The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story (2004) Movie Script

Everybody at home wants
the answer to the same question.
Did you murder your wife?
I'm aware that suspicion
has turned to me.
And it's turned to me, one,
because I am her husband.
And that's natural.
And I've heard all the statistics...
...on all the news programs...
...about how someone,
a husband, ex-husband, boyfriend... someone who, statistically, would
be one who would be responsible...
...for her disappearance.
I'm sorry.
I forgot your question.
Unit One, what's your 20?
We're heading south
in La Loma Park.
Roger that.
I left about 9:30 this morning.
Martha Stewart had just come on,
I think.
I went fishing on the bay.
Got to the marina maybe 11 or so.
I launched my boat.
She was going to walk Mackenzie,
our dog, and go shopping.
We had dinner plans tonight
with her folks, Christmas Eve dinner.
I got back about 4:30, and the dog was
already in the back yard.
His leash was on still.
It was all muddy.
And it doesn't make sense.
She wouldn't just leave.
She would never just leave.
And I called all our friends.
And then I called Mom, Sharon,
Laci's mom. I called her.
Her cell phone's here.
Her keys and her purse are here.
Her car is in the driveway. I mean,
obviously something has happened.
-Why are we standing here?
-We need to work out a timeline.
Look, I told you.
I told you what we know already.
Scott called and said Laci's missing.
Ron called you, and we came.
We came, and we should be looking.
-Mrs. Rocha-
-She could have fallen...
...and hit her head.
She could be unconscious.
My God, she could be in labor.
Please, we have got to get there.
-You're her father?
-Brother and sister?
-Yeah, I'm Brent. This is Amy.
Okay, look. I know this is hard
on all of you...
...but we have officers in the park.
We are not losing time, I promise.
Just finish, please.
Just finish asking your questions.
Have you fought recently?
Did you argue?
No. No, no.
-Has she ever left before?
I'm sorry, Mr. Peterson.
I have to ask these questions.
Mr. Peterson?
Ask me. Ask anything.
The two of you had no problems, then?
Your marriage is secure?
Our marriage is perfect.
We're having a baby.
There's no reason to think
that Mrs. Peterson has left you?
No reason to think that Scott
would give her cause to go?
No. No.
Scott and Laci are perfect. They're
the couple everybody wants to be.
-Let them ask their questions, Sharon.
-Come on, Dad.
-They're beautiful together.
-Are we done?
I'm just trying to help.
-Come on.
-What? What did you say?
-You're gonna crash, Kate.
-Watch out!
-You drank too much.
No, I'm not drunk enough.
That's the problem.
-You're just a cheap date, Tommy.
-No, I'm a drunk date.
Would you get up off the lawn?
-Please don't take advantage.
-Someone's gonna call the police.
-Come on.
-Actually, scratch that. Please do.
Do take advantage.
I'd love nothing more...
...than to let a pregnant
woman take advantage of me.
-Hey, Daddy.
-What are you doing up, buddy?
-Come on.
-He woke up. Said he had a dream.
Oh, no. Leave it, Linda.
-All right?
-I said you'd be home soon...
...but he wouldn't go back
to sleep.
-Come on, cowboy. Hop on.
-Here we go, Superman.
-I'll be right in.
-Hold on tight. Here we go.
Give her a little extra.
We're a bit later than we said.
You have five new messages.
No saved messages.
Hey, guys. It's me, Scott.
I just wanna double-check
that we're on for New Year's.
Call me up.
It's me again.
You guys seen Laci?
She's not here,
and she didn't leave a note.
Let me know.
-"You seen Laci? We can't find her. "
Slow down.
-"Laci's missing. "
Scott Peterson,
a Modesto resident, told police...
-"... he left his pregnant wife"-
Donna says something
happened to Laci.
"fishing at the Berkeley Marina. "
His wife had said she was
going to take the dog...
...for a walk
in East La Loma Park.
No, we see.
She's on the news right now.
-"with dark hair. "
She is eight months pregnant...
...and was last seen wearing
black slacks and a white top.
-Where are you?
-"If anyone has any information... "
-"... contact police. "
-We gotta get over there now.
-Look how many people are here.
-Man. I can't believe this.
There's Donna and Angela.
-What do police say?
-They talked to the Rochas...
...but we don't know
what happened.
I don't understand.
No one's seen her?
-Amy saw them last night, but...
-I called, got the machine.
-You up for this?
-Is Laci in the park?
-Well, they think so.
-Then I'm up for it.
Detective Ross is handing you
a recent photo of Mrs. Peterson.
She was last seen wearing
black pants and a white pullover.
Also, Mrs. Peterson
is eight months pregnant.
Now, the park runs about five miles
east to west, a mile north to south.
I want the A team to take
the west side, B, the east.
We gotta cover every square inch
of this place.
All right, let's move out.
I smelled bleach
when I was back at the house.
Could have been coming off the pooI.
Yeah, it could've been.
We got any tracks there?
It's Christmas! It's Christmas!
It's Christmas. It's Christmas!
-Get a present. What'd Santa get you?
-Merry Christmas, baby.
But for this Modesto family,
the holidays are now filled with fear.
Laci Peterson is 5'1 ",
about 140 pounds.
She has brown hair
and brown eyes.
"She is eight months pregnant"-
I'm gonna head back over,
She could've hit her head.
She could be hurt, in a hospitaI
somewhere. Somebody could've...
Don't think the worst.
Don't do that to yourself.
Somebody could've taken her.
We don't know.
We don't know
what happened, but...
I don't think she's in the park.
-It's okay. He's with us.
-What can I do?
-Hey, how's Kate? She doing okay?
She's gonna leave Sammy
with my folks, come by later.
She needs to rest.
Yeah. Try stopping her. Nobody's
getting any sleep till we find Laci.
Scott. Man.
-How you holding up?
-Kind of numb.
Are your folks coming up
from San Diego?
Yeah. I talked to them, so-
-It's okay. It's okay.
I saw her.
You saw her?
Where'd you see her, ma'am?
I saw her walking her dog
right on this street.
-When? When did you see her?
-Yesterday, Christmas Eve.
A pretty pregnant woman,
very pregnant.
You need to tell the police, ma'am.
Could you have them call me?
All right.
If somebody hurts her, I swear,
if somebody hurts her...
-She's fine. We just have to-
-I should've been there to protect her.
-Damn, I should've been there.
-Yeah, me too, Brent.
What the hell?
Hey, what's going on?
Got a warrant to search your home,
Mr. Peterson, and your vehicles.
-But why?
-Just routine.
We're looking for any indication
of where she might have gone.
She didn't go anywhere.
-She didn't run off.
-I understand.
No, I mean, she's not here
at the house, either.
She was taken. Or she's hurt
somewhere out there.
Scott, take it easy, all right?
Listen to me.
We're not gonna stop looking.
This is just procedure.
What we're doing,
we're here to find Laci.
-We're here to help you.
-I'm sorry. I'm just-
Why don't you come
to the station?
We'll run over a few questions.
You want me to stay
and find what you're looking for?
Mr. Peterson...
...get in the car, please.
Take Mackenzie inside.
-I'll be right back.
The Sund/Carrington Foundation
was established in 1999...
...after Juli and Carole Sund
were abducted in Yosemite.
We worked with the Levys last year
when Chandra went missing.
We have strong ties
to the community.
We are an advocate for families
of the missing.
My job is to help you
through this.
The foundation's job
is to get Laci back safely.
The first thing we need to do
is set up a search center.
We use this room
for the Sund volunteers.
Oh, we're the Petersons.
We're Scott's parents.
-Jackie, Lee.
-Oh, Sharon, I'm so sorry.
So, so sorry.
How could this happen?
Has anyone called?
Is it...?
-It isn't a kidnapping?
-No. No calls, no notes. Nothing.
No, she's just gone.
Scott said goodbye
yesterday morning.
-She was gone when he got back.
-We'll find her, Ron.
Find her and bring her home.
Sharon, where's Scott?
Did you speak to anyone, Scott,
at the marina?
I didn't have conversations
with anyone.
Did you see anybody?
I might have nodded to a few people
before I launched. I don't know.
We need to confirm
your whereabouts.
The marina receipt
doesn't have a time.
We've already been through this.
I towed the boat to the marina.
I got to the bay around 11.
-I motored out to Brooks Island.
-We can't just take your word for it.
Nothing was biting. It was getting
choppy. I headed back.
But what time was that?
I told you what time.
Stop asking the same questions...
-... over and over again.
-Do you use bleach on your floors?
We have someone
who cleans for us.
Your cleaning woman doesn't use
straight bleach. We asked.
Did you mop up
when you got home last night?
-Yeah, it was dirty.
-Cleaning lady said she just washed it.
We have a dog.
They get muddy.
What were you fishing for?
-Yeah? Big fish.
What did you use for bait?
-I don't know.
-Your neighbor...
...told us that Laci would open
the blinds every morning.
-Likes to let the sun in.
She didn't open them yesterday.
Yeah, yesterday they were down.
It was cold outside.
-It was, like, 40 degrees.
-Forty degrees?
Man, it must have been freezing
out there on the bay.
Can't remember his bait?
I remember what I used when I was 5,
first time my dad took me fishing.
Hey, Detective Ross.
Hey, Tommy.
Now's really not a good time.
This woman, she saw Laci
walking her dog yesterday.
-She saw her in the morning.
-We'll check it out.
-Say hi to Kate.
Scott. Hey.
I don't think they believe me.
-Who doesn't believe?
-They should look for her...
...not ask about bait and shit.
They are looking.
They got a whole army there.
-They questioned me like a suspect.
-That's what they do.
Say you went fishing, they confirm-
-They think I did something.
-Well, hey. No, no, no.
Scott, come on.
No way.
Look, come to the restaurant.
Calm down-
I can't stay in one place.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I just, I don't...
Mr. Peterson claimed he went fishing
on Christmas Eve.
Yes, he produced
a boat-launch receipt...
...from the Berkeley Marina
dated December 24th.
-Mr. Peterson paid...
...the fee to launch his boat, has
anyone reported him on the water?
At this point, no.
-Yes, ma'am.
-There's no proof he was fishing then?
We're asking for the public's help
in confirming Mr. Peterson's alibi.
Is he a suspect
in his wife's disappearance?
-Has he been cleared?
No, ma'am.
No, he has not been cleared.
-What was she wearing last?
-"Black pants with a white pullover. "
-You have suspects?
Listen to the questions,
-I mean, they're saying that he did it.
They're starting down that road.
They're implying, insinuating.
He didn't do anything.
Oh, but it would make such
a great story, wouldn't it?
You know what they'll do?
Take a perfect couple...
...and they'll turn them
into a horror show. Watch.
Scott doesn't have any skeletons.
Watch them, Tommy. These people
come to town expecting the worst.
Scott, is there anything else you can
think of? Anything that can help us?
If there's anything else,
he would have said it.
There are things husbands and wives
keep between them.
We can't afford secrets.
There's nothing.
I told everything.
I can't think of what else to say.
I don't...
I don't think it's...
It's not gonna help,
me talking to the press.
Scott, they can only learn
about Laci through us.
I won't make it.
I'll fall apart.
Then let them see that.
Let them see how much you love her.
They don't want to see that.
You heard them today.
They don't care.
The press...
...has a victim.
They want a villain now.
-Hey, it's me.
I miss you.
Are you back?
No, no. I'm still
out of town, sweetie.
I'm sorry we couldn't
spend Christmas together.
Me too.
But you know what?
I'll be home soon.
And after January 26th,
I'm, like, all yours, sweetie.
Good. I can't wait.
-"I'll talk to you later. "
-Okay, bye.
Follow me, follow me.
Ma'am, what's going on here? Why
do you have this dog here, ma'am?
Dixie, find her.
Find her.
-Something wrong with the hound?
-No, dog's fit.
This woman didn't leave on foot.
Husband has her walking
to the park after 9:30, the 24th.
If she went anywhere,
she went in a car.
Her scent stops here.
The first time I heard about Scott,
Laci called me from college...
...and she said she'd met
the man she was gonna marry.
I drove down to San Luis Obispo
to meet him.
We had dinner plans with Scott...
...and he met us
at the restaurant door.
And he says, "It's a pleasure
to meet you, Mrs. Rocha. "
And he escorts us in...
...there were two beautiful rose
bouquets on the table.
White for me,
and red for Laci.
They're a fairy-tale couple,
and he's the prince.
I love Scott
for how he's taken care of Laci.
The person I know
would not hurt my daughter.
Did you hear? The reward fund
went up to $500,000.
I logged a hundred new volunteers
since 9 this morning.
We've got folks coming in
from all over the place.
Dozens more are searching the
Tuolumne and Merced, San Joaquin.
People just-
They just need to help her.
Have a seat.
-Scott here?
-I don't know. He was.
But he comes in the mornings
before work, checks the website...
-... talks to the volunteers.
-Before work? He's working?
Well, he's not going on the road,
I don't think.
But he's just working
on the phones.
How can he keep working?
Because he knows
Laci's coming home.
-Mr. Vignatti.
-Yes, sir?
Todd Dewey, KNBS,
out of Oakland.
Wonder if we might do an interview.
-Hey, guys.
-Hey, Kate.
-Coming or going?
-Sorry, going. I gotta show a house.
I was just telling Donna,
Laci wouldn't believe it...
-... all this for her.
-No, she'd never believe it.
I should've never moved here.
Laci wanted to raise Conner here
with her family.
But if we hadn't,
maybe she'd still be here.
The town didn't take Laci, Scott.
Everybody's desperate
to find her. It's not that, it's-
I don't want to think about
what it is.
I can't think about anything else.
I can't sleep,
I'm thinking about it so much.
Every time I go home
or walk in that house.
You know what? Me and Tommy will
come over, make you a meaI.
-You don't have to be alone, Scott.
-You don't have to do that.
You and Laci would do less for us?
There are reporters, Kate,
that camp out on my street.
-You gotta pass them to get in.
-Cameras are everywhere.
The whole town's
under a microscope.
Reporters are gonna call you.
They could bother Sammy.
Let them call.
I'll answer what they ask.
I'll tell them anyone who knows
Scott Peterson believes in him.
Thank you.
Have a seat right here, Mr. Vignatti.
How long have you known
Laci and Scott?
My wife and I have known Laci
since we were kids.
We used to play together
on her dad's farm.
Scott we met
when they started dating.
-Friendly with Scott?
-Yeah. He's one of my best friends.
So you don't
buy into the speculation.
If you knew him like I did,
you wouldn't ask.
Scott loves Laci.
I've seen how they are with each other.
Seen how he is with my son.
He's gonna be a wonderfuI father.
You want to say anything about Laci?
The town's really rallying around her.
Well, she...
To know Laci is to love her,
and everyone in Modesto knows her.
Are you shocked
at all this media attention?
-No? Why not?
She's pregnant.
She's missing on Christmas Eve.
It's a nightmare.
That good? Okay.
It's gonna be just like that.
All right, you ready?
-Okay. Okay, in...
-Can I talk to you, Scott?
-Yeah, sure, Dennis.
Let me just get rid of this guy.
Why don't you wait inside,
I'll be right in.
Any idea what
they were looking for?
-That's all we know right now.
-But please, are-?
I have something I have to take
care of now. Excuse me.
-Scott, any new leads?
-I don't know.
Hey, Scott!
Son of a bitch!
He just drove off.
Said, "Wait in the house,"
and drove off.
She's my daughter.
Do you think he just forgot
I was inside?
How many things
does Scott have on his mind?
How many things do I have?
How many do you have?
I've got a friend who tells me
he's seen Scott out on the golf course.
Saw him on the back nine, playing.
-He's playing golf?
Now, how's he afford
a private country club?
His parents have money.
"Scott's too proud to take handouts. "
Wasn't that the line?
"Scott's working three jobs
to pay his way through college"?
I trust him.
-"You'd feel better if you confess. "
Go to the police station
and get this off your chest.
-Go to hell.
-"Take them to Laci. "
Show them where she is.
Spare her family.
I am her family.
She's my wife.
Why don't you spare me?
You hear me?
-Hey, it's me.
Hi. What's wrong?
You sound funny.
I have to tell you something.
I have to confess something.
I lied.
When I told you
I'd never been married...
...I lied.
I was married...
But my wife went missing...
...a year ago.
I lost her.
I don't understand.
What do you mean?
She's gone.
She just- She's gone.
-Why would you not tell me this?
I just-
I don't like to talk about her.
It hurts too much to talk about her.
I want you to be able
to tell me everything.
I want to, Amber.
I will. I will.
I'll tell you, I...
Just not tonight, okay?
I love you.
I promise, Amber,
I'll never lie to you again.
I love you too.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Come here, baby.
Let's get you ready for bed.
Come on, let's go.
The Rocha and Peterson families...
...have come together tonight
with their extended family.
Thousands have come here
"on New Year's Eve"... pray for the safe return
of Laci Peterson.
This local story is now rapidly
grabbing the attention...
...of California
and the nation as a whole.
Volunteers have arrived
from across the region...
...donations from across the country.
The reward fund
has ballooned to $500,000.
We can all see our own daughter,
our own sister... the face of Laci Peterson.
That she is pregnant
"and missing since Christmas Eve"...
...makes this tragedy
all that harder to bear.
Her husband, Scott Peterson,
has been consistently media-shy.
So far, police refuse
to call Peterson a suspect.
Listen to this one:
"We have prayers
for Laci in our hearts.
We know she will be found
alive and well.
Goldsboro, North Carolina. "
Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
"My heart goes out to you.
Whenever I see Laci's face on TV...
...I can't help but think
of my own daughter.
My thoughts
and prayers are with you. "
Come on, guys. You should
eat before it gets cold.
These people signing on the website,
they're from everywhere.
Kate, seriously.
You haven't eaten since this morning.
I'm fine, Mom. Don't worry.
-I went to the doctor yesterday.
The baby is fine.
The baby's just fine.
I don't have to see her again
till next month.
Laci's shower was supposed
to be Saturday.
We'll just have to do our showers
together when she gets back.
Donna, what was that?
He asked how much
his house was worth.
He asked how much
he could get for his house.
-That doesn't mean anything.
-Doesn't it?
Why would he ask me that, huh?
What did he say, exactly?
Oh, he said he doesn't want
Laci coming home to all this.
All what?
What sense does that make?
What else is Laci
gonna come home to?
A new house. A new town.
I don't know.
Christ, Donna, think about it.
What if she was taken out of the yard?
You'd want to come home to that?
You'd want to relive that
every time you went out? Think.
I have.
Don't you think I've gone over
every possible scenario?
Maybe Scott is just protecting her.
Maybe he knows
she's not coming home.
We're sorry we have to do this.
We have to confirm your story.
You think she's dead?
You think that Scott...?
-Do you think that he...?
-We haven't cleared him yet.
Yes, we think he killed her.
I had no idea.
I didn't know that he was married.
We believe you, Amber.
Could you tell them that?
Could you tell that to her family?
Tell them that I didn't know.
Yes, of course.
Of course. I promise.
You did the right thing.
You called us.
I want to help them.
Just tell me how. I'll do anything.
Amber, how long did you know him?
We met a couple of months ago.
A friend introduced us at a party.
So it wasn't serious?
I thought it was.
I thought that he might be the one.
I should have suspected something.
I should have known.
You're a victim in this.
He lied to you.
He was out of town all the time,
He'd be in Europe sometimes,
and Mexico.
But it was like
he would lose track today...
...of where he said he was
the day before.
Is this your daughter?
Yeah. She really loves Scott.
Amber, you say you'll do
whatever you can to help us?
So, Amber,
Scott still calling you?
Hey, Kate.
I just needed to catch my breath.
We're gonna find her.
You just have to keep telling yourself.
I know, and I do.
It's just, I have this picture
of her in my head.
You know, they went to the salon
the night before.
I know.
I cut Scott's hair...
...but I couldn't stop
looking at Laci...
...and her belly...
...and thinking:
"I get to be there when Conner's born.
I get to hold my nephew
in the hospitaI."
And I keep seeing her there,
smiling... she can't turn it off.
She was happy...
...and safe.
She was safe.
We heard from a Fresno woman.
She claims she was
romantically involved with Scott.
-We asked him about that.
-He said no.
She passed the polygraph.
She produced these.
I'm gonna be sick.
Now we know why
he didn't want to be on TV.
Well, one guy, back in '87... picked away at him so bad,
there wasn't anything left of him.
Cops couldn't ID him.
They donated him to science.
Hey, cut it, T.R.
Something wrong, skip?
Yeah, I'm getting a picture here.
What is that? Is that a body?
-Tommy! Do you have a comment?
-Can you let us by?
-Excuse me. Please!
-Why are you getting together?
-Why are you standing behind him?
-No comment.
-Haven't you had second thoughts?
-What's your state of mind right now?
Hi. We got dinner.
It was her club.
Her wine of the month. Came today.
I was gonna open it...
...but I figured I'd wait
till she got back.
-"Can I ask you for an interview?"
-"An interview. "
No. I said I'm not giving
any more interviews, okay?
Can you comment
"on the sonar imaging"-
-Consistent with what?
-"A body. "
Authorities now say that sonar
pinpointed something... the waters
off the Berkeley Marina...
...but have refused to speculate
as to what it was.
A retrieval attempt will be made
within 24 hours.
They're not saying it's a body.
They don't know if it's a body.
In recent days, the investigation has
focused its attention on the waters...
...where Scott Peterson was known
to be fishing on Christmas Eve.
That's consistent.
That's all they said, that the shape
is consistent with a body.
Laci Peterson has been missing since
"Christmas Eve. She was last seen"-
I kept asking myself, "Why that word?"
Why on earth would he use that word?
Why would he say "missing"?
Why wouldn't he say, "Mom,
Laci's not home. I can't find her. "
He said "missing,"
like he'd thought it through.
-It's not her, Scott.
-Yeah, I...
-You gotta know that.
-I know.
I'm gonna go down to L.A.
San Diego too.
Set up more searches.
Why so far south?
Laci's not in the bay, Tommy.
She could be anywhere by now.
I think I'll stay down there a couple
of days and get away from the press.
You stay away from the press
pretty good as is.
Hey, a grieving mother is much better
than a grieving husband, Tommy.
Shit, Scott. Talk like that,
you sound like people say you are.
-Well, how do people say I am?
-Just how you come across.
-Not talking to the media.
-How do I come across?
If I do an interview,
it's all about me.
-Trying to figure me out.
-So what?
They get ratings by making me guilty.
They twist what I say and how I say it.
The public will see, Scott.
They'll see what we see.
I can't cry on cue, Tommy.
We've got nothing to say.
Come on, Tommy. Talk to us.
Just one comment, please!
He's worried,
starting to feeI trapped.
Gonna run?
I hope so.
If he runs, he's guilty.
Well, we naiI him,
the press leaves town.
They love this.
Pretty white girI with good teeth,
pregnant, Christmas Eve.
You're going down, Scotty.
We don't know how long the wait is...
...but once they have a visual,
the news should come quickly.
If this does turn out to be a body... may be hours
before we receive confirmation.
Okay, now, wait a minute.
We're hearing...
What we're hearing is that they have
not found a body. It's not a body.
No, they have not found a body.
It's a ship's anchor that they've found.
Oh, hey, Brent. Come on in.
Did you hear?
That it wasn't her that they found.
What's the matter?
I'm gonna ask you one time, Scott.
Did you cheat on Laci?
-Brent, why would I-?
-Amber Frey.
-I loved Laci, Brent.
-You "loved" her?
I love her.
But I was unfaithfuI.
I had an affair.
-I told her about it.
-You should've told us.
Why didn't you?
Why didn't you tell us?
How's it look? How does it look now
if I admit to having an affair?
It looks worse, Scott.
It looks worse if you lie.
I want to confirm that on January 16th,
Scott Peterson did admit to me...
...that he was having an affair
with a Fresno woman.
I confronted him
with this allegation...
...after viewing pictures
of him with this woman.
I met Scott Peterson
on November 20th.
I was introduced to him.
I was told he was unmarried.
Scott told me that he was not married.
We did have a romantic relationship.
I would like Scott to know
that I trusted him and stood by him... the initiaI phases
of my sister's...
When I learned he was involved in the
Laci Peterson disappearance case...
...I immediately contacted
the Modesto Police Department.
Laci, the last month...
...has been the most disturbing
and emotionaI time of my life.
As your older brother...
...I only wish that I had
the opportunity to be there... defend you from the person that
decided to take you away from me.
Wherever you may be...
...I hope you know
how much I love you...
...and how important you are to me.
My search for you
will never end.
I'm very sorry for Laci's family
and the pain this has caused them...
...and I pray for her safe return
as well.
Since Scott no longer communicates
with anyone in Laci's family...
...I am no longer supporting him.
He hasn't been forthcoming
with information...
...regarding my sister's
I'm only left to question what else
he may be hiding from me.
I've been trying to call you.
I left messages.
I called you back.
Your voice maiI was full.
The press keeps calling. I can't
delete the messages fast enough.
I had to take my phone off the hook
on account of the reporters.
I'm sorry, Amber.
I'm sorry you're going through this.
I told the truth, and-
-I had to tell the truth.
-That's good, it's good.
I don't blame you, Amber.
I'd never blame you.
I'm in trouble.
Why? You didn't do anything.
Yeah, well, I can count on one hand...
...the number of people
who don't think I did.
I love you, Amber.
I love you too.
I have some...
...some jewelry that I'd like
to give to you.
You can't come over.
There's press all over the place.
Scott, you can't come over here now.
Look, I gotta go, okay?
But I'll call you later, all right?
-Was that okay?
Did you know, Tommy?
Did I know?
About that other woman?
No! Absolutely not.
I've known Laci since first grade.
He wouldn't put me in that position.
What about the position
he put Laci in?
She thought she knew Scott
as well as I think I know you.
You do know me. I would never
lie to you. I wouldn't know how to.
Scott had no problem Iying to Laci,
Iying to us, to his family.
Everybody he loved and everybody
who loved him, he lied to.
We never asked him
about other women.
Jesus, Tommy. We shouldn't have to.
You cannot defend this.
I am not trying to.
She is pregnant with his son,
and he's out screwing-
I'm not defending him. I'm pissed off
at him as much as you are!
-Then why don't you show it?
-I'm trying to understand it.
Would you just let me?
Mr. Rocha.
I can't believe you kids have had
this place so long and I've never been.
Would you like a beer?
No. A glass of water.
-Sit down?
I almost missed her wedding.
You remember that?
I was working a job.
Working, and I almost missed it.
I've been thinking about that.
-AII I've missed after-
-Mr. Rocha...
Laci's alive.
She is alive, Mr. Rocha.
If I'm gonna represent you... don't say another word
to the police...
...without me at your side ever again.
I've made a lot of mistakes,
Mr. Whitman, in my behavior...
...but I would never hurt my family.
Scott, you don't know how to act
in a situation like this.
I mean, no one does. But that
doesn't mean that you're guilty.
Well, the police sure think I am.
Well, police work from percentages,
and the percentages point to you.
Of course they'll charge him.
It's just a matter of time.
I'm not even saying he's guilty.
I think they could charge him for
being a callous prick, for that alone.
They teach "innocent untiI proven
guilty" at journalism schooI, or not?
No, you had it right the first way.
The way you've been reporting it,
it's hard to tell.
We report what we verify, Tommy.
Where do you get off?
My friends call me Tommy.
You're not one of them.
Scott is.
You're goddamn right he is.
I know him. You don't.
He's a good man.
A good man.
Yeah, I'm sure Amber thinks so.
He cheated on his wife.
-He didn't kill her.
-Have him take a polygraph.
You're making him out to be
some cold-blooded monster.
They're gonna charge him.
-They have enough to indict him.
-Why don't they?
Because they want the body!
How long have you known
Scott Peterson?
Let him through!
-No comment.
-Can you tell us what happened?
-Let him through, please.
Ma'am? Ma'am, have you
spoken to the police yet?
You never told them.
They never came.
I had to phone them myself.
What's so important we had to meet?
-Why didn't you follow up?
-What are you talking about?
The woman who saw Laci.
I gave you that information weeks ago.
-Nobody followed up!
-Change your tone.
Somebody saw Laci doing exactly
what Scott said exactly when he said.
-That clears him.
-A lot of people say they saw Laci.
-There are others?
-They contradict one another.
-That's why we ruled them out.
-All of them?
It wasn't her.
Who says so?
Look, we are not a bunch
of amateurs here. We say so.
-People saw her.
-They're wrong.
You can't peg him a killer on day one,
then ignore evidence proving he's not.
That's not what's happening.
We've received over 8000 tips.
We're going through them,
every last lead, one by one.
You looked at anyone else?
Tommy, we have questioned
and cleared over 200 suspects.
We can't clear Scott.
I don't believe it, Frank.
I know the guy. I know him.
You don't. You do not.
And the best advice I can give you
is to turn your back on him.
I don't turn my back on my friends.
All right, look...
I'm gonna give you
a hypotheticaI here.
What if I told you that we found
Laci's hair in his boat?
What if I told you that we found a tarp
and a loaded gun in his truck?
What if I told you that the jewelry
Scott gave to his girlfriend...
...turns out to be Laci's?
What do you say then?
I'd say none of it means anything.
Even if it is true.
Not if people saw her,
and you can't prove they didn't.
-"Scott, how are you?"
-I'm doing fine, Mom.
Yeah. No, you don't have to
come back up.
No, I'll come down.
I'll come to you.
We're worried about you.
I worry about you, okay? You're not
supposed to worry about me.
-"Have you seen the Rochas?"
-"Brent hasn't come by?"
Mom, tell Dad I'll call him later.
You don't look well, Scott.
You sleeping okay?
My wife is missing.
I don't sleep.
Yeah. Yeah.
Look, I'm gonna be straight
with you, okay?
We found blood in your truck
and Laci's hair in your boat.
That's a lie.
Where do I start?
-The blood or the boat?
-It's all lies. You're just a liar.
You're making this harder
on everyone involved.
You realize that, right?
Excuse me.
I have a front door. You know,
I can press charges for trespassing.
They can't just walk
into my back yard like that.
They try to scare you.
I got a call
from the DA's office, Scott.
They're offering a deaI. If you lead
them to where the bodies are...
...they'll take the death penalty
off the table.
Death penalty?
I didn't know that was on the table.
SpeciaI circumstances apply here.
They won't call me a suspect,
but they want me to confess?
That was the purpose of their visit.
They figure if they put
the fear of God in you... might make their lives easier.
Confess to something I didn't do?
They want you scared.
I'm scared, Mr. Whitman.
I'm like an outcast.
The whole country thinks
that I murdered my wife and my son.
That has to change.
I have to change that.
I think everybody sitting at home wants
the answer to the same question:
Did you murder your wife?
No. No. That's just...
And I had absolutely nothing to do
with her disappearance.
And you used the word "murder"...
Yeah, that's a possibility...
...but it's not one
we're ready to accept.
It creeps in my mind late at night,
and early in the morning...
...and during the day
all we can think about is...
...the right resolution is
to find her well.
But as you know, increasingly, in the
public, suspicion has turned on you.
Yes, definitely.
Did you ever hit her?
Did you ever injure her?
No. No. My God, no.
Violence against women is...
It is the most disgusting act to me.
And I'm aware that suspicion
has turned to me.
And it's turned to me, one,
because I am her husband...
...and that's a naturaI thing.
And I've heard all the...
...the statistics on all
the news programs...
...about how someone...
...a husband, an ex-husband,
a boyfriend... someone who statistically
would be one...
...who would be responsible
for her disappearance.
I'm sorry. I forgot your question.
...I have your daughter's car out here.
You have-
-Why do you have Laci's car?
-What's wrong?
Your son-in-law, Mr. Peterson,
traded the car in at my dealership.
He traded her car in?
I just don't feeI right...
...making a profit from
your... misfortune.
We could buy the car back from you.
No, sir. I just want you to have
your daughter's car, that's all.
I don't want any money.
Thank you.
I told Laci...
...I was having an affair.
We were trying to work through it.
She didn't tell me.
I mean, she didn't tell her mom.
She didn't want to ruin Christmas.
You had no problem ruining hers,
though, did you?
-I don't know why I did it.
-I don't know why you did it either.
You married the most wonderfuI
person and you risked that?
I'm ashamed of it. I-
You betrayed her. You hurt her.
You should be ashamed.
That's the least you should be.
AII I can do now is say I'm sorry.
If there was anything else I could do,
I would do it.
I'm gonna go out of town again
for a few days.
I have a conference in Mexico.
How many is a few?
Three or four, a few.
You know what day it is? Do you
know what day is coming up?
-Yes. Kate, it's for work.
-You know what? Screw your work.
Your work is finding Laci and Conner.
That is your work, Scott.
I'm doing all I can.
-I don't know who you are!
-I'm doing all I can.
It'll look bad, Scott.
Yeah, I know that.
It'll look bad, you not being there
for her due date.
What if they find her, Scott?
She's out there. She's waiting.
What are we supposed to tell her?
What? "Sorry, Laci, Scott's in Mexico.
He figured you'd understand. "
Kate, they've had divers
in the water for weeks.
You look underwater...'re looking for a body.
How was Mexico, Scott?
It was fine. What's going on?
We have a few more things
we're curious about.
You've already been
through the house.
Read the warrant, Scott.
I need your keys.
We're gonna take your truck too.
-You guys bringing back the Ford?
-I'm afraid not. Not yet, no.
Well, what the hell am I supposed
to drive? You guys are killing me.
I can't talk right now.
Okay, we go in now, Amy.
Come on. It'll be fine.
You'll be okay.
Bury it good. I don't want it
falling off if he hits a pothole.
-How'd it go?
-Well, he was pissed off as all hell.
Did you tell him he'd have it back
in a few hours?
What, I'm supposed
to play Mr. Nice-Nice?
You know, sometimes, Gates,
you're a reaI asshole.
What happened?
I went by the house today.
I was...
I was just gonna drive by
and see if Scott was back.
Police were there.
Yeah, they checked
the house again, huh?
Heard on the news.
I tried to call Scott.
Amy was there too. She was...
She was waiting
in the back of a police car.
-Did you talk to her?
They waited for Scott to leave,
and then they took her inside.
...what are you thinking?
Amy saw Scott and Laci at the salon
the night before she disappeared.
What does that mean?
The police brought Amy there to find
the clothes that Laci had on that night.
She came out of the house crying,
She couldn't find them.
She couldn't find them, Tommy.
She couldn't find them
because Laci died in them.
We don't know.
That could be anything-
No. No.
You know what? No.
It couldn't be "anything. "
It's specific.
Those clothes
are in the bay with her.
I'm not much in the mood for this.
Come on, Tommy.
It feels good.
Should have gone golfing.
I had a tee time on Christmas Eve.
-I went fishing instead.
Of course, if I'd gone golfing and Laci
had gone missing, then it'd be:
"What asshole goes golfing
on Christmas Eve?"
It wasn't the holiday
that bothered people.
It was leaving her pregnant and alone
and ready to deliver.
Laci wasn't worried.
She was only at eight months.
They measured our house today.
My lawyer tells me that's
because they think...
...that Laci died there in our house.
They'll make all kinds of diagrams
for when they take me to triaI.
What are people saying in town?
I'm in the kitchen.
I don't hear.
The press bothering you?
They talk. I don't listen.
You pay a penalty these days
being friends with me.
I don't know what I'd do
without you and Kate.
You and Laci wouldn't do any less.
You can ask, you know...
...any questions you have.
I appreciate that you don't...
...but you can.
Why don't you take
the lie detector test?
My lawyer advised me not to.
But you'll pass.
I mean, that'll prove something.
Polygraphs can give you
false positives.
You're innocent,
the machine says you're guilty.
Why don't you talk about Conner?
It's too painfuI.
It's just too painfuI
to talk about him.
Hey, Scott, John from KFI.
What did you do with your wife?
No one believes your story!
You know where she is.
Why don't you tell us where she is?
You're not fooling anybody
with your phony story.
We just have one question:
Where did you put
your wife and baby?
We're searching for the truth.
Why don't you just come
and talk to us and tell us the truth?
Scott, we found Conner's body
in the bay.
It's only a matter of time
before we find Laci.
The remains were found two miles...
...from the body of the infant
discovered yesterday.
Both were found within miles
of where Scott Peterson...
...claimed he went fishing
on Christmas Eve.
The remains of a woman
believed to be Laci Peterson...
...were discovered today just miles
from where her husband, Scott...
...claimed to be fishing
on the day of her disappearance.
Autopsies are being performed.
But positive IDs will likely
depend on DNA analysis.
Why is that?
Due to the condition of the bodies...
...we can't lift fingerprints
or check dentaI records.
Fingerprints wear off in the water.
Why not dentaI records?
We'll update you
as soon as we know more.
My, God.
They don't have her head.
-I miss you.
-"Are you okay? I saw on the TV that"-
Can I come see you?
Now, right this minute?
-"It's not a good idea. "
-I need to be with you, Amber.
-"The press will find you. "
-I don't care.
Scott, I know you're hurting.
I want to see you too,
but it will look bad for you.
It can't look any worse.
It doesn't matter.
They found them.
They found them.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
What am I gonna do?
Scott, do you have anything
that you want to tell me?
-What do you mean?
-"Should I be afraid?"
-"Should I be afraid of you?"
-No, no, no.
Please, don't even say that.
Don't be afraid.
That would kill me.
You had nothing to do with this?
No, I had nothing,
nothing to do with it.
I swear.
I swear, I had nothing to do with it.
-But I know who did.
I can't tell you right now.
But I will. I'll tell you
when I see you. I promise.
I promise. I won't lie to you, Amber.
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you when I see you.
"I swear, I had nothing to do with it.
But I know who did"?
"I know who did"?
-What the hell does that mean?
-Could mean nothing, bullshit.
Scott bragging to his girlfriend.
Let's see where he's going.
-Scott, right over here.
-Turn around.
-Where are you going?
-Turn around, Scott.
-Come on!
-Answer the questions.
-Are you running away?
-Thanks a bunch, Scott.
-You don't have anything to hide.
-You have any statements?
Fresno. He pulled off in Fresno.
Shit. He's going to Amber's.
-What are you doing?
-Getting a unit to her place.
Wait a minute. You heard Scott.
"I know who did it and I'll tell you. "
We could be just minutes away
from a confession.
-He could hurt her.
-He won't. Not now. He's not insane.
He killed his wife and kid.
Is that sane?
-We'll get the son of a bitch.
-I won't risk her safety. Why will you?
-We'll have the place covered.
-You are risking her safety!
We'll naiI him, and we'll naiI him now.
They put a satellite tracker on
your truck. That's how they found you.
When is this gonna end?
Look, if they had the evidence
to arrest you, they would.
They don't.
So take some comfort in that.
-Why aren't you taking this thing off?
-He can't. He can't.
Look, they had to get a warrant
to do this. They did it legally.
-What, so I can't legally remove it?
-Just don't go near the crime scene.
The police think I live
in the crime scene.
Come on, catch the ball.
Come on, score a touchdown.
I'm gonna get you.
Go inside, get a juice box, okay?
Mommy will be right in.
Go inside. Shut the door.
-Tommy home?
-Is he gonna be home later tonight?
-I don't know.
Will you be here?
Could you just tell Tommy I came by?
I'm going out of town again.
I probably won't see you guys
for a while.
Where you going?
Where would you go if the whole world
thought you were a murderer?
It depends.
On what?
If I was.
Look, no matter
what happens, Kate...
...or what you think of me...
...just know that I wanted
what you have.
His truck's in San Diego. Hasn't
moved in 24 hours. He may be gone.
He was in Mexico before
and didn't run.
We hadn't found the bodies then.
Phone San Diego.
I want some eyes on him.
Why not pick him up?
When we match the DNA,
then we know for certain...
...that it's Laci and Conner,
I'll put the cuffs on him myself.
He said we wouldn't see him
for a while.
He'll be back.
The cops will bring him back.
Parade him down McHenry.
I think he was saying goodbye
for good. I think he's gonna run.
Well, he'd run if he'd killed her.
If he was gonna run, he would have.
-If he was guilty, he'd be in Mexico.
-Tommy, come on! Please!
-He would've stayed the first time.
-Tommy, Laci is dead.
And Conner is dead.
He killed them. Scott killed them.
No. It doesn't make any sense.
Everything he's said and done
has been suspect.
Says who? How are you-?
How are you supposed to act
when your wife goes missing? How?!
Like a husband acts, Tommy!
Like a father acts!
I mean, come on!
If I went missing, you would be crazy.
You would go to the ends of the earth.
You'd confess every sin
that you'd ever committed.
I've seen...
You've seen...
You've seen how he is with Sammy.
Maybe she found out about the affair.
Maybe she found out, threatened
to leave and maybe they fought.
Maybe it was an accident.
I don't know.
People saw her that morning, Kate.
The police talked to those people.
-People saw Laci, just like Scott said.
-They ruled them out, Tommy!
Goddamn it, Kate!
I saw-
I saw him in the nursery.
I helped...
I helped him put that crib together.
He wanted that baby.
Does the chief want to wait
on the serology report?
Yeah, we wait for the finaI,
we could lose a day.
-It'll leak if we wait.
-It will leak.
It's positive.
Okay. Thanks.
Prelim matched.
It's Laci and Conner.
We need to stop for gas.
We're going to San Diego.
Hold it right there!
Scott Peterson!
Show us your hands!
Show us your hands!
It was with the preliminary
DNA report in hand...
...that Modesto Police authorized
the arrest of Scott Peterson.
He was arrested in San Diego,
a 30-mile sprint from Mexico...
...with his brother's ID...
...and what has been reported
as a large sum of money.
-disguising himself
by dying his hair and beard.
Detectives are returning Peterson
to the Stanislaus County JaiI... in downtown Modesto
to be held pending arraignment.
On December 24th, 2002,
shortly after 5:15 p. m...
...I received a phone call
and heard the devastating words...
...that would forever change my life:
"Laci's missing. "
I knew in my heart that something
terrible had happened... my daughter and my grandson.
My world collapsed around me.
Since receiving the phone call,
we've been living a terrible nightmare.
I love my daughter so much.
I miss her...
...every minute of every day.
No parent should ever have
to think about...
...the way their child was murdered.
-"This is Tommy. "
-"And Kate. "
And Sammy.
We're not here right now.
We'll get back to you.
Leave a message.
Hey, guys.
Tommy, it's Scott.
"I just"-
I just I wanted to tell you...
...I'm in jail. So...
I won't be able to talk
to you guys for a while.
I'll try to call you
"when I get a chance. And..."
About three years ago,
at our grandmother's funeral ...
...Laci had mentioned to me:
"Well, you know, when I die...
...I don't want people to be sad.
I don't want people to be missing me.
I want people to be happy. "
I'm up here to convey
that to everyone here.
That Laci would want us to have
happiness in our hearts for her...
...and that we had
the opportunity to know her