The Perfect Husband (2018) Movie Script

I want to withdraw from this school, sir.
Are you sure?
Did your father know about this?
You just wait in here, okay?
You have 45 minutes to do the test.
You can begin, now!
She has seizure! Epilepsy attack!
Sir, epilepsy attack!
- Oh, my God!
- Sir, help me!
Sir, sir!
Oh, no!
Fire! Fire!
What? She just had seizure,
but now she can run?
Wow, she tricked me!
Let's go, come on! Hurry up!
You always do that!
You're never in sync with us.
It hurts, you know!
No, no, no!
- What happens, Ay?
- I have to go home, guys.
I don't want to go home.
What should we do?
I don't know, my father is so annoying!
I already dressed up like a princess.
So what we should do, then?
- So, what about Ando?
- Guys! I'm so sorry!
It looks like
I have to drop you off somewhere.
Is that alright?
We're already dressed up like this, Ay.
Yes, I have put my make up on.
"The Perfect Husband"
What the...
What are you doing to my car?
Sir, I'm sorry, sir...
Uncle... Bro...
I'm sorry. It was an accident.
It was an accident.
I promise you.
I will take responsibility.
But I'm begging you...
Just leave this place.
You already know where my home is,
so I will take responsibility.
I swear to you.
Please, please....
My father shouldn't know about this.
Why is that?
You are Ayla, right?
Hey, how do you know my name?
Just call me Arsen.
I'm your future husband.
My future husband?
Are you delusional?
I am guilty,
but I didn't do that on purpose.
And then just because
of the scratches on your car,
now you're claiming
that you will be my husband?
- Dad!
- What?
Look at him, Dad! He is mad.
He just suddenly claimed
that he is my future husband?
Get him out of here, Dad!
What's wrong with you?
I've told you...
Let me explain it to her.
What? What is it?
I apologize, sir.
You have told me that Ayla doesn't like
meaningless chit-chat.
- So, I thought...
- Wait for a moment.
Wait, Dad.
Dad, I don't understand.
What's the meaning of this?
You already know him?
And you also know the reason
he comes here, Dad?
You want to pair me up with him?
Please explain to me now!
Is he my future husband, Dad?
- What's wrong with you?
- Ayla...
He is my best friend's son.
Both of us...
Don't be like that, Ayla.
I'm explaining to you right now.
You're rude!
I'm rude, Dad?
Who is much worse...
... than the ones that suddenly come here
and said that he is my future husband?
Or who is much worse...
... than the ones who matchmake
their own daughter to someone else,
just as he likes, dad?
Sorry if you consider me as rude person,
but you always taught me
to think rationally, Dad!
And I learn from the expert.
And apple never falls
far from the tree, Daddy!
This is fucked up...
Sir, I'm really sorry.
I didn't expect that it will be like this.
Just let me talk about this later to Ayla.
If so, I will go and leave then.
- Say hi to your father from me.
- Excuse me, sir.
Ayla, open it!
- Open the door! I want to talk to you.
- Talk to me, Dad?
It's too late!
You should talk to me before asking
that old dude to come here, Dad.
Don't you realize what you've done?
So, this is why you asked me
to come home early?
I'd rather not come home at all!
Come on, open it!
It's not right yelling to your own parents
like that.
That's rude.
Hello, Sis Dita?
Pardon me, sir.
Thank you.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yeah.
Pardon me, sir.
Ayla still locks herself
in her room, even now.
She also hasn't eaten
since this afternoon.
- Even now?
- Yes, sir.
I had knocked her door,
she wouldn't open it.
It's locked.
Excuse me, sir.
Arranged marriage?
Wait, Ay!
But you're still 17 years old, Ayla.
- You haven't even graduated, Ay.
- Yeah, that's why...
To make it worse,
I was matchmade with an old dude!
With an old dude!
- He must have wrinkles.
- But, Ay...
Ando, have you told him?
What? Why haven't you done that, Ay?
Ay, look at your boyfriend.
He is handsome, cool, fashionable,
and a great singer.
If you leave him...
I'm pretty sure many of his hillbilly fans
will have a fight to be on his side.
- For sure!
- He's also rich, Ay, he's rich!
You won't have another boyfriend...
... that can perform
in his father's cafe just like this.
This is his father's cafe, right?
If his father passes away,
will he still be a regular performer?
Of course not!
- The most important thing is money...
- Guys, guys, stop!
Stop! Don't argue with each other!
- I'm venting right now...
- Yeah... Okay.
- Sorry.
- Please, continue.
My love is only for Ando.
He is my type of guy.
Bad boy, but romantic.
And always not expected.
He's my perfect husband.
So sweet...
- Do you come here by yourself?
- Yes, I'm all by myself.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- What the hell are you doing?
What a bitch...
- Let me go, I don't want this!
- Okay, okay...
- What happened?
- You don't have to pretend!
Pretend of doing what?
You think I don't know, huh?
What? About that?
Babe, they are just fans.
So, I have to be nice to them.
That bitch is Reva? Your ex! Right?
Oh, so that girl is Reva?
She actually looked fatter.
I'm the one who should be angry to you.
You didn't come to my first concert.
- What kind of girlfriend you are?
- What kind of girlfriend?
A girlfriend that takes risk for you!
I climbed over a window, ran from my dad,
only to see you, you got that?
- But what you did was...
- Okay...
- You hugged another girl...
- Yeah, yeah... It's nothing, honey.
You know, that you're the only...
You're the only one. Okay?
The one that I love is you.
Crossed my heart.
- I panicked.
- Why?
My father wants to matchmake me
to another guy.
- Huh?
- What if we runaway?
- Huh?
- Do you agree with me, right?
- Huh?
- Ando! Why do keep saying, "huh"?
Okay, wait, wait...
Let's back up for a moment.
Maybe, you just panicked too much.
Because if you don't agree with it,
I'm sure it won't come true, right?
Okay, how's this?
If your father still insists...
... let me confront him.
I'm more afraid losing you...
... instead of having to
confront your father, honey.
For you, I will confront your father.
Okay? Trust me?
How dare you try to kiss my daughter!
You dare to kiss her?
- What?
- Our lips haven't touched each other.
What? Is that so?
- No, no, it's not that...
- Dad, don't do that!
- You have guts to fight me?
- How can I fight an old man?
What? Did you say I'm an old man?
An old man...
- You think I'm an old man!
- No, it's not like that.
Are you a real man? A real man?
- Are you a real man?
- Yeah, I'm a real man, sir.
- If that so, a real man will get this.
- Sir!
- I'm not a real man, sir!
- So, you're not a real man?
You are not a real man! You heard that?
He's not a real man, you know that?
Starting today, don't approach her.
You, too! Don't approach this guy.
Look at him, he has drawings on his body.
He ruins his body.
He'll ruin your future, too.
If we're talking about future, sir.
Ayla will be safe with me.
- Safe? What do you mean by that?
- Because my parent are loaded.
Loaded, what do you mean by loaded?
- We are rich, sir. We have a lot of money.
- Rich?
Do you think my daughter is for sale?
That's not what I mean, Sir...
- What?
- I don't want to be matchmade.
You don't want...
Wait a minute, if you approach her
I will kill you!
Let's go home!
I will call you later.
Hey, hey, hey...
Every father wants his child to be happy.
Dad is mean to me, Mom...
If you're still around, Mom...
Dad won't force me to marry that guy, Mom.
I miss you so much, Mom.
Ouch, you ruined my hair!
- What are you doing?
- What's the matter with you?
You always make fun of me
when I talk to you seriously.
Don't you know
there are a lot on my plate?
Honey, please forgive me.
Well, because I can't believe your father.
How old is he now?
And now he want to marry someone again?
What about the sex, then?
You don't get what I mean!
It's not Dad that want to marry again,
but he want to matchmake Ayla to someone.
No, No...
Believe me. This is just a distraction.
- Oh, Dad is calling me.
- Okay, wait a moment.
- Hello, Dita.
- Yeah, Dad?
I'm asking you,
please both of you and Eza come here.
Yeah, I want to ask you a favor.
Persuade your sister.
- But...
- I will explain it later.
On what is the real reason.
Okay, Dita and Eza will
go there tomorrow, Dad.
I'll be waiting you guys.
- I've told you, Honey.
- For sure! This is for sure!
- For sure, what do you mean?
- What I've told you earlier.
For sure,
your father wants to marry again.
Are you ready to have a stepmother?
What if her age is the same as you are?
You are so annoying.
It must be not like that!
- Good morning, Dad.
- Good morning.
- Hey, Dad.
- Yeah, yeah.
Now, you just talk to your sister, yeah?
So, the thing is...
I just want for her to
follow my words, okay?
- But...
- Just do it.
I will explain everything later.
So, where is Ayla now?
In her room.
She's still not coming out
since last night.
Okay, I will check her first.
Eza, wait.
Come here.
- Ayla?
- Help me.
- But, they...
- Just let them.
You don't need to be involved
in women's drama.
Sis Dita!
Hey, Eza. Come here!
Are you okay?
- Yeah, okay.
- Here, just help me.
Sis, so what it's going to be?
Have you talked to Dad?
Of course, I haven't.
Last night you talked not clearly,
because you do it while crying.
Okay, now that I'm here.
You explain it first,
what is the real problem here, okay?
Is it right, Daddy want to matchmake you?
It's right, Sis! It's right!
I swear to God, why Dad's friend
had to move to Jakarta?
If not, this matchmaking won't happens?
I want to ask you.
Were Dad and Mon married...
... because of matchmaking or
did they fell in love?
As far as I know,
they were lovers since college...
... and then they were married
after they graduated.
Right? You also do that, right?
You were lovers since high school,
nine years as a lover
then you guys married, right?
Sis, please help me, Sis...
Just talk to Dad.
I don't want this arranged marriage.
- Please, Sis. Please...
- Okay, okay..
- Okay, I will try to do it.
- Do it now, Sis.
Gosh, Dita. Why do you surprise me?
I don't agree with it.
You don't agree with what?
Is that right that you want
to matchmake Ayla with someone?
She still in high school, Dad.
After all, in this era,
we don't do that kind of thing.
I'm only asking you and your husband
to talk to your sister.
Why you're ganging up to me, now?
It's not what I mean, Dad.
Just think again.
Our family don't have a
matchmaking tradition like this.
If you have problem, just talk to me.
But then, why are you suddenly want to
matchmake Ayla with someone?
Or, without our knowledge,
do you have a debt with this guy?
Daddy, please, if you have problem,
just talk to me and Eza.
We both will be happy
to help pay Ayla's tuition.
If you let us do that.
Or, maybe you want to marry again, Dad?
Is that right?
Seriously, if you want to marry again.
We're all supporting it.
- You guys support it, right?
- Yes, I give my blessing.
It's better if you marry again,
it's alright.
Mom is already happy up there.
She won't mind if you marry again.
What the hell are you talking about?
This is out of line.
You talk about me wanting to marry again
but while mentioning your mom.
If I want to marry again,
I would've done it a long time a go.
Why do I have to be afraid if
I want to marry again?
Dita, if it's just for
Ayla's college tuition...
... I still can take care of it.
Even until she becomes a professor.
Don't get mad, Dad.
Just relax, Dita's intention is good.
My intention is also good.
You and Dita don't live me in here.
You only know the surface.
I just want Ayla have someone that
I knew and convinced me.
And now,
do you know about Ayla's boyfriend?
All he can do is just screaming
on the stage.
- He don't go to college.
- That's not right, Dad.
Ando also go to college,
- he's just take leaves of absence from it.
- It's just his excuse.
But, please hear me out, Dad.
I understand your worry.
But maybe, what Dita means, you know...
Well, she's exaggerating. A little bit...
You haven't been married for one year yet.
If both of you
will have children in the future,
you will feel my worry to your child.
So, this is because
I've invited the Yusuf's.
They will come tonight.
Both of you are tasked
to keep an eye on Ayla
and don't let her do something strange.
- It's occupational risk.
- Thank you.
This is my favourite, Ongol-ongol.
No, this is ledre.
But, since I was a kid,
I wanted to become a pilot!
But unfortunately
I have poor eyesight, Bro.
Just call me Arsen, Bro.
It should be me that call you, Bro.
He is right, Za.
He already knows that
you will be his brother in law.
That's right.
Dad, dinner is ready.
This is great. Well, where is Ayla then?
She's still in the shower,
but I have told her to hurry up.
- Let me check her for a moment.
- Yeah.
Well, it's common...
If you want to meet your
future parents in law,
that's what you do,
she must be wearing a lot of make up.
Well, this woman here...
... when she was young, she also do that.
Who's an old woman?
I think I'm not even wearing my makeup.
Maybe the ones that
he talked about is not you, Tin.
- Oh, gosh, that's right...
- Who is it?
In Dutch language, "Tin" means 10.
So, before you, there were nine girls.
- That means I'm the 10th girl?
- Yeah.
That's right?
Dear, God...
What are you doing?
Sen, your grandpa told me,
if you want to look for a wife,
the most important things are lineage,
appearance, and personality (weight).
Do you mean she should be fat?
When we were entering military.
Your father, Arsen,
I was an enemy to your father, Dita.
No wonder, it happens
because he is a mean senior.
He even surpasses a very scary ghost.
But with the time passing,
we became best friends.
I learned a lot from him.
The most important is how it ended.
It turns out, the ones that
have more success is your father.
Mr Tio, I became like this
it's because of you too.
Is that so?
So, you matchmake your son
to return the favor?
Why don't you just give a luxury car
if you want to return the favor?
It's more real and useful.
We will sell it too,
if we have bad fortune, right?
Your daughter has a good sense of humor.
Your daughter is really just like you!
Yeah, that's right,
we share a great sense of humor.
But as funny as I am,
don't put up your feet to the chair.
Put it down!
It's already late.
Suddenly, I don't feel well.
Arsen, let's go home.
Let's go, Honey.
Excuse me.
Just see Arsen's CV.
He has good education,
also has many achievement.
It can't be compared to that rascal!
It's like comparing the moon
and the river rock.
Dad, his name is Ando, not rascal.
After all, why do you hate him so much?
You're still asking the reason?
That is just only a small example.
Besides he is impolite,
he is also rude,
and I'm very sure...
... that rascal never went to college
after he graduated from high school.
He's only roaming around, aimlessly,
screaming around like a lunatic.
Enough, that's enough, Dad! Stop!
Now, I want to ask you,
why you didn't marry again
after mom passed away?
Because there is no one that
you loved besides Mom, right?
And you don't want
to be married without love, right?
Ayla, enough!
Dad, honestly...
... I don't agree with this matchmaking.
If you don't approve Ayla and Ando,
it doesn't mean that you can
matchmake Ayla just like that, Dad.
Everything can be discussed
in a good manner.
We know that your intention is good.
There's no parent that
don't want his child to be happy.
But happiness is about heart, Dad.
You're the one that taught us
that our happiness is in our own hands.
But why you're the one that break...
Break everything that you taught to us.
So, in this room...
... there are four people.
Two of them does not agree.
So, three people don't agree.
I'm also not sure
that they want to continue
this matchmaking.
They are an honorable family.
It's impossible they want to have a wife,
a daughter-in-law
that can't behave like that.
Ayla, can't you show
a little empathy to your dad?
You are a man, Den.
Arsen, don't make the same mistake!
I admit, that Ayla is pretty.
But look at her behaviour.
Oh, my God!
What kind of girl is she?
After she eat, she burps.
Shame on her!
That's enough, Sen.
You don't expect her too much!
Dear, dear, Honey.
Don't exaggerate everything, Honey.
What do you mean by that?
- That's what I mean.
- She is the kind
of daughter in law that you want?
She doesn't have manners.
- Arsen.
- Yes, Mom?
Your grandpa is a nobleman.
And you, as the only son of
Raden Mas Yusuf Sriardianto,
you don't deserve a wife
that is too green,
that doesn't have manners
just like that Tio's daughter.
What is Tio's sin?
That he has a daughter
that doesn't have any manners.
Honey, I'm sure Ayla is not like that.
She is just too young, Honey.
Ayla is shocked because
she's suddenly matchmade to Arsen.
Her attitude is a protest to her father.
Sen, your mother should contemplate
when she is younger.
Don't talk nonsense!
When I was young, there is no girl
that behave just like Ayla.
If she got a husband just like Arsen,
it's like fortune has smiled upon you!
A girl like Ayla is self centered,
can't endure any hardship,
she won't be an ideal wife,
going through up and down in life.
Believe me!
- Honey...
- What?
Okay, try to be honest with me.
Just because you want to make
your father happy,
then you accept this matchmaking.
Don't be like that.
- You too, Honey!
- What else, Honey?
Just take a look at your son.
Where he is right now?
He is a pilot, Honey.
He can fly an airplane.
Let alone becomes a perfect leader
for his family.
Please, keep in your mind.
If that punk becomes my daughter in law,
I will bully her every day.
- Honey.
- What?
Arsen is a man.
Yeah, I also know that.
- Come here, Honey.
- What?
Here, sit down here.
What is it? I'm like undressing right now.
If Arsen doesn't want it,
he will refuse it.
Okay, let us hear it.
Sen, what it's gonna be?
You like Ayla, right?
Well, that's it.
What do you mean?
He already nod his head like this.
- He doesn't answer it.
- Just see it!
Don't make up things, Honey.
Come on, Arsen. Just be frank with me.
You don't like Ayla, right?
Honestly, I feel
suffocated when I see her.
Now, I want to undress this.
One more thing, before I forget.
We are a noble lineage.
If we're not wise enough in
choosing a prospective offspring,
we won't develop ourselves.
- Mom, hear me out.
- What?
I don't want you Mom and Dad fight
because of this.
We can't judge someone
just from one brief meeting
just like tonight.
I have also asked Dad before,
why I'm being matchmade
to a high school student?
This is also because Dad already
have a commitment to Uncle Tio.
Dad also have told me,
"Arsen, just imagine it,"
"later, when you are old,"
"your spouse still has smooth skin,
still attractive, still pretty."
"Especially, when she wears only a towel
just like before."
"I like it!"
Don't talk nonsense, Sen.
- What I mean...
- Talk appropriately!
Yeah, I'm entertained.
- You are also entertained, right?
- Of course, Son..
Mom, what I mean is this,
give me a chance,
so I can know her further.
Let this be my commitment,
I'm already saying yes to Dad's request.
Okay, suit yourself!
- Okay then, it's deal.
- Thank you.
Hey, don't close it too hard!
Dad, what are you doing to my car?
I sold it.
I sold it.
- This is the registration, and the key.
- No, no, no, you can't do it.
Why don't you ask my permission?
Sorry, but we've reached
a deal for this car.
I also already pay it.
Please explain it to your daughter.
This is not your car anymore, Ayla.
No, you can't do this!
This is my car, Dad.
You can't sell it, you can't do it.
- This is my car!
- Ayla, Ayla!
- Get off from my car!
- Oh God, this child...
- Don't take my car! It's my car!
- Just drive. Hurry up!
- Okay, okay...
- Don't sell my car!
Don't do it, Sir!
Ayla, Daddy bought you this car...
... so you can easily go everywhere.
But, you misuse it...
You are so mean to me!
You don't think about me.
You misuse that to meet that punk.
So, I sold it.
Now, how do I go to school?
I don't have a car anymore.
That's my problem, got it?
I'll drive and pick you up
with Mister Minister, okay?
Don't expect me to ride that old car.
I don't want it!
Mister Minister broke down?
That won't happen...
You said that
you don't want to be matchmade...
... to someone that you don't know.
This is a time for you
to know each other,
you can get close to Arsen.
If it's about love is easy,
it can grow along with time.
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- Hey, wa'alaikumssalam.
Good morning, Sir.
Good morning, so how is it?
Are you ready?
That's it. Come on.
Excuse me.
Hurry up!
Are you sure
you don't want to sit in front?
If you don't mean it, don't drive me.
That's what I mean.
I thought you're not confident,
because of me,
a cool pilot, drive you to school.
That's disgusting.
Why you're so conceited, Uncle.
Am I that old to you?
Not really, if you're compared to Dad.
Yeah, by the way.
After high school,
where do you want to continue your study?
Can't you just shut the hell up?
You're too loud!
By the way...
Why do you want to be matchmade with me?
Why you ask me so may question?
You're not some kind of gay, right?
At these days, if a guy looks cool,
he already has a girlfriend,
or he doesn't like a girl.
You agree to be matchmade,
because you don't have
a girlfriend, right?
Or maybe because of
the later reason, right?
Then, what do you mean is...
I'm cool, right?
- Thanks.
- Whatever.
Oh, my God!
You can go down, right?
He is much better than Ando.
- Ando is nothing!
- That's right...
Ayla! Ayla!
He so handsome, Ay!
Gosh, Ayla...
I want to express my gratitude to Arsen...
... because you want to continue
this matchmaking.
Even though I realize
that my daughter is stubborn.
And she's also hard to be convinced.
Meanwhile, from my perspective,
you don't have any flaw.
So, if you want to think over
this again, well...
I've made my decision,
and not that easy to back up.
It doesn't mean I don't know
what will I face in the future,
but I have my own reason
to continue this, Sir.
Well, even though from this moment,
only me knows that.
But I'm very sure,
that you can be the perfect husband
for my daughter.
Insya Allah, amen.
I even not sure that my daughter
can be the perfect wife for you.
Everything needs process, Uncle.
But I'm sure, if me and Ayla
are made for each other...
... we will find a way.
Everything will be easy for us.
Just that...
There is something that's
bugging my mind, Uncle.
This is besides our age gap is quite big.
But if I'm allowed to know.
Why do you want to matchmake Ayla
so quickly like this?
Don't you want to wait for her
to graduate from school?
This is my opinion...
The sooner you and Ayla fall in love,
the better.
Isn't right?
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I'm fed up with you.
- You know that...
- Guys, guys!
Are you picking up your girlfriend?
Yes, Bro.
What about you?
You pick up your child, nephew?
- My future wife.
- Your future wife?
She teach here?
She's a student, not a teacher.
Oh, no!
What should we do, Ay?
Damn, the Third World War is
about to happen.
Hi, babe!
- Hi, Ayla...
- Ayla...
Let's go!
Wait, babe.
See you later, man.
- Babe...
- Huh?
That's him?
Yeah. Let's just ignore him.
No, no, you stay here.
Babe, what are you doing?
There's no need to do that.
You're overreacting.
Poor Mr Acen...
Yeah. I feel so heartbroken.
Oh, I want to give him a hug now.
Hug? Relax, relax...
What are you doing, baby?
I want to hug him, not you.
Where are we going now?
Let's eat something. I'm hungry.
Are you mad at me?
Why the long face?
What's wrong?
Only a stupid man won't get jealous
if his girlfriend is close
with another man.
You can just tell me
if you don't want to get married.
That's all you have to do!
Why does that man
has to come and pick you up?
Babe, babe...
That's the only way
I can get him off my back.
I'm sure that in less than a week,
he will run off from me.
He will have had enough of me.
Just wait and see.
Why don't you run off with him?
Come on, babe.
I love you so much.
I actually have been thinking
about what you said that time.
If your father still insists...
... we can just runaway.
I agree.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Babe, babe, he's following us.
- Who?
That old guy.
Oh, man! What is he doing?
He's looking for a fight, huh?
I'm going to teach him a lesson!
No, that won't be necessary.
Why not?
Well, it's embarrassing!
Who is embarrassed? You or me?
I'm not embarrassed.
- Wait, wait, wait a second... Do...
- Someone needs to teach him a lesson!
Ando, what are you doing?
- There's no need to do this!
- No! I need to do something.
My pride is at stake, okay?
- Yeah, but...
- It's okay. Calm down.
Get out of the car!
Come on, come on, come on!
Yes. What's up?
Why are you following me?
No... I was following Ayla.
Well, Ayla is my girlfriend, alright?
That means you're following me too!
She's just your girlfriend, right?
But she's my future wife.
Babe, that's outrageous, babe.
Hit him, babe!
I'm not looking for a fight here.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Not looking for a fight?
- Yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry.
- Hit him!
- You should not have followed me!
- Okay, okay, but followed her, right?
- Yeah!
Should I hit him?
Now, babe! What's taking you so long?
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- You...
Sorry, sorry, sorry...
Come on, Do! Hit him!
- Ouw, my ear.
- Didn't mean to do that. Sorry...
That hurts!
Sorry. I already said that I'm sorry, huh?
Let me go, you bastard!
Why did you say "bastard"?
If you want me to let you go,
you have to ask nicely. Come on.
"Honey, please let me go."
"You're handsome, good-looking.
Please let me go."
Come on! How come you lose?
Ayla, why are you recording this?
Yeah, I thought you would be the winner!
Well, then turn the camera off!
- What's up with you?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I forgot. Sorry...
Let me go, you bastard!
Hey, apologize properly. Wait...
"Let me go..."
- "Honey, you're so kind."
- Honey, you're so kind. Honey...
- Good. Sounds nice to our ears, right?
- Ouch!
I'm sorry, okay? Sorry.
- Why are you laughing at me?
- No, no...
You're outrageous...
Come on, get up!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay. Don't mind me!
Do, I'm sorry, baby.
- Honey, honey...
- That was funny, right? Huh?
No, no, no, what are you doing?
Why don't you go home
with your future husband?
No, babe! Don't! Don't!
Ayla, wait!
Dealing with a girl is like playing chess.
Is that so?
Well then, I want to apologize, sir.
So what if I put you
in checkmate like this?
I'll move my king over here.
Well then,
I'll move my knight over here.
That means you put me
in a checkmate, right?
If necessary, we have to sacrifice
the queen to take out the king.
Now you answer my question, okay?
Which one is more difficult,
flying a plane...
... or stealing Ayla's heart?
Man, what a difficult question.
Here we have the book,
"How to Play Chess."
Well, they're both basically the same.
We have to learn...
... and the important thing is
that they need some time.
Hey, don't be rude!
Where were you,
coming home this late at night?
I went to the cinema, Dad.
I'm still young.
Unlike him, he's already old.
By the way,
I hit a motorcycle with your car.
Forgive me, will you?
- Oh, man...
- Oh, man!
You guys are in sync!
Excuse me, sir.
Oh, man...
Oh, man!
Let me pay the fee to fix the car.
That's okay.
I happen to have this car
under insurance, sir.
I know how you must have felt
with Ayla's behavior earlier.
But we're both gentlemen,
we don't give up.
Our pride as a man is at stake, right?
So, you must not back down.
Yes, sir.
Well then, it's already late.
I should probably get going, sir.
- I'm sorry, okay?
- Yeah, no problem, sir.
- See you later.
- Thanks a lot, sir.
- Drive carefully!
- You bet, sir!
Ayla, open the door.
What is it, Dad? I'm still studying.
I want to talk with you for a minute.
Is it about that man again, dad?
I already told you that I would
never want to be matchmade with him.
Let's talk honestly, okay?
Why did you refuse this matchmaking?
Because you don't like Arsen...
... or because you just want to prove
that you can overcome me?
Both, of course.
Let's give some time to Arsen.
Give him two weeks.
If within that period
he gives up on you,
I will cancel the matchmaking.
But if he doesn't,
you have to abide by my decision.
Dealing with a girl is like playing chess.
We need to have a defensive
and offensive strategy.
Let me go, Dad.
I won't. I won't...
Dad, I'm already late. Look!
Look at the time!
I'll just grab a bike taxi, Dad.
He will come. He will come.
He's almost here.
Says who, Dad?
There's no way he wants
to come back here again.
Besides, why does he have to take me
to school, Dad?
Hey, remember our agreement, please.
Remember that.
What's up?
How are you, sir?
See? See?
What the hell, sir?
Hey, Ayla, come on. What's up?
What's wrong? What's wrong?
You said you like rock music.
No! I don't like rock music!
I see, you don't like rock music.
Why didn't you say so?
Hey, what's up?
What's wrong? Don't you like rockstar?
Look, you can see my tattoo, right?
Here. I can remove the tattoo
whenever I want to.
Whether a rockstar or a joker,
I like everything as long as it's not you.
- So corny!
- Why?
Let's go.
At what time
do you want me to pick you up?
I'll pick you up at 3:00 PM, okay?
What's wrong with him?
What's wrong with him?
Why did he dress like that?
Is he okay in the head?
His hair even looks like mine.
I know, right?
That old guy made me feel embarrassed.
From my point of view,
I think he is so cute.
He tries really hard, Ay,
so you can accept his feelings.
I guess so.
It seems so, but let's wait and see.
I'll find a way to get back at him.
What's your plan for him?
You shouldn't be like that, Ay.
Ayla, look!
Are you sure you don't want to ask him
to eat with us?
Poor guy!
What's wrong? You want to accompany him?
Just head over to that table.
I don't want to but...
He's paying for this much food?
What if he's not paying, Ay?
- Yeah, what should we do?
- That's right, Ay. Don't be so cruel!
I don't care...
So cruel!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Don't. Maybe he has some change?
Excuse me.
Only this bill that has been paid.
The rest of them haven't been paid.
Please pay separately.
What should we do?
- Maybe you're mistaken?
- Well, here's the bill.
- Wait, wait. Let me see.
- How much is it?
- What the... Ay?
- I didn't bring my wallet with me.
If you don't have any money,
you don't have to buy us food.
First of all, I'm not the one
who wants to eat here.
I don't know who they are,
and you don't introduce them to me.
You're so stingy!
What will happen after we get married?
After we get married,
it will be a different story.
You don't believe me?
Let's prove it.
After we get married, I'll be responsible.
I'll buy you food!
Who the hell wants to
get married to you, huh?
But you said earlier "what will happen
after we get married"?
Ayla... Ayla!
Sir, please drive faster!
It's already late at night.
Nobody came to pick you up?
Just drive the car, sir. Come on, faster!
Do you have a boyfriend?
Or are you single?
Why are you being so nosy?
It's pretty rare for
a beautiful girl like you...
... to not have a boyfriend
who would pick you up.
Well, I do have a boyfriend.
But he's so annoying.
What? How come?
That man is so very strange, you know?
He was matchmade with a girl
he had never known before.
And he didn't mind at all.
... he's quite good-looking, actually.
Good-looking and yet, he's rather crazy...
Poor man...
Well, it's not exactly like that.
He's not really crazy,
but he's just so annoying.
... if I think about it,
he's kind of sweet.
Good-looking, a bit crazy,
and yet, he's sweet...
That's quite rare, you know?
It's rare for a man like that
to exist these days, Missy.
Let's just drop the subject, okay?
Don't ask me anything about it.
Up ahead, turn right!
Hey, I told you to turn right!
Yeah. But your home is right this way.
- Hello!
- It's you!
How come you're the driver?
I know, wait a second.
I usually pick up a passenger here.
Yeah. This is for you, take it!
You can drive my car, it's already on.
And then please follow me.
Come on, come on, hurry, hurry up...
Come on, come on...
- Sir? My shirt?
- Your shirt... Take it off. Yeah!
Stop! Please stop the car! Stop!
- Ayla, we're not home yet.
- You know what?
You're the craziest person I've ever met!
Give me back my shirt!
- My shirt, please.
- You...
Look who's going to be a hot future wife!
What the hell are you talking about?
Why are you so jealous? What the hell?
Do you have a problem with me?
You're not pregnant, aren't you, Ay?
- What did you just say?
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Hey, watch your mouth!
- What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell are you here for?
You're a pilot, aren't you?
You should be flying a plane
or something...
... instead of giving me a ride somewhere
and then pick me up like a driver.
A pilot's job is to fly a plane.
Right now, I'm off duty.
And you are my future wife.
So, I'm trying to take responsibility
as your future husband.
I don't care!
I don't want to go home with you.
What's the hurry, Ay?
You're a grown-up but you don't have
any manner, you know that?
I do have manners. Let's go.
Hey, let me go!
Let me go! Put me down!
- Put me down!
- Okay, okay, okay...
Who do you think you are,
that you're touching me?
Your future husband.
Ayla, you're so sweet!
You're not a gentleman!
No normal well-established man
would agree to being matchmade!
There's no such man, right?
That's because you're not a gentleman!
All of this is just for your image!
And you're not a normal man!
Stop it, Ay. People are staring at us.
I don't care. People have to know
what a thick skinned man he is.
You're embarrassing us, Ay.
He already knows that I don't like him.
And yet he still comes to see me everyday,
comes into my house,
and he is the reason
I kept on arguing with my dad everyday!
Stop it. People are staring at us!
Now get out of here
and don't you ever come to see me again!
Shut your mouth!
Ay, come on, Ay.
You went overboard. Let it rest, okay?
You want to make him feel embarrassed,
but you're the one
who gets embarrassed instead.
Why are you guys rooting for him?
You should be rooting for me!
I know, Ay.
But the problem is
you're the one that's wrong.
Look at him. What a poor man.
He must have felt so heartbroken.
I even want to cry when I look at him.
Calm down, okay?
Now you go with him to the car.
- You should probably go home with him.
- Go with him.
Have you had enough?
Let's go home, okay?
Put me down! I can still walk!
Put me down!
Help me!
Do you want to go somewhere to eat
or do you want to go straight home?
Let's just go home.
Are you not hungry?
You spent too much energy, you know?
Getting mad at me.
Why aren't you mad at me?
Because I went overboard with you earlier.
It will take a long time
before I can get mad at you.
You don't speak that much
but you're so annoying, you know that?
Don't be so angry.
You'll get wrinkles all over you face.
You'll look as old as me
if you're so angry.
I'm tired that we're always like this,
you know?
Me too.
I can imagine that.
But I always feel regret
after getting mad at you.
Regret always comes later.
Very well.
I promise that I won't get mad
at you anymore.
What? Come again?
Yeah. I won't get mad at you anymore.
Is this a truce, huh?
We have to celebrate this!
Good evening, sir.
Yeah. Good evening.
- Oh, man...
- I'm here to pick up Ayla, sir.
Look how awesome you are.
- Well, well, well. Good evening.
- How are you doing, sir?
You look so beautiful.
I feel so happy.
It's been a long time
since I last saw you smile like that.
Come on, Dad.
I feel so happy too,
seeing you smile like that for me.
Listen to me.
I got mad at you
because I really cared about you.
So, there's only one goal in my life...
... that is for you to be happy
and keep smiling like this.
Take care, okay?
I'll see you later, sir.
- Bye, Dad.
- Sure...
To be honest,
I'm not into places like this one.
I'd prefer that we go to a restaurant
so we can have some dinner.
I didn't ask you to drive me here
so that I could have dinner with you.
But because I want to meet my boyfriend.
Thank you for driving me here.
Oh, yeah. You can just
head straight home.
There's no need to wait for me.
I have to be here until late. Okay?
Hi, babe!
- Miss you.
- Miss you, too.
- Hey.
- Do, I wanna go home.
You wanna go home?
It's still early. Come on!
- Please, don't go home now. Come on!
- No! I want to go home!
- I'm going now.
- Why? Hey!
Look, I'm having fun. You're having fun.
- They are having fun.
- Yeah?
You are having fun, I'm not!
It's making me uncomfortable, too!
Hey, hey...
You mean, you feel bad for him?
He is your future "husband."
That means, he is waiting for you, right?
It's okay if
you don't want to drive me home.
- I'm going to take a cab.
- Babe... Hey, hey.
Hurry, hurry...
Ayla, babe, Ayla.
- Oh, I see.
- Do, I swear to God.
So, that's your cab, huh?
No, no. I swear I didn't know
that he's waiting for me, babe.
Bullshit! He is still here!
Babe, babe...
I've tried to make him hate me.
That means he doesn't want to let you go.
Babe, you told me that time
that you want to runaway with me.
Now, I'm ready.
Do you want to go tonight?
Or maybe tomorrow?
I can pick you up.
What's wrong?
Then let me choose, all right?
And I choose to settle all this bullshit!
I'll give you time until tonight.
We go away together
or we end our relationship here.
- Babe...
- No!
Arsen, wake up.
What kind of dream is this?
- Let's have some coffee...
- Where am I?
... so you'll be wide awake.
I want straight answers.
You really want to win this bet, right?
What bet?
Stop the act, will you?
No one wants to be treated this way.
I bet you want to win to one-up me, right?
Sorry, Ayla.
I really don't get what you're saying.
- So, you don't know about it?
- About what?
What's your reason to keep holding on?
Holding on for what?
Holding on to be married off with me.
Simple answer.
Because I want to make our parents happy.
That's it?
What other time can we repay
all their kindness?
While they are still alive.
They shows us the world.
They also raised us.
We can get to be what we are today,
it's all because of them.
What's wrong?
... why?
I'm reminded of my dad.
And also my mom.
I'm really ashamed.
I'm ashamed of myself.
Don't say that.
I'm the opposite of you.
I can't make my parents happy.
I want to go home.
Take me home.
You don't have to do this.
You have to find someone that you love.
And that someone loves you back.
What you feel for me is not love.
And I'm not worthy for you.
- Ayla...
- I want to be frank with you.
- Yeah.
- Before you regret this...
... and so you'd think it over.
- What is it?
- I...
I have lost my virginity.
Thank you for being honest.
To be honest,...
... I'm disappointed...
... because you don't appreciate
your parents and yourself.
But I don't care how bad your past was.
What matters is that
you'll be a better person in the future.
We live for the future, not for the past.
No, Arsen.
You have to go.
And don't ever see me again.
You're too good for me.
I cannot accept you.
Wait here.
Good afternoon.
Yes, with Mr Wicaksono.
Yes, Sir.
I've just received
a school withdrawal letter from Ayla.
Yes, she...
Let's go.
You just listen!
I want to let you know
that your sister Ayla...
... has just withdrawn herself
from school.
Well, yeah...
I can't get a hold of her.
Hey, babe.
Don't think about it, okay?
I'm sure your dad has cancelled
that stupid matchmaking.
... you're not changing your mind, are you?
Finally I give up, Suf.
I know the reason
she doesn't to be married off to Arsen.
This is not about Arsen,
this is about my daughter, Suf.
I thought...
This has to be something to do
with that fact.
What fact, Tio?
Last night...
... I heard it myself from Ayla...
... about last night...
Relax, Tio.
Hey, babe.
Hey, hey, hey...
I love you, okay?
I love you...
... so much.
I love you more.
How is he, doctor?
I have called Dita.
You go and call Ayla.
I've been calling her,
but she's not picking up.
Keep calling her then.
Wake up, Dad!
You can't leave me, Dad! No...
Wake up, Dad!
You can't leave me!
You have to wake up, Dad!
"Sis Dita"
- Don't answer it. Just leave it.
- No, no. This is Sis Dita.
Hello, Sis?
What is it?
- I have to go.
- What?
- Where are you going? Let me take you.
- No, no. It's okay.
Sis Dita!
Sis Dita!
Where's Dad? What's wrong with him?
Dad, wake up!
Dad, don't leave me!
How could you leave me?
I'm sorry, Dad.
It's my fault!
It's my fault!
Why didn't you tell me that you were sick?
This is all your fault!
You knew my Dad were sick!
But you just kept quiet!
- You didn't say anything!
- Ayla!
It's okay.
Hands off.
Ayla, I knew nothing of this.
If you weren't, then why did you agree
to be matchmade with me? Why?
My dad didn't need your pity!
My family didn't need your pity!
This is all your fault!
Ayla, enough!
Don't say that in front of dad's tomb.
But, sis...
If we knew the reason,
dad couldn't have died, Sis.
There's no way...
Dad, don't leave me...
Arsen really did not know
about your father illness.
The only reason...
... Arsen is willing
to be matchmade was...
... because he had made a promise
to get to know you better...
... when your father and I asked him.
And I'm sure...
... when he first saw you...
... Arsen had felt that there is something
special about you, Ayla.
... didn't expect it at all...
... that your father
would leave you so soon.
... when I was about to tell you
About everything that your father
had been kept a secret from you.
I have...
... a stage 4 lung cancer.
It's terminal.
And for almost a year,
I've been hiding this from my girls.
You can't give up, Tio.
Just tell me, Tio.
No matter how much your treatment costs,
I will take care of it.
The doctors have told me...
... that I won't live very long.
... would like to ask just two requests.
... promise me... will not tell the girls
about this.
I don't want them to worry.
I'm worried about Ayla.
Ayla is different from Dita.
Ayla grew up without a mom.
I'm sure of it.
She really misses her mom.
... I would be very happy...
... if Ayla could have a husband
like Arsen.
I don't know why...
... that I trust it completely...
... that Arsen can take care of Ayla well.
But you can't tell about my condition
to Arsen, too.
I don't want him...
... to feel sorry for me...
... to be sympathetic to my condition.
What I want is...
... for Arsen to be able to make Ayla...
... fall in love with him.
I know you are confused...
... because I want to marry Ayla,
my youngest daughter, off with you.
I'll let you know the reason later.
I know, I understand your surprise.
But I don't want to force you.
Why don't you meet Ayla first?
Get to know her?
And after that...
... you decide if you want to carry on
with her or not.
Oh, babe!
Let's go to do some karaoke!
Today, we have to talk to Ayla.
Just get to the point.
Ayla doesn't like to beat around the bush.
Okay, sir.
Then you take me home now.
And when Ayla is home,
you go back to my house.
There's Ayla.
What should we do?
Let's just after her.
Where is she going?
Come on.
Are they really are going to wear those?
Why do they dress like that? Why?
"Ayla, you have to come home soon.
Dad is waiting."
We'd better overtake them. Okay?
I'm really sure
she's going to see that punk.
It has to be.
Go on. Just get past her.
Just do what I say.
Okay, stop.
I'm going to grab a cab.
You have to go to my house later.
I'll be waiting, okay?
Yusuf, my bestie...
This is a letter of apology...
... that I could not ever deliver
to you...
... about my daughter Ayla.
I am truly sorry if I mistreated Arsen
all this time.
I really love Ayla...
... more than anything.
That is why I want the best for her.
... but there's one thing
that left me very devastated.
I heard about one thing
that might leave Arsen brokenhearted...
... lose hope over Ayla.
Don't put the blame on Ayla, Suf.
Blame me.
Because I have failed...
... as a father.
I'm too selfish in fighting
for my happiness.
Until I forgot that my happiness
had been really gone.
Lost forever along with dad's passing.
You didn't fail, Dad.
This is all my fault.
I'm the one
who didn't understand you, Dad.
Please forgive me.
Give me a chance to be pious to you.
I love you, dad.
You should know....
... that all this time
you have replaced mom's role.
I have never felt I was not loved, Dad.
It's all because of you.
I'm lucky...
... to have the greatest dad ever.
I have had enough with the humiliation
that Arsen and our family endure.
The honor and dignity of our family
is the most important thing.
Arsen, I have made a decision.
I'm going to marry you off
with the girl of my choosing.
And the girl will be more suitable
to be your wife.
Uncle Tio's grave is not even dry yet,
and you want to talk about that.
Since Tio has passed away...
... you no longer have any business
with his daughter.
And, Honey...
... whatever promise you made with Tio...
... you don't have to keep it anymore...
... he has taken it to his grave.
Honey, despite all that...
... this matchmaking is not one-sided.
No matter what, Arsen has to be married
before he's back on duty.
I can't wait until seven days
after dad's funeral, sis.
I'm sure...
... dad can still hear us.
I want to...
I want to marry with Arsen.
I was foolish.
I was a fool.
I didn't notice that dad has set
everything up for me.
Are you sure with your decision?
I'm positive.
Please talk to Arsen and Uncle Yusuf.
Now, I want to get married with Arsen.
Ayla, all this time I kept quite...
... because I knew
there would be a time for me...
... as dad's son-in-law to speak up.
And now is the time.
You know what?
I had a hard time
to steal your sister's heart.
And then I came to meet dad.
I said to him...
... I was just an ordinary guy
who is nowhere near perfect...
... amongst so many impeccable men
who seek for your sister's attention.
And did you know what he said?
As long as I can love your sister...
... and look after her
as a perfect woman...
... that's what will make me
a perfect guy for her.
And that's exactly what I did.
Now my question for you...
... can Arsen do that for you?
Not just to meet dad's wishes,
because dad only wished
for your happiness.
Is Arsen perfect for your happiness?
He's the only one that
can make me feel perfect.
Only him, sis.
It's all too late.
Arsen is going to be married off...
... with an other girl that is
more suitable for him
- Honey?
- What?
Excuse me.
Please forgive my wife, Dita, Eza.
She is like that.
I'm sure...
... you'll feel much calmer
if you live with us.
- Right, honey?
- Yeah, that's right.
And I'm confident
that you will forget about Arsen.
Let me put your suitcases into the car.
- Okay, it's ready. Shall we go?
- Ay...
- Do...
- Hey.
Hey, are you okay?
Why didn't you answer my call?
I think
you don't have to contact me anymore.
After dad's passing...
... I want to be left alone, Do.
I want to end our relationship.
I don't understand what you're saying.
There's no obstacle between us anymore.
Everything is okay now, right?
You know what?
You should have been able
to convince my dad...
... about how sincere your love is.
You are the obstacle.
I did love you.
But I loved you with all the wrong reason.
I am sorry.
Your dad is perfect.
... just do your dad's request.
I'm ready, guys.
I don't think so.
What do you mean?
- Arsen?
- Ayla.
I'm really grateful to your father.
Because thanks to him...
... I get to know you.
Until I know exactly what I want
in my life.
You know what?
I have decided to marry you
from the very beginning.
And I'm going to take all risks.
I'm going to be
a perfect husband for you.
Because no matter
how many your flaws are,
by loving one good thing about you
is enough for me.
If you are meant for me...
... I always pray to God
to make me fall in love with you.
Your dad just want you to smile.
And I am the one that he trusted
to make you smile.
Please, let me marry you.
I'm sorry.
I should've realized...
... that dad can't pick the wrong person
to take care of me.
You are a big girl, don't cry.
My dad was right.
Love comes after.
Especially when we are meant
to be together.
- Arsen.
- Yes?
Do you remember...
... when I said that I wasn't a virgin...
That you're not a virgin anymore?
I knew back then
that you were lying, right?
You know what?
Actually, we were never matchmade.
- What are you saying?
- Really.
We just met too fast...
... before we finally knew...
... we were going to be united by love.
Thank you for coming back for me.
I'm sure...
... you will always hold my hand
and guide me to your paradise.
I am going to.
Thank you.
Yes, you are...
... my perfect husband.
"The Perfect Husband"
"Loving you is like flying an airplane."
"There's a huge responsibility
and very high risk."