The Preacher's Son (2017) Movie Script

[R&B music playing]
Yeah, yeah
Day by day
I know it seems as though
You can't catch a break
With so many
Bad things happening
Makes you wanna holler
For heaven's sake
With so much darkness
And pain
Well, it departed
In heavy rain
Keep on believing
All that's true
At the end of the day
You know he got you
You may weep for a night
You may weep
But you'll wake
To sunlight
I'm blessed in holy favor
Holy favor
You ain't going to get
The best of me
Just you wait and see
Hey, man, nice car.
I'm blessed in holy favor
You ain't going to get
The best of me
Eventually I'm gonna get
The best of you
Just wait and see
Just wait and see
Just wait and see
Yeah, yeah
Just you wait and see
When you get knocked down
Can we get a ride?
But if so much
You get back up
Take heed of who's around
When the going gets tough
Hey, I seen him first.
...never gives you
More than you can handle
He didn't wake you up
For nothing
It's there
So find your angle
You may weep for a night
That's your way to sunlight
I'm blessed in holy favor
You ain't gonna get
The best of me
Just you wait and see
Just you wait and see
I'm blessed in holy favor
You ain't gonna get
The best of me
Eventually, I'm gonna get
the best of you
Just wait and see
Just wait and see
Just you wait and see
Yeah, yeah
Just wait and see
Oh oh oh ho
Nothing'll take me down
Let me see it surround
I'm blessed in holy favor
Oh, yeah
I'm blessed
Yo, you know you gotta
come by and get tightened
up at the shop.
Gentlemen, gentlemen.
-Deacon Black.
-How are you doing?
-Deacon Black.
-Terrific, terrific.
-Ah, some lovely scenery
around here today.
Hey, guys.
How you doing, Deacon?
Okay, we gon' put this
conversation on pause.
Now that's what you call
an old-school player.
Hey, you lookin' real happy
though, man.
What's her name?
Virginia University Law School.
Yo, you got in.
That's what I'm talking
about, baby.
Yo, man,
I'm proud of you, bro.
-Thank you.
-Absolutely, man.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
Hey, Donna.
-You look absolutely amazing.
-I needed to see you.
I need to borrow your car.
Um, did Ma see you
leave the house like this?
Where's the second
half of your skirt?
Noah, don't tell her.
All these nosy church folks
around, I ain't gon' have to.
I know, that's why I need
to borrow your car,
so I can get out of here.
-Hey, Donna, if you need me
to go on and drive you some--
I don't need a ride.
I need my big brother
to loan me his car.
[Noah sighs]
Ooh, yeah.
Oh, and if Mom and Dad
sweat you, tell them
I'm at Keisha's studying.
Okay. Don't text and drive.
And don't wreck my car, Donna.
[Donna] Thanks.
Yo, where's she going?
See some dude.
What dude?
Some guy she's been seeing
for about a month or two,
think don't nobody know.
Anyway, how about
we go check on these
cakes and pies in there?
You know what, man, on second
thought I'mma hold out
on the cakes and pies, man.
Too much sugar.
Trying to keep
my figure together.
I'mma go and check, check up
with you later, brother.
-Okay, well,
good luck with that.
-I'mma go check on this.
My man.
Come in.
Now don't tell me you turned
shy all of a sudden.
Anita, Anita.
Anita. I can't. Okay?
Yes, you can.
And you will.
-[Anita chuckles]
-[knock at the door]
Come-- Hold on.
Hide. Get under the desk.
-[knocking continues]
-Go. You gotta get under. Go.
-[man] Dante.
-Yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming.
[Anita] Okay.
Uh, anywhere?
You must be working really hard
if you have that door locked.
Stop fussing with him.
-Tell him or I will.
-Oh, you better not.
-Tell him.
Tell me what?
You have been accepted
to Howard University's
School of Divinity.
Your father's alma mater.
That's right, son.
Thanks, Dad.
Um, divinity school?
But I didn't apply
to divinity school.
Honey, I applied for you.
You said you always
wanted to follow in
your father's footsteps, so...
Wow. Um...
I don't even know what to say.
Well, you can start by thanking
your mother.
Right, I'm, I'm sorry.
Mom, thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Oh, Charlene.
-What, baby?
-Congressman is in my office.
-We gotta go.
-Oh, I almost forgot.
-Congratulations, son.
-Thank you, Dad.
-[father] You okay?
-[Dante] Yeah.
Too much coffee today.
Kiss? Something? Anything? What?
-Of course. Sorry, Mama.
-Love you.
-Love you more.
-Gotta go, baby.
-I know.
You look good in that blue, Ma.
Thank you, sweetheart.
[Dante, whispering]
Get your ass out of there.
Ooh, I thought
they'd never leave.
You may want to consider
going with 'em.
Senior choir rehearsal starts
in about five minutes, so...
Unless you want to see
all your husband's friends
in the hallway.
Well, do you want to hook up
a little later and finish
what we started?
Not gonna happen.
Oh, you don't get it, do you?
See, we may have taken
a little break while I was gone,
but we're not over.
Go home to your husband, Anita.
You trippin'.
Shorty, what are you doing here?
Planning on ordering lunch
I hear the burgers are amazing.
What you doin' here?
I'm meeting someone
and you're in their seat.
My bad. I didn't think there was
assigned seating around here.
I can post up at the bar.
No, you need to go home.
Was there something you don't
want me to see?
Is he...
Girl, are you swirlin'?
And what if I am?
You brothers date outside
your race all the time
and as soon as a sister wants
some milk in her coffee,
it's a problem.
You not taking me seriously
is a bigger problem.
Don't make me hate
you, Shorty. Leave.
[phone rings]
Where are you?
No, no, no. Don't come in.
I'll come around the back.
We got a problem.
All I wanna do
Is worship you
I'll be upfront
with you here, T.K.
I have made the decision
to run for the senate next year.
-That's wonderful.
You know you always have
our support.
You'll make a fine senator.
Thank you.
Now I've been looking into some
things and I'll probably tell
you something you already know,
but you have the fastest growing
church in this city.
All your services are
standing room only.
-People love you, man.
-I appreciate that.
You are the perfect candidate
to fill my space
in the congress.
Of course, you're going
to have to split time
between here and DC,
but I know you can handle it.
[clearing throat]
Mike, listen,
I'm extremely flattered,
but I have never thought about
running for public office.
[stammering] I'm a pastor
and I'm not a politician.
Frankly, we cannot afford
to lose that seat
to the Republicans.
Darling, I have
all the confidence
in the world in you.
And I say, you do it.
You do it.
It's, it's interesting.
Listen, I want to take
a few days and pray on this.
Good, good.
If that's okay with you
and I'll get back to you
in a couple of days.
I respect that. For sure.
[indistinct chatter]
Tanisha, Nisha, Nisha.
-I'm hungry.
[sighing] Come on, Tyrell,
I just got home from work
two hours ago.
I got you cereal yesterday
and there's milk in the fridge.
Who ate all the cereal?
Mommy and her friends?
They drank up
all the milk, too.
I left my wallet.
I live right down the block,
I will be right back--
Why you don't have the money?
You can't just hold it for me?
You don't have food stamp?
Nothing? I gotta void now.
No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
My man, how much is her stuff?
No, no, I don't even know you.
I can't take your money.
Yes, you can,
I gotta get to work.
What he said.
I gotta go to work too.
Here you go.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Thank you, have a good day.
Um, I got some change coming.
That wasn't a tip, brother.
Oh. Okay.
Hey. Look-a here, look-a here.
-Excuse me.
-What's the hurry, mama?
First of all, get your hands
off me
You ain't nothing but a ratchet,
horse-haired ho.
No. You just mad--
Hey, hey, hey.
Is there a problem?
I ain't got no problem.
-You okay?
-Yeah, I'm good.
Thank you.
I'mma owe you
twice now. Thanks.
Don't sweat it.
You know, I live right down
the block.
I can just go get your money,
pay you back, 'cause I really
don't like to owe people.
I gotta go.
Oh, but, you know what?
A friend of mine is having a
poetry jam over here tomorrow.
So, if you're free, you can come
on down, have a drink with me,
and we'll call it even.
I love poetry.
Well, in that case, instead
of you meeting me there, maybe
I can come pick you up?
Are you serious?
Yeah, I'm serious.
As long as you don't mind
if my girl comes with us.
Little group thing.
You, me--
-Okay, I don't know--
-I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
-I promise, I'm kidding
-That's a little too much.
I'm Dante.
Nice to meet you, Dante.
You gonna take me
to dinner, too?
Why not?
I like Red Lobster,
just in case.
-Red Lobster?
-I do, too.
-Well, thank you.
-You're welcome.
Um, my number's on there.
I see it. [laughs]
So I was right about him wanting
you to run for office.
[both chuckle]
You're always right about
those sort of things, James.
Yes, sir.
That's why I rely
on you so much.
That is also why I worry
about you so much.
Why do you worry about me?
Are you seeing sister
Audrey Johnson?
She might've been by
the house a few times.
Why, what'd she say?
Well, it's not her.
It's what the women
in the church are saying.
Ah, well, there you have it.
See, I think most of those
sisters might've been by the
house themselves a few times.
James, listen to me.
You cannot use the church
as your own personal eHarmony.
-Oh, my goodness.
-You understand?
Church is not a dating site.
And you're a deacon
for Christ's sake.
T.K., you're the preacher,
not me.
I only profess to being a man
looking for redemption.
All I'm asking you to do
is do better.
And you're one of the best
Deacons in this church.
And you're the only one I can
seem to get the truth out of
around here.
So, stop worrying
about my social life.
Because I am not going to
stop being a man.
Hey. Reverend Reynolds.
What can I do for you?
Bishop. Deacon.
Just wanted to remind you
that this weekend I'll be
going home for three days.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Going to see your family?
Yes, sir.
Well, have fun. Be safe.
-Thank you.
-Check in with me.
Will do.
Hey, that young man's
gon' go far around here.
That boy right there's gonna be
our next pastor when you retire.
Hoo, well, you better talk to
my wife about that.
Oh. Mark my words.
Who else?
She's grooming Dante for that.
[laughing] Yeah.
Oh, oh, oh
South paw
Caught me off-guard
Wasn't ready
For the left hand
Probably take her out
for a little romantic dinner
or something like that.
Listen, man, I cannot believe
you about to go all out
for this thot.
So you sure you wanna put
the 26 inches up at the top?
I want you just put a piece
right here, make it fuller,
like, [makes swooshing sound]
You know, so it can be... Yeah.
-Up in the front.
So, we bringin' out
the real expensive,
fancy hair for this guy.
You must really like him.
Uh, no, I mean, he a'ight.
He a'ight.
-Oh, yeah, that's right.
He all right.
I don't know
who you frontin' for.
I done been your friend too long
for you to know "he a'ight."
I know you like him.
You 'bout to ruin it
for every brother, man.
I'm pretty sure
she doesn't require much
but a bag of policies
and a little shot glass
of Ciroc.
See, that,
this moment right here,
remember this.
This is exactly why
Donna won't date you.
I just need him to know that
you are special, okay?
Well, if he don't, it don't even
matter 'cause I'm movin'
away soon anyways.
What you mean you movin'
away real soon?
I told you I'm going to school.
I got accepted
into Norfolk State.
Yes, yes. I forgot, I forgot.
Your sister is different.
She's special.
-So is Tanisha.
You judgin' her 'cause
she stay in the PJs.
So what she live
in the projects?
You gonna like her
when you meet her,
I bet you.
I mean, this dude is in
a whole 'nother league,
like, he is so different.
And that's why you should
go to school, get your education
and I'mma hold him down.
I'mma be like--
-I got him...
Wait a minute.
...for you, while you gone.
See, I didn't even see that
coming, but you know what--
-I'm just saying.
-You crazy.
We gon' get you your own man.
-Well, I hope so. It's on.
-Hands off this one.
-All right.
-Don't be moving.
You hurtin' me though.
I won't do it tight.
-Where the needle at?
Honey, have you heard
from your sister?
She, uh, is not answering
her phone.
She's supposed to be running
bingo tonight.
Mmm, no, ma'am.
She wanted to borrow my car,
but I got a date tonight.
[laughing mockingly]
Well, if, uh, you don't hear
from her, you know, you might
have to cut that date short.
Mom, no. I can't.
I have a date.
First one in a long time.
[laughs] Sorry, didn't mean
to laugh at that.
Uh, but, honey, um, you are
activities director
and the reason why
you have that position is
because if we get into trouble,
uh, your father
and I can depend on you.
Can't you find somebody else?
[knocking on door]
Nisha. Your company here.
She almost ready. Come on in.
Okay, thank you.
You, um, Dante, right?
Yes, ma'am.
So, you got a cigarette?
Uh, sorry, I don't smoke.
Oh, well, you got, um...
You think you could
give me eight dollars
so I can get me
some, uh, Newports?
Um, I'm sorry, Miss...
I'm Elena. Tanisha's mama.
Miss Elena, I don't have
any cash on me.
I was gonna hit the ATM
after I left here.
That's all right. You know,
just bring me something
when y'all come back,
all right? I mean...
What, y'all going to
the restaurant, right?
Um, well, we were
supposed to, but, uh--
But what?
Wow. You look good.
You look damn good.
Thank you.
-But finish talking.
-[phone ringing]
You were saying
we're supposed to, but--
One second,
I have to take this.
Anita, I'm on the way.
Probably 10 minutes.
This Anita, I hope she's
the hostess at the restaurant
we're going to eat at.
Yeah, about that, um...
I'm sorry, but I have to cancel.
-Something came up.
Oh, hell nah.
You not gonna come up in here
and play me.
I've been spending all day
gettin' my hair done.
That's what you not
gonna do.
I'm not tryin' to play you.
Look, if you don't believe me,
you can come down
to the church with me.
Oh. Church? Wow.
Oh, my God.
Mama, you hear this bull?
So, what? You tellin' me
you a preacher now?
Is that what you tellin' me?
I'm the preacher's son,
Oh, shit.
And the reason I have to cancel
is because I have
to run bingo tonight.
Boy, you can't come up
with something better
than that? Bingo?
Tanisha, get this damn fool out
of here before he make a bigger
fool of you than he already has.
-Boy, please.
-You heard her.
Get out my house.
Look, if you think I'm lyin'
come down to First Jamaican
Ministries and see.
Let me go ahead and
give you this. All right?
Now I don't owe you nothin'.
Mm-hmm, that's right, baby.
Go have fun with Anita.
Go on, get out of here, boy.
Get the fuck out of here.
Hey, everybody.
I'm really, really sorry,
I know I'm late.
Listen, my sister was
supposed to do this and...
But I'm here. Shall we?
Let's play some bingo.
All right.
[phone ringing]
Hey girl, what's up?
I'm just gettin' to work.
I thought you were supposed
to be on your date.
Yeah, tell Mel
I'm comin' in after all.
Wait, wait, wait.
So, what happened?
After all this money I spent
getting ready for this date,
this negro cancels.
He's talkin' about
he's workin' at a church
and, I don't know,
he has some bingo game tonight.
That was a false alarm,
Sister Moore did not
have bingo.
I don't know, girl.
We know some lyin' asses,
and I never of bingo before.
Maybe he's tellin' you
the truth.
Tash, I'll see you later
all right, girl?
[indistinct chatter]
Oh. Yes. Ah.
Uh, can I help you?
Oh. Yes, hi. Um...
Is there someone by the
of Dante who works here?
And you are?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm his friend, Tanisha.
Are you his mother?
I can see where he
gets the good looks.
No. I'm not his mother.
She didn't mean nothin'
by it, sweetheart.
Dante is right over there.
All right. Y'all ready?
Almost done with it.
Two more cards to go.
Thank you. Can I sit?
-Yeah, right there.
-Okay, thank you.
We gon' get some winners.
Next number, B-7.
There we go.
Somebody, that sound like
a good number.
Anybody? B-7.
So I see, you really do
work in church.
Imagine that.
You must hate me
for how I acted.
Nah. I probably wouldn't have
believed me either.
I'm sorry. Okay?
Apology accepted.
So, we're cool?
We are very cool.
[cough] Balloon?
This is the house of the Lord.
Show some respect.
-How y'all doin'?
-Oh, hey, Deacon.
Hey now, leave these
young folks alone.
They ain't doin' nothin' wrong.
We gon' get home and
watch the 700 Guard
we gon' see who's on that.
But, uh, we can't
leave them.
Yeah, well, he got the key.
But, uh, we could,
you know, stay until
everything's locked up.
Oh, no, no. I got it.
I can handle it.
I'll lock it up, Anita. Thanks.
Yeah, see? He got it.
He got it.
All right.
All right, good night,
young fella. Miss.
-Y'all have a good one.
-All right, all right.
Okay, so...
That's Anita.
The Anita that you work with.
That's the Anita.
So, how long have you two
been screwing?
What you, what you
talkin' 'bout?
Come on, it's obvious.
That woman has it
bad for you.
The only one who can't
see it is her husband.
We messed around
for a little bit.
But I broke it off.
Maybe I can
help you keep it off.
Mmm, I like the sound of that.
Way to sell that.
Little you.
Do it again. Do it again.
-I like that.
-You like that?
You know what?
We missed the poetry thing.
But it's not too late
for the Red Lobster.
But it kinda is.
I called my job and told
them I was gonna come
and work.
But I'm off Monday,
if you're free.
Well at least let me give you
a ride to work.
That's really sweet.
My boss is kind of a jerk
and I don't like to mix
my personal life
with my work, you know?
Maybe when I know you
a little better.
-'Sup with you, TT?
-What up, y'all?
What up?
Lookin' like money.
You already know.
-[phone beeps]
Who you textin'?
Where my text at?
Boy, stop playin'.
Man, whatever.
Man, she just killed you again.
What the...
What is this?
Please, Mom. Not...
Not my money.
Please, not again.
Damn it.
-Ay, ay.
-Move out of the way.
Ay, you don't need to be
comin' up in here.
I bought this shit today.
[indistinct mumbling]
Hey. That's my girl.
-Where's my money?
-I don't need it.
You didn't need all
that money, girl.
Damn it, where is it?
That was money
I saved up for school.
[all shouting]
Oh. Oh. Oh.
You're lucky you're my mom.
You crazy.
What's wrong with you?
How could you treat me
like this?
How you doin' man?
You good?
I'm doin' terrific.
So what'd you think about
my sermon yesterday?
Bishop, I gotta give it to you,
I mean that, that sermon
moved me.
I thought it was about me.
It was about you.
Oh, you know you ain't
right for that.
I'm sure you think so.
Hey, what you doin' for dinner?
Donna's makin' a roast.
-Come on by the house.
-Ah. Wish I could but...
I got a little company
coming by tonight.
You know you a mess?
Ah, you know how that go.
I'll let you sprinkle some
water on her head soon.
Wha, wha, who's your guest?
Anybody I know?
[Deacon Black]
You don't wanna know.
I'mma pray for you, son.
This looks great.
Boy, you gonna have to
have some patience.
Okay, okay. All right.
I'mma catch up with the Bishop.
-I'll be back. All right.
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah.
I just wanted to know
if you were free Friday night.
I got tickets
to the Beyonc concert.
You always loved Beyonc.
Shorty, you have got to stop.
What part of "not interested"
don't you understand?
Hey, princess.
Oh, hey, Dad.
Ooh. You got it smellin'
mighty good in here.
Thank you.
Hey, Reverend,
you might wanna get
a piece of this.
Uh, it's tempting, but I'll
wait until the food is served.
You're a better man than me.
I'm goin' to get some just
like the Bishop do.
-Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
-Ow. Hey, hey, hey.
I need all y'all
to get out of my kitchen.
-See what you did, Shorty?
It'll be done shortly.
Stay in the lane
God put you in, boy.
[Dante, sighing]
I heard my assistance
was required?
Talk to your friend.
He's gettin' on my last nerve.
Well, apparently, it's mutual
'cause I just heard him
tell our daddy that
he's about to leave.
What's goin' on with
y'all anyway?
That's the problem, he won't
take no for an answer.
I think he's a little jealous
that you're seein' somebody.
I'll talk to him.
Bless my daughter, Donna, who
made this wonderful meal.
Yes, indeed.
Bless our wonderful family and
our friends who came by today.
-Thank you, Lord.
-[all] Amen.
Deacon and Anita, so nice
for you to join us.
-Thank you for having us.
-Thank you.
Dante, you okay?
You hardly touched your
candied yams and we all know
how you love candied yams.
[all laughing]
I'm good, Bishop.
Aw, he's probably just
pining over that girl
he had at bingo last night.
-What girl?
-What girl?
Oh, and she was cute,
First Lady.
[laughing] Really? Oh.
But I don't know if I'd be
bold enough to wear
an outfit like that.
You know how these kids
are today.
The need to show skin.
Ain't that right, Donna?
I guess.
Dad, can I get the keys
to your car?
I need to go to Keisha's
to study.
Okay, they in the kitchen.
So sorry to be rude, guys.
College courses.
Well I, for one, am happy
for you, Dante.
The way the two of you
were all hugged up.
Honey, they was just
showin' a little affection,
is all.
Right. Affection.
That's the right word.
In church?
Is this true?
It's not what you think, Ma.
I just gave her a little kiss.
Oh, Charlene, don't be
bothered by that.
The only person who didn't
think it was innocent
was Deaconess Brown.
Deaconess Brown was there.
Now the entire church knows.
I thought, you know, some of the
sisters were acting a little
funny after service today.
-What? What?
Look, I talked
to Deaconess Brown
and I've taken care of it.
-It's okay.
-Oh, you take care of it,
so that means you know.
Everyone knows. Wow.
Thank you very much.
Charlene. Now calm down.
Don't make a big deal
out of it.
I do not want to calm down.
Dante knows better than this.
I mean, who is this woman?
Do we know her?
I mean, is she even
a member of this church?
No, ma'am.
I met her a few days ago.
That looks all right,
you carrying on like that.
Boy, have you lost your mind?
[Charlene sighs]
Son, you know, uh...
The way a woman presents
herself is very important.
[Anita] Amen.
It's also a reflection on you.
Your father's right, Dante.
Having a cultured woman
by your side is a necessity
as you move up in this world.
I mean, just look
at your mother.
Amen, amen.
I, I think I did pretty well.
-Yes, you did, Bishop.
I appreciate that. Thank you.
To the right woman in your life.
[all chuckle]
[hip-hop music playing]
Hold up, nah,
that's my homegirl.
That's my homegirl,
pay attention.
[R&B music playing]
I'll never regret it, no
I'll never regret it, no
I'll never regret it
I done had my share
Of scandals
See, I ain't perfect
By a long shot
Oh, my God.
I taught her everything
she knows.
I just fell in love again.
My mama taught me better
No way to come to that
I'mma do whatever
You ain't got to like it
But guess what
I don't give a...
[dance music playing]
-Stop playin'.
[phone beeps]
Gotta keep this love we share
He's a winner
I'll holler at you, girl.
So in love
Son of a rich man
He's a winner
He's saving me
Uplifting me
Son of a rich man
He's a winner
Thank you for this time that
we can just bond and be
together as a family, Lord.
It means the world to me.
In Jesus' name, we pray.
[all] Amen.
Can I start you off
with any drinks?
Yeah, I'll take a
White Zinfandel.
And for you, sir?
Hennessy on the rocks,
You bet.
-A man's drink.
-I see.
-Excuse me.
-Thank you.
Ooh. [chuckles]
You okay?
Yeah, I'm...
I'm really good, actually.
This is the most amazing place
I've ever been to.
I thought we were going to
Red Lobster.
Well, I'm sure
they have lobster.
And I'd be willing
to bet it's red.
-So, we're good.
You're funny.
No, I do. I feel like
I'm in a movie
or something.
If we are,
then you are the star.
I'm the star?
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
The sun setting...
Wow, this is really nice.
Too nice.
What's that supposed to mean?
I don't know.
I guess I'm just waiting
for someone to wake
me up, you know?
[R&B music playing]
Who are you?
You know? I mean,
where did you come from?
It's like, you work at the
church and everything.
But yet, you kissed me
like no guy I ever met.
Well, maybe you've never
met a guy that just
likes you for you.
And, yeah, as far as
the church thing goes, um...
It's just a job, you know?
Uh, I'm not gonna make a
career out of it or anything.
But isn't your father the pastor
of that church?
What is he gonna
think about that?
I don't know, maybe you should
ask him when you meet him.
I'd like to know what he's gonna
think about that, too.
Wait. No, wait.
You want me to meet your father?
Yeah. I mean, not tonight.
But, I want you to meet
both my parents.
Okay. [laughs]
I don't, I don't know
about that.
I mean, I...
I don't do parents.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I met your mom.
-That's my point.
How did that turn out, huh?
She made me throw you
out the house. [laughs]
Look, Tanisha.
Um, I know I'm not supposed
to say this on a first date.
I'm feeling you.
Really feeling you.
that's a problem,
because I am...
Feeling you, too.
So, you wanna come in?
My mom's not home.
But what?
Some things are worth
waiting for.
Are you for real?
So, you're tellin' me
you're not comin' in?
Not tonight.
You took me to dinner,
spent stupid money on a lobster
dinner and expensive champagne,
and you're tellin' me
you don't wanna come in?
Am I missing something?
Like, what is the catch?
There is no catch.
Hey, I think you're special.
And when I do come in,
I don't want it to be because
I spent a little money
on a lobster dinner.
This better not be
a game, Dante.
'Cause right now,
I don't know if I should feel
special or rejected.
If I were you, I would
go with special.
[car horn honking]
Girl, I'm tellin' you, like,
at the end of the night,
nothin' happened.
What you mean
"nothin' happened"?
Nothin' happened.
So hold up, he didn't handle
no type of business?
No nothin'?
No type of business.
And at the end of the night,
he kissed me on my forehead
and that was it.
Like a grandpa would
kiss you on the forehead?
Like a grandpa, girl.
Like a grandpa.
I was thinking, maybe he's just
you know, a little diff--
Gay. He gay. [laughs]
See, I got this flat iron,
I might sizzle your ear.
-Don't burn me. Don't hate.
-There'll be burning.
What up?
Oh, must've been
a tough day at work.
We used to eat cereal
every day after school.
Some things never change.
Can I ask you a question?
How do I know if a guy
really likes me?
he makes you a priority.
Um, if he really likes you,
he's thinkin' about you
all the time, so...
He's gonna find out a way to-
to let you know that he's
thinking about you all the time.
Yeah, but what if he's told me
that and I'm still not sure?
Watch his actions.
Guys, we...
We say a lot of ish.
Is he walking what he's talking?
'Cause if he's really into you,
like he says he is,
he'll make doggone sure
you know.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
You want some cereal?
Okay, I wasn't gonna give you
none of mine anyway.
It's goin' directly to a bowl
in the kitchen. [laughs]
You're not funny.
[knocking on door]
Is somebody at the door?
-[knocking continues]
Well, somebody knockin'.
No, I mean, we don't care.
It's probably them bootleggers
just tryin' to sell some stolen
merchandise and I don't want it.
What they be sellin'?
Girl, everything
fake Louis, fake Chanel,
-Yeah, I want some--
-We don't need it. No.
-I get it.
-See, you so thirsty.
-So what?
-Act dope.
Girl got things to do,
you playin' too much.
-They sol--
They sold you some flowers.
See, I told you.
No, no. These are for you.
-For me?
I guess cornball is not gay.
Well, I told you, didn't I?
I tried to tell you.
[gasps] Look at this, girl.
"Can't stop thinking of you.
I hope you're free for
Sunday dinner with the 'rents."
Bitch, he's payin' your rent.
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
No, no, no, no, no. He wants
me to meet his parents.
-Oh, parents.
-That's big.
-No, that is.
-That is big, right?
-What do you want, Anita?
Yum, this is how you
keep in shape.
I wanna know something.
Since you are...
parading around town
with this girl as if she's
the love of your life,
did you ever love me?
I did.
I did love you, Anita.
I'm also not the kind of guy
that needs to...
have a building fall on him
to let him know it's time to
move on.
I got married for us.
-My ass.
-Come on.
People were
starting to talk.
And you and I both know that
your mother would never let
you be with a woman that was
15 years older than you.
It's funny.
After all that time we spent
together, you still don't
know me, huh?
I would've fought for us.
But you ran off.
Married that guy
for money. Pff.
[clears throat]
I was taught that if you can't
marry for love,
then you better marry for money.
It's disappointing to hear you
say that.
Especially when you
could've had both.
What has happened to family
values in our community?
[congregation murmurs
in agreement]
And what has happened to
family values in this country?
[congregation murmurs]
Family values
have gone to hell
in a hand basket.
[congregation] That's right.
We need a new breed
of political leaders
in this community.
[congregation murmurs]
Come on, somebody.
So I'm here, in front
of my church family,
to say that I am
running for Congress.
Hey, sister.
I thought that was you.
I'mma tell you this just once.
Stay away from my man.
-Your man?
I met your man.
Your man seems nice.
Real nice.
But I prefer mine walking.
Thank you.
You know damn well what
I'm talking about.
Well, if he's your man,
why is he spending all his time
with me?
-I got your bitch.
-You need to get up out my face.
[heated argument]
Woo. Oh.
Oh, this low-class heifer
she, she tried to attack me.
Call the police.
Oh please. I know you
started it. I saw you
follow her in here.
I didn't.
I just came into the bathroom.
Let me make one
thing very clear.
The Bishop doesn't like
messiness in his church
and neither does your husband.
Now, do we really
need to go there?
[scoffing] Didn't think so.
[door slams]
You must be Tanisha.
[sighs] Dante told me
to look after you.
-I'm Donna, his sister.
-Oh. Nice to meet you.
What'd you do to her?
-[laughs] Come on.
Thank you for that.
I know people are concerned
about gentrification
in the neighborhoods,
being pushed out of their homes,
being pushed out of
their businesses.
I've decided to throw my hat
in the ring.
I'm running or congressman.
So, you're the first to know,
I saw you and my sister
talking too.
That's my girl. [laughs]
I see why my man is giving up
his players card.
-Tanisha, this is Shorty, my--
-Best friend.
-All day, every day.
All right, well, nice
to meet you, best friend.
You know it seems like, uh,
I know you from somewhere,
have we met before?
Uh, no. Uh-uh.
I would've definitely
remembered somebody like you.
You know what, it might be
because y'all are from
the same neighborhood.
-That's right.
-Yes, definitely.
-Same neighborhood.
-[Tanisha] Mm-hmm.
You know, we gotta get goin'.
We're gonna be late, so,
I gotta get Tyrell and--
-Come on,
I gotta feed these two, so...
I'll get up with you later,
big dog.
-Absolutely, man, indeed.
-All right, nice to meet you.
-I'll catch up with y'all later.
-[Tanisha] Uh-huh, okay.
[hip-hop music playing]
I think one of Dante's friends
recognized me.
And that's the last thing I need
is for him, or his family,
to find out I work here.
So what?
You're just doin'
what you gotta do.
Ain't that church people always
tryin' to judge and then tell
people don't judge them?
Just tell him you dance.
So what?
Girl, are you crazy?
I can't do that.
-I'mma have to quit.
-So what about school?
What about the money that
your mama took from you?
How you gon' get that back?
I don't know, all right?
I'mma have to figure
something out.
So, this is it.
I'm so glad you could make it.
Welcome to our home.
-I'm here.
Well, just remember my mom trips
on the regular, so don't take
anything she says personally.
You really thing she's gonna
say something to me?
-You know what? Put this on.
And I think you'll be okay.
-Are you serious?
-I don't...
-Let's get that... Mm-hmm.
Sleeves, no harm in that.
-Cute dress though.
-Thank you.
Let me get the hair for you.
There we go.
-Much better.
-Cool. Let's go.
You ready?
Not really, but
we're here, so let's do this.
It's gonna be fine.
Be fine.
All right, Dad, Ma,
I want you to meet Tanisha.
Tanisha, this is my father,
Bishop T.K. Wilson.
Hey, Tanisha, glad to meet you.
Call me Bishop.
Nice to meet you, Bishop.
And this is my mother,
First Lady Charlene Wilson.
Come on in and sit down.
Nice to meet you, First Lady.
Time to eat. Sit, dear. Sit.
Come on and sit down and eat.
Dante, will you do the honors
of blessing the food?
Of course, Pops.
[Dante] All right.
[clears throat]
Thank you, Heavenly Father,
for blessing us with this food,
for the caring nourishment
of our body.
Yes, Lord.
Bless the hands that prepared
it as well.
Those are
my mama's hands, Lord.
-Yes, Lord.
And just, we just want
to thank you. In Jesus
Christ's name we pray,
-[all] Amen.
[clears throat]
-Thank you.
-Charlene, this is wonderful.
Thank you, darlin'.
-This is really good.
Thank you, darlin'.
I appreciate that.
So, Tanisha,
where you from?
I am from the projects right
off of King. Are you familiar?
Yeah, I know.
We have a few parishioners
from there.
Don't we, Charlene?
Uh, yes, we do.
Perhaps you're familiar with
Sister Wilma Johnson?
Hmm. No, sir,
that doesn't ring a bell.
I don't think I so.
[T.K.] Maybe you know
Sister Betty Dumpson?
No, sir, I don't know
her either.
You sure you from that area?
[Tanisha, laughing]
I know, right?
Excuse me, but that
Sister Dumpson is raising
a lot of cane up over there.
Really? I need to get
to know her.
Is that a tattoo right above
your breast?
Oh, yes, ma'am,
I have three actually.
-I've got this one,
I have one on my neck,
and then I have one that's,
you know,
a little undercover, obviously.
Nobody can see it, though.
Wow. You know, back in my day,
only Jezebels wore tattoos.
we're not back in your day.
Well, that was a different time.
So, Tanisha, do you have
a church home?
Um, no, sir, I don't have a
church home right now.
But, after hearing you speak
last week, I'm thinking about
joining First Jamaican Ministry.
You know the doors of the
church are always open.
Thank you.
And Lord knows I need to
make use of them.
Now that's the first intelligent
thing I've heard all night.
-[T.K.] Charlene.
-No, honey.
Look, really. No.
Her soul looks like it could
use some cleansing.
You know what the word says,
"Let he who is without sin
cast the first stone."
So, dear, um,
did you know that Dante
will be attending Howard
University School of Divinity
this fall?
He's becoming a minister.
-A minister?
-[Charlene] Yes.
I, um...
I thought you told me you wanted
to be a lawyer.
[laughing] A lawyer?
God, heavens no.
Dante, what is she
talking about?
Well, Ma, I've been thinkin'.
Maybe I don't want
to be a preacher.
You've been thinking, huh?
What has gotten into you?
I don't know what it is,
maybe it's this
tramp that you brought into
my own home.
-Okay, that's enough.
No, you need to get your
head on straight.
That's not necessary.
T.K., look, no, Dante
needs to hear this.
Dante, of all the nice girls
in the congregation,
you had to bring home this...
What? This tramp?
Yeah, I got it the first time.
Don't let the shoe fit right.
Ma. Wh--
No, no, no. Dante, it is okay.
Donna, it was really nice
seeing you again.
Bishop, thank you
for your hospitality.
-First Lady.
-Yes, dear.
-You have a lovely home.
-Thank you.
Too bad we couldn't get a chance
to know each other better.
Because we both have something
in common.
We both love your son.
Baby, I'll take you home.
No, it's okay, I'll get home.
You eat dinner with your family,
I'm gonna walk home.
I have some things to think
about anyway.
Listen, let me apologize for
my wife. She was drinking--
Don't apologize for me.
Dante, go get her.
Hold on.
How do you call yourself
a Christian, Ma?
Who do you think
you're talking to?
I don't know.
Clearly not the woman
who raised me.
She wasn't this tacky
and judgmental.
[chair slams]
And I'll second that.
And you wonder why people
are scared of you at church.
Where's the God in you?
Didn't see it tonight.
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
-Hey, hey, hey.
Let me take you home, okay?
No, no, let me take you home.
-Please leave me alone.
-Listen, listen, I'm sorry.
Okay, that's not
a representation of me.
-Let me take you home.
-It wasn't right.
No, it wasn't. Nope and that's
why I'm out here with you.
Do me a favor.
Get in the car.
I'm gonna take you home.
[car honks]
[engine starts]
Look, um...
I'm really sorry about all that.
And I don't want all that
to mess up all this.
What we got.
And what is all of this
that we got?
We got us.
[knock] Hey, TT.
Somethin' goin'
on with your moms.
What the hell is goin' on?
Oh, my God.
-[police radio]
-[Elena] I didn't do shit. Stop.
Let me go.
Y'all got a camera.
Take his picture. Somebody.
I didn't do shit.
Step back. Step back.
Hey, Tanisha, hold up. You
lookin' for your little bro?
-They already took him.
-Child services.
I tried to tell them you be
payin' all the bills.
They ain't care,
they took him anyway.
-[car door shuts]
-Help me.
I need to talk to you.
Yes, yes, of course.
You know I'm always here,
but you know,
Sister Susan was just leaving.
Isn't that right, Sister Susan?
Oh, yes. Mm-hmm.
That's right.
Um, so I'll see you later--
-Absolutely, absolutely.
[footsteps leaving]
I knew this was gonna happen.
I told you this was
gonna happen.
Why wouldn't you stop smokin'?
I know, I'm so sorry.
Look, and, and...
I'm gonna get some help.
I'm really...
So you gotta get me out.
You gotta get me out, like,
right away.
The bail is only $1,000.
It's just $1,000.
I know that you got money
saved up for a rainy day, girl.
Come on, Tanisha.
It's raining in here
like a motherfucker.
Did you forget that you smoked
all my money up?
Well, get the money from Dante.
Are you crazy?
That fool, he loves you.
He'll do anything for you.
Tanisha, baby, you gotta get me
the hell out of here.
Hey, try to wrap it up
over there.
Goodbye, Ma.
Listen, I'mma put some money on
your commissary, but that's it.
I gotta go to court now
and see if I can get Tyrell
to even come home with me.
Tanisha help me.
Get yourself together.
Tanisha. T--
Don't hang up the phone.
Child endangerment,
possession of an illegal
substance in the home,
mother testing positive...
It's obvious we can't send this
youngster back in a home with
his mother.
Does Mr. Jones have any other
family requesting custody
at this time?
Yes, Your Honor.
His sister, Tanisha Jones,
has petitioned for custody.
Ms. Jones, however, is
currently unemployed with
no visible means of support.
I'm afraid that may present
a problem.
Permission to address
the court, Your Honor?
That depends. Who are you?
Dante Wilson,
Director of Church Activities
at First Jamaican Ministries.
Oh, are you Bishop Wilson's son?
Yes, ma'am.
Your Honor,
Ms. Jones has recently been
approved for one of our
"help a neighbor" grants.
I'm not sure if you're familiar
with the program.
I know it well.
I even served on the board
a few years back.
Then you're no doubt aware
that our grant, combined
with foster care funds,
will be more than enough
to allow Ms. Jones
to stay at home and take care
of her little brother.
Custody granted.
Pending home inspection
and evaluation.
Very impressive, young man.
Thank you.
Have you ever thought about
becoming a lawyer?
Yes, Your Honor, I have.
I think you'll make a good one.
Thank you very much.
I'll have to tell the Bishop.
This young man, his church,
and this court are placing
a great deal of faith in you,
young lady.
-Don't let us down.
-Yes, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Court adjourned.
[bangs gavel]
[door opens]
Sorry, I'm late.
Donna, sit down.
[clears throat]
Hey, princess.
You look upset.
[T.K.] Is there something
you want to tell us?
No, everything is fine, Daddy.
[clears throat]
If everything is fine,
you wanna explain this?
Donnaree Wilson,
I asked you a question.
And I want an answer.
You pregnant?
So now you going through
my garbage can?
This is my house.
I asked you a question.
Come on, now.
Are you?
Are you pregnant?
I'm pregnant.
I'm so sorry, Daddy.
I'm sorry.
I cannot believe this.
[sigh] What are we gonna do?
What's done is done.
What we gotta do now
is to make sure Donna's okay.
I want her out of my house.
You had to go and shame
this family, huh?
I mean, ruin
your father's campaign.
Family values?
Well, ha.
-That's a laugh.
-Okay. Okay.
[Charlene sighs]
How far along are you?
I'm not sure.
Maybe two, three months?
All right, that's good.
At least, you know, she won't
be showing for the wedding.
Who said anything
about a wedding?
Of course, you'll marry.
Your mom and I need to
talk to this young man.
Oh, God. I am not having
a shotgun wedding.
And I need to talk to him
man to man.
No, Daddy, you can't do that.
Of course I can.
She doesn't know
who the father is.
-Do you?
Do you want the names
of five or six
likely candidates?
So you can pick the best one and
save your precious reputation?
You had to go and disgrace
your father.
And act like a whore.
Charlene. Charlene.
Do you think I'm a whore?
No, I don't think
you're a whore.
But I do think you made
a bad choice.
-Charlene. No, no, no.
-Stop it.
I'm so sorry, it's a mess.
It's crazy, I gotta clean it up
because I have a social
worker coming tomorrow
and if she sees this,
I might lose Tyrell.
And if I lose Tyrell, that is
gonna ruin everything--
Stop. Sh, sh, sh...
-So much.
You're not alone. I'm here.
We can handle this.
I think you'd be surprised at
what I'd do for you.
I'm not too surprised after
what you did today.
I really appreciate it.
You're welcome.
[romantic R&B music playing]
-Whoa, whoa, hold on.
Um, don't we gotta clean this
place up for the social worker?
Well, she's coming tomorrow.
So, today...
Today. On this day.
-Help yourself.
-Oh, yes.
Yeah. Which way?
[whispering] Yes.
-Which way?
-This way.
Just couldn't keep your damn
legs closed, could you?
I mean, how many times
did we talk about this, Donna?
What is that for?
An abortion.
And please, please,
don't get it in the city.
Somebody might recognize you.
So now you expect me
to get an abortion?
Suppose I don't want to.
Understand this, Donna.
You're not gonna mess this
up for your father.
You need to tell me who the
father of your baby is,
oh, God,
so we can arrange a wedding
or you take your little butt
to an abortion clinic.
Will you marry me?
What'd you say?
Look, Donna,
I love you very much.
I want you to be my wife.
Shorty, I can't marry you.
I'm in love with someone else.
I thought I explained it
to you last night.
I mean, you did, but it doesn't
explain the fact you're
with me and not him.
Is there anything too hard
But the Lord knows
You say that you got me
So I'm letting go
My situation's impossible
I can't take no more
I'm reminded your word...
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
I'm just glad you're still cute
in the morning.
[both laughing]
[song continues]
You won't do for me
You told them
And I'm healed
So I'm healed already
Because I believe
Your word, you see
Some stories ain't real
Some stories ain't real
So real to me
Donna, you can learn to love me.
Your baby's gonna
need a daddy.
The baby already has a daddy.
You save Daniel
From the lion's den
Touched your garment
And was home again
All right, Tyrell, here's your
lunch, it's time for school.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
[laughing] Good stuff.
Be good, okay?
Love you.
-See you, Dante.
-Later, man.
[T.K.] It's gonna be all right.
I made you a little somethin'.
Somethin' in case
you get hungry.
Thank you.
Feel all special.
You should.
Come over here.
[T.K.] Lord, we...
We ask you to keep us safe.
We ask you to put
your arms around...
this family.
This most difficult
and confusing time.
[Deacon Black]
Are you sure about this?
Yes. [sobs]
Donna, I have done a lot of
crappy things in my life,
most of which I could care
less about, baby.
You promised.
I know, but this, this, this...
just doesn't feel right.
I'm sure.
[inhales sharply]
Oh, my goodness.
You're so brave.
I need to talk to my mom.
Wait, Donna, Donna.
Baby, come on, come on.
Are you sure you want to
do this here?
All right, it could get ugly.
This is what I wanna do anyway.
No, no, no. Come on, come on.
Let's get out of here
before someone sees.
Now you can always talk to
your mother later.
In private. Come on.
Hey. You had all of us
worried, girl.
I'm here for you, baby.
Listen, Ma said
you're pregnant.
Did she also tell you she kicked
me out of the house and she
wants me to get an abortion?
Aw, this mess can wait.
What's going on in there?
Oh, you don't know?
Reverend Ronald messed
around and got himself
married over the weekend.
Daughter of some big preacher.
Hey, Donna.
You don't have to do this.
Reverend Reynolds
is getting married.
I have to pay
my proper respect.
You dropped your necklace.
Donna, are you okay?
You don't look okay.
Oh, really? I feel good.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Donna. Hi.
Hey. Donna. How are you?
I'm good.
Well, I hear congratulations
are in order?
Yes. Shawna, my wife.
Shawna, Donna Wilson,
the Bishop and First Lady's
Pleased to meet you, Donna.
Nice to meet you and I hope
we can become great friends.
I'm sure we have a lot in
Oh, I'd like that.
You know what?
Let me take you out.
If that's okay with
Reverend Reynolds.
Whoa, of course.
I mean, we'll probably be
spending most of our time
with other married couples.
Ah. Well, isn't that
a coincidence?
My fianc and I were looking
for a couple to hang out with
as well.
Someone proposed to me too.
And who is that, Donna?
Well, who might
be the lucky guy?
Shorty proposed.
-Thank you.
You know anything about this?
Are you the father
of Donna's baby?
I asked you, are you--
Shorty's the father.
Good Lord.
Why are you torturing us so?
No one is torturing you, Mother.
Why can't you just be
happy for us?
'Cause he's trifling.
And I will not have him
humiliate me with his
trifling ways.
And neither will you.
-Charlene, stop.
-What, what?
That's enough.
'Cause now is not the time.
They are gonna have a hard
enough time raising a baby
and finishing school.
They need our support.
do you w and to marry Shorty?
[T.K.] Are you sure?
Yes, Daddy, I'm sure.
What about you?
Look, I love Donna.
I always have.
[T.K.] Now is your chance
to prove it.
Welcome to the family.
[T.K.] Listen, Shorty.
This is my only daughter,
and I love her.
You take good care of her.
You hear me?
Yes, sir.
[T.K.] Okay.
It's gonna be fine.
It's in God's hands.
Yeah. Okay.
Dante, I need your support.
Shorty is your boy.
I don't support this.
And I don't want to go.
Can you do it for me?
-I need--
Dante, have you s--
Ah, Donna, there you are.
Your father asked me to talk
to you and Shorty about your
pre-marriage counseling.
Got a minute?
That's my cue.
I need some air anyway. Um...
I'mma go. For you.
Thank you.
Donna, you can't keep
avoiding me.
How's your wife?
Look, you can't marry Shorty.
I won't allow it.
"Won't allow it"?
You don't love him.
You love me.
Don't you dare touch me.
I don't deserve this.
You didn't even have the
decency to tell me.
I wanted to tell you myself.
In private.
No. You wanted to continue
to play me for a fool.
No, I didn't want you
to make a scene.
It would've meant a scene,
all right.
How could you cheat on me?
I was cheating on her, not you.
Do you love her?
We make a good team.
We work well together.
She's from a very powerful
family and I want my own
church someday.
She can help me get that.
I asked, do you love her?
I did.
Until I fell in love with you.
Oh, God.
I've got to be the world's
biggest fool.
We need to talk
for a second, man.
Yeah, sure.
wh-wh-what's up?
[clears throat]
Been tryin' to...
figure out the right time
and place to talk to you
about this situation.
Man to man.
Yeah. Did your, uh, sister
ask you about being
my best man?
Told her no.
How could you?
You're supposed to be my boy.
-Dante, you gotta list--
-No, no, no, no.
How could you do
my sister, man?
D, it's not what it looks like,
man, trust me, bro.
I trusted you.
My family trusted you.
D, you...
You know I would not
hurt you, man.
The damage is done, Shorty.
It's a little too late for that.
Shorty, out of all the women
that you know,
Instagram models, strippers,
you couldn't
go get one of them,
you had to go get
my baby sister.
You know I've loved Donna
for a long time.
I don't wanna--
I don't wanna hear that.
You knocked her up,
behind my back,
like a coward.
D, I'm not a coward.
I'm tryin' to do right by her.
So I'mma be here,
so you got to deal with it.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey,
what's goin' on, fellas?
I have a question to ask you.
Your father said that
you're pregnant?
It's my baby, isn't it?
I-I thought you said
you were on the pill.
Obviously, it didn't work.
Well, you can't marry him.
I can't bear the thought of
another man raising my child.
Well then, prove it.
Leave her.
Marry me, Terrance.
We can raise our baby together.
I can't do that, Donna.
Not right now.
I have too much riding
on this marriage.
But I'll take care of the baby,
I promise you.
Just, please, don't get married.
Do you expect me to be
an un-wed mother?
Are you crazy?
I can't do that to my family
or my baby.
Please, Donna. I love you.
-Selfish son of a--
Don't you ever touch me again.
I'm marrying Shorty, and there's
nothing you can do to stop me.
Damn it, Donna, don't do this.
[door slams]
You look amazing.
What do you mean you don't
feel confident?
I don't know. I just--
Well, you would say that.
But do I really have to go?
You really want me there?
I want you there.
My mom's not gonna trip.
If she starts,
we'll leave, I promise.
So, how are you gonna act
when you see your boy?
I ain't got nothin' to say
to Shorty.
After a couple drinks,
you're not gonna go
Mike Tyson on him, are you?
-Oh, my God. See?
Baby I'm kidding.
I ain't messin' up my suit.
-I'm too sharp to be fightin'.
-You do look good.
Thank you, so do you.
Let's go.
All right, let's go, I'm ready.
Gonna mess around and get
a different kind of reception
this afternoon.
And do you, Madonna Wilson,
take Charles Mann
to be your
lawfully wedded husband?
To have and to hold,
to honor and cherish,
so long as you both shall live?
I do.
Then before all
gathered here today,
with the power vested in me,
and through the grace of God,
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
[slow song playing]
...make my life complete
Give me peace that
I've never known
I've never known
Day after day
Excuse me.
The First Lady told the Bishop
that she wanted you out of here.
So, if I were you
I would get to stepping.
I'm not going anywhere--
Tanisha, darling,
would you mind if I speak
to Sister Emerson alone?
-Just for a minute?
-Church business.
-Yes, of course.
Um, we were done anyway.
-Anita, right?
-Yes, Trampnisha.
[scoffs] Dante.
Well, it's a little drafty
in here. Would you like
to talk inside?
Mmm, no.
I don't think you want anyone
to hear what I am about to say.
Stay away from my son
and his girlfriend.
[both laughing]
I don't understand,
we were just talking.
Stay away from them.
You understand me now?
She's the one you need to be
concerned with.
She's not right for your son,
First Lady.
A girl like that will tear
the church down.
And you and him?
That's right for the church?
Well, yeah.
I mean, no.
I don't want you to get the
wrong idea. See, I'm married,
and me and Dante, we're just,
we're good friends.
And I just don't want to see
him get hurt.
Is that right?
Just friends?
So, you were just friends
all those times you were
in his office with
the door locked?
Oh, and before he got his car,
when you used to drop him off
at my home at 3:00 a.m.
in the morning.
Anita, do you really think you
can have an affair with my son
all these years and I know
nothing about it? Oh...
At least you were safe.
You had too much to lose,
you know?
To do anything crazy like,
hmm, get pregnant to trap him?
I, uh...
I mean, uh...
What are you trying to say,
First Lady?
I'm not trying to say anything,
I am saying it.
You had your fling.
It's over, move on.
You can't possibly approve
of that...
Ha. Relationship? Come on.
It's my business,
Anita, not yours.
You'll be happy
I made it my business
when you hear what I've learned
about that girl.
-Do you know that she is--
-Will you be happy
if I tell your husband
and make it my business?
They're dumb.
Dante still keeps
naked pictures of you
with his baseball cards.
You wouldn't dare.
I will do anything
to protect my son.
Right down to
whooping your ass
if that's what it takes.
You under--
First Lady...
You're making a big mistake.
When you find out the truth
about that girl,
you're gonna wish...
Dante stayed with me.
They look better on.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
I been waitin' all
my life for this.
Babe, wake up.
Ten minutes.
Come on, baby, it's me, Shorty.
Shorty, what do you want?
I want you.
Look, baby,
it's our wedding night.
Come on, baby, wake up.
I'll be gentle.
Shorty, I'm tired.
Come on, baby, I thought
we was goin'...
-make this happen--
-Just let me--
Just let me sleep, please.
[soft piano music playing]
I think we should talk.
Last time that happened,
I got punched in the mouth.
Mmm, you kinda had it comin'.
I might've overreacted
a little bit.
Come on, man, have a seat.
I ain't goin' swing on you.
You really love her, huh?
Yeah, I really do.
I don't like this.
Known you too long,
been friends with you too long,
for us to not be cool,
I guess if you're gonna be
in the family and...
be my brother,
I kinda need to get over that.
Welcome to the family, brother.
Not that it's any
of my business,
what you and
my sister are doin',
but why ain't you upstairs
with Donna, man?
It's your wedding night.
Yeah, she's, uh...
She's exhausted, man,
with the baby.
Man, she was callin' hogs
before I could even walk
out of the room.
You know what, I meant to
tell you about that.
I feel for you.
You gon' have to deal with that
for about the next 45 years.
She been snoring
since she was three.
[imitates snoring]
[both chuckle]
It's terrible.
She sound like the walking dead.
[both laugh]
Speaking of which,
you know what, I'mma head up
before Tanisha falls asleep.
That way at least one of us
has a good night.
Um, I'm in 1206.
Hit me in the morning, man.
Let's all grab breakfast
or something.
Eh, uh...
So you, uh, really like
Tanisha, huh?
Yeah, I do.
I just think there's somethin'
you need to know
about your girl.
Shorty, don't tell me you slept
with her, too, please.
No, man, I...
But I have seen her
bucket naked though.
You stupid, man, that's not,
that's not funny.
We just got cool again,
you have the worst timing.
That's not funny, man.
Bro, she works at The Touch.
She is a official stripper.
No, are you sure it's somebody
who looks like her?
I mean, that's a popular weave
that she wears.
Brother, I wish it was.
[music playing on phone]
Baby. There you are.
What's wrong?
Are you a stripper?
What are you talkin' about?
Are you a stripper, Tanisha?
-Who told you that?
-Answer my question.
-Answer me!
-Yes. Yes, but, listen.
You have to listen, okay?
It's not what you think.
And I was gonna tell you,
I promise. I was just lookin'
for the right time, okay?
I stopped.
I-I stopped.
And I was just doin' it
to take care of Tyrell.
You were doin' it till what?
Till you get a better hustle?
Why are you sayin' that?
You know I love you.
That's something you tell me.
That's not something you do--
You know I love you,
don't do that to me.
-This is me. This is me.
-That's something you
let me know--
-I would never--
You give me a chance
to make the choice.
To deal with it
or not to deal with it.
I love you.
I know that I love you.
-I'm sorry.
-Don't touch me.
I don't have no ones.
Don't touch me.
[Tanisha sobs]
Morning, husband.
I'm gonna take a shower,
then I'll be all yours, okay?
Hey, make sure you go on and
hit that mouth area,
them teetheses,
before you
get back in the bed.
Shut up.
[Shorty chuckles]
I'm still so tired.
[dramatic music playing]
You're up early, Ma.
Hi, baby.
I always thought
I was holding this
for your sister's
wedding day.
It's your aunt Elizabeth's
wedding ring.
That is beautiful.
I guess I'll hold it for yours.
One day when you get married.
[both chuckle]
What? Something wrong?
Won't be any time soon.
You know, Bishop and I...
We were remarking that, uh...
Tanisha seems to have
settled you right on down.
isn't who you think she is.
She isn't who
I thought she was.
Just found out she was
a stripper, Ma.
Is she a stripper?
Or was a stripper?
See, 'cause I heard that
she had stopped.
You heard? How did you hear?
How do you know that?
Oh, honey.
Is she still strippin'?
I don't know...
I hope not, but I--
[phone ringing]
-Right on cue.
-[Charlene chuckles]
Saved by the bell.
Hold on, we're on the way.
Right now,
we on the way.
-Come on.
Donna's in the hospital,
come on.
Donna's in the hospital? What?
Look, there was
blood everywhere,
man, we were scared.
If it wasn't for Tanisha
-I don't even know--
Yeah, man,
I tried to run and get you.
Tanisha took charge.
She calmed down Donna
while the paramedics came.
She called them.
Hey, you okay?
She's going to be fine.
The stress of the wedding is
probably what
caused the spotting.
And the shower
made it look like
more blood than
it actually was.
What about the baby?
The baby's fine, sir.
I'll be outside if you need me.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you, doctor. Thank you.
So did you hear that, princess?
Gonna be just fine.
It's all in God's hand's now.
Where's Tanisha?
Look, don't you worry
about that, okay?
You just rest.
Dante, I hope you
didn't mess up.
She's a special girl.
Okay, you don't know what
you're talking about.
She's not the little angel
everybody thinks she is.
No one cares
that she used to strip.
You love her, she loves you.
That is all that matters.
What the hell? Does everybody
know she's a stripper?
[quiet affirmations]
Honey, she's a good woman
who has done absolutely
everything to change her life.
She deserves a good man.
Come here.
Please don't be like me.
So caught up in what other
people think
you stop following your heart.
Go find that woman.
-Love you, Ma.
-I love you more.
Dante, what are you doing here?
I figured I'd find you here.
Come here.
Come here.
I said some mean things
about your past and I'm sorry.
Regardless of what you
used to be or used to do,
I love you.
-Dante, I'm sorr--
-Shh, shh.
Will you...
marry me?
But I don't want you strippin'
for nobody else but me.
-Nobody but you.
[Tanisha chuckles]
That's right, hold it up.
Let the world see it.
Biiiitch, you look good.
We're in church.
Can you please just--
Can you act--
-Can you put on good
Natasha for me today?
-[knocking on door]
-Thank you.
Who is it?
It's Tyrell.
I got something for my sister.
Yes, please. Yes.
Aw, look at my brother.
You look so handsome.
-You look great, too.
-Thank you.
I got something for you.
Oh, my God. Look at you.
Look how beautiful you look.
Me? look at you.
You look incredible.
-How did you even get out?
Early release
for good behavior.
And this,
this is all Dante.
Did you know he was visiting me
every week?
And he asked me for your hand.
Oh, my...
I can't believe you just...
I'm so happy.
-I'm so happy for you.
-Thank you.
Do you, Tanisha Jones,
take, my son,
to be your lawfully
wedded husband
to have, to hold, to cherish
and to honor--
And obey.
[T.K.] And obey.
As long as you both do live?
I do, I do, I do.
[R&B music playing]
By the power of the Almighty
and the power vested in me,
I now pronounce you man--
-No, no, stop, stop.
-[Tanisha] Mommy!
No, you can't marry him.
-What are you doing?
-No, you can't marry him!
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Now, ma'am,
why can't they marry?
That's your father, Tanisha.
-Is that you?
-Yeah, it's me.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here?
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?.
[Dante] Ma.
Tanisha. No, baby, baby.
Wait a minute, baby, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.
It's gonna be fine, guys.
-Yes, baby.
Come on, you shouldn't be
on your feet for too long.
I don't want
to sit down right now.
Madonna, please sit down
before you lose the baby.
I know it's been a long day,
and want you all to know that
I'm withdrawing from the race.
Bishop, no.
With all the stuff
that's going on.
That's it.
Hm? That's all you have to say?
That's all for now, Dante.
You're supposed
to be a man of God,
you fake bastard.
-Ma, no.
How long you been screwing
around on my mother?
And how many other
brothers and sisters
we got floatin'
around out here?
I will talk to you about that
later. Now--
-Answer me!
-Dante, plea--
Yo, that's your pops.
That's Deacon Black
and Deaconess Brown.
It's okay, let them in, dear.
[T.K.] Just calm down,
it's gonna be fine.
I want you to get a chance
to talk to him, okay?
[Deacon Black] Hey.
Good to see you.
-We just left
the Deacons' board.
-All right.
Hey, Bishop.
Reverend Reynolds called
an emergency meeting.
That's good, at least he's
doing some damage control.
Bishop, he's asked the board
to fire you.
[Charlene] What?
-They can't do this.
-No, they can't.
According to the bylaws,
they have to have
an open meeting
and have me or someone else
speak on my behalf.
Yes, but they can still
suspend you without--
And who is going run the church
until then?
Well, that's officially why
we're here, First Lady Wilson.
Reverend Winnels has been
named acting pastor.
I believe he and his wife
want your jobs.
Bishop, you've heard
the opinions and accusations
and you know there's a motion
to have you removed as pastor.
Before we vote, we would like
to give you the opportunity
to make a statement.
Uh, to the board
and to the members
that are here,
uh, I've prepared
a brief statement,
but I will not be
answering any questions.
I think you owe us all
an explanation
for your infidelity
and for the embarrassment
you brought down on this church.
All due respect, Reverend,
I don't think I owe anybody
any explanations.
Maybe my wife.
Maybe my family.
My son and my daughter.
But the only person
I feel like
I owe an explanation to,
really, is God.
[congregation murmurs]
As you know, I have...
served this church faithfully
for 17 years.
And in those 17 years,
we've done some good work here
in the community,
in this church,
and all around this city.
[congregation] Amen.
I want to say that, um...
I want to say that this church,
this church has been my life.
That's right.
And I am sorry
for any indiscretions...
that may have
caused you some pain.
But I will not stand here
before you...
and deny my daughter.
So you admit that
she is your daughter.
Yeah, Reverend,
that's my daughter.
Then that makes
you an adulterer
and unfit to lead
this congregation.
[T.K.] Let me say this
to you all.
I swear
right here before you all
and my Lord and master
that I have never...
committed adultery.
fire me if that's
what you decide.
But I am at peace...
knowing that
my conscience is clear.
And I am right with my God.
[all murmuring]
Thank you.
We need order, we need order.
There's still a motion
on the floor
and we still need
to take a vote.
I'd, uh, like to say something.
We know that you have to
defend your husband
but he has embarrassed
this church and wronged you.
-We are only--
-Please, do not.
Don't try to act like
you're defending my honor.
If you would all in-, uh,
indulge me, I'd like to
share a story.
-Deacon what does this
have to do--
-Reverend Reynolds.
Please allow the
First Lady to speak.
Thank you.
[congregation affirms]
Thank you, thank you.
The story, um,
uh, concerns, uh,
a young man in Virginia.
He was not a member
of a church.
He worshiped crack cocaine
He and his woman were
totally addicted.
The woman had a very
bad reaction to the drugs
and slipped
into unconsciousness.
The young man feared
that she would die,
so he ran for help.
He found in a church
where a visiting minister
offered his assistance.
And he and that minister
took that woman to the hospital
and most likely saved her life.
She remained in a coma
for about three weeks,
and every day
that minister
and that young man
they prayed for her.
The minister also,
he prayed for that young man
because he, too, was fighting
against his own habits and...
suffering from withdrawals
from his own addictions.
-Now, we all know
God is good, amen?
-And we all know that
he has his prayers, amen?
And in two weeks
that young man conquered
his addictions
and found the Lord.
Young man went home,
to his woman, but his
woman was not ready.
And just as he was praying
for her to please
put down the drugs
and follow the Lord.
She was praying to him
and begging him
to put down God
and get back to partying.
[congregation murmurs]
The young man
knew that he was in danger
of losing his life...
and so he asked that minister,
could he go with him,
back to his own church?
Of course,
the minister said yes.
So he left his woman,
and followed the path that
the Lord had set before him.
[congregation murmurs]
Now, the minister,
he had a child.
She got pregnant.
Even worse,
she had so many men,
she had no idea
who the father of the baby was.
As you can all figure
out right now
that the young man
I am speaking of
is our very own pastor,
Bishop T.K. Wilson.
The minister was my father.
And the wayward child...
was me.
[woman] It's all right.
My father was devastated
when I got pregnant.
I could've destroyed
his fledgling church
that he had started.
T.K. offered to marry me
and raise my son as his.
And I protested
very loudly at first,
but of course I agreed.
And it has been 26
of the most blessed life
a woman could ask for.
He raised my son as his
and that young man you all know
is Dante Wilson.
[Reverend Reynolds]
That does not
alter the fact
that he had child
out of wedlock.
He only learned of her
existence when we all did.
And with God's help, he is
ready to build a relationship
with her and even help her
mother stay off drugs.
Amen. [applause]
My husband is
a true man of God,
and he has dedicated his life
to this church
that he helped build
to what it is today
He does not deserve
to be fired.
Thank you.
I would like to say something.
Even if you all believe
that the Bishop had
no knowledge of his child,
the damage is done.
All the stories that
are circulating
about our adulterous leader,
they have cause to undermine
all of the good work that
this church has tried
to do in the community
We cannot support a Bishop
who will father a child
out of wedlock.
-It's against--
-Terrance, stop it.
I'm not going let you get away
with this any longer.
Go ahead, baby.
How dare you try to have
my father removed
for having a child out of
wedlock almost 30 years ago?
I think there's one
more thing the church
should know about
before they vote.
-This is highly irr--
-Let her speak, Reverend.
Why don't you tell everyone
who my baby's father is?
Tell them.
Tell them how you went
behind my father's back,
impregnated me, then ran off
and married another woman.
[all exclaiming]
She's lying--
This is house of the Lord,
and you know damn well
this is your child.
This is a ploy.
Can't y'all see that?
This family has been plagued
with a generational curse.
We need to vote immediately
to remove them from the
leadership of our church
and restore the good name
of this church back into
the community.
Why are you kissing her
in this picture?
[crowd exclaims]
[Deacon Black]
Let me see those pictures.
That's you. That's you.
This is him.
And before you lie,
there's a date
on the photo.
The same date
when I went looking for
my bridal gown.
[all exclaiming]
Deacon Black, we are not
here to talk about me.
We are here to talk about--
Reverend Reynolds...
I think we've heard just about
enough from you for one day.
This meeting
is adjourned, brother.
I guess we still have to
put this to a vote.
But before we do,
I would ask that you
long-term members...
recall just how much
this church has grown
under Bishop Wilson's guidance.
Now I know you've heard about
all this media attention
and what people outside
First Jamaica Church
are saying about us.
But to hell with the media.
Forget the gossip.
-I say we let the Bishop stay.
Let the Bishop stay!
Let the Bishop stay!
[crowd chanting]
So you can change my life
You thought
I was worth keeping
So you cleaned me up inside
You thought
I was to die for
So you sacrificed your life
So I could be free
So I could be whole
So I can tell
Everyone I know
You thought
I was worth saving
So you came
So you came and
Changed my life
You thought
I was worth keeping
So you cleaned me up
So you cleaned me up inside
You thought I was
You thought
I was to die for
So you sacrificed
So you sacrificed your life
So I could be free
So I could be free
I could be whole
So I could be whole
And I could tell everyone
So that I can tell
everyone I know
You thought
I was worth saving
So you came
So you came and
Changed my life
You thought
I was worth keeping
So you cleaned me up
So you cleaned me up inside
You thought
I was to die for
You thought
I was to die for
Everybody play for
So you sacrificed your life
So I could be free
So I could be whole
So that I could tell
Everyone I know
You thought I was worth it
You thought
I was worth saving
So you came
So you came and
Changed my life
You thought
You thought
I was worth keeping
So you cleaned me up inside
So you cleaned me up inside
You thought
I was to die for
You thought
I was to die for
So you sacrificed your life
So you sacrificed your life
So I could be free
So I could be free
So I could be whole
So I could be whole
So that I could tell
Everyone I know
To the God who
To the God
Who changed my life
And I will praise him
I will worship him
I will give you glory
Because I am
Because I am free
Because I am whole
And I will tell
Everyone I know
Come on, help me sing.
Oh, glory
To the god
Who changed my life
To the god
Who changed my life
And I will praise you
I'll worship you
I'll give you glory
Because I am
Because I am free
Because I am
Because I am whole
And you can tell everyone
And I can tell
Everyone I know
Come on, lift it up for him.
Oh, glory
To the god who
Changed my life
To the god who
Changed my life
Oh, hey
I will praise you
I will worship you
I'll give you glory
I'll give you all
'Cause you deserve it, Lord
You deserve it, Lord
I'll praise you
Because I am free