The Plot to Kill Hitler (1990) Movie Script

Soldiers of the Reich...
...this evening our hearts are filled
with gratitude.
Divine providence has given us
a sure sign...
...that the Fhrer's mission
will be fulfilled.
It is now your duty
to deliver the final decisive blows...
...against the cowards who committed
this contemptible crime...
...against our party, our Germany...
...our Fhrer.
Heil Hitler.
Our orders are directly from the Fhrer.
Arrest the traitors!
- My God, what's happening?
- It's our army.
- What do they look like?
- They look like us.
What is this? On whose orders?
- Declare the Fhrer Oath!
Seal off the upper floors.
- Stauffenberg.
It's Walter. We're overrun.
Don't resist.
Get out of the building if you can.
Stauffenberg, they're all over the place.
It's all over, Claus. We are done.
- I am done.
- The trial, Friedrich.
We don't want to miss that little circus.
Stauffenberg is right, Olbricht.
For the sake of history,
we must live to tell the facts.
Halt or I'll fire!
- Hands up!
- I have no hands.
Declare the Fhrer Oath!
Hold your fire!
This is Stauffenberg.
He is the one.
He is the one.
Marshal Rommel.
Come into what's left
of my headquarters.
- You wanted to see me, sir?
- Yes.
You're being reassigned to Berlin.
May I ask the reason why?
They have decided not to waste your talents
any longer in a losing cause.
You are apparently being groomed,
- Congratulations.
- Lf it's all the same...
...I prefer to remain here in Africa
with my men.
You mean what's left of your men.
But don't despair.
We'll all be following you north
very soon.
At least those who can escape capture.
With respect, sir.
We cannot abandon the Tunis bridgehead.
Well, we have no choice.
The Fhrer has seen to that.
We sacrifice German lives...
...for nothing.
But then,
I'm sure this isn't clearly news to you.
I suppose not.
Hitler's even infiltrated our army
with his manic SS. This isn't good.
This is a war which we cannot win.
The Fhrer calls me a pessimist.
What is your opinion, Stauffenberg?
- It's not my place.
- Humor me.
You are a realist.
And the Fhrer?
Mad, I'm afraid.
Dangerous words, Count Stauffenberg.
Dangerous times, Marshal Rommel.
Your husband is alive, Frau Stauffenberg.
But he has sustained several extremely
debilitating and disfiguring injuries.
What room is he in?
In Room 7.
First you refuse pain medication,
then you refuse sleeping pills.
You will not refuse your dinner.
My God, is it breakfast already?
I told you I have had enough.
You are not giving orders today,
my dear colonel.
I'm with you now. I'm with you, Claus.
Have you spoken with the doctor?
He says you're very lucky to be alive.
My eyes, Nina.
What did he say about my eyes?
One is lost. The other will heal.
I thought you knew.
- The children?
- With my mother.
They can't wait to see their papa.
Now, Claus, please take something.
You must keep up your strength.
The war is over for us now, Claus.
It's over for us.
Welcome home, Papa.
Berthold. Valerie.
And my little Franz.
I have missed you so much.
All right, now everybody
take your seats.
We have another special surprise today,
for lunch.
Papa's favorite.
I remember. Lamb.
- May I help you?
- Thank you, Hilda.
So you would make a clown
of your father?
No. No. I wanna do it myself.
Such a fuss, Franz.
Claus, let me do that for you.
I think you'd better.
It's not so bad, Franz,
being treated like a king.
When will your hand grow back, Papa?
It won't ever grow back.
He lost it in the war.
I have an idea.
We'll all have a game of soccer.
How would that be?
I can still play soccer, I suppose.
They've had me under surveillance
for years now.
Ever since my resignation
as chief of staff in '38.
- But they've yet to bring me in.
- Himmler must think you will lead him... the others that oppose Hitler,
General Beck.
You do realize you could be placing
yourself in jeopardy by coming here, Claus.
I've come to pay my respects to the former
chief of staff of the German army.
You're right.
That's hardly subversive.
What do you want me to do, Ludwig?
Self-pity does not suit your youth,
What I want is for you
to get it out of your head.
They omitted to tell me...
...just how long a man
can be expected to live...
...with half his stomach removed.
...I intend to die
fighting for the fatherland.
Why did you resign?
You had Hitler's ear.
You were a voice of reason.
Reason died when Hitler crossed
the border into Czechoslovakia.
But that's history.
I'm a private citizen now just like you,
We can play chess together in the park,
with pigeons at our feet...
...and swap war stories.
The future is what should concern you.
The future of Germany.
You will see much more of it than I will.
Three days ago,
an attempt was made on Hitler's life.
A bomb was planted on his airplane
in Eastern Prussia.
But it failed to detonate.
Time is running out.
Hitler must be killed
before the Allies invade the continent.
We must negotiate peace...
...before we are forced
into an unconditional surrender.
This is Radio Berlin...
... speaking to you
from the office of the Propaganda Ministry.
The resignation of Mussolini,
who will be 60 on Thursday...
... came with the full knowledge
of der Fhrer...
... six days after their meeting
in Verona.
And in Sicily, armored Wehrmacht divisions
continue to repel the northward advance...
... by British and American invaders.
Thank you, Dr. Goebbels.
We will repel the Allies
all the way to Berlin.
- while our armies are winning
on all major fronts...
... we must be prepared and stand by our...
I got it.
I got it.
I thank God for giving us
this second chance.
I thank God for bringing you back to me
and the children.
I hardly know them anymore.
Give it time, darling.
Stefan George again?
Why don't you read it to me.
"The Anti-Christ. "
The Lord of all vermin
Enlarges his kingdom
Lacking no treasures, no luck ever fails
And down with the rest of the rebels
You cheer and delight in the devilish hoax
You squander the rest
Of the earlier strength
You'll be safe in the shelter, Franz.
Come on. Come on.
Claus, give him to me.
Come back to bed, Claus.
I am asking for reassignment, Nina.
I must return to duty.
Administering to the reserve army
is rather tame business...
...after the 10th Panzer Division.
Be seated.
I have lost my taste for battle,
General Olbricht.
Yes, well, I'm sure you have.
We are all pencil pushers here,
Don't expect too much excitement.
Unless, of course, the enemy should arrive
next week at the Brandenburg Gate.
An Allied invasion is inevitable.
Whilst I am reluctant to discourage...
...independent thought amongst my staff,
...I would suggest that you keep
any questionable opinions to yourself.
- You are in Berlin now.
- As you wish, general.
We're all answerable to General Fromm.
You'll have a meeting with him
when he gets back from conference.
He is expecting an armament
and troop strength analysis from you... soon as it is completed. Dismissed.
- Heil Hitler.
- Heil Hitler.
Oh, Stauffenberg.
Former General Beck sends his regards.
I barely know the man.
I've only met him once or twice.
I assume, then, that General Beck
is a friend of yours?
Assumptions can be dangerous, colonel.
Beck has lost many friends
since his resignation.
Guilt by association, you see.
As I told you, general...
...I barely know the man.
I understand he is terminally ill.
Then I suppose the Fhrer
will be spared the price of a bullet.
This is the Information
Ministry broadcasting today from Berlin.
Our Fhrer has announced
that more food and armaments...
... will be shipped to the military sectors
in support of our great army.
All citizens during this period
of shortages and rationing...
... must be strong in Germany's time
of need in support of the German nation.
Our armed forces will be victorious
against our enemies.
What do you think?
We must make this quick.
What do you need to know?
Olbricht. Can he be trusted?
Ask him yourself.
So you don't know the man.
I lied.
Very wise.
I was unsure of you too.
Now we can get on with it.
The Resistance is alive in the army.
The soldiers despise the SS.
A half-dozen field commanders
are already in the fold.
We are widespread but lack organization.
That's where you come in.
- You are above suspicion.
- For now. Who else is with us?
A smattering of civilians, politicians,
some clergy.
- Anyone with a shred of sanity left.
- Goebbels.
It has been forced upon us
by our enemies.
National Socialist heroes,
your words ring loud and clear.
Our spirit shall never crumble.
- I will be recognized here. I must go.
- Let's not press our luck.
Operation Walkre, Claus.
Do you know it?
Walkre, yes. A reserve army
mobilization to defend Berlin.
Use it.
For every German home
destroyed by Allied bombings...
...1000 homes across the English Channel.
For every life lost
from a German family...
...1000 lives across the English Channel.
Retribution is at hand.
A new and terrible weapon
is being prepared...
...that will strike down the enemy
and annihilate him.
Yes, the enemy.
This war is a war of national defense.
The meeting is concluded.
- Heil Hitler.
- Heil Hitler.
So you propose to reinstate Walkre?
Yes, it may be necessary
in the case of an uprising.
Your refinements are ingenious,
And just for the record...
...the concept was mine.
But you were responsible
for the design...
...and execution. Understood?
Of course, General Fromm.
The Fhrer has been doubting
the loyalty of the SS.
He doesn't trust Himmler.
His paranoia will work nicely
to our advantage.
We will submit this to the Fhrer
as soon as possible.
May I ask you a hypothetical question?
It's a free world... to speak.
If it came down to an all-out struggle
between our army and the SS...
...where would you stand?
With those left standing.
Stauffenberg, I'm not a fool.
Are you?
I hope not, General Fromm.
You've seen combat, Stauffenberg.
And you've paid the price.
Is this war still winnable...
...or are you a cripple for nothing?
I love Germany, General Fromm.
I have no regrets.
Except when you try to put your boots on
in the morning, eh, Stauffenberg?
We can no longer win this war.
Bravo, colonel.
Hitler's folly has made a mockery
of the Wehrmacht.
Astrologers, psychics and amateurs.
This is our war council.
No wonder we are doomed.
No wonder we are doomed.
- He bought it.
- Can he be trusted?
Halt. Papers.
Permission to pass.
Mein Fhrer, I suggest
that you consider my latest chart...
...which indicates that Saturn
will soon align with the moon.
And it is the opinion
of Reichsfhrer Himmler...
...Dr. Goebbels and myself,
mein Fhrer...
...that the planets will guarantee
our ultimate victory.
I have prepared
detailed astrological charts...
...which predict a great victory
for Germany... the latter half of April,
followed by peace in August.
By what year?
That would be 1945.
- In less than two years, mein Fhrer.
- Prepare new charts. Dismissed.
My stomach, you see,
is quite sensitive these days.
Dr. Morell tells me to avoid any excess
of salt and spices.
I'm sorry to disturb you, mein Fhrer.
This is incompetent and unacceptable!
No delays!
If Eichmann needs more trains
for the resettlement...
...then have him requisition
the Armaments Department!
As you wish, mein Fhrer.
Cigarette, Stauffenberg?
A dirty habit. Especially at meal times.
Forgive me, mein Fhrer.
I've read your new Walkre reports,
At last, a staff officer
with some imagination.
Proceed with implementation.
And be prepared to report directly to me...
...on the disposition
of reserve troop strength.
Yes, mein Fhrer.
I do require one slight adjustment
to procedure, however.
General Fromm is Home Army commander.
Only he will have authority... issue the Walkre Alert.
Fromm needs something to do
besides sharpening pencils.
I have a question for you, Fromm.
Yes, mein Fhrer?
Of all the animals on the Earth,
which do you think is the strongest?
Well, wouldn't that be the elephant?
Yes, correct.
The elephant is indeed
the strongest animal.
And he also cannot stand meat.
I'll be staying at the apartment...
...provided by the ministry,
in the center of Berlin.
This going to the apartment,
I still don't understand the necessity.
- Where will you take your meals?
I will be fine, Nina.
What difference can one officer make?
Understand me, Nina.
Every officer on the General Staff
must accept his share of responsibility...
...for this madness.
But what can you do?
I don't know.
I suppose I can try to put an end to it.
Yes. You can try, Claus.
But what if you fail?
What will they do to you, to all of us?
Germany will be destroyed
unless some action is taken.
You would not expect me
to sit by and do nothing.
Unfortunately, just killing the man
isn't enough.
We must prepare a political strategy
for the aftermath.
If Hitler is simply murdered...
...the party would deify him
and then return to business as usual.
The Nazi party
must perish along with him.
Operation Walkre will enable us
to take control of the government...
...seize Berlin, and then we will arrest
Goebbels, Himmler and Gring.
And if necessary, we will kill them too.
We must get support from as many
field commanders as we can muster.
Rommel is essential.
I think Rommel will be ripe
for the picking.
We'll have to pray that those still loyal to
the Fhrer will fall in line once he is dead.
And the first thing we must do... to liberate the concentration camps
and stop the slaughter.
Then we make peace with the West.
If they are still interested.
Valerie, hold on to Berthold's hand.
Don't let go.
The shelter.
Valerie, where's your brother?
Where's Berthold?
He let go, Mama.
Hold on to Franz with all your might.
Go. Go.
Mama. Mama.
Let me see you.
Let me see you.
My Berthold.
We're safe in here, Mama.
They won't drop a bomb on the clowns.
No, Berthold. No.
Radio Berlin reports that the Allied forces...
... staged a surprise air attack yesterday...
... at Schweinfurt and outside of Berlin.
Our German army shot down
60 American aircraft.
German casualties are believed
to be minimal.
Guns aren't allowed
anywhere near the Fhrer.
He's never without a bulletproof vest.
Even his hat is lined with steel plating.
Not to mention an impenetrable cordon
of SS bodyguards.
It will have to be a bomb.
There is no other way.
A time-delayed explosion is too risky.
The attempt on his plane
at Smolensk proved that.
The bomb must be taken to the Fhrer
and detonated instantly.
In other words, we are looking for a man
who is willing to commit suicide.
I suggest we find him.
Hello, Claus.
Nina, what are you doing here?
I'm sorry. I needed to see you.
I'm just leaving.
Good night, Frau von Stauffenberg.
You should have called first, Nina.
Well, yes, I would have.
But you don't have a telephone here,
Telephones invite surveillance.
Hilda's with the children?
Yes, yes, of course.
Are they well?
Yes, very.
We all took in the circus yesterday.
The circus.
It's late.
You should stay the night.
But you must promise me, Nina...
...that you will never come here again.
Please, tell me what's happening here.
It is not your place to know.
Although, I think you already do.
Why you, Claus?
Why does it have to be you?
Haven't you given enough
for your country?
What about us?
What about your family?
Nina, Germany must come first.
You knew that when we married.
You have always known that.
Last week Franz asked me
who the man in the uniform was.
A fair question, don't you agree, Claus?
I am a soldier, Nina.
It is all that I know.
Yes, you were born to it
and you will die to it.
I have work. Good night.
At least you have passion for something.
Killing Hitler is not an act of passion.
Then it is true.
Killing Hitler is an act of reason.
Do you have family, Axel?
I was an only child.
My parents are both dead.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, it makes it easier, I suppose.
For both of us, really.
When will this happen?
We haven't an exact date.
You'll be summoned from the front
to Fhrer Headquarters.
There will be a modeling demonstration
of new parade uniforms.
You'll be wearing one of the new
prototype uniforms.
Underneath it will be a bomb
equipped with a four-second fuse.
You will throw yourself on the Fhrer
and detonate it.
I see.
It's a good plan, I think.
Are you absolutely sure about this?
But if you order me to do it, I will do it.
You know I cannot, Axel.
If I do this, will God forgive me?
I hope God will forgive us all.
I've tried to forgive myself,
Colonel von Stauffenberg.
But it's really quite useless.
Please, understand me. I have seen...
I've done questionable things.
- I do understand, Axel...
- Six months ago... unit was in the Ukraine.
And the order came down
to assemble the entire Jewish population.
We marched them on to a field
on the outskirts of town...
...and we distributed shovels.
And we ordered them to dig a huge pit.
Their own grave.
It took two days.
We gave them no food, no water.
When the hole was deep enough...
...we ordered them to strip naked
and lie down inside.
Bodies on top of bodies.
A little boy asked me why.
A light snow was falling.
I remember thinking... warm it must have felt for them,
flesh on flesh.
And then we turned our guns on them.
You were under orders, Axel.
Yes, I keep telling myself that.
I know.
I've never met him, actually.
I've always wanted to meet the Fhrer.
Now I will.
Captain dem Bussche.
- Yes, colonel?
How long is your leave?
It's four days.
Now, you must all promise
to take very good care of these medals.
And whenever you look at them,
maybe you think of me, huh?
- Mama, look at my medal.
- I see. It's very beautiful.
Dinner is ready. Go wash your hands.
Axel, you shouldn't have.
I hope you don't mind,
Frau von Stauffenberg.
It pleased them so much.
- Do you have children?
- No.
- Are you married?
- No. Actually, I'm engaged.
Well, you have quite a way with children.
I think you'll make a wonderful father.
Don't you think so, Claus?
He would.
...can the Church grant absolution
to a murderer?
According to canon law...
...only the Holy Father in Rome
can grant absolution for such an act.
Who is this man, my son?
A soldier.
Right on time.
Marshal Rommel.
Count Stauffenberg.
So we meet again.
Officially, the purpose of this meeting
is to discuss Home Army reinforcements...
...for the invasion front. Understood?
God be willing we can prevent this invasion
from ever taking place.
God hasn't anything to do with it,
Apparently, you do.
A petition was submitted
to Himmler and the Ministry of Interior...
...calling for the cessation of all political
and religious persecution within the Reich.
Yes, I'm familiar with that.
I've given it my support.
I need to know just how far
your support will reach.
My only allegiance is to our army.
You are the only one who can prevent
a civil war after we take action.
Will you stand behind the movement?
I need assurances.
When Hitler is...
...arrested, he must be brought
before a German court...
...and tried for his crimes.
That is our intention.
I have no moral objections
to killing the Fhrer, you understand.
Killing is my business.
My reasons are purely political.
He's enough of a god in the eyes
of the German people as it is.
I don't want to make a martyr
out of him.
Then we have your cooperation?
I think it is my duty
to come to the rescue of Germany.
We must restore the honor of our army.
But time is of the essence, Stauffenberg.
So make it quick.
I wonder.
Would we find any of this business
...if we were winning the war?
If we were winning this war,
Marshal Rommel... would be all the more reason
to be rid of him.
Well, as for myself...
...well, I suppose we'll leave that question
to the historians.
I don't recall giving you orders
to fly to France.
I was summoned to conference
by Field Marshal Rommel.
For what reason?
To discuss the availability of reserve troops
and armaments for the invasion front.
You lie, Stauffenberg.
I have information which indicates
you've been conducting...
...a variety of unauthorized activities
under the cloak of official business.
I don't understand what you mean.
Don't patronize me, Stauffenberg.
I'm your commanding officer.
Did you actually think you can commit
treason under my nose...
...without my catching wind of it?
The thought hadn't occurred to me.
Perhaps my use of the word "treason"
is inappropriate.
It is, after all,
only a question of perspective.
Just what is your perspective,
General Fromm?
I quite like the view I have
from the top of the fence.
But I suppose
I could still order your arrest.
You won't.
There's always the chance... might pull this thing off.
- We could use your support.
- I'm sure you could.
And you'll have it.
If you succeed.
- Will that be all?
- No, Stauffenberg.
That will not be all.
I want a guarantee.
I want your word of honor
as an officer of the Wehrmacht...
...that when the time comes...
...that I will be protected.
Promise me that I will be spared...
...from the clean-out.
Well, what will it be, Stauffenberg?
You give me your word of honor now
or I swear to God...
...I'll bring down you and your
little revolution right this minute.
Then you have my word.
My compliments, Stauffenberg.
I haven't seen him for weeks.
I'm sure he would be here
if he were able.
There is a war going on.
Yes, while you listen to the war
on the radio... children and I
run to the bomb shelter.
Don't talk to me about war, Mother.
You are not living through a war out here.
And you may thank God for it.
If you were honest with yourself, Nina... would admit that your anger with me
is misplaced.
You are quite right, Mother. Forgive me.
I should not have to remind you
of your responsibilities to your husband.
It is your duty as the wife of an officer.
Germany will prevail in this struggle.
And it will prevail only because
of the commitment of men like Claus.
- The war is lost, Mother.
- The least you can do is to stand by him.
- Our very way of life is at stake right now.
- Our way of life?
You don't know how right you are.
Himmler once said that the barons
were no better than the Jews.
And we both know what is happening
to the Jews.
Yes, I have heard the rumors.
But there is no proof of any wrongdoing.
We'll have plenty of proof
before very long.
What about Goebbels' suggestion
that at the end of the war...
...there should be a mass execution
of the aristocracy in Berlin?
Harmless rhetoric, my dear.
The aristocracy has been the backbone
of Germany for hundreds of years.
It will always be so.
Something that will always endure.
Or should.
Like the devotion of a wife
to her husband.
Dinner will be at 8.
What did they say?
I hear the troops are moving
to the Russian front.
Where's Berthold?
I don't know.
Look, there's Papa.
It's Papa. It's Papa.
He came to visit us.
Tomorrow I return to Berlin.
Thank you, Claus.
Very good.
Come closer.
That's close enough. No!
What is it?
A bad dream.
I asked a man to die.
Of course, I understand.
The Allies have just landed
on the coast of France.
The invasion has shifted priorities.
The uniform presentation
has been canceled.
Did you get word to dem Bussche?
The Allies will not negotiate with
a new government even with Hitler dead.
They won't stop until they reach Berlin.
So, gentlemen, if indeed the war is lost,
perhaps the proper course of action...
...would be to let Hitler live.
No. No.
The people of Germany will not be shielded
from the terrible truth of this man forever.
Sooner or later we will all be held
accountable for what this man has done.
This assassination must be attempted.
We must prove to the world
that in Germany...
...Germans, they had to risk
their lives for it.
- Compared to this, nothing matters.
- All right.
But how?
Who? We are back to square one.
I must carry the bomb.
- You can't be serious.
- I will plant a bomb...
...with a delayed fuse and be in Berlin
before the corpse is cold.
- I will not allow it.
We've been denying the obvious.
I am the perfect candidate.
Only I have direct access to the target.
And I must be prepared to do whatever
I might ask of another officer.
I am the finger on the trigger.
"Supreme Headquarters, Wolf's Lair.
July 18, 1545 hours.
Marshal Keitel very urgent
to Colonel Stauffenberg, OKW, Berlin.
Proceed Wolf's Lair
for Fhrer conference.
1300 hours, Thursday...
... July 20. "
- Stauffenberg.
- He's waiting for you down there.
- Is everything ready?
- Yes.
Two kilos of plastic explosive.
Fuse is attached. Acid-capsule burn.
You'll arm the bomb with these.
They've been modified. You see...
...if you break the glass capsule,
just inside there's a copper tube.
The acid will eat through a wire,
releasing a spring.
Then the firing pin
will strike the percussion cap.
How much time do I have?
Ten minutes.
You only have 10 minutes
after the capsule is broken.
Though you shouldn't need it.
The conference will be held
in a concrete bunker.
The walls are 10 feet thick.
The explosion will be nicely contained.
Everyone inside will be obliterated.
In other words...
...get out.
What are you doing, Papa?
Berthold, get back to the shelter.
I can't sleep.
When will all the noise stop?
Come here, Berthold.
If we all say our prayers, Berthold... won't be too long.
And the night will be so quiet...
...that the only sound you'll hear
will be the crickets and the wind.
You're leaving?
We may not see each other
for a few days.
Why? Where are you going?
Do you have plans
to go into Berlin today?
Yes, I thought I would take the children
to the cinema.
Keep the children inside...
...and stay close to the radio.
Why? What is it?
Something is going to happen.
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid too.
I have always loved you, Nina.
Estimated arrival approximately
at 10:15, colonel.
This is Beck speaking.
Are you feeling well today?
Your papers.
Colonel von Stauffenberg
for the Fhrer conference.
All right, pass.
Inform the Fhrer
that the General Staff is assembled.
Yes, sir.
- Here are the reports, mein Fhrer.
- How do you like my trousers, Linge?
Very nice, mein Fhrer.
I'm receiving II Duce this afternoon.
Il Duce deserves my new trousers,
don't you think?
Yes, mein Fhrer.
- Your tea is ready, mein Fhrer.
- Don't interrupt!
Don't interrupt.
I feel strange.
- I hope nothing is going to happen to me.
- Nothing will, mein Fhrer.
But you must be sure to get to sleep
at a normal time.
And don't forget your exercise.
I cannot allow myself to become sick.
There is no one in Germany
that can replace me at this difficult time.
Among millions, I'm the one they found.
I must survive this crisis.
And I will.
These are Colonel von Stauffenberg's
- Colonel von Stauffenberg?
- Yes.
You may pass.
What is it today, Morell?
Testoviron, mein Fhrer.
The very best of the bull.
You mean the steer, don't you, Morell?
Yes, mein Fhrer.
- Stauffenberg.
- Colonel Fellgiebel.
Are you clear on procedure?
After the explosion, I confirm he's dead,
telephone Olbricht in Berlin with the code...
...then cut off all telephone, telegraph
and radio communications.
Good luck.
Tell them I'll return after the meeting.
Colonel von Stauffenberg.
There's been a change in plans.
A change?
Yeah. The conference has been moved up
30 minutes.
The Fhrer needs to be free
to greet Mussolini this afternoon.
The Duce has become like a house pet
to the Fhrer...
...ever since he liberated him from prison.
I understand.
Damn this infernal heat.
We've decided to switch the conference
from the bunker to the map room.
At least we'll have some open windows.
That bunker is stuffier than a tomb.
Excuse me.
Forgive me. I would like to change
into a fresh shirt.
But it's time.
I need a place that's private.
I'm sure you understand,
given my handicaps.
Very well. Von Freyend.
My room is nearby.
You only have 10 minutes.
- Heil Hitler.
- Heil Hitler.
Come along, von Stauffenberg.
The Fhrer is waiting.
Heil Hitler.
These reports are of no value.
And what's more, they're 24 hours late.
...what is the overall position
on the Russian front, Heusinger?
Increasingly strained, mein Fhrer.
The Russian army has new air attacks
focusing on all major cities.
Our troops are stretched far too thin.
Good. Let's go.
I'm Colonel von Stauffenberg.
I'm expecting an urgent call from Berlin.
- Please inform me the moment it comes.
- Yes, colonel.
Stauffenberg, come along,
the meeting has already started.
It will be next to impossible
to prevent a junction of the two...
...main Russian penetrations of our front.
Mein Fhrer, Colonel Stauffenberg is here
to report on the mobilizations.
No, no, no. We'll come to that later.
First we'll finish with Heusinger.
Stand to my left.
We cannot get reinforcements
to the front in time.
The only conclusion possible
for us to draw... that the 13th Army will soon be
completely cut off by the Russians.
I've had enough of this defeatist mentality,
The general government forces will fight
their way through and relieve them!
And we'll fight until we get a peace...
...which secures the life
of the German nation for the next 500...
For the next 1000 years.
The battle cannot be won, Heusinger,
unless there is an iron will behind it.
There can only be one victor in this war.
What now, von Stauffenberg?
The latrine?
- I must call Berlin.
- Make it quick.
But, mein Fhrer, you are
neglecting to see our current situation.
Excuses. All I hear from my staff
are lame excuses.
You'll carry out my orders.
No calls yet, Colonel von Stauffenberg.
And you're all cowards, I say.
You'll fight until the end.
The situation in the East Prussian sector
is increasingly critical.
The Russians forces are advancing
quite rapidly.
A major Russian striking force west of
the Duna is wheeling around to the north...
But Duna can be held, Heusinger!
When I give the signal, start the engine.
The Russian army has moved
several hundred miles closer to East Prussia.
Your staff is all incompetent.
This information is incorrect.
We have no defense against them.
- Our supply lines are stretched.
- Damn.
And there is no fuel there.
You will reinforce our troops there
along this border post.
You will not disobey.
- Lf we fail to withdraw the army group...
- Around Lake Peipus, a catastrophe...
- Wait.
There's been an explosion.
- No one has...
- My orders are from the Fhrer.
- But I have orders.
- You will open this gate immediately.
My mission is urgent.
Approval for
Colonel von Stauffenberg to pass.
Where is the Fhrer?
Mein Fhrer.
Mein Fhrer, you're alive.
Medical. Hurry.
I have orders to proceed to Berlin.
- You may pass.
We should have gotten word by now.
Is it finished?
We have a problem.
- The bomb exploded?
- Yes.
But the Fhrer...
I'm not sure. The code, it was garbled.
He might still be alive.
You must be absolutely certain, Dietz.
Did Colonel Stauffenberg have his briefcase
with him when he left?
Yes, sir. Yes.
I remember it looked so heavy,
it was bulging.
- Damn.
- No, wait.
The cigarette.
He put a cigarette in his mouth
as he passed me.
He had nothing else in his hands.
I'm sure of it.
As soon as those have been photographed...
...I want them sent to Frulein Braun.
- Yes, mein Fhrer.
My right arm is asleep, Morell.
What does it mean?
- You'll be fine, mein Fhrer.
- Speak up, Morell. I can't hear you.
There's a ringing. Do you hear it?
Your eardrum may be broken.
Mein Fhrer.
We now know that the explosion
was not from an aerial bombing.
It was sabotage.
Colonel von Stauffenberg.
They can't kill me.
Don't they know that by now?
What about the others?
Brandt, Schmundt, Korten
and the stenographer were killed instantly.
Several others are gravely wounded.
But nothing has happened to me.
Just think of it.
I'm the child of fate.
Providence has spared me
to complete my mission.
My destiny will be fulfilled.
We must issue the Walkre Alert
- What if he's still alive?
- The capital must be seized. Now.
Stauffenberg will land at Rangsdorf
within the hour.
We will wait for Stauffenberg.
We are through.
Has it started?
Fellgiebel's message was garbled, Claus.
We decided to wait.
Exercise finished.
Olbricht, understand? Finished.
Issue the Walkre Alert immediately.
We have just received a report.
- The Fhrer has been assassinated.
- What?
I recommend that you authorize
the Walkre Alert immediately...
...and transfer all executive powers
to the armed forces.
I need confirmation first.
Phone headquarters, then.
Get me Keitel at Wolf's Lair.
But communications are out.
Exactly. Proof enough.
General Fromm for Marshal Keitel.
Wilhelm? It's Friedrich.
Rumors are afloat in Berlin.
What's happened at headquarters?
An attempt has been made
on the life of the Fhrer.
But he is only slightly injured, thank God.
I understand.
By the way, have you seen anything of your
chief of staff, Colonel von Stauffenberg?
Well... can breathe easily, gentlemen.
The Fhrer is alive.
I was informed Hitler was dead.
It is finished.
- Hitler is dead.
Claus, he just spoke with Keitel.
Hitler is alive.
Keitel is a liar.
I set off a bomb during my conference
with the Fhrer.
I saw the blast myself.
No one who was in that room
can still be alive.
Your assassination attempt failed,
I suggest you shoot yourself at once.
Don't be a fool, Fromm.
And if the cripple can't manage it,
an accommodation will be made.
You others are under arrest.
I think you are mistaken.
Let go of me.
You don't seem to grasp
who's in power now, Fromm.
It is we who are arresting you.
Attention, all field
commanders on all military frequencies.
The Fhrer, Adolf Hitler, is dead.
The Home Guard has assumed control
of the government.
In this hour of extreme danger,
the citizens of Germany will be protected...
... and to maintain law and order
the Home Guard has declared a...
Now we have them, Keitel.
If they had the courage to shoot me,
I'd have some respect, but no.
They didn't want to risk their lives.
The spineless weaklings.
I'll exterminate them. All my enemies.
I'll exterminate them all.
I have Dr. Goebbels on the line, mein Fhrer.
He is most pleased that you were spared.
Goebbels. Listen carefully.
The Home Guard
will attempt to arrest you.
This will go down in history
as the phantom coup.
They didn't even have the intelligence
to disconnect my telephone.
Herr Reichsminister...
...the Home Guard is now
seizing the building.
Just in case.
Dr. Goebbels, it is my duty to inform you
that you are now under arrest.
- What is your name?
- Major Remer...
...commander of the guard battalion.
It would appear that you've forgotten
your oath of allegiance to the Fhrer.
I answer now only to my commanding
officer, General von Hase.
The Fhrer is dead.
Rumors, rumors.
Hitler is alive. I spoke with him myself
not 20 minutes ago.
An ambitious little cabal
of gangster generals...
...has perpetrated this obscenity, Remer.
What we have here is a case of treason.
Pure and simple.
The filthiest treason in history.
But the Fhrer lives.
Listen to me, Remer.
You have been blessed by fate
with a divine responsibility.
Wouldn't you like to live forever, Remer?
It's your destiny.
This is your chance. Don't throw it away.
Grab hold of history, Remer.
I'm not...
I don't know.
I'm going to call the Fhrer now, Remer,
so you can speak with him yourself.
Adolf Hitler should be able to countermand
the orders of your General von Hase?
Get me Wolf's Lair.
This is your Fhrer. Remer,
I'm promoting you to the rank of colonel.
Effective as of this moment.
Every officer in Berlin, regardless of rank,
is now under your command.
Now, you are to secure the capital
and restore order immediately.
By brutal armed force...
... if necessary.
Jawohl, mein Fhrer.
What's wrong?
There is an official broadcast
from the Propaganda Ministry.
This is Propaganda Minister Goebbels...
... broadcasting from Berlin.
Earlier today...
... an attempt was made on the Fhrer's life
with explosives.
The Fhrer himself suffered no injuries
beyond light burns and bruises.
We believe that this attack
is the work of the Allied forces.
I felt the heat of the blast on my face.
Nobody could have survived
that explosion.
All orders
are to be carried out immediately.
The broadcast is a trick.
It's falling apart.
- incident and the perpetrators
will be caught...
It is likely that counter-orders will be issued
from Fhrer headquarters.
Don't believe them.
This station will continue to broadcast
the latest official announcements.
Our Fhrer, Adolf Hitler...
... will speak to the German people
later tonight.
I want machine guns at five-meter
intervals around the perimeter.
Stop all traffic.
No one enters or leaves the sector.
I'll take two squads with me.
It's Walter. We're overrun.
- Don't resist.
Get out of the building if you can.
Declare the Fhrer Oath.
Declare the Fhrer Oath.
Declare the Fhrer Oath.
I swear by God this sacred oath...
...that I will render unconditional obedience
to Adolf Hitler...
...the Fhrer of the German Reich
and people.
Stauffenberg, they're all over the place.
Ludwig, are you all right?
Please, some water.
Morphine, anyone?
Nina, it's Claus. I love you.
Halt or I'll fire.
Hold your fire.
He is the one.
You are all under arrest for treason.
Well, Fromm.
I see you stand with those left standing.
I was your commanding officer, Fromm.
You will allow me... draw the consequences
of this unhappy situation myself.
No speeches, Beck.
Do what you have to do.
Help the old gentleman.
Don't touch him!
All right.
Take your time.
You're fooling yourself, Fromm.
It is over for you too.
We share the same danger.
I hereby inform you
that a summary court-martial...
...has just passed the death sentence
on four officers:
General Olbricht...
...Colonel von Quirnheim...
...Lieutenant von Haeften...
...and that.
You will carry out their sentence
in the courtyard.
My orders are only to arrest these men.
The execution order has just come down
from Fhrer headquarters.
...listen to me.
He is lying.
Take them out.
God told Abraham
that he would spare Sodom...
...if 10 just men
could be found in the city.
Maybe he will spare Germany.
No one will care, Claus.
No one will ever know.
It's better for you now.
- Long live our sacred Germany!
For our Fhrer, Adolf Hitler.
Men and women of Germany.
I don't know how many times
plans and attempts...
... have been made to assassinate me.
If I speak to you today it is, first of all,
so that you should hear my voice...
... and know that I am unhurt and well.
And secondly, that you should know
of a crime unparalleled in German history.
A very small clique
of ambitious and unscrupulous...
... and at the same time
criminal and stupid officers...
... concocted a plot to remove me
and with me...
... the staff of the high command
of the Wehrmacht.
The bomb planted
by Colonel Count Stauffenberg...
... exploded two meters from me
but in spite of this...
- I heard the radio, Mama.
- ... I am uninjured.
Listen, Mama. It's so quiet.
Papa said it would be quiet.
The circle of these conspirators is very small
and has nothing in common with the spirit...
... of the German Wehrmacht.