The Power of the Resurrection (1958) Movie Script

The one called Marcus
I'm the one who really wants take me no
Peter we'll get around to you later
come along
I'm afraid I can't help it I can't help
torture in torture all of us people that
frame a yes I can't face that I can come
if I were brave like you it would be
different but your health feels inside
you there's a pounding like your heart
might burst the pit of your stomach Liz
or not you want to run away but you
can't so if all the others weren't here
you you'd start to cry like a child yes
I know how it feels to be afraid
you are to the bravest man I ever met
you should know the truth it may help
you in the times we have ahead of us I
can't believe that you were ever afraid
loud and boastful I was oh how proud I
was of my faith in the master when we
set out for Jerusalem for the Passover
and when we stopped at Bethany crowds
throng through the streets to see
especially after what they had heard
about Lazarus
but among the crowd with one man who had
come from Jerusalem on a very serious
mission he had been drawn to Bethany by
more than idle curiosity
man is lucky to find anything at all the
weekend better today there's never been
a day like when I heard the news
Jerusalem earlier this morning I just
had to come and see for myself
difficult to believe I grant you but I
was there both time both time day we
placed him in his tone and the day he
walked out tell me the man who did this
this miracle you know him never saw him
before he's from Galilee well his
disciples you know any of them seen them
but I don't know them now Lazarus I do
know him did you see him no but you
should but to see Lazarus is like
touching the hand of the Almighty
now don't misunderstand a man believes
in God all his life but how many of us
are privileged to see such proof a man
who God has reached down and raised from
the dead God has raised people say it's
the Galilean but could anyone do such a
thing except that low mighty did it
through him you'll raise an interesting
question my friend one the first about
his disciples there's one of them now
plain looking man plainly closed they're
all like that pretty undistinguished
looking but yes want us to judge by him
thank you
they told me who you were I didn't
believe it
what did you say you're one of his
disciples yes my name is Judas what
about it it's just strange that's all
disciples of a man who can do such
wonderful things and you go around like
this I should think you'd be able to
simply snap his fingers behold another
miracle foods
why whatever you wish just for the
wishing that should be easy enough for a
man who can raise the dead they will all
see his power soon enough especially the.
Romans so that's now that begins to make
sense you feel the same I do
there will be no freedom in Judea until
the Romans are driven out just good to
meet a friend where are you from
Jerusalem Jerusalem he needs friends in
Jerusalem I would talk with you more we
have little to talk about we already
agree but what about the other disciples
how do they feel the same I don't know
they're a strange impractical lot not
much to build a revolution on but he
doesn't need any of them still it would
help if they were for it which would you
say was the best prospect Simon Peter a
kiss you can appeal to his vanity oh yes
give him the chance he'll talk himself
into it he's your best bet where could I
- find this man here on the marketplace
- I'll point him out.
That tall man he's not alone
that's Lazarus sister Mary it's alright
good I think it would be better my
friend we didn't meet here again but in
Jerusalem as we agreed
here Mary let me Carrie excuse me
I wonder if you good people could help
me I'm looking for a man called Simon.
Peter a fisherman from Galilee they said
so you're the man I am Simon Peter from.
Galilee and I was fishermen now I am his
disciple did you the way he said that
such conviction such a faith now I am
his disciple I like that of course you
must understand that I'm only one of 12
disciples and not always the brightest
as people will tell you and a man with a
sense of humor well now that we've met
we have to talk about what about Lazarus
of course they said you were there I
helped roll away the stone from in front
of the tomb the only everything that
happened don't leave out a single detail
well I I'd like to but we have to finish
buying the food for supper.
Oh Peter if the man is truly interested
I can take care of the food
give it here it is here thank you
I can't thank you enough for taking this
trouble on my account
everyone who wishes to believe in him
should have the chance it's good to find
such faith in these times
come let us find a quiet place to sit to
after we had rolled away the stone
called out Lazarus come forth very air
seemed to vibrate with expectancy there
were a lot of people there who didn't
believe it possible but you did I did
I kept my eyes fixed on the opening of
the tomb in fact I'm sure I was the
first person there to detect any
movement inside and then Lazarus came
out still at his winding-sheet and with
the napkin over his face yes after being
dead for days
remarkable tell me did your masters say
anything a prayer he said
father I thank thee that you have heard
me I know that you hear me always well I
have said this so that the people who
stand by will believe that you sent me
in other words he was proving something
to the people by raising Lazarus he said
so that the people would know that God
had sent him ah God had sent him
tell me does um does he see this often
he has always said it why what
difference does it make him he says it
often you you must admit it's an unusual
say plan to be said by God in this way
saying that verges on blasphemy its
blasphemy only to those who don't
believe it
in the eyes of the law to believe is
blasphemy as well and blasphemy can mean
death why you
don't trust you wait
so I want to talk to you
it must be great danger to bright in a
manner because you who are you
I'm Samuel the armorer this is my shop
didn't realize you might say I supply
assurance to the unsure men who don't
trust themselves somehow have trust in
the weapons I make that's a beautiful
tomorrow that will be bought by a Roman
and the next day it may kill one of us
this beautiful thing you don't like the
work you do if one could make only the
beautiful handles and not the blades it
would be fine work in fact as I have
said often to my grandson what are you
doing here by night my friend is from.
Galilee he he's about to make the
journey back you know how the road is
infested with bandits and he came to get
a weapon to protect himself as long as
he isn't one of the bandits himself you
can take my word for it we'll remember
that this man gets into trouble don't
expect mercy from Caesar understand of
course sir
took a great chance for me if the Romans
one doesn't breathe without taking a
another thing you said I was from.
Galilee you knew I came here with him I
assumed so when you really did this for
him here you're escaping from danger
when you came here
there will be more danger my master
believes in the way of peace not
everyone who wants to live in peace is
allowed to yea me with this with a sword
I don't even know how to use it we're
gonna like this better
teachers that's rude
god we've been looking all over for you
what's this but what's wrong with this.
Johnny's going to need protection and
I'm going to give it to him you said you
were looking for me yes
leaving Bethany we're on our way to.
sure well I'm ready no matter what
dangers facing there you can depend on
me thanks friend so you were on your way
to Jerusalem must have been exciting oh
it was where do what are you done in
Bethany had preceded him and the streets
were crowded with people they sang and
cheered and cried Hosanna blessed is he
who comes in the name of the Lord not
been very proud that we were we were
she laughs at you I never afraid
abandoned himself can be proud and vain
and boastful one day and very frightened
the next I cut it out just listen to me
we enter the city in triumph and we were
very proud John Thomas my brother Andrew
and I and all the race perhaps we would
have felt differently those if we'd
known what is going on the quarters of
the high priest Karras
almost three years I've been saying we'd
have to deal with this man well the time
is here see for yourself
chaos assume the people cheer today they
forget tomorrow yes we will pull his
pilot forget father-in-law we have to be
practical about it but if the story we
heard from Bethany is a fraud that's not
offensive Pilate believes we've lost our
control over the people man claims he's.
God people are beginning to believe it
look at them holding up their children
to see this man singing and cheering
what if he would enter the temple now
then who would be the power there you
are this man he has no power in the
temple until he can appoint high priests
as I have a point of view that is power
what is he father-in-law I just noticed
he rides on a donkey I thought about the
same thing the Prophet Zechariah once
said the Messiah will enter Jerusalem on
the back of a donkey
of course the man was shrewd enough to
be an impostor he would prepare himself
with the details of the prophecy but
that wouldn't make him less dangerous so
when the word came from Bethany I
thought it best to send an investigator
right away without telling me it had to
be done quickly and now I suppose he is
back I'm waiting to see me
all right bringing
well what did you find in Bethany the
story about raising the dead man yes yes
it's true nonsense
du sommet proves that he is the Messiah
but there are others who feel that with
such power he could drive the Romans out
of our country you see what if Pilate
hears such talk revolution you know how
it is in this city at Passover time with
the memory of the deliverance from the
Egyptians people talk of nothing but
freedom still if we take open steps
against this Galilee and now during the
holiday it might be a protest from the
people what if we could find a way a
quiet way quickly tell it there is one
of his disciples a man with a natural
bent for conspiracy I could bring him
here to know Allah and no ambition but
his power to drive the Romans out I sell
any other ambition money I think that's
enough to work with bring him to see me
as soon as you can
one thing you must get out of your mind
at once we are no friends the Romans
here if all times we give that
impression it is only to make it
possible to have a temple for our people
to worship it I understand that worthy
honest so if you and your master have
plans at least let us work with you
together there is no doubt could succeed
if he would do it here
I thought surely after the Welcome they
gave him he would he would realize his
power and use it but there's no sign no
sign at all he talks a great deal of a
new Kingdom a new world I'm beginning to
think he doesn't mean the same thing as
we do and you are disappointed and
rightly so but he asked the twelve of us
to celebrate the preparation of the.
Passover with him maybe maybe that's
when he will say the word but if he
I don't know some men must have
opportunity thrusted I don't understand
if he were in danger than the Romans is
there any Galilean in the city who had
refused to fight for him or any Judea
neither after the Welcome they gave him
no well then if he were placed in a
position that seemed dangerous the.
Galileans would have to fight for him
and he himself would have to lead them
no man could resist saving his own life
buddy that's a very interesting idea
wait how do I know you will go through
with it
here take this as a token of my intent
quite heavy 30 pieces of silver just as
a token if he says anything to you about
an uprising how problem is solved if not
you were to come back and tell me and we
will do the rest
a green good he will be back after the
piece don't worry so even before the
feast Judas agreed to betray him we
didn't know or even suspect when I look
back on it I realize how little we did
know that night but you mean Jesus no
and because he knew he had much to teach
us at that Last Supper is when he knelt
and washed our feet as a mere servant
right and after he had done it you
joined us at the table and we waited
expectantly for his word John Thomas all
of us now I say to you one of you will
betray me no I'm afraid not a price was
I you Lord behold the hand of him that
betrays me is with me on the table
woe to that man by whom the Son of Man
is betrayed it would have been better
for that man if he had not been born
what you are going to do do quickly.
Take eat this is my body broken for you
do this in remembrance of me
drink of it all of you for this is my
blood of the new covenant which is
poured out for many for the forgiveness
of sins
now is the son of man glorified and in
him God is glorified blood
yet a little while I am with you where I
am going you cannot come Lord where are
you going
you cannot follow me now why I'm not
afraid I will lay down my life for you
will you lay down your life for me Lord
how can you doubt my loyalty my love for
you is complete and beyond question I
say to you the cock will not crow till
you have denied me three times
deny you our Lord
Peter can you see
he nails by himself and appraised
never seen him like this before faces
some terrible trouble uh only tell us we
could protect him we must wait any word
of any report none and the next move is
up to us fortunately we are ready you'll
find a band of soldiers waiting for you
in the courtyard you have only to lead
them to him then we bring him here and
spread word of his capture throughout
the city Oh No
before we spread the word with miss turn
him over to the Romans after all that is
what will stir up the people if he is a
prisoner of the Romans
of course now go soldiers are waiting
for you
get ready we have a whole night ahead of
So you could not watch with me one hour
all of you pick up we got I'm sorry
master we we meant to stay awake and
watch but somehow yes the Spirit is
willing but the flesh is weak
rise see my betrayer is at hand
betrayer for where Oh
whom do you seek Jesus of Nazareth
I am he I have to make sure those are my
orders go on.
I told you that I am he let these men go
see that man put back your sword for all
those who take the sword will perish by
the sword March
was there
step into the light
let's see your face what do you want
here I'm a visitor to the city making a
holiday pilgrimage hi I have no place to
stay I was looking for a fire to warm
myself there's a fire in the gatehouse
you can warm yourself there
what do you want here why just to warm
myself by your fire that's all Oh
welcome in a man was led in here a few
moments ago he was from Galilee I
thought you might know him a man a
prophet of some kind do you know him no
I don't know why I was just asking
that's all
and enough it's a holiday I have to have
a trial to the way we went to capture it
that's not right on a holy day does he
really believe he's the Messiah he's
very calm very brave for the kind of
danger ease in
want to know something we didn't capture
him but I thought he came with us
voluntarily in fact it seemed for a
moment like he was in command what do
you think they'll do to him now any man
who threatens the power of the high
priest is in real danger I know
still how did you get in here yeah they
told me I could warm myself at your fire
all right but be quiet no matter what
happens you think it'll take long I
don't know what are they doing in there
testify that this man is blasphemy
nothing more witnesses are needed there
is yet one more
did you hear that last the penalty for
that is death course why do you think AF
has called all those judges together in
the middle of the night after all you
know him he was in the gatehouse a
little while ago what's he doing here
oh you think he's connected with that
one in there you're making a mistake I
don't know that man Something About You
seems familiar to the worthy high priest
spoke about a special witness can we see
him I was told to keep that door closed
yes but for something so special all
but keep quiet you heard the other
witnesses who testified you said I am
able to destroy the temple of God and
rebuild it in three days did you say
that I think your silence is answer
enough but I think too that any man who
claims to do such miracles is a
blasphemer and I scroll prove it I pre
seems pretty sure of himself
I adjure you by the Living God tell us
if you are the Christ the Son of God I
ask you again
are you the Christ the Son of the.
Blessed I I am there is no need to hear
any more the man convicts him self
now I know when we came to take him at.
Gethsemane you defended him you cried
out you drew your sword that's how I
know you you are one of his fault I'm
not I tell you I don't know that man I
never did
I'm gonna fuck
better not to have been born dogs to be
where have you been all night what is it
Thomas what have they done to him then
you didn't know
it is finished
father into thy hands I commend my
let's get on with it so we can remove
the crosses - yes sir captain yes what
is it
from Pontius Pilate himself are you the
judge Joseph of arimathea referred to in
here I am alright then the body of that
that prophet
this man has permission to take it My
servants will tend to it if you don't
mind let them out of my hands now
the winding cloth the napkin to cover
his face everything according to our
now the storm.
Yes I guess this storm will do but I
will see to it that there is no
tampering with this burial what is the
meaning of this Pontius Pilate himself
gave me permission to bury him
that was before Anna's and calf has
warned him about the prophecy prophecy
yes you should know you were present at
the trial.
Oh destroy the temple and in three days
I will rebuild it exactly except that he
was not referring to any temple but to
his own body it was a prophecy that he
would rise again after being three days
dead well you will not have any chance
to carry away his body and say that he
arose and left by himself
later there will be no miracles here and
no hysteria Caesar will forbid it so
Caesar will forbid God
you really believe that my dear friend
it won't matter what anyone believes
once we have done our job excuse me
well is everything to your satisfaction
quite captain have them roll up the
stone to cover the entrance completely
desert and forward
no but everyone know that whoever
tampers with this tomb defies the
authority of Caesar every moment of the
next three days there must be guards
here you you stand guard here see that
they are replaced at regular intervals
they will be
now if he wants to come out let him.
I tell you I'm getting tired of being
made fun of we're getting to be known as
the graveyard Patrol well I heard them
to say it headquarters this the last day
we'll be here what's so important about
this one anyhow I don't know yet if so
many important people are so worked up
about it
maybe something too
no hand no power that anyone could see
and the stone was rolled away and his
body was gone so the women discovered
when they went bringing spices to the
tomb back they went to the upper room
and when they had told us John and I
went at once to see for ourselves
year out empty
and he is not here
what does it mean
men have done this cannot be for any
good purpose but if God has done it
well just as you said he's not there
come we must tell the others at once
marry I will wait here it could be
nevertheless I will wait
if we hadn't seen for ourselves if he
hadn't appeared to us here in this very
room not when I was here true yet we saw
I say again not till I see the nail
wounds the place where the spears struck
can I believe
peace be with you Lord you heard what I
said I'm so ashamed
Thomas place your finger here and see my
than May of wounds put out your hand and
place it here in my side.
I love hurtin my god you believe because
you have seen me blessed are those who
have not seen yet believe
unless that are those who have not seen
yet believe is led his words still I've
been there to have seen it after that
one could have had no more fears so I
would have thought but he knew us better
than we knew ourselves we needed more
than that so he came to us again once on
the shores of Galilee he shared his meal
with us and after the meal I could not
wait I had to speak to him I had two lon
what is that you want me to do
follow me you asked me to follow you and
by your grace I will ask me to tend your
sheep and I'll do that as will we all
but you you know us well our faith is
not perfect our courage a complete can
men like us be worthy of your trust
fulfill your mission where will we find
the strength that we have lacked before
yes Lord tell us you shall receive power
when the Holy Spirit has come upon you
and you shall be my witnesses in
Jerusalem and to the uttermost parts of
the earth Jerusalem
if that is your command we will go back
to Jerusalem and wait for what must
happen as you've said my brothers days
have gone by 47 to be exact and still no
sign of the Holy Spirit as we were
promised so I say let's not wait any
longer if once I doubt it now I believe
more than the rest of you I am ready to
go forth now and tell the world what I
have seen and no Thomas we were told to
wait for what he is the Messiah sent of.
God to die for us
and now he has risen what more can there
be James let me answer course Peter
perhaps for some to see something is to
know it perhaps to know it is enough but
I have reason to know the small thing
man is by himself and I say it is not
enough to know something here or even
though it here because a man by himself
can waver he can dispute what is here he
can change what is here
a man is a different thing by date and
he is by night a hungry man is different
from the same man well fed a man at
peace in his own house is not the same
as a man facing an angry world and so I
I cannot have faith in man alone nor in
myself alone
perhaps if I'd once had faith and then
lost it I'd feel the same Thomas I tell
you this there is no man among you
believed more strongly than I yet I
denied him
no man wished more to be perfect yet no
man failed worse but don't you see man
by himself can be faithless in a coward
but Christ is our foundation we are
built on him once he named me Peter the
but unless I am built on him I am a
rolling stone
there is no power or authority in me but
with the Risen living Lord Jesus with
I can be all the things I want to be so
can we all and so I say we wait till the.
Holy Spirit comes upon us yes
we wait
and the Holy Spirit came upon you on the
fiftieth day the Pentecost there was
never anything like it like a mighty
rushing of the wind that came upon us
we were in eternity and yet very much in
time we were possessed and he had more
complete masters of ourselves than ever
before we were completely in his power
and yet free for the first time Christ
was alive in heaven and yet now within
us it had gone yes it had come to us but
there were others who still did not know
or believe still worried 7 weeks had
gone by no sign of trouble from his
followers perhaps we're rid of the whole
are we father-in-law you're unduly
concerned and you're not concerned that
he chose to die is that all you can
think about that man what he said indeed
I am afraid
destroyed this
it started to happen I start what is it
what happen is followers they're no
longer in hiding they're coming through
- the city streets yep they're like like
- men inspired and the people when the.
People see them they begin to follow
them where they're on their way to the
gates of the temple now you see once
they started the first sign of danger
now they are back inspired resolute like
men on fire I'm serious we may need help
as Pilate people send some soldiers yes
yes it was listen to me
the Romans
did Pilate send any men look around you
good surely you won't dare speak now we
hadn't expected it would be easy
men of Israel the God of Our Fathers
glorified His Son Jesus whom you
delivered up and denied in the presence
of Pilate when he was determined to let
him go you denied the holy and righteous
one and asked for a murderer to be
released to you you killed the Prince of
life whom God raised from the dead to
this we are witnesses and by faith in
his name men have been healed and made
strong brethren I know that you acted in
ignorance as did your rulers but what.
God foretold through all the prophets
that Christ should suffer he thus
fulfilled repent therefore be converted
and turn again that your sins may be
blotted out
you are the sons of the prophets the
cycle is going too far
he'll pay for every word of this with
his wife don't you think he you know is
that yet it doesn't frighten you must
get worried something something has
happened to them turning everyone of you
what you see they are not the same no
anyone else for there is no other name
under heaven given among men by which we
must be saved I tell you again God has
raised him up because it was not
possible for him to be held by the pangs
of death
facing your enemies with Roman soldiers
there and you spoke out like that I only
hope that I can be that brave when my
turn comes you can be led you can do all
things through Christ who strengthens
you I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me
yes I have seen it transform the lives
of so many people the week become a
strong cowards brave if he lives within
us we have nothing to fear either those
dangers that threaten us from without
now the corrosion of our own sins within
added the power of his resurrection it
was not just for the day in which he
rose from the dead himself for Pentecost
when the Holy Spirit came upon us with
such power it is for today for you and
for me wrong time and all places those
who come after us and believe in him as
their Savior and Lord he is alive and
because he is they destroy us we talked
you have the one called Peter yes your
next course
well that
Christ be with you Peter and I would
like you to know that from now on he
lives within me too