The Posthuman Project (2014) Movie Script

You think you know everything
there is to know about heroes?
Yesterday I woke up
and I thought
i knew everything there
was to know about my life.
But I was wrong,
and I wasn't just
wrong about my life,
i was wrong about my friends,
about my family,
about where I come from.
Way, way wrong.
Help! Help!
Ah! Ah!
Don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
Shut up.
I already told you,
I don't know anything
about postman project.
Shut up,
and hold still.
What are you going to do?
What, what?
Aren't you going to kill me?
Well, not right now.
I got a negative reading
and a viable candidate.
Very good, mister Finch.
You know what to do.
Copy that.
Report back when
you're finished.
I've had an idea that
will take us a little
closer to home.
I know about you.
I know who you work for.
What he wants is impossible!
You said you weren't
going to kill me.
I said, "not right now."
It's not right now anymore.
you've been hitting
snooze for half an hour,
so, I know you can hear me.
Mom's working so you're my ride.
If I'm late again,
I get detention.
Come on wake up, Denny.
The morning comes to
take your dreams away
hold them in tightly
don't let them fade
hold them close with
every breath you take
you're tossing and turning
your body is aching
while I pick a point
and stare at it wide awake
while you are sleeping
there is something
i must say
but I see and sense it
all just sounds the same
You ready, killer?
We need to hurry.
I have a test first period.
How's your leg?
Half man, half machine,
all in.
This is Finch,
just spot security visual
on the Burke children.
Waiting orders. Out.
- Oh, Oh
- Yeah, yeah
- Oh, Oh
- Yeah, yeah
- Oh, Oh
- I see
- walking this way
- Where, where, where
now could I get a little time
in here what it look like
It's a moonlight,
It's a high rise
three doors and they all say good
life which one do you choose
If you knew you could lose,
and it might be your exit
goodbye, with the three one
two you could become new
not be some dude If you
would like yeah, yeah
what I would like, little more
time gotta get the hopes right
with the look by,
talking polite
had the life 'cause I
never been the book type
And that's the final bell,
Dude, you know my legs makes
me slower than I used to be.
No, I'll just tell Mrs. Nelson,
you completely suck.
Whoa, slow down, Archie.
You don't wanna fall down
and bust open that brain.
I can't, I'm late again.
Good morning, den.
Good morning, Gwen.
You know, If boy Brainiac
gets any more tardies
you're going to ruin his chances
of being valedictorian.
Yeah! Brother of the year,
right here.
Hey, no, I got it.
Yeah, but I got it easier.
How's the leg?
Physical therapy hurt yesterday,
but If I want to walk across
that stage without crutches...
At least someone
is getting a diploma.
Well you know,
summer school is not the
end of the world, Gwen.
You just tough it
out till August,
You'll be with us by spring.
Yeah, so I can room with
the un-popular girl,
with that wicked bieber
fever over the fall
and sings you
"smile" in her sleep?
Never say never.
No thanks,
besides, academia
isn't for me anyways.
It doesn't have enough grease.
Are you still thinking of
working at the shop full time?
Stringer wants me to.
People will always
have cars, Denny,
and They'll always need fixing.
The people or the cars?
If they end up like you,
it'll be both.
Oh, just one more
day of this place,
and then the world is ours.
Us in charge of the world.
What could possibly
go wrong with that?
Mutually assured destruction.
Can anyone tell me what that is?
You seniors,
I know It's your last day,
but the rest of you
need to pay attention.
This is gonna be on the final.
Well, maybe you guys are
too young to remember
life before cell phones,
or Facebook.
So remember what it was like.
Remember what was what like,
Mrs. Perry?
Very good, mister hall.
I'm glad someone's awake today.
Mister Burke.
Happy you could join us.
Ah, come on,
Mrs. Perry,
I was trying to
sneak in unnoticed.
And you failed spectacularly.
Please take your seat, Denny.
I'm gonna mark you as tardy.
Hey, I think Lisa's
still mad at you.
Yeah, I got that, thanks.
Okay, mister hall.
When you play basketball...
state championship basketball.
Pellian city high school.
Yes, yes, yes, we're well aware
of your accomplishments
on the court.
But, how do you know
who wins the game?
Uh, the team with the most
points at the end wins?
And how do you score points?
Uh, I don't know, but...
You put the ball
through the hoop
until the game is over, right?
Now, what If,
every time you scored a point,
you wiped out the other team?
Well, you have to keep
the other team from scoring.
But, by winning you'd
be killing everybody.
So you'd need your own
ball for protection.
So then who wins the game,
miss Thompson?
Nobody does.
It would be at a standstill.
You see,
no one wins If everyone dies.
Warfare's about
tactical advantages.
Someone gets one,
They're just trying to
score the final point,
before the buzzer.
Heavy stuff in peds today.
What a great note to end on.
Really man,
don't worry about it.
We've been cool with the
Russians since like the '70s.
The cold war ended
in '89, meathead.
No wonder you're
failing poli sci.
Okay, I'm a '90s kid,
all right, Gwendolyn?
We're '90s kids,
why do we have to worry about
who used to have missiles?
And I'm pulling a solid c
in that class.
It's the missiles that
aren't the scary part,
It's the concept, Adam.
Oh, yeah.
I kinda like it.
Someone burns you,
you burn 'em back.
Yeah, but then you're
both left with scars.
Guys, guys, guys.
We graduate soon.
All right?
And tomorrow,
Denny's climbing his first
Mountain in over a year.
Yeah, If we can even
get into the place.
Tanner said some guy bought all
that land and closed it off.
Yeah. Well, life's
about workarounds.
Are you sure this
is a good idea?
We could just go to
the practice wall.
Practice? Denny, you're
an award winning climber.
I was... with 100 documented
hours on the ropes.
You've climbed some
of the most dangerous
mountains in the country.
And If it wasn't for
your little accident,
which wasn't your fault,
I might add,
you would have gone
on mount doom already.
Look, the point is,
we're about to graduate...
some of us do.
Some of us, right.
Ah, well, we've got to get
all of the stupid stuff
out of our systems
before we split up
and go to different colleges.
Ya'll know college kids
don't do stupid stuff.
They're responsible adults.
If worse comes to worse,
We'll all be together.
Looking up at that
ridiculously high Mountain,
and you guys, please tell me,
why is the Mountain there?
So it can be conquered.
Boom. Thank you.
Denny, just one last
Mountain before you
walk across that stage
and into the rest of your life.
I'm begging you, please.
Hey, detention should
be over by now.
Where's Archie?
I don't care what
you're laughing about
Oh, ladies and gentlemen,
let me introduce our
special guest today,
mister Archibald Burke.
He's here promoting
his new movie,
I'm a total effing
loser with no friends,
except for books
and Internet videos.
What can you tell us
about the movie, Archie?
Leave me alone.
Oh, "leave me alone."
Hmm, I'm not sure that's gonna
get past our p.R. People.
Hmm, okay, so let's try
a different quote.
Uh, how about,
"hey, that's mine"?
Hey, that's mine.
Good, you can take notes.
Now take this one.
If you kill the finals
curve in tiggins' class
next week I'm gonna
come looking for you.
I need to pass that class.
If I tank it I'll
wreck my g.P.A.
Wreck his gpa.
If you don't...
I'm gonna wreck your life.
Got it?
Got it.
Hey, there he is.
Where you are little
man, we were...
dude, Archie, what happened?
No, tell me what happened.
Nothing happened, okay!
I just fell down the
stairs or whatever.
Don't lie to me.
Who did this to you?
Was it ferguson
and his friends?
I swear...
it wasn't anybody, okay?
Hell, you can't be able to do
anything about it anyway, Denny.
God, just take me home.
I'm drifting
out of the space
my mind is misplaced here
I'm racing out of my chest
looking for rest here
Oh, I can't find my way
can't find my place here
and I've lost all my
thoughts lost all mind here
I don't want to talk about it.
I do want to talk about it.
Look, I know things aren't
exactly fantastic right now.
I know that I've messed up,
and I've been bringing
you late to school. Okay?
I'm sorry. I'm trying.
Trying? Great!
That makes two of us.
I'm trying to help
you understand
that I'm getting
killed out there.
Can't you see that?
People at that school
hate me, Denny.
They don't hate you, Archie.
Yeah, they do. A lot.
Those kids.
They hate me because
I'm smarter than them.
People are always gonna be
afraid of intelligence, Archie.
Yeah? Well I guess
it will always
suck to be me then, huh?
Get out...
dude, you've got to
listen to me.
No, I don't!
I don't have to do
anything you say, Denny.
You're not dad.
Dad left. Remember?
That looks familiar.
I used to fight like that
with my brother Kevin.
Your father, Kevin,
I should say.
Hello, boys.
I should introduce myself.
It's been a while since
we've seen each other.
I'm your Uncle William.
Uncle Billy?
That's me.
Now, will you please...
Invite me in?
So, uh, not to be rude
or forward or anything,
but why exactly are you...
am I here?
To celebrate you, of course.
Excuse me?
I received your graduation
invitation in the mail.
And I realized
it had been far too long
since I'd seen this family.
And I've been out of touch.
You know,
I am a man of science.
Well, I didn't know that.
Your father never told
you about my work.
Mom said you were an overseas
entrepreneur or something.
A group of very powerful men
overseas hired me
for my knowledge on a
subject I know very well.
I led a team of scientists
and we discovered some
very interesting things.
Ah. Like what?
Hello, Archie. Feeling better.
Did your father ever
tell you how we used to
fight the other boys
in the streets?
We did.
Kevin! William!
Get your butts in gear!
I'm not taking you out
once It's dark!
What is going on up here?
Get up, little girl.
My friends are...
what did I tell you
about locking this door?
Go, go. Go, go.
Open this door!
Kevin Archibald Burke!
You get back here right now!
That's it!
I am confiscating all the candy!
I really don't want
dad to be mad at us.
If he gets mad at any one,
he'll just get mad at me.
Then when he gets mad at you...
Billy, Billy,
leave the old man to me.
I'll take care of it.
You know I always do.
Kevin and I were...
Lots of good memories here.
You said you
discovered something?
I don't want to lose you
on the science, young man.
Well, I mean,
Archie can handle it.
His IQ is 125.
Ah 129.
Some other time perhaps.
So I was saying Dennis, I...
It's Denny. It's Denny now.
I haven't been Dennis
since the 4th grade.
All right then, Denny.
I'm here because
I was going to give you
your graduation gift,
but, however, I'm not sure
It's appropriate now given...
No, I-I understand.
It's a shame.
Arrangements have
already been made.
I used my overseas earnings
to purchase a large property
just outside of the barrows.
There's a Mountain out there
that I hear is quite
the thrill to climb.
You bought mount Dominic?
Few times I talked
to your father
he was very proud of your
climbing achievements.
And I was going
to invite you out
to climb mount Dominic
this weekend.
We'll be there in the morning.
We'll be there in the morning.
Me and my friends.
Your friends, too?
Very well. If you insist.
I'll meet you up there
tomorrow evening
for a little
post-climb celebration.
Thank you, Uncle Billy.
Thank you.
Sometimes you need your family
to help lift you up.
And I can't think of a better
way for you to celebrate
this phase of your life
than by proving to the world
your scars have healed.
Takes a lot of strength
to withstand
ignorance and jealousy.
Perhaps someday your
physical attributes
will match your mental ones.
I wish.
Keep working hard,
and sometimes wishes come true.
What are you doing?
I'm texting Adam.
He's got the gear.
And If we're gonna climb
tomorrow we're gonna need it.
I'm still mad at you,
by the way.
I found a rock in my life
built in our love
and found out It's a lie
no part of me must die
and on this rock
I must climb
I found a hole in my soul
played altogether
and found out I ain't whole
I'm back to the start
on knees, operation calls
Lisa? Have you lost
your freaking mind?
Adam Says you're climbing
mount Dominic tomorrow.
Oh, yeah.
"Oh, yeah?"
Are you kidding me, Burke?
You can barely stand as it is.
I've been in
physical therapy for months.
My... my therapist cleared me.
I'm okay.
So instead of the one
in four chance
you fall to your death,
It's all on the one in nine now?
Congratulations, Denny.
Whatever, Lisa.
I'm going with you.
If you're determined
to hurt yourself,
the least you can do
is have somebody
with some
medical training around.
Medical training?
Having a doctor for a dad
and taking a first aid class
hardly qualifies you
as medically trained, Lisa.
I've already cleared it
with my parents.
I'm going with you.
Goodnight, Denny.
I miss you, dad.
Pc 40 headquarters,
tell the mckenzies
there's no one on the roof.
They're probably drunk again.
Sir, those readings
you asked for.
Never mind.
I see you're busy.
What? No crutches?
Oh, thanks for noticing.
Ha, that's what's up, man.
Here you are.
Thanks, bro.
By the way, thanks for
the Lisa alert last night.
Look, I'm sorry, man,
she was already at your house
before I could call
the code red.
Ah, speak of the devil.
Can I... Can I get some help?
On it.
Thanks, arch.
Man, I'm going to miss this,
you know.
What? My little brother
hitting on my ex-girlfriend?
Nah, no.
You know, hanging out
after high school.
You know, going camping
with my friends on a whim.
Watching your little brother
cop a feel
on your ex-girlfriend.
Archie. Hands.
Dude, I was thinking
about this last night.
This will probably
be the last time
we can all hang out like this.
You know, next month I go
to Florida for training
and in three months
you're gonna be in school.
And to tell you the truth
I'm not even sure
I want to go to
college anymore.
But what are you gonna do
If you don't go to school?
Hey. Um, interrupting
a bromance or something?
No, not at all. Are you ready?
Okay, Archie, give me the bag. You
look like you're about to fall over.
No, no. I got it.
I got it.
Come on, man.
Let's go!
Some help? No, no,
no, you got it.
You're right there.
What a champ!
All right.
What are you doing?
Why don't you just
honk the horn?
Her step-Dad'll
get pissed.
We're burning daylight here.
Don't you walk away from me,
young lady.
I want to see myself in that
linoleum floor before noon.
You're a beer away from
sleeping on the floor, Earl.
No... You'll listen
to me, Gwendolyn.
I don't work hard all day so
you can go out whoring around
with your loud friends.
Stop it, you're hurting me.
What are you gonna do?
Call the cops?
Sheriff Desoto's
a friend of mine.
If anything happens to you
I'll bet he'll vouch for me.
I said stop it!
Ouch! Fuck!
Can we go? Fast-ish!
Uh, you okay?
It's fine.
Hey, you guys,
why all the long faces?
Come on,
we're officially on vacation.
What happened to you, Brainiac?
You should see the other guy.
What happened to you?
You saw the other guy.
Tell me how you
want to be little man
tell me how you feel
more than human
there is something special
waiting for you
waiting for you
every single slap
and all of the names
every single punk
and all of the bad things
a dozen stars away
just old memories
waiting for you
like a falling star
Oh, we've come so far
let me dance and sing
as we climb so high
may we touch the sky
and let me dance and sing
am I just a man
or a human being
put down your baggage
put down your weight
Oh, climb up a Mountain side
with your mates
we're only young once
in a lifetime
why should we wait
hey, It's up here on the left.
What is this?
You'll see.
Well, it looks like you
can still get in here.
Go ahead, little bro.
Man, I can't believe Uncle
Billy bought all of this land,
and he isn't doing
anything with it.
We had some pretty
great memories, huh?
With mom and dad.
Hey, so, uh,
it was cool seeing you stand up
to your old man back there.
Step old man.
Yeah, he kind of sucks.
Yeah, more than kind of.
Dude, but you... You were cool,
you were like... Like wham,
you know.
Like wonder woman cool.
Um, are we all alone out here?
I think so. I don't think
anyone lives out here for Miles.
I don't know. Just...
I just got this weird feeling
like we're being
watched or something.
It's probably nothing.
I can hold your hand
If you're scared.
Guys, guys, guys,
I think we're forgetting.
We're about to graduate soon.
Besides Archie, but still.
You know, at this moment
we should have no stress,
not a care in the world.
No one can stop us.
Let's just go conquer
the Mountain.
I like where your head's at.
What have we got to be
scared of? Let's do this thing.
That's a big ass Mountain.
Archie, language.
Still a big ass Mountain.
So how's your face?
My lip is fine.
"My lip is fine."
Just look at those...
hey, you got a sec?
How's your leg?
I'm supposed
to be ready for this,
but I don't know.
No, You'll be great.
Yeah, well,
why is the Mountain there?
To be conquered.
You guys have said
that like six times today.
It's what my dad always
used to say
when he taught me to climb.
I was wondering,
since I might not come back
from this thing
which is what everyone
wants to hear.
Why did we break up?
Denny, I had my reasons.
Which were?
You know, I don't think
this is the best time
to be talking about this.
You should be getting ready...
no, I think this is a perfectly
good time actually.
If you want to talk,
let's talk about
that brace on your leg
and how it got there
in the first place.
Denny, we dated for six months.
You wouldn't tell me anything.
I-I mean,
I know it bothers you, okay,
so I didn't press it, but...
I had my reasons.
You know horseshoe canyon?
Where you used to climb?
My dad and I were climbing
together there
for my birthday.
We were half way up the face
and there was
this big explosion.
We fell.
And when the smoke cleared I was
really hurt bad,
like spinal damage.
And my dad was... Was fine,
for a while.
I had to get a lot
of surgeries.
For the first couple of months
my mom and Archie
always took me in.
My dad had something
to work on.
Something to make me better.
But one day we just came
from the hospital,
and dad had cleared out.
No note, no phone call,
no text message.
Nothing. Just gone.
Denny, I'm so sorry.
But, I didn't want
to tell you because
I didn't want my dad leaving
to screw up our relationship.
So, I'm gonna go
climb this Mountain,
and I might not come back.
Why did we break up?
I'll tell you what,
come back down the Mountain
in one piece
and I'll tell you.
After all that,
that's what I get?
I need to give you a good reason
to come back down.
You promise?
Cross my heart and hope to fly.
Hope to die.
Who hopes for that?
That's a pretty long
first pitch.
Oh, we've definitely climbed
higher than that before.
Yeah. You think you'd
like to take it?
Yeah, It's a little stiff
without the brace
but I'm sure I'll be fine.
Okay, belay on, dude.
You ready?
Yup. All right, let's get it.
Hey, Denny, don't fall.
Don't worry
I won't. Mom.
You got it.
All right.
All right.
You good?
All right, you got it, man.
Thank you.
No problem.
Hey, yo, keep that smile up.
I can't believe you brought
these all the way up here.
They're your favorite, man.
We have to celebrate.
Where did you say the girls
were picking us up again?
Well, we're going to
go over this Ridge
and meet them at a small
road that's up there.
How's your leg feeling?
Pretty stiff.
I do not savor the idea of
walking down the Mountain.
Well, that's why we got a ride.
I'm gonna miss you next year,
Yeah, what were you saying
about not going to school?
I don't know. I...
I always hate the thought
of being away from you guys.
Yeah. It stinks you can't
be in two places at once.
I know. Weak.
Is that a lake?
Yeah. It's over by that dam
my Uncle Billy owns.
Everything's set?
Do I look like one
of your lab geeks?
No, you look like someone
who's got a job to do.
And right now that job's to make
sure that subject is in place.
Now, is everything set?
You don't know that
guy very well, do you?
Uncle Billy wasn't exactly
my dad's favorite person.
So he wasn't really welcomed.
I honestly forgot he existed
until the other day.
Thanks for doing this
with me, Adam.
Only one thing left to do.
What's that?
Let's go conquer that Mountain.
What the heck is that?
Full body scan initiated.
Some help would be nice.
Sir, we have a positive scan.
The boy's activated
the accelerator.
Where are you going?
But what If I need help?
Everybody's down
in the other lab.
If the machine goes off,
it could...
Are the power safeguards
still in place?
Whoa. Hey!
Gwen! Gwen, wake up!
My seatbelt, It's stuck!
I can't get it undone!
Denny is not gonna
be happy about this.
What just happened?
Something big like
an earthquake maybe.
It seemed like
something bigger.
What happened to you?
I just ran down.
I wasn't fast enough.
Denny! Denny!
Denny! Denny! Denny! Denny!
He won't wake up.
We need to get him to a hospital
as quick as possible.
But we're Miles away
from everywhere.
I'll call my dad.
We'll get an airlift.
I don't have any service.
Anybody else?
I left my phone in the car.
Okay, we're gonna have
to carry him out.
Uh, we're gonna have
to build a stretcher.
I need to stop this bleeding.
I couldn't stop the bleeding.
I haven't studied that yet.
I know about quantum mechanics.
Archie, Archie,
you need to calm down, okay?
Your brother...
Denny needs you
right now to be strong.
So take a deep breath,
and calm down, okay?
I need... I need you to help
me make some tourniquets.
Adam and Archie
take down the tent
and We'll make a stretcher
out of the poles.
Don't you die on me, Burke.
Archie, what are you...
how are you do...
what's going on?
Uncle Billy?
What happened to Denny?
He was climbing and he fell.
We need to get him
to my compound quickly.
We can transport him
to a hospital from there.
Timothy, come help the children.
My driver.
My eyesight doesn't allow
me to drive at night.
Are we all gonna
to fit back there?
You stay here, We'll take Denny,
call for an airlift.
I'll have Timothy come back
and pick you up.
No! I'm going with him!
Lisa, Denny will be fine.
Someone needs to be there
to keep pressure
on his wounds in case he...
Archie should go, he's family.
Can we stop arguing about this?
In cases of massive trauma,
the first few minutes
are the most important.
I'll take care of him, arch.
You better.
Hey, where are you going?
To work on Denny's car.
I'm not gonna sit here
and wait around
for Tim the driver man
to come get us.
How much further?
Not long, dear.
What is this place?
Is it a good idea to move him?
We keep a small medical
facility here for my staff.
My men will be right
out to collect him.
Are they even doctors?
You are exhibiting signs
of shock miss Thompson.
I'd like to run some tests
on you, make sure...
What? No! No!
Denny! Let go! Stop!
We'll look after Denny,
he's gonna be fine.
All right, we're hot.
Exposure to zero energy
was roughly half an hour ago.
Boss wants full scans
on all wavelengths and an m.R.I.
We need to find out
what's going on inside this kid.
Take that stick out of him.
Doctor, something is happening.
He's spiking.
Give me some epinephrine
what happened?
Where am I?
She's regaining consciousness.
Where am I?
Let's get her back into it now.
You're fine, dear.
No! Where's Denny? Where am I?
We're just running some tests.
There was an accident.
I said I want her
back in there, now!
Where are they? Where's Denny?
Where's Denny?
Just go to sleep now, dear.
You think
they're gonna be all right?
That wood in his chest
probably stopped
something important
from coming out.
He'll be all right, right?
Sure, Archie.
Gwen. What good is lying to him?
He's smarter than
you and me combined, Adam.
He can handle the truth.
Oh! We need to accept the fact
that Denny might be... dead?
Is Denny...
he's stable.
And I'm here to take you
to your Uncle.
That's like the second time
you snuck up on us.
I am almost done,
We'll follow you.
Yeah, I'd much rather
you ride with me.
And I'd much rather we get
this heap running into the shop
instead of towing it
back to civilization.
Please, get in the car,
I won't ask nicely again.
And what If we don't want to?
You won't like me very much
by the time I'm done.
I don't like you very much now.
Guys, can we just get
in the car.
I want to see... Denny.
Why'd you do that?
You guys going
to come willingly?
Or you have to make this
a whole thing?
Oh, mister,
you just made a mistake.
Gwen, go!
Oh! Ah!
Don't worry, you and your
ugly little girlfriend
are gonna be just fine.
This is Finch to base.
I've lost...
Ah! Well, kid.
I hope you like the height.
Ah! Oh!
you're heavier than you look.
Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?
Uh, I was, uh,
looking for the bathroom?
Hey, hey the canon is loose.
Hey! Hey!
Denny, get in!
This had better be
important, doctor.
If you haven't heard
the security alarms,
we're having quite the hour.
This is good.
This is better than good.
We did it.
We did what?
Well, uh, as we saw
in our earlier experiments
the human body can't take
a direct exposure
to zero energy.
It's just not equipped. I mean,
it can cause lifelong issues...
I know, doctor,
I was there the first time.
Get to the point.
Well, Denny's d.N.A.
Is the closest we could get
to postman zero's genetic code.
But somehow the boy absorbed
the energy and expelled it,
hitting his friends.
So we were testing this girl
to see If we could extract
that altered energy.
Well it was totally by accident,
but we got something
a lot better.
Let me show you.
What am I looking at?
Okay, right now, we're sending
small electrical impulses
to her primary motor cortex.
We are causing her to move.
But, with the right amount
of electricity...
Is she?
That's right, Mr. Burke,
because of her exposure
to zero energy
this girl can fly.
Are they still following us?
Nah, I think we're clear. Good.
Don't you ever fall off the
Mountain again. Hey. Hey.
You scared the crap out of us.
And how are you okay right now?
I saw you Denny.
You looked dead.
You should be dead.
I don't know.
There was a machine
on the Mountain top.
It shot a beam
of light into me,
and then I woke up
back there fine.
I...I mean,
look at my leg.
It's... It's completely healed.
I was in physical therapy
for over a year,
and I just woke up
back there totally whole.
And you think this machine
did that to you?
Or those guys did.
We've got to call
the police or something.
Do you have a phone?
What? The stupid
glove box has a...
What did they do to me?
Ah, Gwen.
Where did you say
you got this car?
Where is everybody else?
We need to talk
about your Uncle, Denny.
We're following them
They don't even know
we're there.
Patch in to the car's Bluetooth,
I want to hear
their conversation.
Sir, should we have
let the candidate go?
There is a method to my madness.
Where's Mr. Finch?
Still not back, sir.
I was gonna send him a ride.
Don't bother.
I don't reward incompetence.
Yes, sir.
What the hell are they
feeding you, kid?
Come out now
and I won't hurt you.
I got to tell you
I could use your help
carrying your
little friend here.
How do I know
you just won't kill us?
Think about it, genius.
Would I have carried
this kid this far
If my orders were to kill you?
No, I was sent to retrieve you.
Retrieve us? For what?
I don't know.
Maybe for that little trick
you pulled back there?
I mean, poof.
You disappeared.
I was on top of you and then
you were nothing but air.
How did you do that?
What did you do with Denny?
Besides from being named
Denny, he's just fine.
Took him to base.
So, I guess you know
how I did that then.
That... Teleporting thing?
Hell, son, we're the ones
that gave you that ability.
You know, we thought
Denny was the key.
But, maybe It's you.
You know, we can teach you
how to control it.
Hone it,
and then when your
power's at its greatest,
use it for what we need.
Hey. I think I got
the hang of it.
Ha, ha, two points.
Come on, kid.
You wouldn't shoot
an unarmed man, right?
I mean, let's face it,
you don't have the...
Now that's for calling her ugly.
I can't believe that.
I do. Your Uncle sent
some guy out to kidnap us.
Who knows what he's doing
to your brother, or Lisa.
Think about it.
He gives you
this graduation present,
and then sends you out
into the middle of nowhere.
And then zaps you
with some machine
that does God knows
what to you.
He knew you guys would be
coming along. I told him.
Why would he let me bring my
friends If I was the experiment?
Wouldn't he want to keep
that a secret or something?
Hey, look over there.
Are you sure about this?
Gwen, we've got
to call the police.
I know, but here?
It's the only place for Miles.
Yeah, just hurry.
I've got signs
and signifiers
gossipers and liars
twist me every way
they wanna go
Hey, you can't be in here.
I need to use your phone.
The what?
The phone.
Kid, get out of here.
Denny, let's go.
It's an emergency.
You can use the phone
in my truck.
You stole my step-daughter,
and you come to my bar.
Hell, I had half a caddy out
looking for you, little morons.
Earl, stop it!
Sheriff Desoto
was going to get out
his damn search chopper
to look for you guys.
We went camping.
Well, I hope you had
a good time, boy,
because you're going
to camp your ass
in a holding cell for a week.
Maybe a month If
ed can swing it.
Let go of him.
You're choking him.
Missy, you just wait
till I get you home.
You're not gonna have it easy.
You're having trouble
breathing, bastard?
Well, you should
have thought of that
before you stole
my little girl.
What the hell is that?
Hey, that's sort of nice.
Where'd you get this?
Did you steal it, too?
Earl harland, you put
him down, right now!
Yeah? What are you
going to do about it?
Or I'll put you down like
the rabid dog that you are.
Wait! You're on fire.
Let go of him.
I'll give you
to the count of three.
Gwen. Gwen.
Stop. Stop.
What did I do?
What did I just do?
Denny, what are we going to do?
I can't go back in there.
I just set him on fire.
We'll go to jail.
I don't know.
If we don't do something,
he's gonna die.
No, no. No, no, no, no.
I... I didn't mean to do it.
I just saw him
threatening you and...
And then my hands
they started burning.
Gwen, stop.
Calm down.
I have an idea.
What's going on out here?
Good lord, is that Earl?
Unless you want
to end up like him,
get inside, and call
an ambulance right now!
Okay, miss, take it easy.
Nothing's the matter,
everything's cool.
We only have 10 minutes
until the cops get here.
Whatever you're going to do,
do it fast.
Mr. harland,
this might hurt.
I'm okay.
So is he.
We got to go. Help me up.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm...
If you ever,
ever think about touching me
or my mother again,
remember what just happened.
Remember what I can do to you.
Morning, little dude.
What happened?
Well, Timmy, the driver man,
hit you with some
sort of tranquilizer.
Then dragged you
down the Mountain.
I followed you guys,
kicked his ass,
and here we are.
How you feeling?
Sore. Yeah.
Hard to think.
Where's here?
Well, I took you
to the one place
I knew they wanted to go.
Where they took Lisa and Denny.
Uncle Billy said they were going
to take Denny to a hospital.
Yeah, well, Tim the
driver said otherwise.
Some pretty weird stuff
happened while you were asleep.
Like what?
How did you?
I don't know how it works,
and I don't know
how it happened,
but I can do this.
Oh! Hey.
do you remember that light
that was on top of the Mountain?
I think... I think it
did something to us.
I think it changed us.
Einstein theorized
that teleportation
was tied to quantum
but nothing like you're doing.
How do you feel
when you teleport?
Do you feel
different every time?
Well, I feel fine.
I feel great!
You know,
I just... I just think about
where I want to go and
I focus and then...
I'm there.
Here you try.
Not quite the same thing.
Uh. I don't know
what they did to us.
And all clues point
to these guys.
Let's go do some
breaking and entering.
Pull over.
What? Why?
Can you just pull over?
Everything okay?
I just nearly killed
my step-dad,
do you think I'm okay?
I just need a minute.
Things were happening really,
really fast back there and...
I know this might sound weird,
but could you hold me?
Yeah, okay.
Earl's gonna be okay, Gwen.
I fixed him,
like you fix cars.
People aren't cars, Denny.
I just...
I just shot flames
from my hands.
You just saved a man's
life by concentrating.
Who are we?
What have we become?
What you are, sweetie,
is in a whole lot of trouble.
And don't even
think about using
that flame-on stuff on us.
Let's go.
Who are you guys, anyway?
Tell me.
Sir, they are contained.
Heading towards you now.
Who's that you're
talking to, huh?
Is that my Uncle?
Tell me!
Say good night, kiddo.
You're awake.
What did you do to her?
Just ran some tests.
I swear, If you hurt her
in any way
I'm gonna...
You'll what?
You'll healed me!
We were unsure what
the postman energy
would do to your body.
And after your little
outburst in the operating room
I decided to give
you some distance.
And to make sure you
weren't going to be
like your father and...
My father?
He never told you
what happened?
How he crippled you?
His own son.
Postman zero,
one in 25 billion.
Your father is a...
True anomaly.
Your father possessed
great power.
I was there the first time
it manifested.
Wait, what was that?
Oh, maybe...
Maybe it was the boogeyman.
Kevin, I'm serious,
I heard something.
Oh, come on, It's probably
some kid just playing pranks.
It's Halloween,
you're just spooking yourself.
You sure?
Sure, I'm sure.
And, hey, If it was the
boogeyman, let him come.
I'll always protect you,
little brother.
Kevin's body didn't
know what to do
with the zero energy so it
violently expelled it.
Your father very nearly
killed a young boy that night.
I wanted to experiment on him.
See how far these
abilities could go.
He refused.
He would hide his talents,
no matter the cost.
So I travelled the world,
recruiting like-minded
individuals to help me.
And we began a worldwide hunt
for potential
postman candidates.
We drained the
gene pool of those
who did not match our needs.
And then,
i heard about your accident.
I reached out to Kevin,
offered help, guidance.
He took me at my word.
The fool.
We built this to
contain Kevin's energies
in hope that we might
be able to replicate it
in someone else.
because of my own
it was not me.
It was me.
What none of us
could've anticipated
was that the zero energy
filtered through you
and into your friends,
giving each one of them
different abilities.
So... So what you're saying
is you all turned me
and my friends
into super people?
Not for very long.
With the advancements
that we've made
in studying you
and your friends
as well as developing
my own cocktail,
I can siphon
the zero energy into me.
My own special mix.
It allows my body to
process the zero energy.
And then what?
Rule the world?
Nothing so silly.
If America is to
have Posthumans,
so should any country
who wants to defend themselves.
So you're gonna start
a super power cold war
and sell yourself to
the highest bidder?
And here I thought Archie
was the smart one.
It all just comes down
to money.
You're just a simple conman.
But I'll be an
exceptionally rich,
and dangerous conman, Denny.
The man I've strived to be.
we're not entirely sure
what the transference process
will do to you teenagers.
Death is a possibility.
Start with the cheerleader.
Wait! No!
Give me more.
Sir, If we turn up the
machine, we might kill her.
The man asked for more.
You can't always do
what you want.
Find him!
I saw this on YouTube.
Archie, turn off the machine.
Stay away from
the control panel, young man.
I think I killed the off switch
when I hit that guy.
Get Lisa free.
That's really...
Oh, what a shame.
Basketball stars' careers
go with a bang.
Sleeping beauty's not
even awake to see it.
Guess who woke up.
You okay?
Sure. Typical weekend
for me, you know.
after we save the world
and all,
you think maybe
you and I could, you know...
Yeah. Yeah!
Yeah! We definitely could.
So, you wanna...
Or we could...
We should...
Go search the perimeter.
Yes! Totally, yes!
Search the perimeter.
We gotta find a place for
everyone to get out of here.
How'd you find us?
We snuck in and followed
everyone else.
Heard about Uncle Billy's
mad sciency plan.
Is she...
She's dead.
Where is my brother?
Denny! Where's dad?
Dad left.
Four, five, six. Again.
Hey, guys, we could really
use some help out there.
Arch, go with him.
What... What am I supposed to do?
I can't stop what I'm doing.
Those steel bindings were...
You tore through them like
they were coke cans.
You've got strength now,
The bad guys get in our path,
Denny, I'm sorry for
being such an ass...
Language, buddy. Now go.
Lisa, I need you to wake up.
I never got to tell you
that... I... I need you.
I never got to tell you
when we were together.
And you picked me up
when I was at my lowest,
when I was ready to give up.
And I'll never forgive myself
for letting you break up with me
and all that stupid stuff
that happened afterwards.
So can... Can you just
wake up for me
so that I can tell you all that?
Come on, Lisa. Come on. Wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.
Five. Four...
Back for more?
Hey, were you gonna
ask me on a date back there?
Oh, well maybe If you play
your cards right.
Are you all right?
I just caught a bullet.
There should be
a hole in my hand.
I just caught a bullet.
Watch this.
Gwen, now.
Please. Please, Lisa, wake up.
I would give anything for you
to wake up right now. Come on.
We still have energy in us
come on, Lisa, If I have
to give up everything I will.
There's so much
energy in us
there's so much
energy in us
It worked.
Denny. Denny.
I heard you. Wherever
I was, I heard you.
I love you.
I love you.
Yo, we got to go.
Somebody triggered
the self-destruct sequence.
Help me walk.
- You're alive!
- What happened?
Long story.
Okay, so, Uncle Billy needs
his next fix of zero energy
but he couldn't get it from us.
But dad went after him, too,
so where else could he have...
What do you mean Oh?
He went where he knew
there was spare zero energy.
Back where it all started.
Are you sure you
want to do this?
I mean, you saw those roads,
this is now the only
way up the Mountain.
We're the only ones
who can stop Uncle Billy.
No one else can.
Adam, do you think you can
teleport Denny up the Mountain?
No, no,
it doesn't work like that.
I tried to carry
Archie earlier,
but I can't take
other people with me.
Come on.
Okay, this is the fastest way.
Dude, you don't have any gear.
It doesn't matter,
Archie's going to carry me.
I'm gonna what?
But I've never even
climbed before.
Why is the Mountain there?
So it can be conquered, but...
Dude, you're basically
superman right now.
You got this.
And I'll be with you.
I'll coach you
every step of the way.
I need your help.
Sometimes the older brother's
gotta lean on the younger one.
All right.
Got him?
Yeah. He's pretty light.
Of course he is when
you're so strong.
You are such a cheerleader.
Right, I'm gonna be all
over this cliff face.
So If you need me just scream.
Don't worry,
If something goes wrong
You'll hear the scream.
Oh, you got this.
Up, up and away.
Looking well rested, brother.
You used me.
Like I use everyone.
Life's more fun that way.
Stop what you're doing.
I've only just begun.
I don't think so.
Hey, Denny?
We found dad.
All I ever wanted was
to be something more.
Something bigger
than what I was.
evolution found you first.
And you didn't even want it.
I didn't choose
this life for myself.
William, you had a
chance to be normal.
To live without constantly
putting your family in danger.
I didn't want a family!
Sometimes a family finds you
whether you want them or not.
And for the record,
I think you'd make
a very terrible father figure.
What's it going to be,
Uncle Billy?
You're gonna take
some responsibility?
Or fight?
Why do I waste
my energy on you?
Look at you.
The zero energy
didn't want you either.
And I don't need you anymore.
Archie, do you think you can
hack the machine and reverse it?
Let me go.
I...I don't know. Maybe.
Use that brain
and figure it out, man.
I used to protect you
from everything.
Bullies, our horrible father.
But now I just want to
throw you to the wolves.
Uh, I think I did it.
Throw the switch, Archie.
Throw the switch now!
Betsy Jessica barnet.
This is going to take forever.
You're just mad you're
not walking with them.
I can still fry you, you know.
Hey, fry me and I won't tutor
you for summer school.
Dennis Nathaniel Burke.
Go Denny!
Oh, there he is.
Still need to learn
to control that.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I present the graduating class
of pellian city high school.
Okay, so everyone smile.
Say, zero energy.
I mean, cheese.
All right.
Thank you.
So, are you excited
about going back
to work at the shop?
It's a good job,
and it should tie me over
until I can make
enough money to move.
Where are you moving?
I hear Florida's nice.
And until then you're
just gonna have to
port back and forth to see me.
No, I don't know If I can
come back every weekend.
Oh, don't worry,
I'll put a fire under you.
So we going
to that party later, man?
For sure. You definitely have
to hit me up about that...
I'm so sorry.
I... I'm sorry.
Hey, genius.
You know what, my bad.
Free punch. Okay?
Ready. Ready?
don't forget to drink your milk.
So out in Uncle Billy's land,
I mean, the scientists, the
buildings, what happened?
It's just all gone.
It's like they were never there.
They gutted everything.
We think there must
have been some plan
in case Uncle Billy
ever disappeared.
What about your dad?
He hasn't turned up.
The last blast completely
fixed me though.
Doctors said it was
a minor miracle.
Denny, there's nothing
minor about it.
It was a miracle though.
Lisa, I've been thinking.
We've been through a lot
the past few days.
The past few months.
And I've been trying
to make sense of it all.
I was unfair to you,
when we were together.
I was hurt and I closed off.
But, when I nearly lost you
back there it almost killed me.
I want to be a better man.
I want to be there
for you. Always.
I want us to be happy together.
Me, too.
So, why did we break up?
Because I was waiting
for you to figure that out.
And now?
I think you've made a pretty
successful recovery.
High school's tough.
Sometimes I felt like
i was all alone,
but really I had help
all along.
There was family.
Your family is what
you make it,
but with the right people
supporting you,
you can overcome any obstacle,
defeat any villain.
Yesterday I woke up
and I thought
i knew everything there
was to know about my life.
But what I learned is this.
We're not just regular people,
we're something more.
We're heroes.
Now joke came around,
feet off the ground
thinks he loves you,
loves you when you get down
Oh, my time is running out
and, yes, my fists
ready for a shootout
I'll beat his ass,
turn that grin into a frown
me and you
we're never coming down
you got nothing wrong
you killa
thrilla in manila
the lipstick stains
on your boxing gloves
you got what I love,
you got what I love
Whatcha gonna do
when I fight for you
Whatcha gonna do
when I fight for you
thrilla in manila
thrilla in manila
Whatcha gonna do
when I fight for you
Whatcha gonna do
when I fight for you
thrilla in manila
thrilla in manila
thrilla in manila
I'll set fire
on the Western coast
creepin' like a child
when you know It's close
wishbone called
and I know It's late
gonna set my body
on fire today
and you could change
your mind
If you can get away
yes, we can go
and face the past
and play the getaway
If you know that
you're all right
you can get away
If you find another time
there's still things to say
If you called it out loud
fever coming down
and you heard him say
If you know
that you're all right
left for a bruiser
when the sun came down
my body is broken no feel
left that can be found
wishbone called
and I know It's late
I'd set my body
on fire today
and you could change
your mind
If you can get away
yes, we can go
and face the past
and play the getaway
If you know
that you're all right
you can get away
If you find another time
there's still things to say
If you called it out loud
fever coming down
and you heard him say
If you know
that you're all right
Found him
on the Mountain last week.
Third degree burns
over 95% of his body.
We had to restrain him,
kept attacking the orderlies.
He talk yet?
Just keeps saying one word,
over and over again.
Calm down, son.
I know you're angry.
Them Burke boys
did this to you?
I know them Burke boys,
Mr. Finch, from way back.
Nothing but trouble.
You get yourself all healed up,
then you come see me.
About time I brought
some trouble of my own
down on them Burke boys.