The People vs. George Lucas (2010) Movie Script

On January 5, 2010, George Lucas
appeared on The Daily Show ...
To speak...
on the launch of historical book.
But Jon Stewart had
other questions in mind.
Does the Senator Organa
takes Leia to Alderaan...
Darth Sidious... and not feel
a disturbance in the Force?
Really. You expect me to make
that can raise Leia on Alderaan...
... And Sith Lords
will not notice anything?
In other words, is Kenobi on Tatooine!
He lives very close!
# And now I'll show you, kid
On the genius of George Luc #
Dear George Lucas...
Your followers lost constructed
a monument to your masterpiece...
... And murder its creator
with contempt?
George Lucas ruined
the last years of my adolescence.
Love and hate George Lucas' heart.
One day, he was only
a pastor of nerfs of Tatooine.
It was one of us.
There is something about our love
by Wars ...
That is different...
of our love for others.
It is rare that these films
can upset people.
But you really angry.
Wars is
most important to me.
Do not say it's only a movie.
It's not just a movie!
Without good G.L.,
we would have nothing of this!
Or this!
Stop that ship!
Chewie, get us out of here!
There was something inspiring
in the universe of Wars ...
Director George Lucas In Love
the seventies wanted...
... Not just watch and enjoy,
but really do.
What he achieved is a powerful thing...
... Something that touches people...
DARYL FRAZETTI - Anthropologist
Pop Culture Researcher
Drives... and want to generate
changes in their world.
There are certain basic components...
Associate Director of Programming
Film Festival of Los Angeles
Define and... I come from this
movie. They have their own brand.
George Lucas brand is
in these small pieces of my life.
# Sitting in the upstairs room
Looking at her hair up #
I remember realizing
at some point in my teens...
... In a moment of introspection, of
that film had formed my morals.
MC Frontalot
Godfather of Nerdcore Hip-Hop
The highlight
on Star Wars ...
... is that in a release,
There are people queuing...
... and in that queue is
writers, directors...
... composers,
visual effects artists.
Also there are physicists,
astrologers and astronomers, linguists...
People from different...
occupations and environments.
say " The Wars
inspired me to do this. "
That man and his work sparked
the imagination of a generation.
George Lucas, creator of
The Star Wars ...
... the story that changed the world...
... a man of ideas
and unlimited imagination...
... George has been in 20 years
what many would achieve in a lifetime.
A shy and retiring individual,
George Lucas is a simple man...
... enjoying the most beautiful
of life as the rest of us.
But within that calm exterior,
someone who has moved...
... to tears to millions
people around the world.
grew up in a small town,
in central California.
not yielded any
what is expected of me...
... it was a typical child
that got into much trouble.
My father said
that my skills would be later.
He always said that.
I was always interested
construction. In my teens...
... I doomed to cars.
It was a lousy student in high school.
So I had to make a decision.
I had an accident that, in theory,
nobody could have survived.
I said, "I'm here,
and every day is an extra day. "
For the first time I sat down this summer...
... to meditate deeply on
my future and my purpose in life.
I was very excited anthropology,
social sciences and psychology...
... and I managed to improve in photography
until I finally discovered the cinema.
Can you tell us
his young assistant on George Lucas?
It is my assistant, actually.
I like documentaries
cinema verite.
I like symphonic poems...
... no story or characters
which were then in San Francisco.
That was how I wanted to film.
My first works were oriented
to technique.
were mostly visual exercises.
I based on visual targets.
I'm starting to get interested in that stuff.
He had a promising future
and out of the USC...
BRIAN K. Comerford
... and then was crushed by the system.
He was hurt, and with that I fall short.
Author of Skywalking
I think there was a feeling
of personal outrage.
It's kind of resentment
it feels like to know...
... Whoever has the money, or as
result of it, has the power...
Can make decisions... and aesthetic
direction and script...
... In which no
any business.
In order to project my vision...
I had to learn...
to manipulate the system.
Because the system is designed
to destroy you...
Aside... and let you and your work.
For some reason,
he was so traumatized...
... by his experiences with Universal
American Graffiti ...
... with Warner Brothers THX ...
That became...
defining moments for him.
I was lucky to be present
some lord of the industry.
He said: "I do not see your movies.
I do not understand your script.
But I think you have talent,
and will invest in you. "
- Who was that?
- Alan Ladd Jr. was on Fox..
I did... and so Wars .
These films represent to him...
... not only
what can be achieved technologically...
... but the movie looks like
advanced for the industry.
It has a larger project...
... Which is to transform
how to make movies.
Anyone who watched A New Hope
thought he was crazy.
It was a very personal film for him.
Editor Galaxy Not So Far Away
And the people around him told
I was a fool.
Proved everybody wrong.
It was a huge success.
Hollywood, California, August 1977.
A triumphant moment
in film history...
... when the two heroes of War
of galaxies leave traces...
... on the ground reserved
to screen legends.
Everyone knows
Star Wars ...
... has become
a social phenomenon by any reckoning.
I found the invitation
the first preview of the film.
I remember when it appeared the title,
rose and disappeared...
Executive producer James Bond 007
... Was very impressive.
And then, when he entered
the spacecraft above...
... The audience went wild.
When you see Wars
on the screen with the music...
... Is best, because when
that starts, say, "Yes! go!"
Richard Sandling
And then...
We all have a film like that
that of children...
... Shakes us inside.
George Lucas was everything to me...
... Because it was like a god, the creator.
That man is a genius
with all the letters.
Filmmakers fans
He took a "No"
and transformed it into a huge "Yes".
You can not downplay
to Wars .
Writer and editor The Onion
The whole world was astonished.
I remember getting
all calls from my mother...
Neil Gaiman
I had been... United States...
... And told me about a movie
called Star Wars .
I remember it was a very rainy day.
Madrid, Spain
I went to the old cinema in Madrid.
And so it began.
I saw Star Wars
with my grandmother.
Director of Tekkonkinkreet
between the end of the first film...
... and parking
West Covina...
Transition must be... more
jarring I've experienced.
It was like being born.
1977, was the capture of a moment
spectacular was the world.
social pressure and economic
mixed and forced people...
Evade... are at the movies
during two hours.
You gave them a product
and a great story.
While our faith in religion
of our fathers died...
Gave us... a new myth
to understand ourselves...
... And our world.
It is like playing
something universal and sublime...
... On the human experience.
It is difficult to George Lucas
the level of Shakespeare and Homer...
... But you know what?
It is not the author.
This is the culture that surrounds it.
This is what the author recalled.
He's a genius, and I can prove,
because he Wars .
Science fiction author
Part of the genius
The Star Wars ...
... and George Lucas was...
Really understand... how to sell it.
He had reached, by accident...
... a level of expectation
I could not fill...
Because they could...
make toys...
Fast enough...
to launch...
... and they decided to sell
an empty box with a certificate...
... that would send the toys.
Editor of Empire Magazine (UK)
One reason to remember
these films are toys.
We imported toys
as movies.
I still remember the smell
of these action figures, open...
... and smell them.
Popular with nerds
I have no other printed matter
that smells like this.
I'm serious!
If you wanted pajamas
Star Wars had.
If you wanted to have a ray gun
as Han Solo, you'd get.
was like let you go in a candy store.
- I am your father.
- Dad, I'm Anakin.
I'm Anakin.
The film becomes
in a culture of participation...
... Where a child playing
begins to create its own history.
Author of Convergence Culture
Fans participating
contribute to this world.
They want to bring to this world
his feeling than to the screen.
Science fiction author
Briony James - Fan Fiction Writer
It's fun to play in their world.
Come on, honey.
He gave us a huge sandbox to play...
... And here we are playing.
Stormtrooper in Tokyo
encapsulates you and drags you.
George was the only filmmaker
has encouraged all...
Director of Troops
... To play in their sandbox.
allowed people like me
openly mocked and create.
Many people call this
desolate space...
... but I like the feeling
small town feel here.
The best movies made by fans
are those of Star Wars .
Perhaps the next big franchise
is Doctor Who .
Author of Homemade Hollywood
Sure, there are 100 films
made by fans...
... The Star Wars
for each Doctor Who .
I love movies
action figures and toy LEGO.
They are taking these derivatives ...
... and use them as tools
to create their own material.
I started making my first animations
when I went to high school.
I took the figures from the film
and conformed to two frames per time.
Director of USC
I took a long time,
but was locked in the basement...
... and it was my obsession.
If you want to recreate something
as Wars ...
First thing you think... is a parody.
is because people love
and is easy to recreate.
Darth Vader.
Only you can be so brave.
The Imperial Senate will not distill it.
It is possible, but unlikely,
find a weakness and exploit it.
The plans of which you speak will be
soon in our hands again.
What if we took this film
and we divide...
So people...
work together on it?
It would be very funny.
It's my first thought.
It would be very funny.
I'll Episode IV , and divide
in 473 parts of 15 seconds.
In three days,
took all the scenes, 473.
I said, "Rays. Works!"
The amount of creativity put
in this project is amazing.
Much fans.
It's my favorite.
But there are also animation high
quality, picture frame by frame.
can recreate the
scene with intelligence...
... and respecting the original spirit.
I think it's much more
unique and interesting.
It is unwise to disturb a Wookiee.
But no one cares
about upsetting a droid.
That's because a droid not start
arms to people when they lose.
Wookiee are known to do that.
I understand, sir.
suggest a new strategy, Arturo.
Let the Wookiee win.
I do not know what motivates followers
of Wars ...
... To make their own versions
of the film.
And some films made by
followers are very serious...
... And explore their own characters
of Wars .
Some are subversive in what they do
with Wars .
Never get out of here.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Who will survive
the iniquity of the Ewoks?
Decimated , gradients, cooked.
are giving a twist to the franchise
using their own toys.
What he created
has motivated others to create.
There are many things I enjoy...
... But not inspire me to create.
I love
Peanut candy Reese...
... But never occur to me
be pastry.
He became a starting point...
If you wanted to make movies...
or writing fiction.
Surely there hangings
to embroider this item.
People find what you like...
... And looking for ways to adapt
to Wars .
# A long time ago
Far, far away #
Kiss a Wookie #
Can not control #
Fly the Falcon # #
# Through an asteroid #
# To annoy Princess #
In July 1981, was 10,
and went to see the movie...
CHRIS Strompolos
Producer Hunters
of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation
Crazy for this film.
longed to see
Raiders of the Lost Ark ...
... and went to the movies with my dad...
... And literally, that first time
I saw her, I was surprised.
It broke my brain in two.
wanted nothing that was not
inhabit the world of Indiana Jones.
performance was more than a fantasy...
... it was a step further.
We knew that our little
recreation would take seven years...
... But do not abandon.
Recreated the scene
where he meets Marion Indiana Jones...
... And at the end of the scene,
and the Nazis are bad...
And fought with weapons......
... The place is on fire
and falls apart on them...
... and it's great in the original film.
When you look at the version of...
There are even more stress... because you say:
"God, please leave these children
of this alive. "
took a huge container and
filled them with isopropyl alcohol...
... Because they had read in a book
magic that if you turn it on...
Will burn for a moment...
and then go out alone...
... without leaving marks.
set fire to the entire basement.
In the actual movie,
a guy on fire.
So they thought they should.
The director was awarded the task.
Wrapped in a raincoat...
With a label...
saying that slowed the fire...
... So I thought it would be very safe.
At the last moment decided...
No alcohol...
and using gasoline.
It is without doubt the best film
made by fans ever filmed.
There are some that are
better technically.
There are other
with better performances and effects...
... but it would be hard to find something
and dedication...
by that to which pay tribute.
There were no children injured
during the filming of this movie.
The Great Tinker
31 JANUARY 1997
film number one,
the Chinese audience...
... presented the new edition of
The Star Wars .
When I finished the film, and said:
"This is fantastic. Great.
What do you think? "
I said, "It was so good.
I'm not entirely happy. "
was obvious we had taken
the original negative...
... and we had retouched enough...
... redid many optical effects
panning, mergers...
... and improve the quality
of the film...
... because it was deteriorating.
Something I wanted to do
was to preserve the tape...
... For it to remain...
... Viable piece of entertainment
in the XXI century.
This is an artist again...
VOICE Rick McCallum
... to make the film and makes
viewed as the first time.
We all wanted to participate.
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
I was very excited.
When they released the progress
Stopped by my office... complete...
... Because there were 60 people downloading
the material...
... to see the making of X-wings...
... passing on the way
the Death Star.
Seeing her, I realized: "It's different."
And then I saw...
It is his vision, and I respect it...
... Is the voice of the author,
I learned in film school...
Another version... but this...
He tried to reflect his original vision.
I did not know was
I had a lot of people...
... To which he liked
his unfinished product.
I think if you try to improve...
Something that became...
in cultural milestone...
Empeorars... only.
Even if you do it better...
You will... only worse,
because the appropriate people...
... And do not want it changed.
Lucas took away the sandbox,
and the coloring book and said...
STEVEN S. Vrooman
Texas Lutheran University
"No. It's mine again
and I will rewrite my stories.
I'll do the typical
followers "...
An issue... I mean fan.
He is an admirer of his film.
Sorry you did wrong.
If you look closely the changes
Episode IV ...
There are two small changes...
in time...
... for example,
the logo of 20th Century Fox..
... shows 20 frames before...
... moves the first
movie image...
... two pictures with music.
Then, the next change...
Are internal cuts...
to restore sequences.
The changes are dramatic.
I try to think of something
where the changes are dramatic...
... And may have generated discussion.
Yes, the Bible!
suddenly say, "You know,
There is a chapter 5.5 of Genesis,
and it actually...
There are new things in the creation
of you did not know anything. "
I added the scene of Jabba the Hutt
with Han Solo...
It was a scene...
that had been cut...
Due to limitations...
of time and money...
And when I finished...
the third movie...
I really wanted to... put it there.
- It was stupid.
- It was a little...
It was great to appear
because I have an affinity with this beast...
Michael Cornacchia
as Jabba Star Wars in 30 Minutes
Scary... but it was a Jedi.
It was a mob boss...
You... throw in a hole,
the beast out and I ate.
It was funny.
When you stand in line, is horrendous.
scene originally filmed with a
actor in the role of Jabba the Hutt...
... to replace the creature
we had designed.
It would cost money and time to do it.
And I supposed...
I did not know if he ever achieved
do the other movies.
From a dramatic standpoint,
the scene is totally unnecessary.
We had technical difficulties
to shoot that scene...
... and that character
going to be a human being.
We shot three times
and had problems with the cameras...
And other damage...
in the negative and others.
So we leave.
But in that process, we put
all the information in that scene...
... in the Greedo scene
in the canteen.
In fact, going to see your boss.
Tell Jabba I have his money.
The upcoming changes, I think...
That were made......
... Because George is not the same director
I was in the mid-seventies.
When I first saw
child in Derry...
Greedo... when faced
Han in the cantina...
They removed the gun...
of the cartridge...
... And, without warning,
shoots through the table...
And gives... Greedo in the chest,
and dies.
Yes, sure.
Then did the special editions,
Greedo shoots first...
Fault... and 60 cm away!
Yes, sure.
I stood in the middle of the film
and shouted:
"Greedo never shot first!"
The only weapon
which is the Han shoots!
- Have you shot first?
- Yes
- Endpoint.
I was there, was seven.
I remember well that Han shot first.
Film Critic
Complicates a situation
that is not complicated at first.
And Greedo above fails!
Failure close range
By God!
What mandar
a bounty hunter...
Is right... not firing
one meter away?
I could have spit.
- Children fans hate him.
- I grew up with those movies.
- "Han Solo shot first!"
- Yes How ridiculous.
Trilogy in 30 minutes
When we did in the trilogy, Han
shoot first, and crazy people.
- There was a huge reaction.
- Crazy!
I hope this long.
Yes, no doubt.
Yes, no doubt!
Who cares
Who shot first?
it is foolish to discuss...
... Something that is not important.
It is not stupid.
When you enter the heart
a character...
... And do something that changes
the dynamics of that character...
... Is not silly,
is to destroy history.
It is a betrayal.
For those who love the movie...
England... it's like to lose
to penalties against Germany.
It's as disappointing.
I feel like Pinocchio, manipulated...
... For the strings of a puppeteer
digital power madman.
Every bounty hunter in the galaxy
I will be looking for.
Why do
Han shoots first?
E ignore the fact that he and Chewie
transporting drugs through the universe?
Cecil Castellucci
Even as a child, I understood
Han Solo was the kind of person.
It was dangerous.
So, yes, a small change...
... But affects the whole character.
HOWARD TAYLER - Screenwriter
and illustrator - Schlock Mercenary
Better her than me!
I do not know what drives back
and take a character...
... and cover with a mantle
to change the intent.
She is rich.
That part is not told us...
... When we were told that the issues
special would be great.
They said:
"We will improve the special effects.
We will do great things
with the explosions. "
We also lie
about the characters.
Soften Wars ...
... To be a site
safer and silly.
In the seventies,
George did not escape these things...
... Because the assumed
from the action and fun.
But now, as a parent
or perhaps as a mature filmmaker...
... The looks and says:
"Go. It is very violent."
You can not do that.
Martin Scorsese makes The Departed .
He says, "You know, maybe...
Maybe you put fewer deaths in the end...
... Because I have a 8 year old son. "
Are you serious?
When the name of the series is
" Wars "...
Two things... it include...
Are the stars... a
and the other is wars.
Got it? Security will destroy us.
Red 2?
What are you doing?
He went from being a director
that made their way...
... Was a maverick,
and now, suddenly...
Think again... and I doubt...
To decide...
this was too violent.
But you can not condemn a man
already condemned to servitude...
Either... technology...
His tireless... or need
to touch up his art.
If da Vinci could travel
in time until today...
... And tell the world:
"The Mona Lisa was not your mouth.
Let me go and re-paint. "
Do not leave.
Film Critic, Author
It must be said:
"The work was finished.
It belongs to the times. "
If it is not broke, George...
Art is never finished. Is abandoned.
Director of The Trial of Han Solo
is abandoned and then shown.
And that, with its flaws, is
what affects people.
If Jackson Pollock later said:
"That's the mark of a boot...
... And I dropped the cigarette.
Let it off "...
Say... "No, smoking
is fundamental in the picture! "
He would say: "No, I dropped the cigarette.
They thought that it was essential
in the table for 40 years. "
In the Middle Ages or the sixteenth century
or XVII, artists did.
Film historian
Thanks to X-ray technology,
see what is behind the picture...
"Patch of Grass" (1884-1885)
... and found
I had a painting something different.
In a way, the artists
have always changed his work.
Cinema is a product of its time
and their conditions.
All conditions
that existed in 1977...
... The economic,
time and everything else...
... Created the original film.
Film history is made
of thousands of movies...
That the directors had...
wanted to change, but did not.
Pierre Berthomieu
Film scholar and writer
And that's good.
It bothered me a lot to do this...
... Or,
it was a blatant disregard...
Writer / Producer Free Enterprise
The original release......
The movies...
we imported much...
... And also,
to the original filmmakers.
Luke may be the brain
behind the saga...
May have occurred... the story
and many of the characters...
... But everyone who participated
to make these films...
... gave some creative input.
They won an Oscar
for better special effects.
Some of these effects were replaced
enhancements created by digitally...
... if you want call them so.
I think that's disrespectful...
who worked...
in these models and those shots.
Is the version of Episode V ...
... Which won the Academy Award
for Best Editing?
I would say maybe not.
Sorry to have been in love
a half-finished film...
But I want it...
as I want it to be.
What matter to me ends...
... Is how will the DVD version...
Because that's...
what we all remember.
The other versions will disappear.
Even the 35 million tapes
this movie will not last more than 40 years.
George Lucas, "An Expanded Universe"...
American Cinematographer magazine ... ,
February 1997.
George Lucas tries to return
to write history.
It's like a Holocaust denier,
but he denies Wars .
It seems to say: "It never existed.
Do not worry. "
It's horrible to say
someone who grew up loving something.
Editor in chief of Geek Monthly
Once we saw
the original films...
As presented...
for the first time, in cinemas...
... And we recorded in the mind as well,
that's it.
It hurts, physically.
It's like putting you by force
memories of another person...
... Instead of yours.
Digitally Remastered
and restored to widescreen...
... by the same George Lucas.
The public wants to see
the original versions...
... Who created the emotional impact.
The elimination of that choice...
... Is an insult to fans
George Lucas.
With all due respect to Mr. Lucas...
... Is not only his dream, his fantasy.
Joe Leydon
Film critic Variety
It is a universe
in which we all live now.
It's an interesting question:
Does the public right to material
their own culture?
I would say yes.
- I think once released...
- God!
Think about it. You're throwing material.
Is it yours or of others?
- I think it's shared.
- Yes
I want to make the analogy
the shirt that belongs to you...
... And Star Wars
is that shirt for George Lucas.
He owns that shirt.
And you can do whatever he wants with it.
- Now, what happens...
- But it is despicable.
You have to respect some
the fans.
Are the same people who bought
an empty cardboard box...
... Kenner in 1977.
It is irresponsible because you say:
"I created this bloody empire...
... In you all,
of those who got millions of dollars. "
And they pay you with, "I do not care."
At one level, this puts a burden
excess of any artist.
Who can stand the fact
that suddenly...
Everyone feels... owning your art?
Thanks to Lucas, the VHS is still alive.
Madrid, Spain
And I still have my recording
of the original film...
I have it saved...
to review from time to time...
... And view the original material.
This material provides laser disk...
... The best versions available...
... From the original films.
With these discs, fans
digital files created...
... And threw them on the Internet
to get off free.
Actually, this is illegal,
but from a moral point of view...
... Preserve our cultural heritage.
I started this site called
"Original Trilogy"...
... whose purpose was to provide...
a meeting...
for unhappy people.
And out came the idea of?the petition.
Within the first 24 hours,
get about 10,000 signatures.
And within the next few months...
Some 78,000... we
firms confirmed.
This comes from the department
Public Relations for Lucasfilm.
"We expect to launch these films
'Original' in a bonus disc. "
"Original" appeared in quotes
by the way...
Like they really...
were not the originals.
It's something we invented.
The negatives of the films
were permanently altered...
For the creation...
Special Editions of...
Impressions... and existing
early versions deteriorated.
"As the films do not represent
George's artistic vision. "
We said they did not even exist.
Not even possible.
Why go back on the argument
artistic vision?
"We want you to know
we have no intention...
... Now or in the future,
to restore earlier versions. "
In essence, says that
the original negative no longer exists...
... Because of its restoration.
But how could it be?
Because there must be transformed
the films on digital...
And then... must have worked
in their new special effects...
... With the digital version.
And then this new digital version
be transformed back to tape.
So now the film there
in the new version.
But you still have the original tape
with which it started working.
No, really,
physically cut a negative.
A file...
It doubles the negative, then
changes are made after that.
So I find it hard to believe...
They have really destroyed...
the negative of the film.
And if they did, it's atrocious.
"Never again you will see the original."
That says Lucasfilm
but probably not true.
In the mid-eighties,
There was a filmmaker...
... It was on a crusade
against Ted Turner...
I wanted color... movies
black and white.
The same filmmaker argued
that black and white films...
Were the epitome...
of our cultural heritage...
... And that not due modify.
That was filmmaker George Lucas.
In 1988, George Lucas testified
before Congress...
Against the colored...
of black and white films.
The following year, WAR
OF GALAXIES was a...
... The first 25 films
entered the National Film Registry.
In the future it will be easier
the negatives are lost...
... And are "replaced"
altered by new films.
This would be a great loss
for our society.
Do not allow our
cultural history is rewritten.
George Lucas
1988 congressional testimony
Never heard .
Then I say, "What rot."
He says: "There can be colored
old movies...
... But I'm going to completely change
my film and it will ".
- It's obscene.
- Okay, because I wanted...
You lideraste campaign
against the color of the films.
You know why they should not be changed.
Is different. These are my movies.
One could argue...
... that if you entered
National Register...
Episode IV: A NEW HOPE
FILM - 1977
... belongs to the whole world.
belongs to all Americans...
... because it is so important,
culturally, to the United States.
So when you say,
"We will change it and improve it...
... And evolve with the times "...
Sculpt... it's like Bill Clinton
on Mount Rushmore.
Has a responsibility
with the history of cinema.
You know...
Can you get Congress to send:
"You must deliver that
Smithsonian museum now "?
Maybe not,
but would be great to happen.
The Library of Congress rejected
all our requests for interviews.
Like the Film Archive
and Television at UCLA...
... And the Association of Archivists
Moving Image.
Mr. Lucas, please throw them.
At least,
them available to people.
Please give us the original film.
Just give us the original.
Although not remove
in the case of 70 albums...
... Where you have to buy the 70...
... For example,
all versions of The Clone Wars .
I'll buy it,
sell the rest of the Internet...
Cherish... and damn the three discs
I want. All right.
Steven Spielberg launched
an edition of E. T.
It is a double album.
changed some things digitally.
Then there's the original version
E.T .
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
I think Blade Runner there
in five different versions.
Brazil there
in three different versions.
Terry Gilliam accepted
these various versions.
When Criterion released the box
including all versions...
... even he hated
and which had nothing to do.
What better way for Lucas...
Demonstrate their confidence...
in the changes you made?
Putting both on the same disk...
... And say:
"Take, watch one after the other.
Compare the two.
I think this is better. "
It has nothing to do
with creativity...
Sandy Lieberson - Former Chief
20th Century Fox Production
... But with marketing,
the business...
And... sales of home videos...
And new licensing...
TV and all the rest.
While studying film...
... I swore to my father,
I was a businessman...
I would never... entrepreneur.
Wars was so
success that took control of my life...
Ie... it was an opportunity
I could not pass up.
Have created something so popular,
an incredible success...
Continuity Wars
... Must be a heavy burden.
desire never have made this film.
The great success of
Wars ...
Failed to... independence...
Film... and to staff.
George never made another film
after that...
But transformed...
a producer and entrepreneur.
In a way,
is the worst thing that happened to George Lucas.
Could have made a happy career
doing dramas...
Some documentaries...
and cutting edge material.
But became
in a large corporate entity.
He was someone who struggled
against the institutions...
... and turned it
the overnight.
It is arguable that the success of the series
destroy George Lucas as a filmmaker.
Deprived us of those movies...
... He would do
and could have done.
And in its place,
species have an enormous...
industrial marketing.
When a franchise
is so successful...
... Is connected to a machine.
Return of the Jedi was the beginning...
Dave Prowse is
... When did the marketing.
Dave Prowse
Aka Darth Vader
And from then on,
all became very commercial.
seems that in a moment...
disappeared... the narrator,
and was replaced by the employer.
do not think that all secondary
Star Wars ...
... be true to nature
Rebel Alliance...
Fighting... the great beast.
I can not reconcile the two George.
It's like Jekyll and Hyde...
... because I admire him very much,
and at the same time...
I do not know... what lessons
... Does not recognize in the mirror.
But I have much respect...
... because in view of trade,
created a brand that can not be beat.
It's a brilliant businessman.
It's like the evil genius.
Film critic for The Times (London)
I consider myself a filmmaker.
And I had a discussion
in a lecture theater...
... With George Cukor, who does not like
the word "filmmaker".
Compared with toymaker.
I like to see me as
a toy manufacturer who films.
Products are crazy.
Even Spaceballs ...
- ... make fun of them when...
- Yes!
- ... Mel Brooks says...
- "Spaceballs the lunchbox.
- Spaceballs toilet paper. "
- Yes
Use briefs War
of galaxies , for the love of God.
Venom Sgt Alias
We are like Oliver saying
"Please sir, can I get more?"
And instead of saying no
George Lucas says:
"Yes! I have a lot more oats."
I can not imagine landfills,
with the passing of this generation...
... the legacy we leave will be
a lot of plastic.
And I'm partly responsible.
that is global capitalism...
... and global consumerism.
George Lucas did not invent that.
was found embedded
in a strange relationship about it...
... And as a result, all
we are from the same way.
I buy almost everything
you say " The Star Wars."
It is a contract.
Well? It's like...
If you throw something quality
buy it.
assume that quality is
if " The Star Wars."
But that does not happen.
Every time you throw things.
Comic culture warrior
Not enough space or money.
George Lucas, what I can say?
FAYE ANASTASIA - Wife and mother
disgruntled fan of the series
That man ruined my life.
I took my husband, my son...
Consumed every dollar... and I had
and I could never save.
All toys that are
behind me here...
... I have made the heart ache
Over the past 30 years.
I think I'll throw a box of products
and sell expensive.
I will not tell people
separately that cost less.
It would be fun.
I bought it on VHS.
I bought the whole box
three or four times.
This is the last box,
and I bought it like an idiot.
This because it brings things
Star Wars and Jedi...
... and the next
because it is mastered...
... thus is improved.
I went to buy
because it was widescreen.
again because
was a special assembly.
Do not know why I bought that, but...
It's like giving us an orgasm.
We had an orgasm, and now says:
"Come on, no more."
We say: "Enough. Let me sleep."
That that, "I being exploited"...
TV Presenter, Producer
Please. Let's be serious.
Someone provides a product,
you choose to buy it.
If you want to see,
or if you have it...
... has nothing to do
with who did it.
They did it because they thought
I could have a market.
In this case, they are right.
If the fans want to buy everything
what set George...
... as if compelled...
... is like a drug.
You can say someone became addicted.
Finally, it is you that is injected.
There are many people like this...
... And perhaps always be addicts
to Wars .
I, personally, since I left...
Takashi Okazaki
Afro Samurai creator
Now only buy...
R2-D2 products.
We would love to live in a world
that do not buy anything...
... but let's face it, not...
... and finally,
We love what we buy.
If you add that to the resentment...
growing followers...
against George Lucas...
... you'll notice a tortuous relationship
with the objects sold.
By God!
Think it's easy to abandon this.
Now that I talk about this,
I feel I was in therapy.
Hello, my name is Chris.
The fans kept him alive...
... With toys,
the stories and speculation...
Whether there would... more adventures
of this series and how they would be.
Caravan of Courage is ,
but that does not count.
Want more, and when there is nothing...
... You take care of creating something yourself.
From 1983 to present
to The Phantom Menace ...
Lynn Cherny
There was nothing...
but fanworks.
kept alive the saga...
YouTube Partner
Dilated with the universe...
and video games.
People wanted more.
He called
A New Hope, Episode IV ...
So... lay a trap.
Revenge of the GEEKS
Today is my first day as a writer of the
new series Star Wars .
New pencil box.
I'm ready.
I just need an idea.
I've been waiting
did the episodes I, II and III...
... since I was 14 years
when he left the last.
When they announced
that finally would come...
... my first thought is
this would be the best...
... It would launch.
All want to see this movie.
This will be a giant time
that will define a generation.
- All fans...
- "What will?"
Created his film......
- ... Created it in his head.
- Yes
Then I thought:
"By God, we all hate."
It may not hate
because it has...
much involved emotionally
in the first.
I remember the day
they announced the name...
... And The Phantom Menace came out
and they all said:
- "What does that mean?"
- "What the hell does that mean?"
As of Friday,
thousands of theaters around the country...
Siskel and Ebert
Launched a new advances......
... What might be described...
As the premiere...
most anticipated of the decade.
Five words:
Wars .
- The Wars.
- The Wars.
- The Wars.
- The Wars.
- Fans lined up...
- Just to see the progress.
Publication The Hollywood Reporter
said that the Mann's Chinese Theater...
Competition... went up to 1,100%...
surprise... when presented
a preview of the film.
No, I will go after the advance.
I do not know.
Did you pay to enter
just to see the progress...
- ... And then you left?
- Yes
Because they are two and a half minutes great.
It was amazing.
There was never anything like it.
By God!
I began to mourn
as not doing in years.
I had a heart attack.
I think God should be ashamed
as a creator to watch this movie...
And realize...
that did not create something that good.
This is something I will remember
and tell my children.
It's camera - I know, I look crazy.
It was like a Beatles concert.
DENNIS Przywara
Director of Starwoids
It was like, "Obi-Wan Kenobi is
Anakin Skywalker with "...
... And you thought the world
was going to end.
"God, if the world ends, I hope to live
May 19 to see this...
... Because I can not believe this happen. "
There never was anything so promoted
as Episode l ...
- No.
- ... In the history of...
- Even Jesus had less promotion.
- ... Movies.
The last episode
of Wars ...
Opens tonight...
throughout the country.
is expected that 2.2 million people
from New York to Los Angeles...
... miss work to be
among the first fans...
I'll get TICKETS
... of the new
The Star Wars .
We are here
front of Mann's Chinese Theater...
... And people are cheering.
I come from Australia ...
Thousand hours ago... and I do tail.
I come from London.
- We're from Switzerland.
- We come from Poland.
It is a historical event
for this generation.
What will you do if the movie is bad?
Maybe look again.
I do not think it is bad.
There is no way it is bad.
Do not say that.
There is no way it is bad.
- Could be.
- No.
- Could...
- How is it possible?
When the first images,
I'll be ecstatic.
People scream.
Missing 53 minutes and counting
The Phantom Menace .
Let's see Wars !
I was there, like everyone else,
in May 1999, in line...
... lightsaber in hand, late night.
I saw that movie
ILM in San Francisco.
saw in Madison, Wisconsin...
... in a movie theater called the Orpheum immense.
It had 1,700 seats and crowded.
Everyone was there.
There was much expectation.
People were jumping the seats...
Happy... they were crazy.
Then the lights went out,
and they all shouted.
During the progress, people booed.
Lucasfilm logo appeared,
and all cheer again.
They make your hair stand on end
when you see...
"Long ago,
in a galaxy far, far away... "
When you see him on screen.
Opening appears,
and people are crazy...
That's incredible.
Who thought this day would come?
And it was one of the greatest moments...
Life... a spectator.
Then begins the film.
I knew that. The language
of the opening sequence was wrong.
Not appreciated as correct.
But I said, "Okay. I'll keep looking."
It started as a glow
in the heart...
Down... and then...
... Down here.
I remember thinking:
"By God, Is it really...?
Is that bad? "
I was very disappointed.
I said "What? Is it bad?"
I began to get discouraged...
But... continued:
"It Wars . Will improve.
The Jedi is not great, does not matter.
It will be good. "
Was used to seeing
people who saw the original...
Screaming... excited,
clapping, laughing.
This was indeed
a silent projection.
Perhaps it was something different.
You may not notice it.
Perhaps we should see her again.
It was the first time in my life...
A movie...
really disappointed me...
I was sad... and...
... To the point of having to lie about
what was to maintain the honor.
I remember interviewing
in local news...
... Where they said:
"Yes, but tomorrow we go again."
There was still hope.
People are not convinced...
... Until I saw her...
... Because everyone saw it twice.
We all saw it again.
I waited four days in the rain...
... peeing in my hands and drinking it
to buy tickets...
... to see The Phantom Menace
third time
They are like the victims who return
the scene...
Andrew Weekes
To assume it... somehow.
I went one and again.
But not having fun...
... But rather to convince
that amused me.
Saw The Phantom Menace
at the movies 13 times.
Orbital Comics, London (UK)
In part, I did it because they can not see a
Star Wars for 17 years.
In part it was to accept what it was.
The second time I saw...
I realized...
that I was enjoying it more.
What a disappointment!
# All began
in line to see Episode I #
# My girlfriend had picked the hair #
# But it turned out that the film
not what I expected #
Tell me what you want.
Wars did not care
people who both wanted.
Is this the best you can do?
Eighteen years old.
We can not separate
how to see things now...
How we saw them... then...
... And how we see them on the basis
of how we saw then.
When he left The Phantom Menace ,
I noticed a change in the followers...
... That went from fans
George Lucas...
... To take it so personally...
They thought...
George Lucas wrote...
- ... The film to annoy them.
- Yes
Who likes the prequels?
Shut up! You are wrong.
We all knew
Emperor Palpatine would.
We all knew
Anakin Skywalker would be Darth Vader.
YouTube Partner Training
But I never expected it to be so.
In my world
Wars ...
... Do not exist the numbers I, II and III.
George Lucas spoke
to make prequel...
... But they were always scripts...
Before he died...
in a car accident in 1989.
Just after making
Last Crusade .
Brandon, wanting something very badly
does not make it true.
People made see
as the worst movie ever.
I do not care.
Yet I saw 13 or 14 times.
French fan
There was a place of gratitude
the new trilogy, it was fun.
is a group of people who say:
"To us yes we liked
the new movie. "
"We want to be like. Really."
I think that is licensed
to do what you want...
Disappointed fan
But disappointed...
a generation of fans.
So I see it as one of them.
followers know
exactly what they want.
want more of the latter who read
and they loved it.
That fans want.
If you liked what you did...
Like... want another, please.
I do not think responsibility...
Maakies cartoonist
... To the public at all.
I think you should do what you want.
You do things you like.
For me, if a cartoon
does not make me laugh...
... or if I do not like, do not print.
But I will not take anyone's advice.
His responsibility to the fans
is to take your money.
I have very bad news
for us, the fans.
We are old and paunchy.
Not be like Star Wars
summer of 1977.
But I tried to tell me:
"Let me remember...
... It's a big dumb movie
about wizards of space.
That is what is supposed to be.
So while you have magicians
space, I will be happy. "
But it turned
more difficult than I thought...
Jar Jar... because.
He is the key to all this...
... If perfected.
Because it's funny
any character...
... From the previous films.
Your Honor,
I created my own lawyer...
Thanks to the magic...
of digitization.
Look how well it integrates
in this court.
I call McPoopoo Puddles.
It was a beautiful balloon
Globe Wars ...
... And we all love the balloons...
... And then brings Jar Jar Binks...
... Which is a large needle
and burst that bubble.
What kind of name is that
space for a lover?
You're a damn fool.
You are an evil bastard.
Artist and musician
You say many idiocies.
You can say goodbye to me.
Jar Jar Binks # #
Jar Jar Binks # #
Jar Jar Binks # #
Jar Jar Binks # #
# You're a fool fool #
- Not like you.
- No matter, no one wants.
You're an idiot evil # #
# You are a poor moron #
What do you feel, Jar Jar?
Jar Jar Binks # #
You want to fight now?
Jar Jar Binks # #
In A New Hope ,
is a very natural flow...
Of humor... all the characters,
more or less.
And here are all a bunch of fools.
And the person
it is supposed to be funny...
Is the least funny... ever.
NOT Gungans
is a cartoon character
invading this world...
I... took me seriously
until that moment.
I was disappointed when he started talking.
I thought it was that kind of movie.
We had brought a level
and then said:
"Will a mood
vulgar child...
And some strange animals...
farts will be thrown in our face...
... And say, 'yoosa Pee'...
And you will laugh...
because you like Beavis and Butt-Head ".
Jar Jar Binks is what someone
no sense of humor...
... considered funny.
Talks and walks strange.
It has speech problems.
It's funny, right?
Some said it was
a racist stereotype...
A comedy...
of the thirties...
out... where Stepin Fetchit
Mantan Moreland or...
... Saying, "Feet, run!"
It was hip-hop version of C-3PO.
The difficulty is
if Jar Jar Binks is racist...
Humor... because it looks black face...
... But no one saw this kind of humor...
If 12 years...
and see prequel saga...
Racist character... whose racism
is so encoded in the story...
Racist... still?
Jar Jar worst of it exists.
Writer / broadcaster podcasts
We can not help it.
If you're a fan...
... In your heart you know that Jar Jar
not only in the movies...
... But is an integral part.
Jar Jar Binks is
fundamental part of the whole saga.
Meesa proposes...
... That the Senate give immediately
emergency powers...
... The Supreme Chancellor.
He is the deciding vote to give
many powers to the Emperor.
Creator George Lucas by LOTR
You know Luke says, "Drop dead."
But thanks, George,
for out of the second film...
JoBlo [Alias?BERGE Garabedian]
... Or at least only include
five minutes. We appreciate it.
Sometimes listening.
But that takes Episode II
where Jar Jar first appears...
Anakin meets... and all...
... and approaches,
looks at the camera and seems to smile...
... As saying: "I'm still here, folks.
I know you hate me, but I will go. "
What are they trying to do?
You really try to get angry?
I like his arrogance that makes
continue with the character...
... And it will Episode II
and Episode III ...
And will not give...
the desire of followers.
I think he thinks
that is true to its principles.
I had 3PO cry out against Jar Jar...
... and took notes
tone down at first.
Then I saw coming from George notes:
"No, 3PO should be tougher with Jar Jar.
Writer Clone Wars
You should treat it like the fans. "
As a fan of burlesque
and mixture of genres...
I like to watch... seriously
of the Force...
Comedy... and a Gungan trying
eating fruit in the same shot.
This combination seems to me successful...
... Because one does not negate the other.
Jar-Jar Binks is proof to me...
Lucas... that still has things
that show...
Still want to risk......
Film scholar and writer
... And not see it as a
exaggerated character.
Is an experiment
it connotes a persistent desire...
Giving a show...
to the public.
The problem with Jar Jar Binks
not the character.
It is with you, the fans,
they have forgotten what it was to be children.
- Kids like Jar Jar!
- Why?
What about the Ewoks?
They were rubbish. Not complain of them.
Yeah, but Jar Jar Binks makes
that the Ewoks look like Shaft.
- Kids like Jar Jar.
- Prequel... Yes
I had to dress like that monster
and go to the birthday.
I think people your age
hates Jar Jar...
New generation
... Because it's a new character.
It is one of the new characters.
Older generation
- How about Jar Jar?
- Jar Jar, yes.
I think it's funny.
I also like the name.
New generation
Your parent agrees with you?
Do you what you are?
I do not like as much as you.
Previous generation
Have tastes sweetest child, right?
Have a more mellow life.
Perhaps Jar Jar is a genius.
Who knows?
You were not there at first.
You do not know what is good and important it was.
That's all for you...
Toys... this ad exaggerated.
People like you make me sick.
What is it?
My friend who has a child of 7 years
loves Star Wars .
But for him,
everything is Wars .
Episodes I-VI, The Clone Wars
and video games.
What Luke did well for us...
Seems to continue to do well...
for children today.
What you love about the movies?
I like that.
Movies are not competing, right?
It is condescending way...
Because it makes these movies...
for children.
- What has been said many times.
- Yes
George said:
"These films are for kids.
I make them for children. "
And when we loved the trilogy
original, we were kids.
Does George or old age is upon us?
Should we, as adults,
understand what it does as a filmmaker...
... Or should have made films
for people who matured...
... And enjoyed the first?
I think that
that is made for children...
... And that's why I did not understand,
is nonsense.
Yes, it is difficult to know
if you really believe that...
Or taken by surprise...
and had to give a reason.
If the child did, what they
care about the Trade Federation...
Fees and charges...
and sessions of the Senate and...?
I tried to explain to my 5 year old
on the trade embargo.
- Is distracting.
- Yes... It was thus
One word sums
all that is wrong...
Insulted... and how all
fans, "midi-chlorians."
- Talk about it.
- Midi-chlorians.
- I also like.
- Midi-chlorians.
And the Force?
They are microscopic bacteria...
In your blood...
which are called midi-chlorians.
If you do not take this seriously, I go.
When Obi-Wan Kenobi introduces
the concept of the Force...
JOHN C. WRIGH Science fiction author
Describes it as... an energy field
that binds the galaxy.
The public knows that talk
a psychic field.
Talk about something spiritual .
It's a lovely idea,
a lovely notion.
Then reduced to a biological factor.
Take Force...
... that is supposed to be linked
to your sense of spirituality...
... and your moral code...
... and transforms
in a mess inherited from your parents.
What a nonsense!
It is like painting the face of God.
Director of Tales from the Crypt
You have midi-chlorians , not you.
Panel Worldcon 2009
Montreal, Quebec
You will never be a Jedi
no matter how hard you try. Thank you.
Everyone who grew up with the series
original had that moment...
... to sit in the room
without admitting...
... and trying to lift something
with the power of your mind.
It's accessible then.
Author of The Postman
Mutants was not something...
... Superheroes, demigods.
It was something tangible.
How to say:
"Look how much religion you have.
See how much spirit and faith you have. "
- But the idea of?the Force...
- It's ruined.
BOO FRIEDMANN - Screenwriter
- No, it - Ruined?
- Yes
What essentially teaches the Force?
Live without fear, without anger.
Do good for yourself and others.
Be opened.
My blood tests
says I can not do that.
That is nonsense.
It's like the Scientologists and their tetanes.
Enough. No Scientologists goals.
You can not worry
what others think.
For example, Wars
is my story, as my house is my home.
And if I want to paint my house green...
Even if everyone thinks...
should be red.
I'm going to paint Jar Jar.
I think Wars
original, or at least...
... A New Hope
and The Empire Strikes Back are great...
And have made...
in collaboration with other people.
When George decided to face
the prequels and do it in a vacuum...
I do not think... that's the best way
to work for an artist.
It's over a certain level of criticism.
He spent the idea of?a
true collaboration.
This is about a channeling
internal stories...
... Who have been on your mind
for a long time.
I wanted to control my work...
... And that people do not change.
It's fun
because I do not answer to anyone.
Nobody tells me what to do.
I earned it.
If you have a film empire
to help you make movies...
What's the point...
if you do not feed back?
I think he took something wonderful
and maintain control over that...
Capitalized... while with him,
I think it destroyed.
Yes, it's like an overprotective parent.
And if so, ruined his son.
And that bothers
because he had a bright son.
It's a great day for you.
Wait while I prepare.
- What will prepare?
- Your new study, silly.
- For you to continue writing the series.
- How?
Write Episode III , George.
But this time, will do well.
You'll do as I see it.
At the time,
it hurt a lot...
The studies... to ride again
THX-1138 and American Graffiti.
He swore to himself
this will never happen again...
... Because from now on...
Would have total control...
about their jobs.
In 1999, fans began
to reassemble his movies...
With the tools...
Luke offered.
This is perhaps one of the best.
Episode is called I.II .
Is a cover of about 70 minutes.
And it's a much better movie.
But I love this legend:
"Look how they should be."
And then a graph of BAND-AID.
It's hard not to read most of the
Fan mounts a critique...
Creative decisions...
taken by George Lucas.
So this
is what most hurts him.
How I can invest so much time,
energy and passion in this...
editor and admirer
If not... I was deeply moved
from the beginning?
I wanted to redo The Phantom Menace ...
editor and admirer
Because the film...
I felt horrible.
In Wars
original, no fart jokes...
Stepping on poop... no CGI.
In my mounting admirer,
not find midi-chlorians.
They are not part of my
Star Wars .
For me Star Wars moves...
Editor and admirer
I did reduce...
the duration of each episode...
... To create two films,
one for each trilogy.
For my "powdered version"
I went back to frame each shot...
And adapted the movies...
a 4:3 aspect ratio...
... And changed the frame rate
to 18 frames per second.
I also added color casts...
As each planet...
where the action...
... Or the atmosphere of each scene.
Birth of a nation of fans from
of fascination and frustration.
The assemblies of the
fans are his standard.
are an art form per se.
But it is art that dare not mention.
there in the shadows.
There is a tiny group of fans...
I threatened......
Editor and admirer
Not to touch...
Wars .
It is not my movie and I can not touch it.
How do I dare?
But the most frightening was
when some threatened to kill me.
If you do not like my version, not the look.
See the original.
I do not mind mounts
and remixes from fans.
It is an absolutely legitimate
and great art meet.
I told them to calm down!
But I do not think
than any of those fans...
... has the right
hitting my door...
... and say, "I hate this character.
I want it out of your book. "
Because I say I do...
For so I thought...
and leave me alone.
How are you, Lord Vader?
Where is Padme?
Is it OK?
I fear for your anger you killed her.
For God's sake, George,
you fix the end...
... Where Vader says:
- "No!"
- No!
This is a crucial scene
and ruined.
How do you fix it?
I think it would be better
Vader was there...
... Shouting with all their might so...
And then could sprout
Sparks from the throat...
As he appears...
a new voice box.
That would be much more effective.
People will
wanting to make their mark...
... in the things you love...
Fix things... and they hate
on what they love.
Did it make sense?
We all know that our
be more participatory culture.
What danger are
the terms of our participation.
Lucas and Lucasfilm will give
more control to the fans...
Order to survive...
and remain valuable as means.
Alice in Wonderland .
During the first 20 years
after its publication...
... there were over 200 books published
and sold...
... who took the Wonderland
and its characters and expanded.
And literary critics believe
maybe that's why this story...
... Just like the Bible
and Shakespeare...
... Is still the most cited work
in English...
Lewis Carroll accepted... because
transformation in its history.
It is the greatest defender of the fans.
Has anyone pursued
to make a montage? Not at all.
presents a contest for fans.
It offers
a library of sounds.
Lucas has been much more gentle
with their fans...
Chair, Communication Studies
Wittenberg University
... From what they have tolerated it.
We want the authors
of our texts die...
... So you have total control
on them...
Without being told... never
what to do with the text.
We like the idea
that there are magical beings...
That create wonderful things...
and then we leave them...
... So that we have them.
This he did,
whatever invented...
... Is no longer under their control.
It's like fighting the final battle.
DOUGLAS AR Director of LiningUp TV
Fans will never win.
I think we should tear
the film of the hands of Lucas.
Do you want your Star Wars ?
Eat it.
People do not know
my middle name is "W".
- So I'm the other GW.
- Yes
I am more than that decides,
I am the creator.
- You are the creator.
- I'm George "G" capitalized.
- I can see.
- Yes
From the point of view of control,
belongs to George Lucas.
Controls how the fans will...
... Under what conditions will be.
And they must accept it.
Control their image.
Made a fatal mistake...
... And did everything possible to erase it.
It was the Christmas Special
The Star Wars .
The story,
who for years denied their existence.
When Lucas occasionally
recognizes that there...
Generally... says:
"If I could track all the copies...
... And destroy them with a hammer,
I would. "
It is the worst television material
ever created.
The concept of this special...
Chewbacca... is that you must re-
to his home planet, Kashyyyk...
Day... for life
which is the feast of the Wookiee planet.
Happy life, man.
At least 20 minutes of the special
two hours...
... occur within the home
What were they smoking?
People tuned in to see...
Animation producer
Half hour of characters...
that is growling. It's surreal.
The grandfather of the clan, Itchy...
... it gets kind of old...
... and you can see a hologram
Diahann Carroll of singing.
pornography is a kind of galaxy.
We're excited, right?
How many people saw Christmas Special
The Star Wars ?
In some cultures,
is a war crime.
Very soon realized
that this was damaging...
Luke... the image and brand
Wars ...
... And tried to remove it
Without success.
Here is my copy
perfectly legitimate...
... The Holiday Special
of Star Wars .
If it looks like a digital copy of a VHS
poorly coded...
... To Internet format,
is an effect of the lens.
It's part of history
of Wars .
It's like the Holy Grail.
It is finding Bigfoot
or the monster of Loch Ness.
It's like finding
the sex video of your parents.
Should exist as
the cultural highlight of the seventies.
Must be in a museum.
Christmas 2008,
announced that the Paley Center...
... that is a museum dedicated
the history of television...
... do an online interview...
... what was the special
Christmas favorite people.
And emit the five most votes.
Was Charlie Brown Christmas ...
... Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
Frosty that.
The Christmas Special
of The Star Wars swept .
Seeing the survey thought
"Even if he wins...
No way... that Luke let
emit it. "
another copy turned out to
be illegitimate with commercials intact.
Christmas special draws
Lucas attention...
... because if
the controller all...
... and omniscient creator
of the universe...
... To let things
is out of control...
Indicates... that is not as driver
neither absolute nor omniscient creator.
We all get obsessed with something.
Will it end the obsession
by Wars ?
I do not know.
How long can you see a grater
and cheese tasting to follow you?
- I never saw Episode III .
- Never saw...
She felt very neglected
not see Episode III .
So I see that it is impossible
cut the string.
I left it completely.
I burned all my toys.
I had no toys.
- But to have them...
- The would burn...
I do not like this.
I especially like Droid Wars .
What did George Lucas
what I enjoyed...
... It was horrible.
One of the worst things you can do
a "nerd", pardon the word...
Much love... is when something...
... To compete with others,
come to hate it.
You think things can not be
this bad...
Indiana Jones fan
... But it gets worse and worse.
Christopher Valin
Dissatisfied Customer
George, you must admit your mistake.
You walk...
By a long pier...
Hughs News
... Because your movies are the worst...
... I've seen.
You were very good.
nerd love eats the tail
like a snake biting its tail.
And all the love
that motivated this nerd...
Internet... for speaking out
of Wars ...
... Has been transformed.
And they are as Sith Lords.
They are consumed by their hatred
for this film.
You know you are followers...
Much... because they hate
to Wars .
I give it all for you.
I watch your movies. Buy your toys.
Even I burned my copy of
Christmas special to make you happy.
How do you thank me?
Do the fans of this film
need to overcome?
Not necessarily. There are professionals.
At the Cannes Film Festival...
At the premiere...
Indiana Jones 4...
... To finish the film,
someone stood up and shouted:
"George, you should stop us harm."
Is interesting
that Spielberg did not mention...
Have thought... but immediately
Indiana Jones survives
a nuclear explosion in a fridge.
Some people
that hangs from vines like Tarzan.
And no damn aliens.
What the hell?
They did an episode
of South Park ...
Where kids...
speak with ambiguity...
... On a violation that occurred
in the city. They are sad and upset.
What happened, happened.
We can not change it.
- We must overcome.
- Get over it?
They raped our friend, Stan.
And as you ask the public:
"Who raped?"
And then you realize.
Indiana Jones, you look good.
Lucas and Spielberg graphically are
raping Indiana Jones.
Bring memories
United States is intense.
Club of fans of Indiana Jones, Japan
We could not do that
here in Japan.
I took a couple of my entertainers...
Eric Stough Animation director
South Park
... South Park , and went to see her.
We feel that George Lucas
Steven Spielberg and...
... they treated us like idiots.
Why did you do that to
Indiana Jones?
The episode of South Park was
actually greater impact...
The fans... that Indiana Jones 4 .
Director of Indyfans
We believe that this was his closing.
We feel the same as the boys.
We have not talked about it
since it happened.
What do you think Lucas
on that episode of South Park ?
George, what do you think?
No matter what I think.
What do you say?
When I think of Luke,
I think Captain EO .
When I think Captain EO ,
I think of Michael Jackson.
So when I think
Michael Jackson...
Disneyland... I think.
When I think of Michael Jackson...
I think... and George Lucas
and Captain EO ...
... And Disneyland
I think of my childhood.
Then I go into a strange place...
George Lucas... where,
my childhood and Michael Jackson.
G.L. - I - M.J.
By God!
I was at a convention and saw
some guys selling a shirt...
... That said:
"George Lucas raped my childhood".
Is there a song:
"George Lucas raped my childhood "?
# George Lucas raped our childhood #
# George Lucas raped our childhood #
# George Lucas raped our childhood#
Nobody violated my childhood,
much less George Lucas.
And frankly,
if a course George Lucas...
I would like to have sex...
Metaphorical... with my childhood...
Would be a beautiful relationship...
consensual sexual.
I do not think you can say:
"George Lucas ruined my childhood"...
... Because you still live your childhood.
You act like a child.
What took you children?
Did you buy toys?
Did you have fun? Were you inspired?
Shut up.
Not drinking characters
and doing terrible things to them.
Or maybe, yes.
Although we deserved.
Why were dressed like...
... in that part of the city,
at night...
... if we were not
asking for trouble?
And in the mind of George,
gave us what we wanted.
He gave us new movies.
We do not ask them to be good.
Just ask Wars .
One can say
George Lucas is a seducer.
I would say that the battered woman
better example.
bad Dad is hitting us...
... but still go to him
for us to stick a little more.
- Come with me.
- No!
- How to ruin your life?
- Because it's a terrible story.
When I was in the movie, I thought:
"Damn, there goes...
My childhood... ".
It was exciting.
Leave to indict this man
lying to himself...
... Or to deceive,
or ruin our fun...
... Or all that.
But just because I mocked him in my
comic strip and I want to sue me.
I think we are so annoying...
Franchise... because the War
of galaxies represents something.
This is what we recall as the most pure...
In terms of experience...
film. Is the base.
There are no villains in this story.
For us as fans, is better
have an executive to blame...
But we do not...
... We realize that George is
the executive and creative.
There are many mixed feelings.
Luke's own career is
as the rise and fall of Anakin.
I should not have been
the first person to say that.
fought against the corporate system,
which I did not like...
... and not make me happy
that corporations...
have taken control...
of the film industry.
But now I find
as president of a corporation.
The irony, then...
Is that I became...
on what was trying to avoid.
That's Darth Vader.
becomes precisely that
of what is protected.
You can see movies War
of galaxies as autobiographies.
There are many parallels in the first...
Where Luke Skywalker is...
a lonely teenage...
craves leave...
your planet Culver City.
Lucas may have had that nightmare
where it enters a tree...
...and see that version
of himself...
... as Luke sees that version of himself
which became Vader.
Reality check, George.
Yes, you turned this man.
For many fans...
You... Luke's version in the tree
which is in Vader mask.
I wonder if his son will kill him...
And then make...
his ghost apologize.
I will say one thing about George Lucas.
weaknesses as a filmmaker...
Deserves respect...
because it is a giant...
... In the history of cinema.
Perhaps we feel that it can not
do something other than this series.
Paramount wants another franchise it.
Distributors War
of galaxies want more of this saga.
Much pressure to George Lucas
to make...
Business... because they are.
I still have something inside...
... And can make another
American Graffiti, other THX...
... And other Star Wars .
- No way.
- I think I could.
Must end with
Wars .
I think George
is a huge millionaire...
... still has the soul
a hippie idealist.
And within that hippie idealist...
alienated is a child...
that used to go to the garage...
... and working on engines
she felt she did not fit.
And then it all gets
a giant corporation...
... who grew up around it.
And I think those four versions of it
fight it.
I advocate for the little boy
that is in the middle.
I hope that at some point to achieve out
and make more movies.
No matter
how many millions of dollars...
... The Wars
can generate...
... And no matter how valuable is
the franchise...
... Is not worth a tenth
of what it's worth as an artist...
... And what you can do.
Why am I here in this quarry?
Why am I to George Lucas
The answer is simple,
and is the most important:
It inspired me to join YouTube,
and do what I like...
... And be very good at what you know.
I think George Lucas
like a cluster of dreams.
You might think your dreams
all the time...
... And I would
that share more with me.
501 st Legion of Tokyo
George Lucas is like air for me...
RIKA Takashiro
Toys Kotobukiya Planner
Toys Kotobukiya Planner
Because I could not live...
without the Wars.
The fans have not deserted.
And I think that's the beauty
the world of the fans...
... We can forgive.
He gave us hours of fun.
One hundred percent.
It was a life of joy.
If I saw George Lucas, would give
a big hug and give thanks.
Finally, after all, is a human being.
A human being living
exceptional circumstances.
If you think none of us
has the great right...
Complaining... about three films
we do not like.
Because we gave these three films
that we will love forever.
Do we pay too much to go see
these three films?
Did he have something better
to do at 4:00 in the morning...
... From the opening night of
Episode II ?
I could have stayed home
playing video games in the series.
This conversation will never disappear.
When we are in nursing homes
discussing things...
... Talk about what went wrong...
... The Phantom Menace .
"Why not go well?
And Jar Jar Binks? "
Because that's the issue.
Hate goes hand in hand
with an immense love for these films.
Can not help it. I still want
a Star Wars new.
We are the first civilization
in human history...
Editor Star Wars on Trial
the fun was important.
And God, if we follow the
fundamental moral standards...
George Lucas... is a saint.
We love you, George.
- Yes
- We love you.
That summarizes everything.
We love you.
We love you, Uncle George.
- I have it!
- Great, baby.
Do not be cocky.
Dear George Lucas # #
You celebrate # #
'Cause I just saw
Revenge of the Sith #
And it was great # #
# But then I heard a rumor #
# You're about to end #
# No more movies
The Star Wars #
# # This is not right
know you're tired # #
You need to rest # #
# But you can
finish the story now #
stakes are # #
# So I'll help #
We will keep this alive # #
# I will return you
where you left off #
For Star Wars # 3.5 #
# For there is
another story to tell #
# For the Jedi and the Sith #
I can hardly wait # #
# For Star Wars 3.5 will be the best #
Dear George Lucas # #
You started very well # #
# But it's not where
the story ends #
# So I wrote the following part #
Had a time in the movie
of The Star Wars...
Let me do this with minimal
words as possible.
I did not.
I did not know.
It's over. Are we going to have a coffee?
Yes, I would.
Let's have coffee.