The Playground (2017) Movie Script

- Once upon a time I
served a great king.
I served him like no other.
After many years
of service to him,
by his grace and generosity,
he allowed me in the company
of his highest court,
amongst his most devout.
You could say I
was favored by him.
But the lands of his
kingdom were not in peace.
It became filled
with insubordination.
They became too smart
for their own good
and tried to break free
of the king's covenant.
And because he knew
my love for him
and favored me above the others,
it was me he appointed
to fix things.
Cleanse the land.
He was the most benevolent king
and I was his majesty's knight,
his loyal servant,
his willing slave.
Nothing and no one
rivaled my love for him.
With all the power
he entrusted to me,
I fought war upon war upon war
to restore balance
to his kingdom.
- And what happened next?
- Everything was made right.
- Cleanse?
Did you have to hurt anyone?
- I'm afraid I had to.
- Was the king happy?
- Very.
He made me a guardian
of his kingdom.
Once upon a time ago.
- You don't look that old.
When did all of it happen?
- Well before you
stumbled into this world.
I'm older than I look.
- You seem sad.
I've never seen you before.
Are you from here?
- No, I live near the water.
I'm here to check up on someone.
- And then you're going
back to where you live?
To the king?
- Soon enough.
I haven't seen him
for quite some time.
- Why?
- We had a disagreement.
- You got in a fight?
- No.
I could never fight him.
- Then why can't
you go back to him?
- Well, sometimes when
you're asked to do something
you can't do it.
Not out of disrespect,
but out of love.
- I don't understand.
- Have you ever lied
because you were afraid
to upset someone?
A lot like the story
of Jack and Jill.
Do you know that story?
- Everyone knows that story.
- Not the make-believe one.
I'm talking about
the real story.
Would you like to hear it?
- Jill, are you okay?
- Jack, you gotta phone call!
- This is Jack.
I know who it is!
Time's up Jack!
- Jill, your nose is bleeding.
- What?
- Take this.
- Oh my god.
- Put your head back.
- You knew
the terms. You signed it.
- I don't have the money.
- What about your new wife?
I hear she's doing
better than you are.
You thought we
fell asleep on you.
- But that was his past.
You said that he
treats you well.
I don't see what you're
so worried about.
- I don't know.
I can't place it.
There's something
he's not telling me.
- You could start by
going through his garbage,
seeing what he's
spending his money on.
Guys aren't very good at
keeping their receipts.
- And then?
- I don't know.
It could go in many
different ways.
- You mean you
don't know the rest?
- I can only hope.
- So it hasn't happened yet.
- You're very clever.
That's your name isn't it?
- Yes.
- Do you love your
mom more or your dad?
Is it your mom?
Why do you love her more?
- Because she's in heaven.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
And where is your father?
- I only know what they told me.
- And what was that?
- That he was so
sad when mom died
that he got angry
and went to jail.
- Angry?
Angry at who?
What if I told you
god is a fairy tale?
Just like Santa Claus.
Just like you learned
that Santa wasn't real,
you soon realize neither is...
- Tell me your other story.
- Have you heard the
story of the king,
the beggar, and the priest?
- Melanie, can you
check on our accountant?
Let him know if he's not
here in the next two minutes,
he's going to have to
calculate his own pay cut.
- Mr. Vaugn, we're
losing money rapidly.
- That's not what you
told me in February.
- I gave you a prediction
based on the revenue
that we made that month,
and that's because you
rushed me to give it to you.
I had no idea we
were going to lose
two major clients
over a zoning issue
and neither did you.
- Look, I've promised
myself and my wife
that I'm going to have this
yacht for my birthday gift.
And I'm not holding
off again for some...
How much are we paying Melanie?
- Melanie?
Not nearly enough.
- Maybe we need
someone a little more
appetizing for our clients.
- I don't know
what's come over me.
- Trust in the lord my child.
- I love being with other men.
I get excited when my
husband doesn't know.
I constantly
fantasize about them
and I play scenarios in my head.
- With all due
respect Mr. Vaugn,
I don't know how you're
going to manage that.
Now there's no way around
this, it's clear math.
Or, it will hinder productivity
but we can cut
workers and salaries.
- How many?
- So you seek other men
because he ignores you?
- No.
Because I like it.
I even fantasize
about you, father,
every time I come here.
All the things that we
could do inside these rooms.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Please forgive me.
- God, the father of mercies,
through the death and
resurrection of his son
has reconciled the
world to himself...
And sent the holy spirit among
us to forgive us of our sins.
- That's it?
There has to be more.
- There will be.
- I'm not sure I should
be hearing these stories.
- Karen, I'm leaving now.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Give our conversation
some thought.
You're a smart girl.
Perhaps too smart
for your own good.
Maybe even for fairy tales.
- Too smart for my own good?
- Yes.
Like the people who
broke the king's rules?
- Karin!
Do you realize I almost
called the police?!
Didn't you hear us
shouting your name?!
What are you doing out here?!
- I didn't want to stay inside.
Dasjia, please go tell Ms.
Jacobs that we found her.
Karin, just because
we are not your family
does not mean you can run off
whenever you feel like it.
This is your home.
Do you understand?
Let's go.
Who were you talking to?
Yourself, again.
- Hey.
Haven't seen you in some time.
Must have got a new
car or something.
You stopped visiting.
- Not really, just a long day.
Long walk over.
- Ouch.
Well, I guess I'll just
have to screw with your car
to get you to come
in more often.
- See you around.
- See ya.
- Saint Michael's is a
decommissioned monastery
that houses us in solitude
should these situations arise.
You want me to Grant
you a sabbatical.
- Yes.
- And what would a
leave of absence do
for someone as loved
here as you are?
- I don't know.
I don't have the answers.
Do you think it's that simple?!
I rushed into this!
I can't keep all
these thoughts inside!
I don't even want
to be here anymore!
I don't know.
I just need some time.
- This is normal.
No man of the clergy
is free from this test.
Clear your conscience my son.
It is not a sin unless
it is acted upon.
- That's what I cannot
guarantee, your excellency.
- How long will you need?
- Three months?
- When do you wish to leave?
- Immediately.
- It is best that you
stay out of the public eye
until you are ready to return.
Your reputation here is
nothing less than perfect,
and I intend to
keep it that way.
I can have Saint Michael's
prepared for you by this evening,
and a driver who will take you.
It's a long drive,
but I'll make sure they
leave a light on for you.
- Thank you, your excellency.
I'm indebted to you.
- Joseph.
Solitude can only
take you so far.
- Uh-uh. You don't
want to do that.
You about to get caught
up and locked down.
No doubt about it.
If you want to get
out of this rut
you're going to have to do
a lot more work than that.
- You can take this out.
- What happened?
- It was standing
up waiting for you.
It got tired.
- I got it.
- Dinner's on the table.
If you feel like it.
- Wise decision.
- How do you know that?
- I've been around long enough.
If you want to get
off these streets,
there is a way,
but it will take a little work.
- Man, you know I can't work.
- It ain't that kinda work.
- What kind of work is it?
- It's the kind of work
that'll make you never have
to sit on the curb again.
But it takes courage.
- Well if it's like that,
how come you ain't doing it?
- I don't have that
kind of courage.
- How do you know about it?
- I knew somebody who tried.
- What happened to him?
- Don't know.
Some say they saw him
get into a limousine once.
Others say they found him dead,
face down on the street.
Now, I can show you how...
- but it's about
having enough courage.
- Yes.
Do you?
- So this is where
you squat, huh?
- Sometimes.
I like staying
close to the harbor.
Good air currents.
Keeps the place from
smelling like shit,
even your own.
That's a good boy.
Governor's been a
little agitated today.
- Governor?
What you talking, man?
- Yeah, that's him right here.
He's been having issues
with the mayor all week.
Ain't that right mister mayor?
But he gonna get his.
Mister governor, he'll
get what's coming to him.
- So what do I got to do?
- That's not what I said.
Stop putting words in my mouth.
- You are such a liar.
I should have known
better than to trust you.
- You're just upset
because I got laid off.
You might have to pick
up a few more shifts.
It's not like I'm not out there
everyday looking for work,
trying to find side jobs.
It's always the
bottom line with you.
"Where's the money Jack?"
- Oh yeah! No that's
really spot on!
You really know
your wife very well!
I'm not surprised your
first marriage broke down.
- Don't turn this around on me.
You don't know anything
about that part of my life.
- Of course not!
That's because you have to
hide everything from me.
What was it the other day?
You had to change your
phone number? Why?
You don't have any friends.
You don't have any family.
Who are you trying
to get rid of?
Tough to keep up with your
mistress and your wife huh?
- What?
- You just leave the house
and come back at midnight
because you have to.
Or you have to go to church.
Who knows if that's even
where you're going?!
But with your wife, you don't
have to be home on time,
you don't have to spend
any time with her,
have dinner with her.
She's just always
here to come home to
and listen to your
stupid excuses!
- Lacy, can you send
our accountant in here?
How's your job hunt?
- You would know, right?
Why do you even ask?
- Quit wasting your time.
You don't have any left.
- Look, i...
- I'll give you an opportunity
to repay your debt in one night.
I can only open the window.
But it's you that's gonna have...
- I won't kill anyone.
- You're not a murderer Jack.
You have a skillset
that I require
and that's all there is to it.
I thought you wouldn't
mind this job too much
considering who's on
the other end of it.
- Remember,
every night
in the center of the
railroad tracks by the peer.
- Yeah, for three weeks.
- On the last Thursday
you better have
your balls with you.
and make sure you keep close
what you're given.
- I ain't been through
nothing I can't handle.
- What you got there?
You know how to read that?
Then don't trust your
life to superstitions.
You can't even
read that language.
As a matter of fact,
if you rely on that,
you'll end up like
the last fella.
- What if I can't?
- Then it's like
an untrained dog!
Instead of serving you,
you'll end up serving it.
- Do I need
to repeat the instructions?
- No. I got it.
- I can't offer you protection.
You get caught, it's on you.
However, there is something
that might help you on your way.
You're going to have to
make a drive if you want it,
but it'll keep
you out of danger.
And remember, unless I
get the entire amount,
your ass is mine.
- Let's see where I
can squeeze you in.
We do need someone
on the weekends but
that'll be too
many hours for you.
- I can pick up another 20.
- On top of what
you're already working?
That would be illegal.
I've noticed that
you and Jack have been having
a lot of problems lately
and you've been bouncing
around from salon to salon.
That's a shame he's got
you working this hard.
- I don't like hearing no!
- Well,
you're either going to have to
hear it from me or the bank.
The amount that we saved
on the salaries cut,
it may provide enough cushion
for a couple of months
but if I may speak
frankly, Mr. Vaugn.
- Go right ahead.
- I'm a little surprised
by these decisions.
I mean not just your financial
ones, but also in HR.
- Stu, sorry to disturb you.
There's a Mr.
Chuepak on the line.
He says it's urgent.
- Put him through.
- You're killing me Jill.
I'm not going to leave you alone
until you tell me what's wrong.
- I'm fine.
- Do I look convinced?
- I hate seeing him like this.
On one side he is trying to
find us a way out of this mess.
On the other side,
he's just fixed
on something else.
- Or someone else.
And if that's the case,
welcome to my world.
- Yes, I know and I apologize.
Melanie's been
out on sick leave.
It's very unexpected.
Well, let's rethink this.
We may be even wasting
more time by removing
the material.
I know you said that we're
three weeks behind schedule.
That can be made up simply
by adding a second team.
Well we'll really have to see
if this is a breach
of contract, David!
- How will I know?
- Well...
The easy signs are
if you smell a fragrance
on him that isn't yours,
find hair on his clothes
that isn't yours,
things in his pockets.
The more general signs are
him needing time and space away.
Guys don't need that
much space for no reason.
- How much money do I lose if I
give back the boat.
- Well,
if you return the yacht
before the end of this week
you would lose
almost forty seven
thousand dollars.
- My god.
What should I do?
- Well,
considering the loss already.
If you wanted to have
your birthday in Europe.
And a yacht for your present.
Don't let one client spoil it.
- How did you find me?
- I thought you might need me.
- Did the bishop
tell you I was here?
There's no place
for you to stay.
It's not like it was before.
I came here to be alone.
- That's fine.
- Last thing I need
is for someone to see
a young boy and a priest out
in the middle of nowhere.
- I got my own place to stay.
I just need a place to eat.
I can clean up like last time,
replace the tiles,
fix what's broken
for some soup?
Looks like this place
needs a lot of work anyway.
- Soup huh?
- Yeah.
- Of course, my son.
Come inside.
- Um.
- Oh I forgot.
Still afraid of chapels?
- Sorry, sir.
- It's all right.
- Still can't shake
those bad memories.
- You can eat out on the patio.
I'll unlock the kitchen door.
- Thank you, father.
- Glory be to the father,
and to the son, and
to the holy spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be.
World without end.
- Can I help you?
- Is the confessional open?
- This isn't a church.
It's been years decommissioned.
- I need to speak to someone.
- I'm sure you can find someone.
- Someone of faith.
- We can speak
on the porch.
How long has it been since
your last confession?
- Three days.
- You are devout to the church.
Go on.
- I'm not here to
confess all my sins.
That would be too heavy
of a door to open.
- No sin is too heavy for
the mercy of our holy father.
Go on.
- I cursed god when
I lost my wife.
She was killed by a drunk driver
who wasn't brought to justice.
I sought the man out,
and I murdered him,
not believing in god's plan.
I had a life sentence,
I should be in jail.
- And through the mercy
of our holy father,
your case was dismissed?
- No.
- How is it that you are here?
- I don't know how he got in
my cell but he wasn't a dream.
He was as real as the guards.
Very calm.
At the time I didn't
care who he was.
I saw a chance to be
free and I took it.
It wasn't until
later that I realized
what I might have
gotten involved with.
I've remarried to a good woman
but I'm behind in my debt.
I made a deal with something
I don't fully understand.
- What kind of a deal?
- An agreement.
Sealed with a few
drops of my blood.
Consorting with vile
people is a sin,
but it can be forgiven
with prayers and...
- I'm not sure they're people.
- What do you mean?
- They're always two
steps ahead of me.
- What have you wagered?
Your soul belongs
to the holy father
so long as your
heart is with him.
There is no pact that cannot
be broken by repentance.
- I won't go back to prison.
- You must trust in the
lord wherever he keeps you.
- I'm not going
to the pen to die.
I came to you father, I thought
the church was the answer.
- I myself have newly
come to the cloth.
I am no expert on this matter
nor am I aware of what you've
become associated with.
You've caught me
at an awkward time.
The advice I'm going to give
you must stay between us
because it could put me at
jeopardy with the church.
But I'm going to offer
it because I believe that
god might see it differently.
Perhaps the church
isn't the answer.
Even though I'm a continual
student of our faith,
I'm not so naive to believe
that we have all the answers.
I have heard there is someone
who deals with the realm of
the unseen in more detail.
I have to tell you that
he's not of the cloth
or of our faith.
They say he's a wanderer
living out east in the
desert somewhere near
the Indian reservation.
I don't know if it will
help or you'll even find him
but it's all I can offer.
For my part, for
your confession,
you're forgiven.
- Thank you father.
You're the only one I
can trust right now.
- Be at peace.
Through the ministry
of the church
may god pardon you.
I absolve you of your
sins, on my part.
In the name of the father,
the son,
and the holy spirit.
- Now listen carefully.
- How do I know these
scrolls will protect me?
- As long as you do your job,
they'll do theirs.
- Hey, father?
What's in that old RV?
- That's a good question.
I don't know exactly.
Seems like it's been used
for storage over the years.
- Is it filled with
bibles and such?
- I don't know.
Just seems like old
tables and furniture.
- I can clean it out for you.
- I thought you said
you had a place to stay.
- I do.
I just thought you might
want it cleaned up.
I took a peek inside.
No good keeping junk.
- She's gonna clean me out.
She's been working
on it for months.
I can't believe I didn't see it.
- You two have a
joint bank account?
- We're married.
Stupid question.
- It may not be as
stupid as you think.
- Argentina?
- You would withdraw everything,
minus the red herring
in your joint account,
which of course you're
going to have to sacrifice
and whatever you intend
to leave for her.
- I'm not leaving
her one red penny
more than I have to leave her!
She can rot in hell as
far as I'm concerned.
This is my money!
- Then you'd want to do
this as fast as possible,
as your wife and
her representation
may have already grabbed a
snapshot of your financials.
- Oh, they can't.
I never allowed her to co-sign
on my business accounts
or my personal accounts.
- Good man.
But the bank can
still give it to her.
Happens all the time.
You can't trust the bank.
- Really?
- Oh yeah. I've
learned that lesson.
- This isn't my first rodeo.
How soon do I make
the wire transfer?
- Who said anything
about a wire transfer?
- How did?
- I work fast.
I tried not to spare
things you can't use.
Took them out to the dumpster.
- By yourself?
- I didn't want to
bother you, father.
You've got important work to do.
- Is there anything I
can help you with now?
- Um.
No, I'm almost done.
That is, if you like it.
- You mean it has
to be cashed out?
And hand delivered to some
branch in south America?
I don't see why
this is necessary!
- You would open the account
under an alias via cash deposit
avoiding any checks or
bank to bank transfer.
It would make it
virtually impossible
to trace back to you legally.
Records can't indicate
you transferred the money,
you make a full withdrawal
and close the account.
Meanwhile, an account opens
up offshore by John Doe
with everything intact.
- You think she'll go
that far with this?
- You would know her better,
but she does have the head
start on you for a reason.
- I got to sleep on this.
- Well, I'd agree with you
under regular circumstances.
However, time is not
really on your side.
You have just about 4 hours
until the bank off
of national closes.
- Are you serious?
- Mr. Vaugn, you asked
for my financial advice
and I'm giving it
to you candidly.
You're not the first business
owner I've worked for
who needed to move funds
offshore in a hurry.
In fact, at this point
you might even consider me
an expert at this.
- You think they're going
to have that amount of cash
and on such short notice?
- The main branch handles
the heavy transactions.
One duffel bag size should do.
About the size of your gym bag.
- You're not kidding about
doing this before, huh?
- I got the exact
one you wanted.
I had to go to three
different stores to get it.
I don't understand...
- you don't need to understand.
- So what next? I
wait for the car and...
- you'll have a few seconds
and that's all you'll need.
You can't hesitate
or you'll miss it.
- And if I do?
- Then you
may run into some turbulence.
Nothing that that piece in
your glove box can't handle.
- Well, father,
I guess I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay, young man.
Thank you.
You worked a miracle
on that RV today.
May the lord keep you.
- It's no miracle, sir.
It wouldn't have happened had
you not given me permission.
- You're too humble, boy.
- Maybe now you can
use it for guests.
I didn't mean for
myself, father.
I'm doing just fine staying
with the Andersons.
They got a real fun
dog and everything.
The Andersons?
Warren and Barbara Anderson?
When did they move out here?
They don't seem the type
to take in strangers.
- Sir?
- Nothing.
They just keep to
themselves is all.
- Keeping my entire
life in a duffel bag,
overnight in a hotel?
It's kind of freaking me out!
- Hotel, huh?
- She changed the locks.
- You know you don't
have to do this.
It's just a suggestion.
- Good one.
Just be here tomorrow morning
to talk about my travel.
- Sure thing.
We'll work out your itinerary
as soon as I get in.
- Oh, I almost forgot.
Thanks for the book.
Keeps things in perspective.
- I hope you're ready.
- Help me!
Command you.
Make me rich!
Where you got me going?
Right here? Right here?
Right here?
Whatever you say.
Whatever you say.
Why you following me?
I don't know, man!
No I didn't!
No I didn't, man!
- License and registration?
- Is everything okay?
- Can I see your license
and registration, sir?
Please keep your hands
where I can see them.
- I'm hurrying up!
I'm surprised nobody stole it!
Alright! Why you rushing me?
- Is this your car?
- Yes it is, officer.
Is there a problem?
- What brings you down
to this neighborhood
so late at night?
- I'm just driving
home from work.
I made a wrong turn.
- I'll be right back.
You're good to go.
Drive safely, have
a nice evening.
- You got your payment.
- What payment?
- You got the bag.
- Easy, Jack.
- Where is it?
- That's your problem, not ours.
I gave you your window.
If you can't hold on to it...
- you don't understand,
I had to stash it.
I don't need to.
Time's up.
I'll see you shortly.
I think your wife is asleep.
I'll try not to wake.
- Where's my money?!
- Jack?
- Jill, make sure the
windows are closed
and the patio door is locked.
- The patio door?
What's going on?
- Just do it!
- It is. I always lock it.
- I'll be home in 15 minutes.
Get dressed, pack some clothes.
You can't stay there tonight.
I'm picking you up.
- Jack, you haven't
called me in three days.
- I can't explain right
now! Just get dressed!
- Go, man!
I don't need you anymore!
I got it. I don't need you.
- What is going on, Jack?
- We gotta go. I'll
tell you in the car.
- What?
- Mr. Vaugn?
Mr. Vaugn?
Mr. Vaugn, is everything
okay in there?
- I don't understand why
you don't just tell me
what's going on.
- I told you, you
wouldn't understand!
- Well I need to
know where I'm going!
And why!
- I'm taking you
to the only place
I know is safe right now.
After that, I haven't
figured it out yet.
- Safe from what?
Oh my god.
Are you running from the police?
- No.
- Then why are we
driving this far?
Who is after you?
I don't know if I can
do this anymore Jack.
- Jill, please listen to me.
I wouldn't do this
unless we had to.
- No Jack,
that's not what I mean.
- Stay in the car.
Father, I'm sorry about this.
- It's okay.
Is everything all right?
- I know you don't
know me very well,
but I need to ask you a favor.
I can't ask anybody else.
I need your help.
I need to stay here
for a while.
- I can call sister Katherine
from our charitable
works tomorrow.
She can provide you with
some temporary housing
and sustenance.
- I don't need money, father.
I need to be near god's house.
Is there any way
we can stay here?
- We have no space here.
But there is a motel
a few miles up the road.
- That won't cut it.
- May I ask you why
you must stay here?
- It's the only place I
trust my wife's safety.
I need to leave her here.
- I think it best if you
come back in the morning
and we call sister Katherine.
- Father, you don't understand.
- No sir, you don't understand!
I am sure you can find another
option for her lodging.
- Where? She doesn't
have anybody else.
- Then stay with her.
- That's impossible.
She can't be around
me right now.
It's too dangerous.
I need to leave her here.
- I'm a priest.
- I know, that's why
I brought her here.
This place looks like it
used to provide sanctuary.
- Yes, that is true.
Then there has to be
a place for guests.
There is no living space
here besides my own and...
- I'm doing what you told me to.
I'm going to the desert.
- Hello?
- There might be an old,
small, and uncomfortable place
where she can rest.
But I cannot tend to her
because it could
scar my reputation.
- I understand.
- Nor is she to disclose
that she is a guest here.
She can use the facilities,
but she must tend to herself.
- Thank you, father.
- How long must she stay here?
- I can only
promise I'll be back
as soon as I've
figured this out.
- This is your last chance.
- Thanks for the lunch, father.
- You are a fast eater.
- May I suggest
something, father?
- Yeah, go ahead.
- It's a shame to
leave your cooking
out on the porch like that.
You ought to at least walk
it over to her doorstep.
- I think she's all right.
She hasn't complained so far.
- That's because
she's being nice.
I've seen her most of the time
bringing back a cold plate
because by the time
she comes out for it
food's not steaming anymore.
And I figure it can't
be as good either.
- I'd rather not do anything
different unless I have to.
- Okay, father.
It's just a shame she can't get
to taste it as good as I do.
It may also draw less attention
to her staying here and such,
since she won't have
to come out as much.
- Mrs. Jill?
- Hello, father.
- Hello, Mrs. Jill.
- So nice out here.
So different from the city.
Is there anything
that you're finding
unsuitable with your stay?
- No, everything is fine.
As good as it can be.
- With your permission
I'll be bringing your food
to your front door.
So that it doesn't get cold.
- Thank you, father.
Yes, I would like that.
- Is there anything else
I can provide you with?
- You've been very
gracious, father.
- I'm glad you're content.
- Hello?
I'm looking for a
healer in these parts.
Wait! Wait!
I'll do it.
- Thank you, father.
- Beautiful day, isn't it?
- Yes sir, it is.
You done a good thing, making
it easier for her and all.
- It was a good suggestion.
- She still eats alone.
You and her both.
Probably gets real
boring to eat alone.
Well if you didn't eat so
fast, I would join you.
But every time I make
a plate for myself,
your food has
already disappeared.
- Sorry father,
I get real hungry.
The best way to
take care of a guest
is to give them company,
at least while they're eating.
Makes the food taste better.
- You can't use
that in here, man.
- I don't want it to get stolen.
I'm buying these.
- Really?
- Hey.
Hey, hey, man. Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Come back here, man.
- How did you know
I had them in me?
- You did not come
here to ask me that.
How did you find me?
- Trial and error.
- Who placed those
scrolls inside of you?
- I did.
- Yet, you have not
come to kill me.
- Why would I wanna kill you?
- Many reasons.
Your master would know.
- Master?
I don't have a master.
- Are you certain of that?
- Mrs. Jill?
I brought you some fruit.
I thought you might
want something
refreshing in the heat.
- Thank you, father.
That's very swe...
Kind of you.
- Be sure to try the pears.
They're in season.
- I definitely will.
How is your day?
- That's a good boy.
He's been having issues
with the mayor all week.
Ain't that right mister mayor?
But he's going to get his.
Mister governor, he'll
get what's coming to him.
- You have entered into a pact
with a great deceiver.
- How do I break out of it?
- You must give up what
you have gained from it.
- I can't.
- Then you are bound to it.
- There has to be another way.
- Your feelings won't
change the way of the world.
- If I did that, I
would lose my freedom
and I'm not going to.
- Why?
Must you have freedom?
- I have a wife and...
- A child.
- I have to protect them.
They're innocent.
They have nothing
to do with this.
- You cannot protect them.
But he cannot harm them either.
- You're saying he
can't hurt them?
- Not unless they let him.
- What do you mean?
How do you know this?
- Could you read what was
written on those scrolls
before you placed
them inside you?
- No.
They're in some strange writing.
- They are not meant
for us to read.
But it tells who you
are dealing with.
- Who?
The man in my cell?
- He is not a man.
But he can come
in the form of one
and other things.
- Who is he?
- I could not read the scrolls.
But my friends did.
- Friends?
You deal with them?
- The one seeking you
is not of the normal kind.
They say he is from the old age
and he has many who serve him.
They say his name is
mentioned in the scriptures
of all faiths.
Normally they would
be able to assist
but they have retreated.
- Retreated?
- They do not want to
risk dealing with him.
They also do not understand
why he has sought you out.
- I made a...
- yes,
but if it is who they fear it is
you must have done something.
Something that would
draw his interest
or anger.
Enough to travel across
a long way to find you.
This is beyond my
means to help you.
- Please!
I don't know anyone else
who understands this!
What do I need to stop him?!
- There are no material things
that can aid you in this.
I gave you your solution.
- I can't.
I thought you knew a way out.
A way the priest couldn't offer.
- You are a religious man?
- I believe in god, yes.
Why do you ask?
- Because my friends were
unable to approach you.
Now I know why.
- You can bring that inside.
If you're still not coming in
you're going to have to take
it all the way around back
to the storage room.
- Not a problem, father.
What you getting ready for?
- A priest can stay well
groomed if he wishes.
- Silly.
- What is?
- That you and Mrs. Jill
still having conversations
through the door.
You might as well just
sit and eat together.
Ain't no harm in that.
And it's a lot less silly.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay, father.
Just don't be afraid
to be yourself.
- And make sure you keep close
what you're given.
You know how to read that?
Then don't trust your
life to superstitions.
- Thank you.
Will this protect me?
- This may.
If it were full.
- Would you like to come inside?
- This may.
If it were full.
Instead of serving you,
you'll end up serving it.
- Your food is
always so delicious.
- Thank you.
They left a substantial
pantry for me.
- I have a question.
I hope you don't get offended.
- Please.
Go right ahead.
- How long have you
been a priest for?
- Five years.
- You don't seem like the type.
- Okay.
It's my turn to
ask you a question.
- Okay. Hit me with it.
- What did your husband say to
you to convince you to stay?
I'm sorry.
I knew that was a
bad idea to ask that.
- He said if he
failed this time,
that I could leave him.
Very generous, huh?
The dessert was a
really nice surprise.
- Looks like it's getting dark.
I'll leave you to your evening.
Let me get these
plates out of your way.
- I've always wanted to travel.
See different people.
I've been cutting
hair for too long.
If he comes back
I'm going to tell him.
That I want to be with you.
- Then we'll start
our life together.
I'll have to let the church
know after we've gone.
If the laicization
starts before then,
I might have to go
before the community.
They may investigate.
- I know this won't be easy.
For either of us.
Like you told me,
if we love each other
then the rest doesn't matter.
There's something else.
- What's that?
- Remember when I
told you I was late?
- How do you know for sure?
- I just know.
I thought you would be happy.
I feel so stupid.
- I am happy.
This is all happening
really fast for me.
I never thought
two months ago that I'd be
nearly married and with a child.
I'll be a husband.
- And a father.
Just a different kind.
- I'm almost done here.
- Take your time.
- Thanks.
- Where you headed?
- Oh lord!
Forsake not for our inequities,
neither punish thou
others for our wounds.
Still thy wrath oh lord,
absolve oh lord, have mercy.
Have mercy on us, for this
child is out of wedlock!
Count not our acts
as fornication,
but rather...
As a pre-marriage within
the sanctity of the church!
- Temperature Gauge
is out on my car.
Started steaming on me, I
barely got it off the road.
- You're going to need a
lot more water than that
where you're going.
- Yeah.
- Long way to be
traveling alone.
Heading back to your family?
- My wife.
- Sorry father.
I was trying to stomp
out a black widow's web.
She'd laid a bunch of eggs.
Can't have those running
around the church.
- Are you okay?
- Oh yes, father. Thank you.
I'm afraid there's a
lot more nests around.
It's the season you know.
- Just be careful.
- That and she's next
to the church so.
- A long time to be
leaving a woman alone.
- You say you're
from around here?
- Oh, from everywhere.
I like to come
through here though.
You take them roads
I told you about.
It's going to save you
a good half-day's travel.
Get home to the
wife a lot sooner.
- Thanks. I appreciate it.
- Just remember.
Priest or no priest,
I wouldn't trust
faith over biology.
- I didn't catch your name.
- I killed them.
All the babies.
Still haven't caught
all the mothers.
I got some, but some got away.
Should slow them
down for a while.
- Thank you, my son.
You're doing good work
for the lord's house.
All of them, huh?
- Yes, father.
- How can you be sure?
- I swept all the eggs and
put them inside this bottle.
Something Mr.
Anderson showed me.
- What is that?
- Kills eggs.
Kills babies too.
I think that's actually
what it's meant to do.
- Where did you get that from?
- From Mr. Anderson's
hallway cabinet.
I can't really make out
the name of the drug.
I think Mrs. Anderson took this
right after they had both agreed
not to have the
baby in her stomach.
What is it, father?
- Nothing, it's...
Just so strange.
- Yeah, I thought so too.
They were talking
about how it's meant
to get rid of stomach ulcers.
- No, what's strange is that
Warren always asked me
to pray for his wife
so she can be fertile.
- Well father, I
got to get going.
The lunch today was great.
- Bless you child.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Should I leave the
cleaning stuff here?
Or take it for tomorrow?
- No, you can leave it.
- Baby, I'm on my way back.
I should be there
by tomorrow night,
if nothing goes
wrong with the car.
I hope you're not giving father
Joseph too hard of a time.
He's a good man.
God bless him.
- I was thinking about
what you were saying.
About rushing into things.
I know this is a
big step for you,
but it's a big step for me too.
If we know we can
make each other happy,
I mean, doesn't that please god?
- My dear, you're not eating.
Do you not like it?
- No, of course not.
- I think when we're
officially married,
it'll be better for both of us.
Of course,
yours is going to have
to be annulled first.
Open the door.
- I'm okay. Just go.
- No, please open the door.
- It hurts so much.
- Oh, dear god.
- It hurts so much.
- You're going to be okay.
- No, it's dead.
- It's gonna be okay.
- It's dead!
- Terrible thing, father.
What's she going to say
to her poor husband?
- He's not going to know.
She promised me.
- I hope I'm not speaking
out of place, father,
but do you really think she
can keep a secret like that
from her husband?
- She's divorcing him.
- Sure about that, father?
He seems like a pretty
dangerous fellow.
Those were prison
tattoos I saw on him.
- You never saw him.
How do you know that?
- Yes I have.
I saw him when he came and
gave confession one night.
I remember because
I was staying late
and that's the latest
I've seen anyone come
and give a confession.
- Dear god, what have I done?
- I'm sorry to see
you like this father.
I mean, I wish I
could stay with you
but I have to leave early today.
I found some dead rats
behind the kitchen.
I think they finally
went for that rat poison.
I had to mix it with
some of that good food
you gave me yesterday.
I told you, nobody
can resist your food.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Eat, my dear.
You lost a lot of blood.
You need your energy.
You know,
maybe it was a
blessing in disguise
being that the child would
have been born out of wedlock.
And if your husband would
have come home to a child
it would have made things for us
more difficult.
Of course, I know
you're not going
to say anything to him right?
I was thinking
maybe we shouldn't
mention anything
about us either.
Just for a while, until things
settle down for both of us.
Eat your food dear.
Is it hurting again?
I can get you some water.
It's probably just the pain
from last night resurfacing.
It'll go away.
- Father Joseph.
- You've arrived very late.
- I'm indebted to you.
I can't thank you enough.
- I'm not the one who
carries your debt.
- Where's Jill?
Where's my wife?
- She fell very ill.
There was not much I could do.
There was nothing you
left me to contact you by
and by the time
the physician came.
I'm sorry for your loss.
The lord giveth and...
Bless her soul.
- When did she?
- Three days ago.
There was a modest service.
Due to the difficult
situation I had been put in
I was forced to say
that she was a traveler
who needed food and
requested temporary shelter
and had no family.
- She had a family.
She would have met them.
- I've prepared her
things in her room,
where you may stay
tonight if you wish.
My dear, you're not eating.
It's going to be okay.
- It's dead!
- What? Who are you?!
- Get up!
- Why you doing this?
- Now!
Start digging.
- This is madness.
You disturbed the
dead, your own wife.
Jack, your wife is dead.
There's no hope in this.
Oh lord!
Please forgive me!
I've become an
abomination to the church!
- Speak the truth.
- Help.
Help me.
I've been abducted
by a deranged man!
Please free me from this!
- And call the authorities?
- Wait.
Who are you? What
are you doing here?
- Who am I?
- Yes.
Why won't you show yourself?
Who are you?
- I'm the one who got
you into this mess
and I'm the only one
who can get you out.
- I don't know you.
You're mistaken.
- You sure about that, father?
- This is a dream.
No evil or demon can
penetrate the sanctity
of the house of the lord!
- Oh, it can get close enough.
- The husband of that
woman summoned you.
You have no quarrel with
me. Leave me in peace!
- I don't think you'd
want that, father.
That peace won't last long
once he gets done
digging up Mrs. Jill.
I thought you'd need a hand.
What can you do for me?
- I can free you.
- To what end?
Untying me isn't gonna change...
- Jack should die.
That is what you're suggesting.
And a wise suggestion.
There's no other way.
- What must I do?
- What's only natural
at this point.
Renounce the false keeper
for he has clearly
abandoned you,
for he keeps nothing
but an illusion.
Your devotion has
been in vain, Joseph.
For the only devotion
that exists now
is Jack's intent to kill you.
- What I may say
will not be entirely
with conviction.
- As is the story of your lives.
What matters now
is that you swear
your loyalty to me.
The one who brought
you to this condition
and the one who has the
true power to release you.
- I swear.
- The pact cannot be
made by words alone.
- I renounce Christ the lord
and to you I swear.
- You renounce him so easily
as if befitting
of your creation.
And it's I who must suffer
for providing him
that assessment.
I'm free of you.
I fear the one you've renounced.
of the worlds.
- Save me!
Get me out of here!
- Why did this happen to me?
I know that's what
you're thinking.
- I don't owe you anything.
I don't fear you.
- You say that
with a pointed gun.
- I have nothing to give you.
You've taken everything.
- I'm glad you recognize that.
Had you fulfilled our pact
in jail, we wouldn't be here.
You tried to con me.
You thought you could
get your freedom
and leave me empty handed.
Trick me and use the
church to keep me at bay.
That's pretty crafty Jack.
Still a professional.
- You rigged our
pact from the start.
- You thought I was a fool.
You hustled your
own pathetic kind
and even hustled
the house of god
and you thought you
could hustle me?!
But now you have felt my wrath.
- I don't fear you.
Tricks, that's all you have.
Threats and lies.
All your different faces.
You catch a man at his
weakest and you spin him.
- Jack, you've exposed me.
Do you suppose I
should now retire?
Perhaps I'll consider it,
but not before I'm done
with your daughter Karin.
- You can't hurt her.
- Because you will protect
her from me, right?
Like you did her mother.
That was very successful.
- Her mother's death had
nothing to do with you.
- You really think so?
Now you're starting to use
that clever mind of yours.
In case you haven't
gotten it already,
what should be going through
your mind at this point is,
how can you stop me?
- She won't let
you toy with her.
- Well then she
will be the first.
Don't act like you
know this girl.
You know less of her
than you did this priest.
Jack, you know I've
never hated you.
I've always looked forward
to working with you
and I always leave
you a fair offer.
But I will come from
before you and behind you,
from your right
and from your left.
What are you going
to go back to Jack?
A disconnected daughter whose
ex-convict father is now
a fugitive for
three more murders?
His own wife.
A devout priest
and his seed that
he left inside her.
A great start she'll have.
Don't you think?
Or she can grow up with
a good foster family,
believe that her
father was a good man,
and that he disappeared
serving the church,
in his blind loyalty
and unwavering devotion.
You can save your pity
for your wife, Jack!
She had plans.
You weren't on them!
- How can I believe
anything you say?
- You don't have that
kind of luxury Jack,
nonetheless I offer you...
- lies!
Tell me something true!
Either by your own leave
or by the death penalty
in humiliation for what
you tried to pull on me
and my company.
And afterwards I'll
consider us square
and your daughter will remain
as ignorant as she is now.
Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water.
Jill fell down and broke
her crown and Jack...
- and then,
I had to clean up everything
he spilled all over the floor,
even though I didn't
make the big mess.
- That's not fair.
- Yeah.
- So, did you think about
the discussion we had?
What do you think?
- I'm a little confused.
- Yes.
God can be a confusing thing.
Like all superstitions,
you may have gotten
too old for them.
- No.
I don't get why
you left your king.
- I was banished.
I did not leave him.
- You said you
disagreed with him.
- Yes.
- And that you can't go back.
Why didn't you
just say I'm sorry?
- The wrong kind of obedience
can be a disobedience
like when someone loses
on purpose playing a game.
- Can the right kind of
disobedience be an obedience?
- It most certainly can.
Atta girl.
- But how do we know
if it's the right kind
or the wrong kind?
- Crafty.
Just like your father.
- Huh?
- We just do.
We're smart enough to figure
that out for ourselves.
- Are we?
- Karin! The soda machine
is giving free sodas again.
You just have to hold down
the button and kick real hard.