The Perfect Pairing (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.

Christina Joy Osborne?
Busting out the middle name.
Um, am I in trouble?
Your review
of Heublein Chophouse
ruffled a few feathers.
They served Kevin's steak 15
minutes after mine
and by the time he got his,
mine was cold.
Ruined the entire meal.
You know, technically, you're
allowed to eat if it's hot.
No one ever does that.
Oh, come. Would you sit down?
My feet hurt
just looking at you.
Oh, I'm fine.
I'll just sit for a second.
Now, here is your next
Oh. Winter wine festival.
Well, you haven't done
a wine review
since Hollingbrook's
corked merlot.
Um, I probably
shouldn't show my face
at that particular winery.
You won't need to.
There are a dozen other wineries
doing barrel tastings
that same week.
That's your all-access pass
for the entire event.
You'll get a sneak preview
of their newest vintages.
Report on the wines
getting the most buzz.
In January, though?
The winemakers like to see
how things are progressing
while their wines are aging.
It's like touring
a house during construction.
Buyers can get a feeling for
how the wine is going to finish.
Oh. Now, you'll take
the Amtrak in,
but then, you'll transfer to
this adorable vintage train
that'll take you
right into town.
Do you think I could get
an extra pass for Kevin?
It seems pretty romantic.
We could make it a work-cation.
Good idea.
Maybe he'll be inspired.
Stop it.
Mom, you want some more coffee?
Oh, but you don't need to do
the whole complicated,
you know, thing here.
Um, of course
I'm doing the thing.
I've got it down to a science.
It turns out perfect every time.
So, when you and Kevin
finally get engaged,
be sure to register for
a plain old drip coffee maker.
Well, you might be waiting
for a while.
- Okay.
- (bell dinging)
Oh. All right. This is it.
If I can't get it right
this time, I swear, I give up.
- (gasping)
- Christina: Aha.
Looks good.
Come on. (sighing)
I don't understand.
I did everything
the recipe said. Ugh.
Baking is as much art
as it is science.
Maybe you just need to embrace
the art a little more.
Yeah, or I could embrace
that new dessert delivery app.
But then you'll miss
all the fun.
Ugh. Well, this isn't
that fun either, Mom.
Sometimes it isn't about
the final product, sweetheart.
It's about how you get there.
That sounds like a quote
people put on
reclaimed barn wood, Mom.
- Because it's true.
- Well, not for everyone.
Some people
like to know what's coming.
Like when people
go to a restaurant
or order a bottle of wine,
they don't want to risk
wasting their time or money,
and that's why I do
what I do.
We can't control everything
in our lives, Chrissy.
No one really knows
what's down the road.
What do you think, Michael?
These ready for harvesting?
We're supposed to be getting
another freeze this week, Gene.
If that happens, I think
these grapes are going to be
at their absolute sweetest.
We just got a shipment
of these ice wine glasses.
Can you call the distributor
and tell him he made a mistake?
The distributor didn't make
a mistake, Dad. I ordered them.
For the tapping party
next Friday. Come on.
I mean, we got to
get people to sample
our first batch of ice wine.
You know that.
I don't think it's a good idea
to introduce something new
right now, Michael.
We're trying to regroup
from what that C.J. Osborne
review did to our bottom line.
I thought we both agreed
to never mention that name
ever again.
Believe me.
I want to forget
it ever happened, too.
I'm just trying to create
some buzz. That's all.
I mean, come on. You know
everybody in this region--
No one's doing ice wine.
You know that.
For very good reason.
- What?
- It's too risky.
It was risky back in the day,
when you tried it,
but things have changed.
Dad, come on.
Forecasting, soil testing--
Merlot, cabernet, pinot noir,
that's what built
this winery a hundred years ago,
and that's what's going
to keep it going
for the next generation,
for you and for Britney.
we've got 500 bottles of wine
from last year's harvest
sitting in that ice room, okay?
Not to mention,
these grapes are almost frozen
for this year's harvest.
Come on. Why don't we just
show them what we've got?
It's temporary.
You know how much it costs
to maintain that ice wine room?
We'll finish this harvest and
then we'll go back to normal.
What if normal
is not good enough, Dad?
It will be.
Grandpa, the sign at the front
fell again.
Oh. I'll take a
look at it, sweetie.
Maybe I'll leave it down and
wait for the new one to come.
We'll talk later, all right?
As long as
it's about merlot, cabernet--
Pinot noir. Dad, we get it.
(chuckling) Okay.
Dad, can I have
some frozen grapes?
Of course you can,
but you can only have two.
We need all the grapes
to make the wine, all right?
I know, but I can't have that
for nine more years.
I'm your dad,
and you can't have that
for 90, all right?
So, you're going to
go for it anyway?
Gene, come on.
The grapes are already frozen.
I'm not going to
let them go to waste.
Old man will come around.
You know,
her mom used to do that.
Wander around the vineyard,
eating grapes like
there was no tomorrow.
I can't believe
it's been three years.
Sara loved the idea
of the ice wine.
I got to follow through
with it, Gene.
I have to. For her, for Britney.
Hey, princess,
I see you're wearing another one
of Mom's hats again, huh?
- I like wearing them.
- Michael: Oh.
It's like a head hug.
Oh. A head hug, huh?
Well, how about a hug
for the rest of you?
I love you.
Love you, too.
Hi. Should be under "Kevin."
So, which table
is C.J. Osborne at?
Waiter: I don't know.
No one knows what he looks like.
Oh, honey, look.
That's my friend C.J.
and his wife.
No, no. But let's not go over
there and talk to them.
I think-- I think he's working.
That guy is the most feared food
critic on the East Coast?
Maybe that's just his disguise.
We have to pretend
we don't know him.
Fine. Just give him
anything he wants.
This is why
I love being anonymous.
I can give my readers
a completely honest,
authentic experience
of the restaurant,
and someone else
gets treated like royalty.
(inhaling sharply)
So, what do you think?
It's fantastic, right?
Could be better.
I mean, the spices in the pure
overpower the glaze.
Maybe once in a while,
you could give someone a pass.
Then I wouldn't be doing my job.
(clearing throat)
Speaking of which,
Sam has me going to
this winter wine festival
in upstate New York.
He booked me in
this gorgeous B&B.
It's very romantic.
I mean, come on.
We keep saying we need to
talk about our future.
This would be perfect.
Yeah, yeah.
We will get away, Chrissy.
But I've got client meetings
all week.
I can't just take time off.
Except you also say
that the market is too volatile
to plan ahead.
I mean, it's always something.
I've got to do my work, too.
I just think
it would be good for us.
Come on.
We could use a reset.
Could we?
I mean, I thought we were...
...I thought we were fine.
We are, but...
...we should be
better than fine.
Okay. Maybe I can--
I can call in a couple favors.
But I'll have to meet you
up there.
Thank you, Kevin.
I promise
it'll be an amazing time.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
(glasses clinking)
All right.
Talk to me. How we looking?
All right.
Well, the high tables
will be here
the day before the party.
The wine glasses
get here tomorrow.
Oh. Write down
I got a few dessert glasses
for the ice wine as well.
I thought we weren't bringing
out those bottles for the party.
How can I not? Come on.
Last year's batch is perfect.
It's time to show it off.
Yeah. Mike, listen. I know how
important this is to you, okay?
But Sara wouldn't want this to
come between you and your dad.
Well, unfortunately, Diane,
that debacle with the merlot
already did that.
Yeah, but it wasn't your fault
that the corks were tainted.
Yeah, but it's my fault
that I didn't test the case
before I sent the bottles
to that reviewer.
My dad thinks
it's because I was obsessed
about the ice wine at
the expense of everything else.
That's not the case.
You know that.
Michael, I'm going to head
to the train station
and drop off
some pamphlets for our party
at the welcome centre.
Do you need anything?
Yeah, actually. I do.
I could use a carload of buyers
with money to burn.
- I'll do my best.
- (chuckling)
You two--
All right. Talk to me.
What else?
Next stop is Hudson.
Please exit through this car.
(phone vibrating)
Hey, Kevin.
My train just arrived.
Perfect timing.
What time does yours leave?
Oh, and I got us
a reservation tonight
at the Hudson Grill at 8:00.
I'm not even reviewing it,
so we can just enjoy ourselves.
Chris, I can't make it tomorrow.
I'm really sorry.
No. It's fine.
Um, so-- Thank you.
So, what day do you think
you can make it?
Look. We had a problem
with one of the funds, Chris.
I don't know when
I can make it up there.
Oh, excuse me, miss.
You're blocking
the luggage cart.
Oh. Uh--
Do you need help with your bag?
Um, yes, please. Thank you.
It's the black one right there.
All right.
Well, can you make it for
the last three days at least?
Where to?
Hudson House B&B.
It's the black SUV over there.
I'll load your bag for you.
Oh, okay. Thank you.
Look. I got to hop back into
a meeting.
No, no.
Please, please don't hang up.
We can figure this out.
Why don't you just call me back
from the hotel, okay?
No. I--
Kevin, I need to know right now.
Are you even coming up here
or not?
I can't make it, Chris.
I'll talk to you later.
(engine revving)
Hello, Christina.
Eleanor. Hi.
It's been ages.
I know. I've been meaning
to call and catch up.
You here for the wine festival?
Of course. You?
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
There's nothing better
than finding
that one special wine
nobody knows about yet.
Or the ones to avoid.
That's exactly why we couldn't
be writing partners anymore.
We have completely different
ways of seeing the same thing.
I just want people
to be informed, that's all.
Nothing wrong with
a little honesty.
So much honesty from someone
who won't even reveal
who she is.
I should get going.
It was good to see you, Eleanor.
You, too.
(phone ringing)
Kevin (on recording):
Hey. This is Kevin.
Leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
(phone beeping)
You know what, Kevin?
Never mind.
It's fine, because I'm going to
be really busy with work anyway.
Uh, hi.
Apologies if there's been a mix-up,
but this isn't
the official shuttle.
I'm just here running an errand.
No. This is the car
the porter told me to take.
Oh, okay. Not a problem.

Okay. Here we are.
Oh, no. My purse.
I left it on the train.
I think it was under the seat.
We have to go back.
Oh, I'm sorry, miss,
but that train is long gone.
But don't worry.
I'm sure someone turned it in.
I'll call the station's
lost and found.
Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay.
If can just get my bag--
- Bag?
- Yeah. It's in the back.
She told me she put it in there.
Let me make
that phone call for you.
Then, I'll get you
back to the station.
Okay. Thank you, but will
they let me check in without ID?
Check in?
I think you better
talk to Michael.
He's over there.
Uh, excuse me?
- Oh, hey there.
- Hi.
What can I do for you?
Hi. Hi.
Um, I wanted to get checked in,
but I don't have my ID.
Oh, that's okay.
We don't really have a formal
check-in policy here.
It's usually just
first come, first serve.
Then what was the point of
making a reservation?
Well, I have no idea who made
the reservation for you,
but it's fine.
Why don't you come on in and
I'll try to get you some help?
- Okay.
- Okay?
Oh, and
I'm sorry about your grapes.
What do you mean?
Well, it looks like you
kind of missed the harvest.
Not if you're making ice wine.
Don't most wineries
use a freezer
and make it with the
grapes they already have?
Michael: Yes, they do.
That's very true.
But it's not really the same.
You see, nothing
brings out the sweetness
like the slow build of winter,
and if we can time this harvest
just right, the flavor
will be absolutely perfect.
And you, as the customer,
know exactly what you get.
I can certainly appreciate that.
All right.
Well, it's getting cold.
Let's get you inside, huh?
Okay. Thank you.
- Come on.
- Okay. Ooh!
I can see you, uh,
brought the right shoes.
Oh, I didn't know you
get so much snow up here.
(Michael chuckling)
If it's okay, I'd like to
check into my room first
before doing
any wine-tasting, please.
I'm sorry, but these rooms
are for private residents only.
But I can call and recommend
a couple of hotels in town.
I thought this was a hotel.
No, no, it's not.
We're, uh-- We're just a winery.
This is Hollingbrook Winery?
It is, yeah, and I'm
Michael Hollingbrook. You are?
I'm in the wrong place.
I need to go.
Oh. Oh, no.
Uh, where did the driver go?
Well, Gino,
he'll be back in a second.
Not to worry.
Listen. While you're here,
why don't you come back inside
and warm up a little bit
and try a glass of our merlot?
It's wonderful.
Oh, okay. I see you've read our
recent review to the contrary.
Completely untrue and,
to be honest,
bordering on unprofessional.
Usually, when things get bad
reviews it's for a good reason.
True. There was a good reason.
We made an honest mistake.
But instead of allowing us
to rectify the situation,
the reviewer decided
to trash us instead
and well, we lost a lot
of business because of it.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
Well, nothing
we can do about it now.
We'll just get back
on our feet, all right?
- Dad?
- Yeah.
Do you want me to put out
all the barrel-tapping
festival merch?
I think that's
a great idea, honey.
Hi. I'm Britney.
Hi. I'm... Joy.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
How do you walk
on those in the snow?
Aren't you afraid
you're going to slip and fall?
Hasn't happened yet.
(phone ringing)
Oh, excuse me.
I just have to take this.
No problem.
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Are you okay?
- (Christina groaning)
Why? (groaning)
Are you okay?
(gasping) Ooh.
I think I'll stay right here.
(exhaling sharply)
Well, Joy, good news.
Your vitals are all normal,
and I can't see
any sign of head trauma
or concussion.
Who's Joy?
You are.
I'm Britney. Remember?
We just met.
We did?
Do you know where you live?
I think in the city.
Which city?
I don't...
...I don't know.
Oh, dear.
What? What's wrong with me?
I think you have a case of
retrograde amnesia.
What's that?
It's an inability to recall
recent events.
The brain is shutting down
the part that needs to heal.
How long will I be like this?
Well, that's the good news.
Most patients
with no outward signs of trauma
get their full memory back
in three to seven days.
Until then, we should
be able to figure out
a lot from your phone.
Speaking of which,
when she fell, doc,
her phone dropped in mud
and water,
and her cell won't power up.
So, I'm going to head into town,
talk to a repair guy
and see what we can do. Okay?
Okay. What about my wallet?
Where's my purse?
You left it
on the train, remember?
Michael: Uh, I'm sure
she doesn't remember, Gene.
Right. Right. I am trying
to find it, and your bag.
I don't have that, either?
You were only carrying
your notebook.
What? This?
What is all this? Recipes?
What am I? A chef?
Is someone waiting for me
to show up somewhere?
Am I married?
Do I have kids, or cats?
Did I mention
any friends or family?
Is anyone looking for me?
We don't know.
All we know is that
you seemed to
come to our winery by mistake.
Did I say where
I was supposed to be?
No. Sorry.
But if this
memory card will get fired up
and start working again,
we can find out.
We'll also contact the police.
You're going to be okay.
- (sighing)
- Michael: Hey.
We'll figure it out.
Well, what if we don't?
What am I going to do?
You need to stay somewhere safe
for a few days
until your memory returns.
She can stay with us.
Now, Brit, we don't
even know this person.
Well, if she's a criminal,
she's the most fashionable
criminal I've ever seen.
You know what I mean.
I know Mom said
we should always look
for ways to help people,
and Joy needs help.
Is your mom--
She died three years ago.
Oh. I'm so sorry.
Let's get you upstairs.
Oh, I don't know
if it's okay with your dad yet.
It's fine. Come on. Let's go.
Michael: I'll set you
over here on the couch.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Yeah. Thank you so much.
- Okay?
- Christina: Yeah.
Is that her?
- The one who fell?
- Michael: Yeah.
Is she going to sue us?
Dad, are you kidding me?
Come on. Uh, Joy?
This is my father,
John Hollingbrook.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm so sorry for the trouble.
I don't mean to be
any inconvenience.
No problem. We just want to
make sure you're okay.
No. I'm fine,
except for the part that I don't
remember anything about myself.
Nothing? Nothing at all?
All I have is this notebook.
Are there any clues in there?
Only that I seem to be
an extremely organized
dessert enthusiast.
We just learned
about this in science.
Smells are
a huge trigger for memories.
Maybe making one of these
recipes will jog yours.
(sighing) I'm sorry.
Um, is there a place
I can lie down?
- Of course. Come on.
- Okay.
Dr. Grayson says that sleep is
the best thing right now, so--
Thank you.
You're welcome to
use our guest room.
Oh, I can't tell you how much
I appreciate all of this.
I don't know what I would have
done without your help.
Well, it's okay.
You're safe here.
- (sighing)
- Everything will be just fine.
Well, you don't know that.
No, I don't.
But what I do know is that
we're doing everything we can.
Gene is talking to
all the wineries and the hotels
to see if anybody
is looking for you.
But in the meantime,
we just need to take it
moment by moment. Okay?
So, in this particular moment,
I'm still completely
freaking out.
Still freaking out.
(breathing deliberately)
Still freaked out.
How am I doing?
You're doing great.
Well, um, I guess I should
try and get some sleep.
Yeah. That's probably best.
All right. Sleep well.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- (door closing)
- Christina (on recording): Hi.
You've reached
Christina Osborne.
I can't come to
the phone right now.
So, if you'd like to
leave your name, number,
and a brief message, I'll get
back to you as soon as I can.
- (phone beeping)
- Hey, it's me again.
I get that you're mad, okay?
I wish I could have been
up there, but...
(knocking on door)
...ignoring my texts
and my calls,
it's not helping anything.
Thank you.
Look. Just call me
when you're ready to talk, okay?

Uh, okay.
No. I'm sorry.
I didn't think
anyone would be up.
Yeah, I'm just-- I'm not
a really big sleeper, so--
Okay. Well, I don't want to be
in your way.
I'll just put everything back
and go to bed.
No, it's okay. Why don't you
tell me what you're making?
Um, I was going to try one of
the recipes from my notebook,
see if that triggered
anything from my childhood.
Ah, okay. All right.
Well, don't let me stop you.
I just have to admit,
I'm a little surprised
that you can find
enough ingredients to use.
You're not a big cook, then?
Oh, I make a really great
chicken, if I do say so myself.
I think if Britney wanted
to be a vegetarian, though,
we'd both starve to death.
Well, this is
a pretty basic recipe,
so I think we should be okay.
Um, where do you keep
the anchovies?
I'm sorry?
I'm kidding.
Oh. Hey, good.
I thought it was some
sort of weird regional thing,
although I wouldn't have
any idea what region.
Quick. What is your address?
You're trying the hiccup
technique on amnesia?
Well, that depends. Did it work?
Then, no, I'm not, actually.
You took my advice.
Oh. Hey, honey.
Oh. I'm so sorry
if we woke you up.
That's okay. Now that I know
what it is, can I help?
It's the middle
of the night, honey.
It's a weekend and we haven't
baked anything in this kitchen
in a long time.
Michael: True.
Well, if it's okay with Joy.
Of course.
All right.
I have some paperwork to finish,
and I'll let you two get to it.
- Thanks, Dad.
- All right, honey.
So, what are we making?
Grandma's famous cookies.
Do you think Grandma would be
mad if we added butterscotch?
Um, it's not in the recipe,
so I don't know.
Let's try anyway.
I think we have some chips.
Uh, okay.
Now what? Pecans?
Oh. Well, that's not
in here either, so, um--
You know what?
How about
butterscotch and pecans?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Ooh, and how about cinnamon?
Oh, and do you
have pumpkin pie spice?
Hey, princess, come on. We got
to get you back to bed, okay?
- Come on.
- But I want to try them.
I'll put them in the fridge
and we will bake them first
thing in the morning, okay?
Okay. Did this help you
remember anything?
Not yet,
but I had a blast making them.
Me, too.
Okay, honey. Come on.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
Britney: We should put it
inside, so she knows it's there.
I don't want to wake her.
She needs to rest if she's going
to get her memory back.
(speaking indistinctly)
We didn't mean to wake you.
No, no. It's okay.
I was awake.
I'm Diane.
A close friend of the family's.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm... Joy, apparently.
(Diane chuckling)
I hope you don't mind.
I brought you
some clean clothes,
comfy shoes
and some basic toiletries.
Oh, that's so kind of you.
Thank you so much.
Yeah. I can't believe
I actually wore those.
They're like
little leather torture chambers.
Yeah. I'm more of a "comfort
first" kind of gal myself.
Right now, I'll take
all the comfort I can get.
Can I go put the cookies in?
Oh, yeah. That's a great idea.
I heard about
your late-night baking session.
Well, I'm not sure how those
cookies are going to turn out.
We didn't exactly follow
the recipe.
Oh, well.
Some of the best things
happen in life
when you take a little detour.
I'll leave you to it.
- Thanks. Thank you again.
- Diane: You're welcome.
Betsy? Betsy, can you get me
Christina's review
of Badgley's Bistro
from Friday night?
She hasn't submitted it yet.
Well, that's odd. She said
she'd finish it on the train.
Maybe she really is taking
some time for some romance.
Good for her.
More than one piece,
though, right?
- Good morning.
- 'Morning.
- 'Morning.
- Hi.
I-- Yeah. I mean,
Diane's clothes
fit you perfectly.
Now, you don't have to,
you know, obviously,
wear the same clothes
every single day.
Not that
those clothes weren't nice.
I mean, you-- Um, you--
- Dad...
- You look great. Yeah?
Stop being weird.
What? I thought weird
is what I'm good at.
- (bell dinging)
- Oh.
The cookies are cool.
Um, it's been a long time
since she had this much fun
in the kitchen, so thank you.
Well, I think I had
more fun than she did.
But I'm a little nervous
to taste them, though.
I'm not getting my hopes up.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Here we go.
I'll give you a nice big one.
- Michael: Mmm.
- Britney: Okay.
Which one do you want?
On the count of three. Ready?
One, two, three.
These are amazing.
They are, aren't they?
So good.
Is it triggering your memory?
Well, that's my fault.
Should have followed
the exact recipe.
- Michael: Honey...
- No. It was worth it.
- (Michael chuckling)
- But, um,
have you heard anything
this morning, though?
Has anyone said
they were looking for me?
No. Nothing yet, Joy.
I'm sorry.
What if I'm a fugitive
or something?
Dad basically
said the same thing.
Okay. All right.
Thank you.
(all chuckling)
Well, if I'm wanted, at least
I know someone's looking for me.
You know, maybe if I read
today's newspaper,
something will
trigger my memory.
- Yeah.
- Do you mind?
Yeah, of course. Go ahead.
Okay. Hmm.
Oh, look at this.
What? Is it about you?
No. It's about you guys.
Yeah, this is a lot
more nerve-wracking
than exciting, but thank you.
So, listen.
I think these cookies--
As a matter of fact,
I know these cookies
would pair perfectly with
the ice wine at the tasting.
Oh. Do you make that here?
Yeah, I was-- Right.
Um, I told you, but you--
I told you before you fell.
- Oh.
- So--
- Thank you, honey.
- Yeah. Of course.
What do you-- What do you say?
Do you want to try them?
All right. Don't eat them all.
I'll try.
Or at least save us one.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Bye, guys.
Okay. So, you are going to need
one of these.
For what?
Well, a couple years ago,
Gene and I built
a very special ice wine room.
And trust me, you are going
to need one of those.
Come on.
Oh, wow. This is incredible.
Oh, incredibly cold.
That's a lot of ice.
It helps us
keep it at 14 degrees,
which is
the exact temperature you need
when you're harvesting
ice wine grapes.
We're hoping to hit it
in the next few days.
People must love coming
down here for the tour.
Oh. Well, no. They're not
going to be touring this room,
It's temporary.
In about a year or so,
when it melts, this will be it.
It'll be gone.
Well, my dad says
it's too expensive
to maintain an ice wine room
at 14 degrees.
He wants us to just
rely on what we know best
and try to get
our customers back, so--
Oh. I'm sorry.
You don't remember.
We were-- Before you fell,
I was telling you that
about a year ago,
we sent out a corked merlot.
And the review we got back,
we lost a lot of business.
So, all those
buyers and reviewers
that are coming to the party,
we need to make sure
that we win them back.
I'm sure you will.
Well, these reviewers
are very brutal.
That's for you.
They don't care about the
impact they have on businesses.
for some reason.
You know, they decide,
they write their reviews,
they leave,
and then, you know,
that's it, we're done.
And then, we're left
picking up the pieces.
Well, they don't sound
like very happy people.
Looking for the negative in
everything must be exhausting.
Okay. One sip, just to be safe.
Well, I don't know if amnesia
and wine will mix too well, so--
I have amnesia?
Are you kidding me?
Yes. Okay.
Well, all right.
I'm going to make a toast.
To you getting your memory back.
(glasses clinking)
Oh, Michael.
This is incredible.
- It's good, right?
- Oh, my goodness.
It's exactly
how I wanted it to taste.
You know, my wife, um--
It's okay. Your wife.
My wife, obviously, wasn't here
for the final product, but...
...I think she'd love this.
Everyone will.
You have to serve this
at the party.
- Thank you very much.
- Mmm.
But for all intents
and purposes,
this is your first sip of wine,
so the bar is pretty low.
- True. Okay.
- What?
Tell me how they taste together.
Ah, okay. I'm going to
go with this one here.
Oh. Those are good.
What do you think?
(applauding) Wow.
- Really?
- Amazing.
- Oh.
- They pair perfectly together.
And I had all the
ingredients to make these?
You know, sometimes,
it just takes a different
perspective to see
what you already have
right in front of you.
Maybe that's all your dad needs;
to see the ice wine
from your point of view.
You know, maybe in real life,
you were a philosopher.
I don't know about that.
Okay. I'm going to try them.
They are good together.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, my goodness.
I hope you can remember
how to make these.
I hope I remember
a lot more than that.
But I'll never forget
the last 24 hours.
Neither will I.
(glasses clinking)
So, I just got off the phone
with the police again.
They haven't heard anything
about anyone missing
and unfortunately,
no sign of your purse or bag.
Well, I hate to think
no one's looking for me.
But I guess in a way it's good.
I mean, it means
I probably don't have any kids
or a husband.
But I must have someone, right?
Of course you do.
You're amazing.
She's not wrong, you know.
I'm sure someone
will find you soon.
Well, you should eat.
keep your strength up.
I wouldn't know where to start.
I just make one big pile
on my plate and eat my way down.
Sounds good to me.
We farmers take our meals
very seriously.
Yeah. I snuck over here
for breakfast
for five years straight.
I can see why.
This is delicious.
- (phone chiming)
- What's wrong, Dad?
Uh, there's a delay on the
tasting glasses for the party.
If they don't get there
on time, this event--
I'll take care of it, Mike.
You just concentrate
on the wine itself. Don't worry.
It's going to be great, Dad.
I know it.
Really? How do you know that?
Because we're due
for some really good luck.
I will toast to that.
How do we toast, Dad?
Where are the actual drinks?
- On it.
- Oh, can I help?
- John: No.
- No, no. I got it.
You and Diane just relax.
Britney is such a sweet kid.
She is,
and she's been through a lot.
Yeah. I heard about her mom.
Do you mind me asking
what happened?
Sara had a heart condition
that nobody knew about.
It was just
a one-in-a-million thing.
And Michael said
he made the ice wine for her.
Yeah. They started it together.
When she died, he just wanted to
keep their vision alive.
But now, he's obsessed with it
as a way to bring the winery
back from that review.
He just needs a win.
Seriously, Chrissy,
this isn't cool.
Look. I'm really busy,
and I don't deal well with
the whole passive-aggressive,
silent treatment thing.
We're adults. Just let me know
that you're okay. Okay?
That's all that's been
turned in. Any of them yours?
I don't know.
Can we open one of them
just to make sure?
I'd need to see some ID.
No. I lost my purse, too.
I'm sorry, miss. Without ID,
there's not much I can do.
Have you tried
calling the police?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Nothing I can do. Sorry.
Thank you.
Who's this?
That would be one Eleanor Parks.
She's the end-all, be-all
of wines in this region.
You get a good review from her,
and everything changes.
Do you know her?
I don't think so.
But if she's that important,
I hope she's coming
to your barrel-tapping.
Well, she was invited.
No guarantee she'll show,
A lot of competition
for her time this week.
Well, she just needs
to think she's missing
the next best thing
if she doesn't.
Well, thank you very much.
So, we've narrowed
down your career
to chef/baker, and apparently
now, marketing executive.
Or fashion designer.
Your shoes
when you came here were amazing.
I don't know what I was thinking
wearing those in the snow.
- (phone vibrating)
- That's what I said.
I think, after all this,
I'm going to stick to
snuggly boots.
It's Gene.
He just spoke to
the guy at the phone store.
They can't get your phone
up and running.
And no one has turned in
your purse from the train.
I'm so sorry, Joy.
How can this be?
No missing persons report.
Nothing on social media.
Hey, hey.
We could check online.
I don't want you to worry,
all right?
Anything you need, we'll take
care of it. That means anything.
Besides, remember
what the doctor said.
It's not going to last long.
I don't know
how to thank you both.
I mean, of course, I will pay
you back for everything.
Joy, hey. You don't have to
pay us back.
Just pay it forward.
I will,
starting with baking something
new from my notebook.
Maybe one of
these recipes is the trigger
to remembering who I am,
and maybe one of
them will be good enough
to convince your dad to serve
your ice wine at the party.
Ha. You know how
to bake miracles?
We can try.
I'll need
my trusty assistant, though.
- Are you in?
- I'm so in.
- I'll bring them in.
- Christina: Are you sure?
Ah, ah. Hold on a second.
Don't be fooled.
You're just trying to hide the
fact that you already opened up
the white chocolate chips
and ate half the bag, right?
Actually, that was me.
Whoa! Really?
Well, listen. I'll be right in.
I just got to go
check on the grapes.
Oh. Do you mind if I join you?
Maybe if I can remember our
conversation in the vineyard,
something else will spark.
Plus you're pretty good company.
You're not so bad yourself.
After you.
So, what happens
if the best night to harvest
is the same night as the party?
(exhaling sharply)
Shh. Don't say that.
We don't want to put that
out in the universe.
No. That would be
a total disaster.
You see, when you harvest,
all hands are on deck.
Same thing goes for the party.
Even though I want to create
a buzz with the ice wine,
the party is more important.
We need to make sure everybody
knows we have good wine,
the best wine,
and Dad thinks I'm forgetting
that, but I'm not.
I just-- I just want
to create an edge, you know?
No. I think he knows you care,
not just for the wine,
but for everyone around you.
I mean, I've only known you
for a couple of days
and I can see it.
- Ooh.
- What?
What do you think?
Five-second rule?
Well, it's frozen.
So, I'll give you a minute.
Good point.
Whoever thought to make
ice wine in the first place?
Ah. Well, now that you ask,
there's a great story
behind that, too.
Um, a frost struck
a small German vineyard
before harvest.
When the villagers woke up,
they realized
they didn't want to
let the grapes go, right?
They're not going to have
anything to sell that year.
So, they said, "You know what?
We're going to take a chance.
"We're going to build
a bonfire. Make streusel.
We're going to harvest anyway."
And when they pressed
on those frozen grapes,
they tasted the sweetest wine
that they'd ever had
in their life,
and they decided
to call it ice wine.
I love that. A happy accident.
Also, I just--
I feel like it was something
that was meant to happen,
you know?
The villagers hit a roadblock
and they ended up somewhere
they never thought they'd be.
And it turned out for the best.
Yes, it did.
Well, maybe one day,
I can look back on all this
and say the same thing.
I hope so, too.
For what it's worth,
I just want to say,
I am so glad that you showed up
at the wrong winery.
(both laughing)
You know what? I am, too.
It's snowing.
This could be a clue
that maybe you live somewhere
that there's not--
There's no snow.
- Maybe.
- Yep.
It's so beautiful.
You're living in the moment?
You freaking out?
It's beautiful, huh?
Then sugar.
- Michael: Hey.
- Okay. Yeah, yeah.
What are you guys making?
We need salt.
Oh, a souffl from my notebook.
I have a ton of notes around it,
so I must have made it a lot.
Okay. You got to be
a pastry chef. I mean, come on.
Isn't making
souffls really hard?
How hard can it be?
But this time,
we should
really we follow the recipe.
- No, no. Stop.
- Britney: Dad!
Oh, yeah. That's baking
chocolate, right? Mm-hmm.
- Both: Yes.
- That's good.
- It's yummy.
- Oh, really?
Yeah, it's really good.
So, Mr. Hollingbrook,
what would you pair that with?
This trash can.
I can't believe you
followed through with that.
when I commit, I commit.
Well, that's a good trait
to have in general.
- Okay. Come on.
- What can I do to help?
We could use an
extra pair of hands. Yeah.
- Don't need any more of that.
- Britney: Yeah.
But you know,
back in the day...
...when your dad was cool...
- Britney: Oh, no.
- (laughing) Dad.
- Michael: You know?
- Oh, oh, oh.
- What do you think of that?
- (Christina shrieking)
- Oh.
What do you think
of that, huh?
- Oh.
- (splatting)
- (Christina shrieking)
- Okay.
(Britney laughing)
- Sorry. (laughing)
- Britney: What have you done?
- Michael: Oh.
- Christina: (laughing) Oh, no.
- (Britney giggling)
- Michael: Hey. Be quiet,
because she's sleeping.
Did you, uh,
double up on your socks?
Because last year,
you only had the one pair,
and you were freezing.
- What's going on?
- We're harvesting.
What, the grapes?
Now, in the middle of the night?
It's 14 degrees.
It's now or never, so--
- Christina: Oh.
- Everyone comes out.
It's fun. Diane brought
some snow gear for you.
- Really?
- If you don't want to come out,
it's okay.
I mean, if you're sleeping.
Are you out of your mind?
I wouldn't miss this
for the world, and you can get
it done before your party.
- Okay.
- One less thing to worry about.
For you, I mean.
I mean, I'm still worried
about pretty much everything.
Then maybe
this is a nice distraction.
You put that on.
We will meet you downstairs.
- Okay.
- All right?
- John: Ta-da!
- Michael: Ah, here we go.
John! You made it.
- About time.
- John: Listen.
I may not be crazy
about the idea,
but hey, my name is
on this stuff, so--
Don't waste any, Gene.
If any fall,
just put them in there, okay?
Thanks, brother.
Whoa. Oh, I see how
this is going to play.
Oh, I don't know.
- (Christina shrieking)
- Oh, I missed.
(laughing, chattering)
- What's that? Oh.
- (Diane laughing)
Go around. Go around.
Go around!
Attacking the old guy, huh?
Okay, okay. (laughing)
Okay. Okay. All right. You win.
You win. You guys win. You win.
- (Michael grunting)
- (Christina laughing)
- You got some snow on you.
- Wow.
- You okay?
- I'm great.
Okay. Back to work.
- Hey.
- Hey, I know.
Start clipping, Pop.
- Hey.
- So, Britney fall asleep
before her head hit
the pillow.
- (all laughing)
- We all need some rest.
There's only two days left,
and we still have lots to do.
Hey, Mike, I have extra
linens in the car.
Want to help me bring them in?
- Sure.
- Diane: Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey.
(Christina sighs)
(door opening)
John, you should really try it.
I mean, Michael has
worked so hard on this.
I know.
Then what's stopping you?
When I took over
the winery from my dad,
I tried to make ice wine, too.
Then we had a heatwave.
Two weeks
of record temperatures.
We lost a quarter
of our grapes.
Took years to recover.
Does Michael know that?
He thinks
it was just a fluke,
that it couldn't happen
again like that.
But isn't that true?
I can't take that chance.
He already feels
bad enough about the review.
I can't let him take that hit
if the ice wine puts
us deeper in the hole.
I love him too much.
But if you love him,
doesn't he deserve a chance
to make things right?
Or maybe even give you
a second chance
to make the wine
you dreamed of, too?
- (door opening)
- (sighing)
(door closing)
Uh, did something happen?
Your dad told me
what happened
when he tried to
make ice wine.
Now, it makes sense
why he's holding you back.
He's protecting you.
He loves you so much.
You know that, right?
My dad is not really one
for talking about
his feelings, so--
Guess it runs in
the family.
Are there feelings
you're not talking about?
You know, I don't know
who I am or where I live
or my history,
but right now,
I feel like I'm where I belong.
Is that crazy? (laughing)
Well, I mean, if you'd have
asked me that a few days ago,
I probably would've said yes.
(both laughing)
But now?
No. It's not crazy.
Um, let's not get ahead
of ourselves, okay?
Not until you, you know,
know who you are and--
No. Of course. Of course.
You need to protect yourself
and Britney.
And you.
(phone ringing)
Hi. It's Kevin.
Oh. Kevin, this is, uh, Sam,
Christina's editor.
I really need to talk to her,
but she's not answering
my calls.
Kevin: What? Really?
Okay. I'll call her mom.
Let me call you back.
(phone ringing)
Phyllis, hey.
Hey, it's Kevin. Hi.
I was wondering, um,
have you heard from Christina
in the last few days?
- Hey.
- Hi.
I just wanted to say thanks
for helping us with the baking
and harvesting last night.
Dad has been so stressed out
about the party.
We haven't had that much fun
in a long time.
It was my pleasure,
and thank you for making me feel
so at home.
(chuckling) Oh.
Your mom has kind eyes,
just like you.
I'm sure you miss her very much.
I do.
But sometimes when I feel happy,
I feel guilty.
Like last night.
Brit, I'm sure that when
your mom is watching over you
from heaven, seeing you smile
makes her heart sing.
- You really think so?
- I do.
So, what does it actually feel
like to have amnesia?
Hey. There you are.
As a matter of fact,
I just overheard you.
I was wondering the same thing.
Okay. Um, well,
you know that feeling
when you wake up,
and for a second,
you don't know where you are,
or if you're still dreaming
or not?
Oh, man. I hate that.
Then I don't recommend
this experience for you.
I'm so sorry this happened
to you, Joy.
You know what? I'm not.
Because if it didn't happen,
I wouldn't have met you
and your dad.
I mean, of course I want to
find out who I am.
But I think part of me
is really going to miss this.
Is that weird?
No. It's not weird at all.
And just for the record,
no matter who you are,
you're always welcome here,
Oh. I don't have a dress
for the party tomorrow.
Oh. Maybe your dad
can take you shopping.
- Michael: Yeah.
- Or maybe you could?
No offense to Dad, but he thinks
"fancy" means dark jeans.
Now, come on. that's not...
- That's absolutely true, yeah.
- (laughing)
See? I think
you'd look beautiful in that.
Except I read online
with my colouring,
I should never wear
this shade of pink.
Pfft. Right now, in this moment,
this dress makes you happy.
And that's all that matters.
Unless, of course,
the dress costs a fortune,
in which case we should probably
ask your dad,
because I don't want to
get in trouble.
It's on sale.
Victory is ours.
Do you think you'll need a dress
for the party, too?
I don't know. I mean,
any moment, my memory
could come back, and then--
Back to your real life?
I know. Whatever that is.
But for what it's worth,
I hope it's as nice as this one.
That's her. Eleanor Parks.
- From the magazine?
- Yeah.
Has she RSVP'd to the party yet?
I don't think so.
Well, why don't you go
try on the dress,
and I'll go talk to her?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Uh, excuse me?
- Yes?
- Hi.
- Oh, hi, Christina.
- You know me?
- (scoffing)
You don't have to be
so dramatic.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to be the one
to blow C.J. Osborne's cover.
I wouldn't do that.
I'm C.J. Osborne?
I don't know why you're playing
this game, Christina.
Just don't play it with me.
Well, what did she say?
Is she coming?
Uh, it wasn't her.
Oh. Bummer.
Hey, you two.
So, I've got good news.
The flyers are still up
all over town for the party.
I'm just praying
that Eleanor Parks saw it,
and that C.J. Osborne did not.
He wouldn't dare show his face
at our winery, Dad.
- Don't worry.
- I hope not.
He's literally the last
person I want to see, honey.
Joy, you okay?
Joy? Hello?
Hi. Yes. I'm fine.
- Everything's fine.
- Okay.
Okay. Guess she's ready to go.
Hop in, honey.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Hey, Mike, is she okay?
Uh, no.
She wasn't feeling very well.
Listen. I figure if she's not
feeling better soon,
we should call Dr. Grayson,
I'll go check on her.
- Right. Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Let's go take your jacket, okay?
(knocking on door)
Michael told me
you weren't feeling well.
I can tell he's worried.
You know,
he cares a lot about you.
(breathing heavily)
I really care about him, too.
And that's what makes this
even worse.
What's wrong?
I got my memory back.
- You got your memory back?
- Shh.
That's actually amazing news.
No, it's not.
Why not?
Wait. What's your last name?
Christina Osborne.
But you said your name was Joy
before you even fell--
Joy is my middle name.
Christina Joy Osborne.
- No.
- Yes.
- You're C.J. Osb--
- Shh! Not so loud.
I can't believe it.
But I don't want to be her.
Oh, I just want to be Joy again.
Michael is never going to
forgive me.
- For the review?
- For everything. He hates me.
And Britney and John and Gene,
they're going to hate me, too.
And they're right to.
I'm the bad guy.
- I don't hate you.
- Well, you should.
I'm the reason the winery
lost so much business.
I'm the reason everything
is riding on tomorrow night.
You have to tell them the truth.
How do I explain all this?
How do I tell them
how sorry I am?
How do I show them--
How do I show them that I am not
the same person I was
when I got here?
Okay. Let's just--
Let's just take a second
to process this.
Is there anyone you need
to call?
You're already with someone,
aren't you?
I was. I mean, I am, but...
...that's not what I want
What do you want?
I want what Joy had.
She lived in the moment.
She didn't know what the future
held, and it set her free.
Diane, she was happy.
you can still have that.
That doesn't have to change.
Everything is going to change
when I tell them.
What's this going to do
to Britney?
She's going to be devastated.
They care about you.
No matter what your name is.
But you do have to tell them.
- Uh, give us a second, Mike?
- Sure.
You have to tell him.
I will. I will.
But not until
I make things right.
That way, maybe they won't
be as angry.
Maybe they won't hate me.
Maybe Michael--
I'm not sure
that's such a good idea.
Please, please, Diane.
Just don't say anything
until the party tomorrow night.
I have to fix this
for everyone.
I need a phone.
I have a lot of calls to make.
Here. Use mine for now.
And I'll, um, I'll bring you to
town to get a new one.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Where are you two headed off to?
Uh, we're just going into town
to get, um--
Get ingredients
for another dessert.
Oh. Okay, good.
So, you're feeling a little more
like yourself, then, huh?
- Something like that.
- Well, listen.
I forgot to drop off
some of these shuttle passes
for the party for the buyers
staying in town.
I could take you back in.
We could take the convertible.
But it's freezing outside.
I know. Trust me?
- More than anything.
- Good.
- I'll meet you out front.
- Okay.
So, I've got heat on full blast,
and who doesn't love hot cocoa?
So, what do you say? You in?
I can't think of anything else
I'd rather do.
Well, aside from getting
your memory back.
- Hop in.
- Right. Of course.
Listen. I was thinking I'd
take you on a little joyride.
See what I did there?
I did. Because I'm Joy.
- All right.
- I'm so Joy.
Here we go.
You cannot find the light
You feel your dreams
are dying
Hold tight
You've got the music in you
Don't let go
You got the music in you
One last dance
I got to ask something here.
You remember this song?
I-- I heard it in the store
And now I've forgotten it again.
Darn amnesia. (chuckling)
I'm coming home, baby
You're tops
Give it to me now
Michael: Check out the view
from this overlook.
There's a lot of competition
out here, huh?
That's why tomorrow is
very important.
We need to be the winery
everybody is talking about.
You will.
I promise.
Thank you, but I'm not sure
that's a promise
anyone can make.
Michael, um--
You're right. Sorry.
No, no.
Here I am, always telling you
how I can't open up.
But when you're with someone
you like very much, like you--
It's hard to keep
those feelings inside, yeah.
No matter how hard I try,
I just--
I can't turn these feelings off
for you.
Oh, listen.
You can put the baking supplies
on my account, okay?
- Thank you.
- No, no. Don't mention it.
In the meantime, I'm going to
drop these passes off.
I'll be back here
in a few minutes.
- Okay.
- All right.
- All right.
- Good luck.
(phone ringing)
- Mom, Mom, it's me.
- Christina!
Where have you been?
Everyone's been trying
to reach you.
I know, I know.
It's a long story. Listen.
Hey, um, I'm trying to find out
if a Christina Osbourne
checked in?
It could be under C.J. Osborne.
Uh, sorry to interrupt,
did you just say C.J. Osborne?
As in the food critic?
Yeah. I'm her boyfriend.
Oh. Wow.
I had no idea C.J. Osborne
was a woman.
Yeah. Well, that's by design.
She likes to keep people
Do you know her?
(chuckling) Do I know her?
I run, um, Hollingbrook Winery.
Oh, man.
- The merlot.
- Yeah. That'd be the one.
Listen. If you could do me
the hugest favor,
just steer her away from
Hollingbrook Winery this week.
I'd really appreciate it.
You know, just in case
she's planning on another
- follow-up hit piece.
- Totally understand.
- Will do.
- Okay, great. Thanks.
Appreciate it.
Of course,
I just have to find her first.
Just meet me at the B&B tomorrow
morning at 9:00, please?
I really need to talk to you.
(cellphone beeping)
Mom, did you talk to Sam?
Thank you so much.
Yeah. I hope it works too.
Mom, I have to go. I love you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Listen. I was thinking we should
check on your phone at the shop.
You know what? I already did.
And, um, yeah.
The guy said he's this close
to fixing it. Probably tomorrow.
He practically guaranteed it.
- Oh, good. Tomorrow, then.
- Tomorrow.
Well, then, that means you and I
need to make the most of today.
Look at you.
Living in the moment.
Ah, I like it.
It's my new thing.
Mine, too. Really, really new.
Because you never know when
everything is going to change.
Well, I can tell you one thing.
I wouldn't change the last three
days for anything.
Me, neither.
What? What's wrong?
Oh, nothing. I just--
Aren't you supposed to get
some ingredients for a dessert?
Oh, yes. Yeah.
I still need to do that.
- Let me help you.
- Okay.
Come on.
By the way, you're never going
to believe who I ran into
- at the B&B.
- Who?
C.J. Osborne's boyfriend.
Wait. Um, he's here?
Yeah. Well, C.J. is a woman.
Apparently she's a real piece
of work, too.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
Bet she can't wait to ruin
another winery's sales
for the year.
Michael, I'm sure
if she knew the damage it did,
she would do anything
to make it right.
It's too late for that.
You okay? What's wrong?
What? I was just saying, I--
Christina? Hey.
Uh, okay.
I guess now I know why
you haven't been
- returning anyone's calls.
- No, no, Kevin.
There is a good reason for that.
I'm sorry, did you--
I'm sorry. You know him?
She's my girlfriend.
I-- Okay, I'm confused.
I thought you told me that C.J.
Osborne was your girlfriend.
- Oh.
- Michael.
You know what? I have to go.
No, Michael. Michael, just wait.
What exactly is going on?
Look. I fell and I hit my head,
and I didn't even know who I was
until earlier today.
Come on. You're going to pretend
that you had amnesia
this whole time?
I mean, how gullible do I look?
Look. I know it sounds crazy,
but it's true.
The Hollingbrooks,
they looked after me.
Please, just give me
two minutes, okay?
Your mom
and Sam are worried sick.
I called my mom
and she called Sam.
What, you just didn't bother
calling me?
No, I tried.
Please, two minutes,
and then we can talk, I promise.
Just two minutes. Michael!
- Michael.
- No, listen.
You know, I can't believe after
all the conversations
we had together about
how awful that review was,
- it was you this whole time.
- I am so sorry.
I was wrong to write
that review,
and even more wrong
not to give you a second chance,
but I'm just not that person.
Not anymore.
Well, let me ask you a question.
When you first got here, before
you fell and hit your head,
you told me your name was Joy.
I did.
Were you here doing
an anonymous review?
No. No. I just didn't want to
make a scene.
- Oh.
- There was a mix-up
at the train station,
and when I realized where I was,
I was trying to leave,
and that's when I fell.
Michael, if I had known then
what I know now,
everything would be different.
Doesn't matter anymore,
does it?
I mean, come on. Look.
You got your memory back.
That's all that matters, right?
I just can't believe you knew
who you were this whole time,
and you waited this long
to tell me.
I only waited because I wanted
to make things right.
- To fix what I broke.
- Well, don't try to fix it,
because there are some things
that aren't fixable.
(tires squealing)
She felt terrible when
she realized who she was, Mike.
Yeah. Well, I just can't believe
you found out before I did.
She just wanted to fix things
before she told you.
You always said that
C.J. Osborne wouldn't give you
a second chance. You're not
going to give her one?
Diane, come on.
I can't.
She cares a lot about you.
You two had something special.
Are you really going to
let that go?
Do you think
I have much of a choice?
I mean, Christina is here.
She wants to say thanks to all
of us before she leaves.
Why don't you guys go ahead
and do that?
'Cause I have work to do.
Give me one sec.
I'm so sorry my review
caused you so much pain.
You were just doing your job.
I don't even know if I want to
do that job.
It just doesn't feel like me
You and Michael and Britney,
and you, Diane,
you changed my life.
For a while there,
you changed ours, too.
I tried the ice wine.
You were right.
It deserves a shot.
Did you tell Michael?
- Not yet.
- Don't wait. Trust me.
It only gets harder.
I just wish I could stay
and fix everything.
Christina, you fixed more
than you know.
It's okay. It's okay.
Thank you.
Thank you for all the clothes.
I guess I have to go.
Take care.
You, too.
(engine revving)
You know,
you didn't say much
on the way back.
Yeah. It's, um--
It's been a long few days.
That's an understatement.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me. What wine is this?
It's the merlot
from Hollingbrook Winery.
Kevin: Excuse me.
Could you just take that back
and bring something else,
No, no. It's okay.
It's wonderful.
Really? That's the wine
you reviewed.
I should have given them
a second chance.
You've never been big
on second chances, Christina.
No, I haven't,
but they deserved one.
Anyone who opens a restaurant
or a winery deserves one.
They're the ones taking
the risk.
They're the ones putting their
hearts and souls out there
with no safety net.
And they have no idea
how it's going to turn out.
Do you know how brave that is?
Are we still talking about
I'm talking about my whole life.
For as long as I can remember,
nothing scared me more
than not knowing how something
was going to turn out.
I was terrified of making
the wrong choice
or taking the wrong path,
but what I've realized is
that's not really living at all.
And I don't want to do that
So, what are you saying?
What I'm saying is
we've both been running on fumes
for a long time.
You know that.
I guess I thought that
we'd figure out
where we wanted to go.
Maybe it's time we each get in
our own car,
get a full tank of gas,
and see where the road takes us.
Maybe you're right.
Are you sure you're okay?
'Cause this is not
the Christina I know.
It's the Christina
I used to be.
It just took getting amnesia
to remember it.
That's pretty ironic.
So, what are you going
to do now?
First, I'm going to check
into my room.
And then tomorrow,
get back to making things right.
You got my message?
- I did.
- Okay.
Christina: Thanks again
for letting me use your kitchen.
I'm just happy you didn't back
out of your plan
after Michael told you to leave.
Oh, no. I'm never giving up.
Not on Michael,
not on the winery.
Not until I make things right.
Oh, I talked to John.
He's still on board.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
But I have to say,
baking without Britney
just isn't the same.
- I know.
- (doorbell ringing)
That's why I invited her
to come over.
It's going to be so weird
not calling you Joy anymore.
It's actually my middle name.
But you know, to be honest,
I used to hate it.
- Why?
- It just didn't feel like me.
But now it does.
- Can you get the oven for me?
- Yeah.
All right. Here we go.
- (timer dinging)
- Okay.
Ooh. Those look good.
Wait. It worked.
This is probably the 20th time
I've tried to make this,
and the first time
I got it right.
So, what changed?
I guess this time
I just went with my gut,
and I knew that
even if I made a mistake,
it would still be okay.
But I'm not done yet.
There is one more recipe
I want to try.
The one I used to make
with my dad when I was a kid.
There was nothing sweeter.
Hey, uh...
...why are you taking
the sign away?
Because you were right, Dad.
I need to start thinking about
what's best for the future
of the winery instead of
always thinking about myself.
And I know you were always just
trying to protect me.
Except I was wrong.
After talking to Christina,
I tried the wine.
And you're right. It is special.
It deserves a chance to shine.
Thanks, Dad.
You know, uh,
Christina is pretty special,
I know you've forgiven yourself
for the bad corks.
Can't you forgive her
for the review?
- I have.
- Does she know that?
Dad, no. Come on. I didn't--
I was so hurt
when I found out who she was,
I just pushed her away.
Now, she's gone. So--
Are you sure about that?
What are you doing here?
Did you really think I'd let you
serve that incredible wine
without something
to pair it with?
Hey, plenty of time to talk
It's almost time
for the doors to open.
We have work to do.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on. What was that?
You'll see.
I'll see?
I see you found your luggage.
I did,
but every pair of shoes I had
were their own special form
of torture,
so I made one Diane-inspired
purchase in town.
- I love it. Cheers.
- Cheers.
It looks great, by the way.
So, it doesn't look like
Eleanor Park showed up.
That's okay, because everybody
is loving the wine.
We just need some good
old-fashioned word of mouth.
Wait. She's not here?
Well, I didn't expect her.
I did.
What do you mean
you expected-- Why?
Oh, there she is. She's here.
- Excuse me.
- Get a glass of wine. Yeah.
- Eleanor is here.
- Oh.
John's time to shine.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming
to Hollingbrook Winery tonight.
We have something new for you.
It's the first vintage ice wine
this valley has seen
in 50 years.
Thank you, thank you.
Later, you'll all get a chance
to visit our custom-made
ice wine room.
But for the moment, we're going
to take you back in time
to the German village
where eiswein was created.
So, bundle up, everyone,
and follow me.
(Bavarian brass band
Hey, hey, did you do this?
Did you do this for me?
No, Christina did. For you.
I just gave her the thumbs up.

It's a pleasure to meet you
in person, thank you.
- Really lovely.
- Take care of her, okay?
We need her.
...can I talk to you?
I thought you'd never ask.
- Whoa!
- Whoa, whoa.
Hey, come on. You're scaring me.
Careful. I don't want you
to fall again.
I did fall pretty hard.
So did I.
I cannot believe that you did
all of this for us.
I just hope it was enough.
It's more than enough.
You know, my dad was speaking
earlier to Eleanor Parks.
And she said she's naming us
Best Overall Winery
in next month's
Wine and Spirits.
And word apparently
got around the bonfire
that now I have enough advance
orders for the entire year.
I knew you could do it.
Oh, I'm so happy for you.
Well, I did have a lot of help.
Well, that streusel
is pretty good.
Yes. Very, very good.
But I had a lot of help
in getting Eleanor Parks here.
- Really?
- Yeah.
And I asked her.
I said, you know,
"What made you come out
She says, "Well, you know,
it's interesting.
"I read this inspiring
review online.
A review that was written
by my former writing partner."
I couldn't think of a better way
for C.J. to say goodbye.
I hope it wasn't because of me.
I'm sorry for all the things
I said about her-- You.
And the tainted wine
was my mistake.
And mine was not giving you
a second chance.
But it doesn't matter.
Writing reviews is just not
something I want to do anymore.
I thought that
maybe I could become
a restaurant consultant.
But instead of just telling
people their problems
and walking away,
I could also help get them
- on the right track.
- Hmm.
That sounds like something C.J.
Osborne would be perfect at.
You know, now that
you mention it, I-- Ooh.
- I do have a problem.
- What?
I want to kiss you so bad.
Problem solved.
Now, the problem is solved.
Now, the problem is solved.
- Oh, by the way...
- Uh-huh?
- I tried the merlot again.
- Oh. And?
Best I've ever had.
- Yes!
- (laughing)
Woo! Did you hear that?