The Perfect Soulmate (2017) Movie Script

- "Eyes like mirrors, pristine,
"reflecting the reflection.
"An endless game
of self-deception.
"Tears of shards of glass
"cascading down silken skin.
"Etching a deep,
disfiguring trail.
[woman yelling]
Not just without, but within."
I'm trying to read, Ma!
- Where's my insulin?
- It's in the refrigerator!
- I'm looking in the damn
- I'm coming, Ma.
Sarah Miles...
I swear you're the only thing
that keeps me sane.
[birds chirping]
- Megan, sweetie, do you want
milk or juice in your lunch?
- I don't care.
- Juice it is, then.
[phone chiming]
Look at that. Mommy's new poem
just got another like.
- [man]: Sarah!
- I don't wanna go to school.
- Sweetheart.
- I wanna stay with you.
- Sarah, did you see my phone?
- You left it by the bed.
- I know where I left it. What
I wanna know is where it is now.
I gotta go, I have a meeting
in an hour and I can't be late.
- Megan, honey, do you
have your daddy's phone?
- I was playing
Friendly Fish on it.
- Sweetheart, Daddy's
gonna give you your own phone
so you can play Friendly Fish
anytime you want. Hmm?
- Honey, why don't we
make a little deal?
You put a smile
on your face for school,
and when I come pick you up we
can do something extra special.
- Like what?
- Well, we could go skiing on
the other side of the mountain.
- Can Daddy come?
- Oh, sweetheart,
I'd love to, but Daddy's
gonna be working late tonight.
- Again?
- Betting on a new high-rise.
Client likes to be entertained.
- Ma? I got you a new book.
- Just put it over there
with the rest of them.
- You should actually read
this one. It's about...
- Bah, I don't care
what it's about.
You spend too much time
in them books.
That's why you don't
have any friends.
- I have friends.
- Who, the Bronte sisters?
What's that one
you keep talking about?
Writes all those stupid poems.
- Sarah Miles.
And they're not stupid.
- Hm! Gimme a break.
Total waste of time.
What you need to do
is get out there
and find yourself a man.
- Yeah, worked out
great for you.
- What d'you say?
- Nothing, Ma.
- Yeah. Well, stop your mumbling
and bring me my dinner.
- Yes, Ma.
- Hm.
- What are you still doing up?
- Who is she this time?
You're not gonna say anything?
- What do you want me to say?
- Yeah. I guess
there's nothing to say.
I can't
do this anymore.
- Do what? What can't you do?
- This. Us.
- You really have it
tough here, huh?
- I'm not talking
about the house,
or the money.
I'm talking about our marriage.
- I've had a long day.
- Daniel, I'm leaving.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- I'm serious.
I don't know what else to do.
- You go, you go with nothing.
- I told you I don't
care about the money.
- You go without Megan too.
- I'm her mother.
- Doesn't matter.
No one takes anything from me.
- She's not a thing.
She's our daughter.
- You know
what I do, Sarah,
and you know how I do it.
I don't lose, ever.
- Daniel--
- You try and take away
my daughter,
she'll grow up
without a mother.
Get out.
- Lee!
[Ma whimpering]
- What happened?
- Looks like I fell.
Help me up.
- What are you doing out here
in the middle of the night, Mom?
- I need sugar.
- You're supposed to keep
something to eat next
to your bed.
- I don't need a damn lecture.
Help me up, dammit!
- What would you do
if I weren't here?
- Where the hell else
would you be?
Don't stand there
like an idiot.
- I don't appreciate the way
you're speaking to me.
- Oh, you ungrateful little
bitch. If it wasn't for me,
you'd be out on the street.
- If it wasn't for you,
I'd have a life, Mom!
- Poor little Lee, oh!
Daddy's little girl--
- Don't! Don't call me that!
[banging on door]
- Lee! Get out here right now!
- Stop your whining
and help me up!
- Help yourself.
- Where the hell you going, Lee?
Help... me...
[Ma yelling out]
[rock music]
- We're all set.
I'll see you at 3.
[spoon clinking]
- Shoulda been nicer to me.
- ["Up from the cracked
concrete, a single weed
stretches toward the sun."]
- Girl, I do not see
what you see in that woman.
- Are you kidding?
Sarah Miles is a genius.
- "Soft summer solace,
drowning in an empty pool."
She's so obvious.
- You have no clue.
- There's a reason she was
published only once.
- She has a blog now.
- Ooh, a blog!
I bet I have more followers
on my Instagram.
- Many brilliant female poets
died before they became famous.
Look at Emily Dickinson
or Sylvia Plath--
- Well, unless she gets hit
by a bus, I'm pretty sure
the poetry of Sarah Miles
is doomed to obscurity.
[phone ringing]
- Hey, Daniel.
- [Hey, I can't talk right now.]
[I'm busy and I have
to work late.]
- Tonight? How late?
- [I can't say. I have a meeting
with the same clients.]
- I get it. It's business.
- [It's always business.]
- Yeah.
- [Hello?]
- Hi, Mr. Nelson, it's Lee.
- [Hi, Lee.]
- I have an idea how we can
bring in more customers,
you know, people who love books.
- [Yeah?]
- I was thinking we could
have authors come in
and read their works,
do book signings.
- [You have someone in mind?]
- Actually, yes,
I do have someone in mind.
- [OK!]
[jazz music]
[cell phone vibrating]
- Hello?
- Hi, Sarah. It's
Will Lawrence calling.
- I saw the caller ID, but
I thought it must be a mistake.
- It has been a long time.
How you doing?
- I'm well.
- [Listen, the reason]
I'm calling is because
we have an offer for you.
- Really?
- [Don't get too excited.]
[It's just for a reading.]
- A reading?
After all this time?
- [Yeah.]
It's at an independent bookstore
[here downtown.
There's no money in it]
or anything, but the woman
did seem very passionate
about the idea,
[and I told her
I'd let you know.]
- Thank you.
- [I will text you her number.
Her name's Lee.]
Lee Maxson.
- Oh, my God. She's really here.
- Thank you.
Hi. Uh, I'm Sarah Miles.
- Lee.
- I should've called first but--
- No! No, no, no. That's OK.
I'm just so glad that you came.
Um, can we get you anything, or
do you want to take a seat?
- Sure.
I didn't know that there were
still bookstores like this.
- Oh, yeah. We're small,
but we're really dedicated.
- So...
do you really think
that anyone's gonna be
interested to hear me read?
- Of course.
Of course they are.
Your work really
speaks to people.
- Thank you, that's...
that's really sweet
of you to say.
- Um, so we were hoping
that you could come by
as soon as Saturday,
if that's OK with you.
- Uh, I just have to figure out
which pieces to read.
- If I may...
I think it would be so great if
you did a mix of Silent Echoes
with some
of the poems
from your blog. Vacant Lot
is my absolute favorite.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- That's my favorite too.
- Oh! So,
could we say 7PM?
- Yeah, sure,
why not?
- OK.
[birds chirping]
See, Mom,
I have a friend now.
A real friend.
- Look, Daddy.
- Ho, ho!
It's beautiful, honey.
I'm gonna frame it
and hang it in my office.
- Daniel, do you think you could
watch Megan for a couple hours
or should I ask Nina?
- I can't think of anything
I'd rather do.
We got a date?
- Yeah.
- What are you gonna be doing?
- Oh, I just have a couple
of errands to run.
- Good job.
- "No more my savior,
"no more your slave.
"Forever a prisoner.
My freedom, your grave."
Thank you.
- Bye, Lee. Thanks.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
- That was amazing.
- Yeah, I think it went OK.
- OK? Hearing those poems
in your words,
with your heart was... profound.
- Thank you.
- That last piece,
the newer one...
I've never heard someone
the desperation
of an abusive relationship
so perfectly.
- What makes you think
it's about that?
- My father.
He was like that.
Cold and...
All he...
all he could do was hurt.
- I'm sorry.
- What doesn't kill you
makes you stronger.
Is the piece
about your father?
- I actually never knew
my father. Or my mother.
Um, I was raised
in foster care.
- Oh. Then...
your husband?
- I actually promised Daniel
that I would be home for dinner,
so I should...
- I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to pry.
- No, no, no. No, it's OK.
I'm just really not used
to sharing my work like this.
- You know, I also write
a poetry newsletter.
It's no big deal,
but I would love to interview
you if you had time.
- Let me think about it.
- Yeah.
Thank you again. Bye.
- I'm home.
- Mommy!
- Hi, sweetie.
- Mr. Maxson said something
came up at work
and he wouldn't
make it home for dinner.
- OK. Thanks, Nina.
[ominous music]
I was so caught up
in our perfect life
that I didn't see
what was happening.
I've lost touch
with family and friends...
Everything that I do,
everything that I am
revolves around Daniel.
- Has he ever been violent
with you or your daughter?
- Violent, no, but...
he did threaten me.
- Yeah, you mentioned that.
- He works
in construction,
so he has connections.
And if he knew
that I was even here--
- I assure you that
we will be quite discreet.
- I don't want his money.
I just want to be able to take
my daughter far away from him.
- Assuming you're right
about his infidelity,
once we gather evidence,
you will have your divorce.
with your husband's resources,
you're likely gonna be
looking at shared custody.
Do you still wanna
move forward?
- I do.
- I'm seeing Sarah later today.
You would've loved her, Mom.
She's so smart and
beautiful and kind.
It's like we're soulmates.
- You have exquisite taste.
- And many things.
- Your wife is a lucky woman.
- Who said they were for her?
[phone ringing]
- [Yeah?]
- Yeah, it's me.
- [What's up?]
- I think someone's
following me.
- [Where are you?]
- Downtown.
You need to find out
what this is about.
- OK, I'll put someone on it.
- Well, when Silent Echoeswas
published, it actually
did really well.
You know, for poetry.
Um, I was invited
to do readings across
the country and, you know,
I was pregnant with Megan,
but it was early
so I really wanted to go.
Anyway, Daniel
-that's my husband-
sort of talked me out of it.
And after that,
things kind of cooled off.
I wasn't writing as much
and my publisher lost interest.
- And what about your blog?
- It's been my lifeline.
I'm totally amazed
at how much support
I've gotten from my fans
over the past couple of years.
- That's because
your work is amazing.
- Thank you.
You know, Lee, until I met you,
I didn't realize how
isolated I've become.
- I hope you don't mind me
saying, but...
being married should never
leave you feeling alone.
I... anyway, um...
I was actually
an English major too.
I had this big dream
of moving to New York.
- As a writer?
- Oh God, no. No, I could never.
I... I wanted to work
in publishing.
- What stopped you?
- My... father died.
He killed himself, actually.
And my mom, uh...
I just couldn't leave her alone.
- You said that your mother
passed recently?
Maybe now is the time
to follow your dreams.
- Hey, uh... there's this
library down the street
and they're having
their monthly book sale.
I was gonna go check it out.
Would you want to come with?
- I've got some time.
Yeah, sure, why not?
I'm just gonna run
to the restroom.
- OK, yeah.
- Excuse me?
Was that Sarah Miles?
The poet?
- Why do you wanna know?
- I'm a lit major.
I'm one of her biggest fans.
Like, she's up there
with Sylvia Plath.
I'd love to meet her.
- Sarah is a very
private person.
- Yeah, no worries.
Maybe just an autograph?
- Maybe you could just get lost.
- Take it easy, lady--
- Go!
Get out of here now,
or you'll wish you never met me.
- Listen, I'm just
interested in her work,
that's it.
- Don't touch me!
This guy, he just grabbed me!
- I did not! She's crazy!
- That's right, little boy.
Run away.
- Sarah!
You're really something.
- You're gonna wake Megan.
- Did you really think
I wouldn't find out?
- Find out what?
- A divorce lawyer?
- No.
- Son of a bitch had
a guy spying on me.
- Daniel, please--
- Shut up! Shut your mouth,
you lying bitch!
Listen close, 'cause here's
what you're gonna do.
Tomorrow morning,
you're gonna call Ms. McKinney
and you're gonna tell her one
of two things. Option A,
you're gonna tell her
you've had a change of heart,
you're sorry, but your services
are no longer required.
Option B, you're gonna have her
file for divorce,
but you're gonna give up all
custody rights to Megan, 100%.
- No, I can't do that.
- [Hello?]
- Ms. McKinney?
- [Yes?]
- Hi, it's Sarah Miles.
- [Oh, hi, Sarah. I wasn't
expecting to hear from you.]
- Um...
I've had a change of heart.
[construction sounds]
[car chirping]
- Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
I have a family!
You don't have to do this!
[knocking on door]
- Ms. Miles?
- Yes?
- Detective Collins.
Your husband is Daniel Miles?
- Yes.
- I'm very sorry
to have to tell you:
your husband is dead.
- What?
- It appears to have been
a robbery.
He was shot.
His watch and wallet were taken
We got his name
from the car registration.
- Daniel's dead?
- Again, I'm sorry.
Do you know what he was
doing last night?
- He said he was out
with a client.
- Do you know
the client's name?
- No.
- Morning, Mommy.
- Good morning, sweetheart.
last night,
someone tried to steal
your daddy's money
and they hurt him.
- Oh no... Is he OK?
- He's not OK.
He's, um...
- Where's Daddy?
- Sweetie, I'm so sorry,
but your daddy's not
gonna be coming home.
- What do you mean?
- He's gone, baby.
I'm so sorry.
Your daddy's gone.
- No, you're lying!
- No, it's really--
- Daddy! Daddy!
[birds chirping]
- Most of these people
are Daniel's friends. I don't
know what to say to them.
- No one expects you
to say anything.
[doorbell ringing]
Let me get that.
- No. No, no, I'll go.
I can't stand still
for too long.
- Hey. I'm so sorry.
I heard about Daniel
on the news.
I should've called,
I didn't realize--
- Oh, no! Come in!
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
- OK.
- The victim was definitely
screwing around on his wife.
I talked to the girl he was
with. She says it was
their first time.
I got the sense it wasn't his.
- Any witnesses?
- Couple people heard shots,
nobody saw anything.
- There have been a bunch of
drug-related robbery homicides
in that area just like this one.
- Except for the car.
- Car?
- If it was a straight robbery,
why didn't they take the car?
The keys were right in his hand.
- Maybe the guy panicked.
- Maybe.
- You're thinking what,
jealous boyfriend or husband?
- Maybe the guy's wife.
Plus he owns a construction
business. Could have ties
to organized crime.
- You know, Chris,
sometimes a robbery
is just a robbery.
- I'm not feeling this is
one of those times.
- Lee, you don't have
to do that.
- It's the least I can do.
- Megan asleep?
- Finally.
- How is she doing?
- There aren't words.
- Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Thank you, Nina.
I can't believe that he's gone.
It's weird.
I feel guilty.
- Guilty?
- It's not...
like I'm happy
that he's dead, it's just--
- I had to wait for my father
to kill himself before I could
start living my life.
You can start living now.
Really living.
That's nothing
to feel guilty about.
- Because we are all
God's children,
and with that in mind,
we can find peace.
As the Lord has written:
ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.
[sermon continues indistinctly]
- Here we are.
- I'm not hungry.
- Sweetheart, can you try
to eat something, please?
- That's Daddy's place!
- I'm sorry, honey.
- Megan.
- It's OK. I understand.
Hey, you know,
my mom passed away
just a little while ago, and
every night when I come home
from work, I still expect
to see her there,
waiting for me.
- Do you miss her?
- Of course I miss her.
But I have to believe that
she's in a much better place.
- Heaven?
- With all the angels.
She asleep?
- Finally.
- Hey, uh,
I got you a little something.
- What's the occasion?
- I don't know. Call it
a thank-you gift.
- Thank you for what?
- For being my friend.
- Oh, I love Byron and Keats!
- I thought you might.
It's a special edition.
- Lee...
This must have cost a lot.
- Ma left me some money
and I don't have anything else
to spend it on, so...
- Well, thank you...
for the thank-you.
- You're welcome.
- Sarah, your work
has really evolved.
The complexity,
the depth, the honesty...
A few more pieces
-the right pieces- and
there's another book here.
- You really think so?
- I do.
But if I'm gonna
publish you again,
I need to know that you're
100% committed this time.
- I have never been more clear
about what I want.
And I'm willing to do
whatever it takes
to make that happen.
- I can't wait for
the book to come out.
- Actually, would you mind
taking a look at a few
of my pieces in advance?
- Really? I would be
honored, yes.
- You have to promise
to be brutally honest.
- Cross my heart.
we should celebrate.
Would you want to go for drinks
Friday night?
- I...
I don't think that I'm up
for a night on the town yet.
- Well, at least you've
embraced being single.
- I don't know, Lee,
I felt like...
I've been living
someone else's life,
and now that life is gone.
- You just need to start
living your own now.
It's gonna be so much
better, I promise.
"Searching, seeking,
something amiss...
"Wandering lost...
A crystal mist."
It's a beautiful piece.
- But?
- Well, you have this image
down here, "Wandering lost",
and a crystal mist,
which is brilliant,
but I just feel
like, earlier...
something's missing.
- Hmm. I see.
- I'm probably wrong.
- No. No, no, you're
absolutely right.
I've been so worried,
it's been hard to focus.
Lee, I really
appreciate your help.
- I really appreciate you.
- Mommy, come see
what I made!
- I'll be right back.
- OK.
- Sweetheart, that's beautiful!
- Nina helped me.
- Only a little. Your daughter's
quite the artist.
- Nina,
you need a vacation.
- What do you think?
- I think it's perfect.
- You're getting soft.
- No, no,
really. It is.
Hey, uh... There's
this jazz band that I love
and they're playing Saturday
night. I thought we could go.
- I can't.
- Sarah, you've been
working so hard.
- I know.
It helps me keep my mind off...
- I know.
But... you need to
blow off some steam.
- Actually, I'm going to an
event with my publisher
that night.
He said that there are some
people that I have to meet.
- Oh.
- Trust me, it's the last
thing I wanna be doing.
- I'd watch out for him
if I were you.
- Will?
- I've seen the way
he looks at you.
- He's... he's just a friend.
- I'm gonna go make us
some tea, yeah?
[dramatic music]
- Mommy?
Why did someone kill Daddy?
- People do bad things
for a lot of reasons.
- Will the police get them?
- I hope so.
- Me too.
[phone chiming]
- [This is Detective Collins.
I need to speak to you.]
[If you could come down to my
office tomorrow, that would be
great. Give me a call.]
We did manage to find
one witness.
They were out walking their dog
and noticed someone sitting
in an older model sedan.
When they heard shots,
they looked out, saw the shooter
run back to that same car
and drive off.
- So you... you're saying that
someone was waiting for him?
Waiting to kill him?
- So it would appear.
- Um...
Well, I do know
that he dealt with some unsavory
characters in his business.
- Can you give me some names?
- No,
Daniel always
spared me the details.
- You said you were at home the
night your husband was killed.
- Yes, with my daughter.
- Ms. Miles, did you know
about your husband's affairs?
- I suspected.
- Must have
made you angry.
- I'm sorry,
you don't think that I--
- It's my job to consider
every possibility.
- This is crazy.
I didn't kill
my husband.
I don't know who did.
Look, if there's nothing else,
I'd like to get home
to my daughter.
[dramatic music]
- To Sarah Miles, poet laureate.
- Thanks.
- I thought we were supposed
to be celebrating.
What's wrong?
- The police... think
that I killed Daniel.
- That's ridiculous.
- I don't know what to do.
- OK, well,
try to calm down.
What did they say exactly?
- Apparently, there was
a witness to the shooting.
- A witness?
- Some neighbor.
They saw someone waiting
outside that girl's apartment,
so now the police think
that it was planned.
- Did they say that they got a
good look at this person's face?
- No, no, but the cops know
about Daniel's cheating, so...
- Sarah, you didn't kill Daniel,
did you?
- No, of course not!
- OK, so then they have no
proof. You've got nothing
to worry about.
- What about the wife?
- She says she was at home
with her daughter.
- You talk to the kid?
- She was asleep at the time.
- That's convenient.
- Anyway, her car doesn't
fit the description.
- She could've hired someone.
- Her husband controlled
all the money.
If she paid a hitman, she did it
with loose change and coupons.
- Or she made a deal.
Cash on delivery.
- She does have a lot of it now.
[loud retching]
- Nina?
- Megan, call 911!
- Someone's chipper.
- A little.
- New man in your life?
- No.
- Woman?
- Yeah. But not in the way
you're thinking.
- Too bad, because the way
I'm thinking is pretty hot.
- Hey, uh... have you
ever had a friend
and it's like they're
a part of you?
Like the part that's been
missing or something?
- None that I'm not
sleeping with.
- Can't you get your mind out
of the gutter for one second?
- Now why would I do that?
- I got here as quick as
I could. What happened?
- They're not sure.
Food poisoning maybe.
- She was really sick.
- Is she gonna be all right?
- I hope so. They said she needs
to rest for at least a week,
maybe two.
- If you need anything, anything
at all, I'm here for you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Actually, there is one thing.
Good night, sweetheart.
- Good night.
- So, she's had
her bath and her dinner,
and you have my cell
if you need anything.
- Yes. Don't worry, we'll be
fine. Won't we, munchkin?
- Uh-huh.
- Thank you again so much
for helping me out.
- Of course.
[doorbell ringing]
- Hey.
You look great.
- Thanks. So do you.
- Thanks.
- What time will you be home?
- We shouldn't be too late.
- I'll call you.
- OK. See you soon.
[dramatic music]
- Sarah, the Millers
just got here.
Do you feel like
joining the party?
- Yeah, I'll be there
in a minute.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, uh...
It's just, it's hard to engage
in polite conversation
with everything
that's been going on lately.
- You mean with your
- And the fact
that I'm being investigated
for Daniel's murder.
- What are you talking about?
- Apparently,
Daniel's cheating
makes me a suspect.
- OK, Sarah, you need a lawyer.
- I have one.
Colton Friedman? My divorce
attorney referred me.
- I know him.
He's excellent.
- I'm meeting with him
on Monday.
- Great.
- [Hey!]
- Hey. Is she asleep?
- Like an angel.
- I shouldn't be
too much longer.
- No, no, no. Your career's
important. Take your time.
- All right.
If you need anything,
text me.
- I have everything I need.
[door opening]
[dramatic music]
Some more waffles, munchkin?
- No, thanks. I'm full.
- Me too. Thanks again,
this was amazing.
- Can I go play in my room?
- Of course,
Oh no, no, no, Lee.
Leave them.
- But it's no big deal.
- No, please.
You've done enough, really.
- Are you sure?
- Sit.
- OK.
Hey, you know, I was thinking...
if the cops do decide to charge
you with Daniel's murder, I can
say I was with you that night.
- I already told them that
I was with Megan at home.
- So say that
you made a mistake,
that you got confused.
- I don't know.
- Without an alibi, a jury's
gonna think the worst.
- Well, I appreciate
the offer.
Let's wait and see
what happens.
- Hi, can I please get
the number for Solomon
House Publishing?
- From what I can gather so far
the police have found
nothing concrete.
- That's because
I'm innocent.
- That doesn't
preclude them from building
a circumstantial case.
Is there anything else
that you haven't told me?
Anything at all.
- My husband, um...
he hit me.
- Do the police know?
- No.
I didn't tell them.
It only happened once.
- Does anybody else know?
Your daughter?
- No.
No, no one.
- All right.
Let's keep it that way.
And please, don't say anything
more to the police without me.
- Lee, what are you doing here?
- I have good news.
- You could've called.
- This is "in person" news.
- OK.
- Solomon House
is interested in you.
- What?
- They're the biggest
publishers in the city.
- I know who they are.
How do they know about me?
- I sent them
some of your poems.
- You shouldn't have.
- It's the least I could do.
- No, I mean you shouldn't have.
Not without asking me first.
I already have
a publisher.
- I know, but he's small-time.
You deserve better.
- Will knows me.
He knows my work.
- He's using you,
just like Daniel.
- Will is nothing like Daniel.
He's my friend.
- I'm your friend.
I... I want what's best
for you and for your career--
- Lee, look,
I appreciate you trying to help,
but I know what I'm doing.
- You haven't published
in seven years, Sarah!
- I have to go
pick up Megan soon.
- I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said that.
It's just, this is an amazing
opportunity. Wait till you meet
the woman from Solomon House--
- I'm not meeting anyone.
Will has believed in me
since the very beginning.
He's earned my loyalty.
- I'm sure you thought
the same about Daniel.
- Will you stop
bringing up Daniel? Whatever
his faults, he is dead now.
- Yeah, he is.
That's right,
and he deserved it.
- That is way out of line.
- Sarah, I--
- I have to go.
- Wait!
[doorbell ringing]
- Who is it, Mom?
- No one, sweetie.
Eat your dinner.
Lee's getting to be a bit much.
- Yeah, sounds like it.
Solomon House is
pretty impressive.
- Don't worry,
I'm not going anywhere.
- I'm glad.
[cell phone vibrating]
- She just keeps calling.
- You know you can block
her number, right?
- Looks like I'll have to.
[phone ringing]
- It's me again.
We really need to talk.
- Oh, come on!
You can't just show up
like this, Lee.
- Sarah, please.
- I'm serious.
No more calls, no gifts.
- You're upset, I understand.
I went way too far,
I can see that now.
- Listen to me.
- I just wanted to help.
- You want to help?
Give me some space, all right?
- I would do anything for you!
Don't you know that? Anything!
- Then leave me alone!
I'm being investigated
for murder, for God's sake!
- You don't have
to worry about that.
- What do you mean?
- Just that... you're innocent.
- How do you know?
You don't even know me.
- I do know you.
I know that you're
caring and kind,
too kind to hurt anyone,
even if someone deserved it.
- You said that before.
Daniel did not deserve to die.
- He should've never
laid a hand on you.
- What did you just say?
- I said he didn't
deserve you.
- How do you know
that he hit me?
- You told me.
- No, I didn't.
- Well, then I must have
picked it up from your work.
- I never wrote about it.
It only happened once.
Were you spying on me?
- Of course not.
Sarah, please--
- I have to go. Goodbye, Lee.
[dramatic music]
- [You've reached Colton
Friedman. Leave me a message]
[and I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.]
- Hi, it's Sarah Miles.
There's someone that
you need to look into.
- I hope you don't mind
coming all the way down here,
but I told Friedman I thought
we should meet in person.
- That's fine.
- This Lee
sounds like a real
piece of work.
- Yes, she is.
- Now, she does own
a late model sedan.
Do you think
she killed your husband?
- I don't know, but...
she's been stalking me
and she seems unstable.
[dramatic music]
- You told me before
that you knew
about your husband's infidelity.
- I also told you that
I didn't kill him.
- Yes, but you neglected
to mention that you were
going to leave him.
I subpoenaed your
phone records.
Jean McKinney is the best
divorce lawyer in the city.
- Any conversation
my client may or may not have
had with an attorney
is privileged.
- Would've been tough
to get that divorce,
what with the prenup.
We found a copy in
your husband's office.
- We're done here.
- What happened?
McKinney couldn't get proof,
so you opted for a more
permanent solution?
- No!
- Don't say another word.
- Or did your husband find out
what you were up to and threaten
you? Because if that's the case,
you might be able to plead
justifiable homicide.
- I didn't kill Daniel.
- Are you arresting her?
- Not at the moment.
- Didn't think so.
Come on, let's get you home.
- Hey.
You need anything
before I head home?
- No, thank you.
How are you feeling?
- Good. Much better.
- I'm really glad you're back.
- Me too. Night, Megan.
- Night, Nina.
- OK, you. Bedtime.
- When is Auntie Lee
coming over?
- I don't know.
- Can she come tomorrow?
- I don't think so, sweetheart.
You know, she's been so busy
lately that I have hardly
seen her myself.
- OK. Good night, Mommy.
- Good night, sweetheart.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
- Is this what
you're looking for?
You didn't think I'd know
you'd show up here?
[car chirping]
[dramatic music]
[digging sounds]
[car beeping]
- I heard from Friedman.
Crawford, the investigator?
He's missing.
- What happened?
- Nobody knows.
Apparently, he didn't
come home last night
and no one can reach him,
not even his wife.
- You don't think
that it might be--
- All I know
is that he was going
to investigate Lee
and now he's gone.
- All right, you have to go
to the police right now.
- With what? I don't
have any proof,
not to mention they think
that I killed Daniel.
What I need
is evidence.
- If there is any.
- There has to be.
- Sarah, if you're right
about Lee, then...
there's no way you can be around
her, it's way too dangerous.
- The only thing that
I have going in my favor
is the way that
she feels about me.
If I play into that,
maybe she'll let her guard down.
- Yeah, and maybe you'll go
- There is no other way.
Megan just lost
her father and...
I'm not about to let her grow up
with her mother in prison.
- OK.
- [Hey.]
- Hey.
[It's me. Listen,
I've been thinking.]
I was wrong and you were right.
- Really?
- [Yeah, about everything.]
If it's not too late,
I would still like to meet
with Solomon House.
- [Yeah, that could be
- I'm really sorry, Lee.
It's... it's been so long
since I had a real friend.
[What are you doing tonight?]
- Just working until 6.
- Let me make you dinner.
To celebrate.
- Yeah, I'd love that.
- [Do you mind]
if we do it at your place?
Nina's gonna watch Megan.
That way, you know,
it'll just be the two of us.
- Sounds perfect.
- Yeah, it does.
- Welcome.
- Nice place.
- Thanks. Come on in.
Sarah, that was...
- It's my pleasure.
- Wait.
Here's... to us always
being there for each other,
no matter what. To us.
- To us.
Why don't you go relax
and I'll get dessert out?
- OK.
- Tada!
- Oh, wow! You really
went all out!
- Like the song says,
that's what friends are for.
There's more
if you want.
- I'm good.
I feel a little sick.
- Too much wine?
- I'll be right back.
- Lee?
Are you OK?
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
- [911, what's your emergency?]
- Yeah, I need the police.
My friend, she just...
tried to kill me.
- What?
Oh no, no...
- Step out of the car
with your hands up!
Let me see
those hands!
- What did I do?
- Turn around!
- I can explain that!
- You can explain
to the detectives.
- Sorry you had
to wait so long
in holding. I was out all night
on another crime scene.
- I really can explain
- One sec.
[Interview with Sarah Miles,
January 24th.]
[Ms. Miles, have you been
advised of your Miranda rights?]
- [I have.]
- [And in the presence
of your attorney,]
[Colton Friedman, you agree
to answer questions?]
- [I do.]
- For the record, against
the advice of counsel.
- I have nothing to hide.
- Your friend, Lee Maxson,
says you confessed to
killing your husband.
- That's a lie.
- That 9mm automatic we found
in your car is on its way
to ballistics.
- That's hers. That's Lee's.
- How about you start
from the beginning?
- [Look, I know
it sounds crazy,]
[but it was Lee.
Lee killed Daniel.]
- Sounds crazy all right.
- I don't know.
- Don't tell me you believe her.
- Well, the PI she hired,
Paul Crawford, is missing.
His car was found at a parking
garage downtown. No prints.
- You've got a jealous wife,
who admits she knew about
her husband's affairs--plural.
If the ballistics come back
positive, it's a slam dunk.
- Why would she be so careful
to use an unregistered gun,
wipe it clean of prints, and
then be so careless to drive
around with all that evidence?
- Ours is not to reason why.
Let the DA deal with
conspiracy theories.
- Thank you for
getting me out on bail.
- Oh, we're just lucky
the judge has a soft spot
for kids. Thank Megan for that.
You do understand you won't be
able to leave your house
until the trial.
- Well, I have this
to remind me.
- She's saying
I killed her husband?
- She's rather adamant about it.
- If there's anything I'm guilty
of, it's not calling you
when I first suspected
what she'd done.
- Why didn't you?
- Well, what I told myself
at the time
was that she couldn't have
done it. But now...
- But now?
- Deep down, I think
I always knew.
But I felt
sorry for her.
He hit her, you know.
Did she tell you that?
- No.
- He hit her that night.
- How do you know?
- She told me. That's why
I went right over there.
After we talked for a while,
she asked me if I could watch
Megan so she could take a drive
to clear her head.
- A drive in your car?
- Yeah,
it was parked behind hers
in the driveway. It was just
easier for her, I guess.
- Ms. Miles also accuses you
of killing a private
investigator she hired,
Paul Crawford.
- I don't even know who that is.
Plus, uh,
I hate guns.
My father killed
himself with one.
- How does it work?
- Well,
if Mommy were to leave
the house, the police
would know where I went.
- Why does the police
think you're bad?
- I told you, sweetheart,
it's a mistake.
- What kind of mistake?
- I will explain it
when you're older, OK?
I promise.
Now come on,
it's time for bed.
- Am I still gonna go to school?
- Of course. Nina will take you.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna fix the mistake.
[dramatic music]
- I thought you were my friend.
- So, I got you some
Colombian coffee, a couple
good books that I know
you haven't read yet, and a few
treats from my favorite deli.
- You're too good to me, Will.
- I wish I could do more.
- Maybe you can.
to my lawyer,
it's going to be my word against
Lee's. She presents herself
as this delicate little flower,
but she is as twisted
as they come and I can't be
the only one who sees that.
- Friedman knows
what he's talking about.
- This is my life, Will.
My daughter.
I have to do something!
- OK.
It's gonna be OK.
Where do you want to start?
- [Uh, it rings a bell.]
- Oh, so you did know Lee?
- [No, but my dad was
her twelfth grade teacher.]
- Oh. I see.
- [I'm sorry. It's all I have.]
- OK, well, thank you.
- [You're welcome.]
- Thanks for talking to me.
Your neighbors haven't
exactly been forthcoming
with me.
- Well, this town
is like its own little world and
they like to keep it that way.
Actually, I used
to teach English
over at the high school.
Lee was one of my students.
- What can you tell me
about Lee?
- Well, you know, Lee was...
Lee was always very intelligent,
you know, thoughtful--
soulful, actually, but quiet.
She kept to herself
and I always suspected
from her behavior that
there were problems at home.
Could never get her
to open up, though.
It only got worse after
her father killed himself.
- Yeah, worse how?
- Well,
after the old man's funeral,
she got into a screaming match
with one of the other students.
It got physical. The other girl
ended up in the hospital.
- You know what they were
fighting about?
- Don't know.
They wouldn't say. Got suspended
for a week, though.
- Do you remember
the other kid's name?
- Yeah, sure,
I remember them all.
Maggie. Maggie Davis.
Maggie Davis, yeah.
[dramatic music]
- [Lee was unstable.
We both were.]
[I started seeing a shrink]
[and things changed for me.
I wanted the same for her.]
- Maggie, Lee killed my husband.
And we think that she killed
another man, too.
- [I begged her to get help,]
[but she wouldn't.]
[I should've told someone.]
- Told someone what?
- [Lee's father
didn't kill himself.]
[She did.]
[But I don't blame her.]
[After everything
he did to her...]
[but I can't forget
that look in her eyes.]
[It was like some kind]
[of wild animal.]
[I've never been so afraid
of someone in my life.]
[dramatic music]
- Wanna take Caramel?
- Hmm,
he'll just stay with Mommy.
- OK, that should do it.
- I don't wanna go.
- I know, sweetheart.
It's only for one night.
Mommy and Mr. Lawrence just
have some things to figure out.
- With the police?
- With the police.
Everything is gonna be
OK, I promise.
- Your mom's a very smart
lady, Megan.
- I know.
- Who do you want
to bring with you?
- Hmm... Dolphinia.
- That's a good choice.
Come on, sweetie.
- You're saying she murdered
her father, made it look
like suicide.
- I'm not saying it. She did.
Talk to her friend Maggie.
- I will. I'll talk to the
local cops too, but...
- But what?
- Even if she did
kill her father,
it doesn't change
anything for you.
Hell, it wouldn't even be
admissible in court.
- Look, um, Lee's
the star witness, right?
Couldn't you go to the DA
and convince him
to just hold off,
take a look at the case?
- I don't know. Maybe.
[dramatic music]
- You know, we do
have a guest room.
- I like the sofa. Sometimes
I even sleep on it at home.
- I really appreciate
you being here.
- No problem. I just
wish the circumstances
could be different.
- So do I.
Good night.
- Yeah, good night.
[thud and grunt]
- Will?
- Not much of a boyfriend.
- How did you get in here?
- Daniel kept a spare key
in his wallet.
Don't you move.
You stay right there.
- What do you want?
- I thought you were my friend.
I thought you would
always be my friend.
I thought we were
soulmates, Sarah.
- Please...
Put the gun down.
Let's just talk.
- So you can lie to me
some more?
- Lee, please--
- Shut up! Shut your mouth"
After everything I've
done for you!
- You framed me for murder!
- You gave me no choice!
You rejected me!
And you still didn't learn your
lesson, digging into my past!
- It's not just me.
The police know too.
- What do they know?
- That you killed
your father.
- My father was a monster!
But they couldn't prove
that I killed him any more that
they can prove I killed Daniel.
- Lee... please...
- I looked up to you, Sarah.
Your words spoke to me unlike
anyone else's. But in the end,
that's all they were.
Empty, hollow,
meaningless words!
- Lee...
if you kill me--
- I'm not gonna kill you,
Sarah. You're gonna
kill yourself.
Get on your blog!
- Lee, please--
- Do it now!
Keep it short and sweet.
- What?
- Your suicide note.
Or should I say poem, only
seems thin, don't you think?
- Lee! Lee, think about this!
- Oh, I have thought about it.
It's actually all
I've been thinking about, Sarah!
- What about Will?
No one's gonna believe
that I did that to him.
- Well, you don't have to worry
about Will, 'cause I know
how to make someone disappear.
- Please don't do this.
- Get busy.
And make it good. This'll be
the last poem you ever write.
- Please, Lee...
Megan needs me.
- I needed you!
I needed you and you turned
your back on me!
But maybe she'll be my friend.
- No, you can't.
You can't.
She's not even here.
- I know. She's with Nina.
- Please, Lee. Please don't.
- Well, I need something
to remember you by.
- She is just a little girl.
She does not deserve this.
- We don't always get
what we deserve.
But you're going to,
so start writing!
- OK, OK!
"A rudderless ship, adrift
"at sea...
"Suffering the night...
Alone, but free."
[door opening]
[dramatic music]
- [911, what's your emergency?]
- Uh, yeah,
I need an ambulance to my home.
- [I'm sending paramedics
as we speak.]
[Give me your address
and the nearest cross street.]
[phone ringing]
- Collins.
- [Sarah Miles
just left her house.]
- You got her on GPS?
- [Roger that.]
- Call Nina.
- [car]: Calling Nina.
[soft music playing]
[phone buzzing]
- Nina, if you get this,
take Megan and get out of there!
[music stops]
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
- Uh, Sarah told me
to come and pick up Megan.
- She didn't tell me.
- Well, I'm telling you
now, so...
- I have to call her.
- Hey.
Hey there, sleepy head.
- Auntie Lee?
- Yeah.
- What are you doing here?
- It's OK, come with me, OK?
Come on. It's gonna be fine.
Come on.
- Where are we going?
- Everything's gonna be fine.
- Mommy!
- Let her go!
- Stay back!
- It's OK, sweetie, I'm here.
Lee! Please, Lee...
This is over.
- I want Mommy!
- Your mommy was
the best friend I ever had.
My only friend, really.
She was the only thing
keeping me from...
- Lee!
- Put the gun down right now!
Slide it over here!
Put it down!
Put it down right now!
[sirens approaching]
- Lee, listen. Listen to me.
- How could you do this to me?
- What's wrong with Auntie Lee?
- She's OK.
She's gonna be OK. She just
needs to get some help.
- Help? Help?
Who's gonna help me? You?
I trusted you,
I did things for you that
nobody else would've done!
I gave you
your life back!
I believed you when you said
that we were friends!
- We were!
- No!
I thought you cared about me,
but you don't.
[sirens approaching]
You don't.
Nobody does.
Nobody ever did.
- Lee...
- Take care of her.
[gunshot, Megan screaming]
- I've got you.
I've got you.
- I just wanted
to thank everybody
for being here tonight to help
us celebrate the release
of Sarah Miles' new collection
of poetry, entitled After.
Sarah has graciously
agreed to read
a couple of her
favorite pieces for us.
[cheers and applause]
- Thank you, Will.
These past few months
have been difficult,
and I don't know where I would
be if it wasn't for Will.
He's been such
a good friend.
I would also like to thank
my daughter, Megan.
This book is
dedicated to her.
The first piece
that I'm going to be reading
is titled Uncharted.
"Alone in the void
you left behind,
"no refuge from
the storm of time.
"A rudderless ship, adrift
at sea, suffering the night.
"Alone, but free.
"No stars to guide,
no wind to flee.
"Just the promise
of dawn, for her
and for me."
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