The Poison Rose (2019) Movie Script

[man] My name
is Carson Phillips.
I'm a PI.
I like to drink. I like to smoke.
I like to gamble.
[purrs, meows]
Sometimes, a little too much.
But you know what they say.
Everything in moderation.
Including moderation.
I figured I could've
taken these guys, but...
last time I had uninvited
guests, they trashed my place
and frankly, Raymond, my cat,
still hasn't gotten over it.
I'm holding a cat.
- What?
- You hold it.
[cat screeching]
- [cat yowls]
- [man grunting] Damn it!
[man] Goddamn it!
[Carson] I've been working
in LA for over 20 years.
Whoever named this place
the City of Angels
certainly had a terrific
sense of humor.
Behind all the Hollywood
glitz and glam
it's just like any other city.
Except when the Santa Ana
winds blow hot off the desert
and the unimaginable
suddenly turns real.
People get a little more jumpy.
Their skin starts to crawl.
And parties end with dead bodies.
But I guess
that's entertainment.
Most of my jobs
are pretty routine.
Cheating spouses, deadbeat
dads, missing persons.
But every once in a while,
a case becomes something
I never saw coming.
You brought Raymond to work.
Who's after you this time?
Well, you only bring Raymond in
when someone's after you
and you gotta hide out.
Aren't you cute when you're
not minding your own business?
Take him for a few days.
Sure thing, Carson.
By the way, someone's in your office.
I can see that.
Mr. Phillips?
You seem surprised.
I was just expecting
you'd look much older.
You almost look like you
could suit up right now.
You must know a little bit about my past.
Have a seat.
I grew up in Galveston.
Oh, well.
I thought I caught a little
bit of East Texas in there.
You were something to watch.
It'll get you everywhere.
- [chuckles]
- I'm yours. How can I help you?
Well, Mr. Phillips,
my aunt, Barbara Van Poole,
is in a sanitarium
just outside of Galveston.
Pleasant Meadows?
I remember Pleasant Meadows.
A few years back,
she had a complete nervous breakdown
and she just hasn't
been well ever since.
I used to call and
speak with her regularly,
but now when I phone,
I just get the runaround.
All I get are some
letters in the mail.
Well, you see, I don't typically
do out-of-town jobs, so...
Well, it's just that I don't
wanna hire anyone from there
'cause I don't know
if I can trust them.
How do you know
you can trust me?
Hey, Carson.
I think it might be a good idea for
you to get out of town for a few weeks.
We're talking about
Galveston here.
W-What's wrong with Galveston?
Not a thing. Just not for me.
Name your price, Carson.
[Carson] A beautiful
woman with a sob story
has always been
one of my weaknesses.
Along with her having
an open checkbook...
she became irresistible.
The road has always been
a fascinating place for me.
The drone of the tires
against the asphalt
becomes this hypnotic chorus taking
me back to places I rarely go.
There I was, back in Texas.
The land of cowboys,
beautiful women,
72 ounce steaks...
You won't be disappointed
in these steaks.
[Carson] ...and
the holiest of holy.
[seagulls crying]
A lot has happened
since I left Texas.
The Beatles and Vietnam
had come and gone,
Armstrong walked on the moon,
and I drank enough bourbon
to fill the Cotton Bowl.
Maybe I drank enough to finally
face the shame of my past.
I ran out on Jayne,
the only woman I've ever loved,
faster than I ever
ran on the field,
after I disgraced myself
in that fateful final game.
We've been expecting you.
You have?
You're here as an observer
from the Institute, aren't you?
Nope. I'm just...
- here to visit a patient.
- A friend?
What's your position?
Are you a doctor or something?
Paranoid schizophrenic.
There she is.
I have a cat that's paranoid.
- [nurse] It's time for session.
- [man] Sorry, sir.
[woman over P.A.] Bingo
at 3:30 in the sunroom.
Now, don't forget everyone...
Can I help you?
Yeah. I'm here to see a patient of
yours by the name of Barbara Van Poole.
[woman over P.A.] Don't forget,
bingo at 3:30 in the sunroom.
Something wrong?
[nurse] No.
That name don't sound familiar.
Can you describe her?
Well, she lives here.
I think you'd do a better job than I can.
She's probably in your files there.
Just check them.
- I'll get Dr. Mitchell.
- All right.
[phone line rings]
[woman over P.A.] Group meditation
on the main lawn in 15 minutes.
There'll be group meditation
on the main lawn...
He's really busy right now.
If you don't mind having a seat.
All right.
Y'all do electric shock
treatment here?
[nurse] Not to visitors.
Well, that's good news. [sighs]
[whispers] He's here to
see Barbara Van Poole.
[lighter flicks]
[woman over P.A.] Group meditation
on the main lawn in 15 minutes.
Group meditation on the
main lawn in 15 minutes.
It's nice to see you again,
Mr. Carson Phillips.
Excuse me?
Oh, you don't
remember me.
It was a long time ago.
I was a freshman,
warming the bench.
Still got splinters in my backside
from that. Playing football.
You were out on the field.
You were a senior. You...
Setting records.
We went to a couple
of classes together.
That is,
whenever you showed up.
That your name? Miles?
- Dr. Miles Mitchell.
- [Carson] A lot of years ago. A lot of years ago.
[Mitchell] True.
[Carson] Yeah.
You really could have
been one of the greats.
Mmm. Well,
you sure did well for yourself.
This is a beautiful place you got here.
Thank you very much.
We take pride in creating a serene
environment for our clients.
We service all the
greater Galveston area.
All over Texas.
The entire nation, really.
So, you're here to
see Miss Van Poole?
Yes, I am.
Right this way.
All right.
Well then, how do you
know Miss Van Poole?
Well, just a friend
of the family's.
I came back to my hometown.
I'm just visiting.
No problem, I trust.
Hey, you're the doctor.
You tell me.
No. No.
Of course not.
It's just that she doesn't
get many visitors
and she rarely sees the family.
here I am visiting.
I don't like to
neglect a promise,
so I told her
I'd go visit Barbara
and make sure she's all right,
maybe even cheer her up a bit.
Course. Course,
I understand completely.
It's just that you can't
see Barbara right now.
She's in a group
therapy session.
- So, how long are you in town?
- Well, I'll wait.
Well, the session
goes on all afternoon
and we don't like to interrupt
them, you see.
Of course, we do give them breaks and
such, but we need to keep them... focused.
But I will call you when she's up and
around. Now, where are you staying?
Well, why don't I just
come back this evening?
She'll be exhausted,
poor thing.
We do like to give the patients
time to reflect upon...
what the group has said.
They didn't tell me about
this group therapy stuff.
I'm curious about that.
Miss Van Poole's
a very private person.
On top of that, she...
is considerably wealthy,
and she has this belief that...
Everybody wants her money.
Well, I can assure you
that ain't the case.
So, why don't we do this?
I'm staying at
the Lone Star Motel.
Why don't you give me a call when
Barbara's ready, and I'll come back.
In the meantime, I say,
thank you for your time
and have a great day.
[woman on PA, indistinct]
[raspy breathing]
[Carson] I felt the invisible
tug of my short hairs
when I left
the good doctor,
so I thought I'd follow
a different tug.
[music playing]
Got me in love
Like a criminal
Play me like a guitar
Rock 'n' roll
Roller coaster, high and low
Got me so out of control
Hey, you.
- I assume you can still get bourbon here?
- Yes, sir.
You got it.
Baby needs a new Camaro!
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want it
Give me
All your love tonight...
For shit's sake, Slide.
Call or get out. Enough already.
Let's go, cabrn.
Only three kind of people
who wear sunglasses inside.
Blind people, assholes
and blind assholes.
Okay, I raise
200 dollars.
Lorenzo, you spend
all your money on that suit?
[Carson] I like that suit.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Doc.
How you doing?
I never thought I'd see
you around here again.
Look at you.
You look like hell.
Well, only you'd know.
I like what you've
done to the place.
Well, you know,
they demand, I supply.
They get screwed,
I get rich.
Not very scientific,
but it works every time.
- Bing, you remember our hometown hero.
- Oh, come on now!
Bing Walsh?
It's Chief Walsh now.
Oh! Chief of police.
Oh, man. Only in Texas.
Don't do this! Don't do this!
- I thought I saw a ghost, man.
- You did see a ghost.
Deal him in, Mary Sue.
His credit's good around here.
His credit is good.
[Doc] I guess you're up
for a nice, friendly game?
All right. Well, twist my arm.
- Can we play some goddamn cards?
- Hold your horses there, slick.
This is Lorenzo Rodriguez.
He's a...
Isn't that what
you call yourself?
[Slide] You know what we call him?
El Guano.
'Cause he used to clean out
the bedpans at the sanitarium.
[Carson] Is that right?
You're the man
I need to talk to.
- [woman] Hey, Daddy.
- Hi, angel. How much you need?
What? Just your
love and affection.
Carson, this is my daughter, Rose.
She owns this joint.
[Carson] Oh. It's impressive.
Thank you.
- And this is...
- Oh, I know who he is.
'Cause I watch you
every week on TV.
How's it feel to have
all your records broken?
Oh, man,
that's what they're made for.
Coach said you used to be the
best quarterback he ever saw.
Well, I bet he ain't
saying that no more.
You got that right.
What a screwup, huh?
Oh? We're insulting now?
I mean, betting on your own
games, shaving points.
Man, you had the world by the balls,
and you just threw it all away.
How's that make you feel?
I don't know.
Maybe one day you'll tell me.
That's not likely.
I don't have a price, old man.
- Everybody's got a price.
- So much talk.
Yeah. I'm way down here.
Happy, I'll see you later
in my office.
See you around, Carson.
All right, slick,
let's see what you learned
in the big city.
- All right.
- [dealer] Ante up, gentlemen.
[cackling, laughter]
Fuck. Are you kidding me?
Fuck it.
[singing, indistinct]
[Carson] So there I was,
sitting at a poker table,
surrounded by the people
I grew up with.
And even though I'd been
gone for over 20 years,
I couldn't believe how easily
I slipped back into the pace
and rhythm of my past.
There was Bing Walsh,
who I played football with.
I was certain the next big case
he saw would be his first.
I'm done.
- I'm all in.
- [dealer] He's all in.
[Carson] Then there was
Slide, the original hippy.
He probably dropped more acid
than Timothy Leary.
Sorry, Doc. I'm outta here.
- All in.
- [Carson] Lastly, there was Doc.
He went from being
a small-town bookie
to one of the biggest
power brokers in the state.
- That in itself had to be respected...
- Chinga!
considering he was a black man...
in Texas.
Only the big dogs left.
- [dealer] Possible straight.
- Check.
You know me, Doc.
All or nothing.
That line of thinking tends to
lead more towards nothing...
than something.
We live in a world
that's full of risk.
[dealer] That makes a straight.
I don't.
[dealer] Doc wins.
Full house beats a straight.
I never lose, Carson.
- Mary Sue, cash those chips in for me.
- Yes, sir.
Let's take a break. I'll buy you a drink.
Bourbon, isn't it?
[Carson] Really sorry
to hear about Marie.
Been 12 years now.
Fucking cancer.
Nearly half the town
got sick with it.
You seen Jayne yet?
No. No.
Oh, hell, I wouldn't know
what to say to her.
She's a widow now.
Got a beautiful daughter, Becky.
- Married to that idiot.
- I still got guys behind me.
[all shouting]
- Son of a bitch!
- Oh, hell, here we go.
- Chill out, man.
- Hey, hey, Happy.
Now, all right!
The hell's the matter with you?
Starting a fistfight on the night before
a big game. Have you lost your mind?
Go home to your wife.
Look. You take a swing at
me and I can assure you,
you'll lose your spot
for the draft.
You understand?
Settle down.
Go home, son.
[ragged breathing]
I remember you.
Where's your kitty cat?
Well, he prefers LA.
The sun, the women.
Mr. Gregory wants
to speak to you.
[Carson] I see that.
Turn the fuck around!
You really need to
get better help.
Where is she, Mr. Phillips?
I have no idea.
I want her back.
Now look,
I found her, I brought her home to
you, and you paid me for that.
Come on, she was only
home for a few hours,
she packed some things,
and she was off again.
- And that is not my problem!
- Oh, but it is.
You were seen at the airport with
her, putting her on a plane.
Now, I want you to go get
her and bring her home.
Even if I knew where she was,
and I don't,
do you think that I would bring her
to you knowing what you did to her?
What did she say to you?
I mean, what? What?
That I abused her?
That she just needed
a safe place?
She just once wanted to sleep and
not have to leave the light on?
I thought you were smart.
You're a sucker.
Sucker for a pretty girl
and a sob story.
I'd look into that
if I were you.
Watch your back, Carson.
- Come on, get up!
- [Carson] He was right.
His daughter had spun quite a tale
to get me to help her get away.
And he was smart enough to know
that I was dumb enough
to give her the money.
Once again,
a beautiful woman with a sob story.
You figure I'd have
learned my lesson by now.
Not a chance.
Mr. Phillips.
I got tired of waiting.
You never called.
You are not a gentleman.
- How's Barbara?
- Barbara is fine. She's resting.
It's a game day.
I got a little bit
carried away with my affairs,
and I'm sorry I did not call.
I forgot.
Well, I'm here now,
so you don't have to call.
She doesn't want to see anybody.
Now look, it'll only
take a minute, and...
her family is concerned.
I feel like we have had this
conversation already, Mr. Phillips.
We both know
what the family wants.
I'm sorry, as her doctor, I cannot
recommend that she sees a stranger.
And I'm even more sorry that you
came all this way for nothing.
You know, the whole time that I was
sitting here, that phone didn't ring once.
How do you stay in business?
[woman on P.A.]
Good morning, everyone.
Today's lunch will feature
meat loaf and gravy.
Today's lunch will feature
meat loaf and gravy.
- [woman sobbing]
- [nurse] You just hold me. You'll be fine.
[man] We have some new clients.
- Can you handle it?
- [Mitchell] I don't have...
[man] The kid wants more.
What should we do?
You need to step up and take care
of that little problem of ours.
- Go, go, go.
- [man] Okay. Adios.
I'll take care of it.
[door slams]
[doorknob rattling]
[doorknob rattling]
[doorknob rattling]
[Carson] I found her file.
It was empty.
No progress reports.
No med list.
Just my client's address
and a few paid statements.
Most of his patients
had passed on.
It seemed like the good
doctor was also taking bets.
Interestingly though,
all the bets were
for us to lose.
[lock turns]
[knuckles crack]
[pills rattling]
[woman speaking indistinctly]
[woman] You can sit down
right here.
Such a pretty day.
You can listen to the game outside.
[sportscaster] It's ball
day here in sunny Galveston,
where Happy Chandler hopes to
lead his team to a victory...
We're gonna go inside. You let us
know if you need anything, all right?
[sportscaster] Happy leads the Conference
in TD passes and his electrifying...
[chair creaking]
Did you come from...
up there?
Yes, I did.
Oh, goodness.
Here, let me help you.
All right. Thank you.
Are you okay?
A bit wobbly.
You wouldn't know a Barbara Van
Poole, would you?
Yes. But I've not seen
her for a long time.
Any idea where
she might be?
No. People just disappear here.
This is a bad place.
[commentator] As we approach
halftime, New Mexico still leads
even after that beautiful TD
pass from Happy Chandler...
[commentator continues
on radio, indistinct]
What is all the racket out here...
Hi, Mr. Phillips.
I'm sorry.
Would you...
Would you mind getting
me this film developed?
Oh, sure.
What the hell
happened to you?
I fell.
That's fresh dirt.
I can get that cleaned up
for you, if you want.
All right.
That'd be nice.
Here. Thank you.
I appreciate it much.
How's the game going?
Happy's messing it all up.
We're behind by a touchdown,
but we're favored by 11.
Well, it's still early.
[commentator] Except for
that one breathtaking run,
a terrible game so far
for Happy Chandler.
Abysmal passing by Chandler.
- Five interceptions.
- They're gone, Mr. Phillips.
Five of 18 on the day...
They said they'd be back.
Four guys in a black Dodge,
California plates.
They friends of yours?
Well, not exactly.
Would you mind keeping
an eye on them for me?
[laughing] They gave me a
hundred to keep an eye on you!
No. No need.
I took their money, but...
I don't see so good.
[commentator] Third interception
today for Happy Chandler.
Oh, no. Happy is still down.
He does not seem to be moving.
The trainer is on the field,
and he's waving for the stretcher.
This does not look good.
Chandler being carted off the field.
The crowd has gone completely quiet.
They are stunned.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Coming through.
Stay back. Stay back.
That's my husband.
- Stay back.
- That's my husband!
That's my husband!
[tires screech]
Please stand aside.
I didn't know what to say.
After all these years,
it had to be perfect.
And let's face it,
the situation wasn't exactly
conducive to small talk.
I thought about Jayne.
I thought about Happy lying on a
slab instead of next to his wife.
I thought about the missing
Barbara Van Poole
and the mysterious doctor.
Most importantly,
I thought about having a drink...
and not a small one.
[telephone ringing]
[woman] Carson?
It's Jayne.
Can you come up to the house?
I'd like to talk.
[Carson] Before yesterday,
I hadn't seen her in 20 years.
I had pretty much convinced
myself that I was over her.
But that's not the first time
I've been wrong.
How you doing, sir?
Come inside.
How are you?
I'm doing good. Follow me.
Come sit right here.
Thank you.
No problem.
She'll be right with you shortly.
All right.
Hello, Carson.
Hello, Jayne.
Would you like a drink?
Well, it's 10:30 in the morning.
The usual?
You did well.
Not really.
Well, it looks like you
got everything you need.
Looks can be deceiving, Carson.
So, what happened
with Charlie?
He died.
Had a heart attack right
there in the garden.
[Carson] I'm sorry.
There's no free lunches.
He wanted it all.
Turns out...
having everything was a
little too much for him.
You mind my asking
what he did for work?
[Jayne] He was in oil.
Oh, that's simple.
[Jayne] It wasn't.
And it isn't.
Like everything too good to be
true, it comes at a price.
[grunts] Enough about me.
How about you? You doing well?
Well, I get by.
Well, we have that in common.
I'd like to hire you.
I mean, that's what you do now, right?
You're a private investigator?
Yeah, that's what I do.
[Jayne] I'm gonna need
all the help I can get.
It's still a small town and people
have nothing to do but talk.
Talk about what?
Oh, come on. How many
22-year-old athletes
do you see convulsing
on the football field?
Well, he got
hit pretty hard.
And that happens.
Yeah, well,
I've already heard rumors.
They don't think
this was football related.
Sheriff Walsh
is an idiot.
He'll want a quick
and clean answer.
We both know his...
stupidity is limitless.
Well, how'd he get to be
sheriff, anyway?
That very reason.
It's a bad place, Carson.
Far worse than you can imagine.
Doc owns everything
and everybody.
For years,
I hated you for leaving.
Over time, I came
to understand that...
escaping this place was the
smartest thing you could do.
[Jayne] Happy was running around
town with that slut, Rose.
My daughter's a scorned wife.
This is the first place
they'll come looking.
[Carson] All right.
Why don't we just slow down,
just take one step at a time?
Becky hasn't had it easy
these past few years.
All right.
After Charlie died,
I admitted myself to
Pleasant Meadows for a while.
I've been there, Jayne.
That ain't your style.
You're as tough as nails.
Those nails got rusty,
Maybe you can help me
with something.
About the woman in the sanitarium?
Barbara Van Poole?
I told you. There's no
secrets in this town.
Did you ever meet her
when you were there?
Sure, I did.
That was a while ago.
Why is it that I'm having such a
hard time getting ahold of her?
I don't know.
When I left, I put all my
energy into raising Becky.
Goddamn it, she had to fall in
love with a football player!
That sound familiar?
We were too young, Carson.
Just like them.
Emile will take care of your first
payment, and he will see you out.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh... shit.
[Carson] I reached out to my
client in LA to give her an update,
but oddly, her number
had been disconnected.
I couldn't say no to Jayne,
so I decided my first questions
would be for the coroner,
who for some reason chose not
to return any of my calls.
Hot dog, buddy.
I have been looking for you
all morning.
And who are you?
I'm Carson Phillips.
- Oh, yeah. I've been rather busy.
- I can see that.
My treat.
You don't have to do that.
I need some information
about Happy Chandler.
[coroner] He's dead.
I need a little more
information than that.
It's not about the money.
Now, will you please stop?
- He took a big shot.
- But was it the hit that killed him?
The hit was vicious.
It broke his collar bone,
fractured his femur...
we found extremely
high levels of ephedrine
and some yet to be determined
chemical substance in his blood.
Now what exactly
does that mean?
Well, some of these athletes
use it as a stimulant.
But we've sent it to the lab
in Dallas for a full analysis.
Should have the results
back in a few days.
Can I count on you when
that does come through?
You get on wonderful.
Well, thank you. So do you.
How about a nice glass of
ros from my private stock?
Sounds great.
Your place is so lovely, as always.
[chuckles] Not bad for a poor
kid from West Texas, huh?
You're here about your
daughter, aren't you?
And you think
I can help.
Doc, you and I both know she had
nothing to do with Happy's death.
Happy's murder.
[Jayne] Fine, murder.
It's bad enough
she's a widow at this age.
Now she's
the number one suspect?
You have to admit,
it doesn't look good.
You could call off Sheriff
Walsh if you wanted to.
[laughs quietly]
You flatter me if you think
I have that kind of influence.
Oh, please, Doc.
You could affect the tides
if you wanted to.
All right.
Let's say
I do call Walsh...
get him to do
what you want.
What do I get?
What do you have in mind?
Well, you mentioned
the tides.
I'm interested
in what's offshore.
I bet you are.
Who do you think kept the
State off your late husband?
All those toxicity reports.
He paid for some of this.
So you see...
I've been helping you all along.
How much?
I'll be your partner.
Forty-nine percent.
For you, of course.
My attorney will be in touch.
Oh, and one other thing.
old paramour, Carson...
I know you hired him.
But you have to
call him off now.
Get him to stop snooping around.
He could undo a lot of
business just by making noise.
And what are
you suggesting?
[Doc] Well...
you can convince him
in ways that I can't.
Now who's flattering who?
I'll do my best.
If you don't...
I'll have to talk to him.
Hey, Slide, how you doing?
Umm, honestly,
not too good.
- [bartender] Can I get you a drink?
- Yeah. Bourbon.
Neat or on the rocks?
Why is that?
This thing with Happy, man.
- It's heavy. It's really heavy.
- Oh, is that so?
Far out.
You know everything that's
happening around here.
Did Happy do drugs?
Happy's drug was Rose.
Couldn't get enough
of that sweet ass.
Did Becky know about Rose?
Hell, yeah.
We all knew.
How'd you do
on the game?
I bet a little and I lose a little.
You know?
How'd Mitchell do?
Oh, shit. Mitchell?
He owes Doc
a shitload of money.
Oh? Got so bad,
he had to let Lorenzo go.
Oh. How'd Lorenzo do?
He lost his ass.
You know, for a guy
who used to change bedpans,
he's got some
pretty nice threads.
You know what, I think
he's dealing some dope.
No harm in dealing
a little dope, is there?
Now, would Happy
go to him to get drugs?
Lorenzo? Uhh...
Nah, he would
go to Mitchell.
After all, he's a doctor,
isn't he?
Now, why are you asking me
all these questions?
Hell, you know me.
I'm just curious.
[Carson] I didn't like the
look of the guy at the bar,
so I decided to wait outside
to see if he followed me.
Instead, I saw Lorenzo.
As I'm getting older
I been thinking about
Moving back home
To my beloved heaven
I'm tired of this city
And I'm tired of being alone
And I've got folks
Back there in heaven
They are all waiting...
[Carson] It was clear to me
that he was a lot more involved
in the drug trade
than Slide let on.
Heavenly, oh, yeah
[Carson] After listening
to Slide's fairy tales,
I went by the coroner's office.
Skipping the science lesson,
he said that it was tainted
speed that had killed Happy.
[Walsh] Thought you said
you were just passing through.
Well, that's changed.
Have you been hired
by Jayne Hunt?
Hired to do what?
Oh, come on. Protect Becky.
Happy's been blatantly
cheating on her all over town.
It seems like
it's open-shut to me.
How do you know it's not one of
those endless Texas bluebonnets
that he was deflowering,
promising he would leave his
wife for them and didn't?
I don't buy it.
Or maybe more likely,
it's a bunch of people getting rich
off of him messing up on the field.
What are you getting at?
Maybe they made him the same
deal they made me years ago.
But they didn't want him dead,
they just wanted him to mess up.
You know what I think?
I think all that LA sunshine
has done made you a bit loopy.
I think
it's cleared my head up.
[clicks tongue]
[thunder rumbling]
Light me.
Wanna do a shot?
All right.
To Happy.
He really was a great guy.
Is that your
mourning dress?
It's black, isn't it?
What there is of it.
Did you get jealous every time
he went home with his wife?
You wanna know
if I killed him?
I'd like to know that.
Did Happy do drugs?
Please, no more questions.
You were a football player.
I like football players.
But not so much
when they talk.
You like to watch?
Do you like to watch?
Excuse me?
Yeah, I guess I do.
Kind of a habit.
Those boys...
Always whispering.
Being secretive,
like we don't know what's really going on.
Well, I have noticed
that since I've been gone
things have gotten a
little bit more organized.
- Oh, yeah. Daddy's got the whole state wired.
- [Doc] Rose.
I'd like to have a moment
with my friend here, angel.
Yes, Daddy.
Let's you and me take a ride.
All right.
[man] Let's go.
Are we going anywhere
in particular?
[Doc] You're here looking
for that Van Poole woman.
Yup, that's right.
[thunder rumbles] [Doc] I
can tell you where she is.
Well, that would be nice.
But if I do that...
I want you
to go home.
I'll give you a healthy
going away present.
you're a smart guy.
I'm sure you've put most of
the pieces together already.
I just can't have anybody
poking around in my business.
Honestly, Doc,
I ain't interested
in your business.
I know Jayne Hunt hired you
to keep her daughter safe.
And I know you've been sniffing
around Pleasant Meadows.
That's just not gonna
work out for you.
Then, all right.
Where is Barbara Van Poole?
She's dead.
She's as dead
as Julius Caesar.
And I'm sure
she's not the only one.
Rich but crazy family members that
nobody ever gave a fuck about.
you go back to Los Angeles with
a police report from Walsh.
I'll have the coroner give you
a legitimate death certificate
and a nice will for her kin.
It's not a bad deal, Carson.
Walk away.
Oh, man.
I can't.
I screwed Jayne over
once before,
and I just can't live with
myself if I do it again.
Suit yourself.
Go on. Get him outta here.
[Carson] Doc's goon dropped me
off in a deserted part of town,
just to aggravate me.
But I guess it was better than being
dropped off the side of a bridge.
[baby crying]
Get him. Get him.
- Make a choice. Make a choice.
- No, no, no.
You know what?
I don't even like them sons of bitches.
[baby cries]
All right, what's so important that
you wouldn't talk on the phone?
Carson's in trouble.
[Doc] So?
Some hit men followed
him out from LA.
The morgue's filling up.
He killed two of them.
[Doc] Really?
Isn't that interesting?
[Walsh] What you want me
to do about it?
Make this
his last warning.
And with Jaynie?
Keep squeezing.
Better for all of us.
- I want every drop of that oil.
- All right.
[Walsh] "Arrest imminent!"
You know, we ID'd those shooters.
They're from LA.
But I think you
already knew that.
They're hit men.
Wanna tell me who they are?
They're hit men.
[Walsh chuckles]
Don't get cute
with me, Carson.
I'll throw you in the hole
with them sodomites.
They'll have a good
ol' time with you, too.
Mmm. Well, I can
take care of myself.
How much money you owe them?
Fifty thousand.
Fifty thousand?
On gambling?
What difference
does it make?
Now look, Walsh.
I'll make you a deal.
You lay off Becky,
and I'll leave town.
You'll never hear
from me again.
I don't think you're in
no position to make a deal.
Oh, yes, I am.
With what I know.
Lay off Becky.
Can't do that, Carson.
Thanks to you,
everybody's watching now.
Oh, what's that
supposed to mean?
That don't concern you.
Oh, it does concern me.
Let me ask you something.
You think helping Jayne is somehow gonna
wipe away all your sins from the past?
The way you just got up outta
here and left that girl behind?
My leaving Jayne here was the best
thing I could've possibly done for her.
You do know it's gonna be
easy to get a conviction.
Jayne is not
very well liked around here.
Now, why would Jayne not be
very well liked around here?
What did she ever
do to anybody?
Her husband Charlie's oil
poisoned the place.
Done everything we could do
to keep it a secret.
This is a beach town, remember?
Recognize her?
That's Becky.
And you should know
that she told me
that Happy beat the hell out of
her on more than one occasion.
One time,
he damn near killed her.
And why didn't you
do anything about it?
Like what?
Arrest our star quarterback?
I can make your little shoot-out last
night a clear case of self-defense
or I can make sure
you rot in jail.
This is Texas, after all.
I'm gonna see my client.
Your move.
Thank you. I know.
[Carson] Becky?
- Hi.
- I know that guy.
I seen him before.
What's his name?
That's Don.
He was one of Happy's best friends.
Right. That's where I saw him.
I saw him at the club.
So, how you doing?
Good, good.
Would you mind if I
asked you some questions?
Would you be all right with that?
Listen, I don't know anything.
Can I ask how things
were going before?
Look, Becky, I know about Rose
and maybe some others, so...
You know, unless you're able to tell
me, I can't help you.
- Sorry, it's just embarrassing.
- Yeah.
He fooled around a lot before
we were engaged, but...
promised he wouldn't
do it anymore.
Well, you gotta
tell me something.
Was Happy doing drugs?
No. He was a workout nut.
Well, this is the problem, Becky.
We got this crazy sheriff, Walsh.
He thinks you're the only suspect
and that you have prime motive.
I didn't kill
my husband.
[Jayne] You okay, honey?
I seen them pictures
Walsh showed me.
You never told me that
he was hurting her.
That's motive, Jayne.
Come on.
If you want me to help you,
you gotta tell me everything.
Isn't it clear to you that
she didn't do it, Carson?
That is not the point.
Look, everyone in this town
doesn't like you. Why?
[scoffs] Of course they don't.
I'm rich.
No, no. They said that your
husband poisoned everybody
or whatever the hell
that means.
Look, you gotta
come straight with me
and she's gotta get
straight with me.
Let me show you something.
[Jayne] From what I understand,
Charlie paid off every
inspector in the State of Texas
to get this place
up and running.
Within a year,
people started getting sick.
They tested the groundwater.
The reports were inconclusive.
I don't really believe that.
Just more corruption,
like everything else in this town.
People die and nobody cares.
I found all this out
after Charlie died.
Well, that's not
your responsibility.
it is.
I wanted life to be easy
for our daughter.
Our daughter.
Carson, she's our daughter.
The hell you
talking about?
When I came to visit you
before I married Charlie.
Why wouldn't you tell me
something like that?
Well, you sure as hell weren't
ready for marriage and a baby!
Don't I have something
to do with that decision?
Come on!
Why'd you leave me
in the first place?
You said you'd take me with you.
Why didn't you?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I never stopped loving you.
Are you sure?
[Carson] So it turns
out I had a daughter.
This trip is full of surprises.
And I have to admit that I was overcome
with the strangest of instincts.
Strange for me, anyway.
I actually started to think
of others instead of myself.
I couldn't imagine
what would come next.
[man] Mr. Phillips.
It's Michael Townsend,
the coroner.
You asked me to call you when the
medical report came in on Mr. Chandler.
Yeah, go ahead.
It was a high concentration
of amphetamines and steroids.
There was also a finding
of doxorubicin in his system.
What the hell is that?
that's the odd part.
It's a cancer drug.
Cancer drug?
Well, you can't buy that
over the counter.
Oh, no. It has to be
prescribed by a physician.
All right. Thank you.
Hey, you!
What you got there?
Well, I'm gonna have to put
a bit of bourbon in that.
Come on. Now I'm impressed.
Come on in.
She told you.
I'm not dumb.
You could tell a lot just by
the way she looked at you.
She never had that look
in her eye with Charlie.
I asked her what was
really going on.
She said you were
the love of her life.
When Charlie proposed...
she went out to visit you in
Los Angeles just to make sure.
She made the right choice.
I'm scared.
Don't be.
Ain't nothing gonna
happen to you.
You understand?
Come on in.
Well, what do you think?
You think I need coffee or bourbon?
Coffee? All right,
have a seat.
Have a seat.
Sorry about the mess.
I'm just not very good
at taking care of myself.
You sure are.
You're one...
one beautiful girl.
All right now,
what do we got here?
- You got a coffee, regular, for you.
- Yes.
And for me.
And what did you buy here?
Oh! I like these.
Here you go.
- One for you.
- Thank you.
And one for me.
Would you like me to teach you
how they eat doughnuts in LA?
I can't.
'Cause they don't eat doughnuts in LA.
They eat sprouts.
However, I can show you
how they do it in Texas.
You ready?
Maybe smaller bites.
You're too pretty
to be dunkin' doughnuts.
First time I've ever toasted
without liquor in it.
What the hell?
It's Slide.
Becky, close the door.
The hell happened to you?
I went over to see Lorenzo.
To do what?
To collect some money?
You lied to me, Slide.
Becky, get some towels.
Why? Why this game?
A hunch?
- You expect me to believe that?
- Yeah.
What the hell was that for?
Because that girl in there
has a lot to lose
if I don't get to
the bottom of it.
- I did bring your replacement pills.
- Oh, thank you.
I'll try not to drop them
down the toilet this time.
Oh, damn it.
You ain't that tough, Slide.
- Now just tell me the truth. Just do it.
- Okay. Okay.
I overheard this conversation
between Doc and Happy.
Happy owed Doc
a shitload of money.
- I'll see you later in my office.
- See you around, Carson.
Then Doc told him,
"The only way you're gonna get even
with me is if you throw the game."
Starting a fistfight on the night before
a big game. Have you lost your mind?
Go home to your wife.
[Slide] That's the truth.
That's what I thought.
- Then Happy got greedy.
- Very greedy.
[Lorenzo] The kid wants more.
What should we do?
[Mitchell] You need to step up and take
care of that little problem of ours.
Go, go, go.
Mitchell made all the bets
so it wouldn't look suspicious.
And then he killed him.
I knew it.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Sorry to interrupt.
- Becky around?
- No.
Well, we need
to talk to her.
Oh, God. Shit. I knew it!
You gonna help me, though,
aren't ya?
[telephone rings]
[Jayne] Carson.
Walsh is here with
an arrest warrant for Becky.
Put him on.
Carson, where is she?
Now listen to me,
You trusted me one time,
and I need you to trust me again.
I know for a fact that
that game was fixed.
A lot of people could've
benefited from it.
And I know who they are.
She was seen stalking him
outside of Rose's.
The game was fixed!
Give me 24 hours,
and I will find your killer.
You better be right.
Else it'll be your tit in
the ringer along with hers.
I owe you, Walsh.
And watch your mouth.
That's my daughter you're talking about.
Carson, he's gone.
I heard you went to see Doc.
We made a deal.
He promised to keep
Walsh off Becky's back.
I knew I couldn't trust
anyone but you, Carson.
Thank you.
To what do I owe
this surprise?
I know about the fix.
Now, relax.
It's a perfect reason
to keep Happy alive.
Kind of guaranteed
your arrangement.
Makes sense.
Now, unfortunately for you,
Happy got greedy.
He got a partner.
Now, I know Mitchell
was making drugs
and Lorenzo was selling them
and expanding and cutting
into your business.
And maybe he paid
his debt off to you,
and you lost your edge.
And maybe you
set them both up.
Good theory.
And you make a good point.
I would be happier with
those two out of the way,
but I'd rather
sit back and watch.
You break up the drug ring,
Lorenzo disappears,
Mitchell can't pay me,
and Pleasant Meadows
becomes the best resort
and 18 holes
in all of South Texas.
You want a free membership?
There's a man like me
in every town.
We're all alike.
Some are just...
I never lose, Carson.
I'll keep that in mind.
[breathing heavily]
Here you go.
- Good job.
- My wife.
What were you doing,
rolling around in a grave?
Rolling around in a grave?
She's dead.
And she's not the only one.
That's fresh dirt.
I can get that cleaned up for you.
[woman] People just disappear here.
This is a bad place.
You all right, Mr. Phillips?
Found you.
Good evening,
Mr. Carson Phillips.
Why couldn't you
just get lost?
You were warned
so many times.
Just let me guess.
You was billing patients'
families after they was dead?
That didn't make
you enough money,
so you started
a new business with Lorenzo.
Is that right?
Mmm, that's about the slow
and skinny of it. Mm-hmm.
Well, let me congratulate you.
'Cause you're on the way to
being the biggest meth dealer
in the State of Texas.
Thank you.
It looks like you
saved me some work.
No, no, no, no.
This grave ain't big enough for me.
Why don't you give me
a helping hand?
I can't get my hands any more dirty.
Put the shovel...
I kill you!
I got you, cabrn!
[shouts, indistinct]
[Lorenzo shouting in Spanish]
[shouts in Spanish, groans]
You hear me?
[Lorenzo] I'm coming!
What the hell?
[nurse crying]
[Lorenzo shouting in Spanish]
- [crying]
- I got you, motherfucker!
[Lorenzo] Fuck!
[Lorenzo] Fuck.
No, no, no, no!
It's over, Miles.
It's over.
Put the gun down.
Put it down.
Go ahead. Put it down.
Now, you be a gentleman.
Be a gentleman...
and just tell me...
you poisoned Happy
with them bad drugs.
And that you murdered him.
[people murmuring]
You tell me that.
Say it.
I always knew that you
were one of the greats.
[woman] Yeah,
he got what he deserved!
[patients applauding]
[police radio chatter]
You wouldn't happen to have a
light, would you?
What happened here?
Well, let's see.
You got Mitchell's meth
lab that just blew up,
and you got a whole bunch of his
patients buried all over these grounds.
Well, I ain't surprised.
What was
I supposed to do?
Well, I don't know.
What were you supposed
to do, Sheriff?
That ain't the way
things run around here.
You should know better.
Where's Miles at?
Miles is dead.
And he told me that he was the
one who gave Happy them bad drugs
just to cover his bets or
guarantee they would happen.
I told you Becky never had
anything to do with this.
I told you that.
Fraud. Drug smuggling. Murder.
You got some case
on your hands, buddy.
Some case.
I wouldn't be surprised if
you were reelected next year.
[people hooting, shouting]
I like the sound of that.
Any holes?
Just the ones you're gonna
be digging up tonight.
You gonna lay off Becky?
everyone's dead.
[patients chattering]
[Doc] You look like shit.
Want a drink?
It's 1:00 a.m.
Do you ever sleep?
I try not to.
I hate those little
snippets of death.
So, I understand
you had quite a night.
Oh. You already heard.
my competition is
no longer with us.
I guess I owe you one,
Well, I'm glad
you feel that way.
And I understand that you
made a deal with Jayne.
I did.
I'm guessing it has something
to do with her oil wells.
And I'm sure she asked you
to ask Walsh to back off.
She did.
And I asked him.
And he didn't.
He didn't?
Is Becky in trouble?
Not anymore.
Miles killed Happy.
Says you.
There's no proof.
Just you saying so.
You might wanna
let this one go, Carson.
Unless, of course,
you want this whole thing reopened.
The deal I made with Jayne
is between me and her.
There's no end to the lengths a mother
will go to protect her daughter.
When's enough enough?
There's always more.
Thanks for the drink.
I told you, Carson.
I never lose.
Yeah, you told me.
[piano music playing]
It's all over.
I knew I could
count on you.
Good morning.
You looked so peaceful,
I didn't want to wake you.
How you doing?
Wonderful. You?
Me, too.
Want some breakfast?
What, for last night
or for breakfast?
Well, I haven't had
breakfast yet.
Get dressed.
Let's join our daughter.
Some things never change.
Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man.
Last night felt like
it was 20 years ago.
When we were younger...
and healthier.
How much time
do you have, Jayne?
Not much.
You told me you met Barbara
Van Poole at the sanitarium.
Now, did you cook all this up
so I would come out,
clean it up,
get Becky off the hook?
Is that what you did?
[chuckles] I have no idea
what you're talking about.
A mother will do anything
to protect her daughter.
Tell me that
you did it, Jayne.
It might make you feel better.
[Becky] Mama,
what's going on?
Did you kill
my husband, Mama?
[Carson] Tell her, Jayne.
[Becky] Mama.
He was a monster.
He would've killed you.
He would've killed you.
I knew I wasn't gonna
be around to protect you.
There was no other way
to save you, honey.
I'm so sorry.
[Carson] In 1971, scientists
predicted that a comet named Kohoutek
would pass closer to Earth than
any other heavenly body in history.
Timothy Leary said it was
a cosmic windshield wiper
that would wash this planet
clean of all its bad karma.
The hippies waited
with baited breath,
but '71 came and went.
Somehow, Kohoutek
veered off into space.
They say we'll have to wait another
thousand years for it to return.
Till then, someone else will
have to deal with all this shit.
To say goodbye
is to die a little.
I wasn't quite ready for that.
I wasn't in a hurry to go home.
Then I realized,
I already was.