, so.
We were really worried
about you, weren't we?
Yeah, man.
So come on, where did
you get to last night?
I slept in a boat on the beach.
[both laughing]
In a fucking boat?
Oh you are something
else, Johnny boy.
I'll leave you two to
pop some clothes on.
I'm gonna wait downstairs.
Aye, aye, captain.
Might be a little while.
[seagulls cawing]
[waves lapping]
Well this place is shit.
I don't even know why
I bothered coming here,
there's not even
any fucking sand!
This is Brighton, mate.
It's not bloody Blackpool.
You gonna do it then?
Come on, mister.
Let's turn that
frown upside down.
Are you coming, Logan?
Nay lass, I'm off to
find me a nice cafe
and get me some black
pudding and gruel.
Gimme some money then.
You what?
The money your dad give you,
it was for all of
us, gimme some.
Right, John.
Come on.
I might get my dad a shirt.
Right, wait.
I'm gonna wait for
you over there.
No, come on.
You can help me pick something.
- Hiya.
- Hiya.
[upbeat music playing]
Shout me if you need a hand.
- Cheers.
- Thanks.
It's your dad.
Which one?
That one.
- Phil?
- Yeah. You knew him?
Yeah. He'd always pop in the
shop when he was in town.
Hey, I'm sorry to hear
about his passing.
- Thanks.
- Oh, hold on a minute.
There you go.
What is it?
Phil ordered it on the phone,
said he was gonna pick it
up next time he was down,
but obviously...
Right, thank you.
So are you gonna open
it then, or what?
- It's a cool picture, innit?
- Yeah.
Where you going? Nicki!
[shop bell tinkles]
We want that picture.
Oh I'm sorry, you can't have it.
How much do you want for it?
It's not for sale.
But it's his dad
and he's dead.
I'm not moving till I get it.
Nicki! Just...
leave it.
Why don't you just go to
the Argus and get a copy?
They sell 'em at Argos?
No, the Argus is
a local newspaper.
[John chuckles]
Right, well we'll
just do that then.
I'll write down the
address for you.
[shop bell tinkles]
[whimsical music]
- Argos?
- Fuck off.
I, erm...
Let me just...
Listen, John.
I am not the kind of girl
that gets shagged in an alley.
Not in daylight anyway.
Well, I wasn't asking, so.
And I wouldn't anyway, cause
I know you're with Logan.
Me and Logan?
Well you spent the
night together.
He was in your hotel room.
He's in the room next door.
He literally came in a
minute before you did.
Hey, whatever.
I swear to God.
You're such a dick!
Well, er, anyway, I was,
I was trying to say thanks.
You've not got it yet.
Not just for that, for...
Babysitting you.
I wouldn't be here
without you, so...
Let's go get this picture.
Hi, how can I help you?
[phone buzzes]
Go on.
I'm looking for a picture
from one of your newspapers
of my dad, if that's possible.
I can try my best.
Do you have a date
the picture was in?
Some time in 1984.
His name's Phil Parker,
and it's on the front
cover, if that helps at all.
Cool. Take a seat and we'll
see what we can do.
Really? [laughs]
No, he's sat next to me now.
Who's that?
It's just my boyfriend, Logan.
No we haven't
ditched you, sweetie.
We're on a mission to get
a photo of John's dad.
What are you up to?
I can't really hear you,
I'm gonna call you back.
Okay. Bye.
No, we found a cover,
but it's from 1987.
Must be a different Phil Parker.
Let's have a look.
[somber music]
John, please just listen to me.
- Shut up!
- Who are you ringing?
[Voicemail] Hi, this is Dawn...
John, just listen to me!
No wonder he wanted to
keep me away from here.
But you don't have to go,
we can just talk about it!
Just don't speak to me.
- This is all your fault.
- Me?!
You made me come here!
John please!
[engine sputters]
Fuck off!
[engine roars]
John please just,
John! John!
[engine speeding away]
[gentle emotional music]
[emotional music swells]
Can you tell the difference
Between the
pebble and the boy
Far away in the distance
With the sun in your eyes
Can you see the footprints
That have merged
with the sand
And you're trying
to find them
You find only dry land
[gentle piano music continues]
Oi, mate.
Come on.
Come in.
Go on then.
Can you tell the difference
Between the
pebble and the boy
Can you follow
the heartbeats
Between the boy and the man
If you can
[crowd chattering]
If you can
[seagulls cawing]
[lively pop music]
Hello gorgeous. Fancy a drink?
Nah, I'm with someone.
Doesn't look like it.
Well I am.
Oi, oi!
As I said.
Nicki, this is Mel.
She loves me.
Well this is awkward.
Just fuck off, will ya?
Logan, have you seen John?
No, no, why what's up?
Something bad's happened to him.
What do you mean?
He found out his
dad attacked someone
and he's really upset,
I can't find him.
I thought his dad was dead?
Will you help me look for him?
Yeah, yeah.
Give me a minute, give
me a minute, all right?
[waves splashing]
[seagulls squawking]
Do you need a hand?
[gentle pop music]
Finished with these?
Hey Danny, check this fella out.
Yes, Joe, once a
mod, always a mod.
Mods are wankers.
All mods are wankers?
I'm not a mod.
What are you wearing
that for then, a bet?
Yeah, something like that.
Got my nose broken over there,
way back in the sixties.
Geezer comes up behind me,
hits me over the canister
with a deck chair.
He was a rocker.
Seems silly now, punching
holes out of each other.
Just 'cause one of us
was wearing a parka
and the other one
was wearing leathers,
but it was exciting.
We were young.
I was a mod.
Name's Danny, by the way.
whatever's happened,
I bet a few drinks
and a dance will make
all the difference.
Or a dip in the sea.
Tide's coming in.
What's up now?
No, it's not you, it's,
I've left my scooter
on the beach.
I'm gonna have to go, I'm sorry.
Yeah, it's heavy, innit?
These things are heavy.
Thanks for that.
I appreciate it.
No, it's no problem, no worries.
Listen, I'm really
sorry about before.
I just,
I was really worried
about my mate
and he's got a lotta shit
going on at the minute, so.
No that's okay, it's fine.
Shall we go for a
walk on the beach?
No I can't, cause
I've gotta find him.
- Come on, just...
- No.
What are you doing?
Don't make me kick
you in the balls.
Get off!
Fuck off!
Fuck off!
I'm sorry, man.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
- It was a misunderstanding.
- John!
[tense threatening music]
Now where were we?
John! John, stop!
John, that's enough.
[sirens wailing]
[melancholy music]
I'm just like him.
If you hadn't been there,
I don't think I would
have been able to stop.
You would.
I know you.
I thought I knew him.
It's a mess.
Today's the day.
I can't do it in the
place he crippled someone.
So what do you want to do then?
go home and talk to Mum.
What about the gig?
I think it might help
take your mind off things.
Things like how I've been
lied to my entire life?
Like how my mum,
your dad, Ronnie,
they all knew except me.
Maybe they were trying
to protect you, John.
Protect me from what?
What made him do it?
Who knows?
Alistair Radley knows.
Ali? The bloke he battered?
Are you serious?
I have to know.
Who you phoning now?
No one.
There can't be that many
Alistair Radleys knocking about,
can there?
There's one here in Brighton.
Are there any pictures?
I can't access him.
It tells you where
you works though.
Brighton Fishing Museum.
This might not be him, John.
Well, I guess there's
only one way to find out.
[engines puttering]
I'm looking for an
Alistair Radley.
Oh, you've found him.
Give us a minute, I'll be down.
You remember what Ronnie
said about this guy
fucking your dad.
What if he meant fucked him
as in get your mum pregnant?
Hello, John.
Well, I guess the fact you're
here means that you know.
Who told you, your mum?
Is that it?
- Is that all you've got to say?
- I don't understand.
You don't understand?
Try being me.
I know you're angry,
but it's your dad,
- you've gotta talk to him.
- Excuse me?
I worked out.
I'm not his dad.
You're not?
- No.
- No?
I think there's
some confusion here,
maybe we need to start
this over again, eh?
Why don't you come in
and have a cup of tea.
You two look like you
could do with one.
[Nicki exhales]
Well that was a bit mental.
[seagulls cawing]
Me and a bunch of
biker mates of mine,
we were out in Eastbourne on
the lash, getting pissed up
and someone came up
with the bright idea
of coming back to Brighton.
Once we got back here,
Bank Holiday Monday, place
is wall to wall with mods.
And we were making a bit
of a nuisance of ourselves,
but we saw this bunch
of mods on the steps,
leading down to the beach.
And, um,
I dunno, it was a bit of
banter, nothing really,
and then someone threw a bottle,
and it just all
kicked off big time.
And, erm,
I got pushed down
the steps, did this,
and everybody just
scattered, they all just ran.
Except for your dad.
He stayed with me till
the ambulance came
and then the police arrived.
They arrested him.
I need to know why he did it.
Well, I can understand that.
And the short
answer is he didn't.
- But he went to prison.
- He did.
Your dad spent four years
in prison for an attack
that left me in a wheelchair.
But it wasn't him that did it.
If he didn't do it, then...
Your dad refused to tell
the police who he was with.
So copped for the lot.
Judge made an example of him.
I always admired your
dad's loyalty to his mates.
So much so,
I wrote to him when
he was in prison.
The last thing I was expected
was a reply, but hey,
well that was Phil for you.
And do you know,
he's the only reason I'm not
still in a wheelchair today.
I don't understand.
When your dad got out the
nick, he came and visited me,
we made friends.
He dragged me out
of that wheelchair.
He was very persistent, I
used to dread him coming down.
He was a very special
man, your father.
Why didn't he tell me?
The tickets.
We found two tickets
in Phil's parka
for the Weller
gig here Brighton.
That's right.
One was for Phil,
the other one was for you, John.
Listen, John, thanks
for seeking me out.
I really appreciate it.
You ride safe, you two.
[Nicki] Thanks, Ali.
See you later.
[engine buzzing]
Ali, can I ask you sommat?
Fire away.
Who do you think it was who
pushed you down those steps?
[suspenseful music]
- [Logan] My dad?
- Yeah.
And then he legged it and
left mine to take the blame.
That's why he was acting
weird the other night. Guilt.
What are you talking about?
Come on, you know this.
That's why you're
here, isn't it?
To spy on us.
See? Fucking knew it!
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
listen, all right?
All he said is if
I heard anything
about a fight they got
into, I was to ring him.
Oh right, and did you?
No, no!
I didn't, all right?
I swear.
I don't do anything
that idiot says.
- The man's a first class...
- First class prick.
And a coward by
the sounds of it.
God, I fucking hate him.
Yeah well, my dad
was there and all.
He could've said summat.
All right, so what
actually happened?
Dad got sent down
for four years.
Shit, man.
I'm sorry.
Listen, it was a long time ago.
It was before we were born.
Yeah, but still.
I'll get the drinks in.
- Ronnie's paying.
- Yeah, I'll come with you.
Right then, Scooby-doo,
now that you've solved your
mystery, please, please,
can we get pissed?
I'll catch up with you.
Keep an eye on that for me.
All right, why, where you going?
Not gonna run away.
I just need to clear my head.
I'll have your drink then.
That's like three
times the face value.
That's two tickets, mate,
if you don't want 'em,
one of these lot will.
We haven't got enough.
I don't believe this!
What's going on?
She's just upset 'cause
we lost our tickets.
No, you lost the
fucking tickets!
Look, I've said I'm sorry.
What else do you want me to do?
Hey lad, last chance
before I let 'em go.
- You'll have to, mate.
- Fuck!
Here you go, mate.
Take these.
Are you serious?
Are you sure, bruv?
Mate, I dunno what to
say, you're a legend!
Thank you so much!
[Logan] Hey, there he is!
You all right, mate?
D'you want a beer?
Yeah. Cheers.
- [jukebox playing]
- Hey.
This is one I actually like.
This is The Jam.
I love this song.
Come on, let's dance!
Mm, no.
Saturday's boys live
life with insults
Drink lots of beer and
wait for half-time results
Afternoon tea in
the light-a-bite
Chat up the
girls, they dig it
Saturday's girls work in
Tesco's and Woolworths
Wear cheap perfume 'cause
it's all they can afford
Go to discos, they
drink Babycham
Talk to Jan in
bingo accents
Saturday's kids play
on one-arm bandits
They never win but that's
not the point, is it
Dip in silver paper
when their pints go flat
How about that, far out!
Their mums and dads
smoke Capstan non-filters
Wallpaper lives cause
they all die of cancer
What goes on,
what goes wrong
Save up their
money for a holiday
To Selsey Bill or
Bracklesham Bay
Think about the future,
when they'll settle down
Marry the girl next
door, with one on the way
These are the real creatures
that time has forgot
[waves lapping]
[gentle wistful music]
[seagulls cawing]
Once a mod,
always a mod.
You okay?
I am, actually.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's the rush?
I've gotta get myself dolled
up for Mr. Weller, John.
The gig, come one,
move yourself!
Yeah, erm, about that.
I, er, sort of,
gave the tickets away.
Ha ha.
Yeah, you're funny.
Yeah, am I?
You better be fuckin'
kidding me, John Parker!
I swear to God.
I still cannot believe you
gave away those tickets.
D'you think my mum and dad
ever lay on this
beach like this?
- Why don't you ask her?
- Oh I will.
Yeah, now that the secret's
out, she might actually tell me.
Maybe we can all start being
a bit more honest
with you, John.
What's that supposed to mean?
There's something
else you should know.
What, about me dad?
What is it?
Nicki, tell me.
I'm your sister.
You're a dick.
I'm so sorry!
Proper dick.
I'm so sorry,
that was really bad!
I shit myself.
Oh my god!
Could you imagine?!
[gentle uplifting music]
I'll meet you downstairs, yeah?
[horn toots]
You look like a
deck chair, bruv.
Yeah whatever.
You two getting off?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
What, riding all the
way back to Manchester?
It's all part of the
adventure, innit?
Though, er, we will need
some food and petrol so...
[clicks tongue]
Don't spend it all at once.
Good luck, mate.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna need it.
Ha ha ha.
Look after him for us,
won't you Mel?
Yeah, I'll try.
Right. I fancy a bit
of skinny dipping.
- Keep the faith, fuckers!
- See ya.
- [engine speeds away]
- [they whoop]
[upbeat music]
You are a mod,
you are a mod
You are, you are,
you are a mod
You reckon?
[engine purrs]
[engine cuts out]
Aw, maybe not.
Fuck you.
You'll have to catch
me first, John!
[engine roars]
I just want to build up
A solid bond in your heart
Yeah, a solid bond
in your heart, a-ha
I'm fueled by the idea
That this world
was made to share
But it never
seems to work out
And all we seem to share
Is doubt and misery
I just wanna build up
A solid bond in your heart
When you feel in your soul
And your heart
begins to blow
Keep in mind to
keep on trying
Ooh, ooh, ooh
It's like a
feeling deep inside
Please don't
ever try to hide
A solid bond in your heart
A solid bond in
your heart, a-ha
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Whoa, I just
want to build up
A solid bond in your heart
It's what's missing
from this life
And the trust you
need to ignite
Any dream worth
holding dear
When that dream is so near
You gotta try and
try to get it back
Push it to the
limit and build
A solid bond in your heart
A solid bond in
your heart, a-ha
A solid bond in your heart
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Whoa, I just wanna build up
A solid bond in your heart
It's what's missing
from this life
And the trust you
need to ignite
Any dream worth
holding dear
When the dream is so near
You gotta try and
try to get it back
Push it to the
limit and build
A solid bond in your heart
A solid bond in
your heart, a-ha
A solid bond in your heart
A solid bond in your heart
A solid bond in
your heart, ooh, ooh
A solid bond in
your heart ooh, ooh
A solid bond in
your heart ooh, ooh
A solid bond in your heart
A solid bond in your heart