The Piper (2023) Movie Script

[electronic noise]
[quiet rumbling increases]
[dull bubbling]
[Sounds become quieter]
[Gustafson on the phone]
I know it's tormenting
you, Katherine, but it
would be easier for you
if you could let go
and not bottle it up,
Then you could show the
audience what you're made of,
You don't understand, it's evil!
No one should
ever know about it,
[Gustafson on the phone]
Don't be so dramatic,
-Why don't you just come here,,,
You don't know what
you're asking of me,
Think about your legacy, about
the symphony, [quiet, ominous music]
Everything depends on it,
I will not do it,
[loud noises]
[heavy breathing]
[loud closing noise]
[quiet, ominous
music] [loud
footsteps on
wooden floor]
[loud noise of the gate]
[heavy breathing]
[Music becomes more intense]
[loud sound of flames]
[music intensifies]
[loud closing noise]
noises] No!
[ghostly wail]
[frightened breather]
[quiet clatter]
[heavy breathing]
[dull bubbling]
[quiet women's choir singing]
[soundscape becomes
quieter] [sudden noise]
[faded screams]
[dramatic music]
[loud screams]
[Soundscape becomes
quieter] [Thunder, rain]
[menacing music]
[crackling fire]
[ghostly voices]
becomes quieter]
[Orchestra tunes
the instruments]
[Orchestra ends]
[Plays the transverse flute]
[further instruments are used]
[Music becomes duller]
[Music sounds normal again]
[Music becomes duller]
[music becomes quieter]
breathing noises]
[Music sounds normal again]
[Music ends] [Baton
strikes three
times] [Silence]
Just mediocre,
An orchestra is a unit and
must therefore play like one,
Miss Walker, I asked you
to play tempo rubato, but
apparently you succumbed to
your daydreams in the melody,
I expect them to play
the piece of music exactly
like their colleagues in
the orchestra next time,
I cant hear you,
This was a tough week,
The loss of our dear friend
Katherine has completely
changed our plans for
the anniversary fundraiser,
We can't rehearse
her concert tomorrow,
An alternative is in the works,
approaching] [murmur]
[Nancy] I thought he
wouldn't let us go at all,
Nancy, when
you're flying high,
the rest of us seem
pretty unfocused,
Can't keep up?
Debussy sounds good when
you play the notes he wrote,
Yes, but Debussy in particular
encourages improvisation,
Just don't listen to him,
-[Mel] What are you saying?
-It was great,
Sometimes it
sounded threatening,
He does everything he can
to take Katherine's place,
You're going to have to
kiss his ass just like he does,
-Better, you are much better than him!
-I know,
-I know you know that,
but does Gustafson know it too?
If you don't bring yourself into the
conversation, nothing will happen,
See you later,
Fine, go ahead,
Oh, and Mom,
[questioning sound]
Mr, Gustfson, have you decided
what we're going to play yet?
If it were up to me, nothing,
because you can't just replace them,
Plus, the score is missing and
Katherine's family is causing trouble,
But, as they say,
the show must go on,
Did you find time to
watch my flute concert?
I suggested it for the
new composers next year,
I would care more
about keeping my place
here on the floor than
chasing a pipe dream,
This is not a fantasy,
Mr, Gustafson,
Miss Walker, Melanie,
let me be honest,
your music is good,
but gentle,
I'm looking for something
powerful, bold, like Franklin's,
Well, I can adapt,
Give me a few pointers
and I'll get back to it,
You're young, Miss Walker,
I have no doubt
that you will
get your place
in the spotlight,
Only when the time is right,
[footsteps move away]
[quiet footsteps on the parquet]
[quiet, ghostly noises]
[distant ghostly singing voice]
[distant creaking]
[distant ghostly
singing voice, static]
[Hissing gets louder]
[loud noise, frightened noise]
Did I scared you?
I hate it when you do that,
Are you afraid of
the ghosts in there?
Which ghosts?
A long time
ago a fire raged
here and a lot
of people died,
Mainly children,
I do not believe you,
It's true, my mom told me,
Everything here
had to be rebuilt,
It's been fifty years, but
the ghosts still live here,
[sound of a door]
This is not a playground!
These are death traps,
Let's go,
[Street noise,
babble of voices]
[Mel] Yes, I
know it's expired,
That's why I have to extend it,
Same rate, same
term, [Bar atmosphere]
[Man on the phone] According to our files,
a child has a pre-existing condition,
We already had this plan
last year when she got sick,
I just want to ask
you, to extend it,
Sorry ma'am, I can email you
the rates that are suitable for you,
Yes, that would be
nice of you, Thank you,
[Clinking money]
[Car engine, raindrops]
[Zoe practices the recorder]
[distant street noise]
Oh, she didn't
applaud, your doll,
Pretty rude!
[quiet piano music]
Phew, [small laugh from
Zoe] I didn't play well,
They don't work
like they used to,
I'll make sure you get a doctor's
appointment soon, I promise,
[little laugh]
Do you think I'll
be as good as you?
If you continue to practice
diligently, you'll even get better,
It took me weeks
to play the faun,
But if you practice enough, what you
hear in your ear won't matter so much,
You also feel whether
everything is good,
You feel it, Yes?
Wait, I'll show you, okay?
[Zoe imitates airplane]
Zoe, are you ready?
[glass makes noise]
Isn't that cool?
-In order!
Now you! But first,
take out the hearing aids,
[sounds become muffled]
[dull sound of the glass]
[dull pushing]
[dull sound of the glass]
[approving sound]
[muffled noises from
the glasses, laughter]
[City noise, church bells]
[knocking] I'm
very busy right now,
I made a few
changes to my piece,
Too late, we decided
to take Franklin's piece,
I tried very hard,
Would you look at it?
Listen, I'm just as
disappointed as you are,
and replacing Katherine
wasn't an easy decision,
Anything else?
If I found Katherine's piece?
Can you see it,
Like you, I was
born in Brighton,
I have followed her
career and even studied
under her leadership at the
Royal Academy in London,
She was my friend, my mentor,
I know her family, I
want to tell you one thing!
This was supposed
to be her night,
We should remember
her with dignity
by playing the last
piece she composed,
Maybe I'll be lucky and find it!
Franklin would be devastated,
He will be in the
spotlight a little later,
[quiet music starts]
But you are
mistaken on one point,
It's not her new
piece, not really,
what do you know about
Katherine's first concert?
She wrote it while
studying in Hanover and
was inspired by
European folklore - and it
was only performed once,
-Yes, until today!
[Music slowly gets
louder] You want
to perform the
concert for children?
Yes we will, For the first
time since the premiere,
But the fire,,,
Sorry, I thought all
copies were destroyed,
She kept one for herself,
The worst thing for an artist
is to destroy his own work,
But this music is controversial,
dangerously controversial,
But there are many people who have
been waiting to hear them for years,
Was Katherine okay with this?
She had suggested it,
Virgil Hall's survival
depends on this fundraiser,
Just like your career, You have
a daughter to support, don't you?
After Katherine's death you need
new friends in the symphony orchestra,
I could be one of them,
Find the concert
piece and bring it to me,
and you will be surprised
at the doors it opens for you,
[music gets louder]
[Music becomes more threatening]
[eerie noise]
Can I help you?
I'm Melanie Walker,
I was a friend of Katherine's,
Are you her sister? Alice?
My sincere condolences,
I don't remember
her mentioning you,
No, she was my
professor at university,
It's been a while,
I play in the symphony
orchestra and wanted to ask
if I,,, You're looking for the
concert piece, aren't you?
Your boss has
called a few times,
She hasn't even been dead
a week yet and now you try
To profit from her death,
You vultures,
No, I,,, I really didn't
mean to offend you,
I just think about
Katherine's legacy,
As I told Mr, Gustafson,
she did not want,
that it is performed,
If you truly care
about their legacy,
you should respect
their wishes,
How do you know she
didn't want it performed?
Because it was precisely
these notes from the concert
piece that she really wanted
to burn and in doing so
came into contact with
the fire and burned herself,
How do you say? She
wanted to burn them?
This music will never
see the light of day again,
You have no business here,
please leave at last,
[loud noise of gate]
[eerie music]
[sound of a car]
[Car door is slammed]
[Shaking the window]
[Opening the window]
[quiet footsteps
on the parquet]
threatening music]
[Blow] [Open
and close drawer]
[eerie piano music]
[loud noise]
[eerie piano music]
[Parquet floors creak quietly]
[Music becomes more intense]
[dull noise]
[scary noises]
[heavy breathing]
[scary noises]
[loud noise when parking]
[heavy breathing]
piano music starts]
[heavy breathing]
Concert number 1 for children!
[quiet strings enter]
[Device starts]
Concert for children,
1 sentence,
[quiet, spooky orchestral music]
[Music gets louder, booming]
[mysterious, spooky noises]
[Sounds stop, scary
orchestral music]
[heavy hit, eerie music]
[A crow caws]
[Music becomes quieter again]
[heavy breathing] [loud
wind, rattling
wind chime]
[Car door slams]
[labored breathing]
[whispering]Where are the keys?
[ghostly sound]
[Steps on the parquet]
[quiet, screeching noise]
[Sound like birds
chirping] Alice?
[loud noise]
[still ghostly sounds]
[faded scream, dull bang]
[Rain, heavy
breathing] [Moaning]
[Car door closes]
[engine won't
start] [muffled
sounds from
wiper blades]
Crap cart!
Jump on already!
[dull sounds of
the wiper blades]
[deafening noise, screaming]
[Engine starts]
[Soundbite fades
out] Have you
sent anyone else to
Katherine's house?
-Franklin, for example?
Where is the rest of
the third sentence?
That's all I found,
And the tapes, what was on them?
Piano pieces, but only
from the first two movements,
It's totally pointless, we can't
perform something that has no end,
I know it looks bad,
I was up all night
reading the score,
I think I can
finish the third set,
Absurd, We only
have a week left,
I need something that I
can rehearse from now on,
I work quickly, Rehearse the
passages that are available,
The building blocks of the
third movement are there, I can
hear the different instruments
and the leitmotif in my head,
Nobody knows Katherine's
Work better than me,
I know her approach,
I can imagine
what notes she
would have written,
A tribute to Katherine,
Oh come on, you
know as well as I
do that you can
use that as leverage,
You help me, I'll help you, Yes?
The finale is the most
important sequence,
If existential questions
are asked in the first
sentence, we must
answer them in the third,
Good, I can do that,
Then lets get going,
[quiet ticking, quiet
orchestral music]
[gentle piano playing]
[Clicking, tape
recorder whirring quietly]
[eerie piano score]
[scary noises]
[eerie noises get louder]
[loud moment of shock]
[dull hissing
and bubbling]
[soundscape fades out]
[quiet orchestral music]
[dull rumbling]
[Silence sets in]
[quiet, dull humming]
[eerie noises, hissing]
[Noise becomes
loud, then fades
out] [Philip] Music
is also a language,
Abstract, perhaps
stirring, but emotional,
What I'm trying to say is
this: Reading is a learned
behavior, but we don't have
to learn to listen to music,
We surrender to it,
And because we do
that, we have to accept
that music can have
a powerful effect on us,
It can draw emotions out of us,
It can inspire us, it
can make us mourn,
She can be aggressive,
And sometimes it scares us too,
[Click, J,S, Bach - Toccata and Fugue
in D minor BWV 565 sounds, laughter]
[Mel] That's strange, isn't it?
Philip, hey,
That is wonderful,
And this rhythm,
it captivates you,
But it is very different from
Katherine's other pieces,
Artists evolve,
Maybe she just wanted to change,
Hey, can I show you something?
Here, this is Latin,
Turn discord into harmony
and introduce chaos into
the cosmos, Why did she
put that on the front page?
Harmony and
discord, cosmos and
chaos, these are
both cosmic opposites,
Imagine the music
disturbing the air,
A disruption that can cause
both harmony and discord,
-[whispering] Discord,
but are you also familiar
with the deeper implications?
Watch out,
Look at this,
This is a harmonigraph,
Harmony means
two or more
working together,
[Loud of Satisfaction]
So now if we add
Discord Disturbance,
[soft eerie music]
this ruins our pattern,
The same goes for music,
In the Middle Ages it
was believed that discord,
i,e, disharmony, affected
the soul and threw it
from its harmonious path
onto an irrational path,
So music can lead a soul astray?
At least that's what
people thought back then,
You know, certain types of
music were like incantations
that put people in a state
of intoxication and trance,
They began to hallucinate
and seemed to go crazy,
Then people spoke
of demonic music,
You really made me feel
better just
thinking about it,
Hey, there's a voice
at the end of the
tape, but I don't
understand what it's saying,
Do you think you can put it out?
I should be able to do
this, I will do my best,
[Violin playing]
[Recorder is added]
Children, can you
close the door?
I can't hear the
whistling anymore,
I need to practice more,
My mom practices every day,
My mom says if you can't hear
anything, you can't play an instrument,
Come with me,
[Playing the violin,
opening the door]
[quiet footsteps on the parquet]
Wait here,
[footsteps move away]
[quiet, ominous music]
[dull hissing]
[loud clicking]
[quiet crackling]
[dull hissing gets
a little louder]
What are you doing here?
You're not allowed
to play with that,
This is an antique,
This music is strange,
[very loud noise from the door]
Seriously, I saw
things as I heard them,
What kind of things?
A lake!
[dull noise]
Why do we always play down here?
What? Does the dark scare you?
Good, You start,
Count to twenty,
[footsteps move away]
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten,
eleven, twelve,
thirteen, fourteen,
fifteen, sixteen,
seventeen eighteen,
nineteen, twenty,
[dull bang, startled sound]
[short, indefinable
voices] [dull noise]
[dull hissing
gets louder]
[quiet, ominous music]
[sound of the ball]
[quiet recorder sounds]
[muffled roaring gets louder]
Are you in here?
[Hissing and music
get a little louder]
[distant whistle]
crackling] [muffled
noise, dramatic music]
again] [hectic
breathing] [scream]
[Mel] What happened?
The light went out,
It was getting dark,
Nothing happened,
[Voices slightly in
the background] How
many times have I
said not to scare him,
[Zoe] I didn't do anything,
[door closes]
[Colin hums melody, piano music]
[Piano music
ends] You should
have been
asleep for an hour,
I can't get this
melody out of my head,
Then think of
something else now,
Count sheep,
[quiet piano music begins]
Okay good night,
[Piano music stops]
[Colin whistles a tune]
Can you please stop this,
I don't want to get
your catchy tune too,
Sleep well,
[Colin whistles a tune]
[whistle fades out]
heavy rain]
[whistle fades away]
[quiet piano music begins]
[eerie ghost songs]
[Chants end]
[anxious breathers]
[scary noises]
[quiet thunder]
[more eerie noises]
[loud, high-pitched
whistling] [frightening
noise] [eerie music]
[rat squeals] [dull
thud, startled sound]
[Rat squeaks]
[very loud, dull bang,
which fades away again]
[Rat makes unnatural
noises] [Silence]
[loud, persistent knocking]
-[Calling Nancy] Mel, open up,
-Yes, what is it?
-Is Colin here?
What's up?
He's not in his room,
He doesn't just disappear,
-No, Mel, he doesn't do that,
-Mel, he's not that kind of boy,
-He is afraid,
-I know,
Listen to me, we'll find him, okay?
Everything is fine, I know everything is fine,
[quiet music starts]
[quiet police radio messages]
No, I didn't hear
anything, I slept all night,
That's it, thank you!
It's all ok!
It's dark,
A little too dark for a children's
concert, don't you think?
I don't care if they cry
in fear or shit their pants,
The main thing is that
it gets finished on time,
How much longer do you need?
If you want, I'll bring
it to you tomorrow,
They don't sound convincing,
Come with me,
Take a close
look at this theater,
If you're craving inspiration,
let me tell you the following,
If the third movement is not
ready for rehearsal and completed
by tomorrow, you will no longer
have a place in this orchestra,
Step by step, it
should be gradual,
I want to make a strong appearance,
with verve, and make a statement,
Melanie, what do you think?
[Music tunes their instruments]
It should be Andante,
The flute should be Andante,
As a contrast to the third act,
So Andante,
How can you expect
us to know this
when we don't even
know the full score?
Concentrate on the rehearsal
and the tasks at hand,
Enjoy your 15 minutes, Melanie,
Break a leg,
[Music tunes their instruments]
[Baton taps four
times] I hope you're all
familiar with the first
two sentences by now,
A special thanks to Miss Walker
for making these rehearsals possible,
[Musicians rap applause]
She assured
me that we would
get the full third
set tomorrow,
Since we only have three
days left until the concert,
I'm wondering why you're
sitting here not working,
From the beginning,
[orchestra starts playing]
[eerie roaring]
[eerie noises]
[quiet, spooky music]
[Choir voices]
[bang] [muffled
bang] [ghostly
voices] [ghostly
scratching noises]
[scary roaring]
[ghostly voice]
whisper] [thunder]
[wild melody of
the transverse flute]
[Music swells]
[Music escalates]
[Music stops]
[distant, eerie noises]
-Franklin, what is it?
-I'm doing well,
Damn, who's in charge
of the air conditioning?
It's way too hot in here,
[quiet murmur]
Do you remember what
you explained to me?
Is it possible for
disharmony to affect people?
Can people feel sick?
[Philip] No, music
can't hurt you,
Okay, these harmony and
disharmony theses are just
philosophical fantasies,
there is no evidence for them,
Okay, Phil, can
I call you later?
[quiet, eerie music starts]
[Zoe] These are my books,
I thought you were
already asleep,
I can not sleep, I'm
worried about Colin,
Come here,
What are you reading?
The rat catcher from Hameln,
Come here,
Cuddle up,
[quite Music]
The city of Hamelin was
plagued by thousands of rats,
One night a stranger
appeared and offered
to solve the problem
for the townspeople,
He would drive away
the rats for a fee,
The residents agreed,
So the stranger played
a tune on his flute and the
rats disappeared, but
the people didn't keep their
promise and didn't want
to give him any money,
The stranger became angry
and said to the people: If you
don't pay me, I will take away
the most important thing you have,
That same night, all
the children in the town
were woken up by the
stranger playing the flute,
They all followed the eerie tune
and were never seen again," Oh,
you know what, maybe that's not
such an appropriate bedtime story,
What happened
to the flute player?
He kept his word,
The city lost everything,
[music stops]
I still have a lot to do,
Go to bed, okay?
[door closes] [soft
music starts again]
[heavy breathing]
[thunder, rain,
car] [music stops]
Concert for children,
1st movement Allegro,
[eerie noise]
[soft music
through headphones]
[Music gets louder]
[scary noises]
[Music stops]
[dull throbbing]
[quiet moaning]
[street noise]
I didn't write that,
What the hell is that?
[quiet music starts]
[Cell phone vibrates]
[Children play]
[dull sound]
[quiet, ominous music]
[scary noises]
[Children scream]
[dull rumbling]
[unpleasant, high-pitched noise]
[stops, dull rumbling]
[Rumbling sounds]
[dull hissing]
[dull hissing]
[dull rumbling]
[distant screams]
[dramatic music]
[glass breaks] [short
noise] [Zoe screams]
[music becomes calmer
and quieter]
[Mel] What happened?
Why do not you talk to me?
I listened to it,
The ribbon,
I shouldn't have done
that, Colin listened to it first,
Wait, Zoe, Colin
listened to the tape?
He said afterwards that
he would see something,
a lake,
[tearful] I didn't hear anything because
my hearing aids weren't working,
[whispering] But I felt it,
It's like we're
vibrating glasses,
-I felt it in my head,
It's still there,
-I want it to stop,
-I want it to finally stop,
-Okay, Zoe, it's all good,
We replace the music
you listen to, OK?
When you were a
baby, it always calmed
you down when I
played something for you,
[quiet piano
music] Okay?
Here take out
your hearing aids,
[quietly] Very good!
[very quietly] Okay,
[Flute music]
[Music sounds out]
[loud crackling]
[Steps on the parquet]
[Clacking of a metronome]
[quiet ghostly noises]
[Sound of a door]
clattering noises]
[dull hissing
slowly gets louder]
[Door creaks]
[loud noise]
[loud breathing]
[startling sound]
[door slams]
[Door creaks]
[loud ghostly noise]
[Noise fades away,
sound of a door]
[short noise]
[Door creaks]
[Zoe] Can I come out?
[quiet, ominous music]
[loud noise, frightened noise]
[ghostly music]
[dull sound]
[tearing paper]
Wake up!
[Sounds and
music stop] [Sigh]
It makes you sick,
[heavy breathing]
[Franklin] She didn't
deliver, did she?
She's too late,
When I was preparing
my solo I immersed myself
in the concerto, I mean
I know it inside and out,
What are you trying to say?
She doesn't have the
qualifications for this job,
Me, yes,
[sound of steel door]
Nancy, I didn't
expect you here today,
I want to rehearse,
What are you doing here,
you should stay at home,
Please let me call you a taxi,
No, No, I know
where I have to go,
I'm really sorry about your son,
[quiet, ghostly sounds]
[loud, wild orchestral music]
[loud rain, engine noise]
[Music is becoming
more and more chaotic]
[Music dies]
[Steps on the parquet]
Melanie honors us
with her presence,
I hope you brought the
third sentence with you,
-Mr, Gustafson, we need to talk!
-Did you bring him with you?
I made myself clear, You know,
what happens if you don't have it,
-Please play something else,
This music is not what they
think it is, It's not Katherine's,
Have you gone crazy? Am
I talking to a freaky lunatic?
You can't pretend
the piece is hers,
I'm in charge, we'll play all
the sets, in Katherine's name,
And if you care about
their legacy, you won't
say a word about this
nonsense to anyone,
Did you understand me?
Damn, do you understand me?
Now bring me the
third sentence and
then you will never
enter this building again,
-I dont have him,
-Then get it,
They don't need you,
I knew she was unreliable,
And as I already
explained to you, I
know the children's
concert inside and out,
It is finished, I also
wrote a third sentence,
You don't know what you're
talking about, please listen to me,
No offense, Melanie, but this is
about the symphony, about Katherine,
-Franklin, please listen to me,
-Miss Walker, go,
or I'll call security
to escort them out,
I'm sorry, as far as I know you are
no longer a member of the orchestra,
[soft music]
[footsteps move away]
[ghostly sounds]
[Sound of a door] Nancy?
[door slams]
[Sound of the door]
[Orchestral music gets louder]
[Music fades]
I know where Colin is,
He's going to the lake now,
You shouldn't be up here,
I'm here to find him,
Come here,
I'll help you down, okay?
[scared sounds]
[scary music] What's
wrong with me?
[muffled sound] [murmur
of water] [the
music gets louder]
Could it be that Colin is there?
No, no, Nancy, don't!
To suppress the music,
No, Nancy, don't!
No, no, Nancy, don't, please!
Don't do that, Nancy,
[horrified sounds]
[gasps] Hey, okay,
going to be okay!
Everything will be fine,
[muffled roar]
What's wrong with you, damn it?
Help her!
[ghostly sounds]
[The background noise increases]
[Soundscape fades] [Mel]
Thank you for
coming here,
You just have to stay
with her for a few hours,
-OK? -You're welcome,
Oh god, you look tired!
Yes, I'm fine, I didn't
sleep particularly well,
What is all that?
-Very nice,
-Like in the fairy tale,
Since when have
you been feeling bad?
Who says that?
I do it,
Ever since you listened
to the tape, since
then you've been
listening to it all the time,
Is that why you can't sleep?
-I had a lot to do,
And when you sleep
you have strange dreams,
What are you
dreaming about, Philip?
From a lake?
-How do you know?
-I'll show you why,
There is something very
wrong with this music,
Look at the combination of
notes and how they vibrate,
I don't think
they're Katherine's,
She didn't write them alone,
The music seems to
have a different effect on
children than on adults,
Just like in the fairy tale,
She scares them,
look at this!
The bond that you gave me
you should listen to it,
At first I thought it was a
recording glitch, but it's kind of weird,
-Play it,
unintelligible voice]
[Device is switched off,]
That's not Katherine,
That's not even a real voice,
It's not a human one,
What does this mean?
It was Latin,
I didn't understand the second
part, but I did understand the first:
[whispering] Mine
World is discord,
So, Phil, that sounds
fucking bizarre,
but this creature used me
to complete the sentence,
Just like Katherine used,
What happens if you finish it?
I don't know it,
Hey, where are you going?
To Katherine,
I think she knew there
was something wrong
with the music and
maybe she found a solution,
I must have missed something,
Gustafson is busy
with today's concert,
And I absolutely
have to prevent that,
Just check the rest
of the tape, but,,,
-don't listen to the melody!
[distant, wild
[menacing music]
[door closes]
[engine noise]
[car door closes]
[front door closes]
[music stops]
[Zoe]But one child was deaf
and couldn't hear the music,
She witnessed what
was happening and led the
townspeople to the lake where
the stranger had led the children,
But they were too late,
In their unbridled anger, they hunted
the flute player and took revenge on him,
Before they drowned him,
he warned them, saying: As
long as my music lives, none
of your children will ever be safe,
[quite Music]
[Colin whispering] Zoe,
[music stops]
[threatening music]
[Colin fades away] Hide!
[quiet music from
several transverse flutes]
[Rolling thunder]
[ghostly singing]
[heavy breathing]
[Plays the transverse flute]
[quiet thunder]
[loud tearing of paper]
[music gets a little
louder] [loud thunder]
[Orchestra begins]
[dull roaring gets louder]
[orchestra fades
out, ghostly
sounds] [labored
[loud piano sound] Damn!
[anxious breathers]
It probably wasn't enough that
you stole my sister's concert,
What else do you want?
There's nothing in
this house but rats,
This house has
always been full of rats,
I'm here to stop the concert,
A little too late,
don't you think?
I tried to warn you,
I told you, stay away
from this piece of music,
Did you know about it?
She said writing down the grades
would take the pressure off her,
I've never heard the melody,
[Piano lid closes] I was still
a child when she brought
the piece back from Germany,
God knows how curious I was
looking forward to the premiere,
But she forbade me to come,
I didn't understand why at
the time, but as the years went
by, Katherine seemed to
disappear more and more often,
-Then she started talking,
-Can you stop the music?
No, you can't stop them,
It took 50 years, but in the
end this music killed my sister,
She stood guard
between our world
and whatever is
on the other side,
In the end she no longer
had enough strength,
This music is a prison,
you can't escape it,
When you hear them,
you are trapped forever,
No, there has to be
a way to stop this,
It doesn't exist!
Katherine tried everything,
She isolated herself, separated from
everyone who loved her, And for what?
The music
filled my beloved
sister's life with
pain and chaos,
[loud breather]
[quiet orchestral music]
[smiling sound]
This world is
discord, a world
full of chaos,
He brought discord into harmony,
I have to turn this
disharmony back into harmony,
That is the solution,
[footsteps move
away] [quiet thunder]
[Door creaks]
[ghostly voice] Zoe, I'm scared,
[eerie sound]
[quiet orchestral music]
[ghostly voice] Come here, I
want to show you something,
[exciting music]
[quiet thunder]
[quiet orchestral music]
[loud thunder]
[incomprehensible ghost voice]
[dramatic music]
[ghostly voice] I want
to show you the lake,
[orchestral music
from the tape recorder]
[Music continues playing]
[dull rumbling]
[Noise and music
stops] [[Child's voice on
TV] You would never
hurt a friend, would you?
But Bailey is no ordinary cow,
Bailey is a dancing cow,
Do you know how to
teach a cow to dance?
With music,
[quiet thunder]
You can whistle, right?
[Female voice on TV with
reverberation] And you?
Can you whistle?
Then whistle with me,
[Woman whistles]
[muffled bang]
[whistle fades
into noise]
[loud rain and engine noises]
[engine dies] [door
slams] [footsteps
on asphalt]
[labored breathing]
[quiet sobs]
[loud crying]
Please stop, please
stop, Damned!
[painful sounds]
I can not stand this anymore!
[unpleasant noise, crying]
Please stop!
Stop it, please, please, please,
[loud cracking]
[scream of pain]
[high-pitched whistling,
thundering] [continued
[whistling stops]
Why doesn't it stop?
[noise builds]
Stop! Stop!
Please! Stop, stop!
-Stop it!
Stop, Phil!
Where is Zoe? Phil,
look at me, where is Zoe?
Damn, where is Zoe?
[quiet orchestral music]
[Music gets louder and
louder] [timpani beats]
[music stops]
[roarsome applause]
[Applause dies down]
Dear audience, we are
now coming to the climax
of today's performance,
The concert for children
was very important to her and
was composed by our friend,
the great Katherine Fleischer,
An inspiration for them
Generation of tomorrow,
So today, for the
first time since
1975, this piece
will be played in its
entirety and
without interruption,
I hope you will like it,
[Orchestral piece
begins quietly]
[Flute begins]
[Strings enter]
[music fades out]
[eerie noises]
[dull roaring]
[Brakes squeal]
on the asphalt]
[Orchestra plays
dramatic music]
[Orchestra gets louder]
[loud footsteps]
[a quiet, muffled
rumbling occurs]
[whispering] Which one is it?
[the orchestra plays
more and more wildly]
[Orchestra escalates]
[Orchestra plays shrill tones]
[Orchestra falls silent]
[dull music]
[ghostly noises]
[dull, pulsating sound]
[scary noises]
[Music gets louder]
[Scream in pain and fear]
[last sound of pain]
[splashing sounds]
[fearful sound]
[tearing noise]
[monstrous noise]
I am Maestro Gustafson!
[orchestral tones]
[Painful sound]
[Frightening music]
[long held scream]
[Sound of breaking strings]
[deep roaring, ghostly noises]
[Flute plays
melody] [dull drone]
[loud roaring fades away]
[The flute continues
to play, a quiet drone]
[further instruments are used]
[Rattling, vibrating]
[Noise is increasing]
[Music swells]
[Music sounds out]
[subliminal drone, quiet music]
[quiet sound of the sea]
[quiet, ghostly singing]
[pulsating sound slowly swells]
[noise fades
out] [eerie music]
[Thundering] [Music
slowly getting louder]
[Violin plays melody]
[distorted] Zoe!
What is it?
What is?
[heavy breathing]
[Sounds become duller]
[Sound clear
again, melody plays]
[Sounds become duller]
[Sound clear again,
melody plays] [Bubbling]
[Mel] Come on, quickly!
[monstrous sound]
[ghostly singing]
[desperate sounds]
I couldn't save her,
[heavy breathing]
[Thundering, moaning]
[sudden loud noise, Zoe screams]
[dramatic music]
[electric hiss]
[Music and noise
fade away] [Flute plays]
[Scream] [Painful
sound] [Flute
continues playing]
[Roar of pain]
[Orchestral music is added]
[Sound becomes dull]
[Sound clear again]
[Sound becomes dull]
[Sound clear
again, roar of pain]
continues playing]
I liked my
version better!
[menacing music]
[sounds of fear]
[Recorder plays melody]
[Monster grumbles]
[monstrous sounds]
[sounds of pain]
[crying sounds]
Zoe, Zoe, look at me,
[monster growls]
[Instruments play melody]
[sounds of pain]
[Rats squeak]
[Orchestral music fades
into the background]
[whispering] Hey, Zoe,
it's over,
[Music slowly gets louder]
[pulsating roar]
[Music sounds out]
[scary noises]
[soft moans]
[dull bang]
[Sounds fade out]
[Recorder playing]
[Philip] Can the children
remember anything?
[negative sound]
They don't know where they were,
what they saw and what they heard,
And Zoe?
music] No,
She doesn't remember
anything either,
[recorder playing]
[Game stops]
Wow, Zoe, what an improvement,
Miss Augustine,
I composed a piece,
Did you write it
all by yourself?
So it's based on an
old melody I heard once,
This piece is brand new,
Do you want to hear it?
I don't want to end
up like Katherine,
I don't want to isolate
myself or close myself away,
That was her mistake,
She couldn't win
the battle alone,
You won't end up like them,
You broke the curse,
You saved the children,
He won't be able to harm
you or anyone else anymore,
[Philip] It's over,
It's over,
[Music slowly swells]
[distant scream]
[Orchestral and choral music]
[Music sounds out]