The People Across the Lake (1988) Movie Script

WOMAN: Who's there?
No. No.
MAN: No.
I can't.
I'm home!
Trust me on this one, okay?
Listen, I'm the best broker
you ever had,
and you know it.
Did you eat?
Fred, this stock is
a great investment.
Huh? Okay. Terrific.
Five thousand shares.
You're covered
as soon as the bell
rings in the morning.
I look awful.
Bye, pal.
My skin is turning pea-green.
I said we ordered
a cou... George.
Hi, Chuck Yoman here.
How you doing, pal?
Damn it! Nobody ever
rinses this thing.
Chuck! Chuck!
CHUCK: What's wrong?
Chuck! A man, he's...
I saw a man
in that window!
Where's the baseball bat?
Stevie, where the hell
is the bat?
Don't do anything stupid!
All right, hold it.
Stay where you are.
Come on.
I called 911, Dad.
Hey, Rachel, Chuck.
It's me, Morris.
Morris Alexsis from next door.
Gee, I'm sorry.
Morris, was that you
outside the window?
Ah, yeah.
What the hell were
you doing out there?
Well, I got locked out
of my house, you see.
So you climb across my fence.
Why didn't you use the door?Get me a robe, honey.
What're you nuts or something?
Here, take the bat.I need one, honey.
Any robe.
Go get me a robe.
Take the bat.
Cops are quick when you
don't need 'em, eh?
Thank you, dear.
Sorry, fellas.
It's a false alarm.
My wife thought she heard
or saw an intruder.
Turns out to be our neighbor.
RACHEL: How embarrassing.
Somebody get killed,
or what?
Who knows?
See you, babe.
Mom thought she saw
a burglar in the window,
only it was Mr. Alexis.
What was that?
Go away, please.
It's okay.
Thanks, fellas.
Listen, my name is Alexis.
And I just live next door.
COP: All right...
did you go to a movie?
Eh, a club.
What was that?
Somebody ate
all the berries.
Lisa, I do not want you
hanging around with people
who drive like that.
That boy must have
been going, what,
60 miles an hour.
I mean it!
I don't like him.
I don't like what
you're wearing.
What's wrong with you tonight?
I mean, first you think
you see a rapist
in the window.
Now you're picking
on my friends and...Lisa!
Do not change
the subject, Lisa!
Okay, seriously.
Don't get mad.
Okay. I'm listening.
I think you're overreacting.
I think maybe it's time
you saw a shrink.
Now don't, no, I'm serious.
I mean, he wasn't going
60 miles an hour, you know.
You know.
Good night.
I hate the way she smiles
that damn teenage smirk.
She's going down
the tubes, Chuck.
You know that, don't you?
Oh, that's right, Chuck.
Ignore me.
I'm not. I'm trying
to read this article.
It's okay.
I'm used to it.
Don't open that.
The alarm's on.
Ah, locked in.
Fake air.
Look, I know my boy
from the big city can take it,
but Chuck,
I'm telling you,
I am from lake country.
Ah, the glories
of the Midwest speech.
Good night.
Good night.
MAN: [ON RADIO] Two armed men held up a liquor store on Van Nuys Boulevard
CHUCK: Listen,
try to get my wife.
MAN: [ON RADIO] The assailants proceeded across the street to a coffee shop,
where they held thirty people hostage...Hello?
Before surrendering...
Can, can you hear me?
The weather for the L.A. Basin will continue...Yeah.
Find out if she can
pick up Stevie.
Santa Ana winds keep temperatures in the high nineties.
Ah, I've been stuck
for an hour now.
No, not a chance.
I'll be lucky
to get home by 7:00.
Oh, and listen.
Hello? Hello?
WOMAN: [ON RADIO] Is heavily congested
from Tally Boulevard all the way to the Slomin's Freeway.
Ten. It's 10,000 down,
Mr. Franklin.
Caravan on Tuesday,
11:00 sharp.
Oh, and the Johnson
escrow closes Thursday.
Well, see, First National'll
give you a mortgage.
Nine-and-a-half percent,
What? Sure they will.
Believe me.
Chuck, that house
on the lake.
The Jackson place.
Okay, this is crazy,
but, it's for sale.
Well, I told the agency.
The Jackson place?
Yes, honey, it's a steal.
But, it's probably
rotting, huh?
I mean, forget it. Right?
It's, it's ridiculous.
We can't just...
I mean, we're...
It would be
totally irresponsible.Oh.
The place on Tomahawk Lake.
Anyway, I told them,
"No. Absolutely not."
We're just...
Not interested.
You really can't be
serious about this.
Goodbye, Paine Webber,
goodbye L.A.
I don't wanna be a redneck.
We're gonna be sailing
on our new lake.
You know, we ought
to get a wood-burning stove.
Yeah, yeah.
I still don't believe this.
Dad, what's the difference
between a chemist
and a biochemist?
We're gonna be poor!
Lisa, your father is gonna
make windsurfing boards.
Oh, and what are
you gonna do, Mom,
bake bread?
This isn't the '60s.
Your mother's gonna
run the business.
Put your seat belt on.
You know, you buy
a falling-apart shack.
You rent our beautiful house
in the suburbs to some family
that'll for sure trash it.
Lisa, if we hate it,
we will go back next year.
I hate it.
Can we go back?
Put your seat belt on.
Over your mouth.
Porch is tilted.
They really knew
how to build houses
in those days.
Look at this door.
Look at this.
Yeah, it's ten feet thick.
The water's rusty.
Hey, Rache.
Right here.
Put the alarm right here.
No more alarms, huh?
Excuse me.
STEVIE: Ah, excuse me, Dad.
RACHEL: Come on...
This goes in our bedroom.
Stevie, would
you watch it?
It doesn't go anywhere,
if I don't get it upstairs.
Okay, honey.
You're right.
Just in the hall.
Oh, look at this.
"Home Sweet Home."
I bet the Jacksons
left this behind for us.
Oh, yeah, I'm sure
that's what happened.
That's why they left it
turned against the wall
on the staircase, Mom.
If they want it back,
I'll send it to them.
Ah, ten minutes
in the country
and she's already a thief.
You are going
to love it here,
you hear me?
Now trust me.
Mom, would you look at him?
RACHEL: He's gonna jump. Ooh.
Jeez, he's gonna splash.
Oh, this feels so great.
Isn't this great?
Yeah, looks great.
Great, huh?
What do you think?
How much would
a baby like that cost?
I'm gonna start 'em
at five fifty, Duane.
Somebody could
break their neck on it.
We don't allow no
loud motors on the lake.
It doesn't have
a motor, Mr. Benelman.
I just thought I'd tell you.
We had a couple
of city kids last summer,
and they tried to set up
a speedboat concession.
You remember that, Duane?
Yeah. We booted
them out fast.
We got rid of them.
Poor little
Kathleen Fitzsimmons.
When her sailing
boat overturned,
it hit her smack
on top of the head.
Never been quite right since.
The boards are foam filled.
Looks like Tomahawk Lake's
gonna make you a lot of money.
Hope so.
CHUCK: Shh. Shh.
LISA: What?
Evening folks.
We're just passing through.
We took a little shortcut
through your woods there.
Name's Bryce.
Malcolm Bryce.
Ah, Chuck Yoman,
and this is...
Oh, he knows
who you are, Chuck.
Uh, you're
the windsurfer fella.
Word travels fast around here.
Don't it though?
Say, how about a nice
little bunny for your supper?
Oh, thank you, no.
Oh, it's no trouble.
I got a real nice one in here.
It's sick.
No, no, no, no,
no, please. No.
My old lady's
the same way, squeamish.
Looks like it might cloud up,
and rain a little
bit this afternoon.
Getting' a little
dark up there.
Come on along, Malcolm.
Come on along.
Oh, yeah.
Well, if you folks need
anything, just holler.
I live right over there
next to Duane and Rosie.
Nice meeting you.
Boy, honey, aren't they
right off an old cover
of The Saturday Evening Post?
It feels like the 1940s.
No muggers.
No thieves.
No locked doors.
Rachel, Rachel
What can I tell you,
they're strange.
RACHEL: You dancing devil.
Give me your answer...
Oh, he sings, too.
Thanks, Dad.
Did it come yet?
The bus, it's supposed
to be here at 7:30.
It's 7:45.
Maybe we missed it.
I can't be late on day one.
Mr. Sloan always
forgets this route.
Last year he missed
Tomahawk Lake 12 times.
Excused absences?
Yeah. Great, huh?
12 times?
Whoo! Oh, that's cold.
Oh, yeah.
Having some fun now.
Damned weeds.
So you claim you
picked up a dead body.
No, I didn't pick it up.
It got stuck on my leg.
I dragged the damn thing.
And you called me,
and just a few minutes later,
that body picked itself up
and walked away.
It wasn't a whole body.
Oh, well.
Mister, you know what,
it couldn't been was
those tall weeds out there.
I mean, this lake
is full of 'em, so...
It was human.
And I left the thing
right here.
I went back to my place,
I called you guys.
I made myself a drink.
Was that before or after
you saw the body?
It's all right, honey.
It's okay.What is going on? Huh?
Hey, afternoon, ma'am.
I'm Glen Boignton.
Sheriff of Tomahawk.
This here's my deputy.
John Bryce.
Yeah. Oh, Malcolm's son?
Yes, ma'am.
What is happening
here, fellas?
Well, Mr. Yoman thought
he saw something in the lake.GLEN: John.
There was a dead body here.
A body.
Bodies don't come and go
as they please.
This one did.
Who could it have been?
Well, when that woman
disappeared last year...
What you probably
saw was a log.
The lake plays tricks
with your eyes.
Could have been anything.
Boots, jackets.
[CHUCKLES] During the summer,
this place becomes
a regular lover's lane.
I've come across, well,
discarded blouses,
and just the damnedest things.
I saw a body.
Mr. Yoman,
I will look into it,
but I haven't got
much to go on.
You coming, John?
I'll walk.
Here, honey.
It's a beautiful view
you've got here, ma'am.
It's fabulous.
Real nice.
So, John,
what about that
woman who disappeared?
I thought maybe it was
related to the others, but...
What others?
The Sheriff likes
to keep these matters
confidential, sir.
What matters?
Well, ma'am.
Well, let me take
that back, now. Um...
Let's see, we
can't be certain.
I mean, the, the bodies
were mutilated.
CHUCK: What?
Well, so they could have been
an animal that got at 'em.
At whom?
I'd really rather not say.
How many?
Ah, three.
Bodies, ma'am.
Not necessarily murders.
I want to thank you
for the coffee.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Just when exactly
were these
bodies discovered?
Over the past fifteen years.
Well, yes, ma'am,
but not the lack of trying.
Oh, right.
I saw how diligent
your sheriff is.
All women?
No, there's one man.
From town?
Well, no, he was
a summer visitor.
The others,
well, they weren't exactly
able to identify the remains.
Oh, God.
John, is this place safe?
I mean, my, our children...
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, no, this is
a real quiet town.
I mean we got an occasional
bar brawl here, you know,
uh, Eli the electrician
goes off the deep end
once in a while,
but it's nothing
to worry about.
And there's Henry Link,
lives over in those woods.
They say he was always
real fond of the military.
Still is in a way.
I really should be going.
Mr. Yoman, sir, hope this
afternoon wasn't too
discouraging for you.
Well, it's...
It gives me such
a warm feeling seeing how
good this place looks now.
John, one for the road?
Thank you.
Um, you call me
if you need me?
Let's not tell
the kids yet, hon, okay?
I mean, till we're
absolutely certain.
Rache, I saw a body.
Pieces of a dead body.
But what?
Where did it go?
I don't know. Maybe...
Honey, maybe
that's what you saw.
Ah, Chuck. Wait.
See you later, Ma.
Wait up.
Debbie Mortimer, you do
your psychiatry homework
now, you hear?
Psychology, Ma!
Well, I don't care what
you call it, honey,
You promised me.
Lord Almighty, I don't know
how I'm gonna get that
child to buckle down.
Oh, I think I'm gonna have
to have a teensy bit
of that cherry vanilla.
I know I shouldn't do it,
but I'm gonna do it.
Oh, sure.
Come on join me.
[SIGHS] Now here's to you,
and your new home.
Thank you, Ruth.
It's a shame
the Jacksons let that
place go to pot, though.
'Course they were awful old,
and just summer folk.
Got so towards the end,
they were only here,
oh, one, two weeks
out of the whole year.
Said to my husband,
Duane, I said,
"Duane, it's just a shame
to see that Jackson place
going to waste."
So you were just telling me,
Ruth, about, uh...
I mean, I understand there
have been some disappearances.
That was murder,
pure and simple,
no other word for it.
Now the men in this town,
they like to be real
hush, hush about that.
Men in this town are
like a bunch of old
biddies about that.
Like Eli and his
electrical shop.
Do you know that he will
not allow a woman
to set one foot inside
of that shop of his?
Now why is that, I ask myself?
That man is not right
in the head, Rachel.
The last murder
was five years ago.
No. Honey, it was
just last spring.
That was an old grandpa too.
Now why would somebody
want to murder somebody
that had one foot
already in the grave?
It just doesn't make no sense.
And the one before that
was a young bride.
Oh, that is the one that
just gives me the creeps
whenever I think about it,
because that body
was so mutilated.
It was just awful.
Now, I have my
theories about all this,
but well, my husband Duane.
Well, Duane.
Anyway, I think that
there are certain
residents of Tomahawk,
in particular one
Mr. Henry Link,
that ought to be watched.
Really close.
That's my theory.
Shall I freshen
that up for you girl?
Oh, no, thanks, Ruth.
I'm just fine.
So how'd you
find out about all this?
Certainly not from
Sheriff Boignton,
that tight-lipped old coot.
Well, my husband thought
he saw something in the lake.
Girl, you have got to have
a teensy bit more
of that cherry vanilla.
How you doing, Duane, Eli?
This is where
you build 'em?
Hi, sweetheart.
Hey, Mrs. Yoman.
Hey, Chuck,
you got it made.
The old lady does
the footwork and the P.R.
You stay here with the men.
You guys want some fish?
Oh, no thanks.
You get that over
at the fish fry stand?
Tasty, is it?
Oh, it's very good.
ELI: Comes right
out of the lake.Mmm-hmm.
Old Sam catches
all his fish
right off the dock.
We thought you Yomans
weren't up to
eating lake fish.
If you people are gonna
live around here,
better learn the difference
between a log,
and your imagination.
Now hold on, Eli.
How many fish and chips
do you think old Sam's
gonna sell to the tourists
if you start telling 'em
that the fish have been
feeding of dead bodies?
Damned summer folk.
Ought to go back to the city
where they come from.
What was that?
Welcome wagon?
Come on.
It's, it's delicious.
You're on my property.
Okay, buddy, there's no need
to point a gun at us.
Ah, there's a need.
Turn around.
Both of you.
Fast! You got
ten seconds to get!
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Oh, been taking a stroll
in the woods, have you?
So the best thing to do is
steer clear of Henry Link.
Guy ought to be put away.
[LAUGHS] Well, Mr. Yoman.
Henry's got what
you might call
a territorial instinct.
Gets touchy when
folks trespass.
The man shot at us!
Mr. Yoman,
if Henry had wanted
to get you, he would've.
Does he live in the woods?
Yes, son, most of the time.
Stevie, why don't you
come over here and help me?
Oh, I can give you
a hand, Mr. Bryce.
Oh, oh, no, no, ma'am.
You, you sit down.
I'll, I'll take care of it.
Kind of make up for
Henry Link being
so damned ornery.
I hope you folks are hungry.
Oh, yeah.
Very hungry.
Yeah? Nothing like
a good scare to perk up
the appetite, huh?
Oh, that is fine workmanship.
Yes, sir.
Top notch.
Did you work
on this house, Mr. Bryce?
I hear you're
a wonderful carpenter.
Oh, no, ma'am,
I've never been
in here before.
The Jacksons were kind of
private people, you know.
I'll tell you what, Miz Yoman.
I'll put a bug in Henry's ear.
I'll tell him that
what he did might
be right militarily,
but it's not very neighborly.
How you doing
over there, young fella?
Ooh, look at those teeth.
Oh, that could take
a chunk outta of you,
couldn't it?
"When you live
in the shadow of insanity,
"the appearance of a mind
"that thinks and talks
like your own
is a blessed event."
LISA: What does it mean?
DEBBIE: Now wait.
Listen, I'll tell you.
This guy thought that Tarzan
lived in this head, so...
Yeah, so what'd he do? What?
Putrid. Don't know. No.
What did he do? What?
Oh, oh, you just wanna
keep me in suspense.
DEBBIE: Wait, I'll tell you.
LISA: So tell me.
Two crazies at once.
"The Berkman Sisters
"heard voices that
told them to chop
the feet off people."
Folie a Deux.
What's it mean?
Folie a Deux.
Adieu.Um, goodbye.
Goodbye troubles?
DEBBIE: Hold on,
hold on, I'll get it, um.
Goodbye feet.
Ha, ha, ha, no.
Madness of two, stupid.
Two whackos, you get it?
LISA: What?
Okay, okay, I got it.
Um, a smart one like me,
and a sit-in like you.
DEBBIE: I really
appreciate this.
LISA: Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!That's very nice of you.
LISA: I don't know why
I say these things. I...
Oh, you...
Oh, you stupid!
You're dead!
You're dead!Happy Halloween!
Tearing her apart, are you?
I had me a dock once.
Sun's going down.
Yup, the sun gets low,
and the imagination
goes haywire.
The lake starts playing tricks
with your eyes.
Ever tell you about the time
I seen that Chinese girl?
It was sundown.
I was about
center of the lake fishing.
Felt a tug on the line.
I pulled hard.
I heard a groan.
In the water was a woman.
She had shiny soft white skin.
Long dark hair.
Hell, I dove off the boat.
I pulled her up
to the surface.
A big old blowed out
inner tube
with a white T-shirt
stuck to it.
To this day, I half
believe it was a woman.
That she's still out there
in the lake waiting
to be rescued.
Why, I guess that's
who Yoman saw.
My little China-gal.
It was a log.
Well, that's not what
the town gossips say.
I don't give a damn
what they say.
Well, according to them,
what you saw was a...
Probably saw a log.
Burned down.
His dock.
If I ever find out who did it.
Old Duane's having
one of his days.
A man's got to
take care of his own, Eli.
That's the code of the lake.
You gonna be all right here
all by your lonesome?
Hey, Chuck, you see
my little China-gal,
you tell her Duane's still
on the lookout for her, huh?
Yo! Come on!
Hot shot! Come on.
Half a mile to go.
How's that? How's that?
Startlingly amazing.
You big hunk.
Got the ol' sun
on my back, too.
Care to prove that, sailor?
How's that?
So, so.
So, so.
Comme ci comme ca.
Menza menz.
Menza menz.
Fair to middling.
I'll give you
fair to middling.
What're you doing?
Come on, Chuck.I'm unbuttoning your blouse.
No, no, come on.
Now don't get
carried away, silly.Why not?
They're our woods.
In that case, ooh.
Hmm, do you notice
something, honey?
Hmm? What?
We're in a pathway here.
What pathway here?
I mean, you know. We can't...
What are you doing, you fool?
I'm getting us off
the pathway.
Okay. You're serious
about this?
I'm getting serious.
RACHEL: Let's go inside.
Ah, don't you tickle me!
I'm going to. I'm going to.
Stop it! Stop it!
Chuck! Chuck!
CHUCK: Honey.
Oh, Chuck, I can't breathe.
Okay, look, hold on to me.
Hold on to me.
Oh, honey, I can't breathe.
Hold on to me.
I can't catch my breath.
Come on, sit down.
Sit down, baby.
Sit down.
Deep breaths.
Just deep breaths.
Slow down now.
Now, baby, baby,
listen to me.
Listen to me.
Honey, I want you to go home.
I want you to call
the Sheriff.No! No!
I'm not leaving you.
Yes, baby. You have to.
No, I can't.
No, you don't.Honey, honey, I have
to stay here with it.
No, come with me.
No, you don't.
Yes, I do, baby.
Why? It's dead.
It's a dead thing, Chuck.
No, it's not gonna
go anywhere.
Well, the last one did.
You have to do this.
No I don't. No, no.
Yes, baby, please.
No, I can't.
Don't tell me.
Please, baby.
Let's carry it.
No, honey, no.
Come on, yes.
Honey, no.
That way we can be together.
Come on.
Give me your shirt.
We'll carry it back.
Oh, my God.
Chuck, I'm falling apart.
Oh, okay, okay.
Oh, God.
This is awful.
Honey, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.Okay.
Now, honey, you've got
to go to the house.
And call the Sheriff.
Couldn't we go together?
No. No.
Go. Go.
Go on.
Oh, my knees.
It's all right, honey.
It's all right.
You're gonna be okay.
You can do this.
Okay. Okay.
Who is it?
Okay, old buddy,
let's just keep everything
in perspective.
Thank you.
So awful.
What's that, sweetheart?
Oh, nothing, hon.
Well, at least he can't
claim I saw a log.
All right, how much we
sunk in the business so far?
Ten, honey.
I told you ten thousand.
No, before you
said it was...
Oh, right, right, right,
well, because, you got
to count in the year's
lease on the shop.
Well, that's eighteen.
That's another eight.
Yes. Eighteen.
And our house in L.A.
That's leased until...
Next September.
Well, we can always buy a gun.
Be a heck of a lot cheaper
than moving again.
No we cannot buy a gun.
I won't have a gun
in the house, Chuck.
If we stay here, we're
gonna have to do something.
Then it's back
to locks and alarms.
So much for the peaceful
country life.
What's that for?
Keep out the live ones.
You're gonna
trap people in it?
Isn't that against the law
or something?
Jungle doesn't have rules.
You wanna survive,
you put politeness behind you.
But suppose like someone
fell in and, well, died?
The dead ones
can't get you, boy.
Anyone ever gives
you a choice of say,
sitting down to supper
with a sergeant's cadaver,
or feasting
with a live general,
you sit with the sergeant
'cause he can't harm you.
No, sir, his harming
days are over.
There's a secret
in these woods.
And don't you go
mouthing off, you hear me?
I won't.
I've been stalking it.
Time's not right.
It's close by.
Boys' eyes.
He could be sitting
a breath away,
and you wouldn't know.
But I smell him.
Maybe I should go.
My Mom will...
Death's too fast for you.
She said I
couldn't go camping.
A person could be
walking along
with a tune in his head,
and smile plastered
across his face.
You take your weapon,
Knocks him down like that.
His soul's in hell or heaven
before you can
blink your eyes.
Go on, Stephen.
Go on home.
No one ever calls me Stephen.
RACHEL: That's all
you can tell me, John?
Rachel's not asking you
to perjure yourself, son.
All she wants is the truth.
Well, the deceased.
Oh, in, in good
plain language, John.
JOHN: He was
a man around 60.
And he bled to death.
RACHEL: Stevie.
Was he stabbed?
Well, we're not sure.
You don't know what
the murder weapon was?
Well, ma'am, Sheriff Boignton
thinks it might be
a butcher knife.
But see, the thing is,
he wouldn't buy it right away.
See the experts think that
he was in maybe a casket
or something
for at least a few months,
before he was,
you know, before
he was left in the,
in your woods.
You see, Mom, he could
have been killed any place.
New York, Las Vegas.
Maybe somebody
was stealing caskets,
or looking for jewels and...
Well, enough
of this detecting.
I'm gonna have some more
of Rachel's delicious jam.
[CHUCKLING] How do you like
that bread, Rachel?
Dad baked that himself.
Yeah, my Martha taught me
how to take care of myself
in the kitchen.
Is that a photo of Martha?
She would like you.
She was special.
Always playing music.
You remember, Johnny?
Always made sure I had
a fresh carnation
in my buttonhole.
Said it...
Said it looked gentlemanly.
Dad, I don't
think you should.
Oh, it's all right, Johnny.
He's always worried
about my feelings.
He hates it when
I drive up north.
That's where it
happened, you know.
Martha'd gone up
to visit her mother.
Drunk driver came
out of nowhere.
She was killed instantly.
Family album's mighty
precious when a loved one's
no longer around.
I took this one here
when Johnny was just
a little bit of a thing.
RACHEL: Sweet.
Oh, and, and my favorite
is right over here.
Yeah, that's it.
I, I put the camera
on the timer,
and then I went around.
Boy, this is
embarrassing, Malcolm.
Our album is
in such a mess.
Really. I don't think we
have one good photo
of the whole family.
Oh, well.
Now that you're settled in,
you can get your
album in order.
You are settling in,
aren't you?
I'll have to think.
Listen, Duane Mortimer
is the prime suspect.
Oh, geez, Mom,
would you cut it out?
He could have done it
with his wire cutter, Mom.
Come on, Rachel, you've
been at this for weeks.
It's Christmas.
Excuse me. Right.
Forget that before
there are bodies
all over our backyard.
The guy in the woods
died months ago, Mom.
Oh, I see.
It's okay with everyone
that our woods are turning
into a cemetery
for some mad-man.
Okay, okay, Mom. Wait.
Just. Equal time.
It could be Ruth Mortimer.
Oh, oh, wait.
Okay, Mom. Seriously.
What? Seriously what?
She killed him
with her big mouth.
What happened
to the needlepoint?
Somebody move it?
What happened to my
Home Sweet Home?
Oh, they're all suspects.
[SOFTLY] Chuck!
Hmm, what?
Honey, I hear something.
Do you hear it?
Just stay put.
[WHISPERING] What is it?
[WHISPERING] I don't know.
Stevie, it's the middle
of the night,
what are you doing?
I'm helping Mr. Link patrol.
Mr. Link?
Henry Link is a suspect.
But, Mother, according
to you everybody's a suspect.
Hey, did we leave
the lights on?
It's creepy.
Oh, my.
House feels weird.
Somebody's been
in the house.
Dad said I could.
No, he said...
Would you guys...
All right, freeze.
This is a smile.
No, don't smile.
Of course, okay.
On Thursday, I have
to stay late
for science club.
Dad, is there anyway you can
fix the faucets in here?
I mean, the water
smells really putrid.
we're out of juice.
Please remind me,
Lisa, will you, honey?
CHUCK: These old houses
always smell moldy.
Do we have any peanut butter?
I knew it wasn't Henry Link.
I knew it.
Everybody said he
was the dangerous one.
He was protecting us.
I told you he was
our friend, Mom.
Stevie, I'll find
Link's killer.
That's a promise.
Whoever did it knows
his way around this place.
Question is,
why Henry Link?
What's the motive?
Maybe he discovered
the real killer.
This is probably nothing,
but one evening the kids
and I came home,
and we thought somebody
had been in the house.
Does anybody have
a key to your house?
No. No we had all new
keys made when we moved in.
Well, do you know
anybody who's got, say,
a grudge against you?
Not that I can think of.
Well, now, Mr. Yoman,
somebody, somehow,
gets through your locked
and double-bolted door,
empties out the food cupboard,
puts the food
God knows where,
and sticks Henry Link's body
into the cupboard where
he appears at breakfast.
Looks like somebody wants
you to leave Tomahawk Lake.
Evening, folks.
How's she doing this evening?
Feeling poorly
tonight, Martha?
Oh, well, sweetheart,
you know I come
as often as I can.
I'm doing my best.
No, I'm not getting
soft on Rachel.
Hell, I'm doing my best
to get 'em out of here.
You, you think I like
running around up there?
Never had this problem
when the Jacksons were here.
They were here a month,
maybe two in the summer
at the most.
I know it's lonesome here,
but you, you got the Fosters
to keep you company.
Now, now you're talking
crazy, sweetheart.
Didn't I bring you
that teacher?
Nice gal.
Said I was getting too
chummy with her,
so I had to dump her in the...
No, no, sweetheart, don't cry.
Look, it, it,
it's hard for me, too.
Hey, how would you like
a nice little son
and daughter?
A matching pair.
Oh, they're real sweet kids.
Well, you think about it.
Let me know.
All I want to do is make
you happy, sweetheart.
Keep you with me
close and safe forever.
Would have been nice.
Lisa rarely snarls anymore.
You noticed?
She's almost human.
And Stevie deeply into his Swiss Family Robinsonphase.
We were becoming a family.
I don't want to be
a stockbroker again.
I know.
On the other hand,
I don't want to get killed
by some maniac, either.
I know.
Gee, it would have been nice.
Yeah, it would have been.
Wait a minute.
Yeah, it's the same bannister.
Hello. Anybody home?
[SIGHS] My bannister.
He said he'd never been
in my house before.
"Home Sweet Home."
Malcolm! I, uh,
felt faint.
Well, I mean, I was walking
in, in the woods,
and, uh...
Well, I knocked and what
I needed was some water,
so I just...
Forgive me, I, I should've
waited outdoors.
My house is your
house, Rachel.
Did you find it?
What were you looking for?
The glass of water?
Oh, yes. Sure.
Oh, I, I drank right
out of your tap, Malcolm.
I was pretty shaky,
so I just didn't bother
with a glass.
I should be going.
Hi, John.
Afternoon, Mrs. Yoman.
Rachel was feeling ill,
so she dropped in
for a glass of water.
Are you feeling better now?
Just fine now.
You do look a bit pale, ma'am.
Could I take you home?
No, thanks, John,
because I feel just fine.
Take care.
Thanks again.
Rachel, get ahold
of yourself.
Malcolm Bryce
is not a killer. He...
The man lied.
He lied, that's all.
Everybody... Sometimes.
Would you shut up?
Get home, will you?
And stop talking to yourself.
Your nice Miss Yoman's
looking for trouble.
You like that Miss Yoman,
don't you?
She's all right.
She reminds you
of somebody, doesn't she?
The way she holds her
head up to the wind.
Who does she
remind you of, Johnny?
I don't know.
The way she can smile
and lie at the same time.
"I felt faint."
Maybe she was
telling the truth.
She's just like your mother!
[CHUCKLING] They look
like pretty little things,
but inside...
There's wickedness.
Your mother was the same way.
Yeah, she pretended
to like it here, but...
We had our best moments
at the house out on the lake,
and she liked it.
Oh, yes, she did.
She refuses to leave now.
Simply refuses.
She's learned to love it
down there by the lake.
And she's changed her ways.
She's a sweet,
loving little wife now,
and you couldn't ask
for a better mother.
Could you think
of a better mama, Johnny?
It isn't my fault
she won't chat with you.
It's guilt, boy!
She recalls that night.
She recalls that night
she tried to abandon you.
You remember
that night, Johnny?
You remember when Martha
made that little mistake?
You watched her tiptoe
out the door
with moonlight in her hair.
"Pa! Pa!" you cried.
"Come quick!
Mama's running away."
Well, didn't I
stop her for you?
Yes, sir.
You were right there
when I...
I remember, sir.
And, and you helped me
carry her back.
"Now come on,
take her feet, son."
And you...
How old were you, Johnny?
Eight years old, sir.
Eight years old. [CHUCKLES]
And you helped me,
didn't you, Johnny?
Yes, sir.
I helped.
You held those little
red shoes tight to your chest.
It was all for you, Johnny.
I did it for you.
I know that, sir.
I know.
Whose blood runs stronger
in your veins, son?
Or poor little Martha's?
I belong to you, sir.
How you gonna
prove that, Johnny?
Look at me, son.
Who's gonna carry on for me
after I pass away?
I will.
Keep the home fires burning.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
All by your lonesome.
I can do it.
No time like the present,
is there?
By myself?
All by your lonesome.
Kill Rachel?
Got to kill her.
All by his lonesome.
All by his lonesome.
All by his lonesome.
All by his lonesome.
My father.
John, you,
you think it, too?
I have to do
something for my father.
I know.
I know.
It'll be all right.
I have to.
He said...
Forgive me.
Oh, my poor...
You must forgive him.
But it's not your fault.
Listen. You are
not to blame.
Then you're not
mad at me?
Oh, you poor child.
My mama.
It's okay, it's okay.
Have a nice walk?
I tried.
Not hard enough.
She, she kept...
Wrapping you around
her little finger?
Yeah, it was her.
It was her fault.
Well, she kept looking at you
with woman's eyes, huh?
And holding onto me.
Rocked you in her
arms, did she?
She, she tricked me.
I think you liked it.
You was easy on her.
Then why don't I
smell her blood on you?
I don't know.
Why don't I smell her tears?
I don't know.
What I smell is failure.
I raised myself a son
who doesn't have the guts
to kill himself one, one,
itty-bitty woman,
all by himself.
Yes, sir.
I got me a weakling.
I'm as good as you!
Maybe better.
Is that a fact?
One's nothing!
One's not good enough.
Anybody can kill just one!
You got an idea, son?
Where you going?
Come on, you can tell me.
No need to be shy.
It's time.
I got a better idea.
Not just Rachel.
What you talking about?
For Martha.
God bless her.
For Mama.
I'm gonna kill 'em all.
There's a door
in this picture.
The eagle's the same.
It was right here.
Oh, my...
What are you doing?
Me? What's down here?
Do not go downstairs, Lisa!
STEVIE: What's wrong?
Now listen to me.
Oh, God, the line's dead.
Oh, are you sure?
He must have cut the wires.
Lisa, quick, go upstairs,
make sure all
the windows are locked.
You help me out here.
Hurry! Hurry!
This is the greatest gift
you'll ever give your mother.
All right, they're all locked.
Good, good, honey, listen,
we, we got to
put something
in front of this.
This, this is how Malcolm
has been getting
into the house.
We can use this.
Great. Okay.
Too light.
We need something else.
Something heavy.
I'm done, Mom.
Oh, good, honey. Good.
We got to find something...
CHUCK: Rachel?
Oh, Chuck!
Honey! Come in.
What the hell's going on?
Malcolm is the murderer.
We've got to get help, Dad.
She won't tell us
what's in the cellar.
What cellar?
That one.
Honey, honey,
it's all right.
Come on, get in the car.
Get in the car.
[SIGHS] John, thank God.
LISA: Dad! Hurry!
He's coming!
The basement.
There's a doorway
here, Chuck.
If they got in this way,
there's gotta
be a way out.
Come on, babe.
Go. Go. Go.
Where are we going?
Just follow me, sweetheart.
Oh, my God.
My God.
How gross.
There's a door here.
Chuck, I can't.
All right, all right.
Come on, kids.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
LISA: Dad!
Are we gonna die?
Let's go, let's go.
Go! Go! Go!
Chuck, hurry.
John, Johnny,
come here quickly!
Wait, wait, wait.
John, John, come here.
There's a fire!
Martha's down there.
Okay, come on,
come on, let's go.
Dad, look.
STEVIE: This way!
Come on! Let's go!
Come on, Dad.
It's too late
to save her, Dad
Come on.
Dad, come on!
I don't know.
I don't know.
Just keep moving.
LISA: Dad.
RACHEL: It's okay, Lisa.
CHUCK: Go, go, go.
Come on.
Want every damn
one of 'em.
Killing my Martha.
Cold-blooded murder.
They'll pay.
They'll pay dearly.
You take the trail.
I'm going down by the lake.
STEVIE: Easy, Dad.
Go on! Go on!
Okay, go for it, kids.
You okay?
Come, Chuck.
Stevie, to the left.
Yeah, Mom.
[GASPS] Chuck!
Your, your leg.
Go on. Go on without me.
Oh, no, no, no. No.
Look, I can't make it, go on.
The answer is no.
Dad, I've got an idea.
Come on!
Stevie, wait!
Come on, honey.
Try, baby.
Chuck. Stevie.
You never listen to me.
I'm trying to tell
you something.
This is a trap here. See?
Henry and I built it.
We've got spears, too.
You see the trick
is to get a decoy
right over there.
See and the enemy comes
for the decoy and wham,
he falls right in.
He's a real brain,
isn't he, Dad?
Boy, the trap really did work.
You mean you weren't sure?
All right, Stevie.
I want you to reset the trap,
and I want you guys
to meet me at the lake.
RACHEL: Chuck.
CHUCK: Stay with the kids.
RACHEL: Okay, honey.
All right.
Let's... It's not over yet.
I thought I might
find you down here.
Waiting for Martha, are you?
Well, she'll be late tonight.
Is this your place?
Out here in the woods.
Is this where you
made all your plans?
"Pack light, dearest.
"Just throw a few things
in your tapestry bag.
"We wouldn't want to make
Malcolm suspicious "
"But what about my boy?"
"We'll come back for him
when everything's settled."
"Oh, I'm so happy now.
"I'll wear my red satin shoes,
and the dress you like,
"and I'll never
come back here.
You stole my wife.
She didn't belong to you.
You broke up my happy home,
and now you're going
to have to pay the toll!
[GASPS] My God.
Oh, Chuck.
Oh, Chuck.
We did it.
You bet, kiddo.
Hold it, John!
If I could freeze
this moment.
So peaceful.
how beautiful it is again.
You're quite a woman.
Maybe we'll find a place
this nice up north or...
Mmm, it's too cold.
Hmm, maybe some nice
quiet little beach town.
We'll find something.
It won't have
this view, though.
We're not moving, are we?
We can't move.
This place is the best.
I mean, it never gets boring.
Sure. A murder a minute.
Let's discuss this
rationally, Mom.
You don't, um, want your
only daughter becoming
a dope addict.
We have to look over
all our options.
Options? Options?
Would you look
at this place?
Look at...
Fresh air.
No smog.
No traffic.
No crime.
Thanks to us,
it's crime-free now.
Well, we haven't decided
anything, yet.
Right, Chuck?
Right. Right.
Ah, well, great.
Now that it's safe we leave.
Real sensible.
It is a terrific view.
Well, just face it, Mom.
It's, it's absolutely perfect.
Well, practically perfect.