The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend (1991) Movie Script

Voices echoed in my mind
when I took my son
to my old school.
Did revive him
one magical time of my life.
Back to the time
where my life was full of
innocence of youth.
My childhood dream
was to be a great
basketball player,
as well as my father.
He was my hero, my companion
the best friend that a
child could have.
But he was more here.
His death was a hard reminder
That life is a fleeting shadow
every moment is a precious gift
to be shared with anyone.
Wanted to express my son
feelings and
fondest memories
a wonderful childhood.
For, somehow inspire you
to see through my eyes,
and help you understand
that via the pull
patience and persistence,
dreams are possible.
This was the legacy left by my father
for over thirty years.
, 1959
I remember like it was yesterday
Was the beginning of an incredible journey
The year that would change my life forever...
and define the course
my destination.
1958 was a period innocent,
of hope and change in America.
A time when
thought that everything would be possible.
At least, that's how
in their Maravich.
I like that! A young
with confidence.
We made an election at school.
Who won?
Nixon. I voted for JFK.
Like his father,
Always voting on the weaker.
With Jack Kennedy
we build houses on the moon in 1970
and you know why?
Because he has confidence. -Confidence.
Let Pete coffee, Press.
Many things will change in the next decade.
Dad was an optimist and a genius
to create ways of stimulating my confidence.
I was watching Gene Autry other day
and suddenly realized
a good basketball player
can get along just fine
if so fast
as a gunman.
I'll show you.
Give me the ball.
Get up Peter.
I will teach an exercise.
Turn around.
Lower your arms.
Now, do not pay attention to me
I want to focus.
Now estufe the chest!
Not want to think
which is a weakling.
This shoulders in place.
Now when I
drop this ball.
Want beat palms in front
and take the ball
behind you.
But need to focus.
Hear my voice.
Do not listen to me.
Do not listen to me.
This is impossible.
We will see their hands
gunman, ok?
Okay, Helen.
Well, do not pay attention to me
, Press.
You "found" that
could do.
I "knew" that I would
. Trust!
But Dad's inspiration
not change the fact that in school
I was a misfit,
a lonely boy with big dreams.
But this country was not founded
by ordinary people who dared to believe
That big dreams come true?
That's what I was taught.
With liberty and justice for all.
Today we talk about dreams.
More specifically,
the American dream.
The American Dream is a concept
and a belief that anything is possible.
What dreams do you have today?
Who would you like to be?
I want to write
in 200 words
By the end of class,
what are your dreams for the future.
Any questions?
Okay, can begin.
How could put
a dream into words?
Something went
in my heart?
When I was in eighth grade,
all we wanted was to be a great
basketball player,
as my father.
But with 1.60
tall and 40 pounds,
who would believe?
I think only my father and I
believed at first.
When I was not on the court,
everything you thought was that there was another boy
practicing more than me.
And he could
should be mine,
If I do not try harder.
Yes, Peter?
I need...
Boy, you do not
should be in class?
Yes, sir.
I hope you today at 15:30,
to deal with the problem.
I figured when Dad knew
I killed lesson
he would give me his famous spanking,
or let me grounded
for life.
No, no, no! Wait!
You need to take the guy
until the barrier.
Exit barrier. Stuck!
Skin with skin.
Understand? Yes, sir.
Okay, let
Everyone here!
Dad was an official
retired navy,
a hero of World War II
is a very serious man,
when he came to inspire and train students
Clemson College.
According to Dad, the way to play
basketball reflected how
that person would live his life.
His teams knew well your opinion.
When he spoke, everyone listened
I'm not spending precious moments
of my life
to teach them
To throw a ball in a basket
This here is a
I want the players to think,
work, to sweat, have challenges
and discipline because the other things
has no value.
The problem with you guys,
is that they are a bunch of goons
who think they know everything.
Give me the ball.
You see this ball?
Size of this sphere
represents everything
know about basketball,
but the size of this ball is
everything that has not been discovered
about the game.
This point is all
you know. Together!
If forget the girls
and the cars,
and hear me, will get things never
thought possible.
Do not care if you
is low, slow,
thin or high.
Can play with the best.
engaging maximum
you to perfect
Now we train these
played again, folks.
Let's do it right.
That's it! That's what I!
That afternoon I had to face
the wrath of Vern Pendleton,
The high school coach.
You is small for a Maravich.
His mother feeds you well?
Yes, sir.
Has pedigree.
I think you will not be
a star football,
but might play basketball.
Do not use moccasin.
What? Well, you know
my assistant, Carl
Cannfield the cafeteria?
I know.
It delivers the equipment in the locker room.
Your closet is 41.
Let's start in 2 minutes.
Want to train
With the team principal, do not you?
I want.
Go get dressed, then.
If you are waiting for me
it late.
Come on, come on!
It was my big chance!
Training with the first team!
But my big chance
was also the beginning of
major problems.
Different people do not always
are received from
open arms.
On the first day of training
I do not I integrated.
Not got the right equipment.
Carl! Carl!
Whatever here?
I will train with the team.
So hurry up, let's start
The protector is very large.
It is very big!
I need a minor.
Oh, you need
less chill!
Come on!
30 free throws.
The training begins within 5 minutes.
He is the son of
Maravich coach?
Is. I do not know what the
my father has in mind
to let him train.
It is hard.
Have you seen this guy
in the hallways?
Always walking with a
It is a strange boy
, Sandy.
He deserves credit for trying,
Courageous boy.
Come on!
The record of wins and losses
was all that mattered to the technician.
While the Lions continue winning,
he would never put me
in the game.
I realized that the chances of occupying
the place of a holder
practically non-existent.
And if it were up to Buddy,
the son of
Technical Pendleton,
I never put the Peach the court.
Buddy Pendleton comes down with the ball,
Rises to the pan, and scores!
It was not convinced.
It was the confidence that told me
I could play better than others.
Trust that had to do
my father exercises
for more than 10,000 hours,
since I was 5 years old.
Dad helped me develop the discipline
dedication and the desire
that led me to believe
that could take the place of any
a team,
even Buddy Pendleton .
If not for Carl Cannfield
I'd be totally bored.
While others
celebrated the victories
got tired of sitting,
wondering when would chance
to participate in a game.
Hey, champ,
passes the pliers.
It's there in the box.
Thank you.
Looking from up the basket seems
that can hit any pitch.
I wanted to have this time!
No kidding!
You know, one time a guy told me
I had a screw loose
when I said I wanted to be professional
Yeah, he did not even want
watch me play.
Play the ball here.
When you are down there
everything seems difficult.
It's like fighting
Give me another ball.
The guy who believes
it, only see limits,
but a dreamer's the kind of people
believes that these two
balls can fit in the basket.
When you dream, everything is possible
. It's late.
How about playing face to face?
I start.
When I was in eighth grade,
was on the bench,
as you were today.
I know what's going on.
The hands sweat, the heart races
like a freight train.
Finally, you
comes into play.
Fans who are there, not
know what they are feeling.
They just expect there on the court,
somehow that boy
help the team they love
to win the game.
When we think so,
a dream no more than
is a challenge
we put ourselves.
Your turn.
Do you understand what I'm saying, Pete?
Yes, sir.
It's after 10,
Press Maravich,
neighbors just called.
Well, they are
agreed so late?
How long this will take?
Until I win.
Really? Go dreaming.
Best of seven.
Stay here, honey!
I need fans.
Need a beating
, yes.
When will grow, Press?
Once you grow as well.
Point! End of game.
Call this pitch?
The ball came in, did not enter?
Game over, boys,
come on, Pete, has passed
Pete, what is the best
player of all time?
George Mikan.
In the semifinals
1950 he made
an average of 31 points per game.
So what?
Okay. And Natt Holmon?
Original Celtics, good
feint, great passes.
Not Very limited.
Limited... get this...
Well, the Dutch Dennert?
He invented the pivot position,
and it was my coach
professional team.
Improved, but it is far.
It is far! Okay, wise guy!
Who was the best player that ever existed
Can you tell me, Dad!
This is my boy!
What are you doing?
But we have a
game in an hour.
I know. I think I have that save energy
to sit on that bench.
My first passion was
officially begun with Sandy,
I knew I was risking my life
talking with his girlfriend
Buddy Pendleton
but it was beautiful.
My knees were shaking
when I spoke to her.
I saw you in the play.
Will actress?
Oh, sure. Marilyn Monroe.
It will be a movie star?
I think not.
So why is the play?
She must have found me an arrogant fool
but I needed to say.
Why waste time being an actress,
if not he tried to be the best?
Come on, Buddy!
Was missing three
- two!
Technical foul. White.
Number one - zero is out of the game.
Play out?
You lost your mind?
You have to help my boys too.
Get out of here. Time, time!
Come to here!
Needs treatment, zebra!
We will have to make a change.
Maravich, you enter!
Father, you must be kidding
You play, I'm the coach.
Go warming, Maravich.
Well, we have to do is the following
It's about time.
Keep track,
enter the game.
Well, son, keep
control, play right.
Ready? Come on.
Is ours is ours.
It is easy, come on.
One, two, three,
Lions! We Will!
Buddy! That's right!
I'm free!
Wow, I thought
had a good team.
But we do not
worth a penny!
In thirty years as coach,
deliver never seen a game like this.
And you, Maravich,
that play is great
to the circus,
but for the team of Daniel High,
is poor basketball.
Think of it during the weekend,
and play basketball
how to,
will be able to put the uniform of the team...
if you can not,
forget it.
Hi, Pete... you
played very well.
We lost.
You can not always win.
When we lose,
people remember only this.
I still think you played well.
If you're smart,
will give up.
Just today!
He did not mean it!
Get out of here.
Are you defending him?
It was an accident, Buddy.
Okay. If you are
so you want,
'm going out with the Walker
and the boys today.
As Sandy or anyone else
'd know what I was feeling
Hey, Maravich! Very
thanks, sausage!
Losing the game was as
have a knife in the heart.
Me condicionei to believe that
only victory was
acceptable, nothing more.
I had disappointed the team...
fans, Daniel High School
and my hero, my father.
Knew that you find here.
Right acted in that bid.
Know Pete,
you have something that man more
rich world can not buy...
A gift.
Maybe now look like you
does not fit... as...
if I did everything wrong.
But believe me,
you're on the right track.
Your mother and I...
can not afford a university.
But if you indulge in,
and use this gift that God gave him
will one day play
in the team.
I know, son
And if really good, for
will get a scholarship /
maybe play with the pros,
and join the championship...
I think I heard these words
thousand times.
And tonight I realized
I wanted to be "Pistol".
Now is me
I will change the situation
appears the desire seed
Reviving the ashes in the little heart
Awake, awake the flame
Now is me
No one will stop me
Now is me again
Now is me
My path will follow
I discovered what it takes
E tracks will not let
I will break the chains
That put me
And find this hope, shining far
The price to continue on my way
Now is me
No one will stop me
Now it's me again
Now is me
My path will follow
Now is me
No one will stop me
Now it's me again
Now is me
My path will follow
I will follow
So you told Pete that
would be better to leave the team?
We talked.
As always, my
opinion does not count.
But, Helen, is...
This is the real problem
, Press.
You are always fighting against windmills.
Hold on.
What do you mean?
It's okay if you want to fight the tide
but his son to do the same?
Hold on.
A few weeks ago you happy
because Pete
joined the team.
I was happy because I know how
he wants to be like you /
join the team owner to 13 years.
But it will not happen,
because everything
Vern see Pendleton
is a boy of 1.60
tall and 40 pounds.
Helen, you do not understand
which he is living.
I know Pete is suffering.
Of course he is suffering
When I was his age,
wanted out of steel
in Aliquippa.
My lungs were full of dark smoke,
and my hands were rough
to work 15 hours a day.
Think I do not
was suffering?
But it builds character, Helen,
That pain there in the soul of background
encouraged me to be something better!
I can train you up out of breath
but while he did not feel
something that burns your soul,
My words are worthless.
But he's just a boy.
I know.
Children usually prefer a teddy bear.
It's hard to be a child seeking
adult dream.
In all the pain and confusion
, I knew
I had to continue
seeking my dream,
for my father and me,
even more nobody understood
what was going on in me.
When the excitement and pressure
dominated me,
I plunged the years
Dad had taught me.
Control at your fingertips,
Followed by wrist flexion.
Control at your fingertips,
followed by wrist flexion.
Control at your fingertips,
followed by wrist flexion.
In those lonely nights,
my father exercises the
helped me to continue.
Control at your fingertips,
followed by wrist flexion.
Some people seek reasons to dislike you.
Four weeks have passed since
I attained
Buddy's face.
I still felt alone
like a fish upstream.
Hey, Elf, would
is allowed to carry
in the hallway?
Eighth grade...
Okay. As you know,
every day this quarter
ask students to tell
your dreams for the future.
Peter, now it's your turn.
My dream is to get a scholarship
university to play basketball.
Class! That's enough.
Continue, Peter.
And I'll be the first man to win
a million dollars playing
basketball professionally.
Hey, hey!
Also want to play in the first team
and earn a range of best player
of basketball ever.
You can sit,
Peter. Thank you.
wanted to talk to you about Pete.
Look... or he is good
for the team or not.
But if you're using Pete
only to train your players,
then it is more ignorant than I thought
Hold on, mate,
you are passing the limit now.
I'm really?
Just want to know
Because you are not putting
Pete to play.
He needs to mature, Press.
Mature. He has more discipline
and maturity that his first team.
And that includes Buddy, his son.
Press, we will not take it personally
Of course, your child
has some talent,
it just needs to be controlled and cut
But when you have a good horse,
arises him to compete
, Vern.
Technical, not
wanted to say this,
but this appears to me
Well, go ahead and tell
I would give any thing to know
what's going on
on his head.
Well, your child
involved in problems.
I'm listening.
He learned to play
like that with blacks.
I saw him playing the
other side of the rail.
I hate to tell you this,
but I think you
needed to know.
Of course, this kind of thing works
with Globe Trotters,
but in a real game...
you saw what happened when
I put to play.
He almost broke the nose of Buddy!
You are joking, technical.
I think your son
should take that pass.
The only game that Pete
know is instinctively
it will not stop
for 10 minutes
thinking in the pass,
he will not give
no warning.
Not understand what I'm saying?
He knew Buddy
was free, he knew!
Pete has bids
ever seen,
and you're chaining
a born winner.
Why do not you
the loose, huh?
Why do not
gives you a chance?
What are you doing, Dad?
"Man to man", or "zone"?
Shut Walk!
Man to man.
Ok 'Man on
man.'. Come on.
One, two, three, Lions!
Oh, please! Lock
there and rebounds!
How are you feeling?
Damn, look at that pass!
I thought you would get.
Look blocking and rebounds.
A rebound is too much to ask?
Knew is not it?
The pass for Buddy.
I think so.
How did you know
he was free?
Only knew.
Okay, can sit.
Pete enters the
place of Walker.
Hey, will you mark me?
Cannfield, that does not
is the son of Maravich?
's Killing them, Pete.
Calm, Maravich!
Hey, kid!
Where did you learn to shoot like that?
In the backyard.
Know flinging the
waist like a gunslinger?
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
I was thinking about the victory of yesterday.
Have you read the papers?
Should have read.
Listen to this.
The basketball team of Daniel High School
guaranteed entertainment last night,
thanks to the talent of a
Pete Maravich.
Daniel High School gym did not see much movement
from the prom
closure of football.
The team traditionally
formed by high school students
led by Buddy Pendleton
gained new air with the small
Maravich leading the pack.
He did not lead anything, Dad!
What matters is that we are winning
It gets worse.
Sometimes, the
fellow Pistol Pete...
"Pistol Pete".
What business is that of "Pistol Pete"?
It is a stage name
as Houdini.
Can you believe this shit?
If you want to say something, say it!
I want Maravich
off the team.
We need to drive the team
and no one likes him.
Why not?
Now father,
it's a boy
silly eighth grade
and we are high school.
And the tradition?
What about her?
Always scale senior students.
As I said, what matters
is the column wins and losses.
Was even thinking in scale it.
Instead of whom?
In Walk or yours.
I know people are saying that we have a chance
in the state semifinals,
and this will not happen to the Maravich
dividing the team.
I'll think about it, son.
Freezes him today, Dad.
It would be the best decision.
We give you all the support.
Mainly Walker.
Had started playing a few weeks ago
and the school was winning,
But wanted to improve my game.
How to do this?
My father taught me.
Want to try?
All day I went to College Clemson
and Dad handed me some new training
who called Task Basketball,
the only task
I like to do.
One day the Moose
came to me.
It seems he wanted a scholarship
much as I, and was willing
put at risk its reputation
with the team.
I decided to give you an introduction
to see if it was
even a dreamer.
Try this. My father
calls "blowback."
There is no one to show us the way
Together we are
We are the dreamers
really believe
encourage each other
to continue
We wink
in our dreams are heroes
We dream the same thing
We pray all night
Side by side, we will see life
Creating the future
This day will come
Not so far
Venceremos together
We are the dreamers
really believe
We encourage each other
to continue
We are the dreamers
really believe
encourage each other
to continue.
Okay Other than that my father taught
is the "Booty fast. "
You can try, Moose.
Place your hands as if it were
draw their pistols.
Clap in front and
catch the ball behind you.
Focus, and
not pay attention to me.
I do this.
See the speed of the Walk.
Are you ready?
Barnes. You try, CD.
Okay. Do not pay attention to me
Hey, Buddy. Come
try. You can.
I do not do circus acts.
I gamble Pete
can do.
Had not yet conquered all,
but Sandy seemed to support me,
even from a distance.
Now see what happens
this attack.
The side is the light trap
about this man,
while the owners go out at the same time.
One here, another there.
Do not let him
tire your ears.
You can go home
whenever they want.
Honey, have some thing
The pivot crosses the lane,
makes a light trap
the defender while the other side
crosses the bottom line.
I'm not cooking anything.
Then find something.
Watch now.
It's very simple.
Santa could talk all night
about his two favorite subjects:
Basketball and me.
But the same style of play
that would make people scream
and stay in Peach
twenty years later,
gave to sleep
major technical of the country.
Pete See, for example.
Right here in my house,
have the guardian of the future.
It can act in a blink of an eye
and let the defense
scratching his head.
Of course, a game
so worthless
if you have five players
on the court that do work.
is like talking to the wind.
Hey! Good story, right?
Pistol Pete and Moose!
Dr. Pepper, two!
Let me see, Myron.
Very Good, Pete, that's right.
I am teaching the Moose.
It will achieve
a scholarship!
The Moose?
It is the Moose.
He is starting well.
The attention of the media is the key.
He is playing for the best state of the team.
And that team is this, Mr. Carl?
Myron, does not come with this.
You know very well.
Believe me I know it.
You and your silly ideas.
He thinks the Lions should
play with Cleveland.
He says it's the best
State team.
A black team?
Is not hilarious?
Let's play.
It's just a dream, Pete.
That's it.
They are the best or not?
Of course they are!
Too young to know the defeat
Ajuventude also has weaknesses
We can not measure heart and soul
Just keep them under control
When we know our road
We will forward
for that plan
A fine line divides
Facing the fear or flee
From dream to the destination
Double or nothing.
This is the fifth
'double or nothing'.
Wait until tomorrow, Pete.
In life only is there no inside or outside
There is a burning desire in us
That shines all night
Do not be discouraged
Keep in mind your dream
During the
nightmares of his life
Do not be discouraged
There is no place for souvenirs
There are today or tomorrow
In difficult times
Choose continue
Some live only to see the day
Others live for their dreams
never feel the heat
, as you
There is a distance in his hand
From dream to the destination
Now, there is nothing more
Do not be discouraged
There is no victory without a fight
He's eating you alive
, Walker!
Walk, finish him!
Ok Combined..
Half an hour.
Are you kidding?
He can in an hour.
What's going on?
I saw your car out front.
We are making a bet with Maravich.
He has to turn the ball
finger for an hour.
Start when the pointer
the second hand is at 12.
Stay here,
girls if they want
see something funny.
One for the money, two for the show
Come on. Prepare,
point, and fire!
Come on!
Look at this, folks.
Come on, Pete.
Come on, Pete, focus.
Come on, Pete!
I can not!
Can not?
I can not stop.
Come on, Pete!
Come on! You can!
He's getting tired
, Buddy,
is getting tired.
You can! Come on, Pete!
Hey, where you going?
Can you, Mr. Peter.
Where did you learn to drive?
Come on, Pete! You can!
15 seconds!
You did it!
Nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one!
Your tricks will end
soon, Petey.
Okay! Hey, judge!
In your face!
They find that it's cool?
He told me
you are a banana.
Said yes. I heard.
Said you was a banana.
Nice move!
Thank you!
You're crazy, judge!
We are watching the same game?
# 5...
Expected, Press.
It is cold.
Call a physician.
How do you feel?
I'll be fine.
Let me see.
It was a difficult game, right?
The doctor said you
had a mild concussion.
This makes me remember when
played for Pittsburgh Ironmen.
They sewed me after every game.
They called us
Iron Team.
Because you were tough?
No, they could only pay
5 players.
Looking into the eyes of my father I understood.
He did not need to say anything.
Could not face the guy who hurt me
but no way he would knock me
and keep out of the game.
Sitting there, I remembered the ten games
I stayed on the bench.
I tried to pretend it did not bother me,
bothered but yes.
This was the moment of truth for me
A chance to make a choice
and prove him wrong.
My body said "No"
but my heart cried out: "Give a show."
They are destroying us in the marking.
We will mark by zone.
But they are attacking
out, Dad!
But they are getting underneath.
You can let
I mark the center.
Walk, lock and cuts
the bottom line.
Father, give me the ball.
Moves to me.
Pete, what is
doing here?
You can not enter.
Mom, I could play this game
Let him play, Helen.
We can become more violent in
marking, technical.
Walk, when I die
you stay in my place.
But as this, be quiet.
Gave to understand?
Yes, sir.
Pistol, Pistol,
Pistol, Pistol
All right, son?
Yes, sir.
Walk, go to the bank.
Who will score the
center for you?
Walk, how old are you?
Either until the nineteen live?
Yes, sir.
So do what you're told
Let's finish them. One, two, three...
Pistol! That's it!
Pistol, Pistol,
Pistol, Pistol
Exchange, exchange!
Pass, watch out!
One, two, three... Lions!
There's more chicken and
pod if they want!
Thank you, Carl.
Need muscles for the final,
and green beans is good to give
Said the same thing about
Want to get high, do not you?
Yes, sir.
You never heard of
a tall guy called Pod?
Myron! Iced tea to the table
I'm coming,
Carl. Thank U.
Hello, you guys.
I felt the smell of chicken
Myron a mile away.
And the taste is even better!
Good that appeared.
Pull up a chair.
Good that invited me.
Nobody does fried chicken
as Myron.
Thank you, Mr. Vern.
I know Myron some 12 years /
when he cut my grass.
Yes, sir. It's true.
Since 1949, when I worked
for you in
Division Street.
Doctor Pepper,
on my own.
Thank you, Carl.
Myron, prepares another
meat portion.
They are very kind to me.
Will not ask for a loan
, are they?
You're busy
after dinner?
Josephine has a date
missionary in the church.
I'm free.
What's on your mind?
State championship.
Not official.
Tonight, we'll
take you to the future.
I hope that explains it here.
Go figure in a minute or two.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
are welcome to
Cleveland High School.
What is this?
Press, care
with the wallet.
Prepare for the Cleveland Kings
and its captain, Joe Pro!
You are feeling, Vern?
It's show time.
My parents are turning
in the tomb, for sure.
Okay, okay.
Very well, very well.
So? You did not say much.
Whatever I say:
this is the
future of basketball?
You are who you say.
Now Press, please.
Okay, can at least admit
that Cleveland is good?
I can agree.
I think they can beat you.
What is the point, coach?
The point is that you have the opportunity
to stand out on this side of the country.
have to walk in this direction.
You also felt it there.
Are you crazy?
Are you afraid of?
Are you saying that black
are better than us?
I'm saying it's time to change.
If you use the points
strong style,
and add their style
- and you have everything.
Even the league you want so long.
Press, I thank
what you're saying,
but I feel
tell you, mate,
some things will never change.
Need to open the mind to new ideas
Why does not the idea
playing with them?
Otherwise it will be a false victory in the championship
because you have not faced
the state's best.
Goodnight Press.
Good night, Pete.
Good evening, technical.
Vern! Do something unexpected
once in a lifetime.
Were the regional finals.
The newspaper said that the champion
Conquer the state title.
Come on! Attention there!
With the play set,
I started thinking
If the technical Pendleton had understood
vision of my father on
the future of basketball.
Maybe win the state championship
also was not enough for him.
But everyone knew that he hated the idea
losing to anyone...
and this included
team Cleveland.
Okay, listen.
Sit relax. Listen.
It was great, was not it?
I have been thinking a lot about what it means
Be the best state of the team,
and... until a few days ago
I thought we were the better
State team.
We are the best, technical.
True. You are right.
We are the best "team
white" state.
Well, that's what matters.
What other team there?
Cleveland High.
What are trying to say, Dad?
Unless we beat the Cleveland
the state championship is a hollow victory
in my opinion.
Monday at 7:30.
I can not force them to participate
of an unofficial game
but if you have courage,
will be here prepared.
Get that idea out of his head.
Do not worry.
I'll talk to him.
See you Treats!
There is the Pistol Pete.
Go Treats in Soda Shop today?
I do not know.
Oh, come on...
What is the problem?
Never celebrates with
team after the game.
We want you to come.
Come on, Pete.
All right, then.
The first dance is mine.
Then I realized.
It was socially maladjusted.
Put me on a basketball court
with hundreds of people
and am very sociable,
but the track
dance Treats
with Sandy, the
Buddy girlfriend?
He was already mad at me
to attract the attention of everyone.
It got worse because my father
convinced the technical Pendleton
playing against the black team.
But dance with his girlfriend...
was when I started to sweat.
Drew attention from me
And gave it to a boy
eighth grade.
Now it's my turn to
draw attention away from you.
Will be no
game against blacks.
Do not raise your hand
to his father, boy,
still want to know who runs this family?
Of course, only played against senior
but never had a
Pete Maravich on the team.
A boy so only
appears once in a lifetime.
You can not imagine how I wanted it
you were that boy.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
But be aware that there will be no
Because I will not let it happen
What are you doing here?
I thought I was in Treats.
I will not.
Honey, I heard the girls.
They want you to go.
No big deal.
How so?
There are a lot of crazy girls
to dance with Pistol Pete.
What's the matter, dear?
Do not tell me...
you fled classes
dance I paid?
It was a waste of time.
Had to practice with Dad.
True, Press?
What is truth?
Talk to you later.
Pete, let's take a quick course
Relax. Feel the rhythm
. See?
We can dance music
this century, at least?
If you can dance it,
will dance anything.
When a slow song,
pull the girl close, as well.
Wonderful things can happen
when you are dancing.
My turn.
The first time I left
with this beautiful woman,
the band of Glenn Miller was playing
And during the first song,
I asked her to marry.
So, you want me to take you to
Will not disappoint all those girls
, are you?
Sandy was right.
I've never been to parties
after the game.
It would be shocked if he found
I started going
when she called me.
I wondered if these boys
really wanted me to be.
They received me well when I arrived.
It was great.
Moose and the guys
greeted me.
But where was Sandy?
I was afraid of being cheated
on it.
Would you care to dance with
someone from another class?
But what Buddy?
Do not worry about it.
I like this music, come on.
She really liked me.
I could not believe.
Tonight would be perfect
Known that the Pistol
had 21 points and 10 passes.
From star to drunk
in just one night.
Can fill,
"Can Head".
Walk, the boy will be famous
one day.
Moose, the runt
needs a lesson.
What are you looking,
four eyes?
Stay away from my girl
, Petey.
Buddy, we're just dancing
Grow up, Sandy.
Come near my girl
, have to pay.
You drank.
Come here, you worm.
Thought you had done all the bullshit
but you and your father
want to make people play
with a bunch of savages
a league that does not exist!
Will not have any
game, Maravich.
I will not let happen.
Why not?
It is best to close the nozzle, Petey Boy
Okay, let's vote.
Who wants to play
against blacks?
What is the matter with you?
They want Cleveland
come to our school?
No way.
This is your answer, dizzy.
Your father will take
the same thing.
You are a joke
in this city.
His father and you belong to a
circus freaks show.
You think you're a great player
But it's a comedy.
Scream "Pistol" to give
laugh of his tricks.
That's it.
I should break your face.
I'm leaving.
Let's personal, let's go.
Prejudice and
Buddy selfishness
had gone too far.
Knew that if I said anything
Buddy would make me understand the meaning of
"Iron Time".
But I decided I needed to defend myself,
at any cost.
Hard head!
What was that?
You heard me. It is what it is.
Always thinking in yourself,
and instead of thinking about
team or Sandy.
Is that what you think?
That's what I know.
If you are a big deal,
why we
does not take the test?
If I win, we play
against Cleveland.
What if I win?
I leave the team.
You think you're good?
I know I am.
Can be prepared,
because this time
will be no tricks up his sleeve.
You and I, alone in the gym
in 20 minutes.
It was the moment of truth.
Buddy made me look like a fool in front of Sandy
broke his heart.
Buddy was wrong.
Dad and I were not a joke
, and I prove this...
him, Sandy
and myself.
Hey, Sprite, you can lead a
basketball in the hall?
For school Daniel High,
is poor basketball.
Think of it during the weekend,
and play basketball
how to,
will be able to put the uniform of the team...
if you can not,
forget it.
If you're smart,
will give up.
Today it.
Your tricks will end soon, Pete.
You are a joke.
Scream "Pistol" to give
laugh of his tricks. That's all.
Should break your face.
Who starts?
But if you indulge in,
and use this gift that God gave him
will one day play in the first team
That pain there in the soul of background
encouraged me to be something better!
I can train you up out of breath,
but while it does not feel something
burning your soul, my
words are worthless.
Think... a dream
is nothing more than a challenge
we put ourselves.
That's it.
See you Monday night.
No, do not.
We made a deal!
That's when you screwed up, Pete.
You believed in me.
So why did you come?
What do you think?
Not want to destroy the diner,
and I hate to ruin my
image in public.
Especially when I break your face.
No, Buddy.
Hey, what are you doing here?
This has nothing to do with you
Is between Maravich and me.
"Metal Head"
do not tell me
you will try to stop me!
It is I who will.
Made a deal, Buddy.
The Pistol won.
Are you serious?
We talked.
And we play with
the black team.
Let's find out if we are really good...
with or without you.
Now Walk, this
means nothing.
We can not play with those guys.
Monday. At 19:30.
If we discover what we really are.
I thought of some things
sitting there a few minutes ago.
See you make me wanna dream
Dream to be an actress?
Dream at all.
Take care, Marilyn Monroe.
Pete, and the Cleveland
beat us?
There are going to win.
But what if they win?
So we can say we tried.
Let's put on a show that
they will not forget.
Pete, you are special even.
I felt a shiver the crown
to the tips of Ps.
Knew it was a friendly kiss
but I could not help but want
be a little older.
Well, at least
Sandy and I could
share our dreams.
You know, Pete, when I was in college
was called 'Man
Point Per Minute'.
Many felt that I could not
scoring 36 points per game, but they...
they were stuck in the past.
To my knowledge, no
white team
've played with a team of blacks in this region
so perhaps
just me and her mother
're in the stands.
Mom makes enough noise.
I will not disagree with you
about it.
Your dreams with some basketball
times let you discouraged?
They leave.
Do you know why?
I think so.
So why do it?
If you can create a magical moment
if you can show
fans something they have never seen,
they will return often,
either win or lose.
's Up to you to take them to a place
they've never been before.
Give them a
little hope.
I think you discouraged when
realize that half the people
who see
never understand.
They call me sausage.
But they are always there, waiting
I give a show.
So give a show.
Sometimes, just want to stop,
and be like everyone else.
This is a choice only you can make
, Pete.
But if it were me...
Them give a show to remember
But in any
is, love you, Pete.
I will always love you.
We have to understand
the Cleveland
plays different
at all times we face.
They run at full speed
until the final whistle.
It has three guys with an average
22 points per game.
All dart.
They all run.
Everyone plays.
Equally proud of their
48 consecutive victories.
Remember that without Buddy,
can not have many faults.
Lord, You said all
is possible for you... Help us.
Thank you.
Okay, people,
without mercy!
One, two, three...
Pete, I gave you some freedom
and we won some games.
We will not win them
playing as them.
Let's make them the only way we know...
muscle and fundamentals of basketball, right?
At dawn...
Basic! Basic basketball!
Defense, people!
Do not worry about the outcome,
are going well.
Technical, they are
killing us.
Keep Basic.
Caprichem defense.
Come on, ending up with them!
It's show time, Pete!
Make your move. Do it now!
And works the ball.
Helen, I'll be right back.
In the middle of the game?
You can scream for me.
Bring popcorn!
You're looking at the future Buddy.
Amazing pitches,
great base.
Pete and some of these boys
are twenty years ahead.
You have talent, son.
Or you enter the
boat or will be.
Walk... Forgot how
make a light trap?
Pete marker is on him like a Siamese twin
, he will not get your help?
What's wrong with you?
They act as if they could not
earn them.
We can beat them.
I think I was
wrong with this team.
I thought you had passion.
Can I say something?
I have to ask apologize to you.
I was a fool this year
and say, I'm sorry.
This team means everything to me,
although I like selfish /
well, I was selfish.
Father, just want to play.
Okay. Get dressed,
Come on, we will win!
No hard feelings?
No hard feelings.
Why would we win, we will have to work together
Hey, Buddy.
I still think you
is a hard head.
I also.
Okay, where
is the first team?
CD, Moose, Vick, Pete...
I know coach Walker out.
That's it.
We earn them. Come on.
One, two, three, Lions!
Two, two!
Keep track!
Now I see!
Pistol, Pistol!
Pete! Calm!
This boy! That's it!
Defense, folks!
Not so bad.
Well, if it works out.
Defense, defense, defense.
Defense, defense
Time, time, time.
Okay, everyone here!
We have time
to a pitch.
Pete, you made me believe.
We will see a bit of its magic.
One, Two, Three Lions!
Come on, boys!
We won!
Daniel Lions! We won!
No point,
was not the point!
As well, was not the point?
The weather still was running.
The last time I was stolen,
they wore a mask!
We won them and you know it.
Still have the best team.
For the locker room!
Pistol, Pistol, Pistol...
Words can not express how I felt
It was now heir of a Dream /
a dream that came true
Dad was right.
The fans wanted to live
a magical moment...
One moment
could fly high,
they could believe that anything was possible.
Win or winning, they would come
game after game to see
a boy of loose socks
known as Pistol.
Press Maravich gave his son
a great gift of love:
A life dedicated to see the dreams
your child come true.
These dreams have given life to
made of Pistol Pete Maravich,
the more professional basketball
young to join the HAII of Fame.
For over 20 years, your brand
stood the test of time.
Pistol Pete remains the
of all time scorer in college basketball,
With an average of
44.2 points per game.
"The Pistol"
is dedicated to the memory of
"Pistol" Pete Maravich
As a legacy to their children
and children around the world...
That love never fails, the character does not give up
and with patience and persistence,
dreams become reality.
Close my eyes
I see when you were there
I can hear his words
Now I who calls
Through the windows of my heart
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Memories survive,
The dream will not die
Love will never go away
Under the rain I'll be
Chasing the shadows until dawn
I'm still calling your
name when I sleep
In the rain I'll be
Chasing the shadows in the dark
Tell me why
cry myself to sleep
Or stand there, awake
Under the rain
In all our
moments together
I never knew what I felt
Looking back
still remember
Although you party
All I have to do is call
your name
Keep me,
umbrella is me night
Memories survive
The dream will not die
Love will never go away
Under the rain I'll be
Chasing the shadows until dawn
I'm still calling your name when I sleep
Under the rain I'll be
Chasing the shadows in the dark
Tell me why
cry myself to sleep
or stand there, awake
Under the rain
Under the rain I'll be
Chasing the shadows until dawn
I'm still calling your name when I sleep
When sleep
Under the rain I'll be
shadows until dawn
Tell me why
cry myself to sleep
or stand there, awake
Under the rain