The Prayer (2018) Movie Script

Father Francis said you'd overdosed
and that you really wanted to get out of it. It is true ?
You want a coffee ?
Lucas ?
Can you bring us two coffees? - Yes.
You've explained how to walk home?
Here the rules are tough. It is strict.
Must be motivated to take.
Will there be anything to help.
Medicines or alcohol or cigarettes, or contact with the outside.
Neither girls.
They live in another house.
All your energy should be devoted to prayer and work.
And friendship too.
The first month, you'll never be alone.
There will be a boy with you, day and night.
It is called "guardian angel". It's like a brother.
It has the same suffering. You can confide in him.
Do not worry, nobody judges you here.
We all experienced the same things.
I have long fought with alcohol.
I was a man destroyed
without projects without future.
And I rebuilt myself here with this house.
By the grace of God.
Your panties too.
Its good.
Just go.
Come on.
In the name of the Father ... - THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.
I believe in god...
SUFFERED UNDER Pontius Pilate,
WAS CRUCIFIED ... - Take your hands.
Thanks guys.
Our God became man
For man to be God
inexhaustible mystery
Fountain of salvation
When God sets the table
He invites his friends
To live his covenant
And share his life
Wonder of wonders
Miracle date
For us, God surrenders
In this Eucharist
Hunt any indolence
Christ is among us
For his creature
Be transformed into him
Let our hearts recognize ?? c
With bread and wine
The only necessary
That surpasses all good
What our eyes behold
Without beauty or majesty
It is love that lowers
And raises us to him
Here. Take mine.
You will arrive better.
Please do not cut straight, but slightly skewed.
That's the little secret.
You got two legs,
two arms, a brain.
You're like the others.
There's no reason you can not do.
Thank you so much. - Thank you, Olivier.
Hi Olivier.
See you next week. - Goodbye.
I take that? - The first.
I handed jam. - Great, thank you.
Goodbye, Agnes. Thank you. - Goodbye.
Goodbye thanks. - Goodbye.
Hello. - Hello.
I am the wife of Olivier.
What's your name? - Thomas.
Are you new? How long have you're up there?
Uh ... Three weeks.
It's okay? This is not too hard?
It's okay. - Come on, take this crate.
Thomas, hurry!
Hurry up!
Thank you !
Dude, what are you doing here?
I just see what you've done. - Go outside!
This is not good, that!
Oh, Thomas !
Thomas ?
Thomas ?
Thomas ?
Thomas ?
Guys, I'm here!
Thomas ?
I'm here !
Here I met friends,
good people, generous and good.
But I unable to integrate into your community.
I try but I can not.
I will miss you all.
Thank you.
You too will be missed.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, brothers.
This morning when I woke up,
I remembered that it was up to me to the newspaper
and I felt the stress rising in me.
At breakfast, I stayed closed.
Then I went to work with animals with Ben.
The piglets were born at night.
I felt a great emotion.
We prayed together for their birth.
For the 1st time, I felt the friendship between us. I was happy.
After lunch, Eric came to meet me.
I was concerned about keeping a journal.
He told me I had too much pride.
I took my cross and I felt at peace.
Thank you, Eric.
After I started writing the diary.
And I thought back to this phrase of the Gospel:
"For God everything is possible."
Right now, I live a hard time.
I wanted to apologize for my lack of presence
and thank you for your friendship.
It is to you, you have to go ask for forgiveness.
Pardon for what? I did not do anything.
You no right to disappear as you did.
I needed to be alone.
You do not have to justify yourself, just go and ask forgiveness.
It's the rules. Here is respected all.
It is not allowed to be alone.
It's a matter of pride. - And humility.
You must not lie to you to yourself or to others.
It's easier to take drugs
that to confront oneself. That's why you have to change.
You got the impression that everyone is against you,
but if we told you that, it's for your own good.
If you keep your stuff in sweet is that either have nothing to fuck you,
to you in have not finished with this mentality.
Stop drugs, it's easy.
We can tell you, we've all been there.
It's nothing, that.
The hardest thing is to stop with this mentality.
It gnaws you to ... - Shut up!
You break my balls, I left 5 minutes! Band nerds!
Why get mad?
Look at us, we stay calm.
Come, let's walk. - Let go of me, you!
Will walk 5 min with him outside.
We are going outside. - Let go of me!
Let go of me ! - What are you going to do ?
What's your problem ? - Come !
Come on, motherfucker! Come !
Let me go ! - Stop!
Let me go ! Let me go !
Marco !
Thomas, sorry, I did not know how to say things with love.
I got carried away, I admit.
But you showed me a weakness that I have in me.
And for that, I thank you.
You also have to ask forgiveness.
Come on, Thomas, this is yours.
What you did was very serious.
or can not accept the lie and violence.
I know this is difficult for you
and you are guided by your discomfort.
But we, we trust you.
We know you can do it.
Here, there is the therapy time. It is a complete isolation,
in a place away from the other.
It is a time for you to meditate, to think.
It is 10 days without cross other.
10 days? You're sick! I not go!
I will be with you. - Fuck, I'm not metal!
It is the rule. - I'm a fuck!
Let go of me. - Calm down.
Get out of your aggression ... - Shut up!
Do not talk to me. Do not talk to me !
Only your will can save you.
God only gives us the cross that we can bear.
We can only accompany you. - You make me shit with your sentences!
Shut make me want to get wasted!
not talk like that, respect it. - Shut your mouth!
Marco listening. - What are you going to do?
Give me my stuff, I break. - Think.
This is all reflected. Give me my stuff.
Give them to me.
Marco loose. - Give me my business! Whore!
Calm down. Calm down. - Give me my stuff.
Give me my business!
Give me my business!
Calm down.
Let go of me. Let go of me, damn!
Good evening.
Y still has a bus to Grenoble tonight?
Not tonight. Tomorrow morning, if you want.
Tonight's fucked.
And walk, I have for a long time?
Walk? It's super far!
Good evening. - It's okay ?
You know where you're going?
At home in Britain.
you got family there?
No not too much.
Do you really not want me to take you up there?
You can stay here a few days to think.
It not bother us.
There's plenty to do. - It's dead !
Well, good night.
See you tomorrow.
Hi. - Hello.
T'es Thomas?
I Sybille, daughter of Agnes and Olivier.
They left early. It's me that takes you to the car.
Do you want some coffee ? - Yeah, I will.
Thank you. - So, my studio is nice?
It's at your house? I did not know. Your parents put me there.
This is a home for everyone. But I occupy now.
You were among the tox? - Former tox.
Have you cracked?
Y are plenty creaky.
Especially in the beginning.
They usually land here
and after they zonent around.
I returned to Britain.
You're right, there is nothing to do here.
I came back, but I will not belabour.
Where will you go ?
On a dig in Spain.
Yeah. - This is weird stuff like!
Why is it weird?
What is "excavation"? - Ben, archeology.
What is Archeology? - Archeology ...
You know, the fact of seeking underground
traces, vestiges of ancient civilizations.
It's interesting.
Yeah, that's interesting.
I will resume my studies. - Studies of what?
I'm already passing the tray as an independent candidate.
You're stopped at what age?
In the middle of 2nd.
But not believe I was good.
Often you think that we, the tox, we Teubes.
I do not think that.
You were addicted to anything before coming here?
At hero.
Are not you afraid to dive back out?
No. Okay, I get it.
You got what? - That it would lead me nowhere.
have stopped you for how long? - Three weeks.
And in 3 weeks you think you got rid of the dope?
Yes. I weaned.
If I were you, I would go back there.
Yeah, but you're not me.
It is true.
It's dead. They want to fuck me in the dungeon.
I stick a shot if I go back!
We saw pass full, guys like you.
They all ended badly.
Return to it.
This is your only chance to get out of it.
Lord, on this day of penance, I have come to ask you peace,
I want to look at the world with eyes of love,
be patient, understanding, gentle and wise,
watch your children as you see them and see only the good in everyone.
Clothe me of your beauty. And that throughout the day, I reveal to you.
Amen. - Amen.
What do we do now?
We blocked again.
You believed in God before coming? - Not really.
How did it happen?
As an opportunity to force pray.
It still happens to me to doubt.
When I pray, I feel something, but it stops there.
In truth, I have seen God.
So, sometimes, I said:
"Give me a sign, show me that You exist."
And there it goes a little something that gives me confidence.
You have taken the drug for how long?
5 years.
6 years, maybe. But at a good pace.
You turned to what?
At the end,
I attacked at 9 am.
I drank 6 beers months in an hour.
And that was the race for the cam.
I had a job, money, but I deceived everyone.
I was riding in a vacuum.
And then I got married.
I do not know how she could stand me.
One day she got pregnant.
I farted a lead.
When she arrived at 6 months of pregnancy
I was found under a bench. Heart attack.
I was barely saved.
I started Direct. Can you believe that?
I returned to my parents and they made me come here.
I thank them.
And the baby? - Well, he was born.
He is 4 years old now. It's a boy.
You see him often ?
I saw it 3 times since birth.
"I will bless those who bless Thee.
"I rprouverai those who curse Te.
"For thou shall be blessed all the nations of the Earth."
Words of the Lord.
I leave you my place. Go.
Courage. Go ahead.
Do not worry.
"The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear?
"The Lord is the stronghold of my life.
"One thing that I ask the Lord,
"The thing I look for,
"Is to live in the house of the Lord. Every day of my life.
"To enjoy the sweetness of Yahweh, to seek his palace.
"Because it gives me in her hut shelter in times of misfortune,
"He hides me in his tent,
"On the rock, he raised me.
"Now my head be lifted up my rivals that surround it.
"I want to sing, I want to play for Yahweh.
"Hear, O LORD, my cry for help.
"Please answer me.
"Of you my c ?? ur said, 'Seek his face.'
"Your face, LORD, I seek.
"Do not hide your face from me.
"Do not dismiss your servant in anger.
"It is you, my rescue."
Thank you.
Thank you, Thomas.
Thank you very much!
And good night!
Mary the New Eve
And joy of thy Lord
You gave birth to Jesus the Savior
As you open the doors of the garden
Show us the way, the morning star
We salute you, O, Our Lady
Holy Virgin Mary as the sun drapes
Crowned with stars, with the moon under your feet
In you we are given
Back the sun.
Whoever falls of death, it's me.
I am the life.
He who believes in me will never die.
You believe in that?
Yes, Lord.
I believe that you are the Messiah,
the son of God.
Guys, no kidding! - I have not laughed.
There, it laughs. Serious! - It's not me.
Shut up! - We hear you.
Xavier, the sun rises.
Back the sun.
Upper !
Let's go. Action.
Where have you put his body?
Remove the stone.
Lord, he must feel bad ...
It's been 4 days since he was in the tomb.
Remove the stone. - Yes, Lord.
Lord, I thank You
because you always hear me.
And again, you listening.
Lord, not for me, I believe,
but for all who are there see Your glory.
Lazare !
Lazare !
Miracle! - But it's Lazarus!
Oh, fuck!
This is the shit! I stop everything!
"Lazarus, come out of here!"
Hey, who took my clothes?
He will walk in his underwear in front of the girls!
You saw Xavier?
He had to expect, but it disappeared.
Who ?
Xavier disappeared. You help me look for it?
Let's go. - Come help!
We go back ?
I just want to be quiet 5 minutes.
Here, there is no tranquility. It does not exist.
Stop with this stuff.
It will hurt.
Xavier !
OK, calm down.
I can not.
I can not.
Give me something. You necessarily have a trick.
It is not possible otherwise.
No, there's nothing here, and everyone stands.
There's no choice, that's how.
This is normal, you just got here.
I, too, at first, I had 50 paranoid in my head.
But you'll see, it ends up spending.
I swear it ends up spending.
It's been 6 months and I think more to get high.
What are you talking to me? 6 months is an eternity!
I just want to die, make it stop!
I can ... more
Grits his teeth. You no choice.
You get tired? - It's perfect, thank you.
Thank you, Remi.
You're welcome. Hi.
Do not move, I return!
It's okay ?
Yeah. I'm happy to see you.
Why are you not come see me sooner?
I came many times, but never you were there.
I thought you were part of Spain.
I would like.
You got to throw?
No, not yet, but I'll have the answer in September.
It's okay ? You crack it?
Yes a little.
You look good, it's nice.
Yep I'm fine.
I begin to get used to life there.
Even in prayer?
now you're thinking?
I salute you marie...
I dunno. Praying, it makes me feel good. It calms me.
You want me more
to have you pushed back? - I never wanted you in.
On the contrary. Sometimes I tell myself that you saved my life.
Thomas ?
Thomas ?
We made our big summer party tonight.
It would be cool that you spend.
I can not, I'm working.
What are you doing? - I'm a waitress in a restaurant.
You want to come earlier?
It starts at 5 pm.
I person that comes, I'll stay with you.
Ok I will try.
Right away ?
She comes! Quickly she comes!
Hush! - Stop, stop.
I would welcome that ?? s sister Miriam, our heart ?? s benefactress
who honored us with his visit.
We owe him so much,
her who founded this house there are more than 30 years.
I want to thank our Lord Jesus for giving us a woman so good,
bruised too, in the history of his family,
by alcohol and poverty.
We bless for all she did for us.
I also wanted to thank Claire and the girls' house
for their welcome.
And announce that tonight we will celebrate the union of Dzianis
and Agatha.
It is ?? s sister Miriam who will give permission to friendship.
And we hope she will come back in a year
to celebrate their wedding.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I left the house for 2 years.
And tonight, I came
to tell you that we can get by.
Before, I was taking drugs, like many here.
But must say, my story is kind of chaos.
It starts with my father.
It was not what was needed.
He misbehaved with me when I was little.
And then he drank.
And he is dead.
But I had rabies, what.
In the evenings, I started to drug me hard.
I found myself doing striptease
to pay my doses.
I drugged like that for 8 years.
So I made
three hepatitis,
and there I was at the end.
Religion, me, I've never really believed.
For me it was the sects, all that.
My mother believed in God.
One day my sister ?? s, they told me that was going on holiday
and they took me here.
When I realized, I did not even resist.
I knew it was that or death.
It's been 2 years now that I'm out.
I'm clean ,
but drugs, I think about all the time.
It's stored in my head.
I have a job. I am assistant of life.
I will spend a diploma.
I have an apartment.
Otherwise, love side, I am a c ?? ur taking.
But hey, I'm not a gift.
Otherwise, it's okay, I'm all alone.
Already, I'm alive.
Thank you.
Thank you.
My name is Ben.
I had a beautiful childhood,
but I think there was something missing.
I let myself be drawn into the holidays,
alcohol, and after, drugs.
And unfortunately for me,
my father had the money .
Lots of money .
I was flying everywhere, where I broke,
he passed behind me
and he paid.
there was that night ...
I wanted to take the money to my mother.
She surprised me and ...
I hit her.
I would have killed her if my father had not happened ...
to defend it.
He kicked me out.
I was not even 17 years
and I lived on the streets for weeks.
I'm here for a year.
And now...
I speak with my parents almost every week.
And also, they pray.
they told me that finally,
I brought them a lot.
More than they had ever hoped.
I left a 1st time here 4 years ago.
After 3 years here.
I felt strong,
I felt that ...
Louder, please! - Sorry.
I felt I was going to succeed
find my real life in the world outside.
And then, after 6 months of unemployment and odd jobs of all kinds,
Alcohol has taken a place in my life.
It lasted one year.
A year drift
of anything.
Then one morning ...
I took my business
and I came.
I came to the door.
And they welcomed me.
Without asking me anything.
Without judgement.
That I never forget.
It's been 4 years.
And today I feel finally ready to go.
My faith is stronger, more solid.
I feel no obligation to attend church.
I am a believer, but ...
Now, I feel free.
It is ...
I mean the fellow who welcomed me here,
Before I was in the dark and ...
And here...
I have...
It is not serious.
Lazarus is dying for 2 days and you, you do not move.
You do nothing.
Do not you love neither Lazarus nor Mary or Martha?
The-you deny?
The illness of Lazarus will not kill him.
But it will serve to show the glory of God.
And so,
it will show the glory of the son of God.
Anyway, Jesus can not return to Judea.
Jews seeking to kill him. Do not you know?
The Pharisees seek
to stop you, Jesus.
There are 12 hours in a day.
If you walk at night, we fall because we do not see.
Lazarus is dead.
I will resurrect.
What are you doing here?
You have what ? Give what you got.
Given! - I have nothing.
I have nothing. - Vire your hands! Give!
Damn, give me what you got.
Given! Open your fucking hand!
Damn, it was you who brought that shit?
Asshole! You understand what it is?
Do not you have enough drooled? - But breaking up!
Go join your mates. Go to your balance.
What do you take me?
Get out of here !
Get out there!
You too. Remains like an idiot.
Water and blood poured
Saving of sin
We salute you
O thou Notre Dame
Holy Virgin Mary as the sun drapes
Crowned with stars, with the moon under your feet
In you is given to us the dawn of salvation
On the side of your son, you have drawn for us
Water and paid blood that saves from sin
We salute you, O, Our Lady
Holy Virgin Mary as the sun drapes
Crowned with stars, with the moon under your feet
In you is given to us the dawn of salvation
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with you.
You are blessed among women
and Jesus, the fruit of thy womb, is blessed.
Sainte Marie ... - Good evening.
Mother of God,
pray for us,
Come here, boy.
You like to pray? - Yes.
Pray with me then.
Pray for us,
My boy.
You're okay ?
Are you happy here?
Yes, very happy.
Really ?
Yes, my heart ?? s.
Do you have something to tell me ?
No. Marco said you wanted to talk to me.
Yes, it's true.
You know,
when you pray, I hear that you do not really pray.
I know all the prayers and I'll chapel all the time.
I am sure.
I'm sorry for the testimony.
I not get.
It was too complicated for me.
Do you really manage to believe?
Of course.
So are you happy here?
Answer me.
You hear what I'm saying, right?
I ask you if you're happy here, really.
Yes, I am happy.
Answer me again.
You're really happy here?
Yes, I am happy.
You cheat, boy.
You say you think, but you believe not really.
You say you're happy, but you're not happy.
If you kneel here, you kneel before whom
to pray ?
You're living a lie.
And if you live in a lie, you can not be happy.
Come on, crying.
It is the child inside of you I hear crying.
Cry, my boy.
Xavier !
Xavier ?
Xavier ?
Xavier !
Oh, guys! Come, we found it!
Guys, it's here! Come !
Thomas !
It's you ?
There is a companion who has just died.
"Praise of David.
"I'll exaltais, my God, my king."
Praise of David.
I exaltais you, my God, my king.
"And I will bless thy name for ever and whole life."
And I will bless thy name for ever and throughout life.
"Every day I will bless You
"I praise your name again and again."
Every day...
Every day I will bless You
and I will praise your name again and again.
Every day I will bless You
and I will praise your name again and again.
You come in dad's arms?
You're nice to mom, huh?
Good road.
It went well with your family?
You know when they go back?
I dunno.
Why you return to live with them?
Have you taken anything for years. Are you afraid of what?
Here, perhaps, but outside is a different story.
What are you doing? Te you taking your Bible with you?
Well yeah.
That's it, you're hooked!
Not you? - Lets' go.
You, my boy, you will suffer today.
It's okay ?
The walking is not my thing.
So you know the psalms by c ?? ur?
You know them all?
Yeah, but I still often wrong.
You could tell me the 3? It's short.
"Lord, what persecutions are many!
"Many rise up against me.
"Many tell me:
" 'There is no salvation for him in God.'
"But You, Lord, are a shield for me.
"You are my glory You raise me up the head.
"Aloud, I invoke the Lord and He heard me from his holy hill.
"I go to bed and fall asleep. I wake up because God sustains me.
"I do not fear the myriad peoples camped around me.
"Arise, O Lord, save me, my God.
"For you strike all my enemies on the cheek,
"You break the teeth of the wicked."
Dede sells nails in the village, but not sell them.
He goes to see his friend who has a newspaper, Corse-Matin .
"I can not sell my nails.
"Do what you can put a small ad?"
"Well, okay, I'll help you.
"Tomorrow, bought the Corse-Matin, you will see the pub."
He bought the newspaper.
There he falls on the ad
and he sees Jesus on the cross with a caption:
"With nail Dede, he will never fall."
The guy called his friend and said to him, "You're a sick"
"It's good, you worry.
"Tomorrow, I change the thing, it'll be nickel."
The next day he bought the newspaper.
He sees the cross Jesus on the ground, with the caption:
"With nail Dede, he would never have fallen."
Bless us, O Lord.
Lord, we thank You
for all that we have lived together.
We thank You for the beauty of creation.
Bless our night, watch over it
and renew our strength for tomorrow.
Go, go, guys. We move, go, go, go!
Come on, we walk there!
Oh !
Where are you ?
Pierre !
Where are you ?
Wait for me !
Wait for me !
Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.
Give us our daily bread today.
And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive
those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
Lord, do not abandon me.
Do not let me die here. Please.
Save me.
This is not only a way of peace you're going to borrow.
Becoming a priest is a lifetime commitment,
a treasure.
Yes I know.
You live with it for a few months.
You think you're really ready?
I never felt something so strong.
This love relationship to the Lord is fast abyss.
Often, they laugh at those who have chosen this path.
This is not an easy path.
We'll have to fight you.
It does not scare me. I know what it is to fight.
How's it going up there with the others?
It goes well.
I pray a lot,
I work,
I take care of those in need.
You still are working the wood?
You like always? - Yes I like that.
You'd carpenter if you did not go to seminary?
But I really want to go to seminary.
Is it that counts.
You're tenacious.
My father, the Lord gave me life.
I love. Lots of love.
I get up every night to pray.
It wakes me up, even sometimes.
You know, for the 1st time in my life, I no longer feel alone.
I like to hear you talk like that. But remains humble.
What you have lived in the mountains is a chance.
I know. The Lord called me.
I can not ignore it.
Do not hinder me. - There is no question.
I will not defy him who called you.
I am a guide,
a protector.
If this flame were extinguished, what what He would think in?
It will never die. I'm sure.
I have to devote myself to others. It's now.
And this young woman you told me?
Sybille ?
I see more it is in Spain.
You seemed very attached to it.
But I detached myself. I think almost more to it.
And the other women?
You renounce it by becoming a priest.
You've thought through all the sacrifices?
You will not father.
The Lord requires great sacrifice.
This will not sacrifice.
And I want to be a father.
What kind of father I could be?
It was hard for me, I will not inflict that to a child.
Well, Thomas.
I will make the request for you to go to seminary.
You'll put your love of the Lord
proof those who choose the same path.
Thank you, father.
It's not me you should thank.
The Lord is with you.
He will become the wine of the eternal kingdom.
Wash me of my sins.
Cleanse me of my sins.
Let us pray together.
At the time of offering the sacrifice of the whole church.
That is why Heaven and earth adore you.
They sing you their ever new anthem
and ourselves, uniting our voice with that of the angels,
we acclaim you.
Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna in the highest heaven
Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna in the highest heaven
I can tell you a secret?
But you judge me not. - Obviously not.
What's this ?
I told the father I loved Luke Sybille more.
But it's wrong. I still often think of her.
So what ? It is not serious.
It is super nice, what you say.
Luke father will hear. It's part of your sacrifice.
Yes, but...
That's not the problem. - What is it then ?
What's this ?
I'm afraid to make a mistake.
asked you for help by praying? - Yes, but I have no answer.
You're probably not ready yet.
What do you mean ?
You still have to think about your decision.
It's too late. - No.
It's never too late.
You can still choose.
It is this choice that will make you the priest that you will become.
Come on, we end?
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with you.
You are blessed among women and Jesus, the fruit of thy womb,
is blessed.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners.
Now and at the hour of our death.
This morning I left home and I ask your help.
Thomas, thank you for your friendship.
You're such a good person. Know the.
Even if you can be selfish sometimes,
or a little shy, a little stale on you.
That you'll be able to improve with time.
I'm telling you this for your own good
and I wish you good luck.
Thank you. - Thank you.
I also want to tell you something.
You and me, we talked a lot.
You listened a lot to me. It was not always easy.
Now you're gonna go.
I will lose a friend, but I gain a brother.
I'll miss you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I was delighted to meet you,
seeing you grow,
in maturity, wisdom.
Spiritually too.
I hope you continue like this
and never stop.
I wish you the best.
Be blessed.
Thank you.
Thank you, Thomas.
Good luck for the seminar.
You lucky guy.
You do need to be translated?
You did very well evolved
among us.
You made us grow up with you and you gave us a lot.
We learned to discover you and us at the same time.
So thank you and good luck to you, buddy.
We will miss you.
I wish you the best way heart.
Thank you.
I remember when you came.
You had barely the strength to speak. You had eyes on the ground,
you seemed frightened by everything.
Sometimes I told you frankly. Hard even.
I'm sorry for all those times.
What you have done here,
it's a miracle.
I ask you to continue.
You go and ...
I know you will face life without fear.
You are under the protection of our Lord.
I know it will happen to you anything.
And never forget that Jesus is your most loyal friend.
On behalf of all the companions,
I want to say thank you, Thomas.
This is a real chance to have met you.
I also want to say thank you. At Marco, first.
At Eric.
To everyone, in fact.
And especially to Peter. You were there when I arrived.
You were there all the time and now I'm leaving you.
You were like a father to me. Finally, not old and everything ...
But have you been my first father.
I walk to another father, but I never forget you.
And I know that you are my friend.
You're going to build you a beautiful life, the life that awaits you,
with your wife and son.
Thank you all, really.
Thank you, it's good, I've had enough. - Go ahead.
Take them.
I wish you a beautiful life.
If you ever need ...
it is still there. The house still.
You can move a little? - Yeah, come on.
Come on. - Thank you.
What is the ... - After I do the second voice.
"Full of grace"?
Hail Mary, full of grace
vas-y. - 3. 4...
Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is with you
You are blessed among women
Jesus, your child is blessed
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of death
Amen, Amen, Hallelujah
Amen, Amen, Hallelujah
Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is with you
You are blessed among women
Jesus, your child is blessed
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of death
Amen, Amen, Hallelujah
Amen, Amen, Hallelujah
Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is with you
You are blessed among women
Jesus, your child is blessed
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of death
Amen, Amen, Hallelujah
Amen, Amen, Hallelujah