The Point! (1971) Movie Script

"That's the way they wanted it,
that's the way it's going to stay"
Yeah I will mom, I'll turn it off
right after the program's over.
Program? You know, I can remember
when kids used to like to have stories read to them.
They'd actually begged their parents,
like their fathers, to read these stories.
ohh. dad, you always start talking when I wanna watch my program ...
It's a very big deal.
The fathers would these read
these exciting stories and sometimes adventure stories to them.
This is my favorite program dad.
And the kids would brag to their friends
about how fathers read these great ...
The other guys get to watch their program.
Kids used to like their parents
used to like them to read these marvelous....
Now let's see, now here's a story ...
there's monsters?
- This is the story a man could actually read to his ... - Okay, Dad.
Monsters? Yes, sure, monsters ... Listen.
Once upon a time, a long way from here,
and a long way from now
... there was a tiny village where everything
the houses, and the carts,
..the bridges, and the barns,.
everything, all had points on them
In fact, it was so full of points
that even the people had points.
The people, right there on top of their head.
And it didn't seem strange at all
because that's the way life was in the village.
that's the always it has been.
And for all everybody knew,
that's the way it always will be.
As you might have already guessed,
the main activity in the village was making points.
And needless to say, business was brisk and the competition was competitive.
"This is the town and these are the people"
"This is the town where the people all stay"
"This is the town and these are the people"
"That's the way they wanted it,
that's the way it's going to stay"
And while farmers kept the villager bodies nourished with pointed crops
, the artists community,
... as in all communities, did their part ... keep minds and souls filled with new points to view.
"This is the town and these are the people"
"This is the town where the people all stay"
"It's the way they wanted"
"that's the way it's going to stay"
To be or not be, that is the point.
"everything's got 'em, everything needs one"
"Everything has one...."
"This is the town and these are the people"
"This is the town where the people all stay ..."
It was a good life, a settled life.
.. and the point ...
... was the point of it all
you could look high and you could look low ...
but you'd never hear complaints on that count.
Well, almost never ...
And then one day a very unusual thing happened in the village.
A little baby boy was born,
a boy named Oblio.
Now, don''t get the wrong idea
the being born part wasn't unusual
little kids were being born
all the time in that village.
what was unusual was that Oblio
unlike any of the other babies born that day
or any other day
Had no point.
he had no point at all
Hi son. Hi, Oblio.
- Hello there
hi, how ya doin?
- Good see you. - What's new?
- same old. - Did you hear about them?
- Them? - They had a kid, kid's got no point.
- Oh, come on. - Seriously, the kid has got no point.
- You're putting me on?
Would I lie to you?
- I think it's a lie. - so...
you see.
Oblio was a kind of involuntary instant celebrity.
Their uniqueness was something ...
... that was noted around the village.
Naturally his parents couldn't help noticing either.
We have a lot to be thankful for.
He's a healthy little nipper, I'll say that.
And he's happy.
I bet he'll be a great ... - he's a wonderful disposition.
Yeah- But he doesn't have a point.
Hmm...maybe he'll grow one.
but he didn't!
As things turned out, Oblio didn't grow any point at all.
But it really wasn't so very noticeable.
As a matter of fact,
in time he took to wearing a cap.
A pointed cap,... his mother made ...
... kept his head warm and it did make him look ...
... a lot more like all the other ordinary kids in the village.
Just about the same time Oblio got his new cap ...
- ... he also got ... - Arrow, Arrow.
... you guessed it
he got the greatest dog in the world.
"Wherever we go"
"Everyone knows"
"it's me and my Arrow"
"me and my Arrow"
"taking the high road"
"Wherever we go"
"Everyone knows"
"it's me and my Arrow"
"me and my Arrow"
"Straight up and narrow."
And then one day, after school,
a very serious thing happened.
- Let's choose our sides for triangle toss.
I got Harry.
- Okay, then I want Fred? - Ok, choose one.
Okay, I'll take Oblio.
Not him, he can't play.
- Out! - it was the Count's son
and that was the serious thing.
You see, the village Count was a very powerful man ...
... and, frankly, not all that nice a guy.
And the way things sometimes work out,
... a certain amount of that 'not niceness' was rubbed off on his son.
Oh he was liked, but not well liked.
how come you said I couldn't play?
Because you can't, so beat it!
I always have before, me and Arrow
Hey look, you're not playing.
So just push on. - That's not fair.
Tough! triangle toss is for people with pointed heads.
Toss the triangle ... - "You can't play" ...
- ... because you can't take it on your point. - Oh, everyone knows that.
Yes, but you got no point, so you can't play.
We can play better than you can. - You what?
I said we can play better than you can.
Hey, wait a minute.
you're lookin for some real trouble
and I bet you we can beat you at triangle toss too.
- Say it again. - I said I bet we can beat you at ...
Oh yeah
Well what you want to bet?
Come on, "No Point", what do you wanna bet?
- Anything. - Oblio and the Count's kid are gonna duel
Come on, Oblio, come on. fight him
Ok, here's the way we're gonna go.
Best two outta 3 catches
anything's fair.
The only rule is you gotta catch the triangle with your head.
Or your mutt's mine, Oblio.
The first man to get two triangles wins.
You get the idea, Oblio?
So long, sucker.
that's fine, Arrow, it's OK.
He's not that tough. - Players, to your marks.
Huh, pretty neat huh, Oblio?
who's side are you on anyway?.
Wow!! Great catch!
Last call.
Hooray for Oblio!
Thanks, but don't forget about Arrow.
Arrow was ... - I won't forget Arrow.
And I won't forget you either, round head.
Why you wanna to say something like that for?
- Remember, you were the guy ...
I remember, Oblio, and so will you.
- My father will see to that. - Oh, oh, his father ...
Hey come on, it's just a dum old game.
A game, Oblio?
When my dad gets done with you,
... you'd wish this dum old game
never been invented.
- If it's important to you....
to you gather my meaning, Oblio?
Predictably, enough when the Count
learned of his son's defeat, he was furious.
As for the boy himself, as soon as he saw
which way the wind was blowing,
... he just laid low
and let his father's evil disposition lead the way.
Would that it were not true,
you idiot ... you pathetic fool.
I groomed you, oh how I groomed you
I cultivated you like a rare flower.
And for this? Oh no!
By guile and foul deed
I laid the groundwork for you ...
... to rule this miserable village one day.
and rule you will, I shall not be denied,
... but as long as that vile round little person,
that Oblio,
... languishes among us
your leadership credibility is shot.
We must rid ourselves of that contemptabe little twerp
once and for all,
... and that's exactly what I intend to do.
Yes you'll still rule one day, you useless nit,
... because Oblio is finished.
You can bank on that!
Now the king, was a good-natured
harmless old fellow ...
... the kind who was in a rather middle group ,
... no great highs, no deep lows.
It was a decent, but very ordinary man.
He was also a very ordinary ruler of other men.
- Oh, if it isn't the illustrious...
My king, a word in your ear.
Oh anything you say my dear count.
I was just relaxing,,, for a coupla....
Yes, I saw... King, we have a problem.
Oh.... that's hard to believe
I thought all systems were go.
I mean I always like to...
king, the law of the land has been violated
Violated? the law of the land?
oh, why that's impossible
it is done ...
there must be some mistake
... that everything and everyone must have a point.
it is quite purely and simply
the law of the land
why you can't violate a law like that
in a place like this.
why you look around ... you look around, my dear king.
The law is being violated at this very moment
for the sake of all the decent people ...
... appropriate measures must be taken.
Measures? Measures? Oh my
Measures on grave charge like this.
Would require my convening my...
my convening the tribunal.
Oh... oh my?
now why do you want to go and create a problem like that?
Oh that's no problem king,
that's a solution.
The problem was created when the law was violated.
In point of fact, by that little rounded headed twit, Oblio.
- Oblio! - Oblio? Oblio? But I know him.
Why he's a nice little boy. I know his parents.
why it was my understanding that,
this Oblio was developing ...
... into a pretty decent little
triangle toss player.
so I gather... he's also round ...
which you yourself know
... it is in direct violation of the law.
You may as well face it my dear king,
this Oblio is literally an outlaw.
Oh but, ..that's incredible,...wait a minute,
he wears a nicely pointed hat
- ... that should count for something ...
No way, my king.
We must convene a tribunal
a public tribunal and so we shall,
... and then after all the niceties are looked after,
... this Oblio will be neatly banished forever.
A tribunal? Oh no! And for Oblio?
Isn't there any other way? - The law is the law, king.
- You can not fight it. - The law is the law.
I never looked at it quit like that
Very well,
... a tribunal it is, but I warn you Count
I won't have the boy railroaded.
It's a turn of phrase, Count.
Well the count was having a marvelous time.
No matter how rotten he may have been...
ethically and spiritually
... and every other way,
as prosecutor he was good.
And as a stand-up perform, he was even better.
The way it all worked out,
poor little Oblio never had a chance.
And so, noble king and good gentlemen of the Tribunal,
... I would only remind you that this law
so cherished a part of our tradition,
... was not enacted nor is it being applied
for purposes of base persecution.
or cruel harassment.... oh good gracious no
the law was created to preserve and protect
the sanctity, the integrity, the purity
of our hereto for our unsullied abode.
So it is that this.... freak
this viper,
... Oblio, by his very existence
here in our realm only serves to ...
Oh my dear, isn't this count
absolutely too much?
Well, I'm sure he's very good,
but all the same ...
... I can't help feeling sorry for little Oblio.
After all, he's ...
I don't see how you could say that
that's so sentimental.
Well sure he's little,
but the law's still the law,
- ... and where would we be my dear
- But to just sit here ...
while those old men complacently
let the little ... - Listen!
Neither one of us was born yesterday
and we both know that if we let one of Oblio's kind stay,
before long the whole village will be crawling with ...
My dear Count, dp you think there's some way
or other little Oblio could... just... stick around ...
I mean if he promises to
keep the hat on all the time and didn't ever ...
In this case my king,
the law is most explicit ...
... and we all agree that there is a violation of law
the violator is right here in our midst...
... and we can see that, as the fellow says,
beyond question!
Would it help if I promise to
never ever play triangle toss again?
I mean, if that's what you're mad about, count,
I could...
No, gentlemen, the only question remaining is one of penalty.
Here again, the law is crystal clear for such a grave breach.
That is the order of the day.
The Count really pullin the chain
on that weird little Oblio ...
How can joke about such a thing?
I think a terrible thing's happening ...
... and Oblio, is such a lovely little boy ...
You know he's polite he's well mannered
Yeah maybe, but would you want your daughter to marry ...
- You're baiting me, you're deliberately baiting me
I will not be subject ... - Gentlemen!
it remains beyond question that Oblio,
by his mere rounded existence,
stands in violation of the law
here our duty is clear
But we would ill be serving the law
to overlook an entirely new facet of the case.
In point of fact Oblio was aided and abetted
by his flea-bitten canine.
Please don't do anything to Arrow.
Gentlemen, I charge this dog, Arrow,
with criminal conspiracy.
Honest, Arrow is innocent. I did it all myself.
I did it
- Arrow wasn't even ... - He's as guilty as Oblio himself.
This is more repellent about it
he's a disgrace to everything pointed
No gentlemen, this Arrow is not only a conspirator,
... it is also a traitor and he too must be banished.
Hey, how's it goin
not bad.
Say what's the latest? -oh you know.
Wild trial, huh? - Well, if you've seen one ...
what about this conspiracy business with Sparrow?
- Arrow!
- Right. - It could be a toughie.
- You think so? - Conspiracy's no laughin matter.
Hard way to go with it?
could be for someone like Arrow ...
you know he doesn't look
like the conspiratorial type tho?
He's got a record as long as his tail.
That long, huh?
Chasing, night barking
they'll throw the book at him
Adios Arrow. - That's it.
And so, it is my deeply unpleasant task ...
... to declare that this tribunal finds
this boy Oblio ...
... guilty of living within our midst
without a point.
For this grave violation of law, he is,
from this day forward, banished ...
to the pointless forest.
I might just parenthetically add
... as good count so aptly put it,
... the law is the law ...
... and as all of you know
without the law,
why.....there would be no lawyers,
without lawyers... well... it just goes on... and on
Deal with the dog, my lord
ah yes, the dog
well Arrow, I must send you too boy
involuntary conspiracy
Take them away
now dear I know how you hate to wear undershirt
but we don't know what the weather'll be like
And this is a dangerous time of year for cold.
Sure mum, great, I'll wear 'em
So will Arrow.
- Don't cry, Mum.
I do not want you to take a chill little Oblio.
It's just about time dear, we all settled?.
Now son, I hope you realize
I mean I hope you understand ...
... how distressing this is for your mother and me.
I just wish there was some way,
don't get me wrong,
... I believe in obeying the laws and anything else would be anarchy.
And I wish that someway this particular law could ...
Sure, Dad, I understand ...- I just wanted you to know this, Oblio.
Good luck, Oblio. Good luck, Arrow.
And do not blame the king too much, son,
... he just did what he had to do,
well's his job.
Frankly I wish there was never
such a law in the first place,
... and now it's been used,
it really seems unfair.
how come nobody ever did
anything about it before, Dad?
Well it just never came up before son.
Oblio? Here, Oblio. Here's a candy bar for you, for the road.
Gee, thanks Mr Candyman.
And this is for Arrow.
Farewell, Oblio. - Take care.
Stay loose Obe.
Oblio, old man, here's a little something for you
just in case you need some change.
You know, you never know
when you might need a couple bucks to ah...
- Well, anyway ... - Thanks, Dad!
Take good care of yourself, dear little Oblio.
Eat well, and write to us when you can.
I mean, you do not have to be anything long, just a card ...
... to say that you're fine.
will you do that for your poor mum, Oblio?
Sure mum. Don't worry. We'll be OK, right, Arrow?
- Come on, boy, let's go. - Go carefully, Oblio.
- Travel safely. - Good trip, Oblio.
Good luck, kid.
Bye, Oblio.
Goodbye, son!
Goodbye, my little baby.
Goodbye everybody.
Goodbye! Come on, Arrow, let's go.
"Sit beside the breakfast table"
"think about your troubles"
"pour yourself a cup of tea"
"and think about the bubbles"
"You can take your teardrops"
"and drop 'em in a teacup"
"take 'em down to the riverside"
"and throw 'em over the side"
"to be swept up by a current"
"then taken to the ocean"
"To be eaten by fishes"
"What will be eaten by some fishes"
"And swallowed by a whale"
"who grew so old"
"He decomposed, ooh"
"He died and left his body"
"to the bottom of the ocean"
"Now everyone knows
that when a body decomposes"
"The basic elements are
given back to the ocean"
"And the sea does what it oughta"
"And soon there's salty water"
"(not too good for drinking)"
"Cause it tastes just like a teardrop"
"(so they run it through a filter)"
"And it comes out from a faucet"
"(and it pours into a teapot)"
"Which is just about to bubble"
"Think about your troubles"
Now you tell me, is this a story?
Or is this a story?
Yeah, Dad, sure, it's an ok story.
it's sorta ... - OK?
You are kidding me? Just ok?
- Come on, it's more than that. - It's good, it's ...
Now what about the count, huh?
Talk about your oppressive villain.
I like the kid Oblio and his dog.
I think he's a great lookin' dog.
- He reminds me ... - Yeah, he's a great lookin...
Oh sure, I get it.
Use the imagination,
a view from the mind's eye ...
you've got a creative little head
on your shoulders there son.
I bet you can you can just picture
this little Oblio and his dog right now.
on and on they went,
after a while they even stopped looking back.
The village having long since
faded in the distance.
And the truth of the matter is ...
they were really a lot more excited
about what lay ahead of them ...
... than what they've left behind.
And who wouldn't be,
... no one had ever been to the Pointless forest
yet now ...
Oblio and Arrow were going.
hey Arrow, you think there'll be monsters?
I'd be just as happy
if there weren't any monsters,
... but either way, no matter what happens
we gotta stick close together.
Cause we're really a team now.
Hey, you know what I hope?
Hope ... ops ... Arrow!
Can this be the Pointless Forest?
How can it be? It's gotta be!
but if it is...
... how come everything's got a point?
Trees are pointed,
the branches have point on 'em too.
Well this is it Arrow, this is the beginning
of the place we were banished too.
There just one thing I don't understand.
How're we supposed to get through this stuff
to get in there?
It's so thick. It's like a jungle.
Good boy, Arrow! Good boy!
Now just follow me.
No, I'll follow you,, we'll go together
That's the plan, we'll go together
and whatever you do, don't leave me Arrow.
Oblio had Arrow had just barely set out
on the road into the Pointless Forest".
When, all of a sudden ...
Arrow, look... a man
a pointed man.
excuse me sir, we thought
this was the Pointless Forest
Quite right my boy!
Well noticed..
this is the place you seek..
By name....
The Pointless Forest
But what is a pointed-man doing
in the Pointless Forest?
Listen to the lad This is the point.
... that's too funny.
You know.....he's funny...
- ... be a pointed-man ...
this kid amuses me
But, sir, you're pointing right now ...
My boy, I am not the pointed-man
you think I am.
- I can point in every direction. - Any fool can do the same.
A point in every direction ...
- is the same as no point at all
Would you argue the point?
I would... not on a bet
It never entered my mind.
Suddenly Oblio and Arrow were all alone in the Pointless Forest
At first, everything seemed quite peaceful.
Oblio thought about the pointed-man.
And wondered what his friends
in the village would've said ...
... if only they knew he had seen and talked with such a rare person
So Oblio noticed how quiet it was.
Arrow noticed too. It was very quiet.
Then little by little, Oblio began to feel lonely.
You know, Arrow, I was just thinking ...
... I mean, about that pointed-man
I don't know ...
I think there's something a little...
funny about that man.
I mean, he's pointed
heck, he's always pointing.
And then he say's he's ... Arrow!
Arrow! I think I'm scared.
Hey, now why you wanna go and growl like that for?
Especially when I I told you I ...
What is it, boy? Huh?
Wow.giant bees! Come, run Arrow,
Run for you life
Arrow, what do we do?
What was that?
I believe it was E flat, double style.
Extra fortissimo. Don't you know?
Say, what's happenin with you boys?
you been goofin with the bees?
Gosh, who are you? - it's me, the Rockman
I've never saw a Rockman before.
Well, us stone-folks are everywhere.
Just open your eyes and look around ya.
you mean there are more of you?
naturally baby, there's a whole family of us rock-folks.
Well, I was wondering if this was still the "Pointless Forest."
LIsten jack, there ain't nothing
pointless about this gig
Look around yourself, the birds sing ...
sing love-songs to the trees.
Squirrels doing crazy takes all over the place.
Mother Nature, she watchin over the whole scene,
and dig me.
- takin it all in ... -Yeah But what ...
It's the here and now that I'm talking about.
The smell of sweet life in the air.
The warm feel of sun ...
... and the beat of the music ...
...just diggin yourself.
- But I can't see that ...
- You can see what you want to see.
Tell me, did you ever see dinosaurs? - No.
Well, did you ever see pterodactyl? - No.
Well, did you ever wanna to see a pterodactyl?
I guess not. - Well that's it, you see what you want to see.
- And you hear to what you want to hear.
- Gosh, Mr. Stoneman.
It is Rockman, kid.
You gotta to keep yourself
in historical perspective.
I mean, Mr. Rockman, well see
... you're so round in everything!
Come on, boy, out with it
... don't get yourself all racked up n jammed
If you have a question, lay it on me.
But let it out easy.
It's just that everything's been happening so fast.
We were banished and then those bees ...
I can dig it, I can dig it.
Look, let me hip you to reality.
I'd really rather know
if this was still the Pointless Forest.
Heh, now there you go again, 'pointless'.
That's the central issue I'm puttin down for you cats.
You gotta open your mind
as well as your eyes.
But first, you gotta get it together,
you know, be cool, dig yourselves
dig the message, now here's a lick.
You do not have to have a point
to have a point, ... dig?
now I fear you been gettin some
negative vibration from some place.
Gotta collect yourself, be cool.
Be steady as a rock.
- Steady as a rock?
- That's right, being a rock.
Is a very heavy life.
Us rock-folk are impervious to heat, we stay cool.
We're insusceptible to water,
that's cool too.
but when it rains? Isn't it true that even the stones ...
Now there you go again, you're tensin up
... Rain? Yeah sure, maybe...
... rain's to a tree do a waterlog.
Sometimes make the rivers do a flood.
But the rocks in the rain remain cool, very cool.
Boy, I never realized that rocks and stones are ...
- All ya gotta to do is open your mind ...
along with your eyes,
now you gotta long road, son.
You remember what I say, okay?
- I'll will, Mr. Rockman, I will.
Play it easy and remember
as you make it through this forest:
Ain't necessary to possess a point
to have yourself a point.
I'll remember that. - Yeah, well I.....
I think I'll take myself a short nod.
if you're gone by this way again, just fall in..
I'm only a stone's throw.
It was awfully nice of Rockman explaining that to us.
And I'll tell you something else
I'll bet it's not everybody that gets to talk to rock-folks.
You know, he really was a ...
Ah my good lad. - been rolling right along I see?
Arrow! It's pointed-man again.
- Hello sir. - You're talking about the point, my boy?
I'll take point of noting that- ah your point.
We just met a man who's made of stones.
- Oh yeah. - Excellent fellow. -splendid chap
- All you gotta do is relax. - you gotta open your mind.
He's a nice man. He knows a lot.
And he is generous. - He gave you gifts?
A little remembrance?
perhaps a small momento?
No! He told me things.
He's interesting to talk to.
- Ah completely pointless, my boy.
in a way, abstract. - to put it bluntly sonny boy
he's pointless.... all pointless
He has no point... a big zero as they say.
Hey, wait for us, wait.
Sometimes, you never know how really happy you are to see a person ...
... until after he's gone.
that's pretty much how Oblio felt
When he realized the man who always pointed
had just up and disappeared.
Wow, Arrow, that was a close call.
You gotta watch your step.
That hole could be ...
Holy cow,
there's no bottom to this thing!
And you coulda been... oh, Arrow!
Gosh, Arrow!
Hello.... Hello!
"To the bottom of"
"Is there anybody else here?"
"it so cold"
"And I'm so lonely"
"Is there anyone else here?"
"Won't you throw me down a life line?"
"I'm so afraid of darkness"
"And down here it's just like night time"
"Oohs are all around me"
"Will you please send down a life line?"
"And there isn't any hope for me"
"Unless this dream which seems so real"
"Is just a fantasy."
The lad persists. - A dogged trooper that boy.
to say nothing of that boy's dog.
They pursue a pointless pursuit.
the pursuit is pointless.
Good boy, Arrow, you found it.
Hi, sir, we've been looking all over for you
- What a pleasure. - What a splendid surprise.
Thought you might be hold up somewhere.
We were trying to catch up with you
And then we found this gigantic hole.
It was big and dark.
And scary. - And frankly ...
- ... Quite pointless. - No, we learned a lot.
I know Arrow did and so did I
Old Arrow found out he's really gotta...
-careful, sonny ...
- ..don't get in over your head.
wouldn't do to bury yourself, intellectually.
The point of fact, in fact, it never pays to submerge too deeply.
What is it, Arrow?
Arrow hears something. - Why of course!
- Obvious! - Come on, boy, what's wrong?
What is it, Arrow?
he see something
gone again.
Hey, wait a minute boy ...Arrow
Arrow, come back, Arrow.
Wait for me
Hey, Arrow! Hey, wait a minute, boy.
Arrow, what are you up to?
Arrow, that sounds like singing.
That is singing.
Look at that
Boy, they're really having fun.
Arrow! Come back, Arrow.
Come on, Arrow, don't do that
don't scare the ladies.
Sorry if he frightened you, he didn't mean anything by it,
... really, we were just watching you dance.
It looked great.
Excuse me, but who are you, ladies?
Hey, ladies!
Really I do not understand this.
Pointless, wouldn't you say?
hmm?... oh you ... I'm sorry I didn't...
How was that?....out with it boy
get it off your chest.
The ladies, those three fat ladies.
- The way they dance and sang. - ah yes...
Quite pointless. - Wouldn't you say?
Fat, round, pointless. - Get it?.
Oh no. They do have a point.
It's laughter and merriment
they make each other happy. - Oh really?
That's an interesting misconception.
But then I'm sure you'll agree.
Hey you! are you kidding? crying out loud
will you get out of here.
Not that way either. for the love of Morris
What are you trying to do? You trying to destroy me?
Will you back off? What is it?
will you stop fooling with that mutt?
And get away from those leaves, you pathetic nincompeep.
I'm terribly sorry sir.
- I did not see you and didn't realize ...
- alright, alright ...already
As it happens. Those are Sunday and the sunset leaves.
A golden veneer, and very rare.
and you looked like you were gonna plow right...
Gosh, I'm sorry, I never ...
- You know,
..leaves like that don't just grow on trees or something.
- I really am sorry...
we just thought we were in a regular part of the Pointless Forest
This is still the Pointless Forest, isn't it?
Pointless....pointless? just look at those leaves.
Each one more pointed than the last.
I tell you this is the most pointed collection of ...
Then you're a collector?... golly ... a leaf collector
A collector? What are you are joking or something?
Who ever heard of a grown man
going around collecting leaves?
ho ho... that's weird, what am I supposed to
put 'em in a scrap book
Well I just thought ... - No, you didn't think.
We're in business here. Business.
This isn't some game were playin young man.
This is a real thing! .. and we gotta move
really neat... a leaf business
I didn't know people sold leaves.
Well, I always thought ... - You thought, you thought ...
And while you're thinking I'm losing time, besides ...
I'll do all the thinking around here. - Gosh, sir!
I can't talk right now young man.
it's go for broke time from here on in.
This is the time of the year we put together
our whole 'fall line"
I'm afraid not know what a "fall line" is.
It's the magic of the sorcerer.
And the excitement of the artist at the time of creation.
It's when we turn green-leaves turn into greenbacks.
When gold on those trees becomes gold in our pockets.
- you mean that gathering all these leaves ...
- Gathering?
Gathering? I'm not a gatherer, sonny.
I am a manufacturer.
And when you're in the manufacturing game ...
timing is everything. You make it
or brake it on timing.
Sure designs count, quality counts...,
maximizing total production potential...
that counts.
they all count, but without good old timing
it's so long Charlie
- But with leaves how do you know ... \Take the Fall season.
If I brought it out in July, it's forget it
it's a disaster.
Timing! It's all timing. Let me ask you something.
Anything you want. - Ah you're interested,
I like that.
And you're sharp. I need people who are sharp.
Sure I can get help. But good help
that's something else again
Question: Is the world ready for a tweed leaf?
stop and think
To tell the truth, I just don't know.
- I like that, you're honest.
Yes, timing and honesty. That's name of the game
Alright. let's face it, this is a business
just like any other business.
Anyone can learn a business, right?
But honesty, ah ah ah
you either got or ain't got it.
Why you frowning? What's bothering you? -
Excuse me sir, but don't leaves just make themselves? ...
- ... naturally, without any ...
oh my boy, you got a lot to learn.
Tell me, what nationality are you?
Well, sir, I am from the Pointed Village.
that's funny, you don't look pointed. - as it works out
I'm not... but my parents are.
It's alright, don't give it a second thought boy.
I do not care what man's faith, creed or color is.
The only thing that matters to me
is whether or not he can produce.
Well, what do you say? - About what?
Are you in, or not? I'm offering you
a chance to get in the leaf game
But what could I do?
Naturally, you'll have to start
at the forest floor,and work your way up
And I'll tell you one thing, I don't ever see you
or that clown of a dog standing around on the product
Oh we wouldn't, you can be sure of that
Great opportunity, my boy.
An open door for you..... Big door
Seasonal?... yes we're seasonal
Summer, Winter, Spring n Fall
You and your dog will work like dogs
Rest? You will rest during the fifth season.
And there isn't any fifth season.
But there are rewards. It's exiting challenging work
manufacturing leaves.
But that's just it sir,
I don't wanna to seem ungrateful,
... but I do not see how Arrow and I...
It's the simplest thing in the world. my boy.
You just plant your roots
right here with me ...
- ... and by next season, you ..
- But we have any roots to plant.
- We are ... - No roots?, no roots! ...
Oh that just about tears it, doesn't it?
Oh it's to bad! You coulda been
with the best of 'em kid.
Sunday in the sunset, leaves for gold,
you name it you coulda had everything.
And together we coulda been unstoppable
. We could have given them those tweed leaves.
It would have been beautiful, beautiful ...
Boy, it just sounds like it coulda been...
but something's just kind confusing me
well, you just name it son, you can't get answers in this world
unless you ask questions
It's just that, I know there's a point to every leaf .
But what's the point to all the leaves? Your leaves?
That confuses you, doesn't it?
But all mankind is confused.
You work, you struggle you fight to survive.
little by little you make something
you get ahead.
and then one day you look, you see you got something,
and I mean really something,
- What if ... - Can't talk now, young man.
got a time problem that won't quit. Yes...
Timing! Ha ha, timing, that's the name of the game.
No Arrow, let's go around.
Who knows! This could belong to the leafman too.
And you know how he is about
steppin on his products.
That's quite right, my boy. - Watch your step.
Whatever you do, don't bring a leaf to grief.
this branch might blanch.
or its trunk might go kerplunk.
Mr. Pointerman should have been with us.
We met a very important businessman.
Was it outbreaking news perhaps?
Is he a brilliant industrialist?
is he a extraordinary tycoon?
Ho ho,... he he he
My good lad, its manufacturer is a bust.
His products are so un-unique.
As to be completely pointless.
No, he is a very industrious industrialist.
And he never rests and he always ...
- My boy, he's spinning his wheels.
- To put it concisely, his work is futile.
In a matter of speaking, it's pointless.
That can't be, he told me that...
- Sunday into sunset? - Today's tweed, tomorrows herring ball?
- The man's a lunatic. - He's mad.
Clearly case of dementia.
But he was nice. He offered me a chance to ...
He's a king among men. - He's a prince of a fellow.
- I pass. - Pair of Jacks, ace high.
In sum, my good lad
pointless. Pointless.
I don't see how you can keep
saying that about everybody.
- I mean, just because you don't ... -Careful, boy!
Do not jump to any rash conclusions.
- You could land on thin ice ...
... and come up all wet.
If you follow the image I've drawn ...
... that could be a chilling experience.
little by little, Oblio was learning a good deal
about the Pointless Forest...
... and its unusual residents, but unfortunately for him ...
... and Arrow too, his knowledge couldn't possibly help to ...
... anticipate what was hovering directly above.
No, Oblio had absolutely no way of knowing
what was in the wind.
Gee, Arrow, I always thought of a forest as
a bunch of tree trunks, but it's a lot more.
It's treetops, and horizons, and hills and meadows.
And everything, man, this is great.
You know something!
This bird could mean real trouble now
Oh, Dad. They'll be OK.
Ah sure, that's easy for you to say.
What can that old bird do? - Well, you're not up there.
Hanging on for dear life. -O come on, Dad ...
We know he not gonna let 'em drop.
- I don't know that.
I do not know that
and you don't either.
You do not know how dependable he is.
Why he could very easily ...
No, Dad, not a bird that size.
A bird what size?
Well, did not you mention something
about a huge bird?
I thought you said...
You know when I was a kid,
my father read to me and I listened.
And I listened closely. I didn't go around interpreting things.
Yeah OK, Dad. - I didn't jump to conclusions.
that's good Dad.
I do not know what's happened to kids nowadays.
You give them everything, you offer to read to them,
... I do not know, I just do not know.
"And suddenly, the strangest things are happening"
"I hope it's not the last time, last time"
"I had a drink or two, an hour or so ago"
"it made me think of you
And now I know it's not the last time, last time"
"Flying high up in the sky, I wonder why
I think I'm gonna fall"
"think I'm gonna fall"
"But there I go again, I'm up again
There I go again,"
"I hope this isn't all"
"Hey but as long as we're up here"
"We might as well stay"
"In sweet harmony."
"Flying high up in the sky"
"I wonder why I have to have another
Point of view"
"to see me through"
"But now I think I'm gonna fall"
"I hope this isn't all"
"And on top of that I hope it's not the last time"
Back on land again Arrow. We're safe and sound.
As Oblio circled the mammoth egg,
... he was overvome by a strange sensation
He looked at the egg very closely,
... examining it again and again
... but each time, his conclusions were exactly the same.
Hey, this is weird.
Just when I was sorta starting to think that maybe ...
this Pointless Forest isn't pointless at all,
we've come across something that really is pointless.
Or at least it sure looks like it is.
You see, after each one
of his adventures in the forest,
Oblio always found himself with a sort of
free floating feeling,
that there was a some sort of point to what he had experienced
Even though it had happened in a pointless forest
A point! Arrow, I was right in the first place
Even a thing like this,
a thing that looks like it's all round
has some sorta point.
HI little fella. I mean, big fella.
Are you alright?
O' well, I'm Oblio and this guy right here's my dog.
His name is Arrow.
What? Are you saying "what"?
Well, what happened is you just got hatched.
You're born now. But don't worry. It happens to everybody.
You'll be ok.
Where? Is he saying "where" Arrow?
That's a little harder
You see, the name of this place is the Pointless Forest
That's where we are alright.
but I'll tell you something.
I'm starting to think that instead of being pointless
this forest if full of points
Take you, for instance, sure,
you've got a pointed beak
But that's just a point.
Anyone can see that. His real point.
Well, that's something else again.
Why? That's the hardest one to answer.
That's what I always want to know. Why?
and that's the one that everyone wants to ask.
- Splendid idea, my boy. - I'd like mine over easy.
With a side order of bacon, if you please.
Very crisp and coffee.
the old Mocca java.
I had a hunch he'd be serving brunch.
And perhaps an apricot Danish.
Mr. Pointed-man, I'm glad you're here.
Well how come that nice new bird's mother
took him away like that?
We were talking about the whys and everything else.
Why this, why that, and then
just when I was thinking that...
Now there you go again. - you're thinking.
That's very destructive, my lad.
Most destructive indeed.
- If a person does enough thinking ...
... a certain amount knowledge. is sure to follow
- The results are abound. - Could be a life of misery.
But I can't help it.
I haven't been trying to think
Things just sorta start poppin up in my mind.
- They occur to me ... - Thoughts just poppin up in your mind?
ideas formed without any effort on your part? find that concepts simply conceptualize?
Well... yeah! - That's grim.
It started way back when I met the Rockman.
It's a disaster. - And it just kept on happening.
Mayday!. It's a complete Mayday.
I was hoping maybe you could help me figure out just exactly ...
- There's really nothing more that I can do.
You're out of my hands.
- I tried to help you, boy.
I tried to show you the pointlessness of it all.
- But you wouldn't listen. - Sir...
- I hope you don't think I'm ungrateful.
You had to go diggin around, didn't ya?
you had to let the thoughts slip into your head.
You're lost lad! ...lost.
the kid blew it
Had everything going for him, and he blew it!
The fact is my boy, that is, under the circumstances ...
... there is no place in the Pointless Forest for you!
Where'll I go? What'll I do?
I can't go home again.
The Count had me banished
Ta ta!, Jolly bye. - Ciao buddy, ciao!
Golly, gone again,
I wonder where he goes when he does that?
- Vanishing Point, old man.
Correct, the vanishing point.
Just another one of the facilities.
Well, adieu! - Fare-the-well
You take care of yourself! You hear
Yes sir.
Oblio watched as the Pointed-man disappeared.
But unlike all the other times,
he was not especially overwhelmed by what he saw.
I think he's really gone this time, Arrow.
Arrow? Arrow! Here, boy.
Arrow? I hear you, boy.
Where are you? He's gone.
Stay where you are Arrow, don't move.
I'll find ya, I know I will.
Good boy, Arrow! Come on, boy.
You alright now. Come on, Arrow!
It has been a full day for the two travelers
a very full day.
For Oblio, it has been one adventure after another.
Of course it was pretty adventurous for Arrow, too.
That vanishing point
he only made it so I couldn't see.
It didn't make like you weren't really there.
I'm starting to think that the Pointed-man
nice as he was
was really about the only pointless person
We've met in this whole Pointless Forest
Sure, he did an awful lot of talking.
And all sounded very fine
almost like the Count, in a way.
And after all, what's such a big deal
about having a point on your head?
Nothing against you, Arrow. You are great.
But I sorta think what in your head is a lot more important.
Sure gets dark fast, doesn't it?
"You are sleeping?"
"Can you hear me?"
"Do you know if I am by your side?"
"Does it matter? If you hear me"
"When the morning comes, I'll be there by your side"
"And in the morning when I wake up"
"She may be telling me goodbye,
la la la la"
"And in the evening if we break up"
"I'm wondering why, I'm wondering why"
"There was a time, we had a time
There was a time, we had a time"
"There was a time, there was a time
When you were mine"
"We had a time, had a time
We had a time, oh, what a time!"
"There was a time, there was a time
when you were mine"
"And in the evening if we go out"
"Night time will find us at the show"
"Or we may decide to stay inside"
"You never know, you never know"
"You are sleeping?"
"Can you hear me?"
"Do you know if I am by your side?"
"Does it matter? If you hear me"
"When the morning comes
I'll be there by your side"
Destination point
Hey, Arrow!
"Are you sleeping? Can you hear me?"
"Do you know if I am by your side?"
But I miss him, I miss my Oblio.
Yeah, it was a great little guy.
And I'm worried about him.
That little guy...
He'll be great out there. - But he's so young.
Yeah but he's sharp. he's sharp!
- He's young, but he's sharp.
We should never let them send him away.
Yeah, go tell the Count that, and there was the law dear
But it's a bad law.
good law, bad law
what difference doe it make, it is the law.
It makes all the difference
A good law would've never have sent my Oblio away.
Dear, the law is the law. - You should've challenge it.
What? I should've challenged it?
- We all should have challenge it. - The law, I mean ...
but the Count came out and said
... the Count, the count!
What about my Oblio?
Well look, I'm just one man ... - We should've all stood up.
- Even the king seemed like he was against it
... - Maybe you're right.
Maybe we should've tried. - He's so young.
What? the King? - No, my little Oblio.
Oblio! Oblio! It's Oblio!
Is back. He is returning to the city. Oblio!
Oblio! Oblio!
Welcome home, Oblio!
We're glad you're back, Oblio!
You get him, Oblio!
Come by the shop, Oblio,
I have some butterballs for you.
Round, completely round.
Hello, Oblio!
There he is, there's Oblio.
My baby, my Oblio.
Well, hi, son. Hi, Oblio.
On to the palace! To the king!
Your Majesty! Your Majesty!
There's a mob at the palace gate.
Mob? that's pretty hard to believe.
But it's true, you know what a mob is.
Shall I call out the palace guards?
Well that does seem a bit excessive, doesn't it?
Well what do you suggest,?
Send out a pastry tray and let them eat cake?
Well, that's never happened worked before, eh tell me,
what does your Intelligence Agency make of it?
Nothing yet, nothing. They're still trying to infiltrate ...
...the crowd, but I'll tell you one thing. According to my son,
... it's all for that kid
that twerpy round headed Oblio.
Oblio, you mean little Oblio, who we ah...
Yes, my son claims he's come back.
really! Oblio! Little Oblio is back?
This is gravely serious, my dear king.
Yes it is, you know something, Count?
You may have misread the will of the people in that Oblio case.
An unruly mob aye.
Well, isn't that just the limit.
Silence! I demand silence!
Can't a man get a little peace and quiet in his own....?
What are you doing back?
This little runt is an outlaw. You're an outlaw, child.
He are banished to the Pointless Forest.
- And I went to the Pointless Forest
in fact I...- Nonsense!
Sheer irrevocable nonsense!
I'll have you in chains for this. Arrest this little ...
Hold it, hold it Count. the boy was saying something
Yes, break it down for him Oby!
Yes, right on, Oby.
Well, sir, we did go to the Pointless Forest. Arrow and I.
All through it, in fact, and you know something
It isn't pointless at all
- It's not? - What? What? Not pointless?
Madness! That's madness! Sheer madness!
Will you be quiet Count? I want to hear Oblio.
Now Oblio, was were saying ...
Well, the fact is, sir, just about everything
we ran into had a a point to it
The leaves, the trees, everything.
I see, Oby.
Well, I can't really argue that one with you, but ...
what about yourself, son? - Well, sir ...
I figure if everything has a point,
then I must have one too.
He has a point there!
Mutiny! treason! public naughtiness!
I will not stand by, while this pointless person
...tries to undo the law of the land.
My dear and loyal friends. If he had a point,
He'd have one.....?
So it was, that Oblio and Arrow
returned safely from their travels.
Only a little older, but certainly
a good deal wiser.
As for the Pointed Village ..
Well, the way things worked out,
... it was a much better place to live after Oblio's return.
True, the people didn't have their once
cherished points, right there on top of their heads
but that didn't matter so much anymore
People just started assuming that
every man had some kind of a point.
Whether it shows or not.
The End. Now that's a story a son...
I mean, is that a story or ... - Yeah, Dad,
- ... it was a good story, really. - Good, good.
It was great- Great story. - Sure Dad, it was.
I mean, it has everything, right there....
Adventure, a little comedy
funny scene or two and there was a lesson.
You caught the lesson, didn't you?
Right Dad, I caught it
What do you think was?
Well, just because someone doesn't have
what other people have, does not mean that ...
they have to be turned outta
the kingdom, or something. - Oh yeah.
Dad? - What is it, son?
Thanks for reading me the story.
You're welcome, son.