The Perfect Boss (2013) Movie Script

[birds singing]
Mike, I'm home.
Oh, my god!
Thank you.
We'll send the housekeeper in
to take care of it.
Thanks for letting him know.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Reservation for Jessica Slate.
Ah, here you are.
And they also dropped off
your car.
Well, valet parked it.
Here's your ticket and here's
- your room key.
- It's a suite, right?
Uh, no, ma'am, it's one
of our Executive Floor rooms.
King bed, very plush.
I asked for a suite.
I would like a suite.
I can get you into a suite
tomorrow afternoon.
Yeah, OK, you do that.
Yes, ma'am.
[door opening]
[elevator ding]
Calls this plush.
[police radio chatter]
[woman]: No, there was no sign
of forced entry.
[man]: The coroner's
up there now.
- His wife found him.
- [man]: That's right.
[woman]: Let's get
the photographer over here.
[man]: Get a shot of that, will you?
All right, what's the spread
on that one? Six points?
OK, I'll take the points
on both games, 5K a pop.
Got it?
Gotta go.
I have never seen anyone
look so beautiful.
Mmm. You did say the exact
same thing to me two weeks ago.
- Did I?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, it's obviously still true.
Come on. Mickelson is throwing
this shindig for me,
so it would be rude
if we were late.
You rude? Never.
- You do look beautiful.
- Thank you.
[insects chirping]
You have some big shoes to fill.
- Everyone loved Jason.
- I know.
She's a sure thing.
If anyone can save this company,
- it's Jessica.
- Hm.
So, you were
with Wizner Drugs before?
Yes, yes, for six years.
Is that where you met Cameron?
No, no, Cameron and I met
about 10 years ago.
It was a lot smaller company
called Diller McKay.
- Hm, I've never heard of that.
- Well, they were bought up by the Brits,
and then everybody went
their way.
There he is.
Max, honey,
here's your new boss.
Ah, Jessica, it's a pleasure.
I'm sorry I couldn't be here to
meet you when you came last week,
but they had me in San Diego
at a sales convention.
Well, it is a pleasure
to meet you.
I've heard such wonderful things
about you.
I see you've met Max
and Patty.
Don't underestimate
this one. You don't know,
but she did this once before.
If she hadn't convinced the FDA to
fast-track Wizner's asthma medication,
there'd be a lot of people
still panting and wheezing.
Which is a feeling that
Ralph's intimately familiar with
every time I get him
on the squash court.
[dance club music]
- All down the dress.
- It went, like, all the way
frickin' down.
Woo, sorry.
You told me I could park here!
They frickin' towed my car!
Unused parking spot was
too good to be true. Damn it!
Oh, my god. My dad is going
to kill me.
- Yes, he is.
- [man]: Hey, ladies!
Wait, wait, wait. Isn't that
the guy that got you the drink?
- [man]: You girls need a lift?
- Yes, it is.
- I think we need to get him to give us a ride home.
- I think we do too.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Hi, boys.
It's not about me;
it's about the Ezaprine.
You know, unfortunately,
a company can't keep going
- on old patents, so...
- Wallace.
I want to introduce you
to Jessica Slate,
our new executive VP.
Jessica, this is
Wallace Vandover.
- I've heard a lot about you.
- Likewise.
And who is that?
That's Wallace Vandover.
He's with
- the Walter Becker hedge fund.
- Oh, the one
that's gonna invest
once the FDA approves Ezaprine.
Exactly. He's giving us
four weeks
to get the green light,
or the fund pulls out.
Four weeks for FDA approval?
I hope she can do it.
You had the whole room eating
from the palm of your hand.
[She chuckles]
What does that feel like,
As if you don't know.
[He chuckles]
Nobody's as good as you are.
When we actually get approval
from the FDA for Ezaprine
and I know that I've still got
a job...
maybe I should
take you someplace.
Like your bedroom?
Oh, well, we'll definitely
end up there, but, uh,
I was thinking someplace
more romantic, like, uh...
I don't know, Tahiti.
Cameron, I told you
that I don't do
committed relationships.
What makes you think
I would have changed my mind?
[music playing in truck]
- See you next week, Renee.
- Good night. Shh.
OK, see ya.
So, all this talk
about how your life is so much
better without romance...
Does that mean you're not
gonna invite me up?
Come on up.
[Man sighs]
Where's your car?
The car...
Uh, yeah, I need to talk
to you about that.
Could you...
possibly give me a ride to work?
Where is it?
It was totally Cat's fault.
She told me I could park
in a no-parking zone.
It was towed?
Or stolen,
but I'm guessing towed.
when is this behavior
gonna stop?
I mean, first you and Cat get
evicted from your apartment,
and now your car is towed!
Don, it's a lesson.
Next time she's gonna learn
to read the parking signs more
carefully, aren't you, honey?
It's a lesson?
I'm gonna be outside
in six minutes.
Be out there if you want a ride.
Aye aye, Captain.
Oh, uh, hey, did you want
to sync our watches first?
This is gonna be
the longest ride ever.
Then you'd better get ready.
So, if you're not gonna
give it your all,
if you're not willing to do
whatever it takes to make
Mickelson Pharmaceuticals
the number one drug company
in the country,
then leave, right now.
You'll get three weeks' pension
for every year
you've been here,
plain and simple. Just go.
Is she serious?
I'll give you 50 bucks
to walk out right now.
Good. That means you're all
willing to give it your best.
And if you do that,
you will be rewarded.
Each and every one of you should
be taking advantage
of the stock options,
because in six months
this company is gonna be worth
more than you ever dreamed.
The bottom line is this:
from now on,
you eat, drink,
and breathe Ezaprine.
Clilamax was the past,
it's history.
Ezaprine is our future,
and our future is very bright.
[murmurs of approval]
This is Dr. Renfro.
Uh, Dr. Renfro,
this is Gena Ferris.
My husband, Mike, was part of
your clinical trials for Ezaprine.
Yes, Gena. How can I help you?
Um... I don't really know
how to say this, but...
Mike passed away unexpectedly
I'm so sorry to hear that.
Thank you. Um...
the reason I'm calling you is
because I'm wondering if maybe
his death could have been linked
to Ezaprine.
R&D's on the second floor.
Just this way.
We have 34 people
- in Research and Development.
- I wonder how much money
they paid her to quit her job
and come here.
I would kill myself
if I had to sit through
lame meetings all day
and read thousand-page documents
about pills.
When I get my med degree,
there is no way I am
wasting it here.
I think I will do something
a little more
Like what?
I don't know yet.
Maybe Doctors Without Borders,
vaccinations in war-torn countries.
Something fun like that.
[Cat laughing]
What? I'm serious.
I know you were.
Ah, yes, Lee and Mary,
two of our special...
special staff.
They do a great job here.
Pleasure to meet you, ladies.
Looks good.
Keep up the good work.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
I'll show you
where Cameron's office is.
Sorry to bother you.
Just giving Jessica the tour.
Welcome to R&D. This is
where the real magic happens.
I think this room is starting
to fill up with a little
hot air. Come on, let's go.
I'll take you to your office and
introduce you to Rob, your assistant.
[phone ringing]
I'll get back to you.
[phone ringing]
Hi. It's Jess. How are you?
So, you all settled in
at Mickelson?
Yes, I am. Thanks.
So, I'm coming to Maryland
next Wednesday.
Can you get away
and help me celebrate?
See, we're supposed to have
a dinner at our friends' house.
Oh, how lovely.
What will they be having
for dessert?
I don't know.
Well, I know
what you'll be having.
Uh, look, Jess, uh...
it's... it's like I told you
last time.
I can't keep doing this.
Why? Did your wife find out?
Well, no, but it's just...
OK, if you don't want her to,
then I suggest you show up
at eight. Same hotel.
Well, with the fine, the tow,
and the penalties...
it's, uh... $525.
Sorry, Dad.
No, no, it... it's OK.
Honey, we need to talk.
Can we please not do this here?
No, no, look,
first I want to apologize for...
for getting so angry
this morning.
But, honey, when are you gonna
start taking your life
seriously? I mean, how do you
ever expect to get into med school
when you're out partying
with Cat every night?
With my perfect 4.0 GPA is how
I'm gonna get into med school, Dad.
sorry that the car got
towed, but
it's not like I crashed it
into a pre-school.
I know, but you showing up
to work hung over all the time,
it just...
it makes me look bad.
I mean, I put my neck out
to get you that job.
Dad, I'm a file clerk.
I mean, seriously,
the worst thing I could do is
file a P in the Qs.
Yeah, well, at the lab,
it'd be gone forever.
Ugh, God.
Like, I'm never gonna be
as anal as you... ever...
so I need you to stop
trying to change me.
I'll try.
This is more like it.
[woman singing]
[woman coughing]
Jessica! Hi, sweetie!
What the hell are you doing
in my room?
And who let you in here?
Why haven't you answered
my calls?
I helped myself to the mini-bar.
Look at the bottles,
how cute they are.
So tiny, like they're made
for little babies.
How the hell did you find out
where I'm staying, anyway?
That's the first thing
out of your mouth?
Not "How you doing, Mom?
Sorry I missed Mother's Day"?
What do you want?
Why didn't you tell me
you got some job
as a big wig at a company
in Philadelphia?
There's no smoking in here.
Honey, you know I have to have
a ciggy when I drink.
OK, so, why don't you get up
and get dressed,
and we'll go someplace?
Yeah, OK.
Turn right in 50 feet.
Right after I spoke to you,
I talked to the medical
examiner. He determined
the cause of death to be acute
- tubular necrosis.
- Necrosis?
Dr. Renfro,
Mike was doing really well.
He was active.
His blood sugar was
under control.
Wait, wait.
So... he was doing better?
The best he'd been in years.
We were even planning
to go skiing in Aspen.
I just... I just want
to understand what happened.
You deserve those answers.
Can I, uh, take this with me?
I'll make you a copy.
I want my fair shareof your 10 million.
My 10 million?
Um, and what makes you think
that I have $10 million?
It says so right there.
Read it.
That says stock options.
And that is
IF the drug gets approved
and the hedge fund invests
so the company doesn't fold.
It says 10 million.
OK, you don't know what
stock options are, do you?
Of course not.
That is not money
that I have in the bank.
All I'm making right now is
my salary.
I need a new car.
- You're not listening.
- Where are you going?
This conversation's over.
Two grand a month
in your bank is plenty.
Why can't you just be happy for me
without always wanting something?
Oh, I am happy for you,
but when I tell folks
how great you're doing,
they want to know why I'm still
driving that hunk o' junk.
When people ask where I got
the new car, I'll tell them
my successful daughter bought it
for me.
Go home, Hannah.
You're not welcome here.
Oh, oh, I'm welcome
wherever I want to be welcome.
[blues music playing]
So I said,
"Don't come home, then".
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Anyhow,
- oh, check this out.
- Huh.
You know something...
[man talking quietly]
- What else she say?
- Oh, she said a lot.
Don, the meeting's about
to start. You coming?
Oh, um, tell Cameron
that I won't be there.
I have something
I need to look into.
Sure. Everything OK?
Yeah. Yeah, fine.
You can fill me in later.
[intercom tone]
Welcome to Baltimore.
We hope you enjoyed your flight and
look forward to seeing you again soon.
[knocking on door]
Mm, you're right on time.
Uh, for the, uh,
new executive VP.
You're beautiful.
Hey, honey.
Do you want some spaghetti?
I can heat you up a plate.
No. No, no, thanks.
I'm gonna be in my office.
Honey, what's the matter?
Nothing, dear. I'm fine.
I just have some work to do.
Let me get you a drink.
Thank you.
So, when are you going
to tell me?
Tell you what?
What you want.
What I want...
that, uh, you get Ezaprine
into the fast track
and make sure that it's approved
by the end of the month.
The end of the month?
- That's in less than four weeks.
- I know.
What, this is the... the drug
that's gonna replace insulin,
the pill you take once a week?
It is gonna benefit
a lot of people,
including you, if we can
get it approved on time.
Well, I can tell you this:
it'll be approved,
but four weeks is gonna
be tough.
Yeah, but you'll do it.
'Cause if you don't,
then Mickelson's gonna be
in a lot of trouble.
You know, and then I'd be
out of a job, and, well,
that's when I would do things
I wouldn't otherwise do.
tell your wife about our
ongoing relationship.
Yeah, well, I don't respond
well to threats, OK?
So then let's just call her
right now.
OK, look, look.
I'll get it approved, all right?
I'll do my best.
Yeah, no, that's not
good enough. I need your word.
You have my word, all right?
I'll get it approved.
Thank you, Paul.
[phone ringing]
- Hello, Jessica?
- Hello, Ralph.
I thought you'd like to be the
first one to hear the good news.
- They've agreed to push it through?
- Four weeks.
I told you that I could
get this done.
So, I think we should go forward
with our plan.
Quick trip, but, uh,
very productive.
- I'll see you at the office, sir.
- Yes, you will, my dear.
Everything comes
so easy for you.
What are you talking about?
I mean, you're smart,
you're beautiful,
you're great with people.
You got your contact
at the FDA to do the impossible.
Nothing comes easy
for me, Cameron.
I'm just really good
at making it look that way.
What... Why can't you see
a future with me, Jess?
I mean, think about it:
you and I, a power couple,
we... conquer the world
and make a tonne of money,
and of course we screw on every
quality beach on the planet.
I've had sex on the sand,
and it's very overrated.
Oh, Jess.
[He sighs]
Why won't you let me love you?
Has that line actually
ever worked on anyone?
It doesn't mean I'm not sincere.
Come on, Cameron.
You don't love me.
You don't love yourself.
What you love is this lifestyle,
and the only reason you're attracted to
me is because I can help keep you in it.
That is not entirely true.
I've always found you intriguing.
Cameron, you know you're the best
partner I could ever think of.
And, yes, our lives are
because we are going to make
a lot of money.
just save all this whimsy
and romance
for some of your 20-year-old bimbos
that actually find this stuff enticing.
This one definitely conveys
that active lifestyle
we talked about.
Yeah, yeah, it's good, but
I still think you can do better.
- Jessica?
- Yes, Rob?
The receptionist just called up.
She said that your mother's in the lobby.
- I thought she left town.
- Guess not.
- OK, would you tell them that I will be right down?
- Yep.
- What is it that you want?
- All I want is
enough money for that new car.
Give me the money,
and I'll be out of your hair
forever. I promise.
How much?
Sixteen thousand.
Are you...?
I'm not giving you
that kind of money.
That's fine. I'll come back tomorrow
and we can talk about it again,
- after you've had some time to think about it.
- No.
I've never had a brand-new
car, Jessica. Never.
Just once in my life
I'd like to know
what it's like
to drive something new.
And this is it.
Do you understand?
One time.
And you can never
come back here again.
OK, the money will be
in your account this afternoon.
Please leave.
[Hannah giggles]
All right.
So, with that, I would like
to, um, pass it on
to Mr. Vandover.
First, let me say
congratulations, Jessica,
on a job well done.
I know you're all interested
in the hedge funds investments
which will service a bridge gap
until you can get Ezaprine
on the market.
Excuse me. Cameron,
could I speak to you, please?
Excuse me.
After what I've heard today,
I can tell you...
- What's going on?
- We have a big problem
with Ezaprine.
Come here.
There seems to be a side effect
that we didn't know about.
What kind of side effect?
- Death.
- What are you talking about? Who died?
One man who participated
in the clinical trials,
two others in the hospital,
both on statins with HMG-CoA
reductase inhibitors.
But... h-how is that possible?
Adecosine doesn't break down statins
the way the bergamottin does.
We've known that since
the preliminary test.
Yeah, well, the preliminary test may
have produced a false positive.
Oh, my god.
Well, I'd like to throw
a bash to, uh, celebrate.
I'd like to invite
Mickelson employees,
some of your colleagues,
Wonderful idea.
Again, Jessica, congratulations.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
You're wrong.
All right? You're wrong,
just like you were wrong before.
Yeah, I knew you'd go there.
Well, of course
I'm gonna go there,
because it's the exact same thing that
you did with that anti-depressant,
and this company lost millions
of dollars retesting a drug
on your advice,
and we didn't even need to.
That was a mistake.
You know, I love you, buddy,
but you're just overly cautious.
I am telling you...
I think this drug could be
causing acute tubular necrosis
in special populations.
Ezaprine... is gonna
save this company.
It is all that we've got,
and I'm not gonna hold it back
based on one person's opinion.
You can't be serious.
What's gonna happen
to this company when
the lawsuits start pouring in?
Changingnything right now means re-filing
with the FDA, and I'm not gonna do that.
What are you suggesting?
We stand around and do nothing?
A man is dead.
Yeah, I realize that, but we
don't know whether Ezaprine had
anything to do with it,
because there's no proof.
Yeah, that's why I need
a little time to do a follow-up.
It's the ethical thing to do.
Let me talk to Jessica
about this, OK?
And we can revisit this
tomorrow. Is that OK with you?
There's nothing
to revisit, Cameron,
and you know it.
And by "exciting"
I mean "boring",
and by "fulfilling"
I mean "hideous". Dad.
I need to get some air.
Yeah, it's on the second page
at the top.
- All right, buh-bye.
- Hang up.
- We got a huge problem.
- What?
Don Renfro was just
in my office. He told me
he thinks that Ezaprine could be
killing people.
- Hey, what's going on?
- I chose this line of work
because I wanted to make
a difference... to save lives.
Apparently, other people don't
care about that.
Other people?
Who? Cameron?
I'm sorry, honey.
I shouldn't have said anything.
I can't talk about it.
I don't like seeing you
freaked out like this.
I-I'm fine.
I'm just frustrated is all.
You should go back inside
and go to work.
I don't want to see you
get into trouble.
Like I care about getting
in trouble.
But you obviously don't need
any more stress, so...
I'm gonna go in and be
the best file clerk I can be.
And we are finding this out
now why?
Because someone whose husband
kicked the bucket called him
to find out if Ezaprine had
anything to do with it.
- Did it?
- There's nothing conclusive,
though it does appear
that in special populations
the drug could be causing acute tubular
necrosis and death in certain cases.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- Oh, come on!
Every drug in the world
does that!
We'll just slap a warning on it.
No, that means we've got
to resubmit the paperwork,
and we've got to admit that
we knew about the side effects.
That's just gonna delay the process
at the very least, and you know that.
Mm... hm.
OK, so, who else besides
this Renfro knows about this?
- No one.
- You sure that he didn't tell anybody else?
I'm positive. The guy does
everything by the book.
He wouldn't have told anyone.
It was just a matter of time.
I just want you to know that I'm still
looking into your husband's death.
Thank you, Dr. Renfro.
I appreciate it.
Gena, I will call you tomorrow
with more information, OK?
All right.
[cell phone ringing]
Yes, Cameron.
I just wanted to make sure
you hadn't mentioned
your concerns about Ezaprine
to anyone. You haven't, right?
Not yet.
Good. It'd cause a panic.
Yeah, well, I've only talked
to you.
Good, good.
Well, listen, we'll get together
with Jessica tomorrow
and we'll figure out how we're going
to handle this. See you then.
Yeah, bye, good night.
Thanks for the ride.
So, Cameron has expressed
your concerns, and I want you
to know that we are taking this
very seriously.
Does that mean you're going to
file an extension with the FDA?
I need time
to do a subsequent study.
We are most definitely going
to be allocating funds
immediately to the study.
Are you going to inform the FDA?
Oh, yes. Absolutely.
Thank you.
I'd like to start by putting
a research team together,
start by requesting
all the medical files
of anyone who participated
in the clinical trials.
I think that's a terrific idea.
Uh, Cameron and I will
just need a couple of days.
We need to redo the budget,
make some decisions,
so we can properly fund this.
We want to make sure
that this is done right.
All right, thank you, Doctor.
You're welcome.
What'd I tell you?
This is a disaster.
[phone beep]
Jessica, they're waiting
for you in the conference room.
Thank you.
- We'll discuss this tonight.
- Yeah.
Wants to put a team together?
Yeah, I told you Renfro was
a problem.
Could you stop what you're
doing and help us focus here?
You know what, if I don't get this money
wired in this account tonight, Renfro...
Renfro is the least
of my worries.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking: I can give a shit
without this spread.
We can't let Renfro start
blabbing to everyone
that he knows
that the Ezaprine is unsafe...
especially because I'm not telling the FDA
that we knew about the potential risks.
If we do that, we might
as well just throw in the towel,
because the hedge fund money is
gonna be long gone.
- You understand that?
- Can he be bought?
We're gonna lose everything.
[He sighs]
If we don't figure out a way
to stop him.
'Cause if we don't, Cameron,
w-we're gonna kiss this all
And I'm not willing to do that.
Are you?
Let me just fire him.
No, no, that'll make it worse.
we have to do...
It's, um...
it's a little bit more
[Don]: Good morning.
Honey, you look tired.
You have to stop staying up
so late
- and get some sleep.
- I'm fine.
Did you get everything
worked out yesterday?
This isn't something
that can be fixed.
It's damned if you do,
damned if you don't.
Let's eat.
I can't do this.
What do you mean,
you can't do it?
Of course you can do this.
It's just like we talked about
last night.
Yeah, but what if someone
asks where I was?
I am going to be your alibi.
You just valet park your car,
you pick up a rental.
If anybody asks,
you and I were at dinner.
I have done a lot
of shady things in my life.
I'm the first one to admit that.
But I have never done
anything like this.
why the sudden change?
- Last night, you were completely on board.
- Yeah, and what if
I go to prison
for the rest of my life?
Yeah, and what if Mickelson
closes down?
You're gonna be out of a job. How are
you gonna pay off all those bad bets?
What are they gonna do
to you?
I mean, you're a man of odds.
What are the odds
that they're gonna let you
live happily ever after?
Cameron, I promise you, I am not
gonna let you go to jail.
Just follow the plan to a tee.
You've got to trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
I know, I know,
black isn't professional.
But... they look OK.
Wait, was...
that a compliment?
Am I in a parallel universe?
You might be.
[airy whistling]
I can't believe I killed him.
- The look on his face...
- It's meaningless, trust me.
Get it out of your head.
Get it out of your head.
I promise you,
in a couple of weeks,
when you are trading in
all your stock options,
you are not gonna feel a pang
of guilt.
Honey, relax, relax.
Relax, I promise.
[dance music booming]
Mom? Hey, sorry, go ahead.
I couldn't hear you.
Sweetie, you need to come home right away.
Why? What happened?
Your father was robbed
tonight at the bowling alley,
and, uh... he...
he didn't make it.
[Caroline crying]
I-I'll be right...
I'll be right there.
As I'm sure most of you know
Mickelson Pharmaceuticals has
lost a family member.
Dr. Don Renfro was killed
outside of a bowling alley.
The police investigation is
but it appears
to have been a robbery.
Our hearts go out to his family,
including his daughter, Renee,
who you all know.
She's been working here
for about four months now.
Let's take a moment of silence
for Don,
and reflect
on how precious life is
and how fleeting it can be.
want you to knowthat we've looked into it,
and there's absolutely no connection
between your husband's death and Ezaprine.
Are you sure?
One hundred percent.
But we appreciate you
bringing it to our attention,
and if there's anything else we can
do for you, please feel free to call me.
All right.
I'm here for you.
[Cat]: He loved you a lot.
I just feel like I let him
down most of the time, you know?
No, you didn't.
He was so quiet
the last few days.
Something at work was
bothering him. I just...
I wish I knew what it was.
Didn't... didn't you say there were
rumors that the company might fold?
Yeah. That was
before Miss Perfect came along,
the new executive VP. Apparently
she's handling things.
Well, it had nothing to do
with you.
I really...
...I really hope not.
I wasn't doing anything,
- How'd you know we were cops?
We don't even have uniforms.
- I could smell ya.
- Can we talk to you for a minute?
- What?
We're investigating a robbery that
happened at the parking lot back there.
A guy was beaten to death
about 10 days ago.
Were you around?
I didn't do it,
if that's what you're asking.
- Gimme a break.
- Thought maybe
- you saw something.
- Nope, sorry.
Listen, if there's a guy
out here killing people,
who's to say he's not
gonna kill you too?
Get him off the streets,
it'll be safer for everyone.
Look, I already told you
I didn't see anything.
[Man scoffs]
She probably didn't see
nothing. Let's go.
Oh, nothing fancy.
Maybe just a three-bed,
I'm not buying you a house,
Don't make me say things
I don't want to say, Jessica.
Yeah, like what?
Like maybe you owe it to me
for having kept a certain secret
all these years?
You promised we were never
gonna talk about that.
Yeah, well, it's hard
to feel good about that promise
when I'm living in a dump
and you're living in a hotel.
Mother, you wouldn't
do that to me.
You don't think so?
The only reason you've been able
to run your little company
and make your millions is
because I never told
anyone what you did to Albert.
If I had, you wouldn't be
where you are.
God, do you know
how much I hate you?
Oh, don't start
with how it was my fault
for having shacked up
with that guy.
Albert was like a father to you.
He hurt us.
He put you in the hospital.
Do you know how scared I was
to be alone with him,
while you were in the ICU?
You didn't have to do
what you did.
It was him or us.
He would have killed you or me.
It was only a matter of time.
Look, I don't want to talk
about this anymore.
I'll keep my mouth shut
if you buy me the house.
Send me the realtor information.
Oh, I will, but you better
put an offer in fast.
[grunting furiously]
[phone ringing]
Who's calling Dad's cell?
Oh, hi. Um, I'm calling
for Dr. Renfro.
Did I get the wrong number?
No. This is his daughter.
Is he there?
This is Gena Ferris.
Um... no.
He was killed in a robbery.
Oh, my god. Um, I'm so sorry.
Can I ask how you knew my dad?
Of course. Um, my husband,
Mike, participated
in a drug study
your father conducted last year.
- What drug was that?
- Ezaprine.
W-Would it be, um, possible
for me to talk to your husband?
I'd just like to ask him
a few question about that drug.
He died unexpectedly
a few weeks ago.
That's, uh, that's why
I contacted your father.
I wanted to find out
if maybe there was a connection.
Um, listen, I'm-I'm actually
just on my way to school
right now, but...
is there any way that we could
maybe meet up later and talk?
I-I'd just like to know more about
what happened, if that's OK.
Um, sure.
Just tell me when and where.
Hey. You OK?
No, I'm not feeling very well.
Would you please cancel
the rest of my day?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Is there anything else
- I can do for you?
- No, thank you,
- but I will call you later.
- OK, sure.
So, Cameron told you
there was no connection at all
between Ezaprine
and your husband's death?
this is my dad's file
on Ezaprine.
I went through it last night and
saw what he wrote about Mike,
but nowhere in there
does it say they concluded
that there was no connection.
Everything my dad writes
suggests otherwise.
But so... you think
that after your dad died,
the company just decided
to bury his concerns?
I don't know.
My dad was... dad was pretty upset
the last few days.
I think this may have been why.
You know what? I'm gonna talk to
one of his coworkers about this.
OK. Please, let me know
what you find out.
I definitely will. I promise.
This lady Gena said Dad was
checking into the side effects
of Ezaprine. When he got
into pharmaceuticals,
he told me he wanted to save people's
lives but other people didn't care.
I think maybe that's
what he was referring to.
So, you think that your dad found out
that this drug killed her husband?
I don't know.
What if it did?
- I'm gonna talk to Sam.
- Sam?
Uh, he's one of the other
researchers at Mickelson.
Renee, look, I don't think
you should get into this.
Why not? I mean, if Ezaprine really is
dangerous and no one knew about my dad?
Even if that is the case, they're
never gonna admit that to you.
True, but...
I don't know, I guess
I just... need to get a sense
of what was bothering him.
It wasn't you.
I know, but whatever it was,
my dad thought it was important,
and I feel like this Gena woman
deserves an answer.
Don did seem a little on edge
the past couple of weeks.
You thought so too, huh?
did he mention
a Mike Ferris to you,
or any potential problems
with Ezaprine?
Not at all.
Do you want me to talk
to Cameron and find out?
Would you?
I'm sure everything's fine if they're
moving forward with approval.
But, sure, I'll ask.
Thank you.
[water plashing]
Goodbye, Mother.
Thanks for coming down.
I want to let you know that
we're doing everything we can.
Can I ask you a question?
Why wouldn't the scumbag who
robbed my father take his watch?
It's expensive.
A lot of reasons:
they didn't see it,
they thought someone was coming,
so they hurried off,
maybe they didn't have any place
to unload it
and they just wanted cash.
We'll keep you and your mom
apprised of any new developments.
Thank you.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Hi, Caroline.
I'm so sorry.
I just wanted to bring
these flowers by and, uh, just
check up on the two of you.
Thank you, Cameron.
The flowers are beautiful.
I'll just go put them in water.
Um, before I forget, Renee, um,
Sam... Sam came and talked
to me, and he said
that you were curious as to
whether or not your father had
any, uh, concerns
regarding Ezaprine.
Yes, that's right.
Well... your dad was
a very thorough man,
and after going through
all his data,
I can tell you that there is
no problem with the drug.
Um... I-I talked to someone
whose husband was involved
in the clinical trials.
- Gena Ferris?
- Yes.
Yeah, I talked to her as well.
And with cooperation
with the medical examiner,
we immediately looked
into the death of her husband,
Michael Ferris,
and I can tell you
that Ezaprine had nothing
to do with his death.
Are you sure?
It was just...
it was just a very unfortunate
All right, look, if you ever
need anything... from the company,
you call me, OK?
Thank you.
- Jessica.
- Yeah?
Paul Winslow for you.
Can I transfer him?
Yes, please.
Hello, Paul.
So, do you have any good news?
Yeah, uh, things are
looking good.
I should be able to get you an
exact approval date by Friday.
Thank you.
[phone beep]
We got it.
I have never met anyone
like you.
And you never will.
I think Cameron's lying.
Why do you say that?
My father had a file
this thick of notes and papers
that talked about the side
effects in special populations.
Suddenly they review it
in two days and it's fine?
I think Cameron wasn't
listening to my dad
about the dangers.
That's why he said
he was damned either way...
tell the truth, save lives,
and the company goes under;
or say nothing
and everyone keeps their jobs.
OK, even if you're right,
what are you gonna do?
The FDA will eventually
figure out that they've lied.
Well, how many people are
gonna die before then?
[cell phone ringing]
I'm sorry.
It's my mom. Hold on.
- Hello?
- Are you still at school?
Hey, Mom. No, I'm... I'm just
sitting here with Cat. What's up?
Well, I just got a phone call
from Quentin
down at the bowling alley,
and, um, your dad
left a pair of bowling shoes
there, and Quentin wanted to know
- if we wanted to go and pick them up.
- Yeah, no, of course. Um...
you want me to come pick you up?
Uh, no, no, I-I don't think I could go.
No, it's, uh... it's OK.
Um, I'll just... I'll do it
by myself, OK?
OK. Well, thank you, sweetie.
I love you.
I love you too, Mom. Bye.
[She exhales nervously]
[door unlocked]
Hey. Can I... can I talk to you?
Is this about that guy
that got killed?
He was my father.
I'm sorry.
Um, this is... this is
kind of a weird question,
but you haven't
heard anything
about it, have you?
The police already
asked me that.
I told them
I didn't know anything.
- OK.
- I gotta go.
OK, can y...
Wait, hold...
Really, I'm working here.
How much for your time?
I will pay you to talk to me.
[Woman sighs]
Forty bucks.
So... what do you think?
I mean, you know this area.
Do you think it was...
two thugs,
or a teenager?
What's your best guess?
No, it wasn't any of those.
You want to know what I think?
I think it wasn't somebody
from around here.
Why do you say that?
Just a feeling.
I mean, I could be wrong.
Do you have...
any other feelings?
...could have been a man.
Could have been an older man.
Could have been driving
a red car
with out-of-state plates.
What state?
D-Did you... did you see
what he looks like?
It was dark.
[man]: Yeah, can I get another...
It was late.
[man]: And can I have a soda? Miss?
- [woman]: Yes.
- He was white, short hair.
Do you know what color his hair was?
Um... d-did you have
the time?
Uh, it's...
it's almost 9:30.
I gotta go.
Hey, is... is there any way
that I could convince you
to go to the cops with this?
I have a boyfriend.
He really wouldn't
appreciate that very much.
...I lost my father
when I was about your age,
and, um... I mean, he wasn't...
he wasn't a doctor or anything
like yours, but, uh...
I really hope
they catch the guy.
Thank you.
[cell phone ringing]
[Max]: We should focus...
Yes, hi, this is Jessica.
- Celebrity endorsements.
- In every region.
So, we're taking
a new approach, then.
OK, thank you
for letting me know.
- Excuse me.
- Yes, I will be there
first thing in the morning.
Are you all right?
Who was that?
That was the police.
my mom's boyfriend was
out of town.
He came home and found her dead.
Oh, my god, Jessica,
I'm so sorry.
Let's get back
to the media buzz.
...the time
to be determined.
Let's get back to the, uh...
Maybe Gena Ferris was right.
Maybe her husband did die
because he took the drug.
Yeah, but why would a huge company like
Mickelson put out a drug if it was so dangerous?
You don't know how it is.
Ezaprine is, like, the life raft
of that whole company.
All of their patents are
That's all anyone talks about
So, you think your dad refused
to keep his mouth shut?
There's just so many things
that don't add up, Cat.
Why would they take his wallet
and not his watch?
You know? And... and...
and the timing... my dad has
all of these questions
about this wonder drug
that everyone sees
as Jesus in a bottle,
and suddenly he's killed
in a robbery.
I know my dad.
He would have just handed over
his wallet.
So, what are you gonna do?
Hey, uh, are those
- for Margaux?
- Yep.
I can take 'em to her when I go.
Uh, I actually have to go see her
anyway, so I can just take them.
- Oh, OK.
- Perfect.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
You know what?
Let me call you back.
[man]: Oh, we sent them
the proposal last week.
Hey, Renee, how are you doing?
I didn't think I'd see you
back at work so soon.
Yeah, I just...
I sorta needed a distraction.
How's your mom?
She's... not so good.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
Um, actually, I wanted
to ask you if you have a copy
of the employee insurance
benefits booklet?
I know my dad had a copy
somewhere, but we can't find it.
Yeah, sure. We keep it with the
new-hire stuff. I'll just go grab you one.
- Thanks.
- OK.
I can't believe you stole
a personnel file.
- You can go to jail for that.
- I doubt that.
How are you gonna put it back?
I'll just... slip it back
into the wrong drawer
she thinks it got misfiled.
I was hoping there'd be a copy of Cameron's
password in there, but I don't think there is.
No, not in a personnel file.
I mean, IT would have that.
What do you want it for, anyway?
If something was going on
with Ezaprine,
Cameron would know about it.
I was gonna log in as Cameron
from my dad's computer and see if I
could find any incriminating emails.
And then what?
Go to the police
and tell them you hacked into his computer?
They'd arrest you.
OK, so there's... there's
no way to access his computer?
Come on, you know
about this stuff. Tell me.
I mean, the best bet would be
to go through
his personal computer.
That would be easiest to hack
into with the password sniffer.
And if he even accesses his emails
remotely, you could read them.
- How do you get a password sniffer?
- Well, first you need
a really cheap laptop.
Then you have to transfer everything from
your dad's laptop over to the new one.
Then we install the password-sniffing software.
It won't cost anything...
it's open source.
When anyone logs on
to your dad's laptop,
you will capture
their keystrokes
on your new one.
None of this is illegal,
because you're installing it
on your own vice.
Hi, Jessica.
It's John Parker from the FDA.
Yes, hello, John.
I am sitting here
with Mr. Mickelson
and Cameron Finney.
So, do you have
some good news for us?
I do. The paperwork went
through. It's a done deal.
I'll send you copies out tomorrow.
- That's terrific!
- Thank you so much, John.
You have made our day.
Thanks for the call.
Sure thing.
Congratulations, Ralph.
We should announce it.
We are gonna have a celebration.
I know the perfect
reception hall for it.
[phone beep]
Mr. Mickelson,
Cameron's assistant just called
up here to let him know
that Renee Renfro is here.
She wants to see you.
I'll be right out.
Excuse me.
I feel so sorry
for her and her mother.
Me too, but Cameron's
really good
about handling
these kinds of things.
Come on in.
Thank you.
Um, I'm sorry to bother you,
but I had to stop by and give
Margaux the insurance forms
anyway, so I thought maybe
you guys could use this.
A laptop?
My dad's laptop.
I just figured there might be
something on here
that would be useful
for the company.
You know, stuff he was
working on, or whatever.
Oh, um, absolutely. Thank you.
No problem.
Thank you again for the flowers.
Oh, you're welcome.
- See ya.
- Yeah.
This is good.
[phone ringing and vibrating]
What did she want?
Oh, she wanted to bring us
a gift...
a little manna from heaven.
She brought me Renfro's company laptop,
in case there was anything
we needed off of it.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
I told you that sympathy
arrangement would work.
So, is there anything on there
that we need to deal with?
Well, I'll certainly
let you know.
I can assure you
it is completely taken care of.
So we have nothing
to worry about?
It was all password protected.
I deleted everything.
Renee, check it out.
What is it?
The sniffer caught
a second login.
I think it's his personal
email account.
Holy crap.
- [Ralph]: Ha! Ha!
- Wallace.
- Cameron.
- Ralph.
Well, you're right on time.
I just ordered a bottle
of the best champagne
in the house.
- We have to celebrate.
- Indeed.
That's nice.
Look at this.
He rented a car?
On the same day
my dad was killed.
I don't... I don't understand.
What does that mean?
The... the prostitute.
The prostitute said...
said she saw a red car
with Jersey plates. Sometimes
rental cars are licenced
in neighboring states.
Well, call them.
Corsica Rent-A-Car.
Hi. Uh, this is kind of
a weird question, but...
are any of your cars licenced
in New Jersey?
Yes, more than half.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh, my god, Renee,
what if you're right
about all of this?
What should I do?
I-I think you need
to call the police.
To... prosperity.
Oh, yes.
And to Jessica.
So, I'll let Jessica give you
all the good news. Jessica?
Well, it is my privilege
to announce
that the FDA has approved
[cheering and applause]
If he did rent a car
and they had
Jersey plates
like the girl said,
maybe he's the one
who killed my father.
And you think this has to do
with the fact that your father
was trying to block the approval
of this drug, Ezee...
Ezaprine, yes.
And is prostitute you talked
to, what did she look like?
She won't talk to the police.
Long blonde hair, full lips,
very... built.
- Too attractive to be a street walker?
- Yes.
I know who you're referring to, and
you're right... she won't talk to us.
C-Can you please just check in on us? Please?
You have no other suspects right now...
We will.
Thank you.
Hey. So, I have
the emagazine on the line, d Wie
and they want to do an interview
with you.
Tell them I'd be happy
to grant them an interview.
Yes, of course.
- Talk to me.
- Yeah, she was right.
The car is here.
- It's got Jersey plates.
- Really?
Yeah, I spoke
to the rental agent.
He rented it to him
on the day Renfro was killed.
Well, I think we're
on to something.
Hey, Perez!
Hey. You find something?
Yeah, I'm looking at the surveillance
tape from Renfro's bank.
You know how his statement said he
pulled out 60 bucks from an ATM?
- Yeah.
- Well, he was followed
by a red car matching the one
you saw today.
[Cameron]: What is this?
This is my dress.
For the gala.
What do you think?
Too much?
I think you're gonna
look beautiful.
So, what time should I pick you
up at the hotel?
Oh, Ralph is gonna send a car for me,
so I'll just see you at the reception.
Don't worry. You and I'll have our own
little celebration after the party's done.
Hey, listen, um...
when's your mom's
- funeral?
- Oh, we're not having one.
She didn't have any friends
[police siren]
What the hell?
[loudspeaker]: Pull over.
Put your hands on the wheel.
I don't know if we got enough
to get him to confess.
His lawyer's a real hard-ass.
I'm gonna fib a little
and tell him we have a witness
that thinks he can ID him
in a lineup.
Cameron, we know you rented
a car the day Renfro was killed.
Now, we have surveillance tape
of the car you rented
following him after he made
an ATM withdrawal.
A witness at the scene could place
the rental care there as well.
Please, tell me we're not
talking about the prostitute.
We don't need her testimony.
We know you killed
Don Renfro because he was about
to go public with the dangers
of your company's hot new drug.
We talked to the DA.
She's ready to file charges:
murder 1... death penalty.
[Cameron's lawyer whispering]
OK, Detectives,
how do we get the death penalty
off the table?
And let's say it was
a conspiracy.
If my client were willing
to give up his partner
or partners, what would that
be worth to you?
We'd be willing to talk
to the prosecutor
about 25 to life, 2nd degree,
with possibility of parole.
You finally did it.
[crowd murmuring]
Hey, hey!
Jessica, you look beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
The woman of the hour.
You're so sweet.
Has anyone seen Cameron?
Nope, but, uh,
he should be here soon.
[prison door closing]
[man]: Go to hell!
I didn't do nothin'!
[man complaining]
- [man]: Now shut up.
- [man]: Quiet, man, come on!
I just wish that my mother could be here.
I know that she would be so
proud of our accomplishments
It is a drug
that will change lives.
Rarely does a drug come along
that revolutionizes
the health care industry,
and Ezaprine does just that.
When Mr. Mickelson called me
and asked me if I would like
to come and talk to him,
well, I knew it was gonna be
an opportunity
that I couldn't pass up.
Mickelson Pharmaceuticals
cares about people,
and that is what I wanted
to be a part of.
I wanted to be a part of that...
I'm sorry, um, what is going on?
- Jessica Slate, you're under arrest.
- What?
Conspiracy to commit murder,
accessory to murder,
felony obstruction
- of a government agency.
- [woman]: What?
[man]: For what?
[surprised whisperings]
[man]: Murder?
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney,
and to have that attorney
present during questioning.
- This isn't right.
- Jessica, what's going on?
Hey, what's going on here?
Please, sit down, sir.
[woman]: This is outrageous.
Come on, honey!
We're gonna be late!
How do I look?
You look beautiful.
Don't get TOO excited.
I still have four more years
of med school
and three ars of residency.
Your father would be
so proud of you today.
You think so?
I know so.
Come on, let's get you
[Renee whimpers excitedly]
[Renee]: Ugh, I forgot to paint my nails.
- [Caroline]: In black?
- No, actually,
I was thinking of picking a color
a little more... professional.
Well, black would have been
just fine.
I guess it would match
my cap and gown.
[Caroline and Renee laughing]