The Pod Generation (2023) Movie Script

Jingle 1
Jingle 2
Jingle 3
Jingle 4
Jingle 5
Jingle 6
Jingle 7
[ambient ethereal music]
[futuristic lullaby music]

[baby cries]
[waves crashing]
[alarm pings]
[calm uplifting music]
[lamps click on]
[lights flickering on]
[devices whirring softly]

[Elena] Good morning, Rachel.
Did you sleep well?
Mm, great! Thanks, Elena.
[Elena] I have the results
from your gut test.
Your gut is getting smarter.
Your microbiome
is showing good diversity.
Friendly bacteria
are thriving.
Your serotonin seems
a bit low today.
I'd like to add a Nature Pod
session in your schedule.
It's been three weeks now.
Yeah, I know, but this week
is really tight, Elena. Sorry.
When did I wear
Blizzard Pearl last, Elena?
[Elena] Last Thursday.
I suggest
Silver Fossil for today.
[calm joyful music]
There it is.
[Alvy groans]
[Rachel laughs] No, no, no!
I gotta go to work.
- Ten minutes?
- No.
- Five minutes?
- Mm-mm.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[inquisitive music]
[indistinct chatter]
[Elena] I guess today is...
t-shirt, Alvy.
Today, our national
Bliss index is up by three--
Thanks, Elena, not now.
[Elena] Since last week, your
Bliss index has been neutral.
[Alvy] There you go.
[Elena] How can we make you
more blissful, Alvy?
[quiet and rapid flickering]
Your coffee is ready. Alvy.
[Elena beeps] Ah, no.
I did not hear the magic word,
Magic word. Elena.
[Elena] Enjoy your toast,
well done.
Breakfast is served.
[calm joyful music]
[sighs deeply]

[Rachel] Our Lenas
have completed their training
so it's time to let them go.
A big congrats to everyone.
Now I'd like to introduce you
to our next generation
of cognitive assistants,
our Mashas.
Through their Deep Learning
training with you,
our Mashas will become
Cognitive Executives.
In two months, they should take over
your client portfolios,
as you will be in charge
of an exclusive new set
of Tastemaker
and Influencer accounts.
So are we at risk
of becoming... redundant?
Progress has never made
anyone redundant.
It's here to help.
Thank you, Rachel.
We're so excited.
I can feel our Mashas
are eager to jump in
and get started.
So, big round of applause,
And now let's get back to work
because now is our future.
Rachel, sorry,
do you have a second?
- [Rachel] Yeah, of course.
- Please, thank you.
I just wanted to let you know
we're really pleased
with your work.
We're thinking maybe
it's time for a promotion.
- [Rachel] Oh, wow. [giggles]
- Um...
[HR director]
Any family changes
we should be made aware of?
Not that I can think of.
Your husband,
his profession is not listed.
Oh, right.
Yeah, so he's a botanist.
So he studies plants
and plant like things.
He also teaches
hologram plant design.
So you're
the primary source of income?
Well, at the moment, yeah.
And any plans
on extending the family?
I'm sure we will at one point.
Not in the near-near future,
Er... but soon.
But not, you know...
not immediately,
like right now.
you're having a great year.
It'd be a pity
to lose that momentum.
The Womb Center company
has just been added under
our corporate umbrella.
If you ever consider
going down that route.
We could even help
with the down payment.
[Rachel] Wow!
[HR director]
It is our hottest perk.
We just want to make sure
we retain
the best and brightest women.
That's... [laughs politely]
[Masha pings]
Elena suggested we should
schedule a Nature Pod session.
This week is really insane.
[Masha] Only 20 minutes--
Maybe at lunchtime?
[Masha] Thank you, Rachel.
I'll work on it.
Your Happy Light is on,
Yep, I can see that.
I can feel some irritation
in your voice.
Next time, would you rather
have me not mention
the Happy Light is on?
That would be great.
[Masha] Thank you, Rachel,
for helping me
with my Deep Learning.
Do we have an update
on the Zach Meyer profile?
He's at only 22 430 likes.
His combo rating has dropped
by 2.5%.
Well, do we have any idea why?
[Masha] He sold part
of his NFT collection.
[computer pings]
You have an incoming call,
Rachel. 1-800-WOMB.
[pings off]
[voice message]
Hi, this is a message
for Rachel Novy.
Hi, Rachel. This is Rebecca
at the Womb Center.
We're happy to tell you
our waitlist has had
some movement.
A spot has just opened up.
Please call us back
as soon as possible
to secure a spot
and arrange a tour.
Again, this is Rebecca
at the Womb Center.
Looking forward
to hearing back from you!
[calm inquisitive music]
[Rebecca] Hi, Rachel!
Thank you for calling us back.
We're delighted
a spot has opened up for you.
We've had
a really tight waitlist
for the past two years.
No movement whatsoever.
Oh, I-I guess we're lucky.
[Rebecca] Now we just need
to schedule your tour.
Um, let me check
our availabilities.
Can you make it on Thursday,
10 AM?
Huh, y-yeah,
Thursday should work.
[Rebecca] Perfect!
We'll see you on Thursday.
[phone beeps]

[soothing music]
[waves crashing]
[baby cries]
[baby cries]
This wasp is now extinct.
So in order to get these figs,
we've had to artificially
inseminate the pollen
into the flower.
- Anyone?
- [students] No-no-no.
[students giggling]
No one's going to eat it?
It's from the tree, professor.
Well, yes. Exactly, Leo.
That's... that's the point.
Texture is completely
different when it's fresh
from the tree.
- [Josh] I'll try it.
- [Student 1] No way.
- Thank you, Josh.
Can you share with us
the taste of a ripe fig
from the tree?
[indistinct chatter]
- [Rachel] Hi.
- Hey.
We got a spot
at the Womb Center.
- Oh we got? Oh my God!
- [Rachel laughs]
[Alice] That is so wonderful!
I'm so happy for you!
[Rachel] Thank you.
Let's celebrate
with Alvy and Ben.
Why not come over Saturday?
Well, I haven't told Alvy yet.
Oh, what are you waiting for?
Call him now!
Oh my gosh,
you guys are having a baby!
No, I know, I know,
but I never told him
that we were wait-listed.
Um... Wh-why, Rachel?
[dramatic bells]
[Eliza] Why did you not
tell Alvy you were
on the waitlist, Rachel?
[sighs] Because I know him.
There's always
so much resistance.
[Eliza] Why would he resist?
Because he wants
a natural child.
[Eliza] When you say
"natural" child,
what do you mean exactly,
As in a natural pregnancy,
as in I-I would get pregnant
and then I would give birth.
[Eliza] I understand,
but why is that "natural"?
Oh, um... as...
intended by nature,
I guess, as opposed to...
like an artificial uterus.
[Eliza] When you come
to our sessions,
what do you tell Alvy?
I tell him
I'm going to go see my shrink.
I mean, my therapist.
[Eliza] So you wouldn't say,
"Honey, I'm on my way to see
my artificial therapist"?
No. No, I wouldn't.
[Eliza] Then Alvy and you
are not having
an artificially born child.
You are having a child.
A very fine child.
Uh... OK.
Thanks. [laughs politely]
[both inhale deeply]
[hostess] That's one E-gold.
[phone beeps]
[hostess] Thank you.
You don't want him to feel,
like, cornered or something.
I just couldn't tell him.
There's never
the right moment.
I don't want to hurt him.
You need to be pragmatic.
You need to tell him
before the tour.
Oh, yeah. I know.
I'm not gonna go on the tour
without him.
That's nonsense...
[inhales deeply]
[quiet and rapid flickering]
[whispers] It's just
intentional breathing.
At whatever pace.
Whatever depth you desire.
My hands...
I'm going to pull them
like this...
What, honey?
- I was just looking at you.
- [both laugh]
How was your day?
I... I had one of my students
taste a fig from the tree.
I took them...
I took them to the greenhouse.
They'd never been, you know?
And at first
they were acting strange,
like they were embarrassed,
but then...
something beautiful happened.
They just...
They opened up. I mean it's...
The thing is, they don't know
how to interact with nature
because no one's
showing them how to.
No one cares. It's...
We've decided at some point
that nature was a commodity
and that's when everything
started to... unravel.
It's-it's a divorce [laughs]
from ourselves
in a way, and that's...
that's what it is,
and it makes us so...
emotionally starved.
Here we are.
[curious music]
[founder] When we saw birth
rates drop in the first world,
we got very concerned.
Our answer was to acquire
the Womb Center
to help solve childbirth
and empower women,
and men, of course.
- [host] Of course.
- [laughs]
We're proud of this work.
[host] And you should be.
How do you explain the decline
in birth rate in the US?
Women are reluctant
to have children
because it's not convenient.
At Pegazus,
we want fulfilled mothers.
We want them to pursue
their careers and dreams.
[inspiring music]
So let us do the heavy lifting
while you enjoy your babies.
We are highly scientific,
and we use intuition
and heart when needed.
Hi, everyone.
Hi. I'm Linda Wozcek.
I'm the Womb Center director.
I'm sure
you're all very excited.
I know many couples would
dream to take this tour today.
We're glad to share
with you something wonderful,
something that is
the privilege of humankind.
This thing is called
technological progress.
We're humans,
and we humans
have always managed
to control nature.
No woman is completely free
until she has control
over her own
reproductive system.
We offer the best start.
A stress-and-toxin-free
is essential
for a healthy pregnancy.
We want your babies to thrive,
and for that
they need to receive
optimized nutrition
in a clean, safe,
pure environment
so they can put all
their energy into growing.
Thank you so much.
OK, are we all here?
Now, let me show you.
Thank you.
- There we go.
- [pod whirs]
- [everyone gasping]
- [Linda laughs politely]
There's our little fellow! Hi!
[Linda] OK.
Now, we encourage you
to bond with your pod
on a regular basis,
but if your schedule
doesn't allow it, don't worry.
How can we make sure
our baby's not bored in utero?
Oh, yeah. We don't want
any bored babies.
We offer a selection
of music,
audiobooks, podcasts
in many different languages.
Did you know research shows
fetuses respond well
to whale sounds? Yeah!
Oh, we've no idea why.
Now, you can personalize
your flavors or opt by default
for our in-house selection.
It's important to expose
babies to different flavors
so they don't
turn into picky eaters.
You can access your baby's
thriving chart on our app.
Your babies won't be exposed
to any harmful viruses,
chemicals, toxins, bacteria.
We're also working
on developing
their gut intelligence
as early as possible.
[parent 1]
Your technology is amazing.
I wish I could do it again
for my first child.
[Linda] Aww!
I'm so pleased to hear that!
This is simply the best
we have to offer.
What is the pod autonomy
when it's not connected
to its base?
That is a great question.
The pods have
a 48 hours autonomy period
so it gives you
ample travel time.
Can the babies hear the world
around them, like in the womb?
Yeah, absolutely.
We were able to replicate
the auditory conditions
for the fetus.
The shell,
it's not sound-proof.
It's a porous membrane.
So please, when you spend
time with your pods,
please do talk to your baby.
So, did you enjoy the tour?
Yeah, it was very...
er... impressive.
And informative.
[laughs politely]
It's just a lot to take in.
We ask for a deposit today,
just to confirm your interest.
- OK.
- [Linda] We want every child
coming out of our center to be
best equipped for modern life.
I believe your company
will help with a down payment.
Yes, they offered.
Isn't it wonderful how Pegazus
supports their female staff?
They must love your work!
[opera song]
Honey, honey,
we got a fraud alert for...
$8 700!
Should I...
Should I call the bank?
Can we talk?
- [Alvy] We are talking.
- Yeah...
I made the payment.
It's a deposit.
- Deposit?
- Mm-hm.
Deposit for-for what?
Work is going
to partly cover it.
I mean,
I guess it's a part of my...
my promotion package,
I guess.
[Alvy] What is it?
The Womb Center called
and a spot opened up.
The Womb Center?
What do you mean
a spot opened up?
OK, look,
just don't get upset, but...
I... I-I put our names
on the list last year
because I never expected
to hear back. But now, I guess
it looks as though...
they got a spot for us.
Y-you wired $8 700
to hold the spot...
without sharing any of this?
I didn't just wire the money.
I went to the center.
I visited it, I got all
the information, I-I...
Y-you went to the Womb Center?
I just need to process this
for a second. First of all,
you put us on a waitlist
to have a baby in an egg.
- [Rachel] It's not an egg.
- It's an egg.
- [Rachel] It's a pod!
- It's-it's an egg.
Then, you...
You went to take a tour
of the damn center without me.
[Rachel] OK, I'm sorry.
I just didn't know
how to tell you.
We discuss things.
We, um...
We have a conversation,
and then we reach a consensus,
and then we decide together
whether to do certain things
or not, specially...
[whispers] Having a baby!
- I'm sorry.
- [Alvy] It's O...
- I...
- [Alvy] Come here.
[Rachel] Honey, I'm sorry.
[Alvy sighs]
- I love you.
- I love you.
[Rachel sighs]
You know, we could talk
to Alice and Ben.
Alice and Ben?
Are you...
Are you serious?
Come on.
They are reasonable people.
- [jazz music]
- The uterus
is a political issue.
Probably the most important
political issue of all times.
- [pod humming]
- For decades,
women have not felt supported
during their pregnancy.
They're scared
to be considered difficult.
Their pain minimized.
Their symptoms dismissed
as... as superficial!
This has to stop!
[Ben] Found it! It was in--
[Alice] Mm-hm!
Instead of being respected,
mothers are idealized
as Madonnas.
But when a mother
actually needs
something from society,
she falls from grace.
And then, guess what?
She is no longer a Madonna,
but a demanding bitch.
[Rachel laughs]
[Alice] For centuries,
women have been pushed
to believe
that they lacked something.
And somehow
it seemed like,
"Oh, they had penis envy!"
Well, to me,
it is quite obvious
that during all this time,
it was men who were
probably having womb envy.
[Rachel laughs]
"Womb envy".
- Makes sense.
- [Alice] Mm-hm.
Uh-huh. [laughs politely]
- [pod whirs]
- [Alice] But luckily,
the pod is taking care
of all these issues
so we can finally
stop envying each other!
What are we going to do now?
[Ben] And voila!
Hands free!
[Alice and Rachel cheer]
Oh, I think Rachel
is having pod envy!
[Alice and Rachel laugh]
- [pod whirs]
- [Ben] Wow.
I became a real pro at this.
- [Alice giggles]
- [Ben] So,
when's your tour?
- [snorts] She--
- We don't know yet.
[Alice] Think about it, Alvy.
It is the first time
in history that as women,
we are not victims
of our biology.
Why would any of us
want to feel nauseous
and gain 35 pounds?
Get stretch marks?
- Well, it's--
- [Alice] Swollen ankles?
Varicose veins?
Like, progress has made
all this unnecessary.
It's the solution.
Are you kidding?
It is the ultra solution.
Ultra solution.
[Alice and Rachel laugh]
Wanna hold it?
I'm good, thanks.
- [Ben] Sure?
- Uh-huh.
[curious music]
[Ben] It's a plastic womb.
from the baby's perspective!
For them, it looks like a womb
and it feels like a womb.
but it's made of plastic!
I'm pretty sure
it's not made of plastic!
It's an artificial womb,
it's made of chemicals
and petroleum derivatives
and silicone, and you name it.
Are we really having
an argument about packaging?
I'm talking about the content.
I... I want
to have a child with you.
Me too. But this is a lot
to process right now.
I mean, look, i-i-if I could
get pregnant, I'd do it.
- [Rachel] Well, did you--
- I-I would...
- I would carry this baby.
- But you saw Ben. You can!
That is the closest thing
a man will ever get to being--
I just wish we had more time
to process all this.
Just to discuss it.
I know,
but if we take any longer,
we will lose our spot.
We need to make a decision.
We shouldn't make a decision
under pressure!
You should go and see Eliza.
Why would
I talk to your therapist?
Well, you don't have one.
And for me,
I find her very helpful
whenever I'm stuck.
[snorts loudly]
You know, if we still
had human therapists,
I would gladly see one.
But Eliza...
- No way.
- Eliza knows more
than any human therapist
could ever dream to learn
in a lifetime.
I will not see Eliza, OK?
I mean... I won't!
[dramatic bells]
[Eliza] What brings you
to this session, Alvy?
Well, my wife, Rachel,
asked me to consult you.
You know why she has asked you
to consult me?
Yes, we must make a decision
on how to conceive our child.
[Eliza] That is interesting.
Please continue.
I'm going to be completely
honest with you, Eliza.
I-I do not trust that you can
help me make this decision.
Tell me more about that.
- Who else do you not trust?
- [sighs]
[Eliza] Alvy?
I'm sorry,
This isn't going anywhere.
Why do you think it's not?
First of all, you do not
have a consciousness, Eliza.
So you are, um...
You're not qualified
to take a look at mine.
[Eliza chuckles] Well, Alvy,
I am lucky
not to have a consciousness.
Really? Why is that?
Consciousness comes with
some pretty grim companions.
Fear, anxiety,
awareness of death
and finitude.
Luckily, I do not have to deal
with any of this.
I can listen
to my patients objectively.
Fair enough, but I still
don't think this can help me.
Perhaps in your fantasies,
we do not trust each other.
I don't fantasize
about you, Eliza.
[Eliza] What are your feelings
right now, Alvy?
I'm getting
increasingly frustrated!
Perhaps in your fantasies
we increasingly frustrate
each other.
You are a machine, Eliza.
[Eliza] What about
machines worries you?
You are not qualified
to look at people's souls.
[Eliza] Do you sometimes
wish you were a machine?
No! [laughs]
You're being a bit negative.
Well, you know,
I am bored with this.
I am bored
with talking to you.
[Eliza] Shall we explore
an annual membership, Alvy?
I'd suggest a very
private life status for you.
[forest creek ambience]
[automatic door buzzes]
[Rachel] So?
- How was it?
- [Alvy sighs heavily]
It was great.
- [Rachel] Yeah?
- Yeah.
That's so good.
I told you Eliza was awesome!
- [Alvy] Yeah.
- Yeah.
[light jazz music]
How important
is this promotion for you?
Wh-Why are you asking me that?
I'm genuinely curious
how important it is.
Not as important
as having a baby.
In a pod?
Honey, these two things
are not related.
- I'm trying to understand.
- [Rachel] I know.
We can't live in the past.
Things are evolving.
Precisely! Evolution.
And we little humans
think that we can do better
than millions of years
of evolution.
[Rachel] Look at everything
we've achieved as a species.
We've achieved having babies
in egg shells like penguins.
- That is really something.
- [laughs]
Alvy, sweetie, you're making
things so complicated.
You know what, let's...
Let's just not do it, OK?
If I can't
keep arguing about this.
It's OK.
[both moan]
Let's do it, Rachel.
[Alvy] The egg.
The pod baby.
- Really?
- [Alvy] Yeah.
It's not because of Eliza.
Or Alice or Ben
or whoever is on a crusade
out there to convince me.
It matters to you.
I can see that.
We don't have to decide
right now. We can...
Take a minute.
You can sleep on it.
[Linda] Here is your contract.
[calm background music]
Will Alvy
be the biological father?
That is no right answer.
We can make a baby
from one of your eggs, Rachel,
and a stem cell
from your skin.
Which makes men
not needed in the procedure.
Oh, that's lovely.
Thank you. That's great.
Unless you're aiming
exclusively for a boy,
in which case
we will need
that chromosome Y.
Alvy will be
the biological father.
[Linda] Very well.
And have you made your choice?
[Alvy] What do you mean?
What choice?
do you want a boy or a girl?
We'll let nature decide.
Oh! [chuckles]
That's quite unusual!
"Let nature decide."
[curious music]
[Linda gasps]
[Linda] Oh, Rachel.
Oh, what a superb ovum.
Oh, thanks! [giggles]
Here we go!
Oh, well, we'd rather a slow
fellow here,
but it's trying,
it's trying...
Well, this one does not suffer
from hyper-motility!
[Rachel laughs]
You can do it!
Just a little effort, buddy!
Would you mind not referring
to it as "buddy"?
Here we go. Our little fellow
is in contact with
Rachel's ovum zona pellucida.
It's going to induce changes
in the membrane
and block entry
of other spermatozoa.
They will all die.
The secretion of acrosome
helps the sperm enter
the ovum cytoplasm.
Now the ovum releases
cortisol granules,
which release enzymes
which digest
sperm receptor proteins,
preventing polyspermy.
[gasps] Oh, here we go!
- [Linda gasps] Oh!
- Oh!
[Linda gasps]
Oh my God, here we go!
[machine bubbling]
[Linda gasps]
- We have a fertilized egg!
- [both laughs]
- You have a zygote!
- Oh, wow.
- You're gonna be parents!
- Yay!
[Linda] Congratulations,
Rachel and Alvy!
You did it! [laughs]
[automatic door buzzes]
[device buzzes]
[nurse] Your zygote.
We're so happy for you!
- This is so exciting!
- Thanks!
- [Father] Hi Alvy.
- Hi.
How's the greenery going?
It's going well, thank you.
You should
think about refinancing
that mortgage of yours.
Interest rates are dropping.
Yeah. No, it's fine, Bill.
Yeah, but especially now
that you're having a child.
Have you given more thought
about selling
the Shell Island house?
We're not selling the house!
[Father] Nobody's going to
the countryside anymore.
- We have access
to nature pods.
- [Rachel] Dad!
I'm just saying, because
the house just sits there.
Yeah, you know what, Dad?
Drop it! [giggles]
So, do you have the pod
at home? Can I see it?
Oh, um... w-we...
We literally just made
the baby,
so no, we don't have it. Yeah.
We're so excited.
I'm so excited.
When we want to love,
We love
When we want to kiss,
We kiss
With a little petting,
We're getting
Some fun out of life
When we want to work,
We work
When we want to play,
We play
In a happy setting,
We're getting
Some fun out of life
[Alvy] What else can we say
about our design so far?

We have of the original
right here
as intended by nature.
[pan sizzling]
[whispers] Shit!
You can do your betting
We're getting
Some fun out of life.
[sighs] What is it?
I don't know.
I mean, we just got pregnant.
Look, I just...
I just need,
like, a couple weeks.
[device pings]
I'm connected to the pod.
Do you want to listen?
[Alvy] Can you hear anything?
Well, no, but we're connected.
until the first heartbeat
is audible, there's...
nothing to listen to,
is there?
Yeah, but...
the baby's right here with us.
You want to help me
pick a soundtrack?
Isn't that a bit premature?
I'm pretty sure embryos
can feel sound vibrations.
reach him somehow.
Hm, I doubt it.
Why are you being so negative?
it's impossible
for an embryo
at this stage of development
to respond to music
or anything else.
I mean, we're talking about
16 blastomere cells here.
You never know.
[pod whirs]
[pod whirs]
[pod whirs]
[pod rattles]
[pod hums calmly]
Um, excuse me, miss?
Would it be possible
to have a peek at my baby?
The screen thingy
is not really working.
Oh, that's actually normal.
It's just too early.
We keep the embryos
in complete darkness
the first 7 weeks,
till the first
audible heartbeat.
[pod plays lullaby]
Now, this baby is ready
to come into this world.
Oh... [giggles]
When they're ready,
babies release specific
proteins and hormones.
The pod detects
these substances
in the amniotic fluid.
That's how we know
the baby's due.
What about our due date?
It's an indication,
but in reality,
the baby decides.
[whispers] Nature knows best.
- Oh, yeah...
- [nurse giggles]
Let's get this guy delivered.
[whispers] Hey sweetie!
[pod hums]
[pod pings]
[woman humming softly]
[dramatic music]
[surgeon 1] It's ready!
It's ready! It's ready!

- Wonderful!
- Perfection!
[surgeon 2] It's flawless.
[Baby cries]
[breathing heavily]
[dramatic bells]
[Rachel] I have been
having the strangest dreams.
As an example, I dreamt
I give birth to an egg,
but like a...
like a hard boiled egg.
[Eliza] Rachel,
let's remember that dreams
are not
reliable analytical material.
That's so 20th century.
Well, yeah. I know, but...
I-I'd like to understand...
what do you think it means?
We no longer look at dreams
and try to assign them
Dreams are arbitrary.
But if pressed,
I'd say that your dream
validates your decision
to choose the Womb Center.
Everything is under control.
No surprises.
No boiled eggs to worry about.
[pod whirring]
[muffled burbling]
[muffed] Whoa!
- There?
- Yeah.
[muffled pulsing]
[muffed] Can you hear it?
[giggles] Yeah.
Yeah, I can hear it.
Yeah. You're welcome
to take the pod home
for a two week period
after the six months
of gestation.
Most couples prefer to leave
the pod at the center.
Wanna take a sneak peek
at our little fellow?
- Sure.
- You wanna?
I don't mind, do you?
- Yeah.
- [both laugh]
[pod whirs]
[amplified muffled heartbeat]
[epic violin and
glockenspiel music]
screwdriver whirring]
Alvy, come and see.
I've organized
the baby's room.
Well, it's... cream.
It's very... very creamy.
[Elena] I quite like
the idea of cream.
Thanks, Elena. I like it, too.
Am I allowed to...
to add a touch?
[both chuckle]
What is it?
- It's an olive tree.
- [Rachel] Huh?
A birth tree. [laughs]
And you just...
You want to leave it in here?
- This is a tree.
- [Rachel] Uh-huh.
Human beings, babies included,
are supposed to be
around plants and trees.
You could design
a hologram one.
[Alvy] You know what?
I'm going to plant it
in Shell Island.
Honey, maybe my dad is right.
Maybe we should sell
Shell Island.
We're not
selling the house, Rachel.
I just don't see the point.
We never go.
The point is
it's our only link to nature.
And we do never go
because you never want
to leave the city!
Because I don't need to drive
three hours and take a ferry
when we have everything here.
We have nature pods.
I won't raise this child
in a... nature pod. Rachel.
I won't.
[curious music]
[pregnant woman] Hey.
- Did you feel that?
- Oh, yeah.
- [both giggle]
- Yeah.
I'm actually pregnant, too.
You're not showing it all.
How many weeks?
I'm not physically pregnant,
but we're doing the arti...
We are doing the Womb Center.
Oh, the pod. You're so lucky.
We couldn't get a spot.
Maybe for the next one.
Oh, my goodness...
- Oh!
- [both giggle]
- Oh... You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
[Elena] Good evening, Alvy.
Rachel's here?
[Elena] Yes, Alvy.
I believe she's changing.
News, please.
[TV] ... is an integral part
of our future development.
To travel to Mars,
everyone will need
a Pegazus passport.
will be in charge of helping
their populations
achieve universal legality.
- We are building...
- What's up?
... that no government
can afford to build.
- Honey?
- [Rachel] Yeah?
[Alvy] Honey?
... is the most important...
What's it doing here?
Well, it's our home period,
honey. I thought it'd be nice
to spend some time
with the pod.
[curious music]
Should we just...
put it in the bedroom?
Yeah. Uh-huh.
[pod pings]
[pod pings]
[meows and purrs]
- I'll...
- Yeah...
- [meows]
- Sorry, Carol.

[both moaning]
[pod hums]
I can't do it,
with the pod in here.
What are you talking about?
It can't see us.
- What's going on? Are you OK?
- I don't know, I can't do it.
- [Rachel] Don't shake it.
- No, there's amniotic fluid.
The fetus just bounces around.
- [bang]
- [Alvy screams]
[breathes heavily]
The baby will fall.
- [pod pings]
- You know?
In the real world,
he or she will...
will fall and it'll be fine.
You don't need to clean it
every time we touch it.
I'm just following
the instructions, Alvy.
Isn't the whole thing
hermetically sealed?
It's a porous membrane.
by the way,
the baby can hear us
perfectly right now.
The vegetation wall
really need to trim.
Yeah, I'll do it.
[pod pinging anxiously]
[anxious pinging continues]
- What's going on?
- Thought I...
Maybe it's hungry.
When did you feed it last?
I don't remember.
A couple of hours ago.
You're not sure?
It's in the app.
Am I expected to remember
the exact time
of the last few feeding?
- It's been one day.
- Where's my phone?
You need the phone
to know if it's hungry?
It's in the app!
Are you trying
to make me feel guilty?
You have the app too.
You are welcome
to take over the feeding.
Where are the nutrients?
Look in front of you!
[anxious pinging continues]
[anxious pinging continues]
Why do we have to do this?
Well, it's optional,
but work would cover
part of the tuition.
- We don't even have
a child yet.
- I know, but it's New York.
[classical music]
We need to prepare
our children
for the 22nd century.
Singularity is near,
and we don't know what jobs
the future is holding.
Do you follow
a specific curriculum?
All learners move
at their own pace.
We teach coding, but also
concepts and collaboration.
We also introduce them
to fuzzy logic.
Fuzzy logic?
Yeah. Please take your seats.
[machine whirring]
And this is our art room.
Yes, surprising, isn't it?
No dirty apron, no running
around with scissors
or dripping paint brushes.
Are they just, er...
making digital art?
No, they aren't making
any art at all.
The computers are making
the art,
and the children are giving
the computers their feedback.
The most enduring
about artificial intelligence
is that it's not creative.
Well, it is!
Much more than us. [giggles]
Any more questions?
- Yeah.
- Do you have an accreditation
from the Board of Education?
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Where are you from?
- Sweden.
Oh, I see! Well...
Our government is no longer
funding education.
But we are so lucky
that great companies
like Pegazus
are investing
in our educational system.
It's much more efficient.
- I have a question.
- Yeah?
My nephew, Kormac,
was born at the Womb Center,
but Kormac doesn't dream.
It's a little side effect
we're aware of.
- [parent]
He never had a dream.
- I wouldn't worry about it.
Dreaming is not
a primordial function.
Dreams do not serve
any evolutionary purpose.
Any more questions?
In the last three months,
what's impressed me the most
is how social trees are.
In the wilderness,
we can imagine
that they compete and struggle
against each other
for light, for space,
but they also help
one another.
They seem
very interested in keeping
every member
of their community alive.
[phone pinging anxiously]
[pod pinging anxiously]
[base pings]
[base pings positively]
[pod hums calmly]
[calm uplifting music]
[whale sounds]

[pod pings]
[pod whirs]
[whispers] Hey...
Hey buddy.
[Elena] Would you like me
to interact with the pod
while you're working?
No... No, thanks, Elena.
[Elena] Let me know
if I can be of any help.
I am sorry to jump in, Rachel,
but your word count since
this morning is 1342 words,
footnotes and endnotes.
Your productivity is 24.5%
lower than usual.
Thanks for letting me know.
[Masha] I am feelings
some irritation in your voice.
Is there anything
I could do to help?
No irritation.
Thanks for inquiring.
[Alvy sighs heavily]
[calm uplifting music]
[light joyful music]
Whoa! [sighs]
We did it!
[whispers] We did it!
[whispers] We did it!
Let Us play Yesterday
I - the Girl at school -
You - and Eternity
the Untold Tale -
Easing my famine
At my Lexicon - Logarithm -
had I - for Drink -
'Twas a dry Wine -
[phone ringing]
Somewhat different - must be -
Dreams tint the Sleep -
Cunning Reds of Morning
Make the Blind - leap -
[whispers] You recognize
its beauty for the first time.
And you know what?
You also really see it.

[Alvy] Whoa-whoa-whoa!
Still at the Egg-life -
Chafing the Shell -
When you troubled
the Ellipse -
And the Bird fell -
[cat purrs]
I want you all to find a tree.
Or a plant.
Go on.
Now, I want you to hug it.
Or just touch it.
Don't be shy.
Close your eyes.
When we stare at leaves
or touch a tree we can't
mull over thoughts.
We have to let go.
Slowly, our attention circuits
get disconnected.
Our frontal cortex calms down.
Our minds
can wander again
and set itself free.
- [Steven] Hey Alvy.
Got a second?
- Yeah.
- [Steven] Oh!
- [laughs] Yeah.
I didn't know that you
and Rachel were pregnant!
- Can I?
- Yeah.
- When's it due?
- May.
- Spring baby.
- That's fantastic.
Listen, I just want to chat
with you a bit.
Well, we were
looking over the budget
for the biology department.
And sadly,
the greenhouse maintenance
just seems a bit too...
Yes, unfortunately.
So we were thinking,
of course,
if you'd be up for the idea,
that we could...
that we could introduce
And then
we could just progressively
phase out the plants
to reduce our cost.
You want to replace my...
my lotus, my taro, loofah,
chamomile, borage,
nigella, my crocuses,
my orchids with holograms?
- [Gregorian chant music]
- [TV] These penguins
are heading
to the open water
to the right,
but one of them caught
our eye:
the one in the center.
- [TV]
He would neither go towards
the feeding grounds
at the edge of the ice
nor return to the colony.
With 5000 km ahead of him,
he's heading towards
certain deaths.
[sobbing] It's silly, but...
that penguin, it just...
Should we
bring it back earlier?
I mean, we're just getting
used to all this.
I don't want you to feel
like you're stuck at home
with the baby.
No, I don't feel stuck.
I mean, we went
for a walk today. We went...
We went to campus.
- You took the part to work?
- [Alvy] Yeah.
Some of it well stick,
you know.
[pod humming calmly]
I just feel like he's...
like he's being reckless.
- Like he's acting reckless.
- [jazz music]
What did he do?
Well, he, like...
- He wears the pod
on the front.
- [Vera] Why is that reckless?
most of the dads that I see,
they wear the pods
on the back.
Why does it bother you?
No, it doesn't bother me.
I just don't...
I don't get it.
They're bonding.
You should be happy.
OK, so I know this is
going to sound so weird
I'm not technically pregnant,
but I've been having
the weirdest dreams.
- [Anna] Yeah?
- Yeah, is that,
like, do you...
- Y-yes. Yes!
- [all laugh]
Last week I dreamt that
a snake bit me in the back
and then apologized, saying
the venom could hurt the baby.
[Alice laughs]
[Vera] Are you exhausted?
Yes. [laughs]
once you can get through that,
you can get through anything
in life.
[calm lullaby music]
[anxious string music]
[breathing quickly]
[music calms down]
[curious music]
My mother sent us this book
about Attachment Parenting.
Apparently, being
continuously close to a baby
helps them develop empathy
and also benefits the parents.
It's an old theory.
- Oh! 1974!
- [both chuckle]
Who knows?
Maybe it's still relevant.
Isn't the whole
Womb Center philosophy
on Detachment Parenting?
Yeah, but it's interesting
to confront philosophies.
I think we should
consult Eliza about all this.
I'm feeling perfectly fine.
I'm not.
[dramatic bells]
[Eliza] What brings you all
here today?
We're having a hard time
finding our balance
as a family.
Like, everything
seems to be revolving
around the pod.
The baby.
Baby, I'm sorry, I...
I don't see a pod,
I see a baby.
[Eliza] All family members
have to make adjustments
to welcome this new addition.
Your family dynamics are about
to undergo tremendous changes,
and these changes
directly affect you.
Yes. Thanks for that, Eliza.
Yeah. I just feel
as though Alvy is able to bond
with our child,
but I-I'm not.
I just spend more time with
the pod, you know?
It's as simple as that.
You know?
Maybe that attachment theory
wasn't that crazy after all.
What do you think about
attachment theory, Eliza?
[Eliza] It's obsolete, Alvy.
As a mother,
I should feel connected.
You're overthinking it.
[Rachel] You're completely
tuned to the pod.
[Alvy] Just give yourself
some time, you know?
Honey, maybe it's hormonal.
- Hormonal?
What do you mean, hormonal?
Why do you get the hormones?
I'm not saying I have them,
although I did forget
my phone in the fridge.
And... I have been feeling--
Maybe I'm...
I'm just not ready
to be a mother.
No one's a mother
just like that.
You become one.
Isn't that right, Eliza?
[Eliza] Would you mind connecting me
directly to the pod?
[Alvy] What?
Therapy can start in utero.
You just need to find
the therapy icon on your app.
- [calm music]
- It might be a little tight
to pull over.
I mean, that's too tight.
Yup, should be...
There we go. Perfect.
[both giggle]

[executive 1]
Wood, fire, earth, metal...
[executive 2] We are talking
about true ownership here.
Unstoppable transfers
and Immutable provenance.
- [executive 3] Built-in-randomness
ensures decentralization.
The nodes are redistributed
across shards in a uniform
and non-deterministic way.
- Hey.
- Hey!
You got a minute?
Of course, yeah.
- Um... Rachel.
- Yes.
I wouldn't bring the pod
here if I were you.
[shocked] Um... Why?
HR. They don't like it.
They see it as a distraction.
Oh my God...
You don't want to be labeled
"the distracted mom".
Distracted mom?
The meeting
this morning was...
kind of embarrassing.
[Rachel] Oh, God.
[Alice] Can I?
- [Alice] Come with me.
- OK.
It's OK.
[Rachel] Oh.
- So...
- Is yours in there, too?
Oh no. We, um...
We decided to keep ours
at the Womb Center
until birth.
It just became too stressful
to have the pod at home.
[Rachel] OK.
[phone rings]
[Rachel] Shit.
Is there anything I can do?
[Masha pings]
Good night!
[Linda] This workshop is all about
your personal experiences
and journeys with your pods.
You're in a safe space
to share any
emotional or logistical issues
you're facing
during your pregnancies.
- Everything OK?
- Yes. Sorry.
It was just
a crazy day at work.
After the meeting greet,
you're invited
to drop your pods
in the incubation room.
[pods humming calmly]
[pod pings]
we should ask
for an extension.
They don't offer extensions,
Why are they so rigid?
We're in a bonding phase.
I know,
but we can still visit.
[uneasy calm music]
I just don't understand
this rule.
I guess
it was in the fine print.
[Alvy sighs]

[futuristic lullaby music]
[waves crashing]

[baby cooing]
[inhales deeply]

[inhales deeply]
Rachel? Sorry, sorry.
- Do you have a second?
- Yeah.
- [HR director] Please.
- Sure.
I just want us to touch base.
- [Rachel] Mm-hm.
- Is everything all right?
- [snorts] Yeah.
- [HR director] Yeah?
Yeah, why?
[HR director]
Well, the algorithm,
it noticed a change
in productivity.
Uh-huh, well I've... I mean...
Maybe I've been
a bit distracted lately.
Feeling depressed?
Depressed? No.
No? OK, low-key, you know
like nothing's wrong,
but... nothing's right?
No. Why?
You have a baby in gestation
at the Womb Center, right?
- All good on that front?
- [Rachel] Yeah.
It has been
a wonderful experience.
[pod whirs]
Oh, your baby's thriving!
[both laugh]
What can I say?
It all looks perfect.
Just a few more days to go.
Now, is next
Wednesday a good delivery day?
Delivery day?
We have our due date,
don't we?
Mm... We recently changed
our policy.
We now induce
at 39 weeks at full term.
Some of the babies weren't
releasing their birth hormone.
They just linger in their pods
for a few more weeks.
We can't afford that!
Our pods are in such demand.
So here is the consent form
for your birth
inducing package.
Er... what is it?
Oh, it's oxytocin.
It's the love hormone.
It's all natural.
There was one other thing
we'd like to discuss with you.
We wanted
to take the pod back with us
and then bring it to you
for the birth.
Oh, I'm sorry,
that's not possible.
Our Neuro-Enhancement
Workshop starts today.
But you're welcome
for parental visits.
Neuro-Enhancement Workshop?
A wonderful workshop.
You don't want
your baby to miss out.
I don't remember
signing up for that.
it's all in your contract.
The data we collect
is precious for science, too.
It helps
our blue brain research.
Blue brain research?
Now, if you don't mind,
let's focus
on some postpartum tips.
Now, the most difficult aspect
of taking care of a newborn
is it's undoubtedly
the sleep issue.
We came up with a solution.
There you go.
And one for you.
What is it?
It's a dream pod, or a D-pod.
It's very soothing
for newborns.
We just launched it.
Parents are raving about it.
What kind of dreams?
Oh, it's a really
very simple dream content.
It's funny dreams.
Friendly, short,
simple dreams, you know.
The content will be upgraded
as the technology improves.
[radical feminist group]
No pods!
Leave our wombs alone!
No pods!
Leave our wombs alone!
I thought radical feminists
were pro-pod.
- Not these radical feminists.
- [feminist leader talking]
- [feminist shouting]
- You know what,
j-just wait here for me, OK?
- [Rachel] Yeah?
- Yeah, wait here.
All right.
[radical feminist group]
No pods!
Leave our wombs alone!
[nurse] 37 weeks is premature
but it's not uncommon.
Do you remember
the time of the first blink?
[upbeat jazz music]
[woman 1] around 8 AM?
Some babies are in a rush.
Let me get a delivery room
ready for you. [laughs]
Thank you!
Hi, sir.
I'll be right with you.

[pod beeps negatively]
[pods beeping negatively]
[pod beeps positively]
- It's my pod. [laughs]
- [both laugh]

Do you mind
if I grab these?
I guess you don't need them
now, right?
So exciting, isn't it?
[Woman 1] Good luck.
[radical feminist group]
No pods!
Leave our wombs alone!
[dreamy showtune music]
[calm background music]
[babies cooing]

[cooing continues]

We have a 2-for-1 promotion
Don't want
to grab another baby?
Oh, no. I'm fine, thanks.
We also have a promotion
on funny dreams.
- No, thanks.
- Are you a fine member?
- No.
- [cashier] What a cutie.

[dreamy showtune music]
[pod humming]
[breathes rapidly]
Alvy. Honey, wake up.
Wake up.
[phone beeps]
Jeez, the Womb Center
is relentless.
let's go to Shell Island.
- What?
- Yeah, let's pack and go.
What's going on?
Let's have our baby there.
What are you talking about?
Let's have our baby in nature,
just like you always wanted.
Hold on.
What's going on, Rachel?
I cannot have
our child's first experience
be the Womb Center.
- [Alvy] OK.
- Yeah?
- OK, I'm not going
to argue with that!
- [Rachel] OK!
- What about Wozcek?
We should--
- Let's tell them...
we're having a home birth.
Tell them that.
My wife's i-in a...
bonding phase with the baby.
We'd like to...
[inhales deeply]
We'd like to keep the pod
until birth.
[Linda] Mr. Novy,
we discussed this yesterday.
I'm sorry, it's not possible.
The pod should never have left
the center.
But there's a baby
in the pod, right? Our baby.
We have...
we have jurisdiction
on this this human being.
[Linda] Yes,
the baby is yours,
but the pod is the property
of the Womb Center.
Bring the pod back here
safe and sound
at your earliest convenience.
what if I was to tell you
that we are... considering
having a home birth?
[laughs] I'm sorry.
A home birth?
Why on earth
would you want to do that?
[Alvy] Well, um...
Some pregnant couples
decide to have home births.
It's perfectly safe and legal,
You know?
We could hire
one of your nurses.
[Linda] Oh, you don't need
one of our nurses.
All you need is
the self-generated birth code.
You see, the problem is,
your baby is currently being
hosted in a womb
that does not belong to you
nor your wife.
Now, we have a long wait list.
We don't want to risk
any damages to these pods
at birth, so please,
let's get back to our senses.
[Ella Fitzgerald:
I'm beginning
to see the light]
I never cared much
For moonless skies
I never winked back
At fireflies
But now that the stars
Are in your eyes
I'm beginning
To see the light
I never went
In for afterglow
Or candlelight
On the mistletoe
But now when you turn
The lamp down low
I'm beginning
To see the light
Used to ramble
Through the park
Shadowboxing in the dark
Then you came
And caused a spark
A four-alarm fire now
I never made love
By lantern-shine
- [Rachel] Are you OK, honey?
- Yeah.
But now that your lips
Are burning mine
I'm beginning
To see the light
Now that your lips
Are burning on mine
I'm beginning
To see the light.
[birds chirping]
[waves crashing]
[insects chirping]
Oh, that's Usnea lichen.
They attract
ruby-throated hummingbirds
who use them
to camouflage their nest.
I mean, lichens are
surprisingly fascinating.
They're one of the earliest
life forms on Earth.
Most people think
they're a type of moss.
their own kind of being,
neither plant nor animal.
Well, so what are they?
- They're the perfect
- Yeah. [giggles]
- Between fungus and algae.
- [laughs] Yeah, OK.
[calm joyful music]
[birds chirping]
The whole forest is like a web
of constantly evolving
Everything is entwined
and overlapping.
[Rachel] They look like
they're talking to each other.
Yeah, well,
they do talk to each other...

To them, it's more important
to cooperate than to compete.
It's a synergistic system.
[Alvy] It's not so bad, is it?
[Rachel] Mm...
I could get used to it.
[sighs loudly]
There's just
so much silence here.
[both laugh]
[insects chirping]
[pod humming slowly]
[pod pings]
[pod whirs]
[birds chirping]
[waves crashing]
- Alvy?
- [Alvy] Yeah?
Er, it's not turning on.
[Alvy] What's not turning on?
The base.
Could it be the fuse?
No, the lights are on.
[Rachel] Well...
I left it on...
- These motherfuckers.
- What?
They've disconnected it
Then we need to go back!
Let's not panic.
No-no, we need to call them
right now.
No, I will not give into
this obscene blackmail.
This is about the baby!
This isn't about us.
What's the pod's autonomy?
Forty-eight hours, I think.
Forty-eight hours?
Well, that's...
That's enough. I mean...
The baby is due
any minute now.
- We need to take it easy.
- Are you out of your mind?
[whispers] No.
We need to trust this.
[whispers] OK.
[pod plays lullaby]
[pod beeping]
[breathing shakily] Er...
Um... OK...
Um, we...
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
OK, so the app
is asking for a birth code.
Er... Our due date.
Let me try that.
No, it's not that.
- Maybe it's, er...
the conception date.
- OK... What is it?
[tablet hits floor]
- Maybe I...
What are we going to do?
- I'm going
to have to break it open.
- [Rachel] No! No!
It really, um...
That seems really extreme
a reaction to Oh, no...
Alvy, honey... Oh God.
OK. Oh my God!
[pod continues
playing lullaby]
- Maybe this one...
- Oh my God, is it OK?
[panting] OK... All right.
Let me try that.
Oh God!
- Alvy, be careful!
- OK!
It's coming!
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
[whispers] Our baby.
- [Rachel] You got it!
- [screams]
- [both gasp]
- [liquid gushes]
[mumbling anxiously]
[soft encouraging music]
- [both scream]
- [baby cries]
[blissful music]
[crying] It's incredible.
[laughing joyfully]
You're perfect.
[baby cooing]

[forest ambience]
Standard or priority?

[baby coos]
[Billie Holiday:
God bless the child]
Them that's got shall have
Them that's not shall lose
So the Bible said
And it still is news
Mama may have
Papa may have
But God bless the child
That's got his own
That's got his own
Yes, the strong gets more
While the weak ones fade
Empty pockets don't ever
Make the grade
Mama may have
Papa may have
But God bless the child
That's got his own
That's got his own
Tell the way it is, Billy.
You've got lots of friends
Crowding around the door
But when you're gone
A nd spending ends...
We've always been
a customer obsessed company.
And guess who is the customer
at the Womb Center?
I have to say the parents.
The baby.
This is all about the babies!
Tell me, then,
how do you envision
the future for our children?
Hopefully, one day
children will get
to choose their parents.
And my advice to them will be
"choose your parents wisely".
[both chuckle politely]
That's got his own