The Petal Pushers (2019) Movie Script

The Lord is my
shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in
green pastures.
He leadeth me beside the still
He restoreth my soul:
He leadeth me in the paths of
righteousness for his name's sake,
Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for Thou
art with me;
I never got to say goodbye.
I know.
Thou preparest a table before me
in the presence of mine enemies;
Thou anointest my
head with the oil.
My cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall
follow me all the days of my life:
And I will dwell in the House of
the Lord forever.
We're orphans now.
No. You have me.
Remember when she suddenly
kissed our guide in Machu Picchu?
She only did
what we all wanted to do.
I know.
My friends. My friends.
I'd like to make a toast to my
two stepdaughters
who have suddenly
lost their mother.
May we all offer ourselves...
in support to them
through the rough times ahead.
Ceil and Emily, you are both
like my own daughters.
I also would like to thank them
for the beautiful floral arranging
that they have done for
us on this day,
I'm sure that they'll pass out
their business cards
for any of you that are
How are you girls doing?
Are you okay?
We're okay. More importantly how
are you doing?
Oh I'm fine. Need a new job
I suppose.
No. Peter we'll keep you on
won't he?
I don't think so honey. But
don't need to worry about me.
I'm at the piano... Please.
Your attendance. In honor of
Katherine's incredible spirit.
I would like to play for you her
favorite song.
I'd like to do that now.
Nights in White Satin
Never reaching the end
Letters I've written,
never meaning to send.
Cause I love you, yeah.
I love you, yeah. I love you.
Now what?
We move on.
Like we did when Dad died.
Will we have to sell the
No, of course not.
We were taught to work for a
living, right?
What about the house?
Well, Peter will live
there for two years
and then we can sell it.
Doesn't really bother me.
Why, does it bother you?
I guess not.
It just seems unfair.
What's unfair about it?
He made out like a bandit, Ceil.
Alright, she had a
sudden heart attack.
Come on Emily. Do not go there.
You're tired.
I think these would be lovely.
Yes. I'll take them. They're
Ah, is that cash or charge?
Charge please.
Are you okay, honey?
Yeah, I am. I'm sorry.
Ah, just sign here.
- Thank you.
- Thanks
- Bye.
- Bye.
Why go out to eat if you're just
going to text the whole time.
Maybe they're sexting.
With each other?
Yeah why not.
It's like a thing now.
A woman came
into the shop today,
to get flowers for a friend who
had a heart attack.
Yeah. And?
She looked a lot like mom.
Oh, thank god.
Oh, man.
Why do I do that?
You know I hate olives.
I always forget to
say no to olives.
Did you hear what I said?
Yes, the woman
looked like mother.
Can we stop talking
about it, please.
I'm just sick of being
sad all the time.
Plus we have other
things to worry about,
like the fact that we've been
living together for eight years.
I love you, too.
I mean don't you think it's a
little weird, though?
Don't you want babies someday
running around in your own house.
Babies. I don't see that in my
future, right now.
That is exactly what you need.
You need babies.
Yeah. Oh my God.
Look who's here?
Hey. Look who's here?
Hi Peter.
Ceil, Emily. How come
you two never stop bye?
Charles misses you in a bad way.
So do I.
I'm Suzanne.
Oh, no. Where are my manners?
Suzanne. This is Ceil and Emily.
My two beautiful stepdaughters.
How are you Peter. I see you've
been doing well apparently.
Actually Ceil. I'm ah... not
doing too well.
It's been very very difficult for
me but I'm managing to move on.
The question is, how are
you two holding up?
We're fine, Peter. Taking it one
day at a time.
You know what Emily? We actually
should go visit, Charles.
Maybe look through some
of Mom's old stuff.
We've been putting it off for
too long.
That's an excellent idea. I think
that would be very very, healing.
For both of you.
Please. Just call anytime you
want to stop by the house.
You know your
both welcome. Always.
We got to go. We have some important
antique business to discuss.
So, have a lovely meal. Bye.
Wasn't she at the-?
Yeah. The funeral.
God, what do you make of that?
I don't know. But she's definitely
not in the antique business.
Can we go. I kind of
lost my appetite.
Yeah, me too. Can we
have our check, please?
Would you like to join us, Em?
Hey, you ok? I heard screaming.
Yeah. I just had the creepiest
dream about Peter and Mother.
Okay. We'll talk about it in the
morning. I have company.
Good afternoon.
So how was your evening with -
A few years your junior, huh.
Perhaps you should try it some time, Em.
You seem a little locked up.
I have more important matters
to attend to.
Oh yeah. Like what? Holding onto our
mother's ghost for the rest of your life?
You would too if you had the
dream I had last night.
Oh, I had a dream.
I'm just not telling.
I can't believe you can be horny at
a time like this. We're grieving.
Well, you grieve your way. I'll
grieve my way.
Fine. You can take care of
things here while I go play.
Fine. Go.
Aren't those pretty? You should
take those. There on sale.
And here it is. This is a goblet
of Jesus.
And you can see inside that there
is a picture of Jesus's face.
Here. Let me show you in back
where the light is better.
Careful, don't step
on the snake.
Is there something that I can
help you with, miss?
I don't know. How do I find out
if someone has a record?
Well that depends. Has this
person broken the law.
I think murder is
breaking the law.
Hey, officer Morgan, I think we can
take over from here. Thanks a bunch.
Ah, Is there something I can
help you with?
Oh, I'm detective Fry.
Emily Scott.
My sister and I think our
mother was murdered.
Well, she doesn't but I do.
Okay. What would make
you think that?
She married a man 20 years younger
than her. She was perfectly healthy,
and then one day she just drops
dead of a heart attack.
Sorry to hear.
It turns out this guy used to be
a pharmaceutical sales rep.
So, pharmaceutical
sales... you... um...
It's. You know what?
It's fine. Thank you.
Wait. Where are you going?
No. It's okay, detective.
Thank you.
Sorry. I, ahh...
She's not your usual type.
Shouldn't've chased her away
Okay, Hennessy. What is
my usual type?
Millions of piercings. Black eye
makeup. Daddy issues.
Hey I'm just saying,
don't be so picky.
I'm not picky.
Yes you are.
No I'm not.
You are too.
No I'm not. And this conversation is over.
Let's go close some cases.
Lockup when you leave.
Hi. Welcome to Thrive.
Well, great.
Are you looking for
anything in particular?
No, I'm, I'm Emily Scott.
I'm actually doing a story on
successful antique dealers in town.
Damn it, Emily.
I almost cut my finger off.
Sorry. Can you sit down?
Can I get a bandaid.
Do you know Peter did before he
was in the antique business?
No and I don't want to know.
He was a pharmaceutical
sales rep.
Oh, wow. He wasn't
a secret agent.
Laugh all you want. I see the
connection even if you don't.
What connection?
He sold drugs to
hospitals, to doctors.
Mom had a heart attack, Emily.
I don't think it
was that simple.
My god can we please forget
about him.
Our inheritance is
taken care of.
We never have to
see the guy again.
He might have tampered
with her medication.
I don't wanna talk about it.
You suspect it too. You just
don't want to believe it.
I said I don't want to talk
about it.
I'm not done talking about it.
Look the guy might look and act
like a creepy game show host
but it doesn't mean
he's a killer.
Ceil, I had another
dream the other night.
Well, dreams are
just dreams, Emily.
I went to the police today.
You did what?
Don't worry. I think they
thought I was nuts.
You are nuts.
So, this is the piece and I, I
think it will be wonderful.
I mean, it's got the blues and it's got
the orange, it's got the hues that we need.
And then I think-
It's a lovely piece.
Oh yes. It would be
lovely in our foyer.
Shall we wrap it up?
No, no. I think we're going to
wait a bit.
You know with the
economy and everything.
I think we're just
looking, thank you.
Okay. Well take your time. Feel
free to look around.
Didn't know you
used to sell drugs.
To doctors I mean. Legit stuff.
How did you know that?
Um, some reporter was in here
asking about you.
Um, Selma had a chat with her.
Where is she?
In the back. I think.
Oh! Oh good. It's you
Mr. Mahoney.
I don't know how to price this
We'll decide on that later.
Okay Selma?
Did someone coming last night
and ask about me?
Oh yes. Very nice young woman.
I hope it's ok?
I told her you worked in a bank and
that you were a medicine sales person.
You were, right? You told me
that a few months ago.
She was a writer. She said she
was writing an article
about successful antique dealers
in town.
What did she look like?
Pretty. Kind-a thin. With light
brown hair. Late 20s maybe.
It's hard to tell these days.
I don't think she had any
tattoos or anything.
Kind of a refreshing young lady.
I didn't do anything
wrong, did I?
No. No you didn't.
Just do me the favor
and always ask me before you tell
people stuff about my background. Okay?
Oh yes. Yes.
I am so sorry, Mr. Mahoney.
Well, don't worry. We won't talk
about it anymore. Okay?
Just do me a favor and
don't do it again.
Okay? Okay. You can go get a
sandwich now.
Yes, I agree.
We find that daycare worker when
we locate the perp.
Nice work Jess.
Oh, hey Jess. I got to go.
Something just came up.
Who's the perp at the
daycare center?
Do I even want to know?
Ah. No. You don't.
Um, Have a seat. How'd you get
back here anyway?
Ah, the guy, Hennessey, said I
could come back here.
Ahh. Hennessey.
I have had a question for you.
Of course. Shoot.
What does it take to
exhume a body?
Ahh, a warrant and a very good
Okay, well this may sound crazy and it
may turn out to be completely trivial
but my mother died in January.
They said it was
a heart attack
but it was just a mitral valve
thingy. It wasn't a big deal.
Did the M.E. do an autopsy?
No. Supposedly she
didn't want one.
What was the official
cause of death?
Heart failure.
And was anyone with
her when she died?
Yes. Peter Mahoney. He's an
antique dealer
and yes I did google him, a lot.
I'd be disappointed if you
Like I said before, he was a
pharmaceutical sales rep,
before he met my mother.
He a lot to gain.
I mean he was 20 years
younger than her.
And you think he may have given her
some pills to cause her heart attack.
Maybe. I don't know. Am I crazy?
No, not at all. You're...
Um, by any chance did you happen to bring
Peter Mohoney's information with you?
Yes, yes I did.
Thank you.
All right.
You know, um, I'm really not
supposed to be doing this
but I'll run a background check
for you.
What's the best way to contact
Here you go, that's mine.
Oh, you're a florist.
Yeah. So you'll call me if you
find anything?
I will.
Okay, great.
Have an awesome day.
Have an awesome day.
What am I saying?
I don't really feel like playing
Clue tonight, Emily.
Don't want to know what he said?
He's gonna run a check on Peter.
He's going to help us Ceil.
That's because he wants to get
in your pants.
He's not like that.
Will you stop being so naive.
You know, I really think this is going to
be the last straw between us. I know it.
Maybe I just think we should
sell the business and separate.
We are not selling the business.
We're gonna make whoever killed
our mother pay for it.
What are you doing?
You haven't smoked in years.
You know, I'm going to start
because you're driving me to it.
You're not smoking. You're not drinking.
We need to be centered right now, okay?
Do I have to be celibate, too.
Because that's not happening.
Don't you care about
your mother?
You know, sometimes I don't miss her
at all. She could be a real pain.
I'm going running.
Good for you. It's about time
you started to exercise.
It will help you relax and
maybe move on.
Running doesn't mean
I'm giving up.
Hey there. Can I run with you
for a minute?
Hey Peter, sure.
I'm not as good a shape you are.
How come you're checking
up on me, Emily?
You know I'm an open book - with
you and Ceil.
What are you talking about?
Can we slow down
just a little bit.
What is it you want to know about me?
Just ask. Be happy to tell you.
Nothing. Nothing, Peter. I'm
just doing a family genealogy
and working on a family history.
Oh and you're including my
family. How nice.
Well I can tell you.. everything
about me if you really want me to.
I mean, I feel like, you know,
You and I get along
pretty well if we tried.
Let go my arm.
Oh, it was nice seeing you, Em.
Hey. Hey hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Hey, watch the desk.
- Oh.
- Oh. Hey
Sorry, detective.
I tried to stop her.
Oh, don't worry officer Morgan.
She's a friend.
Come on in. Have a seat.
You have to do something.
He followed me.
In the park.
Who followed you?
The Mahoney guy?
The Mahoney guy, yes. Did you
check up on him?
Yes, I found out a little bit,
Ah, he moved around a lot and ah,
I know he was married before,
You didn't know he was married?
No. I was not aware of that.
Well, I'm going to lock down who
she was in a little bit, um,
So what did he say to you?
He asked me why I was checking
in on his past.
And what did you say?
I said that I was doing a genealogy
thing, a family history project.
I know. It was really stupid. He
was threatening me.
How did he threaten you?
He grabbed my arm
and he got in my face,
and he said something creepy
about us getting closer.
He was sniffing me or something.
Okay, listen. I really need you
to stay away from this guy.
Alright. I'm going to do a little more
fact checking and I'll give you a call.
But as far as right now is concerned
let's just keep this between us.
Why are we keeping
it between us?
Because we don't exactly have enough
to open up an official case, yet.
But it's okay. It's just normal
As soon as I have something, I am
going to do something about it.
Okay. Thank you for helping
me... us.
No problem.
Be careful.
So he's been married before.
It's not like that's illegal.
But why didn't we know about it?
Because he didn't want us to
What else don't we know?
Other things he doesn't want us
to know.
You're being really obsessive
about this. Do you know that?
Am I obsessing or do I just want to
know what happened to our mother.
Oh, you mean the one who had a
heart attack.
Okay. Sorry. That wasn't funny.
Look, he checked up on you
because you checked up on him,
and he's been married before but that
doesn't mean you have to arrest the guy.
Shit. Did it again.
Look, I don't know how to describe
it but his behavior was really odd.
Yeah, him running is just odd.
Yeah, especially in a suit.
Yeah, he looked ridiculous.
What a goon.
Well your cop's on it, right?
He's not my cop. And now we
don't even have a case yet.
Well, it's good that
he's into you.
I don't... know that he's into
Sure he is. It's good.
Ah, ha ha ha. Your the best.
And with your past, that's a
I don't know what you are
talking about.
Okay, so what's up with the
Snoop sisters?
I think I got to Emily this
She's timid. She's not going to
go anywhere with any of this.
I don't know. You have to watch
out for the timid ones.
Don't worry. I got this.
Yes, but seriously, what about
the other one.
She does seem like a little
flower. She's meaner.
I handled worse.
Oh, excuse me.
That's Okay Charles. It's not like
we are in the act or anything.
I was just wondering if you still
need me any more this afternoon, sir?
No, I don't think so.
You sure?
Hey. Why don't you take a couple
of bills, I'll treat you to lunch.
No thank you, sir.
I can buy my own lunch.
Suit yourself.
I think you offended the help.
Like I care.
Oh, you bad boy.
I'm going to fire him, but not right now.
It wouldn't look good.
Just a few more months. Okay? I
got to the work now.
And then we can get out of here.
Ah, I hope so.
Can see right, right there.
Hey, well just hold onto that and
we'll we'll play some more, okay?
Can I help you sir?
Ah, no. I'm just looking around.
But you have some really
wonderful stuff here.
Thank you. Well, I'll let you
browse some peace.
Just let me know if you
have any questions.
I will.
Where were we. Ah.
Let me show you this.
This is an obelisk of fun.
Yeah. Yes. Ancient Egyptian.
And if you can see right on
the bottom it's described here.
This might help again.
Just take a look.
Hi, I'm working.
There's no one here.
Yeah, you should have seen
it an hour ago.
Oh, yeah. Busy bee?
- Yep.
- Hi.
Hey, so when do I
get to meet your sister?
I don't want you to meet her.
She's the pretty one.
Yeah, but I bet she can't do that
thing you do with your tongue -
Emily, this is Justin.
Oh hey. Hi. Nice to meet you.
Hi Justin. I've heard a lot.
All bad I hope.
I have to talk to you about this
What about this morning?
It's private.
Anything can say to me
you can say to Justin,
he knows all about your
suspicions of step daddy.
It's true. I know all about it.
I don't want to talk about this now
but I'm going to meet Charles tonight
and I think you
should come along.
Whoa. You're going to Peter's
Our house. Peter and Buffy are
out for the night
and I'm going to take a look
Well, we have plans. Right? But
Emily please don't.
Sorry ...Bye.
Nice to meet you.
My sister is crazy.
A little bit.
Coming, coming.
No one's here right, Right?
Right as rain.
No Ceil?
I'm afraid not. Ceil thinks I'm
wasting my time.
You let me talk to her about that man.
I'll straighten her out.
It's fine. I just want to get
this over with.
Sure thing.
What are you looking for?
Maybe I can help.
Anything that doesn't belong here.
I don't know exactly. Pills?
Go down and distract them.
- How?
- Shush
Hit him with a bat or something.
They can't find me here.
Why not? This is still your
Just go.
You two change your mind
about the movie?
We decided we'd rather
blow each other up.
than watch a stupid Hollywood
do the same.
I thought you were going out?
I still am. Just running a
little late.
Some wine maybe?
No thanks... Are you alright,
Oh yeah. Right as rain.
You bet.
- No no. Bend over.
- Okay.
Ready for your Vularian steel?
Oh yes my lord.
Yes, Hennessy.
Hey, just a heads up. The captain is
asking about what we're working on.
Duly noted, Hennesy.
Hey we got a lot of work. Why don't
you get your dick out of your work.
Thank you so much for your candor, Hennesy.
I very much appreciate it.
Jeez, what happened to you?
I haven't heard of most of
Did you come home last night?
I'm afraid not.
Wait. Did you--?
Spent the night in mom's closet.
Grabbed these out of the bathroom.
I had to listen to Peter and Suzanne
act out a scene from "Games of Thrones".
It was terrifying.
Wow. You are dedicated. I will
give you that.
What are you doing?
The roses have aphids and the
nicotine is eating through the paper.
Call 911.
Jesus, it's nice to
see you, too.
We refuse service to you.
Don't do that.
Get off her!
God help the men you two end up
with, or the women for that matter.
Hey, I'll have you know Ceil has a
boyfriend and I think I might too
and he happens to be a cop.
You two have been snooping
around in my private life
and you've been harassing my
Honey-bunny and I don't like it.
You two spoiled shits need to
learn some manners.
Don't you think you are
overreacting just a little bit.
Tell us Peter, did you have anything
to do with our mother's death?
I don't know. Does banging an
old broad cause a heart attack?
Oh hey. What are we celebrating?
I think it's a little early to
be drinking, isn't it?
Ahhh. To the modern
day snoop sisters.
A couple uptight bitches that
couldn't attract a fly.
I said I wouldn't drink that if
I were you.
Call 911.
I can't .The phone is busted.
Where is your cellphone?
It's in my purse. Where's yours?
Then get it, Emily.
Wait. Who is that?
Hi, Petal Pushers, welcome... hi, Bryce.
You know, can I call you back. Bye.
Oh my God.
That was subtle, Emily.
Should I call him back and tell
him what happened?
No! We need to think.
Oh God. We killed him, Ceil.
We did not kill him. He
technically killed himself.
But we watched. We watched.
Why didn't have time to get to
him, right?
Oh, there was time. There was
Will you stop. We need a plan...
Okay. Let me think.
I've have an idea.
Okay. Help me move the body.
Oh no. You can't be serious.
Come on, help me move the body.
I'm not touching him.
Is he dead?
It's quite the invention,
isn't it?
You alright? It looks like
you've seen a ghost.
It's nothing. What's up?
We got that tape.
Okay, I'll be there in a second.
I'm going to barf any minute.
Well if you do you can do it in
the sink,
I've had just about enough gross
for one day.
What is he doing here?
Oh God. What do we do? Don't
leave me.
Is everything okay? We just
heard some loud noises.
Oh, everything is fine. We just
dropped a big vase,
made a huge mess.
Spilled some pesticides.
I can send my wife over to help
you clean up,
Oh, that is so nice but really
everything's fine.
Well okay, then.
I'm sorry. We won't do it again
but I love your food. Bye.
Maybe he should have
come in and helped us.
Are you nuts?
Yes. And apparently so are you.
I don't care. I'm just glad this
douche bag is dead.
Yeah, he was terrible.
So you believe me now?
Yeah, I guess. What comes around
goes around, right?
I've never heard of karma being
used as defense in a case before.
We have to call the police and
tell them it was some accident.
It was sort of an accident.
It was sort of self defense.
It was an accident, Celia.
I feel like I'm in first grade.
Can you please not call me Celia.
The cops are going to want to know why we
didn't stop him from drinking the stuff.
Why didn't we?
I was too scared.
So it self defense.
I mean it's definitely not
murder one.
What's after murder one?
Will you stop?
We didn't kill him.
It's just as well you became
friends with our local cop.
He's not my friend. Shit, I need
to call him back.
You know what? Maybe that'll help.
Guys will do anything to get laid.
If you sleep with him, maybe he
won't turn you in.
You're disgusting.
I'm not a slut.
Yeah, I have to get rid of Justin, too.
I just have to figure out how.
Meanwhile we will keep him here until
we figure out a new spot for him.
How long do you think he'll keep
in there?
Till we decide what to do.
We just tell our customers he's
part of an arrangement.
Hi. This is detective Bryce Fry.
I'm not in the station right now.
If this is an emergency, please
call 911
or leave a message at the sound
of the tone. Thank you.
Hey. detective Fry this is Emily
So sorry I didn't get back to
you yesterday.
I got hammered with a last
minute job,
but I am looking forward to
talking with you tomorrow.
Thank you so much
for all your help.
We open in an hour and a half.
I know.
I am totally and completely
I think we need to move him.
In here. Until we figure
something else out.
Can't we just leave it in the
Gosh Emily, I'm pretty sure that
would take away from the orchids.
Look, why don't we just call
the police and get it over with.
No. I tried that.
They won't believe us.
We're going to be on death row.
Yeah, it's okay. It takes years
these days. We can appeal.
why don't we just call him and
tell him it was an accident,
okay, we panicked, we didn't
know what to do.
It was an accident. There's got
to be another way.
We could always bury the body and
pretend like it never happened.
You can't be serious?
Come on, Em. Is a guy like Peter
really going to be missed?
Of course, you nut case.
Okay, breathe girl, breathe.
If you need a paper bag, there
are some under the counter.
I can't look at him any more.
I think he actually l
looks better dead.
At least there is no smell yet.
Oh, I forgot about the smell.
To think I almost went to
nursing school.
There's still time.
Jeez. God.
My God, he is so thin.
Why is he so heavy?
Think we're going to need a
bigger carpet.
Oh, now you decide to be funny.
How are we going to get him up
the stairs?
I don't know. A little chutzpah.
Can't we just put him in the van
and move him somewhere?
I mean, we're going to have to take him
down the stairs in a few hours anyway.
Where are we going to go, Emily. The park?
Is it bury your dead day?
Besides he is going to come down
the stairs a lot faster.
I just want this over with.
Yeah. So do I. But I think we
need the cover of darkness.
So, come on. Up we go.
Grab a leg.
Are you sure we can trust him?
Of course we can. Remember how
he met daddy?
Yeah, that's what worries me.
Secrecy was part of his job, Em.
Part of his job.
Not sure we want to know the
other part.
Right. Why should I be worried.
Of course we can trust him.
I wonder how dad would have
dealt with this?
Probably would've done the same thing,
but it wouldn't have been an accident.
You think you should be going that fast.
We have a dead body in back.
I'm going to die
from all this work.
Keep digging.
This isn't deep enough.
Cadaver dogs could still pick up
the scent.
Hey, where's Suzanne?
She's out like a light. A little
special tea did the trick.
Oh yeah. We should
bury her next.
I'm kidding. Let's go. It's
getting late.
It's not deep enough.
I told you so.
They have a great chili omelet.
I'll pass. You know, chili just
doesn't scream breakfast food to me.
There's an egg in here.
What was so important you
couldn't just text me.
What is it?
Isn't this the guy that you
were looking at for that babe?
Her name is Emily. But yeah, it
is. When did this come in?
This morning.
Do we know who
Suzanne Hammer is?
Apparently she is his
The boys said she went ballistic
when they told her
that we couldn't do anything
right away,
so they took her report just to
get rid of her.
They took a report?
Yeah. I'd say we can
open a case now.
Maybe. Um.
Hey, could you do me a favor and
cover me at the station for an hour?
Don't press your luck with the
captain, Bryce.
I won't. I've just got a hunch
I've got to check out.
I'll be back soon, alright?
Sure think. Can't wait.
I know baby, I'm so sorry but we
are up to our ears in orders.
I promise I will make it up to
you next week, though.
Okay. I love you, too.
Bye Bunny.
How long do you think
you can keep him away?
Well, he just started a new
project, so that should help.
Ugg, I'm screwing up everything. I can't
find a receipt for a funeral order.
Okay, okay look. Why don't we
close the shop for another day
and that will give us
some extra time to think?
Yeah. Another day
ought to do it.
Oh sorry. We're actually closed.
I see. Um, Is Emily around?
Oh my god.
Oh, let me help you with that.
Oh. Don't worry about it.
Got it.
All better.
Where are my manners? Bryce this
is Ceil. It's short for Celia.
She's my sister and
my business partner.
Detective Bryce Fry.
What can we help you with?
Um, I think I have some
interesting information for you.
I left you a few messages but
you didn't call me back.
You know, we had a big big
wedding order
and I've just been running around. So
I was actually about to call you... ah
You know what? What exactly do you
mean when you say you have some
interesting information for us?
Peter Mahoney, is now officially
a missing person.
Oh wow. Yeah, that sure is him.
Where did you get that picture from?
From his girlfriend.
Girlfriend. Right.
Well missing. Hey.
Yes, missing. Ah, when was the last
time either of you two saw him.
Oh gosh. That... a while ago.
At the park. Remember we talked
about that. The park.
Right. The park.
Well, I see you two are busy, so I'll
let you get to it. I'll check back later?
Great! Hope you find him.
Nice to meet you, Ceil.
Oh, you too, detective.
Really good job, Emily.
What did I do?
Well, now he's suspicious...
You know, actually, um,
my aunt is in the hospital.
I probably should take a look at
some flowers. Can I take a peak?
Sure. Go right ahead.
I love your store, bye the way.
Thank you.
Wow. You guys are classy.
These don't come cheap.
You know, why don't you just go ahead
and grab a bouquet. It's on the house.
Isn't this your, mother's, card?
Oh my God. Yes. How do you
suppose that got in there, Ceil?
I don't know.
That is really weird.
You know, we haven't cleaned that
out in quite a while. So, no telling.
Well, I would just make sure
that account is closed.
Yeah. Let's do that right away.
Thanks for the offer but it's
against the rules, so...
She likes candy anyway.
Ha ha ha.
Have a great day. Thank you.
Bye, detective.
So that is your cop?
He's kind of cute.
He's not my cop.
Yeah, but aren't you glad you went
to the police. You know? For help.
Shut up. Don't blame me.
I'm not the one that offered
free flowers.
Now what are we going to do?
Well, we have to
move the body, again.
Oh my God. I wish I were dead.
You want a bite.
I'll pass.
How did it go?
You tell them about
baloney, Mahoney.
Yes. I did tell them.
Something seems out of kilter.
What's that mean; out of kilter?
I'm not sure, what it means.
What about the car?
Missing as well.
I don't know. Maybe it's a
female thing.
Women, right. Got to love em;
second only to their vaginas.
You want my opinion?
We don't even have a case yet. Why
don't you let somebody else handle it.
Save your neck.
This woman has had a strange
effect on you, Bryce.
I mean we have other cases. What
about that guy with the Koala Bear?
That was strange.
If you want my opinion,
just ask for it.
Oh, Jesus!
Let me in.
- Where is he?
- Who?
You know who. Peter. He has been
missing for almost three days.
Looks like you got dumped.
Ceil. Let her in.
Thank you.
What's the matter?
Charles hasn't seen him. I haven't seen
him, but I think you two know something.
I guess he skipped town, gonna
set up something new
with someone who is
not mentally challenged.
You bitch! He wouldn't
do that to me.
Yes he would. We killed our
mother for all her money,
so dumping you
would mean nothing.
Well then why is his
car parked down the street?
You're mistaken.
He hasn't been here.
Well, we'll just see what the
police have to say about this.
What do you two
think about that?
It's locked, dumb ass.
The car?
Well, what are we going to do?
This is just too weird.
I can't help but think mom is up there
finishing up up some sort of business.
Even I don't think that, Ceil.
I need a break from reality.
Hopefully we're in the
middle of one.
Are you sure there's
another set of keys?
Yes, I'm sure.
So, where are we
going to even put it?
I don't know, Emily. It's a black Mercedes
Benz. We'll park it in Beverly Hills.
No one will notice.
Oh, come on, like we need to be stopped
for texting while driving, right now.
I'm just trying to tell Justin I'm sorry
for standing him up again. Here you text.
Hi Bunny.
Sorry, I'm not going to make it.
I'm stuck at work. Lots of flowers.
God, we are so dead.
Are you having a party in here?
I thought we were a meeting.
The prick is dead and buried.
And I'm happy as a clam.
Well Susanne's dead, too.
Yeah, she got hit
by a car. It's a big mess.
Did you run over?
- Of course not.
- No.
Then don't don't worry about it.
She was walking bad karma.
Okay look. We have to move Peter.
The cops are going to come digging.
He's not safe out there.
And there is a
matter of some keys.
Peter's car is still parked in
front of the shop.
Are you sure we
need to move him?
Let's go.
What is it, Hennesy.
Yes, I know. What?
Okay. Hold the fort. I can be
there in ten minutes. All right.
This her?
Yes it is. What the hell?
This happened in
front of their flower shop.
I think it's time I
had a chat with her.
You, you think?
You're sure it's safe?
Yeah. Eric and I used to come during
high school. No ones out there.
You mean Derek?
Eric, Derek, whatever. It's the
same thing.
Well, how do you know they haven't
built like houses on it or something?
I don't but it's not like it's
Lake Tahoe.
I can't imagine a sign that says
The Estates at Last Virgin Lake.
I forgot that. Las Virginis.
What was the catch phrase again?
Arrive whole. Leave a hoe.
You okay, Charles?
Oh yeah.
Right as rain.
Careful... Careful with him.
Should we say a few words or
Yeah. How about goodbye. Let's
get out of here.
I need to talk to you.
I need to talk to you.
About what?
Go to the door.
Wait. Emily what are you doing?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can't just
barge in here. Do you have a warrant?
Warrant? I just want to talk to Emily.
I actually want to talk to you, too.
I'm not talking to you.
Don't talk to him.
It's okay, Ceil.
Emily. We're family. He's not.
We have to tell him.
Not without a lawyer present.
You need a lawyer?
I have to tell him.
He's all we have.
Don't worry, Ceil.
It's going to be okay.
Fine. It's just our funeral.
Can we sit down
and talk and sec.
I'm sure you know by now that
Mr. Mahoney has a dead girlfriend?
Yeah. It's awful. It happened
really close to here, right?
Emily, It happened right in
front of the shop right here.
I think you can be a little more
forthcoming with me.
Right outside the shop?
My God. My whole life is falling
I'm going to fry in
the electric chair.
We don't use the
electric chair anymore.
She was very angry. She came into
the shop and she made a scene,
and then she left in a huff.
She didn't even see the car.
It was horrible.
Are you going to take us in?
Did you run or over?
No of course not.
Your the second
person to ask that.
Why didn't you call the police?
I don't know. I guess we were just in
shock and I saw other people calling them.
Do you want me to tell you what
I found out about Mr. Mahoney?
Of course.
Okay. So I told you before he
was married back in New Jersey.
Well, he was married before that. Both
women died the same way your mom did.
And they both had lots of cash. So,
I really need to find out where he is.
Well, that might be a little
hard to do.
And why is that?
Well, he's a little bit
indisposed, currently.
Ah, by any chance does that mean that
at an earlier time he was expired
and potentially in that
refrigerator over there?
The card that we found, it was your
mom's account but it was his card, huh?
It really was an accident. It's not
going to sound like it was but it was.
He came in here he was
threatening us the whole time.
He knew what I was asking
questions about his past.
And then there was this glass.
What glass?
It's hard to explain. You know
he grabbed me and I kicked him,
and then he grabbed Ceil.
and Ceil had poured this pure
nicotine into a glass.
It was eating through
a paper cup.
He thought there was
booze in the glass.
So what. He drank the nicotine?
Yeah. Now you're
getting the idea.
Did he have a weapon
on him or anything?
No. Well he didn't
when we buried him.
Emily, why didn't you call me?
Why did you call the police?
I don't know. I honestly don't.
I mean when he fell over he
ripped the phone out of the wall,
and Ceils cell phone was
in the apartment.
Then you called and I just
thought I would sound nuts.
So I really did kill
somebody, didn't I?
Um, did you have a gun to his
head when he drank the nicotine?
No. Of course not.
Then technically you didn't kill anybody.
Ah, you just kind of... helped.
Ah, it's probably manslaughter. But um,
what I think the prudent thing to do,
at this juncture, would be for
you to take me to the body,
and then we'll go from there.
Right. Well, that too,
will be a challenge.
I probably shouldn't
even ask, should I?
All right, I'll admit it.
I'm intrigued.
You've never asked me to meet in
such a clandestine way before.
Well, you yourself said that we
have not opened the case, yet.
Okay. Now I know
what this is about.
I need a big favor.
It's not going to land me in
prison, will it?
It might.
No, no. I was joking
when I said that.
I was being a little dramatic.
No, you're never dramatic.
What's the favor?
You wouldn't happen to own a
snorkel, would ya?
Are you sure this is a spot?
Yeah, I think so.
How did you weigh the body down?
Huh... Alright.
I think these are really going
to help your case.
Thanks, Ceil.
Hey guys?
What is it?
Oh, if it isn't detective Fry,
back from the dead.
Ah, we know we were
early this morning.
You do?
You shouldn't have.
Shouldn't have what?
Come on.
I. but I...
Look, look at this.
I just...
Look at this. I mean, detective
Fry, you are the best.
No one else remembered that it's
my 10th anniversary. But you did.
And chocolate cake. That's my
favorite. How'd you know?
Ahhh, I'm a detective?
Nice of you to show up.
All right, Hennessy, let's
agree, I definitely owe you one.
No. It's all in a day's work.
But you do owe me.
How did it feel
doing a day's work?
It was weird. It was like, I
don't do nice things for people.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Don't worry.
Sorry. I just want you to have
everything you need. Okay?
I'm really excited
about being an aunt.
You're going to be an aunt in
prison and my daughter...
Hey, lots of famous people were born
in prison. Don't worry about it.
At least you'll have a guy
waiting for you when you get out.
We'll see. Hennessy and Bryce
are still walking the beat.
Bryce isn't too happy about it.
Yeah, but there's no chance in hell he's
not going to be here when you get out.
He really threw himself under
the bus for you,
for the both of us, as a matter
of fact.
I'm sure Justin's
gonna be there, too.
I'm not too sure about that.
But you know what, there are a lot of
really hot babes walking around here.
Ha, ha.
We got another letter from
Really. What did he say? Did he
tell you where he was?
No, of course not.
I sure hope he wasn't serious when he
said he was looking for Tim Robbins
and Morgan Freeman.
I just hope he's happy.
What do you think about that
sleazy producer's offer?
I guess if they make it into a
good movie
and not one of those after school
specials, I'm okay. What about you?
I just want a say in casting.
That's not going to happen.
Then they can kiss my ass.