The Phone (2015) Movie Script

Mr. Labor Union.
How long will you hold out?
Let's end this.
Where the hell are you looking at?
At 8:50 this morning,
solar flare occurred.
The flare will interfere with
communications that use satellites,
so smart phones and GPS devices
may malfunction.
This could also last until tomorrow,
which will affect
satellite communication...
Please make way
for the ambulance.
We're en route with the guardian.
Go to the backyard.
SON Hyun-joo
UM Jee-won
BAE Seong-woo
This came again.
It's for you.
Your tongue will get you killed.
Who loves us this much?
Probably a drunk.
How did death threats
became a routine?
Aren't you worried?
That's why I moved to
a pharmaceutical company.
And then,
you'll be a saint there?
Throw those away in the future.
Must you work for pill pushers?
Not again.
Let's stop this.
You've changed.
It's not me,
this shirt's changed.
Look at this,
throw this out too.
Don't have time for this.
The Mrs. is elegant and classy,
but I'm all about greed.
This isn't about that.
Our child wants to study abroad.
Money doesn't grow on trees.
Not again!
Stop wearing this,
you always wear this.
Not too early for fights?
Are you all packed?
You'll forget something
and call home.
Why aren't you getting ready
for school?
I'm going to Kyungjoo
for a competition.
How about a little attention?
Eat something nice,
and have a great competition.
Break a leg!
Kyung-rim! Come out here!
- Your Jammies?
- Right!
You'll really break it.
I told you to fix it.
If there's a lot of stuff,
should I pick you up?
Why not.
I'll be there by 6,
answer my call!
Yes, ma'am!
Do you know what this is about?
It happens sometimes
when I get involved in a case.
It usually dies off...
Any idea who sent this?
I can't find the keys,
where did you put it?
Look around, it'll be there.
Could you put it back properly?
Mom, let's go!
And I told you not to smoke
in the study.
- Why don't you ever listen...
- Let's talk later.
- Here he comes!
- There he is!
What do you think
about the verdict?
Some say that this was
animal abuse!
Foreign press is paying attention,
a comment please!
Wasn't that clear during the trial?
No evidence of animal abuse,
and the experiments were done
within the legal bounds.
- How'd you respond to the critics?
- That's it for today.
This is TY Construction boss,
he's assaulting a union member.
Here, coffee.
In black please.
That's why he didn't testify.
Charles almost went to
hell for this.
Tea for me!
Where's the original.
I really want to give it to you.
Then I must get out of
here quick.
So shameless.
Send the originals to my place.
When I'm free. Send it.
Yo, mackerel!
I thought you were out,
why do you need it?
A gift for my successor.
A man? Married?
I wanna get married too.
Look, he's got something.
Thanks, buddy.
Come on.
I like young men.
Attorney Dong-ho KOH
What's this?
A gift for Hye-Jin.
Since the union head's gone,
she's at wit's end.
It looks too blurry to be useful.
I got the video at home.
You're so kind,
where's the love for me?
Dude, take this outside.
- This one?
- Yeah.
Best of luck!
- How's BP?
- 70 over 115.
Check the vitals every hour,
and notify me.
I got a date with hubby, so I'll be out.
Hubby: Got urgent meeting,
head home. Sorry.
Wait! Wait!
Listen, eager children.
The sun's not even set yet.
Work as hard as you drink!
This isn't an assembly,
that speech was too long!
Shut it, your senior's talking.
Head of legal.
Don't ever forget your co-chair.
- Enough, enough.
- Aren't I great?
Thank you, co-chair!
I got you a gift too.
UP yours
Up yours...
Up yours, up yours.
- UP yours too!
- Stop!
Open it on midnight of your b-day,
with a knife in your mouth.
If not, it's breach of contract.
Always! Always!
Let's drink to 'up yours'!
One, two, three!
Up yours!
It's your wife.
Are you in big trouble?
Trouble happened 14 years ago.
Come on, drink!
The caller you're trying to reach is
currently not available.
Wave! Wave!
Couple shot! Couple shot!
I'm a regular here.
Boss! Me! Me!
Did you have phone problems
since yesterday?
The solar flare is
affecting millions of cell phones...
Is it the car,
or the radio station?
The communication interference
will die down after 1 o'clock.
It was only for a few hours...
What the hell?
Did it make you appreciate him
or her in the time of silence?
You're up?
I can't get into your street
because of the traffic.
It's currently raining heavily.
I'll play you a song.
Honey bun
Not even a year in...
What did she do?
Where is she?
So you got back around 3:30 AM.
Have you seen this van before?
No, what is it?
It was captured on CCTV,
but we can't see the plate.
I got a dash cam,
it could be on there.
Your dash cam was stolen too.
The perp may have taken it.
Seocho Murder Case
May 16, 8:30 AM,
Kyung-rim contest
Arrived at the hospital
at 9:00 AM.
No break in Seocho murder case
6 PM, return home.
Killed by a robber between
6:40 and 7 PM.
1 year later
It's okay,
let him through.
- Afternoon, sir.
- Is it him?
No, he was in Jeju Island a year ago.
I've told you many times,
we're investigating your caseas
best as we can.
Look, look!
So fucked.
- What is it now?
- Come check it out.
Look at that.
What a fucking moron.
He burst into a crowd
and set himself on fire.
He was transported to
a hospital...
So messed up.
Black Carnival, it was you!
Do I own
the only black Carnival in Korea?
This is my first meal,
let me eat in peace.
What's funny?
Hey! Hey!
I'm sorry! So sorry!
Are you okay?
National Middle School Violin Competition
Why did you call out of the blue?
The boss asked me to bring you in.
Wow, he's loyal.
The pill pushers left me
in the cold after my wife died.
Had I kept my promise,
she would be alive.
The thing is,
it's all about your kid now.
She's going through your puberty,
you got to pull yourself together.
Did you repay your debt?
You borrowed mine to buy stocks,
I want it back today...
Why bring that up, that's not cool.
So why bring up my kid,
that's also not cool.
Look at your bumper.
Aren't you gonna replace it?
No time, no money.
Take this.
What is it?
It's sushi, give it to your kid.
Evening, gentlemen!
Setting himself on fire is
an immoral political strategy.
New Public Party,
vote Se-moon PARK.
Se-moon PARK!
Se-moon PARK!
- Okay, I got it.
- Thank you!
He's expecting you at 10,
so please come.
I'll think about it.
10 tomorrow!
And you need to think less.
Look at you.
Dad, I'm late!
Hurry up!
Something good happened?
Shaved and suited up all of sudden.
Do I suit up for only good things?
What's with your lips?
Is that make-up?
It's just gloss!
Dad, I'm in middle school!
- Gross?
- You know nothing!
I'm going back to work today.
That's why you met Gyu-su.
Should we dine out tonight?
So random.
Dad, can we get a puppy instead?
- Fat chance.
- Please!
I told you before, no way.
Is a puppy your mortal enemy?
- Watch your mouth.
- I'm off!
What the heck?
I can't find the keys,
where did you put it?
Could you put it back properly?
Who is this?
Already getting on my nerves.
Why did you wear the same tie?
I told you to stop wearing it.
How can you always wear
the same tie everyday?
People will judge me, not you.
Who gave you this number?
Stop kidding around,
and think where you put the keys.
Always the same thing
every morning.
Quite convincing
but not close enough.
Criminal Law, article 308,
slandering misdemeanor.
Intentional slandering of a person,
alive or deceased,
is punishable with 2 years in jail,
or with maximum of $5,000 fine.
What are you talking about?
In short, you've made
a grave mistake.
I have no intention of
letting this go.
Too late to apologize,
it's all over for you.
Who are you?
Give it to me!
What's going on?
Nice cold beer would be good.
Hello? Hello?
Are you there?
Hubby? Hello?
Are you listening to me?
Where did you leave
the keys last night?
Kyung-rim is late,
I have to leave now.
And I told you not to smoke
in the study.
Why won't you listen?
At least vent the room.
It's a dump in here.
Is that dad?
Let me speak to him.
Dad, since I'll be gone,
have a date with mom.
The more you drink,
the worst her nagging.
I don't want to suffer
for your mistakes.
You're late!
Hang up now!
You see?
The nag never stops.
Good luck dad,
I'm hanging up.
Allow me.
I feel really awkward right now.
Yeah? A welcome party
will change that.
How's tonight?
Let's stay low for a while.
I'll join you once my meeting
at Daehan Gate ends.
Knock when you enter!
Gotta get the party started
before she joins.
Duo Shots at 7 PM.
A strong solar flare
took place at 8:50 AM today.
A year since the last flare,
the size of the flare is
similar to that of last year.
Cell phone calls may be interrupted,
and connection may be
constantly disrupted.
- How's BP?
- 70 over 115.
Check the vitals every hour,
and notify me.
I got a date with hubby,
so I'll be out.
Who are you?
Why're you doing this?
The woman who
lived with you for 14 years.
Surprised that
I called after getting the text?
What text?
Your meeting text,
fess up now.
Is it a meeting or
drinking session?
I knew it.
I'll head home early.
I was tired prepping Kyung-rim,
I'll go home and rest up.
Is this really Yeon-soo?
Is there a fake one?
Feeling guilty about breaking
your promise?
Wait, what day is today?
- May 16, of course.
- 2015?
Are you high? It's 2014.
What time?
Yeon-soo, do not go home tonight.
There'll be a fire at Maebong station.
You'll hit a black car,
and don't ever go home!
Doctor, KANG has massive bleeding!
I got an emergency,
I'll call later.
The number you've dialed does not exist.
- Yes, baby.
- Hey, mom.
Did you pack my slippers?
You didn't pack it?
- I told you to pack it.
- Am I your servant?
How long must I...
Forget it! Always nagging...
I'll make do, just hang up.
- What'll you do?
- Do what?
- You should've drove carefully!
- Why is this my fault?
- You're paying for the repairs.
- It's you who stopped!
I was driving along
when you hit me!
You stopped all of sudden!
Maebong Station
Watch it!
Hey, where are you going?
What about company dinner?
No need to feel awkward.
What's the matter?
The dent got switched.
Remember the dent in front?
Now it's on the back.
What's switched?
You saw it yesterday,
the dent on the front.
It was on the back.
Are you messing with me?
Do I look like I'm messing?
I'm starting to worry about you.
Whatever changes on her end,
must have effect here too.
What time is it?
5:25, why?
- Where you going?
- I'll explain later.
What's going on?
Killed by a robber between 6:40 and 7 PM.
The number you've dialed does not exist...
The number you've dialed does not exist...
- Yeon-soo!
- How did you know?
Where are you? Home?
Yeah, I just got in.
You can't be home now,
just get out of there!
How did you know
about the accident?
Get to somewhere safe first.
That bastard will be there soon!
The robber's coming,
he'll come inside.
Are you drunk?
You'll get hurt.
This is not funny, stop it.
Honey, listen carefully.
I'm in 2015,
you have to believe me.
It's unbelievable,
I know but just listen.
We can change the outcome.
The dent switched
after our call.
Which means...
if you're not home,
there won't be an incident.
Everything will go
back to normal.
What are you talking about,
are you okay?
You must leave, just get out of there!
Don't answer! It's him!
Mr. Sang-tae LEE?
Mr. Sang-tae LEE?
It's a delivery.
Do as I say, he'll be there!
What's with you?
Honey, there's no time!
Don't answer!
What kind of robber rings the bell?
Wait, I need to check outside.
He must be in the lawn!
Kitchen door!
Mr. Sang-tae Lee!
Help me! Please help!
Robber! There's a robber!
So is it coming or not?
- What's coming?
- The rain!
Stop eating at work!
We'll clean it up.
Robbery! Robbery!
My home was invaded!
Stop eating at work!
Excuse me!
May I help you?
Well, I'm not sure.
- Chief?
- Yeah?
Was there a home
invasion murder case last year?
There was no murder
in this neighborhood.
Where did you hear that?
There's nothing out of ordinary.
If anything's missing,
please give us a call.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
It's over, you're safe.
When will you be home? I'm really scared.
I told you, I'm in 2015.
Does that mean,
you already know who the perp is?
No evidence was left behind...
Only a picture of a black Carnival.
Yeon-soo, the dash cam!
Check the dash cam!
See it?
Hold on.
Carnival, is that it?
Yeah, a black Carnival.
6782232... He's the one!
I'll hang up for a bit
to look up the plate.
We can catch the invader.
Call me back in a few,
don't worry.
Did you report a robbery?
- My wife saw!
- Sir.
There's a due process,
you can't just make an inquiry.
That's the car of the real robber!
No case was found,
and no report too!
Sir! Please come down!
Just sit down over there!
I'll look into the dash cam,
shall we go inside?
Let me ask you a favor,
look up a plate number,
Can't hear you!
What is it for?
Hold on a sec!
Speak slowly.
Real slow.
Say what?
Yeah, 6782232,
what is it?
Carnival plate.
Mackerel, I know you're hurting,
but let's stop this.
Stop what?
Your wife died a long time ago,
you got to move on.
What do you mean?
I just spoke to her.
Wow, my friend has gone
full crazy.
Moron, she died a year ago!
7 AM, body found.
She's... dead...
So, your husband from
the future called
and warned you
about the robbery?
And the robber really
did show up?
Can you reach him now?
Get out of the house,
it's not over yet.
It may not be
a simple home invasion.
The perpetrator may be following you.
Honey, a detective is with me.
You can speak to him.
Evening, are you the husband?
my wife cannot be home,
she'll be killed there.
Black carnival, 6782232.
He's trying to kill her.
Who is that?
I don't know,
I'm looking it up.
I'll look it up,
where are you now?
Detective, it's a bit complicated,
but I'm in 2015 right now.
Is that so?
So, Mr. Dong-ho KOH
is in 2015,
and the driver of 6782232
is trying to kill your wife.
Did I get that right?
Yes! It may sound crazy,
but that's the situation!
In any case, please protect her.
Hello? Detective?
He hung up.
I should ask for
a winning lotto number.
Shall we go inside?
How did you know his name?
I think you said it.
Shall we go inside?
The caller you're trying to reach is
currently not available.
Sir, you should go home
You must've been startled.
Come here please,
walk me through it.
Don't detectives work in pairs?
Watched a lot of TV?
Only when there's manpower.
Did you see his face?
I left something in the car...
So what?
Want me to come with?
I'll kill you,
ass licking homos!
Boss, your face's bleeding!
It's 'chief' to you, asshole.
Find me someone.
Who is it, boss?
I mean, chief.
He took off
without paying.
You're getting on my nerve,
could you go sit down?
Mackerel, this is the last time
I help you out.
Write this down,
and get your head checked.
East Seoul, Goduk district, 11-9.
Registered to 'Jae-hyun DOE.'
Jae-hyun DOE...
Hey, Su-Jung DOE.
Why're you so thin,
mom's not feeding you?
I'm exercising a lot.
Exercise? What kind?
Why'd a girl need to
learn martial arts?
I wanna be a cop like you!
Don't wanna.
Been a while,
how have you been?
I'm eating with my kid,
go away.
You're Su-Jung!
Look how pretty you are!
Hold on,
I can't leave without a treat.
Study hard, okay?
- Thank you.
- Good, good.
Just saying how cute she is.
It looks delicious.
Heard about the guy
setting himself on fire?
They must be bitter for losing
the party nomination,
could you rattle their cage a bit?
Go away.
Not in front of your kid.
I was only looking out for you.
You won't get rich here.
Su-Jung, you see soon.
Wanted for murder:
Dong-ho KOH (45)
May I see your ID?
Are you mad?
Are you okay?
May I see your ID?
- What's this?
- Cruiser side mirror.
Forget that,
you're on crowd control.
Where is Dong-ho KOH?
A comment please.
It's an ongoing case,
I cannot talk about it.
Evening, chief.
- What about CCTV?
- We're verifying it now.
Why isn't the scene secured?
It's like an open market here.
The car's already busted!
What an idiot.
- Fix that.
- Okay.
Buncha amateurs.
- What's this?
- KOH used this...
That man's crossing the line,
crowd control!
KOH this, KOH that,
it's all gone to shit.
- Chief.
- What is it?
He's a witness.
I could have really
kicked his ass.
I knew it was him
at first glance.
We moved in to capture him,
and he just took off.
So we were...
That's your story?
Evening, chief.
And you are?
Metropolitan Homicide,
chief Suk-ho SON.
Rough day today.
Why did a wanted man
walk into a police station?
Well... he...
wanted to charge his cell phone.
- Right?
- Yes.
He really did come here
for a charge.
Are you messing with me?
A murder suspect walks in
and asks to charge his phone?
He must be an idiot.
Chief, we got a situation.
He had an illegal air gun
in his car.
I'm sorry.
East Seoul, Goduk district 11-9,
Jae-hyun DOE
How much?
Let's see...
the vehicle contained
an illegal air rifle,
and KOH is considered armed
and dangerous.
Citation for Bravery
Gangnam Police
This is a crime scene!
You can't go inside!
I live here, asshole!
You still can't go in there, sir!
Mr. Jae-hyun DOE?
I'm from homicide.
What's going on?
We got a report of a break-in.
Does homicide report to
break-ins now?
Not normally, but do you know
a man named Dong-ho KOH?
He's a wife killer,
we're on a manhunt.
He was here?
Yeah, according to a witness,
so we're fingerprinting the place.
If anything's out of ordinary,
please let us know.
Thanks for your cooperation.
You see?
I knew you'd come around.
Where's your boss?
I told you, he's busy with
the burning man incident.
I got you a list,
just give them a scare.
Yo, gangster!
Dong-ho KOH was at my place!
So? What do we do?
- Gotta catch him.
- And then?
Get the dash cam back!
I have to? Why?
Election's around the corner,
I got no one to spare.
Watch that tone.
Did your boss order this?
Order what?
Call me if you don't want the job,
so I can hire someone else.
- Stop.
- What? What is it?
Call me 'chief', asshole.
Shouldn't have gotten
your ass fired then.
- Thanks for meeting us.
- I'm Gyu-su KIM.
I haven't talked to him in a year,
so I don't know how to reach him.
Not even a clue as to
his where abouts?
If I knew, I'd convince
him to turn himself in.
So we can defend him.
Not legally,
- but as a friend.
- Well...
Chief, he's not someone
who's capable of killing.
There's not even a solid motive.
So you're saying
he may not be the killer.
What I think isn't important.
Where is Ms. Hye-Jin KIM?
She went to Daehan Gateon
an assignment, should I call?
No, we'll give her a call.
- Let's head out.
- Sure.
Oh, wait.
Who's taking care of
his daughter?
- She's with us.
- I see.
Could you call me
if anything happens?
I'm her godfather.
- Sure, thank you.
- Thank you.
Kyung-rim, it's dad.
Did you eat?
We had dinner plans,
but I had an errand to run...
You call me in a year
to ask me about my dinner?
Did you really kill her?
I didn't do it,
don't you trust me?
- Why did you do it?
- Don't believe them.
Bad people are framing me
for everything.
So why run away
without a word?
Why are you hiding?
Don't cry, sweetie.
I'll turn everything back to
as they were.
- Once I find the killer...
- It's too convenient.
If you say that,
should I believe you?
That's not it,
I talked to mom...
Forget it.
You're all talk.
Don't call me again.
Kyung-rim? Sweetie!
Saturday, May 16
The thing about KOH is,
no one ever talks bad
about him.
Why'd a guy like him
kill his wife?
Dong-ho KOH is
currently near Daehan Gate.
Turn the car around!
Daehan Gate!
We're en route there,
to meet Ms. KIM.
Then step on it, moron!
Yes, sir!
Dong-ho KOH is currently
near Daehan Gate.
Requesting visual confirmation.
Ms. KIM disappeared
near City Hall station exit #5.
Setup checkpoints in Namdaemun,
Korea Bank and City Hall.
Let's go to Chunggye Square.
Yes, sir!
KOH is likely
near Jongro-2 area.
Last seen in Grey suit,
dishevel hair.
Unit B, heading towards Uljiro.
Gathering available unit
sat Mukyo junction.
Spread out more,
get to Uljiro.
Copy that.
Unit D, in front of Korea Bank.
Moving to Namdaemun.
Heavy traffic due to lantern parade.
The entire uptown is blocked.
What a mess.
Where you going?
Park it somewhere
and join me.
Requesting backup at Jongro-2.
Unable to move due to crowd.
Spread out to the temple!
What are you doing?!
Just look straight.
Where did you get this?
- Jae-hyun DOE.
- Who's that?
Yeon-sods killer.
What are you talking about?
I lost this months ago!
Don't play dumb!
You said to open it on my b-day,
it was gone way before then!
You didn't sell it off?
Why'd I do that'?!
We had no witness,
so we had to settle.
What do you mean?
TY Construction,
illegal union inspection!
Don't you remember?
This is Se-moon PARK,
he's tied to the burning man case.
Se-moon PARK...
Se-moon PARK...
Yeah, that's him.
Do you have the video file?
We can get a retrial with the video.
This is TY Construction boss,
he's assaulting a union member.
Send the video to my place.
My place...
This is why she was...
Hey! KOH!
Dong-ho KOH!
Converge units at Chunggye!
Dong-ho KOH!
He's in the parade!
- He left!
- Come here!
Move in!
KOH, you bastard!
- Out of my way!
- He's right there!
Who's at Chunggye?
Dong-ho KOH!
Get him!
He's on the run
Get the bicycle!
Suspect is on a bike,
heading towards Chunggye.
Have the checkpoint ready.
All units near Chunggye,
be advised.
Stop that bike!
Cut him off!
Stop right there!
Dong-ho KOH!
That's enough!
Get the bike!
Out of my way!
Stop right there!
Stop him!
Stop! Stop!
You son of a bitch!
Go after him!
He's on foot!
- Converge on the bridge!
- Block him!
Dong-ho KOH!
Block the street!
After him!
Don't move!
Don't just stand there!
Check the other side too!
What is it?
Hey, come here!
Do you see anything?
It's much too dark.
Cleared to use deadly force.
The suspect is carrying a rifle.
I repeat,
use of deadly force is permitted...
Are you okay?
I was worried.
That detective...
He's the perp.
I know, where are you?
At the hospital.
What should I do now?
Listen to me very carefully.
Was there a delivery for me?
- Nothing.
- Think carefully.
It's really important.
What was that?
- Dong-ho KOH?
- Are you okay?
You're him.
- Honey, answer me!
- How did you find my place?
What's going on?
You gave me a jolt.
Honey? Hello?!
While we were searching
in Chunggye...
I don't believe this.
I'm sorry.
Are you on a picnic?
Go find him!
Please, what's going on?
Honey, please answer me!
Are you okay?
Can you hear me?
What's going on?
Mrs. KOH?
It really is you.
It doesn't make sense,
but it does.
Who are you?
Why are you doing this?
Yeah, you really are you.
Been a while,
should I get you lotto numbers?
That's enough, you bastard!
Why did you kill her?
Can you shoot me?
Killing isn't for everyone.
You should've cocked it first.
She was in the wrong place.
Where is the envelope?
Where is it?
Buddy boy, let him go.
Who are you?
Untie him, asshole.
So why stir up a hornet's nest?
Uljiro back alley, 178 cm tall,
Grey jacket, and a hat.
He's nearby, look around.
Hey! Stop!
KOH, where are you going?
didn't kill my wife.
You saw him,
he's a cop named Jae-hyun DOE...
Fine, I'll catch you both.
He was hired by Se-moon PARK
to retrieve incriminating evidence,
and killed her for it.
Fine, so drop your gun.
You don't believe me.
My job is to arrest you,
not believe you.
You've been warned.
Drop it, before you regret it.
I'm doing this so I don't regret.
First shot is a warning.
Second shot is not, understand?
Chief! Where are you!
- No!
- What the hell?!
- Don't shoot my dad!
- Get out of the way!
Sir! Please! I'm sorry!
My dad didn't do it!
The killer is someone else!
Please don't do this!
Let him go!
- Hurry!
- Over here!
It doesn't fit!
Lower your arms,
look at the screen.
Who is it?
Holy cow!
Se-moon PARK
You really don't know him?
How can I know someone
I never met?
Dong-ho KOH named you.
How about this?
It's a bit blurry,
so I wonder if you'll make it out.
Take a close look.
My sight isn't great...
What is it of?
KOH lied to us
about having the originals.
A council candidate like
you wouldn't do this.
Let's call it a day,
I have a busy day tomorrow.
Sure, we'll call you later.
Once was enough.
What a fuck nut.
It's been a while.
Not for me,
I see your election flyers everyday.
Jae-hyun, it's the last time.
Let's get KOH,
before the cops.
No, they saw my face.
What's this?
Su-jung's 10 now, isn't she'?
Does she still
want to be a cop?
Not another word.
Does she know her daddy
gets paid to kill people?
What did you say, you fuck?!
Is he fucking nuts?
Get off of him!
What's with you!
Jae-hyun, tell Su-Jung to study hard.
You need to watch her grow up.
Don't touch that,
it's not done!
Coffee. Black.
Thank you.
It's okay.
Look at your face,
you're a walking dead.
- Missy.
- What?
Watching Kyung-rim cry,
I wondered if I'm a good father.
Idiot, you're trying really hard.
- Me?
- Yeah.
Think about it.
Brought up in a poor family,
you got the top lawyer prize.
So you're either a bad mofo,
or lived to your fullest.
I lobbied for that prize.
You're a bad mofo!
Humans are all the same.
The thing about this phone is,
the police locked it up,
so just swapping a chip won't do.
How about using a burner?
I'll give it to you for cheap.
Just fix it, no matter what.
Son of a bitch...
No matter what I do,
it'll never work!
It's working...
Are you alright?
Was it that cop?
Yeah, it was him.
He even framed me
for killing you.
What? What'll you do then?
Honey, a weird envelope did
come in the afternoon.
It had a fish drawing on it.
It's because of that envelope.
Then I'll go look for it.
No, nothings changed,
it's still dangerous.
There's no other way.
I'll wait outside until
you get home.
The knife...
I have the cop's knife.
The knife?
This will at least
clear your name.
I'll hide it in the exam room,
come get it.
Where will you hide it?
Somewhere no one
will find it in a year.
I'm in a meeting...
Yes, one moment, please.
Group's reputation is sliding...
What the hell have you been doing?
I need a favor.
It'll be sorted out soon,
so take care of Kyung-rim till then.
Of course I'll look out for her.
Wait, what's there to sort out?
Gotta find her killer,
evidence is at the hospital.
It's all over when I have that.
What evidence?
The hospital where she worked?
Don't you worry about it.
Just look after her.
Yeon-soo, I'm going in.
SCH University Hospital
How will we find him at this rate?
I'm here.
Room #415, right?
Hyuk-kae KWON...
He always worked with you?
Yeah, why?
Didn't this bastard hit
on your in college?
That bitch...
Now isn't the time!
Stay on topic.
Find it'?
Yeah, I got it.
So it's all over?
Yeah, everything will be fine.
I put you through so much.
You had a big day too.
You were great, Mr. KOH.
Honey, is it raining there too?
It rained on the day
you proposed to me.
Do you remember?
You don't remember?
Of course I do.
The cable car broke down,
and you cried in fear.
I felt so safe
when you held my hand.
Remember what you said to me?
Of course.
Tell me.
I... protect...
I will protect you forever,
so just trust me.
Honey? Honey?
I trust the mackerel, I love you.
I told you can't shoot.
Shall we find out?
Don't fret,
you're born with the skill.
Don't fret,
you can't acquire that skill.
Son of a bitch!
Remember this?
You're finished.
Oh yeah,
I saw a staircase back there.
Yo, Jae-hyun DOE.
Shit, how about that knife?
Fuck your 'chief shit.
Boss, the mackerel is on the run.
Yes, I'll clean up this mess.
- Kyung-rim, not asleep yet?
- I can't fall asleep.
Since you're not in bed,
dad must be out late again.
He's terrible.
No, he cares so much
about you and me.
Taking his side?
I'm sorry I nag.
No, I'm the one sorry.
I know I shouldn't,
but I can't control myself.
My baby's all grown up.
I didn't know.
I miss you already.
I'm getting goose bumps.
I want my mom back.
Go to bed,
I'll scold dad tomorrow.
Good night!
See you tomorrow!
Yeah, see you tomorrow.
Good night...
Why isn't she moving?
Wait, 3367!
3367 is heading for Seocho!
This knife was found on
the scene.
Doe got his restaurant
from Se-moon PARK.
Hello? Honey?
How bad was the crash?
If you can't drive,
take the subway.
Honey! That detective is
in front of the house.
Why'd a detective be
at our house now?
What're you talking about?
Forget it! Forget it!
I'm in a cab,
almost home,
let's talk later.
Are you... in 2014?
Were you asleep?
Of course it's 2014.
Where are you?
I'm come to you.
Coming to greet me?
It's not like you.
I've been waiting for you,
I'm near the main street.
Hold on a sec.
No, no, I'll get off.
I'm at the main street,
where are you?
Too many cars here.
Which one is it?
Hold on,
what's with you today?
- How much?
- $19.50 please.
That much?
Where are you?
Don't rush me,
I'm paying.
I just got off,
where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Thank you.
Should I stay with you?
It's okay, I'm a big girl.
Thanks again.
- Hello?
- Dad! There's a man here!
Hello? Kyung-rim!
Hey, it's me.
I took the staircase.
You bastard!
Don't you dare touch her!
I wanted to corner you too.
You asshole!
Don't touch her!
Where are you?!
Your place. Bring the knife.
It's okay, it'll be over soon.
Your dad's coming.
How'll this go down?
You'll resolve this?
You said you just wanted
the original file.
I can't believe
I'm doing this for money...
How'll you keep everyone quiet?
Too many are involved.
So damn yappy.
Just need to shut one more up.
Kids are the best for
driving people mad.
Let her go,
this is between us.
Give me the knife.
Where's the video?
The Se-moon's PARK original video.
2nd floor,
it's in the study.
My husband will find you.
Your hubby is the killer.
Keep your word, let her go.
You okay?
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
- I thought you were...
- It's okay, sweetie.
Let her go.
- Kyung-rim!
- Dad!
Get out of here!
Stop, please stop.
Don't do it...
She saw my face.
Yeon-soo! Yeon-soo!
- Bye!
- See ya!
- Bye!
- See ya!
Did you black out again?
You should sleep in bed.
You okay?
You reek.
I'm sorry.
At least you know.
Right, Sarang?
Go wash up, you're setting
a good example for her.
What's with you?
Go wash up, you stink.
How much did you drink?
Shouldn't you get ready
for school?
It's too early,
let me play with her.
You made a promise
for getting the puppy.
10 more minutes,
I'll wash up afterwards.