The Pleasure Garden (1925) Movie Script

The highly popular revues
at the Pleasure Garden Theater
are staged by Mr. Hamilton
...George Snell
smoking prohibited
That's an exquisite chorus
line, Mr. Hamilton
Meet patsy Brand
...Virginia Valli
I had to meet you because I
was charmed by that lovely
curl of hair.
Then I give it to you and
hope you have a nice time
Now, yhat wasn't a very
clever line, was it?
I'm Jill Cheyne, and I have
a letter of introduction to
Mr. Hamilton
...Carmelita Geraghty
... that was all the money
I had, and now I don't know
what to do!
Well, you can stay with me,
and tomorrow I'll take you
in to see Mr. Hamilton
This is my fiance back home.
I was getting nowhere, keeping
company to an old lady out in the
I went to the theater straight
from the station
Did you expect him to hire
you just like that, with the cab waiting?
The man who gave me the letter
said he was a good friend of
Hamilton's, so I thought...
Well, don't worry about it,
luckily you have me to take
care of you.
Passion Flowers
The Entire Company to be on stage for
full rehearsal tomorrow, wednesday,
June 5th. at 11 a.m. Sharp
Stage Manager
Take a chance, Mr. Hamilton,
and I'll show you some real
hot steps!
No, I haven't danced anywhere
Folks, I have a great artist
here, who has never been on
stage in her life but is sure
she can show us how to dance.
Just anything in the charleston
line will do.
I hate to admit it but you're
pretty good. How's five pounds
a week?
You know I'm better than that.
I'll take twenty to start.
Patsy, Miss Jill's fiance
is here.
You must be the roommate, Patsy!
Jill was written me how nice
you've been to her. I'm Hugh
Sorry Jill isn't in right now,
she's trying on a costume for
the new revue.
At Hamilton's apartment
Let's not have any suggestions
like that...
...until I have my own place
I could invite you to!
My company is sending me to
the plantation overseas for
two years - but after that I'll
have enough to marry, and
Jill has promissed to wait.
Patsy, I asked Mr.Levet
to pick me up here. We work
for the same outfit.
Miles Mander
In fact, Levet is already
stationed out here, and is
here for a two-month furlough.
We'll be working on the same
You have no idea, Miss Brand,
how empty and lonely life out there...
Do you believe in love?
Her number's coming up next!
I'm so lucky to have a terrific
girl for a fiancee!
May you have not only fame,
Jill, but also happiness!
This is Prince Ivan, Jill.
He wants to congratulate you
in person.
It is a rare pleasure to watch
you perform, and I intend to
indulge myself often.
I know how you feel, Hugh,
but I'll steer her away from
these stage-door tomcats
if I can.
I'm afraid poor Hugh has
a rather dewy-eyed conception
of his childhood sweetheart.
Soon after Hugh's departure
overseas, Jill took a step
up in the theatrical world.
Dear Paley
I am so sorry to
leave you so soon but
I have had the
opportunity to take a
tiny furuislud flat for
myself, because you will
value that I couldn't
stay in cheap lodgings
I am nearly a slave
Midfull of her promise to
Hugh, Patsy makes a last
attempt to straighten out
Aren't you afraid of your
reputation as a kept woman?
I cannot stand by and watch
you throw yourself away like
...especially with a fine
man like Hugh waiting for you!
Would you believe it, Prince,
one of my casual friends form
the chorus is trying to run
my life!
I'm worried about Jill, Mr.
Levet. I promised to keep
her out of danger, and now
she's fooling around with
that phony Prince.
I wouldn't woory, Patsy, that
girl knows exactly what
she's doing - and she likes it.
Odd, isn't it - he never
barked at Hugh.
Maybe because he had no reason
to be jealous of Hugh
I've got to nahd it to Jill -
she'll make that fool marry
her yet, I bet!
Patsy - I have only a short
time here - can't we share
our loneliness together?
There's a month left before
I have to go back out there
for two years. What do you
If you are proposing, then
my answer is Yes. I have
come to love you in the last
few weeks.
I'd like to, Patsy, but it
really wouldn't be fair to
My position with the firm is
no such that they'd let me
take a wife out there.
I'll be glad to keep working
and wait - as Mrs.Levet!
And I know you'll work your
way up so you can send for me
very soon.
...and he fixed it up so
we can get married the day
after tomorrow!
For a honeymoon, he's taking
me to Italy!
I'm so happy!
The day of the wedding.
Sorry, Cuddles - I can't
take you with me, but I'll
be back in a month.
Honeymooning at Lake Como.
I asked God to grant us
a happy life life together.
Don't let these thieving
little brats make a fool
of you!
You threw away the rose
I gave you.
Had to - it had wilted.
Glad to see you again, old
chap. Tell me about Jill.
Sorry but, to tell you the
truth, I didn't see her since
she moved to her own place.
Still working at the Pleasure
Garden, Patsy now lives for but
one thing ... the first letter
from her husband.
Stop worrying so much - you
can find a girl just as
good or better anywhere.
Dear patsy,
I must go to him - he's sick
and my place is with him.
Jill, all I ask is enough
money to pay my fare out there.
Can't do, patsy - I'm spending
everthing on my trousseau.
The Prince and I will be
married soon.
How about Hugh's engagement
ring, then - surely you won't
need that now!
She's marrying the Prince
and wouldn't lend me a penny!
You must be crazy if you
think I could ever stay with
you after this!
You filthy animal!
You're my wife - so you've
got to stay with me!
Please take me away from
here - this man's crazy!
Listen, maybe you can help
nurse his friend, who's down
with the fever, until you
have to catch your next
Poor Hugh, I'll stay with
you until you get well!
Jill, my darling ... so
good of you to come!
How about a kiss, sweetheart?
Patsy! It's you!
What happened?
That's my wife you're fooling
around with, Hugh - and you'll
pay for it!
You'd better come back,
unless you want to see him
with his head bashed in!
I can't let him go on
like this while he's out of
his mind. I'll go with him
for now but will return as
soon as I can.
Get away from me - my wife's
here now. I don't need you
any more!
She wants me to use the sword -
she won't let me rest until
I've killed you, too!
Hugh told me what happened.
I'm having him brought in.
Don't thank me, Patsy -
just seeing you saved my
life, and I'm simply paying
you back.
I'm sorry that Jill's
turned out no good -
I hope you'll get over
her, as I must try to
get over this...
You're the only woman for
me now, Patsy - I was blind
not to see it before!
Coming home, Patsy
How do you like that -
Cuddles knew all the time!
The End