The Perfect Teacher (2010) Movie Script

Careful. Do not cut yourself!
What are you doing with your phone?
What is Carrie number?
I'll tell her not to come.
You love when Carrie keep it.
I want to stay home tonight.
We already talked about it, no?
It's not dancing 'father and daughter'.
I know, just for the big kids.
And this is my new school.
No I'm not gonna dance.
I'll just sit there
and look at the big kids.
"Just work, no play."
Do uope you will not dance?
Not even with Rachel?
Not even with Rachel.
You know what? This is probably Carrie.
Why did not you show your
new dress for the ballet?
Hi Dev!
- Hi,
I decided Footwear black skirt, which means
that you're not the one You dress her.
Devon, pledged You'll wear
red, so that I could wear black.
And I was already dressed.
If there is a problem, Kinsey
You can go to the dance alone...
to be dancing with bangavih pile types.
Then wear whatever you want.
Ok, I'll be presvui.
Of course it will.
What the hell!?
Rosa! Became one another!
Stupid bitch.
Some of these little guys
exaggerating her years.
I bet that you were like that.
I'm just saying that it would Annique
learn at home until the end of life.
Did you see their faces?
Wait, wait, wait.
That sucks, I have something
much better in your purse.
Who the hell is that?
I had no idea. But it is too
nice to be a teacher.
This represents a fire hazard,
do you know that?
So-blocking doors.
Well, I do not want to invite
firefighters for me.
You think this is some kind of joke?
It's fun until
kids no points to burn alive.
I'm Devon.
I am Mr. Wilkes.
Moment, whether your name is David?
Why? Is there another a teacher
named David Wilkes?
But otherwise I would not say your name.
I'm smarter than I look.
Who told you you're not smart?
Are you the new math teacher?
Monday is the first day of classes.
Come on, Kinsey.
It seems that mathematics will now
be a lot more interesting.
God, I totally should teaching sexology.
Dev! Alcohol from the nail
Hair does not drink.
It's not a hair spray, moron.
It's vodka.
If you feel you are here
the smell of cheap perfume?
I am surprised that these
I see here, Devon.
I thought this school not at your level.
I did not, but I like this DJ.
So, how goes the season?
Have you already played
against the Southern Glenn?
They are within the next turn.
If you may have a nasty one
smoked in the previous season?
If I pamenje well served...
Is not that a super-embarrassing
match for you?
You're such a whore, Devon.
You're a whore, Monica.
I just wanted to wish luck in that game.
I really begins
Interested in beach volleyball.
It's fascinating.
Actually, I wonder...
Is it uncomfortable to wear
genital protectors?
Let Apple, not worth it.
So... Can I come over?
Annique with me.
How about tomorrow evening?
I can not. She promised my mom I'm gonna
come over and help her wash her hair.
New Nurse it does not work well.
She knows that with his hair.
Dinner, Tuesday evening?
All right.
Sonia Webber.
SOLVEN And then what? -Hi.
How did it go?
No injuries, I hope.
But... thanks for the save.
We also, we have a little party.
You know how much energy she has.
Wants a new dance every five minutes.
- Talk to me about it.
She now sleeps.
She laid down at 21:00.
Well, thank you, Carrie.
- No problem.
Appreciate it.
- Goodbye.
Say hello to Rachel for me.
- I will.
- Goodbye.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Here you?
I thought you were asleep last night
by Kinsey.
Yes, I changed my mind.
How was the dance?
He was good.
What was Sonia?
Your... runner.
Oh, yes.
You should call to see how it is.
She had some sort of inflammation Cream
This morning when she left.
Uf? I hope it's good.
By the way, I'm going back again
in New York on Thursday.
But I have to go to the control of vision
or will I be able to drive.
Rosa and can drive.
I will not allow Rose to drive my
car under any circumstances.
And you need a release.
Again I gathered shirts.
I'll give Rosi SUV or better yet...
Why not odgodi Review until I come back?
Gotta go, baby.
See you later.
Then what? Have you googled it?
And... What did you find?
Well, I've discovered that...
Here you go.
Thanks, kins.
OK, back to the budueg my husband...
I found on the net that his
father played football for Nebraska...
And his parents...
they met in Florida.
Kinsey, pay attention to?
I'm sorry.
I went to college with
volleyball scholarship.
Obviously it is good at all
which sport is played.
What is so sudden
impressed? You hate sports.
I've always loved sports.
Come on, you know it.
Much better than those around
Mrs. pregnant monster. Carson.
I completely agree.
And remember... I saw him first.
Good morning everyone.
I know where Carson not for another week.
But do not worry, she's fine.
Her doctor has recommended her vacation.
So, I guess you're stuck with me.
I am Mr. Wilkes.
Are you a new coach volleyball, also?
The answer would be yes.
I thought I'd give you
a brief summary of my CV...
So, before we start with trigonometry, I...
What is your name?
Seriously? A Banana and Peach
somewhere in the hallway?
That's her real name, Mr. Wilkes.
Sorry, Apple.
Can you give me more obeati
you will not be late for my class?
In any case, back to me.
I played on the AVP Tour for several years.
After injury,
I decided to go back to college...
And get a diploma teachers.
Wait a minute, you were on the AVP?
What is AVP?
Beach Volleyball.
I grew up in Florida.
And yes, I'm your new coach.
It's great! I
in your team. Center.
And I do too. External smeer.
Excellent, can not wait to
I see your umijee field.
Well, it would be a lot of volleyball.
Surrender to the fun stuff.
Trigonometric functions.
Turn all page 121
So my ex will become vice
large multinational companies.
Well, yes, that's great, Marissa.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
There is one problemi.
The workplace is a vice in San Diego.
There, their headquarters are located.
I do not understand Talking to you...
plan to save and move 5000 km away?
And what about Annique?
I want to take her with us.
Not that you will not seen by more.
I was thinking, could
fly several times a year
and it can be restored,
and stay here for the holidays Ijetnje
also for Christmas.
That would be perfect, because
then you have the vacation.
No, Marissa, I do not want
be so far away from his daughter.
Our daughters.
We both have jobs.
We both wanted spend time with her.
We both enabled and in everything he does.
Such is the situation.
So, say you need advancement of refuse?
I say that we need to do what
what is the best Annique.
What is more important
than any of my or your business.
Why do not you come to San Diego?
There are a million high school
and easy to find a job.
Anything else for me.
A sale of the house?
All the memories that we have to
the three of us were in that house.
And I've said that I painstakingly worked
we make it to where I am now.
Especially after so much break
while Annique was a baby.
I can not believe you
This job is more important than our daughter.
Do you know how old she is
the divorce hard fall?
That he would take her over to feel when
and take her to the other end of the state?
And I can not believe you and
she thought that the break with me.
I can not talk right now about it.
- Hi.
Do not know whether Remembers me,
I'm with one of the your lectures.
Yes, of course and I remember.
You're definitely left an impression.
You know, I think you're very pretty.
But better to stand
while I still have the edge.
Your name is Devon, right?
, Devon Burks.
What can I do for
you, Miss. Devon Burks
Nothing, I just...
wanted to wish you welcome in the school.
I think you will be here fit quite nicely.
Well, thank you.
Definitely I feel love.
Can you feel the love?
Perhaps you'd like to feel this.
Sorry I'm late.
To Kinsey Of course you're sorry.
Go tell her that we are here.
Hi, we are ready to
manicure at 16:00?
Waiting on you.
I agree that Mr. Wilkes... piece,
but you just have to be his deputy?
Do not do it just goes in your favor.
It has already been resolved.
Dad called the director and
says there is no problem.
Yes, but the beach is totally boring.
However, Kinsey, did not you know?
It's a chance to meet him a little...
And I commissioned him 'Nebraska' shirt.
Can not wait to put his clothes on,
will be so cute.
Wait, Sarah I just returned message.
- Let's see what he says...
'I think he has a child. '
He is married? '
Wait, I'll ask.
Ouch! Freak! It's
cuticle and not cancer.
Excuse me, Miss.
Here we go...
Sara said...
'... little girl. Divorced.
Vida with... Miss Marson. '
No way!
Can have a better,
she looks... Matoro!
You're much prettier than her.
Imagine if indeed
sleeping with the teacher?
Can you imagine Ijubomoru other girl?
Kinsey, do not be so bold.
He is the type of guy for a relationship.
Not that they will immediately
get laid first flundru
that would have removed her panties for him.
Come on. Like you would not want svui
panties for him, 10 seconds.
Of course I would, but I I flundra.
See, Donald, I think
I do not need assistant.
It does not matter, Rick Burks is one
of our most enthusiastic donors.
If his daughter Devon asks education
jaui whales from the water park
I will to make it possible.
Spoken like a true director.
Do not worry, it's
a good student, very resourceful.
Give her some light paperwork
and make sure we get three
points at the end of the semester.
Listen, the teacher should to help others.
Help me, and I will you.
Consider it performed.
Does she... knows anything about volleyball?
I doubt it.
Eyes, Julie, come on.
Yes. Okay, okay. Bend your knees.
Yes. That's it.
Hello, how are you?
Is this place Where do I work?
I reached do
all the work in so little time.
You could list all the equipment.
The key in the repository is in
the upper right-hand drawer of my desk.
You know where it is, is not it?
- The Department of Mathematics?
Right. When this is done, I want to
pronae record of the last coach.
I want you to nae budgets.
I need to know where we stand with that.
What she's doing here?
I hate it.
Hey, Coach.
Do you know where we will stay when
we play against the Southern Glenn?
My mom is interested.
I put it on the list?
Are you reading my mind.
My new Deputy Assistant here, will seek this
information and I'll will tell you tomorrow.
I'm sorry, girls, I have to respond.
Then, to become deputy
coach, when you have no idea about volleyball?
Well, I know that you can be
slut, so we're back in the team.
Actually, I'd like to see
how are you doing this exercise.
Once around the halls...
and would have to call the 112th
Then they would nurse me
giving mouth-to-mouth
and you would be
I'm not saying that I want to relocate.
What do you want to say?
I just want to consider
other possibilities.
Hi, Julie.
Hello, Devon.
- Hi.
As sweet.
Is this the daughter of Mr. Wilkes?
Annique. Little doll, right?
It's beautiful.
But not to me sounds like it, though.
No? -No.
It must be on your mom.
This woman must have been... oaravajua.
I received your message.
Yes, that's right.
What's his name?
All right.
I see.
I did.
We'll consider it.
I found this, I think that these are good.
I think this is not what
you, Mr. Holtz.
They are for small spaces.
Small spaces.
I need that for my fence.
Of course, I understand, but
you need a higher.
Excuse me, hi, just
I need to copy some keys.
You end up with your staining, when I go?
I'll be with you in a moment.
Listen, I'm gonna buy your stupid
etke, just let me go first.
Let her go first,
says it will buy the brush.
Would you buy if etke
let it go over the line.
Obviously in a hurry.
Right. You can serve with a young lady.
The fence will not run away anywhere.
How many do you need?
One of each.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, you
have a lot of utility.
I do not know what else to do the.
I do not want to be a Disneyland-father
and if you do not go with them
that's exactly what's going to happen.
You might find there uiteljice job.
John says that there has...
vacancy for trainer
teaching unit in San Diego in...
And what I will with my mom?
You know now that I can not leave,
let alone a move across the country.
Do not be your brother and uskoiti
help a little, it is already doing for years?
He does not want to, okay?
That's the thing.
Look, we can do it.
We holidays.
We travel together, I come once a month...
Long-distance relationships
are almost impossible.
People are trying to rebuild their lives
where they reside.
If I go, is this the end for us?
Really gonna make me choose
Annique between you too?
Do not say that.
I'm not the one who put you
forced to choose.
And I do not want to choose between you
or to be with my mom. I do not know
how old she is still time left.
Last night was not just
the way I had hoped.
We had to talk about it.
Well, no matter what happens...
You know I love you, right?
I know.
Still thinking about sinonjem
conversation, right?
We will solve this, I promise you.
It sounds like you're
already made a decision.
No, not yet.
Last night I felt like trying
keep something we elude the hand.
Rachel, this is not true.
Converting that nothing will
change only hinders us.
Jim, I know what you're planning to do.
If you leave just tell me.
I do not see any other way out.
I see.
But, listen to me...
- I can not.
You think you can, because you never
you're not going through anything like this.
I'd rather far everything has completed.
I remembered us as something good.
Instead of looking at the end of the light.
Rachel, please, please do not do this.
Sorry, I have to get back to work.
What's that?
What's that?
You stole a shirt from Nives Celsius?
I think it is not appropriate for school.
You think it's preseksi?
I just told you what I think.
Anyone wearing something like this.
Gotta go.
I'm sorry?
Excuse me, I thought I say 'coach'.
Nebraska t-shirt you're wearing.
You're a Husker?
Yes, I was there once and I loved it.
Really? Well, I went there
each fall as a kid.
My grandparents are had a house there.
- Yes.
So cool.
I've always wanted to go away
on one of these matches.
I heard that they are very entertaining.
That's incredible.
Nebrasani love their football.
All of them.
- Yes.
In fact...
I'd like to ask you to
help about trigonometry.
I did homework for today, but
I think that I can not really...
Sure, we can do little
training during lunch.
Right. Can.
I love how you look in my shirt.
I do not think he ever removed.
But then an I have svui for you.
I lie to him and I tell him I'm a virgin?
Whether it would zvualo odd.
Come on Dev, do not you think
Maleic overreacting?
As you'd really sleep with the teacher.
He would have been fired.
No, unless one of nazonih
izblebetao is about.
See you later, she would not want
delayed on their 'private tutoring'.
Hey, wait, I thought today
let's go to the mall to lunch.
Not a chance.
We will li there after volleyball.
Gotta go. Wish me luck.
Which law did you used here?
Remember the Pythagorean pouka.
Cosine law?
Already understand these things.
But just because the majority of this
doing it for me.
No, no, no, you're doing it.
Do not underestimate.
You're very smart.
Well, you are very good at
explaining things.
Makes sense, I guess,
because you are a teacher.
But I have a feeling that you probably
good at everything you do.
I wish.
What do you think?
Nothing, I just...
I've always wanted
do the right thing, but...
Sometimes it is hard to know
what actually happened.
Well, I bet you're very good father.
I saw a picture of your daughter
on your desk. The same to you.
She is the queen of my world.
Those days when it's not with me...
Simply amazing how much I miss him.
But it's so when you're a father.
I bet that your father too
say when we asked him.
So, are you better understand this?
That All right, cool.
By the way, remember that I told you
I want to make a booking for Ms Marson?
For a time in the South Glenn?
It is... can not go with us this time.
So, you should denounce
that we would not be charged.
Yes, of course, now I will.
- Good.
How is it that she does not go?
There are family problems
that must be addressed.
See you at practice?
- Yes.
That's perfect.
Jim says that she can not go because
emergency case, in the family.
And Mrs. Marson says he's not going
some kind of seminar.
I do not get it, why do
you think they broke up?
Because glupao, that's true
would not have had The different story.
And, Mrs. Marson's
looked like you wanted
put a leash around his neck
and diving off the table...
...All day long.
This is cute, do not you think?
Oh my God, stop being surly.
I'll buy you the most beautiful couple
shoes that you shall have.
Yeah, and you're not cool for having me
today as outwitted.
This is too slutty.
I think Jim likes something glamorous...
Something... with pleats.
See, this is exactly what I want.
Lend me some sport socks
that go along with this? I do not like that.
Hi Dad. Forgive me for being late.
Kinsey and I were out shopping.
This is for you?
It's a gift. Do not bother.
Right. Did not think so
to go out with someone.
Well, actually...
I met someone.
From school.
Do I know that boy?
That is not the son of Jeff Shelton?
This is new.
Well, what is it?
As his father earn a living?
I do not know bringing his father does.
Probably ga examined.
As you are now questioning me.
Okay, he's...
He's smart.
Sports Graden.
So it's not one of those idiots who
paint their nails and squeezed his eyebrows.
No, it's not...
It is completely different from any
a guy I have ever met.
He thought that was very clever.
He's really a good person
always wants to do the right thing.
Does his family belongs Country Club?
No, I think he is not of that kind.
Morgan, greeting.
How are you?
I missed you.
Are you...
with your friends?
Let's go to a business meeting.
Are you two ...?
No, that's my daughter.
Yes, I see the similarity.
Nice to meet you.
Why do not you join us?
Can you skip it the business deal?
I'll just tell friends.
Listen, Dad, I really gotta go.
Why? I have not ordered the.
I know, but I forgot that I need
coach to do a few things for tomorrow.
Before you go, I want to ask you something.
What's that?
I'd like to do something nice
for the volleyball team.
I thought I take them to dinner
when we traveled?
It will not cost more than a thousand...
maybe two.
All right. Put it on my account.
Surely you do not want anything to take away?
No, I'm fine.
A pleasant dinner!
See you at home, baby.
Okay, these are, the United States.
And where are we?
In Transylvania.
Not Transylvania silly, Pennsylvania.
I know. I was only fooling.
Okay, what is this country?
That's it.
Did your mom ever mention...
She said she has dolphins in California.
That's correct.
On the beach.
Do you want to go to California
and see the dolphins?
I brought one home.
You can not do that, silly.
I can not. I can not.
Show me a dolphin
How goes the dolphin? Come on.
With arms.
Inside and out!
- Inside and out!
Inside and out!
- Inside and out!
Raise your hands.
Wow, this is...
wonderful, Dev.
By the way, you ensure
Reservations for pizza?
I left a message.
Well, actually, I surprise for you.
My father called us to sushi, so I found
excellent Japanese restaurant
two blocks from the hotel.
Very generous of him,
girls will be delighted.
You do not look very excited.
You do not like raw fish?!
No, I love raw fish.
I am all excited, just...
I have to evaluate these tasks.
Well, no need to look up my own.
It is perfect... just give me the fifth
Only I should believe you?
I do not know, after I saw your
last test...
better to double check.
Wow, after all what I did for you.
Sorry, but I'm not venal.
However much like the Rainbow Roll
or Unagi.
Beat it.
Apple, come on, come on.
It's okay.
Rayna, come on.
I want to say no.
Right this way. Ready?
Who the hell is that?
Office of Jim Wilkes.
Hi, this is Tom, Marissa Wilkes office.
Today should take your daughter
but can not.
A meeting is, so is Jim should take.
I see. Tell
Marissa is all resolved.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Unfortunately, I can not let go
If you are not on the list.
But neither Jim nor Marissa can not come,
and I have to go back to school.
Well, we could call it
and try to get permission.
Bend your knees!
I have to respond.
Keep it up, right?
Mr. Wilkes...
Hi, this is Sue from 'Rainbow Meadows'.
Should permit Annique release for...
- Devon!?
What the ...?
What are you are you?
I just... safe.
It's okay, let I share stories with him.
Hi Jim, Devon.
I'm Anniquinoj school.
Marissin's deputy
called and said that she has
meeting and someone needs to
that came to take it over.
Devon, why did not you come get me?
I saw you on training, and you looked
highly concentrated, so I
I thought to go get her alone.
All right.
Allow me to share stories with Sue
I tell her that everything is okay.
Well Mr. Wilkes, I will put
Devon to the list. Thank you.
You can go.
Honey, I'm a friend of your dad and
I'll take you to him, okay?
Let's go.
You're a good artist.
You're drawn to?
Can I see it? Who is this?
My mom.
What does it do?
Jogs. He likes to jog every morning.
Can you greet your friends?
Yes, of course.
Hello, my pumpkin.
How are you?
- Good.
You want to help your dad to collect the ball?
That was beautiful.
Thank you.
Hey, I know you wanted me to help today
but you should've come after me,
instead you decided
to take her over itself.
I'm so sorry.
I did not think you'll be upset.
I'm not upset, just...
You know what? It's okay.
I know just trying to worry
about everything, and I appreciate that.
Now I feel bad.
I do not want you feeling bad.
Just to let you know that I
You can break free.
See you tomorrow.
Pleasant evening.
What flavor do you want, honey?
Of chocolate!
Hello, Devon. I am.
You may not Anniquin pony in the car?
I think it is perhaps left there.
I think not...
moment only, I'll check.
I found it, it must
that has fallen under the seat.
Well, well, it's at!
Where are you? Do you bring it?
My dress is ruiasta and
has itself long twisted fringe.
Wow, that must be very beautiful.
Perhaps you could come and see
your recital.
Can Devon come, Dad?
I do not know, you've got ask your mom.
I do not know how she bought the ticket.
Maybe if I come home to you at
private performance, if you can not go?
Jim! Hello.
- Hi. -Carrie.
What's up?
How are you?
Hi, Carrie.
Hello, dear.
This is Devon.
One of my students and Assistant coach.
I do not know what I would do without her.
Glad, Devon.
I'm Jim's neighbors.
And my nanny.
That's it!
Last night we have a little fun, right?
By the way, Tom wants to know if you and
Rachel You can come on Sunday on the grill.
All right.
Devon, could you take
Annique to take more sprinkles?
Yes, of course.
Rachel and I broke up.
What? Why?
Can I get an ounce?
It would be too hard for her.
If they moved to San Diego,
could not care for his mother.
Oh my God. I'm so sorry.
I know.
Showing steadfast love to
have you as a good pair.
What are you gonna do now?
I do not know, but still...
What are you gonna do?
I'm not sure.
Here you go.
Everything all right? Let's go.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
Have you taken a crumb?
We are!
I'm supposed to buy ice cream,
guys have probably already arrived home.
All right.
Goodbye, girls.
Are you okay?
Yes, yes.
Carrie seems nice.
Very simple and pleasant.
Yes, it is... cool.
She is my neighbor already two
year and is a good friend.
Sure, Jim.
I'd love to be your companion
Carrie on the grill.
Maybe we could spend
some time alone... first.
Get out, do not you knock!
I'm so sorry.
Is not there an expression
'Privacy' in Costa Rica...
Puerto Rico or where you already?!
Please, Jim, get me out of here!
First of all, I would say that I
it's an honor to be your new coach.
I would be even more honored when
my girls tomorrow Blew South Glenn.
He also would like to take
moment to thank Devon.
Has made it a big deal as my deputy
and do not know what I would do without her.
In addition, her father had paid
this excellent dinner for luck.
So, thank you, Devon.
Secure the hook to Daddy
order pizza too fat.
I'd like to say anything more about Devon.
I almost revealed her side,
for which I did not even know existed.
I had the opportunity to see the
with my daughter, seven-year, in...
Annique stops talk about you.
Can see why.
're beautiful.
First time since the divorce, I have...
finally see how I love the other person.
From the first day you
walked into my classroom...
you stole my heart.
And I know that you can this...
make no sudden, but...
Would you marry me?
Can you give us a picture for yearbook?
Can? One, two...
Hey Apple, can you me and a coach?
I think I failed.
I'm sure you smarter than that camera.
I love you, pumpkin.
- I miss you.
Let story with mom.
- Good
Bye, Dad.
Hello, darling.
- Hi.
Have you found some
Accommodation in San Diego?
. We found a two-bedroom apartment
in a good neighborhood.
All right.
Hey, I gotta go.
Someone's knocking at the door.
It must be one of the girls.
Okay, we have talk on Monday.
What is it?
I spoke by telephone
with her boyfriend Rick.
He said that more
does not want to be with me.
He says that he met another.
I told him I'll come by taxi,
and he does not want me to see.
I do not know what I'm doing that.
And I love it.
How 'bout this? To get some coffee,
and that we ispria what happened?
Do not cry.
Everything will be okay.
I'm going Footwear shirt, right?
I'm ready. Come on.
I do not understand how this girl
can be better than me.
I kept trying to be exactly as we wanted.
Better than you?
Devon does not have to be
for no man to change.
Excellent you the way it did.
I guess.
He said that other girls prettier than me.
It's silly, you're very pretty.
Sure, you're zadivljujua, wise...
And pleasant to be around.
You've got to believe that.
So why did not Rick
next to me, he chose her?
Probably next to you is uncertain.
I mean, some types Especially young...
When you come out with a smart,
of attractive girls...
We start to feel insecure.
You think?
Devon, that my daughter Pride
wept for a guy...
I would say exactly what
what I'm saying here.
Better for you alone, but with that donkey.
I'm serious.
Forgive my language,
but this guy must be a complete jerk.
I'm serious.
Come on, does not make me very mature.
Do you think you would you have some
second boy to do?
I think he has matured
guy would not have done.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I would be better off with someone else.
You deserve someone amazing.
I think I know what you mean.
And I need someone who is sensitive...
matured, and actually cost me.
Are you now a little better?
At least maleic?
Thank you.
Do not priala with you
I do not know with whom you would otherwise.
Everything will be okay, Devon.
If a guy breaks up with you,
Then you were not face trial.
So you believe in fate, I guess?
I believe that, I...
I believe that everything is going
because it was supposed to happen.
Well, there's no... bad decisions?
Each decision is... good?
If you listen to your heart...
the right choice you will
become as a manifest.
I have to take.
Go to sleep, right?
Hi, Dev.
My life sucks, you will not
believe what just happened to me.
I was two seconds to kiss
Jim and his stupid phone rings.
Kinsey, we are ready!
Just a second, Mom.
Hear Dev, I have to drive her to bratia
but I'll call you when I get back, okay?
Do not bother.
- What?
Obviously you do not have time for me
therefore forgotten. Immediately
I knew that
you will not support it.
I will support you?
But I still support.
You have no know why I consider a friend.
Go play the vozaicu!
I'll be alone cope with this crisis.
This is not a crisis, Devon.
Mr. Wilkes, and been kissed
Big deal, mo' think.
Got it. You're glad they did not,
because you're jealous.
You're jealous that I won guys like Jim
and you can win Only total losers.
And to be honest, the only such
Studs'll ever have.
Stop talk to me or hang up.
Do you know why I So priala with you?
Because you have the IQ of cockroaches!
You know what, Devon?
I hope that everything will work through
between you and Mr. Wilkes...
because no one else able to tolerate
capricious psycho-uhodniku
bitch like you.
I hate you.
You disgust me.
You're the only one I need.
Everything's going to happen the way
that needs to happen.
Come on Apple, can you!
Come on!
Yes! Great!
Yes! Here we go.
That's it! Good work!
One, two, three.
Apple! Just one more!
Another one!
Give me another one. Another one.
Come on! Come on!
Work out! Work out!
My God, my God!
Let's go, girls!
Good work! Come on, that
The fans salute.
Tone down a bit, girls!
Coach... I just heard
with his younger sister.
I told her that we Glenn won the South...
and wants to know will you train
volleyball camp this summer is
in secondary school for girls.
No, I will not be here this summer.
Why not?
Well, you should also not just
bring this up, but...
may move to San Diego.
San Diego?
But when you're here.
I know, believe me, I could stay.
But why do you have to go?
It's complicated...
In order to be near her daughters.
My ex-wife's job
In California, A...
I do not want to be 5000 km away.
I can train and learn anywhere, so...
I just do not want my daughter
growing up without me.
Get out, Rosa!
I am.
Hi Dad.
Do you need something?
I just did not see you since you got back.
Did they win?
They did. This was
a convincing victory.
Have you been drinking?
A little.
Well, not if you can count my
multiple characters.
I have tickets to veeranju
basketball, so that... I'm leaving.
Pleasant evening.
You will not take it away
from me, sebina bitch!
Of course, I chose just the day
when she decided to sleep.
Can anyone tell me who
a new pair of identity we have here?
Sorry to interrupt.
Mr. Wilkes, can we
talk to you outside for a moment?
It's important.
Yes, of course.
Okay, we all work on 12th issue.
And I think, for themselves.
Jim, I have very bad news.
Marissa is dead.
- What!
She alleged victim traffic accidents.
She was hit by a car.
I'm sorry, Jim.
Marissa was...
really amazing mother.
He never missed ballet recital or...
Or even karate lessons.
And, yes, karate was short, but...
Annique was really persistent, in...
Marissa let her.
For Anniquin fifth birthday...
She has planned a princess party.
It was shortly after our divorce.
And we both knew that she needed
odvui attention.
Annique had the emergency surgery
removers tonsils.
Rather than delay
entertainment, Marissa is converted...
Anniquinu Hospital Service
in the castle for a princess...
to which I would Walt
Disney would be proud.
With 8 of different flavors of ice cream.
All ruiasti.
Such a person was Marissa.
If there is a problem, it would solve ga.
And we all will miss her mo.
And I'm gonna miss her.
Thank you.
- Coach.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you, and thank you for coming.
Hi, sweetie.
- Hi.
How are you?
I'm good.
If you need something...
just let me know.
Thank you.
We appreciate it.
Thank you.
I miss mom.
I know, honey.
I know.
- Devon.
I saw how Annique was upset, so I...
She brought a little something.
Thank you.
Very politely.
Finally I overslept.
It was a long day.
Hello small.
How are you?
I brought you something.
It's a doll...
I hope that... you'll love it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let's go back to bed, right?
Come on.
- Bye.
Immediately returns.
- Good.
Is this poor bitch finally disappeared
Finally .
To celebrate.
It was a long day?
Debt was a whole week.
I wish I could do something.
I remember when I lost my mother.
After the funeral, you do not know
what to do with themselves.
And then they all arrive, you know.
Last farewell.
And pone think about things like...
This person will not
pass through that door.
Never we will no longer save breakfast.
Never will I buy her more
Another birthday gift.
I know.
All these things have I
been around my mind in...
I'd like to take a nap,
but I think nothing of it tonight.
If you want, I can... remain
and then you could a little...
askati or something already.
Dear offer, but it would probably be
it felt better when I was little.
Did you know ...?
It is very important...
allow other people
to help you difficult moments.
As then, when you priali
with me in a hotel...
I was upset, and I felt a lot better.
I'm a very good listener, Jim.
Did you like it addressed with 'Jim'?
Yeah, is it ok?
My students usually call me
'Coach' or 'Mr. Wilkes'.
But I'm not...
Plain your student.
I mean, yeah, but...
Come on, I think I little more than that.
See, Devon. He's already too late.
It is better to leave.
You do not need me now acting teacher, Jim.
Tonight, we can... Only O...
See, I do not know what you just said
At this point, Devon.
I think you're a little confused.
- Regarding what?
U... In this connection.
Nas. Our relationship.
I... confused.
I've been thinking about what you said.
And what did I say?
About his feelings for me.
You said I was smart, and zadivljujua
It should be with some...
more mature.
Jim, I know who you are describing.
No, Devon, Look, I think
You misunderstood me.
I just wanted to get you feeling better.
So you lied? No, what
What I said is true, but...
Of course it is.
Since the you know we
perfect for each other.
No, Devon.
I wanted you to hint I want to be with you.
But you want.
Thinking about it.
I think about it every night.
Devon, stop.
You do not listen.
I'm sorry that I gave you wrong impression.
But I'm not interested in you.
You're a crush on me!
It's not a crush!
Many girls think they are
in love with his teacher.
Do not talk like small child, all right!
What we really feels.
There is nothing between us.
I do not see you in that way.
You're a liar!
Enough is enough! You have to go away!
Can I be your dream...
or your nightmare.
To you it is.
- I asked you to leave.
And then what? He just left?
Why I did not see this coming?
All I said was true.
And I told her that
smart and attractive in...
you do not know what I would do without her.
Heard what he wanted to hear, dear.
It's not your fault.
The girl obviously has any problems.
Yes, but I'm an adult here.
I needed to feel that the zaljubivala me.
I feel terrible.
What do you think I should do?
On Monday, talk with Donald.
Apparently no longer be your deputy.
Maybe a switch to another
trigonometry class.
That's it.
Do not answer it.
You're not supposed to talk
with it until you do
how will Donald all this out.
You can not ignore me!
- God.
What are you doing here?
We're not ogovorio calls!
Did you follow me?
- I had to see!
If I wanted to talk to you,
I would answer these calls.
Better not to heal now.
Just go home.
Jim, I'm sorry for that last night.
I know that I was not the right moment,
but does not exclude me from your life.
I need only show
that you can love, and Annique.
Devon, you're embarrassing yourself.
Week! One week, and I'll show you
I can be anything you want.
I already made it clear
's nothing between us will not be.
I felt bad that I'm supposing
I am the cause of all this confusion.
But today... You know what?
Not any more.
You just do not listen.
You're an idiot!
You know how many guys want me
uope and you do not see it?
You're a loser, Jim! Loser!
A loser who could not keep your marriage!
He could not get a job without my girls!
He could not even sit down
in front of his dead wife
and tell her not to go to San Diego!
You're a liar and a drug addict!
Just gonna wait and see.
...please leave a message.
Donald, this is Jim.
You need to call me.
I have a problem with Devon
which is totally out of control.
Call me as soon as you arrive.
Why did you and parked there?
Devon, this is serious.
Will accuse, and possession of alcohol
and driving under the influence.
I want some answers.
I did not know what else to do the.
What are you talking about?
Why have you parked on Highland Avenue?
Because his house was there, Jim.
Coach Wilkes.
Once that happened,
I did not know what else to do the.
I was not able to depart home.
Tell us what happened.
I can not.
Because I know it's my fault.
What is your fault?
You were right, Dad.
I should not have to wear one shirt
with short hlaicama.
What are you talking about?
Something happened between you and the coach?
In the Southern Glenn.
He came into my room.
And he raped me.
He had sex with you?
Yes, but I know it was my fault.
Since the I bought underwear.
He told me to buy something sexy for him
and gave me his credit card.
I know I should not have
do, Dad, but I thought
that would suspend me if it does not do.
When it all begun?
When I asked for help in trigonometry.
There was nothing I could understand.
And he told me that it does not
matter if you learn them, because...
I'm the type of girl that does
achieved by other means.
Dad, I'm sorry.
It's not your fault, honey.
At the beginning it was so nice to me.
I thought I was really wanted to help.
He raped my daughter.
I want that bastard to pay for it.
Well, almost right.
How do you spell 'aisle'?
P... R... O... L... A... Z...
Thank you. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Very well. Now it
write here. Under there.
Who is this? It's late.
I do not know.
I'm going to see.
How's it going? You almost done?
Jim Wilkes?
- Yes.
You arrested.
Arrested! For what?
Can you go out, please?
Arrested because of what? For sexual-
abuse of minors.
Sexual abuse?
Who said that?
Please turn around.
Come on.
It's okay, honey.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and creature
used against you in court.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can not afford
will assign you a public defender.
Do you understand your rights smashed?
It's ridiculous.
I had not done anything, man.
Daddy, do not leave!
It's OK, honey, I will return.
What do you want me to do?
Call my lawyer, Gretchen Keller.
It's okay, honey.
Why ga drain?
It's all gonna be okay.
But I'm not just some Students usually.
You deserve an incredible.
Said you should
be with someone more mature.
Tonight we can be alone.
What I feel is real.
I do not feel the same for you
can be your dream or Your nightmare.
It was a setup.
Played with the whole time with me
manipulative little brat!
Did my lawyer said that the laundry
bought my credit card?
I do not understand why
would you steal credit
card, if it was in love with you.
She's a psychopath, Rachel.
Do not try to find
logic, because there is none.
I let this girl into my life.
She was on my your PC.
She had access to my keys.
She had access to my wallet.
I'm sorry.
I know this is useless.
As Annique?
It's good.
Carrie takes care of her.
Gretchen told me that she would
to agree on a bail.
This afternoon.
I know, I was talking
with a guarantee for bail.
We'll get away from here, and soon.
I want you to know that we are many
means that you are here.
I know.
I am glad that I finally at home.
You must be hungry. Carrie said
Dinner that we will wait.
Really? Should not have.
Here you go, honey.
I'm glad you're home, Dad.
Me too, honey.
Me too.
We're live at the high school,
Where is Jim Wilkes radio
as a teacher of mathematics
and women's volleyball coach.
Sources are saying that the
worked here less than two months.
But rape is not happened on campus.
Happened in the hotel room where the
was staying volleyball teams.
Charges against
36-year old teacher
have already been filed.
School officials
they said it was suspended...
Off that Annique not see.
- Sorry.
We'll get through this. It is impossible to
the liar will win.
After all the damage he has done,
Seems pobijeuje, Rachel.
We have to stay positive.
I know.
I know.
You're absolutely right.
Why today I would not have
Annique drove to school?
Maybe you should keep away from the media.
No, no. I will.
I do not want to be a prisoner at home.
Did you see them entering the
room after you saw them?
No. No way is
Coach did it.
I've already seen.
What then, do not you something about it?
I? Yes, your friend with this bitch.
You know it's all made up.
More is not my friend, it
has nothing to do with me!
You're a coward.
This will ruin your life Coach Wilkes.
Probably will go to jail.
Even if you do not go, my mom says
he is now a sex offender
and never can back to class.
I was not even there, okay?
I do not know what
really happened that night.
It does not matter, you know she's lying.
We know that he was lying,
but we can not prove it.
You're always talking,
If you said something...
You have to go to the police.
I got to class, okay?
Miss. Marson, can we
talk for a moment?
This is an Devon.
Of course.
Kinsey, what was it?
In fact, if you can call Mr. Wilkes?
Probably he wants to hear this.
Hi Sue. Remember me?
Devon Burks.
Yes, you took Annique.
Yes, and Jim sent me to take over again.
Okay, just to take the register
and can be entered.
Your father wants you to have a day off
and asked me to pick you up.
We'll buy some new toys.
What do you think?
- Yes.
So, you've been with her when she shopped
Jim's underwear credit card?
Yes, I was with her
when it was picked up, but...
I do not know which card is used.
So, I bought it with the intention of
ga to deceive the hotel?
But something must have gone wrong...
Because... she called me this evening. She was
very upset because he did not kiss her.
Talking about it since day one
since Mr. Wilkes began to educate more.
Even her best friend can testify
that it is the one I was all settled.
Not everything is so simple.
Kinseyna statement helps us
but does not directly prove that you are a
opio Devon after a telephone conversation.
Even with Kinseynu statement...
This girl is the perfect pupils.
She has honorary status.
Never miss classes.
Never gets into trouble.
Every teacher wants disciples
as Devon Burks in his classroom.
The jury is prone victims.
I am the only victim in this case.
I know.
Let me walk you Kinsey and her mother,
and then we can continue this.
Is there anything else What can you say?
Unfortunately, it's... all I know.
He's back in a minute.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Is everything all right?
Actually... Devon said.
Otherwise it would not have occurred
you knew it was me.
Devon, how did you get
Sueinog mobile phone?
I stole it while I raised daughter.
Added me to the list of persons
who can take over, remember?
You took Annique?
Yes, Annique is here with me.
- Let me talk to her!
- Where are you?
Is she okay?
It's good for now.
What... what do you want?
I want to see you.
We talk about many respects.
If you come alone and
listen to me what I have to say
You'll get back Annique alive and well.
But if you bring the police
day you will become much worse.
Where are you?
Get in the car and drive.
Stay connected and you're not
tried to call someone else.
'Il mention you on the go.
Where are you now?
I approach Eligram loop.
Okay, get ready to turn.
Check that nobody follows.
No one.
I just drove Sand Bay.
Turn left at next stop sign.
Ok, skreem.
I'm on the road parking.
What do you want me to do?
Keep going, you're getting.
I see you. The park
end and hope to me on the lookout.
Right. Now I'll stop.
Where the hell is Annique
better be good, Devon.
Where's my daughter?
We will not discuss until you see it.
So you have no choice.
I'm sorry I lied to
all this thing about rape.
No, forget about me.
How could you've done to my daughter?
Her mother died less than a week.
I do not want to hurt any of you.
Just listen to me!
I love you more than I ever loved anyone.
I love you more than Marissa.
Not worried about you or your career.
They would Annique away from you.
I love you more than
Miss. Marson, she...
She left, I never would have left.
Devon, do not even You know what love is.
Yeah, I know.
I know you love it when you
willing to do anything for
that person. My
My mother loved my father.
And all the time she wanted to be with him,
and he had not uzvraao love.
So he had committed suicide.
So I have seen true love.
I am willing to do anything for you.
And I've already proved it.
Thanks to me, you kept his daughter.
I has made it what you could not.
I really liked that girl, and I could not
let Marissa it is separated from you.
You want to say that you have some connection
with the death of Marissinom?
I'm just saying that
all happening for a reason.
You're the one with the car?
Where's my daughter?
- Okay, okay?
Now talking about us.
I am willing to do anything for you
and would have already proved it.
If only... at least we
tried to return the love,
I remove all the stir to rape.
And then...
Then, you and I Annique we can be a family.
Just give me one more chance.
Can we do it?
She said that everyone you all up?
Yes, of course, I do not care
what they think about me.
We just care what you think.
But if we do this, never Annique
may not know that you killed her mother.
She would never say that.
You really love me, do not you?
I love you.
I'm sorry that I did not
answering your calls
or the terrible things I said.
I did not know you feeling to be so.
It's okay.
I forgive you.
Let's go to Annique.
We'll leave it at Carrie
and we're going to spend the day together.
I have a lot of catching up.
She's in my house.
No, the maid take care of her.
Did you catch it, Gretchen?
- Yes.
Excellent. Tell them that we
in Oak Park.
Who is this?
Who did you call?
My lawyer.
She called me while we priali.
I've activated the loudspeaker.
Everything is heard.
How could you do this? '
- Because you're a crazy psycho killer!
And I will not let you
they have done it to me again...
...Or anyone else.
But I love you!
Why not shvaa it, Jim?
Why do not you see that?
Let me go.
Jim, let me go!
Not a chance.
Jim, let me go.
Devon-Burks arrested you.
Why We're bringing me?
He's a dirty rapist!
Let me go!
Jim, please help!
Jim, please!
Help me, Jim!
Let me out!
Let me out! Jim! Jim!
No, let me go!
You are Rosa Vasquez?
What's going on?
Hi Dad!
The girl was abducted.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Yes, I played with Rosa.
I'm glad to see you.
Me too.
I missed you.
Come on, Carlos!
It's great to see her happy.
You are a very responsible for this, you know.
Well, I do not know whether I or my dog.
Definitely you.
I have a surprise for both.
I have tickets for Ballet in New York.
I thought we could
spend the weekend together.
Just the three of us.
You think he's ready for it?
Yes. I think so.
Hurry up, you two.
You know, I thought I was Jim
could provide what the father did not.
As you say...
Father's figure.
But, you know...
I can not even believe how sick I was.
I took the life of another woman,
because of this man.
Now know that it was bad, but...
do not even know...
who I was...
when I decided to kill him.
That's good, Devon.
Really we're helped me realize...
how I was deeply hurt.
Know, there's only one way...
to release the pain.
To release him, Doctor?
Sorry I'm late, Devon.
Are you ready for your session?
I'm ready when you are, Doctor.