The Perfect Host (2010) Movie Script

Open the cash register.
Shut up, open the fucking box.
Shut up.
Hey you. Come here.
Your wallet. Throw it to the floor.
- Come on!
- Come, come!
Put it in a bag whore.
- Paper or plastic?
- Plastic.
Hey, come back here.
Look, lady, I do not care
shit, I do, okay?
Do what you have
to do, just let me out of it.
You think I'm a lady?
- Are not you?
- Do not you think that'll shoot you in the face?
I hope not.
Drop it.
- What?
- That shit that you bring, let her go.
It is the last bottle, I need it.
Drop it.
- I have a bleeding foot.
- I have a fucking gun.
Who will pay for that?
Give me my wallet.
... convicted of assault and robbery,
Caucasian 33, broke the window
leaving me behind.
Police have released images
Security camera ...
Hands up, you idiot!
Drop the gun.
Drop the gun!
- Drop it now!
- Okay.
Want to fuck me?
Out of my store!
- Get off my car!
- What Car?
You are seated.
I was in toilet.
So far police estimate
a bounty of $ 300,000.
Taylor, caucasian 33 years, leads
a 1980 model Buick Brown,
plates K-R-S-4-2-7.
police who asked to identify
Taylor or his vehicle,
contact local authorities.
In other news ...
Hello, sorry to bother you.
I am new to Los Angeles y. ..
going to meet a friend
with whom I stay ...
I have just been assaulted and took my
phone, wallet, and I was wounded.
Lord I saw the sign in its window and
I wondered if I could pass y. ..
use your phone and get ready.
I know how it should sound.
Still the Lord then?
Yes, imagine how relieved I felt
when I saw the sign in its window.
But do not use the cross.
No, unfortunately I was
torn during the robbery.
Maybe you have another next Christmas.
I do not understand, I am a Christian.
Maybe, but certainly not follow
We do not celebrate Christmas and
not recognize the cross, wolf.
Dear Warwick, I'm in
Sidney and I love sunny ...
love Julia.
Yeah, you Warwick?
Warwick, yes.
Who is it?
Hi Warwick, I am John,
friend Julia.
She's not here now.
Yes, I know, I just leave it in Sydney.
What I can do for you?
Well, I'm in a mess.
I just arrived in the country, and
airport lost my luggage
and above all I was assaulted.
Oh, my God.
If planning to stay with
my cousin and now there's nobody home.
If ...
Look, would not normally do
something, but ...
... Julia not stop talking
on the great person you are,
was going to call anyway
I thought ...
I thought maybe I could go
and fix the issues.
You are my last resort.
I ... I love to help but ...
I expect people to dinner.
I'd be doing a
great favor.
Okay, no hard feelings.
Maybe another time.
- John?
- Yes.
Sorry, I do not forgive Julia,
Sure you can spend.
- You must be exhausted. I'm Warwick.
- John.
Can I get you something to drink?
Mineral water, wine?
Yes, wine.
- Red or white?
- Red.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
- Linda home.
- Thanks.
Please take a seat.
Okay, thanks.
- And how was Australia.
- Oh, great.
Beautiful, the beaches are amazing,
I wish I could have stayed longer.
Travel. One of the real
pleasures of life.
And then what do you do when
not traveling?
I do this and that.
I do not know what to call it.
We all have so many options
these days, right?
And then? How are you
Okay, very, very well.
How do you feel about returning
to work?
- Well, well.
- I'm surprised.
The last time he spoke
on leave.
You know, did not talk much
about it.
Do not blame her, I could not
with that work. Could you?
No, I could not.
Hey, I need to keep an eye
the dinner would you ...?
Yeah, right.
- Have you lived here a long time?
- A while.
Do you live alone?
In case you need to use the phone.
You said you had to fix things.
Thank you.
I'll call you later.
- No luck?
- No.
- Carrots?
- No, I'm fine, thanks.
I hate to ask, could you pass here
another half hour ...
... Until my cousin again
I know I'm teasing,
but it is one of those days.
Yeah, right. Sit back, relax,
solve this.
Tell you what, call the airport
and see if I can locate your luggage.
I would not worry about it.
I left my cousin's information
and said they would call.
- But your cousin is not home, do you?
- Prima.
Your cousin is not.
If you press these people,
will be the last to receive anything.
- What airline was it?
- Quantus.
Hello. I communicate with luggage
Quantus lost at LAX, please.
Yeah, hi. Looking for a luggage ...
- Do you have the receipt for the suitcase?
- No, I was in my wallet.
No, it does not.
What is your name?
Did John Jones?
My parents ...
- It's Jones.
- ... Not very creative.
If, Sydney.
I see.
They have no name Jones.
- What?
- Your luggage, describe.
Wait a minute.
Black suitcase, medium, a ribbon
red on the handle.
Well, if I describe the luggage ...
When will it return?
- This person does not want to deal with me.
- Do not worry, hang up.
Do not worry.
He says the supervisor will return in
an hour, how your cousin is already at home?
I do not know, she did not expect
going to surprise her.
This gets very complicated.
What if you stay for dinner?
You can call the supervisor
in an hour. What do you think?
I think it's a great idea. Thank you.
Okay, I'll call you.
Thank you.
Well, it's fixed.
Now, I need to prepare,
feel at home
no more wine in the kitchen
I'll go for a moment.
- John?
- Yes.
Tell me, I know what you and
Julia did in Sydney.
Do not forget any details.
Just hang out.
How did you meet?
For a mutual friend.
We met at a party
- But they spent time together.
- If we did some traveling,
I wished I could spend more time
with it is a great girl.
Yes. Does she suggested that I
- If you thought that we'd get along well.
- Is typical of Julia.
- It's strange too.
- What?
I talked to her 2 days ago
and do not mention it.
Very strange, maybe I forgot.
It is unlikely, she always
tells me everything. It's weird.
Do not mention at all.
I hope you mention me
the next time they speak.
You're right, we will
I'll get the phone.
Julia sure you do not realize that
we are both here.
I think it is 9 am
Sydney should be awake.
Guess what? I do
yoga on Wednesdays.
I do not know if he's there.
But not Wednesday.
It's Thursday morning there, right?
You're right. Van later
It's Thursday.
Is ringing.
Answering machine.
Hi Jules, I am, I'm here
Who greets you. He had a trip
I wish I had said was coming.
In preparation. Whatever.
I hope you are well, call me
when you can. Goodbye.
You should still be asleep.
I continue cooking.
Get comfortable.
My guests will not be long.
- Are you okay?
- Good.
- Where is your bathroom?
- Sure, here.
Down the hall, second door
to the left.
Thank you.
What? You're limping.
I had a sprained ankle
is still healing.
Oh, sprained ankle
This is not good, John.
Were you drunk, John?
Come on, admit it.
I have been giving
red wine tonight.
I am a man of white wine.
The red is hard on my body.
Too rustic.
In addition to stained teeth.
Have you been to Romania?
They drink much wine and all
have red teeth.
Or maybe eat much red meat,
I do not know but have red teeth
Those are the Romanians.
Who's Coming to Dinner?
Only old friends.
What do they do?
One is an artist, journalist,
Will you advocate?
Yes. Roman.
It's brilliant
I say that should change
sides, start your own practice
make more money, but it will not.
Matter of principle.
Is a tax attorney?
God, no. He is a prosecutor. Work in
the District Attorney's Office.
Very talented.
You planned a dinner
very nice.
I ... I'm exhausted.
I think I'll go.
I am very tired.
My cousin should be in
home now.
No, do not be ridiculous.
I can not leave you helpless.
Oh no, I will not ruin your dinner.
I'm tired and I'm not that interesting
and guests will have.
No, sit, sit.
It will be an informal dinner.
A little wine, light conversation,
not have to do anything.
My guests are very funny.
Trust me.
You will be captivated.
And then what time
it all starts.
It is assumed that at 8 but as
usual, will come later.
... several robberies including one
$ 300.000 ...
It is so hard to be punctual.
... an unidentified woman ...
A matter of hours,
make a list.
It's not that hard.
Can you keep quiet
in time?
Is flat. It's simple.
- Management planning.
- ... A robbery at an art gallery ...
Shut the fuck up!
Excuse me?
You can be friends with Julia
but do not allow that language ...
... I think it will be better
you go.
There's your fucking Julia.
... a man probably responsible
of a bank robbery this afternoon
an employee identified as the
Los Angeles resident John Taylor,
Taylor went to a branch
First National Bank,
assaulted a cashier and left
with an estimated $ 300,000.
Taylor has previous convictions
for assault and armed robbery,
was last seen leaving
a store in Silver Lake,
police warns that it is very
dangerous and nobody should be approached.
In other news Commissioner
corruption ...
I do not care if you smoke.
Do you mind if I smoke?
Do not kill me, I'll have dinner.
I'll cut your throat, you'll
in the bath, I'll eat your food,
and sleep in your bed.
Do you understand?
I want you to take the phone call
your friends and tell them to fuck.
Rupert, I,
if you know you're delayed
no matter, I must cancel.
I have ... a terrible migraine.
Yeah, you could call
others and apologize for me?
No, no. All is well,
I'll see you tomorrow.
Good boy.
Oh, my God.
You ...
... You're bleeding.
I can deal with it ..
please let me ... some water ...
What the hell are you doing?
Cleaning your dirty mess.
I'm not playing
Do you understand?
- News?
- Oh yes.
You must be devastated.
Yes, but get over it.
- Hey was brutal.
- There will be 5 games the next season.
I hope you did not bet money.
That would be illegal.
- What is that?
- Statements by witnesses.
Do we track a witness?
If the cashier. It's who identified
Taylor says he was in several
Taylor has no account, one would
because he liked it.
Asked her out at least
3 times
she received a number
and never called, John stopped going.
Until today.
Is your home phone.
I think that
or is an idiot, o. ..
the game was romantic
alibi to study the bank.
Well, he's an idiot anyway
not give someone your phone
and then steal.
Wore a wig
and sunglasses.
That was ingenious.
Why did you do?
Do what?
Why not win honestly?
I do not care, alone,
I have curiosity.
All the money is spent.
Do you know what the hell?
I'm just saying.
Stealing is not the answer.
Okay, so things will be.
I'll kill you
It will be a difficult decision.
But if you're ready,
may change his mind.
To begin with, you will keep your
ignorant opinions to yourself.
Because I do not know.
If you follow my instructions,
and you get out of my way to morning
will not get hurt.
Just help me
Do you understand?
I told them I was going to prepare duck.
They knew it was a special night.
Be here.
They are so unreliable.
I always arrive early.
I'm always on time.
I received many calls,
tasks, we left late.
I'm so sorry, Warwick,
we are tired, we can not go.
It is a scoundrel,
Yes, Rupert and I have seen 2 times
I can not wait for the DVD.
Why do not you see?
Seriously, you should go.
Well, Rupert, as well imitate.
- Sorry.
- I have not seen ...
Monica, are you okay?
Sorry Rupert.
Sorry about that.
Hey everyone.
This is our new friend, John.
Say hello to John.
Hi John.
Missed a moment.
- Are you okay?
- We were worried about you.
If we were.
- Were what?
- Worried about you.
Take your damn hands
Fuck you!
Were you hungry, Rupert.
I swallow, little piggy.
Then Roman,
Any good event recently?
John is interested in the process
in the judicial process.
You know I can
talk about that, Warwick.
It is unethical.
Come on. Just us.
Among these 4 walls.
It is so boring, Roman.
After all we have
real criminal here at this table.
Are you new to Los Angeles, John?
Yes, just arrived from Sydney, Australia.
- Very good friend.
- Chelsea, please.
Get a grip please.
Monica and I went to this exhibition
Caravaggio, did last week?
Ah, yes, how was it?
There are only a few pieces, but have 2
different illuminations
of each painting.
A colorless,
the other ...
If illuminated paintings
detail, thrilling.
I think I have no Caravaggio.
- When painted?
- About 1600.
An interesting character indeed.
It was a pervert and a murderer.
- What was it?
- Well, yes, but other than that ...
Embarrass most
the current criminal.
Sounds creepy.
I think I have a book
somewhere. Wait.
I'll see if I find it.
I love that.
Here it is.
Oh, God. Chelsea.
All right. All right.
Here we go.
John. John!
Yes, I know, poor creature.
Are you going to apologize to Chelsea?
Excuse me?
The Demolitions and
Sorry. Did not see you.
So John, what
of new and interesting?
What is new is that I'm sitting
a bloody lunatic.
There's nothing interesting about it.
I've had worse days
that, Warwick.
Look at this.
I like it.
From midnight.
You know, Roman, I'm beginning
to get your taste.
And the end.
John nervously
a place for you on each page.
Do we record this?
- You mean a. ..
- Strips of the month.
Whatever you
is down.
All right. Call quarter
evidence, tell them to come down.
You're the most beautiful creature in which
has settled my eyes, exquisite.
Sure you tell them that
all the girls.
You're a womanizer.
You are different, you are special.
How I can believe you?
It's true. Many women have
traveled the road to Warwick,
interesting ways.
We can not blame them,
for the love that I share.
I know, but what about Julia?
- She is in Australia.
- But you're with her, she is ...
is ...
She is the boat of the night
loving daughter of the universe,
My heart stops
flicker before you.
Do not brake
come to Warwick.
I'm very boring, Warwick,
there are other people here.
Oh, I forgot.
Are not all fun?
I can not speak for all but
I'm having great.
Warwick, did not have the
last party at Super 8?
You're right, we do.
I will show.
Roman, come, help me
1, 2, 3.
I wish you had been, you missed
a tremendous party.
I myself did the hair
and makeup.
It's so beautiful.
So beautiful.
Pellzcame, Roman,
I have a party.
Hello you.
They're all here. Everyone is here
and here they all are.
Rupert, keep these people busy
or I'll have you busy for you.
Hello, Chelsea.
Is not it great?
I was worried that
no one would come but this is great.
Are you having fun?
Courage, John, is a party.
It does not look very happy.
You only need to enter
the holiday spirit.
Chelsea, Rupert, come here.
1, 2, 3. Champagne!
Hey, John.
Oh, yes.
It's almost time, huh?
Would you feel photogenic.
Warwick, can I join I can
the conga line?
What if I can join
the conga line.
I think we have a few minutes.
But you have to drink
cocktail if you want to stay in shape.
- What's in?
- Do you want it or not?
Well, whatever you want, I must
prepare for the photo.
I drink.
Hey Rupert, make a cocktail for John.
I think you're ready,
John. Conga!
John, look what you've done.
Causes a heap.
Hey you, not even
see you there.
Why, if I'm good.
What? yes, I love you.
Yes, I love you!
Say it again. Thank you.
To you I've been waiting for.
Come on, shake.
Give it to me.
How much did you drink?
Get away from me. You're a whore.
Hey, how have you been?
Yes. No, it was better than
expected. It turned out well.
No, it was great.
It's a great party.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Everyone, everyone.
- So you have fun?
- Yes I did.
Sorry to Teri and Adam, they always
a bouquet of flowers when they come.
All right.
- Will I stay here tonight?
- I thought you would.
Have you got tired of me?
- No. Not yet.
- Good.
Oh, that reminds me ...
Okay, okay.
All right.
Hello, sir. Wilson, sorry
I was not sure if he was here.
His friend ... Are you
Okay, okay.
It's a little drunk.
He has been in his character
- What do you mean by character?
- We had a costume party.
Oh, God.
He plays his character
jumping into the pool.
It has become boring.
I was suffering,
by the sound they made.
No, I've said no
mix wines.
I'm so sorry
the bothering.
But I think it's over
I promise that there will be more noise.
- Well, if all is well.
- Yeah, thanks, I'm sorry.
- You will have to excuse me.
- Yeah, I quit.
Take care of yourself.
- Okay, is that you drank too much.
- Excuse me, anything else?
Are you sure he's
It seems to take off the mask.
Thank God! I have tried
do it all night.
It is very drunk, I think it's time
you go to bed, and me too.
If nothing more ...
- I guess not.
- Okay.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Come to bed, John.
What if I go and call the police?
What will you do?
Warwick probably
will collapse
is not the best
mastermind of the world.
Shut up!
-What you should be thinking ...
- But what if the police come ...
Shut up!
As you should be worried
Warwick, is your foot.
I think that needs attention.
Attention. Yes.
I'll get your foot bleeding
stop leak in my apartment
once and for all.
Not covered.
I told you already.
- It is an elective procedure?
- Love, I'll be fine.
Not good. It's a damn
Can you go to work tomorrow?
Yes, I'll be fine.
You can not keep taking it.
They damage your body pain
your liver collapse.
Okay, doctor.
This is horrible.
I get money.
Hey, come here.
Please, love, come here.
You will not rob anyone.
It just will not happen.
I've done before.
If you went to prison and why.
I will not enter.
Everything will be fine.
Both are very good.
I can not decide.
Which do you prefer?
I'll decide later.
What will you do me?
Good move, Roman.
- Warwick. Warwick please listen to me.
- I hear you.
Please do not do this, Warwick.
Please let me go.
Warwick, I'll do anything.
- Warwick.
- I would not do that, Roman.
Every action has a reaction
equal and opposite, John.
That's physics.
It is the law of nature.
Oh, sweet.
Do not cry.
What I can do
to make you feel better?
Please let me go.
Please do not kill me.
You are my guest,
and I'm glad you're here.
But you can only blame
And then where is it?
It's in Bangkok.
It is planning to go to Hanoi
not yet been decided.
Who has not decided?
Who is she?
She's the girl you met at
Australia, silly.
I've never been to Australia, Warwick.
You mean you lied?
Yes. I lied.
It speaks well
your character.
And you're Julia, Warwick.
You're Julia.
Roman, Rupert, Monica.
All are you, Warwick.
The fascinating thing about John is that I have
others to attend,
I can not be a
inattentive host.
Does anyone fancy a final cocktail?
Monica ? Oh, I forgot,
Do you prefer a dessert wine, coffee?
Go ahead.
Rupert ?
Keep the bottle to Roman.
Now what?
Now it's time to silence
John, it means ...
reflection, silence,
It is very entertaining.
Even I am your guest, right?
Of course you are.
Well ...
What do you think?
Wait ...
If you win, I give you freedom.
But what if I get lost?
You have my life, is not that enough?
- I can not give more than that, Warwick.
- Yes, indeed.
But that's what I have.
Have you ever played chess before?
- Yes, once or twice.
- Very good.
To tell me which piece to move,
you tell me a letter y. ..
... A corresponding number.
For example if you want to move the bishop
say ...
... Bishop to king-3.
Now I move my tower
Okay, and what is the best
That's the detail, do not control the
opponent's pieces, only yours.
But if you know your opponent, you know
if you play well, you can influence
the behavior of your opponent.
I see. If you listen and
pretend to be fascinated ...
that I teach chess
So will you love me?
Yeah, nice try
do not need anything.
No need to pretend interest.
What can you do to me?
What can you do?
The satisfaction of winning should
be enough for a man like you.
"To the victor goes the spoils."
- How would pamper me, John?
- I do not know. How would you like?
Let me think.
- King.
- Yes.
The whole game revolves around
the king.
It is the part with less power.
Their movements are limited,
Only then, one at a time.
Sometimes the pawn is the most
It is the most ordinary piece ...
is simple in its movement,
but used properly ...
can be fully
It may seem that you
but if you pay attention,
your opponent may surprise you ...
... A movement.
That's the beauty of this game.
I know you can do
when you lose.
- Yes.
- I turn to move, right?
- Yes, but okay.
- Queen G-6.
- Well, then, when you win ...
- Checkmate.
How did that happen?
How did you do that?
- We Warwick, untie.
- But he had the perfect reward.
You said that I would unleash
if he won, Warwick, come on.
Have you played this before.
You're a damned liar, Warwick.
I may be many things, John,
but something I'm not is a liar.
Feel free to leave.
You really are a
negligible small, eh, John?
Showed no conviction, no struggle.
I'd let them do what
wanted. That is just what I did.
In fact, I think I enjoyed it.
You are nothing.
You're disposable, forgettable
a replacement part.
You are nothing.
It is as if they existed.
What are you doing? John,
What do you do?
John, that down, John.
Stop please.
Treated me like an animal.
I get involved in your
sick world.
You took my dignity.
How dare you tell me
I'm nothing?
But it's true.
Hey, John.
Look at that piece of ass.
Love me!
Love me!
Warwick, know you have to take
two of these.
No, no
- He knows what he does.
- Really?
I know you like,
you never know when you go, Monica
but he needs to work
at work.
Morton, what do you want?
- Lieutenant, woke him up?
- No, I'm awake,
- Very early.
- Yes, I know, sorry.
Will want to see this.
Okay, it happens.
Come in, sit down,
I'm coming.
Now I'm sure.
John Taylor had help.
One of the cashiers was
- I can use your television?
- I have not.
Ah, I forgot.
Very good.
This is 3 weeks before the robbery.
Taylor comes in,
full of the deposit slips.
He is studying the bank.
That's it.
How do you know who is Taylor?
For the tattoo.
That's him.
According to the cashier
Simone De Marchi,
this woman
according to Simone, John enters
and asks her out,
but if you notice,
He is not even close.
Here is the time of the robbery,
John waiting in line,
the cashier tells you that happens,
but he will not, lets move on to the back.
- He hopes, why do it?
- Simone wants treats.
She rings the alarm
package does not
could have done
any of these things
or tell someone else.
He had every opportunity,
but does nothing.
And then this, a month ago
reservation for 2 weeks vacation.
- Guess when they start.
- Today.
He lied about what John was looking for ...
because I needed a reason
to identify it and tell us.
They are together.
Or were.
She gets the money.
He got caught.
Go girl.
Taylor Got clues?
Well, if we follow Simone
to find Taylor.
- You think you go to look?
- When he discovered what he did, yes.
Are you under surveillance?
If Valdez is running
outside your home.
An employee identified him as
resident of Los Angeles,
John Taylor ...
I want to check a reservation,
I will meet my wife at 9
want to make sure
everything is recorded.
- Name?
- Simone Pryer.
If you are registered, a Ford Sedan
9 am.
Thanks, have a good day.
If you listen and
pretend to be fascinated ...
No need
feign interest.
Yes, I want to confirm a reservation,
for this morning.
Sure, Los Angeles.
First name Simone.
Thank you.
De Simone Pryer.
Okay, thanks.
Do you?
What place is?
He receives at 9 am Right?
8 o'clock?
Everything will be fine.
- What happened?
- Nothing, sir.
A light came on
20 minutes ago.
That's something.
- It still surprises me.
- What?
These people. They should know that there
way to get away with it.
If there is a way, someone
will try. It's human nature.
Not that. There is something working
wrong with your damn brain.
Why can not understand the two?
You'd be unemployed
if they did.
The forces of law are
more than just a job, detective.
Well, here it comes.
Do you know the problem?
There is no deterrence.
Look southeast Asia,
spit in public in Singapore
and is grounds for arrest
if you get caught with drugs
is the death penalty.
It's a little extreme, no?
Is it?
Check the levels of crime
in Singapore
People should understand that
the government is serious.
America is a liberal site,
Why do I have?
Hey, is turning.
Come on!
- Move your car!
- Shut up!
Now I could be anywhere.
Should we continue?
Your next. Look in the levels
Keep your radios
Do I expect?
Love was so worried
for you.
- No.
- What happened to your face?
Listen, I do not know how I
you were looking for,
I've gone mad
I'm desperate
the police on you
do not know what to do, I changed
car was going to pick you up, love,
I'm so happy to see ...
You seem to feel better.
Do not have pain this morning?
- No, I'm ...
- Just stop.
Okay, Simon?
Why do this?
Because you ... do.
Am I what?
The bank, even
I had to convince.
What did you think you are a
career criminal.
What did you think would happen?
I wanted to trust you.
Well, maybe we can still do so,
know the truth, are no different.
... But what they do
is to give each team a half ...
... Could actually
bet some money ...
You need me. You can not cross
the border without me.
... If you want to get into this with me,
I can get better points ...
... You can join but the thing is
if you bet money that a team ...
That's not enough to quit.
Give me the keys.
Here Warwick, what happens?
Lieutenant, we have Simone, we
in the car, no money.
No sign of Taylor.
- Right.
- We will take you to the station.
Have you seen Taylor?
Not yet. Please check the roof and
stairs, then back.
See you there, I address issues
- But there is an order, sir.
- As I said, is local.
I will call if I need them.
Really did not think you
go out with yours, do you?
I swear if I am arrested,
you crawl to me.
I can describe every detail
your home.
I am a police officer, do you think
someone will believe you?
Yes, I do.
Glamour got, I gave it,
or you would not know how to hold your cup.
Now what, Warwick.
Well, assuming you have the
money, we can reach an agreement.
Or you just shot
while trying to escape.
But you've never fired
nobody does it?
Have not I done?
It depends on you. My detectives
will fall at any minute.
The costumes are elaborate.
This will be useful at the border.
Thank you.
No need to thank me, John.
You did everything very entertaining.
Bon voyage.
I've been thinking
John Taylor.
Oh yeah?
What about him?
In the parking lot ...
I was surprised that got away.
Yeah, well. I guess
I'm getting old.
I wonder where it went.
It's been a couple of months, you should
have crossed the country.
Or left the country.
Could be.
Do not feel bad about it,
Taylor is worse out there.
And it is to be held on trial
Simone De Marchi, right?
You did a good job there.
- Never met him before, right?
- A Taylor?
Of course not,
I thought maybe I would have
crusader, he has previous convictions,
maybe you met him at the station.
And I never met him socially,
He is not exactly
My circle detective.
So ...
This may be shocking.
My God.
It's disturbing, right?
I think technology
is getting out of control.
- What?
- If someone like Taylor ...
can do something as professional
like this ...
Wait. Are you suggesting
Taylor produced this?
It is a Polaroid. An exhibition
positive, not an invention in Photoshop.
It must be, what other explanation
Besides the obvious?
Ben, I know for how much,
- Six.
- Six years.
Do you really think that I associate
with this man?
I can not ignore.
Sorry, Warwick, I send
to analyze that.
Good. I wonder also
how they did it.
- The other thing is ...
- Yes.
One witness testified that Taylor
tried to enter his house after the robbery.
He said he saw him again in the
morning, outside the house of his neighbor.
It's your house.
Is the lady who lives next to me?
Morton, you know how many times called
woman to the station?
the woman is insane.
Yes. I know it.
That's why we never took
seriously. Until now.
It seems taken at home.
It is a white sofa.
Why you? If false, why
put you in the picture?
He mocks us.
Where did your picture?
Newspapers, Christmas party
last year.
You are who showed me his record
and resources do you?
Tomorrow will probably be a
Polaroid of you and him,
sitting together in a
fucking bathtub.
Except ...
Except that, Ben.
Would be failing in the rules
if you do not investigate this.
And you should.
You're a good detective.
Now excuse me.
I need to look
your home.
All right.
Okay, fine.
You know,
Ben, I appreciate your responsibility,
must have been hard to come talk to me,
but what actually sent
a group of police to my house?
- Ignoring it is not the solution.
- I agree.
What you have in mind?
How about dinner?
Come tonight. Now I have friends
to come, I cook.
It will be fun. You
comb the entire place.
Now I have something in mind something
I'm being polite, Ben.
I have not to be.
I would like to maintain our friendship.
- Dinner sounds good.
- Very good.
- At 8 o'clock?
- Sure.
Oh and Ben,
Do you drink red wine or white?
Oh, red.