The Perfect Weapon (2016) Movie Script

four, three, two, one.
Take off.
My father taught me what
that word meant today.
He says its what we will have
without the State
protecting us.
Without the State,
humanity will be lost.
The crime rate is close
to our zero tolerance goal.
The State is your friend
in a dark night like this,
watching over you
and your family.
Our great State
is stronger than ever.
Our leader, the Director,
wishes to thank you
for your hard work
and dedication.
Together, we will overcome.
Together, we are
rebuilding the world.
The Director sees
all your hard work,
and will reward all good deeds
and punish anyone who threatens
the State or its citizens.
Why is this taking so long?
Would you relax?
We've been planning
this for months.
Everything's gonna
be fine, so relax.
I'm relaxed. I'm relaxed.
Good. Once the transaction
goes through,
we've got to leave
the country immediately.
State will hunt us.
I've made the arrangements.
There are still some places
cameras cannot reach.
I hope you're right.
Well, my friend?
Pleasure doing
business with you.
Large crowds
are expected
for the upcoming celebration
of Federation Day.
Don't forget,
you must ensure that
all travel permits
are obtained,
all whereabouts accounted for.
Safety of all civilians
is of paramount importance.
Hello my fellow people
and God bless you.
Many years ago we
survived a horrible war.
They were hard times.
Many of those close
to us perished.
Measures were made
to make sure that
this kind of apocalypse
did not happen again.
But let me ask you this.
What happened to our souls?
The right to practice religion,
the right not be monitored
every single second
of our lives.
The State has done its job.
The human race survived,
but now it's time to trust.
It's time to get us
back to Democracy.
It's time for freedom,
it's time for living.
We apologize for
that short disturbance.
The broadcast you've
just witnessed is illegal
and should not,
I repeat not be confused
with the State's
official broadcast.
What the fuck?
An extraordinary woman.
Beauty is power.
Woman's shape, smile,
eyes that can cut
right through a man.
And is she for sale?
In this country my friend,
everything is for sale.
Exactly my point gentleman,
and as it stands,
the State can see it all
and soon they will own it all.
Children born today will
never know what it's like
having a moment to themselves.
Or a private conversation.
I hear there are some
that do not have
such restrictions.
That are immune
to such surveillance.
You mean the rumored
State operatives?
Licensed to kill,
moving amongst us,
trained to kill any
enemy of the state?
Look, we have a small window.
We can take action
now or we can continue
to allow the State
take away our liberty.
You are on very shaky ground.
The only thing necessary
for the triumph of evil
is if good men do nothing.
Too many of us are
sucking anything
up without thought.
I won't do that.
Not anymore.
Now if you will excuse me,
I'd like to take advantage
of some of the perks
being in the public
eye affords me.
Hey, honey, where are you?
Come on.
Poppy's waiting.
Poppy ain't got all day, now.
Just a minute baby.
Just getting ready for you.
Waiting for that Chola.
Put all of that makeup on.
A lot of eye liner, mascara.
All of that shit.
I think anything he does
is kind of...
No, no, no, no!
Hey, baby,
what's taking so long?
Hurry up.
I'm here.
Bring that fine
Chica ass to Poppy.
Oh, sh--
What's this?
No need to kill us both.
Let the young woman go.
Do you mind if I,
if I take a smoke?
You know why I
became a politician?
Because I thought I
could make a difference.
I realize now that
people in power
all they want is more power.
I see that now.
You standing here,
pointing that gun at me.
I'm not afraid.
I feel young again.
Isn't it ironic?
That when the end is here,
you go back to what it
was like in the beginning.
Pull the trigger.
This is 159.
En route.
Welcome home Axon.
I hope you had a nice day.
You have no messages.
Today's headline brought
to you by, State Farm.
Supplying you with
your safe, germ free,
perfectly processed
food since 2019.
One of the State's biggest
supporters, Balthazar White,
was found dead in
his home tonight.
The police report
indicated heart trouble.
White died peacefully
in his bed.
His dedication to over 30
years serving the State
lives on as an
example for us all.
You have
an incoming message from
the Controller.
Play message.
Meet me
at the usual place at 3:35.
You're late.
You're never late.
There's a problem.
Your mission.
What problem?
You were ordered to
eliminate everyone.
Yes, sir.
There was a woman.
She was irrelevant.
I didn't think it mattered.
Operators don't think.
They follow orders.
I'm going to need your weapons
and then you need to report.
- Report?
- Mmm.
I'm reporting now.
I've known you a
long time Condor.
But I have to take you in.
Is it a loyalty thing?
I don't know.
All I know is the Director
wants to see you because
you didn't follow orders
and he wants to know why.
The only time
anybody ever goes
and sees the Director
is when they have
to be re-programmed.
Trust me.
The first thing you
ever taught me was this.
Trust no one.
No, the first thing
I ever taught you
was to follow orders.
Put your weapon on the ground.
Right now.
No, sir.
Yes, sir.
Go, go, go, go!
If re-conditioning takes place,
it won't take that long.
Assuming you
cooperate, of course.
You will be like new.
All of your old memories
and feelings gone.
Like they never existed.
Almost like a rebirth.
That's right, like a rebirth.
Like a Phoenix rising
from the ashes.
I almost envy you.
You could do the same. I mean,
maybe you get rid of all those
nagging betrayals that are
always on your conscious.
If I had a conscience.
This is what I would
call inexcusable.
You're the Controller right?
This is your
responsibility here.
This Axon Rey.
He's one of yours?
One of mine.
Code name Condor, war veteran,
Medals of Courage, Valor,
wounded three times,
honorable discharge,
no surviving family,
38 successful sanctions.
Y'all been busy, I'm impressed.
The State has many enemies.
Yeah well,
we're gonna see if we can
lessen that a little bit.
I will keep the
water warm for you.
We can't let shit get the
way it was before the war.
We spent too much
time too much effort.
Too many lives were lost
to get this thing in order.
The balance is almost there now.
My biggest concern right now
are the illegal broadcasts.
We took out one of the
figure heads tonight.
But there will be someone
else to take his place.
We need somebody
that can really,
successfully, take out the
next owl that comes up.
Condor is the best.
His behavior in the
last 24 hours
would give me
the impression that
that's not exactly the case.
How do you want to
deal with this mess?
Oh, reconditioning.
So you're recommending
the Gulag.
7, to be exact.
Your costly little
experiment having to do with
human behavior modification,
is that right?
I prefer to think
of it this way.
An operative at the
point of burnout
has been compromised
by something weak,
something sentimental.
A feeling of love,
pity, compassion.
I dare say, human weaknesses.
A man's consciousness
is malleable.
It can be reshaped
to fit our purposes.
I can do this, I will do this.
He will be your perfect weapon.
Raise your hand.
When I hold you,
go ahead raise your hand.
You see, when I raise
your hand, you go up,
when I raise it
down, you go down.
When I lift you up, you go up.
All of these things are
things that manipulate you,
but they're not things
that have to hurt you.
They're things that
just manipulate you
because I can use pure thought.
Those are the things
that really make
for the ultimate warrior.
An operative
with this man's duties
is really good for one thing.
It's killing.
What's not good for the State
has to be cut out.
Not this man, we need him.
I recognize parental pride.
I really do.
And I can tell you
any other operative would
have been dead by now.
We need this man
to maintain control.
One of the first operatives
I ever had, his name was Titan.
He was like a son to me.
He was a perfect weapon.
I had no choice but to terminate
him for the greater good.
Would it be wise
for us to eliminate
the one man that stands
between us and the uprising
for fear of what he may do?
Alright, prove me wrong.
Make him a perfect weapon.
I will.
Come on!
What are you waiting for?
Sound the alarm!
You traitor.
Even if by some miracle
you survive this,
there are a million more like me
In my life these days,
a million to one
sounds like great odds.
You're dead.
You motherfucker!
Access granted.
No, it's impossible.
I was there.
I buried you, I put
you in the ground,
with the State,
we buried you.
It was a double,
an empty coffin.
The State's been using them
from the very beginning.
But this place,
I would have preferred death.
Oh my God, we've got to get
you out of here, come on.
You're bleeding badly.
We gotta stop the
bleeding or you'll die.
Come on.
Stay with me Axon!
Damn it, I know it's in here.
Keep your eyes open,
keep your eyes open!
Axon, talk to me,
are your eyes open?
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
This is gonna hurt
a little bit okay?
Oh, it's so much better
- Better?
- Yeah, better.
You came for me.
I didn't,
I did not come for you.
I came, my mission...
I don't understand I...
We have to go.
Okay, we have to go,
we have to go now.
Go, go, go, go!
Come on!
Hurry up!
Get down!
Terminate her.
You okay?
Don't worry about me.
Find these assholes!
Cover me!
Come on! Come on.
Come up.
- You okay?
- Ah, my fucking knee!
We need to get
somewhere to hide.
Where do we go?
My place.
Be sure to bring
a smile to work today
and be feel proud to
be part of the State.
You are all important.
This is an important
message for the public.
A warning for you all.
These so far
unidentified terrorists
have led an attack
on a State facility
and are considered armed
and extremely dangerous.
Axon, look.
They threaten
everything that we hold dear.
If you've seen this
man or this woman
please contact the
State immediately.
Let's go.
Won't they be waiting for us?
I know it's risky,
but I need to go back
and get my weapons,
and we need to change
vehicles, okay?
But yeah, they'll
be waiting for us.
We're clear, we're good.
Welcome home, Axon.
I hope you...
They watch us
through those things.
We can't leave the city until
the workers leave at dawn, alright?
We'll try to blend in.
Get ready.
I feel almost human again.
Sit down.
What's wrong?
Do you remember this?
Of course I do.
I love you, Nina.
Everyone thinks I'm dead.
That place, it's, um,
that's where they
send people like us
when they're finished with us.
Just leave us to die there
like broken machines.
I felt like a machine
for the past two years.
You make me feel alive.
The day that you died,
I died with you.
You don't understand,
I need you to save me
just as much you
need me to save you.
It's okay that I can't remember.
It's all muddled
and confusing.
I have to know more.
The Director
orchestrated everything.
He needed you to continue
your training
without any distraction.
They spent a lot of
time, effort, and money
into making you the
ultimate killing machine,
the perfect tool to carry
out the State's dirty work.
They couldn't afford
to let someone like me
have these feelings
and desire to have a
family with you someday,
stand in their way.
A future with me meant
a future without the State.
All these things that
could distract you, Axon,
the last thing a professional
killer needs is feelings.
They took these
memories from you,
and they knew that my death
would cause the last
human part of you,
so they could use
you as they saw fit.
They were wrong,
because I found you.
Ah, there you
are, I found you!
Freeze! Freeze!
Shut up!
Ugh, Axon?
Here he is,
the legendary Condor,
now nothing but a traitor.
You killed 12 of my men.
I happened to have
liked a few of them.
You have scars on your body,
but tell me,
have you ever felt real pain?
Well done.
I see I have something
to work with.
This, this was just foreplay.
Smile at the camera.
Your being beamed live,
on our small private network.
By the time I finish with you,
no agent will dare
go against the State.
Ladies and gentleman of sin,
let this be a warning
to all of you.
This is what will happen,
if you turn your
backs on the State.
There is no way that you
would have gotten yourself out
without help from
someone inside.
The only question now,
is who is helping.
your toenails look like
they need a little trimming.
Machines, computers,
and reconditioning;
a load of shit.
Torture is best done simply,
- like feeling your teeth...
- No.
- being ripped...
- No.
- ...out of your mouth.
- No.
I need the name.
No, no, no.
No, no!
You getting bored?
I'm getting bored.
I need to know a name.
What was your plan, Condor?
Where were you gonna go?
We're everywhere.
We see everything.
I really enjoyed your
performance in the shower.
You know,
when I'm done with you,
I think I'll go and
visit your girlfriend
and see if she gives
me the same dedication.
You know,
I can be very persuasive.
Where is she?
She's close.
She's safe for now.
I'm glad that you
enjoyed putting your dick
in that sweet,
sweet little pussy.
'Cause now I know
what part of your body
you do not want to lose.
Pull his pants down.
No, no, no.
That's enough.
Traitor or not,
this is my project.
I won't have you
slicing his manhood
for your own amusement.
It's a necessary evil.
Is it?
Believe me sir, I almost
had a confession from him.
Someone on the inside
is working with him.
I don't even think he knows who,
but I will find the
mole in the records.
Someone with access
ended his reconditioning
before it finished.
I trust you will
find this mole.
Oh yes, sir, you
can be sure of that.
I will get straight
into the records
and I will find who
ended his reconditioning.
We will know soon enough
who it is, but first,
I am going to kill that traitor,
as a lesson for the others.
This is my project,
my subject.
He will die by my hand.
Yes, sir.
You've seen better days,
my friend.
Turn that off!
I don't have time to explain.
- We need to save Nina.
- Where is she?
Let's get outta here.
I'm taking you
to the safe house.
Trust me.
Our Director wishes you all
a happy celebration
of Federation.
Thank you for
your dedication to your State.
May our Director live forever.
Pleasant trip?
Come out when you're ready.
What is this place?
This is where it all happens.
We're the resistance.
We don't have much time.
We need to do it
tonight to make it work.
Make what work?
Your mission.
What fucking mission?
What are you talking about?
We need to take
out the Director.
- What?
- Mm.
That headquarters building
is fortified like a bunker.
You'd never get in,
and even if you did,
it has like alarms and
codes that reset every hour.
He's the most heavily
protected man in the country.
Not tonight.
Every night.
Not this one.
Federation Day celebration,
staff and guards
are at a minimum.
It's the same every year.
How many people?
Outside of the Director, 10.
How about the crowd?
He won't be with them?
The Director's not really
the celebrating type.
He likes to celebrate
in a different way.
Show him.
This is Koyoko Shima,
the daughter of Toshio Shima.
After he had him assassinated,
she's been with him ever since.
Okay good, so she's an ally.
No, she fell in love,
a classic Stockholm syndrome.
Yes, she's fiercely loyal,
but everyday Wednesday,
at 10:30 P.M. on the dot,
she leaves the compound.
The Director lets her
out to bring supplies
to her relatives
down in Little Tokyo.
That's where you come in.
If we can time it right,
we can get you in.
This is important, so pay
close attention to the layout.
Security will be
minimal after 9:00 P.M.,
the Director's mistress
will leave at 10:30,
so he will be alone after that.
This will be our only shot.
When it's done,
meet us at the church.
Here's his access
code to the chambers.
Memorize it.
Yes, but the access code
could change at any moment.
You're right, it does,
except when Koyoko needs to
enter and exit the perimeters.
She's given a pass code that
works only until 10:40,
which will give you 10
minute window to get in.
Do you understand?
No, listen, you might
think you are alone on this,
but you're not.
This is the beginning, Condor.
The uprising is on.
The Director has made a lot
of enemies over the years.
He knows his time is limited.
It makes him dangerous.
I need you to
simply take him out.
If, for some reason,
something happens to me,
who will take care of Nina?
I will, my word.
Not that she needs it.
Condor, we are counting on you.
You can do this.
Car will be here in an hour
to take you to the drop zone.
You two can use the
back room to get ready.
Take your time,
get a little rest.
It's going to be a long night.
We're counting on you.
You better make it.
Just promise me you won't die.
I promise you.
You do this and
you come back to me,
and we're gonna find our home,
and we'll make
new memories, okay?
Just promise me that
you'll be careful.
I will, just don't leave me.
I don't want to leave you.
I can look after myself.
Just make sure you come back.
Oh, I'm coming back,
unless you truly believe
that we can trust the
Controller to free these people.
Don't trust anyone.
I mean it,
not anyone.
Hey. The fuck you doin' in here?
You two have plenty
of time for all that.
Come on, we need to move out.
Cronus you're
involved in this?
This is for you, sir.
Thank you.
So, learning and studying
acupuncture, herbology, massage;
every meridian in
your body is an organ.
Everything is corrected.
Everything is connected
to your nervous system.
Everything is connected
to your brain,
all of your vital organs,
spine has all of the nerves
coming into all of the organs.
So we massage kidney, liver,
heart, spleen, everything.
This is what I need to teach you
so that you can
do the same to me.
Do you understand?
Hey, Cronus, why you doing this?
Why you doing this?
Sir, this has become my duty.
I've seen you be tortured,
and I've seen you make
decisions for the good.
But that's because
I have no choice.
You do.
And I think about
every innocent life
that I've needlessly taken.
From now on, I'm in control.
Where is she?
Six minutes before
the lock changes.
After that...
Mission failed.
Here she comes
I'm going in.
Take out the guard by the tower.
Sit down brother, relax.
It's okay.
You took everything from me.
Tell me,
what's the meaning
of the truth to you?
Truth is truth.
Everything we hear
is an opinion.
It's not exactly a fact.
Everything we see
is perspective,
it's not necessarily the truth.
What does that even mean?
What does that mean?
I wanna see if
I can come down,
inside your mind a little bit,
and see if you understand
what the real reality is.
I'm gonna show you something.
Take a look at this.
You sure
this place is safe?
Here you go, here's your truth
Yeah, yeah.
I went to great measures.
You're hurt.
He's a dangerous man
Everything is going
according to the plan,
Everything, right in
front of our eyes.
I never doubted.
He could have
pulled the trigger.
You were lucky.
It wasn't lucky.
The Gulag 7 worked perfectly.
And he took out White.
It's almost too easy
manipulating these operatives.
For years I implanted the vision
of your face into his memory.
I have been waiting
for this moment
for so long.
The loss of you made him cold.
He was too
emotionally detached,
to refuse any order
I might give to him.
It was easy.
He disposed of all
of my future rivals.
My own personal killing machine.
You planned this well.
How can you be sure he's
gonna go against the Director?
That's what makes
this part of the plan genius.
Bringing you back to him
will give him hope and love.
And his love for you,
even if he has never actually
seen you in real life,
it will make him hate the
Director and the State
for taking you away from him.
- It's genius.
- Would he care enough?
I mean he's a killing machine.
Is he even capable of
loving another human being
after everything you
have done to him?
The doctors are working
on him as we speak,
prepping him for the final
stage of the plan.
When he sees you,
he will see his one true love.
And he will go to
war to keep you safe.
That my dear
is the perfect weapon.
Someone who believes that he's
fighting for something good,
something just,
something called
Once Condor kills the Director,
we will expose the rebels for
the dreamers they really are,
and we will be
heroes of the State.
And I will become the
rightful, just leader
that I was born to be,
with you
right by my side.
That is your truth.
Tell me.
Tell me.
It's finished.
Mission accomplished.
Something wrong here?
Cronus is dead.
Cronus is dead?
Is the Director dead?
You saw him dead?
You know what this means?
We can broadcast to the people.
The Director's reign is over.
Do you understand that?
And what about the woman?
Where does she fit in?
She fits in!
By your side, I guess.
You know, don't you?
I can see it in your eyes.
They've changed.
There is no love left
for me in them anymore.
I had to do it.
He made me.
I mean, you've got to believe me
that I never meant to hurt you,
or betray you.
I didn't know you,
but I do now,
and the past may
have been a lie,
but this,
this is real.
I killed him,
for you to keep you safe,
the way you wanted
to keep me safe.
Please Axon just tell me
there's still a chance.
I love you.
That part wasn't a lie.
It's too late.
The world is a cold place.
Come on in, sit down
and warm yourself up.
I'm finished.
Man, you've done well Condor.
I'm proud of you.
The way I look at it,
you're just beginning.
I've got big plans for you.
First off, I'm in need
of a new Controller.
I respectfully decline.
I'm not asking, Condor.
I'm giving you direct order.
The State needs men like
you that I can trust.
A new Controller,
you're gonna have
respect, privilege, wealth.
Your family will never
want for anything again.
Family, I have no family.
You just need a rest man.
Get back on your feet.
I'm gonna send you on
an extended vacation,
give you a reward
for your loyalty.
Beautiful island off the
coast should ease your mind.
You've known everything
the whole time, haven't you?
We suspected him for some time,
but he's not the first traitor.
And he ain't gonna be the last.
And the woman?
We knew what she was
when we recruited her,
just like we knew what you
were when we recruited you.
We always know.
Let's drink to the future
and the new place
that you're holding.
You're right.
I do belong here.
The only problem is,
my nature.
You see the only
thing I know how to do
is kill.
Nature is a hard
thing to fight.
It really is.
This is my destiny.
I think we just found
our new symbol of hope.
My brother.
Mission complete, sir.
You've done a wonderful
job for me, brother.
I'm really proud of you
and really grateful to you.
It breaks my heart
to see you like this.
You gave me your life.
You gave me everything.
My people say,
"You can judge a man's entire
life by his last breath."
We not only live life with
honor, but we die with honor,
and that's what you have done.
Give me an honorable death.
You have my word.
Avenge me brother.