The Plus One (2023) Movie Script

(upbeat music)
Oh my God.
My hand is cramping.
I told you it was a bad idea
to hand calligraphy
each envelope.
Less talking, more licking.
Oh, I like the sound of that.
I bet you do.
How we doing, baby?
So, do you think
it's a bad idea
to have an actual supermodel
in your wedding?
Oh, nah-uh,
that's a trick question.
On our wedding day, all eyes are
gonna be on you, babe.
-Perfect answer.
-There you go.
Wait a minute. Are those
my applesauce brownies?
Yeah, your mom sent them.
Now you know you can eat
any brownies you want,
why would you eat my special
You know that's
for my allergies.
You know, I wish I had
some special brownies.
-Really funny.
-Alright, who's next?
Steve and Rachel Potts.
Babe, destination wedding.
We cannot afford to take
the kids to Florida.
Hun, I got ordained for this.
What are we, just gonna leave
the kids here for the
-Open Expedia.
-Already on it.
First class, hun?
We need the points.
Babe, I know what I'm doing,
this isn't my first rodeo.
You talk to me like that
again, it'll be your last.
I'm sorry. You know
how I get about points.
Oh my God that was
so fast and easy.
(both): Kids, you're gonna stay
with your grandma.
Okay, so we know Mark
and Eric are coming.
Well, your brother's
definitely expecting an invitation.
And we need an RSVP from Eric
so I can get an official
head count.
Okay, count on two,
they'll both have the steak.
Well, they can tell me that
on the invitation.
Can you believe my bro
chose Florida for this wedding?
Baby, people do that because they don't
want other people to go.
Keeps wedding costs down,
keeps it more intimate.
Well, groomsmen or not,
I definitely will not be
missing this trip.
(clears throat)
We, we definitely will not be
missing this trip.
I'm talking white sandy
I just wanna get a tan
for my man.
I don't understand why you have to
formally invite your parents.
-We know they're coming.
-Are you kidding?
You know my mom would disown me
if she didn't get an invite.
this is why I don't
have parents.
Saves trees.
Are you okay
with all of this?
I know how much you miss them.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
I mean, I've got Mark. And you.
Anyway, this wedding
is about my new family.
They'll be with us in spirit.
No, no, put that down.
No, come here.
The invite's here!
Oh. It's so beautiful.
I love that she went
with antique sage.
-Antique sage?
Is that the more
expensive one?
Alf, this is our one
and only daughter
that's getting married.
Do not talk to me about
money right now, okay?
Okay. I just have one
question, 'cause it's a lot
of yammering back and forth.
Uh, do I have to wear a suit?
You have to wear a suit.
It's your sister's wedding.
Thank you. Thank you, honey.
You know what?
You are 25 years old.
What you need to do is get
your driver's license.
-Driver's license?
I'm glad you said that.
Father, look at this.
-I get this car
-What, let
-Show your mom.
-Okay. Alright.
Let me get to
Messed it up a little bit.
-Why am I looking at this?
Because I want you to use
your imagination.
I get the car, I can drive
to the job.
Your I'm sorry,
what was that one again?
You get this car,
I can drive to the job.
Yeah, what's that? What job?
You know what it sounds
like to me, Sebastian?
Is that you want to spend
more of my money.
Well, technically,
it's our money.
That's a no then.
Let me see this.
Our money?
What's the color called?
-Uh, antique sage.
-Antique sage.
-That's beautiful.
-It's beautiful.
-That's gorgeous.
-Thank you, honey.
I still think they
should have just eloped.
It's either Becca or Bella.
You don't know the name
of your boss's girlfriend?
Elaine changes flavors
What? It's the music
executive lifestyle.
Hm, should I be worried?
I only sign everyone's
checks, babe.
So is that why half
the Grammys is coming to our wedding?
Oh, it's Beth!
(upbeat music)
Hi, sweetheart.
How do you feel about Florida?
I'm pretty sure
I can squeeze it in
before the tour.
Mm definitely pack that.
I like that.
One more to go, babe.
Knock it out.
You think I should
give him a plus one?
Why wouldn't you?
He's your man of honor.
Yeah, but he and Marie
just broke up,
so you think it's like,
insensitive to give him a plus one?
Well, if he's single,
he'll come stag.
Otherwise, he'll bring someone.
Yeah, but what if
he brings Marie?
She's not that bad.
Are you serious?
Whose side are you on?
The side of finishing
these invitations.
(upbeat music)
(plane engine whirring)
Welcome to your non-stop
flight to Tampa!
You got the bags,
you got the list.
Alright, let's do it.
-I now pronounce us boarding!
Listen, I have just under
6,000 childless minutes
and I'm not wasting
any of it chaperoning your adult asses.
(both): Hi!
How are you?
Oh my gosh, thank you guys
so much for coming.
I hope this makes your time
at our wedding
-be absolutely perfect.
-It will.
-We are ready.
Here you go.
-Here you go
-There's a list?
-Get on the plane, okay?
She might explode.
Just go, go. Yes.
Listen. When there's order,
there's chaos.
I thought of every
single detail.
-I know that.
-It's gonna be perfect.
I know, it's perfect. Perfect.
Luke, Lizzie, oh my gosh,
Hi, how are you?
You did it.
It's gonna be beautiful.
-Aren't they cute?
-They're adorable.
-Thank you.
-Mom and Dad!
-Ooh, there she is.
(indistinct chatter)
-How are you?
-How you doing?
My beautiful mama.
-How are you?
-I'm good. Good. You?
Alright. Alright. That's good.
You know we could have did this
in the backyard.
-I got new patio furniture.
-But this is so nice.
-Come on, come on.
(overlapping chatter)
What is this?
-I made it!
How are you?
Oh, so good.
How do you feel?
-Tell me everything.
What's on this list?
I'm by your side now.
Speaking of being by my side,
have you heard from Marshall?
No. I haven't heard from him
in a few days.
I still think he's taking
that breakup really bad.
Oh my gosh, if I never hear
Marie James again,
I will throw myself
my own party.
-She's not that bad.
-She is that bad.
She's like Satan in lingerie.
Let it go. Okay? Let it go.
I can't believe
they took my toothpaste!
They owe me $12!
I know, honey,
we'll get new toothpaste,
but we almost missed the plane.
Well, for the price
of these tickets
-What are you--
-What are you doing up there?
-Get down.
-I have a question.
-Why was I riding economy?
-Hm. Ask your father.
That's no longer my son.
(overlapping chatter)
(upbeat music)
(brakes squeaking)
(indistinct chatter)
(bell ringing)
-Yes, this is beautiful!
-Oh my God
-Oh, yes.
-It's perfect!
Even better than
the photos, babe.
-Go, go, go.
-How you doing?
-Well, hello.
My name is Mark Leonard.
We booked a deluxe
waterfront suite.
How many room keys
will you need?
Just one. He's with me.
-No room service.
-I'm with him.
We have wine and champagne
and that is all that matters.
-I'll take it.
-Enjoy your stay.
-(both): Thank you.
Welcome to the Sand Pearl,
My name is Juansito.
-Hi. Hello. Hi.
-Steve and Rachel Potts.
-Yeah, we booked
an oceanfront room,
but do you have anything
that's more like soundproof,
isolated, like,
no people anywhere
kind of situation?
No problem.
Juansito take care.
(keyboard clacking)
Not that one.
No, no. No, no.
-Room 315.
-Perfect. We'll take it.
-Get the key, I got the bags.
-Where are you guys going?
-Wait, we're meeting for dinner
-at 6:00, right?
-Meals are optional!
Uh, excuse me,
do you have toothpaste?
Hello, sir, may I have
your name, please?
No, no, I was asking you
toothpaste. I need it.
Hi. Debbie and Alf Anders.
And we'll need a cot for
our son Sebastian, please.
-Mrs. Anders,
I see that right here.
Can I buy toothpaste?
Yes, sir,
we do sell it for $8.
Eight?! Eight?!
-Out of her mouth.
Out of her own mouth,
eight dollars for toothpaste.
That's $12 at the airport, baby,
that's $20 that I paid
on toothpaste.
$20?! No, no, no.
That's too much
toothpaste money.
That's too much
toothpaste money.
I'm sorry, sir,
you're absolutely right.
You know what?
I have something for you.
-A treat.
On the house,
not one but two.
That's all you had
to lead with.
You you could have did this
off the top.
Why would you save
This is wonderful!
Okay, I mean, they are small.
They are very tiny.
I don't know how I'm supposed
to brush my teeth
all of them with this, but fine,
you know, thank you so much,
I appreciate the gesture.
It was a great gesture.
Oh, um how many room keys
will you need, ma'am?
-Uh, we'll need three.
-I'm not with them.
Honey, I swear,
you can go back--
I'd love to. I absolutely
Throw me back on it.
I'll leave right now.
I brought you into this world,
I can take you out.
-Take me out.
-Just stop.
-Thank you so very much.
-You're welcome.
Appreciate these.
This is gonna be nice.
Now, I hope this room's not
as tiny as these toothpastes.
-I don't like no tiny room.
-Oh, I see you've got treats.
That's good
Oh, these are nice.
Oh. Okay, uh.
Take this.
That's what makes sense.
And then I'll get some
These okay, right?
I make a lot of mistakes
and they got a really good
-eraser here though--
-Let's go to the room.
(indistinct chatter)
I'm so glad you made it.
Well, you know,
I am the man of honor.
I'm just
It's great to see you, pal.
So who'd you end up bringing?
Well, I didn't want you to be
the only one going solo,
so I didn't.
I am so sorry,
I didn't tell you.
I actually brought somebody.
Oh, no, it's cool.
I'll just hang with
(elevator rings)
Yeah, I'll just be hanging.
Oh, I'm sure it'll be
only like, five seconds
before some tech billionaire
gives you his number
or something, so.
So, who did you end up
bringing as your plus one?
What? That's not possible.
Check again.
Again, Ms. Anders,
I'm very sorry,
but we already gave the bridal
suite to another guest.
That's not possible.
It's the bridal suite.
I'm the bride, I'm having
everything delivered there.
-It's me, I'm the bride.
-Okay, babe
-That's no bueno.
-Yeah, look, it's okay.
Just an honest mix-up, I'm sure.
Look, I'll get everything
straightened out
before the wedding,
I promise.
Luke. We have
an oceanfront suite.
You guys can go ahead
and take it, no problem.
-You sure?
Okay, see?
Excuse me, do you have
any other room for us?
Um, let me see what
we have available.
Room 302?
Perfect. See, everything
happens for a reason.
302, March 2nd, the week
of our first date.
I mean, I just don't
understand how
someone else can book
the bridal suite during
-someone else's wedding.
-Love it!
-You got it!
(suspenseful music)
Oh my God, "John-sito,"
you are such a doll.
Floyd is gonna be
so happy you upgraded us.
You keep this up and you'll be
on the money team in no time!
-Okay. I like it.
-Marie James.
You're getting married!
Can you believe it?
Yes, I can.
I can absolutely believe it
because I planned
this whole thing,
including the bridal suite
that you stole.
Oh, Lizzie, we didn't know,
she didn't mean
to do that, we
You stole Lizzie's room?
No, no, Marie just
wanted an upgrade.
No, no listen, it's
no problem, Marshall, okay?
Just a misunderstanding.
-Lizzie, we can trade back.
No! Marshmallow, he said
we could have the better room.
I need to be rested for when
I sing at the wedding.
-Are you fu--
-We will sort it out.
Okay? Alright? Right now,
we just want to get everyone
checked in and settled.
-After this flight.
Yep, that's what I'm doing.
-I'm just gonna go upstairs
and settle in not
my bridal suite.
'Cause that's what weddings
are about. Settling.
Oh, hold the elevator.
Wait! Please don't talk
to her!
Surprise! I brought Marie.
Yeah. Well,
I'm glad you're happy.
Go ahead, come on in. Okay
Okay, okay!
It's cute. Alright?
It's cute. And listen,
as long as I wake up with you,
I have the best view
in the whole hotel.
I mean, I don't want to be
petty, but I was really excited
to stay in a bridal suite.
Look, I didn't come here
to stay in a fancy room.
I came here to marry you.
Well, is it wrong
to want both?
No, but you are making
yourself miserable
over things
that don't really matter.
That woman is a disaster.
Why is she even here?
She's just a plus one, okay?
We'll barely see her.
And she's supposed to be
singing at the wedding now?
So are half my colleagues!
I just hate the way
she treats Marshall.
Marshall is a
grown-ass man, okay?
-He can make his own decisions.
-And that's what I'm scared of.
-They stole our room.
-He'll trade it back.
If you really want. Or
We can stay with Elaine
in the private penthouse.
Come here.
Look outside, baby.
There isn't a bad view
in this whole hotel.
Yeah, but the view
in the bridal suite
is way better than this.
-What is your problem?
Come here. Come here.
You are not going
to do this to us.
-(door closing)
-Oh my God.
-That is a tiny bed.
Well, that's Bash's cot,
honey. That's our bed,
it's the same size as the one
we have at home.
Well, it's miniature.
-Yeah, honey.
You're gonna let him throw
that dirty-ass suitcase
-on my bed?
-Honey, it's fine.
It was dragged through
the whole airport.
-Okay, okay.
Take a deep breath,
remember your sensitive tummy.
Look at this.
It's a tiny towel!
Everything's so small.
They got tiny toothpaste in
there and little tiny half mouthwashes
and tiny soaps, you can't even
get a soap--
-Honey, honey, everything--
-Super tiny shower!
Normal size,
just like at home.
Would you stop being ridiculous!
This is cardboard!
You guys used
all your points on this?
We didn't have as many
as we thought.
I mean, why are you judging?
Look, if you want your own
room, get a job, huh?
-We talked about this.
Because Lord knows I've paid
for this whole wedding.
No, no, we paid for half.
Well, I bet you
it was the larger half.
Baby, would you stop being
dramatic, okay?
Both of you. Both of you.
This weekend is about Lizzie,
not the two of you.
I need you to move
so I can open the door.
You should try this bed.
Here, you're gonna need
a blanket later.
-Oh my God.
Ah, how can Juansito
take care?
Hi, Juansito. So, can you have
all the boxes being delivered
to the bridal suite be delivered
to my room instead?
Juansito cannot
take care of that.
Unfortunately, I cannot reroute
anything intended
for Mr. Mayweath
If Mr. Floyd Mayweather
were to be staying here,
-or any guest for that matter.
My wedding dress is being
delivered to the bridal suite.
I need you to redirect that and
bring it to my room instead.
You know what?
I'm gonna talk
to Marshall directly.
Okay. Take care.
(upbeat music)
That's gonna work.
(indistinct chatter)
Did you find anything yet?
(overlapping chatter)
What's going on,
what's going on?
Uh, no, no, no day-drinking.
Remember your sensitive
tummy, honey?
So it's not
a bachelor party
-unless he's seeing some skin.
-Or almost die.
-There you go.
So I'm thinking
snorkeling with sharks.
You know, that actually
looks fun.
-Honey, you'd go fishing.
-That's a good idea.
Yeah, I'd take everybody out
there fishing,
you know, teach y'all
some life skills,
you know what I'm saying?
Nothing like being on the open
seas with a man and his rod,
you know? I don't know though,
babe, that looks like
a small boat.
Well, that's a picture
on a phone, baby.
(overlapping chatter)
Why is everything
so tiny around here?
-Baby, nothing's tiny.
-Look at this drink.
-We have those glasses.
You know, honestly,
I don't care what we do.
I'm already the happiest,
luckiest man in the world.
Ew. I'm dead.
God, that's so cute.
-You are whipped, bro.
-What's wrong with that?
Alright, that's different.
At least Luke asked
the big question.
I'm just saying,
it's a bachelor party,
-so no ladies allowed.
-Uh, Marshall's gonna be there.
Great, great, great.
-Do you smell that?
-I smell that.
It doesn't smell good either.
-No, that smells like jealousy.
-No, it's not me.
That jealousy's
not a good look, bro.
-You're not a good look, bro.
(upbeat music)
(indistinct chatter)
-Hey, girl!
This place is perfect.
Marie is horrible.
She's a disaster.
It's your weekend.
Nothing can change that.
-Just focus on you.
-Keep it down!
See? Someone's already
having a good time.
Shh, shh, shh.
Don't "Shh, shh" us!
Juansito take care.
How are you guys
getting massages?
We just checked in like
15 minutes ago.
-Do you hear that, Lizzie?
-I don't hear anything.
I've got three days
and 14 more hours of sweet,
childless silence.
Oh, and I will murder somebody
if they wake me up tonight.
You're officiating
the wedding?
And at 1500 hours E.S.on Saturday afternoon,
you have my complete
and undivided attention.
But until that time,
you may politely fu
-Great, nobody's on my side.
-I'm literally by your side.
-You look great in that bikini.
-Thanks, friend.
I still can't believe
he brought her.
I specifically wrote,
"Marshall Miller plus one,
anyone but Marie James"
on the envelope.
-Did not.
-I did.
She's such a horrible person.
We gotta do something
about this, Anna.
Who is "we", Lizzie?
You've got 10,000 things
to worry about this weekend
and Marshall getting back with
his crazy ex shouldn't be one.
But he's my best friend.
(clears throat)
Okay, sorry.
He's my oldest friend.
Do you remember when she
cheated on him and told him
it was because he got heavy?
Yeah, that was a bit savage.
So, what am I supposed to do?
Just let my oldest friend
run into another
emotional brick wall just
because I'm getting married?
Yup. Exactly.
And can we please
not talk about her?
Did you hear what you just said?
You're getting married
to the love of your life
in two days.
-Whoa, inside voices.
-She's the bride!
-I'll allow it.
You're right.
And so is Luke, per usual.
Saturday is gonna be
the best day of my life!
I'll toast to that.
Hey, gorgeous.
How are you doing?
What brings you to these parts?
-I'm singing at a wedding.
-Oh. Nice. Nice.
Me and the fellas were out here,
uh, we just closed a huge deal
and, you know, no place is
better than to celebrate than Florida.
-Oh, that's amazing.
-Yes, it is.
So what do you do for work?
Hey, you know,
I can't really say much.
But what I can say is, it's a
tough business that has its perks.
-Is that your business partner?
Sebastian, baby. Baby! Baby!
-Did you put sunscreen on?
-You know you burn.
-No, no.
-You're here with your mom.
-That's not my mom.
-Well, that's cute.
I'm telling you,
it's one of my investors.
You're my investor
and you're embarrassing me!
-I don't need that!
Okay, I was gonna
surprise you,
but I think you need
your wedding gift early.
So you figured out
how to make me taller?
I know you hate photos of you,
so I called in a favor
with a photographer friend
who was looking to do bridal
portraits at sunset.
Why not use a real bride?
No way. I'm not a model.
That's the secret, Lizzie.
No one is.
They do an hour of hair, makeup,
styling, photoshopping.
This is your weekend,
let me make you the star.
Okay. Only if I get to pick
the most expensive
wedding dress.
Consider it done.
Aw, this beats tequila shots
and Chippendales if you ask me.
The best "not bachelorette"
party ever.
Hey, girlfriends!
Whoa, whoa!
-Use your inside voice.
-Are you talking to me?!
No one should be talking.
She's cute.
Did you get her number?
See, you're missing spots,
you just there.
There you go.
Hey, Marie. Make yourself
Lizard. I was totally gonna
get you one of these suits
as a wedding gift
because it's white
and you're the bride and all.
You know,
thank you, but I
But then I remembered
that you're self-conscious,
and Anna can back me up on this,
you look terrible in white.
Exactly. It's not like
I'm gonna be wearing white
-at all this weekend.
So. What are we doing tonight
while the boys snorkel?
-There's really no plans.
Yeah, today is an arrival day.
-I mean, Anna, you know,
we're doing like a girls
thing, but it's nothing,
-it's not, you know--
-Ooh! Tell me!
That's it! You got a whole
beach to shout around you,
but you gotta do it right here.
That's okay. Just get it out
of your system
because tonight,
it'd better be silent.
Or I will find you.
Come on, Juansito, let's go.
Now that is the woman
I married.
So. Girl night?
It's just a little shoot
with an expensive photographer.
Really a quick and intimate
thing just for Lizzie.
That's amazing!
You're so thoughtful, Banana.
I'd love to come help out.
You know, it's just like
a bridal spread.
You know, it's like wedding
dresses and wedding stuff.
You definitely do not have
to be there.
Are you kidding?
That sounds like a blast.
It's kind of my wedding gift
to Lizzie.
I know. Since mine
didn't pan out, I'll be like,
the photographer's assistant.
Oh my God, I'm gonna be
helping my girl Lizzie!
(playful music)
(brakes squeaking)
(overlapping chatter)
Come on, guys.
What are we doing?
What is everybody
standing around for?
Look, if you're not first,
you're last.
And if you're last, you're what?
Huh? Anybody?
Bastian, come on.
If you're not last
-Nobody knows, Dad.
Oh God.
I need you to come work
for me, Mr. Anders.
What is it that you do?
I hope you like
your surprise, man.
I know you're used to Lizzie
planning your entire life.
Isn't it the best?
That means she truly knows
what I want,
I am the luckiest.
-Wow, you're whipped.
-Oh, uh, I gotta go,
Marie needs help
with her outfit.
(overlapping chatter)
Look who's wrapped around
a woman's finger.
We're not actually gonna
wait for him, are we?
The trolley is this way.
Let's go! Let's go!
We're back to the party!
Anna, my God, it's raining on
the other side of the island, huh?
That's how I knew
it was meant to be.
(soft music)
I don't know
what to say, Anna.
Oh my gosh, I mean, is it weird
to feel like I'm cheating
on my wedding dress?
Hm, you know you're wearing
$20,000, right?
Oh my gosh, is the fabric like
spun by unicorns or something?
Oh, so sorry I'm late.
It's amazing, huh?
My God, she's wearing
my dress.
What are you doing
with my wedding dress on?
It was delivered to my room.
And I remember Anna said
it was a bridal shoot, so when
it came, I just put it on.
Again, it's the bridal suite,
my bridal suite!
I didn't know, you don't have
to freak out on me, Lizard.
Oh my gosh, how does
someone accidentally
put on someone else's
wedding dress?!
That's like sleeping
with the groom!
Ladies, you all look lovely.
And we won't have
this light for long. So
Alright, fine.
Let's just do it.
Just breathe.
And elongate.
(shutter clicking)
Awesome, awesome! Girls!
Way to show it, yes, awesome.
(shutter clicking)
(horn blaring)
It's like 299.
(indistinct chatter)
-That was amazing.
Still glad you're not on the
photoshoot with the ladies?
The way I understood it,
it was either swimming
with the sharks
or wearing a dress.
Ooh, you know what? How about
we get a shot in the surf?
-Love it!
-What? No!
Don't go by the ocean!
It looks nice.
How about I go in the water
since I'm wearing
the cheapest dress?
Yes, brilliant. Let's have
the stylist give you
a light spritz then.
You read my mind.
Oh my God, what are you doing?
Ooh, and I can be crawling
out of the sand, like a leopard!
No! You're getting sand
all over my dress!
What are you doing?!
You're ruining my focus,
Lizzie, shh!
Oh my gosh, that's not the
only thing I'm gonna break!
-Get up! Get up!
-Get off of me!
You're getting sand
all over my dress!
Get up!
(both): Girls!
-(thread tearing)
You ruined it!
Oh my God, no!
You ruined my wedding dress!
Ooh, it's okay. We'll fix it.
Anna, you're the best.
But this one's crazy
and the other one's
upstaging the whole shoot.
I can't work like this!
Come on!
Vishal! Wait!
I cannot believe you ruined
our photoshoot, Lizzie.
This was my photoshoot!
You invited yourself!
No one even wants you here,
just like I don't even want you
at my wedding.
You are the worst thing
to ever happen to Marshall,
and I specifically wrote
on the invitation
"anyone but Marie James"!
Because I knew, I knew you would
ruin everything!
And you did!
Well, you know what? Fine!
You can have your stupid shoot
and you're stupid wedding
Ah! And your stupid dress!
(dramatic music)
How am I gonna get married
without a wedding dress?
I specifically said not
to bring Marie James,
well I specifically hate you!
I'd like to propose a toast.
(soft music)
This is the most random
assortment of jerks
I could ever imagine. Okay?
But I wouldn't pick anyone
else to be my family.
Thank you for coming all the way
across the country
for my big day.
-I came for a vacation.
-I came for the sex.
Okay, well Yeah, okay,
look. Cheers. Cheers, okay?
I'm proud of you, Luke.
You're doing it.
You couldn't have picked
a better person
or a better place.
Cheers. Thank you.
(phone ringing)
You never stop working, do you?
I really should be making one
of you answer this,
that's why they pay me
the big bucks.
-You get paid?
It's Lizzie.
I think she's crying.
Crying, what
Babe. Talk to me.
Here, guys yeah.
-(door opening)
-Go away.
You can't see the dress.
Babe, I'm worried about you.
Okay, look. I don't care
about a dress, come here.
She ruined it.
She ruined everything.
-I hate her.
I just, I don't understand
why Marshall is with
this horrible woman.
I haven't had any real time
with my fianc
since we landed at this amazing,
tropical paradise
because she's been so fixated
on what another guy is doing
with his girlfriend.
Now, I've asked you
so many times
not to focus on them
and to instead focus
on what this weekend
is really about.
But you seem so incapable
of understanding
that there's another person's
wedding that's being affected.
Oh my God.
Luke, I am so sorry.
You're right.
You are absolutely right.
No, babe, you're right.
And I'm furious.
This is our wedding.
And it's time to set
some boundaries.
I'll talk to Marshall.
Alright, nothing else will
go wrong
this entire weekend.
-You promise?
-I promise.
(muffled screaming)
What was that?
Someone else's problem.
Marie? Marie!
Marie! Are you okay?
No, I am not okay, because
you are trying to kidnap me!
-Trying to what?
-Kidnap me!
Wha what are you
talking about?
-I wasn't even up here.
-You! You brought me
on this awful trip
because you hate me!
And then, you locked me in
our bedroom because
because you're trying
to kidnap me, Marshall!
I'm not trying to kidnap you.
Can you please just
open the door?
Well, I can't just
open the door
because you locked me
in here, Marshall,
you're kidnapping me!
(sinister music)
Shh, shh, shh, we got people
calling downstairs.
What happened?
What's the problem?
-Tell him, Juansito.
She's locked herself
in the bathroom.
-Okay, take it easy,
take it easy.
Juansito take care.
Oh, I gotta see this.
-You are in so much trouble.
-No, no, no, no.
This isn't my fault,
I just got here.
Doesn't matter
because I am awake
and I'm not happy about it.
Rach, you've got
to believe me, this is Marie,
-she's crazy.
-Oh, she is nuts for sure,
but the problem is
that here you are joking
and laughing about it
so you can thank Marie
for being on sex probation.
What? You can't
put me on sex-bation.
-Oh, you're on it.
-Or should I say, not on it.
-What? No!
I can fix this, baby, I swear.
Yeah, well, mamma's gonna
count to three.
-Juansito, hold my beer.
-Okay, papa bear's going in.
Oh God!
That was so scary,
I almost died!
Actually dying
I didn't do anything, I swear!
No, no, please do something.
I love you, Marshmallow!
I know, I know.
Still here.
You're so hot
when you're angry!
-Yeah, honey.
-I'm going back to bed.
(overlapping chatter)
No, no, no
(birds squawking)
(clock ticking)
(playful music)
Mm-mm! Don't even think
about it.
You know it's rude to eat
before the entire party gets here.
Debbie, if I want to eat a
Boysenberry bun-bun,
I'm going to have
a Boysenberry bun-bun.
Boysenberry bun-bun?
-I don't even know--
-That's what it is.
Okay. Lizzie,
does Marshall understand
how unbelievable disrespectful
it is to keep us all waiting?
I do not understand
what's taking him so long.
Well, they were up
really late.
Babe, can we can we just
let that man live his life
and let our guests eat?
He's my man of honor, Luke.
He's supposed to be by my side.
Okay, well, your fianc and
family are by your side.
This is our weekend, my love.
Let's stop letting it
be about someone else.
Oh, look at that, you two
finally decided to join us.
I guess you probably missed
the start time on your schedule.
Oh, no, see, um,
it's so weird.
Our alarm clock like,
just didn't go off,
so we actually had to rush and
just throw ourselves together.
Really? So you just have
a full blow-out
and full makeup and just threw
yourselves together?
-That's interesting.
-Babe, boundaries go both ways.
Guess I'm just moody
because I'm so hungry.
Let's just eat.
Good to eat
Boysenberry buns.
(upbeat music)
(indistinct chatter)
Thank you.
Just a little bit
-Thank you.
Okay, you know what, Juansito?
We're good.
-We're good with the coffee.
Yeah. No more.
Thank you, though.
-You got it, you go it.
-Thank you.
-It's very kind.
-A little almond milk?
-No. No.
Mm-hmm. No, we're good.
We're good.
Okay. Stevia, sugar?
You know what?
Can you get me some decaf?
-You got it.
-Thank you.
So, I don't know
what the ladies
have planned for today,
but I've arranged boozy beach
bocce ball for the guys.
That sounds nice.
-Baby, you should go and do that.
-Bocce what?
-You go do that.
-No. No.
Debbie, I'm too dignified
of a man
to be on the beach
bocce-balling with somebody.
-I know, but you--
-I'm not going
to bocce ball with nobody.
And I don't even have
the proper bocce ball clothes.
Oh, honey, you look good
in anything.
(overlapping chatter)
-I know how you like me--
-Come on, now.
Well, I actually scoped out
a cool exercise class
-for the ladies.
It's yoga on the beach.
Ooh. Now that sounds bougie,
and I love it.
I think I'm actually gonna
join the guys on the boozy
beach bocce ball.
Is that okay, Liz?
Uh, yeah. Actually,
that would be
that'd be great, Marshall.
It'll give us a chance to talk.
You know, man to man.
Uh, excuse me.
I'm your brother.
Everyone knows that.
Well, it doesn't
seem like it, Mom.
You know what?
Yeah, you should just go
with the guys.
It's not like
your balance is good.
Oh, I'll take Marshall's spot!
(clears throat)
Uh, we were thinking
it was just gonna be small
and have just
the wedding party, Marie.
Oh, no, totes. But since
Marshall's not going,
-I volunteer attribute.
-Oh God.
We are honestly so connected.
Everyone will probably think
that he's there anyway.
We'd love
to have you, Marie.
And I love that
you're happy to have her.
-(glass clinking)
-I'd like to propose a toast.
Since you guys are going to do
bougie beach bocce ball,
-I'd like to have yoga with you.
-Sit down, baby.
(upbeat music)
Sebastian! Sebastian, baby.
-What about what we discussed?
Did you make those special
brownies for the reception
dinner tonight
like we talked about?
I totally forgot,
but I got it.
-You want me to make a list?
-I don't need a list,
I understand what it is.
It's, uh
Honey. No, no, applesauce
instead of eggs.
What's happening here?
What's going on?
I don't know, I have
to poop or throw up, Ma.
-Oh. Okay, I'm gonna get you
-some Pepto Bismol.
-I'm gonna take care of it,
I got it, okay? I got it.
Excuse me.
(stomach growling)
I need to place an order
for the bride.
That's adorable.
Oh, what are we doing?
I have to do special brownies
for my sister,
for the bridal party tonight.
Special brownie,
what happens with that?
Ooh, because of the special
ingredient, right?
No, no, it's because
-Where's your bathroom?
-Oh, it's down the lobby.
-Down the lobby to the left.
-Go do you, Bastian.
-Okay, you got this?
I can handle this.
A special brownie
for Ms. Miller?
Yes, thank God,
Lizzie's gonna chill the F out.
Just bake as much pot
in the batter as possible.
Pot. Weed. Kush.
Marshall and I would be
so grateful, Juansito.
Okay. You want a little bit
of Cheech and Chong?
Okay, anything
for the Money Team.
-Oh, vodka.
-Okay, Juansito take care.
Alright, okay.
It's on you, kid.
Come on and hurry up.
No, no, I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to him.
This place, everything around
here is either too tiny
or too big.
-Come on.
-What are you doing?
You're supposed to be
my eyes and ears--
Well, I'm trying,
but they're far away.
They're far away.
I'm not Look how
far away they are.
-Look at that, do you see that?
-And you suck at it.
No, not you. Him.
I suck? You know what, father?
I don't think it's me
that sucks, okay?
Look, your mama's trying
to find me out here,
you need to find out
what's going on
Did you help him?
Is that checkmate?
I got my eyes on you, kid.
Thank you.
Oh, no thanks, I'm good
on the sunscreen.
It gives me really
gross tan lines.
If she doesn't need it,
I don't either.
Hm, you guys, the UV rays
are crazy. I'm wearing it.
Thanks for looking out for me,
Banana, but I'm good.
Me too.
Suit yourselves.
Whatever happened
to bocce ball?
It's cornhole now, apparently.
So I wanna talk
to you about something.
Wanna talk about the dress?
Oh. No.
Sorry. Um
Marie wants to sing
at the wedding.
What are you doing, man?
There's gonna be a lot
of industry people there.
She wants to impress them.
Are you serious right now?
I know you never
really liked me, but--
You and Lizzie
have a lot of history.
Okay? Long before me.
You're practically family.
But Lizzie and I are about
to build a family of our own.
And I need for you to decide,
are you in or out?
Come on.
-You gotta give me a chance.
-I am. You're here.
Here at our wedding, the most
important day of our lives,
and you were asked to bring
anyone, anyone except Marie.
Alright, let's take it down.
What the heck was that?
Oh, sorry, I just lost
my balance.
No, you just kicked me.
Ladies, this isn't helping us
cultivate a peaceful
Our heart chakras
are very vulnerable right now.
Yes. My heart chakra
is vulnerable, Lizard.
What's your problem?
Like you don't know
what my problem is.
No, I don't know, actually.
I've never done anything to you.
-You just assaulted me.
-Oh, good God!
I did not assault you!
Ladies, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave the class.
-Oh, but
-Now, please.
Great. You just got me kicked
out of my own bachelorette event.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
I seriously think
you need therapy.
-That's it.
She's assaulting me! Oh!
You're just laying in sand.
Oh, goodbye, sweet world!
I've got this, guys.
I've been here.
Momma's gonna give you
'til three.
One, two, three. Up!
(snapping fingers)
Marie! For the love
(indistinct chatter)
I'm I'm sorry.
Rehearsal dinner, come on!
Let's go, people!
Juansito, what's up, man?
My man, Mr. Mark.
Mr. Blue.
It was a pleasure
having you here.
-For sure, man.
-You are welcome back
-anytime, my friend.
-It's always a pleasure.
-Okay, man.
-My guy.
-What are you doing
-in Clearwater, bud?
-Man, you know, I'm out here
trying to get a tan, man.
I'm trying to get like you, man.
Soon. Keep working on it,
-I'm flying out, man.
-Good to see you.
We'll link up.
-My boy.
-You take care, my friend.
Mr. Miller knows
all the famous people.
Oh, man.
Hi, friend.
Hey. Uh, Marie's still
getting ready.
Cool. No rush.
Okay, um
Did my girlfriend ruin
your wedding dress?
Yes. She did.
And did you tell
her that you wrote
"Anyone but Marie James"
on the card?
Yeah. I did.
And did you tackle her
in the sand and assault her?
Well, that's
not totally true.
And did you tell her that
she is the worst thing
to ever happen to me?
Marsh, look, you're like
a brother to me.
I've been around for all of it.
I have picked you up
the many times
that Marie has broken
your heart.
More times than I can count.
I just don't want you
to go through that again.
(soft music)
Remember when we first met?
You were 23 and you were
dating that valet guy.
Who went to all the dinners
and translated for you
because you didn't
speak Spanish?
You did, Marsh.
Do you know how awkward
it was for me to sit there
and tell him how good his butt
looked at every five seconds?
Yeah, but that was funny,
Not for me.
That's the thing.
Real friends support each other.
Yeah, but
Real friends don't let other
people take advantage
of friends.
She hurts you, Marshall.
And everyone else around her.
I love her, Lizzie.
I'm sorry for the things
that I said.
And I will give
her another chance.
I promise.
Thank you.
And as the person that's in
charge of music at your wedding,
she's also going
to be the main singer
at the reception
and I'm gonna tell her
that it was your idea because
of all the record executives
that are gonna be there.
And you want what's best
for her career. Right?
Now go talk to the man
that matters.
Hey, what's up?
-Not now, Bas.
It's not even like that.
Look, I've watched you
take care of my sister
ever since I was little.
And I can tell you're upset
right now.
And I'm really not sure
if anyone looks out for you.
So I'm here.
How can I help?
I told Lizzie
it was gonna be perfect.
But that woman
just brings out the worst
in everyone, even me.
And now, your sister
doesn't have a dress.
I don't know really much
about dresses,
but I was looking online
and I found this.
Does that work?
Bas, I could kiss you.
Well, well, well
My, how times have changed!
Usually, I have a pack
of gum for a moment like this,
but YOLO.
(kissing sound)
Oh, but not like that.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I would hope so.
We're getting married tomorrow.
So, I apologized to Marshall.
Good for you.
What about Marie?
I'm just not gonna
let her get to me.
What?! Look at you!
Okay, mending fences
and being all grown up.
Feel better?
Come here, that's my girl.
I just want you to know
I'm only doing this
because I love you so much.
Hopefully a little part
of this is for you.
And your best friend.
Yeah, but really,
I'm not trying to go to jail.
I wouldn't turn you in.
-You wouldn't?
-No. No.
Wait, would you turn me in?
-Oh, you would
You would turn me Really?!
-For murder?
Oh, you going down.
Girl, come here.
Ah, yeah.
Brownies especial.
I didn't tell you about
the applesauce.
Oh! The special brownie!
Oh, yes!
Well, don't just stand there,
Lizzie is gonna see them. Go.
Take them, go, go, go.
-Go, go, go.
-Oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God
Just waiting on one more.
Marie, you look gorgeous.
Oh, thank you, Lizzie.
I just want to look great
for when I meet Marshall's boss.
I can honestly say I can't
wait for you to meet Elaine.
This is, um interesting.
Yeah. I think
this might be worse.
(birds squawking)
(Elaine): Welcome to my suite.
Oh, Elaine.
This is incredible.
-Thanks so much.
-It's the least I could do.
I don't think Beth
is gonna let us leave.
Hey, all in all, I would say
she's getting a cushy
introduction to what being with
a music executive is like.
Well, tell me more
about this cushy lifestyle
I'm marrying into.
See, there you go.
-So, we having a sleepover?
-You bet.
I cannot break the tradition
of seeing this beauty
before she walks down the aisle.
-I love love.
Now come on up and pick
one of my six extra rooms.
-Who's a baller?
-Oh, you are!
Let's do it, let's do it!
So you having fun?
I mean, it's beautiful here.
Yeah, I've been doing a lot
of damage control.
Fun. And reading.
Please tell me you're doing
something other than reading.
I mean, you're in Florida.
I kayaked this morning
and saw a lot of jellyfish.
Apparently, they're about
to begin a migration.
-I got some cool pictures.
Aren't they dangerous?
They sting you.
Sometimes, beautiful things
are dangerous.
You must be deadly.
Marshmallow, which lady
is the record exec again?
I wanna introduce myself
before I sing tomorrow.
She's on the chair.
Oh, thanks, bunny bear.
Hi, Banana.
I didn't know you were
a bunny and a bear.
-How exciting.
-It's one of my many talents.
So So let me see
the jellyfish.
Okay, bunny bear.
It's speech time.
Duty calls.
(all): Speech, speech, speech!
Speech, speech, speech
Before we get
into the extremely
embarrassing stories
about Lizzie
Oh yeah, they're coming.
I have been your friend
for a long time.
(glass clinking)
-Marshmallow, can I do it?
-Do what?
I wanna say some nice things
about Lizzie.
-Oh, dear God. Um
-Okay, uh
Thanks, Marie.
Uh, Marshall
is the man of honor,
so he should probably continue.
-You know what,
that's a good idea. We can have
more toasts later on.
Yeah, I'll just do it
right now.
I just wanted to congratulate
the happy couple real quick.
I think it is so cool that
you brought us all to Florida.
And you know, if this marriage
doesn't work out,
then I would totally fly
anywhere for your next wedding,
Lizzie, because you are
just the best.
I'm joking.
(chuckling nervously)
Obviously, you're meant
to be because anyone who can
live with Lizzie for this long
isn't going anywhere.
And I mean, look at how much
family Luke gets
out of the deal!
(slurping silently)
Thank you, Marie.
Those were some words.
Anyway, Luke and I are so
grateful for each and everyone
of you guys for coming
to our wedding.
Hun, what are you doing?
Just quick thank-yous.
I wanna say thank you
to my parents.
I know you guys think
this is so big,
but this is the biggest
day of my life.
And I'm just so grateful
to you guys.
-That includes you, Bas.
She mentioned my name.
And my two new brothers,
Mark and Eric.
Elaine, thank you
for hosting tonight.
Come to think of it,
you're the reason we have a roof
over our heads.
(glass clinking)
And to my two best friends,
Anna and Marshall
who will be by my side tomorrow,
as they've been
for over a decade.
And Marie
for taking time out of her very
busy schedule just to be here.
Well, of course.
You know, I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
Because she insisted.
Insisted to be here
and insisted on singing
at our wedding, tomorrow.
What a gift!
I didn't even know she sang.
And I'll be hearing her
for the first time tomorrow,
at our wedding.
And not because it's our wedding
or because there'll be
tons of record execs there,
but because
she's that thoughtful.
And generous.
Uh, speaking of generosity,
I just wanna say, my big sis,
my days are cold without you
And and I have absolutely
nothing nice to say
about anyone, so
("cheers" in Korean)
(indistinct chatter)
(bright music)
It was a great party,
you guys.
Thank you, thank you.
I think we're gonna go ahead
and take off.
But we're gonna see you
-Yes, you
We will. I'm so proud of you.
-Go take care of her, please.
-I will do that. Okay.
Congratulations you two.
Oh, I'm so proud of both of you.
Luke, Alf and I are so very
happy to welcome you
into our family.
Thank you, Debbie.
Means a lot.
And, um, I couldn't think
of a better crew to join.
Actually, mind if my brother
joins too?
-Not at all.
-There you go.
Speaking of brothers, Lizzie,
did Bash tell you
that he arranged for some
special brownies for you?
You got them right there
on that dessert table.
Oh, my gosh! Luke actually ate
the last batch.
I heard about that.
This is the best day
of my life.
(clearing throat)
Uh, well, before tomorrow,
which will actually be
the best day of my life.
I know, I know
I know what comes second
to the brownies, baby.
-That's a good man.
-That's a good man.
-Yeah, yeah.
(rhythmic music)
Whoa! Lizard!
Take it easy on the brownies.
Are you seriously
food shaming me right now?
Oh, no, no. I just
You know
Just let me enjoy this.
Oh. Okay, girl.
You do you.
Lizzie, baby,
you remember Samantha?
Hmm. Samantha?
Um, sorry, no.
Have we met?
-Not yet.
-And you came to the wedding?
Reginald told us to come.
I'm sorry?
Yeah, he, uh,
couldn't make it,
so he offered up
his tickets to us.
Oh, that's just such an
interesting way of framing it.
And we'd never been here,
so we figured this was
the perfect opportunity, so
Baby, are you alright?
Um, I think so.
Oh, what's happening here?
I think so.
(clears throat)
Ma, is there something
I'm allergic to
in these brownies?
No, honey, no.
Bash took care of the
Where's that boy?
Where is that boy?
Ooh, sorry to interrupt,
is there a sleepover
tonight for three?
I'd like to personally
invite myself
because my dad gave me
permission to buy
this car from CarMax.
Yeah, top down. Vroom, vroom.
Me and you.
Your dad?
Or my investor.
Well, I'm sorry, jail bait,
but I forgot my jam jams.
I like jam jams.
It's all good.
Hey. Does anybody have
any Benadryl?
Oh, crap. I gotta go.
I gotta Oh, shit.
Or, you could fit
into my jam jams.
Or just not wear any.
Ooh, that's better.
Somebody need an EpiPen?
Where did you come from?
And yes, but how?
Don't worry about it.
I was a doctor in my country.
That checks out.
What did you put
in those brownies?
You don't like the brownies
Juansito prepare for you?
Wait, you made these?
I got some people
in the kitchen, you know,
they put a little bit of this,
a little bit of that,
some oregano.
Mrs. Miller told me to.
I can't believe Marie
did this to Lizzie.
I'm going to wring
Bash's tiny little neck.
Wait, there was pot in them?
Baby, maybe things will be
okay. How many did you eat?
-Goddamn you gonna die!
Oh! I've never
done drugs before.
-Okay, okay, okay.
-Oh my God.
-It's okay.
-Did Juansito mess this up?
Oh, no, Juansito.
It's not your fault.
It's just, Lizzie's
allergic to eggs,
and she's not gonna die,
just swell up and be very itchy.
Oh my God. I'm gonna look
like a blimp on my wedding!
Daddy's here. Don't worry.
Oh my God.
Daddy's here?!
Hey, have you seen Beth?
Uh, she was chatting with
Mark and Eric last I saw.
Oh, well, you tell her
I have to jump on a call.
One of our artists has locked
himself in the tour bus
and is refusing to perform
because his favourite
jeans ripped.
How will he ever
survive the tragedy?
It's gonna be touch and go.
Thanks for the great party,
Happy you enjoyed it.
Now, get some rest,
Mister Man-of-Honor.
Tomorrow is a big day.
What is going on there?
Lizzie ate a bunch
of pot brownies.
Ah, she never struck me
as the type.
-Are there any left?
-Oh, yeah.
A whole tray of them.
Except for the three
that Lizzie ate.
Ooh, boy.
Well, I will take them
off your hands.
It's probably the only way
I'll make it through this call.
How are you feeling?
No kidding.
What's that feel like?
Kind of orange.
Whoa, man. I think
my D.A.R.E officer
is gonna be so mad at me.
Babe, I think he'll give you
a pass on this one, okay?
Has anybody seen Marie?
I am so sorry she did this
to you, Lizzie.
No, but I don't see Eric or
Mark. Or Beth, for that matter.
I think they went ahead already.
Yeah, maybe,
but it would've been nice
if she would've told me.
I'm not talking.
Wait, I'm talking.
-I'm not talking anymore.
Um, I think it's time
for you to go to bed,
my almost wife.
I'll help you with her.
Yeah, and I'll go see
where everyone went.
I'll meet up with you after
I deal with this situation.
We should really
respect nature.
-No, wait, no, no, babe!
Oh God, it's on my hand!
It's on my hand!
And that's the egg allergy
kicking in.
Okay. Now, did all
the trolleys leave
or can we get our princess back?
No, actually, I think I'll
just let her sleep here, okay?
'Cause I don't think
she'll be able to ride those
curvy roads without getting
motion sickness.
-A little help please?
Yeah, you know what,
let's get our bride to bed.
Come on, baby, I got you.
I got you.
She will not hold still.
She hates washing her face.
How do you know that?
Because she tells me
Unfortunately. Whether
I want to hear it or not.
Alright, you. Come on.
Time for sleep.
I love you,
my almost-wife.
Sleep well
and dream of tomorrow.
Hmm. I love you too, Marshall.
(suspenseful music)
What, I don't know why she
I don't know why she said that.
It's not like a thing.
We're not like a
I really don't
I ought to lay you out
right here.
No, you don't have to beat me.
I have no idea--
Whoa, Luke.
Is everything alright?
Ask Marshall.
(soft music)
This is really bad.
I know.
What are we gonna do?
I have no clue.
I also have no clue
where my girlfriend is.
Ooh. Last was seen of Marie,
she was looking
very cozy with Bas.
The kid?
Sorry, Marshall.
I really thought
she would've changed.
I know.
Why her?
Women always see me
as the friend.
Which is wonderful.
Honestly, I don't mind.
But Marie sees
sees me as something more.
And sure, she's not perfect,
but I'm not perfect either.
But you've been running
after her for so long.
Why are you chasing someone
that doesn't want to be caught?
I think I'm scared
that if I stop,
I'll get left behind.
Lizzie's getting married,
you're traveling the world.
Well, maybe if you
slow down long enough,
the right girl will
catch up to you.
I can say the same thing
about you.
You're objectively
one of the most beautiful
women in the world.
Literally a cover model.
You're funny, you're smart.
You run a charity.
No one cares
about those things.
I do.
That's why you're my Marshall.
Maybe one day, we'll both
stop running.
Right now, it feels good
just to lay.
(waves crashing)
(birds squawking)
You really do wake up like that.
Let's go wake up the bride.
Let's do it.
Hey. Wake up.
Oh my gosh, guys.
What are you doing?
Why am I here?
And why is my neck so itchy?
-Um, eggs, remember?
The brownies.
-(both): Yeah.
Alright, come on.
It's time to get up.
I'm getting married today.
(rhythmic music)
Coffee's ready
if anyone wants.
Oh, Lizzie, that's an
Does it look bad?
Uh, has anyone seen Beth?
Um, I think that they all went
back to the resort bar.
Is that where Luke went?
I thought he was supposed
to sleep here last night.
I can't believe you mixed
up Luke and Marshall.
I still can't believe
you just stole a trolley.
I didn't steal it.
I'm just using it as a temporary
emergency vehicle.
Lizzie, how you doing
back there?
I don't even have a dress.
You will, I promise.
I'm on it.
Yeah. We'll just meet back
in the bridal suite.
I'm also realizing how screwed
up it is that we're staying
in the bridal suite.
My fianc hates me.
To be fair, he hates me.
That is not mine.
Uh, Marie, what the hell
is going on?
Beth, you better have an
excellent explanation for this.
You cannot talk to her
like that.
Do you have any idea
how powerful she is?
She runs her own
record label.
Does she?
I had no idea.
Please, Beth, tell me about
this amazing job you have.
Uh, yeah, we'll be over here.
And my new record
executive girlfriend
is going to make
all my dreams come true.
-Your girlfriend?
-I'm sorry to have to break it
to you like this, Marshmallow,
but I am
What are you talking about?
Look, if you ever really
loved me, you would accept me
for who I am.
And be happy
that I found true love.
Alright. I've had enough.
You've been gay for like,
four minutes.
So let's cool it on
the true love. Okay, honey?
I am the record executive.
I'm the one who makes
and breaks careers.
This is just my date, who works
at the mall, by the way.
I'm on kiosk,
thank you very much.
You sell corn dogs.
And I hope it's big enough
for you to sleep in
because that's where you're
headed right now.
Oh, and I am cancelling
your flight.
So I hope you brought
your credit card.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have
a stolen trolley to return.
(indistinct whispering)
Marshy! Marshy,
you have to believe me!
This is her fault! She
She tricked me!
And ew! No!
I'm so sorry! I love you!
You're my everything!
You have to believe me!
-Oh God!
-I'm sorry! I love you!
She looked like you! No!
I think you should leave.
Yeah, get out!
No, you, Marie.
-No, you have
-She manipulated me!
I can't do this anymore.
I can't I'm done.
You gotta go. You gotta go.
-I can't.
Well, I guess calling
my fianc the wrong name
isn't so bad anymore.
And it looks like
she's gone for good.
Yeah, that was kind of hot,
I mean, I see why he's Floyd's
Oh, I'm just gonna
(footsteps receding)
I don't know
what happened here,
but I think somebody's
getting married today.
(screaming for joy)
Juansito! Thank you!
Oh my gosh!
Thank you so much!
-Juansito take care.
-Hey, gracias.
I told you I would
figure it out.
I just hope I have
a wedding to wear it to.
(soft music)
Okay. Time to get dressed.
-Let's go.
-Whatever. You won.
-Yeah, you won.
Won what?
The two of you have been
fooling yourselves forever.
But hey, at least I won't have
to get divorced.
Luke, she was high as a kite.
On weed and antihistamines.
I mean, she would've confessed
her love to a potted plant,
if she hadn't thrown up in it.
Oh, has she been high
since we landed?
How about the last year
and a half of late night texts?
Happy hours after work,
her abandoning me every single
time you call.
Dropping anything to help you,
whatever you needed.
Was she high then too?
Why don't you ask her
No! Don't come in yet.
You can't see the dress,
Right, right. Right.
I just want you to know
you are my entire world.
And I know that you've done
everything to make this
the happiest day of my life.
I don't want just one day.
I want a lifetime.
I want to experience
the world with you.
I want to build a home
with you.
Babe, you
You are my home.
Look, I love you
so, so much.
And nothing can stop that.
No brownies or brothers.
-Language, Luke Leonard.
What What are you two doing?
And get out!
(overlapping chatter)
No, shoo! Have you two
lost your dang mind?
First of all, Luke,
what are you doing walking
around barefoot like a yard dog?
You're getting married
in a few hours.
And Marshall, why are you not
helping my little girl get ready
on the most important day
of her life?
(overlapping shouting)
Stop it!
Luke, I mean, I know he's a
disaster, but he is no threat
to you, baby.
Heck, he's only a threat
to himself.
And he's about as romantic
in Lizzie's eyes as a tomato.
But I will tell you that I will
be a threat to both of you
if you ruin
my little girl's day.
Do I make myself clear?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I need to find my husband
before he steals
anymore toothpaste.
Baby, take deep breaths.
This is your day.
I am watching you.
Barefoot as a yard dog
Do house dogs wear shoes?
I am I'm really sorry
about everything.
No, no, no.
It was
Seriously, it was my fault.
I'm sorry.
What do I do about Marie?
Well, you gotta ask yourself,
would you say "I do"?
If the answer isn't
immediately yes,
just get out.
-Just like that?
-Just like that.
When did you know
with Lizzie?
From the first day.
Well then
Let's go get you married,
(soft music)
-Look at our baby.
-Yeah, I know.
She's gorgeous.
Oh, look at our baby.
It's time.
Thanks, Mom.
Ah, look at you, my princess.
You look gorgeous.
I love you.
I love you too, Dad.
Um, you know what,
I got something for you.
Something blue.
Dad, did you steal this?
No. No, no.
That was You know,
that was a treat.
-It's a little treat?
-Yeah, a little
-It was by the phone.
Well, I love it. It's perfect.
-You ready?
(soft music)
-You okay?
-Got it?
You look beautiful.
Thank you. You too.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are
gathered here today to watch
these lovebirds do the thang.
Anyone who doesn't want
them to do the thang
can thang on out of here.
Elizabeth Anders, do you take
this man to be your lawfully
wedded husband?
I do.
-And Luke Leonard
-Yes. Um Yeah, go.
Do you take this woman
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
I absolutely do.
Give the rings.
Boy, stop playing. Don't play.
-I got you.
-Gimme that.
-I got you.
-You better.
With this ring, I thee wed.
With this ring, I thee wed.
-Okay, okay.
-With this ring, I thee wed.
-With this ring, I thee wed.
By the power of the internet
and the State of Florida,
I pronounce you husband
and wife.
You can smooch
each other's faces.
(wedding music)
(pop music)
I forgot what it was like
to eat uninterrupted.
You don't have to swallow
everything whole.
So then why do I miss
my kids so much?
'Cause they're the best.
They really are.
I think I wanna go home.
Yeah, let's have another baby.
-I want to have another baby.
-You should have another baby.
(glass clinking)
Ha-ha! Look
You know, I believe I get to say
a few words, I'm the father.
And I'm not even gonna look
because I know my wife is
saying, "Alfred, sit down."
Okay, I know.
Wife, don't say nothing.
Listen, when my Lizzie told me
that she and Luke wanted
to have a destination wedding,
I said to them, "Without
a doubt, y'all should elope.
Just go, just go."
No, for real. I even offered
them a down payment on a house
if they just went to Vegas or
City Hall. Didn't I, baby?
It was a small house,
but I offered it. But
My daughter.
My wonderful, stubborn,
smart daughter
knew the investment she was
asking all of us to make.
The investment
to come on this trip.
To look at this man,
Luke, and in ourselves.
You know, when I look around
this room,
this little small room,
everything gets a little
smaller, you know?
I mean
and I'm talking about
that the people that are here,
they show that they care.
It's this small family
of the people said that I will
stop what I'm doing.
They fly across the world
to invest in Lizzie
and Luke's future.
To the bride and groom!
Raise your glasses!
To the bride and groom!
And to the investment
of a lifetime!
(glass clinking)
To the investment
of a lifetime.
Okay, okay. Enough talking.
Let's get this party started.
I am Marie James.
And you can find my album
-And it's
Nothing you can say
will stop me.
You are a coward, Marshall.
Now, this first song
is a bonus cut off my new EP.
And it's
(distant): Hey, what did you do
to my mic?
It doesn't work anymore.
You can't do that!
Hey. They better
get her before I do.
Baby I don't know why
you treat me so bad
(continues singing)
You don't even want
to be a singer!
-Just give me this stupid mic!
-Are you crazy?
-No, give it to me!
-Are you crazy?
Why can't you ever
get the hint?!
No one wants you here!
(soft music)
I never knew that,
about you saying
you would never get married.
Yeah, um
My parents passed away when Mark
and I were really young.
And we just bounced
around a lot.
I never saw a good example
of a marriage.
So I vowed never
to get married myself.
Until I met you.
(soft music)
Where's Marie?
I don't know.
That feels pretty good.
I've decided to slow down
for a while
and see if somebody else
might catch up.
You have no idea how badly
I wanted to hear you say that.
What was that for?
For taking so long!
(soft music)
Psycho to supermodel
in half an hour.
That is impressive.
So this is where the cool kids
are hiding?
Where are Luke and Lizzie?
Having sex in a bed instead
of a public pool, like adults.
Don't knock it
'til you've tried it.
Yeah, don't knock it
'til you try it.
Let's get in.
-We're doing it.
We did it.
It's our wedding.
That's our family.
Come on, baby.
Come on, get in here!
Get in here!
Come on.
Get in, lovebirds!
Come on!
This is Gucci.
Uh, so is this.
Now get in here.
Come on!
After you.
Come on, do it!
(indistinct chatter)
I've got you
You take me higher
than the sky
Everything's gonna
be alright
Oh oh oh
As long as I've got you
There might be a little rain
coming down on a cloudy day
Still be a smile on my face
as long as I've got you
Oh I've never known love
I've never known love
I'll tell you the truth
I don't need anything else
as long as I've got you
(eerie music)
(pop music)