The Pension (2018) Movie Script

(The Pension)
Wait a second.
I'm sorry. I know, I know.
I'm so sorry, Mikyung, I'm sorry.
(Wife before nervous breakdown)
So? What are you going to do?
- What are you going to do?
- Let me think about it.
Is that all you do? Think?
Are you really sure about this?
(Moonlight Pension)
You booked the Full Moon room?
Here's the key.
The room is this way.
Ah, yeah, hello.
This is the Half Moon Room...
Excuse me?
Some people said they've arrived.
They went over there
to take a walk in the woods.
It's cold.
Why do you keep talking nonsense?
Ah... I just... to be sure...
But they are here.
Can't we not do this?
Should I take it instead?
But, honey...
You asked what we should eat.
No, honey,
you have to take your medicine.
You have to eat something.
I'll go out and look.
The pension staff said
it could do something for us, so.
A restaurant?
Well for that,
you'd have to go into town.
Oh, really?
- So, you've arrived?
- Yes.
It's nice there isn't it?
I did well to listen to you.
My kid really liked it.
That's great. I'm glad.
So, would you like some ramyeon?
No, it's okay.
- Hey.
- Yes?
If it's all right with you,
can we eat together?
Oh, my wife always makes
too much food!
So, you'll eat with us?
No, I'm good.
With the kid.
No, I'm okay. I'm so glad we met.
So, get some rest
and come out when you're ready.
I'll prepare all the food.
Got it?
Hey! You'll hurt yourself!
Just come out, okay? Got it?
Wait, wait.
Maybe it's better this way.
I'm not sure
if you'll think I'm stupid.
There's no one like this woman.
It's okay.
The truth is,
something bad happened.
It's only been a few years
since then.
This young woman alone, huh?
The kid, eh?
She has raised him this far.
The kid is like his mom,
smart and cunning.
Why am I the only one talking?
You must be drunk.
Am I drunk? Oh, so what if I am?
Yes, of course...
Oh, but wait a minute.
Do you have... children?
- Yeah?
- Honey.
You're okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just that...
that... that... So kids?
Don't have any?
Aren't you cold, Jonghyun?
Hurry up and make one!
We have one,
just not here now.
Your kid, how old?
How... How old would she be?
The kid, well.
Why are all the kids like that
these days?
They don't listen, and
they go through puberty earlier.
Ours will also go through it soon.
The day will come.
Of course, they all go through it.
So, then,
let's all have a drink, yeah?
I am not a good drinker, so.
What the hell are we doing?
"How old is she?"
Can't we think about it again?
No matter how much we think...
Think, think, and think!
While you're thinking about it,
I think my heart will break.
You know what?
- Honey.
- Chaeyeon...
My Chaeyeon. My Chaeyeon.
That child who didn't even die,
on the road again...
Honey, remember? They said
that wasn't true. At the police...
The police?
Who do you believe?
Of course I believe you.
You don't.
That guy committed the sin,
so why do I get all the guilt?
Is this living?
Let's stop.
- Let go.
- Honey, please.
- Let go.
- Just give me a second.
If you can't do it,
I'll do it myself.
How can you? Well, I also...
Honey, I'm saying
you shouldn't do this.
I can do it to the kid.
The kid?
Let's not get the family involved.
And my family? No, your family?
Honey, don't be like this, please.
No, no, honey.
I'll do it. I'll do it.
Stop, are you trying
to kill an elephant?
Tell them
there's a cyanide in here.
That's nonsense, what elephant.
Wow, good job Chaeyeon.
Mister, my Dad said come out soon.
And this,
Mom says you should drink it.
Helps you stop being drunk.
Oh, okay.
Let's go right now.
Wow, this room is really great.
We don't have anything like this.
Wow, there's another room!
Want to come in?
Would you like to watch TV
with me?
Now you go out and drink. He...
Your name is Jonghyun?
Tell them Jonghyun will play here.
- Honey...
- Yes, that's right.
Make sure nobody notices.
Don't drink too much.
Come here.
What's your favorite TV show?
Have a drink with me, yeah?
Yeah so...
Here, it's...
You bring me a strong one, okay?
Are you going to sleep?
Are you sleeping?
I need some beer. I got to pee.
He must be... bothering your wife.
It's all my fault.
Ah... No, my wife.
She always such
a happy, kind person.
Now I can't go out.
Ah... No.
It must be nice
to have such a loving husband.
Well I'm not doing it well.
I have to go to get Jonghyun.
No, it's that... She likes kids.
has something
they can't tell others.
Where are you going?
Oh, I'm going to get Jonghyun.
Sit down.
No, she said
she would take care of him.
Of course.
What are you doing?
I'm pouring you a drink.
If you've got the kids
taken care of,
then you're doing a good job.
Yeah, that's right, 18 years.
Having fun?
Do you like your Mom?
And Dad?
Is your Dad nice to you?
You said you wouldn't do that.
Why are you like this
when you drink?
Hey, we just met, so.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I know.
I'll go.
- Hey.
- Just one more drink.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay, I'm going.
Hey, you have such nice alcohol.
It's because
we don't have anything to eat.
Oh, it was just sitting in my car.
Was a gift.
Hey, you have to use
a special glass.
You got to drink it
in a special glass.
You talked about me, right? Yeah?
Our brother, yeah? It's not usual.
No, but there's only
one of these glasses.
No, but listen.
You put this is a decanter?
You did this all ahead of time.
Wow, you know your alcohol,
little brother.
Have a drink. Take in the scents.
Thank you.
It's got a weird smell.
Hints of oak?
Hey, drink faster
and let me take a sip.
Yeah, okay.
Jang Yujin, my love.
You first.
All right, finish this one,
and let's start again, okay?
Now forget the past, all right?
It's okay, man.
This girl is good at drinking.
Yeah, have a drink.
Take in the scents.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
- I'm sorry.
- What are you doing?
I was wrong. Let it go.
You should stop now.
And see you later.
- It's okay.
- Mom, what's wrong?
Because I do this for you,
do you want to come after me?
You want to die?
I can only touch her
if I have her permission.
What? Do you want to try?
Do you want to try?
It looks like it's a guy again.
You turned on?
It's hard to live this good.
I can't kill this bastard.
You're the one who should die.
What did you say, idiot?
Say it louder, say it louder.
What are you looking at?
Just be quiet and go to sleep.
And get out of here
before I wake up.
Answer me, bastard. Answer.
What are you doing?
Our Chaeyeon...
What? Hey!
Our Chaeyeon... You...
Wait a second.
Let's think about it.
You're the Dad?
I'm so sorry.
I can't even think about it.
While you're just thinking,
my heart is breaking.
Mom, don't cry.
It's okay.
It's a secret.
Let's not do it.
Lower your feet.
Hey, that's too sexy.
What's sexy about this?
People can see.
They're not allowed to see?
I don't want to.
Who can see?
Lower your skirt a little.
Why are you being like this?
I got hurt,
but it's almost all healed.
Why did you get hurt?
(The woman who went to the woods)
Ah yeah, we're here.
The door is locked.
Ah, okay, okay.
It's quiet.
Maybe because it's a weekday,
no one is here.
Oh really?
What? Are you scared?
No. It's all good.
There was a team
that had booked earlier than us.
They haven't come yet.
But they said they're coming.
Open it quickly.
Ah I might wonder about you.
Let's go inside.
All right.
There's limes too.
You'll love it with some soju.
Good. What else did you buy?
Some meat and some organic sauce
for dinner.
And for breakfast some ochazuke.
We could just eat ramyeon.
You okay?
Oh, and...
I've all brought stuff you like.
Is this good?
I'm not particular
about the beans.
I forgot the grinder.
I left it next to the sink.
Ah I forgot about it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought it would be nice
to drink coffee by the campfire.
I guess we can't.
Let's have the mix today.
Ah, come on.
The coffee mix will make you sick.
It's just one day, I'll be fine.
Try it again.
I'll call my Mom quick.
I'll go tomorrow, so stay
with Grandma only for tonight.
So, do you want me
to go there now?
So, I'll have to drive on
some dark roads, it's dangerous.
You okay?
Right, I'll go tomorrow. Thanks.
Let me talk to Grandma.
No, I'll go tomorrow.
What would I do here for two days?
I said, no.
So it's a picnic!
It's really pretty.
Mom, you tell me
all sorts of things.
I'll take care of it. Don't worry.
Is everything okay?
So, should we stay one more day?
I don't want to.
Ye-eun scares Grandma.
Your mother will
take better care of her.
Don't do it if you don't want to.
You're my wife.
Who's saying that?
If I ask you to stay, can't you?
Ye-eun is nervous.
What is she nervous for?
You seem more nervous
to be around me.
Am I? Something is...
So what's the problem?
What now?
What do you hate it
when it's just us?
I don't. Why would I?
It was hard
to make time to come here.
And here you are.
Because you said
we should come here again.
It's comfortable here.
It's not far
and Ye-eun can come and go easily.
What's happened.
Is Ye-eun my daughter,
or are you just the Mom?
I'm her Dad. I'm Ye-eun's father.
If you're upset,
let's just go now.
I want to spend time
with just you.
I'm sorry.
Let's have a good time.
I'm just being sensitive
and irritable today.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about?
Let me help.
No, I'll do it.
So what should I do?
Just relax.
Go watch TV.
Why would I watch TV here
of all places?
Let's go for a walk.
Too difficult.
Come on.
I want to rest,
couldn't rest over the weekend.
I'm completely exhausted.
(A yellow house. In the woods)
(The long-awaited autumn vacation.
Five days left...)
Have fun.
I'm not going.
Go get some fresh air.
But you don't want me to go.
You only came here
to go to the woods.
You won't come with me?
I'll get dinner ready.
Then, I'll be back before sundown.
Take your phone.
One sec.
It's cold. Be careful.
Okay, start again. Sta-sta-start.
Okay. Rock, paper, scissors.
No, I have to be back
before sunset.
It's okay. I'm not mad.
Don't worry.
I'll go back tomorrow.
It's nice seeing you.
I'm sometimes so scared of you.
Am I the only one who's curious?
You would not be.
You always promise,
don't look again.
But in that case,
I'll be so overwhelmed.
I need a place to breathe.
Call me in those moments.
I don't want to.
Why not?
You're already looking
at all my stuff.
That's the thing, I miss you.
I keep seeing how you live.
There's nothing going on.
Nothing at all.
I wait for my child,
for my husband.
There's no one to talk to.
I don't do anything,
the days pass me by.
Let's go.
It's nice to walk on the leaves.
I'll go ahead.
Let's stop seeing each other.
I'm sorry, I can't.
So sorry about everything.
To the child, and to you.
Go get married.
I'm not waiting for you.
Marrying me
wouldn't be all that great.
Take care of yourself.
I'll go.
You said you weren't coming.
I thought you might be afraid.
You said you'd come back
before sunset.
How long have you been here?
I made this with the others.
Aren't you cold?
A little.
Are you crying?
Did you go somewhere?
Oh, in the woods?
Some other woman
went into the woods earlier.
It's cold. Light the fire.
- No, it's okay.
- No. Come in. Come in.
There she is.
Are you coming in now?
Please eat
and you can leave this here.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
He arrived today.
Ah, yeah, hello.
Did you come alone?
Yes. I come alone often.
Well, these days, people even go
to singing rooms alone.
Sit down, light the fire.
Oh my, there's a lot of smoke.
If you haven't eaten yet,
let's eat together.
I'm okay.
It's all right.
I have a lot of food.
It's so cold.
I'll go get myself cleaned up.
Sit down. I'll tend the fire.
Did you meet my wife in the woods?
Did you come alone?
You already said so.
Are you maybe the person
who made my wife cry?
Excuse me?
I saw her in the woods,
so we walked together.
So you walked together.
Do you have a coffee maker?
Yes, I do.
One second.
It's okay. I'm not interested.
I'm busy, hanging up now.
Hey, busy up there alone
in the mountains?
I don't like to say, "no".
Hey, listen to me.
She's the same age as you
and she is a professor.
Why is a professor
hanging out with me?
Because she's ugly.
At any rate,
the way you talk is really...
Your face is a hundred times
better than that young thing.
Oh, stop. Anyway, I won't do it.
Hey, wait a second.
(A man living alone in the woods)
You'll live alone in the mountains
and die there!
Sure, I will.
They'll find you after your body
has rotted, from the smell.
Yeah, like that.
I'm really busy right now.
Okay, be busy. Always busy.
Ah, it's not dry.
It's too much work.
Do it tomorrow.
Hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I was wrong. I'm old and stubborn.
But I've already made plans.
I don't want to be humiliated.
I can be humiliated.
Hey, how about just once?
I won't ask for anything else.
Okay, okay. When?
- Tomorrow.
- What?
She has only have time tomorrow,
since she goes abroad.
I mean, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You said "okay" pretty clearly.
I'll hang up now.
Text you the place.
I've come for a stay.
My apologies. I'm not taking
guests today and tomorrow.
Excuse me? Why?
Yes, it is a personal matter.
If you go up straight this way...
You have a room called
the "Crescent Moon", correct?
Did you come here before?
Oh, is that so...
I'll pay twice your room fee.
It's not that. I have to leave
early tomorrow morning.
Yes, me too.
I have to leave early tomorrow.
It works out then.
I have memories from that room.
Today is the anniversary.
So... we came here together,
a long time ago.
Yes, so it was like that.
Here's the key.
Thank you.
But, the Crescent Moon room...
It's at the end there.
You said you came before.
This Sunday.
Listen up.
Moonlight Pension,
503, Nam-myeon,
Inje-gun, Gangwon-do.
There is a room
called the Crescent Moon.
- Check into that room.
- Okay.
Next, there's a water tank
behind the toilet.
You'll put it there.
Wrap it up in plastic.
If you leave right away,
the owner might get suspicious.
Stay the night.
What do you think? Easy?
Her name is Da-eun, right?
Maybe I'll say it.
Da-eun is the third.
So there's two before her.
One of them went home nicely.
The parents cooperated well.
The other one didn't show up
in the papers,
I can't tell you
because it breaks my heart.
Is it so hard not to tell anyone?
No, no it's easy. I'll never tell.
Let me listen to Da-eun's voice.
Listen yourself.
OECD average 18. Almost tripled.
103 teenagers committed suicide
last year.
It's 16% more than the 93 in 2015.
And the high rate
among the elderly
is from having weak social
safety nets like public pensions,
isolation due to
the nuclearization of families.
To decrease the burden
from diseases
and excessive competition
and obsession with success.
A rise in youth unemployment.
No preparation
for middle-aged retirement.
This is an analysis of the reasons
for the high suicide rate.
First in the OECD...
Are you okay?
Seeing you through the window,
you don't look okay.
You're looking at me
through the window?
No, I wasn't looking.
I was just passing by.
Passing by?
Yes, passing by.
So you're okay? Good night.
come inside and have a cup of tea.
(Fire escape rope)
Anything you want to say?
Nope, nothing.
Are you working here alone?
Yes, I'm alone.
So just call.
Excuse me?
It's just you seemed hesitant.
When I saw you before..
Anyone who has left will never
come back. You know this well.
Just call
and listen to their voice.
It does not matter
if you're embarrassed.
Do you think will hear
a woman's voice?
No, so it's all good, right?
Even if someone is next to you,
you're still alone.
And if there isn't, you're alone.
Living is like that, they say.
Me too.
A long time ago...
Oh, it was really horrible...
One second.
That's not it.
No, is it so hard
not to tell anyone?
I mean...
Okay, so...
I think you have
some special circumstances.
I won't ask anymore.
Sorry to bother you.
No, it's all right.
Go rest.
I will.
Ah, I'll take this.
This kind of building
doesn't need this.
That's a good idea.
Excuse me?
Don't worry.
Even if I kill myself,
I'll go home first.
Hello, are you Ko Jae-deok?
Yes, I am.
Hello. This is Park Eun-seon,
we were meeting today.
Oh yeah, hello.
Are you on your way?
Yes, I am.
I just heard a ridiculous story.
No, it's nothing.
Not ridiculous, but...
I heard you're a divorced man.
Ah... Yes. We didn't tell you.
I was on my way yesterday
when I suddenly got the call.
Yesterday, suddenly?
Ah... Yesterday, suddenly?
Are you offended?
No, it's not like that.
I have something to ask.
Yes, what is it?
I don't think it's a bad thing.
But I want to know why.
Oh, so... do you want to know
why I got divorced?
Yeah, I guess.
So... Is it important?
For me, isn't that obvious?
Do you have anything to say?
- I got a boyfriend.
- Yeah?
I got a boyfriend.
I had an affair.
I wasn't forgiven.
Ah... Is that so.
I, well, what do I do now?
Oh, well, that..
depends on what you think.
So what do you think?
No, I'll do what you tell me to.
The way you are talking
don't you realize
it doesn't matter?
Not that it doesn't matter,
there's nothing I can do about it.
You're really confident.
Ah... It's...
I've never been good at anything.
I'm just confident, yeah.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Yes, make a U-turn. Confidently.
Will do.
I called again because
I have something to tell you.
- Okay.
- It's bit weird saying this...
but I have
an anger management problem.
I'm getting treatment.
The doctor said
it's better to express it.
Oh, really?
I got angry before
and I think I hung up too quickly.
Can we talk a bit more?
Sure, go ahead.
You're really airing out
your flaws.
After living in the mountains,
do you become more open like that?
The way I see it,
you need to re-learn social life
in the city,
or just go even deeper
into the mountains.
Isn't it difficult
to run a pension?
Hello? Are you listening?
Yes. Thank you for your words.
See you next time.
Next time?
See you in the next life.
Why did you come here?
Oh that...
It looked so pretty,
so I came to look.
This building, pretty?
It is pretty.
It's a common house
with cheap paneling.
Yeah, well.
- Did you walk here?
- Yeah?
It's that you don't have a car.
Ah, I parked it down there.
Why? Of all places?
I just wanted to walk.
Your bag looks wet.
My water bottle froze.
In this weather?
You sweat when you go hiking.
You're not wearing hiking clothes.
Are there required hiking clothes?
You came in because
the building is pretty.
Why are you coming down
from there?
I planned to go up there
to see the view.
Seems you've been in the room too.
The door is slightly open.
The door was open
so I took a look around.
That's strange. I locked it.
It's open, though.
But I locked it.
I guess I was mistaken.
So what do you think of the room?
Well... it's nice?
What about it do you like?
It's clean and pretty.
You like pretty things, I see.
Seems you haven't been
to many other pensions.
If I think about it, you're right.
I haven't been to many.
You answer all my questions well.
Did you do something wrong?
Is answering too well a problem?
No, no.
What's in your bag?
Water, like I said.
Let's take a look at it.
There's only groundwater here.
Do you think I stole something
from the room?
Last night, some woman
was alone in that room.
She seemed really distraught.
She was completely run down.
She said it was an anniversary
or something.
What did you do yesterday?
Yes? What do you mean by that?
No, well anyway.
That's how she was.
The next day some man really
sneakily went into that same room.
What the hell is this?
What are you trying to say?
It's weird.
There are plenty of other rooms,
why that one?
One day it's a woman,
the next a man.
It's not a covert operation,
is it?
I am not following
what you're saying.
What do you really want to say?
I'll stop. I'm butting into
other people's business.
Go take a look.
are you lonely living in a place
like this alone?
Man, this one.
Did you come to get some mementos
for some anniversary?
What's going on, eh? Like a rat.
Yes, emergency room,
what is your emergency?
I've been cut, with a knife.
You were stabbed with a knife?
There is a lot of blood.
Please state your exact location.
It's my side.
No, the address.
Oh, um.. I'm in...
Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do...
Oh, In-ho.
It's been so long. How you been?
So, I have a simple favor to ask.
That's a good idea.
Even if someone is next to you,
you're still alone.
And if there isn't, you're alone.
Oh, that... Yes.
You've gained a lot of insight
living alone in the mountains.
I guess so, yeah.
Sorry, I'm bothering you
for no reason.
Go rest.
Um, excuse me,
I meant to take care of this...
This kind of building
doesn't need this.
Good night...
Clean the room right away
after the guest leaves.
Don't worry, just get treatment.
Got it.
Did you have a surgery?
Seventeen stitches.
Seventeen stitches?
Hey, the doctor is coming.
Let's hang up.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
It's not too bad.
(The woman from the future)
Tears of Chile.
Scent of Seattle.
Is it too much?
For someone
who doesn't even have money.
Can't I just do this for you?
Take in the scent.
Fill the air with music.
The emotions swirling.
Wait a second.
He asked me
to return the key here.
- Good bye.
- Okay.
Hey... What are you doing?
I was lifting.
Hit it, Yeah, hit it.
Seung-joo has some great taste
in men, right?
has a lot of rooms to clean up.
They need to clean up.
Why do they leave it all here?
What's this?
The sound quality is great.
Sound quality?
That patting sound is not a joke.
"So you went to see
Jae-deok's pension?"
"I still remember clearly
when we went together."
"What was that?
A whirlwind of emotion."
"Was it black cherry?"
(Black cherry)
It's... Hey, Seung-joo...
"What was that?"
"Ah, yes."
"Tears of Chile,
the Scent of Seattle."
"Cinema Heaven."
Ah, that girl...
She's weird. Why is she suddenly
sending these things?
"I remember that day clearly."
"Just like you said
you would never forget."
You... Don't misunderstand me.
That... was already over.
It's not something you can forget?
No, it's that...
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
I'll explain everything later.
Am I your memory treasure?
Why this message...
This... balloon... hey.
Hey, Seung-joo...
You picked a good place.
It's what I do.
You just got to trust me.
It's nice, and quiet.
Oh, okay.
Is she really going?
(Seung-joo... I'm shy,
but... the truth is...)
"I remember that day clearly."
I remember that day clearly.
Just like you said
you would never forget.
How does the guy who never forgets
not pay his debt?
Hey, the balloons.
Because I lent you the money.
Just know my life is messed up.
Hey! Answer it if you read it!
So... anyone there?
Oh, okay.
I'm so sorry.
We're really in a hurry.
Could I something
like a coffee grinder?
Oh, there it is.
You'll have to use it, right?
Ah.. No, okay.
Um, it's...
My girlfriend really likes
that sort of thing.
I'm in a hurry.
He looks normal.
What else?
So this... how can I tell you...
Sorry, but maybe...
Just really in a hurry.
How did you get here
while bringing almost nothing?
Pension trip without anything.
So... I left something
really important behind.
- Wait...
- Yes, whatever it is...
See it all, yes.
Come in.
Pretend it's your own home.
Actually right now
I'm feeling a bit shy.
It's okay,
I know that is hard at first.
No, it's that...
Without that,
she can't let anyone touch her.
No way. No way... it's... that?
Of course you won't have it?
It's not something
you can use alone.
You are really too much.
And if I have something?
So you thought you packed nothing
just to take everything from me?
Oh, I'm sorry. Is that so.
There's not much left of my
marriage, so I'm trying my best.
Yeah, do a good job.
Just hold her hand like this,
by her side.
Be good to me, yeah.
No, what am I anyway...
If you have any.
I tried to show my sincerity.
Congratulations on your marriage.
A man knows a man's heart.
I have to help.
It's what Korean made.
Thank you.
So.. This is free.
Wow, thank you.
She'll like it.
Is there anything to see there?
If you're addicted to being alone,
it's hard to have a relationship.
No, it's not like that.
You got rejected?
Well, I guess that's life.
Yesterday was amazing, but today
we're crying and fighting again.
You say that, then out of the blue
that you were rejected.
Why is this so bitter?
The wind got you!
Well you seem to be
forward-looking. It's prophecy?
I'm from the future, okay?
The future?
That's a shame.
Do one, this.
This tastes good.
Oh, okay.
I left something here.
My boyfriend...
proposed yesterday
and gave me a gift.
Have you seen it?
That thing I'm missing
if he knows...
My ring...
Ah, it looks expensive.
What should I do?
I kept it safe in here.
Ah, I didn't try to open it.
I spent all day cleaning,
I wasn't thinking straight.
What did you warm that up with?
To get rid of
some of the alcohol flavor.
You don't know
about double boiling sake?
- Hey!
- Yeah?
Didn't you use the microwave
to heat up the gingko nuts?
How could you be like that to me?
No, it's just.
I was just saying,
not being suspicious.
I heated them up in a pan.
Of course.
Oh even if I try to make you,
you can't do any wrong.
You're so naive.
So then who is the bad person?
Who said that?
Please stop.
So please take care of it.
Why did you leave such a precious
and expensive thing there?
It was my mistake.
So then why is it my fault
that it went missing?
No, well then...
About five days ago,
a man ordered a ring.
Yes, you remember that
it's two carats?
Yes, I am the one
who received the ring.
Could you tell me
how much it cost?
It's a valuable ring.
He paid 27 million Won.
Yes, thank you. Goodbye.
That person went to work
without knowing a thing.
It's so unfair.
Oh my.
Why are you taking pictures
of other people?
Several people left evidence here.
Since we're being like this,
it's best to call the police.
Why would we do that?
Why? It's too much of a burden?
No, it's not that...
you could have lost it
somewhere else and didn't realize.
Could I have...
The police will investigate
even that possibility.
The police would probably
get tired of it.
I speak from experience.
They just call in all the people
around you to investigate them.
And then,
there are the news articles.
All our information gets
on the internet.
So what am I supposed to do
about it?
Oh, I don't know. Call the police.
I really hate complicated things
like this.
What to do?
If you really call the police...
No way he...
No, it's not that...
I have to get married.
Now I just have to get
through this month.
There will be rumors
that we came here.
have to make it up to her.
This is crazy.
You have much money?
Should we just call the police?
Father-in-law... No, the chairman.
He's really scary.
Her ex-husband...
I'm still shocked now.
Just eats rice porridge
through a straw.
Got caught having an affair,
If I think about the money in
that family, it won't be nothing.
It's such a shame.
Such a shame.
It's the first and last time I got
permission to stay somewhere else.
That's how it is.
Is this really the last time?
Can't see now?
It's exactly the same.
Please keep it a secret from him.
Oh, and I'm sorry.
It's the second time.
Could you lower the price?
Oh, thank you.
2,680... Right?
- Thank you so much.
- Take a look.
Yes. I'll just go.
No, common sense...
would be that you are
the most responsible here?
No, all we've done
is go in to clean.
Why are we responsible?
I'm here for a good time.
Why did this happen?
So annoying.
(Seung-joo: Hmm...)
Okay, fine.
Hi, Seung-joo.
Did you see what I sent you?
You might be in a bad mood,
but please don't misunderstand.
Welcome to the Forest Cafe.
Is this the cafe I saw before?
Ah, were you waiting?
Am I waiting for you?
Yeah, for the tow truck.
There was all this sharp stuff
on the road.
It was a close one.
I'm bored.
I was a bit out of it too.
I was worked up from that woman.
What about her?
The woman who checked out?
Is she there?
- With a man.
- Yeah?
She said he was going to work.
No, they were together
the whole time.
The woman left
and came back though.
So that's not okay.
But those two were weird.
- You'll do great.
- Thanks, you can do it.
They looked like
practicing something.
It's a valuable ring.
He paid 27 million Won.
take a picture of those people.
You must.
I just figured out something huge.
I know.
If I bought balloons
with that money,
I would be flying in the sky.
What kind of alcohol is...
Since we're talking about money,
I want to see my good luck charm.
Good luck charm.
That's not our problem right now.
Hey, sir.
Oh yeah, my good luck charm.
My fianc.
I'm getting married for money?
Do you know
how hard it is to marry for money?
No, so then...
The person you came with before?
Ah, So-yi.
So-yi is the future.
Excuse me?
The future...
The future...
Future, future, future, future.
("Future" Business Club)
I'm from the future, okay?
So-yi went to buy alcohol.
Well anyway, the person
who is the ring's owner...
Over there, hey, over there.
Oh, the photo?
So that...
What are you doing?
These days you can't just take
pictures of random people.
I'm taking selfies.
If they just happen to be in shot,
it could ruin your life.
But I didn't take pictures
of those people.
Don't act next time.
Your acting was so awkward.
There's no signs
of what's happened to him.
Aren't you overreacting?
It was breathtaking.
For a while,
don't come near the store.
Um? Where's my lighter?
Oh well.
That woman's face, did you see it?
Not clearly.
It's hard to drink all this
at once.
What kind of neighborhood
has no stores?
She had a tattoo on her wrist.
Was it a crescent moon?
That's a shame.
You likes the moon I guess.
The crescent moon.
Why do you live like that?
So how do you live then?
If you and your coworkers
calculated well,
now you have to talk about sharing
your money with me.
For our...
future, maybe?
Sounds good.