The Perfect Family (2011) Movie Script

What are they doing?
Jess, I think we're done.
Terry, look!
Look, they're gonna shoot.
They're gonna kill us. Aah!
Cover's blown. Lewis,
you got no time.
Take the shot, Lew.
Hold on to owen! Hold on!
What are they doing?!
We have a baby!
4 hours earlier
Hey, Jess?
Jess, are you there?
Jess, it's me.
Look, I-I know you're there,
So just listen.
I'm not saying you don't
got every right to be pissed,
but what I've been through in
these last few months..
It's made me realize, and you know,
it's made me see.
I've changed, and I'm ready.
And I just want to be with you
and our baby boy.
What's... what's wrong?
He's gone, Terry.
I gave him up.
I gave our baby away.
Is that the guy? Good.
It's good when they run, huh?
- Save some for the rest of us.
- Will do.
Four arrests, one warrant.
I know what you're thinking.
"That is some kind of record, Ed.
How do you do it?"
- Well, Greg, I find that...
- how's she doing?
She's fine.
- She shot a cop in the line of duty.
- She did her job.
And you're saying she's got
no reaction, no issues?
No, I'm s...
you cut me some slack
when I had issues.
She deserves the same.
I told you I was pregnant.
You went out for smokes, and, what,
how many months later you come back?
That's messed up.
I was just... doing
a lot of thinking.
Yeah, well, so was I.
They made this introduction book.
The agency showed it to me.
Look at the house
they got on bridlepath.
I never even been up there.
And then I told myself,
"doesn't he deserve that?"
You know, when he was born, I...
something in me just said,
"This is wrong".
And then I was trying to tell myself
that the feelings were wrong,
That it was... that it was
the right thing to do.
And I tried calling them once, to change
my mind, but you only have three weeks,
And it was one past, so I just...
it's... I mean, it was
the right thing to do.
It was just the right thing to do, but...
Terry, I'm so sorry.
No. No. No. No.
I'm the one who left.
I'm the one who spent
the last two years a mess.
But you...
you don't have a thing
to be sorry for.
Except for maybe hooking up
with me in the first place.
But I'm here now.
And if you'll let me,
I want to make this work.
Does he have a name?
I don't know.
Well, what were you gonna name him?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Can we just do one last thing?
Come on, sweetie.
Terry, I don't think
it's such a good idea.
You said they were nice people.
Nice people aren't gonna say no.
Hi, Jessie. Uh...
What's this about?
It-It's Andrew, right?
Hey, look, Andrew,
I'm-I'm Terry.
I- I'm the father of...
Look, I... look, I know
this is a bit weird,
but we just...
we just wanted to know
If we could see... if we could see
our baby. Your baby,I mean.
Absolutely not. It was never
part of the arrangement, so, uh...
Andrew, who is it?
Let's just go.
It's, uh...
Hi, jessie.
It's all right, Andrew.
Is everything okay?
Well, you look so...
so happy. That's great.
Thanks to you and your decision.
So, uh, what'd you name him?
What's that? Jewish?
- Irish.
- Nice.
Yeah. Well...
Listen, I think it's, uh...
well, it's about time
to wrap it up, okay?
Can I hold him?
- Oh, uh...
- I don't...
I don't think we're comfortable.
Please, I'm never gonna...
I'm never gonna see him again.
I just want to...
just once before we go.
- Please?
- Okay.
- Just watch his head.
- Okay.
- You got him?
- Yeah.
Huh, Terry?
I... I think...'s time for Owen
to come home.
Well, Terry,
what are you talking about?
- Okay. Andrew...
- Yeah, yeah. It's okay.
Okay, you have exactly one minute
to get the hell out of our house.
No, I'm sorry, but
Jessie's changed her mind.
Isn't that right, Jessie?
- No, I-I...
- Jessie.
Jessie, okay, you had
your three weeks, okay, Jessie?
It's, it's the law.
Right, you can look it up.
You are so young.
You can have another baby.
We already have a baby.
And we're not leaving without him.
Yes, you are. Yes, you are.
Hey! Once we get a lawyer...
lawyer? Wait a minute.
Okay, I am a lawyer, all right?
You're going to do what?
What lawyer do you have?
You think you're so much
better than me.
- Okay, I...
- calm down.
Okay, I... I just think I've spent
more time with the baby,
and that makes me more of
a father to him than you are.
You want to see what kind
of father I am? Huh?
Terry, stop it!
- Andrew!
- Get the hell out of our house, okay?!
No! Not without our boy.
- No, Terry!
- Go get Owen!
Operator 911?
- Move!
- Listen, you're upset.
- I've been there, all right?
- You don't know me!
I know what it's like, okay?
I know what it's like to want a child
more than anything else...
- Shut up! - It makes you do
crazy things, it does, okay?
You don't know me! Shut up!
Terry, there's a two-way alarm
in the nursery, okay?
The police are going to
hear everything you say.
Shut up!
Get the hell out of my house.
I'm sorry.
Okay, we've got a home
invasion in progress.
Unis are on their way, and it sounds like
there's a child on the scene.
Winnie, let's hear the live feed
from the home security.
Patch that through.
- Cindy!
- You get out of my house!
Is he okay?
I got their car keys.
- Oh, my god!
- Let's get Owen.
No, no! We-We can't do that.
You see this?
Why shouldn't this be us?
Andrew, help me!
We-we just want to make sure
the baby's okay, Cindy.
You tell me my husband's okay!
What did you do to him?
Cindy, open the door!
Less lethal all around.
No tasers, no gas.
Wait for weapons on my go, and nothing,
repeat, nothing. Till we get a 20 on that baby.
Cindy, open the door!
Sounds like it's escalating.
We've got to move fast on scene.
- Spike, Lewis, approach on black.
- Copy that.
- Got it.
- Jessie, get out!
You get out! Get out!
Cindy, we're not going to
hurt you, okay?
Donna, Wordy, you've got white.
- Where is andrew?!
- Shields on everyone.
Where is he?
Winnie, it sounds like the homeowners
know who the invaders are.
Let's see what their connection is.
Why the care for the child?
Homeowners are Andrew
and Cindy greenwood.
Checking for a Terry
and Jessie now.
The police can hear everything.
They're on their way.
They're coming. No!
Get away from that!
We just lost audio, folks
No, please, please,
please don't do this.
Okay? Okay? It's not safe for him.
What, do you think
I'm going to hurt him?
He's my boy.
Give him to me, please, okay?
No, no. No, no, no, no.
- Give us our boy, now!
- Cindy!
You want to see Andrew again,
give us our baby!
Give him to me, okay?
See? He needed his mommy.
Okay, baby.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay,
okay. We've got to go.
What do we need? What do we need?
What do we need?
Um, uh... I don't know.
I don't know. What do we need?
- What do we need?
- Okay. Okay, okay.
It's cold. You'll have to
put him in this.
Okay. You need a blanket.
You take this one.
I just washed it.
And a bottle.
Greenwoods just went through an adoption.
Took official custody two months ago.
Can't get the name of the biological mother,
Maybe two more minutes.
That's why the concern. It's hers.
Jessie, look at me, Jessie.
Please don't do this.
You can come and see him
whenever you want.
You can come every day,
I swear to god.
We can work something out.
I'm sorry, Cindy, but he needs
to be with his mommy.
He needs to be with people
that really love him. Okay?
We do. We do, we love him.
Come on, baby, we got to go now.
- We've got to go right now.
- No, no, no, Jessie, no.
Flashpoint SO2 EPO5 (9)
Go, go, go, go, go.
Got their car keys; let's go.
Team, neighbors just called
in Greenwoods' minivan
silver, light gray bmw,
just pulled away.
I got 'em right here
in the intersection.
If they run, we ram 'em
before they leave the scene.
Copy that.
Donna, possible baby on board.
Stand down, stand down. The baby.
Terry, no!
Team one, we've got
a vehicular pursuit.
Standard formation to start, but if there is
a baby on board, it changes everything.
- Sabine, you good to go?
- I'm on it.
I'm gps'ing the area now.
Okay, if they have the baby,
we're limited here.
No road spikes, no collisions,
no shooting out the tires.
Unis at the house confirm
baby has been taken.
Ed, how about a rolling roadblock?
Negative, we got a school zone coming up.
- Can you make contact?
- Copy.
Winnie, I need to know
who these folks are.
Okay. Two names. Jessie Wyeth
and Terry, no surname yet.
Wyeth's 19, biological mother.
Gave her baby up two months ago.
Possible postpartum depression,
separation anxiety, maybe psychosis.
How about the male?
Nothing yet; I'm on it.
Okay, does she have parents
of her own we can contact?
Wyeth's mother's listed as
deceased three years ago. Overdose.
No father I can find.
This girl is alone except for
that guy and this baby.
They're turning on to bayview.
What's going on?
What do you think is going on?
They're still coming.
Fine, let 'em come, give us a nice police
escort right to the lawyer's office.
What lawyer, Terry?
Terry, what lawyer?!
Krugman. We'll go see him!
No, You still owe him
for the last time, remember?!
The robbery thing.
It wasn't robbery, it was
theft under a thousand.
- Shh...
- Porter. We can see if she can help.
No, she said you couldn't
call her anymore.
You know, if we're
going to be a family,
you're going to have to have
this stuff thought out, Terry.
I'm thinking!
Don't scream.
You're scaring him.
It's the police.
You tell them we're not getting out
of this van until we got a lawyer.
Hi. My name is
sergeant Gregory Parker.
I'm with the police
strategic response unit.
Am I speaking with Jessie Wyeth?
Yes. I'm so sorry, you're
gonna have to speak up here.
Oh, it sounds like you've
got your hands full over there.
That's a hungry cry.
- How do you know?
- I'll never forget that sound.
Your baby wants a bottle.
- What's your baby's name?
- His name is Owen.
So what do you say, Jessie?
- Shh! It's okay, baby.
- We all stop, Get owen some formula?
Maybe you could tell us
your side of things?
No, we-we have the formula
in the diaper bag.
But Terry says we can't stop
until we have a lawyer.
Okay, I can work on that,
but it'll be a lot easier for me to do
if we aren't speeding down the highway.
Be safer too, for Owen.
Terry, I think we should stop.
What's he saying to you? Whatever
he's saying, you know he's lying.
No, he's just saying we should stop.
It'd be safe for Owen.
Yeah. And then we stop, and they get him,
and where do you think he's going?
You wanna call tami
and ask her right now?
No. He's not going to tami.
Yeah, 'cause I'm not going to let
that happen! Now hang up the phone!
- Terry...
- Hang up the phone!
Okay. I'm-I'm sorry.
Jessie, don't hang up.
Please, we need a lawyer.
shh. It's okay.
All right, let's go to plan b.
Lewis, you ready with
that gps launcher?
Yes, sir.
Spike, get in position.
Aim for the rear bumper.
Copy that.
If we can make this work,
Lew, we can back off.
Donna, we're the distraction, on my go.
Go now.
What are they doing?
Jessie, I think we're done...
Terry, look!
They're gonna shoot!
They're gonna kill us!
Cover's blown, Lewis.
You got no time.
Take the shot, Lew.
Hold on to Owen! Hold on!
What are they doing?!
We have a baby!
Got it.
It's holding, boss. All good.
- Signal's up.
- All right.
We got him tagged with the gps.
Let's see where he's going...
Spike, I'm gonna fall back.
Copy that.
We're gonna pull back, let them
slow down, and keep that baby safe.
Copy that.
Copy. Falling back.
Jess, it's okay, we lost 'em.
I think we need to stop this.
All I want is
what everybody wants.
I know. I want that, too,
but, I mean...
All that time I was away,
all I could think of was you.
Us and him all together.
Where were you, Terry?
What did you do?
Boss, the girl listed a "Terry Dornan"
as next of kin on her hospital form.
That's great, Winnie. Go ahead.
If this is him, he's got a record,
and a long history of violence.
Listen to this.
Terry Sebastian Dornan,
20 years old.
Last few months.
He was in jail for assault.
On the 15th of june, police were
called to 1678 ossington,
where mr. Dornan and an acquaintance,
Kurt Lawford, shared an apartment.
Upon arriving, police noted blood
on the walls, floor, and ceiling...
Jess, I can do this for you and him,
but I just want to do one more thing.
- I really think we should stop now, Terry.
- Please, just one more thing.
Then we'll go downtown
and we'll turn ourselves in.
Okay, one more thing.
Boss, we lost 'em.
I see 'em.
I'm taking the off-Ramp.
Okay, team, let's take
the next exit and look back.
I just want to do one thing
as a family, Jess.
It'll be great. You'll see.
Team, any eyes on the subject?
Winnie, you still trying that number?
No answer last four times.
Okay, keep trying.
Anything else on dornan?
Background, family, anything?
Both parents are dead.
Though they didn't die together.
Mother died. Looks like
some sort of car accident.
He was four.
Father. I'm just getting
a date almost a year later.
After that, I'm getting
multiple addresses for Dornan.
Over ten. Till he was 18.
Yeah, those aren't relatives,
those are foster homes.
Let's keep looking, guys.
Terry, what are we doing?
Terry, we can't go in there.
Just trust me. It's gonna be great.
He's gonna love it.
Look, we're okay.
Boss, I got her.
Here she is.
Jessie, hey,
it's Greg Parker again.
I'm really glad to hear
that you're okay.
So where are you?
We're at...
we're safe, okay.
We're gonna turn ourselves in.
We just need to do this one thing.
Owen's still hungry, huh?
How you coming with that formula?
I don't know how to make it.
I should know this!
What am I doing?
Jessie, you know who was born
knowing this stuff?
Having a baby, that's one thing,
but taking care of him, honey,
that's something else.
You can't do it on the run.
Yeah, well, if I was a real mother,
You know, I would have learned.
I wouldn't have just given him up.
Or-Or you knew
what your baby would need
and you made sure he got it,
like a real mother would.
So, Jessie, why don't you
tell me where you are?
We're at the northern dreampark, okay?
- Yeah. - We're almost done. And
then we're coming in downtown.
- Okay, Jessie, just stay on the line.
- I gotta go.
Eddie, northern dreampark.
Copy that.
- Let's step on it, folks.
- Ready?
- Terry, can we go now?
- Yeah.
What's this?
It's just one last thing.
Oh! I know exactly where it is.
He's gonna love it.
Terry, come on.
- Please?
- Let's just go.
Come on.
I can't wait for you to
see this. And Owen, too.
Winnie, Jessie mentioned a "tami,"
Some connection to dornan.
- Find out what it is.
- I'm on it.
What do you think?
Yeah, it's pretty.
Come on. Come on.
All right, I'm sierra one.
Spike and Lewis, alpha team,
west side of the park.
Wordy, Donna, east side of
the park, bravo team.
Look, Dornan may not be armed,
but he's violent and he's unstable,
so tasers if we can.
What about long range?
Rubber bullets.
That baby is the priority.
If he gives us no choice,
we do what we got to do.
- Clear. - Clear.
- I don't think...
Guys, get going.
Donna, you got a problem?
No, I'm good.
- You sure?
- Yep.
Let's go!
- You all right?
- Yeah. You good?
- Yeah, cool.
- All right.
Here, give him to me.
- Please?
- You sure?
Okay, okay, Terry
- Watch his head, watch his head.
- I got it, I got it, I got it.
Okay, team, keep me posted.
Nothing yet, boss.
No joy here, either.
- Go down here?
- Yeah.
You know, when your daddy
was almost four,
his mommy and his daddy came here.
And your daddy, well, he thought
the whole world lived in this park.
And at the center of this world was
the most beautiful thing he had ever seen:
Horses and families
and everybody together.
Eddie, I'm about to
talk to this tami,
see what more we can
get on our subject here.
If you see him,
let me know right away.
Copy that.
No, I've spent more time in court with
him than all my other kids combined.
What'd he do now?
How long did he live with you?
Two years. The time he was
16 to the time he walked out.
Can't say I was sorry.
That's quite a handful, huh?
No, a handful's what I'm used to.
You ever spend the night with a baby who's
not getting his crack from mommy's milk?
That I'm used to.
Now, when Terry came, everybody said,
"Look, this is a really hard one. "
And I said, "yeah, hard or not,
every kid wants love,
and that I've got to give. "
Okay. So what made him different?
Look, no kid likes a foster home.
Every kid wants to believe that someday,
mommy and daddy are gonna come back
And everything's gonna be better.
Well, Terry never even had that.
His mother dead from that accident,
and then his father.
I don't know. Maybe you just
never get over something like that.
What happened to his father?
Oh, and this one,
this one...
this was my favorite.
I'd never forget it.
And my daddy...
hey, you know what his name was?
It was Owen.
Just like you, buddy.
There's nothing in quadrant e-2.
No dice in w-4.
Need a better vantage point.
Thank you.
Sierra one in position.
No sign. Hold on. Hold on.
At the carousel. Bravo team,
that's closest to you.
- There it is.
- Okay.
Wordy, Donna, stealth approach.
Alpha team, what's your 20?
Alpha team's on the move,
but we're far!
I didn't cry.
Well, you were four, Terry.
He's just a baby.
Give him to me.
I thought we were gonna
go downtown together.
Yeah, we will.
Then what are they doing here?
Terry, I'm sorry.
When I go to jail,
you'll probably never
see me again, right?
You'll just give me up.
we were supposed to be together!
Supposed to?
Terry, we did all of this together!
He's escalating.
And he's got the baby.
You know, maybe it doesn't matter
how much we want it.
We have to think about what
he needs, okay? Give him to me!
It's too late!
- Give him to me!
- No!
- He's seen us.
- Cover's blown. We're in pursuit.
Wordy, on the girl.
Donna, follow the male.
Spike and Lew, get to the carousel.
- I got him.
- You got him?
Splitting up.
Stay right there! Stay right there!
Stay right there!
- I gotta go! I gotta go! I gotta go!
- Okay, I know, I know, I know, I know.
I can't let him go!
I need you to calm down. Okay?
I need... listen. I know. Easy, easy.
- Wordy, Wordy, go with donna. Go
with donna. I got her. I got her.
I don't know what he's gonna do!
Donna, wait on my go.
Boss, he's headed for the stairs
and he's got the baby.
Eddie, stop him.
- He's too far to tase.
- Then go lethal.
- Rubber bullets?
- That might not do it, Ed.
If he makes it up there,
that baby could die!
Copy that.
I don't have a clear shot.
Sabine, do you have the solution?
Sabine, you have scorpio,
take the shot.
Negative, no solution.
The baby's in jeopardy.
He's going up the coaster, but he can't
go anyplace once he's at the top.
Yes, he can. He can go the way
his father went, Ed.
He can jump.
Donna, Wordy, wait on my lead.
- Copy.
- Copy.
Hey, Terry, hey, wait up, buddy.
It's me, Greg Parker,
I want to help you.
- I have to get up there! I have to get up
there! - Listen, there's nothing you can do
- up there but put yourself in danger.
- Please...
He has my baby!
Hey. It's me, Greg.
Come on.
Hold up a second.
Hey. I just want to talk to you.
It's okay.
It's all right.
You get her out of here.
I made her do this.
She shouldn't have to see this.
What's "this"? What do you mean?
Hey, can I talk to you for a second?
Just man to man. What do you say?
Know what I see?
I see a guy who's trying to
do the right thing,
But suddenly finds himself
in the wrong place.
Is-Is that close?
I'll bet you... you don't even
want to be up here.
In fact, I bet you can't imagine
why you're even up here.
What, do you think I'm stupid?
No, I think you got feelings.
I think you got big, gigantic feelings,
the kind that just come out of
your stomach and make you feel like,
"what do you do?" sometimes.
And you've never had anybody in your life
to teach you about those feelings,
to help you with those feelings,
and that's not fair.
Oh. Oh, I have lots of people.
Loads of families.
- A different one every year.
- Sure.
But they've never been
your real family.
What's going on? Is he...?
It's under control.
My ma died when I was just four.
I know.
Yeah? You know what happened
to my old man?
- You know that, too?
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.
That's... that's why
I want to help you.
Five years old.
And ma's dead not a year.
And we go up to the top
of our building.
Hey, just stay with me, buddy.
Just stay with me.
And I remember...
...he puts me down by the door...
...and he gives me a piece of paper.
I can't read.
I don't know what's on it.
And I'm just standing there,
looking up at my dad... he walks to the edge.
Terry, you're not your father.
You're your own person.
So, what's wrong with me?
What is wrong with me?!
Nothing's wrong.
Still have the solution, but no way to take
him out without the baby going over, too.
Copy that.
All I want is what everybody gets.
What do you want? You tell me.
I want my family.
I want to come home and
they're there every day, no matter what.
I want my little boy to look at me...
and say, "daddy, don't leave. "
And I'd say, "I would never. "
You've got it.
You've got it. You've already got it.
You've got... you've got Jessie.
She loves you.
She loves you. She wants you to
come back down safe, you and Owen.
Oh, my god. He's bleeding.
- No, no, no, Terry.
- What am I doing?
It's okay. It's just your hand.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Look at what I'm going to
do every time.
- Won't I?
- No, no.
It doesn't have to go that way.
It doesn't have to go that way.
Come on. Come on.
It's going to be okay.
No. You were the one who
told Jessie he was hungry.
No. You were the one who
told jessie he was hungry.
That's right.
Probably still is hungry.
Why don't we go
feed him together? Come on.
We'll go feed him together, okay?
Come on.
Come on. That's it.
That's it.
Okay, thank you.
Team, be ready.
You take care of him for me.
You bet.
Come here.
Here we go.
Here we go.
- Careful. I got him.
- That's it.
- I got him.
- I'm sorry.
- Let go of him, Terry.
- I'm sorry.
No, you're not going anywhere.
You're not going anywhere.
Don't go, Terry. Don't go, Terry.
Don't go. Terry, don't go.
Don't go, my man.
Don't go, my man.
Don't. Don't.
No, no!
No, don't. No! Terry!
I'm sorry!
- We'll debrief. We'll debrief.
- All right.
- Later, all right?
- All right.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Good night.
There's a police officer over there.
He's ready to take a statement.
Did he say anything before he...
He said to "take care
of him for me. "
His dad wrote that.
In a note.
I have to take Owen now, Jessie.
His name is Liam.
It's all right.
"The subject's family
history made suicide likely...
...and the danger to
the infant was extreme. "
"I gave the order to take the shot.
"Constable sabine was
unable to do so and...
...the subject made it to
the structure and ascended. "
Donna, you have anything to add?
"At this point,
"Constables sabine and
wordsworth pursued the subject.
"There was a continuing of motion in which
the subject approached the structure... "
Hey. Tomorrow we're going to
do this debrief again,
And you are going to tell
the boss what really happened.
'Cause, Donna, the only thing that is more
dangerous than a cop who shoots too fast.
Now, you had the shot
and I saw it.
- You saw it?
- Yeah.
Well, where were you, then?
Because where I was, I was pointing a gun
at a scared kid with a baby in his hands.
- We got an order.
- You questioned the order.
Yeah, I did. But the boss
had information we didn't have.
I asked a question, and then I did my job,
like a member of this team is supposed to.
All right?
Are you a member of this team?
That's good.
Does this job get any easier?