The Pied Piper (1986) Movie Script

For years the Pied Piper
has gone from town to town
in countless guises, his legend
having no beginning nor end...
Our particular story takes place
over one day, in Prague
on New Year's Eve, perhaps
just so it could become a film.
a film shot in 24 hours
We're having a wedding!
Open up, councilors!
I'm getting married today.
Well, what'll it be?
The bride is near term and
I'm not going to reconsider.
Agnes, pitch the garland.
It's not in these days.
- It's not in!
- Well? Open up!
So what?
This bride is mine even
without your stamp of approval.
Stamp your affluent butts! We'll
take our business elsewhere.
I want to get married
this year, not the next.
Tomorrow, tomorrow,
whether craven or brave,
tomorrow I'll be
stretched out in my grave.
Alms for the poor.
Alms, kind sir,
for me and my bride.
We're great sinners.
You're so generous
on this last day of the year.
You deserve a fat reward
for your sins, my good man.
Indeed, the whole
town will soon be rewarded.
When I toll the midnight bells
you'll all be mine, my darlings.
And I'll create you in my image.
You're mine and nobody's
going to take you from me.
Anything else?
Who are you?
Here. Do you still care?
It doesn't matter,
my good people, let's carry on.
Come, Agnes.
Agnes, come on!
Lt'll be the Devil's work
if we don't get married.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go!
Agnes, come here!
Sexton! Agnes... Sexton!
We'd like you to marry us.
We want to marry.
We're all set: We've got
witnesses, the bride, the groom.
Right, I know:
Dear Agnes, do you take
Kristian as your husband
and to protect him? Yes.
Dear Kristian, do you
take Agnes as your wife?
Got it?
You can marry us now.
What? What are you staring at?
Will you marry us?
Hey, take this and marry us.
Take this!
I want you
to keep living in sin.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
- Let's go!
- What a weirdo.
- Come on!
- Move it!
Anything else, my child?
I hope you haven't sinned.
Where's Agnes?
I know I'm living in sin, but I
don't want to confess anything.
I believe that at midnight some
of my innocence will return.
- Glad to hear it, child.
- I wait for it as for salvation.
When I toll the midnight bells
I'll free the town of its guilt.
And you'll sin in my name.
Freely, with even greater
simplicity and love.
And you'll see!
You'll like it.
What were you looking for?
It's too damn late, eh?
- Hey, Mr. Musician, join us.
- Come join us!
- What if he's not a musician?
- He's not a musician!
- But he's got such a nice pipe.
- A shepherd's pipe!
I bet he can't play it.
Maybe it's magic.
Maybe it's deadly.
I am here.
I'll rid the town
of filth and rats.
I'll clean it up. Who'll pay me?
I'll pay you!
But you have to clean it all;
Not one sinful soul may remain.
- That's a tough task.
- You know my pipe? - Yes.
Of course,
your pipe, Pied Piper.
- So you know its power.
- Yes, I like power...
I love pernicious things.
You've come too late, Piper.
You'll never purify
this town of sin by midnight.
Ridding it
of rats is no longer enough.
Then I'll exterminate
the entire town.
My pipe
cannot harm innocence anyway.
Don't abuse
the gift that was given you.
I won't let you to ruin my work
when it's so near completion.
I'll silence your pipe.
I've never
blown with all my might.
You needn't. Maybe you're
destined for something greater.
To love...
a woman. That's far greater.
- My heart's not made for loving.
- The heart is an obstruction.
Okay then,
purify the town by midnight.
If you fail you lose your power.
And if I succeed?
I pay you and get out of your
way. I'll leave town. Deal?
Okay, it's a deal.
Atta boy.
Atta boy, Piper.
Stick to our strengths.
You know how to blow,
and I do the tempting.
When I toll the bells
we'll see who's stronger.
I thought it over. I'd like
you to hear my confession.
Who are you?
No one.
Less than nothing.
The Pied Piper.
Pied Piper?
Plenty of rats here.
God knows from where.
At first they just gnaw a bit,
then they're bolder and bolder.
- It's worse every day.
- What's your name?
- What do you have to confess?
- I'm like a delay-action mirror.
It's my fate to get things late.
I say everything too late;
I laugh and cry a day later.
But I know
how to wait patiently.
So I'm waiting for midnight.
But I'm the only one
who'll feel it a day late.
It seems
like I've known you forever.
Are you here?
I have to go, Piper.
Kristian is my bridegroom.
Piper... Enchanted...
Intoxicate the heart
beyond the grave...
I didn't confess...
Is your little soul at peace?
My sweet bride. My darling.
Alms, my good man,
for me and my bride.
We're great sinners.
For alms I'll tell you
what happens at midnight.
At midnight...
At midnight
the town becomes Hell!
a wedding garland and money.
If you're seeking a bride,
take this.
But my bride is dead.
We're all cursed.
I lay awake last night
sleepless in bed,
But there's nothing here
I need to dread,
Just the rats I hunt
until they run red,
What's this cloud
that's crept in my head?
I know what it is to be dead.
I know all the world's pain,
Envy can't hurt me
nor a dirty name,
As feeling awakens
the Piper's life is vain,
I must be gone when
I've blown my song of fame.
Let me die
and death strike its blow,
Love can't live
in the Piper's heart,
What does Fate want?
Will the pain ever go?
I should have scorned
that woman from the start.
On the horizon I see the end:
A red stain like blood,
and knights this way wend,
and that's no good.
Pathetic Piper!
Looking for your angel here?
You're wasting time.
Blow, and remember that
midnight means all or nothing.
Bride and groom, let's go!
Let's get drunk!
Ladies and gentlemen,
to the bride! Long may she live!
Long live this day!
Long live Agnes!
Long live Agnes!
Come on.
Join us.
Looking for me, handsome?
Got some time? Want love?
Plenty of time till midnight.
See, Piper?
A city full of rats and sin.
A golden surface
covering the filth within.
Hear that?
How they rejoice? They little
suspect that time is on my side.
What's the matter little girl?
Don't you like them?
My two very favorite sins:
Vice and lechery.
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Crying, Agnes?
Here, I'll paint you some tears.
Is it you?
I have to tell you something.
I never loved anyone before.
But now?
I had my pipe
and I exterminated rats.
Now I'm forgetting my calling.
the town means killing.
Midnight cleans everyone, even
me who laughs and cries late.
- Lf I tell you, you won't want me.
- None can save a lost soul.
I can decide
who lives and who dies.
But I don't want to.
Maybe I'll find you...
And maybe I'll lose everything.
There's only you.
There was Kristian.
But now I only think of you.
I want to dance with you.
I've got to go.
What'll we drink?
Wait here, Agnes.
Alms, please.
This miss is sensitive
and will be rewarded.
At midnight the whole town
will be rewarded for its sins.
Rewarded for sin?
Won't we be forgiven?
Sorry, good people,
to interrupt your tete-a-tete.
Beat it back where you belong.
- Are you nuts? Giving away
my gold? - Go away!
Of course! Give it all away.
Alms... Come and get them.
You'd like some alms, eh?
Sure, you'd like some alms.
Excuse me, my dear Piper.
You play and play
but the sinning goes ever on.
I guess you realize that some
are born to joy, others to woe.
Some live in slums,
others in palaces.
You have to stop and think
when hirelings come to drink.
No, no, it's okay.
Feelings? Oh, no,
they don't suit you, Piper.
The Pied Piper should have
no heart; feelings weaken him.
He'll lose his uniqueness.
They weaken him.
Remember midnight!
Why, Piper?
Such a fine timepiece.
Friends, I've got
a pleasant surprise for you.
Champagne or not?
If I die it won't be of thirst.
A rat!
Agnes, I've got
a little present for you.
Let me lay it at your feet.
- Kristian?
- Agnes!
You won't run away from me!
- That wasn't such a funny joke.
- No, it wasn't.
Try to understand her.
She's oversensitive right now.
To each his deserts.
And I deserve Agnes.
I do.
All aboard!
Hey, give it a rest.
Cut the blowing and get lost!
Are you deaf, or what?
Get out of the way!
Where's Agnes?
Where's the bride?
Please, Piper, take pity on me.
I don't love Kristian.
It's not my fault. Please.
I don't love him anymore.
I don't want his baby.
It just happened.
I want to be innocent,
but I can't. I don't know how.
Find Agnes. I only want
what's rightfully mine.
Please, I can only think of you.
Now you know
everything I've done wrong.
I know, my child.
Too bad he doesn't know...
Your Pied Piper.
He's busy exterminating rats.
But he doesn't have enough time.
But you won't be destroyed
for your sin. That I'm sure of.
Midnight's getting closer...
God said to Abraham:
If I find in Sodom 50 righteous
I will spare all the place.
And Abraham answered and said:
Peradventure there shall lack
five of the fifty righteous:
Wilt thou destroy all the city
for lack of five?
And God said,
If I find there forty and five,
I will not destroy it.
Everyone knows the story.
Poor God would have been
satisfied with ten righteous.
But that sinful city had none.
We'll all get our just deserts.
At the stroke of midnight.
Anyone seen
where my bride's gone?
- Who's seen his bride?
- Agnes!
Where are you?
Have you seen her?
My darling children!
Now you realize, Piper, that
if you wish to purify this town
you've got to kill, without
exception, without mercy.
You've just got to kill-
if you've got the power.
Look here: Sins, intolerance...
duplicity... lies...
lies... You lie down,
you play...
I know, your pipe.
Midnight is approaching.
Piper! Midnight...
Only I have the gift...
All eternity.
Don't you miss me?
I heard
you were throwing a cool party.
Don't ever leave me. I'll never
give up what I've got, get it?
I'll never release you.
I don't belong to you anymore.
You're like rats.
I thought there was hope
in midnight but now I'm afraid.
I've never blown with all
my might, but I will tonight.
Or else I won't purify the town.
But don't worry. My pipe
won't harm your innocence.
My innocence? Piper,
why don't you listen to me?
Midnight is coming...
Get the champagne ready.
We'll all soon be happy.
Here's to the bride!
She's already happy now.
What are you saying, you toad?
Where's my bride?
What does it matter, man?
Here or under the bridge?
A sin more or less?
Long live midnight!
Agnes... I'm you man!
Well, well, well...
With whom do I have the honor?
Spill it, man.
Some loser with a cane?
Some bum with a crutch?
Maybe a stinking cur
who dug up a rotting bone, eh?
Oh, no, you're from outer space.
An extraterrestrial with an oar
who missed the boat.
Agnes is carrying my child.
- Well, Piper, now you'll dance.
- Give me the pipe back!
Yes, now we're going to play,
- I'm going to play for Agnes...
- No! ...because I love her.
No, Kristian!
He who is without sin...
Cast the first stone.
He who is without sin...
Cast the first stone.
He who is without sin...
Cast the first stone.
Wait for me.
Take me with you, wherever.
I must stop the Devil's bells.
I won't let him take this town.
- Then blow with all your might.
- But you will perish too.
You lost, Piper! You were
to purify the whole town.
My dear Piper,
I'm so glad you're so weak.
And glad you're strong.
You traded your power
for the love of a woman!
The town is mine;
your pipe is mine...
The beauty of the town,
the ruin of the town...
My dear Piper...
It's all for you...
It's the end, Piper.
No one heard your pipe,
but they all heard my bells.
And all who heard...
All will go to hell!
You lost, Piper.
Your pipe, please.
Here, take it.
I won hope and I won love.
Get out of my town!
Get out!
Here I wait
knowing in time
you'll understand.
Stairs to Heaven's gate
slip like ice;
Come take my hand.
So many stars so bright
shining on you fair.
So many paths so right
leading you there.
You know my name,
I'm your shadow
and your fears,
they're yours again.
I feed on tears.
So many stars so bright
shining on you fair.
So many paths so right
leading you there.
I'm like a delay-action mirror.
Only I
will hear the bells tomorrow.
In mists I wait,
you can't sense
what's in store,
what comes so late,
maybe nothing,
maybe more.
So many stars so bright
shining on you fair.
So many paths so right
leading you there.